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Welcome to spanking sons a forum for son's and nephews fathers and uncles to talk about spanking in the past and now

Subject Author Date Msgs
SOSJack15:07:24 02/12/15 Thu1
Is this a good way to spank?Todd15:03:43 02/12/15 Thu1
Father's methodOsvald08:15:47 02/04/15 Wed1
Diaper position for older boysPatrick07:06:44 02/04/15 Wed1
My teacherTarik06:45:26 02/04/15 Wed1
Cousins get spankedRachel (girl's opinion)13:09:18 02/03/15 Tue1
Spanked with friendMalkolm12:37:10 02/03/15 Tue1
Cousin gets spankedArnold11:52:58 02/03/15 Tue1
Cousin gets spankedBig Edd13:15:18 02/02/15 Mon1
Worst spankingsJohn09:19:11 02/01/15 Sun1
Reply to JoeRJohn09:04:18 02/01/15 Sun1
Some much older than meJohn07:42:00 02/01/15 Sun1
Reply to JeromeJoeR09:00:21 01/27/15 Tue1
Correction and addendayvan 125 (desolated)14:36:43 01/25/15 Sun1
Comments about Jerome' messageYvan125 (joyful)07:53:57 01/24/15 Sat1
to JoeRJerome10:24:10 01/22/15 Thu1
Reply to JeromeJoeR10:37:37 01/21/15 Wed1
Spanked in college ageJerome19:48:33 01/18/15 Sun1
To Yvan125Peter17:23:19 01/18/15 Sun1
to PeterYvan125 (curious)13:04:28 01/18/15 Sun1
To Yvan125Peter (Paternal control)01:04:01 01/18/15 Sun1
to Joe RYvan125 (happy)08:19:09 01/12/15 Mon1
Reply To YvanJoeR10:56:47 01/11/15 Sun1
For ChrisYvan125 (sad)07:25:01 01/11/15 Sun1
For JoeYvan125 (confused)11:47:41 01/09/15 Fri1
Reply to ChrisJoeR08:58:20 01/06/15 Tue1
Reply To YvanJoeR08:47:51 01/06/15 Tue1
Re Spanking on the penisChris08:10:43 01/03/15 Sat1
Reply to Joe RYvan125 (happy)13:48:06 01/02/15 Fri1
Reply To JimJoeR10:22:22 01/02/15 Fri1
Reply To YvanJoeR10:10:07 01/02/15 Fri1
mom paddled til 15--dad til 18Jim Johnson15:49:48 12/30/14 Tue1
father or mother(To Derek)Yvan125 (happy)12:21:18 12/30/14 Tue1
Reply to Joe RYvan125 (sad)07:55:16 12/28/14 Sun1
Reply to Joe RYvan125 (A little sad)07:21:37 12/28/14 Sun1
Reply To YvanJoeR08:50:30 12/27/14 Sat1
Adult son spankedYvan 125 (perplex)06:23:53 12/25/14 Thu1
Innocent but Spanked by AssociationJoeR11:51:06 12/14/14 Sun1
For the guysJulia09:23:15 12/03/14 Wed1
Reply To HaraldJoeR16:53:07 12/02/14 Tue1
re Still Not Too OldHarald22:10:12 11/30/14 Sun1
To JoeRConnor20:21:19 11/30/14 Sun1
Still Not Too OldJoeR16:05:55 11/30/14 Sun1
Reply To ConnorJoeR15:57:01 11/30/14 Sun1
Reply to Victor and JoeRIt was recently still...15:13:25 11/30/14 Sun1
Paddled in schoolLiza15:09:25 11/30/14 Sun1
Reply to JoeRConnor12:25:10 11/29/14 Sat1
Reply To VictorJoeR16:28:44 11/28/14 Fri1
Reply To ConnorJoeR16:01:54 11/28/14 Fri1
to Joe rVictor (re: paddled in school)11:39:44 11/27/14 Thu1
Spring switchesMatthew11:53:59 11/26/14 Wed1
Spanked vs Detention/GroundingConnor (answer to JoeR)10:29:29 11/26/14 Wed1
4 boys in familyConnor10:10:20 11/26/14 Wed1
Spanked vs Detention/GroundingJoeR05:55:49 11/23/14 Sun1
To DerekJoeR17:52:37 11/07/14 Fri1
to Derek and JoeRArthur23:33:11 11/03/14 Mon1
To JoeRDerek13:03:48 11/03/14 Mon1
SPANKING MY ADULT SONRuss14:55:36 11/02/14 Sun1
To DerekJoeR11:16:55 11/02/14 Sun1
Mother or fatherDerek to JoeR08:36:44 10/31/14 Fri1
Ladies,why did you do this?amanda13:06:32 10/28/14 Tue1
Response to JerryJoeR12:43:43 10/28/14 Tue1
Reply to DerekJoeR12:30:28 10/28/14 Tue1
to Adam: teen spanked over kneeJerry (Footbasll coach)14:33:15 10/27/14 Mon1
Response to High School PaddleDerek23:33:14 10/25/14 Sat1
To JoeRDerek23:23:13 10/25/14 Sat1
Response to DerekJoeR11:49:11 10/25/14 Sat1
High School PaddleJoeR11:31:53 10/25/14 Sat1
In front step-sisterDebby11:34:28 10/11/14 Sat1
Good older brotherSidney08:04:31 10/11/14 Sat1
Re Moving back in with parentsNever too old for Dad22:12:12 09/19/14 Fri1
Re Moving back in with parentsWalter22:10:07 09/19/14 Fri1
Re Moving back in with parentsJames21:28:12 09/19/14 Fri1
Moving back in with parentsMichael G05:09:21 09/19/14 Fri1
Re Penis SpankingMartha05:27:04 09/16/14 Tue1
Growing up in 50'sOld John19:37:51 08/18/14 Mon1
Girls and ladies only pleaseSarah20:31:32 08/17/14 Sun1
Spanked at 19Derek10:41:40 08/16/14 Sat1
To the boys hereAustin15:18:53 08/06/14 Wed1
Spanking in familyEllen08:52:57 08/06/14 Wed1
For all the girls hereJessica21:02:54 08/02/14 Sat1
adam to nancyadam chandler21:39:15 08/01/14 Fri1
adam to royadam chandler21:36:13 08/01/14 Fri1
from adam to joeadam chandler21:33:42 08/01/14 Fri1
to Adam chandler re: adult son spankJoe freeberg (Yes i got it as adult son)18:43:28 07/29/14 Tue1
spanking an adult sonRoy (It happened to me)18:25:08 07/29/14 Tue1
spanking an adult soned22:01:56 06/23/14 Mon1
Spanking my adult sonNancy22:20:57 06/09/14 Mon1
spanking adult sonsadam21:24:52 06/08/14 Sun1
College students who get spankedMichael14:33:30 06/06/14 Fri1
Spanking my adult son - for AdamNancy22:09:01 05/30/14 Fri1
To NancyAdam23:57:51 05/29/14 Thu1
Spanking my adult sonNancy23:01:34 05/29/14 Thu1
spanking adult sonsadam21:33:59 05/26/14 Mon1
SPANKING ADULT SONSCurious George14:39:43 05/26/14 Mon1
spanking adult sonsadam11:09:19 05/26/14 Mon1
To Embarrassed RobDaddy Jim11:26:17 05/11/14 Sun1
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Theodore Roosevelt: Champion Of The American Spiritdaraledwal18:10:21 03/20/14 Thu1
SpankingTaylor19:15:38 03/01/14 Sat1
Talking to other Dads over the phone.Mike12:56:47 02/06/14 Thu1
spanked at 26john r16:19:55 01/18/14 Sat1
Too BadDanny J (Lament)21:30:02 10/01/13 Tue1
Spanking adult sonsMark Indorf00:23:18 09/20/13 Fri1
Penis SpankingJoseph21:29:29 09/02/13 Mon1
to Jim Johnson--spanked by dadOrry17:44:12 09/01/13 Sun1
maintence spankingJoe (friends dad)17:39:30 09/01/13 Sun1
massage guy spanksRob (now I am embarrassed)17:34:50 09/01/13 Sun1
adult son paddled bareTony (It sure hurt)17:29:41 09/01/13 Sun1
Spanking on the penisJohn21:35:26 08/29/13 Thu1
Kyle to JosephKyle01:26:21 07/21/13 Sun1
Kyle to MichaelKyle01:21:14 07/21/13 Sun1
Spanking Adult ChildrenGary08:06:39 07/17/13 Wed1
Spanked at 20 and marriedPeter18:31:32 06/25/13 Tue1
Approaching your neighbor for a SpankingAndrew21:09:27 06/20/13 Thu1
I want to ask my neighbor to spank meJeff18:21:48 06/20/13 Thu1
Spanking Older Sons - to Joe or KyleAndrew12:09:23 06/20/13 Thu1
Spanked at 20 and marriedto Peter10:32:02 06/10/13 Mon1
Spanked at 20 and marriedPeter10:14:36 06/09/13 Sun1
spanked young adult/husbandJim Johnson18:41:22 06/07/13 Fri1
@Thomasjoel14:29:48 06/01/13 Sat1
Brand name pain medicaments online (Paypal accepted)!Dr Steven (*!* Alert)11:30:26 05/13/13 Mon1
To Joseph - about parents' spankingAlice12:32:40 03/29/13 Fri1
Hi Kyle - About your SpankingsJoseph00:25:55 03/28/13 Thu1
Response to KyleMichael20:04:00 03/20/13 Wed1
Guys,did you ever do this?Daniel13:03:58 03/12/13 Tue1
I'm wondering about thisAllen16:12:32 03/09/13 Sat1
When does it happen?Kurt13:59:09 03/07/13 Thu1
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Is it possible to buy drugs online?Dr Steven (*!* Alert)13:13:35 01/26/13 Sat1
SpankingMike08:03:33 12/16/12 Sun1
70F OR DIE !!! ABOVE TO WARM, BELOW TO COLD !!!XXXXX10:52:46 10/27/12 Sat1
spanked at 21 and bed time at 9Jerry (Move out of your house)11:35:09 10/02/12 Tue1
to Jack--spanked at 18Phil11:53:31 09/29/12 Sat1
Alex spanking 15 hyr old brotherLandon (be careful)11:44:49 09/29/12 Sat1
adult son spankedOrrie (dad/son?)09:15:56 09/27/12 Thu1
I still get spankedBill06:15:21 09/05/12 Wed1
Spanked for tell off bill collectorDon10:22:13 08/12/12 Sun1
to SteveRichard (guys spanked post high school)10:52:53 07/16/12 Mon1
LIGHT POLLUTIONXXXXX16:09:21 07/12/12 Thu1
Asked To Spank My 15 Year Old BrotherAlex11:24:29 06/20/12 Wed1
spanking for debtronaldo sampson (worried)10:58:58 06/18/12 Mon1
paddled once as adultNoah (once enough)15:24:07 03/28/12 Wed1
NO SEX UNTIL 18 YEARS OLD !!!XXXXX14:04:07 02/21/12 Tue1
70F OR DIE !!!XXXXX14:03:21 02/21/12 Tue1
spankingHey crissy14:38:30 10/29/11 Sat1
spanked at 18Jack06:22:56 10/20/11 Thu1
spankedTo Tom03:26:33 12/31/10 Fri1
to JamesTom ("Spanking son tomorrow")11:11:21 12/29/10 Wed1
Spanking Adult SonsChris00:29:20 12/04/10 Sat1
Spanked as an adultChris20:29:19 11/26/10 Fri1
My NephewScott (Heartbroken)20:43:11 11/22/10 Mon1
Have to spank my Son tomorrow.James23:54:45 09/24/10 Fri1
My SonJames19:12:02 09/23/10 Thu1
Lets hear one of yourTo Travis11:55:23 08/14/10 Sat1
you are too oldTravis (age 15 enough!)18:29:55 08/13/10 Fri1
BedtimeLarry13:30:25 08/08/10 Sun1
spankedBurton17:25:18 08/04/10 Wed1
LOL, what BS...to Dave B07:26:38 07/25/10 Sun1
spanked 1st yr marriedDave B (hurt like hell)19:50:51 07/20/10 Tue1
SpankedBurton11:43:01 06/07/10 Mon1
SpankedGreg16:57:42 06/06/10 Sun1
SpankedBurton08:07:58 06/02/10 Wed1
spankinggreg12:17:48 05/30/10 Sun1
spanked in my 20sBurton18:40:55 05/29/10 Sat1
That isTo Danny12:00:14 03/18/10 Thu1
spankedDanny to Richard15:26:48 03/16/10 Tue1
spanked adultGeorge14:59:00 03/16/10 Tue1
SpankingJustin06:41:52 03/14/10 Sun1
spanked as an adultGeorge03:07:01 03/14/10 Sun1
spanked nakedSo...14:23:16 12/01/09 Tue1
spanked nakedBenny07:01:53 11/30/09 Mon1
adult spankingbobby16:41:53 10/25/09 Sun1
For maxRichard01:55:07 10/05/09 Mon1
for RichardMax07:35:56 10/04/09 Sun1
Hey dannyRichard02:36:07 10/03/09 Sat1
spanked as an adultDanny12:19:23 09/30/09 Wed1
and"Amanda/...13:05:08 06/20/09 Sat1
hey "Amanda"to George12:28:19 06/20/09 Sat1
spankingto George11:53:46 06/20/09 Sat1
We need more postsRichard10:10:32 06/14/09 Sun1
how is teh plug pulled if we can still leave messages? the site still exists!! (NT)chad23:39:18 06/09/09 Tue1
Male spanking voyforum missingEric Ow22:18:03 06/02/09 Tue1
Male spanking voyforum missingDeke16:58:39 05/25/09 Mon1
Male spanking voyforum missingHotBuns07:11:24 05/25/09 Mon1
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