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(9/8/03) Due to the horribly slow load time of the board, I have moved around 50 messages to the Archive. They are not deleted, just on another page. There are now only 10 threads on the first page. Hopefully, this will help things load faster.

Welcome to Waterfall Cities newest RP, Blackwoods Safari! Everyone is welcome to RP; however, before you start in this oh so wonderful place, I highly suggest you read the rules. I'm not a bad clan leader with rules galore, I just like to keep things nice here!

Go on and start RPing! I wanna see a new story!
Back to the Realm of Role Play

Subject: Just moving on up...

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Date Posted: 18:45:25 11/11/02 Mon

Ava didn’t know what to think at first when the men put straps around her neck. Did they think she needed to be led? When she backed up a little, though, shooting pain in her left hip quickly made her forget the belts.

The human patted her on the neck and murmured something to her in some foreign language. Apparently, he didn’t realize the only thing keeping her on all fours was her injured leg. All it would take on her part to get away from him would be to stand up properly!

She followed willingly when the two humans started walking towards the beach. Hopefully, they had medicine and would care for her wounds. The Sabertooth she would not go near, or even the human who seemed to actually be the felines’ partner. Still, that human carried the unconscious Dinotopian boy. Perhaps they were helping him too.

“Are you all right?” The Corythosaur asked her.

“No!” She honked. “I can’t stand up straight because my leg hurts too much.”

The much larger saurian moved in next to her. “Lean on me,” he said.

Gratefully, Ava accepted the extra support.

“I’m Karua,” he introduced.

“Ava. Do you know what that thing attacking me was?”

“No, I’m sorry. Though it reminds me of a Sabertooth.”

Ava nodded. “That’s what I thought.” She studied the Dinotopian boy for a short time before realizing why his cloths looked familiar. “You’re Freshwater Habitat partners?”

“Yes. That’s Dylan. We came here to drop some ulieka in the river. Apparently, there was a cave in at the source and lime was leaching into the water. We came with some friends, habitat partners of the forest. I hope he’s Ok…” The saurian half of the Freshwater team was greatly concerned for his friend and partner. That fall hadn’t been an easy one, and being rolled over certainly hadn’t helped matters any.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Ava reasurred.

By this time, they had reached the beach. There was a strange human there, apparently waiting for them. He seemed slightly hostile, and the Parasaurolophus was unsure what to make of him. Still, the humans accompanying the hadrosaurs seemed to understand his strange words and invited him along to wherever they were going.

Ava meekly followed, leaning on Karua for support and awaiting medical attention.

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Subject: after the storm...

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Date Posted: 14:10:13 11/10/02 Sun

((OOC...what with Oasis and JG's Chandara illustration and in anticipation of JG's next book, I have taken the liberty of placing the story near the Chadara portion of Blackwood Flats. Hope that's ok!))

Having journeyed from Bonabba to Chandara for the Annual Southeastern Conference of Hatchery Workers, Mathaira trekked further down the coast. There she examined the nesting materials available in Chandara's bay, planning to return to the city's outskirts and the sky galley boarding platform where she would embark on the voyage back to her village home.


Though not mandatory for hatchery workers residing in other regions of the Island, Mathaira had noted that each of Dinotopia's hatcheries were represented by at least one individual, even the distant Romano Hatchery. Thus she was pleased to encounter her Ovinutrix friend, Ruby, with whom she had worked during her previous service at the Romano Hatchery, the hatchery of her birth and younger years prior to her transfer to Bonabba's Hatchery. The two friends attended together a series of lectures pertinent to hatchery work, including:

'Comparative Differences and Similarities in Nesting Materials Preferred by Coastal Residing Saurians, Representing Each of Dinotopia's Quadrants'

' Herbal Teas: Infusions and Decoctions Useful for Facilitating the Expelling of Eggs in Expectant Female Saurians, A Continuing Study'

'Possible Techniques for Improving the Survival Rate Among Hatchlings Who Pre-Emerge from Their Eggshells, Including Extended Supplemental After-Care'

The last was expounded upon by Rojo, an aged and learned Ovinutrix, his wisdom, skill, and experience highly regarded among hatchery workers. Though quite unaware at the time, Mathaira would find the knowledge imparted by Rojo in the last lecture to prove invaluable...

After the closing of the Conference the two friends had embraced fondly as they bid one another farewell.

"Breathe deep, seek peace, travel safe," cautioned Ruby.

Mathaira replied in a like manner, "Breathe deep, seek peace, journey well."


The sudden storm which struck the southeastern region of the Island as Mathaira trekked the shoreline along Chadara's bay had taken Mathaira unaware but not unprepared. As a native Dinotopian having grown up along the northwestern coastal region, Mathaira knew to seek shelter in one of the many small caves created by rock formations common along the shores of the Island. Emerging from the security of her rocky retreat, Mathaira surveyed the desolate surroundings, noticing that the few sparse trees in the area seemed to have weathered the storm excepting a large palm tree which had been uprooted from the sandy soil bordering the beach. Anxious to continue her journey down the coastline Mathaira almost passed by, but years of viewing her environment through the eyes of a hatchery worker compelled her to pause.

Amidst the palm fronds which had once swayed gently with the ocean breezes but now lay scattered upon the sand lay the remains of a nest. Edging cautiously closer so as not to disturb the contents, Mathaira was dismayed to find a crushed egg within the nest, the fragile bones of a too early for life Rhamphorynchus visible among the shell fragments. Unnerved by the tiny life which would not have a chance to flourish Mathaira glanced away, her gaze encountering a scene which brought further sadness to her heart.

At the base of a nearby rocky outcropping lay the battered remains of a pair of Rhamphorynchus, no doubt the parents of the deceased nestling. Out of reverence for the winged family Mathaira gently scooped up in a large palm frond the remains of the pre-hatched Rhamphorynchus, laying it gently alongside its parents so that the trio could bid farewell together to their earthly life upon the Island.

"Breathe deep, seek peace," intoned Mathaira.

At that moment a barely perceptible gust of wind from the ocean blew the delicate wing membrane of the female Rhamphorhynchus, revealing what appeared to be an intact egg clutched in her footclaws. With the practiced eye of an experienced hatchery worker Mathaira detected a fine crack in the otherwise perfect egg, cautiously picking it up for closer inspection.

"It seems to be viable," Mathaira reflected hopefully.

Recalling Rojo's lecture at the Conference, Mathaira loosely wrapped the egg in a palm frond, packing moist sand around it before wrapping the egg in a palm frond again, this time tightly. Enclosing the entire egg parcel in one of her spare tunics, Mathaira placed it carefully into the pack slung over her shoulder before resuming her trek, addressing the unhatched egg as she did so, "One raindrop raises the sea," mentally naming the hatchling to be and murmurring, "Storm Rider."

Journeying further down the shoreline in search of other nestlings who might have survived the storm, Mathaira edged into the shadows of a ginko tree as she caught a glimpse of unfamiliar figures a bit further inland...

((OOC...gotta go back and read to see who remained behind at camp before I encounter them...))

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Subject: The mysterious man

Stefan de velociraptor
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Date Posted: 02:24:20 11/10/02 Sun

As The crew waited out the storm a young man, wrapped in a long waterproof cloak watched them from some distance off. He held a long pole of strong pinewood in one hand, and the other was thrust deep into his pockets. as the bedragled sailors peeped out from under their cover, the man smiled, and hunkered down into the thicket from where he had been observing them.

(new character.
Meet Gareth everybody, a wanderer who lends his services where needed, but is often not used to the best of his ability, because, in open defiance of the codes, he carries a Sword...)
I hope I'm doing the right thing here, but I just couldn't leave my trusty Katana behind.
Don't worry, he doesn't use it for hitting people very often, but the jungle in the rainy basin does get a bit thick at times)

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Subject: dolphin backs?

Blue Eyes
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Date Posted: 18:40:29 11/06/02 Wed

Blue eyes watches the humans from a distance, his sharp vision eying them curiously. "They're wet....their clothes are unfamiliar and their tools seem different. They smell of saltwater....Dolphin backs most likely. Their language seems unfamariliar.." I think to myself as i slowly circle around the peremiter just beyond the light. a faint Clang clang clang following each footstep.

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Subject: Meanwhile. . .

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Date Posted: 13:27:21 11/06/02 Wed

“What are you doing?”

“Taking… a sample.”


“We need to know where this stream comes from. Wouldn’t want to over walk your royal hide for nothing, would we?”

Tamith sighed in exasperation but decided to ignore the teasing. Dylan grinned mischievously and returned to his work. She watched with mild enthusiasm as he filled a small flask with water from the almost dry stream then added a few drops of something in it.

“Uh huh…” he muttered. “I thought so.”

“What?” Tamith asked looking over his shoulder.

“This stream has a high content of calcium, meaning it comes from an underground river,” Dylan said putting a stopper on the small flask and threw it in his knapsack.

“What are you saying?” Tamith asked standing back as he stood up.

“You said the stream ran dry in the forest, right? I guess the only logical explanation is that there must have been some sort of cave-in somewhere on the stream’s path that’s not allowing enough water to get through.”

“But lime dissolves in water,” Tamith pointed out.

“A little of it, yes. It wouldn’t take very long, but a whole ceiling of it could take a while, enough to affect your ecosystem.” He said walking over towards Karua, his Corythosaur partner. He reached into one of the saddlebags and brought out a series of maps that he opened on the ground. “This is our stream right here,” he told Tamith pointing at one of the many scribbled line across the paper, “It’s source is this other river here, that as you can see, it’s pretty big.”

“How does that help us?” Tamith asked kneeling besides him.

“This alone doesn’t help us one bit, since the source is underground there’s not a thing we can do to reach it, however, this does.” He pointed at the area around the river.

“It’s inside a cave,” Tamith observed.

“Yep, that means we can get to it. Part of the main river is accessible, that’s all we need. The current should take care of the rest.”

“What are you planning on doing?”

“Well, Magnolia suspected it might be something like this, so she asked me to pack a few barrels of ulieka just in case,” he said rolling the maps back up.

“That dissolves lime, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, and it’s completely harmless to the water, etc. We just have to drop the liquid into the stream and let nature take it’s course. The river should be flowing again in no time.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tamith said getting up. She looked around the plains and could still see the remnants of the storm that had passed just the day before. Lucky for them, there were no big trees in this area of Dinotopia so little debris littered the way. The Blackwood Flats had been properly named after the acres upon acres of level ground. This wasn’t her area of expertise, but when the mysterious drying up of a river that fed one of the few woodland system at the southern base of the Forbidden Mountains, she had to make it her business.

Bracken had immediately consulted the Fresh Water Habitat masters, and as usual because she knew him from way back when, she got paired with Dylan to fix up the mess. It wasn’t only because a representative from the Forest was necessary, she thought, but because Dylan usually got distracted along the way and took four times as long on every mission. When she was there, on the other hand, they usually took… well maybe twice or three times the time. He was excellent at what he did, she had to give him that. Magnolia, the Fresh Water human master had to know that as well because she trusted him with many delicate situations.

“OK, here’s what we’ll do,” Dylan said suddenly snapping her back to reality, “The cave system isn’t more than a few hour’s hike away. I’ll go there tonight and drop the dissolvent into the river. Tomorrow, come with me and see what has happened.”

“And what do I do?” she asked just as he climb on Karua’s saddled.

“You and Tri, set up camp,” he replied. “I can take it from here.”

Tamith nodded with a bit of reluctance. “Take Featherlight,” she called up to him. She didn’t like the idea of no communication in case anything happened.

“Got him,” Dylan said and she noticed the little Dimorphodon head poking out of one of the saddlebags. “I’ll be back in a few hours.”

Tamith watched him leave for a few moments before turning back to Triforce. “Well, girl, looks like it’ll be just you and me for a while,” she said and giggled at Triforce’s reply. “Yeah, we’ll get a little peace around here. I’ll make use of it and start setting us up. It’ll be a few days before we can return to Bonabba.”

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Subject: Shipwrecked

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Date Posted: 07:05:58 11/05/02 Tue


Though the word was small, it captured the essence of their situation. They had watched the storm blow by and now a thick helplessness prevailed in the soft breeze. Lucas Pradelli felt Namir nuzzle his head affectionately and patted him absentmindedly. The big cat could sense his master’s worries and did what it could to cheer him up. He assessed their situation quickly. Five survivors were there and then, they still had to walk around the shoreline to see if anyone else had lived. Two lifeboats filled with trapping gear and equipment courtesy of Rico&Tate Pranks Inc.

He smiled.

For once their little jokes had come in handy. At least they had camping equipment there. What worried him most now was their location. At sea, Captain McGreggor had been in charge of the common well being, here on land, that was his arena.

“Captain,” Lucas said standing up and brushing the sand off his pants. “Can you say how far off course the storm blew us?”

“It’s hard to say,” his elder replied. “We could be anywhere in a twenty mile radius.”

“Do you have any guess as to where we could be now?” he insisted. They had to be somewhere.

“Polynesia, hopefully not too far from the coast of India.”

“I was afraid of that,” Lucas muttered. “Well, we might as well make the best of it.” He walked over to one of the loaded lifeboat and took out one of the various crates it contained. “Here’s what we’ll do,” he said while fumbling with the lid, “Rico and I will search the coastline for survivors and scan our immediate surroundings.”

“Yo, seńor?” the wide-eyed Mexican boy said suddenly snapping to attention.

“Yeah,” Lucas said. “We need to find fresh water and gather some food as well. The rest of you stay here and set up a camp. There should be enough tents for all of us and some to spare. Lieutenant, you still remember how this goes right?”

“Yes, sir!” Petar Tates exclaimed happy to finally get out of the cloud of gloom they had been sunken under.

Lucas threw the lid of the crate on the wet sand, reached in for one of the riffles inside of it and made sure it was loaded before throwing it at the ex-military man who caught it in mid air. He then picked one for himself and threw it across his back.

“Keep your eyes open,” he told Petar. “I’ve heard too many stories of shipwrecked men whose remains have been the only clue of their existence.”

Petar nodded solemnly.

“Canibales!” Rico exclaimed looking up at Lucas. “You don’t think there are any on this island, do you?”

“We can’t be too careful,” he replied to the youth. “But don’t worry, we’re more than prepared for anything this place has to offer.” He turned to the remaining three men. “We’ll be back in a few hours, hopefully with some of our shipmates and provisions.”

With that he turned and motioned for Rico to follow him down the shore. Without having to be asked, the great feline accompanied them sometimes running ahead to stretch his cramp muscles sometimes walking by their side. When they returned Lucas would worry about what to do next.

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Subject: A little Off subject

Riss T'ill
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Date Posted: 11:27:07 11/02/02 Sat

What's the story line for this Blackwoods Safari?
Januss and I can't wait to start RPing!


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Subject: The Storm

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Date Posted: 16:50:37 11/04/02 Mon

Nearly a month ago, the Navigator and her crew had left the port of New York City for Africa and India. Captain McGreggor was taking a small group of trappers across the Atlantic and around Africa into the Indian Ocean to collect animals for the New York City Zoo.

It had been a rough trip around Cape Horn, but the Navigator had carried her crew to safety, and to port, for re-supplying, with admirable strength.

Some eight days out of port and well into the Indian Ocean, Rico and Lt. Tates put their latest prank into action.

“Seńor Pradelli!” Rico shouted as he ran from the cargo hold to the deck. “Seńor Pradelli! We left the trapping equipment back at port!”

Lucas Pradelli, head of the trapping expedition, looked skeptically at the young Mexican. “Is this another of your jokes? I personally supervised the loading of all our gear back in New York and none of it left when we docked in Africa.”

“I’m sorry, seńor, but you are no right. I was just down there looking for an extra blanket and it’s all missing! Come, I show you.”

Lucas sighed, but followed the energetic youth to the hold. On his way bellow deck they passed by the sleeping mound of orange and gold that was Namir, his faithful Siberian tiger. Most of the crew feared him so most of the caretaking responsibilities fell upon himself, not that he minded at all. Bringing the tiger had been a requirement for his participation on this trip. Actually, he enjoyed watching everyone run around like madmen when ever the big kitty cat felt in a playful, pouncing mood.

They passed the sleeping giant and descended the stairs to the hold. There, he was surprised to find Rico had spoken the truth. Not one bit of the equipment they would need to trap the great elephants, tigers, lions, or monkeys was to be found. Even the collapsible cages were gone!

Lt. Petar Tates was going through one of the trunks, searching for something.

Trying his best to sound authoritative, Lucas boomed, “Lieutenant! What is the meaning of this?”

The muscular navel officer immediately straightened and saluted. “Sir! I was just looking for an additional blanket for Rico, Sir!” Even though he had retired after the American Civil War, he still acted military. However, his playful nature had not been dimmed by the strict navy training.

“Oh, you’re not in the Navy any more; stop saluting,” Lucas laughed as he walked around, searching for their gear.

Rico saluted and began marching around the hold, looking for the missing goods.

“Rico? What are you doing?” Lucas asked, getting exasperated by the youths antics. Maybe he hadn’t made the best decision in taking the 18 year old on their hunt…

“Looking for the traps Seńor,” Rico replied as he kept marching around.

“Aren’t you the one that told me they’re all missing?”


“Then why are you…. Ah, I’m going to speak to Captain McGreggor about this.” As he left, Lucas could have sworn he heard Lt. Tates and Rico laughing.

Captain Mark McGreggor stood at the ships port side with Jebar Sorla, the ships cook and cabin boy, though he was well into his thirties. The broad shouldered Irishman watched the oceans waters with a well practiced eye. Dolphins, a seaman’s omen of good luck, played in the waters surrounding the Navigator. Still, goosebumps appeared on his arms and his stomach tied itself into knots. From all outward appearances, he was calmer than the sea itself.

“Bad storms coming,” the captain calmly said.

“Aye, I feel it too,” Jebar replied. “I’ll tell the passengers to get below decks.”

“Thank you.” Captain McGreggor continued to scrutinize the clear blue skies for any sign of when the storm would break.

Late that night, the first raindrops started. Within moments, a few light raindrops grew into a full scale tropical storm.

The shrieking wind tore at the sails while the angry waves alternately shoved and pulled the Navigator.

Shipmen ran back and forth, tying down barrels that had broken loose and the helmsman had tied himself to the wheel to keep the massive waves that washed the deck from sweeping him away.

Through the blackness, Captain McGreggor could see the white waves breaking over a reefs deadly teeth, and his ship was being driven towards it…

“Reef!” he shouted and ran to the steering wheel, desperately trying to help Dekko steer away from the fatal rocks. Despite the combined efforts of both men, the ship was driven into the stony jaws with a sickening splintering of wood that drowned out even the winds howl.

Every man on board rushed to the lifeboats. The trappers fled to the deck as the lower levels quickly began filling with the seas fury.

Shipmen pulled back the tarps covering the lifeboats and found two of them loaded with trapping gear, but balanced with enough space for five men each. The other lifeboat was empty.

Lucas scowled at Rico, “In the boat!” he ordered.

“No me boy a mantor en ese bote!”

Lucas pushed Rico into the boat and climbed in after. The boats were soon in the oceans savage swell. Amazingly, the two boats with trapping gear balanced the best; the extra weight acted as ballast.

“Namir!” Lucas called his tiger. The great cat came bounding over the ships side to land in the boat. Namir curled up miserably in the middle of the already full boat and tried his best to stay near Lucas.

“Pull, men!” Captain McGreggor directed his boat. Everyone manned an oar, desperately trying to avoid the sharp sea stones.

Suddenly, the boat Rico, Lucas, Lt. Tates, and two other shipmen were in was pushed heavily to one side. Again and again, something rammed the small boat, guiding it around the reef.

Rico caught a glimpse of a dolphin just as the boat was rammed again. “Los delfines! They’re helping us!”

“Then follow them and pray the others do the same!” Lt. Tates shouted.

Hours of the tortuous battle for life passed as the crew followed their dolphin guides.

Eventually, the sea claimed a boat, the one unweighted by the trappers gear. A single dolphin lifted one man back to the surface and sped ahead of its companions. Soon, the porpoise and human were lost to sight.

Minutes, hours, days later, who could tell, Namir lifted his striped head from the boats bottom. The great tiger looked around in the darkness, sniffing. Suddenly, he leapt out of the boat and started swimming away.

“Namir!” Lucas cried out. Then, he saw what Namir had smelled, land. “Land! There’s land!”

The exhausted men pulled with renewed vigor and soon felt sand scraping the bottom of their boats. Leaping out, they pulled their water soaked craft above the tide line and hunkered down under some palm groves to wait out the storm.

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Subject: Kilo's departure

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Date Posted: 20:13:29 10/03/02 Thu

(OOC: Just felt like creating a new post. No Kilo is not leaving this RP, just getting out of that Inn, his character has been there for ages now..)

Kilo yawned, his beak clacking together loudly. His friends had gone off into a sort of doze, None of them had slept properly in ages. The two strangers, were still awake, well mostly. The human was but the Triceratops kept dozing now and then. The fire was so warm and inviting it was hard not too. Kilo's stomach rumbled like rolling thunder. That's a point, I haven't eaten either he thought to himself running his purple tounge round the rim of his beaky mouth. Careful not to disturb the others (although Azjik seemed to always sleep with one eye open and Highsoar shuffled his position) Kilo got up, had a minor stretch (he narrowly missed the poor Eohippus family with his tail again)and swayed towards the bar, nodding a good bye to the human and her triceratops companion.
The Inn was once more comming to life, a large family of furry mouse-like creatures with hopping legs were chattering away eating a breakfast of warm bugs round one small table. While a lone Wooly Rhino snorted down a steamed salad that made Kilo's mouth water. The Mammoth he saw last night near the fire was now stood at the bar, he had to stand a few good metres away because of his enormous tusks, but thankfully his trunk could easily rach the bowl of nuts he was sampling and his wamr bowl of drink. Kilo nodded polietly again (the mammoth nodding in return) and headed towards his favourite resting couch. Settling himself down he waited till his friend behind the bar - Mack was available to talk to.
"Oh no not you." Said Mack, a fully-grown male human.
"Charming." Gurgled Kilo. Mack laughed and pulled out a large bowl from under the bar.
"Same? Hot vege soup?" He asked Kilo, about to ladel sweet smelling soup into the bowl.
"Actually, what that Rhino's having smells delightful."
"Say no more!" Replied Mack in saurian, departing through some swing doors into the kitchen area. Kilo yawned again, and swung his tail lazily. Mack returned a little while later with Steamed Salad, placing it infront of his friend he began to talk again.
"They are evacuating us too you know."
"Hmm. I heard." Said Kilo happily tucking into his breakfast.
"We have to all be out by tommorow. Manager's gone hectic. Some of our warmer visitors don't seem to understand the possible danger and don't want to cut their snow holiday short."
"when they see lava they'll leave."
"You're so helpful."
"I know."
The two laughed.
"Anyway. Thanks for the scroll you bought me, here's the reply." Said Mack, pushing a lightwieght letter-scroll across the bar towards Kilo.
"Can I read it?" Kilo asked, knowing that this message was to Mack's cumspiritik partner in the warmer lowlands. Mack laughed a sigh.
"Can I stop you?" Kilo kept tucking into his salad the large bowl was nearly empty. Mack paused. "Hey! almost forgot!" He said hurrying back through the kicthen doors.
"Yay, more food!" Kilo called out jovially behind him.
Mack came back with a heated apple coverd in molasses and something woven in his other hand.
"I can't resist pathetic creatures." He laughed putting the sticky warm apple into Kilo's empty salad bowl. Kilo licked at the molasses happily, then bit into the hot mushy apple - "Sticky Apples" were his favourite.
"Fanks." Kilo mumbled through enthusiastic mouthfuls.
"And your Scarf, you left it here before." Mack leant over and tied the blue-dyed scarf around Kilo's neck, carefully pushing his scroll in-side, now binding it to the stegosaur's thick neck.
Kilo smacked his beaky lips and sighed.
"Delightful. Sticky Apples, you can never get enough. Thanks for the scarf too, I forgot I left it here."
"No Worries." Smiled Mack.

Just then the owner of the Inn herself, appeared beside Mack smiling.
"So this is our vaccum in the salad and soup supply?" She said not unkindly.
"The very same." Kilo replied jovially. The woman's voice grew serious.
"Kilo, I know you are leaving for the lowlands today, but I've got an urgent message for you. It needs to be deliverd to a small village near the base of the volcano itself. They are aware that the mountain is active, but they don't realise it could go so soon. The village is just some humans and their horsey partners, they have a riding school up there in a big field. The dimorphodon messangers would freeze in this bad a weather and the rest of this town's featherd messangers are away."
"You know Stegosaurus mail isn't the fastest way to travel." Kilo said apologetically and doubtfully
"But it's reliable" Cut in the woman. "I know you'll get there and won't get blown off course or eaten, plus your pace isn't that slow thanks to your size."
"I'd be happy to do it - but why hasn't the village sent down one of their Pliohippus or anything?"
"Cold. They've all caught the cold. You'll be needing that scarf. Hopefully by the time you get there most of them will have recoverd but right now all the horse inhabitants are ill and no human would be faster than you anyway, they'd probably need more blankets too."
"That's a point." Said Mack thoughtfully, he departed again back into the swinging doors, leaving Kilo to talk to the woman.
"I'll try my best. Good luck with the evacuation." The woman groaned.
"Don't remind me!"
Mack appeared back through the doors once more.
"This was going to be your hatchday present for this year, Melinda wove it for you and sent it up to me to give you when you next returned. but I think you'll need it more now." MAck skillfully lept over the bar and held out a large (stegosaurus large) woven rug of many different fibres, both animal and plant. Right down the middle where slits for his plates.
"Oh wow! Thanks! That looks warm." The woman gave Mack a hand in pulling it over Kilo, infact they needed the help of a stick to actually get it over his top most plates. It took yet more manovering (Mack had to actually climb up the plates to get on Kilo's back - minding his head on the cavern roof) to get the rug over the plates and to sit right, but once on it looked great. It hung down past his sides and flank either side and stopped just after his shoulders and just before his spikes. It was mainly a greeny brown colour of the fibres used but a red line border had been dyed which gave it a complimenting effect.
"Ah, much warmer! Thank you so much Mack, and Melinda too, I'll tell her."
The woman came back over with another scroll, just before the shoulder Melinda had sewed two pockets either side, The woman put her scroll in one while mack put his in the other. It was more comfortable without it pressing into Kilo's neck. After more fussing kilo announced.
"I better be off. Let those group of odd-bods know I said good-bye and tell them where I'm heading if nesesairy." Kilo motioned to the group of still dozing friends.
"no worries." Said mack climbing back over behind the bar.
"Breath Deep Seek Peace."
"and warmth" Added Kilo waltzing out the door and into a bitterly cold snowy world.

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Subject: Sleepy raptors

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Date Posted: 19:32:34 09/20/02 Fri

Az stirred as the cool wind from the open door blew her way. Blast that cold, it was her worst enemy! Finaly awakening, she looked up and saw the friends she had been around the fire with were now heading to the door to greet a newcommer.

Standing, she pulled the blanket Mathaira had been so kind as to give her closer. She slowly ambled over to the door, and the hated cold, to greet this new human.

(Kay peeps, you get to write! I'm supposed to be up and greeting Kaak here. Let's see what you guys do;) )

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Subject: Welcome to the new Thermala RP

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Date Posted: 17:44:47 09/19/02 Thu

Hey everyone! *gulps* Well, I seem to have done a big boo-boo and deleted everything>_< I honestly didn't mean to! Thought I was archiving everything...

Anywho! The RP is up and running again! I will require that everyone read what is saved at the Realm of RP here. That way, we will all be starting on the same foot and know what is going on.

Again, sorry for the deleted posts!



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Subject: Tale of Beginnings, i.e., Unlikely Crossroads

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Date Posted: 15:21:19 12/02/01 Sun

Eaglefeather sniffed the wind for the usual signs of the Hunter -- the pale smell of decomposition and death -- but found none. He was free for the moment to enjoy the beach. He lowered his great muzzle from the wind, thinking of how, even now, she guarded him, if he was ready for her warnings.
His scars ached as if telling him something, and he remembered how long it had been his body had been free of the torment of the giant's bullets, how good it had felt to finally be rid of their poison. He hoped to distract himself from the aching scars now, to soothe them in the saltwaters of the kind ocean.
It was then he found the boy. He didn't find him, really, it was much more like the boy had found him, in some strange sense of prescience. The dolphinback human, with white, tender skin and blonde hair, had been walking along the beach when maybe his weariness fell him here. The boy, asleep and drenched on the shore, had dozed off when he fell, showing no mind over matter, only vulnerability and weakness. The Worried Raptor cursed under his breath, thinking of what could've happened if the Giants found him. Eaglefeather quickly took up the boy's collar in his mouth, to drag him to the brush where the sun wouldn't burn.
At that moment, when the saurian's well intentioned but cold blue snout touched the boy, it awoke him with a start, shouting and screaming. The raptor stood back in amazement -- he had meant to help the poor dolphinback, but the child must have been having nightmares! Eaglefeather extended a long-clawed palm, one he admitted might have been a somewhat scary first-time for a dolphinback child's initiation, in a sign of the traditional dinotopian way the raptor prince-in-exile was only lately getting used to.
The boy had a look like he might have run, or picked up a rock; it was plain on his face he felt that desperately alone. But the old raptor prince had learned not to retract his vulnerable palm once it had been offered, so he simply held it there. And he took the initiative.
"Suyok ssurowa, tiyo-ae," Eaglefeather repated a blessing in his own ancient language. It meant, stay your heart, nestling. And somehow, the boy understood. He gazed at the saurian, amazed at his attempt to communicate (yes, the boy was just now getting it), and raised his hand and tried to repeat the words. The raptor laughed in his rumbling way, and decided to use a line he had learned from a strange man at a farm or something nearby.
"Weilcome, wee laddie," and with that, he joined his hand to the blistered, wounded hand of an orphan named Gabriel.

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Subject: Quickstride arrives

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Date Posted: 19:50:09 11/21/01 Wed

Quickstride, Highsoar and Klaw arrived in Thermala as night was falling, not to mention the temperature. Weary from traveling uphill in the increasingly decreasing climate, they decided to check into an inn for the night. In the morning they would find their friends (or their friends would find them.) OOC: Hint, hint=)

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Subject: the movie

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Date Posted: 17:48:10 11/25/01 Sun

did you see the adds for the movie it looks great.But i noticed that they said dinosaurs and humans are fighting but it said in the book that weapons cause harm to others and themselves so i think we may have another Jurassic park on are hands

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Subject: Chasing Spirits

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Date Posted: 17:42:38 11/19/01 Mon

Mist plowed foreward, long ago having lost sight of the lights of the city, the snow blinding her, not even sure if she was heading in a straight line, in circles, or toward a chasm to her doom. She pushed onward, her staff sinking into the drifts of snow as emerald eyes scanned the white wasteland befor her. Snow was swirling around, making it impossible to see through. Suddenly she caught sight of the figure she'd been following, a fleeting movement, caught in the after-image on her retina as she closed her eyes to the white tundra.

"You call...but where leading?" She continued onward, the figure sometimes looming off in the distance, sometimes disappearing completely.

Coming to a stop, the snow cleared long enough for her to see she rested on a cliff ledge, the mountains surrounded her and she felt something, colder then the freezing winds brush against her side.

From the cold appeared an empty space, a void, that the snow bounced off of. Only visible when pelted with the flakes, it formed a huge mammal like form- but with bizzare elements of a saurian mixed it. Then the form dissolved into nothing, but Mist felt it beside her, surrounding her, within her. It surrounded her and gave her warmth, and wrapped around her. And whispered to her, with the tinkling of ice upon a frozen river, of the unsettled earth, it spoke of the lava pools deep within, ready to consume what had been on the Island for their Turn...

Mist slowly rose to her feet, the shimmering spirit beside her and headed back in the direction she instinctively knew to be toward Thermala. The Gaia kept her mind warm, though she knew, in some vague way that her body was near exhaustion. The Gaia kept her mind distracted, though somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew as she ran on through the snow she was slowly dying of cold. But she had to warn them. The spirit Gaia told her to...

Reaching the edge of the village after she knew not how long, the frozen raptor, who's coat was more blue then grey, with blood trickeling from her mouth, but oblivious somehow to the pain, collapsed in front of a stained-glass making workshop, out cold.

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Subject: Morning

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Date Posted: 08:04:10 11/02/01 Fri

After many hourse of chatting and catching up, Az, Mistreaver, Tamith, and Dylan decided to head down to the main room of the Inn for some lunch.

"So, are we going to head out to the blackfeather village today or tomorrow?" Az asked.

"We could today if Dylan haddn't lost the map!" Tamith exclaimed.

"We go tomorrow, when rested," Mist said, glancing around the room at all the people.

"I just hope everyone shows up by then," Az muttered as she started eating the dried fish that had been prepared for her.

The little group was deep in conversation when someone burst into the Inn...

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Subject: Getting started

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Date Posted: 15:30:04 11/19/01 Mon

Dylan looked around at the crowd of gathered volunteers and smiled, “OK, this is great. What we need to do now is decided where and what we have to do.” He turned to Moraine, “The surrounding villages have to be warned on foot, am I correct? What about the channel idea, can the area were the lava will flow affect any village, is it even predictable or random?”
“I’m a pretty good geologist,” Tamith added, “If you wish, I can assist you in any way I can

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Subject: (RP Concept)

Blue Eyes
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Date Posted: 16:19:31 11/07/01 Wed

(i'm new and not sure if i'm allowed to post yet so if i'm not just ignore this, if i am then anyone may join in as they feel free.)

Blue Eyes slowly limped foreward on his still wounded leg, the brace worn and falling off. The skin was bruised and swollen. He tried not to think about the trail he was leaving behind along this path. He slowly came to a halt to tired and weak to continue. He rested on the ground his sharp Trodon eyes glancing around nerviously. His heart going THUD THUD THUD in his chest. He was far to weak to continue any further today.

He closed his eyes and rested his head on a pile of leaves. within a few minites he was asleep.

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Subject: Leave of absence

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Date Posted: 15:47:32 11/10/01 Sat

This is OOC-

I'm being overwhelmed and type stuff by various things and am taking a leave of absence from all RPs. Talking to Vorchia- Az and Vorch have manipulation of Mist. ::smile:: have fun guys, keep her up for me if you want. Hopefully I'll come back sometime, preferably soon. I can still be caught at the Temple, and sometimes on AIM. ::salutes:: until then my friends...

-Mist, signing out

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Subject: I wonder

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Date Posted: 21:21:52 11/11/01 Sun

Is it to late for me to join this RP? Some please tell me.

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Subject: Help

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Date Posted: 15:42:26 11/09/01 Fri

Since I have limited time to write at present, could someone just meet up with Highsoar, Klaw and me in Thermala so we can get the story moving? It would help me out a lot.

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Subject: All right I'm here!=)

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Date Posted: 18:59:27 09/16/01 Sun

(OOC: C'xoila gave me permission to use one of his characters.)

Quickstride dipped her head gracefully into the water of the small lake, taking in a mouthful of water and straining it for small delicacies through her goose-like beak. She was at the base of the Forbidden Mountains, and while she knew she should start off again- she was already a few days behind schedule due to weather and her friends were undoubtably waiting for her in Thermala by now- she just couldn't tear herself away from the serene beauty of the lake and the temperate forests and grasslands around it. A few Presbyornis gathered around the lake, feeding in similar fashion to the Gallimimus, and every now and then one of the mammals would come to drink- a majestic male Irish Elk, still bearing his enormous antlers upon his brows, a small herd of Diadiaphorus, horse-like creatures native to South America, a great Moropus, a comical Macrauchenia, and a couple of Uintatherium. Even a lone Pachyaena had ventured out to drink and to greet the strange traveller. Quickstride thought mesonychids such as he were some of the neatest creatures around: hoofed carnivores! They had spoken for a short time, and he had been very polite, as had all the mammals, even if at times they had trouble understanding one another's language (though coming through the mountains often had given Quickstride some knowledge of many dialects.) As the temperate zone gave way to the mountainous regions, which was just in the process of changing from its annual warm period back to its more characteristicly cold, these Tertiary mammals would become scarce. But she did have friends waiting. With a sigh, Quickstride waded back to the bank to retrieve the travelling pack she had left there. A rustle in the trees made her freeze.
"Who's there?" she asked, trying to sound tough. Whatever it was undoubtably knew she was there, for it had started to make noise right when she had made it back to the bank. She didn't know what it was- hopefully just some curious mammalian. There were dangers in this area- big cats and terror birds, mainly- and Quickstride would have to be careful.
I should have been more careful! she thought.
No reply came from the bushes, though movement from them told her that whoever it was was still there.
"Show yourself!" Quickstride demanded, trying not to sound fearful. Slowly, the creature complied, and Quickstride gasped when it emerged. It wasn't a big cat or a terror bird. It was- it was- what was it?
The creature bowed its head, uncertain of what to do. "My name Klaw," it said.

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Subject: I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk...

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Date Posted: 07:57:48 10/11/01 Thu

(OOC: Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been around to keep things going. Not been my self and I really wasn't in the mood for RPing. I now have this entire RP saved and am putting it into story format. Expect the new parts to be up by the end of next week!) (BIC:)

Az sat on the hearth next to the fire, enjoying the warmth. She stared into the fire, mesmerized by it's dancing flames. The blanket from her nest bed was still wrapped around her, but the fire did help with the warmth. It was so quiet here...

Half asleep, she didn't notice someone approaching.

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Subject: The Attack

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Date Posted: 15:18:13 10/14/01 Sun

Anch'ar crouched in the snow, watching a group of saurians talking.

Survival of all or none. There was a struthie, a skybax, and...what the heck was that thing? Not important. Survival of all...That was pointless for Anch'ar's purposes. Survival of none...That was being a bit ambitious. Plus, the creatures might fight back. Hmmm...they were starting to leave. Make a decision fast! Yes, that was it. Charge, grab the struthie, and keep running. The stupid looking thing probably wouldn't be able to do anything, and the skybax would go for help. By the time any help arrived, Anch'ar would be gone...feasting on a Struthie.

Anch'ar crept along, camoflauged against the snow. The dinosaurs were oblivious to his presence. Twenty yards away, now. Eighteen yards...

Anch'ar exploded forth from the snow. His jaws were gaping wide, a roar escaping his throat that would strike fear in any mortal. His feet pounded the ground as he drove towards the frightened creatures. They started to flee. Then, without warning, an old complaint acted up. Anch'ar's knee came free of its socket painfully with a loud pop, and the carnivore toppled. Swinging his weight up off of the ground, he turned and limped away, leaving his potential prey behind. The knee was too painful to do anymore.

As he left, he heard a voice call out from behind him...

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Subject: Gone for about a week......

Lorcireino and Tasha
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Date Posted: 22:34:37 10/01/01 Mon

(OOC: I'm sorry guys, but I'll be gone about a week. If someone can take over my characters and just give them little lines or something, I'd appreciate it. I'll be back in about a week and begin again. If I get back earlier, then I will let all know and resume my characters. I wont be longer than a week. But this is a test week. :( And I have lotsa studying to do.

An overview of Tasha: Very quiet and attentive. Often is found scolding Lorcireino for doing something wrong. Loves to help others and makes friends easily.

An overview of Lorcireino: Very exciteable. Lets her Rainy Basin instincts take over at times. Is stubborn and proud. She is colder in Thermala than she will admit. But if offered a blanket or two, will accept if she is terribly freezing. Tries best to make friends if they will accept her.Finds herself in trouble more often than not.

Hope that helps whoever can take over. Other than what's listed above, you can go ahead and do with my cahracters as you please until I return (just keep them close to personalities as possible. :) )

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Subject: OOC: Does Klaw have a species???

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Date Posted: 14:09:46 10/01/01 Mon

((OOC: Does Klaw have an assigned species yet, Quickstride? Or is he, by some miraculous and unexplainable event, an actual cross between a struthie and a utahraptor? If he doesn't have a species yet, I know of a species that fits the description you've given -- along with some other charactersistics that would make people feel sorry for it -- and a story idea for the reason why he doesn't really know what he is. Please e-mail me at Super8Dir@aol.com and we can talk about it.))

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Subject: arrival at the Inn

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Date Posted: 21:00:51 09/28/01 Fri

((OOC...sorry if I got too long winded on the description of the Inn. I was intrigued by this setting!

another OOC...Leafy, I didn't know that was you until you reached the third bowl of vegetable soup...you gave yourself away there! heehee!))

Setting out shortly after dawn, Mathaira shouldered the bulky pack containing her personal belongings along with provisions and two of the smaller blankets woven of mammal fur, having had to loosen the straps in order to accomodate its wearing over the heavy parka-like cloak which protected her body from the icy climate. The Smilodon had no such need of additional insulation, her thick golden fur providing its own coverage against the blowing snow and freezing winds. Her muscular body enabling her to carry more than her share, Azjik bore the remainder of their provisions in heavy pouches strapped to her broad back along with an ample supply of blankets for delivery to Blackfeather Village. Having traveled enough times in this more frigid region of Dinotopia, Mathaira wisely strapped her water pouch beneath her cloak and directly against her body in order to keep its contents from freezing. Likewise, Azjik bore her much larger water containers in the section of pouches resting against her warm fur.

Though the distance from the Glacier Ridge Trading Post on the outskirts to the village proper of Thermala was not great when measured in necklengths, the snowbound path with its deep drifts and the constant blowing of frigid winds descending from the deep ridges of the Forbidden Mountains, lengthened the journey and made the time pass slowly. The two friends, however, did not seem to mind as they traveled amiably, oftentimes in constant coversation yet drifting at other times into companionable silence and quiet reflection.

Upon reaching the village border of Thermala, the daughter of Petar and Natasha was recognized immediately and greeted warmly by human and mammal alike. Having to stop several times to introduce her visitor from the lower regions of the Island, though not minding at all, Azjik slowly led Mathaira to the center of the village whose hub was Myra's Inn. Frequented by long time residents as well as travelers journeying through the Forbiddens, the Inn was named for its hostess who was also one of the proprietors. Much loved and well known in the region, the gregarious mammoth who was simply called Myra greeted members of her large herd and other Thermala residents as well as complete strangers with equal welcome, often embracing them with her massive trunk in a mammalian hug. While her duties entailed the day-to-day running of the Inn and of course the greeting of visitors, the other proprietor preferred to tend to less conspicuous duties such as the detailed operation of the Inn and also to those chores which required human dexterity. Five mothers Norweigan, Olaf was of indeterminate age, bearing the weathered countenance and rugged build of one accustomed to life in the harsh climate of the Forbiddens. The partnership which had formed between the mammoth and the human had long ago forged into a deep bond of friendship evident to any who entered the Inn.

Stamping off the snow which had packed onto her boots, Mathaira followed Azjik into Myra's Inn, an icy wind arriving with them as they opened and then quickly shut the massive doors. The common room of the Inn would have been dim due to the small windows set sparsely into the walls in order to keep the frigid temperatures at bay, except for the myriad of candles and candle lanterns placed strategically throughout to illuminate the room. Heat as well as light emanated from the two massive fireplaces which graced either end of the common room. Within the fireplace nearest the kitchen there hung large caldrons over the blazing fire, one containing hot spiced tea, another warmed fruit juice, the soothing beverages much sought after by those entering the Inn to escape the bitter cold outside. On the opposite end of the wall was an even larger fireplace, its hearth providing warmth and welcome to those in the Inn, surrounded by soft cushions, a multitude of chairs, and resting couches for mammals similar to those for saurians. Tables of varying sizes were interspersed throughout the Inn, some much larger than the others to accomodate the large mammals of the region. Facing the large entry doors, a long counter stretched the length of the common room, again stools of various sizes made available to the variety of patrons and allowing empty spaces for those who preferred to stand.

Her vision not yet accustomed to the lighting of the Inn which still seemed rather dim after spending all morning shielding her eyes from the white brightness of the snowy terrain, Mathaira could not yet determine whether those she sought were among those in the common room...

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Subject: Crowd Gathering

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Date Posted: 14:03:38 09/26/01 Wed

Mist had been more quiet walking back to the Inn. She was a little surpised the tri-horned one didn't know what she spoke about. She was here for Azonthus' benefit. Having run messages numerous times through the Forbidden's, one of the few raptors to venture here, Mist was only recognized in Thermala by a few, most unsure of what to make of the particularly large utahraptor. Ducking back into the Inn, emerald slitted eyes widened in surprise.

"Many gathered now..." She smiled at Locierno. "Not to worry, not you. Needed...fresh air..." Mist pushed through the crowd and gracefully leapt onto a table, getting a gasp or two from the crowd and blushed beneath her dark skin. She was a warrior, and though now and then she ran message she had to remember she wasn't in the Basin. Calling the teachings of Xandu to her once more, she looked around the Inn, seeing not only the people but the aura that surrounded them, searching for Azonthus.

She caught sight of a vaguely farmiliar person alighting the steps. "From Allosaur war on clan grounds...with partner..Habitat? Tam..Tami..ssss chaaaa must remember," taking more care this time, the raptor bounded across the open space in the Inn's dining hall and landed at the base of the stairs, clicking her bowstaff against the stone ground at the base of the extra-wide (for saurian access) stairwell.

"Forest one? Know you're there," she tilted her head back, letting her eyes focus on the dim light that remained of the young woman's passing. She was still impressed with the realm Xandu had opened her eyes to. Clicking talons against the ground again, the sounds from the main dining room of the Inn echoing in the corridor behind her, Mist tried again, this time in a poor imitation of the human tongue. "Sssaaaaathith." Followed by a few low growls, and a slight trill at the end. The dark raptor tilted her head back and waited for a reply, looking curiously over her shoulder for who else may arrive.

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Subject: Welcome!

Azonthus, leader of the Sharpclaw
and generally big-headed raptor

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Date Posted: 19:45:11 09/05/01 Wed

Hello and welcome back to the Waterfall City Role Play! Yah yah, I know, it looks like the waterfall has frozen a little, but that's cause we're not in Waterfall City for this story. In this story, many people have decided to visit Quickstirdes family in the Blackfeather village and go for a vacation. However, seeing as how this is in Thermala, there is volcanic activity. Watch out for those large Wolly Mammoths and errupting volcanos!

*bows* I now leave the first post to whichever lucky saurian (or human!) sees this first! Good luck in the story.

[Note to everyone: I'm just a tad busy right now, but I think I can join in! I'll give it a try anyway=)]

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Subject: BTW- Kilo = Leaf Muncher

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Date Posted: 01:21:04 09/27/01 Thu

After finishing off his third bowl of vegetable soup Kilo glaced around the bar again. His armour twitched when a big Utah raptor, obvulaslty the one who had checked in leaped up on a table. Kilo shivered "I really wish it wouldn't do that." He mumbled to himself. Ignoring the raptor who was now spluttering at some newcomers in the bar, Kilo turned to a Triceratops who was near him. In his best Mammilian (most creature wether saurian or mammilian spoke mamillian up here) He said "Breathe Deep Seek Peace." The triceraptops looked at him blankly. Kilo tried again this time in Universal dinotopian. "Breath Deep Seek Peace." The Triceratops smiled and replied with the same greeting.
" You don't seem from around here. Are you with the rest of these guys. " Kilo asked casually flicking his tail at the strange saurians in the bar, almost knocking a gallimimus waiter off it's feet.
"You could say that." Replied the Triceratops.

(OOpppss g2g, for those that know me as leafy, Hello! and to those i don't know.. Hello! Lol)

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Subject: Far, far away... (this WILL eventually tie in)

The Great Absent One - C'xoila
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Date Posted: 22:41:06 09/26/01 Wed

He slept amid the crumpled paper and the ink splotches, the promising ideas and rejected dreams. He slept face down on the long work table he had slaved at for so many sleepless weeks, designing and planning and drawing, always drawing. The building was new and large, yet it had already grown claustrophobic. Thick conduits and pipes snaked over the walls and dark, mechanical shadows of his design filled the unlit room. Unlit but for the one sunstone lamp hung over the sleeping figure. Hung from the pipes, the machines and from every available space were completed designs, elaborate pen and ink drawings on parchment paper. They were plans for the city. There were plans for the Fog-lanterns, mirrors within mirrors within mirrors which would amplify the light of a sunstone beacon until it could burn its way through the mists that engulfed the city to give it light. There were site plans, lists of grades and levels and elevations. There were floor plans for every building in the city to be, and many were actually expanded into full elevations and three demensional views. All were drawn in beautiful detail and spoke of hours of hard work. The room's lone occupant has toiled for months in this room and throughout the growing city, and he deserved a rest...

Saar peered into the darkened room and shivered slightly. She had left the Golden robot Sparks to oversee the building process while she went to see how her friend was doing. She really didn't like going into C'xoila laboratory, there were just too many strange and foreign machines to suit her liking. Plus, she really did not want to wake the Deinonychus. In the past few months, he had truely givin his all to the combined C'xsann clan. First it was convincing them to unite, to put aside their fears and hatreds to join and become something better. Then it was convincing them that a city should be built. The C'xsann Deinonychuses were for the idea, having lived in civilization for many years, but the C'xsann Allosaurs weren't trusting of the world outside the basin. Fortunatly, C'xoila, several elequoent Allosaurs and saar herself had managed to convince the unbelievers that there would be more benifits then losses. Once everyone had setteled themselves on C'xsann lands, the next step was the actual building process. C'xoila had worked without sleep to complete the plans, constantly referring with Saar to make sure the Allosaurs would be happy with their new home. She, in turn, worked with the golden HoverHead Sparks to over see the city's construction while the true genius locked himself away with his plans and dreams for the future. Saar smiled at the poor sleeping Deinonychus. He had been forced to take on the rolls of Architect, Engineer, Machinist, Draftsman, Artist, Stone Mason and Diplomat, as well as many more, all at once. Cautiously walking into her friend's domain, she gently rocked his shoulder. "Please...me's already designed you's city....me done the best me can...leave me be..." C'xoila moaned hoarsely, not knowing or caring who was there behind him. Smiling again, Saar retreated and let the Deinonychus sleep. C'xoila's job was over, now it was time for others to follow his plans. "He has a vacation coming to him. We have so much to thank him for, the least we can do for him is give him some time off..."

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Subject: Trying to meet...

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Date Posted: 13:51:19 09/26/01 Wed

OOC:(Sorry I took so long! I just got my comnputer back from the shop=^)

"I'm freezing."
"Stop whining."
"I'm freezing."
"I know."
"I'm still freezing."
Dylan turned to his friend and raised an eyebrow, "Are you doing this to annoy me?"
Tamith grinned, "Yeah... But I am cold."
"Ok... Lets call it a day then. We've passed and Inn a few time, wanna go check it out?"
Tamith's olive eyes gleamed, "Yes!" she exclaimed, "It isn't half this cold back home... During winter!"
Dylan laughed, "Yeah. That's what you get for being a forest dweller you little elf. I, on the other hand, have to keep track of the glaciers and hot springs. I'm used to this."
Tamith snorted, "Thanks for rubbing it in."
A few minutes later, they were in the check-in counter of the Inn Dylan had referred to. Tamith looked around the lobby at the gathering crowd. Queer looking group...
" ...You're room is in the second floor," Dylan spoke into her thoughts, "Mine's down here."
Tamith nodded and took the key he was offering her, "I'll go take a warm shower and meet you for dinner?"
"Sounds good. See ya then."
Tamith took a few minutes to look around. She was about to head upstairs when she over heard the attendant on the register comment something that caught her attention.
"....yes, a raptor! Two actually, and armed. They checked in yesterday..."
"Raptors!" Tamith said walking up to them, "Could you describe them please?"
The young woman proceeded and Tamith smiled at the image she got. Az was here! It would just be a matter of time now before they met. She left a message for her friend in the counter and headed for her room.
"I wonder how life as a clan leader is going for her..." she mused, "And what brings her here?"

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Subject: New Companions

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Date Posted: 10:28:24 09/26/01 Wed

Loricireino returned with the Parasaurolophus and the jittery Ouranosaur. Stouthorn greeted them all warmly. From them, Stouthorn learned about the coming rain strom and about their journey so far. The subject of the raptor's ritual never came up, as it only concerned the raptors and Stouthorn, and the triceratops respected and agreed with the raptors' decision to keep the mission under wraps.

The hadrosaurs were quite friendly, even the sail-backed one, once he calmed down. The subject turned to the sudden influx of saurians in Thermala. As if to prove this point, a large male stegosaurus walked trough the door and sat at the bar.

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Subject: Introducing.... Kilo (Me)

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Date Posted: 00:03:32 09/26/01 Wed

(OOC: I've been reading this for awhile, but haven't had time to sit down and post yet. I'm getting kinda lost reguarding characters, but if I'm right a few of you should be in an Inn, can some please include me fro mthere till i pick it up a tad more? Thank you)

Kilo woke up with a loud *SNAP* The small leafless sapling he'd been leaning his bulk against finally decided The Stegosaurus was far to heavy for it and broke with a stringy snap. Kilo was named for his size. Consequently Kilo fully awoke with his face in the snow. Kilo was a near grown Male Stegosaurus, his ancestors for some peculiar reason had decided to live up north, and consiquently he had a very thick insulating hide, and his long bony plates that were usualy used to cool down were there simply for decoration. he got back up drunkenly, he'd just been snoozing in the sun when on his way to Thermala. Kilo looked down, the seemingly insignificant scarf that was wrapped around his neck was still there, and the scroll was saftley tucked down the side.
"Danged saplings." Kilo cursed himself for destroying the young tree. "Still, better not waste it."
Not being on to destroy nature Kilo made short work of the sapling's bark then headed towards Thermala.Anyone who'd of though Stegosaurs were slow creatures were wrong in Kilo's case, being slow in this atmosphere was dangerous one had to keep active. he walked quickly and effectivly the shorter legs actually helping him in his large strides. Still she was no sprinting Galli.
As he walked his plates klinked together making a sort of tune, and he gurgled along to it in procession now and then snapping up any stray wintered ferns that crossed his path.
After a short while Kilo felt and smelt Thermala. He put on a slight spurt, fed up of being in the cold. the prospect of warm vegetable soup was also a good speederupper.

Listening to his big feet crunch on the unfrozen floor of the town's roads, Kilo passed some interesting sauians. Mainly thermala recieved very few tourists.
"hmmm." He mused outloud passing the hadrosaurs and carnivores. Kilo had never been botherd by predators, he knew that his tail weilded devestating results and actually pitied the poor creature that might ever try to take a chunk out of him.
Kilo headed striaght towards an Inn, the doors large enough to accomodate a mammoth, he passed through with ease.
"Ahhh." He sighed as the warmth hit him, making his skin seem to melt with relaxation. Kilo wasted no time, he headed straight towards the bar and parked himself on a resting couch, all sorts of interesting saurians were around him and again he wondered why there was such a diversity.
"Mack!" He called in his deep friendly voice.
A young Human male headed towards him a huge smile on his face.
"Kilo! Oh no not Vegetable soup again?? We don't have enough reserves!" Mack mocked.
Kilo snorted in reply then moved his very flexible tail round, as if daring MAck to say it again.
"Woah.. waoh.. put that thing away Kilo I'll get your soup." He laughed, Kilo gurgled along with him.
"How are you Mack? I've got a letter here from your sister."
Kilo said while mack poured a warm leaf-smelling liquid in an odd shaped bowl. Kilo pushed the scroll fromout his scarf with his big front foot, then nosed it towards Mack.
Mack came over and placed the bowl down infront of him. Kilo nodded thanks then took a long gulp.
"What does she want now?" Mack chuckled, picking up the scroll and reading it over.
Kilo shrugged. "I'm not nosey." He replied laughing making Mack laugh too.
"Hey what's with the diversity?" Kilo asked, again noticing more strang forms eneter the Inn.
Mack shrugged. "I dunno, we had two raptors a big one and a small one check in here last night, weapons and all."
Kilo raised his eyethingys (eyebrows but you know dinosaur ones lol) in response while he sipped his soup.
"Excuse me Kilo, let me know when you're done." Mack said moving off to serve new costemors. Kilo smiled
"Ok." then he went back to his soup, finshing the bowl and licking it clean. He sat back warm and contented and looked again around the bar.
"They are quite bizarr." Said the Stegosaurus.

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Subject: Chase

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Date Posted: 20:51:47 09/25/01 Tue

Lorcireino looked at the running Ouranosaur running down the street and shook her head. She didn't think she looked half as vicious as a Tyrannosaurus Rex or Allosaurus, but apparently others did. She was irritated because they had interrupted her while she was trying to make a conversation with the raptors and triceratops. She sighed.
"Ooh Boy. Lemme go apologize. I will be right back." She said to the to raptors and teh Triceratops, excusing herself and giving cahse to the two outside. The Ouranosaur had gone quite a ways away and by the time she reached them, the Prarsaurolophus and the Ouranosaur were in deep conversation with two others. great, everytime I go out to meet soemone, soemone new comes in! She thought. Well, might sa well get this over with.
Just then, the two that were talking to teh Parasaurolophus and then Ouranosaur broke off glumily until they saw her.
"Hey!" They called. "Can you give us directions?" The Ouranosaur looked up and screeched and took off again.
"Wait!" Lorcireino called out. "Wait! I won't hurt you! Really! I promise, I was only kidding!" Luckliy, the Parasuarolophus was able to stop his friend from running and the two that had asked fo directions looked back and forth in puzzlement.
"Why don't you all come back to the Inn with me. It is much warmer in there right now and you can get something to eat and drink." The Ouranosaur jumped when she said 'eat' and then whined. "Not eat you. You can get something to eat. And," She added pointedly, "you can get directions in there." She said to the four. Then she beckoned with her clawed hand, causing another jump from the Ouranosaur. "Come." The two new addends followed Lorcireino willingly, but the Parasaur and Ouranosaur seemed hesitant. "I promise." The Parasaur and Ouranosaur finally decided to follow slowly, though the Parasaur was more willing than his frined to follow her.
"I am sorry to have scared you." Lorcireino said, looking over her shoulder. "Really, I am. I was raised in the Rainy Basin, and then taught the Dinotopian code, but not before a lot of my instincts had kicked in. Sometimes, I get real angry for no purpose. Someday I may change, my partner sure hopes so, I know. I hope that I will too, so I may please her." With this said, she nodded and then walked back into the Inn for not the first time while the others followed.

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Subject: Thermala

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Date Posted: 15:43:17 09/10/01 Mon

“OK, Mr. I-know-where-we-are-going,” Tamith said looking around the crowded streets of Thermala, “Which way to the Blackfeather Village?”
Dylan didn’t meet her eyes but smiled mischievously, “You’re the one that knew Quickstride from before. Shouldn’t you know where she lives?”
Tamith sighed, “Do you have the map Bracken gave us?” The older youth looked away again.
“Great… Typical guy. You always leave the map.”
Dylan laughed, “This makes it all the more fun. I mean, we’re already a few days late, what’s a few more hours?”
Tamith smiled. Leave it to him to find the bright side of anything, “As long as we don’t end up in Sky City…”
“We won’t,” he replied looking around, “Lessee… Ah yes, there’s a distinguished cousin of Karua. I’m sure that Parasaurolophus over there could direct us to the exit nearest to the Blackfeather Village.”
Tamith shrugged, “You’re the expert in hadrosaur dialects. Give it a try.”
“I think I will,” Dylan said giving her that charming smile he always had when he won an argument, “Follow me, me lady!”
Tamith rolled her eyes, “No need to rub it in, ya know.”
Dylan grinned and led the way to the huge hadrosaur, “Excuse me, could I ask you for some directions?”

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Subject: The Snow Lazily Drifted Down From Above

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Date Posted: 19:29:03 09/25/01 Tue

Kie and Peb looked at each other in wonderment. It had just dawned on Peb that he really did not have a plan for the vacation. This was most out of character.
"I cannot believe you dragged me all this way without one of your carefully planned iteneries. I am shocked and appaled." Kie said. Peb looked mournful.
"I did make one... It's just laying on my bed instead of my paws..." Peb shrugged. Kie, never the one to sit idly, decided to take some action. He led them into an Inn where a group of carnivores talked.
"Well, I do not want to stand around here in the cold waiting for you to remember it." He grabbed one of the Saurians.
"Excuse me there... Um... What is there to do in Thermala, anyway?" He asked the Coronaraptor. The carnivore eyed Kie with a certain distaste. Or perhaps it was a certain taste.
"No nothing to do but eat chubby Ouranosaurs..." Kie could almost be certain that the raptor was joking, but Peb took anything and everything literally. In a flash the pudgy Ouranosaur was out the door and down the street. Kie was forced to chase after him. Why did I listen to Peb and come on this trip?. Kie sighed, trailing his friend.

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Subject: Back again

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Date Posted: 18:43:41 09/25/01 Tue

Lorcireino walked slowly into the warm Inn and was about to talk to her partner till she saw Tasha talking with a group of people.
Lorcireino shrugged and went to get a cloak. She decided she'd take a short walk around the area to get to know it better. But instead she sees the orange and yellow velociraptor back in the room along with the Utahraptor and a Triceratops.
"I am sorry I was so excited before. I will try not to get so hyper again. I just haven't seen other saurians up here." Lorcireino extended her claw to the three saurians. "Breathe Deep and Seek Peace."

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Subject: A Discussion of Fate

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Date Posted: 16:26:10 09/25/01 Tue

Stouthorn turned to see the creature in the alley. "It seems not as much a question as what I want from you as of what you want from me, young hunter. Please, emerge from the shadows. Your presence is well known here. None will fear your presence more than is necessarry." He grinned.

The utahraptor stepped out of the alley. She recieved a few suspicious looks, in passing, but none spoke out or were afraid. The raptor -- if Stouthorn understood correctly, her name was Mistreaver -- walked towards him, some hesitation in your step. "Do not fear me," the triceratops said, "it is you who has sharp claws and teeth." The raptor purred her amusement. Stouthorn continued, "You must be cold. Please, take shelter beneath my cloak, and tell me what you had in mind for me to do for your friend as we walk back towards the warmth of Myra's Inn."

The raptor scurried beneath the cloak, taking advantage of the ceratopsian's body heat. She spoke, her voice becoming less nervous as she caught her breath and warmed up. "Well...as your ancestor helped our ancestors, we hope that you can help us in this ritual."

Stouthorn did not speak for a moment, and then, "How exactly did any ancestor of mine help an ancestor of yours?"

Mist sighed shortly, "Of course. You wouldn't know. Your ancestor, the great Stouthorn the Wise of Poseidos, saved a group of escaped prisoners from execution. Their names were Deego, a utahraptor and my ancestor, and Jara and Easo, a pair of velociraptors. Together, they founded the Sanctuary of the Clans in the Rainy Basin. None of it would have been possible without your ancestor's wisdom and graciousness. He's become somewhat of a legendary figure among the raptors."

Stouthorn was flustered, a bit flattered. But he set this aside, and continued his questioning. "How would you have me help in this ritual?" And he listened with rapt attention as the utahraptor continued.

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Subject: Surprise

Tasha and Lorcireino
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Date Posted: 16:24:43 09/25/01 Tue

Tasha was still leaning against the wall when Lorcireino suddenly rushed up to two unsuspecting raptors greeting them inthusiastically. She laughed and shook her head, then laiughed even harder when the two frightened raptors fled the room. Lorcireino looked over at Tasha, her eyes wide.
"What happpened?" She asked, her mouth hanging slightly open.
"I think you overdid yourself Lorci. Next time you see them, if you ever do," She said in a lower ammused tone, "then greet them more quietly andnot so enthusiastic-like." Tasha smiled at her partner's stubborness.
"But they ran out on me!" She said and huffed, another breath of air twisting into curls and rising.
"What do you expect? If some strange raptor came racing up to you and started talking and hopping, wouldn't you run too?" Lorcireino didn't reply to that, only turned and walked out the door in the search of the two raptors. Tasha shook her head and smiled again, but then frowned. Sometimes she worried about Lorcireino. She seemed to get too friendly sometimes. Especially when she hadn't seen saurians for a while. Tasha sighed. I suppose I can only hope she decides to calm down, otherwise she'll be scaring everyone off.


Lorcireino trudged through the snow. Perhaps she had been a little too excited to greet the two raptors, but she would never admit that to Tasha. She sighed, keeping her head up high. to see over the people, perhaps she would be able to spot the taller raptor she had greeted.
She sighed, and turned around. It was slightly cold up her in Thermala. Colder than she liked, anyway. She shivered. Perhaps she should wear a thin layer of soemthing on her when she went outside into Thermala. At least she wouldn't be too hot or too cold with something covering her.
She hoped she would be able to speak to the two raptors again. She really had made a bad first impression, but then she smiled. Then started laughing hard. The looks on the two raptors faces when they had left had been funny! She would always remember this day, and the faces of the two raptors.

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Subject: Reflection

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Date Posted: 15:54:04 09/25/01 Tue

The mountain wind whipped at all things and left frostbite instead of lashes. But Anch'ar sat in thought, defiant of the cruel cold. He sat, completely still, in reflection. There was little else to do, sometimes. He remembered his life as a chick. He used to wander off into the mountains, making his mother worry endlessly. It always held an allure for him. The adults warned him that he could die of frost and that only mammals could survive there, but Anch'ar felt otherwise. It felt more natural for him to be in the tundra than in the jungle. According to legend, his species -- the Cryolophosaurs -- had once lived in the brutal ica and snow, but were driven violently into the Basin by less enlightened humans than those that existed now. But the others of his kind wouldn't listen, and told him he was odd, and that he should just be happy where he was. An outcast since he was a hatchling.

His mind wandered to his youth as snow began to fall. He remembered spending more and more time in the mountains. He would return to the Basin, of course. That was his home, but the mountains...they were something else entirely. Something new, something exciting. The more others shunned him, the more time he spent in snow and sleet.

His mind toured his adulthood. He was regarded as a crazy hermit. Perhaps he was crazy. It was unimportant to him. He began spending days, weeks, months away from the heat of the jungle. The life in the mountains offered him nothing but loneliness. That loneliness turned into strife. Amid the frost, his anger towards those in the Basin burned hot. And yet, he never left the mountains for long. He was compelled to return, always. The hope that there was a reason behind this compulsion glowed bright in his mind, but often flickered and at times, almost died. I just hope, he thought, that the answer is revealed to me before I have to make my final journey, the one to the World Beneath. I grow old and time grows short.

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Subject: Icy wastelands, frozen time

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Date Posted: 15:43:45 09/25/01 Tue

Lifting her head from the counter Mist looked around for somewhere to duck behind. The overeager raptor had frightened her, and the solitary raptor found a quick exit through one of the window, taking her bowstaff with her and in a rush to leave, forgot her cape inside.

The dark charcoal grey raptor with the silver stripes blended with the shadows as she crouched right underneath the overhand of Myra's Inn. Looking around she quietly whispered to herself, her breath condensing into vapor in the freezing air.

"Mmm...mist cold, find...," She closed her eyes and opened them again, nodding to herself as she easily leapt to the roof of the Inn. A few humans with a large camel and a dire wolf watched the raptor dissapear into the shadows. She didn't mean to scare anyone and wanted to be able to move quickly. Racing along the rooftops, leaping from roof to roof she balked, closing her eyes again, letting what Xandu had taught her seep into her mind. The cold air chilled her to the bone, making it harder for her to move but cleared her mind.

"Close reaver, keep moving..." Leaping from a roof having vaulted the space with her staff, she landed hard in a dark alley, slipping on the ice and huffing from exhaustion and a growing chill in her limbs. Emerald eyes peered out into the main street, bustling with activity as MistReaver found the large, tri-horned form she wanted. Not revealing herself, but allowing her eyes to shine from the alley's darkness she rasped out.

"Wise one," she whistled, noticing a few distressed looks from passing people and mammals at the unfarmiliar sound of a raptor cry. "What would you want of me?"

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Subject: Search

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Date Posted: 13:31:33 09/25/01 Tue

The triceratops stopped in every little town business and inn and asked the same question. "Have you seen a large gray Utahraptor accompanied by a brightly hued velociraptor?" The answers were all similar, as well. A few answered "Yes" and others answered "No but I've heard about them." All seemed perplexed by the sudden and unexplained influx of Saurians. The triceratops continued, "Do you know where they are staying?" It took a long time until he finally found people who knew.

"Yes," they said, "They're at Myra's Inn on the opposite side of town." The triceratops, happy to know where the dromeosaurs were but not too happy about having to turn around and walk back to the other side of Thermala, briefly expressed his thanks and walked out the door.

Freezing and tired, the triceratops found himself in Myra's Inn. He opened the gigantic door, considerately built for both humans and other creatures, and breathed in the warm, humid air from within. The saurian walked over to the desk, and inquired where he could find the two raptors staying here.

"Ooh, you just missed 'em," she said , "they walked off into town. You might want to go look for them, they can't have gone very far from here." The triceratops winced inside.

"Can I leave a message for them in case I do not find them?" He asked.

The woman replied in the affirmative and he gave her the message: "Please tell them that Stouthorn has arrived and wishes to discuss the business at hand."

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Subject: New Faces

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Date Posted: 17:40:45 09/24/01 Mon

Lorcireino sighed contentidly. After a long nights rest, she was now fully refreshed and ready to see all of Thermala! She walked around, greeting saurians and humans alike. Most were quite interested in seeing her, for she was nothing like anyone had seen before.
"If this is how Thermala treats all of its guests, I think I'll make a point of coming here often." Lorcireino stated firmly, smiling down at her partner. Tasha laughed, taking Lorci's statement as a joke.
"Come now, you only look different to them, they are just curious. If you came 'round too often, then everyone would know who you were and wouldn't be so curious. You would just be a regular." Tasha smiled, letting Lorcireino know that she was only giving her a bad time.
Lorcireino snorted, a bit of her warm breath frosting out of her nose as she did so and curling in tangled shapes. Lorcireino sighed heavily and then began walking around. A few children ran up to her once she left Tasha's side.
"Wher are you from?" One of them asked. Lorcireino turned her eyes pleadingly to her partner, who smiled and relaxed against wall. Seeing that she would get no help from her partner, she turned back to look at the three youngsters hanging around her.
"I...am...from the Rainy Basin." She replied in the Dinotopian language. She looked back over her shoulder at Tasha again, who placed her hand over her mouth and yawned, then waved at Lorci to speak to the children. Her eyes danced and they seemed to say: You're the one who wanted all the attention, and to make a lot of new friends. So go on! Lorcireino frowned, or she did as far as her saurian mouth would allow.
"You're from the Rainy Basin?" Another asked, clearly skeptical. "You don't look like you're from the Rainy Basin." Lorcireino had the sudden urge to show them all of her teeth, but she refrained from doing so. Tasha would berate her harshly if she did.
"Looks can be decieving." Lorcireino replied and turned around to leave them and saw a small red and yellow raptor -who was wraped in a blanket- and a silver raptor coming in. Her eyes widened and she broke into a huge smile.
"Other raptors!" She shouted loudly nd ran over to greet the startled raptors.
"Hello!" She said, smiling widly. "I was begninning to think that there would be no others around here in Thermala because it is too cold for most speices! It is so nice to see others who brave the cold! My name is Lorcireino, but you may call me Lorci. I am a Coronaraptor! Who are you?" She asked, bubbling with joy. She was almost jumping up in excitement, but instead she hopped from one foot to the other trying hard not to look too excitedm, but failing to do so. This was so amazing! Other raptors here in Thermala!

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Subject: Watching

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Date Posted: 16:35:14 09/24/01 Mon

Camoflauged against the snow, Anch'ar sat, still, inblinking, hardly breathing. He stared down the side of the hill at the congregation of humans and saurians in the town below. He inhaled deeply, his lungs becoming ice, and savored the scents. Living in the mountains, Anch'ar had lost all need and want for the Code. He had survived in this frost by feasting on the carcasses of those less wary of the travelers that passed through. Most of them were carcasses before he began feasting, dying of frostbite or starvation due to stupidity and unpreparedness. Most of them. Some of them he killed. But how else would he live, outcast from the Basin?

He licked his lips in anticipation. He couldn't do anything now. Oh no, not in the town. But they had to move on eventually. So many of these Dinotopians were so naive. An easy banquet.

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Subject: Arrival at Thermala

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Date Posted: 16:04:57 09/24/01 Mon

((OOC: If this is a redundant post, just do me a favor and flame me mercilessly. However, I'm pretty sure it didn't work the first time I tried to post this.))

The boarding ramp to the sky galley uncoiled like an enormous tongue, and a triceratops in a heavy cloak stepped off, his feet crunching the snow. He looked around him, surveying the area. His breath warmed the cold air, creating a smoky wisps of condensed moisture. He began to walk towards the nearby town of Thermala.

He was here to assist in some sort of ritual. A raptor clan had contacted him about it. He knew very little of the ceremony itself, other than that it was a spirit quest, and he knew even less about his role in it. Oh well, he thought, I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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Subject: No cold!

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Date Posted: 12:40:13 09/23/01 Sun

"Danger... danger..." something whispered. "Escape, take the feathered to safety..."

The raptor turned around, searching for the voices. She could only hear them and her world was misty, dark. It was warm here, but lonely. If only she could see who she heard...

Glaring, red light shone through the fog. The air burned and the earth danced it's rage. Danger was all around. Screams of the tortured filled the air and there was nothing to be done.

Suddenly, a cool, white light penatrated the red heat. The light continued to grow untill a young raptor was seen.

"Azonthus, time to get up..." she whispered.

"Ungh.. not wanna get up..." the sleepy raptor muttered.

"Come on Az, time to get up." A strong, clawed hand poked the bundle under the covers again.

"Ung! I'm up..." she muttered again. The poking stoped and Az once again sank into warmth.

"I'm going to dump you on the floor if you don't get up," someone warned.

"Meanie." Az began to work her way to the opening in the warm blankets. It was so warm under there. She poked her nose out from under a blanket and immediatly pulled back. "Nuh-uh! S'cold out there!"

"Grrrr.... Up!"

Someone grabbed the blankets and began pulling them off Az. Refusing to let go, Az ended up in a heap on the floor, finally out of bed.

"Is this how a clan leader acts?" Mistreaver asked, looking down on the smaller raptor.

"It is when they hate cold!" Az replied. She grabbed a blanket and wraped it around herself. "The floor is cold, the room is cold, heck, my nose is freezing off!"

Mistreaver pointed to the fire in the fireplace. "There's a fire and food. You can take the blanket with you, but I suggest you get up. We have to find Quickstride today."

Sighing, Az stood up and wraped the blanket around herself better. She made her way over to the table in front of the fire and sniffed at the dried fish. "Well, at least we get fish!" she said happily and ate what was left.

Once Az had eaten, she and Mistreaver headed down to the common room of the inn to see if anyone else had arrived. Still in the borrowed blanket instead of her cape, Az searched the room for a familiar face.

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Subject: Rest and Relaxation at last......

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Date Posted: 01:45:52 09/23/01 Sun

Tasha looked behind Lorcireino at the large Wolly Mamoth that stood there, snorting in laughter at Lorcireino's mishap. She watched as Lorci heaved a sigh, embarrased that someone else had seen her fall into the deep snow. Tasha siezed this moment to ask for directions.
"Excuse me," She began, "but we need to find a warm place to stay and we kind of got lost." She spoke to the mamoth. Two children appeared beside the Wolly Mamoth suddenly, staring up at Lorcireino. Tashs didn' blame them. Hardly anyone on Dinotopian would have seen a Coronaraptor, much less heard of one. The Coronaraptor tended to keep to themselves deep in the coolest and shadiest spots of the Rainy Basin.
"We can take you." One of the children said, apparently a girl by her voice. The girl was covered head to toe in warm clothing, unlike Tasha herself. "We also have some extra stuff packed on our mamoth if you would like to wear something warmer than what you have on." Tasha sighed in relief, it was almost like the girl had read her mind.
"I would appreciate that very much." Tasha replied. Then she turned to her partner. "Are you alright, Lorci?" Tasha asked, worried that her friend might be a tad cold. Even though her body was built for temperatures such as this, there was a limit too how much cold one saurian could take.
"I will be fine once we reach shelter." Lorcireino replied softly. Tasha glanced at her friend, worried that she might not be telling her quite the truth. Lorcireino seemed much lighter in color than was normal for her. When they'd first met, Lorci had told her that the way to tell if one was too cold, was to look at the skin tone and see if was lighter than normal. Lorci's skin was much lighter than normal.
The other kid, seeming to sense Tasha's distress, offered Lorcireino a warm blanket to cover her Lorci's body. Lorcireino accepted the offered blanket, her pride not taking over her intelligence like it usually did.
Tasha smiled appreciatively at the two youngesters. "I appreciate your help very much." She replied as the girl handed her some warmer clothing to put over her face and the jacket she had on.
"There is an Inn not too far from here. You both can rest there. Have you ever been here before?" The other kid asked, a little boy. He must be the girl's brother. Tasha thought.
"I was hear twice before, but it was a while ago and I am afraid I do not have a very good memory of places unless I visit them often." Tasha replied, somewhat embarrased. Both kids smiled and then beckined her and Lorcireino to follow them.
They didn't have to walk long. A large building rose before them and they walked up to the door. The girl pushed it open and showed them inside. Lorcireino almost tripped on the doorstep, but recovered and she had to duck under the door as she stepped in. Tasha was happy that Lorci had no tripped, not only would it look funny, but a four and a half ton dinosaur was not what you wanted to land on top of you. Especially if it had large sharp claws.
"I thank you again. Is there anything I may do to return the favor?" Tasha bent down so that she was at eye level with the children.
"If we need help with something if we ever come to your town, will be sure to find you and ask you." The boy replied, and with that said, the children left Lorcireino and Tasha to get to know the people at the inn and recieve some much needed rest.

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Subject: arrival in the Forbidden Mountains

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Date Posted: 21:15:42 09/21/01 Fri

An icy wind buffeted the airborne Sky Galley piloted by Javid whose expertise enabled him to manuever the craft along the strong currents blowing out of the Forbidden Mountains. Mathaira pulled her mammoth fur parka-like cloak more tightly against her chilled body, thankful for the hood which deflected the swirling snow from her head and face. She was grateful to the mammoth which had so willingly shared his shed fur and for the skilled Tentpole weavers who had crafted the outerwear necessary for travel in the more frigid regions of the Island.

Having been delayed in leaving Bonabba as the result of Sui, a Rutiodon female from Volcaneum who had difficulty in expelling her egg, Mathaira knew that many of her friends had probably already arrived in Thermala, having been invited to visit the Blackfeather Village by Quickstride. As a native Dintopian Mathaira had journeyed into the Forbidden Mountains upon occassion but it was not with great frequency, there being no need to provide hatchery work to the mammalian residents of the Mountain villages. Her previous trips to Thermala, Sky City, and the Tentpole of the Sky as well as other villages within the Forbidden Mountains had been for the purpose of bartering, Mathaira exchanging baskets woven of reeds from Hadro Swamp and carefully protected flowering plants from the Rainy Basin and receiving in return the intricately woven blankets and beautifully designed cloaks fashioned from the fur shed by the region's mammals. In the past, through bartering with her contacts in the Mountains she had also been able to obtain ice, snow, and reindeer milk from which she prepared a sweet frozen concoction as a special dessert for her friends in the lower regions of the Island.

Making arrangements with the Sky Galley pilot to exit the craft not in Thermala but at a nearby trading post past the outskirts of the village, Mathaira shouldered the bulky pack which contained several smaller sized reed baskets. As she had departed from Bonabba in too much haste to obtain flowering plants from the Rainy Basin, she was regretful of this fact as she knew how precious such specimens were in the homes of the Mountain inhabitants, having witnessed firsthand the delight and joy upon their faces when receiving such treasures and seeing the tender care which was relished upon the fragile plants.

Mathaira trudged along a vague path, its course so blown over with drifting snow that its direction was almost indiscernable. Fortunately she had traveled this route previously and was able to maintain the proper direction to reach her destination, tamping the snow down with her boots in an effort to guide others who may journey behind her yet be unfamiliar with the trail. As she approached a sprawling building, she perceived light emitting from small windows of the The Glacier Ridge Trading Post creating a pearlescent sheen upon the crystalline snow.

Before entering the trading post, she stomped her boots soundly on the small porch so as not to track snow inside. A welcome blast of warmth from the fire blazing within the oversized hearth struck her as she opened the sturdy door. Petar and Natasha, the proprietors of The Glacier Ridge Trading Post post glanced up from behind the massive counter, recognizing Mathaira as she eased the ice-encrusted hood of her cloak off of her head. Before the humans had a chance to utter their greetings, Mathaira was struck off balance by a flash of golden fur, amber eyes and gleaming fangs, having to steady herself on a nearby cask to keep from falling as a feline form bounded to greet her. Recovering from the enthusiastic welcome and regaining her footing, Mathaira embraced her mammalian friend fondly, burying her face in the soft fur and drawing warmth from the muscular body.

Mathaira had met Petar, Natasha and Ajzik on her first trip to the Forbidden Mountains many years ago as she sought to barter at the Trading Post. Though she had befriended the humans, it was Ajzik, her name itself meaning "gold", the golden furred Smilodon whom she had joined hearts with. The Sabertooth walked with a limp, her right rear leg having been injured in an avalanche when she was but a cub, her parents having been killed in the same tradgedy. Petar, as part of the team clearing the avalanche from the Mountain pass, had discovered the injured cub and brought her back to the Trading Post where Natasha treated her injury and nursed her back to health. In typical Dinotopian fashion, the human couple adopted the Smilodon as their own daughter and she assisted in the running of the Trading Post. Though somewhat wary at first, the Mountain inhabitants gradually accepted Ajzik as one of their own and she was now firmly entrenched in the village.

Though of different species, the human female hatchery worker and the young Smilodon had formed an instant friendship, sharing their time together when Mathaira journeyed into the region. Neither speaking the other's language, they devised a means of communication through vocalization, body posture, gestures and of course the Footprint Alphabet which was common throughout the Island. Ajzik's years of living with her human parents had given her the ability to understand the nuances of their speech while Mathaira's relationship with ShadowStriker had taught her the rudiments of rumbles and growls, though the Tyrannosaur vocalization emanated deep within the body while the Sabertooth language generated from the throat.

"What are you doing here near Thermala?!" Ajzik excitedly queried Mathaira.

Mathaira answered as she removed her snow covered cloak and hung it on a peg near the fire to dry, "Well, I brought some reed baskets to trade for blankets to use in the Hatchery. We use them to wrap around some of the more fragile hatchings who have had difficulty in emerging from their eggshells." As she retrieved the crafted basketry from her large pack, Mathaira continued, "I'm supposed to meet some friends in Thermala. Quickstride, a Gallimimus from Blackfeather Village, invited several of us to visit with her Tribe."

Ajzik nodded her head, "I don't know her well but have seen her in here. She sometimes comes to barter at the Trading Post."

Natasha interjected, "She was in here just a few days ago asking if we had any fur blankets to trade. She said she was expecting some visitors who might not be used to our colder weather here in the Mountains."

"I remember that," Ajzik acknowledged her mother, "We didn't have the blankets yet because the Tentpole weavers were still working on them."

Petar rummaged through his well stocked shelves, "They just delivered them this morning." He pulled a stack of folded blankets down and suggested to his daughter, "Why don't you go with Mathaira and you can deliver the blankets to Quickstride."

Knowing that many of her friends were not used to the frigid temperatures of the Forbiddens, Mathaira agreed that this was a good plan and anticipated spending time with Ajzik as they journeyed to meet the others.

As the two friends prepared their packs and provisions, Ajzik confided to Mathaira, "I'm nervous about meeting your friends. Sometimes those outside of the Forbidden Mountains seem to be afraid of my species."

Mathaira reassured her friend, "I know they will welcome you."

Staying up long into the night, Mathaira and Ajzik shared their hearts with one another and finally drifted off to sleep, anticipating the arrival of the early morning sun when they would journey into Thermala to meet Mathaira's friends.

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Subject: Old Friend/New Arrival!

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Date Posted: 15:18:46 09/21/01 Fri

Strolling up the street Kaz took an interest in everything. The mammals here fascinated her as they, more than anything else, brought back memories of life before the ship-wreck...

Nodding to a passing group her breath created a light mist as she smiled and said hello. Shifting her pack more comfortably across her shoulders she began to hum a tuneless little song.

*I wonder if the others are here yet?*

She felt bad about having to leave the last mission they were on together, but things had happened that she hadn't been in charge of. It was impossible for her to have stayed and even if she could have, it wouldn't have been fair.

Now though, she couldn't wait to catch up on all the news and know for sure no-one was upset with her.

Arriving at an Inn and opening the door she stood in the brightly lit doorway and stompted the snow off her boots before entering...

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Subject: Lost

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Date Posted: 20:33:55 09/19/01 Wed

"Do you suppose ther will be any other dinosaurs here at all?" Lorcireino wondered aloud to her friend. They were lost in the city of Thermala, running into mostly Mammoths and Brontotherium. She shook her head, letting slide the snow that had fallen on her head.
"Sure. There's a dinosaur." Tasha said, pointing towards a large wolly mammoth. She regreted the action and pulled her coat around her tighter and stuck her hands in the hand warmer. She shook her legs as she walked. The snow was trying its best to work its way into her boots.
"That is not a dinosaur!" Lorcireino berated her friend. "That is a mamal. Does it look like me? No. It looks more like you."
"I don't have big tusks, dear friend." Tasha laughed.
"No. But you have a very wolly coat on right now. If you had tusks, you would look like one." Tasha rolled her eyes and sighed, then shivered.
"Listen, we have got to find a place to stay. I'm freezing cold."
"I told you to ask for directions, Tasha. But would you? Noooooooooooooo." Lorcireino said and folded her arms. Suddenly, she hit a large snow drift and fell completely under the snow, and she ate some. She worked her way back out into the more shallow snow and caught Tasha laughing.
"I'm glad I was not on your back then! I have nothing to protect my skin from severe cold." Lorcireino shook herself to get the snow off her body. She was about to tell Tasha to keep it between the two of them only, and not tell anyone else about what happened, when she heard a snorting behind her, that also sounded like laughing.

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Subject: Raptors in mountains?

Azonthus and MistReaver
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Date Posted: 16:22:09 09/18/01 Tue

Az shivered slightly as she looked around at all the people gathered around her. The air here was much cooler than she was used to, particularly after being back in the Basin for so long!

"Ummm... Hi?" she said in the common Dinotopian language.

A rather large Wolly Mammoth stared at her, his massive tusks gleaming in the sunlight. He stared pointedly at the bow on her back and arrows at her side.

Az had tried to keep the bow under her cape, but the bow kept allowing cold drafts down her back and the raptor needed all the body heat she could keep in this cooler climate!

Alongside the new clan leader a much larger raptor stepped foreward, her dark coloring making her painfully obvious in the icy reaches of Thermala. Tilting her head back, the charcoal grey utahraptor bowed her head slightly to the Mammoth, her own bowstaff plainly visible, having no way to conceal it. Reaching out a talon the grumbled roughly in her best mammilian tongue which ended up coming out like "Inhale good, Find rest."

Despite being a message runner for many years, Azonthus had not picked up any of the mammalian languages and had no idea what to say to the creatures gathered around.

She turned to the nearest human, a teenage girl. "Excuse me, but my friend and I are looking for a warm place to stay while waiting for some of our other friends. Do you know of any inns we can stay at?"

The teenage girl looked a bit shocked at seeing the pair, and resting an arm against the thick leg of the mammoth she spoke to him.

"Calm down, Bronyeath, they don't mean you harm." The large mammonth snorted and lowered his tusks from the defensive position they had been in. Still watching him intently, Mist nodded to the girl, crouching down to seem smaller in stature and less threatening. Sheathing her claws as best she could she watched the girl.

"If you all turn the corner down at the glassblowers, there's an inn, and nextdoor a barn for the larger mammals. I assume you can find lodging there." She smiled, trying to hide her faint fear.

Az nodded. "Thank you for your help." She again sliped the bow under her cape so as not to frighten anyone else.

Turning to Mist, she spoke in raptor, "Well... this is going to be an interesting place! Everyone's terrified that we're going to attack them!"

Mist chuckled quietly, her deeper voice resonating and she shivered under her black cape. "Let's go," She replied quietly, "Before we're assumed to do anyone any harm," ducking her head she started trotting down the lane to the inn.

"Hehe! I'm ready for some warmth! I wonder if they have any fish..." Az called out as she followed her friend.

After a little hassel with the inn keeper, Az and Mist had procured a room for the night.

"Can you believe that?" Az asked. "He wanted me to leave my bow outside!"

Mist smothered a smile and looked down at her smaller friend. "It's okay, I dont think they wanted to ask me," she flexed her sickle claws and grinned. "I hope the nestbeds have hay fillings, it's going to be a cold night." The two raptors walked up spiral stairs to their room.

"Me too! I HATE cold! Why on earth did I allow my clan to talk me into this 'journey of the spirit'?"

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Subject: Arrival at Thermala

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Date Posted: 15:39:06 09/16/01 Sun

Lorcireino turned her head in all directions, searching for an escape. There is always a way out of everything. Lorcireino thought to herself.
The four Tyrannosaurs stepped closer. Lorcireino felt Tasha squirm onher back, probably as afraid as she was.
Suddenly, all four charged at them. Lorcireino screeched and, just as the four Tyrannosaurs lowered their heads to snap at them, Lorcireino shot out of an opening. She looked over her back, just in time to see the two adults try and halt, but wound up banging their heads. The younger Tyrannosaurs missed each other by only a tiny bit.
Lorcireino didn't look back after that. She ran, even after the angry roars were no longer in hearing range.
"Lorci, you can slow down now." Tasha said, though she sounded a bit shook up. "I can see Thermala just ahead."
"Yeah, and I'm not lowing down until I am inside the city." Lorcireino remarked. She took in deep breaths, trying to remain calm, the Tyrannosaurs had almost had them for dinner! She shivered, trying not to think about it.
As soon as they arrived, a strange man with a mammoth partner walked over to them.
"Are you okay?" He asked. "When you came in the city at the speed you did, we were sure something was wrong." Taha nodded her head.
"We ewre attacked by Tyrannosaurs. Four of them. Two adults, and two sub-adults."
"This close to Thermala?"
"Well, Lorcireino ran quite a ways sir. It was terrifying, we almost didn't make it out." Tasha paused for some breath. Even though she hadonly sat on Lorcireino's back in shock, she was extremely exhausted from what had happened.
"Is this Lorcireino?" The man asked, pointing at the Coronaraptor.
"Of course I am Lorcireino." Lorcireino replied in her Coronaraptorian language. She thought it was a rather obvious question to answer since Tasha was not referring to herself.
"What did he say?" The man asked. Lorcireino snorted.
"She said that she is Lorcireino indeed." Tasha gave Lorcireino an affectionate slap on the neck, though it was meant to warn her. Lorcireino could speak the Dinotopian language well.
"I am sorry. I have never seen this species before." He replied appologetically. "Well, I must be going. Perhaps we will meet again sometime." Tasha smiled politely and waved goodbye.
"Well, Lorci, we are here."
"Yes, that we are."

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Subject: *Skybax appears*

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Date Posted: 22:10:20 09/10/01 Mon

Highsoar winged her way over Themala, crusing on the warm updrafts from the volcanic vents. Normally, flight was difficult in these reaches with the cold winds and rocky slopes, but she rather enjoyed the warm currents and the feel of the distant but warm sun on her back. She saw a large gathering of assorted creatures below and slowly descended to see what was going on. She circled as low as possible over the crowd and tried to make out what was happening.

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Subject: Leaving Sauropolis....

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Date Posted: 22:42:18 09/08/01 Sat

Lorcireino took a deep breath of cold fresh air and let it out slowly. The cool air felt good sliding down her nostrils and through her throat to her lungs. She heaved a contented sigh.

"A couple more hours and we'll be in Thermala." Tasha said. She squirmed around on Lorcireino's back. The saddle she rode in wasn't very comfortable and she was always sore afterwards.

"Careful, don't squirm so much. Remember what happened with those four kids I carried?" Lorcireino asked; that was not a very fond memory for her, but it entertained Tasha to no end.

"That's what you get for being long-necked and long-armed." Tasha replied a hint of humor in her voice. She remembered that day very clearly. She had seen it with her own eyes. Lorci had happily been giving four children a ride when one of them got rambunctious and started climbing up Lorci's neck. Lorci, having a long neck and head, a long body and arms, had fallen forward. She wasn't actually font-heavy. Her long tail balanced her well, but added weight to the front of her without an equal amount in back had caused her to fall forward onto all four limbs.

Suddenly, both saurian and human heard the snap of a twig. They had been so busy talking that they hadn't noticed how quiet it had gotten. Lorcireino stopped in her tracks. The sound had come from ahead.

"Lorci! Behind us!" She heard Tasha shout. Lorci looked over her shoulder, which turned out to be a big mistake. Lorci saw the adult female Tyrannosaurus Rex behind them, but just as the female showed herself, a male Tyrannosaur charged from the front. Lorcireino wondered, only for a brief moment, why she had decided to walk near the Rainy Basin to reach Thermala. She now knew it hadn't been a very wise choice. She turned to head away, but was stopped by the sight of a juvenile, when she tried to head the other way; another juvenile Rex stopped her. Lorcireino turned in each direction, but there was no where for her to run.

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Subject: Arrival

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Date Posted: 07:53:23 09/08/01 Sat

"No rain? You did not mention snow." Kie sourly noted to his friend Peb. The Ouranosaur meteorologist shrugged.
"I cannot be blamed if you failed to learn your geography. Thermala is a snowbound area." Kie sighed. His crest felt like there was an icicle growing on it. Peb, with his temperature-controlling fin seemed quite happy in the brisk atmosphere.
They were just entering Thermala. Kie did not think it looked like much. He would much rather have been in the cozy Botanical Museum in Sauropolis. Still, the outdoorsy feel of the place was invigorating. Then, Kie saw just what he needed. It was in the small window of a shop. There was a sleeve-like hat designed for a Parasaurolophus' crest. It was filled with shedded Wooly Mammoth hair, and so would be quite toasty. The shop sold appropriate headgear for all sorts of dinosaur.
In a moment Kie came out with a new hat. He had traded the sheet music for the piece his band teacher had told him to practise on his trip.
"Oh, lovely hat." Peb sarcastically intoned. Kie decided to change the subject.
"Hey, what's going on over there?" 'Over there' was a large collection of Humans, Saurians, and Large Mammals. It seemed like quite a crowd was gathering. Kie and Peb decided to join in...

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Subject: Running Wild

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Date Posted: 23:26:17 09/06/01 Thu

Lorcireino emerged from the thickets of the Rainy Basin none too soon. She had been walking merrily along, humming a tune to herself, when everything had suddenly gone deathly silent. Being a large carnivore herself, Lorcireino knew what the quietness had meant and had took off at a fast run. She had luckily evaded teh carnivore, whatever type it had been.

Lorcireino looked up at the clear blue sky. "Today is going to be a very hot unbearabke day." She mumbled to herself. She didn't like it when it got hot; her hide was thick, meant for surviving in below-zero temperatures. When days became hot, she would practically roast.

She sighed and cocked her head to the left side, despite it being hot, the sky was always a beautiful sight. Especially in the mornings with the gray, blue, yellow, and orange streaks. She noticed a lone cloud with bright-orange outlines. She almost gasped at the veauty and wondered, not for the first time, why her species prefered to stay in the darkest parts of the Rainy Basin.

"Lorci! How're you doing? Where've you been? I've been searching everywhere for you!" A red-haired, adult, female human ran up to her. Lorcireino lowered her neck so that Tasha could give her a hug. Lorcireino returned the hug by making a purring sound and patting her friend on the back carefully. Her large claws could do damage if not used in a careful manner.

"Hey, I have an idea, Lorci! Why don't we go to Thermala for the weekend? You have your thick hide to protect you from the cold, and you won't become so hot down here. How about it? We can hurry back to Sauropolis and gather my belongings and leave by noon." Lorcireino, startled by her friends suggestion, cocked her head to the right and looked at her with a mixed expression upon her saurian face. "Oh, you'll have fun. I assure you. You can see all sorts of different creatures like Wolly Mammoths." Tasha tried to persuade the large saurian into going. She knew that Lorcireino would have a grand time if they went togerher.

Lorcireino paused, trying to make up her mind. It would be a nice vacation. She had nevr been to Thermala before, but she'd heard wonderful stories about the place. "I bet the Wolly Mammoths won't like seing me there." Lorcireino finally replied, her way of saying she would go along.

"Yes! It's going to be great! I promise you, Lorci, our trip to Thermala will be unfogrttable!"

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Subject: Starting... Finally!!!!

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Date Posted: 18:10:11 09/06/01 Thu

“Tamith!!! What is up with you?! It’s ten thirty already!”
The bright sunlight poured through her bedroom window as she forced her eyes open. Nothing much ever happened in the quiet village of Bonabba, except for maybe a stray carnivore once in a while. Caravans were the order of the day as was working in the medicinal plant gardens and lab. Tamith was a habitat partner to the Forest and as such, it was her duty to try to maintain the well being of all forest resources. Working directly under Bracken and Fiddlehead, she and her ceratopsian partner Triforce were constantly kept on their toes. Especially since their last assignment had taken them almost three times as long to do. What time…?
“Yes, sleepy head. Guess you stayed up late at the lab again, didn’t you?”
A sudden block of the direct sunlight made her look up. Her friend, Dylan O’Connel smiled down at her from the top of his Corythosaur partner, Karua. They were habitat partners to the Fresh Water and had been assisting Triforce and her on their last task.
“I’m sick of that microscope…” she mumbled turning away, “You take over the thing for once.”
Dylan laughed, “You’re on leave, silly. Remember we promised to join up with the others on Thermala as soon as we were done here.”
“Then why are you waking me so early!!” she exclaimed throwing a pillow at him. Apparently he managed to duck it, but it still hit poor Karua on the head. He bellowed his complaint loudly shaking the entire pod house to the last stone.
“Argh! Fine, I’m up!” she said jumping out of bed and making her way out of her bedroom.
“You better hurry,” Dylan called after her, “It’s a long trip to catch the nearest Sky Galley!”

* * *

“So what’s the game plan?” Tamith asked her friend over a cup of tea an half an hour later.
“Well,” Dylan replied, “Neither Tri for Karua are much fond of snow, so you know they both backed out of the trip. However, Karua said he’d give us a ride over to Cornucopia. We can catch a the galley from there.”
“Right, Tri still has a bit of finishing up to de here before she can head over the Romano Hatchery for her visit,” Tamith mused, “Too bad they wont join us…”
“Yeah, but they’ll have their fun.”
Tamith looked over to backpacks she had readied the night before, “Are you packed?”
“Of course!” Dylan said pretending to be offended, “Since three days ago!”
Tamith smiled, “So we are waiting for…?”
After a quick good bye for Triforce (longer on Tamith’s part), the human and saurian trio hit the road to Cornucopia. In a short few days, they would be officially on their way to a winter paradise.

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Subject: Beginnings

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Date Posted: 17:00:04 09/06/01 Thu

Kie opened his eyes, stretching his tail. It was dawn, and time to get up. He could hear the sounds of the city as it woke. In a flash he was ready for breakfast. It was a lovely pate of leaves and twigs, something he thouht his friend Leaf Muncher would very much have enjoyed.
That morning, Kie was visited by a friend, Peb. Peb was an Ouranosaur. Apparently the budding meteorologist had some important news.
"Rain, rain, rain. Weeks of rain. And localized right over Sauropolis, too." Peb was obviously upset. He had had bad experiences in rainstorms. Kie seemed jovial.
"I like rain." Kie commented. Peb shook his head.
"Yes, well, you won't be saying that in two weeks when you are soggy to your crest. I think it is time for a vacation."
Kie knew what was coming. Peb was a timid sort, and probably wanted his Parasaurolophus pal to accompany him.
"Where are you going?" Kie asked, already thinking of what he might need to bring.
"Well, I have never been to the mountains... Does Thermala seem alright to you? There'll be no rain there."
Kie nodded, sighing inside. It looked like he and Peb would be off on another adventure...

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Subject: hmmm.... when dowe start?

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Date Posted: 14:26:02 08/22/01 Wed

We were wondering when could we take our vacation to Thermala?

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Subject: Let's make friend

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Date Posted: 08:09:41 08/20/01 Mon


Found this free website recently, If you wanna know more about me, click the following to register:


You can also view my photo here,

Hope to see you there.

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Subject: Invitation

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Date Posted: 20:40:34 07/10/01 Tue

As the festivities went on, Quickstride, Rex and a few other friends, having congratulated Azonthus and now too tired from their previous adventures to continue participation in the games, sat back and contented themselves watching the raptors celebrate. Quickstride glanced over to where ShadowStriker and Tigris sat together discussing various things and comparing their different viewpoints. Though they were complete opposites on most everything, they respected each other now like Quickstride never thought they ever could have. She then turned to the sky in hopes of seeing Highsoar, the skybax, but she was nowhere to be found. No matter, thought Quickstride, they would meet again soon enough- the skybax had expressed interest in helping Quickstride at the rookery and promised to drop in sometime to discuss it. Shifting her gaze back down to her friends, Quickstride noticed how tired they all seemed. No wonder- many of them had endured the attack on Waterfall City right before this whole mess in the Basin had even begun!
"You know what we all need?" she asked them. "We all need a vacation. Why don't you all come to the mountains with me sometime? I have family in the Forbiddens, and I can take you to Blackfeather village where there are other Gallimimuses like me. It's quiet and isolated and we could have a lot of fun! Whaddaya say?"

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Subject: A never-before seen pair-a girl and a Sabretooth?!...

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Date Posted: 04:44:21 07/21/01 Sat

Watching all the recent goings on, hidden in the dense foliage, and trying to make sense of all thats happened since.. how long had it been? Erika wondered. Her partner, a large but swift sabretooth tiger, named Fastswipe were lost, on a mission to find a medicinal herb to heal Fastswipe's pride way back in Sabretooth Mountain. Her family was counting on her and her human counterpart to find a plant said to heal headaches and dizzness-one of Fastswipe's brothers was constantly running into the cave walls, and severely injuring himself in the process. Fastswipe was not at home in this arid and humid jungle, a complete contrast to her home of snow and wolly mamals.


"Hmm. Erika, I think we should ask them," gesturing to the people and sauropods in the clearing "for help, we arent getting very far, and if theyre crazy enough to venture close to those Allosaurs, they'll accept me and you as partners." she said, surveying the scene. "I do hope youre right. I miss cold, I miss snow, I miss ridding on wolly camels, no offense, but theyre taller," Erika said softly to her friend, smiling with determination.

The two suddenly emerged from their hidding spot, having no luck, and emerged into the clearing. "Ill go this way. No, wait. Follow me." Erika said, walking towards the humans/dinosaurs who were not injured and were not busy tending the injured. "Okay. I dont like all the comotion around here.. its bound to bring the attention of a lot more Allosaurs." Fastswipe said, ears pricked forward, alert.

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Subject: The Final Post

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Date Posted: 19:47:32 07/02/01 Mon

It had been more than a week since the battle with Herak and Azonthus was once again home. This was her real home, her family. She belonged with her clan.

There had been some dissent in the clan at Azonthus becoming leader, but that had quickly diminished as they learned of her deeds to protect another clan.

Az stood in a circle made by her clan and friends. Facing her were the many raptors she would lead, behind her stood her friends. Without looking, Az knew they were there.
C'xoila, her first friend from when she left the Basin, was standing next to Saar, unafraid. Az had noticed the beginning of a strong friendship forming between them what seemed an eternity ago, but could have been no more than four days. Next to Saar stood ShadowStriker and his friend Thistlebud. On the other side of C'xoila were Cyrrus, Quickstride, Rex, Tamith & Triforce, and Dylan & Karua; the best friends anyone could ask for. Only a few raptors from the Sanctuary were there; MistReaver, half healed, had demanded to come and her brother, ShadowRunner, had come to make sure she didn’t do any more damage to herself. LiquidFire, despite her many patients, had managed to come but FeatherDawn rarely left his cave much less the Sanctuary. Az had badly wanted K’veer to come, yet he had refused saying that she was trained and didn’t need him to make sure she won.

The battle was to take place in the ancient battleground. Giant boulders and made a large protected area. Few plants grew here. This was the site where Jara, the Sharpclaw's first leader, and several other raptors had made a final stand for the raptors of the Basin. Few had survived, but Jara had to found the Sharpclaw. In one rock, the names of those raptors that had fought that battle were carved, and another boulder bore a long list of the clans leaders names.

Drums began a slow 1-2 beat and Ronvel, the clan shaman, began chanting the Song of Our Ancestors. Many in the clan believed that when this was chanted, the ancestors actually came and guided the one they wanted to be leader.

They come,
Strong and fierce.
They come,
Wise and brave.

From the dawn of time,
They come.
Many battles have they seen,
And many things they have been.

Watch for them!
In the heat of battle,
In the rage of war,
They come.

Protection and Guidance
They bring.
Knowledge and Power
They bring.

Feat them not!
For they are you—
And we are them.

Now, Az turned her attention only to her father, who stood before her, her mind fully focused on the battle.

Feeling the heat of battle begin flowing through her veins, Azonthus began circling. She moved in time to the drums beat, never missing a step. Who would make the first move was anyone’s guess, but Az knew it would not be her. Some… thing that she didn’t have a description for seemed to guide her movements. She felt light and exhilarated. The strange feeling she had seemed to give her more energy that she would normally have.

She studied her opponent carefully, looking for weaknesses. He was half again as big as she was, more muscular, and moved with the ease of a skilled warrior. His muscles moved easily under his red and black skin. His deadly sickle claws tapped the ground as he moved in anticipation of the fight. Something told her that he favored his right foot, though he physically showed no signs of injury.

Lightening fast, the larger raptor struck, his fist aimed at Az’s head. Somehow knowing of the blow before it happened, she easily avoided it, ducking, and dashed behind to aim a rather unexpected kick to his tail. The blow hit home, but didn’t do any damage. But then again, it hadn’t been meant to, Az only wanted him to think she was playing hatchling games.

Strongbow shook his head and backed up a little. He kept trying to come in around Az’s left side, the side where she had a small blind spot. Az realized that he had maneuvered her into a corner too late. When he aimed a blow to her stomach, she was unable to get out of the way fast enough.

Stupid! Az thought as she felt his foot connect with her stomach. No warm flow of blood followed his attack; they were not allowed to kill or seriously injure each other. Ok, time for something new. Without any warning, Az tackled Strongbow.
The two raptors rolled around, hitting, biting, scratching, doing all they could to outwit the other. Dirt flew as they fought for victory, the snarling and battle cries of both raptors tore through the still air, and the battle continued on for an eternity. They rolled over again, and Strongbow came out on top. The crushing weight of Strongbow was more than Az could bear. Flipping him off her in a move that K’veer had taught her, she moved in quickly. Strongbow landed on his back, but wasn’t fast enough to block the sickle claw that was now pressed to his throat nor the other claw digging into his belly, but neither breaking the skin. They paused for a moment.

Az stood up and roared her victory. The clan had a new leader.

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Subject: Sanctuary

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Date Posted: 17:55:40 05/07/01 Mon

Talon helped drag the litter he and ShadowStriker had built to carry MistReaver in into the Sanctuaries grounds. The velociraptor knew he wasn't doing much of the work, but he was helping.

"We're almost there," Shadow said.

Mist, who had been sleeping peacefully during the bumpy ride, finally woke a little. "Home?" she mumbled.

"I suppose," Talon answered. "I just hope Az is there. If not, I don't know what I'll do."

"Don't worry, she is there," Shadow replied. "I found her and took her to the healer. From the condition she was in, she's probably just managed to be enough trouble for FeatherDawn."

"Hm. If I know Az, she's trouble from the moment she can talk."

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Subject: and for the rest of us. . .=)

Tamith... etc...
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Date Posted: 14:06:33 06/03/01 Sun

Tamith felt the light drizzling rain splash her face. Ever since the duties to the dead had been attended to, she and the rest of her companions had sat down in the middle of the jungle and remained quiet. She cuddled closer to Triforce to get what little body heat she could from her ceratopsian partner. Looking across the little miniature clearing she was sitting in, Dylan was toying with the string of his bow. He had a far away look on his face meaning he was lost in thought. But his expression was also concerned, something deeper than it seemed. Not that she blamed him. They had both just participated in a battle for their friends and she had seen how close both Azonthus and Quickstride had come to perishing. The thought sent a chill down her back. She had been too far away to do anything about it.

"So what's next. . .?" Dylan asked breaking her trail of thought.

Looking up, Tamith saw that the question had been as much for himself as to her. Their eyes met for a moment and he smiled warmly reading from her eyes what she was thinking.

"Let's go find your friends."

* * *

Cyrrus had been more than a little lost when they found her. That she wasn't limping and the absense of bandages told Tamith that Cyrrus was all right physically. That was good considering the battle they had just walked out of.

"Why don't you come with us?" Tamith asked. "I don't think some of the raptors here would appreciate you wandering around."Cyrrus laughed.

"Yeah, moody little guys aren't they?"

She quickly accepted and the now slightly larger group began looking for Azonthus. All were concerned about her; the last they had seen of the raptor was on the battle field and Az hadn't looked too good.They soon stumbled on Quickstride and Rex in the outsides of the Sanctuary. The last they had both seen from Az had been back on the battle and she had been rather shaken up.

"Let's look around, we might also find Shadowstriker out here because I don't think he's inside," Quickstride said.

Tamith remembered the young Tyrannosaur from one of the convoys through the Rainy Basin she had been serving. That had been a mess. But somehow they had managed.

"And we'll avoid our raptorian hosts that, for some reason, I don't think really welcome us," Dylan added.

"Wonder why that could be?" Tamith said grinning. She remembered the funny incident with one of the guards earlier. It hadn't been her fault they didn't speak the same language.

Dylan slid off Karua's back and began to lead the way around the ruins. Cyrrus walked along side Triforce and chatted softly with Tamith. Quickstride looked thoughtful. A rumble from Karua maded them halt. Dylan listened to him attentively then smiled mischeviously.

"Got something," he said turning to them. It wasn't long until a reached a clearing and heard multiple raptorian voices coming from it.

"Thinks that's Az?" Quickstride asked.

"And company," Tamith added, "Only one way to find out."

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Subject: The Final Test

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Date Posted: 16:04:25 05/14/01 Mon

K'veer crouched beneath one of the trees, surveying his blood stained clan grounds. The dead had been taken to the banks, the wounded were within the sanctuary, or the mortally injured in the airy temple. Turning to the sound of laughter he found the small red one he taught and a lean, but large feathered deinonych walking out of the Sanctuary. The little red velo was laughing and her violet eyes sparkled in the setting sun of twilight. He recalled when she's first arrived, near death, starved and mentally beyond repair. It had taken a lot out of the healers to bring her back, old Xandu even had taught her a lesson or two. And now look at her- with the return of friends she seemed to blossom, to thrive. It was time for his pupil to take her place as Clan leader.

Stepping out from beneath the foliage the large muscled utah looked warily at C'xoila, turning a slitted eye to Azonthus. "It is time young one, for your true ending of this. It is time for your final test. Are you ready, young one?" His slitted golden eyes shone from within his battle scarred face, a slight raptor smile playing at his mouth.

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Subject: Mourning/morning

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Date Posted: 14:21:30 04/26/01 Thu

Saar lay on the ground next to the body of Herak. Nobody would ever understand the deep hole that now filled her life. Herak had meant something to that that nobody else ever could. Deep sorrow pulled her into a bottomless pit and despair rushed into her. The allosaur shuddered a long, deep sigh. Saurians could not cry actual tears and Saar would have if she could. Instead, she expressed her deep pain in the way all saurians did; she howled the long, heartbreaking song of mourning that was understood in any language.

After many hours, exhaustion claimed her and she welcomed its dark embrace.


It was dark and raining when Saar awoke again. She huddled closer to the now cold body of her former leader. The mourning allosaur was now beyond crying out, beyond caring for anything. She merely lay there, protecting the body of the once formidable leader.

Saar didn’t bother to even look up when she heard approaching footsteps. What did it matter what they did as long as they left Herak alone? Someone neared her and cleared their throat a little. Barely moving her eye, Saar saw that it was Moves-like-the-wind. She vaguely remembered the crimson and yellow raptor from Waterfall City. Something about this raptor triggered a response.

“What are you doing here?” Saar growled, bitterness and hatred in her voice. Yes, she now remembered this raptor; she was the one who had killed Herak!

“I know there is nothing I can do to ease your pain, but I came to tell you how sorry I am. I never meant to kill him, I only wanted to save my friends.” Azonthus didn’t appear nervous to be near the allosaur; perhaps she welcomed death.

“Sorry? You killed my…leader, and all you can say is sorry?” Saar rose to her formidable height and stared down at the small raptor. “You will never know what you have taken from me. What is there to keep me from destroying you right now?” Anger and rage quickly grasped Saar and filled her with a blood lust similar to what Herak must have felt.

“Nothing.” The raptor gazed evenly back at the allosaur. “Nothing except yourself. If you kill me now, it will be in anger and you would later regret it. I know you can be better than Herak.”

“Better than Herak? He was more than you will ever be.” Saar knew her words to be harsh, but didn’t stop herself. She didn’t care if she hurt this raptor, she deserved it.

“You’re right,” the raptor said, “I never will be Herak. I’ll never drive a clan from their lands or take over a helpless city. I’ll never destroy a life merely for the land that it owned. And if you kill others, that will be your first step to being like him.”

Saar could only stand amazed at the raptors words. No, this raptor no longer feared anything…

“The real reason I came,” the raptor continued, “was to find out what will happen to your tribe. Who will lead them and where will they go? In Waterfall City, I sensed that you were different than Herak. Is it you who will lead?”

Ssaar suddenly found the tables turned. This raptor was trying to push responsibility on her! But still… what would happen? She had lead once before, would the allos welcome her back?

“I suppose I would lead,” she began. “We would return to our clans grounds and live there I suppose.”

“You mean return to stolen land,” the raptor stated.

Stolen? Saar had never thought of it that way. She had always considered the C’xsaan lands a prize that had been won through battle. But how did the C’xsaan feel about it? The allos really had taken their home from them. Now what?

“I’ll leave you alone,” the raptor said. “Apparently you’re not who I thought you were.” She turned her back and calmly walked back through the rain to the Sanctuary, leaving a very confused allosaur behind.

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Subject: ** Stands there looking stupid with a gob-smacked expression on her face**

~Leaf Muncher~
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Date Posted: 04:30:14 04/25/01 Wed

** Was calmly wandering about grazing on trees here and there on her day off, when she stumbles onto this place **

** Swallows the mouthful of leaves she had in her mouth **

Erm... Where Am I?

**Thinks about the direction she's been walking in...**

**30 mins later.....**

Ohhhhhh I'm her-e! Well hello you lot! This looks like a cool forum. Glad I'm here now that I'm here, not to sure who owns this site... but it heaps cool! Well now that I've walked al lthis way I'm going to have a good look around, someone let me know when the next role-play is on! **Smiles** Bye bye for now!

~Leaf Muncher~

Breathe Deep, Eat Leaves!

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Subject: Hi

Atero Stenjiye
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Date Posted: 13:08:14 04/19/01 Thu

Hello all...it's me, Atero...and for those who don't know me...it's me, Atero Stenjiye. Fill me in. And I have an idea for a RP when this one's done.
Okay...that's all...

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Subject: I would like to join in the next RP.

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Date Posted: 22:06:20 04/20/01 Fri

I would like to join you guys in the next Rp. If that is fine.

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Date Posted: 18:52:12 02/27/01 Tue

Yes, the new board! Wow cool background!

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Subject: The skybax returns

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Date Posted: 12:29:31 03/23/01 Fri

The skybax glides over the trees, looking down at the battlefield. She sees the scenes of death and violence and cna only think of how un-Dinotopian it all is. She lands in a tree near the group of dinosaurs and tries to figure out what's going on.

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Subject: *pads along nearby*

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Date Posted: 20:20:32 04/10/01 Tue

The struthie pads along, catching sight of a group of people acting strange. "What in the world?"

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Subject: Yay! New posts!

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Date Posted: 13:48:07 03/05/01 Mon

(Side note to everyone; Even if ITW doesn't shut down, I'm keeping this for the RP and ELB. I like the formatt a lot and spent too long getting these boards customized not to use them!)

Two-talon watched the slow breaths of the sleeping Utahraptor. He was concerned for Mist. It had been nearly half a day since he had given her the herbs that induced sleep. She needed the sleep, but still, he haddn't given her enough to sleep this long. Maby it's just the stress she's been under, he thought hopefully.

While he sat there, waiting to move her to his clan grounds, his thoughts turned to his sister. Azonthus, what have you gotten yourself into this time?

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