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August 4, 2018
Miss/Teen Alaska USA

Sept 2-3, 2018
Miss/Teen Illinois USA
Miss Texas USA

Sept 8-9, 2018
Miss/Teen Rhode Island USA
Miss/Teen Wisconsin USA

Sept 15-16, 2018
Miss/Teen Missouri USA
Miss/Teen Montana USA
Miss/Teen Miss Wyoming USA

Sept 21-22, 2018
Miss/Teen Michigan USA

Sept 22-23, 2018
Miss/Teen South Dakota USA

Sept 28-29, 2018
Miss/Teen Idaho USA

Oct 5-6, 2018
Miss/Teen Louisiana USA

Oct 6-7, 2018
Miss/Teen Iowa USA

Oct 12-13, 2018
Miss/Teen Tennessee USA

Miss USA State Pageant Dates for 2019 State Titles

Oct 13-14, 2018
Miss/Teen West Virginia USA

Oct 19-20, 2018
Miss/Teen North Carolina USA

Oct 20-21, 2018
Miss/Teen Indiana USA
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Oct 26-27, 2018
Miss/Teen Mississippi USA

Oct 27-28, 2018
Miss/Teen Colorado USA
Miss/Teen Maryland USA
Miss/Teen New Hampshire USA

Nov 3-4, 2018
Miss/Teen North Dakota USA
Miss/Teen Ohio USA
Miss/Teen Vermont USA
Miss/Teen Washington USA

Nov 16-17, 2018
Miss/Teen Alabama USA
Miss/Teen Georgia USA

Nov 17-18, 2018
Miss/Teen Arkansas USA
Miss/Teen Delaware USA
Miss/Teen Hawaii USA
Miss/Teen Miss Massachusetts USA
Miss/Teen New Jersey USA

Nov 24-25, 2018
Miss/Teen Kansas USA
Miss/Teen Maine USA
Miss/Teen Minnesota USA
Miss Texas Teen USA
Miss/Teen Virginia USA

Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2018
Miss/Teen South Carolina USA

Dec 1-2, 2018
Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA

Dec 8, 2018
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA

Jan 5. 2019
Miss/Teen Connecticut USA

Jan 5-6, 2019
Miss/Teen Arizona USA
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA
Miss/Teen Nevada USA

Jan 12-13, 2019
Miss/Teen Oregon USA

Jan 16-19, 2019
Miss/Teen Florida USA

Jan 19-20, 2019
Miss/Teen New York USA

Jan 26, 2019
Miss/Teen Utah USA

Jan 26-27, 2019
Miss/Teen California USA
Miss/Teen New Mexico USA

Kentucky USA

Subject: Chrisley speaks out

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Date Posted: 19:32:07 12/19/17 Tue

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/todd-chrisley-responds-to-miss-floridas-win-after-dethroning/">https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/todd-chrisley-responds-to-miss-floridas-win-after-dethroning/</a>

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Subject: Happy Holidays!

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Date Posted: 16:20:27 12/24/17 Sun

Happy Holidays to everyone in Georgia, North Dakota, Virginia, Oregon, Utah, Michigan, and Connecticut. I hope you experience great things and have a wonderful 2018. I would like to wish a great reign to the new Miss Earth.

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Subject: With all that happened at a Florida USA last night.... I feel like Oklahoma USA got swept under the rug... let's talk about Oklahoma now! I like the Teen winner especially, her style seems classy and timeless.

Different topic please
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Date Posted: 11:39:02 12/18/17 Mon

Miss OK USA- Cheyene Darling
1RU- Albreuna Gonzaque
2RU- Katie Sicula
3RU- Lacey Anderson
4RU- Tawnie Goodwin

Miss OK Teen USA- Zoe Ferraro
1RU- Molly McKinney
2RU- Jordan Flippo
3RU- Morgan Crippen
4RU- Hosanna Hales

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Subject: She did it! A back to back win by herself!

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Date Posted: 20:04:07 12/17/17 Sun

Miss Florida USA 2018 is Genesis Davila

I'm beyond ecstatic. This is what vindication feels like. She never should've been dethroned. She fought back against allegations that she had cheated. She sued the pageant director, who paid her a hefty settlement, as he had no proof whatsoever that she had in fact cheated. He was then let go by the MUO. She didn't give up, came back and regained a title she never should've lost. This is vindication at its best. She's a fighter and for that I admire her. You made us proud Genesis. Now on to Miss USA!

So to all the haters, and/or minions of the former director, this one is for you. :-)

Last edited by author: Sun December 17, 2017 20:06:20   Edited 1 time.
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Subject: No matter how you feel about Genesis it is truly incredible someone can win a State USA pageant twice some girls spend 4-5 or more years competing and never win. In my opinion someone who can win like that should easily win Miss USA.

I’m now a fan!
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Date Posted: 22:37:01 12/17/17 Sun


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Subject: Everyone on here is arguing and bickering with each other of who and who won't make the top 10/15 at Miss USA next year. But everyone must have horrible memory... do you not remember this past year when the TEN that were called were none of our choices for the most, in my top 10 list NONE of those made it and I'm a pretty swell pageant predictor overall. So it's time to stop the bickering because after last year USA, we all should just shut up about USA predictions esp this early.

Lol, MUO will pick who they want
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Date Posted: 08:52:56 12/20/17 Wed

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Subject: Florida Teen USA

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Date Posted: 14:08:54 12/17/17 Sun

Top 15
Taylor Moreland - St. Pete Beach
Carsyn Griffis - First Coast
Bri Creswell- Martin County
Haley Lazaro - Tampa
Riley Spicker- Southwest Florida
Katia Gerry - North Florida
Madison Novo - Pembrooke Pines
Lou Shieffelin - Winter Park
Katelyn Wilson- Central Florida
Taylor Letvinchuk- Delray Beach
Lauren Watson- Lake Eola
Noella Voight - Bradenton
Megan BIschoff - Cape Coral
Union County
Alexis Santana -Miramar

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Subject: Any idea on who is competing for Kentucky or New Mexico?

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Date Posted: 10:28:23 12/20/17 Wed

These two pageants are the last two state pageants but none of the contestants are really known for miss or teen. I know some girl named Tracietaylor Turner is competing in New Mexico and she looks very pretty and has shot with Benizo so I think she'll be a good competitor. But is there anyone else? If you know who is competing post here.

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Subject: Mrs World

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Date Posted: 14:55:06 12/19/17 Tue

Mrs. World has absolutely NO connection to Hong Kong. She was born in Taiwan. What a sham.

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Subject: All-Star Pageant Circuit

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Date Posted: 02:43:09 12/20/17 Wed

Let's play a game.

Imagine it. An all-star pageant where there is no rule about only winning once. A chance to see how our favorite women would stack up if pitted against each other over and over and /over/ again.

A blowout event funded by an elderly gay couple whose only wishes are:
1. To use all of their billions and trillions of dollars to produce this pageant for years to come
2. To let a board of women run the day to day operations and figure out the nitty-gritty of what the titleholder actually should be doing to make her life as amazing as possible
3. To open the pageant each year with a hysterical duet, which we all lovingly endure since they're doing so much for us in return.

Each of the 50 United States gets to send its top five contenders to the All-Stars (which is, naturally, all-expenses paid somewhere fabulous). This is typically the top 5 from their USA pageant, but outside applications are considered from outstanding MAO contestants.

The contestants are sorted into five preliminary groups based on the month they were born. The preliminary competition is held on an opulent stage worthy of Miss Universe in its prime. As each contestant walks onstage, the screen to the side lights up with some personal information about her: her name, some actually fun facts that set her apart without making us want to tear our hair out, a childhood photo-- and never her state. Now that they're in the All-Stars, it's a sash free zone. You're simply Libra 5, or Aries 7, or Scorpio 4.

When the women enter for evening gown, their names light up the screens again, this time accompanied by the name of their gown designer. The judges are instructed not to take into account what they know about the designer's pricing, but respect that projecting the designer's name is good advertising and might be beneficial in getting a gown sponsored for the contestants.

A full hair and makeup team work tirelessly to keep all of the All-Stars looking their best throughout the competition and appearances beyond the stage. It's quite a task with so many beautiful women, but the schedule is designed so that only some of them are active at any given time. One group has onstage rehearsal while another is at lunch, a third is at a photoshoot, a fourth is on break in their rooms to call their families or rest, the fifth is with the alterations team fitting the opening number dresses. The scheduling team has made this a well-oiled machine, and the contestants are relaxed throughout the two weeks they spend at the competition.

With five preliminary groups, it takes three days to go through them all. Tuesday has an afternoon and evening competition, as does Wednesday, followed by the final preliminary group on Thursday afternoon. Friday the contestants rehearse for the final show before a group movie night. The hotel has cleared out one of the large banquet halls and slid down a projector screen, where they are showing Miss Congeniality. Instead of attending a rehearsal or going to a publicity event, the night before the final competition, the cameras are put away, the women change into their lounge clothes, bring their cell phones down so they can keep texting their friends and family, and curl up to watch a funny movie before bed.

Saturday brings the final competition, which is internationally telecast. It's three hours long, but there's no real filler, so no one complains. Everyone has been able to watch the preliminary competitions online, so the introductions are blissfully brief. We cut down to the Top 35 for Swimsuit. It seems like a painfully high number until the women start coming out and each one of them is nearly flawless in her presentation and body. The best part is that each judge's score pops up on the side of the screen in real time, so the viewers can keep up with the results.

With scores being shown in real time, the results are in before the commercial break and the Top 20 roster is displayed with their scores beside their names. The women quickly prepare for evening gown, which is shown in the same way. After gown they cut to the Top 10 for onstage question. The questions are based on current events, but have been submitted by the directors as examples of unbiased, not politically-based questions. After that, we go to Top 5 for a Miss Universe style question where they are all asked the same thing.

The key difference here is that throughout the competition, all of the scores are shown, so fans can keep up with how their girl is doing. Scores for non-finalists (from prelims) are released after the final show, so they can all know how they did and where they need to push through. And since there's no rule about only going once to this magical, mystical All-Star Circuit, these women could go head-to-head year after year. The same woman could theoretically win more than once, if she was good enough.

So, here's my question: who would you want to see representing your state? (Feel free to be liberal with the age and timing-- bring back aged out contestants, formers, etc. Just specify what state. And you can include teens for when they age into miss.)

Wasn't that a nice escape from the madness? ;)

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Subject: Honestly she's not the kind of person but she did deserve this win

Okay Florida
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Date Posted: 21:26:09 12/19/17 Tue

Us Weekly
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Miss Florida Director Todd Chrisley Responds to Genesis Davila Being Crowned a Year After Dethroning
By Us Weekly Staff
December 19, 2017
Todd Chrisley and Genesis Davila
Todd Chrisley and Genesis Davila.
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images; Courtesy Genesis Davila/Instagram

Second time’s the charm! Génesis Dávila won the 2018 Miss Florida competition on Sunday, December 17, one year after being stripped of her crown. In an exclusive statement to Us Weekly, pageant director Todd Chrisley responded to the Puerto Rican native’s big victory.

The 20 Biggest Stories of 2016
“I’m proud to live in a country that believes in second chances and that I serve a God that is always uplifting and pushing us forward,” the 48-year-old tells Us. “Génesis won her title fairly and we are blessed to be a part of of her second chance since her first was stolen from her.”

Dávila, 25, is equally thrilled about the news. “God you have design my journey. What can I say ?? I am blessed. What a rollercoaster! But I always had hope and faith. Thank you for changing my heart and healing it,” she wrote on Instagram on Sunday. “A bit over a year ago I had a dream. That dream was interrupted, but today, I can continue it as @missflusa 2018 Thanks to the new Miss Florida USA Organization for allowing me to keep dreaming, and to the panel of judges who gave me their vote of confidence, thank you for granting me with the honor of becoming the ambassador of the dreams and hopes of the Sunshine State.”

As previously reported, the model filed a $15 million lawsuit against the organization in August 2016 for “causing [her] humiliation and embarrassment” after then-director Grant Gravitt claimed she violated the rules by hiring her own personal hair and makeup artists. Dávila said in the suit that Gravitt posted a photo on Instagram of her having her makeup done and he alleged that it was taken the day of the July 16 pageant. However, she claimed that Gravitt cropped the image to remove the July 9 date when the photo shoot actually took place.

Most Shocking Live TV Moments of All Time
The Miami Herald reported in April that the lawsuit was dismissed in October 2016 and the terms were confidential.

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Subject: Georgia & Indiana

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Date Posted: 19:44:15 12/17/17 Sun

<IMG src="http://i67.tinypic.com/34h9ljp.jpg">

<IMG src="http://i68.tinypic.com/33xtt3n.jpg">

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Subject: Miss Florida USA

Genesis fan
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Date Posted: 14:56:04 12/14/17 Thu

I wonder if she can capture the crown for real this time?
<img src="https://s18.postimg.org/rms46aqjd/IMG_8550.jpg">

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Subject: Miss Florida USA 2018 is Genesis Davila!

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Date Posted: 19:07:13 12/17/17 Sun

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Subject: Florida USA did not post any of the Contestants Photos on their website. Very unprofessional and disappointing.

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Date Posted: 08:55:21 12/17/17 Sun

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Subject: Will it come down to Florida and Georgia??

highly possible
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Date Posted: 20:35:58 12/18/17 Mon

I could see this happening

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Subject: Thoughts on FL USA

Opinions from the northeast
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Date Posted: 12:15:48 12/18/17 Mon

Everyone has been reacting pretty strongly about Genesis winning the title last night...the talk of the town. I watched the show and here are my honest thoughts. She was amazing. I don't know Genesis, have never seen her compete before and have never met her in person. All of the drama of last year aside, from an authentic and categorical standpoint she was the clear winner. Beautiful body, stringing face, excellent wardrobe. Out of curiosity, I recently watched the full 20 minute YouTube press conference with Genesis and her lawyer from last year when they filed the lawsuit. Love or hate the girl, she was TRULY screwed over by the FL USA board last year. I had no idea that the FL USA directors falsified social media posts to allege she had hair/makeup help and made slurs to her regarding her Puerto Rican heritage. Truly sick and I'm glad they no longer run the show. Side note: does anyone know how much she got in the settlement?!? Genesis will be an excellent representative and currently my pick for Miss USA. Now for the pageant itself - I think the Chrisley's did a nice job on the production. It flowed smoothly and the top 15 was well-picked. I was a little surprised with one or two of the top 5 choices but overall pleased. Allison and Jay Demarcus as hosts are a little corny, but still they did a nice job and kept things moving. Good luck to Genesis and the rest of the FL USA team as you prepare for Miss USA! Such an amazing turnaround story for a girl and her dreams. And the blessing is that now she has a POWERHOUSE team with the power of the Chrisleys to help her prepare for the USA crown. God works in mysterious ways. I just love this story!

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Subject: Mexico's first displeasure with MU...the 3rd RU...is Miss Columbia...thoughts? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/z-M0TSFrif4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

John O.
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Date Posted: 00:00:04 12/03/17 Sun

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Subject: Miss OK Teen USA & Miss OK USA Results

Here you go..
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Date Posted: 22:12:31 12/17/17 Sun

Teen Results:
4th - Hosanna Hales, Greene Country
3rd - Morgan Crippen, Stillwater
2nd - Jordan Flippo, South Tulsa
1st - Molly McKinney, Jenks
Winner - Zoe Ferraro, Warr Acres

Miss Results:
4th - Tawnie Goodwin, Tahlequa
3rd - Lacey Anderson, Walters
2nd - Katie Sicula, Central Oklahoma
1st - Albreuna Gonzaque, Warr Acres
Winner - Cheyenne Darling, South Oklahoma City

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Subject: Of all the Miss USAs, these are the only 4 that did not place/make the first cut at Miss Universe. Which one do you think deserved to place or thought they should have?

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Date Posted: 12:12:48 12/17/17 Sun

A). Barbara Peterson, 1977
B). Kimberly Pressler, 1999
C). Shauntay Hinton, 2002
D). Rima Fakih, 2010

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Date Posted: 19:22:30 12/17/17 Sun


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Subject: Is Miss Florida USA going to stream live, and if so, is it free?

No Name
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Date Posted: 16:48:29 12/17/17 Sun

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Subject: New Pageant Term - Stealth Pageant

New Normal in FLA
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Date Posted: 16:42:27 12/17/17 Sun

If a pageant happens and no one see's it or hears it does it actually happen? Can anybody offer insight on why sharing media to us fans hampers anything. Why do they operate in the shade when in Florida you are by law supposed to "Operate in The Sunshine". Please some one enlighten us on the reason. And in Florida no-less. For years they over placed their media now a ghost town.....

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