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Date Posted: 07:24:22 05/05/18 Sat
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Part One)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "GFD: Strobelight Puppy"" on 07:17:05 05/05/18 Sat

"GFD: Strobelight Puppy"

Even amid the wildly flashing lights of the high energy rave, and the fiercely pounding music in my chest...I couldn't help but to focus all of my attention on 'him'. Not even the thick orgy of perspiring bodies on the dance floor could do much to block him from my ravenous stare. He's soooo beautiful to me! The most fascinating part of any scene he dares to step into.

I swear, I'm losing my mind! I've never been so in love!

From the moment I walked into the club that night, I started to look for him. He comes in all the time, a well known fixture in the place. And because of that...*I* come in all the time, and have become a well known fixture in the place. Maybe I'm crazy, who knows? But I can't help myself. He truly amazes me in more ways than I could ever hope to count. God...I want him soooo BAD!!! Sometimes it literally HURTS to be so close to him and not have him be mine. I've actually come close to shedding legitimate tears over my harsh infatuation for this boy, and my lack of courage to do anything about it. How crazy is that? He can just be the sweetest, most exciting, most genuine person that I've ever met sometimes. His smile drives me wild. I don't think I've ever been so psycho over anyone like this before. And no matter how much the desire builds up in my chest and urges me to go forward to get to know him even better...I still chicken out, nine times out of ten. And probably will again tonight. He's the friendliest boy in the world, but making the first move to say hello to him is just...not my thing. Sighhh...I'm so lost right now.

I used to feel really out of place in these clubs. I just turned 16 about a month ago, so it's not like I was expected to have a huge amount of experience when it came to the club and rave scene. But just over a year ago, I met a boy over by Buckingham Fountain one night that, quite literally, changed my life forever. He talked to me like no one else ever had before. Like...he knew things about me. Private things. He understood the world and its workings on such a profoundly deep level of wisdom and experience that even my teachers and parents couldn't reach me on once he had become a major influence of my life. It was SO hard to believe that he was my age, initially. Heh...then I came to find out that he wasn't my age at all. Nowhere near it, actually. I suppose he was going to have to come clean eventually, but I can't say that I was prepared for it when it happened. It took a bit of an 'adjustment', to say the least. But in the end, our relationship remained the same. We've been inseparable ever since. At least...in my mind, we were.

I can't imagine that it was easy for him to tell me about the whole 'vampire' thing for the first time. I guess it would be like me trying to come out of the closet to my parents, but with much higher stakesif others found out. It's a hard concept to grasp. But, ever since then, I've been exposed to an entire civilized underworld that I never even knew existed in this city. If people had any idea how many of these things there were just around the dark corners and traveling down the shadowed alleys of this city...they'd be terrified. I get a little uneasy myself from time to time.

My best vampire friend's name is Jason, and he's the one who keeps bringing me back to these hidden halflife clubs on the weekends. He's teaching me everything he knows. He even went so far as to buy me a 'safeguard' mark to keep me from getting...um...eaten alive, I suppose. Which is a good thing. It was difficult to explain to my parents why I had a permanent Crucifix tattoo on the side of my neck, shaped like a Crucifix, but I was able to dance around the issue until they finally racked it up as a teen angst moment and let it go after a stern 'talking to' and a brief punishment. Lucky. Now if only I can keep them away from finding out where I was sneaking off to on my weekend nights, I'd be able to sleep better.

Jason's 'sire', as they call it, has a ton of money to burn. And Jason is super cute, so he's basically a houseboy for this vampire guy. All Jason has to do is party all night, spend money, have a good time, and then go home for a long night of passionate love making. That's all his sire wants for him and from him. And they make the cutest couple too! They really do. I feel really lucky to have been let in on the secret. To live like they do. To connect. Interact. Absorb. Such an unreal existence...a life in darkness.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm still very much a human being. Just your average high school teenager. I asked Jason to bite me once, and he told me that I wasn't ready. Whatever that means. He told me that crossing over for the wrong reasons would be a mistake that I would regret for the rest of eternity. That it was basically a suicide that I managed to live through and allowed to torture me for years to come. I'll have to admit, at first, I took offense to him refusing to make me one of them. What made him so advanced and sophisticated that HE was ready for a life in darkness and I wasn't? But...now that I look back on the first few times that I asked him to turn me...I realize that he was right. It's not a decision you can take lightly. Not something that just looks cool where you can jump in blindly and start having fun without any thoughts to the commitment or the consequences that go along with it. Thankfully, Jason was responsible enough to know that before allowing me to make anirreversible mistake. Besides, why give up the daylight forever when I can enjoy the best parts of the vampire lifestyle without making the sacrifice? Despite a little teasing about me being human on occasion, Jason is always overjoyed to have me join him at vampire parties and stuff. I'm almost like his 'pet' when he goes to these events. Hehehe! They can always sniff me out and tell that I'm not one of them at first glance, but they don't seem to really mind. If anything, it's almost like a status symbol...still being alive and all. A real life teenager. Not forever stuck in adolescence the way they are. The other vampires seemed to really respect me for that. There were a few jerks, here and there, assholes that I think were just jealous of me for having a pulse, but...for the most part, I became a regular, well known, party boy just like the rest of them. Always dancing right at Jason's side. Every weekend evening that I could successfully sneak out of the house and sneak back in later, that is. This whole thing has been a really WILD ride. Going to clubs at my age is like...wow! I mean, I get to party with freaking vampires until dawn! How cool is THAT?

"MARK! What are you DOING, dude! Snap out of it!" Jason shouted over the music as he caught me staring at my dream boy again from across the room. You seriously need to just ask him if he's interested or not so you can get it over with! What are you waiting for? Honestly?"

"I know, it's just...it's not that easy, ok? I'm working up to it." I said.

"Working up to it? Right." He grinned. "Well, just remember...he's got a LOT more time to wait than you do. You're not gonna look so cute trying to get a 13 year old to go home with you when you're forty, dude."

"Very funny. You're a riot." I rolled my eyes, but after a shared smile...my stare wandered right back over to the beauty at the bar. "He's just so...he's soooo..."

"Ugh! You're so hopeless." Jason reached forward to fix my 'club stylish', medium length, brown and blondish, hair, still styled with a swoop and accented with glitter. And he reached down to the holes in my jeans to rip them open just a little bit wider. I wiggled a bit, and he told me, "Stop fidgeting! I've gotta get you looking your hottest."


"Because you're going to talk to him tonight. That's why."

"I'm WHAT???" I backed away from him, but Jason just followed me, still trying to pretty me up before I could escape. "What are you TALKING about? No!" I said, but Jason just smiled at me.

"Here, take some of my glow bands. Put these on your wrists. He loves these things. Keep 'em. I've got plenty."

"Jason...you're not hearing me! I said NO!"

"What's the big deal?"

"I'm not comfortable with any of this."

"And yet you come here, night after night, week after week, and you creepily STARE at him from the darkest corner of the club that you can find? Does that make sense? You're supposed to be having fun, aren't you? Mark...come on, bro! I don't get you all dolled up and bring you here to needlessly torture yourself. Take a chance! Go for it!" Jason waited for a reply, but all I could really give him was a whimper.

"I...I want to, but..."

"If you want it, then go for it. Anybody that has the ability to make you ACHE this way has gotta be worth taking a shot in the dark. Knock it off with the teen angst angle! It's getting fuckin' repetitive now!" He said. "Besides...maybe you'll get lucky and he'll give you a few shots in your mouth in return! Hehehe! All over those pretty little pouty lips of yours! He's CUTE!"

Omigod! What an image! "JESUS, Jason! Don't DO that! That doesn't help to calm me down, you know?!?!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...whatever. Look, you're gonna talk to him, and you're gonna feel good about it. You hear me? I know you're worried. You've said it a million times before. But that 'fake bluff' shit is gonna stop tonight. You hear me? Why don't you try pushing things to the next level this time? What's the harm in taking a little risk?"

"I TRIED that, Jason! Really, I did. But...I don't know. Every time I try to talk to him, I end up just turning into this really nervous wreck, and I try to combat that awful feeling in my gut by being 'friendly'. And he always responds, because he's just....awesome like that, and that's what he does. But I can't GO any further than that! I mean...we get stuck in this totally un-romantic, 'friendly', conversation where I couldn't make a move on him even if I WANTED to...and the whole time I'm trying not to be creepy and weird, he's smiling back at me and being all cute and...UGH!!! Jason HELP me!!!" I whined, and he laughed at my despair.

"Ok, look...I'm going to bring him over here to talk to you...and then I'll just fade back into the party and leave you two alone..."

"NO!!! Don't do that!"

"Do you want to walk over there instead?"

"NO!!! I don't want to do THAT either!" I said, my breathing getting shallow.

Jason gave me a teasing look. "Okaaaaaay...so what are we doing here tonight? How are we gonna pull this off? Figure something out, because this is happening tonight, whether you want it to or not." I nearly squirmed right out of my own shirt, the discomfort causing my heart to beat loud enough to almost drown out the hardcore techno beat of the music in my ears. Jason persisted, "Hehehe, do you wanna just toss him a cell phone from the other side of the club, call him up, and talk to him THAT way?" I nearly slugged him for that suggestion. "Hahaha! WHAT??? There's an awful amount of distance between you and your favorite boy! You've gotta cross it SOMEHOW!"

"I...I KNOW...I just don't wanna come off as being..."

"Human?" He smirked, taking the slug in the arm for real this time.

"Omigod...now that I think about it, is he gonna really trip on the whole 'human' thing? Maybe he only dates other vampires."

Jason grinned. "Why don't we concentrate on whether or not he's even gay first, huh? Hehehe, we can worry about the human aspect later. It's a lot easier to make that leap." He said. "I mean, look at him. He's way too cute to be straight. He's always in clubs like this with boys like you and me. He's got multi-colored, rainbow, hair. He's got to, at LEAST, be bisexual, Right? And hey, if not...you never know, Mark! If you make a good enough impression on him, maybe you'll get him to switch teams, and he'll cross you over into darkness like you always wanted!"

I gasped! Omigod...that would be so HOT! SOOOO freaking *HOT*!!!

"Ok. I'll...I don't know...I'll think of something to say to him. Just give me a few minutes. Ok?" I said. "Do you really think he'll, like, talk to me?"

"C'mon, dude! He ALWAYS talks to you! He LIKES you! He LOVES to party! He has for as long as I've known him, and that's a pretty long time. He always has a smile on his face, he's always the most popular halflife in the room. EVERYBODY loves him...and yet, he's always super happy to talk to you, specifically. What does that tell you?"

I glanced back over at him again...standing by the bar, getting another free drink from the bartenders that absolutely adored him almost as much as I did...the mixed colors of his dyed hair being lit up by the frenzied lights overhead. Just seeing his sweet smile made me weak in the knees. Just one kiss. I'd give up everything I own for just *ONE* kiss of those sweet candied lips.

"I dunno. Maybe tonight's not the right night, though..." I mumbled, but Jason knew how to focus his hearing on me to pick up every sound.

"Tonight IS the right night. EVERY night is the right night! Win or lose, you're going to take a chance on your private crush tonight, dammit!!! I don't wanna hear about it anymore." Then Jason added, "Go! If you don't go over there, I'm just gonna walk over and tell him to read your thoughts to see what you're thinking about him. How embarrassing will THAT be? I don't think you want that!"

Omigod, I hope he was fucking joking about that!!!

"Sighhh...fine! Ok! Alright, just...quit PUSHING so hard."

Jason winked at me and said, "I'll leave the 'hard pushing' to you once you get your rod lodged deeply in that tight, little, ass of his! Hahaha!" With another gasp, I gave him another slug in the shoulder. "Owww! Watch it! You know you want him. I would have gone for him myself if I didn't have a good thing going already." He saw me practically shaking, and he put his hands on my shoulders to hold me still. "Mark...don't worry so much. You're hot, you're smart, and you guys have already had a few chances to talk to each other. You know he'll be happy to see you again. So, just relax and be yourself. K?"

I nodded, trying to calm the quake in my stomach. "Yeah. Ok."

"Breathe. Hehehe, you'll be fine." Jason gave me a hard pat on my shoulders, then grabbed the sides of my face to bring me forward and give me a quick, hard, kiss on the forehead. "Now go find a way to wrap your lips around some sexy vampire boy dick before the sun comes up!"

Jason's REALLY got to stop putting those images in my head if he wants to make this any easier on me!

"Ok. Alright. Shit...just walk over. How hard could it be? He says hello to me whenever he sees me, right? So...I've just gotta let him see me. Get close enough, and hopefully the rest of the club boys and girls will stop clawing at him long enough to give us a few minutes to talk. And then...

Then what?

Fuck it. I'll just wing it.

I moved through the dark room, spinning lights blazing back and forth across my frightened face. My beating heart was causing me to tremble with every step, but I kept moving. If nothing else, I was going to at least take a chance. Right? I can do this. Omigod, he's soooo cute. I love that boy's smile. And he's always smiling. I wonder what his kiss would taste like. I imagine that it would be mind-blowing. Like a heavy dose of boyish candy!

I moved closer, and once I was about ten to fifteen feet away from him, I tried to appear casual as I leaned up against the bar. I don't think there's anything more uncomfortable than trying to look comfortable. I turned around and put my elbows on the bar behind me, pretending to look out at the dance floor while taking little peeks at him to see if he had noticed me yet. C'mon...please notice me. I don't know how to get any more brave than I am right now.

Finally, while distracted by my own worries, I heard his sweet voice say my name. "Mark!!! Dude! What's up? Long time, no see, bro!"

"Oh, h-h-hey..." I repied, attempting to look surprised.

"Hey, kid...this tab of yours is running kinda long, don't you think?" The bartender asked him.

"Come on now, Paulie, you know I'm good for it. Have I ever let you down before?"

"If I had to make a list of all the times you did, it would be a longer list than your debts to us."

He gave the man a charming grin, and said, "Just keep it open for tonight, will ya? I'll find somebody to pay it for me. You know I will." Then he added, "In fact, get my friend, Mark, something too. Something 'human'. Hehehe!"

I've heard Jason use that expression before. It usually meant the kind of drink with a small dose of alcohol that wouldn't knock your average teenager on his ass and have him spilling his dinner all over the dance floor. The man slid me a glass of some sweet tasting drink, similar to lemonade.

"I MEAN it, Gyro! Pay your fucking tab! I'm all out of favors at this point." The man said.

"Don't worry so much! If you weren't crossed over, you'd be worrying yourself grey!" Then, the prettiest boy in the club...he took a hold of my hand to lead me away from the bar. "Come on, let's get out of here before he draws a vampire stake on me. Hehehe!"

Sighhhh....Gyro. I wish I could explain my intense infatuation without getting goofy and swooning to the point where I lost balance. Physically, I know that he was a bit younger than me, but the truth was he had to be older by quite a few years. I've never been sure how many exactly, but I imagine it must be four or five at least. I think I was just attracted to the 'life' within him. It poured out of him in abundance. He felt so good about himself and about life in general that it made me feel good, just being in his presence. He had an aura about him that was just sooooo attractive. I always fell hard for boys like that. Can't help it really.

"So, you found a new way to sneak out tonight, huh?" He asked me as we pushed our way towards one of the booths in the corner of the club.

"Yeah. Um...well...sorta. I'll probably get caught. I'm running out of excuses for coming home as late as I do."

"Hehehe, dawn isn't late. Technically, it's early." He grinned. Blazing white teeth. Such beautiful, shiny, light brown, eyes. "So what's new with you? It's been a couple of weeks since I've seen you around."

"I've been here. I always show up. You're the one who's hard to keep up with all of a sudden." I said. Is it weird that I'm shaking just from the knowledge that I'm actually talking to him in a friendly way? That he's talking to me with the same flair? That we're talking to each other at all?

"Oh, well, you know me. Gotta keep the party moving. Besides, there's been a lot of drama back at the car lot lately."

"The car lot? That's...where you live, right? Or where you're staying?"

"Yes. And yes. I don't know...this time I'm thinking of making it a real home this time. You know...maybe stay for good." He said, then leaned forward, his cute little face getting a bit closer to mine. "Dude, I can't really say anything definitive, but I have seen some kick ass shit over the last few months! I'm talking, like...of Biblical proportions! In the vampire sense, anyways. That's one party that I don't wanna miss!"

"Hehehe, really?"

"Yep! I'm, like...buddies with Superman!" He said, taking another sip of his drink. "Don't tell anybody I said that though. That's just a secret for you and me." Wow....a secret for the two of us. There goes that cheerfully queasy feeling in my stomach. I was thankful for the darkness surrounding us in the club, because I was sure that I was turning seven shades of red at that moment.

I saw a lady vampire step up to the table, about 18 years old. She would have been pretty, were it not for the angry scowl on her face. "Well, look who bothered to peek his head out of the foxhole for a change."

Gyro cringed a bit, but covered it up with a smile. "Felicia...hehehe, hi! Hey..."

"You making it a habit of hanging out with 'daylights' now?" She said, referring to me evidently.

"This is my friend, Mark! Mark, this is Fel...."

"Don't try to charm your way out of this one, Gyro! What happened to you calling me back? What happened to coming to visit and taking me on a road trip? Where were you?"

Gyro shrugged his shoulders at first, but that didn't seem to make her any happier. He said, "Come on, Felicia...it hasn't been that long. I was gonna call you. It's been...what? A couple months?"

"It was July...of 2001..." She snarled with narrowed eyes.

Gyro grinned sheepishly. "Heh...yeah...well, September 11th changed a lot of things for all of us..."

"What the hell does 9/11 have to do with...???"

"You know what? Hold that thought! Me and Mark have to run to the bar and pay our tab before Paulie has a heart attack!" I felt a light kick under the table to signal our departure, and Gyro and I scooted our way out of the booth as fast as we could. "We'll be right back! Promise!"

"GYRO!!! Don't you DARE dash out on me, Gyro!"

"I'll call you!!!" He said with a giggle, and he took me by the hand, pulling me through the thickest parts of the partying crowd so she couldn't follow. The both of us were laughing like crazy, and if he hadn't been holding on to me, I'm certain that we would have lost each other. Gyro had me duck my head down, and we stayed hidden somewhere between his angry stalker chick and his unpaid bar tab. "Hey, things are getting bit 'complicated' in here. Why don't you and me get out of here? I could use a little air."

"Hehehe, yeah, I noticed." I said. He gave me the sweetest smile. And I swear, for a moment...just a moment...the whole world went silent. It was...a beauty that took me by surprise. It was like falling in love for the first time ever. If our eye contact had lasted for a second longer, I think I would have fainted.

"Come on, I know the security guy at the back of the club. He'll let us go out that way." He said, and we started zig zagging our way to the rear entrance. We moved with our heads down, but trying to 'sneak' anywhere with Gyro was an exercise in futility.

Everyone that we passed grinned at us, as they knew that Gyro was making another one of his patented escapes.

"G'night, Gyro!"

"Later, Gyro!"

"There he goes! See ya Gyro!"

"Run, baby! Run! Hahahaha!"

The whole crowd began to cheer as we raced towards the back door, with only a few angry curse words being shouted in our direction. Knowing the routine, the large security guard with the dark glasses just shook his head and stepped aside, holding the door open for us as we rushed out into the cool night air. Gyro might have made many an escape from this club and many more like it, but this was my first. You couldn't imagine the exhilarating feeling I experienced, just having my favorite boy take me with him. My head was swimming with infatuation, even as he practically tugged me, violently, for about five city blocks before remembering that my fragile human body didn't quite have the same stamina that his did.

We stopped in a small park area to rest, and I had to put my hands on my knees just to catch my breath. Gyro giggled in the cutest way ever when he saw me so exhausted. Hehehe! As hard as it was to get my breathing back to normal on my own, I couldn't help but to giggle with him. If I thought that I could raise an arm to give him a playful shove without falling over, I would have. Instead, Gyro took advantage of my weakened state, and with a single finger, he pushed me over onto my side and laughed as he sat down in the grass beside me. "You definitely need more exercise, dude. That was like...such a short run."

Still wheezing a bit, I said, "Are you kidding me? Running with you is like being dragged behind a rocket powered race car." He giggled again.

"Awww, quit your belly aching. Hehehe, better that you be stuck out here with me than back at the club trying to settle my bill. Trust me on this."

Taking a bit of a risk, I smiled at him warmly, and I said, "Well...I can't argue with that. Being out here with you is...pretty much better than most anything else I can think of."

He smiled at me. "Well, aren't you sweet. Hehehe!"

He laid back on the grass with me, and we both looked up at the stars above for a while. I wish that I could stop trembling like this in his presence, but he was soooo nice to me. So amazing. He talked to me with such ease. It's like...Gyro never gets nervous about much of anything. God, I'd give anything to be more like him. Anything.

Every word that came out of his mouth fascinated me to no end. His smile was the most addictive thing in the world to me. And when I spoke, he listened to what I was saying. I mean...REALLY listened. I go to school during the week, and I'm surrounded by fake people who just treat me like I'm their therapist...and conveniently 'forget' about me when their therapy isn't currently needed. They're basically just talking to themselves and forcing me to sit still and listen so they don't feel weird about it. Not Gyro, though. He genuinely responds to everything I say. And not in a selfish way, either. He 'hears' me. And he always wants to hear more. He's not just manipulating me into giving him attention. He's...like...interested, you know? Wow. It made me feel so special to share some time with someone, instead of just giving my time away with a bare minimum or love and respect in return.

At one point, we were just lazily talking about life as a whole...and you know what he says to me? He says, "I wish people spent less energy putting up walls and more energy in trying to see what's behind them. Or why they're even necessary. You know?" Is that not the cutest thing ever???

I'm like, "What do you mean?"

And he says, "Well...it's like people are always talking about what they hate, and what they don't like, and what ticks them off...it's so sad, you know? They work extra hard, trying to find fault with everything so they'll have a reason to reject it. Like...they're too proud to admit that they enjoyed something. They treat 'being happy' as though it some kind of uncool weakness. Because...all the COOL people hate life and push other people down to prove how far above them they are, right? So stupid." He said. "I don't want to put up any limitations as to what I might find out there in the world. Things that make me feel good. Experiences that I'm grateful for. The people I associate with, the music I dance to, the places I travel, the movies I see, the club scenes I've been a part of...I wanna see it all, you know? I mean, why limit your interests by pretending to know and hate everything? It's such a bratty thing to do. You never know what you might find around the next corner of your life if you stop boxing yourself in. I guess it all just seems so silly to me."

"Yeah, I guess." I sighed, dreamily. I was trying to pull my eyes away from the intense beauty of him, but I was falling even deeper in love than I ever expected. No matter what I did to suppress the feeling, it just kept getting worse. He's so...arrrgh! "More people should think like you do, Gyro." I said, kissing up to him as much as possible.

"Heh...well, maybe, maybe not. I wouldn't claim to be the best role model out there for anybody to follow." He grinned. "Besides, I wasn't always like this, you know? I used to be quite the little geek back when I was...well...almost your age. Hehehe!"

I snickered. "C'mon, get outta here. You? I don't buy that for a minute."

"Dead serious. It's true. I was like, this quiet little bookworm before I crossed over. Like...NO friends, really. Lonely. Bashful. Didn't go out at all. I don't know how I was able to even survive like that for as long as I did."

"Hehehe, well what happened?"

He smirked at the memory. "I just woke up one morning and decided to change. That was that."

I gave him a sideways look. "There HAD to be more to it than that."

"No. Not really. Deciding to stop being a geek and actually get out of the house to LIVE a little was the hard part. Once I did that, everything else was easy. I stopped making excuses...and it was like friends and good times and parties just sorta fell out of the sky. I guess it was always right there in front of me, but I couldn't see it. I was too scared." He said. "It's like...I really WANTED to have friends and people to talk to. But...the problem was, I didn't have anything to SAY to them. Like...even if I went out of my way to get their attention and said hello...what the heck could I possibly talk to them about afterward? I hadn't done anything with my life yet. I didn't share any common interests with anyone because I didn't ever explore anything. I was so far out of the loop that I couldn't even relate to any of the people that I wanted to get close to. The most I could do was get their focus for a few minutes and then bore them to death with my awkward conversation about stuff that doesn't relate to anybody at all. What was I gonna do? Talk about the weather? 'Wow' them with my knowledge of the state capitals? Who would want to be around me when I was so clueless about what to say to another human being when given the opportunity? Hehehe! It's weird, but you've gotta live a little to find out how to live a little more."

Sighhh...he's a gorgeous soul. He really is. "That's...awesome. I guess I never thought of it like that." I said. I really wanted to kiss him at that moment. I wanted to pull him on top of me and feel him grind into me as our tongues mingled and I squeezed the adorable cheeks of his sweet, ripe, ass. I was almost breathless with the yearning in my heart. He was soooo close. "I wish I could be one of you..."

"One of...?" He said, confused. Then he caught on. "Oh...hehehe, nah. No, you don't. It's overrated. You'd be surprised how many vampires wish they could go back to being 'one of you' instead."

"Really? I'd think it would be amazing. I'm sure that the 'killing' part is ummm...unpleasant. I mean, I'm sure that sucks..." I said.

He grinned. "Hehehe, 'sucks'. Yeah, it does."

"But STILL! I mean, you get to sleep all day, and party all night. You can come and go as you please...and you get to be young forever. How can that be anything less than a life of eternal bliss?"

"Believe me, Mark...it's not all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes it's fun, but...I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my mom and dad sometimes. Or just...daylight in general, you know? Some nights...the clubs and the music and the people calling my name...it's not enough. Sometimes I need something more." He said, a melancholy tone creeping into his hazy young voice. God...I felt myself moving closer to him on the ground. I was getting so hard, being this close to him. Hearing him talk. I wanted him so badly that I could taste it. Then he said, "Besides...my friend, Bryson, says that the most beautiful thing about youth is that it's fleeting. That's what makes it so precious. So fragile. So important when it comes to trying to get things right the first time around. I guess he's right in a lotta ways. I almost wish that I could get all old and fat, and then look back at a yearbook photo of myself, looking the way I do now."

"Hehehe, really?"

"Hell, yeah! I think that'd be awesome!" He giggled, changing his voice to sound like an old man while feebly shaking his fist, "Like...'I was such a fine young man back in the day. Look at me. I was a total lady-killer. A real babe magnet. Now hand me my pills, it's time for 'Murder She Wrote'..."

"Time for...what?" I asked, and he gave me a smirk.

"Nevermind. Hehehe, it's before your time. But that's what I would have said though. Yep!" He was so cute. Thoughts of him naked danced through my mind. Fantasies of his smooth thighs closing in on my ears as I sucked him deeply into my mouth...tasting every succulent inch of him. Licking him from head to toe. Rocking each other's worlds until we fell asleep from the exhaustion...only to wake up next to my boyish prince again a little bit later. Whimpering until I got some more naked loving from him. Oh God...the things I would do to make this boy holler my name...

"I still think...it would be seriously cool..." I said softly, moving closer, inch by inch. "...Just being here with you. Even in all of this darkness, is surreal. With the right person...I think I could take it. I'm almost sure of it."

I thought about laying on top of his back, feeling those sweet little globes under me, inviting me inside as I pushed my way inside of him. I just know that Gyro would be the kind of boy that would make the sexiest noises ever when you're making love to him. His hole would be soooo tight. I wish I could taste his tongue right now. He's driving me nuts just sitting there, smiling like that.

"Heh, I'm telling you, dude...all of the allure surrounding the vampire lifestyle, it's all from the outside." He said, not seeing me raise up on one elbow to hover over him slightly.

"Not all of it..." I whispered. I couldn't help myself. My emotions had been pulled and stretched and tortured to the point where...if I didn't kiss him right away, I was going to shrivel up into a ball and roll away like a giant tumbleweed. I HAD to do this! I HAD to!!! I felt like I couldn't breathe, and my heart was about to leap up into my throat and try to escape on its own if it beat any harder. But despite the insecurity and fear involved, I just....I WENT for it! I didn't want this opportunity to pass me by and at least not take a chance. Like Gyro said...you've got to LIVE a little to find out how to live a little more...

I leaned down quickly. I don't think he was looking at me at that particular moment. And just as he opened his mouth to say something else, I jutted forward and connected my parted lips to his, kissing him deeply, pushing my tongue inside and getting a quick taste of him as a symphony of infatuated fireworks went off in my head.

Apparently...ONLY in my head...

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