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Date Posted: 16:03:07 12/30/16 Fri
Author: Thoth
Subject: (S) "Michael’s Solace" Chapter Two

As they walked into the school, Michael and Izzy headed for their lockers which Izzy had managed to convince the school to let them have a set next to each other. He had later found out that Izzy had literally sat in the vice-principal’s office until she got her own way. She had done it primarily, because otherwise she would have had to be next to Jodi, who stank to levels you can’t imagine. He did feel sorry for the kid who had to swap due to it. When they reached their lockers, Michael unlocked his with his pin code with the back of his locker being covered in band pictures. Izzy found herself smirking as she looked at the poster stuck to the back of Michael’s locker. It was of his favourite band, Liquor On Sunday. A local band who had been getting big as of late, including playing at a big showcase and selling their first album. Through, Michael’s attention was focused on only one of the members, Taylor.

She couldn’t help herself. “So lover boy, whose better? Aiden or Taylor?” Izzy teased.

“H-How could you?” Michael gasped. Wondering how his best friend could even compare the sweetest boy in the world with the dreamiest musician.

“Oh come on dude! One of them have to be better than the other.” Izzy pushed.

“Ugh! It’s simple – Aiden is like” Michael started before pulling his ‘dreaming/in love face’. “And Taylor is like”

As Michael pulled another face, Izzy for the life her couldn’t really notice any difference. In her mind, they both just looked like her best friend was constipated. “Uh, huh?”

“Ah!” Michael groaned.

“You are going to go back to the store, to perv on him aren’t you?” Izzy questioned.

They had found out that Taylor worked in a nearby Music Store, so had taken to coming in every so often and looking through the music just so that Michael could fanboy. She usually chatted with one of the staff, which knew about Michael’s attraction to Taylor and found it hilarious. If she remembered the name right, it was like Dizzy or something. She had only seen it on their name tag.

Michael pouted. “I’m not even going to dignify that with a response.” He stuck his nose up to illustrate his point which only made his best friend giggle.

“Uh-huh” Izzy giggled. Her best friend was far too easy to tease, it wasn’t much of a challenge anymore.

Michael simply sighed and pulled his books out. “Let’s just get to class.”

“Yes sir.” Izzy teased. His sigh only got louder, when Izzy put two fingers up to her forehead and basically saluted him.

He leaned up against his locker, as Izzy got her own books out. “I so need better friends.” Michael muttered.

“Oh come on, you know that I’m the only one who can handle your crazy.” Izzy grinned.

Michael pouted. “You were nicer as a blonde.”

“Only because you could make blond jokes.” Izzy replied.

“Would I do something like that?” Michael smirked.

“Every minute of the day.” Izzy responded.

She closed her locker before Michael could respond to her, with the pair heading off to homeroom with Michael’s returned pout plastered to his face. When they reached the classroom, they walked in and nodded to their homeroom teacher before taking to their seats. They were lucky to be assigned seats next to each other, Michael just wished he didn’t have a jerk behind. When he felt his chair being kicked, Michael sighed. His middle finger wanted to give Connor’s his own special hello.

“What’s up fart breath?” Connor teased.

Michael growled. “Shut it, Connor.”

“Aw, didn’t your girlfriend give you some honey today booger?” Connor smirked.

“I’m not his girlfriend Connor!” Izzy bit.

Connor’s smirk only got larger. “Then maybe you would like to have lunch with me?”

“Eww.” Izzy gagged. “Maybe when it snow’s in hell.”

“Aww that hurts Izzy, maybe you should kiss me and make it feel better.” Connor responded.

“Maybe, I should rip your tongue out so that we don’t have to hear you anymore.” Izzy retorted.

Connor grinned. “Damn Iz, who knew you were that kinky. But I must say there are definitely more fun ways for you to get my tongue.”

“Ew! Oh my god, you’re disgusting!” Izzy exclaimed.

“Only with you beautiful.” Connor flirted.

While he wasn’t entirely interested in dating Izzy, Connor wasn’t against hooking up with the decent looking good. It had been a while since he had been with a girl and ‘little Connor’ was definitely wanting some womanly attention. Thinking that he was getting at Michael, Connor flashed a quick smirk at Michael, who rolled his eyes in response. Michael really didn’t know why everyone thought that he and Izzy were dating. Through it helped to keep his secret at bay, which was the reason he believed that Izzy stayed single. He owed her a lot. Since he knew a lot of guys, not named Connor that would be were interested in her.

“Connor, if you don’t shut up then I’m going to puke all over you.” Izzy warned.

Michael and Izzy shivered when Connor’s smirk only got worse. “Oh? Trying to make me remove my clothing? If you wanted a look at my body, you just have to ask and I’ll give you a show.”

“Gross.” Izzy gagged. Michael wasn’t far behind her, with the boy wondering how Connor would ever managed to get someone when he treated people like that.

Any response was stopped by their homeroom teacher, Mr. Soares standing up, ready to speak. “Okay guys and girls, it’s time to settle down and get ready for morning announcements.”

Thankfully for Michael and Izzy, this shut up Connor who lounged back in his seat and watched the screen up the front as the principal read out the morning announcement. Michael tuned them out since there was nothing of importance ever in the morning announcements, usually just what after school clubs were meeting today and where along with lunch choices. He did manage to hear that today’s options were Salad and Sloppy Joes. While he wasn’t really a fan of Sloppy Joes, they were a lot better in his mind than just a boring school salad. He didn’t even know how people could live on what was basically rabbit food.

He returned to tuning out the rest of the morning announcements until they ended and he was forced to pay attention again. Luckily, he only had to listen out for his name to be called for roll call before it was finally the end of homeroom for the day. As he walked out of the classroom towards his first class, he nodded towards Mr. Soares who returned it. While he only had Mr. Soares for homeroom, he seemed like a pretty good teacher and attempted to teach them something new every morning by writing a factoid on the board. It wasn’t always the most interesting fact in the world but occasionally he had some pretty good ones. Today’s was about Swedish deserts. With Izzy beside him, the pair headed for their first official class for the day, each hoping the day would go fast.

It was in the last class before he had his lunch break, when Michael’s unluckiness caught up with him. While it was less embarrassing in comparison to the Aiden incident, Michael’s pen ended up running out of ink. And when the boy leaned over in order to ask his best friend if he could borrow one. The look on her face had him backing away with Izzy almost hissing her response. Michael put his up in order to show that he was putting up a white flag. She sighed before ending up allowing him to borrow one of her old pens for the rest of the class. As usual with Michael and her pens, it didn’t last. Through she warned that if he didn’t go and buy his own, then she was going to snap something of his.

“Go.” Izzy ordered.

Michael rolled his eyes as his best friend pointed in the direction, she wanted him to head into. All he had done, was ask to borrow a pen. It wasn’t his fault that the last time he had borrowed a pen, she had given him her good one and it had ‘snapped’ in half. As Izzy waited against one of the walls, as Michael walked towards the school ‘hut’ which was basically the school’s version of a prison commissary. It was basically a closet size store that sold extra notebooks, pencils, pens, computer disks, batteries, calculator and some small sweets like lollipops. The hut was run by the red haired anti-geek Michael ‘Mickey’ Slade, who had shared a few classes back in middle school and always made joked about them sharing a name.

"Greetings and salutations, my fellow Michael." Mickey said.

“Hey Mickey.” Michael replied. “How’s the hut?”

“Full and lacking costumers, so the usual.’ Mickey grinned. "So what can I do for ya?"

“Need a new pen my good man, last one snapped and Izzy is threatening to snap something of mine if I try and use one of hers.” Michael replied. Shivering to prove his point.

“Ouch, harsh man but we all know who wears the pants in relationships.” Mickey replied. “Girls.”

“Well, they think they do.” Michael responded.

“You will learn man, you will learn that girls run the roost.” Mickey grinned.

Michael rolled his eyes slightly, he was glad that he didn’t have to put up with girls then. “Well maybe in the future.” He hoped that sounded like a straight man, he wasn’t entirely ready for everyone to know his preferences.

“Well maybe when you finally ask that Izzy girl out.” Mickey smirked.

Michael sighed internally since yet another person was mentioning that he should ask Izzy out. Without responding to Mickey’s comment, Michael finished paying for his pen with the teen deciding to spend a little more and get a four colour pen rather than just a plain blue. It would make things a little easier for him and get Izzy off of his back. Once he had paid for the pen, he said his goodbye and headed over to meet up with Izzy. Izzy groaned loudly when Michael mentioned that Mickey stated that he should ask her out, with Michael sympathising with her. With the pen brought, the pair headed towards the canteen until were stopped by the sound of a girl shouting his name.

“Michael! Michael!” Tiffany screamed.

Michael sighed at the sound of Tiffany’s voice but stopped at the doorway to the cafeteria. Tiffany grinned when she noticed that Michael was waiting for her. She basically rushed up to where Michael was waiting and before saying anything, she shoved a flyer into his hands.

“Uh, what’s this Tiffany?” Michael asked.

“B-birthday. P-Party. W-Weekend.” Tiffany muttered.

Michael was a little confused so questioned her. “Uh?”

“Um, well I’m having my birthday party this weekend, at the bowling alley. Do you want to come?” Tiffany blushed.

He found himself looking at the flyer. While he wasn’t really a party guy, it did look pretty fun and his mother would be happy that he was getting out of the house and not on the roof. Through one of the benefit of the party would be to get away from his older brother Henry, who seemed to use the weekend as one long binge.

“Yeah, sure. It looks like fun.” Michael replied. He saw Izzy giving him a look, and knew what she was hinting at. “Can Izzy come as well?”

Tiffany looked like she had swallowed a lemon, as she muttered out a “yes.”

“Cool, I’ll see you at the party.” Michael grinned.

“Awesome!” Tiffany grinned.

Tiffany decided that she could deal with Izzy to have Michael coming to her party, maybe she could convince Michael to play a little spin the bottle with her during the party. She had been crushing on him since the end of primary school, and had been a little disappointed when he seemed to not even notice her existence during middle school, despite her having flirted with him a few times. Tiffany and Michael made small chat for a few moments before Michael excused himself to join Izzy in the cafeteria.

“What was that about?” Izzy questioned.

Michael groaned and released a loud sigh. “Tiffany has invited me – us to her birthday party this weekend.”

“Us?” Izzy groaned.

“Well if I’m going to it, then I’m not going alone.” Michael smirked. “I am so not going to be alone in her company, you know how much of a flirt she was back in middle school.”

“I’m not sure why THAT means I have to come with you.” Izzy groaned.

Michael smirked. “Because I need someone to run interference, so I don’t end up locked up in her basement with handcuffs on and her having a whip in her hand.”

“Sounds like you have put way more thought into that then you should.” Izzy teased. “And damn boy, who knew you were into bondage. I’ll have to get Aiden some fluffy handcuffs when you two hook up.”

“IZZY!” Michael growled.

With fear in his eyes, he looked around to make sure that no one wasn’t listening to their conversation and thankfully no one was. Once he had made sure, Michael and Izzy made their way over to the cafeteria line and grabbed a tray before making their way through the ordering system and paying. When they had paid for their meals, Michael and Izzy looked around for a table and found a small empty section of a table which currently only had a couple of freshmen on it.

As they took a seat, Michael was pretty sure that he heard someone whispering that they couldn’t wait to meet up this weekend. Michael found himself wondering when the school had gotten so sexual, ever since he had spoken to Aiden, he had begun to notice it. Through it could have possibly been there all along, and he had just ignored it. Lunch went fairly slowly until Izzy noticed that someone had made their way through the line and was heading in their direction.

“Oi lover butt, your Italian stud is coming this way.” Izzy teased. A confused Michael turned slightly and saw that Aiden was indeed heading his direction. However when he turned to look in Aiden’s direction, he was spotted by said boy.

Aiden gave him a smile when he noticed that it was the boy who had been watching him skate earlier in the day. “Oh hey, it’s you!”

Michael’s mouth almost dropped when he looked up and saw that Aiden was once again talking to him. He attempted to stutter out a response but only managed to sound like he was a fish struggling for water. Izzy found herself giggling once more. When she noticed that Aiden was waiting for a response from Michael, she took it upon herself.

“That’s Michael for ‘Hi Aiden’.” Izzy teased. She smirked slightly when she saw that Michael was giving her a slight glare.

“Glad to have a translator.” Aiden smiled.

Michael’s glare seem to grow when Izzy added on. “Would you like to join us?”

“Well, I was meant to go and join my friends for lunch but I guess it won’t hurt them to survive without me.” Aiden responded. Even Izzy felt herself slightly swooning when Aiden gave another smile but Aiden’s attention was focused on Michael. “If that’s alright with you, Michael?”

Michael once again tried to speak before settling on a nod and a nervous blush. Izzy slid over in order to allow Aiden to sit next to her and across from Michael which only seemed to make her best friend more nervous. Aiden grinned at Michael, as he put his food down on the table and picked up his fork and knife in order to start on his own lunch. Michael was a little interested in Aiden’s choice, since the Italian skater had chosen the salad option with what looked like absolutely no meat on his plate. This made him feel a little awkward since his own plate was full of a sloppy joe, with meat almost being squished out of it.

“How’s the sloppy joes?” Aiden questioned. He saw that Michael was attempting to hide the fact that he was having a sloppy joe in response to his own salad. “I was thinking about it, but the salad looked a little more appealing than the ones they had ready to go.”

Michael awkwardly looked at Izzy, who was about to answer when she was stopped by Aiden.

“Dude, I don’t bite or anything. You can use your words.” Aiden grinned.

“I-It’s um nice.” Michael managed. Aiden smiled at him in response.

“It looks pretty good.” Aiden grinned.

“W-would you like to taste some?” Michael exclaimed. Izzy watched in amusement, as her best friend grabbed her fork and used it to scoop up some of the sloppy joe meat.

“Nah, I’m good.” Aiden attempted.

“C-come on, it’s really good.” Michael stuttered. He wasn’t entirely sure why he was doing this, but he couldn’t stop himself as he almost thrusted the fork towards Aiden’s face.

Aiden giggled slightly, while turning his face away from the fork full of meat. “It’s okay.”

“Really, I-it’s good!” Michael exclaimed.

Izzy could only watch in morbid horror, as Michael moved the fork slightly and the sloppy joe meat dropped off the fork and onto Aiden’s shirt. Aiden and Michael were looking in the same spot, with Michael feeling like he was going to die of embarrassment as he realised what happened. Aiden sighed as he looked down at his shirt.

“Damnit, this was one of my good shirts.” Aiden groaned. Despite the look, he looked up at Michael and tried to make him feel a little less awkward. “Ugh, don’t worry about it man. I’m sure it will come out. My mom’s a wise with the washing machine.”

“S-sorry.” Michael stuttered.

Izzy could only watch with a sigh as Michael stood up and almost bolted out of the cafeteria. After giving Aiden a small smile, she ate a few more bites of her own lunch before placing hers and Michael’s trays on the dirty tray pile before heading out into the hallway. She found Michael in a mostly empty hallway, with Michael punching a wall as she turned the corner.

“So, how was your lunch?” Izzy teased. She was attempting to make light of the situation, since she was knew what her friend was like.

Michael growled. “Don’t start, I just bloody well made a fool of myself!”

“I wasn’t going to start.” Izzy replied. “You didn’t make a fool of yourself.”

“Don’t bother lying.”

She shook her head a little, in the end at least Michael had managed to get a few more words out to Aiden this. Even if he did somewhat embarrass himself. Through, Aiden definitely knew who her best friend was, now they just needed to see if Aiden was interested or at least batting for the same team as Michael.

“So where are we going?”

“I’m going to the computer lab.” Michael replied.

Izzy sighed. She truly hated when her best friend got into a mood but with what happened, she couldn’t really blame it. You didn’t really let it down when you attempt to force feed your lunch to someone else. At least Aiden was a good sport about it. Which was something positive about Michael’s Italian crush.

“I’ll come with you then!” Izzy decided.

“Whatever.” Michael replied.

Izzy found herself having to catch up slightly, as her best friend almost stormed away from the hallway in the direction of the computer lab. Putting even more distance between him and the cafeteria. When they walked into the computer lab, Michael looked around for some empty desks and found two across from some of their classmates. Jessica and Doug, with the pair being somewhat dorky and spending most of their day in the computer lab. Since they were the only free ones in a pair, they had no choice and they headed over there and sat down. As Michael and Izzy logged into and checked their emails, they heard a part of Jessica and Doug’s conversation coming from the other side of the desk.

“So did you ask him out?” Jessica whispered. Michael’s head popped up a little and he leaned in slightly in order to hear the conversation better, with the teen suddenly curious to see if there was another gay teen in the school.

Doug glared at her as he looked around to see if Michael and Izzy were paying attention, with Michael acting like he wasn’t. “Yes! I asked him to come with me to Tiffany’s birthday party.”

As Jessica squealed in response, a squeal loud enough to get a few looks from nearby students. Michael found himself more curious about attending Tiffany’s party now, to find out who Doug’s boy is and who the third gay that he would be definitely sure of.

“Shush!” Doug blushed.

While he was thrilled that Chris has accepted his invitation for a date, he had to wonder why she would ask him when there were other people were around. Through, he did have to admit that normally the computer lab was fairly empty during lunch. Usually he and Jessica had the run of the place, since everyone else liked to be out with their friends hanging out. Including Chris who spent more time with his best friend Kevin. Someone, he was incredibly jealous of.

Doug and Jessica’s conversation fell quiet and they focused on what they were each doing. Meanwhile, Izzy caught Jessica’s eye and mouthed ‘Boys, Right?’ with Jessica smirking and responding with ‘Totally’. After a while, the girl’s excused themselves to go to the bathroom with the pair protesting and smacking their respective boy when asked while girls always went in groups. Despite being left alone, Doug and Michael didn’t talk until Michael found himself unable to access what he wanted.

“Ugh, work you stupid thing!” Michael growled.

The teen was close to punching the screen, as it once again refused to load the page. He didn’t see how it could be against the school’s sensors. It wasn’t like he was looking pictures of nude celebrities. Through, he had to admit that if Taylor had some leaks, he would definitely check them out.

His growl earnt Doug’s attention. “Computer playing up for you as well?”

“Mm, the stupid thing won’t load the page I need.” Michael replied. He looked up to find Doug looking over the small divider at him.

“What are you looking up?” Doug asked. His curiosity getting to him.

“Ways to make people lose their memory.” Michael muttered.

Doug raised an eyebrow slightly. “Why?”

Michael wasn’t entirely sure but he found himself answering. “Just made the biggest fool out of myself.”

“How?” Doug asked.

Doug was definitely getting a little more curious about what had gone on with his classmate, even if this was the longest chat he had ever had with Michael Warner. It wasn’t that they didn’t each other, it was more because they ran in different circles which meant they didn’t get to know each other.

“I um, tried to feed someone my lunch.” Michael admitted.

“Uh, why did you try and feed someone your lunch?” Doug grinned. He was struggling to hold back his laughter, but he wanted more details first.

“They said it looked nice.” Michael blushed.

Doug couldn’t stop himself from laughing. “So you thought you would feed it to them?”

Michael’s blush only got worse. “I-I wasn’t thinking properly”

“Sounds like it.” Doug chuckled.

“Dude! It’s not funny!” Michael bit.

Doug smirked. “It kind of is.”

Michael could only groan and wish that this day would be over. Ever since he had gotten to school, he had done nothing but embarrass himself in front of his crush. Aiden was never going to be interested in him now. He would probably avoid him, so he wasn’t fed again. As he turned back to his computer screen, Michael found himself wondering how he was going to fix this.

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