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Subject: A Night or Three to Remember : part 1

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Date Posted: 20:00:35 07/17/08 Thu

A Night or Three to Remember
Alternate Universe
Pairing: Sarah/ sometime Harm
Disclaimer: The characters of JAG are the property of Donald Bellisario and Bellisarius Production, Inc. Used without permission. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Sarah and Harm meet every few years with unexpected results.

Feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Story note: This an alternate universe story. It’s a story of how Sarah deals with the aftermath of Harm “Flyboy” Rabb. Follows real Jag timeline very loosely.

part 1

17 July 1996
White House Rose Garden

Sarah was wondering what she was doing in Washington DC. She had been working a double homicide murder case. She was the prosecutor. This was a case that could make her career. It would make her a rising star in the world of JAG.

Instead she had been pulled from the trial and ordered to report to headquarters. She looked around as she walked. She was in the White House Rose Garden. She was told the Admiral would meet her there.

It was very beautiful here. She loved roses. There wasn’t a color or variety she didn’t like. She took a deep breath to savor the aroma of thousands of roses. It was mind numbing. She was on sensory overload.

If the Admiral didn’t arrive soon she would never be able to leave here on her own. She heard someone coming. There were three men wearing what looked like ice cream vendor uniforms walking her way. She laughed at the thought.

Two of them were very tall and one was a short dumpy doughboy looking squid. One of the tall ones, the admiral, was distinguish looking and quite fit for his age. But somehow she figured he must be a grumpy old man who didn’t have a life outside the office.

The third one was drop dead gorgeous. He looked very delectable ready to eat. When she saw the wings she sighed. A flyboy, they were arrogant and larger than life little boys, whose only purpose in life was to charm the ladies.

They existed to only love them and leave them. They weren’t capable of making a commitment to anyone. They were to be avoided at all cost. As they got nearer the larger than life smile came across the flyboy’s face when he saw her standing there.

But when it cam time to be introduce he was speechless. She didn’t know what to think. He look like he had seen a ghost, but it felt like he was looking deep into her eyes and seeing right into her soul.

After the introductions were made they went back to headquarters where they were told about their mission. Now she understood why she was here. Her uncle had stolen a very important document. They figured she must know where to find him.

Harm’s apartment

Before they left for Arizona they went back to his apartment. She shook her head. It looked like he lived in an abandon warehouse. They went inside and up a flight of stairs to his apartment.

When they went inside she wanted to laugh. What a dump. How could he live in a place like this? He obviously didn’t take his ladies back to his place. Then again why would he? When he was through with them he wouldn’t want them to know where he lived.

“I though squids were supposed to be anal about being clean.” smirked Sarah.

“What? Oh, you mean the apartment. I’m fixing it up. The landlord said he would give me a break in the rent if I renovate it. I like working with my hands.” smiled Harm.

“I’m sure you do.” thought Sarah.

“If you want something to drink Sarah, there’s cold drinks in the frig.” added Harm as he caught her meaning.

She went over to the frig and opened it. There was an ice box inside it filled with ice and soft drinks. Why wasn’t it plugged in? All she could do was shake her head.

“I haven’t had time to do the wiring yet.” added Harm.

As he changed and packed a sea bag he was watching her very closely. He couldn’t believe she looked so much like Diane. She was so beautiful. He wanted to take her into his arms and kiss her. He wanted to make love to her. He wanted to ........

the Arizona desert

Several hours later they were in Arizona. They checked out the robbery site. She wondered why she had to fly to Washington and then fly back to Arizona. Why couldn’t she have just flown here from LA?

It would have saved her a lot of time. It would have only cost her only an hour instead of twelve. She could have slept in instead of getting up at three in the morning to make the flight to Washington.

She was tired. She told the Commander that she was going to the marine base. He was going to fly in the helicopter, flyboys and their toys she thought. She waited for them to leave before heading in the direction she thought her uncle was.

She hadn’t gone very far before the Commander asked her to pull over. He had decided to go with her. Damm, damm, damm!

“What’s wrong Commander?” she asked.

“I think I’ll go wherever it is you’re going.” he smiled at her.

“I’m going to the base.” she replied.

“The base is in the other direction Sarah. Where are you going?” he asked pulling rank.

“I was heading to Red Rock Mesa. There are places there to hide and get lost. It’s where I would go.” she replied.

He gave her a funny look.

“I grew up in Arizona. I know it like my back yard.” she explained.

A couple hours later they stopped at a gas station to change and fill up the car with gas, While Sarah was inside Harm managed to rent a pickup truck with a bed in the back. He smiled with satisfaction.

Now all he would have to do was get her in there and let nature take its course. If there was one thing he knew, it was women. Sarah might play hard to get, but in the end he knew she would sleep with him. They all did.

“What is this Commander?” she asked with a show of disgust.

Harm sighed, why did she keep calling him Commander. He had asked her to call him Harm.

“I think Webb has the car and phones bugged. Since I don’t know how long it will take to get to this Red Rock Mesa, I thought I would take a vehicle with a bed in it.” he replied.

“Why?” she asked. He didn’t honestly think she was going to sleep in the same bed with him.

“Come on Sarah, even if we get there at a reasonable time, we don’t know how long we will have to wait before we make contact with them. We might as well be comfortable.” he whined.

“We can tell your uncle that I’m your boyfriend.”

She shook her head and got into the truck. She had to give him credit, he was thinking ahead about all the possibilities.

Several hours later they arrived at Red Rock Mesa. It was after 2100 hours and very dark. Harm signaled with the headlights to let her uncle know she was here. Now all they could do was wait.

At 2230 hours they decided to go to bed. Sarah was hesitant to go inside with him. She didn’t know him, only that he was a flyboy who thought he was God’s gift to women.

“Sarah, I promise you I won’t do anything but sleep. I am an officer and a gentleman.” he said with a smile.

“Don’t you give me your flyboy smile. It might work with all your feeble minded squidlets, but it won’t work with me.” she replied.


They both went inside the back and laid down on the mattress. It wasn’t bad she thought as Harm pulled the covers over them. She was a light sleeper. If he tried anything, she would hurt him.

During the night Sarah rolled over onto Harm. She laid half on, half off him. She was sleeping very soundly with her head on his chest. She was dead to the world. It had been a very long day.

For Harm he breathed in her scent while he slept. He began to dream of Diane. His arms were around her. She felt so good, so soft. He became aroused. His hands manage to slip her shorts off. It wasn’t long before he satisfied himself.

The next morning Sarah woke up and knew something was wrong. She could feel that he was where he didn’t belong. She leaned away from him and hit him hard several times in the chest to wake him up.

“Huh?” He said as he became aware that she was lying on top of him, but also that he was where he said he wouldn’t be. “Sorry Sarah, but you must have rolled over on top of me. I was dreaming of making love to Diane.”

“That’s no excuse Commander.” she replied as she hit him a few more times.

“Sarah stop! There are people outside staring at us.” he pleaded.

“You better get your sorry six outside while I get dress.” ordered Sarah.

Several hours later Sarah had arranged for her uncle to give the document back to her and Harm. It had been a nice visit. She hadn’t seen him in a couple of years. They talked for a while before she and Harm returned to the robbery location.

They found an angry Webb running around like a chicken with his head cut off. When Webb saw them he ran over to them screaming.

“Where the hell have you two been? You said you were going to the Marine base.” ranted Webb.

“Settle down chicken man. What you’re looking for is in the trunk of the car. Don’t screw up again Webb. We won’t be around to bail your sorry six out.” ordered Harm looking down at the little man.

“How?” asked Webb.

“Never you mind chicken man. It’s classified.” grinned Harm. He had always wanted to do that to a spook.

Harm went over to where Bud and Sarah were. The last couple of days had been nice. He was looking forward to working with Sarah MacKenzie. He liked working with women, especially beautiful ones.

“Are you ready to go home to Washington?” smiled Harm looking at Sarah.

“Yes Sir! Webb made me sleep with the sand fleas. I itch all over. I could use a hot bath.” replied Bud.

Harm wasn’t paying him any attention. He was looking at Sarah. He wanted her to know he wanted her back in Washington.


“Sorry Commander, I just got off the phone with your Admiral. This was a temporary assignment. I was only assigned to work with you until the job was done. I’m heading back to LA to night. It was nice meeting you Commander.” answered Sarah.

Sarah was relieved to be leaving. She had too much in her life to accomplish. She didn’t need to be distracted by a good looking flyboy. She knew that sooner or later he would win her over if she stayed.

Harm was greatly disappointed. Now he would be stuck with someone like Bud Roberts. Could it get any worse.

“Can I at least get a goodbye kiss Sarah, please.” he pleaded.

She thought why not. It had been a long time since she had a real good toe curling kiss.

“Alright Commander.” she replied.

Since they were in uniform Harm kept it simple, one hand under her chin as he leaned down to give her a soul searching kiss to remember him by.

“Thank you Sarah.” smiled Harm as he thought well done.

Sarah sighed in response “Anytime Commander.” His ego was big enough already. It needed deflating a notch or two.

15 Oct 1996
LA Memorial Hospital

Several months later Sarah decided to go and see her doctor. For the last several weeks she woke up feeling sick and queasy. She couldn’t keep anything down except for toast. She couldn’t drink coffee because it made her head spin like a top.

At first she thought she caught the flu or something with all the flying she had been doing, but when it didn’t alleviate after two weeks she began to suspect something else. She thought back to that night in the desert.

She still couldn’t understand how it happened. She was a light sleeper, but that night she was dead to the world. She had heard that sleeping with your head resting on someone’s chest was the most peaceful experience in the world.

Not that she could argue with that, but she did wake up with her head on his chest. She had slept very deeply and peacefully. She hadn’t been aware that Harm had made love to her.

She shouldn’t blame him, it was her responsibility to use birth control, but she hadn’t been sexually active for more than two years. She had been with NATO over in Europe for two years.

She looked up to see the doctor approach. She had a happy look on her face. She sighed as she knew what the doctor was going to say.

“You’re pregnant Sarah. I figured you’re about three months along. Base on when you believe it to have happen, you’re due 23 April.” smiles the doctor.

“Thank you Doctor Wilson.” she replied.

“Have you told the father?” asked the doctor.

“No, he’s not a part of my life. It was accidental. We were two strangers in too small a place at the wrong time together.” she sighed.

20 April 1997
LA Memorial Hospital

Sarah spent the next six months getting ready for the baby. She moved into small house off post. She arranged for day care and an emergency contact, who would look after her child if she was called away.

Her friend was Sandra MacIntire, a mother of two who stayed home. Her husband owned a couple restaurants. She was someone Sarah sought advice from as the wonderful day came nearer and nearer.

She was there with Sarah when she gave birth to a baby girl, named Victoria. She weighed eight pounds and was twenty three inches long. She was a common copy of her mother except for the sea blue eyes.

Sarah couldn’t believe how beautiful, how perfect her little girl was. She was surprised at how small she was, but Sandra assured her that her baby was actually a little larger than normal.

A couple of days later she went home with little Victoria. The nursery room was perfect. The room had been painted a light blue with clouds and an assortment of small planes riding the wind.

She was nervous about leaving Victoria alone at night in her own crib, but Sandra assured her that she would be alright. There would be a baby monitor near her to let Sarah know when she was awake and needed her attention.

A week later Sarah went into the personnel office to make changes in her records. She had a dependent and a house now. She was due additional compensation from the government. She received housing allowance (BAQ), additional meal allowance (BAS), dependent allowance (Victoria), and finally ten percent of Harm’s monthly salary for child support.

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