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This Forum is for the sharing of your Cherokee Genealogy.
Welcome to Cherokee Genealogy! We hope to gather as much Cherokee Genealogy as possible. This way we hope that those searching for their ancestors will have a place to look and hopefully find their ancestors and heritage.

Native Amercian DNA Matching and Trangulation -- Randy Allen Holder (Focused), 22:43:41 05/16/18 Wed [1]

I am seeking others with DNA completed that share the same Sir Names that have Native Amercian in their Geneology, the Following are some of my grandparents:

(John Hardin Holder + wife Anges Bledsoe + son Thomas Martin ),

(John Dawson O'bannon + Sarah Frances Kelley),

(Jacob James + wife America Native Williams),

(John Edward+wife Chalakatha-Hopia (Hopewell Indians Shawnee) "bear clan", Vann),

(William "Hokolewskwa Cornstalk" Chief of the Shawnee Nation Vann+ wife Cleopatra Shawano Cherokee Powhatan),

(John Joseph Cherokee "The Interpreter" Cherokee+ wife Agnes Ruth "3/8th Shawano-Metis" (Burleson) Weatherford),

(Samuel Moore+ wife Margaret Lowe-dau Laura),

(Charles Wilkerson Weatherford+ wife Susan Moore),

(William "Doc" Moore + wife Susan/Susanah Martin),

(Martin Weatherford+ wife Mary Native?),

(Robert Price+ Mary Native?-son Robert),

(Isaac Lowe + wife Catherine-dau-Margaret Native?),

(Jacob James Willliam+ wife America Chocktaw?),

(Thomas Welsh-Welsche-Welch+ wife-Susannah Chickasaw Indian - MNU),

(Weroance Wahunsenacawh (Chief Powhatan Nation)+ wife Nonoma Winanuske),

(Thomas Kidd + wife Alice Trigg),

( Stream Opeechan War Chief + wife Sarah Sukie Oocaneechchi, "Shawnee"),

(Thomas Christopher Gowen + wife Winona/ WinuNna/ "Dakota" Cherokee Indian + son John Federick Going),

(Alford William Kinchen + wife Alice Avery/ Gray Native?)

If you have documented information or Matching DNA profile to any of the above let's connect. I have a lot of information I can share with family...

Best Regards Randy Allen Holder

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Hebrew language and a way of rightly dividing the word. -- Rennie Helder (Joyful), 22:31:05 03/07/18 Wed [1]

Hi, here is an invitation to my channel. #3478 Israel. The Bride of Christ going from "3 to 4", "7 to 8". God bless you. <a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="https://youtu.be/4qeaKoZgZL0">https://youtu.be/4qeaKoZgZL0</a>

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Please help locate... -- Lisa Lindahl, 22:41:36 11/28/17 Tue [1]

Looking for John Redding & history on my grandma Cherokee Elsi Laura Redding Ryan born Sept 1921 I believe in Choctaw Oklahoma Cherokee Reservation. Do not have my Great Grandma's maiden name unfortunately.
Thank you so much for trying to look into it!!
Best wishes,

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Female Native American -Alabama 1864 -- Lilly (Lillie) Flora (FLorence) Smith (Lost Smith married Smith.), 11:39:01 10/13/17 Fri [1]

I am trying to connect to my Native American Ancestor. My Grandmother Francis Catherine Smith. Her Mother Grandmother said to me was half Native American. She told me she was born in Alabama. 1864 to 1874. She married a man Walter Scott Smith, who was born in Ga. 1859.Walter had previous children by another woman. Who passed. Lilly and Walter had 3. A set of twins. Francis Catherine Smith. b 8/10/1900, and her Twin James R Smith b also on 8/10/1900. in Arkansas. then a third child Charles Smith. Apparently he passed in the early years. He showed up in the 1910 census.
I don't know if maybe Lilly could have either been in the trail of tears. or if she may have been born in the trail of tears transition. Some of the Census information say born in Tennessee and others say ALabama. Please help.Although My Grandmother Catherine Smith, Golden has passed in 1975 in HOuston Texas. I would like to resolve this issue, in honor of my Grandmother and her family. I am like the family for the Goldens Historian. Been searching sense 1975 after her passing. Thanks if you can direct my search or assist me to seek in the proper direction. Judy LeVeck

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GENOLOGY -- Linda Hilligoss Benton, 18:36:05 08/17/17 Thu [1]

I am searching for a lost line of relatives. On my Hilligoss side, we have lost ancestors and also on the side of New. My great grandfather was George New. He lived in Kansas. He was the father of Regina New Hilligoss. My grandfather was George Washington Hilligoss. He lived in Columbus Kansas and was married to Regina. I am searching my family tree and need help. Can you help me?

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What is the average salery in Norway?

The average salary in Norway is around 44000 crowns a month. After taxation this is reduced to around 32000 crowns

If you convert this to dollars according to current quote, this will be around 4000 USD.

But this equivalence is only effective if you convert the Norwegian currency to dollars and spend the money abroad.

But the cost of housing and living costs in Norway are among the highest in the World, if not the highest.

Therefore I think the monthly avarage salary in Norway after taxation, corrected for living costs is equivalent to only around 2000 USD,.

Also be aware that the avarage salary shown here is an avarage across all salaries from the lowest to the highest.

The average salery of ordinary workers are substantially less. Because of the high living costs, Norway has in reality a substantial powerty problem.


Were the 9/11 attacks staged by the US government?

It was phyically impossible for the towers to collapse so completely amd so symmetrically without some kind of cautiously planned internal demolition, and even more so with builing number 7 that did not get hit.
Therefore some clandestine conspirators within the American society must be responsible for the collapses, and it is difficult to think that fractions within the government were not involved.
But still the attacks by the aircrafts were most probably staged by an islmistic conspiracy, led by the so-called Al Qaida, and if not directly ordered, at least inspired by Osama Bin Laden.
Everybody that can observe and draw logical conclusion must conclude that a worldwide Islamic coup is going on, and that this conspiracy uses terror in order to passivate the general bublic psychologically.
Also it is obvious for everybody that can observe that utterly brainwashed religious people, willing to perfom suicide attacks for the religion, are a reality.
It looks like the conspirators within teh government knew about the plans of Al Qaida far in advance due to the constant surveillance they perform, and decided to make the incident as disasterous and spectacular as possible for own purposes.
It is also possible that some kind of termite loadings were installed in the buildings already when they were built, so that they could easily be taken down at some time, and that they activated and use the preinstallad loadings.


Is the sentence "I don't have no pen." correct? How do sentences with double negation originate?

The formally correct version are:
“I don’t have a pen”, or “I do not have a pen.” or “I have no pen.”
In certain dialectial speech the sentence with two negation words, is accepted, however.
The fenomenon with double tegation seems to have its origin in the pychological urge to make the negation as clear as possible. It is found in many languages, and tend to originate spontanously .
In Romance language double nagation is formally correct.


Did Spanish ever have a similar past tense to Italian's “Passato Prossimo” and French's “Passé Composé”?

Thechnically Spanish has the same tenses, but they are used differently. The composed past is used more or less as in English in European Spanish, which means that it not only tells about an action in the past, but also signals a state or situation of importance caused by the action.
In Latin American Spanish the composed past is little used.
Also the simple past is uses as in English, but In latin America it tend to be the only past used.
In Italian the composed past (passato prossimo) is used as a near past, while the simple past (passato remoto) as a remote past tense.
I think Spanish shows the original pattern of use.
The reason I think so, is because the past participle used in the composed past, originally denoted a state resulted by an action.
Italian has accordingly changed the use of the tense, because also by the original use, it will statistically most often point to something that happened recently.


Is this sentence correct? "It was my first trip to Bangkok"

The sentence is correct. But if you have made several trips, and you will shortly point out that this particular one was the first one, I dould have said:
“That was my first trip to Bangkok”.
If you are telling a story about the trip, and the sentence is inside that story, I would put it:
“This was my first trip to Bangkok”.


Is it correct to say: "In the beginning was water and sky"?

When there are two or more objects, one uses “were” and not “was”.
If you do not think the water and sky localized at any specific place and you think very generally that these two substances gave origine to other substances , you then can say:
“In the beginneing were water and sky.”
But if you think about water and sky that were used to create the Universe live in , it is more natural to say:
“In the beginning there were water and sky.”
If you think about the water and sky as something even more familiar, you can say:
“In the beginning there were the water and the sky.”


What language do they speak in Hell?

Hell is a place in mid Norway. They speak Scandinavian, Hellian dialect which happen to be a mid-west Scandinavian dialect.
In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, one speaks a continuum of dialects and each country has official versions of Scandinavian that are called Norwegian, Swedish and Denish. A dialect that happens to be spoken in Norway also goes under the name “Norwegian”, even though it can be more differenent from official Norwegian than Official Swedish, which the dialect of Hell happens to be.
By the way, in Norwegian “hell” means “luck”.

How do you express prefered choises beween actions in English

"I'd prefer eating breakfast than skipping it." Is this sentence grammatically correct? I think it's wrong because of eating and than.

It is wrong. What is the real problem, is that you cannot only use “then” without marking more clearly what you prefer. The element “I’d” is not strictly wrong, but replacing it with “I would” or “I will” makes the expression clearer.

If you speak hypothetically about a possible situation, this formulation will be best;
“I would prefer eating breakfest rather than skipping it.”

But if this is a choise you will encounter shortly, I would put it this way:
“I (will) prefer eating breakfest raher than skipping it.”


How long does it take to learn Italian and what value is it in learning it

I have learned Italian myself so I have a certain experience. If you study one hour on average each day during one year, you will know all of the grammar and have a big enough vocabolary to use the language practically and read litterature. By practical regular use you will attain an even greater vocabolary.

If you want to use the language as a tourist, you will know enough after half a year to manage travelling in Italia without using English.

I think it is worth it because Italian is a beautiful language, so the study by itself is pleasurable, and there is a lot of interesting litterature in Italien, not only the classical, but also modern.

If you know Italien you have a very good base to learn the other Romance languages without studying much. That is my experience with French and Spanish that I use daily because I live in a Spanish talking region now.

I really did not stuy French and Spanish from the ground, but instead learned the differences between these and Italian.

But italien is a complicated language so do not expect to master it in all details without some work.

How to learn Spanish free

I will suggest the following plan:
Go to Youtube and search for “Spanish lessons”. You will find many series of free lessons, at least at the elementary level. Not all series are equally good to explain everything, but you can jump back and forth between lesons of various series.
When you have gone through the most basic lessons, go to Wikipedia and find the article about Spanish Grammar. Learn everything in the article. Espesially learn to conjugate regular verbs, and the most common irregular verbs, like ser, estar, haber, tener, acer and irse.
Then begin reading things you are interested in, written is Spanish, and listen to videos about something you are interested in, where they speak Spanish. You can easily find such stuff by search at Google or Youtube.
Lyrics of famous songs and videos of artists singing the songs are a fine and easy thing to begin with.
Use a free online vocabolary to get the meaning of words you do not know yet when reading and listening. You can use Google translate as a vocabolary.
At some point you should learn all the irregular verbs. By searching for “spanish irregular verbs”, you will easily find lists of the most important ones with links to conjugation tables.

What are grammatical words, morphological words, phonological words, and lexical words

These terms ar probably not used consistently. Before one can really understand the terms grammatical and lexical words, one needs some basic theory and definitions first:
A morphological word is a combination of stems, prefixes and endings that constitute a unit that cannot be broken apart and the parts moved to other places without disrupting the meaning. The combination thus is a continuous unit. Also it has to be moved as a whole if one wants to move it. The constituents in the unit also have a fixed place that cannot be changed without changing the meaning. Sometimes a morphological word is a bare stem or another bare element that cannot be divided in smaller units.
Another term that is useful to know is “phonological word”. This is a sequence that is pronounced as a unit and can be followed by a pause. Often a grammatical word is also a phonological word, but a phonological word will often contain more than one grammatical words.
What is written as single words are sometimes grammatical words and sometimes phonological words without any clear rule.
A grammatical word is a morphological word with a grammatical function, like pronouns prepositions, conjunctions and many adverbs. many of these are short and canot be devided into smaller units. But the term will often be used about prefixes and suffixes too, that happen to be written separtely.
A lexical word is a meaningful element in the language listed in a vocabolary. For nouns, adjectives and verbs one usually list the bare stem or a simple grammatical word where the stem is easily recogizeable. Prefixes and endings are usually listed as separate elements.
One often use the term “lexicon” about the store of language elements in the human brain. One thinks that both bare stems, single elements, combination of elements and whole grammatical words can be stored, and that the brain will contain a mix that optimizes speed of using the language.


What is the structure of a simple sentence

If you mean a simple complete sentence, it will depend upon the predicate of the sentence. Verbs or other words used as predicates denote an action, process relationship or property which must have a specific number of participants to occur.

A simple sentence only has that number of participants that the predicate needs. Furthermore, a simple sentence does not use other sentences as participants. Examples: “He came.” is a simple sentence. “I knew that he came.” is not a simple sentence. In the last example the object is another sentence, and then it is not simple.

An intransitive verb denotes an action that needs only one participant, which is the subject. So a simple intransitive sentence have a subject and the predicate. Example; The boy ran.

A monotransitive verb denotes actions that must have at least two participants, so a simple sentence have a subject, object and the predicate: Example: The man cut the cord.
A bitransitive verb denotes an aqction with at least three participants to be fulfilled, so a simple sentence have a subject, a direct object, an indirect obeject and the predicate. Example: The mother gave her doughter an apple.

If the predicate is a noun or an ajective, a simple sentence will have a subject, the predicate and a in English a copula verb between. Example: The car is red.

Some verbs have the participants implied within the meaning of the verb. Generally only the verb will then be needed, but in English one also uses a dummy subject Example: It rained.


Latin is the ancestor of the Romance languages, so what are the ancestors of the Germanic, Slavic, and Celtic languages?

The ancestors of these are some languages spoken at more or less the same time, called Proto-germanic, Proto-celtic and Proto-slavic. But these languages are not recorded in writing, except some short inscriptions that happened to be written occationally by somebody that spoke the languages and knew the Greek, Latin or Etruscan alfabet, and also by names and lonewords into classical languages from these. Of Proto-Germanic one knows only one such inscription. The earliest Runic inscriptions of Nordic were very near to Proto-germanic, though. Therefore linguists have reconstructed them by comparing the recorded languages from later times.

These languages, as well as Old Indic, Old Iranian, Latin, Anatolian and Greek had an even earlier ancestor, called Proto-Indoeuropean. This language has also been reconstructed.


What did the first language of the human species look like?

Any answar to what the first language looked like, must be a personal view without much scientific evidence to support it. The ability to speak, and thereby the first language itself, must have evolved gradually as an element in the evolution of Homo sapiens. Therefore the first language of our species probably was already grammatically like modern languages, but it surely lacked words for technical and cultural concepts that have evolved since then. It might not yet have a fully developed numeral and counting system, but it surely had numbers for elementary counting. But the grammatical structure of modern languages vary conciderably.
It is impossible to know exactly which of the grammatical types we can find today that the first languages had, except for one thing. It seems like most of the modern languages evolved from a parent language with the word order subject-object-verb (SOV), so it was probably of the SOV-type, a type you still can find in Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Turkish and many Amerindian languages.


What does the Italian word bellissimo mean

Bellissimo means very nice or very beautiful, used about a masculine being or something denoted by a masculine word. The word can be analyzed as such: bell-beautiful, issim-very, o-masculine singular. The form with this ending is called absolute superlative. Spanish has nearly the same form, bellisimo, but it is more used in Italian.

The form also has the plural masculine variant “bellissimi”, the feminine singular variant “belllissima”, and feminine plural “bellissime”.
The adjective without this enforcing ending is bello, bella, belli, belle in its singular and plural masculine and feminine forms.


How to denote the species Homo Sapiens in English

Both “man” and “human” can be used to denote the animal species we are, namely Homo Sapiens, but human is most often used as an adjective, but sometimes also as a noun.
One can say “human being” to avoid misunderstanding.
But “human” used as an adjective can also mean something like “connected to human beings”. Example: “Pollution from human activities is slowly killing the Earth”
German and the Scandinavian Languages are more exact than English, having the words Mensch and Menneske, meaning “human being”.


What is a corpula verb

I guess you mean “copula verb”. It is a verb, usually with a very general meaning, that one combines with an adjective or noun to link aspect, tense, mood or other grammatical meanings to the meaning of the adjective or noun. “To be” is the usual copula in English, but sometimes other verbs like stay, become or get are also used as copulas with different shades of aspect indication.
In the sentence “The town is big” the verb “is” links present tense to the adjective “big”.

In the sentence “The water stays cold”, the verb “stay” is the copula, used to denote a state that still continues at the present time.
You sometimes can read that the copula links the subject to the predicate, which is the adjective or noun, and the name “copula” means link. This may be true, but the most important function of the copula is to denote aspect, tense, mood and other grammatical meanings to the adjective or noun which do not have such inflections of its own, at least not in English.


When I was 4 years old, my sister was half my age. Now my sister is 12 years old. How old am I?

The clue is how much older you are than your sister. Since your sister was half your age (4) at a time, she must have been 2 years old, and you 2 years older. Now when your sister is 12 years old, you are still 2 years older, which means you are 14 years old.
Even though the numbers are easy, the reasoning for getting the answar is quite complicated.


Can protons and neutrons exist in orbitals?

Inside the atom kernel they recide in a kind of orbitals, but binding forces are the strong interactions described by quantum chromodynamics, while the electrostatic repulsion between the protons serve to moderate these orbitals somewhat.


Alternatives to the English verb "will".

When you say that something will happen in the future, you use “shall” when the pronoun is “I” or “we”, in other cases “will”.
If you by “will” expresses a wish to do something, you can use the verbs “wish to”, “want to”, “intend to”, “hope to”


How can language structure be classified

Most languages, if not all, are inflected to some degree. A language that use little inflections, derivations or compositions, and thus have mostly simple words are called analytic. If a language uses a higher degree of such methods it is called strongly synthetic or inflected. Greek is a strongly synthetic language.
Languages are also classified according to how words are made. If the words are made by distinct stems and distinct affixes put together, each with a specific function, it is called agglutinating.

If the words are made of stems combined with affixes with many functions simultaneously, these fuse together with themselves and the stem, and sound alternations in the stems also may plays a role, the language is called flectating or fusional.
Most languages are at a stage somewhat betwen those extremes. Greek is fusional to a high degree, especially nouns and adjectives, while Greek verbs are more agglutinating.

How does special (or Galilean) relativity deal with circular motion?

Special relativity just takes into account the speed of an object and ignores the centripetal acceleration.

What compelling evidence exists that proves a cover-up/inside job took place during the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks?

The most compelling evidences are the physical properties of the impact and the collapse, and that the towers, and building nr 7, fell at all.

- The buildings collapsed symmetrically and without bigger parties scaling off and falling to the sides. This never happens after an unsymmetrical impact and fire that this initial happening was.

- Building nr. 7, that did not get hit, fell and equally symmetrically.
- The buildings were constructed to sustain a collision with an aeroplane and showed no fatal weakness after the impact.

- Most of the fuel evaporated by the impact, and the fire was not hot enough to weaken the metal in the framework of the building. Builings made of concrete do not collapse even after a massive fire.

Several other observations indicate some inner explosions as the cause of the collapse:

- One of these observations is the sound of a series of explosions as the building collapsed.

- The towers collapsed with a velocity not very much smaller than a free fall velocity, which could not have happened if the building had cracked step by step from above.

- After the collapse also melted metal kept being hot and melted several days after the collapse, as if some continous reaction was taking place.


Unmarked Governmental Vans Engaged in Child and Teen trafficking

By Knut Holt

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.mydeltapi.com">http://www.mydeltapi.com</a>

Unmarked vans owned by the government are steadily more often seen at roads in USA and other coutries.

These have generally blackened windows and it is generally unable to look into them, except to some degree at the drivers cabin and in that cabin nothing especially interesting is to be seen, except that the driver and helpers wear some sort of military-like outfit, but with a neutral look.

Some of these are heavy duty vans, and are obviously transporting some material, possibly nuclear equipment for the military forces.

But the most interesting of these are trucks of a more moderate size, that usually drive in small columns. By appearance these seem more suited for transportation of people than technical equipment. The car models and the outfit of the cars are typicallly the same as that of ambulances.

The trucks may in fact be some kind of camoufaged ambulances, and if so, the persons being transported are most probably children or teenagers which are held deeply sedated or under general anesthesia. The child protective system each day transport children taken from parents to secret places, and this is a possible method of doing so.

They might also carry children taken hold of to use them as guinea pigs in governmental projects.

They might be young people having been declared braid dead, but with still living bodies, and possibly still living brains to, and are under transport to some clearing central for distribution of organs.

They might be children and teens being transported this way to governemental correction facilities or mental hospitals where they will be held secretly for a specific time.

Some of these trucks are possibly owned and operated by the National Guard, but still the National Guard may be on some mission for other governmental bodies, like the CPS or jouvenile correction system. Services like national guards and the like in any ountry tend to do services for other bodies when these other bodies require some security transportation service or the like.

This is a common feature in any society. You use your resources for several purposes, and especially security services work on orders from several other agencies, and especially agenies like child protective agenies or the like.

By Knut Holt

By the way. a lot of good advices about health, fitness and sexuality

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Interesting polls about events in childhood, teenhood and adulthood

Collected, edited and analyzed by Knut Holt


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You can use these polls to tell your own history or the history of someone you know about.

Alien abduction - investigation of memories of alien abduction or similar events

Memories of events that may be interpreted as alien abduction are quite common. Some may be from real abduction by non-human beings coming in strange flying vehicles.

Others may be actions done by governmental agencies or mafias for various purposes that have some of the same type of details.

Often one does not remember the abduction as such, but one remembers only some loose details during some kind of ordeal one has been subjected to.

I have made a poll to investigate these memories. If you have experienced something of the kind, please go to the poll and answar. All the answars will be lain out in the massage forum of the poll to be commented further upon.

The address of the poll:

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/616524">http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/616524</a>


Extended mandatory well-child examination under anesthesia:

In certain areas the health authorities has begun to subject children and teens to extended well-child physicals where one performs several or all of the following procedures: inspections with optical scopes through all or several body openings,ultrasound examinations of most body structures, x-ray taking of joints, EEG and EKG. The kid is often given sedation or even general anesthesia during these extended physicals to make the kid cooperative and to hinder him or her from remembering. Still the kid will remember a lot of details around the procedures and sometimes also from the procedures themselves, because anesthesia never works perfectly, and the kid will always have some symptoms afterwards that tell a lot of what has been done. This poll has the aim of investigating experiences from such ordeals.

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/611395">http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/611395</a>


Poll about cystoscopy:

By cystoscopy the doctor looks into your bladder with a long instrument. This instrument can be rigid like a stick or flexible. All age groups have cystoscopies. In some comunities a cystoscopy seem to be a mandatory exam at some ages of children and teens. These communities are probably not many yet, but this type of exam seem to increase in frequency, both for special purposes and for mandatory or recomended screening. This poll has the purpose of establishing a picture of the frequence of this type of exam in different age groups and the arrangements during the exam.

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/615327">http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/615327</a>


Secret medical exams and procedures under anesthesia:

There is growing indices pointing to a practice of doing secret exams and procedures on both children and adults in addition to the thing they are under anesthesia for. Such ordeals may be done for research, for trainging of medical students, ordered by child protective agencies, ordered by school health service, ordered by police or asked for by parents or relatives. This poll is to find out how common signs of such secret ordeals having been done are. This poll has beenlaunched in several sesseions.

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/608976">http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/608976</a>


Called in for a strange physical or psycological exam:

There is growing indices pointing to a practice of doing secret exams and procedures on both children and adults in addition to the thing they are under anesthesia for. Such ordeals may be done for research, for trainging of medical students, ordered by child protective agencies, ordered by school health service, ordered by police or asked for by parents or relatives. This poll is to find out how common signs of such secret ordeals having been done are.

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/605807">http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/605807</a>

All the polls also have a message board. The individual stories of each participant will be published here. Here you can add comments or ask questions.

Knut Holt


Please also see his website with interesting information about alternative treatments, fitness and sex

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Do you know where you will spend eternity? -- JacquelineDeane55, 08:54:40 07/29/17 Sat [1]

Where do you think you would spend eternity, if God forbid, you were to die later today?

I am not sending this to you to preach religion. I am asking you if you were standing before a Holy God do you think that He would have an issue with your sin if you were standing in front of a Holy God?

Because that is exactly what the Bible tells us. That a Holy God can not be in the presence of sin. So every human being that has ever lived has had the exact same problem. This sin problem. But do you also know that Jesus Christ offers all of us a free gift, the forgiveness of sin. And faith and belief is all God wants from you. So, do you believe that Jesus was the Son of God who came to earth and lived a perfect life? Do you know that God will accept Christ's perfect life and let Christ be your Advocate, so on Judgement Day God doesn't look at all the bad stuff you've done. Instead, God will look at His perfect Son when He see's you. Because Jesus and His perfection literally stand in our place.

There really is little difference between you and I, I am a sinner too. But I have accepted Christ's free gift of salvation and I know that I will be with God in eternity. I sincerely hope that this has helped you and I do apologize for being so forward, but I have to share this with you because I'm sure neither of us gets free gifts often. At this point, I would recommend for you a good Bible-based church that can answer any questions you have and will surround you with like-minded believers. Just Google bible church in your local area. God bless you!"

Rom 3:23 :
For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

Now that you know that no one is good in God's eyes, how do we then become good? How do we become vindicated before God? The Bible teaches that we need to have Jesus' righteousness but the only way to do that is to come to Him by faith:

Rom 10:9
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Rom 10:10
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Jesus commands everyone everywhere to repent of their sins, to ask for His forgiveness, and to turn from their sins and to put their faith and trust in Him. Repenting means that you are sincerely sorry for all the bad things you have done in life and you want Jesus to change you into his holiness and righteousness.

[ Edit | View ]


I have been searching for any information on my maternal great grandmother, Mary Ann Reed. Story goes she was a full blood Cherokee Indian adopted and ended up in Arkansas. She was born in 1889 and married Harvey A. Pense in 1903 and lived out her life in Winfrey Valley, Arkansas until August 1962 when she passed on. I have recently found some possible link to George Washington Reed II, also Cherokee. I am still pursing that avenue but any information would be greatly appreciated.

[ Edit | View ]

Redwine/Hapgood or Hopwood -- Martha Fowlkes (Help), 18:07:21 12/17/16 Sat [1]

Hezekiah Redwine m Hapgood or Hopgood need to know about this family

[ Edit | View ]

Murphy County & Salquary River -- Sam Wehunt, 18:52:48 12/02/16 Fri [1]

I find numerous references to Murphy County Georgia and also to the Salquary river. I don't believe either exist.

There is a Salacoa Creek in Murry County Georgia.

[ Edit | View ]

Annie Spirit Snell -- James Barnes (Barnes), 17:32:34 11/03/16 Thu [1]

I am researching my Cherokee ancestry. My great-great grandmother was Annie Spirit, born 1826 in Georgia, married to Samuel Mayes in about 1848, married to Simon Snell in 1863, who lived until 1910 near Grove, Oklahoma. If you can help with family relationships, stories or photos, that would be great.

[ Edit | View ]

4000 Year Old Wall With Paleo Hebrew, Cleveland TN -- Carrie Geren Scoggins, 23:04:02 10/29/16 Sat [1]

YouTube video
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88294Ad5o9g">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88294Ad5o9g</a>

short video about wall, newspaper article available from Chattanooga Times Free Press, archives 1929
newspaper article shown in video

[ Edit | View ]

4000 Year Old Wall With Paleo Hebrew, Cleveland TN -- Carrie Geren Scoggins, 22:57:57 10/29/16 Sat [1]

The wall in Cleveland, TN with the Paleo Hebrew writing in Cleveland, TN, what was the Aimohee district of the Cherokee Nation, prior to the move to Oklahoma, still stands. The Hooper farm houses said wall, 4,000 plus years old, 15 feet height, and 700 feet long.
I have a short video on YouTube about the wall, can be seen by appointment only.
7679 Eureka Road NW, Bradley County
Charleston, TN

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James and Edith Johnson -- Jerry Johnson (Happy), 21:35:23 05/23/16 Mon [1]

I am looking for any information about my g-Grand Parents. They are both buried in the GrayHorse Cemetery at GrayHorse Oklahoma. Family history says Edith Goad was Osage. James Myron Johnson was born in Missouri. Does any one know of a record that would show the reason she was buried in the Osage cemetery?

[ Edit | View ]

Theodocia Firewalker Mississippi -- Roxanne powell, 08:36:28 04/20/16 Wed [1]

Looking for any information or relatives of theodocia firewalker in Mississippi. She was full blooded cherokee. She married Willis powell. Thanks for any help.

[ Edit | View ]

John Conseenee -- Cindy, 21:39:17 11/29/15 Sun [1]

Would like to find out information on John Conseenee, and John Conseenee Tucker who was Cherokee and lived in the Cherry Log area of Georgia/Tenn. I have some information but would like to know more about his children, brothers and sisters, etc. This is my mothers side of the family and she is gone now but we always wanted this information.

[ Edit | View ]

Moytoy Wolf Clan -- Donna Wofford Emerson, 22:11:12 07/21/15 Tue [1]

My ancestry trees say that I am related to this clan, how do I find out relationship?

[ Edit | View ]

GENEOLOGY -- roberta walker butler, 21:51:06 06/17/15 Wed [1]

i am a genealogist and i want to connect the Walkers with one of the native american tribes. they lived in Caswell co, nc.Could you tell me which tribe lived there and how i can go about connecting my family with them?

[ Edit | View ]

Elizabeth P Hall born 1918 -- Elizabeth Pansy Hall, 16:06:31 04/18/15 Sat [1]

Im looking for any information on my grandmother her name is Elizabeth Pansy Hall she was born 1918. Any information I can get I would be very grateful to have. Please help me. When she passed not one hall showed up. When i started researching I keep hitting dead ends. Until one day another person researching there own family members said maybe the reason I can not find any info could be because she is listed on a Indian roll. This person didn't know me. But i started thinking to myself about what would pop up when i typed her name and it is stuff to do with Cherokee Indians.I have a photo of her from when she was my age which is 35.We look a lot alike. She was like a mother to me when i was a young girl. My mom abandoned me with her and my father. I wa separated from her at the age of 12. because she had Alzheimer's and my father had autism and could not care for me anymore. As and adult i went and located them to find my father had passed and she was dieing in the hospital and not speaking. It was very sad. No one knew anything about her family. I found the photo in some stuff of hers i was given. If someone can help I would be grateful.

[ Edit | View ]

info about ,roll # for jarret speers b1811 indian terr great river ark -- larry spoonamore (lizzard), 15:15:54 01/19/15 Mon [1]

My family has a letter from tom fox councilman cherokee nation dated 5 Dec 1974 saying my g grandmother Sarah speers born august 18 1881? Is a descendent of jarret speeds b Feb 2 1811 great river ark ,bear creek tribe of the cherokee indian nation would like a copy of this letter or verification it is real thank you

[ Edit | View ]

Was my great grandmother of Cherokee or Osage heiritageper family stories -- Nancy Charlotte Buster Sprague (anxious), 01:38:36 11/18/14 Tue [1]

The family story is that Nancy Charlotte Buster was born in Tennessee and was of either Cherokee or Osage ancestry. Could anyone verify if the Buster family was affiliated with either of these tribal groups?

[ Edit | View ]

Great Granfather Marcus Lee Crowder -- Sheilah Spencer (Inquisitive), 15:42:06 09/26/14 Fri [1]

My Grandmother, Marcus Lee Crowder's daughter, had told me many times that her father wasn't a blood Crowder, that his biological father had been a Garland with either part or full Cherokee Indian bloodline. His mother had been married to a Crowder Confederate soldier. Marcus Lee had been born 9 November 1869 in North Carolina. I would really appreciate any help with finding my Great Grandfather's parentage. Sheilah Spencer

[ Edit | View ]

clarence delbert hughes -- charles hughes, 07:19:00 09/04/14 Thu [1]

am looking for information of my grandfather's lineage. i was informed that he was born in 1907 in rider, mayes, oklahoma. his father was samuel leroy 'lee' hughes. that is as far as i can go

[ Edit | View ]

MarthaDuncan' genealogy -- Mary Fleetwood (frustrated), 15:46:59 08/15/14 Fri [1]

Martha Duncan MARRIED Newton Wilkerson and then later a William Henry Wrenn. I think she was Cherokee. Need proof of her marriage and her death certificate. Can anyone guide me in providing proof of kinship with her for my g_grandson. She is his g_g_grandmother.

[ Edit | View ]

I am looking for ggrandmother, Permelia Good, married to Sullivan or Solomon Good, who wasCherokee. -- Dennis Croucher, 18:57:32 07/25/14 Fri [1]

I am looking for info on Permelia Good, married to John W. Croucher. She was Cherokee. Her father was Solomon or Sullivan Good from Indiana. Thanks!

[ Edit | View ]

Litttle Berry Harris -- Harold R. Malone (Happy), 10:19:52 07/07/14 Mon [1]

This is my new email, trying to find relative from my great grandfather Little Berry Harris, from MO.

[ Edit | View ]

Samuel Brown, Daniel Brown, Hiram Brown -- Diane Rogers, 10:20:49 06/10/14 Tue [1]

I am looking for information on Samuel Brown, Spotsylvania, VA, son waller Brown, g son Daniel Brown, Hiram Brown, and more. We have been told we were Cherokee and I am hitting brick walls. Any help is appreciated.
Diane Brown Rogers

[ Edit | View ]

John wright Lewis, Annie Sukie Kent, Lillie Sallie Gardner -- Diane Rogers, 10:15:43 06/10/14 Tue [1]

I'm looking for ancestors of a John Wright Lewis, Annie "Sukie"Kent -spouse, and Lillie Sarah "Sallie" Gardner, 2nd wife of John Wright Lewis. We have always been told our ancestors were either Cherokee or Choctaw. I'm hitting brick walls when I try to get past John Wright Lewis. I appreciate any help?
Thank you, Diane Brown Rogers

[ Edit | View ]

Great-Great Grandmother -- Joann McAnally, 17:20:36 06/09/14 Mon [1]

I am looking for information on my great-great-grandmother who was of the Cherokee tribe.

I believe her name was Elizabeth Smith maybe Sue. She married Jim Nolan an Irish man. They had a daughter, Nancy Nolan, who was born in 1870 and died in 1967. Nancy Nolan married William Hartwell French in 1889. My great-grandparents live in the Dublin, Texas area. They had 8 children. My grandmother, Mary Ann French McAnally, born in 1892 was their oldest daughter. I have no information on my great-great-grandmother and very little on my great-grandmother.

I would appreciate any info anyone might be willing to share. I have other info on the other children of William Hartwell and Nancy Nolan French that I am will to share.

Thank you

[ Edit | View ]

looking for some information on my family -- melissa, 21:06:23 04/20/14 Sun [1]

Hello, everyone. I am looking for some information on my great-great grandmother Estel Sexton. I'm not sure when she was born or where or even when she had pasted away. So, I am interested in getting some information about her and her family. Because I am trying to do a family tree on my dads side of the family.

[ Edit | View ]

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Lego Hero Factory 2014 -- jefben, 19:27:07 03/18/14 Tue [1]

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Special Children, Challenged Parents Robert A. Naseef -- jefben, 19:25:38 03/18/14 Tue [1]

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Looking for Cherokee heritage from South Carolina -- Linda Benefield (Sabre), 19:37:05 03/07/14 Fri [1]

Looking for info on Mourning Star Clark / Boyd, Pickens South Carolina.Her father was Alexander Clark. It is said that she was full blooded Cherokee Indian

[ Edit | View ]

Register blood line with Cherokee Nation -- Lynn Barr, 14:00:02 03/06/14 Thu [1]

Great Great Grandmother was said to have walked in The trail of Tears and my Grandmother Lola McMinn was born on the reservation. Trying to trace my lineage and be register with the Cherokee Nation. Please help...

[ Edit | View ]

carol -- mckenzie (rose family), 09:55:48 02/28/14 Fri [1]

The Rose family from Tennessee?? to Ohio
Family was cherokee
John Rose married Rebecca Goodin Morgan co OHio
we believe that perhaps both of them had some cherokee heritage
how can we find out def: indian blood in the rose lineage

[ Edit | View ]

Nancy Jane Karnes / Layman -- Nancy, 20:37:25 02/25/14 Tue [1]

I am searching for information about my great great Grandmother Nancy Jane Karnes / Layman who is of Cherokee decent she was born in 1825 and married my gg Grandfather George Layman. They married in 1842 and lived in Christian County,Taylorville IL. She died in 1906. I think the Karnes are out of green county, Ohio, but not sure. I would appreciate any and all information you could give me about her Cherokee connection. Thank you.

[ Edit | View ]

Sarah E. Clark -- Nancy Kirk, 20:16:45 02/25/14 Tue [1]

Sarah E. Clark is my Great Grandmother on my fathers side. She is of Cherokee decent and was born about 1851 in Fairview Bracken, Kentucky. She died about 1878, but no one seems to know where she is buried or who her Parents are. She was married to my great grandfather William Henry Kirk. I would appreciate any information you could give me about her Cherokee connection. Thank you :)

[ Edit | View ]

re: Update! Caroline and William Brown of Kentucky -- Melissa, 16:49:26 02/21/14 Fri [1]

Aloha again!

There have been some exciting findings and changes in our quest to find the Brown family lineage!

It was discovered that:
Caroline married Joseph Brown. (Not William Brown)

Joseph Brown (born approximately 1810 the son of:

William Brown (born approx 1790) and Levina Bunch(born approx 1795) who were married in Hardin Kentucky in 1808.

We have been able to further research Lavina's family; however William Brown is still a mystery as is Caroline who married their son Joseph

Any additional information would greatly help.
Mahalo nui!

[ Edit | View ]

searching for Minerva Eleanor Riley Shehorn (sp) connection to Samuel Riley the Cherokee Translator -- hannah cote, 00:00:11 01/16/14 Thu [1]

i am trying to help my father establish the connection between his gg Minerva Eleanor Riley who married a William Shehorn (sp?), and Samuel Riley who was the Scots Irish trader & Cherokee translator. Samuel had many children with his two wives, the sisters Nigodigeyu & Gulustiyu. Minerva Eleanor could not have been his daughter as she was not born until around 1823, years after he was dead. He thinks she must have been his granddaughter, but we need to find out which of Samuel's sons would have been her father and the lists are not complete. We do know Minerva and William met and married in Indian Territory, where at least some of Samuel's family and extended family had been removed sometime following his death in Tennessee.
i know nothing much about Shehorn, or whether that is necessarily how his name was spelled at that time.
making this connection has been a real stumper - any tip appreciated, thx!

[ Edit | View ]

Indian Ancestors?? -- clara, 14:11:00 01/12/14 Sun [1]

I have been trying to do some research on my native american ancestors and have gotten as far as a man named Jesse Lindsey Bush. I have always herd that my great great great grandpa was suposedly full blooded indian. Maybe Cherokee/Choctaw. I can not find any information on Jesse's parents or his wifes wich was Sarah Caroline Thornton. If anyone knows anthing or can help me out please let me know, my email is-clara_jenkins@rocketmail.com thanks.

[ Edit | View ]

looking,for,relation,for,more,info -- sarah, 19:24:21 01/11/14 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

William Brown and Caroline Brown KY -- Melissa, 18:16:31 12/11/13 Wed [1]

Aloha, I am looking for info on my gggg grandparents William and Caroline Brown. They lived in Hardin KY. In 1850 census only Caroline Brown 43 yrs and 7 children are named: William D Brown 13 yrs, Felix L. Brown, John C Brown, Nancy E Brown, *Joseph Brown, Susan Brown, and Zachary Brown 3 years. It says that Caroline was born in 1807 ( could be wrong).

Caroline and William were the parents of Joseph Brown b abt 1842 ky. He married Euphracia (Eufrasia/Elizuci/Freshy/E. Caroline..) Utterback.

If anyone has any clues as to who William Brown and Caroline are it would be a huge help!

Mahalo nui!

[ Edit | View ]

I am a McDaniel and Nancy Ward I read somewhere is kin to us. -- Janette McDaniel Pieper (Happy), 13:44:03 10/28/13 Mon [1]

If you get this message please respond I'm trying to find more about my descendants that are Cherokee.
My address is 12071 fm 2625 e Marshall, Tx. 75672 to can write to me if you have more information.

[ Edit | View ]

mystry ,,,on Walter walker brown -- Elsie Retzer (Happy), 19:19:31 10/14/13 Mon [1]

walter walker Brown was born in va in 1806 left there when older, can't find one record of him anywhere, some think he changed his name so that no one would know he was Indian any help

[ Edit | View ]

William Brown -- Wesley Barrett, 14:24:21 10/06/13 Sun [1]

b. 1847, married to Liza unk. last seen abt . 1906in snellville

[ Edit | View ]

Trying to find Cherokee 4th great grandma -- Breanna Perera (Perera), 07:25:40 09/03/13 Tue [1]

Good morning. I know my 4th great grandma was named Mary (possibly Manly or Manley), born around 1830 possibly in Mississippi, and married William Coots of Missouri. They moved to Texas around 1850 and had a few kids including my 3rd great grandma, Elzada Emily Coots, in 1855. Elzada later married David Brandon and they lived in west Texas (and people called her Emily or Emilie). Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

[ Edit | View ]



[ Edit | View ]

Little Berry Harris -- Harold R. Malone (Blessed), 08:03:34 08/21/13 Wed [1]

My old email address was schatzi35@verizon.net is not correct. My new address is schatzi35@mediacombb.net
Trying to locate relatives from Little Berry Harris Jr. was born in Malden MO. 1860, died in Van Nuys CA. 1948

[ Edit | View ]

Moses / Martin -- Mary (Janie) Buckley, 18:18:14 08/09/13 Fri [1]

Looking for info on Mary Jane (Moses) Buckley.
she was born 1877 ky her Father was Cherokee. She was a twin
she had sister Laura, 1/2 Bro , M.G McGinty, 1/2 bro Berry Martin. Caroline Winchester Buckley was signed as her Mother she had three more children with John Buckley.
But these 4 are not listed on 1880 census with her at all in Dent co mo.

[ Edit | View ]

Bell Family in NC -- Dale Buchanan, 21:48:42 08/06/13 Tue [1]

My Great Grandparents were Noah Webster Bell and Letha Ann Spivey (Bell) from NC, around 1880's. I understand both of their mothers were Cherokee, but can find no records at all. Can someone please help me?

[ Edit | View ]

Nancy Ward arm markings -- Cindy Crump, 21:24:32 08/03/13 Sat [1]

I am a descendant of Nancy Ward and am curious about the left arm markings that were 'fashionable in her youth'

[ Edit | View ]

george and sarah martin missori decendants conasauga tn -- George E Martin (ok), 00:59:16 07/26/13 Fri [1]

I'd like to find out about our family tree.I've been told of Hade Isac Martin his wife was Indian but don't know of what decent.Some of our family was from Arcansas or Missouri? Can anyone help?

[ Edit | View ]

NEED TO GET ROOTS, ADOPTED! -- donna durbin, 23:43:15 07/22/13 Mon [1]

Agnes Bright SOC # 406-14-0016 CHEROKEE INDIAN
My Grandmother, I was told was 100% CHEROKEE INDIAN

[ Edit | View ]

I am a man from USA get in touch with me -- Mr T, 18:42:18 06/01/13 Sat [1]

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[ Edit | View ]

Redden Indian Heritage -- Lisa Davis, 08:38:03 05/30/13 Thu [1]

I am trying to find my Indian Heritage. My Grandmother is Cherokee Indian (Irene Redden-Miller). Her father is Hiram Redden married to Nancy Lilly. Hiram's parents are Michael A. Redden and Miriam Plumley-Redden. Michael's parents are John L. Redden and Christina Redden. I want to prove my Indian blood but not sure how or where to start besides the names of my ancestors. Any other information would be appreciated.

[ Edit | View ]

Brand name pain medicaments online (Paypal accepted)! -- Dr Steven (*!* Alert), 05:06:41 05/19/13 Sun [1]

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smith russel way cherokee trail guide -- haley, 07:09:56 05/03/13 Fri [1]

my great great great great grand father was an cherokee indian trail guide for general lee suposivley and i am trying to find out more info thanks for reading

[ Edit | View ]

Joe Ann Drevore 'josie' /rain water -- joey causey, 15:59:03 04/27/13 Sat [1]

my great grandmother Rosa lee Dees told us for years that Joe ann "Josie" Devore ,had been found on the side of the road, her family had been killed & the Dees took her in .She was supposed to be an Indian girl" RAINWATER" She was born abt.1805 in S.C.and died Sept 9,1889 in Jackson County Kentucky.I would like to know if there is a record of her being on the trail of tears, going or coming back. I thank you very much;this has been told to us for over 100 yrs.If you can find out anything I would be so grateful.

[ Edit | View ]

Looking for Little Foot, who married Joe Clark -- Little Foo(cathern) Clark, 22:30:36 03/20/13 Wed [1]

I was told that my great, great grandmother was a cherokee madian who lived in Pennsilvania in 1812. My Great Great grandfather, Joesph Clark, was owed money from army and the army gave him land in Pennsilvania, where he met his wife, little foot. Some people say she took the jewish name of abram, then married Joesph clark. I have been looking for her a long time, any help would be greatly appreciated.

[ Edit | View ]

Nancy Graves, Cherokee Girl, Old Dwight Mission, Arkansas Territory, 1828 -- Swannee Bennett, 12:10:45 03/20/13 Wed [1]

I am trying to locate biographical information for Nancy Graves, a young Cherokee girl who lived at the first or "Old" Dwight Mission, in Pope County, Arkansas. We have a sampler made by her at Dwight, and dated 1828.

Thank you.

Swannee Bennett
Deputy Director and Chief Curator
Historic Arkansas Museum [state museum]
200 East Third Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
[501] 324-9395
Email: swannee@arkansasheritage.org

[ Edit | View ]

Would like to gather information regarding Christopher Columbus Johnson -- Judy Ellison Bollenbacher, 12:00:35 03/13/13 Wed [1]

I have been told by family my grandfather, Christopher Columbus Johnson, was a Cherokee descendant. He was married to a Cherokee Princess and he fathered 10 children. His wife and children were lost in a yellow fever epidemic. He remarried Dochie Evelyn Connell and fathered 3 daughters one of whom was my mother. I can't seem to locate any information. I don't know any other info....he was blue eyes.... light...extremely high cheek bones....very indian.

[ Edit | View ]

Little Berry Harris -- Harold R. Malone (Very Happy), 08:12:45 02/24/13 Sun [1]

Trying to find siblings from my Great-Grandfather, Little Berry Harris, born in Malden Mo. 1860, lived in Ok. passed away in California 1946. Was married to Nora M. Harris.
Do not have the Verizon email anymore.

[ Edit | View ]

cherkee grandfather Westmoreland -- JJ Westmoreland, 11:43:58 02/16/13 Sat [1]

Husband's Grandfather was JJ Westmoreland He was of Cherkee decent.

[ Edit | View ]

Cherokee heritage -- Dawn Woods, 19:01:29 02/15/13 Fri [1]

Trying to find info on my Great Grandmother Martha Cordelia Shook. Father was Christopher Columbus Shook and mother was Lerucia Craiger. We know that she had Cherokee in her. It has been debated whether she was full blooded or not. She lived for a while in Wise County, Va (Norton/Lee, Va). Any info would be appreciated I can find info on her dad Micheal Craiger but no further back than that.

Dawn (Wells) Woods

[ Edit | View ]

4000 year old wall in TN, pre Cherokee, paleo Hebrew writings -- Carrie Geren Scoggins, 21:07:07 02/11/13 Mon [1]

I am Cherokee, my family on Lee registry. My family's farm in Cleveland, TN. was part of the Amohee district of the Chrokee nation prior to the Trail Of Tears, which begins almost into Chattanooga where the Red Clay state park devoted to this is located.
My cousin has on his farm a 4000 year old wall, that is 700 ft. long and 15 ft. high. It has not been totally unearthed. An archeologist back in 1929 came to examine the writings on the wall, which he identified as Paleo Hebrew. He dated the wall s over 4000 yrs. old. It shows that native Americans are not Asian, but rather Jewish! Maybe they wee one of the lost tribes of Isreal. There is a "Ten Commandment Rock," in Texas that had the Ten Commandments writen in a dead Native American language, and the rock is dated at 3,000 years old. Knives with Hebrew writings were also found. The Chattanooga Times Free press's article on this wall on the Hooper farm in Cleveland, TN. id from 1929 if anyone wants a copy. Larry Hooper Jr., Eureka rd. Charleston, TN (still in Cleveland basically) can allow people to view the wall. So those interested in the Native Amrican religious history should know that Cherokees have real Judaic roots. Many knew that they believed in only one God, and verbally it souns pronounced like Yeheway, sounds like name of Hebrew God spelled with 4letters. I hate new agers bringing in false teachings to Native Americans, this wall proves Cherokees (yes, that is white-man's nick name for the tribe) are of Hebrew decent! Facebook Carrie Geren Scoggins

[ Edit | View ]

cherokee indian blood -- michael noe, 20:51:45 01/30/13 Wed [1]

im trying to track down my grandfathers native am blood. he was cherokee from his parents or parent im not sure. he was married to vera mae rideout. his name was george w noe or willie j noe. washiton or james im not sure either. im also related to polley's, denton's, featherston's and the list goes on. any help is apprieciated. email lanscaper30@yahoo.com

[ Edit | View ]

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carrie d lewis voy - husband Rodney -- Kelly Jansen Baxter, 13:47:31 12/22/12 Sat [1]

I'm inquiring about the family tree you started when it gets to Samuel Baxter 1914 who marries Fannie Wilda Lewis 1914. Can you get back to my email?

Kelly Jansen Baxter

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grandmother's sister married to coots. grandmother's name Molly Nolly -- Mary Gross, 14:33:27 10/25/12 Thu [1]

Grandmother full blooded Cherokee Indian lived in Belfonte Alabama.

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My Grandmother full blooded cherokee Indian -- Mary Gross, 12:50:48 10/24/12 Wed [1]

My Grandmother was full blooded Cherokee indian. Her name was Molly Nolly. She lived in northeast alabama.

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Buy Wholesale clothing (10041) -- shaun, 15:53:19 10/22/12 Mon [1]

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I was told my grand father was Amrican Indian. -- Phyllis Brown Mitchell (proud to be Am. Indian), 21:45:21 10/12/12 Fri [1]

My grandfather;s name is Lewis
bagley. his father's Name is William A. Bagley, mother (Betty Janes or James. His father's mother's name is Amanda Mullholland, born March 27, 1836: died August 2, 1914.

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essary,moytoy ancestory -- james barry stricklin (ok i guess), 18:16:40 10/06/12 Sat [1]

i am a descendant of minnie essary,william wesley essary,my second great grandfather is phillip e essary , his father is thomas essary son of elizabeth mcdaniel ,her mother and father are my 4th great grandparents . old hop is elizabeth mcdaniels father ,elizabeht mcdanielbeing the mother /and minnie essary being my great grandmother ,how much indian blood would i have .any info would be appreciated

[ Edit | View ]

essary,moytoy ancestory -- james barry stricklin (ok i guess), 18:13:20 10/06/12 Sat [1]

i am a descendant of minnie essary,william wesley essary,my second great grandfather is phillip e essary , his father is thomas essary son of elizabeth mcdaniel ,her mother and father are my 4th great grandparents . old hop is elizabeth mcdaniels daughter ,that would make old hop my 4th great grandfather they were cherokee ,or,some type of indian blood . my grandmother is mary dedie yerby fanks daughter of minnie essary, my great grandmother . how much indian blood did i end up with

[ Edit | View ]

How to further my search for Cherokee heritage. -- Janette McDaniel Pieper (thrilled to be doing this), 23:06:42 10/05/12 Fri [1]

I along with my cousin are searching to find all we can about our McDaniel and Shaw and Keller heritage. Because we have found we have Cherokee in the McDaniel and Keller sides and I'm not sure on the Shaw side. I am thrilled to know I have Indian blood flowing through my viens. If anyone can help use I would be so grateful.

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Buy and sell vehicles (NC10044) -- emad, 06:38:47 10/05/12 Fri [1]

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BAILEY FAMILY -- William A Bailey, 15:22:07 09/30/12 Sun [1]

I am looking for William A Bailey, borned 1885 in Mo. or Ark, He passed away Saddle Ark, 1920. and married Laura Buckley , Laura moved to Cal . and Passed away there in Shasta Co. I am looking for her syblings ... I was told her 1/2 sister MARY JANE WAS Cherokee and her maiden name was MOSES. any info would help , Thank You
b.houston86@ yahoo.com

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Margaret Carpenter -- Joyce Davis Kirkman, 13:30:29 09/24/12 Mon [1]

I'm looking for any information about Margaret Carpenter. She is reported to be full cherokee indian. Born Dec.3, 1852. She married Joseph Cephus Davis. She is my great, great grandmother. I believe she was from Alabama. I believe the time of death was around 1918 to 1919. Her father was Richard Carpenter and mother's name was Nancy. They were from North Carolina. I would appreciate any info available. Our family tree cant find any thing past her parents.

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Mary Jane (Calhoun) Pevey -- Gary D. Courtney, great-great-grandson, 17:50:21 09/09/12 Sun [1]

Searching for any information available, for example Census, Cherokee Rolls, or other info, on my great-great-grandmother, Mary Jane Calhoun, a Cherokee of northern Georgia.
She married Dr. Green Taylor Pevey, MD, and moved to northeast Texas, near Overton and Henderson, before the Civil War.
His father, James Pevey, owned a large plantation, before the Civil War.
One of their daughters, Rosie Ella (Pevey) York, was my great-grandmother.

[ Edit | View ]

Find my ancestors -- ruth (Please help me find my family), 22:58:59 09/08/12 Sat [1]

I am working really hard trying to fine my ancestors. My mother was adopted and while alive was unable to locate all of them. I would like my children to have access to this info. I have some names and a lot I don't have. here are the names I have. Bertha Hoover, Merlin A. Hoover II, Carter Hoover, Charles Hoover, Charles Hoover Jr, Richard M Hoover, Annie Jane Hoover rexrode, Ruth Rexrode Cline or Kline, Ruth Cline Or Kline Hoover, Secsle Rexrode. Most of them I understand are from W Virginia

[ Edit | View ]

Looking for Kline, Hoover and Recrodes -- Ruth (Disparately seeking info.), 17:49:12 09/08/12 Sat [1]

My Mother was adopted, shortly before her demise she learned of her Blood Parents. I have major Health issues myself and want to know where I am from. If history repeats I have 4 years left. I want this for my children. Her mother(my grand mother) was (Ruth Kline Hoover and Father Charles Hoover.) Maternal Grandparents (Ruth Recroads Kline and Sesle Recroads). Paternal (Arch Hoover) I want to know where I come from. Word is Her grand father was a chief for Cherokee. They in either Carolina or Oklhoma could also be Virginia. This is all I know.
Thanks and have a great day

[ Edit | View ]

cherokee -- cindy, 15:40:08 09/03/12 Mon [1]

forgot to tell is last name was Waugh thats all I know

[ Edit | View ]

family -- cindy, 15:36:01 09/03/12 Mon [1]

trying to find the name of who my moms great great grandfather is he was a cherokee chief and she lived in Berkeley springs W Va. where do i start or go no extra money to use costly web sites. please help. love knowing im part Cherokee.

[ Edit | View ]

Noe-Cherokee? -- Velma Goostree, 12:00:29 08/09/12 Thu [1]

I was searching the ancestry of Ida May Noe, b. 1910 and found a listing as Ida Canoe who is full blood Cherokee Indian and wonder if they are the same person. My grandmother, Lena Epperson Polston always said her mother was full blood Indian. Ida Noe was married to Alexander Epperson which was my ggrandfather.

[ Edit | View ]

Lacy ancestry -- Teresa Alston Lee, 02:08:01 07/14/12 Sat [1]

I am the gggranddaughter of Calvin C. Lacy. His son was Jacob H. ( Jake) Lacy of Decatur Tn. My Grandmother was Leona Lacy Alston. I'm trying to find Indian ancestry . I heard growing up Cherokee but have no evidence. Also heard the same on the Alston side. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

[ Edit | View ]

Jack Ridgeway and his second wife Annie -- Elizabeth Price (Happy), 11:47:32 07/12/12 Thu [1]

I am trying to get information about my Great Grandfather Jack Ridgeway. I'm told he was a ful Cherokee Indian born in Alabama. He married his first wife and they had nine children. His second wife was name Annie . She was a Black Mohican Indian..

[ Edit | View ]

Bettie Wicker Jamerson -- Jan Prather, 20:13:38 07/07/12 Sat [1]

Looking for link to Indian Heritage for Bettie Wicker Jamerson born 1844 in Lincoln, Tennessee. She died before 1880 in Obion Tennesse.

[ Edit | View ]

Sarah Davis Sewell -- Regina McDaniel, 15:02:46 06/21/12 Thu [1]


My name is Regina McDaniel and I am looking for information on my great-great-great-great grandmother who, according to information I have seen online, was Cherokee. Her name was Sarah Davis and she was born in 1816 in North Carolina and died January 3, 1904 in Sunset, Montague County, Texas. She was married to John Sewell (1818-1894). Their daughter, Nancy Ann Sewell (1850-1932), married Enoch Russell Walker.

If someone knows anything, please email me. :)

Thanks so much!


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Walker of SC. -- Hansford D Walker (Hopeful), 17:29:27 06/19/12 Tue [1]

Seeking any information to Cherokee Indian ancestry to Hansford D Walker B 1809 died 1864 Grant Parish La, He had sons named Oliver Perry, Wiley P., Wm Pinkney, Wiatt Walker. He married Elizabeth Myers b1813 Union Tenn died Grant Parish La.

[ Edit | View ]

Nancy Fields -- Fran Curtis, 13:55:32 06/11/12 Mon [1]

Looking for info on my Great great grandmother .Nancy Fields ,born circa 1810 married Elijah Edens circa 1838 In Hancock/Hawkins Co.Tn. Could she possibly be Native American? We cannot find any info on her .Please help. I know there were several Native American with the name of Fields .

[ Edit | View ]

GGGrandmother Lamson my Cherokee link? -- CHAMBERS, Elizabeth (Betsy) (Hopeful), 15:51:21 06/09/12 Sat [1]

I am searching for my ancestor, my only native american kin. Her name was Elizabeth (Betsy) Chambers, born 1822 in TN, and married Ithamen Canfield Lamson in 1841 in Cole,Co., MO.

Would appreciate any help...she is one of my "brick walls".

Granny Gallant

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Information about my greatgrandmother Vera Hogan from Tenn. -- Angela, 16:27:35 06/08/12 Fri [1]

My great grandmother was Vera Hogan Colson. She was from the Hogan tribe and married my grandfather. She died in 1997 at the age of 101 years old. I would love to find out more information about her cherokee heritage. I belive her father was a chief.

[ Edit | View ]

Katie Mayes -- Cindy Mendenhall, 08:04:52 06/04/12 Mon [1]

My great great grandmother was Katie Mayes (variations on spelling--Maize) born in Surry County, NC or possibly Virginia... I would like to know how she is descendant of the Cherokee. Katie Mayes later married John Brannock

[ Edit | View ]

Great great grandmother -- Sue Christner (happy), 12:58:08 05/31/12 Thu [1]

I'm looking for my great, great grandmother, Sarah Edgell. I can't find her, I only know of her cherokee heritage because of the family.

[ Edit | View ]

Kee or Asher -- D. Baker, 09:47:55 05/25/12 Fri [1]

I have had clues to a Native American heritage but cannot find where it came into the family tree. I suspect that my gg grandmother Susan Asher Kee is the link. She was born in Athens, TN in 1851. Her father was William W.Kee (b.1814 Grayson, VA); mother was Louisa Southard (b.1820, White County, TN) Does anyone have information on any of these names?

[ Edit | View ]

Great Great Grandmother -- Carmen Davis, 13:53:35 05/21/12 Mon [1]

My great great grandmother was full Cherokee, I believ her name was Mary Ellen Bush (1859-1932). She married William Patton Henderson.
I believe her parents were Jesse Lindsey Bush and Sarah Caroline Thornton.
Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. What clan she belonged to, etc.
Thanks so much!!
Carmen Davis

[ Edit | View ]

Sarah Davis born in 1876 / buried in Gateway Arkansas at Roller Ridge cemetary -- my name , Margaret Burleson, 10:02:06 05/21/12 Mon [1]

Does anyone have information on Sarah Davis (cherokee) who married William R. (red) Williams in Seligman , Missouri about 1876? Looking for decendants ..thanks for ANY info..Margaret

[ Edit | View ]

date change -- Ruthie Westbrook (happy), 08:52:59 04/01/12 Sun [1]

Date change to my original message. Bob Upchurch would have been born in the 1850's or 1860's basing this on having a daughter in 1891. All dates are guesses except birth date of his daughter

[ Edit | View ]

Tracing my grandfather -- Ruthie Westbrook (Curious), 08:49:47 04/01/12 Sun [1]

I would love to find my great grandfather who was Cherokee indian. His english name was Bob Upchurch and I believe he was born in the mid 1880's. He married my great grandmother Sarah Alice Weaver and they had a daughter, Addie Elizabeth Upchurch, born in 1891, but I can't find any reference to him except his english name. How to I trace someone down who seems to be untraceable? I have no exact dates with the exception of Addie's birth date.

[ Edit | View ]

Thomas (Tom) Reed -- Karen Miller, 12:57:39 03/09/12 Fri [1]

I am trying to find info on my great grandfather, Thomas (Tom) Reed. He was born in Missouri abt. 1854. He is on the 1910 and 1920 census. This was when he was married to my great grandmother Katie Webster. Cannot find any more info on him. He is suppose to be of naive american descent. Any help would be greatly appreciated. All I have to go on is family stories, as all that knew of him are deceased now. I was told he died in Oklahoma in the late 1950's - early 1960's.

[ Edit | View ]

Eli Stick, who are his parents -- Debra Koller, 16:41:32 03/01/12 Thu [1]

Searching for the parents of Eli Stick and trying to find out the names of his children. Here is what I have been able to find: Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee By Blood ~ Census Card #: 8529 ~ Dawes' Roll #: 19796 He is supposed to be related to the Buzzard's and the Barehead's, according to his granddaughter (who is in her 80's) but she cannot remember any names. Eli's wife was Annie Lowery, also a Cherokee and they had at least one daughter, Bessie. Any help is so appreciated. ~ Debra

[ Edit | View ]

Cherokee blood -- Ellen Hirschy (Happy/Sad), 18:44:58 02/14/12 Tue [1]

I am searching for parents of my great great grandmother
Anna Lee, born around 1795 to 1979 in North Carolina, and
she is of Cherokee Indian blood. There are many LEE
folks around that area and I desperate to find which ones
are her parents. I would be so appreciative if someone
could help me.

Thank you kindly
Ellen Hirschy

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NANCY RIDER - ELIZA ARNOLD -- Rani Heitkamp, 18:57:35 02/02/12 Thu [1]

I am looking for any information connecting Eliza A Arnold on the Cherokee Enrollment Application. She says that her mother is Nancy Rider and Grandfather is Jack Brown.

[ Edit | View ]

LEE = = Cherokee Indian Ancestry -- Ellen R Hirschy, 15:32:38 01/13/12 Fri [1]

I am trying to find the Father for Anna Lee b. ca 1797 in
N.C. She is of Cherokee descent which is told by family
and I have whom she married and remainng families, but
I cannot find whom her Father was. There are many LEE
families in Ky,VA,TN,NC.SC. Please help as I would
like to find this whie I am still living. I am 84 yr. old
Thank you and God Bless.

[ Edit | View ]

Blanche Nichols -- Brittany D. Ivey, 11:36:01 01/13/12 Fri [1]

im looking for more information on Blanche Nichols. Her mother was Suzie Nichols, Blanche was adopted to Captain Burk Burnett and was married to James Colvin Lackey. She has a daughter, Maggie Gertrude Lackey, who married Leon Weldon Mitchell, i do not know of the names of her other children, or her father's name.

[ Edit | View ]

looking for family -- joe martin, 22:22:17 01/08/12 Sun [1]

looking for family joe martin married martha in 1873 martha was born 1854 in 1900 martha was a widow they where married 27 years one of them where part cheokee she was in loudon co TN in 1900

[ Edit | View ]

Looking for Sarah Samantha Moreland -- Toby Sutton (hopeful), 22:42:56 01/07/12 Sat [1]

I am told that my grandfather's mother was a cherokee woman by the name of Sarah Samantha Moreland. I have found a Sarah J. Moreland listed in the 1909 Guion Miller Roll. Her address at the time was in Stilwell, OK. She was 63 years old in 1906. My grandfather was born in the mid 1800's. I am hopeful that Sarah J. Moreland is closely related to Sarah S. Moreland. Sarah S. Moreland would have had the married name of Bates. My mother's middle name was Samantha after her paternal grandmother.

[ Edit | View ]

looking for information on nancy jane mcdaniel arkansas there are so many or they the same person -- kalene, 09:50:36 12/20/11 Tue [1]

nancy jane mcdaniel had armirnda jane pennington who son was john carrol pennington whos daughter was treassaree christine pennington williamson daughter is kalene williamson castillo looking for who nancy jane decents were

[ Edit | View ]

Samuel Adair Was my Great great Granfather married to Maggie Mccluskey Thomas -- Lester Molton, 17:01:49 11/01/11 Tue [1]

My great granmother was Choctaw she told me she was concerted as a renagade.Indians wern't aloud to own land and the were treated very bad.I know I am kin to Red Adair.My great granfather on my dads side came from Alabama the raised slaves and sold the plantion when he died during the Civial War.My great granfather Nathan Molton came to Oklahoma in a covered wagon from Arkansas.He married Gertie Thomas.Info on the Molton,Adair,Conine,and Thomas Families in Oklahoma??Please.

[ Edit | View ]

Armstrong, Norwood, (Starr?) Cole, Oliver -- Lisa (Help! Find my family...PLZ>), 20:12:04 10/24/11 Mon [1]

Looking for information on my family... Effie Mae Norwood. May have been adopted.. Former name Starr or Star... Was married to Charlie L. Armstrong in Haskell co. Oklahoma..

[ Edit | View ]

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looking for family dont have any left -- stephanie pucci, 15:08:27 10/13/11 Thu [1]

my great grandmothers name was laura brown she married a us marshall. they had numours children and live in tennesse or south someplace, my grandmothers name was zelma brown and married johnny johnson they lived in memphis tennesse. their was a scam going around were poor children were stolen and adopted. georgia tann story, my mom was one of the children. this caused severe emotional pain for my mother and never was the same again. it still effects my family today. and im 43, if anyone knows of any family members please respond. stephanie, my mother was also cherokee.

[ Edit | View ]

looking for ethel webb, coble -- terry (happy), 15:14:15 10/08/11 Sat [1]

i am looking for my grandmother's roll number. her name is ethel webb, married fred coble in 1933. lived in fairdeling missouri, thanks!!!

[ Edit | View ]

looking for William and Vesta Johnson Bryant -- Lilly Anderson ((:), 15:09:41 09/19/11 Mon [1]

Needing Info on William Bryant and Vesta Johnson.
both Cherokee from Hancock Co, Tn.
thanks so much
Lilly Anderso

[ Edit | View ]

Alpha Slone -- april throckmorton, 21:05:18 09/07/11 Wed [1]

Does anyone have any information on Alpha Slone, she married Lester Conley in Floyd County Kentucky. I believe she was a Cherokee Indian. I want to find more information on my heritage.

April Throckmorton

[ Edit | View ]

Hilderbrand,Catron, Smith Connection -- Lilly Anderson (confused), 13:16:38 08/29/11 Mon [1]

Hi everyone,
does anyone know the connection of mary Catron, and a William Smith?
Mary is a daughter of John and Elizabeth Hilderbrand Catron. William and Mary both are from Cherokee Nat. East.
Thanks you guys,
Lilly, tawahna2@yahoo.com

[ Edit | View ]

family history -- robin m corrothers, 15:25:47 08/12/11 Fri [1]

[ Edit | View ]

Looking for Sarah Samantha Moreland -- Toby Sutton, 17:58:37 07/27/11 Wed [1]

I am looking for my great grandmother on my mother's side of the family. Her hame was Sarah Samantha Moreland.
She would have given birth to my mother's father in the late 1870's or early 1880's. His name was Joseph E. Bates. Sarah Samantha may be located using Bates as the last name.

[ Edit | View ]

looking for family -- oconner, 09:42:19 07/11/11 Mon [1]

looking for any records on delili jane oconner .

[ Edit | View ]

Looking for Cherokee Margaret Martha Ann Thaxton's original name -- Pamela Sibley (Joyous), 19:01:27 05/12/11 Thu [1]

My great great Grandmother Margaret Martha Ann Thaxton is reported in our family genealogy to be a full-blooded Cherokee. She was married to Robert Elisha Crocker in Robertson County Tennessee on May 17, 1866. Does anyone have information about her original Native American name?

[ Edit | View ]

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I am searching for any information on the Lacey/Lacy family from Maysprings Tennessee.Father---Perry/Persey/Percy Lacey/Lacy...Mother Fannie Gray/Lacey/Lacy..

Carrie A Lacey Lacey/Lacy
Maggi D Lacey/Lacy
Frank D Lacey/Lacy
Nettie I Lacey/Lacy
Jerusha O. Lacey/Lacy
Leavie Lacey/Lacy
Olia Lacey/Lacy
Lola M Lacey/Lacy---Maternal Grandmother
Mamie Lacey/Lacy

The Laceys moved to West Peculiar Mo. sometime prior to 1900..or directly after. They are on the 1910 Cass County census. My grannie Lola married a Samuel L. Yancey from Cass county..They married in 1902 and moved to Harrisonville Mo.When my mom passed I found an old photo from about 1900 that has 7 of the children..The older ones appear to have indian blood.. at least it looks like it because of their high cheek bones..and overall facial structure and those black black eyes..My grandmother Lola has simular facial features as does her next oldest sister Olia..and both have the black eyes as well...but not as exaggerated as the older kids. I would be delighted to send a copy to anyone wishing one.I can tell you that grannie had an immense amout of pride but never spoke of Tennessee..and it was about 1944 the last time I saw a Lacey family member.

Grand-dads father was one William Yancey from the Cass County AREA.

Anyone with even the smallest bit of information I would really appreciate the data. I am in the attempts of writing a book about all the families involved in our being here..No one did it for me so am breaking the chain.

God bless all..


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William H. Eades/Eads/McKee -- CIndy B (Need Help), 08:15:31 05/08/11 Sun [1]

I am searching for information on my ggmother's father-William Eades/Eads. Family stories tell my ggmother was part Cherokee. William's father supposedly died in the War. Family stories tell that William was either a McKee raised by Eades or Eades raised by McKee. William was born in 1858 reportedly in KY. His parents are listed from TN on some records and from KY on others. Any info on where the Cherokee fits in or if it does would be helpful.
Thank you!

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Children of William David McDaniel and Sookie Hopper Moytoy -- Lora Jones, 11:07:39 05/07/11 Sat [1]

Children of William David McDaniel and Sookie Hopper Moytoy are:
Ruth Mc Daniel, d. date unknown.
Sara Mc Daniel, d. date unknown.
+Elizabeth McDaniel, b. 1750, North Carolina, USA212, 212, 212, d. 1810212.
Catherine McDaniel, b. 1763, Cherokee Nation East,Chota,Tennessee,USA212, 212, d. 1818, Cherokee Nation East, Tennessee, USA212, 212.
John McDaniel, b. 1764, North Carolina,USA212, d. 29 Mar 1886212.
William McDaniel, b. 1766, North Carolina,USA212, 212, 212, 212, d. 1842212.
Alexander McDaniel, b. Abt. 1768, North Carolina,USA212, 212, 212, d. 1834, North Carolina, USA212, 212, 212.
Lewis McDaniel, b. 1770, North Carolina,USA212, 212, d. date unknown.
Lucinda McDaniel, b. 1772, North Carolina,USA212, 212, d. date unknown.
Mary McDaniel, b. 1772, North Carolina,USA, d. date unknown.
Nannie McDaniel, b. 1774, Cherokee Nation East,Chota,Tennessee,USA, d. date unknown.

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Descendants of Bryant, Marks, Stinson, Via, Carter of Buckingham County, Virginia -- Sandee Bryant Mattox (Knowledge Seeker), 10:23:50 05/03/11 Tue [1]

Seeking knowledge of ancestors with surnames listed in caption from Buckingham County, Virginia from 1600 until current. Family information notes that there is Native American blood mixed with Scotch/Irish in this family. Thought to be Cherokee and associated with the Powhatan Mantle. Could also be located in the Amherst County, Virginia, or Nelson County, Virginia areas. Have been seaching for this information for approximately 30 years and have not made any progress as of this date. Would greatly appreciate assistance of any kind.

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Mar Kimborough -- Charles Hammock, 19:04:03 05/02/11 Mon [1]

Looking for information on "Cherokee Indian Kimborough" father of Mary Kimborough wo married Thomas Creasey in 1756 in Bedford Co., VA

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Griffin/Griffith Chandler -- see above, 13:03:39 04/21/11 Thu [1]

I am trying to find a Griffin or Griffith Chandler who was in California in 1944 and fathered a daughter with a woman who was named Una? Rose Cook. The daughter was given up for adoption.

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Maggie Wilson from Montogery KY -- joyce, 10:23:18 03/30/11 Wed [1]

I am looking for any information about a grandma that was part Cherokee or all Cherokee princess. All I know is she married into the Robbins family. I need to know her fathers and mothers name (Cherokee). They moved to Battle Creek, Mi from KY
Any info will help

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find lost familey -- florence elizabeth boyd, 14:16:24 03/16/11 Wed [1]

This my wifes grandmother. She was told that she full blooded cherokee.she don't her given name but she was from the cherkee nation.she would to find more about her herbert bancroft

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turtle winds firewalker -- james collins, 06:36:25 03/07/11 Mon [1]

1902 Dawes c7556 r25558 Ada B Collins 1895 Blood= 1-16, Index page# 393
turtle winds firewalker family is a collins

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Looking for a full blooded Cherokee born somewhere in VA in 1813 named Elizabeth Almarode/Almerroad/Almarread. She was married to a Jeremiah Plew, of whom we are descendants of. Since she was born before alot of records were accurately taken, we are having a real challenge trying to find any info on her. If anyone has any pointers, please email me!

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Hughes Family in South Carolina - Alabama - Texas -- tecox, 00:29:27 11/28/10 Sun [1]

The Hughes Family of Limestone County Texas is seeking to confirm or disprove the legend that the family patriarch - Jacob C Hughes b. 1863 in Texas - claimed to be 3/4 Cherokee Indian.

His father John J. Hughes was born in South Carolina about 1830 and his mother was named Frances (maiden name possibly Browne), born in Texas about 1840.

The focus of the inquiry is to ask if these two - John J. Hughes and wife, Frances - might have lived in and around Cherokee County Texas prior to 1860 and then perhaps migrated to Limestone County with the Posey-Berryhill Family, sometime after 1860.

The Hughes family is shown in southern Limestone County with a young daughter named Elizabeth and son Jacob, in the 1870 Census

We know that John J. made a brief stop in Alabama before moving on to Texas, but nothing more.

any leads in this inquiry would be most welcome.

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infor on catheirne jospehine reseneider -- sherry parrish, 12:59:06 11/11/10 Thu [1]

I am looking for help to find gg grandmother Catherine Josephine Resneider born 1892 married to John B Aufleger, she was supposed to be part cherokee indian and I am loking for a connection and maybe who her parents were. Thanks
Sherry Parrish

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Griffin-Chandler -- Marie Duncan (Leslie, Ar.), 08:46:44 11/04/10 Thu [1]

Most of the Griffin and Chandler family members are buried in the Leslie and Marshall, Ar. areas...very little do I know about these two branches but desire to after down loading the complete Griffin genealogy last night. There is some Indian other than Cherokee on this side but no idea what(unable to understand the words of a 93 yr. old uncle)

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Looking for Jane (Wilson)? -- Robin Woodward, 14:34:15 10/01/10 Fri [1]

Samuel Wilson (b. 2/4/1832, d. 7/22/1912) was married to Jane. I'm guessing that she took his name. I know that he "left" her in Missouri. He remarried and resided in N.C.We were always told that we have Cherokee ancestry.She's the only one in the family history with no last name listed. I would love to give her spot in history some dignity.

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Owens, Bell, Moffis Ancestry -- Lisa Gates, 14:15:51 08/12/10 Thu [1]

Hello. I'm trying to find the tie between Jane Bell, mother of Josephine Bell (wife of Solomon Moffis) and her sister, Telitha Bell, to the Cherokee. Family history has all the right names but the circumstances and dates differ. According to our family history, the mother of Telitha and Jane Bell was kidnapped and remained with the Cherokee while her daughters were "liberated" at some point in their childhood. Telitha supposedly married a man by the name of Josiah Joseph Owens who also fathered several childer with her sister Jane. They moved from KY to Ozark, MO to live this love triangle in peace. When Telitha died, Jane refused to marry him and he ended up marrying the widow of Solomon Moffis Sr. However, my research hasn't turned up any evidence of kidnap nor of a Jane Bell and her sister Telitha. Jane and Josiah are mentioned numerous times but she only as his concubine. There is mention of a first wife/family but no names given. Anyone have any insight to share on this confusing situation?

Thank you,
Lisa Gates

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Pickle, Sistrunk, Woods family history -- Ageyitowadi Reeves, 20:13:49 08/01/10 Sun [1]

I am looking for any information about Nannie Woods who married G. W. Pickle, she was suppose to be of Cherokee blood but may have been Chochaw. Also William Wesly "Bill" Sistrunk who lived in the Antlers OK area and died in May, 1957. His wife was Emma Errwood Sistrunk and almost nothing is known of her parents, but I am told her mother was Indian. Bill is said to be a half blood from his mother. I do not honestly know. My family has lived with the cancer of silence so long I am deaf from the echo of it. Any help would be a blessing from God. Thank you. My phone number is 903 461 6044 or my email is phoenixpharms@gmail.com

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ancestors -- Pauline{polly ellis}Troxell, 19:54:32 07/21/10 Wed [1]

I am the widow of Richard Eugene Troxell, we had 4 daughters
RhondaJean, Terri Lyn,Carmella Laine,and Frances Louise.
My husband was a direct decendent Of Princess Cornblossom
or as i was told,my own family was suppossed to be of Cherokee desent by way of a man named Silas Palmer,who is on the Indian rools at the Filson Club in Louisville,Ky.

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Dyer, Hanna, Hannah, Slimp, Wadell, Slone, Sloan -- Dorcas Tate (Happy), 09:28:08 07/11/10 Sun [1]

My paternal greatgrandmother was, Peggy Dyer, married to David Louis Davidson (Son - Charles - aka Doc), according my mother and aunt(both deceased) Peggy Dyer was in Trail of Tears from OK to Stone Gap, VA. Does anyone have more information about my Cherokee heritage? Appreciate any info!!

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looking for relatives -- Carol Cox Hartford (discouraged), 21:57:00 07/05/10 Mon [1]

I am looking for relatives and information of my two uncles. First, second, and third degree cousins. Born in Cherokee, AL. Brothers: George W.Cox dob 1865, Samuel W.Cox dob 1873, James Garvin Cox dob 1876. The parents of these boys were Mary born in GA,1838, and the father A.Cox born in KY 1823. No first name on the father and no maiden name on the mother.

George W. Married Ida. Children Amos 1890, John E. 1892, Luther M.1887, Thomas J.,1894, Charles H.1897, Fannie 1903, Mattie 1906, Robert 1908, Herbert 1911.

Samuel W.Cox Married Nancy, Child Robert R.Cox 1898.

James Garvin Cox. Married two times. In MO. Two times there he was a bigamist. He might have married in AL before he left to live in MO. He might have had a prison record in AL before he moved to MO.

Any information regarding these brothers would be appreciated.

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GGGGrandfather John Madison Rice -- Trudy Maenza and LaDona Noyes, 12:30:43 07/02/10 Fri [1]

LaDona and I are cousins, sharing same Great-Grandma Mary Mammie Druzilla Rice. Mary Rice's father was Thomas J. Rice and Grandfather John Madison Rice. Finding info has been almost nil. We know our other GGGGrandfather Hezekiah Inman who was father of Martha Alice Inman was of Cherokee blood, but we think John M. Rice is also. We want to know history of our families. I have a tree on Ancestry.com also under "Rice".

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brice martin and sarah jones marriage -- Debra Rowland - Williams, 16:17:46 06/21/10 Mon [1]

As I read the information on Brice Martin and his wife Sarah Jones I keep seeing that there is an error concerning his birth date . I believe that his marriage date is being confussed for his birth. Brice and Sarah were married in Murray County, Chatsworth Georgia on November 4th, 1837. They applied for the license on October 9th, 1837. I have the license.

Brice, Sarah and my Great Great Grandmother Dovey Susannah Martin and many more Martins were married there.

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My great grandfather is Benjamin J Staton, and Sarah Staton. From North Carolina. My grandparents are Jonas Washington Lee and Ida C. Staton.

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Martin 7 Martha Redden/Redding -- Sharion Black, 12:15:44 05/10/10 Mon [1]

Census 1860 Alabama showed Martin Redding family. Family story is that they were Indian. No info found to prove this. any help

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Pulley family from Wake County North Carolina -- Cheryl Chamberlin, 16:05:57 05/01/10 Sat [1]

I am trying to locate information on my great great grandmother Elizabeth Pulley born in 1825. She had two brothers, Moses born 1835 and William born 1829.

They were born in Wake County, N.C. and made the trip thru the Trail of Tears. It's been said she is either full or 1/2 Cherokee.

Elizabeth married George Washington Winders II.

Thank you

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Cherokee Indian for Thomas/Jones family -- Joyce Weber (Hopeful), 19:40:08 04/08/10 Thu [1]

My mother was part Cherokee Indian ( her name was Alice Lucille Jones) and I am looking for any information on family history that traces us to the indians. My ggg grandfather was Benjamin Franklin Jones from South Carolina. So far the names I have listed that my be realed to the indians ancestry are: Thomas, Jones, Rowan,Pullan.

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Indian Great Grandmother -- Texene Armstrong, 14:51:31 03/27/10 Sat [1]

My husbands Grandmother was Winnie Ada Summar. She told them her mother was full blooded Indian and they think Cherokee.
The great Grandmothers name was Jennie McDaniels born 1856 then married to one Graves Summar int about 1874. We have hit a wall and need some help.
The Census says Jennie was born in Texas and her parents were born in Alabama.
Thanks for any help......

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location of roll numbers for T.T.CONWAY and MISS B.KIRKLAND -- jammie l. conway, 10:28:12 03/24/10 Wed [1]

been unable to locate roll numbers for great grandmother miss b.kirkland married to mr.t.t.conway in johnson county texas on march 5 1892 by mr.couch a justice of the peace recorded april 25 1892 by m.b bishop county clerk and f.p.west deputy. found info where they settled in johnson county area.my grandmother was blanche conway.if any info or whereabouts to the location to the rolls of this account would be good.

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Looking for info on Nettie Jones -- Terry Lynn Blankenship, 17:57:38 03/17/10 Wed [1]

My name is Terry Blankenship, I was searching for info on my grandma's side. She was Nettie Jones of the eastern tribe of the cherokee. She married Asa Blankenship they live in middle Tenn in Macon County, Lafayette Tenn. Any info would be appreciated.She passed in 1981 0r in the early 80's.Age 91

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Amatoya Moytoy -- Donna Welch, 10:55:49 02/27/10 Sat [1]

Looking for people who can authenticate their linage from Moytoy, either thru Nancy Ward or Doublehead. I've been told my information is incorrect. Any help would would be much appreciated.

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tribal clan dna -- philip alexander domiko scoggins (serious truth), 15:14:29 02/24/10 Wed [1]

im an american tryn to find out who my great granmothers n granfathers thru cherokee scottish n irish decent. i wus born in rome ga 1971. my granma on my father side wus effie mae cox . father ronald ray scoggins. i wus told by a cousin our great grama wus very much cherokee 80% to 98%. im also filipino thru my mother. i can feel my ceromonial roots very strong thru all my dna. ive traveled america and have been adopted into the sundance way of life,n christian faith. and at this point i would honor to know who my cherokee clan wus n mabe still is. i would want to learn the songs n language by the elders if their any left to teach me. from what i understand the blood of our ancestors black red yellow n white no matter right or wrong all bled for the red white and blue the american flag. i am a true american warrior and i love this country. thank U all my relations.

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Looking for information on *** HYDE *** name + cherokee ancestry -- St Prince (Joyful), 15:51:13 02/21/10 Sun [1]


I am looking for information on my family ancestry. I have been told that my great grandmother was full blook cherokee but there is no geneaological link to the family name; Hyde or Andrews.
I am interested in knowing more if anyone has information.

thank you

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Runaway Slave -- Adam, 20:37:59 02/12/10 Fri [1]

I have been transcribing the "Western Herald" newspaper, from microfilm, for over one year. The Western Herald was published from March 1833 to 31 Jan 1834, in Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia. This is my first post of items of historical significance. The Herald is a literal gold mine, from the Dahlonega gold rush. There are over 500 pages of images that I have printed, scanned and saved on my computer. The paper was printed directly after the Cherokee and Gold Lotteries. Description's of Sheriff's sales, businesses, marriages, political speeches, elections, Inferior ans Supreme court records, etc. etc. etc., are included. The following is just one, of thousands of interesting advertisements. I am willing to do look-ups, on a limited basis.

16 Oct 1833- "Western Herald Newspaper", Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia: "RANAWAY"; from the subscriber at Lumpkin Courthouse,on the night of the 20th instant, my Negro man named Adam, about 40 years old; about five feet, eight inches high; dark complected; talks the Cherokee tongue; formerly belonged to William Robinson, at Leather's Ford; he has a wife in the Nation at Sally McDaniels, Mother-in-law to Joseph Van. Any person that will deliver me the above named negro, shall be entitled to the sum of Ten Dollars in hand.
William W. Ballev.

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nancy kingfisher ward -- debra yates, 20:16:29 01/31/10 Sun [1]

looking for others that have any info on the children and or living or deceased relatives that have any old history on the love affair of kingfisher and nanaha or nancy ward english name.

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Will -- William Moorehead, 10:48:11 01/26/10 Tue [1]

Looking for a will of Davis Goudelock. Died 17 Sept 1838 in Union Co,SC which in now Chorkee Co. Need a legal document to prove Mary Elizabeth born 26 Jan.1793 was his daughter.

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Still Looking -- Cathy Collins (Still looking), 23:26:05 01/21/10 Thu [1]

Am still looking for Tibas/Tibis Collins born abt 1865
in TN Believed he is a full-blooded Cherokee Indian.
He would be my g-grandpa re Collins to cathy9875@att.net
thank you
Catherine Collins

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Little Berry Harris -- Harold R. Malone (Blessed), 16:44:33 01/18/10 Mon [1]

Trying to find relatives of Little Berry Harris, born 1860, in Malden Mo. Homestead in Quartz Ok. 1895, was married to Nora M. Harris, they lived in So. Ca. This is mh Great-Grandfather. Also trying to find our Cherokee Indian, blood line. Little Berry's father lived in Sturgeon Mo. Would appreciate any info. Contact Harold R. Malone email schatzi35@meidacombb.net 1/18/2010

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LACEY/LACY FAMILY -- MICHAEL BEST (CARING), 10:46:22 01/10/10 Sun [1]










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Looking for any info on if Sam Bell Warren Stark Warren are of cherokee descent -- Crystal (desperate to know), 22:47:39 01/04/10 Mon [1]

please if anyone has any info at all please email me

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Louisa Berry born in Taylor County, KY 1848 -- Jean Snodgrass, 19:58:57 12/15/09 Tue [1]

I am looking for any info on my paternal great grandmother Louisa Berry who was said to have been one-half Cherokee. She was born in Taylor County, KY in 1848 and died in Adair County, KY in 1941. Her biological parents have been listed as John Berry and Louisa Eades. I am trying to find out which side the Cherokee Indian comes into play. Her death certificate shows her parents as John and Mary Berry. She was married to Josiah Smith.
Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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email name change -- Cathy Collins (email change), 15:02:05 12/13/09 Sun [1]

Haven't found any luck on my indian Heritage
Have you ever heard of Saponi Indians
email change to cathy9875@att.net
thank you
Catherin Collins

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eliza l. householder -- joe abney (looking), 23:23:26 11/29/09 Sun [1]

i am looking for anything on a eliza l.householder she was my great great grandmother ,married to thomas william wren jr. ,

she was born inbetween 1860 and 1864, she went by the nickname "sis" she lived in new madrid county missouri

she has ties to the trail of tears supposedly nancy bushyhead, but i have no idea how

any info would be awesome


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Parson Cherokee Genealogy -- Donna Parson, 17:20:52 10/24/09 Sat [1]

I am trying to find cherokee roll numbers for those that are kin to Joesphine Briar Parson,Thomas Edgar Parson,

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Stapleton -- Sandra Fann, 13:12:51 10/15/09 Thu [1]

My great grandfather always talked of a great grandmother who was a full blooded Cherokee. He said this woman was a large woman weighing about 300 pounds. In searching his genealogy, I have found a possible connection between his father's father- name of Thomas Stapleton of Virginia. If my connection proves correct, my grandfather William Andrews g grandmother was the mother of Thomas Stapleton.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sandra Fann

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Mann Family TN -- Coy Costa (hopefull), 12:46:48 09/11/09 Fri [1]

I am looking for info about Benjamin Mann and Victoria Flippin
Victoria's great great grandparents were John Bryant(1/2 Cherokee) and Lucy Ward
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://billhyde.tripod.com/HYDE7.HTM#p2129">http://billhyde.tripod.com/HYDE7.HTM#p2129</a>
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://tn-roots.com/tngibson/photos/monu~1.htm">http://tn-roots.com/tngibson/photos/monu~1.htm</a>

I am fairly convinced she may have changed her name to Vandala and or Mary Ann

Benjamin may have went by Jim

The cemetery where Benjamin and Victoria's verified children are burried has Jim and Vandala as the oldest Mann people listed there @ Pleasant green (aka Campground)
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://tn-roots.com/tngibson/cemeteries/campground.htm">http://tn-roots.com/tngibson/cemeteries/campground.htm</a>

The dates are not matching up exactly but the names I have for their children are the same as Benjamin and Victoria's kids. One that sticks out is Jkane. That is just too rare it has to be the same family at the least.

Any thoughts?

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