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Date Posted: 10:43:53 07/21/17 Fri
Author: Underground were some of his first to make it to air
Subject: I mentioned it elsewhere, but Mike O'Brien wrote the Smashmouth sketch, that and the Kickspit
In reply to: Stooge 's message, "Jennifer Lopez - February 27, 2010 (S35 E15)" on 05:05:53 07/21/17 Fri

>Here's the original review I posted back when this
>episode first aired.
>***** = Excellent, a possible future classic
>**** = Great
>*** = Average
>** = Meh
>* = How'd this get past dress?
>Cold Opening - We Are the World 3
>• Funny thing is, recently I was wondering what it
>would be like if SNL parodied the recent We Are the
>World video, only with different singers who weren't
>there, but I didn't think SNL would actually do it
>since the video happened a while ago. Looks like I was
>• This reminded me a lot of these types of sketches
>SNL always did in the early 90s, particularly in the
>93-94 season, which is a good thing since I always
>loved those sketches (Free Range Chickens, Rock on
>Michael, Rockers Explain Whitewater, etc.).
>• This could've been a little funnier, though, but
>it still had its moments. Bobby as David Crosby was
>probably the funniest part, with his crazy facial
>• Rare to see the host in the cold opening, although
>since this was a singing parody, they obviously had to
>have J.Lo in this one. Her Rihanna impression was
>actually pretty accurate.
>• It's about time SNL did a Lady Gaga impression,
>although I always pictured Nasim playing her instead
>of Jenny. Speaking of Nasim, her as Shakira was fine
>casting. It wasn't as funny as Taylor Swift's
>impression, but Nasim certainly has the appropriate
>voice for the role.
>Stars: ***
>Monologue - Jennifer Lopez
>• A pretty forgettable monologue, but at least it
>was short.
>• The only real laugh came from Bill and Jason,
>especially their drag queen names: Mannifer Bropez and
>J.Blo. Their appearance also made me realize that I
>don't think either of them have ever played a female
>in a sketch before, even though most of the other
>current male castmembers have, at least a few times
>(and in Kenan and Fred's case, MANY times).
>Stars: **½
>[2017 UPDATE: I think this would end up being
>the one and only time Sudeikis ever dressed in drag
>during his entire SNL tenure, unless I'm forgetting
>something. As for Hader, I can only remember one
>other time he dressed in drag: the "A Spot of Tea"
>sketch in 2011 with him, Andy, and Russell Brand
>playing old British ladies.]

>Sketch - ESPN Classic
>• Oh, man, this AGAIN???!!! This is insane; four
>ESPN Classic sketches in little more than half a
>season... FIVE sketches if you count the SNL sports
>compilation special these two characters hosted. They
>should've retired them after that special.
>• There was nothing really noteworthy here and they
>didn't do anything new with Will's character this
>time. The feminine hygiene slogans, which usually get
>the biggest laughs of the sketch, are now getting less
>and less funnier, but I did get a chuckle from the
>coochie and wet crouton slogans. Again, Jason's
>delivery is really what sells it.
>• I chuckled at the fact that Jason still seemed to
>have on the same eyeliner from the cold opening (where
>he played Adam Lambert) and monologue (where he played
>a drag queen). It looked so strange on him as his ESPN
>character. I guess he didn't have enough time to
>remove it before this sketch.
>Stars: **
>Digital Short - Flags of the World
>• This was very silly, but I thought it was decent
>and I got a couple of laughs. I had to keep rewinding
>this several times to catch all the names since this
>was so fast-paced.
>• My favorite flags were the Betty White and
>Neo-Nazi Potsie ones.
>• Did anyone notice at the beginning, they
>accidentally displayed the “I love to hit people
>with my car” subtitle from the following sketch?
>Stars: ***
>Sketch - Hollywood Dish
>• I wasn't too crazy about the first installment
>with Taylor Swift earlier this season, but that one
>had its moments. This one, on the other hand, was an
>exact lazy rewrite, down to repeating the spit-take,
>Bill falling asleep, and the ending with a clip of the
>host being used out of context to make her look insane.
>• Some of Bill's facial reactions still gave me
>laugh, though, particularly the frozen open-mouthed
>surprised look he gave J.Lo after dumping the
>milkshake on Kristen.
>Stars: *½
>Sketch - Telemundo: Vancouver 2010
>• This was pretty dull and forgettable and I didn't
>really laugh much, although I do agree with them on
>the uselessness of winter olympics.
>• The only really funny parts of the whole sketch
>was the reaction to the ski jump and Bill's depression
>over curling not being shuffleboard, as well as
>Bobby's silly character trying to cheer him up with a
>Stars: **½
>Commercial - Undercover Celebrity Boss
>• The first half of this was great; the Steve Jobs
>and Richard Branson parts were hilarious. But this
>lost a little steam towards the end. I didn't really
>care for the Olsen Twins scene, which also wasn't
>helped by the fact that Jenny & Nasim looked NOTHING
>like them.
>Stars: ***½
>Weekend Update - Seth Meyers, featuring Bobby
>Moynihan, Gov. David Paterson
>• Best jokes: U.S. Embassy, Tiger Woods/Gatorade,
>Slim Jim, Hummer, Matthew Fox
>• I was pleasantly surprised to see Bobby doing a
>commentary as himself, as castmembers these days
>rarely ever show up as themselves on Update. The
>commentary itself started out funny, then just got
>dull and repetitive and left me confused when it ended
>at first, but it was all worth it just for the
>hilarious payoff afterwards where Bobby briefly
>returned when Seth was in the middle of an Update
>joke. That saved it.
>• I knew Fred would be playing Paterson tonight
>after the news about him earlier this week. I wish
>they'd do something a little different and have Fred's
>Paterson appear in a cold opening or something instead
>of him only making appearances on Update.
>• Fred's surprise attack fail at the beginning was
>funny, and he had a couple of clever lines during the
>commentary, like the “abandoned shoneys” part.
>Even the usual New Jersey slams had enough variations
>on it tonight to still keep it somewhat fresh. Plus,
>Fred's delivery and his frozen stares into the camera
>after the NJ jokes always make it funny.
>Stars: ***
>Sketch - Besos Y Lagrimas
>• Wow, they haven't done this since the second
>installment when Antonio Banderas hosted, which was
>FOUR years ago. But what do you expect? This is the
>09-10 season, where SNL will stop at NOTHING to lazily
>bring back old random, forgotten sketches that
>should've stayed in the mothballs.
>• This sketch was only really funny the first time
>with Christina Aguilera. And just to show you how long
>it's been since they originally did this sketch, Fred
>is the only castmember left from the Aguilera
>installment who was still in tonight's third
>• The only parts I really laughed at were a few of
>Fred's facial expressions, Jason's expression when he
>was crying, and the dog's face.
>Stars: **
>Sketch - Office Romance
>• I liked the first one they did earlier this
>season, but I was worried they would ruin it by making
>it recurring. While they didn't exactly ruin it, the
>parts with Kenan were exactly the same and they were
>less funny this time.
>• In the first one, the main laughs all came from
>Kenan, but this time, J.Lo and Jason's parts were
>actually quite funny and got the biggest laughs from
>me in the whole sketch, with J.Lo's weird puppet
>obsession and Jason being creeped out.
>• I admit, though, Kenan did make me laugh at the
>end with his reaction to J.Lo and Nasim together.
>Stars: **½
>Sketch - Smashmouth in the Bedroom
>• A pretty dated, random band to parody, but most of
>this was actually very funny with the sudden
>appearances of Smashmouth, and Nasim also did a good
>job as the frightened little girl.
>• Unfortunately, this sketch lost steam in the last
>minute and the ending was just lame. I was expecting a
>way funnier punchline than just everyone singing
>• Jason was pretty funny as the dad. Also, did
>anyone else notice he looked a lot like Dane Cook with
>his hair like that?
>Stars: ***½
>Sketch - Car Horns and More
>• As soon as this started and I saw Bobby in that
>Sopranos-esque shirt again, I knew this was going to
>be a follow-up to that Doorbells sketch. I'm not
>surprised at all, because I figured before the show
>that they would try to do Jenny's Tina-Tina Shaneuse
>(or however it's spelled) character tonight
>considering a Hispanic person was hosting, and they
>would have J.Lo play Jenny's friend or sister.
>• I didn't mind the first Doorbells sketch even
>though it seemed like a lot of people hated it, but
>bringing this back for a second time while barely
>making any changes to the script was completely
>unnecessary. I mean, aside from J.Lo's character and
>the product being Car Horns instead of Doorbells,
>there was absolutely NO difference from the first
>installment. It was EXACTLY the same, right down to
>Bobby, Nasim, Fred, and Abby playing the exact same
>supporting characters. Bobby's character still kinda
>makes me laugh, though.
>• I think Jenny's performance as this character is
>fine, but the sketch itself is completely one-note. I
>laughed at maybe one or two horn sounds, and that was
>Stars: *½
>Commercial - Closet Organizer
>• Rerun... from only two damn episodes ago... AND
>they had to cut out one of the best parts: Jon Hamm's
>testimonial, thus making this commercial less funny.
>Couldn't they have re-aired an earlier, host-less
>commercial like Mostly Garbage Dog Food, University of
>Westfield, etc.?
>Episode Highlights:
>• most of Smashmouth in the Bedroom
>• The Steve Jobs and Richard Branson parts of
>Undercover Celebrity Boss
>• parts of Weekend Update
>• parts of We Are the World 3
>Episode Lowlights:
>• Hollywood Dish
>• Car Horns and More
>• Besos Y Lagrimas
>• parts of Telemundo: Vancouver 2010
>• ESPN Classic returning for the 10,000th time this
>• The ending of Smashmouth in the Bedroom
>Best Performer of the Night:
>• Bill Hader / Bobby Moynihan
>A pretty dull, forgettable episode, featuring WAY too
>many recurring sketches. In other words, business as
>usual for the 09-10 season. There were only TWO
>non-recurring sketches all night (Telemundo Olympics
>and Smashmouth). There were a couple of bright spots
>in this episode, but too much laziness and
>unoriginality dominated the show.
>Now, the optimist in me could say that they're saving
>their A-game for Zach Galifianakis next week (they'd
>better be), but when half the episodes from this
>season have been EXACTLY like tonight's, it's becoming
>more and more difficult to defend 09-10. I'm still
>getting a major 93-94 vibe from this season.
>ARMISEN: 8 sketches (We Are the World, Digital Short,
>Vancouver 2010, Celebrity Boss, Update, Besos Y
>Lagrimas, Smashmouth, Car Horns)
>FORTE: 3 sketches (We Are the World, ESPN, Digital
>HADER: 7 sketches (We Are the World, Monologue,
>Hollywood Dish, Vancouver 2010, Celebrity Boss, Besos
>Y Lagrimas, Smashmouth)
>MEYERS: 1 sketch (Update)
>SAMBERG: 3 sketches (We Are the World, Digital Short,
>Vancouver 2010)
>SUDEIKIS: 8 sketches (We Are the World, Monologue,
>ESPN, Digital Short, Celebrity Boss, Besos Y Lagrimas,
>Romance, Smashmouth)
>THOMPSON: 5 sketches (We Are the World, Monologue,
>Digital Short, Celebrity Boss, Romance)
>WIIG: 5 sketches (We Are the World, ESPN, Hollywood
>Dish, Celebrity Boss, Besos Y Lagrimas)
>ELLIOTT: 6 sketches (We Are the World, ESPN, Digital
>Short, Celebrity Boss, Besos Y Lagrimas, Car Horns)
>MOYNIHAN: 7 sketches (We Are the World, Digital Short,
>Vancouver 2010, Celebrity Boss, Update, Smashmouth,
>Car Horns)
>PEDRAD: 7 sketches (We Are the World, ESPN, Digital
>Short, Celebrity Boss, Romance, Smashmouth, Car Horns)
>SLATE: 6 sketches (We Are the World, ESPN, Digital
>Short, Vancouver 2010, Celebrity Boss, Car Horns)
>JENNIFER LOPEZ: 10 sketches (We Are the World,
>Monologue, ESPN, Digital Short, Hollywood Dish,
>Vancouver 2010, Besos Y Lagrimas, Romance, Smashmouth,
>Car Horns)

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  • If you have a good eye, Jillian Bell appears as one of the team members in the ESPN sketch. (NT) -- always forget she was a writer on SNL for a season (i think this was her only on-screen appearance), 18:49:40 07/21/17 Fri
  • There was a missed opportunity for someone to put in the cast. (NT) -- i dont know how versatile she is but the one character (she usually plays is funny anyway), 18:55:16 07/21/17 Fri
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