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Date Posted: 18:44:26 04/17/17 Mon
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter 8)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "Left Without Words 8"" on 18:22:22 04/17/17 Mon

"Left Without Words 8"

The eye contact that Deme and I held at the back door when I was forced to say goodbye in the rapidly fading afternoon light...was heartbreaking, to say the least. I'm talking physical pain, here. He was sooooo close, and yet felt like he was still a million miles away. I could tell that it caused him some distress, and maybe even a touch of sadness, for him to say goodbye to me. Those chocolate brown eyes of his stared back at me with a reflection of the intense longing that I was feeling for him in return. It was more of a struggle for me NOT to kiss those soft teen lips of his than it was to maintain the conflict over whether or not our little secret would be exposed to whatever stranger might be watching us. I desperately craved another taste of his hot young tongue, and seeing that same yearning in his expression made things so intense that we both found ourselves trembling at the door.

But...lucky, unlucky...common sense won the argument in our sexed up minds.

Deme said, "I will call you soon, yes? Or...see you again?" He sounded so...lost when he said it.

"Uh huh..." I replied, and then forced myself to smile in order to make him feel better about us having to part ways before we were able to explore our feelings any further.

Deme blushed slightly and looked away from me. "Good. This is good. Hehehe!"

"Yeah." I said. "Very good." Then Deme looked over his shoulder for a moment to check for his dad before allowing his hand to reach for mine again. "I will miss you until then. Ok?"

The feel of him touching my hand made me sooooo HARD! He wasn't even doing anything remotely erotic at the time! Just the contact of his soft skin against mine was enough to make me swoon to the point of nearly falling over in the bushes with dizzy infatuation.

"I'm gonna miss you too." I whimpered helplessly. "I'm...I'm totally gonna miss you, Deme." I said, reinforcing the statement with, "Soooooo much!" Hey, give me a break. I've never done this sort of thing before. I'm still learning the ropes of this 'romance' stuff.

"Ok." He smiled.

"Ok." I smiled.

We stood silent for a moment, and when Deme's dad called out for him, he quickly brought my hand up to his lips and kissed the back of my knuckles in the sweetest way. I had never felt a set of sexy boy lips quiver like that before. I didn't even think it was possible, to be honest. I just kind of stood there, happy to have my bike from downstairs to hold on to so I could stay balanced in his presence.

"You're really gonna miss me?" I asked. I don't know why...but it seemed like some kind of delusion that anything that just happened over the past twenty minutes or so between us could ever possibly be real. This wasn't real life. This was an extremely hot wet dream that I was bound to wake up from any minute now, forced to change my underwear once I splattered them all up from thinking of the hottest boy on the planet actually being...ummm...available to me. Or my 'kind'. Or...whatever.

However, despite my desperate need to wake up and process things in a somewhat logical manner, Deme just grinned bashfully, "Yes. Really. I think I will miss you very much. I...I want to..." Then he peeked back over his shoulder again for a second before quickly leaning forward to kiss me on the cheek. His eyes checked mine for a reaction, and for once...I was GLAD that my timid blush said everything it needed to say about my current state of mind.

Ok, so I had to gently back away from him, as the pressure in my chest threatened to crush me on the inside. Lightheaded and giddy with a bubbly energy that was hard to control, I quietly said goodbye to my international prince. "Tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes! Tomorrow!" He grinned, and he watched me get on my bike and ride away. Dreaming of the moment when we could be together again.

I can barely remember how I got home. My head was in the clouds the entire time. Inner visions of Deme and I, standing face to face in that dark basement...experiencing our very first kiss together. It all happened so fast. As mind-blowing as the experience was, I almost wish I had paid more attention to the life altering beauty of the moment. If only I could go back and do it all over again. And again. Hehehe...and again.

I vaguely remember my mom making some kind of meat for dinner...maybe with some 'greenage' on the side of my plate. I remember Sarah saying something about...something. I think I watched something on TV. Well, I had the TV on but wasn't paying much attention to it. So it was more like the TV was watching me. It was like everything in my world had suddenly become a total blur to me. The only crystal clear part of me was the steady thump, thump, thump, of my aching heart...and the 'broken record' replay of the instant that Deme's lips met mine. The softness of our loving collision, the gently breath breezing across my cheek from his nostrils...and the excitement of tasting another boy's tongue for the very first time. I couldn't let go of the memory. Or...it wouldn't let go of me. When does this dizzy feeling wear off? I can't possibly function like this for the rest of my life. Every battery's got to run out of juice some time, right? I mean...right?

I spent the rest of the night staring at blank walls, sighing wistfully for no reason, and occasionally breaking out into a maniacal smile that I couldn't control. The kind of smile that catches you by surprise, and sends such a rush of endorphins into your bloodstream that it creates a full body tingle that makes you want to laugh out loud. Hehehe, Sarah kept giving me the strangest looks tonight. "What's wrong with you tonight?" She asked.

I giggled out loud, only increasing her suspicion. "Hehehe, it's nothing. Don't worry about it. You wouldn't get it."

"I'm telling Mom you're being weird."

"Go ahead. Tell her. Tell the world." I grinned. "Tonight, I'm proud to be weird." She just kind of looked at me sideways, turned around, and left me to dwell in madness with no further interruption. There's no way she's going to take these good vibes away from me. Not today. Hehehe!

I doubt that I could count the number of tissues I burned through that night. Let's just say that I jerked off so many times that my poor balls couldn't keep up with the demand. I was doing back to back dry orgasms, with hardly a drop of seed to offer...but the throbbing shaft felt just as good. Every time. My shoulder and elbow were actually beginning to hurt. Even the muscles in my butt were sore from thrusting upward with every crashing climax. And that was just from me thinking about kissing Deme in the dark. Seriously! That one kiss was the most erotic moment of my LIFE! I can't scratch it out of my head, no matter what I do! It's driving me crazy!

Waking up the next morning, I could have sworn that I was even dreaming about him. I tried to hold on to the details of it, but they were rapidly fading away like wisps of smoke. I was hoping that some of my sanity would return to me, but that little electric current of love just kept humming along. Unrestricted. Making me stare up at the ceiling with a goofy grin. God help me...I'm so in love right now.

I snickered my way through a late breakfast, now getting confused from my mom as well. "You seem awfully happy this morning." She said.

"See, Mom? He's being so weird!" Sarah said.

"Hehehe, I'm not happy. I'm just...I dunno." I shrugged. Then I giggled again. I couldn't help myself! It was silly, but...I honestly felt infected with some sort of 'giggle disease'. They were as involuntary as a bad case of the hiccups.

I wasn't exactly sure how to explain myself, but luckily the doorbell rang to break the beginning of what was sure to be an awkward interrogation. "I got it!" Sarah announced, hopping up from the kitchen table as if somebody was actually going to race her to the door. Whatever. I took my last few bites of bacon and gulped down some ice cold milk. Then...we heard this high pitched 'yelp' coming from the front door. The kind of quick scream that Sarah usually uses when she sees a giant spider on the wall.

"Sarah?" My mom called out, and we both got up to see what was going on. Sarah was standing there, shaking from head to toe, with Deme on the other side of the screen door.

"H-h-h-hi...." She stammered. Jesus, the poor girl looked like she was going to wet herself.

Deme was polite enough to say hello, and then his eye met mine and he gave me a timid little wave. But he didn't come inside. Not without being invited first. Something that Sarah was too dumbfounded to do, apparently.

Thankfully, my mom had the brain power to not be frozen in place like the rest of us. "Hello, Dimitry. Come on in. Come in, come in."

I shook myself free of my trance and grabbed Sarah by the shoulder to shove her aside. "MOVE, Sarah! God! I'm sorry, dude. Come on in." I felt myself getting all weak in the knees again as those beautiful eyes peered into my soul, that chaotic quake of infatuation taking up residence in the pit of my stomach as he stepped into my house. "Hi..." I grinned.

"Hi, Shane..." He grinned back. Then, a slightly uncomfortable silence as my mom and Sarah stared at us instead of going away like they should have. "I am sorry for coming here like this. I know it's early."

"No, it's cool. Totally."

"Papa Milo wanted me to come in and work at the restaurant later on today, so..."

"Oh..." I said, my heart already starting to deflate rapidly. "...I see." Did I look sad? I was trying not to look sad. "I understand. I mean, if you have to work and just...maybe if you want to get together some other time...?"

Deme wrinkled his eyebrows up in the cutest way. "Oh! No, I still want to see you today. I just have to go to work. Later. Much later. This is ok, yes?"

"Yeah! Yeah, ok!" I said, my energy bubbling up to full capacity again. Then we both noticed my mom and Sarah were still standing there. What the hell, man? "Do you want to go to my room or something?"

"Yes. Ok." He smiled. Oh wow...everything about this boy is pure magic.

Deme made sure to give my mom a courteous nod and a smile, and then he smiled at Sarah, which nearly caused her to scream again as she leaned back against the wall and covered her mouth with both hands. Ugh...fangirls!

I was SO happy to have Deme all to myself again, closing my bedroom door as soon as we walked in. I can't say that I had any kind of 'plan' as to what I was going to do with him at the moment, but...at least we were alone. In a place where I could let my passionate gaze land upon his flawless face without having to hold it back.

We both just stood in the center of my room...not saying a word...just sort of staring at one another. Smiling. Fidgeting a little bit as we shifted from one foot to the other in an attempt to balance ourselves. Afraid to stay silent. Afraid to break the silence. I don't know...there was just something so cute about it all. I've never felt this way before.

Finally, I cleared my throat and said, "Hey..."

Deme giggled. "Hey..." We blushed at our goofy little social dance, but then he softly told me, "I need to touch you."


"I'm...well, I mean..." That's when Deme reached out and took a hold of my hand. "...OH! You meant...you just want to...umm...forget it. Hehehe!"

He stared deep into my eyes, his soft hand holding mine...his thumb lightly brushing over my skin. I wonder if he can feel my goosebumps. "I could not stop thinking about you last night. I barely slept at all." He said, just above a whisper.

I whimpered slightly. I'm not much better than my baby sister when it comes to him, am I? "Me either. I missed being close to you." I said, allowing my thumb to brush over the silk like texture of his skin as well. "You leave me so breathless, Deme. I wish I knew what to say to you, heh...but I don't."

Deme said, "I know what to say. But I fear I am afraid to say it."

My heart was beating so hard and fast that it began to hurt. I found myself staring at his lips. Those beautiful lips. Oh God...I wonder if I can get away with this. I wonder if...

I looked over Deme's shoulder at my closed bedroom door, and started to speak. "I know my mom and Sarah are here, but...I kinda want to..."

Before I could finish that sentence, Deme stepped forward and connected his sweet lips to my own. It definitely caught me by surprise, but the second I felt it...I just closed my eyes and flowed right along with it. A long sigh escaping me as my body nearly melted right there on the spot.

I tilted my head slightly to the right at first, but then tilted it back to the left shortly after, with Deme reading my movements and switching sides with me simultaneously. You know...I always wondered if I would be good at kissing or not. The funny thing is, I don't think there's a wrong way to do it. Not if you love the person you're with, and you're not trying too hard. Everything is pretty automatic. And it feels so good that once you start, it's nearly impossible to stop.

That's when I felt his tongue brush against my lips, and I eagerly moved forward to greet him. The mere taste of him was so intoxicating. I could barely contain myself, letting soft moans vibrate in the back of my throat as I tried to remember that we weren't the only two people in the house. Is this what having a boyfriend is like? I never dreamed that it would be this surreal.

I felt Deme let go of my hand and bring his arms up to rest on my shoulders, hugging me around the neck as our kiss got even more intimate. Instinctively, my hands slid forward to rest on his hips. He was such a slender boy. I could almost feel his every muscle moving under his shirt as I held him there. Things began to escalate. Temperatures began to rise. And when the hard tents in our pants touched...we were compelled to mash them together with a feverish grind that made us both simultaneously groan in pleasure. Whoah...I'm liking this more and more by the second!

My hands went from resting on his hips to crossing my arms in the small of his back, holding him tight. A few seconds later, the moved lower. Then lower still. And I found myself gripping the tight young mounds of flesh behind him. If only I could describe the pliable globes with the kind of awe inspiring detail they deserved. I found myself pushing myself into him so hard that he had to take a step or two back to keep from falling over. I step forward with him, a vacuum seal on our sucking lips as we let the intensity of the situation sweep us up in a current of lustful gratification.

Deme's back hit the bedroom wall, and we accidentally knocked my deodorant stick off of my dresser. He stopped kissing me when he heard it drop. "Sorry."

Breathlessly, I replied, "Don't worry about it..." Before diving right back in and kissing him even harder than before.

My whole BODY was on fire. I honestly felt an eruption rising up within me, and I wasn't sure that I'd be able to stop long enough to let the approaching orgasm subside before tasting his lovely kiss again. I didn't realize how desperate we were for each other until we had to spend those few short hours apart. Is this going to be a daily thing now? Can we do this every day??? Omigod...this is fucking INSANE!!!

Deme was enjoying himself so much that he had to detach himself from my kiss in order to catch his breath. But, still pressed against the wall, that only gave me access to the soft nape of his neck. The lightly almond tanned flesh called out to me, and I began to suck hungrily at it as Deme held on to me and tilted his head back to beg me for more. I squeezed his delicious cheeks with both hands and licked the warm skin, tasting his heated flavor as we lost ourselves in the panic of it all.

Then...a knock at my bedroom door!

I hadn't even heard anyone walking down the hall towards my room. Deme and I immediately jumped apart to put some distance between us, still breathing like we had just run half a marathon...and quickly looked down to notice how obscenely HARD we were just seconds before the door opened!

Deme and I both turned our backs to the door as my sister, Sarah, peeked in on us. What the...godDAMMIT!!!

"WHAT????" I growled.

"Mom says you have the scissors in here." She said. Deme and I didn't dare turn around, both of us doing all we could to control our breathing...even though our flushed faces and rapid heartbeats would have given us away instantly if she had been paying attention.

"Scissors??? Seriously?" I said. FUCK, I was horny! Doesn't she have somewhere to go? Can't she just VANISH for a few more minutes? Scissors??? I could totally choke the living SHIT out of her right now! "They're on the dresser. Just...take them and go!"

She came into the room, and instead of just leaving she stopped to ask, "What are you guys doing in here?"


"Hi, Deme..." She giggled.

"Get OUT!!!"

"Hey!" She said.

"You know you're not allowed in here. You got your scissors, now go on! Scram!" I said, the building aggravation nearly causing me to blow my top.

"Fine. Whatever. You're such a bully." She pouted. Then smiled again to say, "Bye, Deme. Hehehe..."

"Bye bye, Sarah." He smiled back.

"Omigod, you are so FINE!" She said, and at that point, erection or not, I turned around and threatened to physically throw her out into the hallway if she didn't get out of our faces!

With a high pitched scream, she ran out of the room and slammed the door shut to keep me from totally manhandling her! Ugh...she KNOWS better! "I'm sorry, Deme. My sister is such a friggin' pain in the ass!"

"She is very sweet! Hehehe!" He said.

"She's sweet to you, sure." I said. "To me? Pain in the ass. Day and night. I should have sold her to the damn circus when she was a baby, then we wouldn't be having this problem." Deme laughed at me, and the sight of his smile was so adorable that it gave me pause. "You're beautiful. You know that?"

He smiled, and said, "My lovely Shane. Hehehe!" Soon adding, "I do not have to go to the restaurant for another two or three hours. Do you want to spend time at my house?"

Excited, I asked, "Your dad's not home???"

I think he was seriously flattered. "We are unlucky today. My father is still at home. But he is working on the house." He said. "Maybe, we can get in some more of...of 'this'. Like here." He smirked. "You can go? Yes? No?"

"YES!!! Definitely, YES!!! Let's get out of here!" I blurted out! "Let me get my shoes!" I didn't even realize that I was grumbling to myself at first. "Interruptions...so stupid...for a pair of scissors? Scissors??? What the hell does she need scissors for at this time of morning on a Saturday? I just want to spend time with my boyfriend! Is that so hard? Is that too much to ask for? Can't wait to get out of here..."

That's when Deme stopped me, and lightly lifted my chin, looking me in the eyes. Then...he gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips. It was brief, but SO cute. I asked him what that was for, and he simply giggled and said, "...You said 'boyfriend'."

I grinned. "Yeah. I did."

We maintained eye contact for an extended moment, and he said, "I like the sound of this. Boyfriend."

"Me too."

I had put my shoes on and prepare to run out of that house before anybody could stop us with any further distractions. This is the first day of the rest of our lives...where we go from here is anybody's guess.

All I know is that I've found my joy in life. My purpose. And I'm ready to take the next step...whatever that may be.

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