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Date Posted: 17:26:04 01/10/18 Wed
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter 10)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "Left Without Words 10"" on 17:19:52 01/10/18 Wed

"Left Without Words 10"

I've never been naked with another boy before.

Or with anyone for that matter.

I just realized that as Deme and I twisted our tongues around one another in a slow and sensual manner right there on his bed. Normally, if anyone had walked in on me naked, or even when I was just in my undies, I would have gasped and freaked out and covered up my privates with both hands. An hour ago, being naked in front of another boy would have been the most stressful and humiliating experience in the world for me. But right now? Just between me and Deme? I was quickly able to calm down, push my bashful feelings aside...and just go with it. Feel comfortable with it. And allow myself to feel good without restraint.

Everything that would normally be so embarrassing about something like this simply didn't matter anymore. Being naked, having a boner, whimpering like a baby from the feel of his kiss, or even the fact that I was clearly leaking a little bit of 'boy juice' on Deme's leg as our bodies mashed up against each other. I swear, if this starts to feel any better than it does right now, I'm going to slide right out of my own skin!

I felt a slight nudge as Deme rolled on top of me. Our kiss was broken for a brief moment, and those bright bedroom eyes of his looked down upon me with a dreamy grin. I wasn't quite sure why he stopped, but soon his smile widened and he moaned, "My beautiful Shane..." Was he just taking a moment to 'admire' me? Oh wow, this boy is beyond perfect! I think I used up my reserve of good karma for the rest of my whole damn life in just one lucky afternoon!

Deme grinds his hips into me a few times, and it was the sexiest sensation that I have ever experienced. A perfect 'rolling', where only his cute little butt was moving while the rest of him remained still, supported on outstretched arms on either side of me. The feel of his hardness rubbing against mine nearly made me numb from the waist down. The tingly vibrations spread throughout my entire body and caused me to close my eyes and arch my back and neck until I gently gasped for the added oxygen I needed to keep from fainting. That's when I felt Deme's lips on the side of my exposed neck, sucking and licking at my warm flesh before lightly kissing my chin and re-engaging us in the kind of passionate kiss that romantic texts have spent centuries trying to define with mere words alone. I can see why even our most talented poets have yet to get it just right.

As the wetness of our tongues dance intimately between our sucking lips, I take notice of the feeling of Deme's longish strands of hair lightly brushing against my cheeks and sweeping gently across my forehead. It was like every molecule of his body was built to bring as much sensual pleasure to sex as humanly possible. I was on a sensory overload, and didn't even realize that I was gripping Deme's ample bottom with both hands until I felt those rhythmic gyrations continue. The velvet skin slid beneath my fingertips, the taut muscles flexing and releasing in ways that fascinated me to the point where my hands were almost forced to let go. See, let me explain Dimitry's ass to you...it looks deceptively small from a distance. My sweetie is so slim and slender that you might think there wouldn't be much to hold on to back there. You couldn't be more wrong. The cheeks are well sculpted, full and thick, spongy soft in your grasp until he flexes. At that point, they're not rock hard, but hard enough to raise your eyebrows and think, "Whoah! Hello there, treasure mounds." A deep cleft in between, just hot enough for you to feel the faintest moisture when you ran your fingers down the middle. And when I dared to even go anywhere near his extremely tight hole...the clenching bottom would trap my fingers in its grip and thrill us both until we were almost ready to scream.

My world is spinning so fast right now!

We continued to kiss and tangle our arms and legs around one another for another few minutes before Deme remembered that his father was going to actually come back eventually. I think he wanted to try something more. I think I did too.

"Shane?" He asked.


"It is ok that I want to taste?" He had a bit of a sheepish look on his face when he asked, and his English was really good, but sometimes I have to make sure that I'm understanding him right.

"To taste? You mean like...taste me?"

"Yes..." He said breathlessly, wrapping his soft warm fingers around my length and giving it a single, slow, stroke. "Can I?"

"Uh huh..." I said. What the hell else was I going to say? Honestly, I wanted a 'taste' of my own as soon as I get the opportunity.

Deme gave me the sweetest little kiss on the cheek before shuffling around on the bed, ready to ummm...'taste' me, I guess. I'm not sure why that made me tense up all of a sudden, but it did. What do I taste like. I've never been able to reach. I wouldn't know. And even if I could, what would I have to compare my taste to? Am I overthinking this? Sex is supposed to be easy at this point, isn't it? We know each other, we like each other, we kissed, we're naked...all the hard parts are over. Ugh...just, RELAX Shane! This is so hot! Just let it happen!

Then, as Deme's hand gave me a squeeze and his face got closer, I noticed that the blushed tip of my shaft was super glossy and absolutely drenched in sticky pre jism. I didn't want him to get a mouthful of that stuff! At least, not for his first taste of me. That's GROSS, right? I mean, I wouldn't ask him to kiss me if I had this epic snot bubble thing happening on my face, and it was dribbling all over my lips, would I? The human body can be so nasty sometimes.

"Oops! Hold on a second..." I said, and quickly thrust my hand down there to wipe my excess juices on the palm of my hand, trying to clean the mushroom tip as best as I could. I thought it might be rude to wipe it off on his sheets. Ummm...should I just wipe it off on...on my chest, maybe?

Deme grabbed my wrist. "Hehehe, Shane! What are you doing?"

"Huh? Oh. I was ummm...'excited'. So I thought..."

"No. I want to taste. All taste." He giggled. He pulled my hand closer to his face and then I felt a jolt of pleasure as he licked the clear liquid off of my palm. OMIGOD!!! Maybe I'm overreacting, but I've never had a cute boy lick my hand before. It's an...interesting sensation! One that made another bubble of nectar rise to the surface of my throbbing shaft and sit proudly over the slit of my circumcised helmet. "You see? You taste very good."

"Hehehe, I do?" I asked with a gentle blush. "Thanks. I think."

"Oh look. I have more." He smirked, and he scooted further down in the bed to get level with my anxious member. This is it. This is my first time. I want to remember everything!

Should I close my eyes? No, wait...I want to see! Ok, let me watch. I can't imagine what to expect from this, but I'm ready.

Deme's girlish young lips lowered themselves around my rigid shaft, then closed around it, his tongue cradling it on the underside, and he began to nurse at me tenderly while I held my breath and clutched at his sheets with both hands. Oh my dear sweet Jesus! The slippery sensation of having his warm, wet, lips sucking on my most sensitive muscle for the very first time created this euphoric feeling of utter weightlessness that almost caused my eyes to roll back in my head. My butt was squeezed tight, but my legs were as loose as a pot of wet noodles. I tried not to squirm too much, but I don't think I could help it. The joy he was bringing me with a mellow bob of his head on my hardness was almost too much to bear. You have no IDEA how many tastebuds are on the human tongue until you feel the texture of it rubbing back and forth on the easily stimulated ridge of my head. It wriggled and coiled around me, coating me with heated saliva, his lips closing in with a vacuum grip. I watched with great curiosity as I saw my inches disappear into Deme's super pretty face, again and again...but was soon forced to lay back and close my eyes, mouth open, as I allowed him to pleasure me into a whole other state of existence.

So this is what sex feels like?

My eyes suddenly shot open when I felt his lips slip off of me for a moment...heading down to lick and suck at the hanging nuggets beneath. Whoah! You can suck on balls too??? Wait! Duh! Of course you can suck on balls too! I just...I don't know, I hadn't even considered that being a possibility a few minutes ago. I was still reeling from the whole 'naked kissing' thing. I wasn't afraid, but my heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was shaking the whole bed with every cardio contraction it hit me with. My breath got short, and this whole ball sucking thing was even more intense than the initial blowjob itself! I think I might actually be TWICE as sensitive down there! This time, my legs spread wider and I began to roll my head back and forth on Deme's pillow as I writhed helplessly under my lover's service. When erotic whimper's of desperation escaped from the back of my throat, Deme only burrowed his face deeper into the heated embrace of my splayed legs and doubled his efforts to make me cry out loud. Huff huff...I don't know how much of this I can take.

Finally, after wincing and twitching for a matter of minutes, my body exhausting all of its energy as quickly as it could build it up, I had to almost beg Deme to stop. "Wait! Whoah...omigod, hold on..." I panted, beads of sweat forming on my brow as I pushed him back by placing my hands on both of his shoulders. Deme smiled up at me, and...dammit, it was soooo CUTE that I nearly erupted into a fit of laughter!

"It is good, right? You like?" He giggled.

"It is SO good! TOO good!" I reply. "Omigod, I'm having a little trouble breathing right now. Sorry."

"I like making you happy, Shane." He said, and leaned over to kiss me sweetly on my lips. "I will continue..."

"No, WAIT!!!" I said loudly, reaching for his chin before he went back to causing even more chaos within my already super sensitive shaft. He seemed a little surprised by my reaction, but I put him at ease by delivering a tender kiss of my own. "Can I...like, 'taste', too?" I said, my voice shaking as the nervous jitters tore through me all at once.

Deme's face brightened up. "Ummm...ok." He tried not to sound too excited about it, but his sparkling eyes gave him away every time. His boyish grin and a gentle blush collaborated in his total exposure. When I brushed my hand across his cheek, he turned his head to kiss my palm and hold it close to the side of his face as I prepared to reward him for his amazing services so far.

God, I was falling so HARD for this boy! I don't think I can stop.

There was a moment where I was terrified that I might do this wrong. A moment where my brain is flooded with thoughts of what it might taste like, or what I might be able to do with it once I start, or...just a virgin's burden, wondering whether I'd be any good at this or not. What happens if I'm lousy at sucking dick? Is that a deal breaker in a gay relationship? I've heard that some girls don't really do it right, but...between two guys, I think I'm supposed to have the whole oral pleasure thing worked out, right? Do I have that right?

My hand reaches between Deme's legs, and I cup his hanging testicles with my hand. Deme has the softest sack EVER! The wrinkles are warm and it almost feels like he's going to melt in your hand like a freshly made pinch of cotton candy from the Summer fair. And yet, a proudly rigid hardness sprouting up just above it. Reaching up to gently bob and throb with every beat of his excited heart, tapping me further up on my wrist. A subtle curve in its shape, and radiating with a feverish temperature that threatened to burn me if not kept under control.

As Deme spread his legs wide and leaned back on his elbows to give me complete access to his intimate offering, I built up some courage and shuffled around a bit to put my feet up near his pillows and put my face level with the magical part of him that I had been dreaming about since I first saw him sitting in Milo's restaurant for the very first time. No more peeks. No more guesses. I was actually laying naked in his bed, staring directly at his five or six inches of rock hard emotion. Scant hairs on the balls below, a bit more crowning the base of the shaft above. Legs so smooth and hairless that I half expected to see my reflection in his skin if I looked closely enough. And then...that mysterious 'hood' of his. I don't think any collection of online pictures can really prepare you for your first virgin glimpse of what an uncut penis really looks like. I was mesmerized by it. It was like a little 'snout' at the tip. Tight around the head, and yet, really loose at the same time. I couldn't help but to touch it a few times with my fingers. It just looked like something to play with to me. I used my thumb and forefinger to squeeze and lightly pinch the silky texture of the excess skin I found here. Whoah...this was so damn COOL!

I didn't realize that I had been goofing around for as long as I had until Deme giggled and lightly slapped my hand away from his tender inches. "Hehehe, what are you doing?" He asked me.

"Hahaha! I'm sorry! I'm just...this is so hot to me!" I said. "It's like...being with a porn star."

"I am no porno boy!" He grinned.

"To ME, you are!" I cackled. Then I tried to settle down. "Ok, so...what do I do? Do I just...?" I gripped his shaft, feeling it jump in my hand, and I slid my hand down, my constricted grip pulling the foreskin down with it. I watched with excitement as his blushed tip came into view, the extra skin spreading open and rolling back to reveal a sensually stimulated tip that didn't look all the different from mine. Shiny and slick with the juices that Deme had been oozing while he was sucking lovingly at my own hard inches, I ceased to hesitate for a moment longer, and I lowered my head down to tentatively lick the glossy surface before me.

A little saltier than I expected, but really 'cool' tasting. Just this really brief tang of naughtiness at first, followed by the sight of Deme's inner thighs tensing up from having my tongue swipe across his leaking split in such a sensual way. Satisfied by my experimental lick, I immediately went back for more. And then more. And then I put the whole tip of his shaft in my mouth...releasing the foreskin and feeling it crawl back up on its own to meet my tongue as I tried to take more of him into my mouth. A few slow bobs later, I heard Deme sigh contentedly above me, and I peeked up to see his eyes closed, his lips parted, and his body completely at my mercy as he sank as deeply into the mattress as the laws of physics would allow.

"Oh, Shane..." He moaned, and with a little bit of twisting on his part, I felt Deme move himself around a bit to grip my ass and put his delicious lips on my erection again. I couldn't see it with my own eyes, but the feeling of warmth and wetness was unmistakable. We were now sucking each other at the same time, and it was near impossible to figure out what was bringing me more of a thrill. Me sucking him, or him sucking me. Oh WOW...I still can't believe we're having SEX right now!!!

We both find ourselves lost in the moment. Each of us are on the edge of the most intense orgasm of our your lives, but our bodies hold out for as long as they can before letting go. Instead, Deme's leg slides further forward, and I find myself rolling back to put both of my shoulders back on the bed as his hot body straddles my face. I can feel Deme's hair on the side of my balls as he takes as much of my hardness into his mouth as he can from above. And on my end, those olive colored balls, encased in an unfathomably soft pouch, rests on my upper lip, just under my nostrils...as I inhale his intoxicating fragrance. So warm. So erotic. The scent of boyish pheromones, mixed with the heated aroma of brown sugar and honey. A mixture that I couldn't get enough of as I gripped both of his tight mounds and pulled him down into my face while simultaneously pushing my hips up into his nursing lips.

There was no way that this level of sexual bliss could be sustainable for more than a few seconds longer. Our shared moans became high pitched whimpers. Our naked bodies lost all control, and reached a level of confusion that ached for an answer. THE answer. And before either one of us were able to rationalize the impact of simply letting loose in one another's mouths without warning...the point of no return had been breached.

Deme came first. I could feel the powerful pulses of his impending orgasm before his spasming shaft began to deliver thick, wet, shots of hot seed into my mouth. Creamy and full, I did what I could to swallow it down as fast as I could, holding on to his wiggling hips as he unloaded a cannon blast of arousal to the back of my throat. I can't really say that I could describe the taste. I was too busy trying to keep it from flowing over and making me cough. There was a LOT to take down.

However, I wasn't far behind him in terms of an epic climax. I think the very fact that I knew I was making Deme cum so hard in my mouth is what pushed me over the edge! I squeezed my thighs together, my butt lifting off of the mattress as I felt my own mind-blowing contractions forcing sticky ropes of jism up my hard shaft and into the loving caress of my lover's soft teen lips. My toes curled until they popped, and I did all I could to breathe normally as I intimately emptied myself into his throat. Oh dear God...I never knew that sex would be like this! Now I think I see what all the fuss is about.

Holy shit! And we can do this together more than once???

I don't think I ever want to masturbate ever again!

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