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Subject: A New Life

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Date Posted: 13:36:56 03/22/08 Sat

Title: A New Life
Author: Peter
Classification: Harm/Mac
Spoiler: n/a
Summary: After a scare Harm and Mac begin a new life together.

Disclaimers: The characters of JAG are the property of Donald Bellisario and Bellisarius Production, Inc. Used without permission. No copyright infringement intended. May be reproduce if unchanged, author given full credit, and no financial transaction is involved.

Feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed.

part 1

JAG Headquarters

The Admiral had just finished having a conversation with Clayton Webb. They had recently learned that Mac had moved the ring from her right hand to her left hand. She was officially engaged to Mic Brumby now.

Neither one of them was particularly please with this turn of events. Neither one of them like Brumby as a potential mate for Mac. He was an arrogant and obnoxious person who rubbed people the wrong way.

They really didn’t believe that Mac was in love with him enough to marry him. They knew the love of her life was a former naval aviator turned lawyer, one Harmon Rabb Jr.

But for some unknown reason they both were behaving like stubborn spoiled children. Neither one of them was talking to the other.

They both were in love with each other, but they were playing a game of chicken that neither one knew how to get out of without losing face or each other.

The Admiral and Webb had to think of a way to change that. After much discussion they came up with a plan.

“So Webb, what is this plan that you’ve come up with?” asked the Admiral.

“We start by putting the Roberts in a safe house. We tell them it’s for their own protection. A group of militiamen from the Brotherhood of Freedom wants revenge for putting their leader in prison.” replied Webb smartly.

“That sounds plausible.” replied the Admiral.

“After a month we’ll tell Rabb and MacKenzie that the Roberts are afraid for little AJ. We’ll tell them the Roberts want them to look after him while they’re in the safe house.” continued Webb.

“This plan sounds good so far.” smiled the Admiral.

“After two weeks we will tell Rabb and MacKenzie that the militia is after them too. We will have to put them in the witness protection program for next few years until the threat has been eliminated.” smirked Webb with a very big grin.

“What are you going to have them do?” asked a concerned Admiral. If they were lawyers, sooner or later they would draw attention to themselves.

“I’ve talked to some people at a small private University in the state of Washington. I have arranged for two teaching position in the law department. We will give them new names, David and Catherine Harmon. AJ will be their adopted son, Andrew.” replied a serious Webb.

“Are you planning on having them get married or are they going to pretend to be married?” asked the Admiral irately.

“I think having them get married is the best way to go. I think they would be too inhibited to express their love for each other if they weren’t. They would probably chicken out thinking that eventually they would return to JAG.

Besides it’s what they really want. They are playing a dangerous game of chicken right now. I think they are waiting to see who will cave in first.

Unfortunately they are both very stubborn individuals who might miss out on the best thing in their lives that will ever happen to them.” replied Webb with a sense of regret.

“That’s very true. We can’t let things continue to go as they are now. They have something very special, I don’t want to see them blow it.” responded the Admiral.

A month later The Admiral had Tiner call Harm and Mac into his office. Webb was standing by the window with hands in his pockets. When Harm and Mac entered the office they saw Webb, they wondered what was wrong. Harm gave a look to Mac, what’s happening, her look in return told Harm she didn’t know.

“Commander Rabb and Colonel MacKenzie reporting as ordered Sir.” bellowed Harm.

The Admiral gave them a look of dread. It looked like he was going to tell them some very bad news. Harm and Mac looked uneasy as the Admiral told them “At ease, please take a seat both of you.”

“What’s Webb doing here Sir? Does he have news about Bud and Harriet.” asked Harm uneasily.

“Yes, he does have some news. It’s not good, Webb.” replied the Admiral.

“As you know the Roberts have been in a safe house for the past month. As time has past the Roberts have been worried that something might happen and little AJ could be killed.

There was a break in at the house they were at. We were able to get there in time to get them out okay. They would like the two of you to look after him until they’re able to come home.” commented Webb calmly.

“We’d be happy to look after little AJ. Bud and Harriet are two of our best friends. We would do anything to help them out. Do you know how long they might be staying in the safe house.” asked a curious Mac.

“No I don’t. There is no way of knowing. The threat needs to be eliminated first. It could be a few weeks or it could take years. Are you in agreement with the Colonel, Rabb?” asked Webb.

“Yes, I would do anything for little AJ, Bud, and Harriet.” replied Harm.

“Well I’m glad you said that.” replied Webb.

“Why Webb?” asked Mac. She wondered what was going on. What did he want?

“We brought little AJ to Jag from the safe house to give to you and Rabb to take care of. Then we got a tip that the militia is after both of you also. They want both of you dead.” commented Webb quietly.

“Oh my god! I don’t believe it.” cried Mac.

“We are going to put the two of you along with little AJ in the witness protection program. You will be assigned new identities, David and Catherine Harmon and their son Andrew.

You both will be teaching law at a small private university in Washington. You will not be able to make contact with any family members or friends during this time. We will inform them as necessary that you are safe and doing well.” explained Webb.

“You mean you want Harm and I to live together as a married couple?” asked Mac with a scared look.

“Yes.” replied Webb.

“But I’m engaged to Mic.” responded Mac desperately.

“You just told me you would do anything for the Roberts. And besides you really don’t want to marry him anyways.” smiled Webb.

“Yes but ..... ” started a perplexed Mac.

“There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Your safety is our first priority. The Chaplin will be here this afternoon. Webb has sent his men to clean out your apartments and pack up your belongings. Anything concerning your time in the service or you identities will be stored away.” ordered the Admiral.

“What about Mic?” asked Mac solemnly.

“What about him. Don’t worry we’ll talk to him. He’s just S.O.L.. This is for your own safety Colonel. We’re taking this threat very seriously. I suggest you do the same.” bellowed the Admiral.

“We’ll tell Brumby that you have been assigned a deep undercover cased that could last anywhere from three months to several years.” replied Webb. Hoping that would convince her.

“What about our families? Will we be able to contact them?” asked Harm.

“No. We’ll tell them the same story that we’ll tell Brumby.” replied the Admiral.

“This is really weird.” replied Harm.

It didn’t seem real. Bud and Harriet were nearly killed. He and Mac were going to take care of Aj. And now they were going to be living together as man and wife under the witness protection plan. What else could happen?

“It’s 1130 hours. Why don’t the two of you go and grab some lunch and be back here by 1300 hours.” ordered the Admiral.

“After you’re married and you changed your clothes, you will be taken to Dulles International for a 1430 hours flight to Washington non stop. Good luck to both of you.” continued Webb.

Harm and Mac left Jag and went to lunch. They went to one of their favorite out of the way Italian restaurant. While they ate they talked about the events of the morning and what was about to transpire that afternoon. They were very confused and worried.

“I hope Bud and Harriet are alright.” started Mac.

“I’m sure that they are okay. I think they’re just concerned about little Aj. Webb’s people will do a good job keeping them safe. I think that Bud and Harriet just want to make sure that he’s safe.” replied Harm seriously as he tried to keep up a brave front.

“I’m sure you’re right Harm, but I’m still worried, particularly since they want to move us across the country.” replied Mac with an uneasy smile.

“It’ll be alright Mac. We’ll just treat it like a new adventure. Hopefully without the dangers that we usually seem to find ourselves in.” chuckled Harm as he tried to get Mac to relax.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had an adventure together. It might actually be fun, but why are they marrying us now. Especially since I’m engaged to Mic?” asked a confused Mac.

“They have been trying to hook us together for fives years now. You know that. So now with this crisis they have the perfect opportunity to do something about it. We can look at it as a trial run.” smiled Harm.

“What do you mean as a trial run? We weren’t looking to get married before. What are you talking about Harm?” asked Mac.

“Well first of all it will give you the opportunity to cater to a man’s needs. If you can’t satisfy me you surely won’t be able to satisfy Mic.” laughed Harm smugly.

“I’m suppose to satisfy you Stick boy? Yeah right. Aren’t you being conceited. The man who can’t let go. I think it should be the other way around. You’re the one who owes me flyboy.” chuckled Mac with a smile.

“I think you know what I mean Sarah. I’ve always thought of you as being special. I only wanted you to be yourself. I only wanted you to be happy. If you’re happy then I’m happy.” smiled Harm.

“That’s so sweet flyboy.” smiled Mac coyly.

“Mic on the other hand I don’t know about. I don’t think he knows who you really are. And what he does know he doesn’t respect. I know he cares about you but I don’t think he really loves you the way you need to be loved.

A beautiful and intelligent woman deserving of total respect not as a trophy wife.” replied Harm lovingly.

“I think I understand what you’re saying. You may be right. Which explains why I don’t think I love him like the happy ever after love.” replied Mac sadly.

“May be then this is a good thing.” questioned Harm hopefully.

“May be.” replied Mac.

part 2

They went back to the office and met up with the Admiral and the Chaplin in the Admiral’s office. They were married a short time later. They were taken to the airport and soon thereafter they were on a plane to Washington with little Aj.

On the flight to Washington Mac held little Aj in her arms. She liked the feeling of having him in her arms. Little Aj was a little cranky in the beginning of the trip, but quickly settled down as the flight continued.

Mac was getting sleepy and began to doze off. Harm saw this and lifted his arm so she could snuggled closer to him. Harm smiled as he looked down at his marine with little Aj in her arms. She was so beautiful.

What a lucky man he was to have the woman of his dreams with him. He had almost lost her to Bugme. He wasn’t very pleased about how he got her and about the name change but it was better than not having her.

He would do anything to ensure that they spent the rest of their lives together. Shortly before they arrived in Washington, Harm gently woke Mac up. He was holding little AJ now.

AJ had woken up an hour earlier and had wanted Harm to hold him. Harm had taken him from Mac so she could sleep. She hadn’t slept very well the last couple of weeks because she was worried about Bud and Harriet.

Harm and Mac were greeted at the airport by one of Webb’s men. He took them to their new home a couple miles from the university they were going to teach at. It was a spacious ten room house with four bedrooms.

It had a large backyard. He gave them a dozier that filled them in on their new identities and their occupations. They were going to be law professors at the local university.

“So what do you think Sarah? Or should I call you Catherine? smiled Harm.

“Either one will be fine, though Catherine or Cat would probably be better in public.” replied Mac with a smile.

This could be fun she though. A new life, a new career, and spending time with Harm as his wife. The possibilities were endless.

“This house is very nice.” stated Harm.

“It’s beautiful Harm. Webb always seems to have good taste.” replied an excited Mac as she viewed the house they were going to live in.

“It has four bedrooms and a large backyard with a swing.” continued Harm as he took in Mac’s excitement.

“Aj is going to love it here.” exclaimed Mac.

“What about you Sarah? Are you going to love it here?” asked Harm seductively.

“Yes, I think so. As long as I’m with you it wouldn’t matter where I lived.” smiled Mac in returned.

“Thank you Sarah. You know that’s all I want, is for you to be happy.” replied Harm.

“I know, I know.” smile Mac.

They spent the weekend getting to know the neighborhood, where the supermarkets and drug stores were, stores of interest, and the better places to dine.

The following week they spent at the University going through orientation. They were told that they would begin by teaching two classes the first semester.

If things worked out okay they would gradually work up to three classes the next semester and possibility four classes the following year. Harm and Mac were very excited about the prospects of their new jobs.

They were looking forward to the new challenges. Shaping the mind of young people who hope someday to become lawyers. Give them the right moral values.

Over the next several months Harm and Mac became closer. They were slowly getting back to where their relationship was before Harm had left to go back to flying tomcats.

The distance between them that had developed after Australia was finally closing. Mac was finally letting Harm get close to her again. She was trusting him again. She would open up to him like the old days.

“How’s it going Cat? Are you enjoying teaching the kids what it means to be a lawyer?” smiled Harm.

“Yes Davy. It’s fun to teach people who want to learn. They are like sponges soaking up every little bit of information that I have to offer. It’s a wonderful experience.” chuckled Mac happily.

“I know what you mean. They ask so many questions and you really have to think about what you want to say.” responded Harm.

“Yeah. They seem to remember everything you say. It can be really difficult and annoying if you aren’t prepared.” replied Mac.

“That’s is one of the major concepts that I preached to them. That you have to be prepare for all the possibilities. Try to be prepare for the unexpected. But more importantly don’t ..... ” expounded Harm.

“ask a question that you don’t have the answer to.” laughed Mac as she finished his sentence.

“I see that I’ve taught you well.” laughed Harm.

“I bet you teach them how to sandbag their friends too.” chuckled Mac.

“What? Who me? I can’t even imagine what you are trying to imply. Besides that’s for the more advance classes which also includes leading the opposition down the path you want them to go.” replied an indignant Harm.

“Yes you do flyboy, but I’ll let it slide for now.” smiled Mac.

“It’s been years since I did that to you. I haven’t done anything like that to you since.” replied an offended Harm.

“That’s not true. You did it to me when you went back flying. And you did it again when you couldn’t be honest on the ferry about how you felt about me.” replied Mac as old feelings long buried started to resurface and bringing with it a lot of pain.

“I’m very sorry about that. You know I never meant to hurt you Sarah. I didn’t realized you cared that much about me when I left to go back to flying.” replied Harm as all the guilt came back in a wave.

“I wouldn’t have gone to Russia and Iran to cover your six if I didn’t love you Harm. I would have thought you would know that. I did try to talk you out of flying.” replied Mac with tears forming in her eyes.

“Of all people I thought you would have understood why I had to.” replied Harm solemnly.

“I understood why Harm, but it didn’t hurt any less. I loved you. I didn’t want to lose you like your mother lost your father. The last two generation of Rabb men have died too young.” wailed Mac now almost in tears.

“You’re right as always.” replied Harm in defeat.

“You better believe it flyboy. You’re the master of deception, getting others to do the things for you while they think they are doing it for themselves.” she replied.

“I don’t know what you mean now Catherine?” questioned Harm.

“You managed to get Webb to do what you wanted to do, but either wouldn’t or couldn’t do it.” replied Mac smartly.

“What do you mean? I didn’t get Webb to do anything for me.” wailed a confused Harm.

“Yes you did. You didn’t want me to marry Mic. I know you wanted me. All you had to do was speak up and say it. Sarah I love you, don’t marry Mic, I want you to be with me.

But instead you got Webb to devise and come up with plan to marry us so I wouldn’t marry Mic. He then created this new life for us away from everything and everybody who stood in our way of being happy.” replied a hurt Mac.

“I do love you Sarah, but I couldn’t make the decision for you whether you should marry Mic or not. I had to let it run its course and hope you really didn’t love him like you loved me. I only wanted you to be happy.

But to be honest with you the longer you waited to move the ring over to your left hand the more I thought you would never do it. In my heart I only thought you were doing it because you were hurt and wanted to make me jealous, hoping I would respond and tell you how I felt about you.

But I couldn’t as long as you wore that ring. I always thought we, that is we would be together. We use to spend so much time together when we work. I enjoyed the challenge of working with and against you in the courtroom.

It was mentally stimulating. We brought out the best in each other. It made us better. I wasn’t ready to give that up. That is what I meant when I said I couldn’t let go.” replied Harm passionately.

“Then why didn’t you ever say anything about it?” asked Mac.

“Because you hurt me when you came back with his ring on your right hand. You weren’t the only one to come away disappointed and hurt when we left Australia. If you had taken off the ring after you left or when we got back we could have discussed our future then.” responded Harm sadly.

“What do you mean Harm?” asked Mac now puzzled.

“I mean that when I went back to my room after we were on the ferry, I sat down and thought about what you were trying to tell me, about what you wanted, and about what you went through the past year.” replied Harm anxiously.

“Like what? It was a long year.” responded Mac.

“When I found out that I could go back to flying tomcats, I was very happy. I thought you would be happy for me too, but you weren’t. You understood why I needed to do it, but you really didn't want me to go.

I didn’t understand fully how much you loved me until I was leaving. I thought you cared for me and what Chloe had been saying all along was true, that you did love me.

When I came back, you knew it was because they thought I was past my prime. It hurt a lot not to fly everyday, but my salvation was that I was coming back to JAG and to you.

I missed you so much when I was gone. Not seeing you everyday was so hard. I didn’t realized how hard it would be until I was gone.” declared Harm.

“I missed you too Harm.” replied Mac lovingly.

“I did prove that I could still fly with the best of them. So coming back to JAG was actually a blessing. I would be able to see you everyday again. My heart began to soar again, even more than when I went back to flying.

I thought you would be happy to see me after the way we parted, but your indifference when I came back hurt a lot. I couldn’t understand why. I thought that you loved me.” replied Harm with a look of hurt in his eyes.

“I did love you and I didn’t want you to leave, but like you said I understood why you had to go. It was something you had to do. I missed you so much. And the fact Chloe left right before you made it even harder.

All the people I loved were gone. I was depressed and unhappy. On top of all that I had to work more with Mic. Do you know how tough that is to do on a regular basis. It sucked. I was hurting a lot and you were gone having a good time flying.

I know I should have been happy that you came back and I was, but I needed time to recover from being so depressed. You know I don’t deal with rejection very well. And when you left I thought you were rejecting me for flying jets.” cried Mac softly.

“You know that’s not true Sarah. You are my life.” declared Harm with passion.

“I know, but at the time it still hurt. It took time to get over the pain. I began to regain my trust in you, that you would be there for me. That’s why I asked you in Australia to love me.” replied Mac softly with tears in her eyes.

“I wasn’t prepared to deal with your feelings and mine back then. I was trying that case. You know how focus I can get. I didn’t think you loved me then. You had been keeping your distance from me.

You weren’t letting me in. You surprised me when you asked me to take our relationship to another level. I didn’t know what to think or say. So I said nothing and you were hurt.

For which I’m very sorry. When I went back to my room that night I thought about what you wanted, what you were really trying to say.” responded Harm.

“And what was that?” queried Mac.

“Well for starters your father had died and you saw your mother for the first time in many years. Two, you were spending a lot of time with Chloe. You found her father and she left to live with her grandparents.

She had waken your maternal instincts. You loved the feeling of loving someone unconditionally and being loved by her the same way. When little AJ was born it just reinforce your feelings of wanting to be a mother.

Of course I told you in five years we should get together and have a child of our own. So when I left, you thought the last chance of having what you wanted was gone.” continued Harm.

“And what did I want?” asked Mac.

“I figured it out. You wanted a family. People whom you could love and who would love you. I was going to talk to you about it the next night, but you decided to go out to dinner with Mic instead and you came back with his damm ring.” replied Harm.

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