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Date Posted: 19:11:15 11/08/14 Sat
Author: TurtleBoy
Subject: (S) Day 4
In reply to: TurtleBoy 's message, "Seven Days Until Night" on 13:09:27 10/30/14 Thu

Seven Days Until Night: Day 4

By TurtleBoy

Day 4

Caesar woke up in the kitchen, staring into the fridge. The only thing he could see was the light from the refrigerator and a package of raw meat he was holding in his hands.

Caesar jumped back and dropped the meat as if he were holding road kill. His stomach was still growling, but he felt much better than he did earlier, and that horrified him even more than suddenly waking up in the kitchen. Had he been eating raw meat?

He was afraid to find out the answer, but even more alarmed by the sudden time lapse. Only moments ago he was in his room next to Alex on the floor, and now it was the middle of the night and he was getting a snack in the kitchen… one that he hoped didn’t include raw meat.

As much as the sudden circumstances were bothering him his stomach was still grumbling, so Caesar assembled a cheese and dill pickle sandwich before going back to his room. While he ate his sandwich, he let his mind wander, and it kept wandering back toward Alex’s window.

Alex’s room was dimly lit, which probably meant that Alex had fallen asleep with the TV on. He thought about earlier that day, when time seemed to stand still. The feeling it had given him was now freaking him out. The things that had run through his mind were far worse than what he actually did. The moustache was an afterthought. Had he done what he wanted, even thinking back on it now, Caesar couldn’t live with himself. And yet that was all he could think about.

It would have been perfect. Alex would never have known what he had done. No harm done, not really. Was it really so bad? The more Caesar thought about, the less sure he felt.

Caesar looked at the sandwich that he had been eating. It wasn’t helping. It was like flavoured air. It still tasted good, but it was making him feel even hungrier than before. It didn’t make any sense.

Without a second thought, Caesar tossed the sandwich on the floor and jumped out of bed. Before he knew what he was doing, he found himself standing in front of his window, staring across at Alex’s room.

His stomach growled again. He was so hungry it hurt.

Caesar pushed open the window and climbed up onto the windowsill. He wasn’t sure why or what his intentions were, but he couldn’t control it. He needed something, and whatever that something was, he was sure that it was with Alex.

Then something unexpected happened. Even more unexpected than waking up in front of the fridge. Caesar jumped from his window. The very same window that was on the second storey of his home. The window that was 20 feet away from ground and at least that distance to Alex’s bedroom. But the next thing he knew, his hands had gripped against the flashing of Alex’s windowsill and he was pulling himself up.

He was perched on the outer-side of a windowsill. Caesar couldn’t believe it. There was no way this was possible. It seemed even less likely than the fact that he may have, somehow, stopped time.

But then, before he was even able to stop arguing with himself over the impossible, he opened the window and stepped inside. Alex was sleeping in his bed. His covers were tangled around his legs, and the flicker of the TV screen helped to illuminate the entire room. Caesar could see him clearly. He looked so peaceful. So innocent. So beautiful.

Caesar stepped closer to him to get a closer look. He still wasn’t sure why he was in Alex’s room, but that didn’t seem to matter. Now that he was here, he wanted to see him. To watch him sleep and smell his scent, but as he looked down at him it didn’t seem like enough. His skin just seemed so soft that he needed to touch it, to feel what Alex felt like.

So he reached out his hand. His fingers extending toward Alex’s face so slowly that Caesar began to wonder if time was messing with him again. The back of his middle and index fingers touched against Alex’s cheek, and he gently slid them along his jawline until he reached Alex’s lips. The moustache he had drawn earlier was gone but Caesar still snickered at the thought of what he had done.

For a moment, he considered doing it again. He never did get to see Alex’s face when he saw himself in the mirror. But it was thoughts like that one that Caesar needed to avoid. Those thoughts, however innocent, would lead to somewhere dangerous.

Even still, Caesar couldn’t take his eyes off of Alex. He wondered if he was sleeping in his underwear again, or if that was something he didn’t usually do, which is when Caesar realised what he was doing. His hand had moved from Alex’s lip and was now gripped to top of his blanket.

Caesar wanted to stop, to let go, but he couldn’t. It was like something else, something deep inside of him, had taken control of his body and was making him watch.

And so that’s what he did. He watched as his hand slowly peeled the blanket downward, revealing Alex’s bare chest and then stomach. Caesar wanted to look away, to try and force himself to stop, but it was no use. Whatever was inside him was too strong. So strong that he was powerless to resist any longer, and he tore the blanket right off of Alex’s body in a single, forceful tug.

Alex was sleeping in his underwear. They were black boxer-briefs. Caesar had his answer, and now Alex was awake.

“Caesar?!” Alex jumped up from his bed in a fright. “What are you doing here?” he asked and then reached around for the light switch, but as soon as he turned back around Caesar was already gone.

He was in the grass, right below Alex’s window. Or, at least, he was a moment ago. He was running too fast to keep track of what he was doing. He could only manage to make out a few things here and there, like a lamp post, a mail box, bushes, sidewalks and a door.

Suddenly it was dark. The door had disappeared and now he was climbing up a set of stairs. The place smelled strange. It even sounded strange, like a slow-beating drum. Several of them, in fact. All strumming at a different pace.

It was then that Caesar saw a bed, where someone was sleeping. It wasn’t a big bed, though. Not like Alex’s. The beat was getting louder. It almost sounded like a…

The next thing Caesar knew, he was at home in his bed, staring up at the ceiling. The sun was blaring through the window with radioactive beams that hurt his eyes and may actually be giving him a sunburn just by lying there in his bed. All that aside, Caesar felt wonderful. Better than wonderful, actually. He felt like he had just downed a cup of coffee filled with sugar, but without those annoying jitters that made it hard to concentrate.

Caesar rolled out of bed and walked over to his window. Alex’s curtains were closed, which Caesar found disappointing, and kind of strange. They were always open. At least they had been since he moved in a few days ago.

Just as Caesar turned away from the window, he noticed a half-eaten sandwich on the floor. That’s when it hit him. Last night had felt like a dream, but the sandwich, now stale on the floor, was real. That had to mean that everything else was, too, didn’t it?

It couldn’t have been real. If it was, then he had most likely eaten raw meat, jumped from his window to Alex’s, gone inside his home and… that other house. The one that he didn’t recognize. Had that been real as well? Had he broken in to someone’s house and attacked them in the night?

There was no way. It must have been a dream. The sandwich may have been real, but that only confirms that he had been sleep walking again. The rest could have easily been in his head. It had to be.

Caesar had to clear his head, so he grabbed some clean clothes and headed for the shower. As soon as the hot water hit his face he felt better, just like he did when he had first woken up. Caesar hadn’t realized how cold he must have been before he had gotten in because, for whatever reason, the hot, steamy water felt really good. It was like curling up under a thick, plush comforter and a cold winter night, and Caesar couldn’t get enough. In fact, he wanted more, so he turned down the cold water. For a brief moment it felt even better than before, but by the time he had finished washing his hair, the water was already beginning to cool off. So he turned the cold water off completely.

Steam filled the room and condensation turned into tiny streams of water as it built up on the wall’s tiles. Caesar could feel the heat absorb into his skin and cause every nerve in his body to shiver with delight. Everything tingled, all over. Every tiny bead of water that hit his skin felt as if it were a deep tissue massage.

Caesar leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. Flashes of Alexander kept finding their way into his thoughts. His dark, natural curls and bright smile, and his thin frame and soft looking skin. Suddenly, in his mind, he was holding Alex. Touching him all over. Sliding his hands down his back and right down his shorts. For a brief moment, a fraction of a second, it felt real. Caesar could have sworn it was happening right then and there, and in that exact moment his entire body became tense. His stomach twisted and tingled and his knees felt weak and nearly buckled as the sensation concentrated, narrowed deeper into his centre, and surged through his groin.

His entire body became weak and he slid down into the shower’s tub and turned off the water. He couldn’t take it anymore. His nerves were overly sensitive and his mind was racing with thousands of incredible thoughts.

They were all about Alex. Caesar couldn’t think about anything else. Not about moving or sorting or ghost-pires. Just Alex. He wished so badly for what had just played out in his mind to be real, or at least have the potential to become real in the future. It would make everything that had been happening worth it.

However, the more Caesar thought about it, the less likely such a reality felt. In fact, as he repeated the events of his mind, only a few seconds ago, he began to feel different about it. He knew it didn’t make sense, but seemed that he had taken advantage of Alex in some way, despite the fact that it had only been in his mind.

Caesar had to stop thinking. He was ruining the best masturbation session he had ever had. He hadn’t even touched himself. It just happened. He should just smile and move on, but his thoughts had transformed so quickly that he couldn’t control it; couldn’t make himself stop.

Caesar got out of the shower, dried off and got dressed. He had to distract himself, so as soon as he was out of the bathroom he threw on his shoes and ran out the front door. He didn’t even say anything to his parents. How could he? He didn’t want to see anyone. Didn’t want to talk or think or even exist in the same world as anyone else. He just needed to be alone.

But that didn’t work out. Not even for a second. As soon as he stepped outside, Alex was standing out in the street kicking around a ball.

“Hey Caesar, what’s up?” he asked with a smile. “Want to play some ball?”

Caesar stared at Alex for a moment, wanting to just run away without saying a word, but he couldn’t. Not to Alex. “Um, actually, I was going to check out the area.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” Caesar rubbed at the back of neck. The sun was really hot. “I’ve already been here like four days and still don’t know where anything is,” he explained. “Wanna show me around?”

“Yeah sure.” Alex kicked his ball into his yard. “But I should warn you, there’s not much to see.”

“Isn’t the river close to here? I bet we could see Detroit. How is that not exciting? It’s a whole other country right across the pond!”

“Actually, no, not really. The river’s way on the other side of the city. We’re closer to the airport, and even that’s a half hour walk away.”

“Hmm, well that sucks,” decided Caesar. “Then what’s around worth looking at?”

“Well, there’s a mall about 15 minutes away, and a Walmart, of course.”

Caesar thought for a second. He really didn’t feel like going to a mall or anywhere that had a lot of people. Not today. “Maybe we can just walk around and see where we end up?”

Alex shrugged. “I don’t mind,” he said as he and Caesar started walking down the street.

The two were quiet. Caesar wasn’t sure what to say, and apparently neither did Alex. Caesar had thought that being outside would make it easier for them to talk, but the change in setting seemed to do the exact opposite. The silence was driving him insane, though. He needed to know if last night had actually happened, and if he had, in fact, snuck into Alex’s room in the middle of the night.

But just as the two turned the corner, they were stopped by a bright band of yellow tape that seemed to extend the entire block.

“Whoa, what the hell happened?” asked Alex, but no one was around to answer him.

Caesar’s throat became dry and coarse and his insides felt as if they had bunched up into a tiny little ball right in the centre of his chest. “Oh god…”

“What?” Alex looked over at Caesar. “What’s wrong?”

“It was a dream,” Caesar began to follow the yellow tape across the street to try and see more. “This can’t be real.”

“What is?” Alex ran up beside Caesar. “What’s going on?”

Without looking at Alex, Caesar shook his head. “I don’t know what’s happening,” he said in almost a whisper, and then he turned his head to head to look Alex in the eye. “Was I in your room last night?”


“I need to know, Alex. Was I?”

“I don’t know,” Alex bit as his lip nervously. “Maybe. It was dark, I couldn’t tell. Someone was definitely there. Freaked me out, too.”

Caesar couldn’t control it. A tear rolled down his cheek and fell from his chin. “I’m scared, Alex.”

“Why? Because you were sleep walking again?”

“No,” Caesar shook his head. “Because I think this was me.”

“What?” Alex glanced down the street. “This?” he pointed toward a police car parked in front of a house. “How could you have done that?”

“I don’t know. Probably the same way I got inside your room last night.”

“Seriously? Sneaking into my room at night is one thing, but do you really think you could have done that? Really? That?!” Alex pointed back over toward the house. “Look at it. The door’s busted right off. You can see it—look—right there in the yard. It’s busted up. There’s no way you could have done that.”

“Right,” Caesar turned around. “Just like there’s no way that you could have been possessed by a ghost, or that time could have stopped so that I could draw a moustache on your face.”

“That’s different.”

“How?” Caesar could feel himself getting mad. Even his skin felt like it was boiling with anger. “How is that any different?”

“Ghosts can’t leave the house.”

“I got into your house, didn’t I?”

“Well I don’t know. That was probably because my house is so close. But this? This house is more than a block away. There’s just no way…”

“You’re right. There’s no way that it’s a ghost.” Caesar started rubbing at his arms. They felt like they were burning. “It was me. You know it was me.”

“Holy shit.” Alex grabbed Caesar’s hands and looked at his arms. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know,” Caesar admitted, staring down at his arms as he felt himself start to panic. “But it’s really starting to hurt.”

“Damn, look! You’re starting to blister!” Alex let go of Caesar and moved to the side. “We better get you back home. Maybe even to the hospital. This isn’t normal…”

Just as Caesar was about to start walking home, his legs gave out of him and he collapsed to the ground. “Oh god!” he cried out. “It’s burning!”

Alex didn’t know what to do. Part of him wanted to run and fetch his parents, but he didn’t want leave Caesar alone either. “Shit, Caesar… Get up. Come on!”

“I can’t,” Caesar mumbled as he rolled onto his side.

“You have to!” Alex grabbed Caesar by the arm and forcefully tugged him, hoping that it would encourage him to get up. “You’re too heavy, Caesar. I can’t carry you.” Alex dropped down to his knees and wrapped Caesar’s arm around his shoulders. “Come on, Caesar,” he said with a grunt as he tried with all his might to get Caesar and himself up off the ground.

By the time he had managed to carry them halfway upright, he felt Caesar’s weight lessen as Caesar’s legs straightened out to support his own weight.

“There you go,” he said in relief. “We can do this.”

The two slowly hobbled down the street, each step nearly sending them right back to the ground, until they made it about halfway back. It happened out of nowhere.

Caesar let go of Alex and stood up on his own. There was a strange sound, almost like the sizzling of a lit fuse, and as Alex turned his head to see what it was, he nearly fell to the ground himself.

Caesar’s skin had stopped blistering. Instead, a strange glowing ring, like a heated metal coil travelled around his wounds, getting smaller and smaller until they finally disappeared. What was left was nothing short of a miracle. There was nothing. No burns or blisters, just Caesar, exactly the way he was before.

“What the hell?!” Alex couldn’t decide if he wanted to run away screaming or move in closer for a better look. “Did that just happen? What just happened?!”

Caesar looked down at his arms, turning his hands from one side to the other. “I… I don’t know.”

“Jesus-Murphy-Christ, Caesar! What the hell?!”

“I don’t know,” Caesar repeated, then stared up at the sky. It was clouding over, covering up the sun, and getting dark quick. “It looks like it’s going to rain.”

Alex looked up at the sky, toward the sun, and then something clicked. “Holy shit,” he said in a hushed voice. “It is a vampire. Caesar, it’s you. You’re a freaken vampire!”

“What?” Caesar scoffed. “No way.”

“Really?” Alex grabbed Caesar’s arms again. “Look? You healed as soon as the sun disappeared, and I’d bet that it was the sun that did that to you, too.”

“You’re nuts,” Caesar turned away. “That can’t be it.”

“That is it, though. It’s the only explanation. It answers everything.”

“I’m not a vampire.”

“Then what?”

“Last I checked, vampires can’t stop time.”

“How do you know? Have you ever met a vampire?”

“Course not.”

“Exactly! That’s because they stop time whenever they’re about to get caught.”

Caesar looked down at his arms again. They appeared normal. Seemed to be the same arms as they were everyday, only now they gave him the creeps. “Well whatever’s happening, I should probably get back inside before something messed up happens again.”

“You mean in case the sun comes back out!” Alex said anxiously. “Or you’ll turn to ash.”

Caesar started walking back toward his house. “I’m not a vampire.”

“Are too.”

“Cut it out.”

Alex skipped his way to Caesar’s side. “Admit it. You know it’s the truth.”

“There’s nothing to admit. It was dermatitis or something.”

“No,” Alex stopped in front of Caesar. “It was the beginning of spontaneous combustion. You were turning to ash.”

Caesar rolled his eyes and cut around Alex, leaving him at the end of the driveway in front of his house. “Well?” Caesar turned back around. “You coming in, or what?”

Alex grinned and ran to meet Caesar at his door. As soon as they were inside they ran right up the stairs to avoid any questions from Caesar’s parents and locked themselves in Caesar’s room.

“So,” Alex flopped on Caesar’s bed. “Where shall we start?”

“What do you mean?” asked Caesar as he kicked off his shoes and laid down next Alex.

“Testing you, of course. There’s tons of ways to find out if you’re a vampire or not.”

“Like what?”

Alex pushed himself upright and laid his head on Caesar’s chest.

“What are you doing?”

“Shh!” Alex hissed. “Listening for a heartbeat.”

“Well I’m not dead!”

Alex frowned and moved away. “You’re right. You’re definitely not dead. Your ticker’s ticking.”

Caesar waited for Alex to suggest something else, but he remained silent. “So?” Caesar sat up. “What’s next?”

Alex gave a disappointed shrug. “Dunno, that’s pretty much it. Vampires don’t have heartbeats, so you’re definitely not a vampire.”

“Humour me then. What’s next?”

“I thought you weren’t even into this,” said Alex, trying to figure out what Caesar was up to.

“I may not think I’m a vampire, but there’s definitely something going on. And since all we have to go on right now is your vampire testing, we might as well go with that,” Caesar explained. “So what’s next?”

“All right,” Alex jumped up from the bed. “Reflection. Vampires don’t’ have reflections.”

Caesar shook his head and pointed at his reflection in the TV. “What’s up next?”

“That doesn’t count. It needs to be a mirror.”

“Okay,” Caesar got up and followed Alex into the washroom, where the two stared at each other’s reflections in the mirror.

“Damn…” Alex exited the washroom and went right back to Caesar’s bedroom. “Holy water!”

“Huh?” asked Caesar as he caught up with Alex. “Where are we going to get holy water?”

“Good point,” realized Alex. “Okay then, do you have garlic?”

“Ugh, I really hope not.”

Alex sat down on the bed again. “Fine, we’ll save that for later. What about a cross? Silver? Anything like that?”

“Umm, well my mom probably has some silver cutlery or something, but I’m not sure about a cross. My family’s not all that religious. And I doubt we’ll be able to get our hands on my mom’s silver without her freaking out.”

“Fangs!” Alex jumped up from the bed again and rushed over to Caesar. “Open your mouth!”

“What? No way,” Caesar tried to back away as Alex’s fingers grabbed for his lips.

“Come on,” Alex struggled to keep his fingers on Caesar’s face, as Caesar kept backing up and shaking his head from side to side each time he felt Alex’s touch. “Just a quick look. Smile or something.”

“No,” Caesar giggled and stepped back again, just as the back of his leg wedged against the side of the bed and caused him to fall back onto the mattress.

Alex didn’t waste any time and jumped on top of Caesar, pinning his arms down with his knees and sitting on his stomach. “Jeez, Caesar, it’ll only take a second…”

“Goot yur hingers oot oof eye outh!” Caesar mumbled as Alex’s fingers lifted his up lip and his weight shifted so that he was lying right on top of him.

Alex moved his face as close as he could to Caesar’s mouth, examining his gums as thoroughly as possible. “Well,” he said while sliding the tip of his index finger along Caesar’s gums. “There doesn’t appear to be any sign of fangs.”

“No kidding…”

“But…” Alex wiggled around on top of Caesar. “There does seem to be something else,” he said and pressed his weight down against Caesar’s hips. “Is… that, uh, what I think it is?” Alex bounced his hips twice. “You know… there?”

As soon as Caesar realized what Alex was talking about, he wanted to die. He couldn’t help it. Alex’s body was so warm and he was on top of him and wouldn’t stop moving around and… “Oh god…” Caesar said in almost a whimper. He could feel his face redden and stomach knot itself into a little ball, which is exactly what he felt like doing.

But Alex didn’t say anything else. He didn’t even jump off of him in disgust. He just laid there and stared down at him without moving a muscle. Caesar wasn’t sure what to do. He felt awkward and embarrassed, and his godforsaken cock wouldn’t stop twitching.

Alex was still staring at him. Caesar couldn’t remember the last time he had blinked, which was making Caesar blink every three seconds. He wanted to move. To get away from Alex and find some place to hide where he could then shrivel up and die. But then, just when Caesar had finally decided that enough was enough, Alex lowered his head and placed it just above Caesar’s shoulder.

Caesar could feel Alex’s breath tickling against his neck. He could feel Alex’s stomach gently rise and fall against his own and he could feel something else, too. It would occasionally spasm or flex against his groin, and each time it did Alex seemed to, just barely, move his hips up and down, as if trying to hide the fact that something else was moving.

It was hard to tell what was happening. Only a moment ago Alex was goofing around, sticking his fingers in Caesar’s mouth, but now they were stuck in a strange, uncomfortable silence. Caesar could no longer work out if he wanted to run away or wrap his arms around Alex and hold him for eternity. He was afraid to do anything, though. Afraid to move, in case he made the wrong decision.

Flashes of that morning, from when he was in the shower, kept playing back in his mind. The more he thought about them, the more he wanted to touch Alex. To slide his hands around him, down his back, all the way inside his shorts. It would be just like how he imagined it, only better.

But he couldn’t do it. It was like he was frozen in place, only time was still moving for once. It wasn’t fair. If he could make everything stop, just for a minute, he could figure everything out. He could decide what to do next. He could even get himself out from under Alex if he wanted to.

If he wanted to, if he could stop time, he could even stay where he was. He could wrap his arms around Alex and slide his fingers down his back. He could place his hands over Alex’s shorts and find out what his ass felt like. He could even play out his entire fantasy, just like it had happened earlier that day.

Just then, Caesar felt the tip of Alex’s nose graze against the side of his neck, and it sent shivers clear across his body. Without even realizing it, his arms had found their way around Alex, and his hands were snuggly gripped against his back.

Caesar didn’t move again. He couldn’t work out what had happened first. Had he hugged Alex before Alex had nuzzled into his neck, or was it the other way around? It definitely mattered. If Alex had moved first, just to get comfortable, then there was a chance that it was all an accident and that he had overcompensated and crossed some kind of undefined line and possibly ruined everything. However, if he had made the first move, and Alex responded by cuddling into his neck, then that must mean that Alex approved; that he wanted it, liked it, and may even want more.

But which one was it? Caesar had to know. He couldn’t take this feeling any longer. He had to do something. He had to at least try; to take a chance and risk everything.

His right hand began to move. Ever so slowly, he traced his fingers down Alex’s back. He could feel Alex’s body become tense on top of him, but he didn’t move to stop him. Caesar continued downward, his finger passing his shirt and meeting with the warm flesh of his lower back. Caesar was so scared that he seemed to have forgotten how to breathe, and as his fingers touched against the waist of Alex’s shorts, feeling the soft cotton-like fabric, his heart felt like it was about to burst from his chest. But he continued down. Trailing his fingers above Alex’s shorts, his hand widened and began to lower itself. His index finger touched against the inner-most side of Alex’s right buttock as his entire hand gently placed itself down atop Alex’s behind.

Caesar absorbed the feeling, allowing the moment to burn itself to permanent memory, until his hand involuntarily squeezed. As soon as he did, he felt Alex’s hard-on become even stiffer and he pushed down into Caesar with his hips.

So Caesar did it again, as his thumb gently slid back and forth. Alex exhaled and buried his face right against the crook of Caesar’s neck. His breath was hot and tickled just enough to make Caesar shiver. Caesar wasn’t completely sure, but it felt like Alex’s lips were touching neck, possibly pinching lightly, which meant that maybe, just maybe, Alex was kissing his neck.

The mere thought excited Caesar. He was being kissed by Alex—maybe, which meant that his lips were—maybe—touching his skin. Caesar had been concentrating so hard on Alex’s possible kisses, that he barely even noticed when Alex began lightly moving back and forth. In fact, he hadn’t even realized that he was doing the same. What he did know was that his other hand had found its way to Alex’s other buttock.

His hands were massaging his backside in slow, rhythmic circles, causing the fabric of Alex’s shorts to slide back and forth beneath his touch. Caesar could feel them slowly moving downward. It wasn’t his intention, not at first, but when his thumb had slid over the waistband of Alex’s shorts and felt the thin material of his underwear below, he couldn’t help himself but to try and move things along.

Caesar continued to circle his hands as his thumbs would occasionally grip the waist of Alex’s shorts and pull them down just a fraction of an inch at a time. However, just as Caesar had managed to get them nearly three full inches down, Alex raised slightly and pushed forward, causing Caesar to pull them down so far that his thumbs had grazed against the bare flesh of Alex’s thighs.

Before Caesar knew what was happening, Alex jumped off of him. The timing sent him into a panic of guilt and embarrassment, until he noticed Alex smiling down at him as he let his shorts drop to the floor. Caesar had been so distracted by the upward-pointing tent in Alex’s grey boxer-briefs that he didn’t even notice when he took his shirt off, too. The next thing Caesar knew, Alex had moved back toward him and grabbed either side of his pants, which is when he stopped and stared Caesar in the eyes, waiting for approval.

Caesar could only manage a goofy smile. His heart was racing and his hard-on was so stiff it felt like it was about to explode. In one quick tug, Alex had Caesar’s pants down past his knees, leaving Caesar lying on the bed in nothing but his white tee and red Hanes Comfortsoft briefs. That’s when he noticed it. His eyes narrowed down at himself, at the waist of his briefs, where the slightest hint of the tip of his dick was peeking out.

Before Caesar could readjust himself, though, Alex slid his hands up Caesar’s thighs until they reached the hem of his briefs on either side. His left hand moved off to the side and continued along his hip, while his right hand slowly traced along the fabric, all the way up his waist. He then moved to left, still tracing along the hem line until his index finger touched against the cotton fly, where he then moved his finger downward.

The entire time this was happening, Caesar couldn’t stop staring at the tip of his cock, still just barely poking out past his waistband. He wondered if Alex had seen it, or if he was still looking at it, but he couldn’t bring himself to look up at Alex to find out. To make matters worse, as Alex’s touch slid down against his length, it had now begun leaking with pre-cum, which was absorbing into the waistband’s fabric and leaving a small, wet blob on his briefs.

And then Alex’s entire hand gripped Caesar’s length through the fabric and squeezed, causing the entire tip of Caesar’s dick to pop out from under his briefs as three quick bursts of hot, white liquid decorated the bottom of his white tee shirt and abdomen.

“Whoops!” said Alex as he let go of Caesar’s crotch and dropped down on the bed beside him. “Didn’t mean for that to happen…”

“Ho God,” Caesar’s face burned with embarrassment as his eyes fluttered and his mind scrambled to make sense of what had just happened. “I’m sorry, it was an accident.”

“S’okay,” Alex said with a giggle as he reached over and poked his finger in the sticky liquid on Caesar’s stomach and swirled it around.

Caesar looked down at Alex’s finger, then up at Alex, then back at Alex’s circling finger, until he noticed that his quickly-deflating penis was still poking out from his briefs. “What are you doing?” Caesar quickly sat up and tucked himself away.

“Oh,” Alex withdrew his hand and sat up. “Sorry. I dunno. It was an accident,” he attempted to explain as he reached for his shorts. “But, anyway, I guess I should go.”

“Wait, what, why?” Caesar jumped up, feeling like an idiot. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make it sound like that.”

“S’okay,” Alex stood up and pulled his shorts up past his waist and reached down for his shirt.

“No, seriously.” Caesar wasn’t sure what to do. He felt guilty and confused and stupid all at the same time. “Don’t leave. Not yet.”

Alex slid on his shirt and smiled. “Really, we’re cool,” he said unconvincingly. “I’ve got some stuff to do at home, but I’ll see you later, kay?”

“Okay,” Caesar finally gave in, realizing that he couldn’t stop him anyway. “Later? For sure?”

Alex smiled and nodded, though Caesar could tell he was forcing it. “Yeah, Alex agreed. Later.”

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