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Date Posted: 13:07:44 08/02/17 Wed
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter 9)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "Left Without Words 9"" on 12:51:59 08/02/17 Wed

"Left Without Words 9"

There's something about the way that Deme stands up on the pedals of his bike as he's riding in front of me. It's like...his butt gets soooo tight! He leans forward to grip his handlebars, but his legs are straight, and his butt isn't touching the seat, and it just...wow...it makes this really sexy shape, you know? I nearly crashed into something twice already, and nearly had to eat a mouthful of leaves from a low hanging branch. That was just this morning. But I didn't dare take my eyes off of that sweet ass for more than a few seconds at a time. Just long enough for me to make sure that I was balanced and heading in the right direction. It was so beautiful. That butt looks amazing no matter what he's wearing.

Just imagine what it looks like...when he's not wearing anything at ALL!

Ok, my erection immediately jumped at the thought of that and caused me to swerve recklessly to the side before straightening up again.

"You are ok, Shane?" Deme asked, looking back over his shoulder at me.

"Yeah. There was a...a rock or something in the street." I lied, and he smiled. Did he know? I'm thinking he did, because that sexy little tush a deliberate wiggle before picking up the pace. Hehehe, tease!

Even though we made it to Deme's house in just a few speedy moments flat, it couldn't have been fast enough for my tastes. Not even close. We hopped off of our bikes so quickly that the front tires were left spinning as we picked them up to take them in through Deme's side door. We were already giggling like crazy, and my lips were buzzing with the yearning to taste him again.

"Hehehe, no no...you must wait until I fix the key into the lock..." He said, and when I hugged him from behind, I felt a hard shaft bump against the back of my wrist. I got so shocked by it that I dropped my bike down on my own foot! "Oh no! Hahaha!"

I was embarrassed, but it wasn't enough to keep me from picking my bike back up and rushing into his house as soon as his fumbling hands got that door open. I couldn't wait to be all wrapped up in my baby again! Hurry, hurry, HURRY! Hehehe!

The sound of music playing on that same old radio was coming from another part of the house again, and Deme called out to his father in Greek as he shut the door behind us. His father spoke back to him, and when Deme replied, I clearly heard my name. Causing his father to say, "Hello, Shane!"

"Hi!" I shouted, but Deme quickly cut me off by kissing me on the lips. "Hehehe, DON'T!" I whispered, scared that we'd get caught. I don't think Deme was very worried though. He just smiled at me, and lightly ran his fingers through my hair.

Then he let his hand slide down to my neck, softly caressing the side of it. He smile faded a bit, his face becoming more serious. More sensual. I think my hand reached up to touch his arm all on its own. So his other hand moved to rest on my hip...and my free hand lightly brushed the smoothness of his cheek.

We stood in silence. Breathing hard, even thought we were barely moving at all. And I shuffled forward, even with Deme's bike between us...and he did the same. Our heads leaned to the right simultaneously, our eyes closing as our lips parted and collided with the most intimate impact. Kissing him was just so unreal to me. I was quickly developing a merciless dependency on the feel of those soft, lush, lips of his being pressed against mine. The habit forming pressure, flavor, and touch of moisture, conveying an emotion that I never fully understood until I saw it reflected in Deme's bedroom eyes. As awkward as it was for us to secretly make out with this metal bike poking us and preventing us from being as close as we wanted to be...neither one of us wanted to stop. Our tongues licking one another as stifled whimpers passed between us. Our arms intertwined, hands touching what they could, our natural attraction for each other until we were too lost in the feeling to monitor what our unexperienced bodies were doing. We just wanted to remain close. That's all that matters right now. This moment. This touch. This kiss. A love so fulfilling that we were surprised that gravity's law itself could anchor us down when it was in full bloom like this.

"Would you like something to snack on, Shane?" Came his dad's voice. Even then...it took me a few seconds to pull my lips back from his.

"No thank you..." My boyish voice squeaked when I said it. My developing vocal chords being 'squeezed' by the pressure of being so taken with my new boyfriend.

Deme thought the cracking of my voice was cute though! He whispered, "Oh God..." And he pushed my shoulders back against the door, kissing me with even more passion than ever before. We pushed the bikes out of our way and got into some serious smooching. And then...the back wheel of my bike got too close to the steps leading down into the basement, and with the handlebars all mashed together and all, both bikes took a tumble and went clanging and crashing to the bottom of the steps. Deme and I looked at each other, wide eyed, for a moment before bursting out into laughter.

"What was THAT?" Deme's father hollered out.

"Hehehe, nothing! We are ok?" Deme answered, causing him and his father to have another exchange that I couldn't understand, but sounded like your typical 'concerned parent' warning his 'rambunctious teen' of possible danger. I really need to learn how to speak Greek. It sounds so HOT whenever I hear Deme speak it out loud.

I started to walk down the steps to get our bikes, but Deme pulled me back, kissing my lips again. "Hehehe, Deme...what are you doing?"

"Shhhh...come." He grinned.

"But...our bikes..."

"It is fine. Just leave. Come on."

Giggling, I pulled back on his tugging hands. "What? Hehehe, no. We can't just leave. Our bikes are just laying all over the place at the bottom of the stairs."

"Is fine. Promise." He said, pulling a bit harder. But when he felt some more resistance from me, he gazed into my eyes, and kissed me again. Without the twisted metal of our bikes between us, he was able to push his hips forward and let the hardness of his excitement crush itself against my own. God...I could practically taste the 'pink' on his tongue! Then he broke the kiss and quietly asked, "Now you will come?"

"Hehehe, I think I just did. Twice." I said, delivering another quick peck on his cheek before he turned and started pulling me up the stairs by my hand.

"Papa! We will be in my room!" He called out. He said something I couldn't understand, and Deme replied in Greek...still pulling me behind him, my erection pointing out in front of me the whole way. Deme was so quick to close the door behind us, I started to worry that it might alert his father that we were up to no good in here. Parents have a thing about closed doors sometimes. There's a small window where parents kind of understand a teenager's need for privacy and won't come knocking if they think it's going to turn into an embarrassing situation for the both of us. But that grace period starts to fade around the age of 14 or so. Then they start getting nosey again! They wan to know everything about us. And...it's humiliating, you know? I think every time my mom wants to peek into my sex life, I should be able to ask her about her sex life! Nothing exposes or shuts down a sex conversation than a fair and balanced 'quid pro quo' between parent and child. Hehehe, still, Deme and I tend to get a bit 'distracted' when it comes to making out. So I didn't want some awkward interruption to barge into his room and ruin everything while things were getting hot and heavy between us.

And yet...the 'danger' of such a thing almost made things naughtier than expected. Hehehe!

"You are ok with this?" Deme asked, and I answered by grabbing the back of his head and pulling him forward to hungrily mash my lips against his all over again. How safe were we in here? How much time did we have together? Hehehe, what is going ON here??? This is so damn CRAZY! Hahaha!

"I'm ok." I said, and we started kissing again. Having his dad in the other room wasn't much of a deterrent. Somehow, the threat of getting caught wasn't anywhere near as important as the threat of losing the beauty and spontaneity of this sensually stimulating moment. Does the violent tremor and excitement of this fade away when you get older? Like...when it's not the 'first' time anymore? I'm thinking that it doesn't. It's just too damn SPAZZY to ever dim over time. Hehehe, I'd much rather get caught than let go. I really would.

I felt a little weird, trying to be silent as we kept kissing. I was so addicted to the feeling that it was nearly impossible to keep from moaning in delight. There were moments where I thought back to seeing Dimitry working at Milo's for the very first time...and the gigantic leap from doing an infatuated triple take at this stunningly gorgeous stranger and the current mouth to mouth resuscitation that he was giving my troubled soul at this very moment. I couldn't even draw a line from one event to another that would help this Biblical level miracle to even reach this point from where I was standing just a few weeks ago. All I knew was that I was thankful. Sooooo friggin' thankful!

Deme was so warm. I was flabbergasted by how warm he was. And even though he would be considered 'rail thin' by some people's standards, he had the most sensual padding of babyfat and boyish goodness to make every inch of him super soft to the touch. Everything about my chosen boy was an event in my eyes. Especially the inches pressing against my own right now.

How long can I stay this dizzy? Jesus!

Deme's dad called from the other room again, but he kept kissing me until he shouted his name a second time. "What, Papa???" There was a short exchange between them...all while Deme kept his hips pushed forward, making sure that I stayed right there against that wall. I never rubbed boners with another boy before. The feeling was...ummm...neat. Hehehe! "No. We are fine." Deme said.

His father said, "What was that?"

"I SAID WE ARE FINE!" He was clearly frustrated, but tried to mask it in his voice. Then...Deme smiled at me. "So sorry." He whispered, and then leaned in for us to start making out again. Only taking a short break to say, "I can do this all day. Heh...you are so beautiful, Shane. Like music. Like love songs from the heart."

What do you say in response to something like that? "Oh wow, you're...you're awesome too!" What? He's a poet! I was lucky that I had enough blood in my head to say anything at all without passing out at his feet.

As our steamy connection got even more intense, my fingers traveled up into Deme's longish strands of silky hair and ran my palms wildly on the back of his head. Our kissing was starting to get loud now, and my own whimpers were beginning to catch me off guard before I could catch them. But we just kept going. It was a miracle that I was able to keep from coming undone, all of my will power unraveling all at once. My euphoric state of mind made it hard to admit that this was anything more than a very erotic wet dream...but I wallowed in the joy of it just the same.

Then...another interruption...

Deme grinned at how aggravated he was at this point, resting his head on my shoulder with a heavy sigh. "This is going to drive me mad..." He said, calling out to answer his father again. Things were almost as bad here as they would have been with my little sister stalking us at my us.

Deme continued his foreign exchange, his nose just inches from mine, occasionally rubbing them together with a smirk. But suddenly, his head perked up and his eyes widened. His mouth opened wide and it was so adorable that it caused me to giggle out loud. "What? What'd he say?"

"Shhh!" Deme grinned. "Ok, wait one moment..." Deme let go of me and went to look in his bedroom mirror, a bit surprised by what I had done to his hair in such a short time. He snickered as he quickly tried to put the messy locks back in some sort of order, and then he shamelessly reached down the front of his pants to angle his hardness upward. Then, he hurried out of the room to talk to his dad some more in the other room. All while I leaned against the wall and fought to catch my breath again. This is the best day of my life Hands down. I don't see how this day could get any better.

"My father is going back to hardware store!" Deme whispered excitedly as he rushed back into the room.

I just saw how this day could get a lot better.

"Wait, what? Like right now?" I asked.

"Yes. He needs to find studs to nail..."

"Hehehe, what?" I asked, giving him the weirdest look.

He was a bit lost for a moment until he realized what he said. "Oh! Hehehe, no. In the wall, he has to find...you know, for nails? Machine?"

"Ohhhh, a stud finder. Yeah, I get what you mean. That makes much more sense."

"You are so cute." He said, caressing my cheek as he gave me a sweet peck on the lips. "We will wait. He is going soon."

"M'kay..." I said, my breath already getting short again as my body trembled in anticipation.

Deme kept his ears open, and kept checking around the corner to see if he was ready to grab his car keys already. Sooooo many thoughts were racing through my mind at that moment. Just how far can Deme and I go without somebody looking over our shoulder? I mean, can you even imagine what might happen the second we get this place all to ourselves? I didn't want to get my hopes up TOO far...but some of the ideas in my head made me so hard that I swore I could feel it in my stomach! Go, Dad, go! I want to know what happens next!

I never thought that two or three short minutes could tick by so slowly. With Deme standing at the door, I just stared longingly at the back of his neck and shoulders. I wanted him. Dear God, I wanted him. When are we going to start kissing again?

"Deme?" His father called out, and both of our hearts leapt with joy. He hurried back out to say whatever he needed to say, with his father saying, "No rough housing, ok? I will be back in twenty minutes."

"No rough house. Just video games." Deme said, and that's when I heard the familiar jingle of car keys...and the opening of the back door. Omigod, omigod, omigod...breathe, Shane. Just breathe.

The back door closed...and the house was silent for a moment as Deme watched his father walk out to the car...get in...and start it up. A revved up engine never sounded so good. Deme waited for a few moments longer, just to make sure that he was all the way gone...then I could hear his sock covered footsteps coming back to the room.

He didn't waste any time at all. He closed the door behind him, and before I had the chance to say much of anything at all...Deme had reached down to grab the bottom of his shirt and pull it up over his head. All of that soft, smooth, skin came into view all at once...hairless and slim and sleek and...mouthwateringly gorgeous! He kissed me again, harder this time, exhaling with a hungry sigh that made me swoon from the knowledge that he was enjoying me so much. His hands ran under my shoulder, and soon began to pull it up too. I was happy to get rid of it, believe me...but was totally unprepared for the feel of my bare skin holding onto the slender sides of Deme's body. The feel of his flesh was like warm velvet against me. The only friction that I could feel at all came from the two pointed nipples as they rubbed across my own. Every inch of him was just as luxurious as the last, and I was nearly brought to the edge of orgasm just from hugging him so close.

The taste of his tongue was intoxicating. The scent of his tender being even more of a turn on for me. And without really thinking too much about it this time...I let my hands wander down and grab onto the firm mounds of his perfectly sculpted ass. Kneading the cheeks slowly as our lips vibrated with his loudly moaned approval. I almost thought that I had gone too far when Deme suddenly let me go and broke our kiss...but the disconnect was only temporary. Instead, he gave my hands a gentle tug and started backing over to the bed. Whoah! Ummm...OK!!!

Then he let go of my hands, and reached down to his pants unto unbutton them and lower the zipper! Ummm...OK!!!

He even peeled his socks off, pretty little feet and toes coming into view before he leaned back on his elbows and spread his legs for me. Only a skimpy pair of tight black undies separating me from my very first look at my dream boy completely naked. His arms, his chest, flat stomach, tender thighs, and long sapling legs...delicately tanned with an olive colored radiance that seemed to glow from within. I was so mesmerized by the sight of it that, Deme had to give me a little chuckle and a nod to tell me to finish getting undressed myself.

Like a madman, I tried to rip the front of my pants open and get them down to my knees as fast as possible! A slight blush came to Deme's cheeks as he saw me having a bit of trouble stepping out of the material puddled at my feet. I lifted one foot, then the other, then the first one again...what the hell? It was like trying to get out of quicksand! Let GO of me, dammitt!!!

Deme giggled, and used one on his sexy little feet to reach between my legs and pin the center of my pants to the floor so I could struggle free from their deadly trap. One of my socks came off, but the other was still on. Ah, whatever. I'll worry about that later!

I want my dream boy!

I leaned forward a bit to greet my new boyfriend, once again, with lips and tongue. That's when he began to slowly lean backward on his bed, and I was been drawn right along with him. He scooted back a little, but kept his sexually inviting position wide open for me to climb on top of him. Now this was something altogether different. I've overheard parents talking about certain 'make out' rules for their teens and stuff. My Aunt Chloe was notorious for being strict about it. And one of the main rules was to 'keep it vertical'. Always standing up, and never laying down. I always wondered why that was. Now I think I know!

This was an entirely different experience. Being able to press my weight down on Deme's softness was a thrill that left me total breathless. Having our bodies hump and grind together like this was almost too much for me to handle. And with a slight shift, we rolled over, and now Deme was on top of me, instead. This left my hands free to grip and clutch at the sexy young buns behind him, driving him even further into me. Both of us making sensual noises with every push.


Rolling back and forth, kissing passionately, arms wrapped around one another, legs entangled...and if you thought the rest of Deme was soft and smooth...his thighs were probably the most exciting part of him so far. He was perfect. So perfect.

How long has it been? It all happened so fast. I want to think that we had a lot of time left, but wasn't sure that I'd be able to hop up and shake some sense back into myself in the event that his father came home and we had to make a mad scramble to find our clothes and get dressed again.

It only took a few long sucks on the side of my neck for me to immediately abandon all concerns, and get right back into the swing of things. His dad could walk in and start recording us with an HD camera, and I still don't think I'd be able to stop now. Hehehe! This feels way too good for me to start pretending that I have any hang-ups about it now.

"Mmmmm..." Deme whimpers in a higher pitch of voice. Oh wow, that was the sexiest noise I've ever heard. I was actually starting to get a bit 'sticky' here.

But the best was still yet to come...

Eventually, Deme sat up on top of me...his intimate gaze staring into my eyes as the tiniest smile curled up on the sides of his lips. I felt him reach forward to rub the hard lump in the front of my underwear, causing me to shiver with a sexual fever that caught me by surprise. I giggled a bit, and then felt him hook his fingers into the waistband.

Ok...so...I guess I'm going to be the one to get naked first. Don't panic, Shane. You're alright. Just keep calm. I kind of wish he had done this when I wasn't all obscene and leaky, but...I'm ready if he is.

For some reason, I felt the need to look away as he peeled the front of my underwear down and drank in the sight of me for the very first time. But I looked back when I heard a tiny gasp from him. What was that? What...what did he see? I'm alright down there for him, right? I mean...what WAS that???

"Shane..." He said.

"What? What's wrong?"

"I have...I have never seen..."

Oh no! Oh no!!!!! Is this going to scar me for life? What's wrong with me? What is it. I instantly started to babble with strange excuses. "Oh...well, I'm not fully hard yet." I lied. "I mean...it gets bigger. Sorta...no, bigger. WAY way bigger..."

Deme giggled. "No, Shane! It's beautiful. It's just..."

"Just what?" Ok, maybe I should pull my undies back up and resume making out with the hottest boy on Earth. That part was less stressful.

Deme blushed heavily. "Your hair. I never see before."

"Oh..." I couldn't tell if I was relieved by that or not. "...Yeah, I'm not very hairy. I have some down there though, right? I might get more later. It's decent though, right?"

Deme giggled again. "No, it's fine. Just...you 'match'. I have never seen before." He looked up at my face, then back down to my pubes. Then he touched the ginger red hair on my head...then touched my pubes again. "You see? It is same." His smile was so...fascinated by the idea. "You match!"

Ok, that's a MUCH bigger relief. "Hehehe, oh, yeah. Red hair. Yes, I match." Still feeling a little wobbly in the stomach over the idea, I asked, "That's ok, though, right?"

Deme kissed me deeply on the lips. "It's beautiful. Just like everything else on my Shane." And I think I blushed myself as he got up to pull my underwear the rest of the way down my legs. He looked at my one sock, and we shared a little laugh as he took it off for me and tossed it over his shoulder.

Naked. Deme and I are both naked right now.

Hehehe, this is so damn cool!

That's when Deme started to crawl back on the mattress to lay on top of me again, but I caught sight of something that caused me to do a double take. "Whoah...hold on..." I said, putting my hand on his shoulder to take a closer look at it.

"Hold on?" He asked me, and I leaned a bit to the side to look at what was sticking out from between his legs. It wasn't all that strange...but it was definitely something that caught my eye.

As I looked closer, I felt this excited surge of energy roll through me. "Omigod, Deme...you!"

"Me?" He asked, looking down at himself. "What, 'me'?"

"You're...uncut." I smiled, a bit entranced by the sight of it. He was maybe about 5 or 6 inches long, but the tight sheath of foreskin surrounding the tip looked so 'brand new' to me. It was hugging him with a snug grip, with a fleshy point at the end.

"Uncut?" Deme asked, and then looked down at his penis. "Oh. Yes. Where I am from, we don't always do the 'cut'." I wasn't really thinking when I reached out for his throbbing hardness and 'played' with it. I pulled the skin down, watching eagerly as a bit more of Deme's wet helmet was exposed. Then I let it go, and the skin crawled back over the tip. I did it again, and just sort of picked at it for a few seconds until Deme smacked the back of my hand. "Hehehe, what are you doing?"

"What? I'm sorry! Hahaha, I think it's cool!"

"You have never seen? Not before today?"

"Well, I've seen it in..." I was about to say 'in online PORN', but figured that wasn't the best idea right now! "...No. I've never seen one in real life before." I mumbled softly. "It's sexy..."

I kissed his lips softly, but as he moved closer, I took the loose skin at the top between my fingers and gave it a little squeeze. It wasn't a pinch, really...but the way he reacted, you would have thought I tried to hurt him on purpose. "Gah! NO, Shane! Hahaha! Is very sensitive!"

"Hehehe, I'm sorry. I just...I LIKE it!"

"Well, how do you like it?" He said, and he gave some of my red pubes a tug that caused me to cringe in pain! "Yes. Not so sexy, right?"

My knees instinctively drew up towards my chest as the sting of having him pull on the few hairs that I've got down there started to ache. "Ok...truce. Hehehe, truce."

"Yes. Truce." Deme said, and then laid down on the mattress beside me. He looked me in the eye, and said, "I love you, Shane."

"I'm pretty sure that I love you too, Dimitry." I grinned. And as our lips moved closer and our erections got harder...we knew that we'd be using the next few minutes to our ultimate advantage. A time to explore. Safely. Responsibly. And with someone we truly loved and cared about in ways that were simply magic to anyone who has ever been in our position. Anyone who has ever felt those invading urges of sex, and those blissful feelings of love and attraction...and daydreamed about what it would be like to share perfect moments like the ones Deme and I are sharing right now.

Don't be jealous. You can have love too. Just go after it.

We did...

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