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United States of Beauty Board/USB Bubble Board
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July 11-12, 2014
Miss Florida USA

Aug 29-31, 2014
Miss Texas USA

Aug 30-Sept 1, 2014
Miss/Teen Illinois USA

Sept 6-7, 2014
Miss/Teen Montana USA
Miss/Teen Wisconsin USA

Sept 13-14, 2014
Miss/Teen Rhode Island USA

Sept 20-21, 2014
Miss/Teen Wyoming USA

Sept 26-27, 2014
Miss/Teen Idaho USA
Miss/Teen Michigan USA

Oct 3-4, 2014
Miss/Teen Arkansas USA
Miss/Teen Tennessee USA

Oct 4-5, 2014
Miss/Teen South Dakota USA

Miss USA 2015/Miss Teen USA 2015
State Pageant Dates

Oct 10-11, 2014
Miss/Teen North Carolina USA

Oct 11-12, 2014
Miss/Teen Iowa USA

Oct 18-19, 2014
Teen Florida Teen USA
Miss/Teen New Jersey USA
Miss/Teen Washington USA
Miss/Teen West Virginia USA

Oct 24-25, 2014
Miss/Teen Louisiana USA

Oct 25-26, 2014
Miss/Teen Colorado USA

Oct 31 -Nov 1, 2014
Miss/Teen Mississippi USA

Nov 1-2, 2014
Miss/Teen Indiana USA
Miss/Teen Maryland USA

Nov 8-9, 2014
Miss/Teen Missouri USA
Miss/Teen Ohio USA

Nov 14-15, 2014
Miss/Teen Alabama USA

Nov 15-16, 2014
Miss/Teen Connecticut USA

Nov 21-22, 2014
Miss/Teen Georgia USA
Miss/Teen South Carolina USA

Nov 22-23, 2014
Miss/Teen Arizona USA
Miss/Teen Hawaii USA
Miss/Teen Massachusetts USA
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA
Miss/Teen Nevada USA
Miss/Teen North Dakota USA
Miss/Teen Vermont USA

Nov 29-30, 2014
Miss/Teen Delaware USA
Miss/Teen Kansas USA
Miss/Teen Maine USA
Miss/Teen Minnesota USA
Miss/Teen New Mexico USA
Miss/Teen Oregon USA
Miss Texas Teen USA
Miss/Teen Virginia USA

Dec 5-6, 2014
Miss/Teen Utah USA

Dec 6-7, 2014
Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA

Dec 20-21, 2014
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Jan 10-11, 2015
Miss/Teen California USA

Jan 17-18, 2015
Miss/Teen New Hampshire USA
Miss/Teen New York USA

To be determined/verified
Alaska USA
Kentucky USA

Subject: help a fan out? re, texas

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Date Posted: 23:22:14 09/01/14 Mon

I'm having a difficult time determining who these girls are and if/where they placed.

Obviously, I went to our wizard oz but I'm too dumb to figure things out there. I can't find anything yet I know the info is staring me in the face.

Pls & thanks.

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Subject: Ylianna's first crown shot!

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Date Posted: 20:42:59 09/02/14 Tue


Last edited by author: Wed September 03, 2014 00:31:19   Edited 1 time.
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Subject: Looking ahead to the state pageants...

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Date Posted: 02:03:18 08/21/14 Thu

Here are some familiar names I pulled out of GoFundMe who may well be back for 2015 (although not 100% - e.g. Melissa Gee had a page up for Miss Montana USA but doesn't seem to be on the contestant list). Most of these girls have been runners-up previously or have competed enough times for me to recognise their names :) If you don't recognise a name look them up in my state results (sorry I don't have time to cross-check this entire list right now!) http://www.pageantupdate.info/stateresults.htm

Tiffany Martin (AZ TUSA 07)

Kayla DelSanto

Brittany Kelemen (VT TUSA 09)

Chelsea Boone

Jodie Juris (Teen) - sister of Stacie!
Gina Melchiorri (hopefully you've already read her interview!)

Alissa Morrison, Jenny Valliere

Vicki Wiggins, Rachel Smith

Whitney Moss
Kelsey Lawson (LA TUSA 06)

Kathleen Masek

Jeni Dixon (MO TUSA 08)
Kelsey Stokes

North Carolina
Julia Dalton

Kayla Bowker

Julia Pauline

Rhode Island
Jessica Zapata

Nicol Powell, Dani Braun, Gentry Everill, Narine Ishhanov

Laura Jordan

Demetra Coyer

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Subject: Wisconsin contestants up!!!!

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Date Posted: 23:31:47 09/02/14 Tue

Here's the link - I'll try to get a blog post with full names for all the contestants up if it's quiet at work tonight :D


I will mention: Jenny White, Carolyn Ciancolo, Victoria Sorone Johnston (WI TUSA 11), Heidi Golznig, Lauren Skelton :D

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Subject: Frustrated with PageantVision... their customer service does not exist. You can submit support issues through the pageantvision website... but you get no response... ever. I have been trying since Sunday.

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Date Posted: 16:06:02 09/02/14 Tue

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Subject: Miss WI and Teen contestants are up!

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Date Posted: 23:08:18 09/02/14 Tue


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Subject: Ylianna Guerra YAY! Some thoughts about the weekend.

HawtPlusSeksi (nsi)
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Date Posted: 01:58:20 09/02/14 Tue

I am so happy about her win. I just found out after having been away for three days with no laptop!

This girl is the real deal! I have rarely seen such a naturally pretty girl win it! I am very happy for Alejandra Gonzalez too, although based on pics her hair could have been styled differently. Brianna Webb, although not as naturally beautiful as the other two, is peaking just at the right time. I would not be surprised if she wins TX USA in the future. Logan Lester at 19 is the future of Texas pageantry. Payton (please do not get married until you age out) is the veteran that I enjoy watching the most. Again, such a perfect gown. This girl is so interesting to look at that her not being the most naturally beautiful is not a disadvantage.

Top 18. Why there must be a top 18? Top 15 or top 20 would be much better. The top 18 is rather predictable, there is only one girl that I did not expect to be there: Danielle Bosley.

What happened to Siria Bojorquez? Did anyone watch prelims and care to comment on her? Also surprised by Tahnae and Kourtney Magnes missing the cut. Lauren Adkins must be aging out this year too. I am glad Chaney Shadrock finally made it, though I expected it. As far as Jordan Schultz goes, she must be congratulated for having that special magic aura that draws you in, despite not being the most attractive girl.


Illinois... is it really the 5th most populous state? The top 5 does not look competitive at all. Renee seems like a sweet girl, but this is what I do not like about Vanbros. Their winners are so random! It's like almost a lottery and in a state like IL with so many girls, one needs to be extra careful! Renee does a Gina Bernascoli, from a non-finalist to being the winner! Looking forward to find out more about her.

I think it is impressive that Gina Melchiorri improves on her 3rd runner-up place from a much smaller state. Well done. Based on the limited information we have, I believe she should have won, but still I am not sure I'd see top 15 at Miss USA. IL is always so disappointing. Signorelli not making the semis is a bit of a surprise. Emily Bey is also shut out one more time.

Germany. Josephin is somewhat of an outside the box choice. I expected a seasoned pageant contestant and/or a model to win it and yet a nurse wins it. I was also surprised with the 1st runner-up but am happy Valmira placed in the top 3. Josephin should take the Dominique R. road, spunky personality, fresh approach and you never know, she could do it. I am more surprised than anything else but she could be a much stronger delegate than what we think. ;)

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Subject: Top 18!

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Date Posted: 14:27:32 08/31/14 Sun

Ylianna's profile is up! Swimsuit & gown photos from 2012, 2014 & 2015... holy transformation batman! >> http://www.pageantupdate.info/missusa2015/delegates/texas.htm

Results analysis blog >> http://pageantupdate.tumblr.com/post/96338151101/miss-texas-usa-2015-results

MISS TEXAS USA 2015 is Ylianna Guerra, Tropics of Texas!
1RU Alejandra Gonzalez, South Texas
2RU Brianna Webb, Lone Star
3RU Logan Lester, Harris County
4RU Peyton Saverance, Bay Area

Third year in a row... no blondes!

DFW - Christina Entsminger
Bay Area - Peyton Saverance
Long View - Andrea Fox
Kemah - Kenda Carroll
Tropics of Texas - Ylianna Guerra
Clear Lake - Alex Nini
Fort Worth - Katie Sicula
El Paso - Victoria Sinclair
Metroplex - Jordan Schultz
Austin - Melissa Novak
Dallas - Lauren Kenewell
Capital of Texas - Ciara Jasso
Houston - Ligia De Uriarte
Lone Star - Brianna Webb
Helotes - Chaney Shadrock
Deer Park - Danielle Bosley
South Texas - Alejandra Gonzales
Harris County - Logan Lester

But no Tahnae... WTH????

Last edited by author: Mon September 01, 2014 02:56:04   Edited 7 times.
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Subject: Miss Illinois USA 2015 Final Predictions

Road To Miss USA 2015
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Date Posted: 17:31:55 09/01/14 Mon

Hello Everyone, I loved such the pleasant reaction on my review for Texas, I made a review for Illinois as well. I was fortunate to predict the winner correctly for Texas and although this is a bit rushed, here is my prediction for Miss Illinois USA 2015 tonight!

Winner - Miss Central Illinois USA, Gina Melchiorri

Gina is a pageant veteran who is new to Illinois, but is ready for the fight. Having been a runner up the past few years gave her experience and I know she will be ready to fight tonight. It's a whole new system, but I'm confident in her and although she isn't the prettiest. I think she will win and she is the complete package.

1st Runner Up - Miss Geneva USA, Katie Cunningham

This is her 1st time as a miss and I think sheís one of the most beautiful girls in the batch. She has a beauty that I know Vanbros will love. She reminds me of Brooklynne Young and my only concern is that she is not too teeny bopper, and not ready for Miss, but without a doubt, she is a frontrunner in my eyes

2nd Runner Up - Miss Waukegan USA, Ashley Reid

What a stunning girl! My personal favorite based on beauty although Iím not a huge fan of the shape of her face. I love her skin tone and she knows what sheís doing. Iím concerned that she has been a repetitive semifinalist and has never been in the Top 5, so I donít know how sheííll deal with some pretty tough questions. However, Illinois loves crowning girls named Ashley, so will the pattern continue?

3rd Runner Up - Miss Springfield USA, Rayni Lasley

Experienced and another beauty who I think will be loved by the people at Vanbros. She isnít the prettiest, but I know she will make an impact, plus sheís experienced and has a pageant mold.

4th Runner Up - Miss Lincoln Park USA, Amanda Signorelli

She's experienced with Vanbros and in multiple different states, I'm sure she will be in the Top 5! She could finally win this year.

Top 15

6. Miss River North USA, Nicole Zimmerman

I havenít seen much of her, but from what I have, she is stunning, I donít think this is her year, but if sheís as pretty in motion as she is in photos, I think she will be Miss Illinois USA in a year or two. I just donít think itís an experienced girls year to win especially with new directors.

7. Miss Beverly Hills USA, Dominique Jones

She is a stunning ebony beauty who could be one to watch

8. Miss Edgewater USA, Emily Bey

A former teen who is back and knows what she is doing. She is new to Vanbros, but I expect her to do well.

9. Miss Burbank USA, Renee Wronecki

I believe she has experience, but I think she is stunning nonetheless. A dark horse.

10. Miss Gleview USA, Quini Amma

She's a bit rough around the edges, but I think she has a stunning exotic beauty which I would love to see at Miss USA soon. I don't know if this is her year though.

11. Miss Northwest Chicago USA, Tricia Parenti

Very fresh and natural blonde, but doesn't really stand out among the bunch for me. Another dark horse though.

12. Miss Southern Illinois USA, Crystal Adams

I believe she has some experience, but she looks very sweet and I think she could place

13. Miss Via Carducci USA, Alina Pazniak

A stunning blonde dark horse who is one to watch out for!

14. Miss Gold Coast USA, Gemma Berto

I'm not so sure about this one, she's beautiful definitely but she isn't my cup of tea, she could very well be in the Top 5 though.

15. Miss Manhattan USA, Kaley Albrecht

She looks very interesting in her headshot, one to watch for sure.

Bubbling Up

16. Miss Streeterville USA, Elizabeth Souza
17. Miss Lombard USA, Gabriella Roth
18. Miss Western Springs USA, Amanda Goslawski
19. Miss Belleville USA, Melody Wolff
20. Miss Normal USA, Amber Bond

BTW, can somebody please tell me how to get a username here, I tried but it won't let me :( but thank you very much for reading, tell me what you think and may the best girl win!

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Subject: Illinois!

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Date Posted: 21:17:13 09/02/14 Tue

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Subject: Weekend recap!

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Date Posted: 07:37:15 09/02/14 Tue

Congratulations to the three newly crowned titleholders!

Renee Wronecki - Miss Illinois USA 2015 | Ylianna Guerra - Miss Texas USA 2015 | Megan Riesner - Miss Illinois Teen USA 2015

(click names to view profiles - Megan's will be up later this week)

Results recap posts:
*Texas >> http://pageantupdate.tumblr.com/post/96338151101/miss-texas-usa-2015-results
*Illinois >> http://pageantupdate.tumblr.com/post/96423356651/miss-illinois-usa-teen-usa-2015-results

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Subject: Miss Texas USA sisterhood

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Date Posted: 19:32:45 09/01/14 Mon

Kelsey Moore probably looking the best I've seen her as a former??!! Everyone looks amazing here!!!! And I thought Lauren looked incredible and should have worn that gown for Miss USA :P One thing I was surprised wasn't mentioned during the pageant (only hit me as she was taking her final walk) was that Lauren was Crystle's Teen!

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Subject: The East Coast states are due to compete for their USA state titles. Do any other the girls who competed last year and are coming back this year stand a chance to be Miss USA? Like can Connecticut produce another winner from the bunch they have.

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Date Posted: 17:26:16 09/01/14 Mon

The East Coast states are due to compete for their USA state titles soon. Do any other the girls who competed last year and are coming back this year stand a chance to be Miss USA? Like can Connecticut produce another winner from the bunch they have.

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Subject: Miss Universe to be held in India??

Saw a photo on facebook of the recent miss universe photoshoot with Fadil Berisha that looked like it had an Indian theme to it? Is it possible for Miss Universe to be held there too?
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Date Posted: 16:28:34 09/02/14 Tue

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Subject: have any miss teen usa won with a slit in their gown?

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Date Posted: 18:44:44 08/30/14 Sat

The only one I can think of is Cherise Haugen

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Subject: Miss Wisconsin USA will be webcast this weekend!

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Date Posted: 10:47:55 09/02/14 Tue

I learned this from their Facebook page. Save the link if you're interested!


Prelims- Saturday, Sept. 6 at 8pm CST
Finals- Sunday, Sept. 7 at 4pm CST

Webcasting is becoming a long-awaited trend! Yay!

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Date Posted: 20:26:51 09/01/14 Mon

Poor girls, those opening number dresses are UGLY! I love the Vanbros team with all my heart but I can never quite figure out why they can't pick nice dresses for opening number ;)

Renee's profile now up >> http://www.pageantupdate.info/missusa2015/delegates/illinois.htm

1RU Gina Melchiorri - Central Illinois
2RU Ashley Reid - Waukegan
3RU Gemma Berto - Gold Coast
4RU Gabriella Roth - Lombard

Gemma Berto - Gold Coast
Rayni Lasley - Springfield
Elizabeth Vernon - Homer Glen
Gabriella Roth - Lombard
Gabriella Lock - Wrigleyville
Gina Melchiorri - Central Illinois
Christy Praljak - Old Town
Alina Pazniak - Via Carducci
Nicole Tuquilar - Lake County
Renee Wronecki - Burbank
Shay Mayweather - St. Louis
Kruti Dave - Lincolnwood
Ashley Reid - Waukegan
Brittany Moore - Christian County
Amanda Signorelli - Lincoln Park
Cydney Wiggs - Johnson County

Last edited by author: Tue September 02, 2014 02:04:08   Edited 7 times.
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Subject: probably one of the best final twos I have ever seen!!!

Texas Freak
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Date Posted: 16:18:50 08/31/14 Sun

you really didn't know who was going to win , but you had the two most strinkingly beautiful women in the pageant, that just happened to be latina by coincidence going at it! I was literally at the edge of my seat.

would they go with the girl with that angelic face looking all ethereal in white, but also didn't do so hot in interview?

or the girl that was spot on all night, her make up done so well to make her look like a porcelain beauty in her amazing blood red gown, the total package!!

There was no way that we would lose with either one of these two winning!!!

In the end Texas got it so right!
I am beyond thrilled to see Yliana for 365 days, and not to mention, instant front runner status in my very earnestly honest opinion!

I wanna shout from the rooftops! (that could just be the beer! hey, its labor day weekend, don't judge!) ;)

Doing the Happy Dance!!

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Subject: This is getting ridiculous

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Date Posted: 11:31:13 09/01/14 Mon

It is September 1 and guess what we don't know yet? SMH!

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Subject: Miss Universe Germany 2014

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Date Posted: 19:41:04 08/31/14 Sun

The winner of Miss Germany Universe is Josephin Donat. GORGEOUS woman! Great choice.

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