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United States of Beauty Board/USB Bubble Board

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July 14-16, 2016
Miss Florida USA

Sept 2-4
Miss/Teen Montana USA
Miss Texas USA

Sept 3-5
Miss/Teen Illinois USA

Sept 10-11
Miss/Teen Rhode Island USA
Miss/Teen Wisconsin USA

Sept 17-18
Miss/Teen Wyoming USA

Sept 23-24
Miss/Teen Michigan USA

Sept 24-25
Miss/Teen Missouri USA

Sept 30-Oct 1
Miss/Teen North Carolina USA

Oct 1-2
Miss Florida Teen USA
Miss/Teen South Dakota USA
Miss USA State Pageant Dates for 2017 State Titles

Oct 7-8
Miss/Teen Louisiana USA
Miss/Teen Tennessee USA

Oct 8-9
Miss/Teen Iowa USA

Oct 15-16
Miss/Teen New Jersey USA USA
Miss/Teen Oregon USA
Miss/Teen West Virginia USA

Oct 22-23
Miss/Teen Colorado USA
Miss/Teen Indiana USA

Oct 28-29
Miss/Teen Mississippi USA

Oct 29-30
Miss/Teen Arizona USA
Miss/Teen Arkansas USA
Miss/Teen New Hampshire USA

Nov 4-5
Miss/Teen Alabama USA
Miss/Teen Idaho USA

Nov 5-6
Miss/Teen Hawaii USA
Miss/Teen Maryland USA

Nov 11-12
Miss/Teen Ohio USA

Nov 12-13
Miss/Teen Connecticut USA
Miss/Teen Washington USA

Nov 18-19
Miss/Teen Georgia USA
Miss/Teen South Carolina USA

Nov 19-20
Miss/Teen Massachusetts USA
Miss/Teen North Dakota USA
Miss/Teen Vermont USA
Miss/Teen Virginia USA

Nov 26-27
Miss/Teen Delaware USA
Miss/Teen Kansas USA
Miss/Teen Maine USA
Miss/Teen Minnesota USA
Miss Texas Teen USA

Dec 3-4
Miss/Teen California USA
Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA

Dec 17
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA

Dec 17-18
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Jan 13-15, 2017
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA
Miss/Teen New York USA

Alaska USA
Kentucky USA
Nevada USA
New Mexico USA
Utah USA

Subject: Hey USBers. Troll alert. No we are not shutting down.

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Date Posted: 13:48:03 08/26/16 Fri

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Subject: ALABAMA - GEORGIA ///// If you could appoint the state winner for Miss USA 2017 in these states, who would they be?

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Date Posted: 17:28:11 08/26/16 Fri

Here are my wishful Miss USA 2017 contestants, ALABAMA - GEORGIA

ALABAMA- Canden Jackson
ALASKA- Zlata Sushchik
ARIZONA- Lexe Richardson
ARKANSAS- Sierra Gorton
CALIFORNIA- Chelsea Gilligan
COLORADO- Alexis Lazarro
CONNECTICUT- Nikki Delventhal
DELAWARE- Angela Viscount
FLORIDA (already won)- Linette de los Santos
GEORGIA- Keila Diaz

My list is based on previous competitors. I have no idea if these beauties are actually competing, if they aged out, got married, etc. This is just my wish list :)

Play along!

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Subject: TAHNAE Tarkenton, BARBARA Falcon and LAUREN Kennewell are now officially on TEXAS list!

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Date Posted: 19:09:14 08/25/16 Thu

Barbara is now listed as Miss Webb County, Tahnae as Miss North Texas, Lauren as Miss Metroplex.

Can we get Thamer Flavour in last well?!

What kind of workout plan, do these ladies have to follow with less than 10 days from the pageant (it is on 4th of September).

Builboy (Justin P.) was offering EMERGENCY BLAST in the past when a pageant was on a very short notice. I hope there are some trainers that can offer something like this. Though I highly doubt any of the three ladies that signed up is no longer in shape.

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Subject: Confirmed Former TEENS competing at state pageants this year

Road to MISS USA 2017
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Date Posted: 15:19:23 07/07/16 Thu

California- Chelsea Gilligan (Miss CA Teen USA 09')
- Savannah Wix (Miss AZ Teen USA 14')
- Chloe Hatfield (Miss CA Teen USA 13')

ARIZONA- Alexa Jones (Miss CA Teen USA 12')
- Neda Danilovic (Miss AZ Teen USA 15')

Alabama- Barron Rae Williams (Miss Alabama Teen USA 11')

Michigan- Courtney Pizzimenti (Miss Michigan Teen USA 12')

Arkansas- Stevi Perry (Arkansas Teen USA 08'/ Miss Teen USA 2008)

West Virginia- Elizabeth Sabatino (Miss WV Teen USA 2012)

South Carolina- Shannon Ford (Miss SC Teen USA 2012)
- Tori Sizemore (Miss SC Teen USA 2013)

North Carolina- Katie Coble (Miss NC Teen USA 2007)

Mississippi- Vaeda Mann (Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2014)

New Jersey- Valentina Sanchez (Miss NJ Teen USA 2014)

Hawaii- Julianne Chu (Miss HI Teen USA 2010)
Courtney Coleman (Miss HI Teen USA 2011)

Delaware- Mia Jones (Miss Delaware Teen USA 2014)

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Subject: Hey Groove. This is the example

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Date Posted: 14:42:33 08/26/16 Fri

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Subject: Name one favorite and one underdog in the upcoming USA pageant in your state. Go!

Red Pepper
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Date Posted: 13:21:01 08/26/16 Fri

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Subject: MONTANA contestants are up! Woo-hoo!!!

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Date Posted: 07:40:48 08/23/16 Tue

21 competing! I see some pretty girls who may do well at Miss USA.

17 competing! There are a few standouts :)

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Subject: 40 years ago

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Date Posted: 20:32:13 08/23/16 Tue

Thoughts on Miss Universe 1976, Rina Messinger?

I remember watching this pageant (yes, I'm that old!) and thinking it was a very strong Top 12. I still think so.

Of course, it was different era of pageants. For instance, England, Scotland, and Wales all participated separately, and all three made the semi-finals, which was typical in those days.

There's a video on YouTube of Rina Messinger many years later digging out the crown from a cabinet. It's in Hebrew, but worth watching whether you understand the language or not.

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href=""></a>

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Subject: Curious, just for fun

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Date Posted: 21:26:40 08/15/16 Mon

I have a fun question.... If you were able to give a pass to ONE (and only one!) former Miss USA contestant from this decade that didn't win the title, to have one more chance to re-compete at Miss USA, who would you have that coveted chance to, and why? (Wish they would do this in real life though, Ha)

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Subject: So, I know this is MU but Guru deleted the post so does anyone have a copy of the MA snapchat picture??

I want to show my mom because she doesn't believe me
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Date Posted: 19:31:08 08/18/16 Thu

The snapchat where Betty says she's at a baseball game she doesn't give shit about. I tried googling it but nothing's coming up.

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Subject: Katherine Hiak

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Date Posted: 16:42:18 08/24/16 Wed

I just saw Katherine Hiak signed with Next Models worldwide. That girl is beautiful. She is so photogenic. Best of luck to her.

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Subject: Age Requirements

Pageant Fan
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Date Posted: 14:28:07 08/24/16 Wed

I do not get why people are in an uproar over the new age requirements. I personally do not believe in any age requirement. This is a form of age discrimination. I am surprised someone has never challenged this in court. If someone looks too old to compete, I am sure the judges will mark her accordingly. If a girl is gorgeous and still has the ability to compete at 35, that is her decision. This has nothing to do with "crown chasing." This is healthy competition and a dose of self confidence. Plain and simple, age requirements are age discrimination.

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Subject: New age limit!

Saw it on AZ's instagram
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Date Posted: 10:47:53 08/19/16 Fri

MUO raised the age limit to 28!

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Subject: Is Cassidy Wolf really doing Miss?? Saw Susie and Shandi's post!!!!!

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Date Posted: 19:01:38 08/25/16 Thu

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Subject: Okay so white all of this state hopping convos going on, what's the state that has the least contestants and who's the one that has the most?

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Date Posted: 12:43:53 08/25/16 Thu

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Subject: FL USA 2017 Top 16

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Date Posted: 18:58:57 07/16/16 Sat

Elise Lobb, St. Augustine
Genesis Davila, Miami Beach
Brittany Lugo, Hollywood
Kailyn Perez, Tampa Bay
Nicolette Jennings, Tampa
Natalie Goenaga, Coral Gables
Taylor Fulford, Gainesville
Tyeesha Hudson, Art Deco
Whitney Moore, Jacksonville
Natalie Edwards, Dania Beach
Juliana Bonariago, Seminoles
Isabella Loggins, Florida Keys
Sarah Rogers, First Coast
Ana Perez, City Beautiful
Chrissy Reynoso, Ft. Lauderdale
Linette De Los Santos, Sunny Isles Beach

***TOP FIVE***

WINNER: MIAMI BEACH - Genesis Davila
1st RU: SUNNY ISLES BEACH - Linette De Los Santos
2nd RU: TAMPA - Nicolette Jennings
3rd RU: TAMPA BAY - Kailyn Perez
4th RU: GAINESVILLE - Taylor Fulford

Last edited by author: Sat July 16, 2016 20:48:08   Edited 3 times.
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Subject: Alleged Miss Maryland stalker arrested

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Date Posted: 21:24:16 08/22/16 Mon

A Germantown man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly stalked Miss Maryland, a Carroll County resident.

Valencio Fernandes Pires, 50, of Germantown, was charged with one count of stalking; one count of harass, a course of conduct; and one count of electronic mail harassment. He was held without bond, which remained unchanged after a bail review Monday in Carroll County District Court.

Maryland State Police troopers at the Westminster Barrack spoke with Miss Maryland Hannah Brewer on Friday, and she told them that she received unwanted contact through email and social media, according to a statement of charges.

Pires first contacted Brewer at a Miss Maryland event in Hagerstown on Aug. 15. Staff at the store where the event took place told officers that Pires was there between 7 and 10:30 p.m. and did not purchase anything. During the event, he took three pictures with Brewer, according to the statement.

Photographs from the event also showed Pires "staring intensively at Brewer," according to the statement.

After the event, Brewer received mutliple message from Pires through his account, a possible fake account and his email, according to the statement.

His first message to Brewer came through Pires' Facebook account. In the message, he sent her the three pictures they took together and told her he "only used the best one of you," according to the statement.

He also told her he was impressed with her and that he thought she was the best Miss Maryland. He offered to help at her charity and work as her bodyguard, and included his cell phone number in the message, according to the statement.

Brewer blocked Pires from her public Facebook page, but in the morning, Brewer, along with her grandmother and mother, received a friend request from a "Beveraly Warns," who they did not know. A trooper investigating the case wrote in the statement of charges that fake Facebook accounts are often used to stalk and harass people.

Pires also sent an email to Brewer's organization for Brewer's mother, saying he had a card for Brewer and wanted a mailing address. Under direction from Maryland State Police, Brewer's mother replied asking that Pires stop contacting them, according to the statement.

Pires replied saying he didn't want them to be uncomfortable, he was proud of Brewer and that he wouldn't contact her. He also wrote that he would be attending the Miss USA pageant in person and included his main address, his phone number and locations of other houses he said he owned, according to the statement.

He emailed two more times, telling Brewer he had a new seat at the pageant and offering free hair services at his daughter's salon, according to the statement.

During a bail review hearing Monday, Pires agreed to a final peace order that prohibits him from having any contact with Brewer for six months, according to Assistant State's Attorney Brenda Harkavy, who represented the state at the bail review.

According to a news release from Maryland State Police, troopers and the Brewers worked with the Carroll County State's Attorney's Office's Special Victims Unit.

State's Attorney Brian DeLeonardo said in a text message that the Special Victims Unit and Maryland State Police will continue working together to prevent harassment and stalking.

"While I cannot comment on the currently pending matter, I will say regardless of their status or occupation, no one should ever be placed in fear by being stalked or harassed," DeLeonardo wrote. "Our Special Victims Unit and the Maryland State Police will continue to work closely on a daily basis to prevent any such conduct from occuring by seeking appropriate criminal charges and assisting victims with peace and protective orders when necessary."

Brewer did not want to be contacted for an article, according to the release.

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Subject: Karlie

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Date Posted: 07:17:13 08/24/16 Wed

She has been completely absent everywhere - Getty, social media, website, etc.

Is she okay - where is she? I'm worried about the backlash affecting her - wish everyone could move on and use it as a message of mistakes and unity and focus on her new job.

Also seems like Pia is absent.

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Subject: Message to Titleholders

Amy Farrah Fowler
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Date Posted: 15:06:05 08/12/16 Fri

An appearance is an event where you volunteer your time and actually do something for others or the community. Posting pictures of you in crown and/or banner in front of a famous building or landmark, at the end of your driveway talking to neighbors or standing in front of a promotional banner is NOT an appearance. Lately I see many titleholders(some national) who "pretend" to be doing something all under the pretense that it is an actual appearance. When you win a title, with that comes a responsibility. Don't pretend to be doing something for a cause, a platform or an organization, actually do something. Pretending belittles others who actually do something and disrespects the title you wear.

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Subject: Seeing States Post on facebook/instagram highlighting contestants before the actual competition is actually really nice, this gives more promotion for all the contestants as individuals, I wish more states would do this! So far Ive seen posts about Oregon, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona Official Contestants - Who are your favorites & diamond in the rough so far?

Excited for 2017!
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Date Posted: 20:00:37 08/23/16 Tue

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Subject: Alyssa Rivera (Miss Teen USA 2010) will be a contestant at the 2017 Miss NY USA Pageant.

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Date Posted: 11:59:05 08/24/16 Wed

Happy for her, hope she does well!

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Subject: Miss Universe GUAM 2016 will be crowned on September 8.

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Date Posted: 15:46:50 08/22/16 Mon

1. Berniel Legaspi 2. Belinda Borja
3. Annalyn Buan 4. Sonja Tanabe
5. Marystar Welch. 6. Nina Acosta
7. Muneka Taisipic 8. Diliana Tuncap
9. Kailee Scharff 10. Mariel Sacayan
11. Michelle Sapeymai 12. Abigel Bilon
13. Mitczie Pagdilao. 14. Paige Surber

This is quite a competitive batch, I think. There's not one head scratcher in this mix! Solely based on these photos, I *think* my Top 5 are: Annalyn Buan #3, Nina Acosta #6, Muneka Taisipic #7, Abigel Bilon #12, Mitczie Pagdilao #13.

Who are your faves?

Last edited by author: Mon August 22, 2016 15:50:20   Edited 3 times.
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Subject: Miss USA's Mother passed away

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Date Posted: 23:27:50 08/21/16 Sun

I don't come on here as much as I use to because it's gotten kind of ridiculous. I am shocked and awed that absolutely no one acknowledged or showed sympathy for the the fact the the reigning Miss USA lost her mother yesterday!! Do you people have no souls???

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Subject: What is the one thing you miss most from pageants of the past?

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Date Posted: 12:27:29 08/15/16 Mon

I can think of lots of things, but if I had to pick just one thing it would be having all of the semi-finalists compete in three areas (interview, swimsuit, gown).

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Subject: State peeps... Contact any of your beloved contestants who thought they've been ages out & let them know about this!!!!

so excited, wish they would've announced sooner though
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Date Posted: 14:44:15 08/19/16 Fri

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