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Date Posted: 08:08:49 08/27/13 Tue
Author: chuckit25 ((aka life))
Author Host/IP: cpe-76-84-201-26.neb.res.rr.com /
Subject: Transitions

End of summer is coming up and I hope you have enjoyed yourselves. I admit I wonder how many of you are doing with these run away fires and vast floods. Is veggieburger okay right now?

I see a few of you still post your special moments here, while others still remember the Buffy and Angel ‘verses—of course, the wish for some kind of movie rears its head—“if there is a good script” kind of hope.

It seems comics are consuming Joss’s life—Angel possessed by Twilight in season 8 killed Giles—Buffy internalized “the father”—and Angel (with Faith) succeeded in saving Giles’soul trapped with Eyghon, while his body was saved, but returned as a 12 year old with Gile’s own level of experience, etc. So, Angel is back to caring about the “one” and it seems Whistler is the “big bad” in his desire for universal balance—wasn’t he a “balance demon”? Wasn’t that job kind of the “punishment”/”gift” that Buffy’s slayer gift was like—unwanted? (BTVS? Dawn is fading and I could care less--Buffy wasn't even in her own book; a stunt of story in (good) outer books didn't help).

I think the last few issues of "Angel & Faith"--the latter is a plastic saint and I hate her; she needs a time with Spike to save both of them--are more like ATS or ATF, but generally the comics are like Comix—they are “stock” type characters and can enter any universe. The talk of season 10 as the last is interesting. (Good. I don’t care about these people—indulgent, self absorbed, regressive—it’s all going to the Star Trek “reboot” with a double time line kind of universe for “old school” and “new stories” to simultaneously exist.

Anyway, prepare to “fall in love” again with Joss and Jed on TV with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division) on Sept. 24th. Cases between the populations of people and superhumans; and probably a good look at the institution itself. Clark Glegg plays Phil Coulson, despite what your “lying eyes” saw in the Avengers (Loki killed him). There are a couple of feminist touches, just in the number of females, for a change; and J. August Richards (Gunn) or Nicholas Brendan (Xander) alum may be in this thing. Nick is supposed to write some of season 10’s Xander scripts in the comics, too.

I gather the finale in “Bones” was painful—a thwarted marriage because of a serial killer; I am sorry, but I don’t care, even if Freddie Prinz shows up as Booth’s long last pal. SMG is doing a comedy—working mother/actress dream job, of course. Don’t care. TV Comedy and superficial are interchangeable words. It seems James is doing live work, whether music or other interests. With such a young wife, I wonder if he is going to have kids again? ASH (Giles) really has been running a great (and enjoyable) career from my few stolen moments of TV time. Still don’t see things “on time.”

I guess some of us are moving parents “close by” by now—I wonder if Lewis’ Dad is keeping him grounded after his early retirement? Did he ever get that Florida blog set up? Are we missing our MNA and a few lizards? (YES!) Are you gardeners exhausted with harvesting? Did anyone feel like they are (finally) growing up? (nnnneeeeeeeoooope—hee; still gotta dance!).

Moi? Museum season great, gallery season exhausting, and I.am a GRANDPA! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I hope all of you drop by with a comment or two. I'm very grateful to kim and Salty for that score! Love is forever, ya know!

Be well!

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[> Re: Transitions -- Saltygoodness, 18:22:04 08/27/13 Tue (NoHost/

I never became invested in the BtVS/Ats comic books. Found them to be silly and not particularly intersting. Still watch both shows on t.v. every chance I get. Guess I'll never get over what a boatload of fund the two shows were in their heyay.

Love the fact I'll see SMG matched with Robin Williams this fall. Can hardly wait. Wish I could see more of James. I'm still enchanted with Bones so am looking forward to this year. Have to admit that I need for Bones and Seeley to move toward a more mature relationship. I found Seeley turning Bones' marriage proposal down because of some stupid criminal to be very hard to accept. I hope this issue is satisfactorily resolved. I'd like to see Charisma do something really funny maybe with Alexis. I miss those two.

So, here we go again. Another t.v. season, some grand shows, some not so grand. I await their outcome with bated breath.

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[> [> Re: Transitions -- Saltygoodness, 18:24:18 08/27/13 Tue (NoHost/

And, I still can't type. That would be "boatload of fun" and "in their heyday." gah!

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[> [> [> Re: Still teaching, eh? -- chuckit25, 10:31:09 08/28/13 Wed (cpe-76-84-201-26.neb.res.rr.com/

Good for you not giving up on proper spelling and grammar. The world of texting has killed English, let alone manners? Is that my age screaming: those "whippersnappers?"

I guess I can do without the gore of Bones, treated too often as funny--I thought Angela was interesting; and I enjoyed Hodges wide interests, bugs, paranoia, and that he has a great emotional life. I don't care for either Deschanel sister. I find them monotone, bemused at the expense of another, and awkward is not wooden. JMO.

Totally agree about Charisma. I have called for her to do a comedy since she first showed up on BTVS. She knocks it out of the park because she is a fully developed character, not just a punch line. (Why comedies generally bore me). I am glad you enjoy them and look forward to the new TV season!

HOwever, Alas..."Surviving Evil" on Discovery starts off season 1, episode one with this:

Charisma Carpenter is the survivor of a real-life incident that she endured more than 20 years ago. The actress and two friends were swimming at San Diego's Torrey Pines State Beach in 1991 when they were violently attacked by an armed serial rapist. Carpenter fought for her survival after being held at gunpoint, but her two friends were both shot by the attacker. In the first episode of the series Charisma tells her story in raw emotional detail about what happened that night.

Yeah. I am probably the rare person who has zero interest in reality tv when reality of horrifying is called entertainment.

I think James is wonderful and I'm happy whenever he can have a run; wish he could have a sustained character.

I guess American Horror wiht Jessica Lange and Newsweek are my current interests, with the former skating on thin ice. I gather those who like Vampire Diaries will get the Originals off shoot.

Maybe it's my age, but I tire of simplistic black/white morality kinds of superheroes; I trust Joss's new shoe will avoid that trope altogether, as usual in the "flip" of perspective on the same person.

Everything on TV seems to start great, open up and then kill itself slowly just trying to stay alive for five years. I find myself begging them to "just stop." Again, I just wish the whole story was purchased, however long it is, and that is what is aired. It would protect everyone, to my mind--commercials get sold without pity anyway. It would seem these rigid times needs to disappear, considering access "anytime" is so widely available.

And, Salty, you are right. I can see why you are so willing to work, to wait, to enjoy so hard life happening. Goddess, I love being a grandpa. I love the love in everything!

Be well!

Your humble servant, always!

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[> [> [> [> Charisma on Investigation Discovery channel -- kim, 03:22:46 08/29/13 Thu (cpe-75-82-42-119.socal.res.rr.com/

The show is about survivors. It's supposed to be uplifting. The show is about women who went through horrific things and didn't let it define them. Charisma is the host.

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[> [> [> [> [> Re: Supposed to...eh? -- chuckit25, 12:49:20 08/29/13 Thu (cpe-76-84-201-26.neb.res.rr.com/

Unlike Joss, I don’t think suffering and “being shaped forever” by a horrific desecration of body and spirit as entertainment or as “uplifting.” (Why I find pain different than suffering that Joss inflicts on his characters in order to inflict it on his viewers, over and over. That people are enslaved by their experiences is exactly why I “step off.” It’s not “just get over it.” It is an entire rebirth.

That Charisma freed herself of being victimized “forever” in recognition she had the power to be a complete and actualized human, in the face of her experiences, doesn’t say anything for the reality that is not included in all this uplift, that those two other people didn’t get the “uplifting” self empowerment treatment. They are objectified as all the reasons to see the survivor for surviving as enough to be “uplifted.”

Maybe some of you see my point in the Buffy and Angel stories. Buffy may be viewed as “never got over the betrayal of Angelus” with her (first) love, which is why she is endlessly unable to properly “connect” to a different man. I happen to see in Seeing Red that a woman who had said “no” for months and had the assumption of privacy in the bathroom (of her own home, BTW), was thrown to the floor and relented in tears, and THEN had the power to kick him off. Women usually don’t and what does that mean? Unless there is the actual penetration, the entire rape hadn’t happened to this woman’s psyche? And then season 7 is merely a flinch and “you aren’t that person” to dismiss the entire process of utter violation that woman really experienced—and with a cuddle many assume was also followed by sex.

Betrayal is given the 9th circle of hell for a reason and shows like this are really a horror. I’m utterly crestfallen that a young woman was shocked, horrified, scarred and obviously altered in such an experience. I can’t say I don’t care about Charisma, but I don’t watch her for her life, but what she does with her life in her acting. The showrunners should be ashamed using real people as if this was “therapy” for a crass, decadent viewership.

You guys know my story and why Angel mattered to me. I think watching Angel ‘get over’ centuries of war and abuse with Buffy was the story I cared about. And, Joss just laughs because Daddy hurt his widdow fweeings. Try rape and watching genocide, for real. Pal. You owe to the survivors and the ones who didn’t get all that empowerment “at the last minute” cuz the “plot needed more suffering.”

Sorry. I know you write romance novels and I am sure a lot of emotional distress and even abuse goes on in such a genre, but they aren’t real people. Just sayin’ I guess I really should just read one to learn if love matters at all. I think it is everything, and it’s not power and its not “getting”—it’s joy for the other as one’s own.

Whew. Didn’t mean to preach, but “media” has lost its mind and made meat of people. I can’t be silent at that kind of thing. Sorry, again, kim.

I adore you for the news re ASH and James. I Netflix and look forward, with a passion, at seeing them both. Thank you truly!

Abjectly I would take the hem of your gown, but I cannot.

Your humble servant,

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[> [> [> [> [> [> Re: Supposed to...eh? -- kim, 16:45:02 08/29/13 Thu (cpe-75-82-42-119.socal.res.rr.com/

These women aren't being exploited. They want to tell their stories so that women who've been in the same situation know they're 1) not alone and 2) don't have to remain silent about it. It's not for entertainment - it's for *education*.

Not everyone making TV is in it for base reasons, geeze. Give these women some credit...they wouldn't choose to tell their stories unless they felt it was important to do so.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> Re: Can't call that "education." Remotely. -- chuckit25, 13:41:27 08/31/13 Sat (cpe-76-84-201-26.neb.res.rr.com/

What? Some "we are the world" documentary and pledge drive, that actually discusses “reality,” inclusive of the abuser/murderer and we, the participating audience must act to recognize our own choices are allowing such abusers/murderers to go unrecognized, untreated, and free to create the vicim/survivor? And are such “need to tell the story” the new "guides and counselors" to survivorhood in their own ocmmunities with * both * other abusers and other "survivors?"

I don't believe in secrets, and the stiff upper lip of silence, but I also don't believe in this format to "tell my story." Some stranger "out there" will suddenly "get help" and "become a survivor" versus a victim? Why then is season 1, episode 1 telling me this education requires such repetition?

Why do we not really ask what we, the society, are actually doing re the abuser and what makes them? Indicting and praising individuals, exploited in some prurient interest and worse as some societal "drama" giving the “participating public” this grand “feel good” "dramatic relief" that a victim is now “on her way, down the yellow brick road to Oz” as a survivor is exactly the nature of drama. A beginning, middle and end surrounding trauma that the editors, script writers, re-enactors, et al lights, sound and roll’em produce for said arrival “at suvivor land” actually removes the actual person from the events of their life to do this ‘educating’ that is really phony and prurient recreation of trauma and feel good social relief from the actual events. Cut to commercial that also isn’t “real” in real life.

Remembering the events of the past are often colored by the insights of the present, and thus the road to survivorship was “always there” and is the relief from danger society demands. Even though this “indivudal story” is really a gigantic club because our society is indeed so violent, abandoned and victimized for very real reasons shows like this will never address. Bring on the next “act” is not education or an answer to anything, IMO. Drama is educational because it doesn’t lie that the POV is indeed skewed for a reason, to raise the question or point the finger, among them. Real people hoping to help others move from “victim” to “survivor” may be what Charisma intends, but episode “two” says the “story” really isn’t about Charisma at all. And the other two people are just dead.

I hope you hate every second of this show. I hope you will turn it off and cast your vote that Charisma does indeed live and deserves the respect of her whole being, her “educating” us to her real spirit of working hard to make us feel our own lives through her skills and her understanding, her dedication, devotion and discipline to show the entire “story” of even a moment. Change me because I met you. Don’t make me glad I’m not you—my pain is only an “episode.”

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[> [> Alexis is going to recur on Grimm -- kim, 03:20:12 08/29/13 Thu (cpe-75-82-42-119.socal.res.rr.com/

With a fairly important part.

Did you see James and Tony on Warehouse 13? Multiple episodes of the season that just ended.

Charisma is hosting a show on Investigation Discovery channel.

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