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Date Posted: 16:57:01 10/10/16 Mon
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Part One)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "On The Outside 18"" on 16:55:07 10/10/16 Mon

"On The Outside 18"

Something about the promise of a hot sexual encounter just makes every moment of your life just a little bit more glorious, you know? Hehehe, like...every few seconds, the thought that I was most definitely getting laid the next time Drew and I saw each other would cross my mind, and I'd grin to myself uncontrollably in anticipation for it. God, it's like I can feel those sapling limbs wrapping themselves around me right now and it's got me fighting off one full blown erection after another. An awkward thing to do in public, believe me.

I still can't believe that an emotion this big can still be so effortless. I keep expecting the 'Karma Fairy' to suddenly show up at my door with some kind of demonic payment for enjoying a level of luck that I never thought possible until Drew came along. But that debt never came knocking. All I had to do was love him...and he loved me back. That was it. It took no more energy than it did to breathe. I almost feel guilty for having access to a love so pure when I barely had to work at all to keep it going strong. Weird.

My parents think I'm crazy. I'm pretty sure of that. They keep watching me whenever I'm standing still long enough for them to do so. They ask me about my day more often than they ever did before, almost as if they're expecting me to tell them that something overly fascinating or overly terrible happened in the eight to ten hours that I spent outside of their supervision. Can they see the infatuation written all over my face? Or the blinding sparkle in my joyful gaze? Has my behavior gone so far off the rails that my parents actually thinkthat there's something wrongwith me? Hehehe, I don't know, but if so...they'll just have to go on thinking I'm losing my mind. Because this feeling isn't going away. Not ever. It's far from being a phase, or a crush, or some puppy love obsession that will fade over time. I honestly feel like my very first boyfriend might turn out to be my last.

I can't imagine myself wanting anybody else.

The one downside to it all is the fact that...sometimes...I really do miss my friends. I miss Jermaine's schemes, and Joey's laughter, and Billy's uncanny ability to make even the smallest issues seem like a big event. I miss going to the park with them, and eating lunch, and just...hanging out, you know? I know that I was a dick to them by choosing to spend time with Drew in private over spending time with them in public, but I didn't mean to be. I don't know if they truly understand what it's like to harbor a secret like this and suddenly have it exposed and unraveled against your will before you're ready. Having someone, even someone you care about who tells you it's ok, dig around in a part of your life that is sooooo personal...it can feel like the most inappropriate invasion of privacy imaginable. I was barely figuring myself out, and Jermaine seemed like he was racing to beat me to the punchline. I don't want to be dragged out of the closet. I want them to wait for me instead of always trying to skip ahead to the end of the book. Is that so wrong?

Still...I miss having them around. And while Drew makes me infinitely happy with every boyish smile he flashes in my direction...who have I got to brag to? What good does it do to be this happy when I can't share it with my best friends, you know?

“I'm going out for a while, Mom!” I called out the next morning. “I'll be back later!”

My mom was in the kitchen in her robe and slippers. “This early?” She asked. “If you just wait a few minutes, I'm making us some breakfast...”

“No thanks.” I said. “I got up and made myself some instant oatmeal. So I'm cool.” At that moment, I got a text on my phone from Drew. He told me that he was leaving his house to go open the coffee shop, and I nearly did a little happy dance when I saw the kissy faces and heart emojis he sent me. Ugh! It's happening! Yay, boy sex!!! “Alright, I'm gone! See ya!”

My mom peeked around the corner, wiping her hands on a dish towel. “Well...wait! Ethan, where are you going?”

“I'm just hanging out with my friends. That's all.”

“When will you be back?”

“I dunno. Later, I guess.” I said, already wishing that I had run out of the front door before getting into this conversation.

“Later? How much later?”

“I don't know, Mom. Later.” I gave her a pained expression, “I have to go. Ok?”

I don't know why she seemed so suspicious about it all, but she just sighed and told me, “Well, alright. Not too late, ok? Dinner time, max. Got it?”

“Ok. Dinner time. Gotchya. Bye!” And I hurried outside before she asked me any more questions. I've got a hot piece of teen boy ass waiting on me, woman! Hehehe, I've got no time for your parental jibber jabber!

Freshly showered and scrubbed down with Drew's favorite bath gel, I didn't want to rush too much and get sweaty or anything on my way to the bus stop, but found myself nearly skipping whole blocks on the sidewalk to reach my destination as quickly as possible. I even wore my black boxer briefs that he likes so much. Hehehe, I don't know why, but he says they're the sexiest thing ever, and I like turning him on. He gets all wide eyed and smiley and then he blushes for being so unbelievably horny for me. Best feeling in the world, believe me.

As soon as I saw my bus coming, I texted him to tell him I was officially on my way. He said, ”OK!!!! YAY!!! See you soon! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU, Ethan!!! MWAH!!!” Hehehe, he's so cute! I love, love, love you too, babe.

By the time the bus had dropped me off, I was on the verge of a random giggling outburst over how excited I was. Nervous, even. I could feel my heartbeat trembling with every infatuated contraction, and my pace picked up once I caught sight of Drew's house in the distance. I can't believe we're going to have the house to ourselves for the whole day. Do you have any idea how crazy it's going to be to make love without the threat of being caught constantly looming over us. Stifling our heavy breathing and soft whimpers. Our ears listening for the rattle of 'Mom keys', or a turn of the top lock. Not that it hasn't been TOTALLY hot every time that we've gotten a chance to be together...it would just be awesome to not have to race against the clock. This is going to be so cool.

I barely rang Drew's doorbell before he came barreling to the door like a galloping stallion to swing the door open and grab me by the shirt! Hahaha, he literally 'yanked' me inside and nearly slammed the door behind me. He was already rock hard, his pants poking out in front of him as he pulled me close and smashed his lips against mine with an intensity that caught me off guard. His little fingers were clutching at my shirt, and I slid my hands around his waist to push his hardness against mine. It takes a moment to fully appreciate the feel of his soft lips pressed against my own. There's a moment of disbelief that strikes you before you're truly able to give yourself over to the moment. The feel of Drew's excited breath on my cheek, the little vibration that comes from his soft moans...purring with delight as he melted into my embrace, soooo happy to be in my arms again. Has it been that long since we've been together like this? It's hard to tell sometimes. A few class periods apart can feel like an eternity sometimes.

It had been at least five minutes before we even noticed that we were still standing right there by his front door, making out without even thinking about the fact that we had an entire house to enjoy for the rest of the day. Hehehe, then again, I could spend 8 hours in a single closet with Drew with no room to move around at all and have just as much of a thrilling experience as I'm having right now. As long as his sweet, marshmallow soft, lips could make contact...every day would be a holiday.

We stopped kissing just long enough to catch our breath, and I giggled, “Well, somebody is awfully happy to see me this morning!”

“Omigod, you're so cute!” He said, lunging forward to kiss me again. “Come on! Let's go to the basement! I need you, like...right now!” He was physically pulling me behind him like a dog on a leash. He wasn't kidding around. I had to use my free hand to hold on to the railing as we hurried downstairs. It was the only way to keep from missing a step and tumbling down to the basement floor, breaking whatever bones that were unlucky to get in the way. Drew guided me to the center of the room and whispered, “Come here...” Turning to hold me close and return to kissing me deeply, rubbing the back of my neck as his tongue gently slid in between my lips. I think I like Drew when he's being so...'eager'. Hehehe! It's hot!

Before I knew it, Drew was blindly reaching down for the front of my pants, giving it a few rubs and a lustful grope before using his fingers to unbutton and unzip the opening. Our lips parted with a soft smacking noise, and he began to lower himself to get down on his knees in front of me. Everything was moving fast, but not too fast for comfort's sake...if that makes any sense. I definitely wanted him too. God, this just keeps getting better and better.

I was prepared to pull my pants all the way down to my ankles and step out of them, but Drew only pulled my fly open wide enough to mash the front of his face against my cloth covered inches, rubbing his nose and lips back and forth across it...the moistened heat of his breath soaked up by the cotton material...my warm leakings creating a rapidly expanding wet spot at the tip of my protrusion. I felt ashiver envelop me as Drew moved up to lick at the spot, his tongue tickling the slit from whence it came. And then...he moaned, “...So hot...” and pulled the waistband down to allow me to spring free from my confines. The tip lightly hit Drew on the tip of his nose, and we both shared a soft giggle over the unexpected 'smack'. But then...Drew decided that he couldn't wait any longer, and as his soft fingers wrapped themselves around the middle of my shaft, he guided me into the wet suction of his rose colored lips...and began to nurse at my boyhood with a long, satisfied, sigh of approval.

I have an uncle...Uncle Mike...and he was always trying to quit smoking. He'd starve himself of cigarettes for months at a time, swearing that he'd never go back. But every once in a while...I'd see him take a single cigarette and calm some of those intense cravings with a few long drags in secret. The look on his face...when he took that first puff and blew out the smoke...it was like Heaven times eleven! The look on his face...the relief...the reward for being soooo good for soooo long...it was priceless. That was the look that I saw on Drew's face one he got his mouth on me again. As though he were getting his first drink of cold water after crossing a vast desert without it. He must have been fantasizing about this every minute of every day since he last had a taste of it. I could feel his longing as the slippery texture of his tongue swiveled back and forth underneath my throbbing shaft, causing my knees to tremble from the sensation.

I reached down to entangle my fingers through the plush softness of his almond colored curls, trying to keep my balance for as long as I could manage. However, once Drew felt my hands ruffling his hair, lightly tickling him behind those cute elvish ears of his, he scooted even closer to me on his knees and doubled his efforts. Whining hungrily as he tried to get as much of me into his mouth as possible...his hands now lowering my pants down to my thighs so he could grab hold of the firm cheeks behind, pulling me even deeper into his loving vacuum. It was getting to be too much. I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take before losing my first load of the day.

Drew must have sensed me reaching my limits, because he suddenly pulled his sensual lips off of me and looked up into my eyes with a smile. Omigod...his smile! That alone was almost enough to make me explode all over that pretty face of his! “Unh unh, not yet...” He giggled. He sat back on his haunches to pull his shirt off, leaving me standing there at full attention, nearly on my tiptoes as I tried to hold my orgasm back as best as I could. A feat that became nearly impossible as I saw the tender flesh of Drew's boyish chest and shoulders come into full view. My eyes tracing every inch of him...from his shallow belly button, to his flat abdomen, up to his perky, pink, nipples, and further up into the sexy curve of his neck. By the time my lustful gaze had roamed over his girlish lips and reached his longing eyes...I was lost in his unavoidable allure as if for the first time. How can something so 'practiced', something that I expected from the moment I woke up this morning, still catch me by surprise?

I swear...this boy is magic. Total magic.

I watched as Drew leaned back to bring his legs out from under him, and he started to take his pants and underwear off. I think I got a little distracted by watching his slender hips shimmy and shake his way out of his clothes, hehehe, but when he looked up to see me standing there not making any progress in the 'nakey' department, he said, “What are you doing? STRIP already!”

I laughed out loud at that. “You know, I'm starting to think you had ulterior motives when you invited me over here today.”

“Darn right! Now get your clothes off!” He grinned sweetly.

“How do you know I don't have a headache or something?” I joked.

“You don't. So get naked.”

“What if I'm not in the mood?”

“You're in the mood. And you taste AWESOME! So get naked!”

“I get the feeling that you're just using me for my body. Hehehe!”

Drew looked at me with a straight face, and he said, “Ethan...I love you. Every minute of the day, all I can think about is how much I truly...TRULY love you for everything you are. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Promise.” Then he added, “But right now? Yes! I'm using you for your hot body! And, I swear, if you don't strip naked and slide inside me soon, I'm going to throw a full blown tantrum and start fingering myself without you! So hurry the hell up!”

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