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Subject: Re: School Spanking

Coach Benjamin to Mark Athlete
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Date Posted: 15:26:37 11/09/12 Fri
In reply to: Mark Athlete to Coach Benjamin 's message, "Re: School Spanking" on 08:36:12 11/09/12 Fri

Hey Mark,

Are you playing tonight (11/9)? If so I hope you win! Go Mark, Drew, Sean, and Travis!

Yes, senior year of college I got a trophy, but would have liked the championship!

I've only had one boy in class who have laughed and made fun of a boy getting spanked. That boy was a wrestler and while I gave him the maximum 10 swats in class, he also got a second spanking and extra lifting during practice.

Younger boys do get less than older boys, but there are always exceptions and I will not give one boy less than another for the same incident. The paddle is used a little less than the belt, but the size doesn't change for the size of the boy.

I think OTK is more intimate which is why I only use it with boys I know well, but yes, as I get to know more boys they will get OTK as well. I agree with why your dad uses OTK, but I think it also is a very good way of gauging how a boy is doing and if he needs less or more.

My spankings tend to be pretty quick unless I want to let the soreness set in with each swat. Honestly, Mark, while the spanking is VERY important, the conversation after the spanking is MORE important.

Even though spankings in front of the team can impact the team and teach them a lesson, I still think that private spankings are more important. That way I get to talk through what's happened with the boy and really teach him something.

As to your spanking...yes, 10 boy. Let's assume I know you better and you'd go over my knee which would mean that most of the swats would land on your sit spot. During corner time if you touch/rub your butt you will get 5 extra swats as a warning. IF you touch a second time I will repeat the spanking completely. Welts normally last a day or two. And the 10 swats limit only applies to in-class spankings.

Your girlfriend's first noticed you for your butt?? Nice!

Btw, I responded to Tanner's post.

Coach Benjamin

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Mark Athlete to Coach Benjamin
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Date Posted: 08:22:20 11/10/12 Sat

Hello Coach Benjamin,

Our football team pulled off a 42-28 playoff win, but despite Drew scoring on a quarterback keep first in the game, we fell behind when the other school scored three TDs and held a halftime score 21-7.

Our coach wasn't pleased, neither was our team, as we should have been playing "our game" but didn't adjust to the other teams offense plays and defense as well. Coach gave us praise to "not quitting" but, we got a Royal Butt Chewing to get it together so our season wouldn't come to an end. As one of the co-capts. before we went back out, I added comments with my bigmouth to the team: "SUCK IT UP!

3d quarter we went back out and on opening kick-off to our team I got the football and ran it back for an 88yd. TD, and Sean kicked the extra point and score now 21-14. We scored two more TD's with Jake making one of them and game score soon was 28-21. Other school scores and tied 28-28. Our team then shut the other team down. I scored another TD and Jake did, too, and final score was 42-28! Next week Friday we play in the State Seminfinal Game to defend our State Football Title and try to get to the title game to be played next week after.

Thanks for wishing us "Good Luck" in our game. You mentioned a Travis in your well-wishes to us, he doesn't play for us, but I see a person in the forum posts by that name. My buddies with me (Mark) are Drew our quaterback, Jake our fullback and its SEAN (not Travis) who kicks for us for kick-offs, field goals, extra point after touchdown, etc.

Sorry you didn't win the championship your senior year, Coach, but at least you got a trophy, sir.

So the wrestler who made fun or another boy in class getting spanked got a spanking in class and he got l0 swats MAX for his rude doings? GOOD THAT HAPPENED TO HIM! Nobody should be making fun or anyone getting spanked. It's a serious event for happening, learning for the person getting it and if anyone is watching it could happen to them, IF they do something to cause it!

Did the wrestler do any crying in class for his second? I bet he really did some bawling for his second spanking you no doubt I bet game him on his bare butt with belt? How long of a period & time between his first and second spanking? Although clothed for the in class spanking it still would make his butt sore, but getting the second spanking bare would make that spanking more uncomfortable for him as his butt should have been tender some from the first spanking, and I bet he did some vocaling or gritting of teeth while the second spanking took place? Did he perhaps do some corner time? Extra weightlifting never hurt anyone. Did he lift after the spanking? That would have caused some extra hurt on his sore butt for sure!

Glad to see your fair in giving paddlings about the same for swats and for use for the size of the boy, and including when the belt is chosen to be used! I bet boys still would rather get a paddling, then a belt spanking, right? If you was to offer between the two I bet you'd have to forget using that belt for awhile. LOL.

So, your a quick spanker, huh? Unless you want to let some soreness set in with each swat? As you know, that happens, and if that is done one right after another, REAL SORENESS sets in and a person will wish their spanking was over with! I always do, but sometimes my dad likes to really take his time, and then my butt really "heats up!"

I agree, the after spanking is important. Gives me a chance again to make things right with my dad or principal or teacher of coach, whoever is or has spanked me. For the pre-spanking talk, that's important to me, too! I'm usually told how many swats I'm going to get, unless someone pulls a "surprise" on me and gives me more. My dad has done that sometimes, and I can't blame him and don't as he knows what is best for me, and what my little butt can take for spanking! One time I got 25 swats with the paddle, bare butt, and I knew I was getting up to at least 15-20 but, when the paddling didn't stop...man, my butt was really "burning" and I was begging for the paddling to stop! I was squirming my little butt, kicking my legs, etc.!
After that paddling was over with I really did some "dancing" and rubbing my sore butt bigtime!

Do you find some of your boys you have spanked do that "after spanking dance" and do you allow it or don't prefer they do it? My dad doesn't care if I do it, and that's when I'm starting to do some serious rubbing of my spanked butt, too!

I agree private spankings are important, but infront of the team can be too! It was for me both times I got spanked that way. Especially when Drew and I got paddled together on our wet bare butts for "horse--play" in the locker room, but more especially for disrespecting the basketball game officials. I could have been paddled private maybe, but coach and I talked, and I told him getting paddled infront of the team would not only show I was taking responsiblity ability for my wrong actions to that ref, but I was not setting a good example being a co-capt., and I was not showing pride for my team coaches, school and even my community and more. Coach knew where I was coming from so, the paddling took place infront of the team, after I apologized to them for what I did to make myself look bad, them, my coaches, my school, and community. After a few more minutes of asking forgiveness, I then told coach "let's get this over with," and while he got his paddle, I bared my butt and then got into position for my paddling! My butt sure hurt, but I felt good about myself after it was over with!

About my getting spanked from you...so, I would have to get l0 licks with your belt? For sure? Really? No changing your mind? Even if I had never been spanked with a belt before? Okay, with that in mind, what would you say to prepare me for getting my first belt spanking, what's going to happen, what will happen during the spanking and afterwards? I know I will be expected to bare my own butt, so you'll have to tell me what position you want me in.

If you knew me better, I'd be going over your knee and my butt would be getting most of the swats landing on my sit spot? Sounds good to me, and I don't think I would have told you that but, I'd have a silent grin inside of me. I hate getting swats landing on my bare butt during a spanking no where else other then on my sit spot. Other areas are so tender to getting swats on, there's less meat or muscle in them areas, and especially I've come to "feel" and know the mid-butt area is MURDER to get swats on over the years when I got hand spankings to now getting the paddle!

While over your knees, don't be surprised that I might squirm my butt around some as the pain builds up, which I do sometimes while I'm over my dad's knees and I might kick my legs some. I hope this doesn't cause me to earn extra swats? My dad allows it, no extra swats for me doing this!

I hope you would have told me ahead of time before corner time what is expected and not expected of me to do and not touch/rub or I would get 5 extra swats as a warning, so you would tell and explain, right? If I was to touch, I would get the spanking again completely? Your kidding? Your not kidding? OUCH! l0 swat OUCHES!

Okay, if a belt spanking leaves welts on a butt from a spanking, then why spank with a belt to begine with, sir? And I'm not trying to be funny, disrespectful or anything! I'm inquiring. Would it be that because I am older, and an athlete that I and my butt should be able to take such a spanking? For the welts, what can be done to ease the pain from those areas they are on, and I hope they don't leave some kinds of scars or even faint scars? Can't have that on a butt of mine!

Yeah, my girlfriend first noticed me for being cute, liked seeing me shirtless wearing my football practice clothes, and especially noticing my some-what small butt! I noticed she had a cute smile, had a sense of humor, had a great figure, and yeah, she had a cute-looking little butt, too!
Holly is a really "hot-looking" girl in my eyes!

Great you had sometime to respond to Tanner. Give him few days to see it. Today, he is playing is FIRST college JV basketball game that will count in standings, and it's an away game!

Have a great weekend, Coach Benjamin. I'm spending some of mine with my folks, and of course Holly, and the guys and me will get together to throw the football around!

Mark (Athlete)

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Coach Benjamin to Mark and Drew
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Date Posted: 22:59:11 11/10/12 Sat

Hey Mark and Drew,

Great job on the game!

The boy who made fun of one of the other boys got 10 swats in class and then got his second spanking about four hours later and, yes, did get it bare with the belt.

After spanking "dances" aren't allowed just like rubbing isn't until after corner time.

Ok, my spanking of you: yes, boy, you would get 10 swats ith the belt regardless of your lack of experience with the belt. Because it would be your first time with the belt I'd go over what to expect before you get over my knee. If you squirm I will warn you and if it becomes a problem I will add more swats. And as always I could adjust how many you get while I'm spanking.

Corner time is very important and you should not be dancing or rubbing during it. Crying though is ok. The belt can leave welts but that helps remind you to not do whatever you did again. Lotion can help ease the pain of welts, but really you just have to wait till they subside.

Drew, my weekend is going pretty well...just up late dealing with a few problems in the dorm. No, the width of the belt doesn't really matter, though narrow belts can add extra sting. Growing up I got spankedrussian with all types of belts and the only kind that hurt more than the rest was dads cowboy belts.

The 10-swat limit is only for in-class spankings. I've been thinking about Mark's spanking as a locker room or dorm spanking where there is no limit. If Mark can't handle not rubbing then he's going to keep getting spanked until he can. I've had a few boys who too as many as 75 swats until they got the message and didn't rub. I don't want to hurt Mark or any boy, but I also have rules and I expect the boys to follow them, understand?

Coach Benjamin

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Mark Athlete to Coach Benjamin
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Date Posted: 08:05:50 11/12/12 Mon

Hello Coach Benjamin,

Sir, it was really nice to hear from you. Before I get into a conversation with you, I hope you'll take the time to "help" my buddy/friend Ethan here in the forum who wrote to you telling about what his dad did to him two weeks in a row, by punishing him to give him whippings with his belt on his bare back, whipped his bare butt more then what a traditional spanking should be, and hit/punched Ethan in his abs and other plays unnecessary! He's got Ethan thinking he's not a good athlete, that he's not smart, he's no good, and lots of things. Ethan wrote you a letter, and I hope you respond to him. I told Ethan he should go talk to his football coach in a separate thread, about how his dad is mistreating him, and to make sure he's not suffered some internal injury so he can't play football Friday in a state seminfinal game to get the team to the state title championship game to play, and who knows, maybe something could be life-threatening happening inside of Ethan?

I feel bad that for Ethan, even though I've never met him inperson but, gosh, a guy's dad shouldn't treat him like "crap" like Ethan's dad has done! I'm not suppose to disrespect adults or my dad will paddle my bare butt, but I had to tell Ethan what I thought of how wrong his dad was to mistreatment him, say bad things, and not act like he loves Ethan like he should for a father to his son! I cried reading Ethan's message, telling me what happened and second guessing himself if he might not be a good person, etc. I didn't know what to do, so I'm glad Ethan talked you and his message hasn't been okayed by the forum moderator yet but, I hope you told Ethan he should go to his coach and tell him what his dad did. I don't want to get anyone into trouble but, Ethan's dad right now is not being a loving dad to Ethan and he needs to stop beating and stop abusing Ethan like he has. Ethan says his buddy Ben, whom I'm friends with here in the forum, that Ben's dad and Ethan's dad are best buddies, so maybe Ben's dad can talk to Ethan's dad or something. I feel helpless, wanting to help Ethan so, so I hope Ethan will go to his football coach for advice and be checked out by team trainer to make sure he doesn't have any injuires inside of him. Thank you, sir, for commenting and helping Ethan!

Thank you for commenting about how "great" our team did to win last Friday's game, and now will advance to play in the semifinal game this Friday and see if we might secure a win to play in the state championship title game to be played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Our team would love to repeat winning a second consecutive championship title two years in a row! We'll see what happens this Friday. We drawed to play the only team who has given us our one loss in our 11-1 season so far. They have one loss, too, and when we played them in a league game they spanked us 36-13 back on Oct. 5, 2012.

WHOW! The boy who made fun of the boy who got spanked in class got spanked himself getting 10 swats? I bet he was crying good and wishing he hadn't made fun of that boy! I bet the other boy was grinning, silently ear to ear inside of his mind, while watching you spank the 10 licks of the paddle on that boy who made fun of him. Did you make that boy apologize to the boy?

Was that boy "surprized" four hours later, when you told him he was getting a second spanking with a belt and it would be on his bare butt? Did he try to plead to have you not give him the spanking, and he said he was sorry for what he did and wouldn't do it again, IF you wouldn't spank him? When you refused him, I bet it was really hard for him to slowly bare his butt for his spanking, and did you tell him how many licks he would be getting? Did the boy he made fun of get to watch that spanking, too?

Gosh, you don't allow for any after spanking "dances" in the dorm by any of the boys'? What if they forget, and didn't mean to do it, but did? I think I already know the answer.

Ok, now about my spanking you would give me. I would get 10 swats with the belt, regardless of my lack of experience not getting spanked before with a belt, but your taking in consideration of maybe giving me more swats like I would get in a locker room spanking or you giving in a dorm spanking?


Guess we still can't talk this over? Sometimes my dad let's me "plead my case" to him why I shouldn't get a spanking or he will tell me how many swats I can at least get with the paddle and I will "plead" to see if I can get less swats. Usually, my dad wins (only on a few rare occasions I've won less swats) and then he says, "enough talk, Mark! Let's get this over with! YOU, bare your little butt!

That's kind of you to go over what is going to happen during my spanking, what is expected of him, and what you will be doing so it won't be a surprise to me, before I (gulp) go over your knee. Makes me feel a "twringe" in my butt. You'll at least give me a "warning" if I start to squirm? That is very kind of you, sir! Some people wouldn't bother giving me a warning and might just add extra swats while telling me, "squirming shouldn't be taking place! And for doing so, Mark, your going to get additional swats..."

The wideth of a belt doesn't really matter to spank with? REALLY? But, a narrow belt can add extra sting? I would think that a wider belt would sting more, especially because it would be spanking more of both butt cheeks at one time to make them red and sore.

From your own experience growing up getting spanked by all kinds of belts, your dad's cowboy belts "HURT MORE?" Why is that? Can't be because they were thin in wideth, and for sure they were not because of pictures I've seen of cowboys wearing belts they didn't appear to be not wide.

If I remember right while my bare butt is over your knee, you said you would be laying the belt across my sit spot for alot of the licks? That would be the area like what my dad likes to take the paddle to my little butt! He does give some licks high upper the cheeks, and that area I feel is "MURDER" to take some swats on! Less meat there, and so to speak, "really, really tender!"

That then would go back to your comment if I "squirm" you'll warn me not to, and if it because too much of a
problem you will add more swats. REMEMBER NOW, YOU MIGHT HAVE TO WARN ME! I hardly ever get through a spanking at home without a little squriming. I bet you squirmed when you got spankings from your dad, right? I haven't decided if I squirmed less when my dad used to give me long hand spankings which he did really good with his heavy hand to spank all over my butt to give it a nice cherry red glow and hurtful sting or if now when he spanks me with the paddle if that makes my butt more redder and sorer because I still squirm some until the spanking is over with. Typical reaction from the heat-build up that is taking place!

That brings up about the corner time you want to "sentence" me to! Having never, ever, served any in my lifetime (knock on wood of my spanking paddle that my dad doesn't get any bright ideas, as bright as what spanks my butt) I will try to cooperate while displaying by freshly spanked little butt for anyone to see, whatever reason for I wouldn't know except maybe my girlfriend Holly would love to see such a view of me that she has never seen before and won't see if I can help it and wouldn't want that view spoiled by a shade of red or me experiencing any pain or discomfort, and I will try my darnest to NOT reach back and rub at all while I'm in the corner.

If I do rub, you have warned me that I will come out of the corner and be spanked again with the belt, and again if needed each time I return to the corner and reach back to rub, until I am free of the corner AND THEN I CAN DO ALL THE AFTER SPANKING "DANCES" AND BUTT RUBBING I WANT TO!

You had a few boys who took as many as 75 swats with the belt? A big "OUCH" to hearing that! How many repeat spankings did they get then? What did there butts really look like, until they got your no rub message, sir? I bet when all of their spankings were over with they didn't feel they had any butt, right?

One time I got 25 licks with the paddle from my dad and was hurting so bad that I didn't think I had a butt left after the spanking ended, until I was allowed later and could look into a mirror and see staring back at me the reddest my little butt had ever become in my life! I sure was glad when I could "dance" and rub as much as I wanted to. It was a long time before I wanted to sitdown!

I believe you do have rules, sir, and expect boys to follow them. And I know you don't want to hurt them when you have to spank them or if you had to spank me. You sound like a fair man, sir, when it comes to spanking, and allowing when a guy can rub. I would only hope if you had to spank me, the corner time of l5 minutes would go fast for me!

Take care, Coach Benjamin and I hope you don't have to give out many or no spankings this week!


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Coach Benjamin to Mark Athlete
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Date Posted: 20:06:01 11/12/12 Mon

Hey Mark,

Good to hear from you too! How is school going this week?

I reached out to Ethan and I want you and the other boys to know that if you need anything I'm here for you. I've also left my email in case you need to get in touch privately. You hear?

If I was Ethan's coach I would want to hear about it, but honestly I'm surprised his coach hasn't noticed yet. I mean doesn't your coach notice when your butts are red/welted?

No, I never allow "dancing" after a spanking (until corner time is complete). You do know what happens if a boy forgets...he gets additional swats.

I'm envisioning spanking you like I would in the dorms. You would get a warning (that's ONE warning) and after that you would simply get more swats. you are not allowed to leave the corner and rub until I come back into the room and give you permission. The corner time would also be in private so only I would see.

My dad's cowboy belt hurt more because he left the buckle on and it was VERY thick. It packed the punch of a small paddle as a belt.

The boys who got 75+ swats were hurting bad by the time they got out of the corner and while I hated do that to them, I needed to enforce the rules that I set.

Coach Benjamin

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Date Posted: 07:30:47 11/13/12 Tue

75 swats sounds like an awful lot indeed. What terrible things have they done to earn that? And could you describe, how long does it take to give 75 swats? How do they take it? (Call me a weakling but I could well imagine collapsing in pain halfway through!) Do they know in advance that they are getting 75, or just realizing that when it's not stopping at the point they expected? And what do their buttocks look like after that?

I wonder what kind of boy it takes who doesn't get the message at 25 but needs 75 ...

Isn't it a bit like inflation of money, the more swats are given regularly, the less significant it seems if someone just got away with ten? (Which will certainly be sufficient for many!)


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Mark Athlete to Coach Benjamin
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Date Posted: 10:11:57 11/17/12 Sat

Hello Coach Benjamin,

This is the first chance to respond to your message left to me, so first off I would like to say our football team won our semifinal game last night 35-20, so next week Saturday
our team will be playing to try to win a second consecutive football championship title in a row. We won our first title last year and it was first one in our school's history!

Last nights game was tough and scary as both teams wanted to win, but we wanted to win more so our season wouldn't come to an end.

In the game our coach used a more of an "air attack" as last game we had trouble more with a ground attack due to the other team's size for their defense and offense plays.

Last night I scored three TDs, Drew scored one TD on a quarterbackeeper and Jake scored a great TD to add to the cause. Sean did great kicking extra points after TDs.

We had fun in the locker room after the game celebrating with High-Fives to each other and snapping victory towels to each of our bare butts which made them red, but it wasn't a PAINFUL HURT like one would get getting spanked!

Speaking of spanking...

Thanks for telling me more how you would give me the spanking over your knee on my bare butt with the belt, etc.

I hope the spanking would be given with a regular belt, whatever type of "punch" one of those gives? You did describe more what your dad's cowboy belt was like you got spanked with sometimes. Boy, I think I would want to avoid having that belt not lick across my two bare butt cheeks if it is heavier. You mentioned the cowboy belt hurts more because your dad left the belt buckle on it and the belt was very thick? Your dad wasn't hitting you with the buckle on your butt was he? That could really cause some hurt or leave markings or leave these welts your talking about a belt spanking will leave sometimes? Did you get hit with the belt? That could cause some scaring, couldn't it?

As for the cowboy belt being heavier then a normal belt. That would cause more "hurt" from each lick that would be swatted on my butt cheeks? I thought maybe a not so wide belt would be the belt that would hurt the most, leaving a lot of "sting" or would both kinds of belts be equal for hurting?

I will do my best not to reach back and rub and not "dance" besides but, being used to doing both after I get spanings from my dad with the paddle at home it will be hard not to, but your giving me ONE WARNING to help teach me isvery nice of you, sir!

My main concern is, and I know a spanking is suppose to hurt for punishment and all; but what is my butt going to look like after a belt spanking?

Hey, you read my mind, when you mentioned about that lotion can help heal a sore spanked butt, and for welts that might appear. I didn't mention this but, I on my own thought I was the one who discovered that lotion helped a sore, spanked butt after getting spanked. LOL. Especially for cooling down the cheeks and soothe them! When I was younger I got a sever hand spanking before the paddle came to be part of my life, and man, was my butt really "on fire" and I did some really serious "dancing" and "rubbing" those cheeks and I really felt the heat coming off of them, really! And I thought, there's got to be something to help cool'em down. Of course, cold water from shower is a miracle remedy, and then something told me to try hand lotion so I got some out of the bathroom and man, did that feel cold and good on my sore butt cheeks, so I've used lotion ever since. One time it was so fun, I was doing my "damage" check in the mirror and rubbing the lotion on thick, looking in the mirror at my butt with the lotion on reminded me like I had thrown whipped cream on my butt, but I didn't see where it was melting off or dripping off from the "fire and heat" I was feeling! Do any or your boys use hand lotion to "cooldown" their on fire spanked cheeks, when allowed to?

So, I get to serve corner time alone, and nobody would come in and walk-in on me with my spanked bare butt on display? That is very kind of you! I bet when your boys are serving they can't wait for time to come to and end? How'd you come up with l5 mins. for a fair time? That is kind of you, and better then having to serve 30 mins. like a few guys I read in this forum have to serve sometimes, and a few do 15 mins., too. I hope the time will go by fast, 'cause when I'm released I know I'm going to have to do some really serious "dancing" and "rubbing" and it will be my time!


You had a few boys get as many as 75 swats to their butts for not obeying rules for corner time? What did their butts looks like after all was done with? I bet they really had hard time trying to sit to eat meals or attend classes?

You say you like to "help" the boys in recovering after they get spankings from you? If a boy was to stay awhile after getting spanked and he could do whatever he wanted to, would you object to him using a pillow to sit on? There's been a few times in my lifetime after getting hand spanked or gotten the paddle used on me and my butt was really, really sore and had a fire all over, I've used a few pillows for sitting on to help or try to ease the pain!
One time my Mom felt really sorry for me and my little kid butt and placed a pillow on my chair when I was going to eat breakfast or supper after getting spanked, and it helped some but, I've learned it's even better to just stand and eat. Do some of your boys do that too, and you not frown on them doing that?

I guess it will be up to me while getting the spanking and after the spanking is over with when I would get corner time and told not to rub or dance until I am told I can by you how I would come out after getting a spanking.

At least you wouldn't have to deal with my girlfriend Holly. She hates to hear that I've gotten a spanking!
Kind of disappointed in me that I let it happen because she sure things I have a "cute shaped & good-looking little butt and doesn't want any harm come to it!" She doesn't want any to it? I don't either! If I can help it! LOL.

Holly does get mad at people who spank me, although she doesn't walk up to them and voice her opinion. She would never do that or she'd get herself into trouble and who knows, maybe earn a spanking. At home she gets spanked with a hairbrush by only her Mom, and gets it bare. Man, if she likes my butt, Holly has a really cure shaped one herself I hate to hear got spanked! I got into trouble a few times voicing my opinion to her mom and dad and then my dad found out. Boy, have I gotten a few paddlings made my butt super red doing that! Holly doesn't like it if the principal paddles me or a coach and has given them dirty looks in the hallways at school if that happened, but so far has not out loud voiced her disapproval!

Well, nice talking with you! Hope you arm, paddle and belt get's a rest this week from not spanking any boys at your school this week!

Take care Coach Benjamin, nice hearing from you!

Mark (Athlete)

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Coach Benjamin to Mark Athlete
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Date Posted: 21:02:31 11/19/12 Mon

Hey Mark,

Great news on the win! Congrats!

Yeah, growing up I got the heavy/thick cowboy belt and if dad was really mad he'd let the buckle hit my butt too. I still have a few marks from those spankings. Most belts give the same type of swat...it's just if the belt is flat, braided, thick, or thin.

Your butt would be red and bruised after a belting. Depending on how well you handle it, you butt might be black and blue too. Most of the boys who got 75+ were bleeding a little too, but that is very rare.

Particularly with boys like you who are new to the belt, I will apply the lotion to your butt and help you cool it down. That said the boys are still expected to sit down on hard wood chairs when told to.

My arm got a rest after having to give a caning on Friday.

Coach Benjamin

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Drew to Coach Benjamin
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Date Posted: 18:49:42 11/10/12 Sat

Hey Coach Benjamin,

Hope your having an Okay Weekend? I'm on a sleepover at
Mark's house and saw your remarks about a Suppose/Example belt spanking you would give Mark if he deserved one.

Like Mark, and our best buds Jake and Sean, none of us guys have ever been given a belt spanking by our dad's or anyone else. It's always been the kid hand spankings to the bare butt until we got older and our dad's thought we needed more of a "pop" for discipline, so a paddle came into use.

I was reading where if you gave Mark a belt spanking of course it would be bare butt, and he'd be getting l0 licks with a belt. I guess most of the time when your giving belt spankings you mainly use the belt your wearing or ask sometimes for the belt being worn by the dude your going to spank.

Was wondering, the belt your wanting to use to give the spanking doesn't necessary then need to be a certain wideth to give a memorable spanking or for sting, right? A wide belt or not so wide belt would give about the same sting wouldn't they or would one of them give more and you'd prefer that one?

For a slender dude like Mark who doesn't have a big butt, but small cheeks that don't stick out alot so, it wouldn't matter then what would you be selecting as for a belt of small or wide belt in wideth, right? A wider belt would spank up his small butt faster if you were looking to spank all over his cheeks and cover more territory but,I was reading you would probably be aiming more for swats to his sit spot area so, it probably wouldn't matter then what size belt to use?

Have boys' you spanked commented about what size belt they thought hurt most and wished a different belt could have been used instead for less sting?

About you mentioning that Mark would be getting corner time right after his spanking ended and he wouldn't be allowed to touch/rub his butt any or he'd be getting 5 extra swats as a warning? I don't think Mark would not be able to not touch or rub. He has a strong-will mind to try to do things or not to do things but, he's always pretty much butt rubbed after getting a spanking from his dad when he was young and now he's older as we've grown up together and sometimes we've been spanked together by his dad or my dad, so I know. I, also, can't get by after a spanking without rubbing, too! Neither have Jake or Sean in our circle!

So, if Mark touched/rubbed in the corner a second time he would be getting a repeat belt spanking? And I think I read a 10 limit swat spanking applied to your in-class spankings so, even though you gave Mark l0 swats for his first belt spanking then the second belt spanking he could receive more then 10 swats? Boy, Mark won't have much of a butt left?

Coach, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to save Mark's butt if he deserves a spanking but, was just inquiring about more information what a belt spanking was like, how much of a "pop" and "sting" it would deliever.

Do you have many boys' you've belt spanked who have had to be spanking repeaters?


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