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MCI Cedar Junction

@ Walpole, Massachusetts

You are hereby warned that this message board could contain comments that you may find offensive. Be over 18 and thick skinned or be gone.

Click on the "Contact Admin" link at the top of the page to request the removal of any message you may find particularly offensive.

This board is for use by the men and women in blue of the Massachusetts Department of Correction. If your not one of us it is recommended that you keep your judgement of us to yourself. Otherwise welcome to our board.

Political Discussions- Union Issues- Bughouse III MCI Framingham S.B.C.C. CPO's Shattuck Gardner MCI Norfolk
O.C.C.C. MCI Concord S.E.C.C. Alumni Bay State MCOFU Homepage Eboard Candidates

Subject: Closing Message Boards

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Date Posted: 21:23:44 05/05/18 Sat

We will be closing these message boards June 1st. We moderators are proud that we lasted 20+ years. We had direct attacks from the commissioners office and union officials that took exception to us, and many others over the years, and held tight through it all. However we have become irrelevant with Facebook and Twitter. We are thinking about opening a Facebook page as we know that we have earned the trust of the officers over the years to be an independent source to vent and get information. feel free to email us at massmoderators63@gmail.com. God bless you all.


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Subject: Sexual Harrasment, Zero Tolerance

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Date Posted: 20:52:39 01/27/18 Sat

FYI, DOS (Director of Skinner) is exempt from this policy. He knows Charley.

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Subject: MCOFU wants to take our bids away

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Date Posted: 11:57:44 07/19/17 Wed

We need your help fellow Officers. At MCI Norfolk, the union is going to take all of our bids away and have everybody rebid them. There going to be testing this at MCI Norfolk. So your institution might be next. This is not right. I would like to empower anyone and everyone who looks at this page to please for the good of your job and the jobs of your fellow officers to pick up a phone and flood the MCOFU Union Office!!! Our E-Board is selling us down the river!!! They are currently in talks with DOC Officials to restructure all bids in order to even out shifts to reduce the OT without even discussing it with the body. Talks are that they will strip all bids and put them back up for rebid starting with the highest seniority!! So those of you that won your bid fair and square will now possibly be displaced to another shift and days off!!! This is statewide and Norfolk is proposed to be the test facility where it will happen first. This can not be allowed!! The DOC cannot be allowed to destroy people's lives. Many people have desired schedules that suit their home life and this could potentially destroy people's homes causing distress in the household leading to so much more!!! It is now that we need to stand as ONE and stand up not only for ourselves but our brothers and sisters as well!!!! Pick up a phone and ring the MCOFU office off the hook!!! Remember they work for us!!! We pay their salary!!!!

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Subject: Joe Ponte fired As New York City Corrections Commissioner

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Date Posted: 21:11:07 05/13/17 Sat

Hey he was a big time Ma DOC Commissioner.But also his brother
Or cousin was arrested but never convicted of the 195 New Bedford Highway Serial Murders

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Subject: Sheehan

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Date Posted: 21:50:32 11/02/15 Mon

Mike, how come people are mad at you? Are you turning into a drunk asshole again? Or are you being the snitch you have always been? Mike, although no one likes you I will still allow you to think about me while you master bate with that small Irish penis of yours if you can get it up despite being a wet brain drunk.

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Subject: Any questions about the e-board salay

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Date Posted: 21:05:52 12/21/16 Wed

If any MCOFU member has a question on how the eboard got the raise in salary that they now receive. Simply ask one of (or all) of the following: May Yang, Dan Church, James Gearin and Phil Matthews. These individuals were members of the MCOFU Finance Committee (FINCOM). In order for the eboard to get a raise, they (eboard) must officially submit a request for the "raise" to the FINCOM. The FINCOM then votes yay or nay to the request. In this case, the FINCOM members voted in favor of the raise. I've heard a lot of complaining over the last year in regard to eboard salaries. My answer to them (and all), If you don't agree with ask, ask a member of the FINCOM why ther approved it. And if they didn't approve it, the eboard has been stealing from us.

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Subject: Picture

Santa (Picture Collection NEW)
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Date Posted: 01:26:02 12/07/16 Wed


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Subject: Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot

Jim Beam
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Date Posted: 19:04:38 07/25/16 Mon

Hey Mikey Sheehan, is that your car with the BERNIE 2016
bumper sticker on it? I didn't know you went that way.
What do you want for free? Looks to me you got a lot of shit already for free. You should pay more in union dues because you cost US UNION MEMBERS a lot of money with your frivolous appeals and stupid mistakes you created and the union fought for you. Looks like you can't play in the sandbox now. Nobody wants to work with you, WHY?

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Save the trees
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Date Posted: 15:48:42 04/01/16 Fri

Now that another election is complete, would it be too much trouble for you candidates to take your signs down? Whether you put it up, or one of your supporters did, show a bit of integrity and take them down. You took time to go to each institution to hand out pens and candy, because you wanted to be the man. Make the rounds again and take your damn signs down. If you don't, everyday we will ALL see who the LAZY - IGNORANT ones are. I will never vote for lazy people.

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Subject: The Retro contract money will be paid in May.

MCOFU contract $$$
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Date Posted: 19:07:36 03/30/16 Wed

A fine job done by our union leaders.

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Subject: 4'n 2 Workweek

52nd BTC
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Date Posted: 12:16:15 10/22/15 Thu

How long does it take a "Rookie" to get weekends? now ?

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Subject: A 4 on and 2 off schedule is needed so all of us can have a part of the weekend.

3x11 co
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Date Posted: 20:51:04 07/12/15 Sun

The new hard working newer guys need a piece of the weekend too. Call MCOFU and ask for the 4 / 2 in union negotiations.

Thanks Co-Workers.

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Subject: Mikey (Almost) got away with it

Rollo Tomassi
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Date Posted: 20:41:06 09/14/15 Mon

First of all, welcome back to Walpole Mikey. I hope they patted you down in the trap, you don't want to bring any contraband in. What happened at CTU? Why are you back for the THIRD TIME? Been hearing a rat, ratted another rat out.
Sounds like that's the circle of life at CTU. Looks like your partner gave you up. Did you write a report? Do you always tell the truth, even when you lie? Focus your anger towards the one who gave you up, you know who that is. Don't play the victim here, you have a history of doing that and getting away with it. Oh, and by the way, don't leave your post.

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Subject: 50 Shades of Grey Goose

Jim Beam
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Date Posted: 22:13:35 09/19/15 Sat

Hey Mike, when you walk down the corridor in the morning is that the DTs or do you have the Moves Like Jagger? Do us all a favor and RETIRE! Nobody likes you here at Walpole.
You got the $750.00, your uniform could use some cleaning.
What did you use that money for? We can only imagine. I hope the cameras are on you the whole 8 hours. You will get in trouble again and blame some other C/O like you always do, but the eye in the sky will not lie.

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Subject: C.T.U. GOT TALENT

Ray Barboni
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Date Posted: 20:44:09 09/19/15 Sat

Well, Jordan gave you-know-who up real quick. C.T.U. has one less rat now. Snitchin and Bitchin is the Jordan way.
Can someone tell me when were they going to install a IID in you-know-who's SUV? What would the cons say if they saw that thing on the dashboard? We can all breathe easier now that you-know-who is back at Walpole where he should have been in the first place.


Who's next?

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Subject: Clothing money will be in the next pay stub. 8/28/2015

Supt. office
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Date Posted: 19:08:19 08/15/15 Sat

This $750.00 is to cover the cost of having to clean your uniform. I want to see clean, pressed uniforms everyday and on every shift. Get it together 11 x 7.

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Subject: A day at Canobie Lake Park with our MCOFU family.

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Date Posted: 20:45:20 07/29/15 Wed

It was nice to see so many of our members enjoying a great day of fun and food. Thank you MCOFU.

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Subject: We played like a bunch of little girls at the Hockey Game.

What happened?
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Date Posted: 16:17:27 04/27/15 Mon

Our team was so weak this year.

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Subject: Supt. Saba gets Super of the year award.

MCI-CJ staff
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Date Posted: 19:42:48 09/19/14 Fri

Saba is the best super in the state, just ask him. The staff support you all the way. Working conditions are great since you took control. Putting pressure on crappy staff to shape up or get out was long overdue. Thank you.

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Subject: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all staff.

MCOFU Gold Member
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Date Posted: 18:42:54 12/23/14 Tue

Let us be positive for 2015.

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Subject: Incompetent CLOWNS in the whole Deparment of Corrections

Sniper (rage)
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Date Posted: 03:31:33 10/04/14 Sat

I've never experienced such a clusterfuck of bureaucrats who must have special needs capacity IQ's!! MCI left hand doesn't have a fuckin clue what MCI right hand is doing. Inmates are no bargain but WTF about the stooges in charge!? Government HACK jobs at it's best. Here's to MA. State bankruptcy ASAP!

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Subject: Does this brain surgeon work at MCICJ

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Date Posted: 06:25:31 10/06/14 Mon

Michael Holtzman
Herald News Staff Reporter
Posted Oct. 2, 2014 @ 5:53 pm
Updated Oct 2, 2014 at 6:02 PM

SOMERSET Christopher Murphy, a well-known and outspoken citizen whos often clashed with the Board of Selectmen, was issued a harassment prevention order in Fall River District Court to stay away from Selectman Scott Lebeau for six months.
Judge Thomas Barrett gave the order on Sept. 4 after a hearing in which both parties and their witnesses appeared and gave testimony, according to the court file.
Murphy, 42, of 268 Longhill Ave., is ordered not to abuse or harass the plaintiff, Lebeau; conditionally stay at least 50 yards from him; and remain away from Lebeaus residence at 1196 County St.
The final order does not prevent Murphy, a citizen activist who helped initiate several unsuccessful ballot questions to offset the Board of Selectmens authority in the past year, from addressing any public meeting or hearing. Hed need to follow directions of the presiding officer.
Murphy on Sept. 19 appealed the court finding.
It upheld an initial prevention order issued by Judge Kevin Finnerty on Aug. 22, when Lebeau filed for court action.
Violation of the harassment prevention order is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine, jail or both.
In mid-July, Lebeau filed a complaint with town police and spoke about it at a selectmans meeting after believing Murphy may have taken cellphone photos toward his yard and home where his children were playing, his statement said.
He filed another complaint on Aug. 22 at police headquarters after an early morning encounter with Murphy while getting coffee with friends at a sandwich shop on County Street.
Lebeau told Patrolman Adam Da Rosa he believed Murphy, while reading a newspaper, was videotaping him at the coffee shop. Da Rosa, assisted by the newly appointed police chief, George McNeil, advised Lebeau he could apply for an harassment order, which he did.
Another incident Lebeau reported to police on Aug. 13 after a selectmens meeting involved allegations Murphy put a bumper sticker for Joseph Ferreira the recently retired police chief who ran successfully for Governors Council and whom Murphy supported and Lebeau opposed on Lebeaus truck.
Murphy told police he did not place the bumper sticker on the truck.
Reports stated the police took fingerprints of the bumper sticker on Lebeaus truck. No evidence turned up.
Somerset police incident reports list Murphys occupation as a correctional officer.

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Subject: RIP Perry Paige at 53yrs young.

My Santa Clause
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Date Posted: 14:05:42 05/27/14 Tue

Only about 7 months after he retired.

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Subject: Word is that captain Edwards wants to go to state trans.

See ya!
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Date Posted: 14:00:54 04/08/14 Tue

Guilty without a finding wants state trans bad. Good idea to put a gps on him.

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Subject: Want To Be A Pilot

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Date Posted: 14:27:42 03/20/14 Thu

>>> Want To Be A Pilot <<<

Want To Be A Pilot

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Subject: Consider Him.

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Date Posted: 21:13:38 03/16/14 Sun

Consider Him

When the storm is raging high,
When the tempest rends the sky,
When my eyes with tears are dim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

When my plans are in the dust,
When my dearest hopes are crushed,
When is passed each foolish whim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

When with dearest friends I part,
When deep sorrow fills my heart,
When pain racks each weary limb,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

When I track my weary way,
When fresh trials come each day,
When my faith and hope are dim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

Clouds or sunshine, dark or bright,
Evening shades or morning light,
When my cup flows o'er the brim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

Author Unknown

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Subject: What is going on with Duval's "girl", Karen Hetherson?

ADC still?
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Date Posted: 11:01:16 03/04/14 Tue

Does she still work for the DOC?

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Subject: Little Kids Menu at MCI-CJ. Week ending 03/08/2014

Kids not Men Menu @ CJ
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Date Posted: 14:07:10 03/05/14 Wed

Menu at CJ : Hot dogs, Chicken nuggets, Egg rolls, Cheese pizza.

Menu at Norfolk : Pasta bolognese, Chicken pot pie, Baked stuffed sole, Fish and chips.

Menu at Shirley (med) : Buffalo rice pilaf + veg, Sausage cacciatore over linguini w/garlic bread, Lasagna w/garlic bread, Baked haddock w/rice + veg.

Menu at OCCC : Chinese five spice salmon, Pork adobo, Pasta puttanesca, Clam strip roll.

Once again treated like red headed step children at the Pole.

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Subject: Let's compare the staff menu's this week (02/24/14).

What's wrong at CJ?
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Date Posted: 18:53:03 02/24/14 Mon

Menu at CJ this week: Cold cuts, Chicken patty, Pasta + meatballs, Fish sandwich.

Menu at Norfolk this week: Meatloaf dinner, Curry chicken + coconut rice, Italian chicken raulade, Veal parmesan + pasta carbonara.

Menu at OCCC this week: Chicken piccata, Braised lamb shank, Stuffed pork loin, Coconut mango shrimp.

Menu at Shirley (med) this week: Chicken athens w/rice pilaf, Beef stroganoff over egg noodles, Pork chops w/roasted potatoes, Fish + chips or Cuban pork sandwich.

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Subject: Another week at CJ with a fatty staff dining menu!

Disappointed Again!
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Date Posted: 12:18:59 02/20/14 Thu

The CJ menu this week is : Grilled cheese, Chicken patty, Chicken croquettes, and Pasta.

The menu at Norfolk this week is : Pork cutlet, Wood grilled pizza, and 1/2 Roasted chicken.

The menu at OCCC this week is : Cheese ravioli + sausage, Cranberry raspberry chicken, and Shark w/ orzo, pistachios + olives.

Why is our menu at CJ all frozen foods while other institutions are cooking real meals? Where is the BEEF?

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Subject: Why does our staff dining menu look just like a public middle school menu?

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Date Posted: 08:34:41 02/13/14 Thu

Our staff menu at MCI-Cedar Junction this week is : Meatball Sub, Chicken Nuggets, Cheese Burgers, and Fish Sandwich.

The staff menu at MCI-Norfolk this week is : Roast Pork Dinner, Grilled Chicken + Artichoke Quesadilla, Beef and Chicken Corn Taco's, and Asian Spare Rib, Chicken Finger + Shrimp Vegetable Fried Rice.

We deserve better food at Cedar Junction! Where's the BEEF! Norfolk does it right!

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Subject: Saba

Pat McGroin
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Date Posted: 11:52:44 01/12/14 Sun

Hey, is that lying little cunt Saba still there?

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Subject: Is Jansen still our MCOFU president?

union member
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Date Posted: 15:11:55 01/28/14 Tue

Was the final decision made at general assembly today?
What is going on at headquarters? Is our money safe and secure?

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Subject: Cruisin

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Date Posted: 18:25:57 01/22/14 Wed

State Trans? That is a real punishment!

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Subject: Merry Christmas to all of my co-workers in the big house.

Mr. S
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Date Posted: 17:00:03 12/20/13 Fri

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday party.

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Date Posted: 12:52:39 08/17/13 Sat


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Date Posted: 22:00:37 08/19/13 Mon


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Subject: Morrissey

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Date Posted: 17:01:17 02/23/12 Thu

What's going on with Morrissey ? Is he getting transfered ?

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Subject: Kreamer

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Date Posted: 09:40:50 07/19/13 Fri

Admin to Norfolk , why ?

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Subject: slash

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Date Posted: 11:26:48 06/19/13 Wed

I still cannot believe he slashed his wrists. Dangerous to all.

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Subject: Capt. Edwards arrested in latest prostitution sweep.

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Date Posted: 09:23:55 01/28/13 Mon

go to enterprisenews.com and read the popular article "Brockton cops' latest prostitution sweep nets 11". You will also see a mugshot of MCI-CJ Capt. Edwards.

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Subject: Kevin Flanagan is the new Pat Morrisey

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Date Posted: 17:02:54 03/23/13 Sat

One more E-Board loss ties Kevin Flanagan and Jim Wilder with legends like Patrick Morrisey, Dana Lymon. I cant wait for the next election. Come on guys you can do it

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Subject: suit DeVille

pimp daddy (Laughing)
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Date Posted: 12:27:29 05/28/13 Tue

How's that empty suit of superintendent tiny Jim Saba doing?

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Subject: Excessively Happy!!

Laughing at you
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Date Posted: 16:27:22 03/06/13 Wed


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Subject: C.O. Oliveira

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Date Posted: 13:28:01 02/06/12 Mon

Can anyone tell me anything about CO Stephen Oliveira? good guy?

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Subject: Elections

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Date Posted: 11:42:11 12/19/12 Wed

Jim Wilder for MCOFU President, Kevin Flanagan for MCOFU Legislative Rep. They have a joint platform to bring this Union together. Example #1= MCI CJ?

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  • Re: Elections (NT) -- A BIG "NO" Vote for those two Clowns. (Voter), 18:21:19 12/19/12 Wed
  • Re: Elections -- Bozo the Clown, 17:16:31 12/20/12 Thu
  • Re: Elections -- Jim, 14:08:49 12/21/12 Fri
    • Re: Elections -- MCI-CJ has become the new land of misfit toys.+ boys. (Charlie in a box), 17:06:08 12/21/12 Fri
      • Re: Elections (NT) -- nobody wants a train with square wheels., 12:25:41 12/30/12 Sun
        • Re: Elections (NT) -- Is that the best CJ has to offer us ? No thank you. (mike), 15:22:00 01/01/13 Tue
          • Re: Elections (NT) -- The skipper and his little buddy want out of Walpole. (Foolish), 08:20:33 01/02/13 Wed
Subject: Life

State Farm C.O.
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Date Posted: 00:01:39 11/05/12 Mon

Yeah, I know, state farm is a bit anachronistic, but I can live with being remembered as a State Farm C.O. It's MCIB for you young pups, and now it's called the "Complex". We just lost two, Fuzzy and T-Wick. Two good men with more life and love between them for all that knew them. Fuzzy was a Bughouse CO and a MArine, and T-Wick started at the bughouse as a mental health worker, later wearing blue at the Hill - Walpole, Cedar-Junction, The Big House, The Pole. RIP brothers. For the rest of us, keep in mind that life is fleeting. Stay safe and be your brothers keeper. We all need a hand every now and then.

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Subject: Free ride

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Date Posted: 10:26:22 08/28/12 Tue

Why can a plumber from the new Bedford area go to bridgewater and pick up a state truck and drive to his assigned prison in Walpole. I think he gets paid from the time he picks up vehicle at bridgewater. How's that fair to anybody that works in this area?

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Subject: Is this the best we can do?

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Date Posted: 18:13:15 08/26/12 Sun

These message boards were created over 10 years ago...and we had hoped they would be used by officers to anonymously address people and situations that they couldn't otherwise. Has this been a complete waste of time? If so we'd rather destroy them than help the powers that be use them for propaganda. Please voice your opinion.

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Subject: why is paniss in jail ?

walpole co
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Date Posted: 19:48:45 07/22/11 Fri

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Subject: Bulger

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Date Posted: 09:49:09 06/23/11 Thu

Better make room for Bulger. He'll be in DDU under 24 watch

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Subject: Riddle me this

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Date Posted: 17:07:00 03/07/12 Wed

It has bees said that Kevin Flanagan is the best candidate for Treasurer. Wasn't Kevin on the Finance committee that oversaw the Over Spending that Ahearn did. Wasn't Flanagan a member of that committee for the past 10 years. If it walks like a duck.....

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Subject: E-Board Election

Mike Steen
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Date Posted: 10:03:50 02/15/12 Wed

To my fellow MCOFU members. We have an important Executive Board Election upcoming. I am a candidate for the position of Treasurer. Please feel free to visit the website At:
Thanks to all who have been helping out so far. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
Mike Steen

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Subject: New U nit

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Date Posted: 16:25:57 02/21/12 Tue

What is this I hear , the DOC starting a new IPS unit . They are calling it IPS SUV . It's the cream of the crop on all IPS

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  • Re: New U nit (NT) -- They get blue line plates and stickers for their cars, 23:58:47 02/22/12 Wed
Subject: Edwins Restaurant Best Caribbean Feast in Canada

Sanita John
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Date Posted: 02:30:15 02/20/12 Mon

You can find the best Caribbean Feast Restaurants in Canada. Take a time a get visited to Edwins Restaurant. We are committed to ensure that your visit to our establishment will be most enjoyable and memorable. All our menu selections are freshly done.

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