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Date Posted: 04:14:51 11/23/19 Sat
Author: Comicality
Subject: (Chapter 24)
In reply to: Comicality 's message, "(S) "Untouchable 24" (WARNING: Adult/Youth Content)" on 04:12:34 11/23/19 Sat

"Untouchable 24"

Dustin stuck to me like an extra appendage for the next few hours, dreading the moment that I would cock out and leave him in the mall by himself. Hehehe, he stayed so close to me that it made my own shadow envious of our unbreakable bond. I was actually a bit worried that his boss was going to scold him from running across the hall every fifteen minutes with some random excuse to talk to me again. Not that I ever tired of his youthful energy and sugar sweet affection for me...I just didn't want to get the poor kid in trouble.

I'm not exactly sure if he just missed me over the past few days that he's been away, or if he was genuinely worried that his little 'accident' at my house and recent hospital stay was going to sour my feelings and cause me to distance myself from him. It was a ridiculous thing for him to even think about, but I can remember how self conscious and nervous I could be sometimes when I was experiencing a major love for the first time. Oh man, did I ever worry. Always wondering if I was doing or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I went out on my first date when I was seventeen years old, and I remember accidentally bumping my glass of water with my hand at the restaurant. I was able to catch it before it turned over completely, but a few splashes of liquid spilled over onto the table cloth...and I was so mortified that I, literally, thought that I was going to burst into tears right in front of the boy who asked me out. It was such a little thing, now that I look back at it. But at the time...it was apocalyptic in my mind. I was certain that I had ruined everything, and had to work fifteen times harder to compensate for my foolish mistake. I was SO off balance. Silly, I know.

I really didn't want to put Dustin through that level of suffering and doubt, but I didn't quite know how to calm his nerves down without drawing attention to the fact that I noticed his extra attention and clingy behavior. I just didn't want him to think that any of it was necessary for me to keep loving him with my entire heart the way that I did. He had nothing to do to impress me...other than existing in the same space and breathing the same oxygen as me from time to time. One smile, one touch, one timid blush in those smooth cheeks of his...and I was completely under his control.

God forbid that boy ever figures out how much omnipotent control he has over my aching heart. Hehehe, he'd be really dangerous if he had any clue at all.

I did get a hug as I was leaving him at the end of my work day, and I kept my promise to call him once I was sure he was off of work. I could have driven back and picked him up, but let's not spoil him TOO much! Hehehe! Besides, I'm still a little uneasy with his parents seeing how close Dustin and I are. I'm so lost in emotion over that boy that it can be difficult to tell how it might look to other people sometimes.

Ugh...'other people'. Sorry. I know that Dustin hates it when I say that. I'm trying to cut them out of the equation, but it's a little bit easier for him to do that than it is for me. I'm trying though. I really am.

The next day night rolled around, and even though Dustin had the day off from work, he made sure to come to the mall and hang out with me for the last two hours of my shift. Hahaha, I thought about what Jack said the other day about staying as far away from this place as humanly possible when he wasn't actually working and forced to be here, and it made me smile. Because, even though I agreed with him one hundred percent...it never mattered to me when Dustin was involved. I'd come here, I'd stay here...just for him. And as soon as I saw him bashfully peek around the corner of our store, his overnight backpack slung over his shoulder, to see what I was up to today...

...I knew that he was here just for me too.

"Hey..." Dustin blushed as he walked into the store. "...I bought you some sour gummies from down the hall. Do you like the sours?"

"Hehehe, I love the sours. Thanks, Dustin." I said, and he seemed to swoon hard enough to nearly lose his balance.

"Cool. Me too. We can split them if you want. Or, I mean...you can just have 'em, if...if you're hungry."

"You take such good care of me." I smiled. I swear, you could almost see him trembling with joy. He had so much love to give. It was almost as if he couldn't contain it all. Then he suddenly cleared hi throat and politely said, "Hi, Jack."

"Hey there, baby bear." Jack grinned. "Did you bring me anything? Or am I on my own?"

"Oh! Ummm...sorry. Do you want one of my sours? They're really good." Dustin said, already reaching into the bag.

I stopped him with a light giggle. "Don't pay him any mind, Dustin. He's just kidding."

"The hell I was." Jack said, and took a few sour gummies in his hand to gobble down. "I didn't have any lunch today. Thank you, Dustin."

"You're welcome." Dustin said proudly, a big smile on his face.

I told him, "You know that I don't get off until eight, right? You're pretty early."

"Yeah...I know." He said. Then he looked around to see if anybody was listening. I don't know why, though. All he did was ask, "You don''t mind, do you? I mean, I didn't have anything else to do, so..."

I put him at ease with a smile. "Nope. Don't mind at all." Then I grabbed a basket full of BluRays and and a box of giftcards to put on some of the shelves throughout the store. "You're gonna have to keep up with me, though. I've got a few projects to finish before I clock out for the day."

"Sweet!" He beamed. "Can I help?" Hehehe, why would he want to work at another store for NO pay on his day off? It baffled me at first, but he seemed so anxious to be close to me again that I didn't dare turn him down.

"Alphabetical order. Don't mix them up." I said.

"I won't! Let's do this!" And Dustin walked over with me to help me get my work done in half the time. He was actually pretty good and getting everything together pretty quickly. It almost made me wish he had gotten the job here instead of across the hall. Then again, I probably would have been too far gone in love at this point to concentrate much at all if we had to spend that much time together, day after day.

I think that Jack had, honestly, grown attached to Dustin in a major way since he discovered what was going on between us. He could hear us talking, laughing, playfully giving one another a nudge and a poke every now and then...just enjoying the moment, you know? I don't think he had ever witnessed something so natural, so pure and carefree, before. Not like this. A few times, Jack would look at me and give me this...I don't know...this 'melted heart' look that just let me know that he was rapidly reaching a new level of understanding for our, somewhat unfortunate, situation. Now that he could see how perfect we were for one another, could he possibly barge into the middle of our relationship and tell us to knock it off and forget it ever happened? Could anybody?

Who would chose misery over true love? Who would risk this much over something that they weren't really dedicated to with their whole heart the way Dustin and I were? Doesn't make much sense, does it?

Nearing the end of my shift, I told Jack, "Ok. Everything is clean, we're all stocked up, and I wiped down the counter..."

"Whatever, dude. Hehehe, just go. Hurry up before your boy toy needs a change of pants." He said, and I looked over at Dustin, who already had his backpack up on his slim shoulder again, practically dancing on pins and needles for me to punch out and take him back to my apartment for another lovely evening spent together. Jack said, "I'll take care of whatever else needs to be done. You two have fun."

"I'm sure we will." I grinned, with a wink.

"No!" He laughed. "Don't do that! Don't you dare!"

"Hehehe, do what?"

"YOU know what!" He said, pointing his finger at my chest. "You two get out of here and do...whatever. Don't make me an accomplice."

With a smirk, I said, "And here I thought you were coming around to the light side of the force."

"I'm working on it. Don't push me." He said, but then he gave me a hug. "Get out of here. Go have a fun weekend."

Unexpectedly, Dustin came over and also gave Jack a hug around his waist. A short one, but one that surprised him. "Later, Jack." He said.

"Omigod, you're so soft!" Jack giggled, backing away to see a confused look on Dustin's face. "And you smell like candy."

"Do you want the rest of my gummies?" Dustin asked, innocently.

"No. No more gummies. Take them and go. Eric...get him out of here, will you? I'm losing my self control here." He teased.

"Hehehe! C'mon, lets go." I said, Dustin still a bit bewildered by Jack's reaction to him.

"But...wait...what did I do?" He asked, those bright blue eyes staring up at me as he sensually brushed his longish blond hair out of the way to see my reaction.

Oh God...he really had no IDEA what kind of affect he had on people, did he? Awwww, that's cute!

"Nothing. You're just being you, that's all. Come on, let's get out of this place." I said, and we walked out to the parking lot, with him racing to hop in the passenger seat beside me, both of his hands frantically patting his legs as he pressured me to start the car and take us...'home'.

Hehehe, because, let's be serious...my apartment had basically become his home too at this point. I could hardly claim it to be my private space away from the world anymore. Not when Dustin came over. But...so be it. I was more than willing to share.

"I thought about what we should make for dinner and stuff. Do you have spaghetti noodles?"

"I do." I said.

He was looking at his phone at the time, scrolling through a few instructions. "Ok, so...ummm...do you have sauce? And chicken? And cheese? You've got cheese, right? We need cheese."

"Hehehe, yes, I have all of that stuff." I said.

"M'kay..." He looked some more. "We need breading. Is that right? For the chicken?"

I asked, "You want me to make Chicken Parmesan tonight?"

Dustin's jaw dropped with a gentle gasp, "Omigod! How did you know? Did you look at my phone? What the...?"

"The ingredients kind of give it away, babe."

Dustin wiggled a bit. "I love it when you call me 'babe'." Then he put his phone down, and he said, "Can you make it? Can you teach me? I wanna know how to make stuff like that. It's so cool that you can cook."

"Well, I manage, but I'm far from being a chef or anything."

"Don't be silly. You're awesome. You're the most awesome guy ever. Tonight's gonna be great!" He said, and with a surprisingly strong rush of emotion building up in the back of my throat, I reached my right arm out to take a hold of his hand, and he immediately 'fell' towards me to rest his head on my shoulder. Hehehe, he was SUCH a sweetheart! It took so little to totally bowl him over and get his emotions to bubble over in excess. But that was all a part of his charm. A part of him that made me feel less out of control for feeling the same way.

We drove back to my apartment, and I had to put some actual effort into trying to keep up with Dustin's hurried pace as he tried to keep from breaking into a full blown sprint towards the lobby doors. I was almost out of breath by the time we got to the elevators, and even though I was merely reaching for the elevator button by habit alone, Dustin was quick to smack my hand away with a playful giggle and press the '5' button himself.

"Apartment 505, right? See? Told ya, I'd remember."

"You did. And I'm impressed." I said, and he suddenly sprung up to his tiptoes to give me a surprise kiss on the cheek while we were still alone in the lift. I was worried that there would be obvious cameras in the elevator for anybody to look at and review later, but it was innocent enough to not arouse much suspicion for anybody who took the time to review it. Besides, that one kiss on the cheek seemed to inflate my infatuated heart to triple its size as I turned to look at the teenage sensation standing before me. He was so unnaturally beautiful. I can't say that I really cared whether somebody could see us or not.

How is it that he's making me more reckless when I, as the ADULT in this relationship, should be reeling him in and making him a bit more cautious? This just feels so backwards sometimes.

Dustin dashed out of the elevator as soon as it came to my floor, and headed down the hall to my front door. He was fidgeting as he waited for me to catch up and unlock the door, and pushed his way past me as soon as he found a way in. Hehehe, he was so damn cute when he was being antsy.

I had barely closed the front door before Dustin had gone into my bedroom to drop his backpack off to make himself at home. It was a blessing to know that he felt so comfortable here...not that I would ever have to go too far out of my way to ever make him feel comfortable. His boyish invasion of my living space was fun to watch, to be honest. Especially when he came back into the living room and searched for the remote so he could turn on the TV, searching for some random channel for the sake of having some noise in the background, I'm assuming.

And then, just as I was walking into the kitchen to take the chicken out of the freezer to thaw it out a bit and ask if Dustin wanted a snack, I turned around to see him reach down to pull his shirt up over his head. That smooth skin...those slender hips...coming into full view as he tossed it on the couch next to him. He used his hand to tease his hair back to perfection in just a few seconds, and then I saw him reach for the button on his jeans.

"Hehehe, hey!" I said.

"What? What's the matter?"

"What's with the strip tease?"

Dustin giggled, "Oh, it's no tease. Trust me." And he unzipped, letting his pants fall down to his ankles. Already rock hard and poking out the front of his grey colored fabric briefs, he had to hold on to the arm of the couch to balance himself as he continued to step right out of his pants legs as if there was nothing at all shocking by having him do so.

I snickered to myself, shaking my head. "You know...if I didn't know better, I'd say that you had a few ulterior motives about coming over here tonight."

Feeling a bit awkward, now that he was standing there in just his briefs and his socks, Dustin blushed slightly. "I'm sorry. Hehehe, I missed you." He smiled at me, and he reached out with both arms, "Come here."

"What are you up to?"

"I just want a hug. You haven't hugged me all week."

"I hug you plenty." I said.

"Not when I'm undressed."

"You were in the hospital, hehehe, I'm pretty sure that you were a small apron away from being just as undressed as you are right now."

Dustin rolled his eyes, "Quit being difficult. C'mon, Eric...come over here. I missed you. For reals."

Hehehe, he acts as though I had any power at all to look into those bright blue orbs of his and refuse his every request, no matter how sudden or unreasonable it may be. So, with a heated blush crawling up into my own cheeks, I left the kitchen and walked towards my highly aroused boyfriend as he trembled visibly with excitement. He pressed his hardness into me as he snaked his thin arms around my waist and I wrapped his slim shoulders in my loving embrace. I didn't realize how much I missed him too until I made intimate contact with him again. This was...nice. Just, really nice.

Jack was right. Dustin was really soft. Like warm butter in my arms. Just a bit shorter than me, I buried my nose in the sunshine gold of his blond mop, and lightly kissed him there, getting erect as he hugged me even tighter. Then he raised his head to briefly look me in the eye before kissing me softly, an almost inaudible whimper getting stuck in the back of his throat as he indulged in his favorite pleasure once again.

You see, there's something really special about Dustin. I've kissed guys before, and there are so many intricate details that you don't really pay attention to until the moment is over, and you look back on it to romanticize those details to the point of obsession. But with Dustin...something about him brings you to full awareness when you're right there in the moment with him. You notice it all...every last element...right then and there. You feel it in the center of your heart. The warmth of his body heat, the smoothness of his silken skin, the softness of his boyish lips as they connected to mine...the whole recipe left me so breathless that I could barely stand. My knees became even weaker as his tongue slid into my mouth, and I slid my palms down the small of his back to rub over the sensual curve of his full round globes, gripping them almost involuntarily as my heart began to race to the point of shaking us both to pieces if I didn't get its overly excited pounding under control.

It might have been only a minute or two of us making out before I felt myself getting too dizzy to stand anymore. I had to break our kiss for a moment, and I grinned as Dustin left his eyes closed for a second or two longer, reveling in the bliss that my kiss had brought to him after such a long wait. He only opened his eyes to see why I wasn't drawn back in for more.

"I love you..." He whispered. Oh wow...wasn't expecting that. You would think that your brain, your heart, and your stiff erection, couldn't all work equally at the same time...seeing as there's not enough blood to go around, you know? But that one whispered comment caused all three to suddenly light up with a new burst of energy, my body surging with a flood of chills that made me feel faint from the sudden rush.

"I love you too..." I whispered back to him, and gave him another, long, passionate, kiss on the lips before taking him by the hand to lead him over to the couch.

I think Dustin thought I was leading him to the bedroom, but he turned around, and then started to look around to see what the plan was. "Where? Over here? M'kay..." He said, following me to the couch. I sat down, noticing the copious wet spot in the front of his briefs. Sticky and dark as it leaked through the fabric, glistening from the light above. He was really getting juicy down there.

As soon as I sat down, he quickly moved to straddle my lap and push me back against the cushions, pulling my shirt off of me and throwing it across the room with a giggle before moving back in to kiss me deeply on the lips again.


And to think...there was a time when I actually had doubts about this being anything less than the greatest roller coaster ride of my entire fucking LIFE!!!


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