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Date Posted: 06:59:40 08/13/17 Sun
Author: to get a repeat
Subject: Correction on my part: It did get repeated, but was the last episode
In reply to: Jones this season (so far anyway) 's message, "I'm pretty sure this ep never got repeated too. Kinda like Octavia Spencer and Feliciity" on 06:56:26 08/13/17 Sun

>>>Here's the original review I posted back when this
>>>episode first aired.
>>>***** = Excellent, a possible future classic
>>>**** = Great
>>>*** = Average
>>>** = Meh
>>>* = How'd this get past dress?
>>>Cold Opening - A Message from President Obama
>>>• Ugh... why are they doing these dull Obama
>>>openings so damn frequently? The writing in them is
>>>never funny and watching Fred’s Obama impression is
>>>as interesting as watching paint dry. The political
>>>writing in general this season has been terrible. For
>>>example, this sketch’s idea of “political
>>>satire” was having Obama go on and on about how
>>>great steak tasted at a restaurant. Seriously, SNL?
>>>It’s really time for Jim Downey to step down from
>>>writing these cold openings; the man is way past his
>>>• And, of course, Fred gets yet another LFNY, for
>>>the third week in a row. The frequent Obama cold
>>>openings alone would explain why Fred has said LFNY
>>>like 70 times this season, but he also stars in most
>>>of the other cold openings as well (Larry King,
>>>Lawrence Welk, Moammar Kadafi, etc.). Is this going
>>>be Fred’s final season or something, and that's why
>>>they're letting him open the show so much? It SHOULD
>>>be his final season, anyway; staying beyond 8 seasons
>>>is pretty much always a bad idea.
>>>Stars: *
>>>[2017 UPDATE: "Is this going to be Fred’s
>>>final season or something--" Ha, not even

>>>Monologue - Gabourey Sidibe
>>>• I was kinda disappointed to see another musical
>>>monologue (especially after we had one just two weeks
>>>ago with Tina Fey), but Gabourey’s performance here
>>>was very good and gave you confidence in her as a
>>>host. However, the song wasn’t really all that
>>>funny. It probably wasn’t supposed to be, but this
>>>barely had any memorable parts. Well, I did laugh at
>>>the Mariah Carey line and I liked Bill’s quick
>>>• Also, an interesting thing is that the entire
>>>appeared in this, although I didn’t realize that
>>>when originally watching it. This current cast is a
>>>lot smaller than I thought.
>>>Stars: ***
>>>Sketch - The Suze Orman Show
>>>• Is this the first time they’ve done this sketch
>>>since the Josh Brolin episode a year and a half ago?
>>>remember back then, I was only just beginning to get
>>>sick of Kristen Wiig but I could still tolerate her
>>>an extent and I still enjoyed the Suze Orman
>>>I tried hard to enjoy this one tonight, but I just
>>>couldn’t help but get annoyed by Kristen. Really
>>>shows how much my opinion of her has changed over the
>>>last year.
>>>• There seemed to be an unnecessary overabundance
>>>lesbian jokes all throughout this sketch, though I
>>>like Kristen’s pap-smear cruise story, especially
>>>the “blowhole” line. That and Gabourey’s drunk
>>>story were the only two big laughs of the sketch.
>>>• At first, Gabourey’s presence made me happy
>>>since it took some screentime away from Kristen and I
>>>initially laughed at Gabourey’s Jamaican accent,
>>>she had a noticeably hard time with the delivery of
>>>her lines. She kept stumbling over lines that were
>>>actually supposed to be humorous and could’ve
>>>bigger laughs if they were delivered correctly.
>>>Overall, this sketch was pretty hard for me to watch.
>>>Stars: **
>>>Sketch - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
>>>• I remember Kenan first played Steve Harvey
>>>years ago in a Prince Show sketch, and I remember
>>>being stunned by how absolutely horrible Kenan’s
>>>impression was and how he didn’t sound remotely
>>>Steve Harvey (this was back in Kenan’s earlier
>>>seasons, before I got used to his inability to do any
>>>accurate impressions). Kenan did seem to try a little
>>>harder to sound like Steve Harvey in tonight’s
>>>sketch, but he still came nowhere close.
>>>• The premise of this sketch was dumb as well, and
>>>the joke got old fast. And since when is Steve Harvey
>>>known for mispronouncing words?
>>>• I did laugh at Kenan's initial facial reaction to
>>>seeing the Icelandic names on the bottom of the
>>>screen, but that was it.
>>>• How come this sketch couldn’t be done live? I
>>>mean, this WAS pre-taped, right? It sure looked like
>>>Stars: **
>>>[2017 UPDATE: This sketch is obviously where
>>>SNL's running gag of Steve Harvey mispronouncing
>>>originated. That, along with Kenan's Harvey
>>>impression in general, eventually ended up growing on
>>>me after a while. Honestly, this sketch wasn't bad,
>>>looking back on it. Also, that aforementioned
>>>reaction to seeing the Icelandic names on the bottom
>>>of the screen" ( >>>href="https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/
) may be the most famous KENAN REACTS moment
>>>in his whole SNL tenure thus far.]

>>>Sketch - Old Mrs. Johnson
>>>• This sketch had a good premise along with
>>>surprisingly actual clever writing. And while
>>>was funny, her again having trouble delivering
>>>lines and completely losing it at one point took away
>>>from the writing a little and made this sketch not
>>>come off as strong as it could've been. I wonder if
>>>they'll show the dress version of this in future
>>>reruns, assuming Gabourey didn't mess up there.
>>>• I still liked this sketch overall, and the twist
>>>at the end with Gabourey explaining her life story
>>>good and unexpected. The Wikipedia part was pretty
>>>funny, too.
>>>Stars: ***
>>>Digital Short - Cherry Battle
>>>• Uh... wow. This has got to be easily THE most
>>>bizarre Digital Short ever. And considering how
>>>strange some of the shorts have been, that’s really
>>>saying something.
>>>• And normally, I like “strange”, but I
>>>know what the hell to make of this. I did kinda laugh
>>>and this was at least less predictable than last
>>>week’s awful Other Man short. But in the end, I
>>>didn’t really find this too outstanding; it seems
>>>like the Lonely Island actually could’ve gone more
>>>out and made this a really insane,
>>>classic short.
>>>• Also, this didn’t really seem much like a
>>>“battle” to me. When this started, I thought it
>>>was going to be like the Extreme Activities
>>>Competition short Andy did with Kristen.
>>>Stars: **
>>>Sketch - I Did It in My Style, The Story of Frank
>>>• When Fred first spoke in that voice, I wondered
>>>why it sounded so familiar until I realized this was
>>>follow-up to the International Masterworks sketch
>>>the Ryan Reynolds episode, where the Norwegian actors
>>>were doing an American play. I remember back when
>>>originally aired, I predicted they would end up
>>>it recurring, although I thought they would bring it
>>>back within the whole International Masterworks show
>>>again. I at least have to give SNL credit for using a
>>>new set-up this time.
>>>• That being said, this sketch was terrible and was
>>>nowhere near as funny as the first installment. Most
>>>of this fell completely flat.
>>>• The newspaper reviews were the only times I
>>>chuckled, even though the reviews did go on too long
>>>and probably weren’t really that funny. But for
>>>reason, I liked them.
>>>Stars: *½
>>>Weekend Update - Seth Meyers, featuring Judy Grimes,
>>>Stefon, John Mulaney
>>>• Best jokes: Larry King, Charmin ads
>>>• This was yet another Update where more time and
>>>focus was spent on the guest commentaries than on
>>>Seth’s jokes. But considering how weak Seth’s
>>>jokes are lately and how I pretty much can’t stand
>>>him anymore, maybe the fact that the Updates are
>>>focusing less on him is a good thing. But when the
>>>commentaries lately have mostly just been excuses to
>>>trot out tired, overdone commentators like Aunt
>>>Judy Grimes, and James Carville, it’s not exactly a
>>>better alternative. Weekend Update is in desperate
>>>need of an all-around revamp/makeover.
>>>• When Seth was introducing the first commentary
>>>started by mentioning the Iceland volcano, I had a
>>>horrible feeling that Kristen would show up as Bjork
>>>for the second episode in a row. But then Seth said
>>>“travel writer” and I groaned out loud, knowing
>>>that meant the “just kidding” lady was coming
>>>back. At this point, I actually would’ve preferred
>>>Kristen’s Bjork to this tired nonsense again.
>>>You’ve seen one Judy Grimes commentary, you’ve
>>>seen them all; and it wasn’t even funny the first
>>>time as much as it was impressive.
>>>• On top of that, Kristen couldn’t even keep up
>>>with her own fast delivery tonight and she stumbled
>>>a few words.
>>>• Seeing Bill as his Stefon character from a sketch
>>>in the Ben Affleck ‘08 episode was a surprise. I
>>>remember really enjoying that sketch last time, and
>>>was good to see him in a new set-up here. He had some
>>>funny lines tonight, like “Tranny Oakley” and him
>>>explaining what Teddy Graham people are.
>>>• Then in the middle of the commentary, Bill just
>>>lost it for some reason and couldn’t stop laughing.
>>>He’s been doing this more frequently this season.
>>>had a very similar character break on Update a few
>>>months ago when he played Eliot Spitzer, as well as
>>>the Scared Straight sketches, the Pageant Talk sketch
>>>after Zach Galifianakis started laughing himself, and
>>>both Hollywood Dish sketches (well, the dress
>>>of Hollywood Dish shown in the reruns). Do you
>>>remember when seeing Bill Hader break character used
>>>to be as rare as seeing Dan Aykroyd or Phil Hartman
>>>crack up? One of the things I used to love about Bill
>>>was his absolute professionalism. If his character
>>>break on Update tonight happened a year ago, it
>>>would’ve had me on the floor. But tonight, I merely
>>>just smiled and chuckled when Bill broke. The novelty
>>>is wearing off. I’m not denying that it was still a
>>>little funny, but I don’t think it’s a good sign
>>>that he’s having a harder time staying in character
>>>these days. What’s happening to him?
>>>• John Mulaney appearing on Update tonight was a
>>>complete surprise. I read last week that Hannibal
>>>Burress, another SNL writer, had an Update commentary
>>>that got cut after dress. I was disappointed to find
>>>out it got cut since it sounded like it could’ve
>>>been very interesting, so it was good to see
>>>Mulaney’s bit make it on the air tonight. SNL
>>>hasn’t had a writer do Update commentaries since
>>>days of Kevin Brennan and Hugh Fink 10 years ago. I
>>>don’t know if they’re trying to return to that,
>>>if maybe - just maybe - they’re trying out
>>>replacements as Update anchor if Seth leaves soon?
>>>Some people said they can’t see Seth leaving after
>>>this season and that could be true, but maybe he’ll
>>>just step down from Update and work entirely behind
>>>the scenes as just the head writer. But if he did, it
>>>probably wouldn’t exactly solve SNL’s current
>>>writing problem. IMO, Seth needs to be eliminated
>>>the show COMPLETELY; he’s clearly past his prime
>>>I believe he is one of the main factors in the
>>>of this season’s writing quality.
>>>• I enjoyed John Mulaney’s commentary and seeing
>>>him felt like a breath of fresh air. I may be a
>>>biased, though, since I’m a fan of Mulaney’s work
>>>in general and he’s one of the stronger writers on
>>>the show currently; he’s written some of the best
>>>sketches from the last two seasons. Anyway, his
>>>delivery during tonight’s commentary was funny and
>>>he had a few good lines like referring to girl scouts
>>>as “the weird child army in tablecloth dresses”.
>>>Hopefully, this could be the start of something
>>>beautiful - either Mulaney making more appearances as
>>>a guest commentator or (*crosses fingers*) Mulaney
>>>becoming the possible next Weekend Update
>>>anchorperson... or maybe that honor might go to
>>>Hannibal Burress, Jessi Klein, anyone. Either way,
>>>something big needs to change. Seth represents part
>>>what’s bringing SNL down right now, while John
>>>Mulaney is part of what represents hope for SNL’s
>>>Stars: **½
>>>[2017 UPDATE: Okay, a lot of things to address
>>>here: 1) This was Stefon's very first Weekend Update
>>>appearance, and would become the start of something
>>>epic. In fact, his appearance in this episode went
>>>over so well with the audience that SNL brought him
>>>back for his second Update commentary merely two
>>>episodes later in the season finale. 2) Regarding my
>>>gripe about the increasing frequency of Bill's
>>>character breaks, obviously we didn't know yet about
>>>the REAL reason for his crack-up during this (and
>>>subsequent) Stefon commentary. I believe the reason
>>>wasn't revealed until some point during the following
>>>season when Stefon had become a frequent Update
>>> 3) It's interesting how the very first Update Stefon
>>>appeared in also featured a commentary from John
>>>Mulaney, considering he's the writer behind Stefon.
>>>4) "--they’re trying out potential replacements as
>>>Update anchor if Seth leaves soon?" Again, like my
>>>'Fred's final season' comment earlier, not even
>>>close... Also, I may have been eager back then for
>>>Mulaney to take over as Update anchor, but nowadays,
>>>it's hard to say just how good he would've been. Not
>>>too sure now if he would've been all that great. I
>>>remember a complaint about him on the SNL boards back
>>>then was, personality and delivery-wise, he seemed
>>>similar to Seth, and thus there was a worry that him
>>>as Update anchor would've just been more of the
>>>Then again, when Colin Jost started doing Update
>>>several years later, there were similar complaints
>>>about him being a robotic Seth clone, before he found
>>>his voice during his second season on Update. So
>>>knows how Mulaney would've fared. And finally, 5)
>>>regarding my hope for "Mulaney making more
>>>as a guest commentator", he would do only one more
>>>Update commentary later on, in the following season's
>>>Emma Stone episode, IIRC. And interestingly, I
>>>believe Stefon also appeared on that same Update,
>>> Strange. Was Stefon appearing on Update whenever
>>>Mulaney did a guest commentary some sort of package

>>>Sketch - 2010 Public Employees of the Year Awards
>>>• SNL’s fake award show sketches are usually
>>>ALWAYS boring and way too long, and this was no
>>>exception. It felt like there were almost no funny
>>>moments in this overlong sketch, and the only true
>>>laughs came from Bobby’s performance, even though
>>>wasn’t given any actual funny lines to say. It
>>>really says something about Bobby’s talent that he
>>>was able to wring laughs out of a dull role like
>>>This guy definitely needs to be promoted to the main
>>>cast next season.
>>>• Gabourey AGAIN stumbled over one of her lines,
>>>during her DMV monologue. I’m enjoying some of her
>>>performances tonight, but I don’t know... It almost
>>>feels like the writers intentionally gave her such
>>>difficult, long-winded dialogue in every sketch so
>>>she’d mess up on the air.
>>>• The Brendan Fraser cutaway could’ve been funny,
>>>but SNL already used that clip before.
>>>Stars: *½
>>>Sketch - Alarm Clocks and More
>>>• No. Just no. Please stop doing these, SNL.
>>>• When they first did the Doorbells sketch in the
>>>Taylor Lautner episode, I felt like I was one of the
>>>very few people who didn’t mind it and I actually
>>>defended Jenny Slate in my review of that sketch
>>>(since it seemed like everyone was hating on Jenny
>>>back then). But now I feel kinda foolish for all of
>>>that. There was absolutely no reason to ever make
>>>sketch recurring, and it gets more and more annoying
>>>in each installment.
>>>• For those on this forum who called out some
>>>reviewers last week on complaining too much about
>>>recurring sketches, MY problem personally with
>>>current recurring characters this season is that they
>>>never do anything new with most of them; each
>>>installment for most new characters these days are
>>>just completely lazy copy-and-paste rewrites of the
>>>first, with only a few minor changes, and they
>>>get less and less funny in each installment. And some
>>>of them are one-dimensional characters that had no
>>>business being recurring in the first place! Take
>>>sketch for example: it’s the exact same every time.
>>>It starts with Nasim and Bobby, and Bobby goes
>>>“Pfft! Nice doorbell/car horn/alarm clock” and
>>>walks out on Nasim, then Jenny enters and goes
>>>this ever happen to you???”, then throws a
>>>traditional doorbell/car horn/alarm clock off-camera,
>>>and proceeds to showcase a whole bunch of tedious
>>>ringing/honking tones for various types of people.
>>>They even have Fred and Abby appear as the same
>>>customers in every installment, asking for a
>>>doorbell/car horn/alarm clock that suits them, then
>>>saying “Thanks...” with a forced smile
>>>The overall sketch is very one-dimensional and it’s
>>>been downhill after the first installment.
>>>• And honestly, I don’t know what to think about
>>>Jenny Slate anymore. My opinion of her and faith in
>>>her has actually lessened a little in the last few
>>>months. First off, have you noticed she never gets
>>>big roles outside of this Tina-Tina Shaneuse
>>>character? When she’s not playing this character,
>>>she’s stuck in non-speaking walk-on roles all the
>>>time. Compare this to Nasim Pedrad, who has been
>>>showcased in quite a number of lead roles, playing a
>>>variety of different characters each time. Even when
>>>she gets a small walk-on role, Nasim still comes off
>>>like a very experienced performer. I cannot say the
>>>same for Jenny. And Nasim actually adds something new
>>>and unique to SNL, doing several low-key
>>>type sketches like School Dance and Roomies; neither
>>>sketch is laugh-out-loud hilarious, but they’re
>>>entertaining, relatable, and a breath of fresh air
>>>compared to the usual humor on SNL these days.
>>>Jenny’s Tina-Tina character, on the other hand, is
>>>just another in a long line of one-note,
>>>catchphrase-driven unfunny characters we see these
>>>days on SNL, which is the LAST thing the show needs
>>>right now. Now, I’m not trying to sound like one of
>>>Jenny’s haters. Despite what I said above about
>>>she still comes off as a likeable performer most
>>>and I still WANT her to improve and succeed on the
>>>show. I just sincerely hope that this Doorbell lady
>>>character isn’t the best she has to offer SNL.
>>>• Oh, and as for my thoughts about the remaining
>>>female featured player, Abby... Abby who? It
>>>feels like Abby has disappeared on the show for the
>>>last few months. She NEVER gets lead roles and never
>>>stands out anymore these days, unless she’s doing
>>>impression on Weekend Update... and the last one she
>>>did was Meryl Streep all the way back in January! I
>>>don’t know if this bodes very well for Abby’s
>>>future on the show. She’s been on the show for TWO
>>>YEARS now and has yet to break out.
>>>• Aaaaaand getting back on topic after all of
>>>that... I laughed at the “boner” alarm clock for
>>>men. Unfortunately, that was my only laugh during
>>>whole sketch.
>>>• Did you notice Gabourey almost reached for one of
>>>the alarm clocks by mistake when Jenny was supposed
>>>to? Gabourey caught herself half-way through and
>>>stopped, then laughed a little. I like her, but man,
>>>she seems to be messing up in EVERY sketch tonight.
>>>Stars: *½
>>>Sketch - Gabourey and Hamilton
>>>• Kenan seems to be in every sketch tonight.
>>>That’s no surprise considering this episode's host.
>>>I should just be happy we didn’t get a Virginiaca
>>>a Scared Straight sketch, which a lot of people were
>>>predicting would show up tonight.
>>>• I was happy to see Will’s anti-Obama guy back
>>>(see, guys, I don’t hate ALL recurring sketches).
>>>And just like how the last sketch with him in the
>>>Barrymore show was one of the very few highlights in
>>>that weak episode, his appearance tonight was easily
>>>better than almost any other sketch in this episode.
>>>• Just the idea of a racist character like this
>>>being the ex-boyfriend of Gabourey Sidibe is
>>>in itself. And there were some good moments here, and
>>>Will’s line about transferring Robert Ludlum
>>>passages to Gabourey’s back with his penis was
>>>priceless. But overall, the sketch was a bit
>>>disappointing for his standards. It was still a funny
>>>sketch in general, but it didn’t have quite as many
>>>laughs as the Drew Barrymore installment.
>>>• What was with that close-up of Gabourey when she
>>>didn’t even say anything? When the camera cut to
>>>her, she and no one else spoke for the next few
>>>seconds, then she opened her mouth like she actually
>>>was going to speak, but Will started saying his next
>>>line. Did Gabourey blank out and completely skip one
>>>of her lines or something? Seriously like I said
>>>earlier, she seemed to not be able to get through a
>>>single sketch tonight without messing up at least
>>>Stars: ***
>>>Episode Highlights:
>>>• Gabourey and Hamilton
>>>• most of Old Mrs. Johnson
>>>• John Mulaney on Weekend Update
>>>Episode Lowlights:
>>>• A Message from President Obama
>>>• Alarm Clocks and More
>>>• 2010 Public Employees of the Year Awards
>>>• I Did It in My Style, The Story of Frank Sinatra
>>>• parts of Weekend Update
>>>• Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
>>>• The Suze Orman Show
>>>• Gabourey Sidibe’s constant screw-ups
>>>Best Performer of the Night:
>>>• Will Forte
>>>I know I shouldn’t keep getting my hopes up
>>>considering how consistently disappointed I’ve been
>>>with the second half of the 09-10 season, but I
>>>thought Gabourey Sidibe’s presence this week would
>>>snap the lazy writers into shape and inspire them to
>>>write an actual good show. But nope. The result was
>>>yet another mostly uninspired, forgettable episode.
>>>There were a few rare shining moments of hope like
>>>great material in the Old Mrs. Johnson sketch and the
>>>show ending on a good note with Forte’s Hamilton
>>>sketch, but for the most part, the episode felt like
>>>long string of weak sketches that missed the mark,
>>>it felt like nothing stood out as truly great overall
>>>- even the better sketches in this episode only
>>>received a three-star rating.
>>>And Gabourey Sidibe... I’m not quite sure what to
>>>say. She was a likeable and enthusiastic host
>>>which is always nice for SNL to have (though no one
>>>this season has matched Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s
>>>of enthusiasm) and she made me laugh at times, but
>>>apparent nervousness and inexperience hurt the show
>>>a lot of spots. I had a feeling before the show that
>>>she might have trouble keeping a straight face in a
>>>sketch or two considering how giggly she was in some
>>>interviews I’ve seen her in, but I wasn’t
>>>expecting something like THIS with her making some
>>>kind of flub/screw-up in just about EVERY SINGLE
>>>SKETCH. I want to cut her some slack, but I rarely
>>>a host mess up this much. The last host with this
>>>screw-ups was January Jones, although by no means am
>>>saying Gabourey was as bad a host as her. Gabourey
>>>still showed far more charisma and got far more
>>>than January Jones did.
>>>There are only two episodes left this season. I’m
>>>already not looking forward to the Betty White/former
>>>female castmembers reunion extravaganza thing. I have
>>>no problem with Betty White herself (although it’s
>>>kinda ridiculous that SNL’s only getting her to
>>>because of some dumb Facebook campaign), my issue is
>>>with SNL bringing back a whole bunch of female
>>>castmembers for the show. What the hell is the point?
>>>If it’s because SNL doesn’t want to overwork
>>>White and use her in too many sketches, then isn’t
>>>that what you have the CURRENT cast for? This could
>>>actually be a good excuse for some of the newer,
>>>underused castmembers to get some much-needed
>>>exposure. But with a show that’s most likely going
>>>to be filled with the return of old tired characters
>>>like Sally O’Malley and Debbie Downer, the current
>>>cast (especially those poor featured players) is
>>>to get lost in the shuffle.
>>>So in my opinion, SNL only has one more opportunity
>>>left for another good episode this season, and
>>>that’s the season finale. The finale better be
>>>strong, because there hasn’t been an episode that I
>>>truly and genuinely enjoyed since Jon Hamm in
>>>and I’d hate to have this season end without a
>>>single good episode in its final 4 months. I
>>>constantly compare the quality of this 09-10 season
>>>1993-94, but even that season didn't have this long
>>>a gap between great episodes.
>>>[2017 UPDATE: Funny how I was all
>>>about the then-upcoming Betty White episode and was
>>>ready to write it off. As we know now, that episode
>>>ended up being VERY memorable and by far one of the
>>>highlights of the whole season. And despite my
>>>worries about the possibility of the cast getting
>>>in the shuffle in that episode, most of them weren't
>>>shafted TOO badly, not even the featured players...
>>>except for Abby "Who?" Elliott, who made no live
>>>appearances that night. Will someone please remind
>>>HOW IN THE WORLD that woman lasted two more years
>>>after this season???]

>>>ARMISEN: 5 sketches (President Obama, Monologue, Mrs.
>>>Johnson, Frank Sinatra, Alarm Clocks)
>>>FORTE: 3 sketches (Monologue, Frank Sinatra,
>>>HADER: 3 sketches (Monologue, Frank Sinatra, Update)
>>>MEYERS: 1 sketch (Update)
>>>SAMBERG: 2 sketches (Monologue, Digital Short)
>>>SUDEIKIS: 3 sketches (Monologue, Frank Sinatra,
>>>Employees of the Year)
>>>THOMPSON: 6 sketches (Monologue, Millionaire, Mrs.
>>>Johnson, Frank Sinatra, Employees of the Year,
>>>WIIG: 3 sketches (Monologue, Suze Orman, Update)
>>>ELLIOTT: 3 sketches (Monologue, Millionaire, Alarm
>>>MOYNIHAN: 4 sketches (Monologue, Millionaire,
>>>Employees of the Year, Alarm Clocks)
>>>PEDRAD: 3 sketches (Monologue, Alarm Clocks,
>>>SLATE: 3 sketches (Monologue, Frank Sinatra, Alarm
>>>GABOUREY SIDIBE: 9 sketches (Monologue, Suze Orman,
>>>Millionaire, Mrs. Johnson, Digital Short, Frank
>>>Sinatra, Employees of the Year, Alarm Clocks,

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