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Date Posted: 06:55:00 12/24/16 Sat
Author: Thoth
Subject: (S) "Michael’s Solace" Chapter One

As the cool air of the night surrounded him, Michael Warner stared out into the darkness with only a few scattered squares of light differing it. He wasn’t entirely sure why, but he found solace in the darkness. It was peaceful, quiet and beautiful. Even if it meant that he had to stand on his roof in the middle of night to gain it. He had been struggling to find some peace and quiet ever since he had turned sixteen. Something which was already hard enough in a house with three teenage boys and a single mother. Even going for a skate didn’t seem to do it these days since most of the time he was followed by his younger brother who, while fun to hang out with, was nowhere near quiet.

His peace however was broken when a flash of color flew past him and headed towards the footpath. Narrowly missing a passerby.

Looking around, he found the source of the color and shook his head. “Oi Levi! There’s no good hiding, you know full well that Mom would have killed you if you actually hit someone!”

Levi, was his thirteen-year-old younger brother and was as their mother called him in private, a ‘red headed little devil’. He was the only one in their small family with red hair, though according to their mother, their father’s mother was also a redhead which explained it to a degree. Though, he hadn’t seen his father’s parents ever since his dad’s funeral. His younger brother shared a few similar facial elements, including their matching brown eyes along with their hair style. Since Levi always seemed to copy the hairstyle that Michael chose.

Poking out of his window some more, so he had roughly half of his body out of the window, Levi looked over to his older brother. “She wouldn’t kick me out, then she would be left with you and Henry.” Levi smirked. “She would have a heart attack in an hour.”

“Oh ha ha, I still can’t believe that Mom thinks that I am the bad influence on you.”

“Yeah, well she's not exactly wrong about that.” Levi replied.

“Says the boy throwing water balloons at people.” Michael facepalmed.

Levi shrugged. “You need to have a pass time.”

“Dude, it’s one A.M.”

“Well excuse me if my pass time is better performed in the dead of the night.” Levi grinned. “Not all of us want the sun shining down on us.”

Michael sighed. “You spend way too much time with Henry.”

Henry, was their seventeen year old oldest brother, who had finally gotten the guts to ask out a girl who he had been hitting on for years. Though she was the main reason that they kept in the friend zone, as she just wouldn’t bite for his older brother’s wack techniques. While the younger boy gave his mother headaches, in Michael’s mind, Henry was the one who gave her nightmares. His older brother only cared about in doing whatever was cool, from alcoholic parties to occasionally joining them for a skate. Though his primary interest, seemed to be getting into his girlfriend’s pants.

“Well someone has to spend time with numb nuts, or he would end you torturing that poor girlfriend of his.” Levi shivered.

He was joined in the shiver by his older brother. “Oh yeah, still wonder how much he bribed her to date him.”

“Maybe it’s just a robot?” Levi questioned.

“Even those would have standards, bro.” Michael protested.

“Well he could have screwed up their circuit board.” Levi suggested.

“By what? Sliding into it?” Michael found himself oddly curious by the response.

Levi motioned like he was about to puke. “Sadly, I could see him trying.”

“Well, he did attempt it with the Vacuum cleaner and your pillow.”

“WAIT! What?” Levi protested. He looked back at his bedroom and shivered at the thought, wondering which of his pillow he would need to burn.

“Oh yeah, he did it right on your bed. Humped it real good.” Michael teased.

Levi almost gagged at the mental image of what his older brother did with his pillow. “Tell me, you are just messing with me man?”

“Oh, I wish I was little brother, I wish I was.”

Levi could only groan in response and slowly made his way towards his bedroom’s window, before climbing in to find the ‘dirty’ pillow. His older brother could only hold back his laughter as he listened to his younger brother almost ripping his pillow in half for evidence. Michael listened for a few moments before sitting down and leaning back against the tiles of the roof so he could look up at the skies.

He was once again interrupted by a female’s voice, one he noticed was more full of humor then anger despite her words.“That was cruel.” A voice spoke up.

“Oh come on Izzy, you know it was funny!” Michael grinned.

He turned to face the girl who had climbed onto her own roof in order to talk to him. It was his next door neighbor and one of his best friend’s Izzy, who was one of the few people who knew both his sexuality and why he hanged out of the roof so far. He smirked slightly when he saw Izzy shivering slightly from the cold of the night but he had no pity since she was only in a thin nighty. Not that him in his boxers and wifebeater were much better.

“Doesn’t make it less than cruel.” Izzy responded.

Michael just shrugged and gave her one of his ‘mischievous” grins”. He didn’t have to hide who he was to Izzy, they had been friends for years and while they had absolutely no desire in dating each other, they knew each other's deepest secrets. By now, they didn’t even have to ask when something was up. They kind of just knew.

“So, why are you on the roof this time?” Izzy questioned.

“What do you mean? Nothing's up!"

“Cut the crap Mickey Mouse, you know you only get on the roof when something is going on.” Izzy pushed.

Michael blushed at his childhood nickname but simply leaned back further. “Just can’t get something off of my mind.”

“Something or someONE?” Izzy queried.

“I’m sure you already know.”

“Oh, I know it’s the second one. But I’m not sure which fella has caught your eye.” Izzy replied.

Michael’s head quickly snapped towards Levi’s window and sighed in relief when he saw that the younger boy had shut his window. “Izzy! Levi could have heard you!” Michael growled.

“Sorry dude, but you really should think about telling them.” Izzy responded. “They love you, they aren’t going to react badly.”

“Yeah, I think I know them better than you.” Michael replied. Izzy had the decency not to reply to that. “If I want to keep it quiet, then I will.”

“Okay, okay! Sorry!” Izzy replied. She held her hands up to show she wasn’t against him. “So who is it?”

“Who said, I was going to be telling you?” Michael growled.

“Come on Mickey, tell me!” Izzy whined.

Michael smirked slightly. “Maybe I will and maybe I won’t.”

“Mickey!” Izzy pushed. “I will jump over there and kick your little ass.”

“Oi! Stop looking at my ass! I know it’s perfection but it’s not for you to drool over.” Michael teased.

“You ass is SO not drool worthy, remember mister, I’ve seen it.” Izzy shivered “In fact, I’ve seen it way more times then I ever wanted to or wish to.”

Michael smirked. “Oh, come on. You know that you loved it.”

“Well, it was scarier than any horror movie in existence.” Izzy replied. She stuck her tongue out to help her teasing.

“Hey!” Michael protested. He didn’t think his ass was that bad, not in comparison to hers.

Izzy just poked her tongue out once more. “So who's this lucky person?”

“Why should I tell you? You did just insult the dude with the sexiest ass in existent.” Michael pouted.

“Ryan Gosling’s here? WHERE!” Izzy teased.

“My ass is SO much hotter than his.” Michael replied. He emphasized the ‘so’ part loudly.

“Uh-huh, next you will say say that your ass is better than Cameron Dallas’s?”

“That douche is all looks and no substance!” Michael protested.

“And you’re neither!” Izzy giggled.

Michael pouted heavily before muttered. “Oi! This is so why I’m not interested in your gender!”

“I thought it was because no girl would ever date you?”

“Hey! I could have girls lining up for the chance to go out with me if I wanted to.” Michael protested. “I just don’t want to!”

“Uh-huh!” Izzy smirked. She ended up using her hand to make a crazy sign, which Michael managed to see thanks to the light coming from her bedroom.

“It’s true!”

“I don’t CARE what’s true, just what the heck do you think you two are up to are this hour of the night?” A voice growled.

Michael and Izzy flinched when they heard Michael’s mom growling from her window. They looked in her direction and saw that she wasn’t impressed with them being outside at this hour of the night.

“MICHAEL GARREN! ISABELLA JANE! Get your asses back inside your bedrooms before I lock the windows on at least one of you!”

“Yes, mom.” Michael blushed. He turned to face Izzy who was smirking at him. “Seeya later at school?”

“Yeah, later.” Izzy replied. Once he had finished saying goodbye to Izzy, the teen awkwardly moved around his roof and crawled back through his open window.

“Izzy, your parents are just a phone call away so get back inside your bedroom NOW!” Michael’s mom ordered.

“Yes, Mrs. Warner.” Izzy replied. The brunet didn’t waste any time in climbing back into her bedroom, knowing that Mrs. Warner would ring her parents if she didn’t.

Mrs. Warner waited for both of the children to have climbed back into their windows and shut them before leaning back into her bedroom. She didn’t bother with shutting hers yet, since it wasn’t her first ride and knew that her son would just as easily sneak back out the moment he thought that it was safe once more. He usually waited about thirty minutes before he believed that it was safe once more. A mere twenty minutes later when she heard a window open. She didn’t even get out of bed for this one.

“I said bed, MICHAEL!”

Despite it not being him that she growled at, Levi closed his window and went back to bed. He didn’t need the trouble. The Warner household went quiet with Michael, Levi and their mother drifting off to sleep for a few hours before they were woken up by their alarm clocks. Michael groaned as he heard his phone’s alarm clock going off. He buried his head into the pillow and tried to block out the sound but the buzzing was getting to his head. The teen debated simply throwing his pillow at his phone in hopes of shutting it up, but couldn’t afford to buy another and his mother wouldn’t pay for one.

He was a little confused when his door opened, until his older brother Henry’s head appeared “Oi, can you fucking turn that shit off?”

“Why don’t you?” Michael groaned. His older brother only chuckled in response to his younger brother’s sleepiness and shook his head.

“Because if you don’t, then mom will barge in here and rip your sheets off and see you in your jocks.” Henry teased.

Michael poked his tongue out. “At least I wear my jocks.”

“Come on bro, you know that you need to let the boys breathe.” Henry smirked.


At the sound of his younger brother’s disgust, Henry lost it and started laughing loudly. “Oh my god, you are so easy.” Once he had finished teasing his younger brother, Henry shut the door and headed for Levi’s bedroom to repeat the process.

Knowing that he couldn’t get out of it, Michael crawled out of his bed and headed out of the room towards the shower. A quick shower later, he headed for his bedroom and started getting dressed. Once he had finished getting dressed, Michael headed downstairs for breakfast. As he walked into the kitchen, he found his mother standing at the stove cooking pancakes for breakfast and said hello to his mother and, hopefully also to make it up to her in order to not get in trouble for the roof incident last night, Michael moved over to wrap his arms around her waist, giving her a morning hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Morning mom.” Michael said.

He didn’t notice his mother rolling her eyes. “Morning to you to sweetie but you and I will still be having a chat about you being on the roof again last night.”

“I know mom.” Michael sighed. Hopefully his mother would forget about it before he got home from school.

Michael helped himself to a few pancakes and syrup, knowing that when Levi and Henry got here then their wouldn’t be anything left. He wasn’t entirely sure where his younger brother put it, but he could put away stacks without blinking. The teen had managed to get two good sized pancakes down before Levi and Henry rushed into the kitchen. The pair dropped down onto the table and after allowing their mother to get some, they went to town on the stack. It disappeared before the weather man had finished his part on the radio. Michael and his mom, just shook their head at the pair. While there was a four year gap between them, they had a lot in common.

Once he was finished with his breakfast, Michael headed back upstairs and headed for his bedroom to get his things for school ready. While there was still a good while before school began, Michael and Levi usually walked to their respective schools together, along with Izzy and her brother. This was done since their schools were only minutes away from each other. Henry didn’t join him since he usually skated to school or got mom to let him drive there. Apparently, he didn’t want to been seen with his dorky brothers and their ‘friends’.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he looked at his phone and saw the time. “LEVI! Time to go!” Michael yelled.

“COMING!” Levi screamed. Michael groaned when it still about five minutes before his younger brother came down the stairs.

When they reached the front gate of Izzy’s house, Michael and Levi came to a stop. A routine they had gotten used to. Her little brother, Buster, was fine on getting ready in time but Izzy always came out looking like she was only half done with her hair for the day. It was another reason Michael didn’t want to bother with girls, they took far too much time. As it was with every other day, the door opened and Buster bounced out, with the recently turned thirteen year old heading over to them.

It was almost a joke to Izzy and her parents, but Buster almost looked like he could be a part of the Warner family. With Michael’s mother often joking that she was willing to trade Buster for Levi, but Buster’s parents wouldn’t agree to it. The boy shared their brown hair that looked almost goldish in the right light. Though Buster had his in a almost bowl cut hairstyle that framed his egg shaped head nicely. His features otherwise were fairly softly and allowed his brown eyes to be a highlight, not simply ignored. Another feature he shared with Michael and Henry. Michael noted that he was wearing the long sleeve hoodie shirt that he had gotten him for his birthday. It was basically a red polo shirt that had its own connected black hood.

“What’s up Buster Butt?” Levi teased.

Michael groaned slightly, no wonder why Levi and Buster weren’t the best of friends. Since ever since Levi had learnt the word Butt, Buster had gotten his new nickname. One he wasn’t a massive fan of in the slightest. Though at least they weren’t the worst of enemies, they just weren’t exactly ‘friends’

Buster rolled his eyes at Levi, but ignored the ‘Buster Butt’ comment as good as he could. He heard it pretty much ten times a day from the redhead. “You’re an idiot.”.

“You love it.” Levi smirked.

Michael shook his head and mutter internally, that Levi and Buster would make a interesting couple if they ever stopped fighting. Luckily the boys kept quiet until they were finally joined by Izzy, who still looked like she was half ready. The three boys shared a few looks and rolled their eyes when she complained about not having enough time to get ready for the day. Izzy noticed all of their looks, but knew that glaring at them or yelling at them wouldn’t do any good. She simply allowed them to crack their jokes before they finally shut up about it but by that point they were most of the way towards the middle school.

The older pair listened in as Levi and Buster chatted about their current English project on the Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life book. With Michael occasionally muttering that Levi and Leo sounded like they would be the best of friends. In his mind, Levi was way to similar to the character but unluckily for him, Levi was real. Thankfully in Michael’s mind, It wasn’t long before they reached the middle school, with Michael and Izzy stopping with the younger pair to say their goodbyes.

“Okay guys, try and behave.” Michael said. Looking between Levi and Buster, with Izzy grinning a little about how Michael treats her little brother. “Your mother would kill you if you get into trouble.”

“Us behave?” Levi protested. “Never!”

“Oi! Don’t bring me into this!” Buster protested. “I’m a GOOD kid, I’m not in the remedial class like SOMEONE.”

Levi just rolled his eyes. “Seriously? You a good kid? I’ve seen what you and your friends do behind the gym, Buster Butt.” Levi teased. Michael was sure that Buster would have punched Levi out the moment he finished his sentence.

“Don’t call me that! And we just hang out! Away from you and your dumbass mates!” Buster protested. Finally starting to get annoyed by his next door neighbour.

“Oh, you hang out alright.” Levi smirked.

Izzy shuddered a little at the thought of her little brother like that. “That is way too much information!”

“Come on! It’s not true!” Buster groaned. Begging for his sister to believe him.

“You can stop lying dude, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.” Michael added. Since he treated Buster in the same way that he treated Levi, that included all of the teasing as well.

“GAH!” Buster screamed.

Before the other three could say anything else, Buster turned and walked into the middle school in a bit of a mood. Izzy only shook her head while the Warner brothers grinned and held back their giggles. Michael and Izzy stayed a few moments more and chatted with Levi before the redhead ran off to meet up with his friends and they returned to walking towards the high school. They made some small chat between themselves, with Michael mentioning that his mom was still annoyed by him being on the roof last night.

Once they reached the high school, Izzy and Michael headed for a spot under one of the big trees. They still had a little bit of time and didn’t want to head into school like some massive dork. The teachers already had Stevie for that, and he did a good enough job for everyone. Some days, he seemed to get to the school before some of the teachers. If they gave him the chance, then more and likely, he would even right their lessons for them. And teach it.

Luckily, they never allowed him since he was definitely was a hard task master. He had to work with Stevie on a project a few years ago, and Stevie almost threw him out a window because he hadn’t done the same level of research. With Stevie’s notes being almost as long as a novel. Michael was pulled out of his thoughts on Stevie, when he noticed someone skating past him. His crush.

“So what do you have on today?” Izzy questioned. Trying to ignore her own nerves surrounding her Indonesian test, she barely remembered her lines. She was unaware of Michael’s lack of attention until he completely ignored her.

Izzy noticed that Michael was no longer paying attention to her, and followed his eyeline to where Aiden Marino skating by. She quickly worked out that this was who her friend was crushing on, and smirked. In the end, she couldn’t blame him since Aiden was one of the sweetest boy’s in school with good looks to match. His amazing voice and Italian heritage only adding to his desire. Pretty much every girl had a phase of wanting him, but he never seemed to date anyone so they gave up after a while and moved onto a boy who would.

“Dude, you are drooling.” Izzy teased.

Michael completely ignored her and continued to watch as his crush skated past, with the teen gulping slightly when their eyes met. The nervousness only grew when Aiden smiled at him. He continued to watch the other boy skating around the carpark of the school, using a few steps and chairs to do some tricks. He blushed a few times when the trick caused Aiden’s shirt to ride up and show a little skin along with the waistband of his Calvin Kleins. Michael’s eyes almost zoomed in and his body froze, trying to cement the memory.

“Are you even listening to me?” Izzy questioned. She used her hand to wave in front of Michael’s face, not getting a response.

“Uh-huh” Michael replied. Izzy noticed that he didn’t even look away from Aiden.

Izzy rolled her eyes and allowed her best friend to be a pervert while making sure that no one was noticing him. The last thing that Michael needed was for the entire school to realize that he was checking someone out so obviously, especially when it was another dude. Michael continued to watch Aiden until something frightened him. Aiden was looking directly at him, with the Italian having realized that he was being watched. The sixteen year old’s nerves only grew when Aiden started skating towards him. Michael found himself wondering if Aiden was going to stop or turn before he ran into him. He almost flinched when Aiden stopped within inches of him.

As he kicked his board up and caught it, Aiden smiled at Michael. “Hey dude. Like my moves?”

“Hey.” Michael whispered back. Unaware that Aiden had said anything after ‘Hey.”

When he heard Aiden’s voice directed at him, Michael almost fainted. Hearing the whispered greeting, Aiden smiled at him, which had Izzy almost giggling at her friend’s reaction. He was being way to obvious. Luckily for her best friend, the school bell soon rang and the trio knew they would have to head inside and get to homeroom as quickly as they could. Since they didn’t share homeroom, Michael pouted which earned him a sly grin from Aiden.

As he started to head into the school, Aiden let his hand come into contact with Michael’s arm. He was careful that no one would realize other than Michael, who shivered from the slight touch. “I guess, I’ll see you in Maths dude.”

Blinking a few times, Michael turned to look at Izzy in confusion.“What just happened?” Michael asked.

“Don’t worry dude, let’s just get you into school before you faint.” Izzy replied.

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at her best friend’s confusion. Though his lack of memory would teach him to not simply stare at the boy, mentally undressing him. Michael shrugged and the pair headed inside, ready for another day of high school.

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