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Date Posted: 23:28:06 08/23/17 Wed
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter 430)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "Billy Chase 430" (DOUBLE SIZED CHAPTER!!!)" on 22:58:54 08/23/17 Wed


- Oh God...

That is TOTALLY what I needed! Seriously...the time I spent with my boyfriend today was the cure-all for everything else that was going on in my life right now! Like...wow! I feel totally satisfied, heart, mind, body, and soul. I'm too relaxed to function, and yet too excited to fall asleep!

Mmmmm...my baby...

I woke up this morning with the sole intention of taking a super sexy shower and getting ready for a long afternoon of boning my boyfriend so hard that he'd have no choice but to go home thinking about my dick inside of him and crave more from me every second of the day! Hahaha! It's true! And I think it worked too! Because I had Brandon gasping and moaning and nearly speaking in tongues by the time I got through plowing that hot, sweet, ass, of his! Geez, I'm still breathless just thinking about it.

But I'll get to the details of that in a minute. Wow...even my hand is having a little bit of trouble holding onto my pen to even write this right now.

Okay, so...Brandon and I started making plans as early as we could today so we could come up with some sort of plan to be alone. Getting rid of parents isn't an easy thing to pull off. The more pressure you apply to get them to get out of the damn house, the more suspicious they get as to why. It's the most aggravating thing in the world. They're ADULTS, for crying out loud! They have money, they can drive cars, they can get into bars and R-Rated movies without a problem...why don't they ever go anywhere? If I was an adult, you couldn't KEEP me at home! I'd be out on the town somewhere for at least eleven hours a day. Geez!

Any, we're on the phone and he's like, "So you're mom is staying home for the rest of the day?"

I'm like, "I dunno. She doesn't seem to have anything in the works just yet. I thought she might go grocery shopping for a bit, but she always puts her list on the fridge the night before."

Brandon says, "Hmmm...ok, I'll try to see what my dad is up to. I'll call you back in a few minutes, ok?"

I'm like, "Cool. I'll see what I can find out from my mom too."

Then, in this really casual, but really cute way...Brandon's like, "Awesome. I'll be back in a few minutes. Love you." I don't know, he just...it was really cute the way he said it. I sighed to myself and the biggest smile broke out on my face. It's like...my brain was suddenly reminded that 'oh yeah! I've got the most adorable boyfriend in the world, and we're in love!' It's like an adrenaline shot to the heart, you know?

So I waited for Brandon to call, and he wasn't exactly sure what was going on, so I asked my mom, and she was like 'Maybe', so I called him back to see if he had any more information than he did before. We had to play a few rounds of phone tag, but I was pretty sure that we'd be able to work something out. Even if I had to take a brick and break into somebody else's house to have sex, I was going to spend time with Brandon before sundown. I wanted my baby, dammit!

However, something unexpected happened...

The house phone rang, and I called out for my mom to get it, but I heard the shower running and figured she was busy. So I hurried to grab it before it went to voicemail, and was surprised to hear Mr. Franks' voice on the line.

He's like, "Hey, Billy boy! It's Mr. Franks. Is your mom home?"

Why the heck would he care whether or not my mom was home? I mean, there was just a part of me that instantly felt ill at the thought of him even asking me that question. So...even though I could still hear the shower running in the background, I lied. I'm like, "Ummm...actually, she's not here right now. In fact, she stepped out for a little while. Maybe even for the rest of the day. Who knows?"

But...Mr. Franks kinda shocked me when he asked, "Really? Are you sure? That's strange...because we made plans for the afternoon."


What the FUCK does he mean 'they made plans'? What kind of plans? There's nothing else broken in the house. There's nothing else broken on the car. What kinda 'plans' does he want to make with my mom that I didn't know about ahead of time?

I'm like, "You did?"

And he says, "Sure. It wasn't anything important, just lunch. Say, can you do me a favor, Billy, and teller to give me a call as soon as she gets a chance? She knows the number."

That disgusting feeling in my stomach just kept sinking lower and lower and lower still...until it settled like a set of bricks at the bottom of my nutsack! Every word that he spoke made me nauseous. And suddenly, I got so angry with my mom! SO angry!

Fuck! Adults! Why do they need to go out running around everywhere? Why can't they just stay HOME for once???

I don't know why I agreed to such a thing, but I did. It's not like he's not going to ask my mom whether or not I gave her the message. I kinda had to give her the message. This disturbs me. My mom would never want to spend time with some disgusting handyman. Maybe my mom is just being polite so he won't get mad at her and stop coming around when she calls on him to fix things. I can understand that. But if this guy thinks he's actually 'getting' anywhere with her, he's wasting his time. That's just sad.

My dad isn't that far out of the picture to have some other dumbass just slide into his place. I mean, ewww! Right? Get outta here! Go find a skank at the 'old people' bar downtown or something.


So Brandon calls back a few minutes later, and he says, "Hey! Ok, so my dad says that he's going to try to shop around for a new window for the living room today! And he's going to compare a few prices for materials and installation. I guess he wants to hurry up and get it fixed so he has to worry about it anymore. He asked me if I wanted to go with so he could teach me how to do stuff like this, but I'm totally fighting him on this very step of the way. Hehehe! I think we've got our space for today!"

He was trying to keep his voice down, but if he was feeling even a fraction of the excitement that I was feeling at that particular moment...I could clearly see why that wasn't an easy feat to pull off.

I'm like, "AWESOME!!!! Omigod! Do you know for how long?"

And he's all like, "Shit, I don't know. How long does it take to shop around for a window? It's not one of those things that I'd imagine was a routine experience. But...if it's long enough to love you, then I'm happy."

THERE! Did you hear that? Well...shit, of course not. I wish this wasn't just a book so I could add audio clips and stuff to it! Hehehe! But Brandon's being so unfairly CUTE again! I wish I could hear it again. He's so bashful, but he says what he needs to say when he wants to say it...even if he struggles to get it out sometimes. Do you have any idea how SEXY that is? To me, it's the ultimate aphrodisiac. I never get enough of it.

Whispered plans are made, and Brandon and I agree to meet up at his house just as his dad is going out to shop for a living room window. See? Sometimes tragedies have their hidden blessings. Well...for us, anyway.

I'm telling you...the moment that house was empty and Brandon and I got a chance to be alone...it was like every civilized rule that the world could ever hope to create to keep us apart had vanished into thin air. Oh GOD, it was like being born again! Hahaha! I swear, nobody can make my perverted leering so natural as my Brandon's bashful smile.

He's like, "Do you see this? The window is, like...totally shattered. My dad actually had to finish breaking some of the bigger pieces just to force the glass out into the yard, and not in the house. The whole thing is ruined, see?" But the whole time, I was groping his hot ass and running my hands up under his shirt...kissing him softly on the cheek and the neck. And he's like, "Hehehe, do you SEE it?"

I'm like, "Nope..." And once Brandon saw me smile, his face turned a bright red, and he kissed me on the lips.

Before we had any time to think or talk about anything else, Brandon leads me to his bedroom so we can start taking our clothes off and getting...hehehe, more comfortable.

Sometimes, I swear that Brandon's skin is made of warm silk. So soft, so smooth, that I feel as though the subtle texture of my excited goosebumps are an insult to what I'm feeling in return. As our lips meet and our hearts race, I lose myself in the friction free embrace of my favorite boy, the intoxicating flavor of his tongue assisted kiss driving me into a biological panic with the euphoric bliss he's bringing me. That, along with the promise of the joy to come. Damn, I never realize how badly I miss our physical expressions of love until we find ourselves engaged once again. I still find it so hard to believe that he's mine.

Brandon's legs spread wide as he lay back on his mattress, pulling me on top of him. The intensity of our kissing and grinding increased immediately. Both naked, I can feel the length of my hard inches sliding along his...those sexy legs surrounding me as our tongues danced between us. Already, I felt like I could explode at any minute. But my body wouldn't let me. It was enjoying itself too much. This peace. This quiet. This lover's solitude. Everything about this moment was perfect, and despite the strain and nearly painful ache of my rigid erection...I didn't fly off the handle and surprise him with a hair-trigger explosion. Instead, we just kissed and held each other, a rhythmic winding of my hips continuously pressing our lower halves together while we gasped in sensual delight.

Brandon was like, "Fuck...you know how to make everything feel so sexy. You know that?"

I kissed him again and smiled. I'm like, "Do I?"

He says, "Oh God, yes! Do that thing with your hips again. Mmmmm...yeah, just like that. Wow..." Then he crossed his ankles around the small of my back and whispered, "I love you, Billy Chase."

Brandon's physical touch was mind-blowing, but it was always small emotional beats like this one that truly grabbed a hold of my heart and refused to let go. I'm like, "What would your dad say...if he came back home right now...and caught me fucking you? Hehehe!"

Brandon, laying beneath me with his legs in the air, gave me the cutest blush before saying, "Well, you haven't really gotten to that part yet, have you?"

Pushing my hips against him, Brandon held his breath, and then closed his eyes as his hardness throbbed against the pressure. I said, "Is that what you want? Are you waiting for me to fuck you?"

He raised an eyebrow, and he's all like, "I know you're just trying to rattle me, Billy."

I'm like, "Do you want me to stop?"

And he says, "Nah...it's actually kinda hot. Hehehe!" We begin to hump one another vigorously as our passionate kiss guides us into a heated frenzy. And that's when he says, "Do it to me. I'm ready."

It takes a little bit of bending and wiggling for us to get into position. Brandon's long legs are so lickable, that I take a moment to slide my tongue all the way down to where his legs connect, and I suck hungrily at the wrinkled sack that I find there. Brandon's sack has always been super sensitive. He always has to fight the urge to push my head away, for fear that he'd jump right out of his skin due to the overstimulation. But I make sure to taste his hard shaft...my lips closing around his sensitive tip as the buttery slime of his early juices leak out of his open slit. I revel in the tangy bitterness of his boyish flavor for as long as I can before Brandon's anxious wiggling demands more from me. He's soooo ready.

Soft whimpers escape him as he moves his legs further back to place his coltish calves on my shoulders, his rose colored entrance blossoming for me as his ample cheeks spread for me. I can feel Brandon's hands on my shoulders as I rub my tip around down there a few times to make sure I find the right spot. And when I do...we both take a deep breath before I begin making the most intimate of penetrations.

Silence consumes us for a brief moment. Then...the gently wrinkled pucker yields to my persistence...and I enter the warmth of my boyfriend. I feel the inner walls part as I sink deeper into him. He places his hands on my thighs as a reminder to slow down. He feels so good inside...sometimes I forget.

But soon...I am as deep in him as his tight hole will allow. His balls rest comfortably in the nest of my sparse pubic hairs, which tickle him underneath as he gives me a dreamy grin. I'm compelled to lean forward and kiss his lips as his ring seems to clench and release my hard shaft with a mind all its own. And when I begin to slowly withdraw from the cramped confines of his anal sheathe...his body clings to me as though it never had any plans of letting me go.

To make love to someone that you really cherish...heart, mind, body, and soul...is an experience that some will never know. Not to the extent that Brandon and I know it now.

While I long for Brandon's plush lips being pressed against my own...the immeasurable ecstasy of being able to push and pull out of such a snug hole was taking precedence over everything else, every inch of my hardness tingling with lust as it slid along the moistened inner walls of the boy beneath me. I feel Brandon's erection springing to attention again and again as I hit his magic spot. Every throb of his penis causes his blushed tip to leave a sticky spot on my tummy, reaching up to show its appreciation for the pleasure that I'm bringing to him. Imagine if it could be like this all the time. Just imagine.

I kiss Brandon deeply, and we moan and whimper out loud as I thread y fingers aggressively through the darker locks of his hair. His pretty little ass lifts itself off of the bed even more to meet my thrusts as they increase in speed and urgency. My body took over for me and lost all self control as my pleasure centers were electrified with the sensual wailing of my partner...steadily urging me on.

I loved thee way the springs in his mattress would squeak when we did it this hard. A little rougher than normal, but we're teenagers...and we've been kept apart for far too long. Brandon's fingers claw at my backside, and I turn my head to kiss his long, sapling, legs as his feet dangle limply over my shoulders. His ass is so open to me. So accepting. And yet...still sooooo very tight! As the desperation builds, Brandon's clutching asshole pleading for me to flood him with the offering he's been craving...I begin huffing and puffing...my hips angrily humping themselves into him as deeply as they can, my erection straining as my balls begin to draw up underneath the pulsing shaft. And then...RELEASE! Blessed release!

I held Brandon's body so close as I violently shivered my way through a well deserved orgasm! My heated seed splashing all through his inner tunnel and spasming with the fury of a severed limb. My breathing ragged, my body quivering beyond my control, I was barely aware of Brandon's own fluids flitting all over my flat stomach and chest, one sticky string hanging from my right nipple before he raised up to suck it off of me. Sweet mother of God, that boy knows how to milk a climax like nobody else!

Yeah, it takes a while for us to calm down a bit. Even longer for us to keep the ticklish sensations of orgasmic aftershocks at bay long enough to get my baby on all fours so we can do it again. He's tall, so he has to spread his knees apart until his balls are nearly touching the sheets, and his pink hole is totally vulnerable to my erotic assault...but we make it work. Brandon loves being a hungry little bottom boy. It's the hottest thing EVER! I swear!

We might have tried for a third time, but that would have been pushing it. His dad wasn't going to be gone for that long. Besides, I was nearly exhausted from the work that I put in, and the euphoric blast of satisfaction I got in return. I can't complain! Hehehe, believe me.

It hurt to say goodbye to Brandon. Even after spending another 20 to 30 minutes tongue kissing on his bed. We had to get dressed, sure...but as long as our lips were naked, I felt just as sexy. You know? When I got to the door, Brandon's dad was already back in the house and too close for us to really talk in private without it looking weird. So I just silently mouthed the words, 'I love you', and Brandon gave me a wink and a smile in return.

It's the little things he does sometimes that seem so damn adorable to me. Hehehe!

Anyway, my lustful interludes aside...

When I checked my messages, I got one from Ian telling me not to bother coming over tonight for any more filming. He didn't sound happy.

Not that he was mad at ME or anything. He just...I dunno. Ian has this way of sending messages when he's happy, and ways of doing it when he's not happy. This was a not happy moment. It was quick, and rude, and to the point. I wasn't quite sure what had happened, but...somehow, I thought calling him up might only make things worse. He sounded like he was in a 'ranting' mood, and if that was going to include Bobby Jinette...then I think I'd rather step to the side and let that terror train pass. At least for now.

I didn't answer. Maybe I should have, but I didn't. Once Ian cools down a little bit, he can tell me what's going on. For now though...I doubt 24 hours is going to make much difference. Yikes.

Anyway, I'm gonna send Brandon a message to let him know that I'm thinking about him, and to kiss him goodnight. Because...you know...love. Hehehe! My mom did go out this afternoon. She didn't tell me where or with who, and I didn't ask. I'm a bit...disappointed that she didn't take the opportunity to say, 'Hey, me and Mr. Franks had lunch', or whatever. The fact that she felt the need to hide something that should be so trivial is...not sitting well with me. I don't like that at all. But...that doesn't really mean anything, right?

It's just me being...me, I suppose.

I've gotta go. My brain is spinning right now. Talking to my baby will help. Talking to Brandon solves everything.

Seeya soon.

- Billy

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