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Date Posted: 16:52:10 06/24/17 Sat
Author: the father of her kid, haha...Guess Jason's a playa!
Subject: After this episode Jones dated Sudeikis for a bit, then there was a rumor that he may have been
In reply to: Stooge 's message, "January Jones / Black Eyed Peas - November 14, 2009 (S35 E6)" on 10:58:15 06/24/17 Sat

>I have to skip the Taylor Swift episode since I
>unfortunately can't find my review of that one. Too
>bad; I recall that being a pretty good episode for
>this season's standards, and for a double-duty host,
>Swift did a good job. Now we move on to this infamous
>January Jones episode, which may be one of the worst
>episodes in SNL history, hosted by one of the worst
>hosts in SNL history.... Here's the original review I
>posted back when this first aired.
>***** = Excellent, a possible future classic
>**** = Great
>*** = Average
>** = Meh
>* = How'd this get past dress?
>Cold Opening - A Message from Joe Biden
>• At first, when I saw the presidential seal at the
>beginning, I was afraid this would be yet another
>opening featuring Fred’s non-impression of Obama,
>but I was relieved to see Jason’s Biden instead. Him
>as Biden always brings the laughs.
>• Several great lines here, such as Afghanistan
>being even worse than Scranton, the comparison to the
>Biggest Loser, and the “stimulus is working” bit.
>Stars: ***½
>Monologue - January Jones
>• Jason, Bill, and Fred did a good job as the “Mad
>• Abby as Joan actually made me miss Casey a little.
>At least Casey didn’t have to wear padding to pull
>off the curvy look in the tight sexy red dress like
>Abby had to.
>• I liked the weird way Bill slowly creeped down to
>the floor at the very end of the monologue. I actually
>didn't catch that until the second viewing.
>• January Jones had possibly the easiest job that a
>host has EVER had to do in their monologue. All she
>did was just stand there on stage while Jason, Bill,
>and Fred carried the whole thing and only asked her to
>say “Don”. Little did I know that this was how
>January would be for the WHOLE episode.
>Stars: ***
>Sketch - Today
>• AAAARGH!!!! Just when I mentioned in last week’s
>review of the View sketch that I hope they don’t
>continue the Today sketches this season, we just had
>to get one this week.
>• Jenny Slate as the new Hoda? I thought SNL said
>before the season started that Nasim would take over
>the Hoda Kotb impression. I think that casting
>would’ve made more sense anyway, since Nasim looks
>closer to whatever ethnicity Hoda is.
>• Normally, I’d be happy for Jenny that she has
>FINALLY been given a major role in a sketch for the
>first time since the infamous Biker Chick Chat sketch,
>but this is nothing to brag about. All she has to do
>in this sketch is play straight man to Kristen’s
>annoying-ass Kathie Lee.
>• Yikes! When January was first shown, you could
>clearly hear her audibly mumbling an out-of-character
>“Which camera?”, then she took a long, awkward
>15-second pause before delivering her actual first
>line. I’m getting bad flashbacks to Michael Phelps.
>Then January stumbled over several of her lines when
>she ran on the set while Kristen was singing.
>• The Black Eyed Peas coming on in the middle of
>Kristen’s song and beating the crap out of her was
>completely unexpected and gave me a big laugh. That
>almost made this whole sketch worth it. Can we have
>the Black Eyed Peas do this during EVERY annoying
>Kristen Wiig sketch, only WITHOUT Kristen standing
>back up after the beating? Just leave her laying there
>and end the sketch like that.
>Stars: *½
>[2017 UPDATE: Nasim actually would later take
>over the role of Hoda, just once in 2011 in what ended
>up being the final Today sketch. Nasim would be the
>only Hoda impersonator who didn't end up suffering
>from the "curse" of getting fired when the season

>Sketch - Rear Window
>• Funny Alfred Hitchcock impression from Bobby.
>Jason’s Jimmy Stewart was surprisingly accurate as
>• As promising as this seemed to start out, I did
>not expect this to devolve into a sophomoric fart joke
>sketch. SNL has pulled off a few rare actual funny
>fart-joke sketches in the past, but this sure as hell
>wasn’t one of them. The only thing saving this
>sketch from being a total waste were a few funny lines
>from Jason and Bobby like “Someone tell her to close
>HER rear window!”
>• January seemed to have a hard time keeping a
>straight face during a few of Sudeikis' lines at the
>end. Only two sketches in, and I’m already starting
>to lose track of her many screw-ups tonight. Not a
>good sign.
>Stars: *½
>Sketch - WIIX News
>• As soon as I saw the news station set with Jason
>sitting at the desk, I instantly realized this was
>going to be another Michelle Dison/lesbian reporter
>sketch, despite how long it’s been since they last
>did this sketch. They really went back far in the
>vault for this one; this sketch hasn’t been done
>since the 06-07 season… and it should’ve stayed
>there. This was only funny the first time with Jaime
>Pressly. The second one with Scarlett Johansson was
>just a complete carbon copy of the first, and
>tonight’s third installment with January Jones was a
>carbon copy of a carbon copy. Wasn’t necessary at
>• I gotta admit, though, I still find the “WIIX
>News” title kinda cute.
>• At least in the first two installments, Pressly
>and Johansson gave realistic and funny creeped-out
>reactions to Kristen hitting on them. January, on the
>other hand, had basically no visible reaction at all;
>once again, she just stood there. She might as well
>have been replaced by a cardboard cut-out in this
>sketch. Would anyone have known the difference? I’m
>really becoming unimpressed by her performances
>• Only laughs in the sketch were all from Jason,
>with his frozen facial reactions back at the studio,
>and two lines from him at the end: “No, nothing
>about that went well at all” (which sums up this
>entire sketch) and “…aaaand there it is”.
>Stars: *½
>Miscellaneous - A Lady’s Guide to Throwing a Party
>• At first, I thought this would be like the
>“Being Don Draper” film from Jon Hamm’s episode
>but with January playing her Mad Men character
>instead; however, she ended up just playing a random
>1960’s housewife in this. In some ways, this still
>was kinda similar, but this had its own unique take.
>• This was a nice old-school documentary parody, and
>I love how they made this look exactly like a 1960’s
>film, right down to the visual quality. And this was
>easily January’s best performance of the night,
>simply because it was pre-taped so she couldn’t fuck
>up anything.
>• The funniest parts were the lines about all cats
>being girls and all dogs being boys, what to do if a
>black person arrives, and the bit at the end about
>going to the bathroom.
>Stars: ***½
>Weekend Update - Seth Meyers, featuring Lou Dobbs, Kim
>Kardashian, Jon Bovi
>• Best jokes: Sarah Palin, Pilot drunk, costumed
>• As soon as Seth told the Lou Dobbs/CNN joke, I had
>a feeling a Lou Dobbs commentary would follow, which
>would mean another cameo from Darrell, and of course,
>there he was. I’m not going to complain, since the
>Lou Dobbs commentary was actually pretty funny with
>several good lines. Although I noticed Darrell’s
>Dobbs voice sounded awfully close to his Ted Koppel.
>• The Bernie & the Shiekh bit was pretty clever.
>• When Seth was introducing the next commentary and
>started talking about the Kardashians, I knew we’d
>be seeing Nasim playing one of them. She’s still
>getting much more to do than Jenny Slate, who has yet
>to appear on Update, while Nasim has already had two
>Update commentaries so far.
>• The Kim Kardashian segment wasn’t all that bad,
>but it was too one-note. I think I’m just going easy
>on it because… well, I like Nasim and she looked
>very cute here. But I’m not sure what she was going
>for with the voice; it seemed too overexaggerated.
>I’m not too familiar with Kim Kardashian’s voice,
>but I don’t recall it sounding remotely like that.
>• Every time the Jon Bovi guys appear, I always find
>myself groaning “These guys again??!!” at first,
>but Forte and Sudeikis always end up winning me over
>with just their performances as these two. The writing
>in these is ALWAYS the same, yet Jason’s great
>energy and Will’s funny facial expressions with that
>huge fake moustache are just enough to keep me
>laughing. And I admit, I liked their opposite version
>of Single Ladies, especially the “p, p, p…”
>part. The Jet Magazine/Irish Spring bit was worth a
>chuckle as well.
>Stars: ***
>Sketch - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
>• I was very interested in this at first, and Bill
>Hader is always perfect for these black-and-white
>old-school parodies. But then as soon as Bill
>mentioned doing gay stuff as Mr. Hyde, I mumbled to
>myself “Oh, god, here we go…” Did they have to
>waste a potentially clever Jekyll/Hyde parody just to
>do yet another gay-themed sketch? Seriously? This was
>like deja-vu with tonight’s earlier Rear Window
>parody being used as an excuse to do a simple
>fart-joke sketch. I would expect the writers to be at
>least a little more high-brow than this. These
>sketches tonight are giving me a serious 04-05 vibe.
>• Oh, and of course, we have Fred doing his usual
>walk-on as a flamboyant gay character - his second one
>tonight ALONE. Good lord. I love Fred, but this is
>really getting old. If I were him, I’d be pretty
>pissed at the writers ALWAYS casting him whenever
>there’s a gay role. He’s not Chris Kattan, guys.
>• Yet another role for January Jones in which she
>just sat there the whole time and only had about three
>lines, none of which were memorable or funny. I’m
>starting to wonder if she was even there at Studio 8-H
>this whole week, or if she didn’t show up until
>Friday or Saturday, as she really only needed one day
>to rehearse all the lousy parts she got in this
>episode… and she didn’t even seem well-rehearsed
>for THOSE!
>• Sudeikis looked a lot like Chris Parnell in this
>sketch. I almost had to do a double-take when they
>first showed him.
>Stars: *
>Digital Short - Get Out!
>• Okay, this was stupid as hell and the epitome of
>one-joke… yet I still laughed my ass off. Why? I
>don’t know. I felt like I shouldn’t have liked
>this at all, but something about the execution of it
>just cracked me up. And by this point in tonight’s
>episode, I was desperate for a good laugh.
>• I still think Andy looks kinda weird with his new
>shorter hairstyle. And speaking of Andy, his only two
>appearances all night were both pre-taped. His airtime
>this season has been so strange; he either appears in
>almost every single sketch (Ryan Reynolds and Taylor
>Swift episodes), or he’s completely MIA (Gerard
>Butler and the live portion of tonight’s episode).
>Stars: ***
>[2017 UPDATE: For those who don't remember, this
>was the digital short where Fred kept unintentionally
>walking in on Andy sitting on a toilet, not just in
>the bathroom but in increasingly unexpected places
>(living room, elevator, sidewalk, etc.). Really silly
>premise and it fits with this overall episode's
>unfortunate theme of low-brow juvenile humor, but the
>Lonely Island’s usual charm made this short work
>somewhat, plus, as said above, I was desperate for a
>good laugh at this point in the show.]

>Sketch - Cloud-Watching
>• A simple sketch, but actually quite decent
>compared to most of the crap from tonight and was
>acceptable as a low-key 10-to-1 piece.
>• The funniest moments here all came from Jason as
>the straight man; in fact, Jason’s been the saving
>grace of many sketches in this episode. It was great
>seeing him dominate the show tonight, while we got a
>much-needed break from Kristen Wiig in the second half
>of this episode. I think SNL lately has finally been
>realizing that Sudeikis and Hader are their true stars
>and should be carrying the show.
>• I especially liked the part with Jason looking
>around and asking “Am I on Punk’d?”
>• When you think about it, Jason’s observations
>about January’s character in this sketch actually
>quite sum up all of January Jones’ performances
>tonight in general: the only good thing you can say
>about her is that she’s pretty. That’s it.
>Stars: ***
>[2017 UPDATE: I was probably way too generous in
>my review of this sketch (I recall most of the other
>reviewers back then panning this sketch), but again,
>when you've sat through an episode filled with
>lowest-common-denominator crap and you start becoming
>desperate for a laugh, a sketch like this can come off
>better than it would've if it were in an actual good

>Episode Highlights:
>• A Lady’s Guide to Throwing a Party
>• Cold Opening
>• Digital Short
>• The Black Eyed Peas beating the crap out of
>Kristen Wiig in the Today sketch
>Episode Lowlights:
>• the rest of the Today sketch
>• WIIX News
>• Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
>• Rear Window
>• January Jones’ performances in general
>Best Performer of the Night:
>• Jason Sudeikis
>Not a good episode at all tonight. Very disappointing.
>There was nothing here that stood out as truly great;
>the best we got was just “good”. And the worst we
>got was REEEAAALLLYYY bad. Like I mentioned earlier,
>some of the lowbrow writing with overreliance on fart
>jokes and gay humor felt like a bad throwback to the
>04-05 season, which is the last thing SNL needs right
>now. And some of the other sketches were unnecessary
>retreads of typical annoying Wiig bits. This episode
>overall was probably even worse than the Drew
>Barrymore one earlier this season, and considering how
>much I disliked that episode, that’s saying
>And as for January Jones… wow. She has got to be THE
>blandest, most awkward host in recent memory. She
>makes Megan Fox’s hosting effort look brilliant by
>comparison. I already wasn’t looking too forward to
>Jones since I had no idea who the hell she was before
>this week (I’ve never seen Mad Men, as I currently
>don’t have cable), but I was still willing to give
>her the benefit of the doubt. After all, I had no idea
>who Jon Hamm and Bradley Cooper were when they hosted,
>yet Hamm turned out to be incredible and Cooper at
>least brought energy and enthusiasm. January Jones
>brought nothing but stiff awkwardness, boring
>forgettable performances, and countless line flubs,
>missed cues, and character breaks. You almost would
>think she was a typical athlete host if you didn’t
>know she was an actress. But hey, let’s remember,
>like Sudeikis kept saying throughout the
>Cloud-Watching sketch, she’s pretty, so that's...
>SOMETHING, I guess...
>[2017 UPDATE: I believe every bad season of SNL
>has that one defining "point of no return" episode a
>month or two in where it becomes official that
>something is going horribly wrong with the season.
>For 09-10, it was THIS episode from mid-November. For
>04-05, it was the Kate Winslet episode from late
>October. For 94-95, it was UNDOUBTEDLY the Sarah
>Jessica Parker episode from early November. I'm not
>sure when it happened in 85-86 or 80-81,

>ARMISEN: 5 sketches (Monologue, Rear Window, Lady’s
>Guide, Dr. Jekyll, Digital Short)
>FORTE: 3 sketches (Lady’s Guide, Update, Dr. Jekyll)
>HADER: 4 sketches (Monologue, Today, Lady’s Guide,
>Dr. Jekyll)
>MEYERS: 1 sketch (Update)
>SAMBERG: 2 sketches (Lady’s Guide, Digital Short)
>SUDEIKIS: 7 sketches (Joe Biden, Monologue, Rear
>Window, WIIX News, Update, Dr. Jekyll, Clouds)
>THOMPSON: 0 sketches
>WIIG: 3 sketches (Today, WIIX News, Lady’s Guide)
>ELLIOTT: 3 sketches (Monologue, Today, Lady’s Guide)
>MOYNIHAN: 2 sketches (Rear Window, Dr. Jekyll)
>PEDRAD: 2 sketches (Update, Digital Short)
>SLATE: 2 sketches (Today, Lady’s Guide)
>JANUARY JONES: 7 sketches (Monologue, Today, Rear
>Window, WIIX News, Lady’s Guide, Dr. Jekyll, Clouds)
>[2017 UPDATE: Hmm, I guess this is what Tina Fey
>meant when she said "If you take out Kenan Thompson,
>the studio will explode"... if by 'the studio will
>explode', she meant 'the show will have a horrible
>episode that will go down in SNL infamy'.]

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  • After this episode I woulda thought she should never attempt comedy again (NT) -- but shes actually pretty good on LMOE (esp once they turned her character into a psycho), 19:21:02 06/24/17 Sat
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