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Date Posted: 17:27:40 06/18/17 Sun
Author: in the last 6-7 years)
Subject: That is weird, yeah, I don't know why I thought Drew had hosted more recently (like
In reply to: ,,,,,, 's message, "I wonder why Barrymore never hosted again" on 11:28:22 06/18/17 Sun

>Her shows were never truly great. But, Barrymore had
>great comedic chemistry with everyone on SNL. She did
>particularly well in sketches with Jimmy Fallon, Maya
>Rudolph, Amy Pohler, Andy Samberg, and Kristen Wiig.
>I am surprised Barrymore never returned to SNL after
>this episode.
>Okay, so is EVERY single opening from this season
>>going to feature only Fred Armisen addressing the
>>nation as some political figure? We’re 3 for 3 so
>>far this season. Does Lorne think this is 1975 and
>>Fred is Chevy Chase? Even then, at least Chevy
>>didn’t do political cold openings every week. I’m
>>getting really sick of this, and this is from someone
>>who loves Fred.
>>• I also don’t need to say anything more about his
>>Obama impression, which I honestly refuse to even call
>>an "impression" anymore. And if they really ARE trying
>>the “Chevy-as-Gerald Ford” approach with Obama,
>>that is not the way to go about this. It's not
>>working. Lorne is just being a lazy bastard by not
>>hiring anyone new to play Obama.
>>• At least this was short. The line directed towards
>>Hillary about the 3 AM call and the line about Obama
>>winning the Nobel Peace Prize simply for not being
>>Bush were the funny parts.
>>Stars: **
>>Monologue - Drew Barrymore
>>• I liked the picture they showed from Drew's first
>>time hosting in 1982. I've yet to see that actual
>>episode, and I've always been very interested in it
>>because it's hard
>>• I enjoyed this monologue, and I really liked the
>>concept of all of Drew’s ancestors in film talking
>>exactly like her. It was kinda similar to the Walken
>>Family Reunion sketch (which I loved), but the cast
>>was more successful in their impressions here since I
>>guess it’s easier to sound like Drew Barrymore than
>>it is to nail a Walken voice, which only Hader and
>>Poehler did perfectly. I still remember Fred’s
>>horrible attempt at a gay Walken voice.
>>• I was also happy to finally see what Abby’s
>>Barrymore impression is like (you could see a small
>>glimpse of it before in her Rachel Maddow impression,
>>though). And I had forgotten that Kristen played
>>Barrymore once before as well, in that Prince Show
>>sketch from way back when Kristen was a new featured
>>Stars: ***½
>>Sketch - Gilly
>>• As soon as I saw the classroom set during the
>>commercial break, I first thought of Amy Poehler’s
>>Kaitlin character but then remembered Amy’s not on
>>the show anymore. Then I thought “What other
>>recurring sketch does SNL do now that involves
>>kids?”, then I immediately remembered “Oh, no, no,
>>no… GILLY!!”, followed by me mumbling about a
>>hundred swear words to myself. Why, why, why do they
>>continue doing this horrible sketch? I used to despise
>>those Kaitlin sketches, but those seem downright
>>tolerable now compared to this shit.
>>• And I LOVE how this always has to be the first or
>>second sketch of the night. That’s right, keep
>>shoving Wiig down our throats, SNL…
>>• And now, Gilly has her own title card shown at the
>>end of her theme music? Oh, god, is she supposed to be
>>the new “I’m Carol”?
>>• When they showed Abby playing the same basic role
>>that hosts Rosario Dawson and Zac Efron played in the
>>first two installments, I was wondering who Drew would
>>play, then I realized they were probably going to do
>>the “host imitates a castmember’s recurring
>>character” angle, and I was right. Of all characters
>>for Drew to imitate, why this? While it did shake the
>>formula of the sketch up a little bit, two Gillies
>>instead of one made this even worse.
>>• The only laugh in the whole sketch was Drew
>>randomly saying “spaghetti”, and one or two lines
>>from Kenan and Bobby. That was it.
>>• Will Forte’s character seems to look different
>>every time they do this sketch. I understand him
>>wearing a wig now because of Will’s new buzz cut,
>>but what happened to his glasses?
>>Stars: *½
>>Sketch - Celebrity Ghost Stories
>>• I was kinda excited when this started out since I
>>usually love “impression showcase” sketches like
>>this with the cast, but this turned out to be pretty
>>boring and not as good as it should’ve been.
>>• And why the hell wasn’t Hader in this (other
>>than doing the voice-over)? They couldn’t find ANY
>>impressions of his to use?
>>• I did like seeing Abby’s Anna Faris impression,
>>though, and it was dead-on. She looked really good,
>>too, but that’s beside the point. That’s two
>>impressions tonight from Abby that I heard she does
>>but I never got to see for myself until now. She even
>>wore the exact same dress Faris wore in her monologue
>>when she hosted last season.
>>• Drew’s Sharon Osbourne impression… well,
>>let’s just say she’s no Amy Poehler, and that’s
>>putting it as kindly as I can. It left a LOT to be
>>• The picture of Fred as the Mexican ghost was
>>• Justin Long? Where the hell did he come from? I
>>didn’t even know he and Drew were an item until now.
>>Every episode this season so far has had the host
>>bring their boy/girlfriend or wife into a sketch.
>>• The ending with Nasim as Charlene Yi was kinda
>>funny, but it seemed really out of place with the rest
>>of the impressions in this sketch. I doubt most of the
>>audience is even familiar with Charlene Yi.
>>Stars: **½
>>Commercial - University of Westfield
>>• A pretty funny commercial parody and the whole
>>cast did a good job.
>>• Kenan’s various distractions during the
>>interview with Will cracked me up.
>>• The fake diploma at the end was the best part.
>>Jenny also made me laugh with her mumbling the name of
>>the university. For some reason, her delivery of that
>>line reminded me of Amy Poehler. I know, I've been
>>mentioning Amy an awful lot in this review. Strange.
>>Stars: ***½
>>Sketch - La Rivista Della Televisione con Vinny
>>• Okay, I usually love this sketch even though it
>>follows a distinct formula, but tonight’s
>>installment was really disappointing and boring. This
>>reminded me a lot of the weak one they did with Jon
>>Bon Jovi where nothing really exciting happened in the
>>sketch and it felt like just the “same old same
>>old”. This sketch just came off as unnecessary this
>>week; couldn’t they have saved it for a more
>>exciting host who would give them more to work with?
>>Drew Barrymore had absolutely nothing to offer this
>>• There were only a few good original parts, like
>>the long list of female staffers Bill slept with and
>>the picture of Bobby as Bill’s wife.
>>• I also did like them making fun of their own
>>formula with Drew saying “I’m sure that’s never
>>happened before”, referring to the show's guests not
>>understanding Italian.
>>• When Bill was talking about Letterman, I thought
>>he’d do a vocal impression of him since he usually
>>does a brief vocal impression of a different celebrity
>>in each Vinny Vedecci sketch, but I was disappointed
>>that he didn’t do it in this one. Ever since the
>>Letterman scandal broke out, I wanted to see SNL do a
>>parody with Bill playing him, since he looks the
>>closest to him out of the cast and I’m sure he could
>>do a dead-on Letterman voice if he had to play him.
>>Stars: **½
>>[2017 UPDATE: Later this season in a cold
>>opening tackling the infamous Late Night Wars between
>>Conan and Leno from early 2010, SNL finally would have
>>someone in this cast impersonate Letterman, but it
>>ended up being Sudeikis, not Hader (and it was a
>>non-verbal impression with Sudeikis just making goofy
>>Letterman-esque sounds and gestures - still funny,
>>though). Hader would actually play Conan in that cold

>>Weekend Update - Seth Meyers, featuring James
>>Carville, Scrooge McDuck, Maya Angelou
>>• Best jokes: Premature awards, Michael Steele,
>>Nobel Peace Prize
>>• Good to see Bill back as James Carville. His
>>impression is hilarious and he had lots of great lines
>>tonight, especially all the stuff about Rush Limbaugh.
>>And I love the way he laughs.
>>• When Seth introduced the Scrooge McDuck
>>commentary, I thought Bobby or Will would play him
>>since they’ve played cartoon characters on Update
>>before, but I forgot that Andy has before as well
>>(Cathy), as well as other birds he played (Larry the
>>Goose). Anyway, his Scrooge McDuck bit was just absurd
>>and too pointless. Andy’s Update commentaries are so
>>damn hit-or-miss, and this was a clear miss. I did
>>chuckle at Seth pointing out Andy/Scrooge eats duck
>>liver, which was followed by Andy/Scrooge’s
>>unenthusiastic mumble of “gold coins”.
>>• Aargh, why does Kenan have to be on Update every
>>damn week? That’s getting more tired than Fred
>>opening the show every single week. Sure, Kenan has
>>some rare hits on Update (Charles Barkley last week)
>>but tonight’s Maya Angelou commentary was back to
>>being more of the usual Kenan bore-fest.
>>Stars: ***
>>Sketch - ESPN Classic
>>• Jason’s first appearance of the night, and it
>>was pretty late in the show. I really can’t
>>understand why the show doesn’t use him more often.
>>• An oddly-structured sketch, but Jason and Will’s
>>commentary kept the whole thing funny and just the way
>>they looked in those wigs and moustaches cracked me
>>up. Jason and Will aren’t paired together very
>>often, but it seems whenever they are, they play off
>>each other very well and make a great team (like the
>>Jon Bovi bits…the writing in those aren’t funny,
>>but their energy and delivery sells it).
>>• Jason’s inane Tampax plugs and slogans were
>>hilarious, as were several of Will’s lines,
>>especially the one about why he likes women with short
>>Stars: ***½
>>Sketch - Cooking Al Fresco with Fran & Phil
>>• This was just a dumb premise that actually
>>could’ve gone somewhere with better writing. But the
>>whole sketch wasn't executed well at all, and it felt
>>too one-joke with the repetitive crow attacks.
>>• The only laughs came from the cutaways to Bobby as
>>Guy Fieri (love his impression), the birds dipping the
>>bread into the sauce, and Bobby’s skeleton being
>>dropped at the end.
>>Stars: **
>>Sketch - Larry King Live
>>• Interestingly, this is the second time they did a
>>Larry King Live sketch in a Drew Barrymore episode.
>>The last time was in her 2004 episode with her playing
>>Anna Nicole Smith during the whole TrimSpa thing. Who
>>could've guessed back then that Anna Nicole would be
>>dead just three years later?
>>• Unfortunately, that’s the only thing of interest
>>I can say about this sketch, because… what the hell
>>WAS this??? I mean, seriously, SNL? Talking about
>>wieners for 5 minutes? This went nowhere, got no
>>laughs, and not even Fred or Jason could save it.
>>Stars: *
>>Digital Short - Brenda & Sean
>>• I liked this better the first time… when it was
>>called Body Fuzion!
>>• This was clearly some kind of spiritual successor
>>to the aforementioned Body Fuzion short in that both
>>shorts were cheesy 80’s videos, but couldn’t they
>>have remembered to make this one FUNNY like Body
>>Fuzion was? While this short did another
>>scarily-accurate job in perfectly capturing the grainy
>>80’s VHS tape look, this was boring and had no
>>laughs at all. It just had me wondering what the point
>>was supposed to be. What the hell is GOING ON with SNL
>>tonight? This whole episode is seriously starting to
>>put me to sleep.
>>Stars: *
>>Sketch - Barnes & Noble
>>• Ah, thankfully, this sketch came and at least
>>ended the night on a good note.
>>• Jason’s line at the beginning about nobody ever
>>having read an entire book during a bookreading before
>>was pretty funny.
>>• When Will showed up as his anti-Obama character
>>from those wedding/funeral sketches from last season,
>>I got scared and thought this would be yet another one
>>of those sketches with the rest of those characters
>>also stepping up to the mike after Will got done. But
>>thankfully, this featured only Will’s character, and
>>his was easily the best character from those
>>wedding/funeral sketches. It was nice to see him
>>spun-off into his own sketch. He was hilarious here
>>and his best lines were “start towards the end”
>>and how he finally uses toilet paper now. Great ending
>>as well.
>>• Also, did anyone else notice that even during the
>>goodnights, Will was still acting "in character" while
>>everyone else on stage was clapping? Priceless!
>>• Nasim seems to be fitting in very well already and
>>she continues to impress me even in small roles. But
>>I'm STILL eagerly waiting to see what Jenny Slate can
>>do. How long will she be given the "non-speaking roles
>>in live sketches" treatment? She made an honest
>>mistake, Lorne - get over it. Just don't have her do
>>sketches where she has to say "friggin" repeatedly and
>>everything should be fine.
>>Stars: ***½
>>[2017 UPDATE: After spending a few more months
>>being stuck in Bit Part Hell, Jenny Slate would
>>finally be let off probation a little later this
>>season in December, in the Taylor Lautner episode...
>>in which she would spend her first big role
>>accidentally reading Bill Hader's line off a cue card
>>at one point. GOOD LORD.]

>>Episode Highlights:
>>• Barnes & Noble
>>• ESPN Classic
>>• Monologue
>>• some of the Seth and James Carville portions of
>>Weekend Update
>>• University of Westfield
>>Episode Lowlights:
>>• Gilly
>>• Larry King Live
>>• Digital Short
>>• Scrooge McDuck and Maya Angelou on Weekend Update
>>• Fred as Obama
>>• Drew as Sharon Osbourne
>>• some parts of Cooking Al Fresco
>>Best Performer of the Night:
>>• Will Forte / Bobby Moynihan
>>A very disappointing episode. I usually enjoy Drew
>>Barrymore’s episodes because the writers usually go
>>out of their way to do more off-beat, bizarre,
>>creative sketches whenever she hosts (especially her
>>2007 episode, which was filled with really weird but
>>funny sketches, like the Firestarter Smoked Sausages
>>thing), but tonight, it felt like the writers
>>weren’t even trying at all. There were some bright
>>spots here and there, but the episode never fully took
>>off. Not even Weekend Update felt quite right. The
>>best sketch of the night came at the very end, and
>>even that one wasn’t too much to brag about compared
>>to last week's best sketches. Like I mentioned
>>earlier, I actually almost fell asleep during this
>>episode, which is almost unheard of for me. Even
>>during some typical weak shows like the Megan Fox
>>season premiere, I don’t really have trouble paying
>>attention and staying awake. But tonight’s episode
>>was so damn BORING. The last time SNL almost put me to
>>sleep was during that awful Rosario Dawson episode
>>last season.
>>It's still too early to predict how this whole season
>>will be. I'll cut the writers a little slack for
>>tonight as I'm beginning to think there's a "third
>>episode of the season" curse that SNL has. In 08-09,
>>the third episode was Anna Faris/Duffy, which was just
>>as boring and weak as tonight's episode. And in 07 and
>>06, the third shows were Jon Bon Jovi and John C.
>>Reilly, respectively, which were both DISASTROUS
>>episodes. I have hope that SNL will bounce back next
>>week. Unlike some, I'm not ready to write off next
>>week just because it's the fourth consecutive live
>>show. Need I remind you people that Anne Hathaway/The
>>Killers was a fourth consecutive episode, and that
>>turned out to be the best episode of that whole
>>season. So we'll see what happens next week.
>>[2017 UPDATE: What was the third episode from
>>the following season? Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars, right?
>>From what I remember, that was an okay episode, so I
>>guess you can say that's when SNL's Third Episode
>>Curse officially ended.
>>Also, as I would soon find out, the poor quality of
>>this Barrymore episode wasn't actually due to a Third
>>Episode Curse, but was simply subpar writing that
>>would sadly soon become status quo for this season in

>>ARMISEN: 6 sketches (President Obama, Ghost Stories,
>>University of Westfield, Vinny Vedecci, Larry King,
>>Digital Short)
>>FORTE: 4 sketches (Gilly, Vinny Vedecci, ESPN, Barnes
>>& Noble)
>>HADER: 3 sketches (Monologue, Vinny Vedecci, Update)
>>MEYERS: 1 sketch (Update)
>>SAMBERG: 4 sketches (Monologue, Ghost Stories, Update,
>>Cooking Al Fresco)
>>SUDEIKIS: 3 sketches (ESPN, Larry King, Barnes &
>>THOMPSON: 5 sketches (Monologue, Gilly, Ghost Stories,
>>Update, Digital Short)
>>WIIG: 5 sketches (President Obama, Monologue, Gilly,
>>ESPN, Larry King)
>>ELLIOTT: 4 sketches (Monologue, Gilly, Ghost Stories,
>>Digital Short)
>>MOYNIHAN: 5 sketches (Monologue, Gilly, Vinny Vedecci,
>>Cooking Al Fresco, Digital Short)
>>PEDRAD: 5 sketches (Monologue, Ghost Stories,
>>University of Westfield, Digital Short, Barnes &
>>SLATE: 3 sketches (Monologue, University of Westfield,
>>Digital Short)
>>DREW BARRYMORE: 9 sketches (Monologue, Gilly, Ghost
>>Stories, Vinny Vedecci, ESPN, Cooking Al Fresco, Larry
>>King, Digital Short, Barnes & Noble)

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