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Deep state medical manipulations subjected at children and teens - polls with stories -- Anonymous, 16:34:07 08/05/17 Sat

Interesting polls about events in childhood, teenhood and adulthood


You can use these polls to tell your own history or the history of someone you know about.

Alien abduction - investigation of memories of alien abduction or similar events, like abduction for surveillance and experimentation by governments or mafias



Extended, mandatory well-child examination under anesthesia - where the kid undergo endoscopic inspections in the intimate zone and other body areas, extensive ultrasound inspections, ex-rays of several body zones, intrusive specimen collection and body function testings:



Poll about cystoscopy or bladder inspections in kids and adults:



Secret, intimate, intrusive medical exams and procedures under anesthesia on kids and adults:



Called in for a strange physical or psycological exam:



All the polls also have a message board. The individual stories of each participant will be published here. Here you can add comments or ask questions.

Knut Holt


Please also see his website with interesting information about alternative treatments, fitness and sex




Boy, 17yo, Czech Republic, 17yo, cystosopy and exam through anus

I had cystoscopy - I am male. The exam took place in Eastern Europe, Prague Czech Republic, 17 years old, Years 1990-1999. Cystoscopy occured in a hospital.

Parents said something like: The doctor shall look at you down in your stomach. Got a nonsense exlanation of the type: We take you to the hospial. There you will sleep and then go home again. We went for some more complex exam to the hospital.

I came there by public transport with mum.


Had to walk by myself to the exam. Got to a special preparation room. Had to undress completely and go to bed. Given enema during preparations.

Taken vitals like temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. A doctor came, asked questions and explained.

In the doctors room I had to pull,down my trousers and nurse checked by butt. She realized enema is needed. Then I had to go to another room in the hospital where I had to undress completely and got the enema. Then again back to my cloth, We went back to the doctor's office. She asked me this time to take all my clothes off. My mum had to be there as I was below 18.

Got lubricating and pain-killing fluid inserted in through the pee-hole. Was totally naked during exam.

I lay on my back with streight legs.


They put a flexible snake-like cystoscope in through the urethra. The scope or a new intrument was inserted even further up towards the kindeys.

They inspected anus with a scope.

Got medicines into urethra with a syringe after the exam.


Diagnosis - psychological problems. Had to have a cathetherization routine. Social or psychological councelling or a training program.
The reason was problems with urination.


It was not any big deal but it was painful.


It is a common practice in many communities in the world to relate psychological problems or behavior problems to properties in the pelvic system, which leads to a thorrough pelvic examination and often to some kind of management of pelvic functions, like urination, as in this case.

Even though it is difficult to find standard medical litterature about this practice and the theory about it, my investigation have revealed that it is common. It seems that the theroy and particularities are held secret within specific medical subcultures.

Even though it is not told about here, the boy probably got deep sedation or general anesthesia, and the procedure was probably much more extensive that he remmebers, and probablt the procedure followed an internationally established protocol for the examination.

By Knut Holt


Man, 30-36 yo, USA NJ, cystoscopy and treatment for prostate stones

I had cystoscopy - I am male. The exam took place in North America, USA Morristown NJ when I was30 - 38 years old, Years 1980-1989. The Cystoscopy occured in a hospital. The reasons for the exam was small amount of blood in urine.


The explanation was progressive: Originally the doctor said: "You'll get it as an outpatient. You'll have to take the day off from work." A day or two before it happened they added: "Oh yeah you'll need to have somebody drive you home afterward." When I was at the hospital on the morning of the exam they added: "Oh yeah, you'll also need someone to stay with you for 24 hours after the exam."


The whole bed was rolled with me upon when the time for the exam had come. Taken vitals like temperature heart rate and blood pressure. A consent formula was presented and signed.

I got a a tube into a blood vessel to give anesthesia. Was put totallly to sleep. Had a gown around me, but the lower body was naked. I lay on my back with streight legs before the exam.

I do not know how the exam was done because put fully to sleep and noone told afterwards.


After I went home, I experienced bleeding and had trouble urinating. When I called them about it the nurse I got said: "Well I'd expect so!" even though they had never mentioned this beforehand as a possibility. Parents took care of me after the exam.


The diagnosis was prostate stones. Had to force fluids in order to urinate.


It Should have been explained better.


It sounds like they took out the prostate stones surgically and that this is the reason for the symptoms afterwards. They probably already knew about this diagnosis before the cystocopy itself, probably by means of an ultrasound exam performed with a sond inserted through his anus, or possibly x-rays.

By Knut Holt



Girl, teenage, Eustralia, extensive internal inspections at her dad's doctor office

I was a teenage girl. It happened in Eustralia or Oceania. I was examined at home. I was home alone and felt an overpowering urge to go to my dad's home office (he's a doctor) I walked into his office (home clinic i s'pose) and felt an urge to sit on the gyno/exam chair. I couldn't see but I felt like there were 2/3 in the room Who was also present besides my father during the exam? 2/3 other people


They examined my head teeth and jaws. They did an orthopedic exam. They examined the organs inside my chest. They examined my organs inside my stomach. They examined my genitals. They examined my rectal zone. They did a general examination of my pelvic zones.

They inserted instruments into my nose. I got a prop in my mouth that held it open wide and i kind of felt like i was at the dentist. They inserted instruments into my mouth.

They inserted instruments into my urinary opening. i've never had this before so it was weird and uncomfortable. They inserted instruments into my vagina, opened my vagina with a speculum and poked around. They inserted instruments into my rectal opening. I think they took my temperature rectally and also used a speculum

They performed a neurologic exam with electrodes on my body. They performed an electrocardiogram of my heart. They performed a exam with electrodes on my head. They performed a full functional test of my breathing, heart and blood circulation under workload.

They performed a psychological exam. They made interrogations about my social relations and my daily life.

They took x-rays of the examined areas. They took tomographic x-ray scans of the examined areas. They took MMR-scans of the examined areas. They took ultrasound pictures of the examined areas. They scanned the examined areas after injection of a radioactive isotope or contrast fluid.

I also had a dental exam which was terrifying.


I was given sadative or pain-killing medicines through my mouths. I was sedated but awake. I was totally naked.

My positions during the exam: In stirrups on the gyno chair and spread eagle frog position. Any strange equipment or arrangements in the exam room? There was a weird pumping type machine?


First they ties me down completely - neck brace connected to chair straps so i couldn't move at all.

Then ut my legs in the stirrups and spread them wide so i was fully exposed.

Thirdly reclined chair inserted mouth prop so it was stuck open wide. Then they did a thorough dental exam.

Forthly put eye drops in my eyes so i couldn't see well and then opened them wide and scanned my face.

Then they put suctions on my breasts. It was like they were trying to milk me?

Thereafter they thoroughly examined my genitals and insterted objects into both my vagina and rectum and took photos. I felt as if they were taking samples from inside me because they were examining my genitals 4 ages.

Latsly I blacked out for a little and woke up fully clothed in my bedroom. It was weird.


I do not exactly remember all of it, sometimes I only felt they did something down there.

They palpated my outer female genitals. They spread my genital lips to look inside. They examined my vagina with a speculum. They took speciments (pap smears etc) from my vagina with an instrument. They performed an outer ultrasound exam of my female genitals and lower tummy area. They perfomed an ultrasound exam through my vagina.


They spread my cheeks and examined externally my rectal zone. They examined my rectum with an inserted finger.

They inserted a speculum into my anus to examine it internally. They took specimens from my rectum or bowel with some tube-like instrument. They took some measurements inside my rectum or bowel with a long tube-like instrument. They looked in through my rectum with a rigid optical scope. They examined my rectum and terminal colon with a flexibal scope. They examined my rectum with an ultrasound sond. They performed a full colonoscopic exam of my entire bowel.


I had strange pain or irritation in my rectal zone and stomach as if my rectum or bowel had been secretly examioned. I had strange irritation in my urethra and bladder zone as if this body part had been secretly examined. The exam did not result in any diagnosis.


What do you think was the reason for this exam? i'm not sure. it felt too real to be a dream and i feel so taken advantage of.

What is your opinion about thios experience? it was strange


It looks like the father of the girl had planned to do a full health check, including endoscopic inspections of her daughter. The strangest thing with the story is the way she got to the office to get the exam. Some communities do such extensive checks on all children. This might be such a community, and it is possible that the father was angaged in that work.

Probably her father had talked with her many times about such extensive exams and that she soon would need it and said to her that she could just come down to his office when she felt ready. It is possible that he secretly gave the girl some medication during these thoughts, so that she do not remember much of the thoughts, but that the message was understood. When she came the father and her colleges id the exam.

Edited by Knut Holt



Girl, 12yo, USA, Michigan, Exam in group to check pubertal development and for education about their bodies

I am a female. I was a teenager, 12 yo. The exam occured in North America, Michigan, in the period 1990-1999, at School. It was a group exam with many other girls, the idea is for us to get used to seeing each other naked. It all occured in the gymnasium. Parents brought me in.

They said it would help with my fear of showering with other girls. The school nurse did the exam. Also present were another nurse and several other girls my age and their parents


They examined my head teeth or jaws. They did an orthopedic exam. They examined the organs inside my chest. They examined my organs inside my stomach. They examined my genitals. They examined my rectal zone. They did a general examination of my pelvic zones. They performed a psychological exam. They made interrogations about my social relations and my daily life.

Please add any comment about details. The idea was to show to everyone that our bodies are normal and healthy


I was totally naked. My positions during the exam: mostly standing in view of the others They had us all in a circle so we could see each other


First told me to take all my clothes off, secondly went over my body in detail touching and checking all the external parts. Thirdly the usual eyes-ears check. Then they felt inside my vagina. Then they just had us stand there for a while all naked and told us to look at each other. Lastly they sent us to the locker room to take a shower together

All along they talked to us about our feelings and how it's normal and okay for girls to get naked.


What do you think was the reason for this exam? I said I was scared to change and shower for gym next year. I think all the other girls were too. It felt weird at first but long-term I think it was worth it


They palpated my outer female genitals.They spread my genital lips to look inside. They also rubbed me a lot. They spread my cheeks and examined extarnally my rectal zone. They pointed out who had the most pubic hair and breasts and assured us these differences are ok


Parents talked to me at home and made sure I was okay with the gym class policies


In addition to the mentioned reasons, the exam probably had the purpose of finding out how long the pubertal development of the girls had come and this was surely recorded for each girl.

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Vicki And Albo And The Holiday Project -- Anonymous, 00:03:44 03/24/14 Mon

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Vicki And Albo And The Holiday Project

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The Truth Is -- Anonymous, 00:01:58 03/24/14 Mon

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Report Of The Committee On The Exercise Of The Inalienable Rights Of The Palestinian People -- Anonymous, 15:13:58 03/23/14 Sun

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Bibliography on Major Aspects of the Humanization of Work and the Quality of Working Life

Mary Engelbreit Christmas Expandable Organizer.

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Travels And Adventures: In Canada And The Indian Territories : Between The Years 1760 And 1776 -- Anonymous, 15:13:21 03/23/14 Sun

Travels And Adventures: In Canada And The Indian Territories : Between The Years 1760 And 1776 > http://tinyurl.com/muycp7r

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Many Mansions: Treasured Words of Divine Inspiration

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Caesarea Reports and Studies (British Archaeological Reports British Series).

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Handbook To Higher Consciousness -- Anonymous, 15:12:39 03/23/14 Sun

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Handbook To Higher Consciousness


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Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture 21e, one volume

On the Law in General: Sources in Early Modern Economics, Ethics, and Law

Rainer Warning.. The Ambivalences of Medieval Religious Drama.(Staging Faith: East Anglian Drama in the Later Middle Ages)(Book Review): An article from: Comparative Drama.

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The Holy Bible, Containing Old And New Testaments., 6 Volumes, Complete -- Anonymous, 15:11:51 03/23/14 Sun

The Holy Bible, Containing Old And New Testaments., 6 Volumes, Complete > http://tinyurl.com/muycp7r

Mundializacion y Cultura (Spanish Edition)

Skills Practice Manual for LaFleur Brooks' Health Unit Coordinating, 6e

The laccoliths of the Black Hills

A-Z of Exam Survival

Walks Around Lancaster: Ten Walks of Seven Miles or Less

In Japan (1893-94)

Finding New Directions for Business E-mail

Forest History Museums of the World

Seminole Saturdays: The Owl Bay Guide to Fsu Seminole Tailgating

Do-it-yourself (Hands-on)

Plutarch's Lives (Vol.. 1-IV)

The Ayurvedic system of medicine;: Or, An exposition, in English, of Hindu medicine as occurring in Charaka, Sucruta, Bágbhata, and other authoritative works, ancient and modern, in Sanskrit

Sarah's Awakening

Games and Toys (Starting Out)

Music as Social Life: The Politics of Participation (Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology)

Explorers Wanted!: On the South Sea Islands

Michael Jackson 2013 Square 12x12 Wall

Law and Business Directory of Environmental Attorneys 1993

The Compleated Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin by Skousen,Mark; Franklin,Benjamin.. [2005] Hardcover

The Trojan Rocking Horse - VeggieTales Mission Possible Adventure Series #6: Personalized for Smyth (Girl)

Planning income and employment generation for rural woman: The marketing approach

Physiological Aspects of Anaesthetics and Inert Gases

Tiffany 200l Wall Calendar

Architecture: A Crash Course (Crash Course (Watson-Guptill))

The County Gentleman and Land & Water (Classic Reprint)

The Greenback Era: A Social and Political History of American Finance, 1865-1879

Joe Havens: Eighty Eventful Years

The Grapes of Warmth: A True Account of Our Move to Spain

Teen Sunshine Reflections: Words for the Heart and Soul

The September Sisters

The Cruise Of The Noah's Ark

Getting the Best from Your Bread Machine

Mrs.. Noah's Patchwork Quilt: A Journal of the Voyage with a Pocketful of Patchwork Pieces

The Werewolf Club Meets Oliver Twit

Number Conservation: Planting Monster Melons (Math Monsters)

Fatal Sunset: Deadly Vacations

Sand Castle Bay (Ocean Breeze)

Becoming a Jew

The Longest Aisle: An Offbeat Guide to Wedding Planning

The Secret She Kept

Consumer Product Guarantees

Radio Control Buyer's Guide

High Hedges Bill: Explanatory and Financial Memorandum (Northern Ireland Assembly Bills)

Syntactic and Structural Pattern Recognition (Nato ASI Subseries F: (closed))

Tough Choices: Living and Dying in the 21st Century (Law and Public Policy)

Eighty Acres (The Concord Library Series)

A Handbook of Parenteral Nutrition: Hospital and Home Applications

Pulling Together to Make a Difference

Trailer and Caravan Dealing in Australia - Industry Risk Rating Report

MICROSOFT SECRETS: How the World's Most Powerful Software Company Creates Technology, Shapes Markets, and Manages People

Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Bioethical Issues, 15/e

White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America.

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Comparative Public Administration -- Anonymous, 15:10:29 03/23/14 Sun

>>> Comparative Public Administration <<<

Comparative Public Administration

Martindale-Hubbell International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Directory 1998

Latin American Democracies in the New Global Economy

Narrative and Critical History of America, Volume 2

Handbook of Critical Care Obstetrics

Classic Chinese Cuisine

Long Night Moon

The French Romantics: Volume 2 (v.. 2)

Be the Ultimate Assistant: A celebrity assistant's secrets to working with any high-powered employer

East India Company: Fifth Report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons (Reprints of economic classics)

Palliative Care Nursing: Quality Care to the End of Life

Famous Boys and Famous Men (The World Story Books)

Enzyme Technology

Ruby Ann's Down Home Trailer Park Cookbook

The Wrath of Grapes: The Coming Wine Industry Shakeout And How To Take Advantage Of It

The Fall Of Man In The Kabalah

The Technical Secretary: Terminology and Transcription

Managing Business Networks: An Inquiry into Managerial Knowledge in the Multimedia Industry

Unleavened Dead

Matt Gets Wise (Teen Issues)

Contemporary Authors New Revision Series: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Non-Fiction, Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television, & Other Fields

Year Book, Vol.. 12 (Classic Reprint)

The classical heritage of the Middle Ages

Laboratory Manual for Human Nutrition

Basic Truths on Health

Body by You: The You Are Your Own Gym Guide to Total Women's Fitness

Bridal Gowns: How to Make the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

Careers Using Languages (Kogan Page Careers in)

Bishop's Isle (Vol.. 3)

Toppik Hair Building Fibers, Cover Bald Spots Instantly "Hair Transplant", Hair Loss Concealer, Giant Size 50 Gm [Black]

Caesar II: The Official Strategy Guide (Secrets of the Games Series)

Hitler in Paris: How a Photograph Shocked a World at War (Cpb Grades 4-8: Captured World History)

Vancouver (Marco Polo Travel Guides)

Tst-Criminal Law

VPN MODULE FOR CISCO 1700 ENSURES NETWORK SECURITY FOR SMBS.(Product Announcement): An article from: Networks Update

An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya

Toefl Practice Tests

Quilts 2014 Calendar

Cult Insanity: A Memoir of Polygamy, Prophets, and Blood Atonement

Deadlines and Datelines

Airborne Dust in Quarries: Health Precautions

The Voice and Voice Therapy (6th Edition)

Dancing With The Devil

CD-ROM #2 for Herman's Residential Construction Academy: Electrical Principles

How we Treat Wounds To-day, a treatise on the subject of antiseptic surgery which can be understood


Letters to a Young Poet

Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain (In Focus Biographies)

Me Before You: A Novel.

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The Natural World -- Anonymous, 15:05:16 03/23/14 Sun

>>> The Natural World <<<

The Natural World, The American Bar Association's Legal Guide to Video Game Development

Your Dog - Without You

The Secret of the Incas: Myth, Astronomy, and the War Against Time

Managing Oral Healthcare Delivery: A Resource for the Dental Professional (Health & Life Science)

Clinical Anatomy of the Eye

Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules Under Section 3(2) of IA1971 2010-2011 (House of Commons Papers)

Spider Storch's Music Mess

The Unorthodox Murder of Rabbi Wahl

Afternoon of the Elves

Media Effects and Society (Routledge Communication Series)

Les Arcs / La Plagne / Parc National De La Vanoise: IGN.P.3532ETR (French Edition)

Big Book Of Questions & Answers About Jesus


Moon Acadia National Park (Moon Handbooks)

An Irish Country Doctor

Happy Isles of Oceania: Paddling the Pacific

Capitol City Fireman

Patent Practice in Japan and Europe: Liber Amicorum for Guntram Rahn

40 iPod Techniques (Go Digital)

Afraid to Eat: Children and Teens in Weight Crisis

Blackout (Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Simon Spotlight))


College Student's Guide to Merit and Other No-need Funding 2008-2010

Oracle Bones: A Journey Between China's Past and Present

Ferrell Business Ethics Seventh Edition With Your Guide To An A Passkeyplus Business Ethics Reader Sixth Edition

Disaster Recovery

Professional Live Communications Server

The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Nasopharyngeal Cancer: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age

The Art of Game Worlds

Molecular Biology: Principles and Practice

The Eugenics Movement: An International Perspective (v.. 1, v.. 2, v.. 3, v)

Problems in Legal Ethics (8th, 07) by Schwartz, Mortimer D - CWydick, Richard - Perschbacher, Rex [Hardcover (2007)]

Lofty Pursuits



The Mesolithic in Ireland: Hunter-gatherers in an insular environment (BAR British series)

Fun Inc.: Why Gaming Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century

Pooh's Bees (Disney Classic Pooh)

A Popular History of the Ancient British Church: With Special Reference to the Church in Wales (Classic Reprint)

Conqueror: A Novel of Kublai Khan

Flower Design: More Than 125 Projects Using Flowers from the Garden, the Countryside, and Your Florist


Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2010 Plain & Simple: Learn the simplest ways to get things done with Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2010!

The Twilight Zone the Original Stories

Winning the War Within

VTES: Camarilla Edition Starter Display

Eliooo: How to go to IKEA and build a device to grow food in your apartment

Simple Spells for Success: Ancient Practices for Creating Abundance and Prosperity

Finanzierung (Kompendium der praktischen Betriebswirtschaft) (German Edition)

Bordeaux a Pied Itineraires Insolites a Decouvrir: FFR.VI09 (French Edition).

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Fundamental Values -- Anonymous, 00:43:56 03/22/14 Sat

Fundamental Values > http://tinyurl.com/p55s3n3

Fundamental Values

The Splendid Things We Planned: A Family Portrait

Informationsbewertung und -effizienz auf dem Kapitalmarkt.. (Physica-Schriften zur Betriebswirtschaft) (German Edition)

The Secrets of Self-Esteem: Make the Changes You Want in Your Life

Second Cousins (Virginia Hamilton)

Horseman's veterinary guide (A Western horseman book)

The Pagan Image of Greco-Roman Palestine and Surrounding Lands (British Archaeological Reports International Series)

Student Solutions Manual for Stewart's Calculus: Early Vectors

Interior Design Inspirations (Spanish Edition)

Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 4

Zola: Th

Jaagsiekte Sheep Retrovirus and Lung Cancer

The Space-Age Solar System

The Sign of the Cross

Between Two Gardens: Reflections on Sexuality and Religious Experience

What Are Newton's Laws of Motion?

Fast Girl: Don't Brake Until You See the Face of God and Other Good Advice from the Racetrack

The World Market for Women's and Girls' Blouses, Shirts, and Shirt-Blouses of Knitted or Crocheted Textile Fabrics: A 2009 Global Trade Perspective

The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie: The Science and Aesthetics of Tie Knots

Art in Photography (The Sources of modern photography)

Little Children, Big Needs: Parents Discuss Raising Children With Exceptional Needs

Works on Logic and Methodology of Science: Vol 1 (Russian studies in the humanities)

A pictorial history of the world: Ancient and modern, for the use of schools

Using the Internet for Research in Business, Law and Related Subjects

Scenery and Set Design

In Style: Instant Style (Your Season-By-Season Guide for Work and Weekend)

Welcome to Temptation

Isaiah (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)

The Youth of Frederick the Great (Classic Reprint)

The Purpose Of Religious Love

What You Don't Know About Mysterious Places

Welfare Reform Bill: 9th Report of Session 2008-09 Report: House of Lords Paper 79 Session 2008-09 (House of Lords Papers)

Hometech Remodeling and Renovation Cost Estimator: 2nd Half 2013 - Nevada 1- Las Vegas & Vicinity

Top IT Contract Winners by Federal Agency and DoD Service, 2005

Into the Crocodile Nest: Journey Inside New Guinea

Best of Southern Living All Time Favorites

Police Administration and Management (Criminal justice series)

Alaska State Wall Map - (Laminated)

Guide to Undergraduate Engineering & Technology Programs in Canada 2000 Edition

From Witch to Wicca

Ben Bernanke's Fed: The Federal Reserve After Greenspan

Whose Back Is This? (Animal Clues)

Hokey Pokey

Marc Chagall: Lebenslinien

Internet Marketing Building Advantage in a Networked Economy by Rafi Mohammed, Robert J.. Fisher, Bernard J.. Jaworski, Gordon [McGraw-Hill/Irwin,2003] [Hardcover] 2ND EDITION

Women and the French tradition

The Ultimate Trivia Book (2007 publication)

Dinner (Heinemann First Library: Healthy Food Choices)

Google Sites and Chrome For Dummies

Step by Step Japanese Cookery

NCLEX-PN Review (Delmar's Nclex-Pn Review)

Intermediate 2 Woodworking Course Notes Success Guide (Leckie)

Working in the People Business (Hobsons casebooks)

History of the Christian Church: Apostolic Christianity, A.D.. 1-100 (Vol.. 1)

Field Gde to Herbs Spices 8pk

From Christ's Death to Jesus' Life: A Critical Reinterpretation of Prevailing Theories of the Cross
Translated by Joyce J.. Michael.

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The Story Of Football -- Anonymous, 23:01:52 03/21/14 Fri

>>> The Story Of Football <<<

Huddersfield Town: A Complete Record, 1908-90

A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #1: Detective Camp (A to Z Mysteries Super Editions (Quality))

Commercial and Corporate Equity

Backpacker magazine's Hiking and Backpacking with Dogs (Backpacker Magazine Series)

Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 230 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques

Rascals in Paradise

Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way

Our Youth, Our Future: Partnering with God to Raise Happy, Healthy Children

Piety and Power in Ireland, 1760-1960: Essays in Honour of Emmet Larkin

Lincoln the President.. Volume 3: Midstream.

Georgia Real Estate Preparation Guide (with CD-ROM) (Real Estate Exam Preparation Guide)

Parallel logic programming languages (Technical report.. Institute for New Generation Computing Technology)

Road Fever

Torah Shelemah Talmudic Midrashic Encyclopedia of the Pentateuch Volume 25 Vayikra (HEBREW ONLY)

International Organizations: A Dictionary and Directory, Seventh Edition

Nocturne: A Play

Sky Woman Falling: An Emmett Parker and Anna Turnipseed Mystery (Emmett Parker and Anna Turnipseed Mysteries)

Eye of the Tiger: A Hundred Years of Lsu Football

The baseball fan's guide to spring training: 1989 season


African Ceremonies

Practical Survival Tips, Tricks, & Skills

Might's Official Arrow Street Guide: Greater Toronto

Zacks Snapshot: Company Report FOR 3M CO(MMM) provided BY ZACKS INVESTMENT RESEARCH, INC.

Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.. J.. Simpson Got Away With Murder

Core Strength for 50+: A Customized Program for Safely Toning Ab, Back, and Oblique Muscles

Years of Struggle: The Farm Diary of Elmer G.. Powers, 1931-1936 (Iowa Heritage Collection)

The Veil Of Isis, Or, Mysteries Of The Druids [FACSIMILE]

Tassajara Cooking-Rev

Namibia: Land of Contrast (Indaba Mini Curio)

The Invisible Hand

Atlas der Hautkrankheiten, mit Einschluss der wichtigsten venerischen Erkrankungen für praktische Aerzte und Studierende

Bride & Groom Story: A Fill-in-the-Blank Journal of Our Love

Treating Co-occurring Disorders: Clinicians Manual (Clinical Innovators Series): Clinicians Manual (Clinical Innovators Series)

Only 99 Miles to Go: The Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon: A Personal Account

The Book of Job: A Commentary (Old Testament Library)

A popular handbook to the National Gallery: Including by special permission notes collected from the works of Mr.. Ruskin

Basher Science: Astronomy: Out of this World!

Marriage on the Run/ The Little Matchmaker

Michelangelo Paintings Sculptures Architecture Hardcover


Madness Under the Royal Palms: Love and Death Behind the Gates of Palm Beach

Russia and The World

Treasure Island (Library Edition)

Invaders Textbook (Folens Primary History)

Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion

Isadora Duncan's end

Holt Mathematics Virginia: Test Prep Workbook Course 3

Firearms (Amendment) Act 1992 (Elizabeth II: chapter 31)

Infinity Net: The Autobiography of Yayoi Kusama

The Secret Tradition in Alchemy - Its Development and Records

Chronicles of a "less-than-perfect" Christian: Fasting

Threats and Promises.

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Pathophysiology: A Practical Approach With Online Access -- Anonymous, 23:00:19 03/21/14 Fri

>>> Pathophysiology: A Practical Approach With Online Access <<<

Pathophysiology: A Practical Approach With Online Access

Financing Higher Education: The Public Investment

Lost in the Mirror: An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder

The International Law on Foreign Investment

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Television Comedy: America's Laugh Track

Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life

Travel Safety Update.: An article from: Airguide Online

Como Dominar la Impresion Digital, Segunda Edicion/Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition

Black Horses For The King (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

Kreutzer - 42 Studies or Caprices: Violin Method (Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics)

Handbook of Multicultural Assessment: Clinical, Psychological, and Educational Applications

The Woman's Journal June 1930 [Magazine]

Treadmill Exercise and Its Effects on Cardiovascular Fitness, Depression and Muscle Aerobic Function (Public Health in the 21st Century)

The book of nullification: By a spectator of the past

Lost & Found: Objets trouv

Masters, Midwives and Ladies-in-waiting: Rotunda Hospital, 1745-1995

The Environmental Health Officer in an Industrial Society: Report on a WHO Consultation (EURO Reports and Studies)

Cracking the Show

Western European WLAN Equipment Forecast, 2005-2009

Worlds to Imagine: Dream Journeys for Romantic Travelers

Protecting Your Factory From Fire: A Manual Of Fire Prevention For Industrial Plants (1917)

Verification and validation for quality of UML 2.0 models.. (Wiley series in syst

Teeny Tiny Talks 4 (Book)

100 Best Grilling Recipes: BBQ Food from Around the World

Telegraph Avenue

Istanbul (Global Cities)

Inertial Confinement Nuclear Fusion: A Historical Approach by Its Pioneers

Provincializing Europe

Turning back the hands of time: is aging a disease? Progress is being made in the search for anti-aging compounds.(research for new anti oxidents): An article from: Canadian Chemical News

Transformed by Writing: How to Change Your Life and Change the World with the Power of Story

The Widow Clicquot: The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It

Sleight of Hand: A Novel of Suspense (Dana Cutler)

Squire: Book 3 of the Protector of the Small Quartet

Taking A Chance At Love

The Dreamer, The Schemer & The Robe (The Amazing Tales of Max & Liz, Book Two)

A Companion to American Gothic (Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture)

Equal Rights, Not Gay Rights (Political Notes)

Storms and Hurricanes

Light and Healthy Holidays (First Place 4 Health Bible Study Series)

The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film

Richard Wagner...

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Alexander Graham Bell (Inventores Famosos) (Spanish Edition) -- Anonymous, 22:58:51 03/21/14 Fri

>>> Alexander Graham Bell (Inventores Famosos) (Spanish Edition) <<<

Alexander Graham Bell (Inventores Famosos) (Spanish Edition)

Northern Illinois Huskies Football

The Human Biology of Circumpolar Populations (International Biological Programme Synthesis Series)

Disneyana: Classic Collectibles 1928-1958 (Disney Miniature Series)

Standardized Testing (At Issue Series)

Muller and Kirk's Small Animal Dermatology, 6e

ISO 15730:2000, Metallic and other inorganic coatings -- Electropolishing as a means of smoothing and passivating stainless steel

Aging As a Spiritual Practice: A Contemplative Guide to Growing Older and Wiser

The Omnivore's Dilemma (Chinese Edition)

Visa Inc.: SWOT Analysis & Company Profile

The New Jewelers: Desirable Collectable Contemporary

Sky High in Bolivia (New World Neighbors School Reader)

A supplement to the English introduction of Lily's grammar: ... The whole from Lily's Latin grammar publish'd at Oxford: ... For the use of the School in Exon, ... The fifth edition.

Fact, Faith and Fiction in the Development of Science: The Gifford Lectures Given in the University of St Andrews 1976 (Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science)

QED offers email marketing service.: An article from: Heller Report on Educational Technology Markets

A Moment in Time: An American Story of Baseball, Heartbreak, and Grace

Toxic Bachelors

Counseling & Psychology Series 1

Talking from 9 to 5: Women and Men in the Workplace Language, Sex, and Power

Siva: The Siva Purana Retold

Bible Biography Series Set - 27 Titles

Design History: A Students' Handbook

Snakelet to Snake (Life Cycles)

Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale

Masters of the Planet: The Search for Our Human Origins (Macsci)

Swastika Nation: Fritz Kuhn and the Rise and Fall of the German-American Bund

The New York Times Sunday Crossword Omnibus Volume 9: 200 World-Famous Sunday Puzzles from the Pages of The New York Times (New York Times Sunday Crosswords Omnibus)

Snow Clones - VeggieTales Mission Possible Adventure Series #5: Personalized for Ballard (Boy)

The Orchard

Lost Brands - vom Aufstieg und Niedergang starker Marken: Warum "too big to fail" nicht einmal f

The present truth: A collection of sermons preached at the Metropolitan Tabernacle

The Cnadian Guide Book: the Tourist's and Sportsman's Guife to Eastern Canada and Newfoundland, Including Full Descriptions of Routes, Cities, Oints of Interest, Summer Resorts, Fishing Places, Etc.. in Eastern Ontario, the Muskoka District, The

Sacred Songs & Solos: New Words Edition

You Wouldn't Want To Be An Inca Mummy! (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (You Wouldn't Want To... (Pb))

The Joy of Being Catholic

European Banking and Financial Services Law

Aldus Pagemaker: A Visual Guide for the Mac : A Step-By-Step Approach to Learning Page Layout Software

Accessing Federal Adoption Subsidies After Legalization

Go! All in One: Computer Concepts and Applications, myitlab with Pearson eText, and Microsoft Office 2010 180-Day Trial, Spring 2013

Boffin Boy Set 3 Workbook 2

White Rose of Winter

Budget Tools; Financial Methods in the Public Sector

Hot Target- Suzanne Brockmann

Cybertronian TRG Unofficial Transformers Guide Volume 6 (Cybertronian: The Unofficial Transformers Recognition Guide)

Twelve Bugmarks for Books

THE TROJAN WOMEN OF EURIPIDES.. Translated Into English Rhyming Verse With Explanatory Notes by Gilbert Murray.

My Wife the Politician: A Play in Three Acts

How to Draw Dinosaurs (How to Draw (Turtleback))

Autumn Winds (Seasons of the Heart)

First Things First Audio Learning System

Fingerprints of the Artist: European Terra-Cotta Sculptures from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections

Scottish Welcome! 1997: Where to Stay/What to See and Do

Cities and Regions in the New Europe: The Global-Local Interplay and Spatial Development Strategies

Contemporary Portfolio Theory and Risk Management :

Food Enzymes: The Missing Link to Radiant Health

Seychelles public service: Structural review : composition of the service on 1 January 1972, growth 1900-1972, localisation, training, salary structure, manpower

MY OWN CAPE COD The Author of the Stillmeadow Books Invites Her Readers to Still Cove, on the Cape.

Women and the Family Home: Legal and Social Change in Post-War England

Pass CCRN!.

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The Catechist's Toolbox: How To Thrive As A Religious Education Teacher -- Anonymous, 22:57:52 03/21/14 Fri

>>> The Catechist's Toolbox: How To Thrive As A Religious Education Teacher <<<

The Catechist's Toolbox: How To Thrive As A Religious Education Teacher


40 Hikes in Tennessee's South Cumberland (100 Hikes In...)

Some of Me: An Autobiography

Revisiting the Jewish Question

CCIE Routing and Switching Official Exam Certification Guide (2nd Edition)

What Would Jesus Do: Grace Little Charts

You Give Me the Sun: Biblical Prayers by Teenagers

Housing Law Casebook

Ternura y firmeza con los hijos

Anglican Communion in Crisis: How Episcopal Dissidents and Their African Allies Are Reshaping Anglicanism

A Brief History of Disease, Science and Medicine

Hiker preferences for trail features and maps (USDA Forest Service research note NE)

Managing Lawyers


Jesus: What He Really Said and Did

Work + Life

The New Physics and Cosmology Dialogues with the Dalai Lama

Comentarios Al Codigo Penal (Spanish Edition)

Voyage to the Stars

A Sexual Life, A Spiritual Life: A Painful Journey to Inner Peace

American Drug Index 2012

Using Word for Windows 6 Special Edition Bundle With Quick Reference

Gay Rights On Trial: A Handbook with Cases, Laws, and Documents

Practical Casting: A Studio Reference, Revised Edition

Mel Ramos 2005 Calendar

Wonderword Word Search Page-A-Day Calendar 2010

Writing Deskbook for Administrative Law Judges: An Introduction.

Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats

Adolescent Suicide: Assessment and Intervention (2nd Edition)

Three months in foreign lands,

Official Nott's County 2014 Calendar

Upon a Wicked Time (An Avon Romantic Treasure)

Denmark Unified Communications and Collaboration 2010 Vendor Shares and 2011-2015 Forecast

Eragon (Spanish Edition) (Inheritance Cycle (Other Languages Hardcover))

The 250th Field Artillery Men Remember World War II: The 250th adapted to the artillery trademark: Shoot-More-and-Communicate The 250th have seen ... and seen one close, and one afar: they have

Bravo, Brave Beavers!

The Wind in the Willows (Penguin Classics)

The Changing World of Gay Men

The Other Side of Midnight

Introductory Economics: Course Companion

Ancient Greek Women (People in the Past Series-Greece)

Chosen as the Frenchman's Bride (Mills & Boon Modern)

Nights in Nemra 

The "Lost Book of the Nativity of John": A Study in Messianic Folklore and Christian Origins With a New Solution to the Virgin-Birth Problem

Screen World Volume 50: 1999

May the Circle Be Unbroken: An Intimate Journey into the Heart of Adoption

Burning Down the House (Suny Series in Frontiers in Education)

4TROOPS: The Mission is Music

Writing and Analysis in the Law

Monet's Passion 2013 Calendar: The Gardens at Giverny

Consolidations: Selected Questions and Solutions

An Autobiography

Medica Sacra: Or A Commentary On The Most Remarkable Diseases Mentioned In The Holy Scriptures (1755)

A Message To Freemasons Concerning Masonic Symbolism.

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Arms Full Of Love: Inspiring True Stories That Celebrate The Gift Of Family -- Anonymous, 22:56:09 03/21/14 Fri

Arms Full Of Love: Inspiring True Stories That Celebrate The Gift Of Family > http://tinyurl.com/k9qfwou

Dress in Detail From Around the World

Video for Communication 2000: Communicating with Customers, 2nd

Cuckoo's Egg

Nursing Malpractice: Roots of Nursing Malpractice

After School and More

A Study of Stravinsky's Sonate Pour Piano (1924) and Serenade En LA: A Performer's Analysis and Comparison

Eating for Pregnancy: An Essential Guide to Nutrition with Recipes for the Whole Family

A Ranchman's Recollections: An Autobiography

Finding Olivia: The Book/The Letters

The Nonprofit Sector in the Mixed Economy

Byrne's New Standard Book of Pool and Billiards

Veeck--As In Wreck: The Autobiography of Bill Veeck

The Whale Rider

Justice Repaid

Red Hot Reunion

Games from Long Ago (Historic Communities)

Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine: Contemporary Readings in Bioethics

Gay Latino Studies: A Critical Reader

The Secret Lives of Puffins

I Made It Myself: Mud Cups, Pizza Puffs, and Over100 Other Fun and Healthy Recipes for Kids to Make

Comprehensive Group Psychotherapy

Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing - How Evangelists, Psychiatrists, Politicians, and Medicine Men Can Change Your Beliefs and Behavior

Theories of Immune Networks (Springer Series in Synergetics)

Who Stole the Wizard of Oz?

Life of Timon of Athens, the

Electronic Data Systems Corporation Patent Mapping Report

Los Angeles Angels Mlb 2013 Calendar

Repressive Jurisprudence in the Early American Republic: The First Amendment and the Legacy of English Law

Restaurant Purchasing, Protecting Restaurant Profits: Managing Security, Helping Employees Grow: A Guide For Restaurant Managers, Service: Managing the Guest Experience ] 4 Volume set]

Printmaking Off the Beaten Track

Wedding Planning For Dummies 3rd (third) Edition by Blum, Marcy (2012)

Insitu Erosion Variability Measurement under Vetiver Hedges in Alfisol: Assessment of Management Control on Soil Loss and Runoff in the Field with Multi-Slot Device

Windows 2000 (Hacking Exposed)

Respiration and Circulation (The Human Machine)

Kitty O'Shea: An Irish Affair

A Traveller's History of Egypt (Traveller's History)

A Guide to Russian Adoption: Professional Counseling and Personal Insights

Women, the Environment and Sustainable Development: Towards a Theoretical Synthesis

1893 Sherlock Holmes Stories: Adventure of the Cardboard Box - Adventure of the Yellow Face - Adventure of the Stockbroker's Clerk - Adventure of the Gloria Scott - Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual - Adventure of the Reigate Squire

Aberglaube - Kriminalbiologie (German Edition)

Setting Ceramic Tile

Shopping for credit, (Council on Consumer Information.. Pamphlet)

1,000 Places to See Before You Die Calendar 2010 (Picture-A-Day Wall Calendars)

Integration Through Law: Environmental Protection Policy (Series a, Law)

Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft

Green Lightning (Harlequin Presents #626)

Home Plumbing Made Easy: An Illustrated Manual

Kidnapping, Second Edition: An Investigator's Guide

Chronik des Preussenlandes (Ausgewahlte Quellen zur deutschen Geschichte des Mittelalters) (German Edition)

A Case Study of Consumer E-Satisfaction for the E-Services Used in Jodhpur

Community Hospitals and Rural Accessibility

Changing Course: Women's Inspiring Stories of Menopause, Midlife, and Moving Forward

In the Interests of Justice: Reforming the Legal Profession

Better Homes and Gardens Casserole Cook Book

The First Man-Made Man: The Story of Two Sex Changes, One Love Affair, and a Twentieth-Century Medical Revolution

Peak of Danger (Hardy Boys Casefiles).

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Age, Care And Housing: A Selective Review Of Literature About Elderly People 1980 To 1991 -- Anonymous, 20:37:58 03/21/14 Fri

>>> Age, Care And Housing: A Selective Review Of Literature About Elderly People 1980 To 1991 <<<

Age, Care And Housing: A Selective Review Of Literature About Elderly People 1980 To 1991

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Make Summer Count: Programs & Camps For Teens & Kids 2008 (Peterson's Make Summer Count: Enrichment Programs For Kids & Teenage) -- Anonymous, 20:37:04 03/21/14 Fri

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Zhivem Tolko Dvazhdy: Zametki O Fantastike (Russian Edition) -- Anonymous, 20:36:24 03/21/14 Fri

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**REPRINT** Critique Des Systemes De Morale Contemporains -- Anonymous, 20:35:43 03/21/14 Fri

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**REPRINT** Critique Des Systemes De Morale Contemporains,

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The Shoes of Van Gogh: A Spiritual and Artistic Journey to the Ordinary


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Rock Hard (The Sinners On Tour) -- Anonymous, 20:34:19 03/21/14 Fri

Rock Hard (The Sinners On Tour) > http://tinyurl.com/nrsppk8

Rock Hard (The Sinners On Tour)

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What Lesbians Do in Books: Lesbians as Writers, Readers and Characters in Literature

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Norfolk Coast Central (OS Explorer Map Active).

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Treating Depression: Principles And Practice Of CBT, MCT And Third Wave Therapies -- Anonymous, 20:17:43 03/20/14 Thu

>>> Treating Depression: Principles And Practice Of CBT, MCT And Third Wave Therapies <<<

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International Dairy Queen, Inc. - Strategic Analysis Review -- Anonymous, 20:16:27 03/20/14 Thu

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The Psychological Covert War on Hip Hop

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Houston Astros Mlb 2013 Calendar


Alternate Therapies For Cancer & Arthrit

Australia IT Services 2004, Year in Review.

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