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Date Posted: 10:41:02 06/08/17 Thu
Author: Greatly admire them "going there" with such a dark idea
Subject: That Celebrity Family Feud sketch was written by Mulaney/Sawyer/Rich and very funny
In reply to: Stooge 's message, "Ryan Reynolds / Lady Gaga - October 3, 2009 (S35 E2)" on 08:50:48 06/08/17 Thu

>Here's the original review I posted back when this
>episode first aired.
>***** = Excellent, a possible future classic
>**** = Great
>*** = Average
>** = Meh
>* = How'd this get past dress?
>Cold Opening - A Message from President Obama
>• What the hell? Is Fred even TRYING anymore??? His
>Obama impression was never great to begin with, but at
>least before, you could tell he attempted to sound
>like him, even as recent as the Obama cold opening
>from last Thursday’s Weekend Update special. But
>tonight, he literally just sounded like Fred Armisen.
>Did he just give up completely? How does Lorne not see
>how much Fred is struggling with this? I’m wondering
>just how many hints does Lorne need before he FINALLY
>hires somebody new to play Obama.
>• This is also the second cold opening in a row to
>feature Fred, by himself, addressing the nation. How
>about a little variety, writers?
>• Despite Fred’s lousy impression, this was
>actually a very well-written opening AND they finally
>managed to criticize Obama for once instead of just
>having him play the straight man. My favorite parts
>were the Chicago 2016 shirt, him saying “hell no”
>to if he fixed health care, his accomplishments being
>'jack' and 'squat', and the Oprah comment.
>Stars: ***½
>Opening Montage
>• Okay, I noticed a few changes from last week.
>• First off, Kristen’s clip seemed different this
>time. I don’t remember those shots of her leaning
>against the hallway walls. What was the point of
>changing her clip?
>• And they also finally changed the way the hosts
>and musical guests’ pictures are shown, which I’m
>happy about since I did complain last week about the
>hosts/musical guests’ pictures being displayed the
>exact same way as the previous opening montage from
>the last three seasons. The newer look is nicer.
>Monologue - Ryan Reynolds
>• A simple but enjoyable monologue, and I’m glad
>he was able to handle it by himself with no
>interruptions from the cast.
>• This reminded me a little of Bradley Cooper’s
>monologue for some reason, but I liked this a little
>• The line about scaring Sandra Bullock and the
>alternate rain scenes with different music were the
>best parts.
>Stars: ***
>Commercial - Mostly Garbage Dog Food
>• I heard about this being cut from last week’s
>episode. When I read the description, I thought it
>sounded dumb, but this turned out to be funnier than I
>expected, and Jason was the perfect pitchman for this.
>And I'm usually not even a dog person, but that dog
>was just so cute.
>• The “Because he’s a dog.” tagline was funny.
>Stars: ***½
>Sketch - Celebrity Family Feud
>• When I realized this was going to be a parody of
>the whole John and Mackenzie Phillips thing, I was
>kinda shocked that SNL would go there. This was a
>clever, unexpected way of doing a sketch about it, and
>this ended up being very funny and ended at the right
>• I would have swapped Kristen and Nasim’s roles
>with each other, and have Nasim play Mackenzie and
>have Kristen play John Phillips’ wife. No, I’m not
>saying this just so Nasim would have had a bigger
>role. Going by appearance-wise and age-wise, Nasim
>would look a lot more convincing as Hader’s daughter
>and Kristen would look more convincing as his wife.
>But, of course, we know SNL would never pass up the
>opportunity to give Kristen a big role…
>• Good ending with the Roman Polanski reference.
>Stars: ****
>[2017 UPDATE: It's weird today seeing a sketch
>titled "Celebrity Family Feud" that's NOT the usual
>Kenan-as-Steve Harvey-hosted modern times-set
>impressions showcase that we're used to seeing
>nowadays (SNL wouldn't begin doing those until 2013).
>This particular sketch, which was about the Mackenzie
>Phillips incest controversy that was all over the news
>that week, was set in the 70s and was hosted by
>Sudeikis as Richard Dawson.]

>Digital Short - Threw It On the Ground
>• I wasn’t sure what to expect with this since the
>musical digital shorts have been so wildly hit-or-miss
>over the last year. But our first musical short of the
>season turned out to be a hit, at least with me.
>• The premise was very silly, but the execution was
>laugh-out-loud hilarious, especially the “My dad’s
>not a phone” part, the “Happy birthday to the
>ground” bit, and him tipping over the table. Also,
>nice twist with Reynolds and Elijah Wood tasering Andy.
>• I also liked the way Andy kept whining
>“maaaannnnnnn...” throughout the short.
>Stars: ****
>Sketch/Commercial - Porcelain Fountains
>• An obvious sequel to the Chandeliers/Marble Column
>sketches. None of these will ever top the original
>Chandeliers sketch, but it’s been so long since the
>last one of these that it didn’t come off as too
>tedious. I wish these had more originality, though.
>• As usual, most of the laughs come just from the
>way Fred pronounces the product he’s pitching in
>that New York accent.
>• I was wondering how they would do this without
>Scarlett Johansson, but of course, she made a cameo. I
>should have expected that if I didn't forget she and
>Reynolds are going out. Her appearance in this sketch
>was kinda boring, and the whole “look at this one,
>or that one, or this one, or that one” thing she
>always does has gotten old.
>• The addition of Reynolds’ character actually
>made this better. His character and his repeated “I
>come to you” mantra were funny.
>Stars: ***
>Sketch - Deep House Dish
>• When I saw this sketch being set up during the
>commercial break, I actually yelled
>“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” It seems like this
>sketch will just never die.
>• The Danny McCooz/Facebook song actually made me
>laugh a little.
>• When I remembered that Lady Gaga was the musical
>guest tonight, I realized that they probably only
>brought this back tonight so she could make an
>appearance here since she seems like a real-life
>version of the singers that appear in these sketches.
>I thought she’d play a character, though, not
>herself. And I DEFINITELY never expected Madonna to
>show up with her as well. That was certainly a
>• The part afterwards with Kenan interviewing both
>of them was strange; the scene almost came off as
>improvised, since there were a lot of awkward pauses
>and stuff like that, which hurt the sketch.
>• So, I do have to give them credit for doing
>something new with Deep House Dish, but I still barely
>Stars: *½
>[2017 UPDATE: Thankfully, this sketch finally
>did "die", as this would end up being the final

>Weekend Update - Seth Meyers, featuring Gov. Arnold
>Schwarzenegger, Sir Charles Barkley, Mr. and Mrs.
>• Best jokes: Cubs, Letterman, Polanski, Eeyore,
>• What the…? Darrell??? I-I-I don’t get it.
>He’s supposedly officially gone from the cast, yet
>he’s appeared in all three Thursday specials, and
>now he appears on this Saturday’s episode. WTF?
>He’s yet to miss a single week since this season
>started. It feels like he’s appearing more now than
>he did when he was officially still in the cast!
>• The Arnold commentary was actually pretty funny,
>especially his facial expressions and the comments at
>the end about the fires. But still, Darrell… take a
>break, man. Remember, you’re not on the cast
>anymore. You don’t have to be there all the time now.
>• Nice to see Kenan’s Barkley again, one of the
>few things with Kenan I can tolerate. I liked his
>bizarre rambling during his commentary and him calling
>Seth “Screech”.
>• I’m glad that Nasim Pedrad finally got a real
>speaking role on the show (not counting the Thursday
>episodes), and such a big one on Update. When the
>commentary began, I didn’t really recognize her and
>I thought she actually looked more like Jenny Slate at
>first, but I figured that had to have been Nasim
>playing Mrs. Ahmadinejad since she actually IS
>Iranian. Anyway, Nasim did an excellent job here, had
>several funny lines, and made a fine first impression.
>And, as usual, Fred didn’t even need any lines to
>get laughs; he killed with just his facial expressions.
>Stars: ****½
>[2017 UPDATE: That comment I made about thinking
>Nasim was Jenny at first reminds me of how so many
>people seemed to have a hard time telling the
>difference between the two of them all throughout the
>season. Aside from this Update commentary, I
>personally never thought the two looked anything alike
>and never understood why people kept mixing them up.
>Then again, I suppose that often happens when two
>people of the same gender join the cast at the same
>time. After all, when Mikey Day and Alex Moffat first
>joined the cast this past season, I couldn't tell the
>difference between them in the season

>Sketch - So You Committed a Crime & You Think You Can
>• I haven’t seen Kevin Federline in a while, but
>has he REALLY gotten that fat?
>• Andy looked like he was wearing the same short wig
>he wears when he plays Jack Johnson. He always looks
>so much like Adam Sandler in that wig.
>• This was a clever concept and a creative way of
>parodying So You Think You Can Dance, and the sketch
>was really enjoyable.
>• I was happy to see Bobby’s Nathan Lane
>impression back, although like last time, it was too
>• Bill looked hilarious as Phil Spector.
>• Wow, where has Will Forte been tonight? This was
>his first and ONLY appearance of the night, and he
>didn’t even have any lines! He still got in his
>usual laughs doing his almost-too-convincing job of
>playing a creep. The look on his face was priceless.
>And of course, they had to mention his character was
>possibly a sex offender.
>• I don’t know why, but I couldn’t help but
>think Nasim kinda resembled Andrea Martin from SCTV in
>this sketch.
>• What was with the strange pause before Andy
>introduced Fred and Kristen’s dance rehearsal video?
>• Kenan, for the second time in a row tonight,
>actually amused me, especially when he was biting
>Reynolds’ arm.
>Stars: ****
>[2017 UPDATE: The underusage of Forte in this
>episode is something we sadly would have to get used
>to, as he spent a majority of this season (which ended
>up being his final one) getting mininal

>Sketch - International Masterworks
>• The concept of this reminded me a bit of that
>“Mexican Police show written by grade schoolers”
>sketch from last season, for some reason. Plus, both
>sketches even took place in an interrogation room.
>This sketch was a little better, though.
>• This was okay, overall. Felt kinda like a typical
>late-in-the-show sketch, but it got enough laughs from
>me. Fred’s accent and voice was especially funny.
>Stars: ***
>Miscellaneous - Lady Gaga and Andy Samberg in Love
>• Wow, this is really Andy’s night. He’s had a
>lead role in almost every single sketch tonight. Quite
>unusual for him, especially after barely doing
>anything in last week’s episode.
>• I was also surprised to see another sketch with
>Lady Gaga, but I liked this much more than her earlier
>sketch tonight. This whole bit was short but sweet,
>and I always enjoy backstage sketches.
>• The ending with Lorne’s bubble tie was hilarious.
>Stars: ***½
>Episode Highlights:
>• Weekend Update
>• So You Committed a Crime & You Think You Can Dance
>• Digital Short
>• Celebrity Family Feud
>• Lady Gaga and Andy Samberg in Love
>Episode Lowlights:
>• Deep House Dish
>• Fred as Obama
>• A few parts of Porcelain Fountains
>Best Performer of the Night:
>• Andy Samberg
>Overall, a pretty good episode and a definite
>improvement over the ho-hum season premiere. They
>tried out some creative, clever parodies in sketches
>that also got to use most of the cast (Family Feud,
>You Think You Can Dance), Update was excellent the
>whole way through, and there was only one sketch I
>truly didn’t like (Deep House Dish).
>Before the show, I wasn’t really looking forward to
>Ryan Reynolds hosting since I don’t normally like
>him and I’m sick of seeing him in so many movies
>over the last year. But after Megan Fox’s completely
>forgettable, effort-less hosting job last week,
>Reynolds seemed refreshing in comparison. Although he
>wasn’t given too much to do, he was actually funny
>in a few of the sketches, and he just seemed to have
>more energy and added to some of the sketches unlike
>Megan Fox.
>ARMISEN: 6 sketches (President Obama, Family Feud,
>Porcelain Fountains, Update, Think You Can Dance,
>FORTE: 1 sketch (Think You Can Dance)
>HADER: 3 sketches (Family Feud, Think You Can Dance,
>MEYERS: 1 sketch (Update)
>SAMBERG: 6 sketches (Family Feud, Digital Short, Deep
>House Dish, Think You Can Dance, Masterworks, Lady
>Gaga and Andy)
>SUDEIKIS: 4 sketches (Mostly Garbage, Family Feud,
>Porcelain Fountains, Think You Can Dance)
>THOMPSON: 4 sketches (Porcelain Fountains, Deep House
>Dish, Update, Think You Can Dance)
>WIIG: 5 sketches (Family Feud, Deep House Dish, Think
>You Can Dance, Masterworks, Lady Gaga and Andy)
>ELLIOTT: 2 sketches (Family Feud, Think You Can Dance)
>MOYNIHAN: 3 sketches (Family Feud, Digital Short,
>Think You Can Dance)
>PEDRAD: 4 sketches (Family Feud, Porcelain Fountains,
>Update, Think You Can Dance)
>SLATE: 2 sketches (Digital Short, Think You Can Dance)
>RYAN REYNOLDS: 7 sketches (Monologue, Family Feud,
>Digital Short, Porcelain Fountains, Deep House Dish,
>Think You Can Dance, Masterworks)

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  • Reynolds probably due to host again...maybe when Deadpool 2 comes out -- -, 10:08:36 06/09/17 Fri
  • Just as long as that "Hosting as Deadpool" thing doesnt happen. (NT) -- wasnt that some dumb petition? (lol that sounded like the worst idea ever), 03:18:06 06/10/17 Sat
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