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Date Posted: 16:35:15 05/31/18 Thu
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter 11)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "Left Without Words 11"" on 16:27:54 05/31/18 Thu

"Left Without Words 11"

Even laying still...it was hard for me to catch my breath.

Panting uncontrollably wasn't nearly as embarrassing as the recently 'de-virginized' grin on my goofy face. Hehehe! I tried to hold it back, but as the lingering buzz of an intense shared orgasm with one of the cutest boys that I've ever laid eyes on in my entire life...I couldn't help but to silently appreciate the moment with a silly, unrestricted, smile...full of accomplishment and wonder. Give me a break! It was my first time! Hehehe, and it's one of those milestones that I know that I'm going to remember and cherish for the rest of my natural life and beyond. Excuse me for taking a few breathless moments to enjoy the giddy pleasure of it all. There's nothing more special than this. Nothing.

Dimitry eventually swiveled around to lay with me, face to face, and kiss me deeply on the lips. I never knew that the feeling of a tongue touching my own could be so erotic. Dear GOD...I was seriously overwhelmed by the sensations flowing through me at that moment. Amazing!

It was blowing my mind to know that I was kissing him. Holding him. Rubbing the smoothness of his bare bottom as he rolled into me with a sigh and a soft whimper. It was a surreal fantasy that refused to fully register in my mind, seeing as I was so caught up in the moment. I had to wonder if my brain would retain any of this information at all. How much valuable, life altering, detail am I losing right now by having my head spinning like this? This is insane!

I heard Deme giggling beside me, and it brought me back to reality. "What? What is it?" I asked.

With a smile, Deme licked one of my nipples and looked up into my eyes. "You are thinking. I can tell. What about?"

"Thinking? Hehehe, I'm always thinking."

"No. You are thinking really hard right now." He said. "Your face does not lie."

With a playful roll of my eyes, I said, "I don't know. I guess...I'm just trying to imagine what comes next. That's all."

Perplexed, he asked, "Next? What next?"

I blushed a little bit, but figured that I could come clean about my...ummm...internet activities. "You know...every time I watch a dirty video, or read a naughty story online...this part is almost always at the end. Like...the boys have sex, and they kiss...and then it's over." I told him. "But I don't think I want it to be over. Not with you. This feels more like a beginning of something awesome...not the end. Does that make sense?"

Deme kissed me on the lips. "I think my Shane has been hiding a poet from me this whole time."

"Hehehe, I seriously doubt that. But thanks."

"I'm serious. What you say is beautiful. Everything about my boy, Shane, is perfect." Geez, how does he make himself sound so sincere when he says stuff like that?

"Well, who knows? Maybe I'll find myself some actual talent, and I'll write you a poem someday."
I joked. "Might be fun, watching you laugh at it. Then, someday, you can write one about me to get back at me! Hehehe!"

Deme's forehead wrinkled up for a moment. "What 'someday'?"

"You know. Like, in the future or something, I guess."

Deme scooted even closer to me for a moment, his body heat nearly causing me to break a sweet from its unashamed intimacy. He kissed me on the cheek, and said, "Not in the future. I have been writing about you from the very first time you walked into Papa Milo's for food."


"Hahaha! You look surprised! It is funny to me!"

"But...you're just kidding, right? Why the heck would you write about me?"

Again, Deme was totally baffled by my question. "I TOLD you, Shane...I express my true heart through my poetry. I want to capture the golden moments in my life. You are the most golden moment of them all. Hehehe, this is strange to you?"

"No way. There's no way I'm going to believe you on this. What did you say?" I asked, my heart beating just a little bit faster.

"If you don't believe me, then maybe I should not tell you." He smirked.

"Unh unh! Are you just playing with me right now? Don't try to trick me, dude."

"No trick. I promise." Deme said, and he rubbed my chest slowly as he kissed me on the side of the neck. Don't get me wrong...it felt sexy and awesome...but I was still stuck on the 'Deme/Shane Poem' thing. What the...?

"Well, wait...can I see it?" I said. "Or...or hear it, or whatever?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Oh. So you 'believe' now, yes?" He giggled, causing me to stick out my bottom lip in a silly pout. "Why would you not think that I would write about you?"

"Is that a trick question? I've always thought of myself as being...well...pretty forgettable, to be honest."

Deme caressed my cheek, giving me the most heartfelt look imaginable. "How can you think this of yourself? This is not true at all." He said. "The first day you come into the restaurant, I looked at you and thought you were an angel on Earth. You made me feel nervous."

"I DID???"

"Hehehe, a little bit. Yes. This is true." He blushed. "You wanted a Mountain Dew soda pop, and I brought it to you, but Papa reminded me that you needed a glass and ice to make it cold. You remember, yes?"

Omigod, I DO remember that!

"It really didn't matter to me at all. I mean, you know that right?"

His blush got even deeper than before. "I know that now. But...at the time I was very frightened of what you might think about me."

"Over a soda? Hehehe!" I asked.

"YES!" He replied. "Have you not ever been so nervous in front of a boy that every breath you take, every movement you make, feels like a tragedy in the making?" I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I didn't. "You...made me feel turvy topsy that day."

"Topsy turvy." I said.


"Forget it. It's not important." I said, and hugged hi tightt while giving his plush lips a sensual kiss. "I can't believe you remembered all of that. That's, like, incredible."

It was then that Deme asked me, "You will not laugh at me if I show you. Yes?"

Wait...what??? Is he really going to show me his poetry? The stuff he wrote about ME???

"I won't laugh! Are you kidding me? Lemme see it! Omigod, PLEASE, let me see it!"

"Hehehe, you are too anxious now. So, I say no." He teased, but when I reached down to pinch his foreskin lightly, he jerked violently and smacked me HARD on the chest with the palm of his hand! "You STOP that!!!" He laughed!

"Show me!" I chuckled. "I wanna see!"

"Fine! I will show you, just...you leave my 'not cut' alone! You have played enough with it." He giggled. I couldn't make any promises though. That thing was so damn COOL! Hehehe!

Deme gave me another quick kiss, and then he rolled away from me to reach into the dresser drawer next to his bed to pull one of his many notebooks out, and he opened it up to thumb through it. Was he really telling me the truth about writing about me? Holy shit! I never expected this in a million years! I'm the inspiration for a true artist to creatively express himself by using ME as his muse! This is unprecedented. Absolutely unheard of!

"You said you will not laugh." Deme grinned. "So...do not let me catch you going back on your word. I am watching your sexy face! Hehehe!"

"I'm NOT gonna laugh! Geez! Quit worrying!"

That's when Deme found the right page, and with just a short moment of hesitation...he winked at me and handed me the open notebook to show me what he wrote. "This I put in my notebook after I saw you in Papa Milo's restaurant. But...be kind. I did not know anything about you then. Only that you were beautiful, and that you excited me. Ok?"

He was SO sensitive about his poetry! But I kinda thought that was cute! Extremely cute! I would have started making out with him again and getting our naked bodies all twisted up again if I wasn't so eager to see his first thoughts about me, written out on a previously blank page. Did he see me the way that I saw him? Was he as instantly infatuated with me as I was when I gazed upon his untouchable beauty for the very first time? Let's find out!

I could feel Deme wiggle uncomfortably at my side for a moment as I took his notebook in hand and began to read what he hand-wrote there to express his deepest, most intimate, thoughts. Probably thoughts that he never thought he'd be able to share with anybody else, much less the person he was so infatuated with at the time. I wish I could just give him a hug and let him off the hook by telling him that I didn't need to read it right away if he didn't want me to. But...I'm SELFISH! Hehehe! I didn't want to give hi the option of hiding it from me now!

The poem said...

Oh how do I speak of you, my beautifulest dream?

Through rhymes? Through whispers?

Through loving touches, knowing smiles?

I have fallen too deeply to speak from my mouth,

And now my heart screams at my mind.

Short, to the point, and yet it said SO much more than most people would understand. My heart grabbed on to the emotion expressed in that short passage, and I realized that it captured the feeling of seeing my Deme for the first time perfectly. In fact, I doubt I could have submerged myself in the seemingly amorphous explanation of our passionate connection if I tried. 'My heart screams at my mind.' Yeah...I know exactly how that feels! But I was never able to put it into words before.

I think I see what Deme was talking about now. You know...with the heart rearranging words and putting them into a more meaningful order. Expressing itself in ways that 'functional' words simply couldn't achieve with such a limited sense of true meaning.

Wow...I get it, Deme. I actually get it.

"Shane?" He asked, obviously waiting for my reaction.

"Its beautiful, Deme. Omigod...Ive never had anybody...write about me before. Its kinda...oh wow, I dont think I know what to say." I kissed him on the lips. "Thank you! This is amazing!"

"You like my poem? Good. I always worry." He sighed. "You want to read another one?"

"Theres another one???" I gasped.

He giggled in the most adorable way. "Yes, Shane. There is another one. And another, and another...I often write about my favorite boy. I almost think about nothing else."

"Dude, you HAVE to show me all of them!"

"Hehehe, well...not all. But some. Ok?"

"Why not all of them? Come on. Im sure theyre all sweet and perfect."

"Maybe, yes. But some are...not to be seen." He bashfully looked away from me to hide his smile. "They are...more sensual. I keep those just for me."

"More what? Oh, now youve GOT to show me those! Hehehe, in fact, show me those first!"

Deme laughed out loud. "No! They are private! My eyes only!"

"I think I have a right to take a peek. Me being your inspiration and all."

"Maybe some other time." He said.

"What better time than right now? While were both lying here naked together. Maybe we can try some of the stuff you wrote about." I wriggled my eyebrows, and Demes eyes widened for a moment before he burst out in another shot fit of giggles. "Come on. Show me."

"Here, we will find something else..."

As he reached for the notebook, I pulled it back from him, causing his beautifully naked body to roll over on top of me, his semi hard shaft lining up next to mine as his smooth legs slid across my lap. He kept reaching and I kept trying to pull it back, our playful friction causing us to get aroused all over again. We laughed uncontrollably, and I craned my neck up to kiss him quickly on the lips to distract him.

"You CHEAT! Hahaha!" He said, and finally grabbed the notebook from my hand. Rolling off of me to thumb through it and find a safer poem for me to read.

A little breathless from our giddy roughhousing, I noticed Deme almost back to full hardness, and I slowly reached out to take hold of him, feeling the warm shaft swell and tighten in my grip. He kept going through his notebook, not really minding the fact that I was touching him in such a personal way. I kissed him on his shoulder as I gave him a few slow strokes, my gaze fixed on the peek-a-boo nature of his blushed tip as the foreskin rolled back and forth over it. With a sigh, Deme spread his legs a bit more to allow me full access, and I swore that my heart was about to burst. A week ago, the very thought of being here with him like this would have caused me to swoon and faint with disbelief. But now? It just feels comfortable. Sexy and comfortable.

"Here. This one you can read." Deme said, handing me the notebook back. Darn...now I have to let go of his hardness. I took the book back and felt Deme snuggle in close to me to read along with me. "This I wrote after I get to know you a little more, and I fill up with so much joy whenever I see you. I read this one for my poetry class on Saturdays. My teacher said it was the best of the class that day. Hehehe, I guess because you bring out the best in me."

Looking at the page, I saw...

I have seen you

And the doors now part.

A river flowing freely,

A single ray of light.

I have seen you

A bright spark in the dark,

A spring blossoming before my eyes,

And here, I found love.

A smile breaking into sunlight

A voice greater than all rhymes,

Eyes, sparkling cerulean

Venus as a man.

Yet this joy is the fragilest

Should I say it? should I not?

Yet woe is me if I do not love you

A shard to pierce my heart.

This boy definitely knows how to sweep someone off of their feet. A true romantic at heart. Someone who is as attractive on the inside as he is on the outside. A beauty that is so much more than skin deep. In fact, it is an illumination the shines from within, causing him to glow with the promise of warming your heart if only hed let you get close enough to be a part of him. I am seriously lost in love right now.

"You like this one too?" He asked.

"I love it. I really do." I whispered. Kissing him again.

"This, I wrote when my heart was hurting for you. I had to surrender to my feeling. And then we went to the park, and I decided to maybe try to tell you how I ache for you. Was not easy. Heh..."

"Im glad you did." I said. "I was too scared to say anything, but I was aching for you too."

"Good. Then I dont feel so silly for waiting as long as I did. I think..." He started, but we suddenly heard the opening of the back door. We both FROZE at first! But then realized that were completely naked and laying on Demes bed! "Papa is home!!! Find your clothes!" He said in a loud whisper, and we hopped up on either side of the bed and started a mad scramble to snatch our clothes up from the floor and coordinate everything to put them back on in a hurry.

"Deme? Shane? I brought home a surprise!" His dad called out, and that made us even ore nervous. I saw Deme rushing to squeeze his cute little ass back into his briefs, quickly pulling a shirt over his head afterwards. I had to concentrate to keep from being distracted by the bouncing of his pert cheeks and pull my own underwear up, snapping the waistband around my waist and then jumping into my pants.

Button, zipper, shirt...wheres my shirt? There it is! Pulled it over my head! When Demes dad called out a second time and started walking towards the room, we panicked even more. Now dressed, Deme tried to fix his hair and I tried to hide my erection by angling it upward and hoping the front of my pants would pin it down a bit.

I think we might have gotten a little too comfortable with what we were doing in here.

There was a knock at the door, and Deme and I both plopped back down on his bed at the same time, trying to look as innocent as possible, hands on our knees, legs closed, attempting to keep our heavy breathing under control.

His dad opened the door to see us sitting there, and he was holding a pizza box. "Check it out, boys! Real Chicago pizza. The stuffed. It smells incredible, doesnt it? I brought it back for lunch. Come and get some." He said, the biggest grin on his face. Then he stopped for a second and said, "Open a window in here, Deme. It is very warm in here. Too hot."

Then he turned to take the pizza back to the kitchen, leaving me and Deme to suddenly crack up until we fell back on the mattress and had to hold our stomachs to keep from falling to pieces. Then, Demes eyes met mine, and he softly took a hold of my hand. "I love you, Shane." He sighed.

"I love you too, Deme."

"Boys?" His dad called out from the other room.

"We are coming, Papa!" Deme called back. "Pizza?"

"Pizza!" I grinned. And he gave me a peck on the lips before we both sat up and got ready to have some lunch.

Love and free pizza? Does a teenager's life get any better than this?

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