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Subject: What Do You Want to Know : part five

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Date Posted: 17:19:25 05/14/08 Wed

Title: What Do You Want to Know
Author: rooster
Pairing: Harm and Sarah
Summary: Harm and Sarah answer the questions the JAG staff always wanted to know.
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: The characters of JAG are the property of Donald Bellisario and Bellisarius Production, Inc. Used without permission. No copyright infringement intended. May be reproduce if unchanged, author given full credit, and no financial transaction is involved.

Please let me know what you think, it’s the only way I can write better stories for you.

part five

Question fifteen: “For five points, Harm, what’s the one thing about Sarah that bothers you the most?” read Sarah. After everyone gave their answers Harm and Sarah looked closely at them.

“Are you people trying to get me kill?” asked Harm.

“Come on Harm? There must be something, after all you two seem to fight a lot.” replied Carolyn.

“Yeah, as much time as the two of you have spent together, something has to be keeping you apart.” added Sturgis.

“I know most of you aren’t going to believe this, but I honestly don’t enjoy arguing or fighting with Sarah. It puts a strain on an otherwise great friendship and it makes for one unhappy marine.

But that not the right answer. The only thing that really bothers me about Sarah besides the fact she is stubborn as a mule is, that she believes I see Diane when I look at her. For some reason she doesn’t believe I see her for who she really is.

I will admit the first time I met her in the rose garden, I thought Diane was alive again and had come back to me. But that was short lived as she shot down every line, every smile, every move I made.

She put me in my place very quickly. I have never been confused with whom I was looking at, talking to, or kissing after the first day. I never thought Sarah was Diane.” concluded Harm.

“How sweet buddy. Hey Sarah! As you know I knew Harm at the academy when he was seeing Diane. They were pretty good together, but I think Diane was the one who was in love back then. Harm was only interested in flying.

I saw the way he looked at you after you both rescued me from the Iranian prison. He never looked at Diane like the way he looks at you. He liked Diane, but he loves you.” smiled Jack.

“So who had the right answer?” asked Meredith.

She had know Sarah for a few years, but had never really known Sarah the person. She was totally amazed how together she was and how much her friends really loved her.

“Thank you Harm. You have answered probably my greatest fear, do you love me for me or because I looked like Diane.” replied Sarah softly.

“I think Jack said it best Sarah. Diane was a special person in my life, but you’re the only one I ever loved.” replied Harm.

“Enough with the mushy stuff, who had the right answer?” bellowed the Admiral.

“What makes you think any of you had the answer?” asked Harm. He looked at everyone. They all shrugged as if they didn’t know.

“We talked it over and decided that three of you were close enough. You all implied that it had to do something with Diane. Therefore we will give five points to Sturgis, Jack, and Bud.” smiled Sarah.

“Way to go buddy!” yelled Jack as he and Sturgis exchanged high fives. Harriet sat there befuddled. How was it possible that Jack and Bud were getting so many questions right.

Bud never seemed to be interested with what was going on between the Commander and Colonel. Jack hardly knew Sarah.

“How Sir? How come you seem to come up with most of the right answers? asked Harriet.

“Well my dear young lady, when you room with a man for four years during his formative years, you pretty much know the man. I know who he is and what he likes and doesn’t like.

The first time I met Sarah, I knew Harm had met his match, his soul mate. Harm has always been a free spirit, totally uncontrollable. Sarah is strong and clairvoyant. She knows when to rein him in and keep him under her control.

She knows when to allow him the space he needs to be free, to be who he is. She brings out the best in him, she makes him better.” explained Jack.

There was a collected “Ahhh ...” from everyone.

Question sixteen: “For five points, Sarah, what is the one thing about Harm that bothers you?” read Sarah. After everyone gave their answers Harm and Sarah looked closely at them.

“Hymmm ..... Well there isn’t really just one thing. It sort of is a combination of a couple of things. Though he has been much better recently.” began Sarah.

“There is only two things Ma’am? I would think there were quite a few.” teased Harriet.

“I am only concerned about what he’s capable of controlling Harriet. He can’t help the fact that he attracts women, especially blond bimbos. He is after all a gorgeous flyboy with a smile that melts your heart.” replied Sarah.

“What has always bother me the most was his inability to tell me how he feels about me and not putting me first. It was his inability to tell me how he feels that led me to accept Mic’s ring.

It led to me almost marrying Mic.” offered Sarah.

“Has he change Ma’am?” asked Harriet.

“He’s gotten better. And that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.” smiled Sarah as she looked at Harm.

“What about putting you first Ma’am?” asked Jennifer.

“I think that was the thing I resented the most of about him, particularly after our trip to Russia. He seemed to put his own needs first.

I needed him when my ex husband showed up. Then he started dating someone else later. I needed him after my father died and I saw my mother for the first time in seventeen years. I needed him when Chloe left, but he left to return to flying tomcats.

I needed him in Australia, but he went to Renee. I needed him after Mic left, but he put Renee first. I needed answers from him on the Guadalcanal, but he put his needs first.” sighed a sullen Sarah.

“I’m sorry Sarah. It was never my intention to hurt you. I had always wanted the best for you.” replied Harm.

“I know Harm. It’s okay.” replied Sarah as she whispered

“I love you Harm.” He whispered back the same.

“So who had the right answer Harm?” asked Carolyn.

“Well once again we had to discuss the fact no one gave the exact answer, but two people gave answers that implied a common thread.” replied Harm.

“The first was Jack. He said I probably wouldn’t like Harm’s need to put flying ahead of everything else. Which is true to a point, but he usually has asked before doing so.” replied Sarah.

“Who was the second person?” asked Harriet realizing she understood less about the Colonel and Commander then she thought.

“Gunny was the closest to the other problem. He implied that I couldn’t express my feelings.” laughed Harm.

“How did you know Gunny?” asked Jason.

“The Commander came out to the Guadalcanal to see the Colonel a couple of years ago. You know right after her marriage to Commander Brumby was cancelled.

I could tell the only reason that he was there was to talk to the Colonel. He was always trying to get her alone to talk. I figured he didn’t accomplish his mission, because when he left the Colonel wasn’t there to see him off.” stated Gunny.

“Why did you believe that he was there about his feelings Gunny?” asked Jennifer.

“We all knew the reason why the Colonel left. We knew she was avoiding the Commander. After all it was the Commander’s crash that postponed the wedding.

When Commander Brumby returned to Australia, it had to be something to do with the Commander and Colonel’s relationship. And as we all know the scuttlebutt was that the Colonel and Commander belong together.” smiled Gunny.

“Actually that’s an incorrect assumption Gunny. The reason I left was I didn’t want to answer questions about why there wasn’t going to be a wedding. I did explain to everyone why Mic left and returned to Australia.

Harm wasn’t really a factor as to why I left. I had to deal with the cancel wedding and Mic’s leaving on my own. I needed to think about what I wanted for myself in the future.

As I mentioned earlier, I needed Harm, but he wasn’t there. I wouldn’t have left for the Guadalcanal. Also realize that at that point in time Harm wasn’t in the picture, he was still involved with Renee.” explained Sarah.

Question seventeen: “For five points, What was the worst experience you had sleeping together?” read Sarah. After everyone gave their answers Harm and Sarah looked closely at them.

“What an interesting question.” mused Sarah.

“Who’s thought this one up? What exactly are you looking for?”

“That’s one of my questions Ma’am.” beamed Jason.

“I guess what I really wanted to know deals with the fact the two of you go away on a lot of investigations together. And sometimes you two seem to run into a bit of trouble.”

“That’s an understatement.” moaned the Admiral with an wry look.

“Harm and I run into trouble? I’m not sure I understand Jason?” smiled Sarah coyly.

“I think he’s referring to the time the two of you were in country and were reported missing last year while you were in Afghanistan Ma’am.” replied Gunny.

“Ah yes! That was the time Sarah wasn’t paying attention to where she was driving and decided to drive into a minefield in an effort to avoid hitting a couple of goats. The blast from hitting one of the mines threw me out of the humvee.” groaned Harm.

“Well you were talking to me, you distracted me. Besides you should have had your seatbelt on.” argued Sarah.

“Yeah, well you noticed I didn’t let you do anymore driving that week while we were in Afghanistan.” sneered Harm.

“What happened? How come we haven’t heard anything about this?” asked Carolyn.

“It happened less than a week before Bud’s injury. At the time we sort of joked around about it, you know, the invincible Harmon Rabb.

He’d survived a ramp strike, three ejections, a night in the Atlantic, and many other near misses. But after Bud’s accident, it shocked us back to reality about how short life is.” answered Sarah with a tear coming to her eye.

Everyone nodded in agreement. It would have been very crass to talk or brag about surviving after landing in a minefield when one of your friends had been severely injured. But they were still curious to know what had happen.

“How did you get out of the minefield Harm?” asked Webb.

“Well unlike Bud who stepped on a contact mine, I stepped on an antipersonnel mine. I thought I could walk right out of there. Unfortunately on the third step I took we heard a click.

Then Sarah had this great idea, replace my weight on the mine with something else, an ammunition box. She then jumps out of the humvee into the minefield with me. Scared the stuffings out of me.” sighed Harm as he shook his head.

“That’s because I knew there wasn’t a mine there. You would have too if you were a marine.” smirked Sarah almost seductively.

“You forget it was a marine who was responsible for me being in the minefield to begin with.” replied Harm

“What happened next Ma’am?” asked Harriet trying to keep the story going. Their bantering while amusing was distracting, she wanted to hear the whole story.

“I slipped the ammo box over the mine as Harm removed his foot.” began Sarah.

“I had to convince her that I could jump over the humvee easier than she could. After we were safe I asked her how she came up with that idea, she said she saw it in a movie. She then walked off with a smug look on her face.” finished Harm shaking his head.

“That’s all fine and good Harm, but how does that have anything to do with the question of you sleeping together?” asked Jack.

“We’re coming to that Jack, be patient. After we walked for awhile we finally decided to call it a night. It was getting cold, all we had was our BDU’s and coat.” smiled Harm.

“He wanted to share body heat.” smiled Sarah.

“She made me beg her to join me.” continued Harm.

“That’s the way Ma’am! You have to make them earn what they want.” chirped Jennifer. Everyone laughed. They all knew Harm was use to getting his way with woman, but Sarah never caved.

“I had to make sure he knew I wasn’t easy.” laughed Sarah.

“As we were getting comfortable in each other’s arms .....” paused Harm.

“We saw a barrage of bombs exploding in the distance .....” added Sarah.

“I quickly realize that they were heading in our direction. We quickly jumped up and took cover. When we got back later ..... ” smiled Harm.

“We found out that it was Bud who was the one who was bombing us.” finished Sarah.

“Wow! That is pretty bad Ma’am. That must have been pretty frightening.” exclaimed Jennifer.

“Yeah, but I was with Harm. Nothing bad ever happens when I’m with him. But that wasn’t the worse night we spent together.” declared Sarah.

“You had a worse night than Bud dropping bombs on you?” asked a stunned Carolyn.

“Of course! You remember I told you about the first time Harm and I spent the night together. I had been shot by poachers in the leg.

During our escape the poachers caught up to us after awhile. Harm decided to lead them away from me, but one of them managed to come in my direction. I was hiding under some brush, but he found me. He decided he was going too have some fun with me.

He put down his gun and took out his knife. When he made his move I deflected his knife and turned it against him. I guess he didn’t think a woman could kill him, but then again he probably never dealt with a marine before.” Sarah said solemnly.

“Way to kick ass Ma’am.” deadpanned Gunny.

“I’m glad you think so, but later that night I sort of freaked out a little, you know ... I couldn’t get the blood off my hands. So here I am, my leg is killing me, I’m not dealing very well with killing someone, and I’m freezing my butt off.

The only good thing that night was sleeping in Harm’s arms. I got up the next morning. I didn’t see Harm. I left the small cave. I could barely walk. I asked him where’s breakfast, I usually get breakfast the next morning.” smiled Sarah.

Everyone laughed. They had all heard about her amazing appetite.

“Well she’s not exactly a morning person without her coffee.” grinned Harm.

“Well you called me FAT.” replied Sarah. “Do I look FAT to any of you?”

“I never said you were fat Sarah. I said being a woman, you naturally had more body fat than I did. And you called me Stick boy.” replied Harm.

“I had always wondered about the origin of that nickname.” added Carolyn.

“I would have say both nights could easily qualify as the worst night sleeping together.” asserted the Admiral.

“But I have to agree with Sarah, being shot and killing the guy has to be the worse.” declared Jack.

“And here I always thought it was spending two nights in the desert with you Jack.” smirked Harm.

“Did anyone guess the right answer?” asked a confused Meredith.

“No one guessed that night, but Gunny, Webb, and Sturgis guess the night in the desert.” replied Harm.

Question eighteen: “For five points, Harm, when did you realize you were in love with Sarah?” read Sarah. After everyone gave their answers Harm and Sarah looked closely at them.

“Probably the first day I met her. Considering that she looked just like Diane, the woman I was going to ask to marry me a few months earlier. I thought I was given a second chance for love.” began Harm.

“Yeah, and you didn’t waste time making the moves on her Sir.” laughed Bud as he remembered the earlier conversation.

“She shot you down almost as quickly. I step in to stop you from making a bigger fool of yourself.” smirked the Admiral.

“If you say so Sir. But seriously after our trip to Columbia where she almost kissed me and seeing her with Lowne the Clown, I began to realize how important she was to me.

When she went to Russia with me to search for my father, I gave her many opportunities to turn around and go home, but she always decided to stay with me.

I fell in love with her in Russia. I not only saw Sarah MacKenzie the marine, but I got to see and know Sarah MacKenzie the woman. I saw a woman with so much love to give that she was willing to follow me anywhere in the world to cover my six.” finished Harm.

“What really happen there in Russia buddy?” asked Jack.

“I got to see Sarah for who she really was. We were traveling with two gypsies, a brother and sister. I had never seen Sarah so alive and happy as she was during the month we were there.

She wasn’t guarded. She was herself. She was so beautiful and so happy. She was a free spirit.” replied Harm.

“Is that true Ma’am?” asked Harriet.

“Yeah, I would say so. I was with Harm. We were together. The gypsy woman was a free spirit who helped me overcome my fears of being unworthy. That I should strive to be happy and live life to the fullest.” smiled Sarah.

“The month we were in Russia were two of the best weeks in my life. I was very happy.”

“Wow! That’s incredible Ma’am, you’ll have to tell me more later.” smiled Jennifer who happened to guess the correct answer along with Carolyn.

Question nineteen: “For five points, Sarah, when did you realize you were in love with Harm?” read Sarah. After everyone gave their answers Harm and Sarah looked closely at them.

“When he saved my life after I was shot by the poachers. I knew he would do anything for me. First he led the poachers away from me while I rested. Then later that night he cleaned out my wound and help me deal with killing the poacher.

Then he found a cave and built a fire to keep me warm. He still should have cooked me breakfast. He wasn’t afraid to give me the why women don’t belong in the marines speech when I was too exhausted to go further.

He even carried me the last mile over his shoulder to the plane so we could get away. He did everything possible that day to keep me alive.

Though I wasn’t completely sure what chance I had with him until I found out that the Sarah he named his plane after was his grandmother, not some blond bimbo he seems to attract.” smiled Sarah.

“That seems to be a favorite theme for you Sarah. This is the third time you have referred to that day with Harm.” commented Meredith.

“Yeah, when one thinks back to those days, Sarah changed a lot over the first few months she was here. When she first arrived, she was a kick ass marine. She was very discipline, who didn’t put up with any nonsense. It wasn’t long before we began to see the seductive killer smile she has.

Harm was the up and coming golden boy of JAG. He had plenty of attitude and charm. Sarah was a challenge to him because she didn’t swoon at his feet. It wasn’t very long before she was challenging him to see who was going to be the best in JAG.

It became a game to them with great bantering back and forth between the two of them. Just when you thought one of them would come out ahead, the other would respond and raise the bar to an even higher level. They played off each other so well.” smiled Carolyn.

“Thanks Carolyn, once again the correct date was 28 Sep 1996.” smiled Sarah.

“Did anyone come close to that date?” asked Sturgis.

“Yeah, Bud did.” replied Harm.

“How’s that possible?” asked Bobbie.

“Maybe because he spent a lot of time with us when we were conducting those investigations. Maybe because he was one of the few people who knew Diane and our history. Maybe because he knew Diane and Sarah look like twins.

Maybe because Bud is an officer and gentleman who knows Junior officers should stay out of the lives of Senior officers.” smiled Harm.

“Good job Bud.” praised Sturgis.

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