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  • Just a bit of news -- E.J., 19:31:54 06/07/03 Sat
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  • so much for inclusive, huh? -- fed up, 18:55:36 06/06/03 Fri
    DOJ cancels annual gay pride celebration. funny how official policy can be so wildly inconsistent, as if last year's celebration, which was also against the rules according to this year's justification for cancelling it, just disappeared down the memory hole.

    just one more insult to heap on gay people. at what point is enough truly enough? we should compile a list of every rollback the bush administration has pushed through in time for the 04 election and publish it everywhere possible. just my opinion, though.

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  • Hi guys, ...remember when, at Sprite's request, some of us posted our profiles? -- Geoff, 22:48:32 06/06/03 Fri
    Well, in mine, I said that my position on gay marriage was a "work in progress." So, now I can tell y'all where I have come down on this issue. I believe that gay and lesbian citizens should have the same rights as those enjoyed by heterosexual citizens, so, I support gay marriage.

    There are a lot of theological and/or philosophical factors that have brought me to this point, but I won't bore y'all with all that. Suffice it to say that for me, a gay or lesbian union should be recognized and sanctified in whatever way they want it to be...and thay should have all the same options that heterosexual couples have.

    And yes, I'm STILL a Republican.

    All the best to everyone.


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  • .. -- Lance, 09:18:59 06/05/03 Thu


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  • ... -- Mitchell, 08:07:23 06/06/03 Fri
    Okay, I may have the day wrong (because, I suck at remembering dates LOL), but I think yesterday was the day that Agatha went in for knee surgery.

    I hope everything went well and she’s at home now veged out of her head on “the good stuff” LOL!

    You know when granny posts a personal ad it looks more like an ad for a used car! LOL!

    Vintage model SBF. New hips, knees, and shoulders, all were replaced with high quality titanium parts.

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  • .. -- Lance, 16:18:42 06/03/03 Tue


    Eddi just got this little announcement...

    ::\drum roll\::

    It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted into the Cohort MBA Program at The University of Texas at Dallas for the Fall Semester of 2003. You have shown yourself to be an outstanding candidate and I congratulate you on your accomplishments.

    That is the honors mba program at his school which only accepts 30 people per year.

    Proud Of You!

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  • Here's a quick link to the -- Dante, 08:32:16 06/07/03 Sat
    GREAT DEBATE on Crzy House.

    I know Lance and Drew don't want to mess up the countdown so the button that lets active posts go to the top is turned off this week, but their discussion is really cool to read, so click the link above.

    I think both of you guys are amazing at debating! Thanks! You are both awesome!

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  • Comes Rollin In after a late night... -- Lance, 08:53:02 06/02/03 Mon

    Happy almost summer everyone!

    Big hugs to everyone
    ::sweeps Josie off her feet
    and swings her around in a circle::

    Sergio asked us to write "a sort of a day in the life" - and I will real soon, but today I'll just give you the cliff notes version of life as I know it after this semester's classes ended.

    I never knew being a professional slacker was so time consuming and exhausting! haha. Hey, its a dirty job but SOMEONE has to do it! I have a new found respect for JJ's lifestyle! HAHAA!

    I'll post it in the reply so if you've got a taste for adventure, click that little link below to experience the forbidden pleasures of my so-called life! hahaa!!

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  • In Malta -- josie, 06:33:20 06/04/03 Wed

    To be honest, okay I just arrived but I LOVE this place but

    when my friend leaves it will be less fun, since I'll be

    alone BUT a certain SOMEONE will stay next weekend just for

    me * smile* I have 2 beds, he can take the other one LOL

    We can read for each other, I have the bible next to me

    LOL well it was there when we arrived!

    Its really hot, been to to beach for a few hours, visited

    Paceville ( here now) a lot of ppl recognise me

    Got some kisses on the cheek! hahahaha

    MIGHT see Adrian tonight, I miss him so much it hurts and

    he is just 2 min away from me. Anyway going to Valletta

    now. Take care everybody.


    Lance if ya givce me ur address I send ya a post card:)

    If ya want to?

    Wolfie is getting another one hahaha

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  • For the first time in history -- Dante, 06:47:39 06/04/03 Wed
    America is searching for the reason we went to war after the war is over.

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  • Tell-a-Friend -- Mitchell, 00:57:55 06/07/03 Sat

    Click on the picture to Tell-A-Friend to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment!

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  • Journal Entries -- Sergio, 20:44:14 06/04/03 Wed
    Here are the latest entries from a certain slutty rawk star's tour journal.

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  • t Minute Deal Eliminates Tax Credits for Poor Kids -- Mitchell, 08:04:13 06/04/03 Wed
    So here is the scene: A handful of Republican leaders from the House and Senate were holed up in a conference one weekend trying to hammer out the final details of the tax cut, but they've got a problem. They'd like to give more money to millionaires, but were bound by a pledge to cap the tax cuts at $350 billion.

    Then suddenly, "Eureka! We can just amend it so that the poorest families don't get the new $400-per-child tax credit available to richer families. That will leave billions for deeper cuts in dividend and capital gains taxes." So, after a last-minute wording change, the bill was quickly passed by both houses and signed by the President last week. What a disgrace. In the end, people earning over $1 million will bring home an average of $93,000 extra this year while a single mother of 2 struggling to make ends meet on $18,000/year will get no help.

    These huge tax cuts are a bad idea, but what really galls me is thinking about that moment when somebody in Congress offered up this latest idea to take from the poor to give to the rich, and a majority said "sure." These are not the American values I was raised with.

    A lot of us are making a stink, and this one could get turned around. To send your faxes urging your Senator and Representative to amend the Bush tax cut to include the children of low-income families, click "Reply" and then "Send." Or click on the link below.


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    AU Urges Senate to Reject Bill Pryor Nomination
    Americans United for Separation of Church and State has urged the U.S. Senate to reject the nomination of Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    (con reply)

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  • Speak Out: Flag Amendment Passes House - Thank or Spank Your Representative -- Mitchell, 23:21:26 06/05/03 Thu
    On Tuesday the House narrowly passed the flag desecration amendment. This amendment would alter the First Amendment for the first time in its history and allow Congress to outlaw the physical desecration of the flag. By voting to protect a national symbol at the expense of the freedoms it represents, the amendment's supporters voted to fundamentally alter our freedom of speech and our ability to protest the policies of the government.

    It is crucial that you to write your Representative and thank or spank them for their vote on the flag desecration amendment.

    Click here to find out how your Representative voted and to send a free fax:

    Thanks in large part to faxes and emails from activists like you, the flag desecration amendment passed the House by only 10 votes (one Member of Congress said he was "papered to death" by the flood of concerned faxes and emails!).

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  • OMG LMAO!!!! -- Mitchell, 23:00:17 06/06/03 Fri
    Plez compleet this paper, best ya can.

    1. Last name: Don’t kno how to spell it sterts with a B
    First name:
    [_] Billy-Bob [_] Bobby-Sue
    [_] Billy-Joe [_] Bobby-Jo
    [_] Billy-Ray [_] Bobby-Ann
    [_] Billy-Sue [_] Bobby-Lee
    [_] Billy-Mae [_] Bobby-Ellen
    [_] Billy-Jack [_] Bobby-Beth
    Age: Over 20, lost count when I ran out of toes and fingers (if unsure, guess)
    Sex: [_]M [_]F [_]None!!Yes, please
    Shoe Size: ____ Left ____ Right What’s a shoe?
    [_] Goat Farmer [_] Mechanic
    [_] Hair Dresser [_] Dog Thief
    [_] Un-employed [_] Dirty Politician Goat hair dresser
    Spouse's Name: ______________________________
    2nd Spouse's Name: __________________________
    3rd Spouse's Name: __________________________
    Lover's Name: Sergio (HA!!! take that Josie!!!!!)
    2nd Lover's Name: ___________________________
    Relationship with spouse:
    [_] Sister [_] Aunt
    [_] Brother [_] Uncle
    [_] Mother [_] Son
    [_] Father [_] Daughter
    [_] Cousin [_] Goat
    [_] Donkey [_]Other Pet
    Number of children living in household: 0
    Number of chickens living in household: 12
    Number of dogs living in household: 9
    Number of children living in shed: I thunk thu neighbors 2 kids are a stayin in ther
    Numberr of children living under front porch: 6
    Number of children that are yours: Lost count___
    Number of generations living in household: 5
    Mother's Name: Maw
    (Relation sister/aunt/cousin)
    Father's Name: Paw
    (Relation Grandpaw)
    Education: 1 2 3 4 (Circle highest grade completed)
    If you obtained a higher education what was your major? moon shine 101[_] 5th grade [X] 6th grade
    Do you [_] own or [_] rent your mobile home? neither, found one I liked, waited for um to go on vacation and hooked it up and took it home.
    Vehicles you own and where you keep them:
    Total number of vehicles you own 18
    Number of vehicles that still crank 1 sometimes
    Number of vehicles in front yard 14
    Number of vehicles in back yard 4
    Number of vehicles on cement blocks 17
    Age you started drivin 8
    If over 10, are you are still slow lerrnin? [_] Yes [_] No
    Firearms you own and where you keep them:
    ____ truck ____ kitchen
    ____ bedroom ____ bathroom/outhouse
    ____ shed ____ pawnshop 23, all the above
    Model and year of your pickup: ford chevy dodge hybrid 194 2,5,and8
    Do you have a gun rack?
    [X] Yes [_] No If no, please explain:
    Newspapers/magazines you subscribe to:
    [X] The National Enquirer [_] The Globe
    [_] TV Guide [_] Soap Opera Digest
    [_] Rifle and Shotgun [X] Bassmasters
    Number of times you've seen a UFO 6
    Number of times you've seen Elvis 3
    Number of times you've seen Elvis in a UFO 2
    wuz aubducted 3 times, those little green bastards said they never had nobody ask to be probed befer
    NO Do you hunt Bear? If so, please do not explain don’t like harry men
    How often do you bathe: bathe???
    [_] Weekly
    [_] Monthly
    [_] Not Applicable
    How many teeth in YOUR mouth? my teeth are in a cup by the bed rite now
    Color of teeth:
    [_] Yellow [_] Brownish-Yellow
    [_] Brown [_] Black [_] N/A green
    Brand of chewing tobacco you prefer:
    [_] Red-Man [_] Skoal copenhagen
    How far is your home from a paved road? Paved road???
    [_] 1 mile
    [_] 2 miles[_] don't know
    Distance between mobile home and Bubba's House of Beer ?20 feet
    How many times has you received a DWI this year?8

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  • LMAO!!!!!! OMG.......Lance that is hilarious. I'm glad I read this before I went to work, maybe it'll make my day better! AND *HUUUUUUUUUGS* for Agatha. We love you very much and we're all thinking about you. -- Nick, 09:30:12 06/06/03 Fri
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  • Pat Robertson and the Road Map For Peace - does anyone have more information about this. (more) -- Lance, 08:58:31 06/05/03 Thu

    In response -
    The American public base their opinions on the news that is broadcast into their living rooms. Any media coverage of the chaos in Iraq such as US troops being killed, it presented not as some huge uprising of the Iraqi people or widespread discontent that we need concern ourselves with, but as a few leftovers from Saddam's army in a "stronghold" for Saddam's political party. Just a few crackpot militants from what I've seen on TV which hasn't been very much.

    The ONLY stories that were being covered yesterday on US news were Martha Stewart - Martha Stewart and MORE Martha Stewart. Coverage of her indictment DOMINATED the news - along with brief mentions of sammy sousa's corked bat and a life report or two from Israel about the Palestine/Israel roadmap for peace. SPEAKING OF ROADMAP - I saw this on the 700 Club...READ THIS!

    I was flipping thru TV channels yesterday morning and saw a "reporter" in Israel talking about the Road map for Peace and all of a sudden there was Pat Robertson - and I was like - WTF?? haha

    So it turns out it was the 700 club or whatever it's called - that religious show that has a lot of fake news on it.

    Well, Pat asked the "reporter" a few questions about President Bush's roadmap and the reporter responded by quoting Bible verses!! hahaaaa. I swear I am not making this up. The reporter quoted Bible verses throughout his live, on-the-scene "news report".

    Anyway - it seemed to me that Pat Robertson said that President Bush's roadmap goes directly against the Word of God in the Bible. He asked the reporter about some hills - and the reporter quoted some Bible verses that mentioned a couple of cities and some hills and Pat said - isn't that all part of the land that will be included in the new State of Palestine and the reporter said, you're right Pat. Those lands that the Bible specifically says belong to the children of Israel would be given to Palestine, and that directly contradicts the Divine Will of God.

    I almost fell over!! What the heck!!

    So then Pat said directly to the camera - to the Christian viewers at home - "pray for Israel, pray for the will of God as prophesised (sp?) in the Holy Bible, and PRAY FOR PRESIDENT BUSH (as in pray for his immortal soul because he is purposely going against the Will of God according to the Holy Bible) - that's the way it seemed to me. I can't remember his exact words but it seemed like he was saying President Bush is going to go to Hell if he insists on this Road Map to Peace plan that he is pushing.

    Pat Robertson came right out and said President Bush is going against the Will of God and going against the teachings of the Holy Bible with this Road Map Peace Plan.

    Pat Robertson seemed to be pitting President Bush's Road Map up against GOD'S ROAD MAP, THE HOLY BIBLE.

    It was almost like good versus evil - the devil versus God kind of comparison - Bush's Road Map versus the Bible.

    Now, if the Christian coalition turned against Bush because of his Mideast peace plans, maybe it would cost him the election, but as Dano pointed out, they don't have an alternative candidate to vote for so I dont see that happening. He won't lose the base.

    In any case, I thought it was pretty interesting to know that our fundamentalist in chief actually drew up a road map peace plan that goes directly against the Bible (according to Pat Robertson.)

    That goes directly against my own opinion that Bush bases his political policies on his religious beliefs.

    Anyone have any information about this?

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  • Cut and Paste News -- Drew Greyfox, 07:20:42 06/03/03 Tue
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  • ONE DAY -- josie, 03:59:37 06/03/03 Tue
    If I see Adrian on Wednesday * happy face*

    PPl say that whenever I tell em Im going to Malta my

    whole face just brightens up LOL

    I still can't believe Im going!

    Told Adrian that I can't believe I will actually get to look into ur eyes, talk to u, to hear ur voice and to be able to reach out for ya hand. It's too much for me to take in.

    :) he sounds happy that Im coming actually.

    He MIGHt even stay the next weekend just for me, this week

    end he'll stay in Malta due to exams :)

    Well I have to find a way to " thank" him if he stays hahaha

    Anyway leaving at 18:00 - twelve for ya then Lance.

    At the air port at 20:00 and leave this fucking country at

    ten:) hahaha

    Yeah TONIGHT!

    Unfortunately we miss a day my friend and I but,,,,,

    Anyway on Wed we will just lay in the sun. later visit

    Valletta cause she is going to see all the boats there -

    and later in the evening I MIGHT/ MAYBE - god I hope so

    see Adrian *smile* outside of Mac Donalds hahahahaha

    Take care

    Have fun :)


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  • .. -- Lance, 10:00:30 06/02/03 Mon


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  • Unembedded news and other peculiarities -- Alie, 04:38:48 06/02/03 Mon
    Another collection of media items that drew my ire or interest. I'll add as I find time.

    I didn't write a comment but there's nothing much changed from my last unembedded news - just scroll down and read the my comment from last week.

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  • .. -- Lance, 19:27:09 06/01/03 Sun

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  • Cut and Paste News -- Drew Greyfox, 17:27:20 05/31/03 Sat
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  • Dedicated to all readers of this board who still think the Bush administration is anything but a bunch of greedy criminals -- Alie, 12:48:56 05/30/03 Fri
    I'll refrain from other comments as I don't want to create troubles for Lance and Sergio. But I guess you all know what I would say if I said anything.

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  • 5/31..... -- Eddi, 23:08:30 05/25/03 Sun
    Showtimes Original, Soilder's Girl is premiering on 5/31. It is the story of Barry Wintchell. It is going to be a sad sad movie, but a must see. Barry W. is a US soilder who got killed by his roommate because he was dating a transexual. He was not gay, but was murdered when other people think he is. The death was brutal. His head was smash by the bat and the brain fluid was splashed on the wall for 12 feet long. I hope this movie will raise more awareness on the hate crime even though it is going to be on paid cable.


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