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Miss USA 2015/Miss Teen USA 2015 State Pageant Dates

Oct 31 -Nov 1, 2014
Miss/Teen Mississippi USA

Nov 1-2, 2014
Miss/Teen Indiana USA
Miss/Teen Maryland USA

Nov 8-9, 2014
Miss/Teen Missouri USA
Miss/Teen Ohio USA

Nov 14-15, 2014
Miss/Teen Alabama USA

Nov 15-16, 2014
Miss/Teen Connecticut USA

Nov 21-22, 2014
Miss/Teen Georgia USA
Miss/Teen South Carolina USA

Nov 22-23, 2014
Miss/Teen Arizona USA
Miss/Teen Hawaii USA
Miss/Teen Massachusetts USA
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA
Miss/Teen Nevada USA
Miss/Teen North Dakota USA
Miss/Teen Vermont USA
Nov 29-30, 2014
Miss/Teen Delaware USA
Miss/Teen Kansas USA
Miss/Teen Maine USA
Miss/Teen Minnesota USA
Miss/Teen New Mexico USA
Miss/Teen Oregon USA
Miss Texas Teen USA
Miss/Teen Virginia USA

Dec 5-6, 2014
Miss/Teen Alaska USA
Miss/Teen Utah USA

Dec 6-7, 2014
Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA

Dec 20-21, 2014
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Jan 10-11, 2015
Miss/Teen California USA

Jan 17-18, 2015
Miss/Teen New Hampshire USA
Miss/Teen New York USA

To be determined/verified
Kentucky USA

Subject: My apologies for being "missing in action" over the last few days. LOUISIANA was a whirlwind of excitement and ended up being one of the most competitive pageants I've ever attended! Congratulations to RPM for putting on a tremendous production. That stage was awesome, and the show went on without a hitch. Just sitting back watching the production I realized how lucky Louisiana is to be under the direction of RPM. I'd also like to congratulate the winners, who I think will both be very competitive at their national pageants!

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Date Posted: 11:30:13 10/27/14 Mon

These are my comments/ opinions on some of the MISS contestants from this past weekend in Louisiana. Like I said, things were very tight. I think just coming up with a top 10 was brutal, much less picking a winner.

MISS LOUISIANA USA, CANDICE BENNATT - After prelims I knew Candice was in the top 3. She just looked the part and radiated confidence. There is discussion over her gown, but I actually liked it (despite not caring for the designer), and I thought it was different and stood out from the rest. Wasn't my favorite, but it did the job it was supposed to. She won swimsuit, and I agreed with that pick as well. In finals, I also picked her to win the title. I look forward to her continuing Louisiana's streak at Miss USA!

1ST RUNNER UP, Sharee Carroll - I help with the Miss Lafayette/ Acadiana pageant, and Sharee is the reigning Miss Acadiana. When she was crowned back in April, I knew without a doubt that she would be in the top 5. I think she is only 19 years old, and has many years of eligibility left. I'm certain this title will one day be hers! I thought she looked great in all rounds of competition, and thought she gave the best answer in onstage question.

2ND RUNNER UP, Whitney Moss - I didn't have Whitney making the top 5. Not because she didn't deserve it, because she absolutely did. I just couldn't make room in my personal picks. I had 9 girls making the top 5 (Whitney was one of them). But I certainly was not surprised that she made the cut. She is kind of a triple threat, always doing great in interview, gown, and swimsuit. So she could easily win this title. I think she has one or two more years of eligibility, so we shall see!

3RD RUNNER UP, Tanya Crowe - I knew to watch out for Miss Florida Parishes before the pageant, even when she wasn't getting a lot of hype. She has a great team behind her, and more importantly, I really think she has a "USA body" to help her through the earlier rounds of competition. Very tall and lean muscle... I know that will work in her favor moving forward. I think she lacked a little spark in personality on stage. But she is young, and this was a great first showing!

4TH RUNNER UP, Lauren Whittle - I'm happy Lauren made the top 5 on her final attempt at the title, as I believe she ages out this year. She is one of the sweetest, most genuine contestants Louisiana has ever had. I think this feature shows up well in her interview, which could explain her placement. I didn't have her advancing quite this far. I thought she could have worked on her fitness a little more, and I personally didn't gravitate towards her gown. But like I said, everyone is always happy for Lauren because she is so well liked. I congratulate her on a long, illustrious career in Louisiana pageantry, and wish her all the best!

TOP 10 - Devin Boyd (Red Stick) - I'm not really concerned with everyone saying I'm biased because I liked Devin's chances. I wasn't the only one who had her making the top 5. Several people said it was between she and Candice to win the title. I agree with that, as Devin was also in my personal top 3 after prelims. The photos that were put up on this site after prelims did her no justice. Her swimsuit was amazing, and I thought she had the best evening gown presentation in the entire field. Truthfully, I ranked her 1st runner up overall, and was very surprised to see her not make the top 5. With one year left of eligibility, it will be interesting to see how she competes next year!

TOP 10 - Madeline Langlinais (Lafayette) - Madeline rounds out my top 3 after prelims. I had her ranked as 2nd runner up over all, and thought she had a great showing. I agreed with many posters on here that her presentation was a little over the top in prelims, but she really worked that out in finals, where I thought she looked sensational in both swimsuit and evening gown. She had my favorite swimsuit of the competition, and I thought that black gown was beautiful on stage. (It did not look nearly as pretty in pics or on the video I saw)... But up close, it was fantastic! She is another young contestant with many years ahead of her. I look forward to watching her growth in this system!

TOP 10 - Maaliyah Papillon (Greater Lake Charles) - After several top 5 finishes in TEEN, Maaliyah burst onto the scene with tremendous confidence and poise. I really love this girl, and hope she wins the title one day. I also had her in top 5, and though it was the best I ever saw her. Her figure, which was her crutch in teen, was totally ironed out. She looked great in swimsuit. And the gown (even though I would never suggest pink in MISS) really worked great on her.

TOP 10 - Felicia Bolton (Monroe) - I knew Felicia would do well, but personally I eliminated her in top 18 after her swimsuit presentation. It certainly wasn't bad, I just had others ahead of her. She gave a good showing, but was a little over the top most of the night (something I see often in MAO). But if she returns a little more refined and poised, she could do well.

TOP 10 - Abby Guidry (Vermilionville) - I'm very happy for Abby making the top 10. I personally did not have her making it this far, but I know she has a vast amount of potential and could really shake up the rankings in the future. A cousin of former Miss Louisiana USA, Erin Edmiston, Abby showed a lot of confidence, and has a really nice interview. Keep an eye on her in the future.

TOP 18 - Christina Famularo (Lakeshore) - Shocked she did not make the top 10. I thought this was her best year ever in this competition.

TOP 18 - Hilary Tuttle (Gulf Coast) - Another one I was shocked with her elimination. A lot of people did not care for her gown. I actually liked it. It was simple and refined. And her swimsuit figure was fantastic.

TOP 18 - Sara Comiskey (Crescent City) - I think Sara kind of sabotaged herself in a way. The hair was too blonde, the tan was too orange... If you could get beyond that, she is a beautiful girl, best smile award in my opinion. Clearly has a spark and could make the top 5 next year if she is styled properly.

TOP 18 - Mariah Gewin (Pelican State) - Mariah is a beautiful blonde. Her problem may lie in her size. She is a small framed contestant. But her swimsuit figure looked phenomenal, and I loved her gown. I guess the judges just couldn't squeeze her into their top 10. A good showing for her though.

TOP 18 - Lauren Vizza (Vieux Carre') - If Lauren would have made the top 5, she could have won. But I think she was just not quite as fit as some of the other contestants, and personally I didn't favor her gown. She has a striking face though. I think she may have a year or two left to compete?

TOP 18 - Taylor Halsey (New Orleans) - Taylor did well. She deserved the top 18 placement. Along with the judges, I eliminated her in the swimsuit round. I think she needs to find a spark moving forward. She could do well.

TOP 18 - Amanda Piglia (Camellia City) - Nice figure. Seemed a little manic in presentation though. If she can work out a few quirks, she could progress through the ranks in this competition.

TOP 18 - Deandra diNapoli (LSU) - I know she received a lot of hype going into this competition. I never really gave her credit in this field because I saw her win LSU, and I find her just too small to compete against some of the others. When she was on stage, I thought her modeling needed work, and she just lacked confidence. I did not have her in my top 20.


Ragin' Cajun (Ashley Giambelluca) - No one will be able to explain her exclusion from the Top 18 to me. I thought she was top 5 in both swimsuit and gown. The only comment I had was that she could have had a little more energy in gown. And I know she interviews great, so this one is a head scratcher for me.

UL (Kimberly Newville) - One of my favorite gowns of the night, and a rock hard body. Some have said she needs to get to MAO asap. I think she can compete well in both systems.

CENLA (Courtney LeBlanc)- I think she can work on her fitness a little more. But she has the face. She will make the cut in future competitions.

VIOLET (Krista Toussant) - She could have made the top 10 and I wouldn't have been surprised. I think her not making the top 18 shows just how competitive this group was.

HEART OF ACADIANA (Alexandra Ahmadi) - Alexandra is a strong competitor... But yes, as discussed on other posts, she had a pretty bad fall in swimsuit. Probably the worst I've ever seen (at least in the swimsuit category). I think it was just too much for the judges to forgive, and none of them could look past it. She looked great in evening gown, but the damage was already done. I was asked if I thought she could have won if this has not happened. I think she could have found herself deeper into finals, but considering some of the other girls that got cut in top 10, that's probably where I would have placed her as well.

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Subject: Love this!!!

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Date Posted: 21:04:29 10/28/14 Tue

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Subject: Miss Guyana Universe 2014 Niketa Barker

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Date Posted: 12:36:48 10/27/14 Mon


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Subject: Look who's competing for Miss New York USA 2015? First correct guess wins!

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Date Posted: 19:19:16 10/28/14 Tue

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Subject: Competing at Miss USA and Miss Universe (but not as Miss USA)

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Date Posted: 15:56:08 10/28/14 Tue

I see that Brittany Bell won Miss Guam. This makes me wonder, who are the girls who have competed at both Miss USA and Miss Universe (representing a country other than USA).

I only know two: Anastagia Pierre and Brittany Bell

Are the any others?


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Subject: Mississippi Contestants Are Up

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Date Posted: 02:56:26 10/25/14 Sat


29 for miss


32 for teen

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Subject: Hi there pageant friends! I know we're in the middle of Miss USA state pageant season, but I have a question for you. I have recently been considering competing in the Miss U.S. International system, but I know very little about it. I would love to hear your opinions! Thanks a ton!

VT Pageant Gal
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Date Posted: 21:56:11 10/27/14 Mon

Hi there pageant friends! I know we're in the middle of Miss USA state pageant season, but I have a question for you. I have recently been considering competing in the Miss U.S. International system, but I know very little about it. I would love to hear your opinions! Thanks a ton!

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Subject: Miss Mississippi Teen USA contestant rundown!

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Date Posted: 23:43:01 10/27/14 Mon

No longer do you need to wonder who is who in Mississippi! I've just put my contestant rundown up, complete with a complete listing of titles & names!!!


2014 Miss top five (2015 contestants in italics) - Ashley Hamby (4RU), Jayce Henry (2RU), Chelsea Reardon, Courtney Byrd (1RU), Lora Gallagher (3RU)

2014 Teen top five (2015 contestants in italics ) - Nealie Shelton (4RU), Rachel Hummel (2RU), Vaeda Mann, Madyson Williams (1RU), Erica Riddick (3RU)

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Subject: T5 Teen

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Date Posted: 22:03:22 10/25/14 Sat

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Date Posted: 22:19:26 10/26/14 Sun

Talk about a transformation from MAO! So gorgeous!

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