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Date Posted: 13:41:57 08/01/17 Tue
Author: Fetus Bieber....lol
Subject: Funniest thing about this episode watching it now is
In reply to: Stooge 's message, "Tina Fey / Justin Bieber - April 10, 2010 (S35 E18)" on 02:24:04 08/01/17 Tue

>Here's the original review I posted back when this
>episode first aired.
>***** = Excellent, a possible future classic
>**** = Great
>*** = Average
>** = Meh
>* = How'd this get past dress?
>Cold Opening - A Message from President Obama
>• With Tina Fey hosting and her confirming earlier
>this week that she’ll reprise her Sarah Palin
>impression, I (and probably some others) figured
>we’d be seeing that here, but nope, we have to
>endure Fred’s Obama non-impression once again.
>• There were a few funny parts like the question
>asking who in the household criticized the Health Care
>Plan and the Jews/Wall Street bit, but overall, this
>was the typical overlong, boring Obama opening that
>should’ve been way shorter.
>Stars: **½
>Monologue - Tina Fey
>• This monologue started out well enough with
>several funny comments by Tina, then this got even
>funnier when she started her song. Tina did a great
>job performing the song and some of the walk-ons added
>to it.
>• Steve Martin was a nice cameo, although not really
>a surprise when you remember he also appeared in
>Tina’s monologue last time she hosted. Is this gonna
>be a running joke every time she hosts?
>• Really could’ve done without Justin Bieber’s
>walk-on and singing in this (unfortunately, this
>wouldn’t end up being the only sketch tonight where
>he would appear and sing). Kenan appearing in drag for
>his record 2,480,523,282,584th time was just as bad.
>Stars: ***½
>[2017 UPDATE: The (intentional or unintentional)
>running theme of Steve Martin always appearing in
>Fey's monologues would end after this episode, as her
>next monologue instead featured a Maya Rudolph cameo
>in a bit about them both being pregnant in real life
>at the time.]

>Commercial - Brownie Husband
>• I should’ve expected a commercial parody with
>Tina tonight. As soon as this started, I knew this
>wasn’t going to be anywhere near as good as the fake
>ad from Tina’s last episode (“Annuale”). I
>turned out to be correct, but this commercial still
>wasn’t bad in its own right.
>• I didn’t really get a big laugh, though, until
>towards the end with the caramel filling oozing out
>and the shot afterwards of Tina lying in the
>brownie-stained bed.
>• Did this have to star just Tina? At least
>“Annuale” and most of the other fake ads Tina
>wrote over the years involved the entire female cast.
>Stars: ***
>Sketch - CBS Sports: Masters
>• Has anyone else noticed that Jason always stars in
>the Tiger Woods and Golf-related sketches SNL does
>these days? The Situation Room sketch, The PGA Tour
>ads, the cold opening with the senators who had
>affairs similar to Tiger, The Haney Project, and now
>this. Actually, come to think of it, he always seems
>to star in the sports-related sketches in general.
>• Too much of this felt too “run-of-the-mill”,
>as Tiger Woods sex jokes are getting more and more
>tired. Tina still had a few funny lines like the
>racist comment.
>• My favorite part was the parody of the Tiger Woods
>Nike ad; I was hoping SNL would make fun of that
>tonight, even though I don’t even like Kenan’s
>impression (I still think Fred would make a far more
>convincing-looking Tiger).
>Stars: **½
>Sketch - Sarah Palin Network
>• The much-anticipated return of Tina’s Palin
>impression. I was worried they would use her Palin in
>a typical standard press conference/address-the-nation
>sketch, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a more
>original, creative set-up like this.
>• In retrospect, this should’ve been used as the
>cold opening; it would’ve been a far more welcome
>change from yet another Obama opening.
>• A lot of the programming clips were very funny,
>especially the Tea Party Wheel of Fortune,
>“Elites”, “Todd!”, the re-edited Palin/Couric
>interview, and Bobby drawing a Hitler moustache on the
>cloud. Of those, “Todd!” was probably my favorite;
>Jason was hilarious in that, and I love how he always
>wears that snow outfit whenever he plays Todd Palin.
>• This sketch could’ve been shortened by a minute,
>though; some of the fake shows listed towards the end
>weren’t that funny. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
>bit was hilarious, though.
>Stars: ****
>Sketch - Lonely Teacher
>• As soon as I saw Justin Bieber playing a student,
>I groaned out loud. Then when he started singing, it
>took everything in me not to reach for my remote
>control. And even worse, him singing ended up being
>done throughout the ENTIRE sketch! As if him being
>tonight’s musical guest wasn’t already punishment
>• This whole sketch was insufferable for me. The
>miserable expression on Bobby’s face in the
>background was exactly the same as how I looked during
>• Not even Tina could save this, although I got a
>chuckle out of her line about putting wine in her
>Stars: *
>Weekend Update - Seth Meyers, featuring The Devil,
>Aunt Linda, Tina Fey
>• Best jokes: Greenspan, spa treament, male-only yoga
>• I liked seeing Jason appear as the devil; Jason
>doesn’t appear on Update very often, but I always
>enjoy any of his commentaries when he does show up. He
>as the devil had plenty of funny lines like him
>referring to his pitchfork as a “salad fork”, his
>comment about Hell being where Walgreens cashiers are
>trained, his son being the TMZ guy, and him modeling
>for hot sauce bottle labels.
>• When Seth asked Jason’s character about having a
>son, I had a horrible feeling that Justin Bieber would
>make ANOTHER appearance. Thankfully, I turned out to
>be wrong, although Bieber as Satan’s son would
>actually be VERY fitting when you think about it.
>• What was with them cutting to the “spa
>treatment” graphic while Seth was in the middle of a
>completely unrelated joke? The spa treatment joke
>didn’t even occur until much later in the Update. In
>fact, there seemed to be weird camera delays
>throughout this whole Update tonight. I'm guessing
>that will be fixed in the reruns.
>• When Seth was introducing the next commentary, as
>soon as he mentioned reviewing movies, I immediately
>said “Oh, no, not Aunt Linda!!” and of course,
>there she was. They haven’t done this character in
>about a year and a half, and even last time, that was
>her first appearance in over a year. Will this
>character ever officially retire? SNL can keep spacing
>her appearances out as long as they want, but it still
>doesn’t hide the fact that the Aunt Linda routine
>isn’t funny anymore; that character grew stale ages
>ago. She should’ve went out with Amy Poehler’s
>departure in ‘08, especially since Linda IS supposed
>to be Amy’s aunt, so it makes no sense why she’s
>still on.
>• I figured before the show that Tina would appear
>on Update with a new Women’s News segment, but by
>this point of Update tonight, I actually forgot Tina
>was even hosting. Anyway, her Women’s News segment
>was funny as usual. My favorite parts were her
>comments about Tiki Barber, some of the Bombshell
>McGee lines (although I think Tina focused a little
>too much on her), the Hitler speech, and her talking
>at the end about shaving her leg/pubic hair for a
>sketch that didn’t even make it on the air.
>Stars: ***
>Sketch - Al Roker’s Ruff, Rugged, and Roker
>• Okay, didn’t SNL basically use this same premise
>before in 1995 with David Alan Grier playing another
>person from the Today show: Bryant Gumbel? It was a
>sketch with Grier as Gumbel on the Today show and when
>the cameras would be on him, he would talk nerdy and
>professional, but as soon as they would go to
>commercial, he would get all loud, rude, and ghetto
>with everyone, and two hoes came to his side at the
>end. This sketch was the same basic thing, only
>without the actual humor and without the good writing.
>• And what the hell was with Kenan’s Roker
>impression during the map scenes? I remember the first
>time Kenan played Roker back around 2005 (I think it
>was the Christmas Tree Re-Lighting cold opening from
>Dane Cook’s first episode), someone mentioned that
>Kenan’s voice sounded more like Bullwinkle, and I
>definitely noticed that here. Bizarre; when the hell
>does Roker’s voice even sound remotely like that?
>Kenan has got to be one of SNL’s worst
>impressionists ever.
>• Nasim’s Kim Kardashian, as inaccurate as it may
>be, is at least always nice to look at, and Tina’s
>bomb line was decent.
>Stars: *½
>Sketch - School Dance
>• I liked the premise for this; it had potential to
>be an entertaining lower-key sketch and Nasim gave a
>good performance as this Bedilia character, but I felt
>this sketch didn’t go as far as it should have and
>too much of it ended up being pretty forgettable.
>• Some posters said that they thought Nasim looked
>like Maya Rudolph when this sketch began (please
>don’t say that, people; are you TRYING to ruin Nasim
>for me?), but I thought she actually looked like Tina
>for the first few seconds, which I guess makes sense
>since they were playing mother and daughter.
>• Also, how and why did they make Nasim look so much
>shorter than everyone else in this sketch? Were all
>the other performers wearing platform shoes or
>something? Even Jenny towered over Nasim in this
>sketch, and they’re both usually about the same
>• The ending with Bieber completely killed this
>sketch dead. THREE sketch appearances for him in one
>night? This is ridiculous; not even the Jonas Brothers
>got this many sketches when they were on SNL last
>season. Hell, Bieber had more sketches than over half
>of the actual SNL cast tonight. Now that just ain't
>Stars: **½
>Sketch - The 9-Inch Tall Prostitute
>• At first, this sketch gave me shades of both Tiny
>Elvis and Cool Mite (remember that sketch, with Andrew
>Dice Clay?), but this ended up coming into its own
>after a while and I liked this overall. It wasn’t
>laugh-out-loud hilarious for the most part, but it
>succeeded at being an entertaining low-key sketch
>better than the previous School Dance sketch did. The
>performances were very good in this as well.
>• Two big laughs were Tina’s line about falling in
>a bidet when she goes to France, and the way Jason
>yelled “And don’t you ever come back!!” when
>Will left. The ending was funny, too, with the guys
>questioning how men do it with her.
>• For some reason, the way Will looked in that thin
>moustache amused me.
>Stars: ***
>Episode Highlights:
>• Sarah Palin Network
>• parts of the Monologue
>• The Devil and Tina Fey segments on Weekend Update
>Episode Lowlights:
>• Lonely Teacher
>• Justin Bieber’s appearances in the monologue and
>School Dance
>• Al Roker’s Ruff, Rugged, and Roker
>• a few parts of Weekend Update
>• a few parts of the Cold Opening
>Best Performer of the Night:
>• Jason Sudeikis / Tina Fey
>The 09-10 season churns out yet another pretty
>forgettable episode. There were a few good highlights
>tonight and this episode surprisingly featured no
>recurring sketches AT ALL, which you have to admit is
>an amazing feat for 09-10, but I wasn't crazy about
>this episode overall - too much of the episode still
>suffered from subpar, dull writing and the end result
>was mildly disappointing, especially compared to
>Tina’s ‘08 episode. I knew this was going to
>happen anyway; SNL has yet to produce an all-around
>good episode since Jon Hamm all the way back in
>January and I’ve already pretty much given up on
>this season ever improving. I had maybe a slight bit
>of hope that Tina could end this long string of
>weak/forgettable episodes, but sadly that did not
>happen. She didn’t seem to have much of an influence
>on the writing this time. I also wasn’t too crazy
>about how they used Tina like a normal host. Last time
>she hosted, they treated her like she was still a
>castmember with the type of roles they gave her, and I
>liked that; she blended back in with the cast
>perfectly and it made the episode feel like there
>actually WAS no host. Tonight just didn’t feel right
>to me with Tina being featured as the main character
>of almost every sketch. She still did a good job
>performing, though.
>Another thing this episode suffered from was the
>overload of Justin Bieber. I know they said before the
>show that he’d be appearing in a sketch tonight, but
>I was definitely not prepared for THREE sketches, one
>of which was centered entirely around him singing.
>Tonight’s episode is going to look quite silly 5
>years from now when nobody will even remember who
>Bieber even is anymore.
>[2017 UPDATE: Well, I guess I ended up with my
>foot in my mouth regarding that 'nobody will even
>remember Bieber 5 years from now' comment, considering
>he's - FOR SOME ASININE REASON - still relevant today
>SEVEN years later. How the fuck did that

>ARMISEN: 2 sketches (President Obama, Teacher)
>FORTE: 2 sketches (Monologue, 9-Inch Prostitute)
>HADER: 2 sketches (CBS Sports, 9-Inch Prostitute)
>MEYERS: 1 sketch (Update)
>SAMBERG: 3 sketches (Palin Network, Al Roker, School
>SUDEIKIS: 4 sketches (CBS Sports, Palin Network,
>Update, 9-Inch Prostitute)
>THOMPSON: 5 sketches (Monologue, CBS Sports, Palin
>Network, Al Roker, 9-Inch Prostitute)
>WIIG: 2 sketches (Palin Network, Update)
>ELLIOTT: 2 sketches (Teacher, School Dance)
>MOYNIHAN: 5 sketches (Palin Network, Teacher, Al
>Roker, School Dance, 9-Inch Prostitute)
>PEDRAD: 2 sketches (Al Roker, School Dance)
>SLATE: 2 sketches (Palin Network, School Dance)
>TINA FEY: 9 sketches (Monologue, Brownie Husband, CBS
>Sports, Palin Network, Teacher, Update, Al Roker,
>School Dance, 9-Inch Prostitute)

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  • I remember Friendlerson started posting fake "reviews" of shows around this time -- bjdwsm, 20:48:06 08/01/17 Tue
  • HAha I forgot about those. (NT) -- those were great, 23:42:45 08/01/17 Tue
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