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(9/8/03) Due to the horribly slow load time of the board, I have moved around 50 messages to the Archive. They are not deleted, just on another page. There are now only 10 threads on the first page. Hopefully, this will help things load faster.

Welcome to Waterfall Cities newest RP, Blackwoods Safari! Everyone is welcome to RP; however, before you start in this oh so wonderful place, I highly suggest you read the rules. I'm not a bad clan leader with rules galore, I just like to keep things nice here!

Go on and start RPing! I wanna see a new story!
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Subject: The Three Searchers

Riss T'ill
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Date Posted: 12:47:48 11/30/02 Sat

Rico and Lucas along with the Dinotopian captives were long gone by the time Cyrrus Swiftflight arrived. Behind her Januss Greenrunner appeared along with Riss T’ill.

Cyrrus sniffed the air, although the former party was they left their scent behind. No doubt this was the place where the commotion started. But what had happen? There was a strong smell of brunt earth. The sent was strong enough for Riss to pick up.

The struthiomimus lowered her swan like head to the ground. Januss did the same. Together they circle the area picking up the sent and trying to guess what had happen. Riss not having the nose of a struthiomimus or a leaellynasura began to walk further up examining the grounds for clues.

“I’m picking up the sent of two saurians,” Cyrrus said. “A young Parasaurolophus and a Corynthosaurus. Along with the smell of men three of them I think. Two of them have a strong smell of the sea.”

“Dolphinbacks, there's no mistaking it” Januss said to Cyrrus. She remembered when she first met Riss T’ill. She too had the strong smell of the sea, being a dolphinback.

“There’s also a smell that I don’t recognized. Cyrrus whispered to the leaellynasura It’s not human nor is it saurian have you ever smell anything like this before?” asked Januss.

“Not in my travels," Januss answered. “ It could be an animal of some sort that these humans have brought with them.

“Whatever the creature it is,” Cyrrus replied, that smell gives me an uneasy feeling.”

Januss was about to answer her when a sudden cry from Riss got their attention. The two startled saurian rushed toward her. Riss was crouching over something. Her right hand touched the ground and then stood up when her two companions arrived. She extend her right hand, on her fingers there was a smear of red.

“Look! Blood!” Riss cried. “There must have been a fight of some sort. That probably explains the gunfire.”

“It isn’t human blood,” Cyrrus said with her eyes wide open. “Saurian”

“From what I can guess,” Riss explain, “these two dolphinbacks where probably scouting the land or searching for food. They must have come across our Dinotopian friends and thinking that the saurian was a threat or something to eat, open fire. They managed to injure one of saurian with their guns. I believe the human Dinotopian must of tried stop them. Why didn’t they listen to him, I don’t know. From there on…. I’m at a lost.

“Their tail leads off toward the sea, they must have taken the Dinotopians captive. There may be more of them at the beach. Tell me Riss what is a ‘gun’ ?” Januss asked Riss knowing that she was a dolphinback and had knowledge of the outside world.

Riss began to explain the concept of what a gun was, both Cyrrus and Januss listen intently.

“The thing is do now is whether we should follow these dolpinbacks or back and contact the authorities.” Cyrrus said.

“The best choice is to track them down. I will try to talk to these dolpinbaks for I can speck their language.

“No Riss T’ill! Absolutely not!” Januss shouted at Riss. “If these Dolphinbacks are capable of harming a human let alone a fellow saurian, what will stop them at using harming you.”

“You have a point” Riss replied. “But I’m willing to take the risk.”

“Not with out me,” “if you are going to confront them I going with you. If the dolphinbacks try to do anything, they got Januss Greenrunner to deal with.” The leaellynasura said with a small hint of pride in voice. Despite her small size, like all of her kind, leaellynasuras were no cowards.

“And Cyrrus Swiftflight, Januss is right, you’re not going alone on this journey. I believe the best idea is to follow the dolphinbacks find them, and try to rescue our Dinotoians. It’s too far to get any help form the authorities.”

“Come on, they have gotten a head start. If we hurry we might catch up with them before they reach the shore,” Januss shouted and with the help of Cyrrus they began to pick up the trail.

Thus began the journey of the three searchers. Cyrrus Swiftflight the struthiomimus and Januss Greenrunner the leaellynasura lead the way, followed by Riss T’ill the dolphinback. On the trail of the crew of the Navigator along with their Dinotopian captives.

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  • meanwhile -- stefan de velociraptor, 02:43:39 12/01/02 Sun
Subject: picking up thestory

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Date Posted: 07:48:53 11/22/02 Fri

(OOC: I've taken everything that's currently been written and put it in the realm. Some posts have been edited to make them fit, so the story flows smoother now. I suggest reading what's there if you're confused.)

Rico's head shot up when he heard the first gun shot., which was quickly followed by a second. "Trouble, senor?" He gripped the creatures "leash" tighter, not wanting it to to be frightened away.

Lucas frowned at the strange man, then nodded. "Somethings up at my camp. You can come, or stay." He turned with Rico and they both ran, or hobbled more like it, as best they could. Rico refused to let go of the animals leash, and Lucas was encumbered by the still unconscious youths weight.

When they heard the third shot, they both picked up the pace and arrived just in time to see a Lt. tates pointing a gun at a woman and a giant sea monster making a lot of noise.

Scowling, Lucas set the boy down on a sand dune and grabbed the gun from Petar. "What in hells name do you think you're doing!?"

For the time, the strange man they had encountered on the beach was forgotten; at least, untill he decided to but in again.

"Dios mios," Rico muttered, looking back and forth between the sea monster and the scowling woman.

Captain McGreggor joined Lucas in reprimanding the Lt for his careless behaviour, and Rico tied the beast to a tree while he addressed the woman.

"Hello," He said, waving. "Do you understand me?" Rico used his best English, hoping she would be able understand that instead of the usual mixture of English and Spanish he used.

("Gareth" you're welcome to RP, just please try to stay true to the characters and not make them rude and violatle;) Thankies! Mathaira; unless your character understands English or Spanish or Italian, we've got some interesting conversations coming up!)

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Subject: Meanwhile...

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Date Posted: 13:45:07 11/23/02 Sat

Tamith rested her head on her partner’s side and watched as the first stars began to appear on the late afternoon sky. Camp had been set, a fire had been built, and she had already finished taking preliminary notes and sketches on her surroundings to file in her log when she got back. Lazily, she reached across to her pack where she had stored some sweet berries before leaving the shelter of the forest. She nibbled on a mouthful savoring their juiciness when Triforce interrupted her meal with a complaint.

“You can eat grass, while I can’t stomach it,” she said laughing. “Let me enjoy the berries at least. Don’t be so selfish.”

Triforce’s answer didn’t inspire a different response. “So what if there’s no sweet grass here? I can’t get my favorite foods in the wilderness either. Since when did you get so picky?”

Tamith jumped to her feet and threw a few handfuls of the fruit into her partner’s mouth. “There you go, so you don’t go on saying I a sweets hog.”

Triforce chewed happily then questioned the thought that had been on both their minds for a while.

"Yeah," Tamith replied worriedly. "They are taking longer than I thought too, but its Dylan, remember? And Karua loves to drag things as well... I'm sure they're fine."

She resumed her spot leaning against her partner's side. "Still... he could have at least sent Featherlight to tell us he was taking longer."

She sighed. Dylan just loved to have her worry. It was silly of her, he was a trained professional and there was nothing to fear out here in the Blackwood Flats. But she couldn’t help it. If any thing happened to that lazy, no good, irresponsible idiot, she’d never forgive herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Triforce called out a warning. She sat up and listened for what the Triceratops had heard. She heard nothing at first, but then her ears picked up the light sound of small, flapping wings.

“Featherlight...” she cried out in relief. It wasn’t long before the little Dimorphodon came into view. The little winged reptile landed at her feet and immediately cleared some ground to write his message. Having quickly finished his self-imposed mission, he stood back and waited for the human girl’s response. Tamith read and re-read the message feeling something cold settle in the pit of her stomach. Triforce paced over to her, and having read the message for herself, waited for her counter part to respond.

“Hunters from the outside...?” she muttered softly. “Now he’s done it.”

She bit her bottom lip and paced around the small campsite for a few moments.

“Let’s be rational about this,” she thought out loud. “We can’t really speak their language... unless by some miracle it’s the one Dylan’s always rambling. We’re going to need help on this one.” She stopped and looked at the little messenger. “OK, here’s what we’ll do: Featherlight, go to Waterfall City and have them send a party of Ambassadors, make sure that there are humans among them and that there is a linguist. We don’t know what these dolphinback’s speak... better yet, do you know who Dylan’s brother is?”

The little Dimorphodon squawked a positive.

“He’s a linguist. Go to him and he’ll take care of the rest. You’ll find him at the Great Library.”

Featherlight then proceeded on explaining to the Habitat Partners via footprint alphabet the general location of where he had followed the strange new humans and found their camp. Tamith and Triforce thanked him and saw him off. After the winged reptile disappeared from view, the human half of the team packed some supplies and changed her bright outfit.

“OK Tri, we’re going into our Basin training now. Dylan’s hurt and things may be a little crazy over there so the last thing we want is to be discovered, agreed?”

The Ceratopsian bellowed a positive so energetically that Tamith smiled. “Yeah, lets go rescue our teammate from the mess he buried himself into, shall we?” Triforce laughed in her own saurian way. “I’m sure Karua will be glad to see us too,” Tamith responded. “Well, we should be there before sunrise, and until the Waterfall City team arrives...” she sighed. “Here we go... again...”

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Subject: Gareth returns

stefan de velociraptor
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Date Posted: 03:24:43 11/19/02 Tue

(note: this is an edited version of events so far)

As Lucas and Rico stared at Gareth a shot rang out over the flats. Gareth instantly spun in the direction of the noise, staff leveled and ready, before relaxing slightly.

"Quickly, we must get back to your basecamp before your comrades cause anymore mischief"
At that precise moment a rustle in the grass heralded a new arrival a raptor stepped out from the grasses and saluted the shocked group in heavily accented English. Rico almost fainted.
the small dinosaur, polished talons glinting in the morning light, signaled to the group and dashed off towards the gunshots. Gareth in the lead, the remainder of the party, lucas carrying the boy and rico dragging the wounded dinosaurs ran towards the noise
as they crested the final dune, lucas took the lead and, holding the boy in one hand he swatted the rifle of another seaman, who had been busy firing it at a rather startled looking plesiosaur, out of his hands.
Gareth grinned wanly under his hood,
'this is where the fun begins' he thought to himself as he skidded to a halt in the soft sand, under the astonished glare of the seamen.
overhead fat droplets of rain began to fall, and thunder cracked on the horizon
(very dramatic, non!)

hope yas like the string together, if i missed a point or two please fill it in
remember: where astonishment abounds, quick thinking and a strong will lead too success

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Subject: Flat Hopes [Sorry For The Dopey Title]

Kie Turtlecrest
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Date Posted: 15:25:35 11/11/02 Mon

"Dad, you promised!" Kie exclamed, slightly frusterated. His father was tryng to convince him to go into the middle of nowhere and chase after his cousin, Ava. She was supposed to be having a quiet camping trip to herself, but Kie's father was known to be a bit of a worrywort.
"It will be lonely for her. She'll be glad to see you." Mr. Turtlecrest stated. They both knew it was a weak argument.
"You know, I did have plans for the school break." Kie said, doing his best to weasel out of the forced spying mission. Just then; Kie's best friend, an Ouranosarus named Peb, and two Sinosauropteryxes arrived.
"Please tell me you have someting interesting for us to do over the holiday." Sharpfeather, the albino female Sinosauropteryx begged. Before Kie could stop him, Mr. Turtlecrest had the two carnivores hooked on the idea. Peb was unsure about going to an unfamiliar place, but even he had to admit surely the Flats would be safe.
In the end, Kie was dragged along. With Peb and Quickquill (The other Sinosauropteryx) chorusing "Ninety-nine bottles of Pompa Juice on the wall", they left the gates of Sauropolis and headed for the Flats.


"Did you just hear someone shouting about a Sabertooth Tiger?" Peb asked nervously as Kie led them single file up a steep incline. Nobody else had heard it, but Peb was sure. He had an ear for dangers words; like Lions, Tigers, and Bears; and he had never even heard of bears.
With a thundrous growl a Sabertooth Tiger without the sabre-teeth leapt over the crest of a hill. This was not, however, what scared Peb. What scared Peb was the Parasaurolophus that looked like a smaller version of Kie coming over the hill just in front of the Tiger.
Ava slammed right into her cousin, which started a chain reaction leading to everyone in a heap at the bottom of the slope. Then the Tiger landed on top, and things got really crazy.

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Subject: Water Sample Struthie

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Date Posted: 19:41:36 11/05/02 Tue

Cyrrus Swiftflight lifted her head and arms from underwater, pulling a tube of sediment with her. She carefully stoppered and labeled her sample, marking it with a small wax pen, and then moved on.

The blue and yellow struthiomimus Geologist was studying the different minerals that eroded down from the Forbidden Mountains into the Backwood Flats rivers and streams.

Her delicate head bobbed up at the sound of human voices. She haden't heard other people for a long while. She whistles cheerfully, chirping a friendly "Breathe Deep, Seek Peace," to the strangers.

(If I screwed up anything, lemme know, Az. It's been a while since I've RPed. Hehe. >_<)

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Subject: Azonthus

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Date Posted: 17:38:38 11/08/02 Fri

Ava, a young Parasaurolophus, was enjoying a weekend out by herself. She had recently turned eight, the equivalent of a fourteen year old human, and as a birthday present was allowed to go camping by herself. Ava enjoyed being out on her own, where she could practice her music alone and without fear of criticizing ears.

This morning, she was happily munching on a nearby Ginkgo tree. Savoring the taste and humming to herself, she did not notice the pair of amber eyes intently watching her from downwind.


“Hey, Tigre, what’d you find now?” Rico asked. He and Lucas had spent a good part of the morning searching for food, and they had not been disappointed. Namir had shown them a river flowing with fresh water and many strange looking fish. There were coconuts aplenty to be had on the beach, and fruit that Lucas insisted was a mango, though Rico had no idea what it was, grew on some rather large trees near the river they had found.
Rico had found some edible water plants growing on the lazily flowing rivers banks too.

Now, Namir had started stalking off in the grass, stalking something. Lucas didn’t seem too worried, but Rico was curious as to what the hunter may have found. Maybe they would have fresh deer meat to go with the fish tonight.


Ava looked up, disturbed by the sudden silence. The archaeopteryx that had been singing all morning had gone silent, along with all the humming insects of the flats and other birds. Instinct told her to run, but her logical mind told her that there was nothing to fear here. She was far from the Basin and the only carnosaurs that would be here were friendly.

Still… She didn’t like the feeling she was being watched. The young hadrosaur slowly turned in a circle, looking about. No, she was just being a silly child and afraid of the loneliness. But being alone had never bothered her before.

Unexpectedly, she felt sharp claws digging into her flank and she cried out in pain while breaking into a gallop, attempting to rid herself of whatever was clinging to her.

The striped cat fell off, but continued to pursue his prey.

“SABERTOOTH!” Ava cried out, wishing desperately that someone would be near enough to help her. She continued crying out her distress and running, the large cat closing in on her…

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