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Subject: Re: Julie M to Travis and James

Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:44:58 08/08/12 Wed
In reply to: James to Travis 's message, "Re: Julie M to Travis and James" on 16:53:35 08/06/12 Mon

Hi James,

Yeah, I guess I did have two bad days....spanking days.
Since then my bottom had returned to its normal pale, white color and feels like its suppose to feel. LOL.

For those two spanking days James, I couldn't believe things happened or I let things happen. I didn't mean to
swear at the neighbor. The words just came out, you know, and once they do you can't take them back. I'm glad I didn't bawl in front of the neightbor, knowing I was going to get a spanking. No, there was no windows open for the neighbor to hear my dad's hand and the paddle smack my bare bottom or for her to hear my crying. But, she is a good friend of my Mom and Dad and I'm sure my Mom had talked to her about some spankings I've gotten.

I was just glad that my dad didn't spank me in front of her. I don't think he would ever do that to me, but for me to have my bottom bare, for the neighbor to see, I'm sure my face would be as red as what my bottom was when my dad finished spanking me!

The reason I think my dad sometimes hand spanks me before using the paddle might me to save my bottom from some pain by not getting all of the paddle used on me, but then I think my dad hand spanking me heats my bottom up good and when the paddle spanking comes it makes that spank hurt even more. It's like a person having a bad sunburn and getting slapped on that tender area, if you know what I mean? Like you getting a hand spanking and then yor Mom finishing your bottom off with the hairbrush. Don't you think those kinds of spankings hurt more? I do!

You felt bad I got two spankings? Gee, your a great friend to support me James, even though I caused what happened to my bottom to get spanked, at least the first day spanking for swearing but, James I didn't mess up that rosebush. Honest! And I'm still trying to make my dad believe me. I don't usually lie, it gets me a worse spanking then ever if I do but, I din't do anything to that rosebush, and I still think it was wrong my dad spanked me for that but, so far I haven't made too much of a big deal or I think I would find my bottom bare, back over my dad's lap and then a hand or paddle would "heat up" my bottom good!

I'm glad your first spanking was short but, still it had to be murder to try sitting on a tender bottom. Any spanking causes that to happen. I guess your homeroom teacher/tutor wanted to give you a break some. I think she felt if your bottom was on fire more you wouldn't really think as good as you did for yor lessons so that's why she waited until the second spanking she gave you to let you have.

That sucks your Mom spanked you, James! I thought she understood you had gotten spanked enought with the two spankings from the tutor. I guess I better watch what I'm saying so somebody doesn't see my comments here of you could get into trouble, maybe or I could myself for disrespecting an adult and then my bottom won't be pale, white and unhurting. I don't care to get another spanking for awhile. The two day in a row spankings were bad enough!

You tried the shower after getting spanked? Good for you James as it really works, I believe anyway. It helps me I think, especially the cold water from a shower splashing on my "on fire" butt ckeeks, and rubbing the water sure makes me feel good!

That's sad you had to do cornertime before the spanking, and that had to make your heart die to hear your Mom leave the kitchen and go get the hairbrush. Did you really think she went to get it James, the hairbrush to spank you or did you think my chance she was just maybe doing a chore and going to go and just come back? Did you peek out of the corner of your eye to see if she was returning with the hairbrush?

I'm sure glad I don't have to do any cornertime before or after a spanking. I wouldn't mind my bottom on display before a spanking...bare! As for my bottom red, after a spanking, on display I don't know if I could handle that or not but, to have to not reach back and not rub, I would for sure be earning be additional spanks to an already sore spanked bottom! I just don't know how you do it James, not reaching back and rubbing after getting spanked! Great you can do it.

I guess you and I need to continue to not get any spankings! That is great you haven't gotten any since you last did, and I have't anymore either, even though I didn't do anything to that old rosebush to get a spanking for that! I don't know what could have mess it up some, but perhaps a bird or dog?

Looking back, that sucks you got the kitchen spanking with the hairbrush but, for the bedtime spanking you only got a hand spanking. Think how awful it would have been to gotten two hairbrush spankings, but I'm sure you Mom gave that hand spanking longer, maybe, to equal had she used the hairbrush? Did your bottom get spanked all over more with the hand spanking and less with the hairbrush and that spanking was more to your sit spot area? For me, no matter hand or paddle, my two bottom cheeks got it all over, James, not just the sit spot area but above that areas as well!

Well James, I guess you and I are doing good so far this week if you haven't gotten any spankings and me not getting any, too.

Let's try to keep it that way, okay? Thanks again for feeling sorry for me, James. I hate it when you get spanked too, but I guess there's a lesson in all that happens and that you and I need to try and not let things happen wrong for us to our two bottoms both can remain pale, white and unspanked! LOL.

Take care, be good and I will too my friend. Best always to you. Your buddy,

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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 16:55:54 08/10/12 Fri

Hi Travis,

Hopefully, since your two bad days, your bottom has stayed pale. So, you did swear. Good thing you didn't get your mouth washed out with Lava Soap as well as spanked. I know I would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap and spanked. And if I had sworn at my neighbor, she might even be watching me get spanked.

Well, your neighbor knew you were getting spanked, I guess both day. That's bad enough. Glad that she can't hear the sound of the paddle smacking your bottom or you sobbing.

Yeah, I know what you mean when the hand spanking I get first is more than a few smacks. Then it's like getting two spankings.

Sounds like the first spanking you got was deserved, but not the second. That stinks! If you talk to your parents about it, don't go overboard.

It wasn't too bad sitting down after the first part of the spanking, but could feel it. Not sure why my tutor split the spanking up, I guess it was better than getting it all at the start and then have to sit down.

I got spanked by by mom just like I do when I get detention in school, or you get another spanking at home when paddled at school.

I think you're safe from my parents seeing your posts. Not that you have said anything too bad.

The shower helped a little. Still, I had a pretty sore bottom from the bedtime spanking and then the hairbrush spanking the next morning.

Corner time before getting spanked isn't unusual for me. Or getting it afterwards. Yeah, I thought she was going to get it when she left the kitchen. I didn't expect to get another hand spanking. No, didn't peek.

It's not easy to keep from rubbing, and even I fail at times. I bet you could do it if you had to, or least most of the time.

My spankings all all over my bottom. My sit spot gets it more, I think, when I am being spanked with the hairbrush. At least I think so. Or I feel the hairbrush more perhaps/

Unfortunately, I got into trouble today while my tutor was here. I guess my attention lapsed. I have to remember that she's very strict and quick to spank.

She stopped the lesson and called me over. I gulped as I got up and walked slowly over to her. As I did, she reached into her bag, and pulled out a ruler. Looked kind of thick too.

She lowered my shorts and pulled me across her lap. My underpants were pulled down and she started spanking. Like the other day, it was a short spanking, but I was crying fairly loud. Then my underpants were pulled up and I was stood up. I raised my shorts and went to sit down. It wasn't easy to sit down.

After the lesson ended, I had to go back over her lap. She bared my bottom, and, using the ruler, spanked me hard. This time, it wasn't short and I was bawling.

She stopped and scolded me, telling me she would not put up with my not paying attention. She said that next Monday, she would be giving me a quiz and wrong answers would mean ruler smaacks.

She then gave me a few more spanks, which got me bawling again. Then pulled up my underpants and stood me up. I was able to raise my shorts, and once she left, went to my room and bared my bottom and laid face down on my bed.

This afternoon, when my mom got home, she wasn't happy to learn I was spanked. She grabbed my arm, turned me and smacked me a few times, which caused me to yell out.

Sent me to my room. It was uncomfortable later sitting down at supper. I wondered if I would be spanked after supper, but instead, was sent to my room and told to put my pajamas on, study and remain there.

Pretty sure I will be getting spanked later tonight. Don't know how bad it will be, but doubt it will be a hand spanking. Wish me luck.

Hope you are doing better than I have.

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:41:15 08/11/12 Sat

Hi James,

Yeah I am ashamed to say that I swore at my Mom. It has been awhile since I last got my mouth washed out with soap, so that's why I didn't get a mouth washing but my Mom could have started using that nasty ole Lava soap on me again but didn't. She let the paddle punish me like I said in my other thread, first my dad had a turn and then my Mom!

Yeah, my neighbor lady knew I was getting spanked but, I wonder if she knows how bad I got it. The only way she would be for my Mom to tell her, like I said no windows were open for her to hear the paddle smacking my bottom of me crying!

You agree too that I deserved the first spanking, James? I do too, but that is really cool that you said my second spanking "stinks" that I got. I didn't try talking to my folks about that second spanking, thought best leave it alone. I still didn't do anything to that ole rosebrush, but maybe I will say something yet!

That's good that your tutor split your spanking up into two parts and you was able to sit pretty good like you said for lessons. Had she given you alot of spanks all at one time I think she believed you wouldn't have been able to think your lessons through. Sorry you got the second spanking when lessons were over. Sorry you got spanked by your Mom there James, but I guess it's standard procedure like you said if I get spanked at school then I can expect getting spanked at home and if you get spanked by your tutor then you can expect a spanking from your Mom!

Glad the shower helped your bottom some James. Whatever reason cold water does, it sure helps a spanked bottom feel good for a few minutes!

No James, if I got cornertime having to show my fresh spanked bottom and told not to rub, I don't think I could be able to not do. I would have to rub, I'm sure. Like I say your an ole pro at it my friend and can make your mind think to not rub!

James, that is awful your Tutor spanked you twice with the ruler. I bet it was thick. Was it quite wide, like a normal size ruler? I bet that ole ruler really warmed up your bottom and made it red! Get it mainly the sit spot or all over? That sucks you got a longer spanking at the lesson. She must have a pick hangbag to be able to have along ruler inside. At least she wasn't carrying a hairbrush. That would have been worse.

I bet it was uncomfortable sitting at the table for supper. Did your Mom or Dad make an issue about it?

Like I said after I got my spankings from my Mom and Dad we went to eat at a resturant, and I was squirming while trying to sit. Lucky me the waitress didn't notice too much and make comments.

Since I got that spanking James, for some reason my bottom has been feeling more itchy then other times. I got spanked about the same amount of time from both my Mom and Dad, but I can not believe how itchy my bottom got. After the spanking and before going to the resturant it helped to jump around James, while rubbing my fresh spanked bottom. I did the cold shower, too.

I slept last night or tried to sleep last night with my bottom bare to help cool it. I found some cold cream in the bathroom and I rubbed that all over my two bottom cheeks which felt good. It was funny, I looked into the mirror to see the cold cream all over my bottom. It was like someone had thrown whipped cream on me. I didn't use alot of cold cream out of the jar so I wouldn't get into trouble if I wasn't suppose to use it. Sure felt good though. I wonder from the heat I had from my bottom if some of the cream melted when it made contact with my bottom? LOL.

Trying to sleep was uncomfortable, my bottom was itchy and I was still itchy this morning before taking another cold shower. James, do you have alot of itchiness on your bottom after spankings, too? I've had spankings before, but not like this with the itchy part!

To my surprise when I went to have breakfast I found a pillow on my chair to help me sitdown better. My Mom placed it there, I know she did, and I went and gave her a hug before I ate. It was funny, I told her "thank you, Mom" and she hugged me back and without thinking she patted my bottom while doing so, and I tried to refrain from groaning so she wouldn't know that my bottom was really sore yet! Throughout the day, off and on, my bottom has been itchy, but doing better now.

I didn't think of it at the time when my Mom saw my bottom bare and spanked me, but since then I have been thinking about it and I'm a little embarrssed she saw my bottom bare, James. She hasn't seen my bottom bare like that since she last gave me a spanking four years ago. Do you feel embarrassed having your Mom see your bottom bare when she spanks you? I don't with my dad, seeing me like that, but I guess maybe now that I'm older that a guy thinks of such things and believe's his Mom shouldn't see his bottom bare for any reason. You think this way, too, James?

My bottom isn't as red as it was, only more pink some now, but my Mom and Dad sure gave me a spanking to think about and remember that I don't want to disrespect my Mom again like I did, including swearing at her! Oh, what she must think of me, James!

So, I hope you didn't get it too bad from your Mom with the hairbrush last night or maybe you didn't get a spanking at all like you think you was going to get.

At least my bottom isn't as itchy as it had been for most of the today! Can't wait to have those two cheeks back to a normal pale color!

You take care James, stay out of trouble and try to stay spank-free and I'll try to do the same. At first I was having a good summer of no spankings and then all of a suddent things have turned around and my bottom is getting more spankings then it and I need! LOL.

Hope you didn't get spanked!

Take care, your friend,

Did your Mom give you a spanking like you thought maybe you would get last night, James? I hope not!

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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:49:05 08/10/12 Fri

Hi James,

Boy have I had a bad day!

Early this afternoon I got into an arguement with my Mom. I didn't mean to but it happened. I can't believe I said somethings I wished I could take back. After it happened I told my Mom I was wrong to talk to her like I did and I asked her to please forgive me, and she said she would. She asked me to go to my room for the rest of the afternoon to think about what I did and said.

My dad came home and heard what I did in disrespecting my Mom and we had a talk. Boy, did I get a big chewing our, which I told my dad I deserved. I told him I felt so bad sassing my Mom, and I was very, very sorry!

Besides the chewing out my dad told me we had to do something else to help me not do what I did again, and I knew he meant I was going to get a spanking, and I said to him, "I think I need a spanking, dad!"

While my dad got the paddle I pulled my shorts and underwear down to bare my bottom and then my dad sat on the sat and put me over his lap. I saw him pickup the paddle and then I felt the first lick! Man, my bottom felt a fire go across it! Then I got another lick, then another. My dad mixed up the licks so some came fast and others came slow to let the fire on my bottom sink in.

James, I was squirming my bottom and kicking my legs from the pain, but while I was getting the spanking I was thinking I deserved what I was getting for being disrespectful to my Mom. I was really bawling my eyes out, James, from the pain!

To my surprise before my spanking was over with my Mom came into the room. I couldn't believe it, she hasn't seen my bottom bare, let alone getting spanked since she last gave me a spanking herself about 4 years ago. I was wondering what she was thinking, seeing my bare bottom getting redder and redder from each lick I was getting with the paddle.

My dad stopped the spanking and then told me for disrespecting my Mom she would continue the spank. I saw over my shoulder my dad give my Mom the paddle, I was still over my dad's lap and I couldn't believe she was going to spank me.

Before my Mom gave me the first lick my dad put his right leg across both of the back of my legs. Boy did this make my spanked bottom a good sitting target. I knew I wouldn't be able to squirm my on fire bottom or kick my legs from the spanking pain anymore!

Suddenly, even though my bottom was on fire and throbbing, my saw Mom come around the opposite side of my dad and raise the paddle into the air.


Oh, the pain from that paddle lick! My Mom landed it right on top of my bottom, mid-crack area, and the fire that spread from that spot was unbelieveable. Then my Mom gave me another lick on the same spot, and then again, and again! James I wanted to kick my legs and squirm my bottom but I couldn't. My bottom was still a sitting target for my punishment to continue.

I had forgotten how my Mom could light up my bottom by giving me spanking. I think she gave me 5 good paddle licks before she stopped.

My dad then took the paddle back and gave me ONE HARD PADDLE LICK TO MY SIT SPOT!

Go, James, my bottom was really on fire. It felt like I had been stung by a thousand bees it hurt so bad.

Before I was let up my dad pulled my underpants and shorts back up and then I wa slet off his lap. I was trying to reach for my sore bottom but my Mom reached for me and hugged me. I again, while crying my eyes out told her how sorry I was for sassing her and that I loved her. I even told her thanks for loving me to spank me!

My dad then joined in the hugging with my Mom, and although I wanted to reach back and rub my sore bottom, the hugging went on for a few minutes more before my folks told me we would be going out to eat in an hour or so.

They left the room and I pulled down my shorts and underwear and looked into the mirror. I had one heck of a red bottom looking back at me! I did some serious rubbing.

Later at the resturant I did some shifting in my seat!

I learned a lesson not to sass my Mom today!

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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 18:30:53 08/12/12 Sun

Hi Travis,

You have had a bad week, not just a bad day. Yeah, once words come out of your mouth, you can't take it back!!

I am sure you knew that a spanking was coming. I beet you were surprised to see your mom come into the room. Then to add more spanks to your spanking after your dad pinned you. I am sure your mom was seeing that you were getting a good, sound spanking and then felt she needed to add some spanks of her own.

It was nice of her to hug you when it was over. Even if it stopped you from reaching back and rubbing.

I know how it is to try and avoid letting people know you were spanked when you go to a restaurant shortly after being spanked. I bet you were really squirming on the ride to the restaurant!! You said that the waitress didn't notice too much. Do you think she noticed at all? Did she smile at you knowingly?

Not sure if my bottom is itchy or not, but sure can feel it after I am spanked. Maybe it's the same feeling. I know, it's not easy to sleep after being spanked.

So you got a pillow to sit on the next day!! Glad your mom didn't bring a pillow to the restaurant for you to sit on!!
When your mom patted your bottom, did it sting since your bottom was sore? Maybe it's a way for your mom to tell you she might spank you in the future!!

I don't get too embarrassed when my mom sees my bare bottom as she spanks me. More embarrassing when she prepares me, as she bares me before putting me over her lap.

I am used to being spanked by my mom as well as other moms, not to mention Lauren and now my tutor, that the embarrassment is less than if it happened rarely. For that reason, I don't feel that my mom shouldn't see my bottom.
Does that make sense? I think, for example, if your mom did start spanking you, the embarrassment of her seeing your bottom would be less with each spanking she gave you.

Oh, I don't think your mom thinks less of you. Your dad and her spanked you and now it's over. Just don't do it again!!

Yeah, the ruler the tutor spanked me with was fairly thick.
And wide enough to hurt!! She spanked all over, including the sit spot. The second spanking was really bad.

She brought in a large bag, large enough to have hold a ruler. Don't know if she was carrying a hairbrush as well. Don't want to find out.

Yup, was uncomfortable at the table for supper. (No pillow!) No, my mom didn't say anything. (My dad's away on business.)

I did get spanked at bedtime. My mom came into my roon, went to my desk and pulled out a drawer and took out my ruler, which is similar to the one I was spanked with by my tutor. She sat down and called me over. Lowered my pj bottoms and put me over her lap. Then began spanking, hard.

Spanked all over, including my sit-spot and I was really bawling and howling. Stopped and warned me if my tutor's spankings continued, she might have the tutor give me a good spanking before the lessons started. then she gave me a few more spanks before letting me up.

Went to bed with a very red and sore bottom and slept on my stomach with my bottom bare and uncovered.

And next morning, didn't get the benefit of sitting down on a pillow, like you!

Well, take care, and stay safe.


I am glad you didn't get your mouth washed out with soap.

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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:41:44 08/15/12 Wed

Hi James,

Great hearing from you my friend!

Yeah I guess I did have a bad week and not just a bad
day. At least this week is going better and my bottom
is pale and white and non-hurting for a change!

Yeah I knew I would be getting a good spanking, but I
sure was surprised my Mom came into the bedroom when I
was getting spanked. I was totally surprised that she
added spanks of her own, and for some reason I think
back on it now I was alittle embarrassed for her to see
my bottom bare. She hasn't seen me like this for 4-6
years James, when she last spanked my bottom herself and since then my dad took over spanking me. I didn't say
anything to her or my dad about my Mom seeing my bare
bottom or ask why she added some spanks herself but, I'm
wondering if my dad talked with her before he came to
spank me and told my Mom she needed to spank me too, and
that would really make things right for forgiveness of my
swearing at her, etc. James you have you really thought about it, being really embarrassed that your Mom sees your bottom bare when she spanks you? I know a good spanking for
punishment should be given on our bare bottoms but I don't
know maybe I'm making a gib issue that my Mom saw my bottom bare. What do you think? I will admit that my Mom hasn't lost her touch giving a good spanking. She landed that paddle really good dead-center on top of my butt, the more
tender area, mid-crack area and the swats really stung bad!

Yeah I was really squirming in the car on the way to the
resturant to eat. It was less then an hour since my spanking stopped we rode/drove to the resturant. Again, the waitress didn't notice I had been spanked or squirming or she would have said something. I would have died had she.
No the waitress didn't smile like she knew I had been spanked to show sympathy towards me, she didn't know I had
been spanked thank goodness!

I'm glad too my Mom didn't bring a pillow to the resturant. She never had in the past so can't see her starting now. She has done the pillow at breakfast when I get spanked the night before and sometimes at supper! I love her for that! Makes my spanked bottom easier to try sitting on!

You bet my bottom stinged more when my Mom patted it. No way had my bottom recovered from the spanking and it was like re-lighting a fire on the area of my bottom she patted. Your Mom ever do that James, in love, patted your spanked bottom without thinking it would make your bottom hurt more?

I too sure can feel it after I get spanked but there became an itchy to my bottom more then usual, so maybe your bottom isn't as sensative to become itchy after getting spanked. It sure helped to rub, and I jumped up and down more from the spanking pain but it helps I believe, unless it's all in my mind. Do you jump around after a spanking James, and it helps to make your bottom feel better, while rubbing, etc.?

I think I'm understanding about your not being embarrassed your Mom and others seeing your bottom bare as you get more spankings from them, and you mentioned I would too if my Mo spanks me more, but I hope she doesn't. I was used to my dad just spanking me when my Mom stopped, but maybe she will be spanking me more. I'll know then if I get more embarrassed or not. You get more embrarrassed before your Mom spanks you James? Are you talking about before she puts you over her lap? She's not seeing anything of you, only that pants are down and your standing in your underwear and then you go over her lap and your underpants come down to bare your bottom and after your spanking is over with your underpants are reapplied over your fresh spanked bottom, which would really lock in the heat on those two spanked cheeks to make your bottom feel more sore yet, right?

Whow James, maybe you better hide the ruler from your desk and take it out if your Mom is going to spank with a rule and not her hand. That ruler was a big as the tutors ruler and wide to spank more all over your bottom? I bet your bottom was really red more then from top to spit spot! You think if your Mom didn't have the ruler from your desk to spank with you would have gotten a hand spank or would she have gone for the hairbrush? Does a ruler hurt as bad as a hand spanking and hairbrush? I bet the spanking lasts longer to cover all of your bottom to spank it and make it red? I'm not sure if I would like a ruler spanking or not. Would it sting more you think then the paddle I get spanked with? I'm wonder with it not being as thick as a paddle is and that it could sting more. Not sure if I was given a choice what I would chose a ruler or paddle. If I had a choice I would take a hand spanking instead of the other two, even though it would take longer to spank my bottom and make it really red and sore, but a paddle sure stings and I'm sure that ruler does too.

That would be awful for your tutor to spank you before lessons. With a sore spanked bottom how could you think of learning lessons good with your mind on your sore bottom and you'd be squirming in your chair, so I hope you don't get anymore spankings from your tutor before lessons.

How many more lessons from your tutor do you have yet? Think you can get through them without getting spanked before or after the lessons? I don't want you to get spankings!

James, when do you have school starting again?
Guess that's all for now. Again, I'm spank-free so far this week, and I hope your bottom has been remaining pale and white and spank-free too!

Keep in touch, and enjoy the rest of your summer my
friend! Best to you, your buddy,

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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 18:21:59 08/16/12 Thu

Hi Travis,

Glad to hear that you have been spank free this week. That's real good to hear.

I imagine it was a bit surprise when your mom came in and then spanked you as well. I guess it would be embarrassing since she hasn't seen your bottom bare for a few years.

Since my mom has frequently spanked me, I am not really embarrassed for her to see my bottom bare. When I am spanked by others, like Lauren, or my friend's mom or my tutor, yes, I am embarrassed, no matter how many times they have spanked me.

I, obviously, can't speak for you, but I wouldn't be too embarrassed for her to see your bottom bare. Or if she starts spanking you herself. You would get used to it, I think.

Glad the waitress didn't noticed that you were spanked. Even if she had, she might not have said anything. It would be embarrassing if she said anything. Like "young man, it seems you are having trouble sitting down" or "Somebody must have been naughty". Can you imagine?

I really didn't think your mom would bring a pillow to the restaurant! That would make it obvious that you were spanked.

No, my mom has never patted my spanked bottom. I do jump around at times, when I can. Sometimes, I am taken directly to the corner and then I can't.

It's before I go over my mom's lap that I get embarrassed as she takes down my shorts or pants and my underpants before she puts me over her lap. And she usually doesn't pull up my underpants or pajama bottoms before letting me up. Others that spank me, bares me while over their knees and pulls them up before letting me up.

Might not be a good idea to hide the ruler. I don't know, but if I didn't have the ruler, I think she would have gotten her hairbrush. My ruler is like the tutor's.
Yes, my bottom was really red after mom spanked me. The ruler is more stingy than the hand or hairbrush, but the hairbrush hurts more. I would say the ruler is worse than the hand, however. Different kind of hurt than the hairbrush and probably the paddle. I rather get a hand spanking than a spanking with the ruler or hairbrush, but I am not given a choice!

Yeah, getting a full spanking right before the lesson would really make it uncomfortable. Could lead to a second spanking later. Or mom could just tell the tutor to spank me after the lesson instead.

My lessons end on the last Friday of the month. School starts right after Labor Day. How about you?

Fortunately, I have been spank free since the ruler spankings. So my bottom has been pale as well. Hope we can both keep it that way!!

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:46:32 08/17/12 Fri

Hi James,

Great to hear you have not been spanked since your tutor ruler spanking to keep you bottom pale, and I can continue to say my bottom has been remaining pale too and not spanked so it looks like we both have a matching pair of pale bottoms! LOL.

Yeah again it was a surprise for my Mom to come in while I was getting my spanking and her seeing my bottom bare. I
guess I shouldn't have thought to be embarrassed but, it doesn't happen too often for a guy who's Mom has not seen his bare bottom for awhile to think things over and it automatically registers in his mind "embarrassment" when
his Mom doesn't see his bare bottom on a regular basis.

I can see your point that you aren't embarrassed for your Mom to see you bottom bare. She never stopped spanking you like mine did, and here I'm four years older and not a little boy and now a teen a guy doesn't think he should be exposing himself in front of females you know. It's like in the locker room at school you know females aren't coming in while your undressing/dressing and showering, etc. It was that my Mom caught me off guard.

I will say though, I was so ashamed I swore at her James and to think of it it was perfectly right for my Mom to spank me and if my bottom was bare and being spanked by my dad the situation shouldn't change and me have to pull my pants or underwear back up and then have my Mom spank me. I will say again, man my Mom hasn't lost her touch to spank me and make my bottom "sting" as she swung that ole paddle like a pro and landed it right where she wanted it to land. She selected the middle of my bottom and you know there's less bottom there and that makes the area really sting more getting swatted with a paddle! I've learned my lesson to not swear at my Mom again!

As for whether my Mom will take up spanking me again. I hope not, and I won't give her any reason to continue. LOL.

I guess your thinking like me, if a person who is not your Mom is spanking you your embarrassed to have them see you bare bottom, too. Guess that's the way our minds register things. If it's not family to see your bare bottom, then it's embarrassing. LOL.

Yeah, I'm glad the waitress didn't notice I had been spanked or commented. I was thinking that the only comment she might have made would be: "looks like someone has ants in his pants" a phrase my grandparents say someone when one can't sit still. They have commented before after I've gotten a good spanking and they come around later and hear about it and see that I might have trouble sitting to say:
"looks like someone got their little bottom spanked" or "if someone would have just behaved they wouldn't have trouble sitting." You ever have anyone make comments like that to you James, like family or non-family?

Your Mom has never patted your fresh spanked bottom? Your lucky. It like's getting a SHOCK to your bottom and it registers in your mind how much more your spanked bottom
hurts! After a spanking I know you mostly have to do
cornertime and wouldn't be able to jump around like, but I was thinking maybe when you were alone, sent to your room and wouldn't be bothered by anyone that it would help make
you feel better to your sore bottom. When I do it, it just kind of happens automatically. I'm getting up off my dad's lap and my two hands head straight to my two spanked bottom cheeks and the rubbing begins. My dad doesn't stop me. It's okay with him, and even the jumping. To him he knows he has just given me a good punishment spanking and has taught me a lesson to be good or I will get my spanked bottom given another spanking if I complain and I don't want that. I love my dad James, you know that and he hates to spank me but it has to be done and that's why I cooperate as much as possible! He's never complained that I haven't, even if I might slowly not get my bottom bare right away or delay in going over his lap by a few seconds as I sometimes find myself reaching back to my bottom and giving it a few rubs on the cheeks and then submit to going over my dad's lap for him to get to business. Have you ever found yourself doing that James, after baring your bottom and reaching back to rub the cheeks before going over the lap of the person going to spank you? I guess I do that automactically, too.

Wonder why the ruler gives a more "stingy" effect? Maybe because it's not thick? I'm glad my folks haven't thought of using a ruler. The paddle is bad enough! Those drill
holes in it makes it hurt more with air flowing through to make it swing faster! I think I might like getting hand spanked more then the paddle but it registers in my mind that a hand spanking would last longer because both bottom cheeks can't be spanked at the same time with a paddle reaching across to spank both at the same time and a paddle spanking is over quicker! I guess its a toss up whether a paddle spanking if worse or a hand spanking. Maybe the paddle is for sure, because of the "sting!"

Glad your tutor lessons are almost over with and you might not have to worry about getting spankings! Try real hard to not get spanked James or your Mom will want to spank you too and that's two spankings to your bottom to really make it sore and uncomfortable sitting!

My school starts right after Labor Day, too, like yours. Infact, the day after on Tuesday! Are you looking forward to a new year of school? I am.

Yeah James, I hope both you and I can keep our bottoms pale white and unspanked for a while! Not that I'm afraid for my Mom to maybe spank me, see my bottom bare as I don't think she will be taking up spanking me again, and I don't care to have my loving dad spank me although I realize it has to be done and he does too. We need to give my Dad and your Mom a break from seeing our two bottoms bare and having to spank them from pale white to red...if you know what I mean? LOL.

Gotta go...great talking with you! Now you stay spankfree and I will, too like we have agreed too!

Take care,

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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:48:36 08/18/12 Sat

Hi Travis,

Glad you have stayed safe. Good to hear.

I guess it does make a difference with you since your mom had stopped spanking you, unlike here.

I have heard comments about knowing I had been spanked, usually relatives.

Yeah, I have reached back before a spanking to rub the seat of my pants or shorts.

Yeah, I think the ruler is more "stingy" because it's less heavy than the hairbrush. Sort of a different feeling when getting spanked with it.

Unfortunately, I still have a couple of weeks more of lessons with my tutor. And, unfortunately, I got myself in trouble once more. This time before the lesson.

My lesson was scheduled for Friday afternoon. I went over to my friends, with my mom reminding me to get back home in time. Well, as you might guess, I lost track of time.

My friend's mom came into my friend's room after getting a call from my mom. "Aren't you supposed to be home now?"
I looked at the clock and realized I had lost track of the time. And I became very nervous as I knew what would be happening to me.

My friend's mom scolded me as she drove me home. Almost thought she might spank me herself, as she has done many times previously. As I arrived back home, the tutor was outside waiting me me. As I approached her, she was not happy at all. She smacked me as I went past her to open the door.

When we got to the living room, she didn't waste much time to lower my shorts and then put me over her lap. She pulled down my underpants and began spanking me with her hand.
It was longer than the first spanking she gave me wit her hand at the start of a lesson. I was sobbing when she finished. She pulled up my underpants and stood me up and I was allowed to pull my shorts up.

It was a difficult lesson with my bottom burning and sitting uncomfortably. A number of times, I had to go over to her and bend over her left knee and get smacked on the seat of my shorts for wrong answers or not paying attention enough for her.

When the lesson was finally over, I found out that she wasn't done with punishing me. To my shame, she lowered and removed my shorts and then put me in the corner and once facing the corner, bared my bottom.

Then told to stay and not cover up. I heard her leave the room and she returned shortly after. She kept me in the corner for about 15 minutes before having me raise my underpants up.

As she turned me around and took me to the chair, I noticed the hairbrush resting on a table. She had gone to my mom's room to get it.

She turned me over her lap and my second spanking began. It didn't take long for me to start sobbing and then bawling.
You can imagine my bottom was on fire!! She spanked all over my bottom, including my sit spot.

When she finished, she raised my underpants, stood me up and put me back in the corner. Bared my bottom once more and she stayed for about 15 minutes more before leaving, telling me that my mom expected me to be facing the corner when she got home.

Once she left, I was able to rub my very sore bottom. My mom was due home shortly, so I had to be careful not to get caught rubbing or be out of the corner, so I did stay facing the corner.

My mom came into the house from the back door and I didn't hear her come in, but when she came into the living room, my hands weren't rubbing.

My mom scolded me for being irresponsible. Then came over and bent me over and gave me ten spanks with the hairbrush and sent me to my room. Said we were still going out for supper. Sound familiar?

In my room, I laid face down on my bed with my underpants down until my mom came in. She turned me over her lap and gave me ten more spanks with the hairbrush and told me to get dressed.

It was very uncomfortable sitting down in the car and at the restaurant. I tried to hide the fact that I had been spanked. Not sure I was successful or not, but I didn't hear any comments from our waitress. Thought perhaps she smiled at me a couple of times, but not sure if it was because she noticed me squirming.

When we returned home, my mom sent me to my room and I was there for the evening. I expected a visit from my mom at bedtime for a spanking, but it didn't happen.

However, this morning, my mom came into my room holding the hairbrush. She pulled my pj bottoms down and turned me over her knees. Then she spanked hard, making sure my sit spot wasn't missed. I was wailing when she finally finished. She stood me up, raised up my pj bottoms and told me to follow her to the kitchen. I had to sit down right away to eat breakfast, crying and having difficulty sitting still.

After breakfast, I was put in the corner for about 20 minutes before being allowed to leave the kitchen. A shower helped a little.

I am nervous about Monday's lesson and whether my tutor will spank me or not. I guess it's possible from what my mom said previously about getting spanked by her again.
So, I'll see and hope I don't get spanked.

Got to go, hope you can continue to be spank free and hopefully, I don't get spanked on Monday.

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:47:35 08/19/12 Sun

Hi James,

I just got home and saw your message. I am in SHOCK!
Do you have any bottom left? Gosh, getting all of those

I can understand getting a spanking for being late to have your lessons. That happens when your having fun, and I would like to think your Mom and the tutor would cut you some slack with it being summer, but I can understand being late can show a lack of respect to your tutor and can be looked at a waste of time that could have been used for lessons, but then again...

The tutor smacked you upon your arrival at home? I hope the smack was to your bottom and not to your face? You got a spanking inside before your lessons I can understand that and your bottom would be on "fire" and uncomfortable sitting down while the lessons were going on and you lost some attention from them, and for wrong answers, but you should have been given a warning a time or two and not spanked off and on while the lessons were going on.

Gee James, I'm sad.

Gosh, bare bottom time in the corner after the lessons and then a bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush? Is this tutor doing this stuff on her own or maybe being prompted by your Mom some? No disrespect to your loving Mom there James, but gosh how did the tutor know where to go get the hairbrush and to do the bare bottom corner time routine?

Yeah, I can imagine your bottom was really on "fire" by this time, James! Toasted buns and rump roast in my words your bottom became!

At least when you got put back into the corner before your Mom came you got a chance to do some rubbing. It helped didn't it James? It always help me after I get a bad spanking to soothe my bottom. That is really cool you just happen to stop rubbing before your Mom came in! It's a wonder she didn't comment on how red your bottom was from all of the spankings or did she?

Gosh James, your Mom spanked you, too? I can see why she was upset that you was "irresponsable" for being late, and it would be like me getting a paddling at school and when I would get home my dad would give me another spanking for getting into trouble at school, so I guess there was nothing you could do with your Mom to just cooperate having your bottom bared and spanked again. At least you only got
l0 spanks, but still that had to really lite a "fire" more across your bottom? Did you do some serious rubbing before going to eat at the resturant?

I know that "feeling" riding in the car to the resturant and trying to sit after the spankings you got, James. Murder isn't it? I don't think the waitress knew your Mom had been spanked, even if you were squirming in your seat at the restuarnt. Only way she would know if your folks
brought up your spankings!

That was cool your Mom gave your bottom a rest after you came home and didn't get spanked again. Did you sleep bare bottom to try to cool off? I bet the pain was still bad trying to sleep? I know that pain!

Gosh, spanking before breakfast? That had to be shock just waking up? How much red and sore was your bottom still at the time of that spanking? I bet still soreness and little time to recovery? Your Mom used the hairbrush? That SUCKS!

It had to be bad trying to sit at breakfast, and I know that feeling too. Too bad you couldn't have had a pillow like my Mom gave me. That corner time after breakfast you had, was you bare bottom, you didn't say? If you was, despite the embarrassment if someone walked in, your bottom got cool air to help cooldown!

Your nervous about Monday, if you might get another spanking? I am too for you James! I hope your tutor doesn't give your buns a warm up, but I bet she's not going to turn down the opportunity. Why all of a sudden is the tutor on a spanking benge? I know when she was homeroom teacher she wished she could spank you but now is rediculous!

James, I'll be thinking of you on Monda. I hope you don't get spanked! You don't need toasted buns!

My bottom is still pale white, and I'm glad to have a rest myself. I hate getting spanked and I hate you getting spanked.

Hang in there my friend, I'll pray you don't get spanked!

Take care of yourself, James.


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:18:44 08/20/12 Mon

Hi Travis,

I am sure it didn't help my cause that I have been spanked previously by my tutor.

It was to my bottom that the tutor smacked me when I arrived back home. Hopefully, it wasn't seen.

I am glad that the spanking before the lesson wasn't with the hairbrush. It would have really been awful to have to sit down then. Bad enough with getting a hard handspanking that I got.

Before I got the oral quiz, I was told that incorrect answers would result in spanks. It could have been worse if my shorts were off during the quiz. Still bad though.

The tutor knew where the hairbrush was because my mom told her where it was. So, she was prompted by mom to spank me with the hairbrush. Same, I am sure, with the corner time after I was spanked.

Yeah, the rubbing helped, but I had to be careful not to get caught rubbing by a surprise entrance by my mom.
My mom did say the tutor did a good job turning my bottom red.

The ten spanks sure hurt plenty on my sore bottom. After the first set of ten spanks and was sent to my room, I did rub but after the second set in my room, I didn't rub much because I had to get dressed and didn't want to get into further trouble.

It was definitely unpleasant sitting down in the car on the way to the restaurant.

I was glad to not be spanked at bedtime. I was pretty nervous kind of expecting her to come in at bedtime to spank me. Yes, I did sleep with my bottom uncovered.

Not sure how red my bottom was the next morning before breakfast. didn't have time to check. It was still sore. I am sure it was very red after the spanking!!

It was hard to sit down. I could have used a pillow!!!!
Oh yes, the corner time in the kitchen after breakfast was with my bottom bare. Fortunately, nobody came. Not necessarily likely.

Well, I have to admit that I have messed up during some of my lessons. Probably mom told her to spank me when I mess up. Unfortunately, I did get spanked today, but after the lesson. Fortunately, not with the ruler or hairbrush, but a hard hand spanking on my bare bottom. I was sobbing when she finished. At least no corner time.

My mom has told me that I won't be getting an additional spanking. That's good, at least.

Glad your bottom is still white. Good going!

Yeah, it's not fun being spanked.

Have you read any of the posts from Greg? He even gets spanked more than I do. Seems his parents really punish him a lot with spankings and groundings. Almost seems like he gets spanked every day!!!

Then there's the post from Simon asking if he should spank his nephew for fibbing on a forum survey. Basically, it seemed he was looking for an excuse to spank him. He won't, however, which is good.

Well, hope you are keeping spank free. Hope I can be spank free for a while.

Take care,


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Travis too James
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Date Posted: 18:48:02 08/23/12 Thu

Hi James,

I hope your staying spankfree and your bottom is pale
white. But I see you a hand spanking after one of your lesson and not with the hairbrush? Did you give some wrong answers or what? My bottom has not been spanked for awhile and I've had to watch it.

Sorry for not posting for a few days but I was staying with a friend of mine who wanted me to go with them and their folks to a county fair which I love to go to fairs and ride the rides! His folks had permission to spank me if I messes up and I didn't want that to happen. His Mom and Dad spank bare bottom and they have a paddle they use, and I sure didn't want to get a spanking and have to go to the fair with a sore bottom. I was careful at the fair with my friend too as one time he told me when he was younger that is dad took him to the men's room and spanked.

So how you been? What happened about the hand spanking you got from the tutor you mentioned about? I think you have just next week and your done with tutor lessons, right? Hopefully you can get by and your bottoms stays white and no more spankings? I hate it when you get spanked but there is nothing I can do to rescue you James. You have to be the one!

Your Mom said you wouldn't be getting any additional spankings if your tutor gives you any while in your class? That would be great for you and your bottom! Wonder why she decided that because you said in regular school if you got into trouble or detention you would get spanked at hom?

Thanks for letting me know the tutor smack you got going into the house was to your bottom and not your face or other place. That wouldn't be right. I hate it when I see a parent smack a kid in the face or some other body place. It's not right as a kid could get hurt. It's mad enough we get spanked on the bottom but of course my folks joke and others I see do too, that nature provided a better place to "spank" then a child's face or other places and that of course is our bottoms! It's like that saying on that souvenir store paddle I told you about I saw on vacation! Ha Ha.

Will you have to run the risks of getting spanks for incorrect answers, James? I don't think that is right for you to have to get! That puts pressure on you, and if you know the answer you could slip and say the wrong one and your tutor would still want to spank for incorrect. That's great you had your shorts on when the incorrect answer spanks took place and not just be in your underwear. Wearing shorts gives that extra protect you know!

Sorry to hear your Mom prompted the tutor where the hairbrush was to use if she wanted to and to give you corner time if she wanted to do that too. I guess your Mom felt it would help you work harder to pay attention in class and come up with the right answers? Just seeing the hairbrush would really put pressure on you! I don't think it was right though to have you while in the corner to display you bare bottom. What if someone walked in on you! There I said it! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! That should be only reserved for your Mom to be allowed to do! That has to make you uncomfortable for the Tutor to see you like that? It would be and I'm thankful my parents or anyone else has thought up cornertime bare bottom!

Glad you was able again to get some rubbing in on your sore bottom before your Mom came in. She commented your Tutor did a good job spanking your bottom red? I hate it sometimes when comments are made like that and I don't know if its to add embarrassment or what. I've gotten a few spankings at school by principals and when I was to get spanked at home before a few times my dad would comment the same way after I bared my bottom and was over his lap, "boy, the principal did a good job paddling your butt Travis, and I'm afraid I'll have to finish the job"...or he's said before, "this butt needs to feel a little hurt and added color to teach you a lesson" and then by dad would add to my paddling pain I got from the principal.

Yeah, I was reading about that Greg getting spanked. He sounds like a nice kid. I don't think his parents enjoy spanking him. No parents enjoy doing that I believe but what I've read he admits that he disrespects them sometimes and dosn't control his temper and that causes some of his spankings and you know that can't go unpunished!

I can't figure that Simon out, but his nephew did LIE about his age and grade in school. I wonder what that was all about? Why couldn't the kid be truth? Maybe his uncle thought he wouldn't "fit in" with older guys if they wanted to become friends with his nephew and they say a person who lies tells a lie one time will probably do it again to cover up another. The kid did tell two lives and he said his age was older when what he was and to answer the grade he would be in he had to lie about that to go with the false age he gave. I wonder what else he would have lied about if he would have continued on. I wonder if he will have to apologize to everyone? You say he won't get spanked by his uncle? Wonder why his uncle is giving him a break? If I had done what the kid did my bottom would be spanked sore? How about you James, spanked sore bottom for lying?

I guess I covered all. AGain I was away and had a great time at the county fair. I love riding the ferriswheel. What is your favorite fair ride to ride James? Do you go to your county fair when it is around?

Gotta go..you stay spankfree and I will too. Great being able to sitdown spankfree for a change!

Take care,


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:52:00 08/25/12 Sat

Hi Travis,

Glad that you have stayed safe, especially while staying with a friend of yours. It could have been real embarrassing if you had misbehaved and his mom spanked you. Or if both of you got into trouble at one time and both of you got spanked at the same time in the same room. No, you wouldn't got to the fair with a sore bottom!! Nor would you like to be taken to the men's room to be spanked!!

The hand spanking I got from my tutor was for wrong answers. Yes, the lessons end this coming Friday. Hopefully, I can stay unspanked.

I think it depends on why my tutor spanked me that determines whether I get a second spanking later. Getting spanked for wrong answers wouldn't mean a second spanking, but not paying attention or not doing homework would. So, similar to what happens in school.

I don't agree with smacking a kid in the face or head. I agree that it's not right and could cause injury. Yeah, I know what you mean about parents or others joking that nature provided a better place.

Evidently, I do run the risk of getting spanks for wrong answers. At least it wasn't on my bare bottom!

I am pretty sure mom told the tutor where the hairbrush was and to use it on me because of my forgetting the time of the lesson. It was part of the punishment for that and not for the wrong answers. When she put me in the corner, I wasn't afraid that anyone would be walking in (Except my mom, of course). But it was embarrassing to be put in the corner and have my bottom bare. But the tutor has seen my bare bottom a few times now when spanking me. Besides, I am sure my mom told her to do that as well.

Yeah, I don't like it when I hear comments on how well I was spanked. Nothing I can do about it. At least I don't get spanked at school.

I don't think Greg's parents enjoy spanking him, but he seems to get spanked too much, more than me. Of course, he doesn't help himself either. But it seems that he gets grounded as well as spanked, and the groundings seem long.

I know Simon's nephew fibbed on the survey, but don't think he should be spanked for it. Yes, he should have told the truth, which he eventually did and did apologize. Oh, I have been spanked for lying, but don't think it is necessary in this case, just a talk. He wasn't spanked because his nephew's mom decided against it.

No, we never seem to have a county fair around here. Glad you enjoyed yours.

Again, glad you have stayed spankfree and hope I can stay safe for a while.

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:45:26 08/26/12 Sun

Hi James,

It was great hearing from you as always.

Glad to hear you are on a streak of not getting spankings. I, too, can join you in saying this and it's great we both have two pale, while unspanked bottoms for a week of being spankfree.

You are right James it would have been embarrassing for me IF my friends Mom got to give me a spanking. It would have been bare bottom and she's never spanked me or had to spank me but, if she had to she had permission to and it would have been embarrassing for her to see my bare bottom and spank it. I wouldn't mind my friend's dad spanking me bare bottom, IF he had to but, you know James I wouldn't care to have my friend's Mom to.

If my friend and I had to get spanked in the same room, bare bottom, I wouldn't mind as we've seen each other before on sleepovers and in changing and showering in P.E. Class at school, so no big deal if you were wondering?

Yeah, I'm glad I didn't get a spaning before going to that county fair. It would have been hard sitting going to and coming back and the spanking wouldn't have wore off to enjoy riding on the rides. I sure had fun. Sorry James to hear you don't have a county fair come in your area? Wonder why? We have a county fair where we live at and all the surrounding counties have fairs to go to. Infact, we went to one in a nearby county we never had gone to before and theirs was as equal as the others. Great rides, and junk good to eat!

Yeah, it would have been embrassing to have been taken to the mens room to get spanked, and I'm glad it didn't happen. There would be alot of people coming and going and if either of us had been spanked people would have been looking at us exiting out and know. The time my friend got spanked he said the mens room was really busy and when he and his dad were exiting out people were waiting to use that stall. A little kid said to his dad looking at my friend and his dad leaving as my friend was rubbing the seat of his pants was, "daddy, did that boy get a spanking? He sure had tears running down his face. I bet he won't want to ride some rides for awhile."

Glad to hear your tutoring lessons end this Friday James, and I hope you can get through the week without getting
any kind of spanking. You make sure you pay attention in class and give the right answers, and don't give your tutor any reasons to give you a spanking. Let's make this a week that she doesn't see your bare bottom and want to spank it! I know you can do. Do it for yourself and you bottom! LOL.

Have you had your parents or others make joking comments to you that "nature provided a better place to spank, then spanking your face..."? I, too, agree that smacking a child in the face is wrong and I've seen some parents ask their children to hold out their hand and smack/spank their hand for wrongdoing, too, and that could cause injury, too!

I'm glad your school doesn't spank, James. Do you think you would be "visiting" the office off and on during a school to get paddled or do you do pretty good to avoid getting into trouble? From what you say it sounds like maybe you only get maybe one detention a school year? It's about the same for me, maybe one spanking/paddling or not at all during a school year in the past years and it depends on what is happening. If I hadn't been accused of "cheating" with my friend in class, and you know we hadn't been, we
both would have gone a school year spankfree. I want to try to do that this school not to "visit" the principal's office and not get spanked. Same goes for with a teacher or coach, too.

I was reading more about Greg after you mentioned it seems he get's ground more and longer then getting spankings, and maybe the groundings work more better then spankings. It does for some guys, but I do believe he has loving parents and want the best for him, so I'm not judging anyone and just hope Greg makes the right decisions and avoids getting spankings and groundings.

As for Simon fibbing, not getting spanked, he was lucky his Mom wanted to give him another chance I guess. I wonder if other kids will look down on him for fibbing more now? It's never good for anyone to lie. It's wrong too, and they say usually if a person tells one lie and isn't caught at it it seems soon another lie is told for some reason and the person keeps doing it because they feel he has to. Always tell the truth and nobody has to worry about lies or even getting spanked. I've told a few lies, made be feel bad after I did and getting spanked sure made me feel "bad" too getting a sore bottom and each time trying to sit on ir afterwards reminded me how wrong I was to have lied, and it taught me a good lesson!

Well, I need to get off here. Great to hear your still spankfree and have a pale, white bottom too, so keep it that way James and I will try to. Last full week of summer vacation before school starts next week Tuesday after Labor Day. Speaking of that, any plans for Labor Day Weekend yet? Not sure what we are doing but it's usually something fun.

Take care James, and best to you. STAY SPANKFREE!


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 18:18:29 08/28/12 Tue

HI Travis,

Great that have stayed safe. So have I.

I know you wouldn't to be spanked by your friend's mom. I understand. Even getting spanked by his dad wouldn't be good because she might be present to see you get it or be spanking your friend while his dad spanks you. Then you would be spanked when you got home.

Yeah, it would be awful to be taken to s mens room to be spanked, especially at our ages. Especially bad to hear comments like you mentioned.

Hopefully, I can make it through the week without being spanked by my tutor.

No, my parents have made any comments about spanking or smacking my bottom and not my face. They have never smacked my face or my hands, just my bottom.

I am glad I don't have to find out about getting spanked or paddled at school. Don't know if it would happen to me or not. I think I got about 3-4 detentions last year. Which meant being spanked at home. Hope you can avoid getting it at school this year.

Oh, I am sure Greg's parents are loving. I just think that need to give Greg a longer "leash".

As for Simon, a talk with him about lying on the survey is sufficient in my opinion, as it's different than lying to his mom or his uncle. We both know that would lead to spankings for us and be deserved.

Well, got to go. Another week before school starts and two more sessions with my tutor. Hopefully, I can stay safe.

take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:44:48 08/29/12 Wed

Hi James,

Good to read that your bottom is still pale and white so far this week, so YOU KEEP YOUR BOTTOM THAT COLORS THE REST OF THE WEEK, OKAY?

I'm proud to report that my bottom is pale and white too, I would like to go the rest of the week that way, too.

How's it feel this being your last week of Tutoring before school starts next week? I believe you said you go back on Tuesday and I go back the same day, too. Hard to believe that summer is coming to an end.

Yeah, I wouldn't want to be spanked by my friends Mom, and I would hope she wouldn't be around if I was to be. I don't think it would bother me to be spanked by his dad, although he spanks with a paddle too, bare bottom and having not been spanked by him I wouldn't know if the spanking would be given hard or easy. I don't want to find out, but my friend tells me that the spankings/paddlings his dad gives are like regular spankings so I would survive. LOL.

I agree at our age it would be embarrassing to be taken to a men's room to be spanked, and it would be worse if others were in the room to hear it or see us exiting out from a stall and for sure I bet I would be rubbing the seat of my pants or shorts I would be wearing. Think you would too or would you be able to refrain from doing so?

Good to hear you have good parents who have never smacked your face or hands. My folks have never either, just spanked natures provided place that was meant to be spanked! LOL. They sure have done a good job over the years, and even though I hate getting spanked I've deserved almost all of them I've gotten, but when I was younger I wouldn't have agreed then and wondered why my little bottom was getting punished. LOL.

Thanks James for hoping I don't get any paddlings at school this year. That means alot to me. I don't like getting them and of course my dad will finish spanking my bottom more at home if I do. Having an already sore bottom and then having my dad continue is murder. Whow, you had 3-4 detentions last year, James? Sorry to hear that. I hope you don't get any, like you say if you do then you bottom will get spanked at home. Would it be just a spanking from your Mom or would you Dad be spanking too? I think you got a few spankings last year that happened like this because of school detentions, right?

I'd like to comment more about Simon. I believe it didn't mean to lie in the forum & survey but, I can see his folks' views that lying is lying and perhaps too it was embarrassing not only for Simon to lie but others would look that his parents' aren't doing a good job raising him to learn not to lie and here he goes and does it in the forum and survey. Can you understand what I'm saying? I would't have lied if I was him because things might get our of hand and then he'd have to really keep track on what was truth and what wasn't to be consistant to portray the age and person he wanted people to see that forum.

James, do you know what classes/subjects your going to be taking in school this coming year? I hope you have a great year in school.

You mentioned you had two more sessions with your Tutor? I would assume one was today and perhaps the other is Friday? Good Luck to stay spank-free and I hope you can go the entire week and not get spanked by your Tutor. I know you can do it James. Pay attention in class and give the right answers and you and bottom will both be glad that you did! I'm pulling for you to no get spanked!

Any special plans for Labor Day Weekend? Not sure yet what we'll be doing, but I hope I can have some fun and not worry about getting spanked, too. That would ruin my holiday and I know it would for you too, so you have a spankfree Labor Day Weekend, okay buddy?

Talk to you later and keep that bottom of yours pale and white and I will do the same!

Best always,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:42:03 09/02/12 Sun

Hi James,

I left a message to you last Wed., 8-29-2012 so I hope you see it.

How's your Labor Day Weekend going? It should be great now that your tutoring class is over with and I hope you made it through last week the entire week without getting any spankings by your tutor and even your Mom and Dad. In other words, I hope you are enjoying a pale, white unspanked
bottom! LOL.

I am proud to say that my bottom has remained pale, white and unspanked, too. Great knowing I don't have to worry how am I going to try sitting on a sore spanked bottom for meals or to just enjoy life and not worry about having clothes keep irritating and rubbing a spanked bottom to continue some hurt.

I had fun Saturday. My folks and my girlfriends folks went on a picnic and then we went to a zoo. It is so cool to see all of the different animals. While at the zoo we kept running into a little boy and his mom and the little boy seemed to be quite excited about seeing the animals and wanted to run on ahead away from his mom and dad and they would have to call for him to come back to them. Sometimes he would and then other times they had to run and get him. Finally it looked like his dad had had enough and I saw him lead his son away to a nearby restroom. You can guess what happened to him. It wasn't maybe 5 minutes later that we saw the little boy with his parents again and he was cryting some-kind of a quiet cry and he was rubbing the seat of the shorts he had on. For sure, he got his little bottom spanked in that restroom. Glad if it had to be someone's bottom to get spanked, that it was his and not mine. I felt sorry for him.

You ever go visiting at a zoo and act up and earn yourself a spanking either there or when you got back home? I never have but, of course I have while being at other places.

I'm glad I didn't do anything yesterday that would have earned me a spanking, especially with my girlfriend and
her parents with my parents and me. Of course, I don't think my dad would have spanked me until we got home, but if I had done something and my dad would say to me, "young man, you've earned yourself a spanking" and my girlfriend and her folks happen to be around that would be really embarrassing. I don't think my dad would embarrass me by spanking me before we got, and that would truly be bad to have a sore bottom, and trying to rub or keep my shorts from clinging to my bottom and do it so my girlfriend or her parents wouldn't see me doing it.

So James, what have you been doing for the Labor Day Weekend?

My folks are taking me to a big outdoor flea market tomorrow, and I love going to this one. I collect baseball cards and they usually have some booths that have a pretty good selection.

Hard to believe a new year of school starts for me on Tuesday, and I know you return to school the same day.
Good Luck to you James, and I hope you have a great school year and don't get any detentions. If you do, then your bottom is going to be alittle sore when you get home.

As for me, I hope I have a great year and don't have to
"visit" the principal's office. Even though getting paddled at school over a covered bottom is only a few swats, it's nothing like what I would be getting later at home from my dad having to bare my bottom, get OTK, and then soon find my bottom on FIRE and sore for several hours. That would make eating supper uncomfortable trying to sit, and when it came bedtime to have to sleep bare bottom to cool off!

Well James, gotta go to bed. Sure am glad I have you as a friend and I can be yours, too. You continue to take care of yourself, keep your bottom pale and white and I try to do the same, too. Hopefully at the flea market I won't be seeing any kids being threatened to getting a spanking or getting one, and hopefully I won't be one of them! LOL.

Take care and best to you always,

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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:17:25 09/03/12 Mon

Hi Travis,

Sorry for not writing sooner. We went away for the weekend. And no pre-trip spanking either!!

Glad that you have stayed safe and glad that I can report that I have also. No further spankings from my tutor and the lessons are over.

I am sure you wouldn't like being spanked by your friend's mom. It would be embarrassing for her to see you spanked by your friend's dad as well.

I know I would hate being taken to a restroom to be spanked at my age. It would have to be something real bad for it to happen, like perhaps that time I swore at the store or something like being caught smoking in a mall. It would be embarrassing to be seen spanked or have the spanking just be heard. I would try to not rub, whether I would be successful would depend on how bad I was spanked. But we might be leaving the restroom in tears.

Yeah, the spankings I get on my bare bottom are enough!!
It could be mom or dad that spanks me for getting detention or both, if I get a second spanking at bedtime. Yes, I got spanked a few times for detention including getting spanked y my friend's mom when my friend and I both got detentions.

Will be having math, english, history, science and spanish.
Don't know who my homeroom teacher will be.

As you now know, we went away for the Labor Day weekend.

I feel bad for that little boy who got spanked. At least he wasn't spanked completely in the open. I can't blame his dad for spanking him, bad things could have happened and he shouldn't have ignored his parents.

Don't recall that happening to me at a zoo, but when young, I have been smacked and then spanked at home, or promised a spanking when we get home. Yeah, having you being promised a spanking when at home and heard by your girlfriend and/or her parents would be embarrassing for you and the opposite would be true if she was told that.

At least you two know each other gets spanked at times. It would be worse if either you or her didn't know the other gets spanked.

We had a cottage for the weekend near a beach and my friend came with us. As I said, I stayed safe and so did my friend. Neither of us wanted to be spanked the weekend before school starts!!

Yeah, I hope to avoid detentions and hope you avoid being sent to the office yourself.

It won't be too awful to see other kids being threatened with a spanking or getting one as long as it's not happening to you!! Right?

Take care, stay spank free.


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:45:45 09/05/12 Wed

Hi James,

How was your first day back to school yesterday and your second day at school today?

My first two days went great, and I love the teachers I have and some are going to have some fun classes to be in and to learn. I hope your two first days went fine and that you will be liking your classes as well.

What a great Labor Day Weekend get away you had, and especially having your friend along and both of you got by withour getting any spankings at all. Great going there, James. Proud of you buddy and for your friend, too. That would have put a damper on your holiday weekend to have a sore bottom for even one day!

That is really cool you didn't have to get a pre-trip spanking. How did that come about? Was you told you wouldn't be getting any? Of if you wasn't and was wondering close to time or day to be leaving you knowing you would be going away for the holiday weekend did you asked if you would be getting a spanking? I'm glad you didn't James. Your holiday weekend would have been runined!

I had a great holiday weekend, too. I told you about goingto the zoo which was great and come Labor Day we went to the huge flea market which was fun, ate some great junk food and I found a few baseball cards for my baseball card collection. At one of the tables a lady was selling all kinds of things and to my surprise she was selling two spanking paddles. One of the paddles had printed on it reasons for a kid to getting a spanking and there was room next to each reason listed for a check-off could be made. It was a regular size paddle but wasn't too thick but for sure would deliever a good spanking I'm sure. The second paddle she was selling was a regular size paddle but thick in size and would really deliver a good whalloop for sure to hurt. It had printed on BUNS WARMER. She didn't have prices on them how much she was selling them both for, but I sure was curious what they would sell for at a flea market. It got me to thinking that both had been used, and wondered who's bottoms they both had been used on, whether it be a little kid or more kids yours and my age. As far as I know my folks didn't come near or pass by that lady's table and I doubt my folks would have wanted to buy either of them with my dad having his own paddle to spank me with. Both of the paddles didn't have holes drilled in them to make spankings hurt more, but like I said I was sure curious who had their bottoms spanked with them.

You have some of the same classes that I have James, but I don't have Spanish but have P.E. Class instead. Was this a class you would be having besides the others you listed? I love history class, so that will be one of my favorites!

Thanks for hoping I don't get sent to the office to get any paddlings this school year, James. We still have the same principal and he gives really good uncomfortable paddlings. Of course, then I would be facing a second paddling at home and that would be murder on an already sore/tender spanked bottom to get a another spanking.

Good Luck that you don't get any detentions at school, James. I know you can do it to not get any, and make sure you do your homework and just slide through like you tried last year one of two times, and that earned you spankings I believe from both your Mom and Dad, especially one before bedtime and having to sleep bare bottom to try to cooldown afterwards. You are not alone when it comes to doing that, as you know I have to do that, too!

Yeah, it's kind of good that both my girlfriend and I know that each other get spankings but, it's embarrassing, if you know what I mean but, we are there for each other to help support one another if we do. Like you and I are here for each other with support if you get a spanking or I do! I sure do appreciate your friendship, James. You are a good friend to have!

Yeah, it won't be too awful to see other kids get threatened at school told they are going to get a spanking. At least it won't be my bottom getting spanked. I do feel sad when a buddy of mine is told he'd going to get one. They are in the same situation as I am. Get a spanking at school and then they will get a spanking at home by their Mom or Dad and usually it's bare bottom with a paddle!

Oh, I forgot to mention that my bottom is still pale, white and unspanked since I got my last one a few weeks ago. Feels good to be able to sitdown and not worry how I'm going to sitdown if I've had a recent spanking and sore bottom!

Glad to hear your bottom is pale, white and spank-free, too, James! Keep it that way.

Gotta go, great hearing from you. Until next time you have a great day at school and don't get any detentions and be good. I will, too.

Take care, best always to you,


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:52:39 09/06/12 Thu

Hi Travis,

School itself has been fine, but, in a way, it got me in trouble. When I got to my homeroom, I was shocked!! My homeroom teacher was the same as last year's, my tutor!

It made me unhappy, knowing how she spanked while tutoring me.
She said hello and wished me a good school year. Said nothing about having to spank me at all. Of course, it was on my mind.

When I got home, I complained to my mom about it. She allowed me to vent for a bit, then told me that I need to get over it. I kept venting, including yelling and cursing. to my mom. I guess you know about that, well, maybe not the cursing part.

Also, the difference here is that my mom handles it herself. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to the sink, as she chewed me out. She brought a chair over and put it up to the sink, turning it around. Then she lowered my pants and underpants and had me kneel on the chair.

She took a bar of soap, rinsed it and put it in my mouth. Then left the kitchen, coming back shortly. You can guess with what. Then she began smacking me with the hairbrush, hard smacks. It got me sobbing which made it worse with the soap in my mouth. She stopped and left me bent over the sink with the soap still in my mouth.

I was left like that for about 15 minutes and then I was allowed to remove the soap and rinse. YUCK!!!

Then I was put in the corner for another 15 minutes. Then she took me over the chair which has been turned back around. I went over her knees and she began spanking me with the hairbrush once more. Not real long, but long enough to get me bawling. Then back to the corner again.

It was another 15 minutes and mom sent me to my room, telling me that I was not to use the computer. I went to my room and just laid on my bed, face down, with my bottom bare.

Stayed in my room until supper time. My dad chewed me out then, and before I sat down, he bared me and turned me over his lap and spanked me with his hand. So I spent supper crying and squirming on the chair.

Later, back in my room, I made the mistake of getting on the computer to let you know. I posted a quick message in another thread to Daniel and was about to sent a note to you when my mom came in. You could say she was unhappy.

First, she shut down my computer and unplugged it. Then she bared me and bent me over and gave me ten hard smacks with her hand. Then told me to change into pajamas and stay in my room. She then left with the computer.

At bedtime, she returned, sat down and turned me over her lap after pulling down my underpants. Then spanked me with her hand. My bottom was already so sore. I was really sobbing and wailing. When she stopped, she kept me over her lap as she lectured me. Told me that I better change my attitude over who is my homeroom teacher or I would be very sorry. And that I better think twice before talking the way I did to her. I did tell her I was really sorry I spoke to her like that. Then she stood me up and left the room.

Sure did sleep on my stomach, with my bottom bare and uncovered. Wednesday morning, I could still feel it. But at school, I tried real hard to not be noticed and I think I succeeded. The last thing I wanted was for my homeroom teacher to realize I had been spanked and it would have been even worse if she had mentioned it to me.

Mom gave me back my computer this evening after supper.

Don't know why I didn't get a pre-trip spanking. Maybe because I hadn't been in trouble at home recently (other than with my tutor). I was not complaining. Yes, my parents told me that I wouldn't get one, which eased my mind.

Yeah, I guess you would wonder what bottoms were spanked with those paddles, whether girls or boys, and what ages.
Did you picture them being used?

Yeah, in addition to the classes I named, I also have P.E.

I hope not get any detentions. In my school, detentions are usually spent in your homeroom, usually supervised by your homeroom teacher. While she might suspect that students that serve detentions would be spanked later at home, in my case, she would know for sure. Would be kind of awkward, knowing she has spanked me herself. Probably would want to spank me during detention if she could!!

Yeah, I imagine it would be embarrassing to know that your girlfriend and you know each other gets spanked, but it would be more embarrassing, I think, if only one of you gets spanked and the other knows. At least both of you know what the other goes thru when being spanked, even if you get the paddle and she gets the hairbrush.

I am sure it would sad to see a friend of yours being told they are getting spanked or paddled.

Yeah, I bet it's nice to have a pale bottom for a few weeks. I feel jealous!! But glad for you.

Hope you have stayed spank free and I hope to start a safe streak.

Take care and stay safe,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:37:38 09/07/12 Fri

Hi James,

I feel so sorry to hear about all of the spankings you have been getting, and even the mouth soaping.

I guess you had a Bad Day so to speak, and maybe you did go overboard knowing your homeroom teacher was your last years and summer tutor. I bet your thinking she was going to tell others in homeroom she got to spank you this summer but, there wouldn't be any reason for her to do that and brag about it James.

Too bad your mind couldn't have slowed your mouth down from complaining-cursing-yelling about your homeroom teacher, which resulted in you getting the spankings and mouth washing. I feel for you. I've done it myself and felt sorry I did it, dropped the swearing and all and while I was being turned over my dad's lap to get my bare bottom spanked I wished I could have taken it all back.

Gosh James, first spanked by your Mom and then later your dad takes a turn. At least it was only a hand spanking from him but, but with your bottom still tender and for sure on fire yet from your Mom's spanking I know what you went through and I bet you did alot of kicking and squirming. The only thing to do is cooperate and allow the spanking to be carried out and finished.

I hope your bottom has recovered and your feeling better?Breakfast time must have been murder and at least you got through homeroom without anyone noticing you had been spanked. Was you able to get through PE Class changing and showering without the guys notice you still had a somewhat sore, red bottom?

I returned back to school Tuesday and all is going great. I love the classes I have, teachers and kids I'm in so it will be a good year...I hope.

I hope you don't get any detentions, James. That is crazy your detention teacher would be your homeroom teacher. I hope she doesn't get the wild idea to want to come to your house to spank you or your Mom allow her to but I don't see a reason that would happen. Do you?

Yeah, I was wondering about the two paddles at the flea market whose bottoms they had punished, whether boys or girls or both. Yeah, I was trying to imagine them being used, and don't call me crazy but, I was wondering how they might feel on my own bottom. I guess probably because they were solid paddles and no holes drilled in them like my paddle used on me at home or in principal office that really puts the sting in a spanking and makes your bottom really, really sore and red!

Yeah, it's sad to know a friend is getting paddled or has been or even witnessing it happening, either in school or at home at my house or theirs. I hope nobody at school I have as friends get paddled this year...INCLUDING ME!

You feel jealous of me having a pale, white unspanked bottom? Thanks for the compilment and encouragement, James. You can have a pale, white unspanked bottom, too.
Just watch your mouth and be on guard to safe your bottom from getting spanked by trying to not do things that would earn you a spanking.

Good Luck on your new treak try. I know you can do it! You went a period for two weeks I believe and you can do it again or more! Try it! I know you will love doing, and your bottom will be glad that you did, too! LOL. It's just saying to itself..."James, please keep me white as snow, pale and unhurting and unspanked for awhile. I need a rest from being sore and not colored red!"

Well, good to hear from you. You make sure you behave yourself so you don't get your computer taken away in punishment. I sure would hate to have that happen as I would miss not hearing from you.

Take care James...be good! Have a Great Weekend and coming week at school.

Your friend,

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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 16:52:57 09/10/12 Mon

Hi Travis,

Yeah, it was a real bad day. I know better than to do what I did, but lost it that afternoon. And it's not that I was thinking she would tell the other students that she spanked me during the summer, it mostly was the knowledge that she had spanked me. If you know what I mean.

Yeah, I wish I could have stopped myself before I argued and swore.

Oh yes, I sure did do a lot of kicking and squirming as well as bawling. Plus getting smacked by my mom when she caught me on the computer. Then, getting spanked at bedtime. I sure was well spanked that day!!

It wasn't much fun sitting down at breakfast. Glad mom didn't decide to spank me that morning. And, fortunately, didn't have PE the next day.

I hope I don't get detentions either. Do I think it's possible my homeroom teacher gets to spank me? I guess it's possible if my mom asks her to. Might depend on what I got detention for. If I get detention. I mean if I got detention that relates to her class or for something I did in homeroom.

I imagine getting spanked with one of those two paddles might hurt as much as the one your dad uses. All depends on how long and how hard they smack your bottom. Did you imagine the spankings given while over the knee or bent over? And who was doing the spanking?

Well, fortunately, I have been safe since last week's bad day. Hope it can continue.

Hopefully, I won't be forbidden to use the computer again. Next time, I won't try to use it anyway.

Hopefully, you have stayed spank free.

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:42:20 09/12/12 Wed

Hi James,

I've finished my homework and have some computer time, so how you been doing? What I see and read your bottom has been staying pale, white and unspanked?


I am proud to report that I've been having great days too, and my bottom continues to remain pale, white and unspanked, too and I want to keep it that way, just like I know you do!

I can understand you "losing it" James and the knowledge that your homeroom teacker/summer tutor had spanked you and you wondering if she might blab to others sometime during the school year, etc. It was a natural reaction my friend, but too bad you couldn't have clamed down and turned yourself around and not got upset. I've done it myself as you well know, so there's nothing you or I can do when that happens and we slip with the mouth and have pay the price for our misbehaving, getting a soaped mouth and a sore bottom!

Yeah, you sure was well spanked that day. I bet there was not a trace of too much white left on your bottom cheeks untouched and almost all of you was red as two apples. I say that not to be mean, you know, and I've found my bottom having the change in color of white to red as much as you did that day and other days as well! Hopefully those days are behind (pardon the pun) us for awhile?

That's great you didn't have PE class so your buddies would have seen your fresh spanked bottom. A buddy of mine came to PE Class today and gotten spanked at home by his dad before coming to school. He didn't have all of his homework done and planned on finishing up in studyhall before going to that class but, his folks have a rule to have ALL homework completed the night before should something happen and it doesn't get done before going to class. My friend lied that he had the homework done and when his dad asked to see it, boy was his bottom "deadmeat" and his dad really gave him a good bare bottom spanking. He had a hard time sitting at breakfast and riding to school he said! When it came time to change to dress for PE Class of course everyone saw his red spanked bottom, and it was still red an hour later when it came time to shower. So he had a bad morning so to speak! Glad you didn't, James!

I hope you don't get detentions and get punished, James. The only way your homeroom teacher would get to spank you would be that she would have to come to your house, right? Your school doesn't allow spanking and she couldn't spank you at school, and your Mom couldn't give permission to spank you at school on the grounds, right? So, if it came down to you getting a spanking then it would have to take place at your house, correct?

I hope I don't mess up and have to visit the principal office for paddling. I've already seen one kid in PE Class who got paddled at the beginning of the morning before coming to class and the principal hasn't lost his touch to turn a white bottom to red without any trouble whatsoever. I can still feel the sting/tingle from the last paddling I got from him, and man it was hard sitting down. Later, my dad finished my bottom off, and that was worse getting it bare bottom and not on the seat of my pants like the principal paddled me! Lucky, the kid wasn't made fun of too much, and guys seem to sympathize to guys getting paddled so far this year and not teasing alot!

Yeah about the two paddles I saw at the flea market for spanking, I imagined getting paddled over the knee, like I get myself. Of course, just bending over and like having to grab ankles will allow a good bottom for target for paddling too but I think being over the knee makes your bottom cheeks more tighter and that for sure is going to allow and cause more pain. Don't you think, James? As for who was doing the spanking I would hope it would be my dad if I was getting paddled, although my Mom recently you know had the opportunity to smack my bottom some and she still can give a good, sore spanking!

Even though the two paddles didn't have drilled holes in them, a paddle is a paddle and still both kinds can still give sore bottom spankings for sure! I was wondering who got it last from both paddles, a boy or girl and if they got it bare bottom! I still think the saying on the one WARMED BUNS was kind of funny, but the other paddle sure had a long list of misbehavings that could be checked off for the kid about to get spanked or had just been spanked!

I'm still wondering how much a used paddle sells for at a flea market nowadays. You got any guesses? I sure was curious to want to ask the lady selling them but I didn't want to draw attention to my interest in them. My folks hadn't come a long yet and not to say they would have bought one of the paddles, you know, I thought best move on and leave the area!

Yeah James, if you aren't suppose to use the computer for being punished please don't sneak and use it and get caught. You could have computer use taken away for maybe a week and I would hate not being able to not talk with your, so please don't, okay? So far, I've never had my computer use taken away too much for punishment and I would hate the same to happen to me, too!

Well, gotta go. You have a great rest of the week in school. You don't do anything to earn you a spanking and stay spankfree. Keep your bottom white and pale! I will do the same! No fun for either of us to have sore, red bottoms and then try to figure out how to sit foe meals or doing homework.

Stay spankfree now, and I will, too!

Take care, best always to you, your friend,


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:05:23 09/16/12 Sun

Hi Travis,

Glad to report that I have stayed safe still. And I am glad you have as well!

I think also it was due to my knowing that not only had she known I got spanked but also had the opportunity to spank more me more than once during August. Actually, a number of times. It just made me uncomfortable.

Yeah, my bottom was very red that day. It's really bad if you get spanked in the morning before school. I have had that happen to me, including the time Lauren spanked me in the parking lot before dropping me off to school.

I hope I don't get detention either, especially given by my homeroom teacher. My school doesn't allow spanking and don't think she could spank me after class at the school, even with my parents' permission. At least I don't think so, and don't want to find out differently.

I am pretty sure, however, that she could spank me at home, though.

Yeah, I do hope you avoid getting paddled at school. I am glad to not having to experience that. I have read accounts where students get spanked or paddled in front of the class. Can you imagine that? Especially if it was done by a female teacher? How embarrassing!!

Yeah, when you mentioned the two paddles and how you imagined them being used, I pictured it as being over the knee. I never have been spanked by one and almost all of my spankings have been over the knee, except for the times I have just been smacked.

I am sure those paddles would cause pain no matter whether you are over the knee or bent over!

Maybe those paddles have been used by multiple parents over time, both boys and girls feeling it as it smacks their bottoms?

I would have felt funny asking what the cost was. Maybe she would ask you if you wanted her to try them out on you!!

I wish I didn't use the computer after being told not to.
Paid the price not obeying.

Hopefully, we can both stay spank free. Let us both keep it up!

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 05:24:09 09/19/12 Wed

Hi James,

I have a test at school today and I got up early to study and have finished and thought I would drop you a few lines instead of waiting until tonight.

Great to hear you continue to be spank-free and have a white pale bottom. I have been too, so looks like you and I have a matching set of two pale, white unspanked bottoms to contioue to enjoy not getting spanked! Keep up the good work my friend and I will, too!

Yeah, I'll agree with you that it's awful to get a red bottom spanking before going to school. Hard to try to sit at breakfast, and I've actually stood up a few times not sitting to eat and my folks not complain me doing it and then there is the ride to school, squirming a little to readjust trying to sit on a fresh spanked bottom and then getting to school and trying to sit oh so careful in homeroom to not let on about me spanked and then the classes to follow. Usually my first class is PE Class and of course the change into gym clothes and trying not to have the guys noticed I've been spanked at home but, if I get through without any noticing it will come at shower time when for sure there's no way to avoid not showing my still some red spanked bottm. But usually the guys are quite good to not tease because they could be in the same position as me the next day or other days to show a spanked red bottom and there has been sometimes more then one spanked red bottom showering besides me, too! You said this has happened to you before, getting spanked at home and then still have red bottom to show in PE CLass for changing and showering and guys not bothering you too much!

James, with your school having the NO SPANKING POLICY there is no way that that homeroom teacher can spank you at school, on school property so your safe. She would have to come to your house to try to spank you and that would be up to your parents to allow and I don't believe that would happen. I wouldn't ask your parents, however, so believe you won't get any spankings at all from the homeroom teacher!

I hope you don't get any detentions this year either. Try real hard to not get any, and don't be messing around with buddies who could cause you to get into trouble to get any!

I'm doing great in my behaving to avoid not getting any paddlings in the principal office. A buddy of mine did the other day before classes started in the principal office and when he came to PE Class to change into gym clothes boy was his paddled red bottom really the center of attention! The principal really paddled him good and red! The after effects still lasted most of the morning and when we had lunch together his bottom was still sore and tender for him to try sitting on!

I asked him if he could expect a spanking at home that night and he said he would get with from his dad using a paddle to his bare bottom. I felt sorry for him, but there was nothing I could do but help support him and tell him he would get through it like he usually does, like I would if it was going to happen to me and to just move on with life after it happens!

Female teachers are not allowed to spak male student at my school and male teachers can not spank female students either as policy permits. Most spankings are done more private and not infront of the class, however a few times PE Class teachers have done spankings with a paddle after class before, instead of sending the student to the principal office or there has been the choice of the student to get paddled by the PE teacher or principal. Both paddle spank about the same so no matter who does it, a student still ends up with a sore, red bottom. I would maybe the principal paddles harder, and I've had to find out a few times you know but never had a PE teacher paddle me yet or give them a reason to. I've seen their work paddling students and how red they can make a bottom, too, so I want to believe the principal swings the heavier paddle!

Your right James, any paddle is going to cause a bottom to hurt, whether bent over a lap or knee or even bent over grabbing ankles. Like you've never had a paddle smack your bottom it would be equal to you getting the hairbrush but, the paddle is going to spank both bottom cheeks at the same time and not have to spank individual cheeks like a hairbrush spanking is given and that kind of spanking is longer to finish and not as quick as a paddle spanking. I would think if you was given a choice, brush or paddle, you'd want to get a spanking over with quicker and you would chose a paddle, but until you get a paddle used on you to tell what choice you'd like you won't know for use!

I would agree that those flea market paddles I saw had been used many times. They had a nice smooth finish and looke worn sometime. I bet more boy's bottoms touched the paddles then girl, you know us guys always get into trouble more them girls! LOL.

I would say in my opinion that between the two paddles that the one that said WARM BUNS was proably used on girls more. That saying would fit them more, wouldn't you say? LOL.

I was with my mom shopping at a Goodwill Store the other day and they had for sale a wood cutting board and it was not the usual wide type you usually see for home use and that had be wondering if that might have been used for two duties, cuttingboard for kitchen use and paddle board for punshing. It was about the right size that could paddle a bottom good and leave it red. The board didn't have a price tag on it and I wasn't about to ask how much it cost, but seeing that and the two flea market paddles has me to wondering about prices.

That's good your still spankfree James, and thanks for encouraging me. I really appreciate you cheering me on, and will continue to do for you. We can do it, James! Not get spankings! So you continue to keep you bottom pale white and I will mine, too!

Talk to you later, have a good remaining week at school. Best to you, take care.


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:14:56 09/20/12 Thu

HI Travis,

Glad you have stayed safe. Unfortunately, I haven't. Got into trouble at school today. At lunch, I was talking to this girl who lives somewhat close to where we live.

Well, unfortunately, we continued our conversation during class. Our teacher, who was my homeroom teacher as well, gave us both detention. Felt angry at myself for getting myself in trouble, especially with this teacher. I am sure you know why.

Well, after detention, both of us began walking home. I was pretty nervous about what was facing me when I got home, and, as it turns out so was my classmate, Courtney. She said that she would be in big trouble when she got home.

Then she said, "I guess you will be in big trouble as well."
I said, "What do you mean?"

She said that a few times last year, she could tell I was being careful in how I sat down. She then said that she has found herself in the same situation.

So, she knew I get spanked and, she in turn, told me she did as well. How did you and your girl friend find out each other gets spanked?

Well, as we got closer to where she lives, I asked her if we could go out sometime, and she said sure. Made me glad, despite what my immediate future was.

When we got to her house, her mother was waiting outside. This year, for the firs time, an email is sent out to the parents as well as a note that we have to bring home.

Courtney never had a chance to introduce me. Her mom came over, turned her around and smacked her bottom twice, hard.
Without even thinking, I blurted out "Hey, don't do that!!"

Her mom glared at me and told to "mind my own business."

I felt really bad for Courtney to be smacked in public like that.

Then Courtney's mom grabbed her arm and began marching toward their house. I watched until they were inside and the door was closed and I began walking. Now my own situation was on my mind. I hoped my mom wasn't waiting for me outside my house.

She wasn't. But was waiting for me inside as I entered and saw the hairbrush sitting on the coffee table. My bottom was already tingling before that, and now I had a put in my stomach.

My mom wasn't very happy at all as you might guess. She started lecturing and scolding me as she began undressing me. After I took my sneakers off, she lowered and removed my jeans and them my underpants.

Then, bare from the waist down, I was turned over my mom's lap. She began spanking, with her hand. I was surprised that she started with her hand. spanked hard and I was crying hard when she paused for a moment.

Then the spanking began again, now getting it with the hairbrush. That really burnt my bottom, felt like it was on fire. I was really bawling loudly.

When she finally stopped spanking, I was stood up amd marched to the corner, my mom smacking me as I walked to the corner. I really wanted to rub but somehow restrained myself.

I was in the corner for about 20 minutes, then had to do my homework in the kitchen sitting on a hard chair, still bare from the waist down.

Only when I was finished could I get up and go to my room, where I laid face down on my bed. I was able to get dressed for supper. But sure did squirm while sitting down. I was worried that my dad would add to the spanking but he just scolded me.

Right now, I am sitting on a pillow as I write this.

In case you are wondering, I did wonder if somehow my homeroom teacher would make an appearance. Glad she didn't, obviously.

Yeah, I agree that she couldn't spank me on school property, even if my parents gave permission. But she could spank me here. Don't know if my parents would consider that or not, and I am not going to ask them.

No, I haven't yet been spanked with a paddle, so I can't compare how a paddle and a hairbrush differ or which one is worse.

Hey, you keep finding paddles for sale, or something that could be used as one. At least your parents aren't looking to buy one and would want to test it out on you!!! LOL

Well, anyway, my spank free streak is over. Hope yours is still alive.

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:47:24 09/22/12 Sat

Hi James,

Sorry to hear your spankfree run has come to an end and that you got spanked, James. This is awful! I feel for you and was hoping it would be a long run for you. My bottom is still spankfree, pale white and feeling normal.

James that is so cool that you have found a friend in Courtney. You and she met at lunch? How did you meet her at lunch, you talk to her first or she to you?

I can understand you and Courtney wanting to continue your conversation in class but, seems like the teacher would have given you at least one warning before giving you both detention but, if the teacher is who I believe your saying she is HOMEROOM TEACHER who was your tutor right, then your going to have to watch it around her. So, Courtney got detention with you, too, huh?

James that is really Cool that Courtney has had her eye on you for awhile, even if she noticed sometimes you were kind of not sitting good in class and that she figured out possibly that you had gotten spankings at home. Her interest isn't in that news, but hey dude, she likes you! Again, this is so cool! I was hoping you would maybe meet a girl soon, and Courtney is the one for you now!

So, you and Courtney continued talking aftet detention and walking home together? That is really neat. So, she knows that you get spankings and she has admitted that she does, too, besides her Mom swatting her a few times in front of you when she got home. That was COOL of you to walk her homw and if the detentions hadn't happened she was going to introduce you to her Mom, which is even better.

James, I would have done and said the same thing you did to her Mom, telling her to not swat Courtney like she did in front of you. I hope next day at school you told Courtney you was sorry her Mom did that? I expect Courtney got a spanking inside after you went home?

James, I kind of talked with my girlfriend and was sort of friends with her before she knew I got spankings, and she liked me. However, when I got a few paddlings at school like it happens to other guys (sometimes girls, too) sometimes news spreads around among classmates, "hey, did you hear so and so got his butt busted by the principal or a teacher..." and yeah, like you when I was in classes I had to try sit softly in my deskseat to try to ease the pain and I was noticed too my "girlfriend" and others, even though I tried to keep it a secret but, if word gets out one has gotten a paddling then alot of people know.

So, my girlfriend has always been supportive and been there is she found out I've gotten a spanking at school or home, and I've opened up to her about it, and she has to me if I find out that she get's spankings at home. Her Mom spanks her with a hairbrush sometimes and a few times it's only been hand spankings. I hate it when my girlfriend gets a spanking, but hey, she is human like you and me when we accidentally make mistakes in life and we have to pay the price getting spanked and so do girls, James. Does that surprise you?

So, you and Courtney like each other? That is so cool and she says you wants to go out with you sometime? Way to go, James! She likes you and I know you like her. What does she look like? I bet she has a cute smile and a laugh? My girlfriend does!

How come your Mom didn't happen to drive you to school that day, James or doesn't she and school is in walking distance? Maybe you and Courtney can walk to school together each day? Can you have lunch together each day, too?

James, I'm sorry you got spanked from your Mom. Whow, hairbrush waiting for you when you got home. Sounds like she met business to warm your bottom up first hand spanking you and then giving you the hairbrush. I hate those kind of spankings because my bottom is already sore from hand spanking and then when I get the paddle the spanks "burn" so much more. I'm sure you will agree getting hand spanked first and then getting the hairbrush?

Did your Mom know you and Courtney got into trouble together? Does she know her Mom? I can understand your reaction to Courtney's Mom swatting her like she did and you coming to her defense! Yeah, James...way to show Courtney you care for her, although you was like shown to be disrespecting her mom in not "mind your own business!"

I done that few times myself, told my girlfriend I'd like to tell her parents off not to spank her, and I told my dad that one time and he told me if I ever said a word to butt in on my girlfriends' parents in disciplining her and said something to their face, I would "have the sorest butt for awhile and not be able to sit on it for awhile" and that the paddle would be put to good use! I know not to disrespect adults, James. But I sometimes slip and voice my opinion and it has gotten me some warming in lower regions. LOL.

Whow, you must have gotten an A#1 spanking to be sitting on a pillow to write me. Did you have to continue to cool off sleeping bare bottom, James? Glad to hear your dad didn't spank you. I believe he was understanding to your thoughts about Courtney but your spanking was really getting the detention. You think your homeroom teacher has it in for you James? Guess you'll have to be on your guard around her?

Yeah, its funny I keep finding paddles for sale. I don't think my folks would be looking to buy a second one, with the one they have and I get used on me already. Why should they, a hand spanks a bottom good and sore too, and even if it takes longer to spank with! I'd be embarrassed if my dad or mom found a paddle in a store and give me a "test" swat! I hope they wouldn't do that. I know my Mom wouldn't but my dad might do it as a joke. He has a good sense of humor.

Hey, James, again it's cool you have found Courtney as a friend and I hope maybe she and you can become boyfriend and girlfriend. Just let nature take its course. You let he talk alot about herself. Girls like doing that. She'll want to talk about you too, so have some fun both of you!

Does your school have like dances you could go together? Maybe go to movie?

Well, gotta go. You try a new spankfree run now, and keep n your guard to not get spanked. I'm surprised I'm doing good as I am to stay spankfree. Talk to you soon. Take care, James.

Best always, your buddy,

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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 11:56:53 09/23/12 Sun

Hi Travis,

Glad to hear that you have stayed spank free.

We met by her sitting next to me at lunch. I am glad that she chose to do that.

It was not a good idea for either of us to continue to talk in class, especially with our homeroom teacher, who is strict.
She usually doesn't give warnings either. Yup, Courtney got detention as well.

I did blush a little when she said she could figure out when I was feeling the effects of being spanked. But she made me get over it when she said she got spanked as well and was not teasing me about it but understanding.

Yeah, we know each other gets spanked, and besides I saw her mom smack her outside. I felt bad about that.

Yeah, next day I did tell Courtney I was sorry to to have seen her mom smack her. She said thanks. But she also said that her mom was not happy that I said what I did and she told Courtney she couldn't go out with me. That made feel bad.

Yeah, I know that girls get spanked as well. Not recently, but my cousin, Lauren, has gotten spanked. Of course, now, she doesn't get spanked, but does give spankings, as I know. In fact, she's at my house now as my parents are away.

Mom usually doesn't drive me. Usually when she drives me, it's not a good thing, since it means I am late, which usually results in a spanking.

Yeah, the hairbrush was waiting for me as well as my mom. She was not happy that I got detention. Yup, getting the hand spanking first and then the hairbrush made it worse because each spanking was bad.

Later, I told mom about Courtney and that we both got into trouble. I mentioned that she gets spanked as well. Mom nodded saying she agreed that she should have gotten spanked. When I said that her mom smacked her outside in front of me and that I said something, she wasn't happy about that at all. I almost thought she was going to spank me for that, but didn't. By the way, mom does know her mom.

Today, I talked to Lauren about it. She didn't agree with me saying what I did, as it's up to Courtney's mom to decide how to punish her. She suggested that I should go to their house to apologize, saying perhaps it would be best to do it while Courtney is not home. I think I will do that.

Yes, the spanking I got was really bad. Yes, I slept on my stomach with my bottom bare.

No, I guess your parents would have no reason to buy another paddle to spank you with. Maybe a hairbrush to take on trips with you? LOL....just kidding. But yes, a hand spanking hurts plenty as I just found out.

Well, got to go. Take care, and stay spank free.


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 08:34:27 09/24/12 Mon

Hi James,

Great to hear from you, and from your lastest post you didn't mention any new spankings so, you off to a good start to try staying spank free again! Good Luck!

Again, I'm glad to report my bottom is still staying white, pale and unspanked! Hope I can keep it.

You met Courtney when she decided to sit by you to have lunch? That means she thinks your probably cute and good looking to her and she wanted to get to know you better, despite her interest some to let you know she felt sorry that you got spanked when she saw you trying to sit at your desk in class and you was trying to get over the effects of being spanked. What spanking do you think that would have been? Got any idea?

Yeah, I'd probably blush like you did if Courtney asked me questions and then admitted she got spankings at home to. Did she ask you the embarrasing question, "did you get spankings on your bare bottom and what with?"

What did Courtney admit how she gets spankings or didn't you press the issue? Was wondering if she gets the hairbrush bare? You probably shouldn't, come right out to ask her if she didn't tell alot the other day you and she talked a little about you getting spanked but, I was just curious if she got spankings like my girlfriend has talk about some that she has gotten with the hairbrish, bare and mostly given by her Mom as her folks feel she should be spanked by her and not her dad for obvious reasons.

That teacher doesn't give warnings, who gave you and Courtney detention? Most teachers usually do. Guess this teacher doesn't know how to be a good teacher with a relationship with students? There I go, James. I've been taught to respect teachers and I here I slip up and say this. Glad my Mom or Dad don't know. I'd be getting a spanking and there goes my spank free streak!

That's cool you told Courtney you was sorry she got smacked by her Mom on her bottom and you said you probably shouldn't have said anything about it. That showed Courtney you really care for her and that could be a plus in your favor for her liking you alot, James!

Her Mom told her she was not happy what you said about her to "not do that" when she smacked Courtney's bottom and you and she can't go out together? I would have felt bad about that, too!


There I go again, disrespecting a Mom. But James, it's important that you and Courtney have an opportunity to go out sometime. Does Courtney have dad, and maybe you can talk to him and ask if you two can sometime? At least, until that happens you two can have lunch together.

Your Mom knows Courtney's Mom and she wasn't too pleased what you said? You would think your Mom would be understanding alittle. There I go again, disrespecting your Mom. But, James, this is important and I thought maybe you Mom could help and maybe get Courtney's Mom to agree that you and she could go out. Maybe you can ask, or try talking to your Mom another time when she is in a good mood?

That's a good idea that Lauren suggested you got apologize to Courtney's Mom. How did that go? Did she think you really was a nice boy and maybe you and Courtney could go out or didn't you press the going out again?

Sorry you got the bad spanking, first with the hand and then the hairbrush! Seeing that hairbrush I bet put a tingle in your bottom? It was bad, if you slept on your stomach and bare! Sorry to hear that, James! At least your Mom was better within a few days? Did you happen to notice tha Courtney was having trouble sitting at school to give sympathy to her?

Yeah, my parents would have no reason to buy a second paddle. If it broke somehow, and one of the guys at school was telling about not too long ago the paddle they get spanked with at home broke while they were getting spanked, so if mine broke my dad would just make another one out of wood!

You think my Mom would buy a hairbrush to use to just spank me with, James? She has a brush, and it's not very big and it's made out of plastic. I guess a plastic brush could be used to spank with but, sure isn't very heavy and to take any kind of hairbrush on vacation to use to spank with, I don't think that would happen as it hasn't so far and my dad sure has a big enough hand to spank my bottom cheeks good with, without coming up with a hairbrush! LOL.

Well, gotta go to school and can't be late or I'll find myself not spank free anymore and get paddled and the come home and getting another one from my dad.

You take care, James and stay spank free and enjoy Counrtney's company at school!


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:28:05 09/25/12 Tue

Hi Travis,

Glad your bottom has stayed white! Very good!!

No, I hadn't gotten any new spankings when I last wrote. That has changed as I will tell you why shortly.

Not sure what spanking it was that she noticed I was uncomfortable sitting down. It might have been when Lauren spanked me on the way to school or another time when mom spanked me in the morning.

No, Courtney didn't ask if I got it bare bottom. Not ready to admit that. And Courtney didn't say how she got spanked either. Perhaps at some point, we'll mention it, though I have a good idea about it.

My homeroom teacher isn't the only one who doesn't give or hardly gives warnings. Better keep your feelings about teachers quiet to keep spank free!!

I didn't say to Courtney that I shouldn't have said what I did to her mom. But it was something I shouldn't have done. Like you said in your previous note, it's disrespectful.
You even said in your last note that if you did what I did, you would be in big trouble.

I felt really bad when Courtney said her mom told her she couldn't go out with me.

Well, mom was somewhat understanding, but didn't like what I said. I don't know if mom spoke to Courtney's mom or not, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Yup, seeing the hairbrush made my bottom tingle, even though I knew a spanking was coming. And it was a bad spanking, especially getting the hand spanking first.

Well, I did Lauren's suggestion. I wanted to do it in person without Courtney being there and had the chance this afternoon. I called and asked Courtney's mom if I could come over and talk to her. She sounded curt, but said ok..

So, I walked over to Courtney's house and was invited inside. Then I apologized for what I said, that I shouldn't have said anything and I would like to go out with Courtney.

Her mom said that she doesn't like anyone interfering with her disciplining her daughter, especially someone my age.
She said, however, that she would forgive me and give me a second chance on one condition.

I said what is the condition?

Then shocked me by saying that I would need to accept a spanking from her! I didn't know what to say.

She went on to say that she had spoken to my mom and my mom would let it be my decision. I wondered if that was why my mom didn't spank me for making that remark to Coutney's mom.

I gulped and said I would accept the spanking. She said I was brave to make that choice and told me to follow her to the kitchen. I did, and when I got there, she took me to a chair and told me to stay there. She left and shortly returned with a hairbrush.

She sat down, undid and lowered jeans and turned me over her lap. Then reached for my underpants. I said do you have to do that? She said, "Oh yes, spanking should be on bare bottoms!" Then said that she has seen her son's bare bottom when spanked him at my age.

My underpants got pulled down. then began spanking, hard and steady. I tried reaching back and she grabbed my arm.
As the spanking continued, I was kicking and she pushed me forward and pinned me, then resumed spanking, and it was worse. I was bawling, sobbing, wailing and finally she stopped. She pulled my underpants up and then stood me up and told me to pull up my jeans.

That wasn't very easy!! Once I had recovered some composure, she said I could go back home now, and that I could go out with Courtney and nothing more would be said.
Said that she wouldn't tell Courtney and it would be up to me whether to tell her or not.

As I was about to leave, she said, "wait a minute". She came over, grabbed my arm, and gave me two hard smacks to the seat of my jeans, just like she did with Courtney. She said I was lucky she didn't do that outside.

then left, some tears in my eyes and walked home. I wondered if I could hide the fact that I was spanked from Lauren.

The answer was no. I walked in and she saw something and stopped me before I went inside. I had to admit that I had apologized and had to agree to spanked in order to go out with Courtney.

All Lauren said was "I see". I have a feeling she knew it was going to happen. I was in living room and she told to come over where she was. I said "why"?

She said, "You know the rules, you get spanked elsewhere, you get spanked at home. I am sorry James, but that's the way it is, I have no choice."

She took my arm and pulled me over and began lowering my jeans. I pleaded that my bottom was on fire. She just went on pulling my jeans down and then I went over her lap. She pulled down my underpants and said my bottom was very red.

She said that couldn't spank me right then, that she would wait until bedtime. But before she pulled my underpants up, she smacked me twice, causing me to howl.

then I was stood up, I pulled up my jeans and rushed to my room. Once there, I bared and rubbed like mad. And laid down on my stomach for a bit, before putting a pillow on my chair to sit down and worked on my homework.

When it was time for supper, I found a pillow on my chair to sit on. Glad to see that. But I complained about getting spanked at bedtime and over did it. At first, Lauren let me spout off, but eventually she told me to stop. But I didn't, including a couple of swear words.

Then she got upset and told me to get up and come over to her. I knew what that meant and pleaded for another chance.
She said it was too late, that she tried to be patient. I got up and she lowered my jeans and I went over her knees. My bottom got bared and she began spanking me with her hand. Didn't take long for me to start bawling. It wasn't a long spanking, but it was hard. She stopped and told me that I was lucky she didn't get the hairbrush.

She stood me up, after pulling my underpants up, and told me to sit down with my jeans at my knees. As I went to sit down, she took the pillow away and had to sit uncomfortably and squirm. After supper, Lauren said she ought to wash my mouth out with soap, but instead I had to stand in the corner with my bottom bared. then, finally, I was sent to my room. Like before, I am sitting down with my bottom bare on a pillow. And facing another spanking at bedtime.

Oh well, hope you have stayed spank free.

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:49:00 09/26/12 Wed

Hi James,

Boy, your bottom really got a workout. I am sorry to hear about that, and that your spankfree steak came to an end again!

I am afraid my spankfree streak has as well. Today at school during lunch time while in line to get a hot meal another kid in fron of me forgot to get their jello dessert.I wasn't in their way to get it but they thought I was and shoved me back out of the way. I screamed to them, "hey, you can't be doing that!" The kid grabbed me and shoved me to the floor and said, "oh, yes I can!" I got back up and wanted to give that kid a big shove and punch but, I didn't at first and then when I changed my mind I was about to when I drawed back with my first and it was then a teacher came and saw what was going on. Others around me tried to say I wasn't fighting the dude, but we both got hauled off to the principal office.What was bad is I lunch with my girlfriend and she tried to stop the teacher but she told her to stay out of it.

We both got to the office and was told we have been fighting in school and we'd be getting a paddling. I tried to explain I didn't even punch the kid like he did me, but the principal didn't believe me and said I was guilty. He asked which one of us wanted to be first and seeing I couldn't avoid not getting paddled I said I would. I had to empty my back pockets and bend across the desk which allowed by jeanclad bottom to stick up good for the paddling.

James, I got four hard cracks of the paddle, and the principal mixed up the swats good. I can't believe it I got through the paddling without bawling, but my bottom was sure on fire when my paddling was over with. I got to watch that dude get his paddling, and while he did I was able to rub the seat of my pants. That duded bawled, James! Right after the first swat to the last of his 4 swats. I was ablt to go back to lunch, but had a little hard time sitting and same for rest of classes in the afternoon.

I dreaded coming home as I knew my dad would paddle me at home but I did. I got a note to take home and sign and when my dad cam home I explained what happened, and I thought for sure my bottom was going to be rump roasted! I explained what happened to him and while I was doing I just started to dropping my jeans and underpants and stood bare bottom before him. He said, "well, Travis it sounds like the principal thought you was fighting and that was why you got paddled. You know if you get a paddling at school then you get one at home, young man."

My dad reached for my arm and pulled me over to him and put me over his lap, but I didn't see him reaching for the paddle that I had laid out for use and thought, oh I guess I get a hand spanking first.

I turned around with my head and saw my dad raise his hand up into the air and I closed my eyes. I then flet a hard swat to one of the cheeks of my bottom and then it set it for a big "burn". I waited for the next swat but it didn't come. My dad picked me up and held me into his arms and said, "that bottom of your has been fired up enough today. No more spanking, Travis" and he gave me a big hug. While doing so I cried and said, I love you dad" and my dad returned the same compliment to me! He let me down and told me to get ready to eat supper. But, before doing so, he told me the principal made a mistake in paddling me and my dad said he was going to make it up to me somehow and he was going to the principal he thought he made a mistake in paddling. At my chair was a pillow for me to sit on, and it sure felt good. That paddling at school left some red swat markings across my bottom when I looked in the mirror and I would faintly see the hand swat my dad gave me on the one cheek too. So I can't believe I came out of this better then I thought but my spankfree streak came to end.

James, I am so sorry you had to get spanked by Courtney's Mom to be able to go out with her. You are something else to sacrifice your bottom to do that. Gosh, James! Her mom saw your bare bottom. Did she comment afterwards how red she made you or just pulled up your underwear after your spanking?

That was awful you getting the hairbrush! At least her Mom didn't spank your bare bottom with her hand. That would have really made you more embarrassed then getting the hairbrush! How many smacks do you think you got, James? Must have been quite a few to get you squirming and crying like she made you, but James, this shows Courtney"s Mom how much you care for Countrney and want to go out with her.

The spanking you got was really for disrespect, and I bet your Mom talked her Mom into giving you the spanking if they both are friends! James, were you really embarrassed for Courtney's Mom to see you bare bottom? I would have, and I see you asked if it was necessary or not to. That shows right there that Courtney get's spankings on her bare bottom with a hairbrush, so you now know, unless she brings it up to you if you and she talks more about you two getting spankings! That was brave of you to allow Courtney's Mom to spank you James let alone let her to see your bare bottom. At least she allowed you to go over her lap before wanting the underwear down. Did she ask you to raise up some to allow them to come down easier?

I hope you didn't do any rubbing infront of Courtney's Mom on the seat of your pants?

As for Lauren for spanking you, what SUCKS! You would think she would have been understanding not to spank you. Was that unusal for Lauren to make the comment that your bottom was very red like it was? At least you only got a couple of spanks and told later you'd get the worse spanking!

That had to be murder to get the spanking from her, but at least she waited until later to give it to you and you got spanked only with her hand. A hairbrush would have been murder on your sore bottom.

Do you think Courtney will find out you got spanked by her mom? My girlfriend knows I probably got paddled by the principal but she doesn't know my dad only gave me one swat of a spanking yet. Wonder what she is going to say to me a schoo tomorrow. I can't believe my dad didn't paddle me good, but my bottom is still sore some and I'm going to sleep bare, which I bet you did last night. Was you bottom quite red this morning James? Hopefully mine will only be pink some and not a fire red!

I gotta go, but wanted to let you know my spankfree streak is over and I got paddled today at school but didn't get a bad spanking from my dad.

Maybe we both can start a spankfree streak together. Still cool that you took the spanking to go out with courtney!


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:46:52 09/27/12 Thu

Hi Travis,

Sorry to hear you got paddled at school. I guess your school's Jello must be pretty good to fight over it!! :)

While, I understand why you got annoyed, I hope you don't mind me saying that it wasn't a good idea to attempt to throw a punch, no matter how tempting it was. It was really fortunate, I think, to have been prevented from landing that punch. If you had landed it, you'd probably have gotten a worse paddling at school, and probably a full spanking from your dad.

I am glad he only gave you a token smack to your bottom. I guess he had to follow through with that much because of the house rule.

I am also glad you took the paddling at school better than the other student. Good for you!!

I was shocked to hear that to go out with Courtney, I had to accept a spanking from her mom. Maybe if I had more time to think about it, I might have made a different decision, or maybe not.

Yes, she saw my bare bottom. Everyone who has ever spanked me has spanked my bare bottom. No, she didn't say anything about how red my bottom was, which I was glad. Once the spanking ended, she pulled up my underpants.

Yeah, the hairbrush spanking was real bad and seemed long. Not sure how many spanks I got, but it sure got me kicking as well as trying to cover up. Which made it worse because she pinned me, causing my bottom to stick up more.

I wouldn't have liked to be hand spanked by her. I agree that would be worse.

I don't know if my mom talked to Courtney's mom or not, but it's possible. Yeah, it was embarrassing for her to see my bare bottom, but perhaps not as embarrassing as it would have been for you since I have been spanked bare bottoms by other moms before.

Yeah, I am pretty sure Courtney gets spanked similar to how her mom spanked me, which makes me feel bad. I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me if the spanking I got was pretty close to how Courtney was spanked the other day once she was taken inside. Do you agree?

I haven't said anything to Courtney about being spanked by her mom, just that I apologized to her mom. And Courtney hasn't said anything to me about it.

Do you think we will ever get spanked together?

Yeah, it was good at least to be over her lap before she bared me. Yeah, I had to lift up a bit.

No, no rubbing while at her house, though I wanted to rub.

It wasn't that Lauren wasn't understanding. There is a rule that getting spanked at someone else's house means another spanking at home.

No, Lauren doesn't usually comment on how red my bottom was, so it had to be very red! Agree?

I am glad she didn't spank me right then, and just gave me two smacks to, I guess, carry it over until later. Those two smacks, however, made me howl.

Did you miss the part where Lauren spanked me at supper time for complaining too much and then cursing? She allowed me to go on for a bit, then told me to stop and I didn't and swore, though not at her. That's when I had to go over her lap once my jeans were down, and she hand spanked my bare bottom. That was pretty painful on my very sore bottom. Then had to sit down in just my underpants, leaving my jeans down. Plus Lauren removed the pillow she had placed on the chair.

At the end, she gave me corner time, but didn't wash my mouth with soap, which surprised me.

At bedtime, Lauren came in, carrying the hairbrush, which frightened me. She said, however, it would only be used if I didn't cooperate.

She sat down and turned me over her lap, bared my bottom and got another hand spanking from her. Had me bawling and then she pulled up my pjs and stood me up and hugged me good night. Once she left, I pulled down my pjs and rubbed and I slept on my stomach with my bottom bare.

Don't know if Courtney will find out I got spanked by her mom. I suppose at some point it will come out, perhaps if one time, we come back late or something.

How close do you think your girlfriend was to getting paddled? I guess it was obvious to her that you were going to get paddled. I assume she knows your house rule that a paddling at school means a spanking at home? She probably has the same rule as well. Did you tell her you only got one smack from your dad?

Well, I hope you have stayed spank free since. And Lauren hasn't had reason to spank me since, which is good.

Speaking of which, I asked Lauren if she had to tell my parents about my being spanked by Lauren as well as Courtney's mom and she said she had to, as my mom made clear to her that she was not to fail to tell her about any spanking she gives me. Which she did that time when she spanked me in the parking lot before school.

Well, take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:49:29 09/29/12 Sat

Hi James,

I didn't see any posting of any new spanking(s) for you, so your bottom must still be pale and white and still recovered from your last spankings from Courtney's Mom and Lauren?

My bottom is back to feeling normal after the school paddling and swat from my dad, and my spankfree streak is continuing.

Yeah, I probably would have gotten a worse paddling from the principal then what I did had I thrown a punch to that kid, but I sure kinda wanted to. That kid is a troublemaker and I'm glad he got his bottom paddled that day. He does things at school and isn't caught doing them. He could get paddlings in the office everyday if he was caught.

I'm glad I was able to get through my paddling without bawling and in a way it was a treat seeing that kid get his bottom paddled! In you know what I mean?

Token smack from my dad? I like that term or phrase whatever you want to call it. Yeah, I could have gotten worse and my dad could have really let me have it but, I think he knew I tried my best to not get into a fight and we talked about it that whenever possible to try to walk away from a fight, etc. I sure felt that one "token smack" and it was shock that the spanking ended. Great for my bottom and me! LOL. It sure was funny seeing my dad's hand print on my bottom cheek, it really suck out! You ever notice hand print spanking on your bottom James when inspecting for fun sometimes?

Yeah, it had to be a shock that Courtney's Mom insisted on spanking you so you could go out with her. I'm glad you took the spanking, James! I would have, too. It shows you really care for Courtney, even if you might have lost a layer of skin so to speak on your bottom. I'm glad you reacted quickly to agree to the spanking, and didn't hesitate but, still it had to be embarrassing for you because of course her Mom never saw you bottom bare before. It is going to be a funny feeling for you James when you see Courtney's mom off and on and she looks at the seat of your pants knowing she spanked you bare? It would for me! At least you tried to ask if you could not be spanked bare, but like any adults spanking they feel us kids need to be taught good for a good spanking and feel we need to get it bare. I'm glad my principal didn't spank me bare bottom. As for that bully, I would have enjoyed watching his bare bottom get red and redder, if you can understand what I am saying?

Yeah, it would have made you feel really funny to have had Courtney's mom hand spanking your bottom, and going back to never having her spank your bottom bare with her hand. I know it would be!

Do I think you and Courtney will ever get spanked together? James, that would be awful embarrassing for you and for her! I can't imagine her Mom wanting you to see Courtney's bare bottom and yours for her to see. If she wanted to do that, Courtney's Mom needs her head examines. Would your Mom like for your bare bottom to be seen my Courtney and for you to see hers? You could ask Lauren, if not too embarrassing but I think she would agree that would be wrong! It would be like, would Lauren like for you to see her bottom bare? I know she's spanked you bare and your used to that, I guess but still...EMBARRASSING to think about! I hope you and Courtney never get spanked together. James, I would die if my girlfriend saw my bottom bare.

I'll agree that your bottom was RED and glad that Lauren didn't comment how red it was, but sometimes adults to that. My dad sometimes have before when I've been paddled at school and I was surprised he didn't last time, if he's really mad he sometimes comments he's going to add some more red color to an alread red bottom and then he does by paddling me!

No, I saw that part Lauren spanked you for cursing and making you sit to eat in your underwear. At least she didn't make you sit bare bottom. Has that ever happened to you James? Never has for me and I hope it never does, but I've so far never had to sit in my underwear to eat after getting a spanking, only in PJ bottoms, or shorts I'be be wearing, etc.

I'm glad you didn't get the hairbrush at bedtime, your botto was sore enough as it was and that would have really made things worse! For sure, you had to sleep bare bottom to cool off!

Glad Courtney hasn't found out her Mom spanked you. Think she will? If she does then she will know how much you care for her to had had taken a spanking. You think she would do the same for you, get a spanking?

Gotta go, but take care of your bottom and stay spankfree. I will too!

Best always,

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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 18:14:59 10/02/12 Tue

Hi Travis,

Well, my bottom had recovered from the spankings I got from Courtney's mom and Lauren, and it's pale now, but I did get a spanking yesterday after school.

No, it had nothing to do with school. It was a spanking for arguing with Lauren and swearing. My mom told me I would be getting spanked after school while eating breakfast with my mom and Lauren. I started to protest until my mom asked me if I wanted the spanking right then and there.

I decided I didn't want that. My mom did tell me that I was brave to agree to be spanked by Courtney's mom but I need to learn to be respectful of others.

So, during school, I had to think about getting spanked when I got home and wonder how bad it would be. Walking home from school with Courtney, I tried to hide my nervousness and I guess I succeeded. Arriving home, and in the kitchen, my mom brought me over to a chair and lowered my pants and underpants and then turned me over her lap.
I didn't see the hairbrush around.

She started spanking, hard and spanked me until I was bawling loudly. Then she stood me up and put me in the corner, telling me I was fortunate to not have my mouth washed out with soap and not to get spanked with the hairbrush. She said next time, I wouldn't be so lucky.

Since yesterday, things have been ok.

I am glad you didn't throw that punch. As much as you would have liked to, your bottom wouldn't have and you would have had trouble sitting down at home.

Yeah, it was embarrassing to be bared and spanked by Courtney's mom and I will probably be self-concious around her, knowing I was over her knees getting painfully spanked.

No, I don't think we would get spanked together. At the most, I could perhaps see us being spanked separately, with the other in another room, so the spanking could only be heard. But probably not. More likely, if I were to get spanked by her mom again, it would be when Courtney's not home. Agree?

Lauren has never said to me how red my bottom is getting while spanking me. She only said it that time to explain why, after I was bare bottomed over her knees, she wasn't going to spank me right then. Of course, the two spanks she did give me made me howl.

No, I never had to sit at the kitchen table bare bottomed. Don't think Lauren would do that.

Yeah, getting the hairbrush at bedtime would have been really painful. Getting the hand spanking from Lauren was bad enough.

As far as I know, Courtney doesn't know I got spanked by her mom. Will she ever find out? I don't know. Nor do I know whether she would take a spanking for me, and I don't think I will ask her.

I probably won't be writing again until next week as we are going away this weekend. Hopefully, I can stay spank free and you do as well.

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:40:06 10/03/12 Wed

Hi James,

Sorry to hear you slipped up and swore at your Mom. I know you didn't mean to do it, once the word comes out there is nothing you or I can do when I do it myself and then we both have to pay the price and get a spanking.

At least your spanking didn't have to take place until after school, although you would be worry about it all day at school and how bad it would be. It would have been murder to have gotten spanked before school and then you trying to sit at your desk in different classes and try to do school work, ane even try hiding your discomfort from Courtney, especially when she guessed a few times you had gotten spanked at home and saw you trying to sit comfortable at your desk at school.

At least you didn't get your mouth soaped for swearing. How'd you luck out on that one?

Boy James, you lucked out again in only getting a hand spanking and not the hairbrush, too! It sounds like you still got it bad thought, sorry to hear that! Did you have to sit at the kitchen table to do homework in your underpants down and I bet it was murder trying to sit to eat supper? For sure, I bet you slept bare at bedtime to try to cool down?

I'm glad I didn't throw that punch to at that kid. I would have gotten more paddle licks from the principal and I bet I would have cried in front of both of them. At least I got satisfaction that that kid did cry while getting his bottom paddled and I was able to get by and didn't. I am still glad that my great dad didn't spank me bad, just only giving me the one swat. My dad still understood that he didn't feel it was my fault in the matter and he told me her had a talk with my principal and believed me not to be a trouble maker during the lunchline. He told the principal he couldn't take back the paddling he gave me, but my dad said to the principal he believed the kid deserved to be paddled and more, and that the kid has caused trouble before. The principal told my dad he wasn't aware that kid was a troublemaker but, he would keep an eye out and watch him. My Dad told the principal that he would believe him and me when that kid messes up and visits the office to get a few more paddlings and then the principal can see who is right!

I would be self-concious too James knowing that Courtney's Mom has seen your bottom bare and spanked. I can't believe her Mom did that too you, James. An apology would have been enough I would think, but do you think your Mom put her up to spanking you? It would be like having her permission to do it? And to give you a ratten choice whether to be spanked or not be spanked to be able to go out with Courtney, something is wrong someplace. No disrespect to your Mom there James, or I will get my bottom spanked somehow for disrespect but, gee James, why all of a sudden was it suppose you was to get a spanking?

I don't think your going to get spanked by Courtney's Mom again. What would be the reason to have it happen? If it was, and I can't believe her Mom would do that to you or her, I can't believe she would have one of you wait in one room while the other got spanked in another room and then have you each trade places. If a spanking was to be, and I pray it doesn't, I think it would be like before when you went to her Mom and you was spanked without Courtney being around!

That's great Courtney doesn't know you got spanked. Don't tell her James. There isn't a reason to. It would be embarrassing for her, embarrassing knowing her Mom spanked you and saw you bare bottom, and Courtney could get mad at her Mom and go have a fight with her and then she'd get a spanking and worse come to worse her Mom might get mad enough to have your both forbid to go out with each other!

Great you both can have lunch together, so enjoy that! And for walking home together, too. Does her Mom wait for you and Courtney to come down the street walking her home? Not that she would put a stop to it, but was just wondering?

Hope you have fun going away this weekend, James. Please don't do anything that would get you a spanking/ Can't have you ruining your weekend having a sore bottom. Have fun, and hope you can continue to have a spankfree streak for awhile.

My bottom is pale, white and unspanked since my dad gave me the one BIG SWAT and the paddling I got at school. My girlfriend knows I got paddled, and she sympathized it was wrong the principal paddling me. She was pleased that other kid got his bottom paddled good. I told her bawled and I didn't. She gave me a good kiss because I didn't. Man, what a reward!

Have a good remaining week at school and stay spankfree and I will try to do the same!

Take care and be safe!


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:56:43 10/17/12 Wed

Hi travis,

Glad that posts are now going thru. Was worried that the board would be dead.

You misunderstood my post. I didn't swear at my mom. I got spanked by my mom because of swearing at Lauren. If it was my mom, I am sure I would have gotten it real bad with the hairbrush and gotten my mouth washed out with soap. And probably a second spanking at bedtime.

But since it had to do with Lauren, that's why it was just a hand spanking and no soap. It was a bad one, though. No, I didn't have to do my homework sitting down with my bottom bare. Just had to stand in the corner after the spanking.

Glad to hear you have been safe. Keep it up. I have stayed safe since the spanking my mom gave me.

Don't know if mom put Courtney's mom up to spanking. I know mom doesn't like me being disrespectful to adults. As you know, mom doesn't hesitate to give others permission to spank me. Maybe mom wanted to teach me a lesson, or maybe it was Courtney's mom idea on her own.

Hope I don't get spanked by her again. Why would it happen? I guess if we got into trouble together or something like causing Courtney to break one of her rules. I would imagine it might happen like you said, one waiting in another room while the other gets spanked in another part of the house.
Or it could be arranged that Courtney wouldn't be at home.

I don't plan on telling Courtney what happened, but told her that I did apologize to her mom. She didn't ask more about it. If we ever did get spanked "together", then she might guess the truth. Don't know if she will ever find out.

No, her mom isn't outside waiting her her. She did that time because she knew Courtney had received detention and was therefore late arriving home.

Hope you had fun at the festival and neither you or your girlfriend got into trouble.

The one time where you could have been spanked by your girl friend's mom was when you and your girl friend was late or something and her mom went looking for her? I can't remember exactluy what happened, but I believe your girlfriend ended up getting spanked and possibly you as well by your dad.

Well, hopefully, we can both stay safe.

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:50:12 10/18/12 Thu

Hi James,

Great to be able to talk with you again. Glad the forum is up and running again.

Great to hear that your bottom has been remaining pale and white and spankfree since the forum has been down. I was worried you might get yourself slipped into trouble and that would change so great to hear. I was worried about your weekend away that you might get into trouble accidentally and get a spanking or have to get a pre-spanking before you go but, I guess those days are behind (pardon the pun) you now?

My bottom has remained pale and white spankfree since we last talked so you and I are doing great there my friend. Let's keep it up!

Sorry I misunderstood and thought you swore at your Mom and that it was Lauren instead. You are right, your Mom would have washed your mouthout for sure and then spanked you. Glad the mouthwashing didn't happen but I wished you hadn't slipped with the swearing and your Mom had to spank you. At least like you said you didn't have to get a second spanking at bedtime. That would have been more discomfort for sleeping!

That's cool you didn't have to sit bare bottom doing homework, but sorry you had to stand in the corner red bottom for anyone to come along to see. I'm glad I don't have to do that. Guess my folks never thought of having me doing it and I don't think they ever had to do anything like that when they were kids to stand in a corner with a spanked bare bottom displayed.

Your folks are like mine James, not wanting disrespect to adults. I don't want to do that and I've always been taught since I was a little kid to try to be respectful when it comes to adults. If I was I had to apologize to them and then my little kid butt got a good rump roasting that had me bawling into the next day. Still can happen to me nowadays and it has been awhile since I've done it, other then slip disrespecting my Mom or Dad and then my bottom changes a shade of red you can associate with yourself getting! LOL.

I guess it will be a mystery to know if your Mom put Courtney's Mom up to spanking you or she did it on her. Still, gosh her seeing your bare bottom and spanking it. I would have done what you did, James. You have true love for Courtney to have done it. I've never had to do anything like that for my girlfriend and would like to think I could be as brave as you, baring my bottom to get a spanking from my girlfriends Mom. I might be a little slip getting the pants and underwear down to bare, but then I would cooperate and get the spanking over with. Wonder what my girlfriend's Mo would use on me? She spanks my girlfriend with a hairbrush so perhaps I would get my first ever hairbrush spanking? I can't imagine her giving me a hand spanking and that would really feel funny having some
non-relative I hardly know spank my bottom but I would get through it!

I hope you don't get spanked again by Courtney's Mom. Don't give her a reason to do it, but perhaps you could arrange so Courtney wouldn't be around or home? That was would awful to get spanked in the house the Courtney home, even if she wasn't watching it happen and I don't believe her Mom would be the type of person to do that to you.

Speaking of watching spankings, I saw one today at school. In our PE Class there is a kid that thinks he's hotstuff. Almost like that kid I got into trouble with over the jello in the lunchroom. Well, he brag how sometimes he get's spanked at home with a belt from his dad and the spankings hardly ever stings or hurts him. Mr. Macho is what he wants people to believe he is. Well, he got to testing the teacher and was picking on some guys that he shouldn't have. The teacher had enough and at class end called Mr. Bigshot into the locker room and while the teacher had us watch to what happens to someone who shouldn't be picking on fellow classmates, the teacher had the kid bend over with hands on the seat bench in the locker room and gave him five hard swats with a paddle on the seat of his gym shorts. The guy had nothing on underneath but a jockstrap, he doesn't like wearing underwear on top which you can is allowed. Well when he went to change to shower and displayed his bare bottom we all could see the paddle swat marks on his bottom and boy was some of us guys smiling behind his back. He didn't cry during is paddling but some of the time in shower he sure was rubbing feverishly his sore cheeks although he was pretending to be just showering. So it was awesome to see that kid get that paddling. Don't get me wrong James or that I'm weird but that kid has had it coming for along time and to see his bottom paddled and know that he's not such a Mr. Macho was great. It was awesome of the kids he picked on to see him paddled and get even in this way!

You ever have anyone pick on you and wished they'd get a spanking for doing so? I have in my life, and I was glad this happened for those kids he picked on. Man, his bottom really had the red swat markings and teacher didn't lay back.

Well gotta go, You stay safe and unspanked and I will, too.
Have a great weekend and stay in touch!

Oh, the harvest festival was great with my girlfriend and I tell you more later.


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Date Posted: 01:42:34 10/19/12 Fri

This discussion thread is soon wider than my screen ...
Travis, you asked "You ever have anyone pick on you and wished they'd get a spanking for doing so?"
In fact I would have wished that some of the kids picking on me in school times would have been stopped by teachers. Most of the time I got the feeling they didn't care or, worse, punished the wrong one. Of course my perspective was subjective too but as far as I remember I wasn't the one starting a fight ...!
I guess these were the moments when I would have wished as a schoolboy that my school had used spanking, as a defense of a defenseless!

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Travis to Randy
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Date Posted: 18:25:28 10/19/12 Fri

Hi Randy,

Don't get me wrong, I don't ever want anyone to have to get a spanking but, this bigshot really deserved to have his bottom lite up. He's the type of guy who likes to "push the envelope or situation" as long as they can and maybe
see if they can have it their way.

Well that day the teacher had enough, and maybe the bigshot does try to show a toughman image to get some guys to look up to him but, a person needs to show respect for their fellow classmates and he's not doing that alot, so it was a deserving paddling that he got that day.

I think the teacher took him by surprise too, he usually let's the bigshot have his way more then he should but, I think the teacher felt a few licks to the seat of bigshots gym shorts wouldn't hurt him one bite for correction, although it had to leave a good sting!

You should have been there. I and a few other buddies were in awe that bigshot was feeling some pain on his bottom. The teacher laid that paddle across his bottom cheeks really good. Bigshot played his role good to be Mr. Macho after it was over with not to reach back and rub or dance, but once he hit the shower with his bare spanked butt to try to cool the heat down he really turned on the cold water to stray on his bottom and pretend to be showering but actually was fevorishly rubbing those two sore red bottom cheeks trying to seek relief!

Like I said I don't want anyone to have to get a spanking, but I enjoyed with others watching bigshot try to rub the hurt away from his fresh spanked bottom!

You had kids picking on you in school? Sorry to hear that. It's the teachers and other school officials responsiblity to make school safe for a learning place, and if other ways don't work, even trying punishments, and sometimes a kid
just needs to get a paddling to see if that might change their attitude.

If read further earlier threads in same title caption of a few weeks ago you will see I ran into a similar matter in the school lunch line and a kid thought I was trying to
cut-in while reaching for a jello, which there was plenty for everyone to have. The kid picked a fight with me and things happened beyond my control I couldn't control and me and that kid were taken to the principal office for be told we were fight and breaking a school rule. It resulted in both of us getting a paddling by the principal, and while this kid was a "bully" you can call him, I was glad to see him get a paddling as he wasn't a "macho" but human getting the swats and crying from each lick. I was able to get through and not cry when it came time to get my paddling, but the principal didn't hold back on me and sure placed the paddle across the seat of my bent over pants across his desk. Talk about a set of burning bottom cheeks, I had'em.

I thought for sure my dad would paddle me really good at home as we have a house rule I get spanked at school I get spanked at home. To my surprise my dad understood what happened and was angry at the principal and told him so later. I did a get a paddling from my dad. I had my bare bottom across his lap and I got one hard swat. My dad told me my bottom had been spanked enough that day. I and my dad embraced in along son/father hug after my paddling.

So, I'm sorry to hear that your school didn't use spanking at school. Sometimes it comes in handy to bring a bully or bigshot back to reality!

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Randy (to Travis)
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Date Posted: 12:15:07 10/20/12 Sat

Thanks for your reply, Travis! It seems to be one way to show the "hot heads" their limits and I hope he learned not to pick on you or others again!

When I think back to my school times, I think it was mostly in the 5-minute breaks between classes that some couldn't stop their need for movement and their aggression. (It's for this reason that some experts recommend half an hour of sports every day, but for this there is no time in the tight schedules of schools ...) There were pieces of chalk and wet sponges flying around, writing utensils stolen from some and thrown around class, and so on. Teachers aren't constantly around, one may have left and the other for the next lesson not arrived yet. Now when I think back to it, I think it must have been hard to calm down the class after that! That must have been when we were 13 to 15 years old, approximately.

The usual punishment was: Having to copy the school regulations by hand one or multiple times, or other writing assignments; in more serious cases, having to come to school in the afternoon for an hour of either doing a writing assignment in a classroom or picking garbage in the school yard.

The fight that you described at school lunch shows how hard it is for school teachers to find out who is really guilty, so some just say "we punish both" even though it is not fair. It is good that you could explain the matter to your dad and it would be even better if you had received a personal apology from your principal. Too bad some people in positions of authority cannot admit a mistake ... If in such a situation a principal admitted to his mistake and apologized to me, my respect for him would have grown a lot!

Is your reaction (or that of your classmates) different when paddled in school from when you get it at home? Are you trying to hold back tears or any expression of emotion at school whereas you let it out more openly at home? The atmosphere must be quite different as your parents and you know each other a lot better than any teacher/principal at school!

Best greetings and I hope you won't run into trouble with anyone at school or elsewhere!


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Travis to Randy
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Date Posted: 18:42:05 10/20/12 Sat

Hi Randy,

Yeah, I wished the principal had believed me about the lunchroom/jello matter but, I guess like you said "punish both" if someone doesn't speak up for you, and that got both me and the bully paddled bottoms.

Again, when I had to take the paddling with the bully watching me get mine and he watching me get his I thought to myself "we'll see who the tough man is here" and I did my darnested to when it was my turn to bend over the principal desk to get the swats of the paddle to the seat of my pants I was going to do my best to not cry in front of the bully who had cried on each swat he got.

I was surprised I was able to pull it off, especially with the principal really giving good hard swats. He mainly goes for your lower bottom what is call the sit spot and he tries to layer swat on top of swat. Once in awhile he might raise the paddle swat to about the sit spot for an extra sting, and I don't think he was mad any I didn't cry out when the swat landed on the seat of pants and didn't give him a reaction, but I think he tried to hit a little harder just the same. Despite all, later on after the paddling and meeting was over in the office and free to go I did stop in the boys' bathroom and picked a stall and did some rubbing after dropping my pants and underwear. I did feel a little heat on my cheeks. And I had a big grin on my face I survived my paddling better, then the bully.

Yes, principals and teachers can jump to not knowing the facts. Last school year I was taking a test in class and one of my best buddies was in the class too, and I just happen to glance over at his desk and paper and he mine. The teacher saw us both, and accused us of cheating after they checked to see we had the same answers on each of our papers. Our papers were took and we both went taken to the principal office where he was told we was cheating on the test. Well, we both got a lecture about the Evils of Cheating and then we each got a paddling. While in the office I and my buddy tried to plead our case we had not been cheating, but it was deaf ears not being heard. We both sucked it up and took our paddlings with no pleasure in seeing the other get swats.

When our parents were told that we had been caught "cheating" I pleaded with my parents that I had not and my buddy did too because if we were not believe we both would be getting another paddling from each of our dad on a bare bottom that had recently been paddled at school. Two spankings in half a day is not a good thing to have happen
to your bottom and for sure not wanting to sitdown for awhile would be best to not do.

Well, each of our dad's believe us we hadn't cheated because I didn't think of it at the time when in the office but with me and my buddy knowing the answers to the questions on the test we could have been quized out loud giving answers. No paddlings for me and my buddy from our dads and next day our dads went to school and we pleaded our case with the principal to clear our names, with the teacher coming to the office and asking the questions that were on the test we hadn't finished. Surprise! Me and my buddy gave all correct answers out loud. How could we have been cheating on the test in the classroom.

The principal apologized to us and the teacher for not beleiving us we knew the answers. There was no way the principal could take back two paddlings which really hurt our bottoms, but knowing the satisfaction our parents believe us not cheating and giving us a second paddling at home was great.

To make it up for us for the pain we had felt, my buddy and I were treated by our families to a major league baseball game for a reward.

As for reaction of getting paddled at school different then at home? Well, your getting paddled on the seat of your pants at school which really hurts and everyone getting it liked to think they can get by without crying and acting like a little kid in front of the principal which sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't.

As for at home getting paddled, it's usually me and my dad and my bottom bare and that means getting paddled that way that is really going to hurt. My dad doesn't care if I'm kicking my legs or moving my bottom around while my bare bottom is getting spanked. The swats hurt really bad to allow the tears to flow and at home your getting more swats then at school where you can get 5-8 at most on seat of the pants by the principal and at home in private that means that bare bottom of course is going to get more then 8 swats to really lite it up for soreness!

Thanks, I hope I don't run into trouble at school again soon and face another paddling. Nice talking with you, Randy. Take care.


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Date Posted: 01:51:30 10/21/12 Sun

Hi again, Travis!
Perhaps the principal also thought that punishing both of who have gotten into a fight, even if it is unfair, puts both on the same side and ends their fighting?
But what lesson does that teach? "Don't defend yourself, better run away when you can"? Maybe that brings you safety but also the reputation of a coward.
As a young child in primary school I was told "Don't let others pick on you, defend yourself!" I took a few years of judo so I could defend myself better.
But when I did defend myself, one time I went too far. The only way I found to get some particularly persistent bad boy off me was to strangle his neck. It did get him off me but also brought me into trouble, I was sent to the principal and there was a telephone call home. No paddling but I lost my innocence in a way, I wasn't the calm, controlled and peaceful guy any more.
Perhaps it's better to be a coward after all. But someone has to put a stop to those of a more aggressive temper.

I understand that being punished at school must be totally different from home: It is more formal, it is with those you are not that familiar with (and who are not as familiar with you) and you have to keep a straight face (though I wonder whether you would be spanked harder if you don't show a visible/audible reaction). On the other hand it seems to be less painful as it is not as long and over clothes. Then again if most trouble at school is followed by a "bare" paddling at home, overall it is much more serious than trouble out of school because you will be punished twice for the same thing.
Did you pass that test after giving the answers to the teacher? That would be a good outcome, but perhaps you should make a point of sitting further away from others next time you are in a written test, to rule out all cheating.

It's too bad and I'm sorry to hear you were unfairly punished twice in school; I hope you can use that in your defense if you are ever caught again on false grounds! In fact if you wrote that into an article you could bring your principal into trouble. No, I'm not suggesting blackmail, just that you could bring up those two occasions if you should ever run into the same situation again.
Good luck to you ... and I hope they don't judge over you prematurely again!

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Travis to Randy
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Date Posted: 18:48:09 10/21/12 Sun

Hello Randy,

Got a little time before I have to be in bed, school tomorrow, so I thought I would answer your thread.

I don't think the principal was look at punishing both who had gotten into a fight, it was that some kids didn't help defend me and tell those at the scene it was not my fault really, and perhaps the principal was too busy to sort things out before jumping to paddle. I don't know, but I wasn't about to beg not to get paddle like a little kid, I do have some pride, but the sometimes adults talk about a kid's pride has to get hurt and they are refering to their bottom getting spanked so, I sucked it up with the "bully" and showed who was the better man amongest. Like I said, I gritted teeth while I got the swat to my seat without crying out and the bully yelped each time he got swatted! Satisfaction on my part, even though I did get a sore bottom! In some ways, some kids looked at me different and saw I wasn't a whimp if they might have thought that, and it doesn't take long sometimes for it to get around at school if a kid or kids get a paddling that draws attention. With me coming out not yelping and the bully crying, I was looked up to for a few days!

WHOW! You know judo? That's really cool! What got you into that? Did your folks think that might help you to defend yourself at a young age? How'd kids know you knew judo so maybe they didn't pick on you?

I can just picture you tangling with your "bully" and giving him strangled neck to get him off you. Was that kid really surprised? Sent to the principal's office? Gosh, you were lucky paddling wasn't done in your school. For sure you would have gotten the maxium swats to the seat of your pants. I believe the maxium swats in our school is 8 swats, but there's been a rumor going around awhile back where some older grade guys got paddled for some fight in school and they were suppose to have gotten 10 swats to the seat of their pants by the principal, which for sure had to really, really give them a sore butt! Think of trying to sit in class if they got paddled during class hours and not after school.

So, the principal and teachers in your school looked at you different after the strange the kid day? You wasn't put on a bully list of sorts were you? Was that kid afraid of you from that day on and stayed his distance from you?

What did your folks think when they found out? Did the principal say anything after making the phone call? Did your parents have to come to school? Sometimes parents have to take their kid home for fight if it is really serious or otherwise the kid or kids get paddled, sent back to class or home if the paddling takes place after school and nothing more said by school officials except a note has to be taken home and signed by at least one parent to acknowledge discipline had been done, and I think it's so kids will get another spanking at home school officals think will help or teach the kid or kids right from wrong!

What's this, "it's better to be a coward?" That is wrong! And no disrespect, Randy. A person has a right to their opinion but, no need to downgrade or lookdown upon on yourself. I hope you won't think I was disrespecting in my comment here, telling you you were wrong. My folks would look at this being disrespectful to an older person, and if they knew I'm afraid I'd be baring my bottom and getting a good paddling. I have alots of time, having this happen but, I'm doing better and my bottom for sure silently thanks me for not feeling pain! LOL.

No, at school a kid doesn't have to keep a straight face while facing or getting paddled. There is no crime in crying or bawling while getting paddled by the principal or a teacher. Each kid has their dealings getting paddled. I think it's because no matter how officials try to keep quiet about a kid or kids paddling to not broadcast or cause embarrassment, somehow word leaks out and most everyone knows about the paddle. At least kids know I didn't cry or bawl like the "bully" did getting his swats.

I remember one time sent to the office to get paddled I was waiting my turn sitting outside of the office and I heard a kid before me getting paddled. The kid was begging to not get paddled, and the principal told him they would get it worse if they didn't cooperate. When I heard the first paddle lick hit that kid's seat of their pants he cried out, and when the second lick game was really crying. Some kids can handle school paddlings and some can't more because I fear I think, like you said it's not a family person paddling them and they don't know how to react or not wanting to react....but no matter, getting a spanking HURTS your bottom and is suppose to for punishment, so I guess if a kid really cries getting one it is a natural reaction. When the kid came out of the office he had tears in his eyes and he was really rubbing the seat of his pants, looked at me and was embarrassed, looked at the floor and exited out!

Yeah, I passed the oral test the teacher gave me and my buddy with the principal present and our folks. We got an apology and passing grades. As for sitting different in class taking tests, we just sit at our regular desk when they are given and my buddy sits across from me, so glancing over could be mistaken for cheating, but I or h wasn't!

Have a great week!


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Date Posted: 04:20:28 10/23/12 Tue

Hi again, Travis! Thanks for your reply.

If it should ever happen to you again that you are accused of something that you didn't do, and are about to be paddled ...
Don't beg and whine, don't scream and insult, but give good and well thought out arguments. You can think of those arguments beforehand so you have them ready when needed.
If the alternative is getting paddled and if you know you are innocent, you better defend yourself intelligently.
Just say, keeping calm as you can, "Sir, may I remind you that I have been paddled twice so far based on false accusations? Please reconsider your judgement."
Briefly refer to the previous episodes but try to avoid implied threats even when you're angry ...
Keep rational and show you are in control of the situation, don't appear aggressive or defensive.
Yes that can be hard, but the alternative would be more painful!

Right, I used to know judo, but I didn't continue it very long; I must admit I didn't particularly enjoy it because it's in my nature to avoid fights and confrontations.
I still know some of the basics, surprise your opponent, get him off balance and bring him to the ground with a variety of techniques depending on what he's doing, hold him on the ground making it impossible for him to attack.

Yes, I'm digging out dark childhood stories here ... I didn't cause any serious injury and I made a point that I didn't see a way to defend myself differently.
Then I apologized and said I wouldn't resort to such desperate measures again.
The following years we were avoiding each other the best we could.
(It is really hard to have to spend day by day together with someone you can't stand!)
But the whole has a good outcome: Many years later we met again, didn't bring up old unpleasant stories and found each other OK and nice companions. None of us tried to apologize for what had happened, sometimes it's better to let the past rest in peace, it seems.

No, I don't think it's disrespectful to an older person if you are expressing your opinion without directly insulting or attacking them. It's not possible to always be the same opinion but it's important to respect others even if they are of a different opinion. In fact this is something that everyone should learn at a young age, standing to your opinion and presenting an argument without trying to belittle the other person, regardless of age or standing. You are not insulting me so I don't have any reason to be angry at you and you don't have a reason to be ashamed of what you are writing!

Maybe you are right and I just didn't find the right way to earn myself respect without becoming violent or intimidating. I was respected by some but not by all. Things became easier later in life, after school.

About having to keep a straight face - Of course you cannot make a rule of this! It could just be an obligation some may feel to not appear as a spineless coward to their peers, or to teachers. But put yourself into the position of a teacher or principal who tries to teach a lesson with a paddling, one boy may try his best to appear stoic and quiet as long as he can, the other starting to cry, whine and beg at the beginning and increase the volume throughout. How could you ensure both are punished the same? I guess by delivering the exactly same number of swats at exactly the same strength without taking the boy's reaction into account? It would be unfair to punish extra for crying (struggling and giving the teacher a hard time is a different story) but also to stop prematurely because a soft-hearted teacher may feel pity for the boy (but that would mean that crying helps get out of punishment and some may make a show of showing their pain and suffering to get away more easily).

It's certainly much easier for parents who know their children much better than a teacher ever could!

See you and have a good time!


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:58:42 10/25/12 Thu

Hi Travis,

Glad to hear that you have stayed spank free. Hope it has continued. Glad to tell you that I have as well.

Yeah, it was great to stay spankfree during our weekend away and glad to not get a pre-trip spanking. Don't know if it's a thing of the past or not, however.

Yeah, it would have much worse for me if I had swore at my mom. Would have gotten my mouth washed out and also a bad spanking or two.

As much as I dislike standing in the corner, someone walking into the house and seeing me like that hasn't happened in years. Of course, it's been relatively recently that my mom has resumed doing that.

I am glad that doesn't happen to you.

Yeah, if your girlfriend's mom uses a hairbrush on your girlfriend, she would probably use it on you as well. Hope it never happens.

Don't know if Courtney's mom would spank me if Courtney was home. I know I would prefer she not be home.

I guess that boy in school really felt the spanking, even if he didnt cry. Wonder if his dad spanked him later with the belt. Not a good idea to pick on kids in a school that uses paddling. Especially during P.E. when it would be seen.

I have been fortunate to not ever been picked on. Just lucky I guess.

Well, got to go, take care and stay spank free! I'll try as well.


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:50:04 10/27/12 Sat

Hi James,

Great hearing from you and that you have been staying spankfree. I, too, have been keeping my bottom a pale
color of white but, that could have changed today, maybe.

The leaves have been falling off the trees around here and you know that means raking leaves is in order. Okay, it's
a Saturday and the weather was really nice outside and my dad said he'd like for me to get the yard raked up and I could take my time doing it, as long as I had it done by late afternoon as Mom, Dad and I were going to go out to
eat tonight and my dad wanted me to finish a little before
we would be going so I would have time to clean up.

Well, I got going really good on the raking of leaves and then one of my buddies came over and wanted to throw the football around. I told him I needed to get the yard raked and then we could, and I asked mentioned to him that if he helped me I could get done sooner. He went and got a spare rake we had and started to help me rake leaves.

Later on my Mom brought out some sandwiches and soft drinks for us to eat and while we were on break my buddy threw the football at me. I tossed it back at him, and then we each were exchanging throwing passes to each other, racing for touchdowns, etc. Suddenly it dawned on me that the yard wasn't getting raked of leaves. A hour or so had gone by, and then my dad happened to be going to town getting in his car and told me, "Travis, those leaves aren't going to get raked by themselves. I hope you'll be able to finish before late afternoon, so you'll have plenty of time to clean up before we go out to eat tonight. If you don't, I know someone who might find himself getting a good spanking for not fulfilling a promise he said he would do, and instead of being taken inside of the house that young man might find himself getting his butt bared and the spanking given right outside here. And, you see that red maple tree we have? Well, his butt could become as red as the remaining leaves on the tree!" My dad soon left, after giving me that warning.

My buddy looked at me and said, "Did your dad really mean what he just said to you, Travis?" I told him, "my dad wasn't kidding and I'd better have all of the yard done or almost done before he got back or my buns would be toasted!"

My buddy helped me, James. And we got the yard all raked up good before my dad got back from town. Whew! Was I sweating, and wondering if my dad would have given me a bare bottom spanking right outside in the yard, making it as red as the leftover red maple leaves we gave on a tree, if I hadn't gotten done or close to have been done. You really think he would have, James? That would have been embarrassing to have happen, but if my buddy would have been around yet I wouldn't have minded too much if he watched it happen, if he was permitted to do so, because he's seen my bottom bare before when we've showered at school in P.E. Class. But, think if someone else would have been happening to go by, and I don't know where the spanking would have taken place at. Right in the yard itself or I could have been taken into the garage to get spanked. Also, my dad didn't say how the spanking would have been give. Would he have gone into the house to get the paddle or do you think he would have toasted my buns using his hands?

If I remember right, you got a few spankings outside by the swimming pool, bare bottom, right? Put that wouldn't have been like out in an open yard like I would have gotten spanked. Did neighbors hear your spankings, James? I believe you was with a cousin swimming? Refresh my memory or am I getting mixed up?

I did get the yard raked with the help of my buddy before my dad got back, and had plenty of time to shower before we went out to eat. James, you can you imagine me squirming in my seat at the reaturant, if I would have gotten spanked earlier? It would have been a real spanking, though I'm not sure what my dad would have used to spank me with, but even if he didn't go get the paddle he sure knows how yet to hand spank me and make my bottom really, really sore!!!!!

So, I had a close call today of not remaining spankfree, but glad you have been able to, and keep it up!

Great to hear again that you didn't have to get a pre-spanking before going away for your weekend with your folks. I would like and wish it to be a thing of the past and that you won't get anymore in the future. Only time will tell, I guess.

Glad you didn't get your mouthwashed, as you probably would have gotten a spanking while that was happening too, like where your getting the mouthwashed and your bare bottom gets some spanks while bent over the sink. So, you did good to control your mouth and not get washed and swatted! I'm glad that doesn't happen to me, too!

Your right, James. If my girlfriends mom uses a hairbrush on her, and if she was to spank me, ULP, my bottom would feel the hairbrush, too. It wouldn't be as embarrassing if her Mom gave me a hand spanking. It would be and feel really weird to have her Mom's hand spank each of my bottom cheeks, touching them, if you know what I mean? I've a few non-relatives spank me bare bottom before, but not like a stranger person. It was like your girlfriend Courtney's Mom spanking you and seeing your bare bottom, which had to be embarrassing, but you didn't have a choice wanting to go out with her, etc. Have you and Courtney gone out, done anything together outside of school?

Halloween is coming up and my girlfriend and I are going to a Halloween party together, so that's kind of a date. You and Courtney doing anything for Halloween or doing anything else non-Halloween soon?

I don't think Courtney's Mom would spank you if Courtney was home. Is she is any kind of aloving Mom to her daughter she wouldn't do that to her and spank you like that. I'm sure she would have you come over alone and spank you, if you earned a spanking from her and I don't see where your going to be getting a spanking ever again from her, unless you disrespect her or say something your Mom thinks her Mom deserves to spank you. You think your Mom would ever spank Courtney for any reason at your house? I hope not, and if it would happen you wouldn't have to be around! I don't think you or Courtney ever have to worry about getting spankings together, seeing each others bare bottom from her Mom or your Mom as that wouldn't be right!

That boy at school did get a belt spanking from his dad. Next day in P.E. Class he still had some redness on his bottom that would be seen when we showered and change. I felt sorry for him, kind, especially getting a belt spanking. That had to reallu, really hurt!

Good luck to continue to stay spankfree, James. I'll try to do the same, although I came close today not being!


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:40:56 10/29/12 Mon

Hi Travis,

Glad you have stayed safe and escaped being spanked today. That would have been VERY embarrassing to be spanked out in front of the house.

Don't know if he would really do it or take you inside to spank. I suppose he hasn't done that before, has he? Or your mom when you were younger? Imagine him doing that out front and have others walk by and see a teenager getting his bare bottom spanked. OUCH!! Your face and bottom would be red!!

Even if it was a hand spanking, it would be bad. You have told me that his hand spankings are pretty bad as well, so he could have turned your bottom red with his hand, right?

This past summer, I almost got spanked by the pool with my friend by my cousin, Lauren. But, fortunately, she took us inside to spank. I am sure it would have been heard by neighbors, even if not seen.

Speaking of bottoms being red, mine is. Had a real bad day today. It started in school, when I got into trouble in my homeroom teacher's class for daydreaming. Unfortunately, she called on me and I couldn't answer or even know what the question was.

Because of that, I got detention. At detention, my teacher scolded me, even telling me that in past history, I could be punished with a ruler, paddle or even a teacher's hand, and even in front of the class. She said that unfortunately, teachers didn't have that authority these days.

When detention was over, I left for home, knowing my mom would know I had detention. When I got home, mom was waiting for me and took me into the living room where I saw the hairbrush. She removed my shoes and pants and stood me in the corner, lowering my underpants.

I was in the corner for about 30 minutes when I heard the doorbell ring. I started to pull my underpants up, but my mom stopped me. I had a bad feeling about who was at the door and I was right. It was my teacher, who, as you remember, was my tutor last August.

She came in and mom came over to me and raised my underpants up and told me to go over to my teacher, who had sat down next to where the hairbrush was resting.

She turned me over her knees and lowered my underpants. Then started spanking with the hairbrush, hard and steady.
I didn't react well, and resisted the spanking. My mom asked that the spanking pause and then had my teacher push me up over her left knee and pin my legs.

Then she resumed spanking, and I soon was sobbing, wailing and howling. It was awful.

Finally, it ended, my underpants were raised up and I was stood up. I was put back in the corner and bared.

I was left in the corner while mom and my teacher left the room. I think they were in the kitchen, and after a few minutes, I reached back to rub my bottom. Unfortunately, I was caught and mom yelled for me to get my hands away and she gave me a few smacks with her hand.

My teacher left a few minutes later. I had to remain in the corner for about 15 minutes more before I was allowed to pull my underpants up and leave the corner.

I had to sit in the kitchen in underpants to do my homework. Very uncomfortable.

At supper, I complained about my teacher spanking me and my dad didn't like it. He had me get up and go over his knees.
He bared me and spanked me with his hand and I was sobbing. Then stood me up, and took me to my chair, where he turned it around and had me kneel on it with my underpants down.
Had to eat the rest of my supper that way.

When supper was over, my dad left for a moment and returned with the hairbrush. He gave me ten hard smacks with the hairbrush and then I was sent to my room.

Right now, I am sitting on a pillow, with my bottom bare.
I have a bad feeling that I will get spanked again, either at bedtime or tomorrow morning.

Yeah, I am sure it would be embarrassing to be spanked by your girlfriend's mom, either a hairbrush or hand spanking.

I think it would take something serious for my mom to spank Courtney and obviously, I hope to not be spanked by her mom ever again.

Last Saturday afternoon, Courtney and I went bowling and after that, went for ice cream. While eating, Courtney said that she was surprised her mom relented about letting me see her. I said I just apologized but I think I blushed and it gave it away.

Courtney said, "Oh my!" and looked shocked. then she said, she's going to say something to her mom and I told her to not do that, that it might mean she gets spanked.
I said it's over and I survived. She said, was it a bad spanking? And I said, "Yeah." Courtney apologized and I said don't worry about it. Then Courtney said, kiddingly,
"I ought to spank you myself for letting my mom spank you."

I said "no thanks" and she laughed. Then she said, "I guess we both now know how hard her mother spanks."
I said, "I sure do!!"

That was all that was said. So, Courtney knows her mom spanked me and probably can guess I was bare bottomed when getting the spanking. Oh well.

Well, I got to go. Sure glad you didn't have to tell me about you getting spanked.

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:50:19 11/01/12 Thu

Hi James,

I am proud to report that my bottom is still pale, white and unspanked, although you know I came close to possibly getting spanked by my dad the day he wanted me to rake up the leaves and I was taking too long.

Yeah, that would have been awful to have gotten spanked, especially bare bottom outside if my dad felt he wanted to do it there and not take me inside the house or in our garage. Anyone going by would have seen it happening and no doubt me begging for the spanking to stop and my carrying on wishing I had done the leave raking sooner. Your right, my bottom would have been spanked by dad's right hand. He's a master at it and my bottom would hae been red and sore in no time flat!

Yeah, when I was younger some of the times at my house if I misbehaved outside of the house I would be taken inside to be spanked. Mostly be taken to my bedroom by my Mom or Dad and then gotten my bottom bared and spanked until I couldn't or want to sitdown. It depended on what I did, but there's been sometimes I gotten spanked outside of the house but, that was in our backyard so nobody would see unless they came through our backyard to see what all the noise was going on. Like I said, too, I've been spanked beside of the swimming pool at friends' homes, bare bottom and a wet bottom sure stings made getting spanked!

I remember this summer you could have gotten spanked bare by Lauren this summer by the pool, but thank goodness you were not!

James, I was just reading about your spankings your teacher gave you for daydreaming in class at school, spanking you at your house! That is awful! She should have just given you a warning. Does this mean now when you do something in her class at school she is making arrangements with your folks to come to your house to spank? I bet she's not doing this with other students, but of course it would be embarrassing you'd have to ask around if she was doing this and then kids would know she spanked you at home. I hope she isn't giving hints to students in your homeroom she spanked you? Next day did she make any smart remarks and ask how your bottom was feeling? I bet you had still a sore bottom to try to sit at school in her class, any of the kids notice?

James, I'm sorry you got detention, so looks like your in the same boat as me like I get spanked at school and then get spanked again at home, so is that going to be a new happening at your house now?

I bet while in detention your stomach was turning, wondering if you was going to get spanked at home by your Mom and that had to a total surprise your teacher showing up to spank you?

james, did you try protesting to stop getting spanked when your Mom took you over to your teacher and the hairbrush or did you see it being no good and decided to cooperate? I bet it's hatd trying to get used to your teacher seeing your bare bottom. I would die of embarrassment if I had a teacher see my bottom bare, and I don't think I will have to endure that! At least your getting the hairbrush and not the feel of your teacher's hand spanking your bottom. That would be worse yet, right?

You didn't react well to the spanking at first by your teacher and she pushed you up high on her left knee and pinned you? That would raise your bottom up good for more spanks to the lower area, did that happen or did she spank all over? Pinned with her leg, you bottom was "deadmeat!" That's awful. My dad's done that to me before and there's no way to squirm your bottom, just have to take the spanks and usually come hard!

You got corner time? What's with the rubbing? I thought you was a pro not doing that? I understand, that teacher really had to set your bottom on fire, and I would have done the same. Too bad your Mom caught you.

At least you got to keep your underpants on while during your homework, and not bare. Your Mom wouldn't ever do that to you, would she James or has she?

Sorry your dad wasn't understanding about your complaining your teacher spanking you. Your dad spanked you at the supper table? That is awful! At least it was a hand spanking and not with the hairbrush. That's crazy him making you kneel in the chair, showing your spanked bottom off. What was the purpose of that? That's embarrassing! why'd he do that?

I hope you didn't get spanked at bedtime like you was worrying might happen or next morning before school. Did it happen, James? For sure you slept on your stomach with red bottom bare to try to cool down. Was you still quite red next morning and hard to sit at the breakfast table, and even have hard time sitting in class? I hope you didn't habe gym class for the guys to see your red bottom and ask what happened? They's know your teacher came to your house! She better not brag she spanked you in class or let it slip. She wouldn't do that would she?

I hope Courtney doesn't find out your teacher spanked you? Would a teacher of Courtney come to her house to spank her you think?

Courtney found out that her bottom spanked? Oh, my no!
That has to be embarrassing, but at least Courtney is understanding and knows the love you went through to bare your bottom and get spanked by her Mom for Courtney. Did Courtney ask details about your spanking from her Mom?

Courtney joked she wanted to spank you, because you let her Mom spank you? She wouldn't really do that, would she? I wouldn't want any girl spanking me! Do you think Courtney said anything to her Mom about her spanking you and she got spanked?

I'm sorry you got spanked James. Go for another non-spanking streak.

Take care & be safe my friend.


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Date Posted: 08:43:44 10/30/12 Tue

Hi, Travis
Thanks for sharing your story! It's good, I'm really glad for you that it all came to a good end (was it good style for your dad to make a threat/warning when your friend is around? I'm not sure ...)
So it seems you fell slightly below expectation (enough that your dad thought a warning was in order). What could you learn from this? (After all you're constantly learning new lessons in life, not just when you're in trouble, right?) You could try to go slightly above the expectation next time you get an opportunity, surprise your parents with doing something helpful that you weren't told to do. Like this you can show them that you don't need threats and warnings to do what you're supposed to do.
I hope you're not annoyed by me making "helpful suggestions" - you certainly have enough people telling you what to do! I just wanted to share some ideas on how to make a good impression and further improve things to "stay on the positive side".
Have a hug and a good time!

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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:21:20 10/12/12 Fri

Hi James,

It looks like the forum moderator is on vacation or something but I wanted to just say "hi" to you and
report that I left an earlier message to you that is
waiting to be cleared.

Also, my bottom has been remaining pale and white
an unspanked so I'm doing good. I hope you and your
bottom has been keeping a pale, white color too and
been unspanked?

Tomorrow our community has a harvest festival going
on and I have asked my girlfriend to go with me to
it. It should be alot of fun. Our parents will be
attending as well as its a community celebration but
it's nice to ask my girlfriend to go and we'll be
able to have some time together.

How are you and Courtney getting along? Still having
lunch together at school? And enjoying each others
company in some classes together and walking home
together after school?

I hope Courtney doesn't find out that you allowed
her mother to spank you. That was a very brave thing
you did, even though she insisted that she had to
spank you bare bottom and her seeing you bare bottom had to make it embarrassing and awkwards. Do you think Courtney
will ever find out? If she does James, she will know how
much you love her and care for her to do what you did! I
would have done the same as you did James, although I've
never given my girlfriend's mother any reason to where
she would want to spank me.

That's all for now. Hope the forum is back to normal soon. I miss our talking to each other. You take care of yourself
now and keep that bottom of yours pale and white and
unspanked and I'll keep doing the same with my bottom to
keep it unspanked!

Stay safe and best to you. Your friend,

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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 16:55:33 11/02/12 Fri

Hi Travis,

Glad to hear that you have continued to stay safe. Great.
It sure would have been embarrassing to get spanked out front where others can see.

When younger and spanked in the back yard, I am sure your neighbors would hear your spanking and crying very well. Do you remember how old you were the last time you were spanked out in the backyard?

Most teachers at school don't give warnings. Unfortunately.
Don't know if it means that whenever she gives me detention, she will visiting my house and spanking me. I guess it's possible.

Probably doesn't do that with other students, but don't forget she was my tutor over the summer and spanked me a few times then. I have no knowledge of her telling other students that she has spanked me. Nor has she made any smart remarks to me the next day. As far as I know, the spankings she has given me have between her and me and my parents.

Also don't know if any kids in class noticed that I was spanked. If they did, they would have thought I got spanked by my mom or dad.

Yeah, when I get detention, I always have gotten spanked at home. And, in a way, just like you get spanked at home if you are spanked or paddled at school, I guess, in a way, it's the same for me, only in my case, I got my school spanking at home.

Yeah, while in detention, I was pretty nervous, knowing I would be ending up over my mom's knees getting spanked. I didn't expect to be going over my teacher's knees.

I did protest a little when taken over to my teacher, but it did no good. It's not easy to have her see my bottom, even though it's not the first time I have been over her knees.

Not sure whether it was better to get spanked with the hairbrush than with her hand, as she had spanked me with her hand last August.

No, I didn't react to well to being spanked, which led to my being pinned over her left knee. Yeah, it raised my bottom and made the spanking even worse. She spanked all over and also over the lower part where I sit. I was really howling. Yeah, there's no way to escape that hairbrush.

Yeah, usually I can avoid rubbing, but every so often, when I get a bad spanking, I reach back to rub. Which makes it worse for me.

I always have my underpants on when being punished and doing my homework. Once in a great while, I have to sit down with my underpants pulled down in back. That's really uncomfortable.

Getting spanked at the table was bad, with my bottom already so sore and on fire. Don't know why I had to kneel on the chair, but maybe so I wouldn't squirm?

Then getting some hairbrush spanks from my dad was awful.

Unfortunately, I did get spanked again at bedtime. It was my mom who came into my room, pulled my pj bottoms down and pulled me over her knees. She only used her hand, but it was a fairly long and hard spanking and I was bawling loudly.

Yes, I did sleep on my stomach with my bottom bare. It was somewhat uncomfortable at the kitchen table and at school, but able to keep from being noticed. Of course, my best friend and also Courtney knew I had been spanked the day before because they know that a detention means a spanking at home. But don't know that my teacher had spanked me.

I didn't have gym but even if I had, they wouldn't know it was my teacher that had spanked me.

Probably no teacher would come to Courtney's house to spank her since she didn't have a teacher to tutor her and have permission to spank her.

It was embarrassing for Courtney to find out her mom had spanked me. No, she didn't ask for details but I guess she would have some idea how it happened from her own spankings,

She was only kidding when she joked about spanking me. I don't think she said anything to her mom, but don't know. I hope she didn't and get into trouble at home.

Hopefully, I can go on another spanking-free streak and yours continue.

Take care,


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 06:17:50 11/04/12 Sun

Hi James,

I see your continuing on a new spank-free streak, since you was last spanked Oct. 29, James. Good for you! Keep your bottom pale and white and things will continue for you to be right!

I, too, am proud to report that my bottom continues to remain pale and while and unspanked, but you never know
when I might slip up, like I almost did a week ago last week Saturday while out raking leaves, etc.

Your right, James. When I was younger neighbors heard me get spankings in the backyard from my Mom and Dad, and there's been a few since then when I got older, too. One was last year before I became friends with you, when I was trying to clean up the front and backyard and I was protesting with my dad, "Couldn't I have a little time-off, to go skateboarding?" and when he told me I needed to get the yard done first, then I could play, I mouthed-off to my dad, and shouldn't have, James.

Right in the backyard we have lawn furnature and my dad came over to me and said, "Travis, I'll teach you not to disrespect me, young man!" And taking me by the arm he took me over to a chair, yanked by sports shorts and underwear down I had on, and then I soon found myself with my bare bottom over my dad's lap, and getting a good hand spanking. It hurt so, I was kicking and screaming to my dad to, "please don't spanking me! I'll clean up th yard!" But, my dad went right on, spanked my bottom cheeks are over until my bottom felt like it was on fire, and I wished I hadn't said what I said. One of neighbor men came over to the back fend and told my dad to, "give it to him good!"

Man, I looked over and here the neighbor was staring at me, getting my bare bottom spanked, and even though he had seen my bare bottom before spanked when I was younger, this time with me older it felt kind of funny him seeing me. Perhaps James, maybe the way you felt having Courtney's mom seeing your bare bottom, when she spanked you?

When that spanking was over with, James, when I was let up I really did some rubbing of my spanked bottom feverishly before pulling up my clothes, before I realized the neighbor was still staring at me and then I pulled them up and my dad told me to "get busy with the yardwork, unless I wanted to go over his lap again for another spanking!"

James, don't give your homeroom teacher any reason to cause her to give you detention again, that way you won't have to worry if she might come to your house to spank you! I still think it was sneaky that that happened, and I'm not saying your Mom and the teacher thought about the idead together, but perhaps your teache called your Mom and told her about the detention and your Mom told her she could spank you if she wanted to, seeing you would be getting a spanking anyways fro getting detention. I guess the, your like me if I get paddled at school, then you get spanked at home, or really your "school spanking" at home, and if another spanking is needed besides, you'll just have to wait and see.

That good that you think the spankings your tutor/homeroom teacher is between her and your folks. Still, I feel for you, James, especially the teacher seeing your bare bottom to spank it. Maybe I'm overreacting but, that is embarrassing with her not being a family member. I know I was embarrased for that man neighbor to see me, and I've be spanked before with some friends of mine at their house by either their mom or dad while I was growing up, who had permission to spank me bare bottom, and I've never really gotten used to them seeing me. I don't mind their kids, my best pals, seeing my bare bottom as kids are used to that but, for adults or their parents, I've never really gotten used to it.

As for you getting spanked with the hairbrush or hand, but your tutor-teacher to what might hurt less, I want to say a hand spanking probably would. A hand is not going to be a heavy object like a brush smacking your bottom cheeks as hard! I know the spanking will seem like it lasts longer, and person spanking you think they will need to,until they see how red your cheeks are getting for punishment and if they feel their red enough to prove and "feel" you've been spanked properly, so that is my opinion! You feel still feel it's a toss up for hurting, getting a brush of a hand to your bottom! The way to tell, after the spanking is over and your free to go is, of course to look in a mirror to see how red your bottom is!

I can understand now, you was getting a bad spanking and later the pain would make anyone reach back to rub or even think you could quickly not be seen to rub, and then get caught doing so.

James, here is a question, do you think your bottom has become some what tougher to spankings and doesn't hurt as much if you were to go a longer non-spanking period and the longer your not spanked the more it's going to hurt your bottom, if you can kind of understand my question? I think the longer I go without getting spanked that the next spanking hurts my bottom more, then if I got spankings closer together. Does that makes sense?

That was a good answer, having to kneel on the chair so you wouldn't squirm, while your bottom was raised up more for your dad to give you a good spanking. It would result in your sit area getting more spanks I would think, and less to upper areas of your bottom which are really tender areas to get spanked, but with your bottom already tender and feeling "on fire" you wouldn't probably notice any difference in spanking from your dad and one from your teacher before, which you said she spanked all over? Boy, your teacher didn't want any of your bottom to remain pale and white did she? Especially if she spanked your upper bottom area! That area really "kills me" James, there's less thickness this and your going to really feel the "heat" a hand or brush or paddle will leave! I know myself this to be true!

You got spanked again at bedtime, from your Mom. Boy, your bottom really got spankings that day! You got a longer hand spanking? James, have you ever almost kicked your PJ bottoms off or other clothes down while getting spanked and kicking your legs from the hurt? I almost have before, but haven't yet, and it really wouldnt' matter as they would just be kicked across the room and I'd have to go get them to put them back on, but before doing I'm going to do some serious rubbing!

That's geat nobody at school noticed you had gotten spanked, except Courtney and your friend knowing, and if someone had noticed they would have thought you got spanked at home. Have you noticed kids in your class shifting in their seats and it became know they had been spanked at hom? That is great you didn't have gym class so kids wouldn't see your bottom some red! Was most or all of the red gone by end of the day? Courtney offer you any sympathy for ya, James? My girlfriend does sometimes when he knows or finds our I've gotten spanked and tells me she feels sorry for me, and wished the pain would go away fast for me!

That's good no teacher would come to Courtney's house. I bet then, they's tell her Mom and for sure Courtney would get a long spanking? That's good that Courtney didn't ask details about her Mom spanking you. Your right, she would have an idea what you went through though and I though maybe she might comment that it had to be embarrassing for you that her Mom saw your bare bottom to spank. You think if Courtney became friends with any other boys that her Mom would spank them bare bottom? I hope you and Courtney can be boyfriend/girlfriend for along time. It's cool having a girlfriend, and I know she likes you, James! Hey, you two got into some kissing yet? I do with my girlfriend and it's WHOW!

That's good your girlfriend was joking she would spank you? I'd be embarrassed if she would or wanted too, but at least you could stop her and if she got a few licks in it would only be to the seat of your pants! Ha Ha. My girlfriend has done that to me, scolded me, and smacked her little hand before across seat of my pants to one of cheeks! Ha Ha. I've done it to her, too, James. She loved it! As for you and Courtney, don't you do that, at least until you and she know each other better. Don't want her getting mad, she might not want to speak to you for a while and that would be "killing" to you, James! Also, think she might tell her Mom and her Mom would tell you if you wanted to continue to see Courtney you'd have to bare to bottom and go over her lap to be spanked again?

I hope you continue to be spank-free, James. You can do it! Keep that bottom of yours pale and white, like I'm doing with mine!

Have a great week at school and stay spankfree at home and don't do anything at school that would get you spanked! I've been on my guard at school and home. I don't need no school paddling and then get home to get a tender bottom lite up again!

Take care my friend,


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:25:35 11/06/12 Tue

Hi Travis,

It's good you are continuing to be spank-free. I have also stayed safe since being spanked on Oct.29.

It must have been really embarrassing to be spanked by your dad in the back yard in front of your neighbor. At least it wasn't the neighbor's wife or their kids, if they had any. Of course, it could be heard. I bet hearing your neighbor goading your dad to spank you good didn't make you feel very good. Seems like raking leaves gets you in trouble!!

I hope I don't get detention from that teacher again. I don't do it on purpose. I would have definitely gotten spanked at home in any case. Whether I would have gotten the bedtime spanking, I don't know. But getting spanked by my teacher is more embarrassing than getting it by my mom.

What's different here is that I have been spanked by various other persons. Like the two mom's of friends, my aunt, uncle and cousin as well as my mom and dad. And a teacher of mine and the mom of my girlfriend. All have seen and spanked my bare bottom.

Not sure I get used to it, but it happens. Yes, a hairbrush spanking is worse than a handspanking, but, as you know, even a handspanking can really hurt. Then, when they are combined, it's really bad.

No, it doesn't seem like my bottom gets any tougher with all the spankings I get. But it does seem to hurt more when there is a longer period between spankings. Probably just because you aren't as used to being spanked as often.

The difference in the spanks from my dad and my teacher was thatmy bottom was even more bent over kneeling on the chair. Even more than when I was pinned over my teacher's left knee. Both ways, I really howled.

Yes, I have kicked my pajamas off during a bedtime spanking or my underpants if my pants were off. Especially during a long hand spanking or a spanking with the hairbrush.

I think I have noticed kids shifting in their seats and wondered if they got spanked. Unfortunately, I noticed that today and it was Courtney. As it turns out, she admitted to me that she got into an argument with her mom this morning and got spanked. I felt really bad for her, knowing about getting spanked in the morning.

Yes, Courtney did offer sympathy for me being spanked.

Of course she was kidding about spanking me!! Wouldn't that be embarrassing!! No, I haven't done that. Sure don't want to risk her mom wanting to spank me!

Got to go, my mom's calling me. Stay safe, take care.


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:49:04 11/07/12 Wed

Hi James,

Great to hear your continuing to be spank-free since your Oct. 29 spanking. Like your, my bottom is continuing to
remain pale-white from not getting spanked and it feels
great not to have it hurting from a spanking!

It was kind of enbarrassing, James, to be spanked and have the neighbor watch my bottom change from white to red, and it would have been more embarrassing to have had his wife
watch. As for their kids, we've seen each other's bare bottoms spanked as a couple of times I have been spanked by the neighbor with their kids for getting into trouble as my folks are really good friends with them and I've stayed with sometimes if I had to while my folks had to go away and I stayed hom because of school, and I got in trouble a few times and permission was given to spank me. Same for my dad, he's spanked with kids before, too!

I hope you don't get detention again from the teacher, too. James, try really, really hard to be on guard and you won't! You can do it! Yes, I can see where it would be really embarrassing for you to get spanked, the teacher seeing your bare bottom. All because she's not like a relative or close friend of yours that would register in your mind for not alot of embarrassment or not enbarrassment, but I still can't understand why all of a sudden she was allow to come to your house to spank you? Dention was given by her, and should have been punishment enough, and for a home spanking that should be given only by your Mom and Dad, not your teacher!

I don't think you'll ever get used to getting spanked by that teacher, if it has to happen again, and it would be perfectly natural for you to protest to see if it might not happen but, you and I know your bottom is going to become bare and spanked no matter what so, I don't know what else could be done to try to prevent it from happening.

Your probably right, James, even though I've never had a hairbrush spanked on my bottom, but been hand spanked along with getting the paddle, a hand spanking for sure can over a matter of minutes hurt just as much as a hairbrush spanking. Sure, each cheek have to be spanked individually and a hand is not as heavy as a brush but, hey, the longer a spanking goes on, the more pain is added and increases and sooner or later a hand-spanking could equal that as much as getting a hairbrush spanking and leaving a bottom red and just as sore! Same for the paddle. It's quickier spanking across both cheeks but, the spanking pain comes as much as the hand and a brush can deliver. The spanking is going to be determined to be over I believe, to be by the person spanking you or me, and how red they want both of our bottoms to become before they stop, and perhaps how hard you or I are crying and howeling!

You bet, a hand spanking first and then getting a brush or paddle next really makes for a sore bottom spanking. It's like the hand spanking is waking up the bottom, warming the tissues, and then when the brush of paddle come to the tender bottom it really makes for a painful spanking and wishing you or I had not done what we done to get spanked!

Yeah, I can see your point about you or me not going a period times between spankings and it seems the spanking given then hurts more, and neither of our bottoms aren't any tougher. Let's face it, I don't think any kid getting alot of spankings would have their bottom become tougher I guess spanked alot to make the spankings easier to take.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who might kick his underwear, pj bottom or anything else pulled down before a spanking, that could later on be kicked off. Feels kind of embarrassing that happening, but really the embarrassment is having our bare bottoms spanked! I'm used to my dad seeing me, and my Mom once in awhile again not, now so knowing them their my parents makes it easier to take if my bottom has to be bare for spankings. Same for you, James, from what I'm reading, right?

Gosh, sorry to hear that Courtney got spanked by her Mom in the morning. Too bad she couldn't have been spanked after school, not that her Mom didn't think it mattered her bottom would be hurting and she'd have to shift sitting in her deskseat but, seems like a spanking would have to be done quick so Courtney wouldn't be late for school. Glad you and she could kind of talk about it, I bet it made her feel beter! Great your there for her, James!

Well, got to get to bed. You continue to be spank-free and I will try hard, too. Take care my friend and stay safe!


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:21:24 11/15/12 Thu

Hi Travis,

Sorry for not writing sooner. I was away last weekend and and then been staying over my friend's house until today.

Last weekend, I was over my aunt's house while my parents and my aunt and uncle were away and watched by my cousin, Lauren, as usual. My aunt and uncle returned Monday night, but my parents didn't return until today. Lauren drove me over to my friend's house on Monday night.

Unfortunately, I didn't stay spank free. Over the weekend, I got into trouble, along with two of my cousins.

The three of us were out on Monday morning and we were told to be back by noon. We ended up being an hour late and Lauren wasn't happy with us at all. Then, to top it off, we argued with her as she scolded us.

She said "That's it. Get into the living room!" It became apparent that we were going to be spanked. As we walked to the living room, Lauren left in another direction and returned shortly with a hairbrush.

She started with my younger cousin, lowering his jeans and then turning him over her lap. Then bared him and spanked him hard and he was bawling. Then she raised his underpants and help him hobble to the corner as she smacked him. Then lowered his underpants and reminded him to not rub.

then it was the other cousin's turn, who is my age. He was made ready the same as his cousin and spanked hard. Then he was brought to another corner as he got smacked. After he was left bare bottomed in the corner, it was my turn and I ended up bare bottomed over her knees as she spanked me hard. then, wailing, she walked me over to a third corner, smacking me, and stood me in the corner and lowered my underpants. So there were three boys in corners all with their bottoms bare. And all of us couldn't reach back and rub.

Later, when my uncle and aunt returned home, they weren't happy that we misbehaved. We were in the kitchen and three chairs were pulled out. My uncle grabbed my cousin who is my age, my aunt grabbed me and Lauren was told to take the younger cousin. We are ended up bare over their knees and got spanked, with their hands, hard and long. Maybe it was good they didn't have three hairbrushes!!!

After the spankings finally ended, my two cousins were sent to their rooms, while I, sobbing, got ready to leave.

It was an uncomfortable ride to my friend's house as I squirmed. When we arrived, Lauren mentioned to my friend's mom that I was sore from being spanked both that morning and then a short time ago. I blushed even though I had been spanked by my friend's mom numerous times.

His mom then said that if I misbehave there, I would get another spanking, no matter how sore my bottom was. I knew that was true.

Lauren left and I was able to stay safe until yesterday evening when my friend and I got into trouble by getting caught smoking in his room. Don't ask why we thought we could get away with it. We were startled when she suddenly came in and caught us. She left and shortly, my friend's mom returned with her hairbrush. She grabbed her son, yanked him over her knees, pulled down his pjs and began spanking, hard. It was a hard and long spanking causing my friend to really bawl loud. Made me real nervous!!

Then, she took him to the corner and then it was my turn. She put me over her knees and yanked my pjs down, and began spanking. got spanked just as hard as my friend, maybe worse, as I twisted and turned and she ended up pinning me and that really made the spanking hurt. Then took me to the corner. We had to remain there for 15 minutes before we could leave the corner.

Went to bed with a sore, bare, red bottom. Slept face down, with nothing covering our bottoms.

Still store this morning, I was nervous knowing that I would most likely be spanked by my parents when they found out I had been spanked.

When my mom arrived, (dad was in the car waiting), she was told about being spanked for smoking. Found out that mom already knew about being spanked at my aunt's and she was angry. She grabbed my arm and turned me and smacked me hard five times on the seat of my pants and told me I would be sleeping on my stomach that evening. Then, before we left, my mom told my friend's mom that she would be talking to her later in the week.

In the car on the way home, my dad lectured me. And we arrived home, mom took me into the living room and undressed me from the waist down. You can imagine how nervous I was.

After standing in the corner for about 20 minutes, I heard my parents come in. I felt myself being taken out of the corner. It was my dad who brought be to a chair and put me over his knees. then began spanking. Hard. I was bawling like anything when he finally stopped. I was put back in the corner again, for about 15 minutes. Too soon, I was taken out again, this time by my mom who was holding her hairbrush.

I pleaded but was ignored as I was turned over her left knee and pinned me. then began spanking, all over, as I wailed. It was so bad. I was really on fire!! When she finished, she didn't put me back in the corner, but, instead, she grabbed my arm and marched me to my room, smacking my bottom as we went. I was bawling, wailing, but my mom kept a grip on me until we got to my room.

She then made me bend over and she gave me ten really hard spanks and told me to go to bed. Stupid me, I said it was afternoon, and gave me ten more spanks. I went to bed, sobbing as I laid face down on my bed.

I was there for a couple hours before mom brought supper to me. She was silent as she left the tray. I ate and it was extremely uncomfortable sitting down on a pillow. Still is now.

Hope you have done better than me. No trouble again regarding raking leaves?!

I think my teacher was allowed to come here to spank me because she was my tutor in August and spanked then. So it wasn't the first time.

I know all about getting a hand spanking followed by being spanked with hairbrush!! Unfortunately!!!

I know how it is to be spanked in the morning before school. It really sucks!! I felt really bad for Courtney.

well, got to go. I will be sleeping on my stomach tonight. Hope I don't get another spanking tonight. I have a bad feeling my spankings aren't over yet.

take care, and hope you have been spank free.


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Travis to James
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Date Posted: 18:49:32 11/16/12 Fri

Hi James,

I am proud to report that my bottom has still been able to stay white and pale and unspanked since I last talked to

Sorry James to hear about the spankings you have been getting.

You was late by an hour getting back with your cousins and not by the time you were told to do so? Did you just lose
track of the time? You own a watch? You should have been watching your watch to know what time it was or if you were going to be late you could have least phoned and maybe you wouldn't have gotten spanked or got less of a spanking!
Maybe you can keep that in mind next time? James, do you own a cellphone? If you do, you could use that to watch time if you don't own a watch or call from when you might be late.

The cousins that got spanked with you, you've been spanked with them before right? If so, not surprises or embarrassment of them or you seeing each others bare bottoms getting spanked by Lauren, right? I bet that was a sight three bare, red bottoms in corners at the same time, and you couldn't rub. How'd you get by this time, James and not rub? You couldn't recently for your last spanking and got caught by your Mom and spanked for rubbing?

Glad to hear you only got hand spankings, and the three of you didn't get the hairbrush. I bet you were glad there wasn't three hairbrushes in the house! Still, a hand spanking I know made your bottom red and sore, and felt like your bottom was on fire!

That had to be a sight you, and your cousins all getting hand spanked bare bottom in the kitchen. How come your aunt chose you to spank? I bet she hasn't lost her touch and made your bottom really, really sore! For sure sleeping bare bottom I bet felt good to try to cool off. Was your bottom quite sore and red the next morning?

Boy James, did you lose your mind? SMOKING with your friend? This isn't the same friend you and him got caught smoking last time is it? James, that was stupid to smoke! What's the matter it you? I thought that severe spanking to your bottom for finding the cigarettes and getting spanked bad with your friend made you think twice not to smoke again? James, you and your friend should have known you'd get caught smoking in the house! Smoke smell is going to stay in the room for a long, long time! James, it was right for you to get spanked for smoking! I bet your bottom was really bright red and sore after that spanking! You deserved that spanking for smoking and I hope you remember that spanking and it makes you think twice to not want to smoke. Smoking will ruin your lungs, give you lung cancer! Come on, James! Be smart and no more spanking! I know you can do it, and if your friends offers you a cigarette to smoke again sometime soon, you remember the spankings you got from your Aunt, Mom and Dad. That will cure you from smoking and if it doesn't then you bottom is going to be SMOKING, after it is bared and you get another hairbrush spanking from your Mom! It's a wonder you dad didn't use the hairbrush on your first and then pass it on to your
Mom or is your dad just a hand spanking dad? I bet your botom was fire engine and even next morning it was still sore and red to remind you not to smoke. Did you have school next morning? If so, I hope you wasn't squirming at your desk and event that Courtney would find out you was smoking!

Girls don't like guys who smoke James and their parents don't either! I've never smoked inmy life and don't plan on to, but know some guys at school got caught and they lost girlfriends and respect from the girlfriends parents. Hate to see you have to bare your bottom and get spanked over Courtney's Mom lap again. You wouldn't want that to happen to continue to be her boyfriend if she or her Mom found our you smoked, would you? THINK JAMES! NO MORE SMOKING OR YOU BOTTOM WILL BE SMOKING!

Nope, no more trouble raking leaves. Got them all raked up, so my bottom will be safe and don't have to worry about that chore. I am nervous with Thanksgiving coming up, vacation from school Thursday thru Friday and of course no school on weekend and plenty of time for something to happen and could earn a spanking. I hope it doesn't happen!

James, you behave yourself and don't be getting spanked! Think of how sore and red from the spankings you have been getting and that should help you think twice to get yourself into trouble. You don't want a sore bottom and have to try to eat Thanksgiving meal squirming in your chair do you and have to sleep bare bottom facing the ceiling up?

James, want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! You and your bottom stay spankfree for awhile and enjoy the holiday coming up not getting spanked! Sorry that you did get the many spankings, but for smoking you had those spanking coming for sure!

If I could, I'd give your bare bottom a few whacks for smoking! You don't be doing that my friend!

Gotta go, take care and stay spankfree! I'm trying to.

Best to you,

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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 17:38:05 11/17/12 Sat

Hi Travis,

Glad at least that you have stayed spank free. I wish I could say the same.

Yeah, I own a watch, but it doesn’t do you any good to ignore it. Yes, I have been spanked with my cousins before, including being spanked by Lauren. In fact, the first time I got spanked by Lauren, it was with my cousins. I guess this time, I was able to get by without rubbing.

Yeah, I was glad that we only got handspankings and not the hairbrush. Maybe it would have been different if they had three hairbrushes in the house, I don’t know. Even so, the hand spanking was painful. No, my aunt hasn’t lost her touch. Yeah, three boys getting spanked at one time had to be a sight. Don’t know why it was tha my aunt chose me to spank. I wasn’t going to ask. Yes, I was still sore the next morning.

Well, I guess I do lose my mind, smoking. Yup, the same friend that got with me last time smoking. I know it’s wrong and we were stupid to do it in the house as well. We thought my friend’s mom was out and we opened a window.

Yeah, I should remember the spankings I got from my friend’s mom and my mom and dad. Two of them with the hairbrush. OUCH!! My behind was SMOKING!!

Other than that one time recently that my dad used the hairbrush while I knelt on the chair, he has only hand spanked me. Even so, he still spanks hard. Then to get the hairbrush from my mom, my bottom was really on fire. Didn’t help to get the extra spanks in my room.

The next morning my bottom was sore and it got sorer. Mom told me to come down to breakfast with my pants off, just in underpants. I groaned, knowing what that meant. I ate breakfast and after breakfast, I had to go over to my mom who lowered my underpants and turned me over her lap.

Then spanked me hard and long, and I was bawling. Then she stood me up and raised my underpants and I put my pants on. I knew I was going to be uncomfortable at school.

Yup, I was squirming at school. I wasn’t the only one as my friend was as well. He also had been spanked yesterday morning. Not only that, but Courtney was as well!!! She also had been spanked as well. Unfortunately, I had gym that day and it was noticed in the showers. And we got teased some. Embarrassing.

I didn’t have a chance to chat with Courtney as she only went to school for a half day, having a Dr. appointment . After school, I was stopped by my homeroom teacher, who had noticed my squirming. At her desk, she said that she noticed my squirming which most likely meant I was spanked before school and asked if it was true. I would have liked to say no, but it would be lying and could get me into more trouble. So, I said I was. She asked why and I told her I had been caught smoking. She scolded me and said it’s too bad teachers can’t spank at school, or she would be putting me over her knees for a good spanking. She said she was sure, however, that my mom would have spanked me hard and maybe I had more coming. I almost expected her to smack me anyway, but didn’t.

That was it for yesterday. No further spankings, though my mom was still upset with me. This morning, after breakfast, I was sent to my room. Later this morning, mom called me out and took me into the living room and put me in the corner, with my pants still up.

Shortly, the doorbell rang. Then I heard a familiar voice.

“I see James is in the corner. Courtney, go stand next to James, eyes facing the wall.”

You see, Courtney was one who gave me the cigarettes that she took from her mom’s pocketbook. And the voice I heard was Courtney’s mom. Then I sensed another person next to me in the corner. It was Courtney. I started to turn my head, but mom yelled at me to keep my eyes forward.

We were in the corner for about 20 minutes more. Meanwhile I could hear voices but not was being said. I felt myself being taken out of the corner and it was by Courtney’s mom. I was taken over to a chair, while I noticed my mom taking Courtney by her hand out of the living room where we were.

Obviously, I was going to be spanked by Courtney’s mom and Courtney by my mom. But we wouldn’t be seeing it, just hearing it.

I was stood in front of Courtney’s mom while she undid and lowered my pants. Even though she was spanking me for the second time, I still blushed and was embarrassed. Then I was bent over her left knee and my underpants pulled down. Then she put her right leg over my legs, pinning me. I knew it would be a bad spanking.

It was, with the hairbrush. She spanked hard and long, really giving it to me. Meanwhile, when I could, I heard the sound of the hairbrush in the kitchen, along with Courtney sobbing and then bawling. Of course, she could hear me bawling and the sound of her mom’s hairbrush smacking my bare bottom. Thought it would never end.

But finally it did, and then my underpants were raised and I was stood up and she pulled my pants up. She marched me back to the corner, reminding me to not rub. Shortly, I heard my mom and Courtney come in. Like me, she was sobbing hard and she was put in the corner next to me with the same warning to not rub.

At least our bottoms were covered. We were in the corner for about 30 minutes, then we were called out and told to go to the kitchen for lunch. You can imagine how it was to sit down. It was am uncomfortable time, sitting on hot bottoms and listening to our moms talk about how often we need to be spanked. Sort of like comparing notes.


Then Courtney’s mom said she found something recently that she hadn’t used on Courtney yet. That caused Courtney to look up in dismay. I wondered what it was and also whether it would be used on me as well.

Well, after lunch, we would brought back to the living room and Courtney’s mom took Courtney to a chair and reached into her bag and took out a red paddle. It seemed like one of those novelty paddles you had mentioned. Then she grabbed Courtney’s wrist and pulled her across her left knee. Courtney pleaded, “Not in front of James!!!”

Courtney’s mom said, hush, your pants are staying up. Then Courtney was pinned and her mom began spanking her with the paddle on her covered bottom. Still sounded painful and I am sure it was painful on her already spanked bottom. I was there, watching and thinking I would be next.

Well, when her mom stopped, she let her up and mom took me over to her. I was pinned over her left knee and I got paddled. YEOUCH!!!

I soon was bawling. Then it stopped and I was stood up. The two of us were reached back and rubbing while we sobbed.

There was one more paddling. They had the ‘great idea’ to bend us over the back of our couch. Our bottoms were sticking up and not only that, we couldn’t see each other’s bottom. Which meant that they could bare our bottoms while we were bent over next to each other.

We were left like that for about 20 minutes. Then I saw Courtney’s mom hand my mom the paddle. Mom walked behind us and gave each of us five hard spanks. Then Courtney’s mom did the same, and once more we were bawling.

Then had to bend over for 30 minutes, before we were dressed and allowed to stand up. Then we were both lectured and scolded and Courtney and her mom left.

Mom sent me to my room. Which, except for supper, I have remained. It was a bad day for sure.

Don't know if it's over yet or not. You don't have to worry about spanking me yourself, I am getting plenty as it is.
Believe me, I have learned my lesson, I won't smoke again.

Well, take care. If I don't write before Thursday, have a great Thanksgiving.


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James to Travis
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Date Posted: 12:44:50 11/24/12 Sat

Hi Travis,

Hoping to hear from you soon. Can't stay on right now, but wanted to put in a reply to move the thread forward in case you hadn't seen my reply.

Take care, James

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