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Subject: Re: here

Aarron to Travis
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Date Posted: 11:01:33 11/21/11 Mon
In reply to: Travis to Aarron 's message, "Re: here" on 05:48:48 11/20/11 Sun

>Hi Aarron,
>Great hearing from you!
>I found out that my girlfriend had P.E. Class with the
>girl whom I overheard at lunch who got spanked by her
>Mom with a


>I played it cool and just mentioned to my girlfriend
>did she hear about so and so got a spanking from her
>Mom and my girlfriend said she was talking about it in
>the girls locker room after lunch. I asked my
>girlfriend was the girl's butt still very red and she
>said "not as red as what it was the night before she
>got spanked." She got spanked bare butt!

Alot of the redness would have dissappeared by the time she was in gym class. Perhaps some slight marks and redness would remain.

>My girlfriend saw her butt when they changed for P.E.
>Class and even when it came time to shower that girl's
>butt was still red.

Yeah, I can believe that.

>Do you think then that girl's Mom really let her have
>it good with a wooden hairbrush? Would that be equal
>to like getting spanked like I do with a paddle?

Yes, if there was still considerable redness then she most likely got a very through "tanning" on those tender bare buns. If the hairbrush used was an old fashioned wooden back hairbrush then her spanking would be exactly what you feel when your dad is applying the paddle. So, if you want to know what she felt just imagine what that paddle feels like on your own bare buns and you'll pretty much have it.

>My girlfriend didn't know how many licks that girl
>got, but I could just imagine that girl's little butt
>"danced" good, even if it is really is small like and
>good looking in tight jeans!

Yes, there is no doubt that her little cute buns really danced as her mom applied that hairbrush. My guess would be that her mom went "cheek to cheek" first burning up one side then the other. There is no doubt that there would have been some real kicking and heart felt sobbing as she recieved her "very painfull" lesson. It would be interesting to know what she did.

>I don't know if that girl got spanked over her Mom's
>lap or if she was laying flat with a pillow elevator
>her butt, but if it was still red some do you think
>her Mom had her put a pillow underneath her? You
>mentioned that the girl's butt would be a great target
>like this! I wonder if the girl got all the licks on
>her sitdown "spot" of her butt? If her Mom had a
>pillow underneath the girl then more then likely this
>probably happened, right?

For a hairbrush "paddling" I am almost sure this girl was laying over her moms lap. Lying on the bed flat or over pillows would be a better position for the "strap" not the hairbrush. Yes, I am sure that her entire bottom was paddled quite well including the "sit spot". A cheek to cheek "tanning" with a wooden back hairbrush would have been "hell on earth" for this cute girl especially "getting it" on those tender bare buns. Lots of "hard" crying and kicking happened, I can promise you that!!!!!

>Yes, at our school girls can be paddled, just like the
>guys, using the same rules/guidelines you asked about!
>Our principal is male but, when he has to paddle a
>girl he has to have a female witness of a teacher or
>some school personel. If he's paddling us guys he
>doesn't have to have a witness and I'm glad he doesn't
>as I'd hated to have a female teacher witness me
>getting paddled and any other guys/students wouldn't
>want this either!

Yes, this is pretty standard procedure.

>As for our principal "enjoys his job"? Are you
>referring to his overal duties or getting to paddle us
>kids? Between you and mean, I bet he DOES "enjoys"
>paddling an unruly girl! I assume they would have to
>bend over across the principal's desk for swats like
>everyone else but, what would happen is a girl was
>short and not tall in heighth, wonder if she'd still
>be able to bend over the desk good enough and present
>a "nice" jean-clad butt to be spanked!

Yes, I meant the specifc "paddling" of the girls. The girls "paddling position" would be determined by her size, height, etc. I can promise you that when that paddle connects with "it's target" in tight jeans bent over that desk, there are some real heart felt tears. The girl's arent as tough as you guys are and when that paddle connects with their tender buns, they're gonna cry, especially during a 5 swat paddling. Whats worse, many of them will be facing much worse that evening at home if the parents are informed about the paddling at school. Trouble at school almost "always" means more trouble at home. At home it will be "dad's" strap ripping across their tender "bare bottoms". Much crying, pleading and begging along with the crisp sound of the "strap" teaching a very painfull lesson.

> That girl that got spanked by her Mom, like I say she
>has a really great shaped butt! My girlfriend does
>too, she has a GREAT SHAPED LITTLE BUTT, and I'd hate
>the principal to spank/paddle my girlfriend!

Yes, I'm sure you would not like that. It does sound like your girlfriend is not in any danger of "getting it" at school.

>Yes, my girlfriend is quite well behaved, but
>sometimes she does argue with her Mom and Dad over her
>clothes she wants to wear to schoo sometimes, but I've
>never heard her say that it was bad enough to get her

In many young girls house, this is a very "spankable" offence. Especially if this arguement keeps on happening. Her parents are concerned about what she wears because they love her and are trying to protect her. Yes, it sucks for her but trust me, her folks know best. They are older and they have both been around the block a few times. In short, they know what is best. I'm not sure what she would like to wear, but being a very cute cheerleader I can imagine.

>I think I would go ballistic if I heard her dad
>spanked her with strap on her her bare bottom! If she
>ever did, that strap BETTER NOT inflict any permanent
>damage to her little butt!

Yes, I understand how you want to protect her. Sometimes, that strap across her tender bare buns may be "exactly" what she needs but don't worry Travis, there will be no lasting damage and really, if your girl friend were acting up wouldn't you want her mom or dad to administer discipline because they want the best for her. It might be unpleasant, but a solid session with the "strap" on her bare bottom could go along way toward perventing "more serious" trouble later on. This is how your dad feels and it feels good to know that he is there to keep you on the right track dosen't it???. You want the same for your GF right?????

>I guess I'll have to strike up a conversation to see
>if her Mom or Dad have or do spank her for punishment.
>Wonder if her Mom would put her over her lap? As for
>her dad, you think if he DID spank her he'd probably
>have her lay face down over two pillows or a thick
>cushion to elevate her bare bottom? She has the cutest
>little butt. I'd hate it getting spanked like that!

Yes, this is how I would do it, otk for the hairbrush, lying over a nice thick cushion on the bed for the strap. Like I said above, that cute little butt may need "some attention" from time to time but it's all for the best.

>You think if her dad used a strap her dad would work
>the strap down to the lower(fleshy)part of her bottom
>where buttocks meet upper thigh and work this area
>with the strap making sure the strap crosses both
>cheeks at the same time? That's the sitdown area
>"spot" I usually get alot of licks on from my dad's
>paddle! My girlfriend would really be squirming!

Yes, this would be "exactly" how it should be done. I am probably her dad"s age maybe a little older and this is just how I would apply the strap. The session needs to be through enough for her to come away with the right message. Plenty of time for make up anf huggs afterwards. The girl's really like that!!!!! Yes, she would be squirming but that is supposed to happen during a "proper" strapping.

>Then the strap back up to the center of her bottom?
>Like where the crack starts down? That area would
>really sting as there isn't alot of "meat" there but,
>my dad when he paddles me makes sure I feel some
>"stingers" in that mid-crack area and those really get
>me to twist and squirm my butt and kick my legs!

Yes, you would want to spend "alot" of time leathering that tender "meaty" part of the bottom. Working down to the "sit spot" and spending time there assures that the lesson is being well learned. Yes, her legs would be kicking and she might even roll over. She would have to be told to "get back into position" so that the strapping can continue upon her bare bottom. Plus, she might have some extra "insentive" to stay on her tummy. believe it or not, most girls don't want dad "seeing too much" You get the idea!!!!!

>Fair skinned girl's (Red heads for example) will mark
>up more easily? Mt girlfriend is a cute blonde. What
>would happen to her? She has a great suntan, so her
>little butt would be the only white area on her body
>to meet strap or hairbrush! I have a great suntan
>too, and my butt is the only white body area, too! You
>should see me after getting paddled!

This means your GF has a "cotton tail" behind. Those tan lines will provide excellent guide lines for placing the strap or paddle. When either the strapping or paddling is finished, those once untanned bare buns should be solid crimson leading up to the tanned legs. Yes, the hairbrush, paddle or strap will "very quickly" convert that alabaster white to a solid crimson as a proper spanking should. Just curious, do you know about your GF's tan from seeing her "nude" first hand or has she just told you???

>I'll take your advice and if my girlfriend "fesses up"
>to getting spankings from her folks, yeah, I'll
>comfort her and show sympathy for her. She does for me
>after she hears I might have gotten spanked/paddled at
>school or home! I'd be sorry to hear that she gets
>spanked! She is for me!

Yes, I understand that you would be sorry but just remember, she did something to earn it. Would you say that your paddling's are justified??? If so, hers would be as well.

> There's been a few times after I've gotten paddled at
>school that my girlfriend met me afterwards and she'd
>put her hands into my backpockets and soothe my "warm"
>butt, while giving me a hug and kisses! That sure
>helps me get over the pain of having a sore, red, on
>"FIRE" recently spanked butt! I could do the same for
>her but, she really has TIGHT jeans and if she got a
>paddling at school I would have to be really careful
>not to make her little butt even more sore slipping my
>hands into her back pockets!

Yes, she would "really feel" that paddle through those tight jeans. just showing comfort and support would help alot. You wouldn't have to slip your hands into her pockets. Perhaps just some gentle rubbing would help soothe the pain.

>Like you did knowing your sis got spanked, I'd have a
>mixed bag of feelings, bad I'd hate knowing she got in
>I would think the exact same thing like you did! As
>for her little cute butt "dancing" it wouldn't at
>school with jeans on but, at home, if she got spanked
>bare butt I bet it would "dance" some, but still
>probably remain tight some, wouldn't you think? Man,

Yes. you have mentioned how great shapped her butt is. getting it on her bare buns would cause them to dance. Some girl's more than others but yeah, her cute little cheeks would defnitely "dance" under the impact of the hairbrush, paddle or strap. I promise.

> A girl's ultimate nightmare is to face the paddle or
>strap wearing nylon panties, cause it "seals" the heat
>in? My girlfriend wears nylons. I hope her Mom doesn't
>spank her wearing them! Wouldn't she want my
>girlfriend to take them off or would this be part of

Yes, most likely she would be required to remove the nylons then take her panties down or possibly completely off before "assuming punishment position". The baring process is part of the punishment.

>Girl are typically spanked longer in age then guys?
>That will not be the case for me. My dad told me that
>I could expect to be punished by getting paddled up to
>age I graduate and leave home, so looks like my butt
>has 5 years of "feeling" the paddle!

Yes, this can also be the case..

>You say some creams might help after a belt/strap
>spanking, should my girlfriend get one? How about for
>hairbrush spankings and the paddle spankings I get,
>would creams help a sore butt? What would be good?
>Did you or your sis ever use cream to "soothe" your
>sore spanked butts?

Possibly some kind of cold cream would help.

> Fair skinned people like red heads for instance mark
>up much easier from spanking/paddlings/belt spankings?
>I tried googling, but couldn't locate any information!
>What would you suggest for the fun of it to try for

I'll think about it.

>I guess that's if for this "visit" Aarron. Great
>talking with you. If I don't hear from ya soon, that
>is okay. Same for me first of the week for school.
>Hey, Thanksgiving this week. Hope you have a great
>one. I'll have a few days vacation from school
>Thursday and Friday!
>Spend sometime with my girlfriend and get ready for
>basketball season at school!

Have a great Thankgiving and days off from school. Best of luck with BB season. Talk soon.

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