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Welcome to spanking sons a forum for son's and nephews fathers and uncles to talk about spanking in the past and now

Subject Author Date Msgs
How I spankTodd14:57:12 12/06/14 Sat1
working on a farm spanked by bossRobert00:02:10 08/05/14 Tue1
Spanked at 17 by step dadJason17:46:09 08/04/14 Mon1
Spanked into adulthoodJames Broshe (A Little Respect)11:54:47 04/10/14 Thu1
How many of you spank your kids as discipline, Only because they consciously requested it of you?angel18:22:36 04/15/13 Mon1
Spanking Adult ChildrenKyle18:48:18 03/20/13 Wed1
Spanking and an enemaBrad19:42:47 10/24/12 Wed1
Spanking for disciplineFridrih to Stuart16:51:11 05/24/09 Sun1
How I spanked my sonsStephen C04:23:44 05/19/09 Tue1
Re spanking adult sonsRichard to Stuart03:42:55 05/18/09 Mon1
Spanking Adult Sonsstuart22:18:21 05/17/09 Sun1
Spanking adult sonsRichard09:21:01 05/17/09 Sun1
Re: How I spanked my sonsMike07:51:17 05/16/09 Sat1
How I spanked my sonsStephen C04:46:16 05/15/09 Fri1
spanking for disciplinestuart23:13:29 05/14/09 Thu1
"How I spanked my sons"To Stephen C21:33:55 05/14/09 Thu1
How I spanked my sonsStephen C07:11:53 05/13/09 Wed1
Re: Real Spanking of AdultsTo Joe13:50:10 05/07/09 Thu1
Pants downGeorge22:42:43 04/20/09 Mon1
Spanking for boysThomas16:01:17 04/19/09 Sun1
dad who spanksTo Tony06:50:57 04/02/09 Thu1
i'm looking for a dad who spanksTony13:48:09 03/31/09 Tue1
To JoeRyan13:28:47 02/26/09 Thu1
Real Spanking of AdultsJoe11:38:55 02/21/09 Sat1
THE BILLIONAIRE CHANNEL !!!XXXXX15:54:21 01/13/09 Tue1
birthday spankingsMichael14:13:46 01/07/09 Wed1
birthday spankingjerry (The 'why' of b/d spanking)14:20:14 12/30/08 Tue1
Birthday spankingParker22:43:34 12/28/08 Sun1
To Will: spanked by non parentVic (worse when not parent)16:47:39 12/20/08 Sat1
new topic! friiends dad spanksWillL09:10:40 12/13/08 Sat1
your responseron00:29:09 11/10/08 Mon1
Michael to Ron..Michael10:18:33 11/09/08 Sun1
spanked sonsron22:21:28 11/08/08 Sat1
to Ron from BurtonBurton19:12:54 11/07/08 Fri1
re: too old to be spankedron00:26:46 11/06/08 Thu1
Too old to be spankedMichael14:21:53 11/05/08 Wed1
To old to be spankedToJohn from Burton08:07:07 11/05/08 Wed1
Birthday spankingAlex12:45:06 10/12/08 Sun1
Real dads' methodsHowDadSpanked04:00:25 10/07/08 Tue1
answer to Casey's questionJim Ben (adult dad paddled bare---)10:42:12 09/26/08 Fri1
Would like to have one to one conversations with like minded parents about spanking.MikeForr02:46:13 09/03/08 Wed1
Jim BenCasey (Did your friend get spanked)16:07:53 08/29/08 Fri1
SAVE THE POLAR BEARS CALL 1-800-960-0993.XXXXX15:17:00 08/26/08 Tue1
adult dad paddledJim Ben (best friends dad)19:52:26 08/24/08 Sun1
To RonRyan18:24:43 08/24/08 Sun1
olympic tantrumalex17:50:43 08/21/08 Thu1
spanking adult childrenron (to ryan)12:35:04 08/21/08 Thu1
To JohnRyan18:51:00 08/20/08 Wed1
To Karen &Laura & DannyRyan14:31:34 08/20/08 Wed1
asking for a paddlingFrank m (asking for paddle)08:06:27 08/16/08 Sat1
SAVE THE POLAR BEARS CALL 1-800-960-0993.XXXXX14:45:20 08/13/08 Wed1
paddlingMike C09:23:31 07/31/08 Thu1
Re:r4eSpanked adult sons. Message from Ron Jonesandymr1305:52:37 07/29/08 Tue1
spanked 1st yr of marriageJimJ15:11:18 07/25/08 Fri1
To Ron (spanking an adult son)Jake00:04:23 07/19/08 Sat1
THE BILLIONAIRE CHANNEL !!!XXXXX14:50:14 06/25/08 Wed1
Dad's BeltJoey12:07:53 06/01/08 Sun1
spanked as an adultto "To Blake"16:02:14 05/20/08 Tue1
spanked as an adultTo Blake05:06:34 05/20/08 Tue1
BlakeRick13:21:54 05/18/08 Sun1
To RickBlake14:39:01 05/14/08 Wed1
To BlakeRick11:30:56 05/11/08 Sun1
To RickBlake14:35:58 05/09/08 Fri1
To RonBlake14:29:25 05/09/08 Fri1
To RonDom23:00:26 05/08/08 Thu1
to dom - spanking my sonron19:41:35 05/06/08 Tue1
To RonDom09:59:00 05/06/08 Tue1
spanking my son - to blakeron18:48:47 05/04/08 Sun1
To BlakeRick10:32:41 05/04/08 Sun1
To RonBlake13:24:05 05/03/08 Sat1
to Ron and BlakeSteven16:45:34 04/29/08 Tue1
parental spankings (to Blake)ron16:01:25 04/29/08 Tue1
IntroductionBlake14:33:56 04/29/08 Tue1
to stevenron (spanking an older son)22:12:02 04/27/08 Sun1
to RonSteven13:59:42 04/27/08 Sun1
spanking with no argumentron12:16:47 04/27/08 Sun1
How come nobody talks about spanking?Steven10:53:59 04/27/08 Sun1
To "to Albert"Albert17:46:47 04/26/08 Sat1
SpankingsSteven07:54:36 04/18/08 Fri1
spanked adultSteven04:08:44 04/18/08 Fri1
spanked adultRon (to steven)21:39:28 04/17/08 Thu1
imaginary spankings as adultto "Ken"19:09:41 04/17/08 Thu1
How does spanking make you feel?Steven17:34:41 04/17/08 Thu1
Spanked as an adultKen07:17:26 04/17/08 Thu1
Spanked adult sons: To RonRick06:22:03 04/17/08 Thu1
spanked adultsron (to the author - "to Ron Jones")22:47:50 04/15/08 Tue1
Spanked adult sonsSteven17:38:41 04/15/08 Tue1
Spanked as an adultTo Ron07:36:25 04/15/08 Tue1
r4e;Spanked Adult Sonsto Ron Jones05:48:47 04/15/08 Tue1
r4e;Spanked Adult Sonsron jones (to Rick)21:35:17 04/14/08 Mon1
Groving up teen boysTo "Albert"14:53:07 04/14/08 Mon1
Spanked Adult SonsTo Rick14:49:12 04/14/08 Mon1
Groving up teen boysAlbert07:39:27 04/14/08 Mon1
Spanked adult sonsRick06:31:28 04/14/08 Mon1
"Spanked Adult"To "Bill" or "Phil" or "Burton" or "Todd" etc.....14:32:40 04/08/08 Tue1
Still Spanked at 21Ken13:40:09 04/08/08 Tue1
spanked adultwadejohns00:33:11 04/08/08 Tue1
spanked as an adultBill15:38:49 04/07/08 Mon1
To WyDom18:23:11 04/06/08 Sun1
Spanking Adult SonsSteven10:55:24 04/06/08 Sun1
spanking an adult sonwade johns22:56:29 04/05/08 Sat1
DomWy11:58:40 04/05/08 Sat1
Spanked by DadSteven22:35:49 04/03/08 Thu1
To WyDom22:51:08 04/02/08 Wed1
Step dadWy02:02:58 03/28/08 Fri1
Reply to Rick from SpencerSpencer Bell10:08:13 03/13/08 Thu1
paddled by coachCody16:30:35 03/12/08 Wed1
Re: Play SpankingRick00:10:12 03/08/08 Sat1
play and punishment spankingSpencer Bell16:18:02 02/24/08 Sun1
To Jeff..WY10:59:26 02/21/08 Thu1
to Wy---be carefulJeff19:13:37 02/20/08 Wed1
New Step dadWy11:50:49 02/16/08 Sat1
to WyPhillip02:18:43 02/10/08 Sun1
To WyDom22:18:19 01/29/08 Tue1
To PhillipWy18:34:04 01/29/08 Tue1
To WyPhillip12:39:10 01/29/08 Tue1
To PhillipWy12:12:57 01/29/08 Tue1
To WyPhillip03:21:00 01/29/08 Tue1
to domWy23:44:12 01/28/08 Mon1
To WyDom22:45:31 01/28/08 Mon1
To JohnathonWy18:50:34 01/28/08 Mon1
To WyJonathan18:38:15 01/28/08 Mon1
Wy to DomWy12:38:30 01/28/08 Mon1
To WyDom21:12:24 01/27/08 Sun1
SpankingFacts.netfumbalah15:58:32 01/27/08 Sun1
SpankingFacts.netfumbalah15:56:56 01/27/08 Sun1
Most Ridiculous Spanking everWy01:47:33 01/27/08 Sun1
Spanked by MistakeJulian08:41:24 01/23/08 Wed1
I have spanked my nephewRobin06:17:56 01/23/08 Wed1
Asked to spank a boyTerrance17:56:23 01/22/08 Tue1
To DomTerry04:16:36 01/22/08 Tue1
Matthew to Dom Reply 2Matthew21:23:06 01/20/08 Sun1
To MatthewDom19:02:34 01/20/08 Sun1
To Dom from MatthewMatthew12:20:18 01/20/08 Sun1
Birthday spankingTony16:51:56 01/19/08 Sat1
To MatthewDom13:58:33 01/19/08 Sat1
Birthday SpankingsPeter Davies23:36:59 01/18/08 Fri1
I have spanked my younger brotherMatthew16:26:08 01/18/08 Fri1
To WYTerry11:09:51 01/15/08 Tue1
To WyDom21:46:47 01/14/08 Mon1
coincidense?Wy13:58:54 01/12/08 Sat1
what a coincidence!Frank or Helen or Terry?18:06:33 01/10/08 Thu1
To DomTerry04:14:05 01/10/08 Thu1
To TerryDom22:19:47 01/09/08 Wed1
Terry to DomTerry19:21:12 01/09/08 Wed1
TerryDom17:57:38 01/09/08 Wed1
Terry to DomTerry03:20:38 01/09/08 Wed1
Frank or Helen or Terry?To "Terry"09:45:27 01/06/08 Sun1
to DomTerry03:15:56 01/06/08 Sun1
To TerryDom18:52:55 01/05/08 Sat1
to DomTerry17:30:31 01/05/08 Sat1
To TerryDom05:48:38 12/31/07 Mon1
to DomTerry05:27:55 12/31/07 Mon1
to DomTerry23:50:05 12/30/07 Sun1
To TerryDom21:01:12 12/30/07 Sun1
To DomTerry17:59:30 12/30/07 Sun1
To TerryDom17:43:45 12/30/07 Sun1
to DomTery16:03:27 12/30/07 Sun1
To TerryDom13:35:21 12/30/07 Sun1
spanked at 18Terry to Dom02:13:38 12/30/07 Sun1
To TerryDom19:57:46 12/29/07 Sat1
Spanked at 18Terry16:44:05 12/29/07 Sat1
To WyDom23:19:49 12/28/07 Fri1
16 still getting itwy18:15:06 12/20/07 Thu1
To KarenDanny13:29:32 12/19/07 Wed1
To TimmyDom20:57:31 11/13/07 Tue1
Marks!Timmy14:07:45 11/12/07 Mon1
John, Wrong Message!Dom21:38:38 10/29/07 Mon1
To JohnDom20:01:10 10/28/07 Sun1
Re: SPANKED INTO 20's/for KarenJohn01:53:05 10/28/07 Sun1
To DomJohn01:45:46 10/28/07 Sun1
To JohnDom13:52:59 10/27/07 Sat1
To BurtonJohn09:48:37 10/27/07 Sat1
To KarenJohn09:44:22 10/27/07 Sat1
spanked at 26Karen03:05:36 10/19/07 Fri1
CRACK YAHOO HOTMAIL MSN PASSWORDSwww.crackersclub.net11:41:45 10/06/07 Sat1
To Karenlaura18:59:44 09/29/07 Sat1
You deserved itDirk14:42:25 09/16/07 Sun1
High School PaddleRick14:06:36 09/10/07 Mon1
To JeffRick13:52:02 09/10/07 Mon1
SPANKED INTO 20sKaren15:05:12 09/08/07 Sat1
SpankedBurton14:37:32 08/04/07 Sat1
To JeffDom22:42:22 07/29/07 Sun1
spanked maleJeff18:20:36 07/29/07 Sun1
To Frank MDom22:07:25 07/13/07 Fri1
paddled as teenfRANK M16:41:15 07/13/07 Fri1
a few teen paddlings neededDave b16:16:31 07/08/07 Sun1
Spanking Your BrotherDom23:02:15 06/29/07 Fri1
For SteveDom23:46:43 06/01/07 Fri1
spanking nephewssteve06:36:38 06/01/07 Fri1
Questions for SteveDom20:29:09 05/31/07 Thu1
spanking nephewssteve07:12:45 05/31/07 Thu1
Spanking nephewsWondering14:28:41 05/23/07 Wed1
More words for TimmyDom21:43:10 05/18/07 Fri1
Cant sitTimmy12:29:10 05/17/07 Thu1
Questions for "Can't Sit" TimmyDom17:52:02 05/16/07 Wed1
Spanking SonsDom17:37:15 05/16/07 Wed1
Can't sitTimmy15:51:57 05/16/07 Wed1
Question to JohnnyDom23:01:20 05/14/07 Mon1
andwer to peterJohnnyT (brother got paddled)16:34:55 05/14/07 Mon1
spanking sonsAlex s15:51:31 05/10/07 Thu1
spanked in 07 paddlingPeter15:51:46 05/05/07 Sat1
spanked in 07Johnny T (brother and I got it)14:35:33 04/30/07 Mon1
USE A PAY PHONE; IT IS FREE !!!XXXXX10:54:46 04/23/07 Mon1
why we need to spanksteve11:36:45 01/29/07 Mon1
newly spanked in 07?steve13:23:04 01/24/07 Wed1
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