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Subject: Contract

Not impressed
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Date Posted: 02:14:09 05/02/09 Sat

Everything from food, to gas,to taxes are skyrocketing and the state offers this contract to us? Who else is not impressed? I'll tell i understand we're in a recession but over the years we lost things we've fought so hard for from the beginning..ex. sick time lanq.--they also want to cut the quinn bill that so many of us worked so very hard towards pursuing higher education and working full time, and going to school and juggling a family was not easy but the education incentive {quinn bill} pushed us all for this..is this right now?Now with this swine flu out there will they allow over the 6 days to care for a child or spouse that has it? Just wondering..just some thoughts

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Subject: AUDIT

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Date Posted: 16:28:36 06/13/09 Sat


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Subject: Corrections Officers need to take a pay cut!!

Do the right thing..everyone else is..
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Date Posted: 06:43:03 06/08/09 Mon

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Subject: Sell out

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Date Posted: 21:45:50 06/02/09 Tue

How's the sell out LT doing down there? He gave our rights away for his own gain.
Don't be fooled by his "i'm a nice guy bullshit" he will tell the boss everything he knows about you.

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Subject: 11x7 shift is so useless a monkey on that shift can do the job for free

World Wonder
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Date Posted: 11:14:12 05/24/09 Sun

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Subject: DRIVING!!!!

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Date Posted: 09:22:30 05/20/09 Wed


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Subject: Hey where is Billy {The wild man} Carlson?

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Date Posted: 05:25:10 05/18/09 Mon

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Subject: Dave Waren

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Date Posted: 20:58:29 05/17/09 Sun

Where is Dave?

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Subject: Mr. Wake up

Mr. Slam Alot
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Date Posted: 01:58:31 04/22/09 Wed

Hey you idiots in control on the 11x7 shift why don't you put down your food and do some work for a change? Maybe open a gate where someone is standing in the rain trying to get out..just a thought huh Billy..

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Subject: look

check it out
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Date Posted: 20:26:58 04/29/09 Wed

IBCO members at the Berkshire County House of Correction and the Suffolk County House of Correction have ratified new contracts with impressive financial packages and significant language improvements.

Berkshire County members will see pay raises of up to 9% over three years, an outstanding package considering the difficult economic conditions facing the Commonwealth. The improvements don’t stop at the pay scale—they include improved language in key areas.

“We finally got better language for our seniority, for shift bidding and layoffs, which we never had before,” said Kevin Nolli, chief steward of Local 297. “We’ve been fighting for years to get that language, so this is a big victory.” With the possibility of layoffs on the horizon, the new seniority language means that any layoffs or bumping will be handled by seniority, not by any favoritism from management.

Additional contractual language provides for up to 10 days of pay if an officer is suspended pending an investigation. Under previous contracts, the IBCO used to have to fight to get back pay for officers who had been suspended pending investigations but were ultimately cleared. Officers will also receive an additional week of vacation time.

Congratulations to Nolli, National Representative Robert Dickson, and the negotiating team for Local 297 for a job well done.

Meanwhile, Suffolk County members will also see pay raises of up to 9% over three years. Members who were not upgraded during a salary review in 2006 will have their salaries reviewed no later than June 2010.

For Suffolk members, the other big win came in a guaranteed health insurance contribution rate. “There’s language before the legislature that would move the sheriff’s department under the state umbrella,” said John McLaughin, president of Local 298. If the legislation passed without a contract in place for his local, McLaughlin was certain that their health insurance contributions would be increased. “By settling, we’ve locked in a good protection until 2012.”

An additional benefit is the start of an incentive program allowing members to convert a portion of unused sick time into personal time.

Hats off to McLaughlin, National Representative Mike Bombard, and Local 298’s negotiating team for reaching a successful agreement.

Oh and lastly lets take 0, 1, 3 "what else will they give us, there is no money, right????


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  • Re: look -- contract, 01:15:01 05/01/09 Fri
Subject: Great Chiropractic service

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Date Posted: 17:35:42 04/20/09 Mon

Great Chiropractic service at 978-8741991 in Westminster

Doctor Davis does great body work and can really help heal you! Open early am and late hours too.

He also knows our forms that need to be filled out if called for.

He's not set up to deal with our IA bullshit of a system just yet but he does take credit cards for the paper trail.

Doctor Davis' number is 978-874-1991

Stay safe.
Broken CO

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Subject: Can you believe that trade went through?

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Date Posted: 01:17:51 04/19/09 Sun

Camel toes got lucky this time.

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Subject: http://www.bostonherald.com/news/regional/view.bg?articleid=1164850&srvc=rss

What an idiot....
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Date Posted: 20:30:48 04/10/09 Fri

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Subject: DOC sucks. COs stab other COs in the back and are too afraid to deal with cons. FACT!

look in the mirror...if you can!
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Date Posted: 18:51:13 03/16/09 Mon

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Subject: Ways The State Can Save Money!!

The Thinker
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Date Posted: 02:53:10 03/21/09 Sat

The gov. should privatize the DOC just as they do in other states this way he can let go all you cry babies and get real hard working men and woman in there.He can save the state a great deal of money doing this as far as employee costs,insurance,uniforms and retirement are concerned,I hope someone high up reads these boards.

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Subject: Heard we're getting another LT transfer back from NCCI

only this time he's not an administrative transfer
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Date Posted: 17:25:40 04/06/09 Mon

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Subject: Top 10 most wanted list

FYI (Sad)
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Date Posted: 22:54:09 02/25/09 Wed

Dept of revenue posted a top ten most wanted list and it was also on fox 25 news tonight and I was shocked !!!!

Terry Azevedo
Former C/O Shirley Med
owes $69,122
Made the list picture and all
Nice mug Shot

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Subject: LOL...losers

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Date Posted: 16:03:11 03/20/09 Fri

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Subject: 3x11 booking queen

drop another note
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Date Posted: 01:30:07 03/13/09 Fri

I was working the other night and saw him trash talking all the line staff to the higher, even higher rank, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he did not exist. watch the camelion around different folk. all talk and all walk. clasic military folk. and 3/4 of all radio traffic is him. 156 to control i just dropped a dime. thats how i got my twin with me. ill never work ot again.

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Subject: Brazen Escape

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Date Posted: 11:39:48 03/14/09 Sat

Brazen escape from Regina Jail shouldn't have happened: report
Last Updated: Thursday, March 12, 2009 | 6:21 PM CT Comments45Recommend33
CBC News

A heavily censored report on a brazen escape by six inmates of the Regina Jail in August 2008 says it wouldn't have happened if the managers and staff were doing a better job.

The report, released Thursday, said that it is possible to deceive corrections staff from time to time, but the nature of the August escape revealed serious operational concerns.

"The EIT [External Investigations Team] … cannot accept that an entire corridor of inmates can deceive at least 87 different Corrections Workers between April 24 and Aug. 24, 2008, and engineer an escape of this magnitude," the report said.

A hole in a wall reveals how inmates scraped their way out of the Regina Jail in August 2008. A hole in a wall reveals how inmates scraped their way out of the Regina Jail in August 2008. (Report of External Investigation Team)The report revealed that in April, inmates from Unit 3A of the remand section of the Regina Jail began assembling tools for their escape, including saw blades, a steel fork and other bits of metal suitable for digging.

Over the next four months, inmates proceeded to scrape away at the mortar between bricks in an exterior wall to the unit. The work was out of viewing range of a video camera and also camouflaged by a well-positioned table where other inmates would play cards, thus blocking the view of guards looking into the area.

"Idle hands are the Devil's tools," the review said after observing that inmates in the remand section had nothing to do while they awaited their court matters to proceed.

"When people have large blocks of time on their hands with nothing constructive to do, they tend to gravitate towards doing whatever they can get away with," the report continued. "In this instance, it was digging their way out of the facility."

While large sections of the report were blacked-out, it did provide some details on the day of the escape, Aug. 24, 2008, a Sunday.
Protected against razor wire

Around 8:30 p.m., a prison guard did a cell check. Five minutes later, the inmates finished their work on the exterior wall by smashing through the weakened bricks. They crawled out to a ledge about three metres above the ground.

Then, using ropes braided from blankets and bed sheets, the six escapees scaled the various walls and fencing that stood between them and freedom. To protect themselves against razor wire the inmates wore heavy winter coats.

Staff in the jail were not aware of what happened for 65 minutes.

Police released these photographs of five men who escaped from the Regina Jail on Aug. 24, 2008. A sixth escapee was recaptured the same night.Police released these photographs of five men who escaped from the Regina Jail on Aug. 24, 2008. A sixth escapee was recaptured the same night. (RCMP)Ultimately, six escapees were on the loose for varying amounts of time. One was recaptured within three hours of the break-out. The rest were at large for between five and 30 days.

The report said the initial response was "uncontrolled and confused." It made several recommendations for improvements in that area.

The report was also very critical about the work atmosphere at the jail, concluding that poor relations between staff and management contributed to a culture where staff paid little heed to intelligence garnered from inmates about a potential escape in the makings.

The report described the relationship between managers and workers as "abysmal, to say the least."

"It's not my job to talk to inmates," one corrections worker is quoted as telling the report authors.
'We look, but we don't see'

The report says guards in fact should be actively engaged with inmates, instead of relying on security cameras.

Another worker was quoted in the report as saying, "We look, but we don't see."

A more senior corrections official offered this comment to investigators: "Whether you do a good job or bad job, your paycheque still gets deposited."

The report listed 23 recommendations for improved policies and training, as well as performance reviews for all staff.

One of the inmates who escaped was also quoted by the report authors.

"We didn't think we would get away with it," the unidentified inmate said. "It was something to do, and we just kept at it. When we didn't get caught, we picked our night and just went. We were surprised we got away with it."

The provincial government also released a detailed response to the report findings, saying it accepted all the recommendations and would act on them.

The government promised it would build a new, $87 million remand centre for Saskatoon. It also planned to make "a significant investment" in staff training.
Union defends members

While the report identified failings of managers and staff, the authors said that the union representing corrections workers in the jail "contributed to an environment of low morale, fear, and complacency."

In response, the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union issued a news release on Thursday defending its members.

"The allegation is that management [at the jail] is hampered by the union," Bob Bymoen, president of the SGEU, is quoted as saying in the release. "But as everyone involved in industrial relations knows, management has a right to manage."

Bymoen said union members were doing the best they could under difficult circumstances, which they had been complaining about for years.

"We are paying for the cuts in programming and infrastructure made in the 1990s," Bymoen said.

The union statement welcomed the government's intentions to increase spending on corrections.

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Subject: This is from Canada

Great White North
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Date Posted: 11:37:17 03/14/09 Sat

By Murray Mandryk, Saskatchewan News Network; Regina Leader-PostMarch 13, 2009

Certainly, William Peet's report on the Aug. 24 escape from the Provincial Correctional Centre in Regina proves there's enough blame to go around.

A bit of it should go to Corrections and Public Safety Minister Darryl Hickie, who wasn't exactly vindicated over the 15 hours it took his ministry to inform the public that six convicts had escaped and five were still on the loose. In fact, we still have no idea how this communication breakdown happened, because virtually the entire page of the report that dealt with how Hickie was informed was blacked out.

Redaction of this report got to the ridiculous point of blacking out the names of the gangs in the jail. Remember Hickie's claim last August that there were no gangs in the jail? Peet's report reveals that 102 of the 452 (22.5 per cent) prisoners are affiliated with gangs.

While the government responded seriously to Peet's report by allocating $87 million for a new remand centre in Saskatoon and another $9.4 million to upgrade security equipment and by emphasizing staff training and development, it's significant that it chose not to blame anyone.

Not one individual was fired, disciplined or singled out. How can the guards bear no responsibility for failing to notice that convicts had been digging away for four months with a nail clipper?

As Peet put it, while he can accept one inmate might get away with deceiving one corrections worker on any particular shift, it's unacceptable that "an entire corridor of inmates can deceive at least 87 different corrections workers between April 24 and Aug. 24, 2008, and engineer an escape of this magnitude."

Some blame should also be placed on the former NDP government that oversaw the physical deterioration of the facility and even may have exacerbated poor relations between workers and management at the facility.

One can only shake one's head at the former government's policy, as noted in the report, of allowing union representatives to consult directly with its Corrections minister (that would be former jail guard Kevin Yates) "over issues that could not be resolved at the local level."

Notwithstanding the contributions of our politicians to the jail-break debacle and the events that followed, the vast majority of the blame falls on those employed at the facility -- both managers and guards. Unless someone gets really serious about fixing what's clearly an unprofessional and dysfunctional relationship, no amount of new cameras, better cell doors or even a new prison will solve anything.

The temptation upon reading the report is to blame the guards alone. It does seem as if the union got off lightly in Thursday's report. Peet drilled into the corporate culture at the Regina jail, where shop stewards were "protective of employee benefits" and, "for the most part, resistant to any suggestions that management may put forth."

His report referred to "a number of correction workers who don't want to interact with inmates" and worse, of workers who deliberately excluded information that was critical to his investigation -- i.e.: that a security breach had been covered with a wet paper towel and the guard failed to notice -- because they didn't "want to rat out on a brother or sister."

That tires were slashed in the parking lot and a plastic rat was hung on in the window of the guards' control centre suggests an atmosphere of intimidation.

Yet, Peet said Thursday he was more inclined to blame management, which certainly has to bear full responsibility for not responding to the tip from police in July about the jail break and was most responsible for not ensuring the public was immediately informed.

While it's tough to buy into Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union president Bob Bymoen's take that the problem is the "absence of clear direction and leadership," Peet's report notes that managers at the jail would turn a "blind eye" to the newspapers and Internet use that was distracting guards from their duties.

What is clear is that neither the politicians nor the money they spend will guarantee a fix to problems in corrections. The solution lies with both union and management being more professional.
© Copyright (c) The StarPhoenix

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Subject: How is it to work at Shirley as a woman CO?

a woman
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Date Posted: 12:05:40 04/15/07 Sun

Thinking of transferring and wanted to know how it is to work as a female there. Please no derogatory remarks, this is a legit question. We won't be stuck in the visiting room or outer control our whole careers right?

Thank you in advance.

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Subject: VOTE

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Date Posted: 11:34:37 03/14/09 Sat

So please vote
Mike Aucoin

My name is
Mike Aucoin and I am asking please, please your vote for me in March for the position of Business Agent for MCOFU.
I have been a Correction Officer for over 26 years and a solid union member for the last six months. The experience and knowledge I have received in the last six months will benefit me greatly if elected. Having worked with the present Business Agents for a week, he does a great job, makes me the bestest canadate. The one guarantee I'll make the union body, is that I'll bring a much needed boost of new ideas to this position with pictures of myself for every member.

• Chief Steward 2 Years, can’t say I did anything outstanding
• Over six months of Union Experience
• 26 Years Behind the Wall
• Publicity and Entertainment
• Finance
• Judicial
• Communicable Disease
Special Interests and Organizations

• Baseball Commissioner 4 Years I know what four balls looks like
• Little League Baseball Coach 7 Years , Boys
• PYSL Girls Soccer Coach 7 Years
• Member of EO.P 4 Years , we will take over your union

I will keep supporting this union
25% of the time. That’s all I have seeing that I have special interests

Alliances are made for the show "Survivor" on Thursdays nights at 8pmand for me and the past VP whom I supported 100%
I called Ken well at training and promised him I would get him the full support of the members in Norfolk when he needed them. Than I sat on the Judicial Panel and found him guilty

In closing PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE Vote for me. If for no other reason you will get a full color picture of my

No UNIOPN BUG but I am a union guy

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Subject: RTC 305

Hawaii 5-0
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Date Posted: 11:32:40 09/28/08 Sun

To dispel any rumors of the canceled academy class. . . It IS starting on 6 Oct. There are approx. 190 recruits. HOORAY FOR PAR 10!!!

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Date Posted: 11:31:51 03/14/09 Sat

You might have been in Corrections too long if:
1. You have the bladder capacity of five people.
2. You have ever restrained someone and it was not a sexual experience.
3. You believe at least 50% of people are a waste of skin.
4. Your idea of a good time is a cell entry at shift change.
5. You do a strip search on anyone who seems remotely friendly towards you.
6. Discussing dismemberment over a gourmet meal seems perfectly normal.
7. You find humor in other people's stupidity.
8. You believe in aerial spraying of Prozac.
9. Your idea of comforting an inmate is placing him in full bed restraints.
10. You believe that "shallow gene pool" is sufficient grounds for a conduct
11. You believe the government should require extensive testing and permits
prior to reproduction.
12. You believe that unspeakable evils will befall you if anyone says "Boy, it
sure is quiet around here."
13. Your diet consists of food that has gone through more processing than a
computer can track.
14. You believe chocolate is a food group.
15. You have contemplated holding a seminar titled "SUICIDE - Getting It Right
The First Time."
16. You believe that "Too stupid to live" is a valid verdict.
17. You have to put the phone down before you begin laughing uncontrollably.
18. You think caffeine should be available in IV form.
19. Your favorite hallucinogen is exhaustion.
20. When you mention "vegetables," you are not referring to the food group.
21. It occurs to you one night that you really have entered, "The Twilight
22. You find out a lot about paranoia just by following inmates around.
23. You're escorting a smurf to clinical and find yourself carrying on an
intelligent conversation with him.
24. You believe it's not a good riot unless it involves overtime.
25. You are the only person introduced by profession at a social gathering.
26. You walk into places and people think it highly comical to seize a co-worker
and shout, "They've come to get you Frank!"
27. People shout, "I didn't do it!" when you walk into the room in uniform and
they think they are being hysterically funny and original.
28. You believe in involuntary sterilization.
29. You had to work 18 years to earn what the rookies are starting at now.
30. When you mention "Bugs", you are not referring to insects.

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Subject: Cons Gone Wild

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Date Posted: 11:30:03 03/14/09 Sat

Guards: Inmates rioted over bunk beds

Last update: 11:54 p.m. EDT March 13, 2009
SHIRLEY, Mass., Mar 13, 2009 (UPI via COMTEX) -- Inmates at a Massachusetts prison rioted because they were upset about new bunk beds, an official with the guards union says.
The state Department of Corrections said only seven inmates were involved in the altercation Thursday at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, the Boston Herald reported Friday.
Sources told the newspaper inmates returning from a meal began rampaging through the cell block, throwing objects and smashing a computer terminal that operates the doors. Corrections officers used tear gas to get the inmates under control.
Steve Kenneway, president of the Massachusetts Corrections Officers Federated Union, accused the state of "downplaying" the violence.
"If it were only seven inmates, why did they have to use tear gas?" Kenneway asked. "At first, they were just tearing they place up. Then they turned on the officers."
Kenneway said since the state brought in bunk beds so prisoners could be confined two to a cell there have been "nothing but problems."


Copyright 2009 by United Press International End of Story
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