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Subject: Star Search Collection

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Date Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 02:25:09pm

Hey everyone, I am looking for old telecasts of Star Search with full segments of spokesmodels (those count as weekly pageants): Here is my list

Folks, a lot of you are wondering where to send the correspondence:
I’m looking for shows between 1986-1992, the ones that I don’t have, especially full spokesmodel segments.

Star Search
(the World’s Greatest Talent Competition)
Updated February 15, 2015
I’ve been fortunate to find plenty of telecasts from trades, VHS tapes at thrift stores, and everything in between.
Without further ado here is a compilation list of the shows I do have in the collection:

BONUS: Spokesmodel DVD Compilation….from shows between 1989-1991 (just fashion videos only).

Season 1 (1983-84)
Taped at Metromedia Square

Syndicated Reruns from E!
Winners in Bold.
Week 13:
Female Vocalist: Theresa Tate vs. Jessica Boucher
TV Spokesmodel: Lisa Parker vs. Debra Chevalier
Comedy: Fred Stoller vs. Brad Garrett
Band: Sawyer Brown vs. Fat Larry’s Band
Leading Man: Chad Restum vs. John Bradley
Dance: Mark and Laura vs. Gladney Brothers
Male Vocalist: Sam Harris vs. Paul Christopher
Week 15:
Dance: Mark and Laura vs. Negrin and Schwartz
TV Spokesmodel: Debra Chevalier vs. Tracey Ross
Comedy: Brad Garrett vs. Alex Cole
Female Vocalist: Jessica Boucher vs. Dana McVicker
Leading Ladies: Dorothy Goulah vs. Maggie Egan
Band: Sawyer Brown vs. P. McCurdy Band
Male: Sam Harris vs. Mark Edwards
Week 16:
Female Vocalist: Penny Mealing vs. Diana Lynn
TV Spokesmodel: Tracey Ross vs. Gail Ameen
Comedy: Joe Bolster vs. John Fox
Band: Saywer Brown vs. Rumors
Leading Ladies: Maggie Egan vs. Frankie Di
Dance: James and Kathy vs. High Tech
Male Vocalist: Sam Harris vs. Larry Bailey
Star Search FINALS (Original Broadcast)
Junior Special:
Original Broadcast from 1983-84
Female Vocalists: Mellisa Moltre vs. Tiffany
TV Spokesmodel: Angie Aylor vs. Dionne Nosworthy
Group Dance: Heather and Darren vs. Six Feet Three
Vocal Group: The Adults vs. Polo
Actors: Mara M./Brian Bloom vs. Marisa/Keith Michell
Solo Dance: Cindy Peca vs. Peter Taylor
Male Vocalist: Dave Devalaar vs. David Wagner
Second Season (1984-85)

The Star Search ‘85 Finals (Original Repeat from September 1, 1985)
Female Vocalists: Mara Getz vs. Cate Adams
Spokesmodel: Michaela vs. Barbara Baan
Comedy: Sinbad vs. John Kasir
Band: Limited Warranty vs. Jailbait
Dance: Crescendo and Diamond vs. The Williams Bros.
Acting: Catherine Cooper/James Elder vs. Becky Bush/Mark T.
Male Vocalist: Steve Michals vs. Durell Coleman
The Semi Finals Preview Special-1985
Third Season (1985-86)

General Episode 1
Female Vocalist: Delores Bedard vs. Liz Lachman
Spokesmodel: Pamela Hedges vs. Glynnis Jones
Comedy: Richard Jeni vs. Mike Rowe
Band: Moment’s Notice vs. The Zippers
Male Vocalist: Kenny James vs. Kipp Lennon
Actors: Cyndi James Reese/Scott T. Baker vs. Andrea Aal/Greg Blanchard
Dancers: Christopher and Snowy vs. Bob and Berylin
General Episode 2
Female Vocalists: Tareva Henderson vs. Phyllis Rhodes
Spokesmodel: K. Marie Thomas vs. Dawn Ann
Comedy: Kevin Meany vs. Evan Davis
Band: Sass vs. Westside
Male Vocalists: Tony Franklin vs. Steve Ward
Acting: Carla Herd/S. Thompson Baker vs. Claire Wren/Dan Pento
Dance: L’Adage vs. Lynn and John
General Episode 3
Female Vocalists: Rozz Morehead vs. Nancy Davis
Spokesmodels: Wendy Edmead vs. Devin Devasquez
Comedy: Evan Davis vs. Jenny Jones
Dance: Pat and Kat vs. Julie and Rocky
Male Vocalists: Joey Gian vs. Jeff Watson
Acting: Rhonda Lee/David Calgail vs. Holly Butler/Daryl Stacey
Band: Pressure Point vs. Cry Monday
General Episode 4:
Dancers: Gary Harrison and Co. vs. Velia and Donald
Spokesmodel: Aimee vs. Marie Parks
Female Vocalists: Andrea Frierson vs. Mona
Comedy: Steve Briscoe vs. Hal Spear
Band: Moment’s Notice vs. Boys in White
Acting: C. James Reese/S. Thompson Baker vs. Stacey Garrison/Joe Lando
Male Vocalists: Kenny James (Best Rendition of Do I Do!) vs. Jay Jarrett
General Episode 5
Male Vocalists: Kenny James vs. Donell Rush
Spokesmodels: Aimee vs. Gail Smith
Comedy: Hal Spear vs. Jeff Mills
Band: Moment’s Notice vs. Rod Dash
Dance: GH and Co. vs. Jett and Jody
Acting: C.J. Reese/S.T. Baker vs. Suzane L./Greg B.
Female Vocalist: Andrea Freirson vs. Lawann Carter
General Episode 6
Dance: Pat and Cat vs. Sugar and Spice
Spokesmodel: Wendy Edmead vs. Meg Register
Comedy: Evan Davis vs. Jimmy Tingle
Female Vocalists: Kelly Lang vs. Roz Morehead
Band: Pressure Point vs. Make Believe
Acting: Ellie P./David K. vs. Rhonda Lee/Chip Hall
Male Vocalists: Joey Gian vs. Jeff Scott
General Episode 7 (KSTWashington, Seattle w/o/c)
Dance: Pat and Cat vs. East West
Spokesmodel: Devin Devasquez vs. Keely Smith
Comedy: Jenny Jones vs. Gary Lazer
MV: JG vs. Micahel Camacho
FV: Rozz Morehead vs. Peggy Blu
Acting: Rhonda Lee/ David K. vs. James Weatherstone/Lynnete R.
Band: Cry Monday vs. Social Voyers
Junior Star Search ’86-2-Hours (WTXF w/o/c)
Star Search ‘86 FINALS
Fourth Season (1986-87)

Round 1
General Episode 1 (Aired off KTTV Fox 11 Los Angeles) w/o/c
Male Vocalists: David Slater vs. Larry Hart
Junior Dance: Heinz and Keesha vs. The Kennedy Hoofers
Spokesmodel: Tina Littlewood vs. Barbara Newman
Comedy: Tim Rose vs. Mark McCullum
Band: The Chills vs. The Face
Female Vocalist: Cynthia Calhoun vs. Cheryl Barnes
Dance: Rhythm Kings vs. Ron and Morgan
Teen Vocalist: Shannon Nesmith vs. Mary Jo Pierce
General Episode 2 (off WNYW Fox 5 New York) w/o/c
Male Vocalists: David Slater vs. Kareem
Junior Dance: H&K vs. Dove Delios
Spokesmodel: Tina Littewood vs. Janette Hallen
Comedy: Mark McCullum vs. Pam Stone
Band: Trux vs Eliza
Female Vocalist: Cheryl Barnes vs. Mendy Lee
Dance: Rhythm Kings vs. AC
Teen Vocalist: MJ Pierce vs. Heather Rose
Round 2
General Episode 3 (off KTVT Dallas; w/o/c last 15 mins missing)
Female Vocalist: Nicci vs. Ember Vaughn
Junior Vocalists: Allison Porter vs. Reuben Gomez
Spokesmodel: Toni Costa vs. Cheryl Lawson
Comedy: Martin Lawrence vs. Steve O
Dance: Eddie and Lisa vs. Gary’s Angels
Male Vocalist: Lou Coppola vs. Jeff Hamilton
Round II Semifinals (aired off KTVT w/o/c)
(missing 12 minutes)
Jr. Finals: Tracey Spencer vs. Allison Porter
Spokesmodel: Laura Ballard vs. Theresa Ring
Comedy: JoAnn Dearing vs. Daryll Sivad
Dance: Eddie and Lisa (UNDEFEATED)
Band: Boys Cry Wolf vs. the Kingpins
Female Vocalists: Nicci vs. Leslie White
Dance: A Slight Touch vs. Diane and Elaine
The Season 4 Finals (KTVT w/o/c)
Male Vocalists: Slater vs. Vasser
Dance: Eddie and Lisa vs. Rhythm Kings
Spokesmodel: Littlewood vs. Ring
Band: Zippers vs. Kingpins
Female: Leslie White vs. Cheryl Barnes
Comedy: Mark McCullum vs. Daryl Silvad
Fifth Season (1987-88)
Big Changes: Band competition was removed this season.

Round 1
Season 5 Premiere (KCBS-TV w/o/c)
Includes a special intro by Ed McMahon, welcoming KCBS-TV viewers.
Female vocalists: Linda Eder vs. Paula Hanke
Jr. Dance: America’s Apple Pie vs. Chad and Molly
Spokesmodel: Meilani vs. Jacquie Paige
(Track: “Diamonds” by Herb Alpert feat. Janet Jackson)
Comedy: Rich Ceisler vs. David Orion
Male Vocalist: Arlan Fries vs. St. Don
Dance: Alan and John vs. Sheryl and Jody
Teen Vocalist: Raquel Herring vs. Wes Walker
Week 5 off WPHL-TV Philadelphia
Fuzzy over-the-air (OTA) picture
Teen Vocalist: Raquel Herring vs. Rodney Tyson
Dance: James and Sally vs. Tony and Kerri
Spokesmodel: Sophia Bowen vs. Jenine Stewart
(Track: Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild”)
FV: Linda Eder vs. Roberta Silva
Comics: Ron Richards vs. Tommy Blaze
Jr. Dance: AAP vs. The Dreams
MV: BF vs. Keeno Nash
Week 6
Show Ends after Spokesmodel Challenger.
MV: BF vs. Keith Mitchell
Jr. Dance: AAP vs. Brendan and Allison
Spokesmodel: SB vs. Cynthia Kaye
(“Hypnotize Me” by Wang Chung)
Comics: RR vs. Frankie Pace
FV: LE vs. Leah Lovely
Week 7
No End Credits; Low Audio
Dance: TK vs. Fly by Night
Teen Vocalist: RH vs. Dave Davelaar
Spokesmodel: SB vs. Kathy Stangel
Comics: FP vs. Al Lubel (debut)
FV: LE vs. Jessie Richards
Jr. Dance: AAP vs Shone & Jessica
MV: BF vs. Kevin Montgomery
Week 8 (off KOMO-TV)
Female Vocalists: Linda Eder vs. Loventa Fox
Jr. Dance: America’s Apple Pie vs. K.R. Barnes
Spokesmodel: Sophia Bowen vs. JoAnne Wolf
(Track: “Songbird” by Kenny G)
Comedy: Al Lubel vs. Joe Marlotti
Male Vocalists: Barry Fish vs. Richard Oates
Dance: Toni and Carrie vs. Ron and Robb
Jr. Vocalists: RH vs. Des Simone
Week 9 (missing first half; off KBRK-TV)
Comics: Jeff Stillson
Jr. Vocalists: Raquel Herring vs. Tasha Scott
Spokesmodel: Debbie Massey
(Track: “La Bamba” by Los Lobos)
Dance: Rob and Ronn vs. Michael and Tina
Female Vocalists: LE vs. Patty David
Week 10 (partial airing, only highlights)
MV: Charles Blackman vs. Billy Dean
Spokesmodel: SB vs. Lori Dickerson
(“Tango in the Night” by Fleetwood Mac)
FV: LE vs. Ami Morris
JV: TS vs. Mina Noij
Round 1 Semifinals (KRBK w/o/c no end credits)
MV: Barry Fish vs. David Baker
JD: America’s Apple Pie (UNDEFEATED)
Sp: Sophia Bowen vs. Jacquie Paige
(“Lady in Red” by Chris DeBurgh)
Comedy: AL vs. Ron Richards
Dance: RR vs. TC
Jr. Vocalists: RH vs. TS (REMATCH)
Round 2
Week 6
(ends after 2nd spokesmodel fashion video)
Dance: AS vs. Sergio and Marcia
Jr. Vocalist: Jarrod Spector vs. Jackie Sprinkle
Spokesmodel: Leslie Carlton vs. Christa Daniel
(“Never Let me Down” by David Bowie)
Comics: Drake Sather vs. *Tommy Davidson*
FV: Juliana Gare vs. Sophia Haynes
Week 7 (WPIX New York)
FV: Sophia Haynes vs. Mary Daily
Teen Dance: So Hot vs. Damon and Damon
Spokesmodel: Christa Daniel vs. Natalie Caroll
(“Hot Shot” by Herb Alpert)
Comedy: Drake Sather vs. *Drew Carey*
MV: Victor Cook vs. Craig Wilde
Dance: Arte and Sharon vs. Boys Club
Jr. Vocalist: Jarrod Specter vs. Gabe Fincher
Week 8 (low audio; Black and White)
Teen Dance: Damon and Damon
Spokesmodel: Crista D vs. Cynthia Gouw (Track “We Go together” by Sting)
Comedy: Drew Carey vs. Joe Yanetty
Jr. V: Jarod Spector vs. Countess Vaughn
Week 9
Ends after Male Vocalists
Jr. Vocalist: *Countess Vaughn* vs. Michelle N.
Dance: Boys Club vs. LAX
Spokesmodel: Cynthia Gouw vs. Laurie Carr
(“Let’s Work” by Mick Jagger)
FV: Mary Daily vs. Theresa Gassman
Comics: Joe Yanetty vs. Mike Dugan
MV: Victor Cook vs. Hoppie Vaughn
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Round 2 Semifinals
(Black and White picture)
Season 5 Finals (off KBRK-TV; Original Broadcast and KDKA as an encore off Star Search ’90 with commercials)
MV: BF vs. VC
Jr.: AAP vs. CV
Spokesmodel: SB vs. CG
(SB: Born to be Wild; CG: ”In too Deep” by Genesis)
FV: LE vs. Dee Dee Belson
Dance: TE vs. BC
SEASON 6 (1988-89)

Round 1 Week 1
(limited commercial breaks)
MV: Bobby Daye vs. Stevie Nieves
Jr. Dance: Old Time Rock and Roll vs. Tutti Fruiti
Spokesmodels: Donna Rampey vs. Rhonda Rippley
(“Run with it” Steve Winwood)
Comics: *Kim Coles* vs. Earl Burkes (Only have Coles’ stand-up)
FV: Laura Mann vs. Suzanne Palmer
Dance: Nothing But Trouble vs “J”
Teen Vocalists: Brandon vs. Lisa Demani
Week 2.
Starts with Spokesmodels
SM: RR vs. Heather Meadway (*Video gets fuzzy during Medway’s segment)
Comics: *Kim Coles* vs. Joey Guiterrez
MV: Bobby Daye vs. Murray MacDougall
Week 3
FV: Nese Moore vs. Kim Lesley
Jr. D: Old Time RR vs. Jr. Hoofers
SM: HM vs. Julia Murdock
Comics: JG vs. Jack Cohen
MV: BD vs. Art Newkirk
Week 4
(*Appearance of Ken Ober*)
MV: BD vs. Genaro
Dance: “J” vs. Blue Denim
SM: HM vs. Terri Lynn Doss
Teen Vocals: Jillian vs. Eric Kohn
Comic: JC vs. Ron Gallop
Week 5
Jr. Dance: OTRR vs. American Kids
FV: Kim Leslie vs. Lois Holcoumb
SM: HM vs. Bonita Thomas
Comics: RG vs. Bill Keller
Dance: “J” vs. Arizona Elite
Teen: Jillian vs. Yanette Montell
MV: BD vs. Jeff Griggs
Week 6’
(ends with Spokesmodel video, mid-way)
Teen V: Yanette Moyell vs. Zeke Williams
Dance: “J” vs. Ralph/Sherry
SM: HM vs. Rowan Brewer
MV: BD vs. Kelly Rice
Comics (feat. *Brad Garrett*): RG vs. John MacDonald
Week 7
Week 9
Jr Dance: Jimmy and Jody vs. Brian
FV: TP vs Nikki Hart
SM: TK vs.
Round 1 Semifinals
Round 2 Competition
Round 2 Semifinals
The 1989 Finals
Season 7 Episodes (1989-90) (Aired off WGN-TV with commercials)
Round 1 Week 6
Acts include:
Katrina Abrams
Anthony Griffin (Comedian)
Michelle Neemith (Spokesmodel Challenger)
Round 1 Week 8
Season Eight (1990-91)
Round 2
General Episode 1 (B- video)
Season 12
Off WSVN-TV Miami (October 1994)

General Episode 1

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