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Date Posted: 12:59:55 08/12/17 Sat
Author: Stooge
Subject: Alec Baldwin / Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - May 15, 2010 (S35 E22) PART TWO
In reply to: Stooge 's message, "Alec Baldwin / Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - May 15, 2010 (S35 E22) PART ONE" on 12:33:02 08/12/17 Sat

2009-2010 YEAR IN REVIEW

To start, here’s my list of best/worst sketch, best performer, and overall rating for each episode:

Megan Fox/U2
BEST SKETCH: Live Lounge
WORST SKETCH: Biker Chick Chat

Ryan Reynolds/Lady Gaga
BEST SKETCH: On the Ground / So You Committed a Crime & You Think You Can Dance
WORST SKETCH: Deep House Dish

Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor
WORST SKETCH: Larry King Live / Gilly / Brenda & Sean

Gerard Butler/Shakira
BEST SKETCH: Beauty and the Beast / What Up With That?
WORST SKETCH: Trina (a.k.a. the "Thomas!" lady)
BEST PERFORMER: Bill Hader / Jason Sudeikis

Taylor Swift
BEST SKETCH: Bunny Business
BEST PERFORMER: Jason Sudeikis / Bill Hader

January Jones/Black Eyed Peas
BEST SKETCH: A Lady’s Guide to Throwing a Party
WORST SKETCH: Gay Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde / Farting Grace Kelly / WIIX News / Today ... hell, almost the whole fucking episode!
BEST PERFORMER: Jason Sudeikis

Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Dave Matthews Band
BEST SKETCH: Two Worlds Collide / Say Anything
WORST SKETCH: Dysfunctional Thanksgiving Dinner
BEST PERFORMER: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Blake Lively/Rihanna
BEST SKETCH: Potato Chip Thief / Kickspit Underground Rock Festival
WORST SKETCH: Virginiaca
BEST PERFORMER: Jason Sudeikis

Taylor Lautner/Bon Jovi
WORST SKETCH: Surprise Sue / Football Taping
BEST PERFORMER: Jason Sudeikis / Andy Samberg

James Franco/Muse
BEST SKETCH: Vincent Price's Christmas Special / The Tizzle Wizzle Show
WORST SKETCH: The Kissing Family

Charles Barkley/Alicia Keys

Sigourney Weaver/The Ting Tings
BEST SKETCH: Laser Cats 5
WORST SKETCH: Disco Booty Junction / Riley
BEST PERFORMER: Jason Sudeikis

Jon Hamm/Michael Buble
BEST SKETCH: Closet Organizer / Sergio / Tarkie Fenzington
WORST SKETCH: Don’t Make Me Sing / Stenographer

Ashton Kutcher/Them Crooked Vultures
BEST SKETCH: Punk Rock Wedding / An Even-Tempered Apology from Rahm Emanuel
WORST SKETCH: The View / Rome 160 A.D.

Jennifer Lopez
BEST SKETCH: Smashmouth in the Bedroom
WORST SKETCH: Hollywood Dish / Car Horns and More
BEST PERFORMER: Bill Hader / Bobby Moynihan

Zach Galifianakis/Vampire Weekend
BEST SKETCH: Monologue / Zach Drops By the Set
WORST SKETCH: President Obama on Health Care Reform / The Kissing Family
BEST PERFORMER: Zach Galifianakis

Jude Law/Pearl Jam
BEST SKETCH: Twilight Zone
WORST SKETCH: Stenographer / Monologue
BEST PERFORMER: Bill Hader / Bobby Moynihan / Nasim Pedrad

Tina Fey/Justin Bieber
BEST SKETCH: Sarah Palin Network
WORST SKETCH: Lonely Teacher / Al Roker’s Ruff, Rugged, and Roker
BEST PERFORMER: Jason Sudeikis / Tina Fey

Ryan Phillippe/Ke$ha
BEST SKETCH: Underground Rock Minute / The Shake Weight Commercial DVD
WORST SKETCH: The Other Man / Monologue / Hip Hop Kids / ESPN Classic / Song Memories / Larry King Live
BEST PERFORMER: Jason Sudeikis / Will Forte / Bobby Moynihan

Gabourey Sidibe/MGMT
WORST SKETCH: 2010 Public Employees of the Year Awards / A Message from President Obama / Alarm Clocks and More

Betty White/Jay-Z
BEST SKETCH: Monologue / MacGruber / Delicious Dish / CSI: Sarasota
WORST SKETCH: Manuel Ortiz / Lawrence Welk

Alec Baldwin/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
BEST SKETCH: Timecrowave
WORST SKETCH: Arizona Evenings


Best Episodes
1. Jon Hamm/Michael Buble
2. Betty White/Jay-Z
3. Blake Lively/Rihanna
4. Ryan Reynolds/Lady Gaga
5. Gerard Butler/Shakira

Worst Episodes
1. January Jones/Black Eyed Peas
2. Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor
3. Taylor Lautner/Bon Jovi
4. Sigourney Weaver/The Ting Tings
5. Ryan Phillippe/Ke$ha

Best Sketches
1. Potato Chip Thief
2. Zach Drops By the Set (I know this isn’t a “sketch”, but it wasn’t billed as a Digital Short either and I had to find somewhere to categorize this fantastic segment)
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Sarah Palin Network
5. Punk Rock Wedding
6. Say Anything
7. Vincent Price's Christmas Special
8. Smashmouth in the Bedroom
9. Delicious Dish
10. Bunny Business

Worst Sketches
1. Gay Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
2. Farting Grace Kelly
3. Trina (a.k.a. the "Thomas!" lady)
4. Larry King Live (the “wieners” installment from the Drew Barrymore episode)
5. Gilly
6. Lonely Teacher
7. Surprise Sue
8. 2010 Public Employees of the Year Awards
9. Disco Booty Junction
10. Riley

Best Digital Shorts
1. Sergio
2. Two Worlds Collide
3. The Tizzle Wizzle Show

Worst Digital Shorts
1. The Other Man
2. Brenda & Sean
3. Boombox

Best Hosts
1. Jon Hamm
2. Betty White
3. Zach Galifianakis
4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
5. Alec Baldwin

Worst Hosts
1. January Jones
2. Megan Fox
3. Ryan Phillippe
4. Jennifer Lopez
5. Gabourey Sidibe

Best Cold Openings
1. White House Crashers
2. Fox News (Taylor Swift episode)
3. The Rock Obama

Worst Cold Openings
1. President Obama on Health Care Reform
2. President Obama describes his Wall Street lunch
3. Mark Sanford, John Ensign, and John Edwards Press Conference

Best Monologues
1. Zach Galifianakis
2. Betty White
3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Worst Monologues
1. Jude Law
2. Ryan Phillippe
3. Jennifer Lopez

Best Commercials
1. Closet Organizer
2. Kickspit Underground Rock Festival
3. The Shake Weight Commercial DVD

Worst Commercials
1. Cialis for Threeways
2. Prenivia

And finally... my take on what needs to be done for the upcoming 2010-2011 season:
• FIRST AND FOREMOST - a major revamp of the writing staff. The writing this season has shown many signs of running very low on creativity while becoming very stale, uninspired, and weak. The over-reliance on so many lazily carbon-copied, rewritten, one-note recurring sketches as a crutch this season is just one of many evidence of that. Keep only some of the newer, younger, fresher writers like John Mulaney, Michael Patrick O’Brien, Hannibal Burress, and Jessi Klein, and get rid of all the dead weight who have been there for years and have nothing original to offer anymore (I’m looking in your direction, Paula Pell).

• Far, FAR less reliance on copy-and-paste recurring sketches. I’ve gone into this issue COUNTLESS times in my reviews this season (and took some heat for that from some board members after my Ryan Phillippe review), so I don’t feel like elaborating again here.

• Do something about Seth Meyers. Being the head writer, he’s responsible as one of the main reasons for this season’s writing taking such a decline, and his Weekend Updates have taken a depressing dive in quality as well and I’ve grown extremely tired of his style. I’d rather have Seth leave the show entirely because he’s clearly run his course, but I know there’s no way of that happening this summer. So next season, a realistic scenario can be SNL bringing in a new co-head writer to back Seth up (*crosses fingers for John Mulaney*), while slowly phasing Seth out over the course of the season. Do something similar for Weekend Update; give Seth a new co-anchor and groom that person to take over Update solo after Seth hopefully leaves at the end of the 10-11 season. If they want someone in the current writing staff to be Seth’s new co-anchor, then I suggest Jessi Klein as a candidate.

• Stop letting Jim Downey write the political cold openings. The political writing this season has been an absolute disappointment, coming off as uninspired, unfunny, and formulaic, and relying way too much on Fred’s absolutely bland Obama impression with no good material to back him up. When listing the top 3 best cold openings of the season earlier in this review, I was really hard-pressed to come up with even just three; that’s how lousy the cold openings have been all year.

• Less Wiig. I’m not going to repeat this throughout my list like I did in last year’s “Hopes for the upcoming 09-10 season” list, but this is still a very important point that needs to be stressed. Less Wiig. Less Wiig. Less Wiig.

• Let Fred Armisen and Will Forte leave this summer. It kinda hurts me to say that; Fred and Will have been two of my favorite castmembers for most of their SNL tenure (actually, Forte still is), and they really deserve a lot of credit for being the two biggest saving graces of SNL from 2002-2005 (a.k.a. the post-Ferrell slump years), before Hader, Sudeikis, Samberg, and Wiig came in. And the 09-10 season would be a disappointing end to both Fred and Will’s tenures and they each certainly deserve a big send-off. But truthfully, I still don’t find it necessary to give either of them a 9th season; staying on beyond 8 seasons is overkill for ANY performer, and Tim Meadows was the only castmember who was able to stay on that long without ever getting stale (and that was mostly because he was never used in his first 3 seasons so it didn’t feel like he was actually on for 9 years).

Will’s unfortunate lack of airtime this season has proven that the writers don’t seem to know what to do with him anymore and I don’t see things getting any better for him if he stays for the 2010-11 season. However, he has still given us a few classic moments of his usual brilliance this season like Potato Chip Thief, Closet Organizer, and of course MacGruber. So basically, when Will was actually used this season, he was still his usual awesome self, but the problem is his talent was largely wasted in a season that desperately could have benefited from more of his brand of humor. If Will stays on next season and if the writing quality gets even worse, then I picture Will being completely unused and out-of-place like Kevin Nealon was in his 9th season in 94-95.

And Fred has ESPECIALLY had a disappointing season. He’s actually gotten quite a lot of airtime, unlike Will, but the problem is that they’re using him in the wrong way. Fred had always excelled in character work in a similar vein to the original Woman-to-Woman sketch and Punk Rock Wedding, but aside from those two examples, we barely if ever saw stuff like that from Fred this season (and Woman-to-Woman was kinda ruined by them making it recurring for no reason and running the formula into the ground). More often than not, this season instead gave us Fred’s dull-as-hell Obama impression opening the show every two weeks, annoying one-note nonsense like Riley, Elinda the stenographer, and Garth & Kat, him being cast in every gay role the writers come up with, and too many bland, forgettable straightman roles. I have a feeling the quality of Fred’s roles will continue to drop even further if he does stays on next season, especially if the writing next season doesn’t improve.

• I would like Kenan Thompson to leave this summer as well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does, but I can also see him returning for one final season. If he does return, SNL needs to at least bring in a new black male featured player while phasing Kenan out next season. And preferably, the new black male featured player should be one who actually knows how to impersonate the president.

• I say this EVERY year, but it cannot be stressed enough - let Jason Sudeikis carry the show. Jason has proven over the years that he’s the closest this current cast will ever truly get to a Will Ferrell (and don’t give me that “Kristen Wiig is the new Ferrell” bullshit; that woman is NOTHING like Ferrell), but for some reason, SNL doesn’t give Jason enough opportunities to lead the show similar to how Ferrell did, even though Jason certainly has that potential to. However, in the 2009 half of this season, we finally got to see a lot more of Jason, he was giving a lot of impressive strong performances, and it seemed like SNL was finally realizing that he should be the main player of this cast. And you have to remember that Jason pretty much singlehandedly made the disastrous January Jones episode slightly watchable... and that was no easy task. But in the second half of the season, his airtime dwindled again and there were too many episodes with him not getting many chances to stand out. Seeing as how this was Jason’s 5th season (hell, 6th if you count his brief stint at the end of 04-05), maybe I just need to accept that SNL will probably never allow him to be the consistent undisputed star of the show. It just upsets me, though, because Lorne has no problem shoving a one-note performer like Kristen Wiig or Kenan Thompson down our throats and forcing those two as the stars of this current cast, but an actual alpha male-worthy, always-funny, and likeable performer like Sudeikis is kept on the sidelines way too often. I... I-I just don’t get it.

• Bill Hader has always had potential to be the star of the show as well, but lately he’s been worrying me a bit with his character breaks. I get the feeling he’s not taking SNL as seriously as he used to. But other than that, Bill is just fine. Once he gets his shit back together with staying in character, I’d like to see SNL give him the leadership treatment along with Sudeikis.

• Finally promote Bobby Moynihan to regular cast; the man has more than earned it.

• Keep Nasim Pedrad. She’s been by far the most impressive of the female featured players this season; some of the sketches she does are of a different, refreshing kind of humor and she has a likeable charm in many of her performances. In general, I just like Nasim a lot. Sometimes her mere presence is enough to brighten up a weak sketch for me, even if she doesn’t have anything funny to do in it (like the Other Man digital short), but I admit part of that is probably because I find her very attractive and very cute. But anyway, I see some good things coming in Nasim’s SNL future if she stays on. Don’t fuck up the same way you did with Michaela Watkins last year, Lorne.

• And finally... out of Abby Elliott and Jenny Slate, I get the feeling that one of them will be let go this summer. In last week’s review, I said I’m pretty sure it will turn out to be Abby, given her major lack of screentime in the second half of this season and the fact that she has no actual characters and has yet to star in a real sketch, even after being on the show for TWO YEARS. But her Sally Field commercial in the season finale served as a nice reminder of how strong of an impressionist she actually is. The problem is, impressions seems to be all Abby can do, but if Darrell Hammond was allowed to be SNL’s resident impressionist, why can’t she? She just needs better writing to back her impressions up and more opportunities to show off her talent for mimicry. I figured Jenny Slate might be safe simply because she’s only been on one year and she does have a recurring character that has appeared several times (the Doorbells lady)... but you know what, so did Michaela Watkins; Michaela wasn’t even on for a full season (she joined in November ’08 after the elections) and her Bitch Pleeze blogger character became quite popular online, yet she was STILL fired. So you never know what could happen with Jenny. And Michaela definitely proved to be 100 times the performer that Jenny ever was.

At least Abby has something unique with her impersonation skills. Is there really anything Jenny can do that Nasim not only can’t do, but can’t do better? And Nasim adds a little something to each of her performances (like I said, it's this certain charm and subtlety she has) and she never comes off awkward like Jenny tends to a lot of times. Imagine Nasim’s Bedilia character being played by Jenny; I just can’t see it coming off quite as well as it does with Nasim. And on the other side, imagine Nasim in Jenny’s role in the Alec Baldwin/Turner Classic Movies sketch. I thought Jenny actually wasn’t bad in that, but I can picture Nasim performing that role even better.

So I’d say out of the female featured players, Jenny’s the most expendable, but unfortunately it’ll probably be Abby instead who gets let go.

[2017 UPDATE: It's that time once again to break down how my 'next season suggestions' would end up turning out:
- "Do a major revamp of the writing staff": Nope, didn't happen at all. The only writers who Lorne let go after this season were most of the ones I wanted him to KEEP: the newer, younger, fresher writers. Of the newer writers I mentioned in the above list, the only two who got to stay were John Mulaney and "Michael Patrick O’Brien" (I forgot he used to go by that name before shortening it to just Mike O'Brien). Meanwhile, the tired, stale vets in the writing staff that were probably responsible for the laziness in this season's writing got to remain ANOTHER season (and in Anderlette's case, STILL remain, 7 years later). Not sure when exactly Paula Pell left.

- "Less reliance on copy-and-paste recurring sketches": The show became only a LITTLE less reliant on lazily-written recurring sketches the following season, but no major change. This problem wouldn't really be fixed until 2012 when Kristen Wiig finally left and as a result, we saw a refreshingly DRASTIC decrease in reliance on recurring material.

- "Phase out Seth Meyers by giving him a co-head writer and co-Update anchor": Unfortunately, nothing changed with Seth the following season. He would continue to be the sole head writer, as well as the sole Update anchor. The writing the following season would continue to have a lot of problems (though it at least wasn't as frustratingly lazy as it was in 09-10), and his Weekend Updates would continue to be bland and uninspired. Reading my suggeston of giving him a new co-anchor kinda makes me cringe in hindsight, considering he WOULD get a new co-anchor years later in Cecily Strong, and we all know how "well" THAT turned out. Regarding my suggestion for Jessi Klein as new co-anchor, I recall a number of people on the SNL boards wanted that to happen as Klein had a strong Tina Fey vibe to her.

- "Stop letting Jim Downey write the political cold openings": Nope. Wouldn't happen until 2013. Until then, we would have three more seasons of stale political material and endless amounts of boring, overly-talkative "And now, a message from (insert name here)"-type of cold openings with some political figure addressing the nation, though Downey would have a brief upswing in writing quality during the 2012 elections.

- "Less Wiig": Ha, no fucking way was this gonna happen.

- "Let Fred Armisen and Will Forte leave": I would get only half of this wish. Forte left while Armisen stuck around and (predictably) continued to go downhill for the next few seasons. Armisen would go SO downhill, in fact, that it would soon get to the degree that I had forgotten why I had ever been such a huge fan of his in the first place.

- "Phase Kenan Thompson out while bringing in a new black male featured player": We all know now how Kenan's tenure would end up turning out, so there's no point in addressing that. I seemed to wish for a "new black male featured player" every damn year back in those days, and we would FINALLY get one the following season with the hiring of Jay Pharoah. And like I also wished in my list above, Jay was someone who "actually knows how to impersonate the president", but it would take the show until his THIRD season before they finally gave the Obama impression to him! I think part of the reason for that, though, was because Jay was very green as a live performer in his early days and was prone to lots of flubs & awkward moments, which probably made Lorne very hesitant in putting such an important impression into Jay's hands.

- "Let Jason Sudeikis carry the show": Wouldn't happen yet next season. In fact, his airtime for a majority of next season would reach an all-time LOW, but that was because he was filming a movie, which took up a lot of his time. I remember I and many others predicted that would be his final season, but thankfully, he returned for two more seasons, in which he had a FAR more dominant presence than he had ever had before (he was ESPECIALLY strong during the first half of the 12-13 season).

- "Let Bill Hader carry the show, too, and cut back on his increasing number of character breaking": The frequent character breaking would continue to be an issue for the rest of Hader's tenure, but next season is when he FINALLY became the lead male player on the show and saw himself getting a consistent amount of good airtime (especially with Sudeikis' decreased presence that year). It's also the season his Stefon character blew up and became one of the faces of SNL.

- "Finally promote Bobby Moynihan": He was a featured player for two seasons by this point, so OF COURSE he was gonna get promoted next season.

- "Keep Nasim Pedrad, she had an impressive first year": As I addressed a few episodes ago, all my high praise of Nasim back then does not hold up well at all today. It feels really odd reading it nowadays. "I see some good things coming in Nasim’s SNL future if she stays on." Sorry to break it to you, 2010 Me, but NO. The remainder of her SNL tenure after this season would go on to be unmemorable and unremarkable, and during her final season, she would introduce a large number of bad characters that really grated on our nerves to the degree that I was HAPPY to see her leave at the end of that season.

- "Out of Abby Elliott and Jenny Slate, one of them has got to go": I was correct about that, but the one who I predicted would be let go (Abby) was the one who actually ended up STAYING. Honestly, looking back on it, I think Lorne made the wrong call there. In hindsight, I personally would've given Jenny a second season to prove herself, while letting Abby go. It took Jenny most of her first season to shake off the f-bomb debacle from her first episode, which was probably the main reason for many of her awkward performances. As someone on this board recently said, if Jenny was given a second season, she probably would've gotten over the f-bomb incident and could have finally started to do some real good work on the show, as she started to display in the finale with the Turner Classic Movies sketch. Unfortunately, a second season for Jenny probably would've also meant more of those annoying Doorbells sketches, but it would've been worth it if she had had an otherwise good year that season. Abby, on the other hand, had already been given TWO SEASONS by this point to prove herself and she had failed. There was no real reason to keep her on after this, aside from her knack for impressions, which SNL would go on to not even utilize much during her following two seasons after this!]

Before ending my already ridiculously-lengthy Year-In Review, I want to say something else about this season. Starting back in December in my review of the James Franco episode, I began making comparisons between this season and the 1993-1994 season. Here are some quotes: “93-94 is known by many SNL fans to be a somewhat-weak year overall; while that's true, 93-94 actually started out okay in the first half of the season. There was a noticeable step down in quality from 92-93 and some problems with the show were definitely becoming evident. And to quote SNL Transcripts: "1993 is also the onset of "SNL"'s habit to return characters that pulled out all the necessary stops during the first installment - ie. Tiny Elvis, Matt Foley, "The Denise Show", and the Herlihy Boy." But the show overall was still decent in the first half of the season.” ………… “The first half of this new 2009-10 season so far is just okay, but there's definitely a noticeable step down in quality from 08-09 and problems are really starting to become evident. And this season also has a particularly annoying habit of returning way too many characters that pulled out all the necessary stops during the first installment - i.e. What Up With That, Dysfunctional Holiday Dinner, ESPN Classic, etc.... All of this sound familiar?” ………… “If 09-10 continues to emulate/parallel 93-94, then the second half of this season will get even worse than the first half has been, like the second half of 93-94 did, and we'll REALLY see a downhill slide.” ………… “Now, I could be looking a little too much into things, but this is just how I see it, and don't be surprised if that's how the second half of this season ends up playing out. After all, history does repeat itself sometimes.”

So even as early as December, I could see that this season was following a very similar pattern as 93-94, and it looks like my prediction turned out to be accurate, because the second half of this season after the Jon Hamm episode DID get noticeably worse and it became rare to see a strong episode for the remainder of the season... just like how the second half of 93-94 got worse.

The February-April period of the 09-10 season was a long, endless string of disappointing episodes ranging from forgettable to downright mediocre, with the Tina Fey episode being the closest they came to a high point (and even that episode wasn’t that good overall, especially compared to Tina's excellent episode from '08) and the Ryan Phillippe and Gabourey Sidibe episodes being the true low point for me (yeah, I know, I know... some people here liked the Ryan Phillippe show, but I was bored out of my mind watching that episode and honestly, I barely laughed during the whole 90 minutes which is very rare for me... that’s just my opinion). This discouraging streak of subpar episodes finally ended in May with the successful Betty White episode, but it was unfortunately followed by an unremarkable and forgettable end to the season with the Alec Baldwin finale.

So looking back at this season overall, you can find a surprising amount of similarities to the 93-94 season. And when you think about it, last season in 08-09, there were a lot of similarities to the 1992-1993 season. I don’t feel like going into too much of an analysis on EVERY similarity, but the three main ones are that 92-93 and 08-09 were an election year featuring excellent, memorable political satire from SNL, both seasons were overall very strong, and both seasons experienced a beloved veteran departing mid-season (Dana Carvey, Amy Poehler).

So 08-09 = 92-93, 09-10 = 93-94, 10-11 = .... see where this pattern is going? I really have this bad feeling that next season is going to be the next 94-95. And like I pointed out in a previous review, the infamous worst seasons of SNL always seem to begin or end on an anniversary year for the show (1980, 1985, 1995, 2005). Well, 2010 happens to be an anniversary year as well...

I’m really worried that the upcoming 2010-11 season can potentially be the worst season since 94-95 if there aren’t enough changes made to the show this summer (mainly in the writing staff). I already noticed my enthusiasm/anticipation for new episodes dwindled towards the end of this season, and while I love writing these episode reviews, it will be really tough for me to be inspired to continue doing reviews for next season if the show indeed turns out to take the 94-95 path like I’m predicting (honestly, I’m amazed at how jojo is able to do retro-reviews for so many of those awful 94-95 episodes - I'd give up about midway through that season if that was me reviewing that year). The 2004-05 season was bad enough; I remember somewhere in the mid-point of that season, I couldn’t even bring myself to do full episode reviews anymore because of how unhappy I was with the shitty quality that season. Starting around February or March of 2005, my “reviews” for the remainder of that season weren’t even sketch-by-sketch reviews like usual; they consisted of me only listing what the best and worst sketches for each episode were and doing the Castmember Count Down stats. I actually might have to go back to doing just that if next season gets worse.

Anyway, that’s all from me this season. See you in the hopefully-improved 2010-11 season. Until then, for the next few months I’ll be posting retro-reviews of the 92-93 season, and possibly the 91-92 season afterwards (yep, I’m apparently going in backwards order by season). Have a great summer everyone.

[2017 UPDATE: As I said many times recently, we thankfully managed to avoid 10-11 being a disastrous season. That's surprising, considering Lorne barely made any changes to the writing staff, though that probably explains why 10-11 was only a SMALL improvement over 09-10, instead of a HUGE improvement like 05-06 was after the dreadful 04-05 season. I think one of the reasons for 10-11 being less awful than 09-10 was because of the influx of several fun new featured players, who would add a breath of fresh air to the show.]

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