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Subject: SEXUALLY STIMULATING HERBS - lexicon about sex boost herbs and herbal sex products

Knuit Holt
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Date Posted: 17:21:44 07/12/17 Wed

Naruto Hentai Anime Manga yaoi Master

To read about the marine animals called salps and pyrosomes, some anime or yaoi characters and couples, about ballet school enemas, the mechanism of dreams and dreaming, the health benefits of avocado fruit, please scroll down.


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Salps are small animals, typically round 10 cm long, swimming freely in the oceans in enormous amounts.

Many of them are colorless, traslucent and difficult to spot, but some are brightly colored. They belong to the class thaliacea. The systematic place of salps is: Kingdom - Animalia, Phylum - Chordata, Subphylum - Tunicata, Class - Thaliacea, Order - Salpida, Family - Salpidae

Animals of this class, thaliacea, have an outer mantel surrounding the rest of the body with a space filled with water between the mantel and most of the core body parts. As the only animal group this class uses cellulose for strengthening of the outer body parts.

The mantel has one great opening which in the salps are at the back end of the body. They have a big mouth and past the mouth there is a very broad intestine part with many openings out to the mantel.

A salp is steadily gulping in water through the mouth and pressing this water through all these openings out into the mantel space, and further out through the back opening of the mantel. Thereby it achieves three results. The broad perforated front intestine performs the breathing, it filters out plancton used as food and the animal propels itself foreward by the stream of water pressed out through the back opening.

The life of salps have two great faces. In the first face it lives freely. But eventually new individuals grow out asexually from the side of its body. This happens many times until you have a chain of up to several hundreds of individuals hanging together side by side.

When these individuals mature, they became females. When they mature further they turn into males, so that it will be both males and females in the chain. Sperms from the males in the same chain or from nearby chains will fertilize the eggs of the females. These are released and from the eggs hatch new free individuals, and the cycle repeats once again.

Another closely related group of animals, pyrosomes, meaning fire-bodies, make colonies formed as great siphones. They emit light in the dark, which has given them their name. Much of what is said in this articles can also be said about pyrosomes.

Salps is a very important food source for animals in the sea. They turn plancton into meat that can be used by fishes and other animals. They reduplicate very fast, grow very fast and are typically eaten very fast.

Also feces from the salps sinks to the bottom and provide enormous amount of nutrition for the bottom life in the sea.

At periods the salps can consume nearly all the plancton in an area and the nomber of salps can nearly overwhelm an area. When there is not much plancton left, most of the salps die out and the amount of plancton again increases and these wil now overwhelm the area. Then the number of salps again increaes and the cycle repeats itself. This Plancton-salp cycle is ecologically important.

In the last years the amount of salps in the seas have increased greatly, while the amount of plancton has decreased. This change may cause problems for the whole marine ecology and has begun to cause practical problems for the life of humans along the coastlines that are steadily more polluted by salps aggreagating along the beaches.

There are speculations that steadily warmer oceans is the cause of this fenomenons. But stedily more data suggest that there has not been any global warming during the last decades, so that is probably not the cause.

But salps may become a source of economical income, because they may be used as food for animals, as raw material for ecologically beneficial fertilizer and also possibly as food for humans.

You can easily faind visual information about salps and pyrosomes at youtube and typing the keywords "salps" or "pyrosomes".

By Knut Holt

To find more information and advices written by Knut Holt about biology, health, fitness, psychology and sexuality, please go here:


Naruto Hentai Anime Manga yaoi Heroes

A list of anine or yaoi characters

Renji (hot redhead with tattooed eyebrow patterns) Aizen (glasses version) Aizen (eeeeeevil version) Keigo (Ichigo's brown-haired friend who says Iiiiii chiiii gooo and gets punched :P) Yumichika (the pretty I'm beautiful, you're ugly guy) Ilforte (the pretty gillian arrancar who fights Renji but gets killed *SNIFF*) Grimmjaw Shinji (Ichigo's vizard classmate) Hisagi ("the 69 on face guy") Hitsugaya (the boy genious captain) Gin Ryuuken (Ishida's dad) Ishida (Uryuu) Kira (Gin's blonde vice-captain) Byakuya (Rukia's nii-sama) Ichigo (duh... :P) Isshin (Ichigo's dad) Kyouraku (8th captain who says Nanao-ch~an) Ikkaku (the... baldie :P) Rikichi (Renji's fan with the eyebrows) Sado (Chad... Ichigo's tan friend) Kaien (deceased 13th division vice-captain) Tousen (blind friend of Komamura on Aizen's side) Ukitake (Rukia's sickly, but COOL captain) Ulquiorra Urahara (kick arse shopkeeper) Hanatarou (4th division, helps Rukia) Zaraki (spiky-haired with bells 11th captain)

Some anime or yaoi couples

Ichigo + Ishida, Ichigo + Renji, Byakuya + Renji, Aizen + Gin, Gin + Kira, Gin + Hitsugaya, Aizen + Ulquiorra, Ikkaku + Yumichika, Hisagi + Yumichika, Kyouraku + Ukitake

Enemas and Treatments Performed in Ballet and gymnastic schools

I have a hobby of investigating all things going on behind closed doors around the world. One method of doing so has been poll conducting and conversation with people about their experiences. Among others, I have been in extensive contact with actual and former students of ballet schools and private school with ballet or gymnastic as a main part of the curriculum, like some Montessori schools.

What I have learned is that enemas is a standard routine in these institutions for all students.

The students learn to give themselves enemas. They are also given enemas from therapists engaged at the school, usually the same therapists that give the students massage treatment. These enemas is often of the colonic type, with a mashine that flush in and out water.

The occations for getting enema and connected treatments in these schools are:

- In the morning the students give themselves an enama of the traditional type with a solution prepared by the staff. Ice water enema is one type given.

- For young studenst living at home and not in a boarding section, the parents will typically give the enemas in the morning after having been instructed.

- After certain training classes selected students is taken into a therapy room and given massage. The massage is usually given in naked condition. Before the massage, the student is given something to drink to restore electrolytes after the training, but the drink also contain some relaxing meditation.

The student may also be given intravanous medication from some point in the tehrapy sesion.

Gradually the student get dormant during the massage. Then a colonic type of enema is often given to flush out all content of hisher colon.

After the enema special treatments is often given in the perineal region to make the structures in this region more flexible. One method used is to insert some type of balloon through the anus that is then pumped up. The same treatment may be given in the vagina of girls.

As far as I have understand this treatment is both given in the rectal opening and further up in the anus and colon. The purpose for the more intrusive treatment seems to be to make a better passage for stool so that the student more easily empty the colon during toilet visits.

During the dormant and relaxed state of the student, the therapist will also perform extreme stretchings of the legs and hip joints.

Often they insert a catheter in the urethra of the student to hold the bladder empty during the therapy.

Sometimes they they inspect the bladder, the vagina or the colon endoscopically, or with speculums, during these sessions. One purpose is to secure that the hard training sesions do not hurt the pelvic structures.

But students are also used as training objects for medical students and doctors under specialization, and it seems like the ballet schools get economical compensation for renting out the students for this purpose.

After the therapy, the student will usually be placed on a coach to relax and wake up, still with the catheter in place. Since the student has been given sedative medication before the therapy, heshe will often not be aware of everything done, and will often feel pussled when waking up with the catheter.

Traditional enemas is also often given before special events, like rehearsals.

Knut Holt

For information and smart products for improvement and maintainment of health and fitness and for increase of sexual satisfation and abilities, please see:


Naruto Hentai Anime Manga yaoi Illuminati

Has something like this happened to you, please tell about it in my research poll:

Called in for a strange physical or psycological exam:

There is growing indices pointing to a practice of doing secret exams and procedures on both children and adults in addition to the thing they are under anesthesia for. Such ordeals may be done for research, for trainging of medical students, ordered by child protective agencies, ordered by school health service, ordered by police or asked for by parents or relatives. This poll is to find out how common signs of such secret ordeals having been done are.


What are Dreams and How do Dream Work

When we dream we imaging things and happenings. Sometimes we ourselves take part in the happenings. Other times we just are watching these.

In our dreams we take elements from our memory about things we have seen and experienced ourself sometimes. We blend and reshape these elements and put them together to a story. The story may follow a normal logic, but often parts of the story does not adhere to common logic or follow normal physical laws. Often a part of the dreamed story glides smoothly, but still rapidly into another part with completely different content or something new introduces itself into the story and blend with content of previous parts.

In a dream one often will make decisions or use paths to get to a goal contrary to what one would do in real life.

Often dreams contain elements we wish or elements we fear. But by the end of the dream these elements show not to be so attractive or so dangerous for oneself as person as feared. If the content of the dream gets too frightening, one tends to wake up rapidly in a disturbed state.

Sometimes people suggest that dreams originate from experiences in prallel universes or one is looking into such universes during dreams.

Sometimes the elements you experience in dreams are so different from what you normally experience, but yet behaving logically and coherently. Therefore one must ask if you somehow also can look into parallel universes during dreams.
Being the fact that the possibility of such univeres that evan can be very near along a forth dimmension are taken seriously by physicists, the suggestion cannot just be dismissed at hand.

But I do not think that there has been done enough research to answar it for sure. But people mey have personal answars based on own experiences.

One are not quite sure about the purpose of dreams. Possibly the mind makes order in memories of things experienced the last day and recently, and relate the material to material already stored, and the dreams are the coscious experience or this process. Possibly the mind also is testing varients of new experiences and how to rect at these, without having to test them in the real physical life. If near prallel universes eally exist, and have animpact upon the lives of humans, the purpose can also be to get information about these universes that can be useful in the daily life on Earth.

By Knut Holt

To find more interesting information about health, fitness techiques and sexuality, please see this website:



Naruto Hentai Anime Manga yaoi Ditator Apprentices

Health Benefits of Avocado

By Knut Holt

For more information about physical health, mental fitness and sexual techniques, please see:


Avocado gives a lot of health benefits due to its content of nutrients. Avocado is rich in mono-unsaturated fat, fiber, many amino acids and the antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin. It is rich in potassium, Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and B6, Vitamin E.

The avocado seed is actually the most nutritious part of the fruit. About the eating of avocado seeds, many are very enthusiastic, while others warn against it, thinking that the seed might be poisenous. It is probably not been studied well enough to give any definite advice, but it might be worth to try it. The eauthor of this article grind the seed and blend it with ground carrot and width some olive oil.


Avocado seems reduse the chance of getting cancer. The fruit seems to better the effetc effect of chemotherapy. It also helps to alleviate inflammations, which again will help to get a healthier blood circulation, digestion and joints.


There has been a lot of information about the use of avocado for getting the skin young, healthy and smooth in the recent times, and two ways of using it has especially been mentioned.

- One can use avocado oil on the skin or use lotions or creams containing avocado oil.
- One can eat ground avocado seeds.

The author of this article have have experienced benefits for my skin by eating avocado seeds. First and foremost injuries in the skin grow faster, for example bruices after shaving, and the skin gets shinier and somewhat more robust.

You can also grind whole ripe avocado and smear it over all the body. Then let it dry. After some hours take a douche. Then all the superflous is flushed away, and the oily substances that have saturated the skin remain and makes it shiny and smooth. The ripe avocado does not make your skin messy or green, but behaves just like a skin lotion.


Avocado can help to lower blood pressure and the cholesterole levels, and help to improve the balance between protein-cholesterole complexes in the blood, the high density lipoprotein HDL and low density lipoprotein LDL.

This will lower the chance of getting heart attack, blood clots and stroke.


Avocado helps to make the digestive organs work better and to give the intestinal content a right consistance, which helps against constipation, hemorrhoids and other kind of digestive disconfort. Also the fat in avocado, helps your digestion to take up fat soluble nutrients from other food types better.


This fruit can help you get slimmer, but in order for this to work you must take some care. Avocado is very rich in fat and thereby calories. When you add avocado to your diet, you must reduce other type of calory intake, either the intake of fat from other sources, or suger and other carbohydrates. However, eating avocado also makes you more satisfied, so that it will be easier to eat less.


Inflammatory rections in the eyes will be reduced if you eat avocado on a long term basis. The fruit also hinders development of macular degeneration and cataract.


The anti-inflammatory effects of the fruit is almost sure to help against chronic rheumatic diseases. What has been especially studied is a blending of unsaponifable components of avocado and soya been oil, which have good effect against ostearthritis.


Knut Holt is an internet consultant and marketer focusing on health items. At his web-site you can find health advices, training supplements, natural products to enhance sexual pleasure, and natural drugs against common diseases, like: Acne and skin problems, allergy, over-weight, hypothyroidism, hemorrhoids, heart trouble, joint pain and rheumatism, depression, constipation and digestive trouble, cold, flu, men's and women's problems, and more.


Free to reprint with the author's name and link.

Source: http://www.eioba.com/a/54bs/health-benefits-of-avocado

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