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Date Posted: 07:32:54 05/05/18 Sat
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Part Two)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "GFD: Strobelight Puppy"" on 07:17:05 05/05/18 Sat

"Mmmph! Whoah...whoah whoah...Mark! Umm...wait..." Gyro said, lightly pushing me away with both hands. The look on his face was NOT what I was expecting to see after our first kiss together. "Dude...I uhhh...I....wow..."

"Oh no...oh shit..." I said. It felt like my heart was being squeezed in a giant vice. Tightening up more and more until it was almost ready to pop from the pressure. This whole idea was dumb! So dumb! I made a mistake! A STUPID fucking mistake! Oh no! OH NO!!!!

"No...it's cool, Mark! It is. I just...I mean...I'm not..." He was struggling for a polite way to totally reject me on the spot. But a rejection is a rejection...no matter how much you sugarcoat it with a sexy smile and a gentle tone.

"No, I get it. God, I'm so sorry. I read this all wrong..." I said abruptly.

"It's not that I'm not flattered..."

"Flattered. Heh...right. Yeah. Sure."


"No! It's cool! Seriously. Everything's cool. I think...I think I should go. It's late. I need to get home. And I don't know what I''m doing out here..." My heart was breaking. It hurt sooooo much. My only mission now was to quickly get away from Gyro before he could see me crying.

"You don't have to leave. You just caught me off guard, dude..."

"Yeah, I know. Off guard. Gotta go..."

"REALLY...don't leave, ok?" He said. "I'm not upset. Really. I've got a lot of gay friends back at the lot. It's no big deal."

Trying to hold back the emotion, I looked at him and I said, "I'm sorry, Gyro...but to me...this was a big deal." Ugh! Why did I say that??? WHY? What was my plan? To 'guilt trip' him into turning gay for my benefit? This is the stupidest thing that I've ever done! All I did was make him feel bad. The LAST thing I wanted to do was make Gyro feel bad!

Disgusted with myself, I hopped up from the ground and I just...I ran. It was the only thing that I could think to do. I ran at top speed, hoping to get as far away from Gyro as humanly possible. My legs strained with every big step I took, my sneakers pulling the concrete beneath me to propel me forward. But...before I could leave the park...I saw Gyro step out from behind a tree in front of me, and hold his hand out to stop me.

I was so tired from running that the extra shock of seeing him there took what little breath I had left in me. I slid on the ground and fell back on my butt, looking up at Gyro as he stood over me.

"Huff...huff...how...huff...how did you...?"

"Dude...you're human. Remember? Did you really think that you'd be able to outrun me?" He said, and then gave me a smirk as he offered me a hand to get up. "Mark...I told you, it's ok. Ok? I'm not freaking out or anything..."

"I'm sorry. Gyro, I just...I like you, ok? I like you a lot. And you were talking to me, and I thought...I thought that maybe..." An intense feeling of shame washed over me, and I just wanted to get out of that park so I wouldn't have to humiliate myself any further over this.

But it was then that I felt Gyro's hand on my shoulder. "It's alright. Hehehe, I've had boys fall in love with me before. I'm just awesome like that."

I peeked up at his sparkling eyes, and that adorable 'joking' smile of his just made me want him even more. Why can't I stop? God this hurts. I suddenly felt like such a perverted loser for ogling him like I have been for the last...God, who knows HOW long? But when he saw my eyes watering up with embarrassment, Gyro just opened his arms and he pulled me in for a loving hug around the middle. I faked a giggle and said, "Stop being cute, ok? I just...God...I'm SO mortified right now!"

"Well, don't be. Please?" He said. "I just...I didn't know that you felt that way about me. I actually feel like I kinda led you on, now."

I said, "You led me on just by being you, Gyro. I know it doesn't matter now, but...you're really beautiful, you know that? Seriously." I saw him blush a little, and I hid my face from him. "See? You're getting cuter by the minute. I don't think you can help it." A tear ran down my cheek. I didn't want him to feel bad or anything but...the hurt of it all just wouldn't let me keep my composure. Not for a second. He moved to give me another hug, but I stepped back from him this time. "Don't. Ok? You don't owe me that. I just...I think I should go on home. I know that it's all cool with you and stuff, but I just...I don't wanna..."

"Come with me. I wanna show you something." He said with a mischievous smirk.

"What?" I sniffled. "But...but I just said that I'd rather..."

"Yeah, I heard what you said. Put a hold on that for now. C'mon! I wanna show you. You'll like it. Promise. Hehehe..." How is it that he's so giggly when he was just kissed by another boy in the most disgusting way imaginable? How can he suddenly be so cheerful that it actually made ME start to feel better?

"Gyro...I don't know..."

"You don't have to know anything. Just come with me. Come on." He said, and he yanked on my shirt a little bit. I puled back with a bit of hesitation, but he says, "I'm a lot stronger than you are, you know? Hehehe! I could force you if I wanted to." And I snickered at the idea. "I'm serious! I could hoist you over my shoulder like they do a damsel in those old school monster movies if I wanted to. But it would look crazy weird to your average person on the street. So just follow me. Please? It'll be really cool. Promise."

Sigh...like I could say no to him if I wanted to. Even now. I sighed, "Fine. Where are we going?"

He said, "This way." And started walking.

I'm like, "But...I asked where we were going."

"And I said, we're going 'this way'. So if you keep going in this direction, eventually you'll get there. Hehehe!"

"Smartass, hehehe!"

He said, "Unh unh! I know that you're madly in love with me now. So it's too late for insults, buddy." Ugh! Low blow. But a cute one.

I won't lie...it took the entire walk for my tears to dry up, even with Gyro being his usual charming self. But even when the tears and the sniffles had gotten themselves under control...the hole in my heart remained damaged. There's just something about feeling deep in your BONES that this one boy would be the absolute, perfect, match for you...that fate had somehow made this all possible because it was just meant to be...only to find out that it was all a stupid hoax. Something about that was like having the floor pulled out from under you and falling into a pit of hungry crocodiles. Still, I sucked it up and tried my best to be engaging. Even if my strongest instincts just wanted to go back home and isolate myself for a little while. I felt really 'exposed' at that moment. Spending more time with my dream boy only made it worse.

God, I wish he had rejected me with some kind of harsh homophobic slur or something. Ugh! He's being so cool about this that I can't even find it in me to HATE him for it!

We walked and walked and walked some more, and then he led me to some abandoned apartment building with boarded up windows and weeds growing around the base of it like a wildfire. I hesitated. It looked...dirty. Like...the kind of place a boy vampire would take somebody to KILL them in secret. Don't know why that suddenly crossed my mind, or why I did my best to ignore the danger involved...but Gyro's smile, along with a gentle tug on my wrist, got me to follow him inside anyway.

"What is this place?" I asked, the lingering dust making it hard to breathe.

"It's a place where I come to think sometimes. About god stuff...and sometimes, bad stuff. Come on, we've gotta go to the roof?"

The roof? This whole building looked like it was going to collapse any minute. It was the kind of creepy place your mother always warned you to stay away from. But as Gyro bounced that cute little booty of his up the rickety stairs, streams of dust falling to the ground floor with every step, I had no choice but to follow.

I swear...I could bite into that pretty little ass like a ripe apple if he'd let me!

The place seemed to get darker and darker the further I went up...and I was thankful to see Gyro open a door at the top of the steps to finally get some fresh air into my lungs again. He beckoned me outside, and I stepped out onto the roof...marveling at the view. The building wasn't really that tall, but the Chicago city skyline looked absolutely majestic from there. It was like you could see the whole metropolitan area at once. An involuntary smile spread across my lips as I took it all in, and for a moment...I forgot about the heartbreak. I really did.

"Whoah...it's beautiful..." I said, more to myself than to Gyro.

"Yep! I know. It's peaceful. It's kind of like...the total opposite of the clubs and parties and all. You get to sit here and look at all this splendor and glory...but from a distance, you know? You're away from the chaos of it, but you still kinda feel like a part of it. I like that." He smiled, and then put his hands on my shoulders to turn me around. "Annnd...if you look over here..." I did as he said, but I didn't see much. This part of the city didn't seem as clean and brightly lit as the other side. But Gyro pointed his finger to guide me in the right direction, and he said, "Over there? That's the lot. That's where I'm staying right now. See it?"

Not only did I see it, but I could vaguely make out a few other boys and girls who were moving around inside of it. "That's where you live?"

"Yep! I know it looks like a dingy ol' junkyard to you...but to us, it's our Garden of Eden. Trust me, it's awesome once you get used to it."

"Are those your friends?"

"Yeah, some of them. Others probably went out tonight. I'm sure Jun is doing his slow motion Kung Fu thingy or whatever it is. And my sister is out there somewhere, but she's probably stabbing herself with a sharp object and bleeding out in some quiet corner for...whatever reason."

"She's WHAT???" I asked.

"It's a long story. My sister's got issues. Trust me. You don't wanna know." He took me by the hand, and I saw him sitting down on the gravely surface of the rooftop, and then laying back, pulling me down with him. At first, I thought that he wanted me to actually lie on top of him, which gave me an instant rush of infatuated adrenaline. But thinking better of it, I caught on, and he just wanted me to lay down next to him. I felt a few rocks digging into my back and shoulders, making it a little uncomfortable at first, but as the stars above were displayed with such brilliance...I soon relaxed soon and drank in the scenery. The fact that Gyro was still holding my hand helped.

We lay there for about 20 minutes, softly talking to one another as friends. He was curious about my life, I was curious about his...it was this really soothing exchange. It made me appreciate him even more. Then I said, "Gyro? Can I ask you a question?"

"Fire away." He said.

"Why me? I mean...a hundred people would have been happy to go home with you tonight. I'm just...I'm so lame. Heh..."

"No you're NOT. Hehehe, shut up." He said. "You wanna know how I discovered you the first time?" That definitely got my attention.

"The first time?"

"Yeah. Hehehe!" He turned his head to look at me...his lips were just a foot and a half away from me. I found myself wanting to kiss him all over again. "You were a strobelight puppy. You stood out from the crowd. So, I wanted to say hello."

I got confused. "Wait...I don't get it. I was a...a strobelight...?"

"A strobelight puppy. Yeah." He kinda rolled his eyes in this really cute way, and he looked back up at the stars. "It's like...with people who go to clubs all the time, especially vampires who have been doing it for decades, they're used to the lights and the music and the drinking and the dancing. To them, it's nothing special. And when the music is really cranked up, and the strobelight starts flashing...they just, automatically, get involved in it. It doesn't affect them. They don't see it as anything special." Then he turned back to look at me. "But then...there are these other people who aren't so used to the scene. And when the strobelights come on, they become a bit disorienting. Surprising. It's hard to navigate, hard to focus. If you look at any dance floor when this starts happening, you can tell the folks who aren't used to it. Because they always shy off to one of the corners and just kinda stand against the wall while they try to get familiar to the experience. They look so lost...but they're happy to be lost. It's like this really cool combination of fear and amazement. Awe and hesitation. When you look at them, they're probably just standing there looking like a lonely little puppy, just waiting to be adopted from the pound. Hehehe, thus the term..."

"Strobelight puppy. Ok, I got it. Was that supposed to answer my question or what?" I teased, giving him a little push.

"It DOES! Hold on, I'm getting to that." He grinned. "In darkness...people get jaded. Cynical, you know? They truly believe they've done it all, seen it all, said it all...after a while, they stop really enjoying themselves. They stop looking for something new to excite the senses. I mean...they're out and about, sure. But they're just doing the same things over and over and over again. They're no different than that quiet little shut-in that I used to be before crossing over. Afraid of going out and seeing what life has to offer them. They're just stuck in a routine. And when I see someone like you...someone who's actually experiencing life with his eyes wide open, taking it all in and totally wanting to be a part of it...well, I think that's cool, you know? You were the most interesting person in the room that night. You piqued my interest...and I wanted to know more."

I don't think gyro knew how incredible it made me feel to hear him say that. "You really thought that I was...interesting?" I asked.

"Of course, I did. Hehehe! Like I said before, soooo many people limit themselves for no reason. They talk about the same three topics all the time until they're so exhausted that it's hard to care anymore. God forbid, if they were topics that I didn't share an interest in to begin with. The first night or two that I saw you, you looked like you had something new to say. Something unique. I wanted to hear it."

"Hehehe, all this because I looked like a lost puppy in the club scene?"

"Awww, that's not what I meant." He said. "Strobelight puppies...they have these moments where they feel like they don't fit in. Like they're not a part of their environment. But that's just fear talking. A temporaryfear. Because once they get enough courage to just jump in and have fun...well, they end up being the coolest people ever. You looked like you were ready to jump. I wanted to be there." He said. "Everybody has situations where they feel like they're not ready, or like they don't belong...but the truth is, we ALL belong. We just get scared sometimes. If we can beat that...then the world is ours. All of it."

The attraction was so strong that I forced myself to turn away from him and look back up at the sky. I know that he was giving me a compliment, but I wish he wouldn't do that. I'd much rather start turning off my 'love switches' now in order to save me from the severe heartbreak to come once I was alone again.

He asked me, "What's wrong?"


"Are you sure? You seem really sad..."

"I'll get over it." I said. "I'm sorry. This is just...hard for me. K? I'm trying, but...but..." I trailed off, and felt tears returning to my eyes. Ugh...the suffering was intense. He was right THERE, and I couldn't reach out to touch him!

Gyro thought for a second, and another devilish smirk came to his face. "Ok, look...I'm only gonna do this ONE time! Hehehe, and if you tell anybody about this, I'm totally gonna have you for dinner and bleed you dry! Hehehe, k?"

"What? What do you mean?" I asked.

"Here...lift up your shirt a bit."

"WHAT???" Gyro didn't give me a lot of time to process what was happening. He just ran his soft palm up under my shirt and over the flatness of my stomach. I got the shivers something awful. What was he talking about???? What did he mean? Omigod! Omigod!

"Hehehe, you might wanna undo your pants. It'll be a mess, walking home." He said, and I gasped as my mind wandered to sexual delights that I was MORE than eager to engage in with my favorite party boy. I didn't ask any questions, I just unzipped and unbuttoned my pants, my briefs tented out with one of the hardest erections of my life. Gyro giggled in the cutest way. "Take it all the way out. I promise that I won't look. But ummm...it's sort of important that you do this part." Ok...so now I was confused again. But I did as he said, and I exposed my hardness to the night air.

"Can anybody see us out here?" I whispered.

"Who knows? Hehehe, does it matter?" He replied. And the truth was...to get just a touch from him, no. It didn't. "Ok...now just...think about me."

"Think about you?"

"Yeah. All of those naughty little fantasies of yours, whatever they may be...bring 'em to the front of your mind, and just relax. I think you're gonna like this." Again, I was lost as to what he was saying to me. For all I know, this could be some weird little prank of his or something. But if thinking about him was all I had to do...how hard could that be to pull off? Gyro smiled at me. "Ok, now close your eyes." I did. "Take a deep breath." I did. "And try not to grab my hair or anything, ok?"

"Try not to wha...???" Before I could finish my sentence, a jolt of energy went right into my chest. It shot right out of his hand, and my body almost lifted itself off the ground with the tension inside. Then...this...this current of tingly sensations spread out to every inch of my body. My erection specifically. They were the most pleasurable, most euphoric, series of tingles that I had ever felt in my entire life. I could barely sit still. What the...what the hell was he doing? My body began to convulse, and my legs flailed a little bit as I tried to find a comfortable position that would allow the energy to just run through me without me wiggling myself right off the edge of the rooftop.

"Are you thinking about me?" He asked with a giggle. To be honest, I had forgotten about that part. The sudden shock of the sensation had thrown me way off. It was hard to keep my scrambled thoughts from melting like warm butter while under the spell of this arousing ability of his...but I kept trying, regardless.

I thought about kissing his lips. About having him smile down on me as his naked body gyrated against mine. The little tingles had a mind of their own it seemed. They knew exactly how to tickle and tempt me in just the right way to bring maximum pleasure. A smile spread out across my face, but I tried to hide it as I heard Gyro holding back a few bashful snickers from seeing me SO turned on. Already, my balls were drawing up tight against me. I could actually feel the waves of pleasure slowly moving up and down my shaft. I could have SWORN that it was hand doing it. Better yet...a mouth. But when I opened one eye to peek...it was just my aching erection, bouncing around in the air with nothing touching it at all.

Gyro caught me and chuckled, "Hey! No cheating! Eyes closed, Mister!"

Hearing his voice only made the moment more erotic for me. I began to squirm uncontrollably as the orgasm was quickly reaching its peak. My eyes rolled back, and I pictured Gyro pushing his hips into my face, while I held on to those soft bubbles of flesh...guiding his thrusts into my salivating vacuum. The visions of us tongue kissing like mad, me sucking his balls in between my lips, licking lower...and lower...devouring that candied flesh for all it was worth. And the idea of him facing me, riding my shaft hard with a grind of his hips while kissing me passionately on the outh...it was almost too much to bear. And then...Gyro leaned forward...not in my dreams, but in real life...and he whispered, "I knew you'd dig it, Mark. Hehehe!" And his sweet little lips kissed me gently on the cheek.

It was more than I could handle. My breathing stopped, my body went stiff, and without a single touch, the strong throbs and pulses began to push my eager juices to the surface. I didn't know what to hold onto, but as powerful as this climax was, I can see why Gyro warned me not to pull his hair. I probably would have ripped it right out at the root if I had. I gasped for breath, my hands clutching at rocks and gravel as I tightened up even more. Then I stifled an immasculating shriek as best as I could as my hand suddenly snapped forward and grabbed one of Gyro's ass cheeks, squeezing it hard. It was the feeling of that plump little morsel that took me over the edge, and the tingles went wild as my whole body went into a fury of orgasmic contractions. The first few spurts were like shots out of a canon! I don't know how high they flew up into the air, but they were already cooled when they landed back down on my chin and neck. And that was just the sneak preview of the torrential storm that was to follow. I clutched at Gyro's ass with a fever as more and more jets of sticky nectar were released in succession. I couldn't breathe at all. My body was tossing and turning involuntarily, and my heart was just trying valiantly to keep up. More and more...it was the hardest cum that I had ever experienced in my life. And Gyro giggled the whole way through it.

When I finally calmed down, and my chest and stomach stopped heaving with release...I finally opened my eyes all the way, and I fell in love all over again. Honestly...If Gyro asked me to stick my head in a blender and hit the switch, I would have done it without hesitation. He was magic. Everything about my Gyro was total magic.

"Hehehe! I told ya it would be a mess!" He chirped. He pulled his hand out from underneath my shirt, and grinned as he looked for a place to wipe off the excess semen that had splashed all over his forearm.

Panting, I said, "Oh man! I'm sorry! I didn't mean..."

"Don't sweat it. If you think girls are any less of a mess, you'd be wrong. Hehehe!" Then he's like, "You squeezed my ass pretty hard, there, Hercules. Hehehe! Are you ok?"

"Um...yeah. Holy shit...I'm fucking GREAT right now..." I sighed, my eyes instinctively going back to the stars.

"Good. Hehehe, but don't go thinking this is gonna become a habit. I wouldn't do this for anybody else." He said. "Only my strobelight puppy."

Why is that term soooo much cuter when he says it?

I think it was a full fifteen minutes before I was able to fully come down from my orgasmic high. I didn't want to move. My brain felt like every untapped synapse was firing off for the very first time. I didn't know if I'd ever be able to move again...because my muscles remained limp. I think I might have even dozed off a few times. Who knows? But eventually, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I noticed that the sky was a much lighter shade of navy blue than it was the last time I had experienced an 'extended blink'.

"Hey...I've gotta go, bro. Daylight's coming." Gyro told me. And he helped me back up to my feet. He blushed and pointed down to remind me that my pants were still open and that I was hanging out like a clown in a jack-in-the-box. We both giggled at the sight for a moment, and then he looked me in the eye. "You're not gonna start ducking out on me when you see me at Bernie's Club from now on, right?"

Was he serious? "Really? You've GOT to be kidding me!" I said.

"Hehehe, ok, ok! Just checking. I'm glad you told me. About...you liking me. I feel like I know more about you now. You're even more surprising than I expected." He sat up, and he told me, "I've seen what true love looks like at the lot. What it means, and what it takes to maintain it. I can't say much about it, but...those two are the real deal. It made me realize that, when it comes to love...nobody deserves anything less than the full package. And that includes you, Mark. I mean that. K?"

"Somehow, I doubt I'll ever be able to find a love like that. Not in my lifetime."

"I beg to differ." He smirked. "I'm thinking there's still a lot of layers to you for me to discover. As a friend."

'Friend'...that word never sounded so vulgar before tonight.

"Can't you just read my mind and get a view of all my 'layers' in one lump sum?" I blushed.

"Yeah...but where's the fun in that?" He grinned. "I can wait. I'd much rather have you tell me...in your own words. And in your own time. I don't mind being a patient audience when the final product is worth it." He said. God...he's still perfect. I may NEVER be able to have him the way I want him, never in my life...but he's going to remain the boy of my dreams for as long as I live. Hands down...he's the best.

I remember how sad I felt to see him going back towards his lot for the night, while I had to find a way to get home without too much angst from my parents. But as weirded out as I felt about things that night, I was right back at the club the following weekend. This time, dressed up with more glitter and wristbands than the week before.

Heh, I remember Jason telling me how good I looked that night, but it was only a few seconds before he asked, "So Mark...what happened? With Gyro, I mean! Did you make him scream your name, or what?"

I looked across the club, and managed to catch sight of Gyro at the bar, sweet talking some young female vampire into paying for his drinks for the evening. He connected his gaze to mine, smiled mischievously...and gave me a wink. Hehehe, what could I do but wink back at him?

"WELL???" Jason asked again.

I told him, "Let's just say that Gyro and I...shared a night that I'll never forget."

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked.

"WellcI did what you said, and I took a chance, and I think it was worth it."

"It was?"

"Yep. It certainly was." I said, and then started scanning the rest of the club until I found another few boys that might interested me.

Ahhh, there's one. A VERY cute boy with light blond hair and a black mesh t-shirt on. Maybe I should go over and talk to him.

Jason saw me eyeing the cutie and raised an eyebrow. "Are you going for it?"

"Yeah..." I smiled. "I think I am. ONE of these boys is going to turn out to be my proof that love exists, right?"

Jason was shocked. "Holy shit! Really??? Fuckin' A! GO for it, dude!"

I patted Jason on the shoulder, and I said, "Well...sometimes you've got to live a little bit to learn how to live a little bit more. Right?" He didn't seem to get it, but whatever. I've got a future sweetheart to pursue. And a life to live to the fullest while I still have the chance.

Thanks, Gyro. You'll always be my favorite boy. Always.

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