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United States of Beauty Board/USB Bubble Board
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Miss USA 2015/Miss Teen USA 2015 State Pageant Dates

Oct 18-19, 2014
Florida Teen USA
Miss/Teen New Jersey USA
Miss/Teen Washington USA
Miss/Teen West Virginia USA

Oct 24-25, 2014
Miss/Teen Louisiana USA

Oct 25-26, 2014
Miss/Teen Colorado USA

Oct 31 -Nov 1, 2014
Miss/Teen Mississippi USA

Nov 1-2, 2014
Miss/Teen Indiana USA
Miss/Teen Maryland USA

Nov 8-9, 2014
Miss/Teen Missouri USA
Miss/Teen Ohio USA

Nov 14-15, 2014
Miss/Teen Alabama USA

Nov 15-16, 2014
Miss/Teen Connecticut USA

Nov 21-22, 2014
Miss/Teen Georgia USA
Miss/Teen South Carolina USA

Nov 22-23, 2014
Miss/Teen Arizona USA
Miss/Teen Hawaii USA
Miss/Teen Massachusetts USA
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA
Miss/Teen Nevada USA
Miss/Teen North Dakota USA
Miss/Teen Vermont USA
Nov 29-30, 2014
Miss/Teen Delaware USA
Miss/Teen Kansas USA
Miss/Teen Maine USA
Miss/Teen Minnesota USA
Miss/Teen New Mexico USA
Miss/Teen Oregon USA
Miss Texas Teen USA
Miss/Teen Virginia USA

Dec 5-6, 2014
Miss/Teen Alaska USA
Miss/Teen Utah USA

Dec 6-7, 2014
Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA

Dec 20-21, 2014
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Jan 10-11, 2015
Miss/Teen California USA

Jan 17-18, 2015
Miss/Teen New Hampshire USA
Miss/Teen New York USA

To be determined/verified
Kentucky USA

Subject: Nia at orphaned starfish

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Date Posted: 08:27:21 10/20/14 Mon

Last edited by author: Mon October 20, 2014 08:28:31   Edited 1 time.
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Subject: Miss WV Teen USA and Miss WV USA Crowning Moments

After seeing this wv teen usa is a favorite
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Date Posted: 11:45:57 10/20/14 Mon


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Subject: Returning teens

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Date Posted: 10:58:54 10/20/14 Mon

Does anyone know what's going on with some of the teens from 2007-2008? I started watching pageants during that time and really hoped to see some girls return to miss! These girls include Macy erwinc Sana Idnani, Rochelle, and Katrina Gianni?

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Subject: Could it just be?

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Date Posted: 19:47:13 10/19/14 Sun

The reason we are seeing such odd results are that the directors of these states are briefing the judges not to send the best girls to nationals, (and to hold them back for next year) because of a certain state is already getting heavy favortism for nationals or should I just not read into it that heavily.

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Subject: Crowning pictures of Miss India Noyonita Lodh. Could someone with the rights post them, would be appreciated, thanks :) https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10646921_1503551966570212_7828727668137675159_n.jpg?oh=f9da99d3e7f4335c2e630223cd0b912d&oe=54F52E01&__gda__=1421778027_c337a3e030338352c810294447778f97 https://scontent-b-hkg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/s600x600/1016917_1503561206569288_5710917161481542383_n.jpg?oh=18ddc716d9873ac3b85390d0ac5ed472&oe=54BBEE60 https://scontent-a-hkg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/p600x600/10660346_1503566129902129_2307052781268972613_n.jpg?oh=f52dadbea7317449acbe69b02fa996ec&oe=54B66A52

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Date Posted: 14:24:57 10/19/14 Sun

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Subject: Miss Universe 2014, Who Are Your Favorites?

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Date Posted: 11:57:40 10/18/14 Sat

Miss Universe 2014 will be crowned in a few months and there are some beautiful girls in this batch, so I want to know, who are your favorites so far? This is my personal Top 10 right now in order (not a prediction at all, just a favorites list)

1. India - Noyonita Lodh
2. Brazil - Melissa Gurgel
3. Ukraine - Anna Andres
4. Lebanon - Saly Greige
5. Jamaica - Kaci Fennell
6. Colombia - Paulina Vega
7. Hungary - Henrietta Kelemen
8. Kosovo - Artnesa Krasniqi
9. Argentina - Valentina Ferrer
10. South Africa - Rolene Strauss

I'll make a prediction mixed with personal favorites when the pageant is closer, but those girls are my personal favorites so far! I am also watching Costa Rica, Greece, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Albania, Paraguay, Lithuania and a few other girls who I can't remember right now.

Usually, I love the contestants from powerhouse countries, but this year, I don't get the hype on any of them such as Venezuela, USA, & Puerto Rico, but that's just me.

Who are your favorites this year?

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Subject: LEADERBOARDS - ROAD TO CONTEST a/o 10/19/14

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Date Posted: 22:10:30 10/19/14 Sun


20 PTS

19 PTS

18 PTS

17 PTS

16 PTS


24 PTS

20 PTS

19 PTS

18 PTS

17 PTS

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Subject: Miss West Virginia USA Live Updates

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Date Posted: 13:47:10 10/19/14 Sun

Does anyone have any updates on the Miss West Virginia USA results? The pageant should have started 15 minutes ago and I think Top 15 should have been announced by now.

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Date Posted: 18:51:00 10/19/14 Sun

#missnjusa #pageantupdate
1RU Vanessa Contreras
2RU Lea Manalo
3RU Carissa Palumbo
4RU Alexandra Lakhman

Karina Ramirez
Camila De Souza
Victoria Leonardo
Kendall Zoppa
Shelby Ellerth
AliciaMarie Blanks
Jessielyn Palumbo
Katherine Gaal
Vanessa Contreras
Jordan Rector
Angie Abdelrehim
Carissa Palumbo
Alexandra Lakhman
Victoria Virgo
Lea Manalo
Savannah Schecter
Ora Kemp
Kiana Harris
Serene Naduparambil
Vanessa Oriolo

Last edited by author: Sun October 19, 2014 20:15:31   Edited 6 times.
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Subject: Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2015 RESULTS!!!!!!!!!

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Date Posted: 15:56:07 10/19/14 Sun

Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2015 IS JACQUELINE GIANCOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st Runner Up - Shannon Baylor
2nd Runner Up - Lauren O'Brien
3rd Runner Up - Gina Mellish
4th Runner Up - Chavi Berg

IDK how to post photos on here but here is the link to her crowning pick https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0VYIVHIAAARa2k.jpg:large

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Subject: TN Winners

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Date Posted: 00:25:18 10/07/14 Tue

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Date Posted: 21:44:57 10/18/14 Sat

Not from NJ, but there are some gorgeous young women competing there!

Last edited by author: Sat October 18, 2014 21:46:38   Edited 1 time.
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Subject: Miss New Jersey USA 2015, Miss Washington USA 2015 & Miss West Virginia USA 2015 Final Predictions

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Date Posted: 12:53:39 10/19/14 Sun

Hello everyone, today, 3 new contestants for Miss USA will be elected from New Jersey, Washington & West Virginia. I love New Jersey because it is my neighbor state & they have several very good options who could do amazing at Miss USA, I'm expecting a frontrunner to win and a back to back placement is possible. Washington is always underrated and they always send underrated girls who fail to get noticed at Miss USA. Be prepared for a surprise! I am disappointed in West Virginia, they have sent stunning girls in the past such as Chelsea Welch & Jessi Pierson. This year, none of the contestants have what it takes to place at Miss USA and so far, WV has the weakest batch out of all the Miss USA state pageants.
This week, I did something different, since there are so many contestants and I have a limited number of lines, I just posted my Top 5 and my commentary on them along with my bubbles for each state. So lets start with my picks in New Jersey.

Winner - Jordan Rector

If Cassie Kunze & Brie Gabrielle had a child, the result would be her! She is the most consistent this year and I have a hunch that it's a blondes year. Her head shots & candids are stunning. I feel that this is her time & she could place higher than Emily Shah did at Miss USA

1st Runner Up - Savannah Schechter

She reminds me of Taylor Swift, not only by her looks, but the fact that she’s already a recording artist as well. In my opinion, she is Top 5 at Miss USA material, but she isn’t the best she could be right now.

2nd Runner Up - Victoria Virgo

She has made the Top 5 for the past two years & I think that we will definitely see her on the Miss USA stage either this year or next year. I feel like Jersey is aiming for a blonde this year, but if she wins, she could place at Miss USA!

3rd Runner Up - Carissa Palumbo

She is the more superior of the Palumbo sisters, she isn’t fantastic, but her beauty is more pleasing to my eyes than Jessielyn’s!

4th Runner Up - Ora Kemp

Ora is beautiful & should have made the Top 5 a long time ago. Besides that, you can tell that she wants it very bad by judging her on social media. It’s going to be the survival of the fittest this year & she will have to fight harder than she ever did before.

Bubbling Up - Jessielyn Palumbo & Vanessa Oriolo


Winner - Miss Greater King County USA, Brittany Eiseman

Brittany is stunning! She looks like she’s on the shorter side, but she has a doll face, her cheerleading experience will help her.

1st Runner Up - Miss Sammamish USA, Demetra Coyer

Demetra is a veteran and I don’t know if she has ever been in the Top 5 & she's fresh, my only concern is that sometimes she looks really forced with her smile.

2nd Runner Up - Miss Wahkiakum County USA, Evelyn Clark

Who knows, will this be her year? She’s very fresh but facially not the best.

3rd Runner Up - Miss Greater Clark County USA, Shelby Meader

She looks a lot like Gwen Stefani! If she styles her hair wavy and to the side, wears red lipstick and chooses a beautiful red gown, I think she could steal the show.

4th Runner Up - Miss NE Seattle USA, Sarah Coglianese

I am a fan of her beauty and I think she could steal the crown.

Bubbling Up - Maeloni Ogle, Meghan Anderson & Arianna Barrio

West Virginia

Winner - Miranda Harrison

She, is the safest choice for the crown. I don’t think she would do anything at Miss USA, but I think she will win.

1st Runner Up - Nichole Greene

She reminds me of Jacquie Lee from The Voice. She's a pretty girl but Miranda is the obvious choice for me.

2nd Runner Up - Gabrielle Ash

If Miranda and Nichole trip up somewhere in the competition, this is her chance to win.

3rd Runner Up - Torie Bosley

She’s a rookie with a very interesting beauty.

4th Runner Up - Hannah McComas

One of the more experienced contestants in the batch which, she should use against the other girls.

Bubbling Up - Dominique Collins & Marlisa Lake

Thank you very much for reading and up next, Louisiana!

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Subject: Georgia Orientation

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Date Posted: 12:59:32 10/18/14 Sat

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Subject: Miss Florida Teen"

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Date Posted: 14:04:20 10/19/14 Sun

So,I have missed three pageants so far so I am officially out of the running, though I am still going to play. And my luck at teen is terrible,but I am pulling for Olivia Caputo for the win. However, there is plenty of competition. Here is a possible top 15.

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Subject: The New Ms.World-Philippines. Valerie.

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Date Posted: 18:54:00 10/12/14 Sun

Last edited by author: Sun October 12, 2014 19:09:04   Edited 1 time.
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Subject: Some prelim photos from WV

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Date Posted: 12:24:00 10/19/14 Sun

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://tinypic.com?ref=2znuav8" target="_blank"><img src="http://i62.tinypic.com/2znuav8.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://tinypic.com?ref=33ays5z" target="_blank"><img src="http://i59.tinypic.com/33ays5z.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://tinypic.com?ref=2hczv3c" target="_blank"><img src="http://i60.tinypic.com/2hczv3c.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://tinypic.com?ref=90c3sp" target="_blank"><img src="http://i62.tinypic.com/90c3sp.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

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Subject: Road consultation thread

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Date Posted: 08:46:11 10/18/14 Sat

In the spirit of collaboration I thought I'd open up a thread to discuss this weekend's state pageants with my fellow Road competitors.

In Florida Teen, I have chosen Olivia Caputo for the last two years running, and she has placed 2nd runner up and 1st runner up respectively. I'm going to have to stick to my guns and choose her this weekend - don't see my vote changing.

Washington is interesting - a few contenders including former runner-ups Maeloni Ogle, Evelyn Clark and Demetra Coyer returning again. Former Seattle Seahawks cheerleader Brittany Eiseman also looks to be a strong contender. To be honest, I don't have a strong sense here and will probably look to hear any feedback from prelims. In Teen I'm leaning towards either Hailey Sturgill (3ru last year) or Taylor DiLeonardo (but I don't know too much about her so a little risky)

West Virginia is also somewhat of a "black box" for me. Former Miss West Virginia (MAO) Miranda Harrison is an obvious initial contender- I'm not sure how she will transition into the USA system, but never discount national experience. But my choices will probably come down to either Nichole Greene or Marlisa Lake (based on facial beauty). My Teen choice is between Cassy Trickett or Emily Wigal (both of whom have done well in other pageant systems) but I'm not discounting Morgan Smith , who was a semi-finalist last year. This is another state where I'm hedging my bets and will make my final decision based on prelim feedback.

I see that New Jersey is up. My immediate choice must be Katherine Gaal - I think she'll be a strong contender at Miss USA. But New Jersey often makes interesting choices not necessarily based on national competitiveness. Savannah Shechter(Teen 2011) is competing this year and she has to be considered a strong contender, alongside the Palumbo sisters. In the Teen category, 2 of last year's runner-ups (Jacqueline Giancola and Lauren O'Brien) are back. However, Gina Mellish and Shannon Thaler look as if they have potential to be strong contenders.

Charming, Crissy and Chexmex, Athalia and my other Road colleagues...... how is your Road research coming on?

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Subject: Ugh

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Date Posted: 17:40:27 10/18/14 Sat

We're short staffed (& training) at work at the moment, I've been working five out of six days which is unusual for me, I usually do three shifts a week but they've all kind of run together. I'm deliriously tired and annoyed I haven't been able to get all my usual posts up on my site (yes, my priorities suck, deal :P).

But you know what??? Last night I couldn't sleep because I was having nightmares that I hadn't made my picks for the Road To contest and I would have picked the winners!!!!! Seriously! lol

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Subject: International Beauties

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Date Posted: 02:48:26 10/14/14 Tue

A few more ladies headed for Miss Universe

Fadil's Beauties: Miss Kosovo is Artnesa Krasniqi and Miss Albania is Xheneta Byberi. Yes, it's two different girls. Lol. They look a little similar, but I think they're both beautiful. I believe they're going to Miami.

Serbia 2015 - Dasa Radosavljevic will be going to the next Miss Universe pageant...wherever or whenever that may be. Pretty.

Hungary - Henrietta Kelemen will represent Hungary at Miss Universe!!! She was crowned a few weeks ago, but I don't remember anything about it being posted here. I think she's gorgeous!!!

Switzerland - Well, unfortunately she won't be going to Miss Universe, but I just wanted to share her win with you anyway. Laeticia Guarino was crowned Miss Schweiz a few days ago. You may remember that the organization decided not to send it's winner to Miss Universe. She would solely serve her country. I find Laeticia super cute and I'm a little disappointed we won't be seeing her in Miami.

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Subject: With Miss Louisiana USA right around the corner, I am having more and more difficulty coming up with a Top 15. RPM has been known to go up to 18 making the cut in the past, and I have a suspicion that may happen this year based off of the quality of the contestants. Below are my top picks, in random order...

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Date Posted: 11:59:28 10/17/14 Fri

LAFAYETTE (Madeline Langlinais), RED STICK (Devin Boyd), RAGIN' CAJUN (Ashley Giambelluca), HEART OF ACADIANA (Alexandra Ahmadi), ACADIANA (Sharee Carroll)

VILLE PLATTE (Candice Bennatt), MONROE (Felicia Bolton), LAKESHORE (Christina Famularo), UL (Kimberly Newville), FLORIDA PARISHES (Tanya Crowe)

GULF COAST (Hilary Tuttle), NORTHSHORE (Whitney Moss), SOUTHLAKE (Lauren Whittle), GREATER LAKE CHARLES (Maaliyah Pappilon), CRESCENT CITY (Sara Comiskey)

PELICAN STATE (Mariah Gewin), VIEUX CARRE' (Lauren Vizza), CALCASIEU (Monique McCain), CENLA (Courtney LeBlanc), VIOLET (Krista Toussant)

There are about 8 other contestants I could add to this list. But for now, I'll give bubble status to Sportsman's Paradise, Vermilionville, LSU, Southwest, Camellia City, and Southeast. So many strong candidates. Coming up with a top 15 will be a brutal task for the judges!

Last edited by author: Fri October 17, 2014 12:52:05   Edited 8 times.
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Subject: So long V! I'll miss you tons!

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Date Posted: 21:34:39 10/18/14 Sat

(hope to see you in USA soonest.)

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Subject: WV Miss USA top 5 prediction 34, 41, 38, 39, 33

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Date Posted: 10:59:43 10/19/14 Sun

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Date Posted: 11:07:44 10/19/14 Sun

beautiful ladies. please help post.





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Subject: WV Teen prediction top 5 are 21, 26, 24, 13, & 7

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Date Posted: 10:56:56 10/19/14 Sun

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Subject: Contestant rundowns for anyone interested...

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Date Posted: 06:29:48 10/19/14 Sun

Contestant rundowns are all now up (phew!). FYI West Virginia (both), & the Florida & New Jersey Teen pageants start very early my time so I am likely not going to be posting results until they are over... but I promise to update when I am able :)

Florida Teen >> http://pageantupdate.tumblr.com/post/100395471731/miss-florida-teen-usa-2015-contestants

New Jersey >> http://pageantupdate.tumblr.com/post/100397784246/miss-new-jersey-usa-teen-usa-2015-contestants

Washington >> http://pageantupdate.tumblr.com/post/100385019906/miss-washington-usa-teen-usa-2015-contestant-rundown

West Virginia >> http://pageantupdate.tumblr.com/post/100393850696/miss-west-virginia-usa-teen-usa-2015-contestant

Sorry for how late I am putting these up, but I wanted to make sure I at least got them up even if at the 11th hour :P Still packed with analysis for anyone making some last minute Road-To picks! (I've gone totally kamikaze this week :P)

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Subject: Where and When is Allyn Rose Competing?

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Date Posted: 00:11:22 10/19/14 Sun

I'm kinda confused. Googled Miss Supranational and there is one to be held in Poland and one in India... Not gonna lie, among all our reps this year, she's the one I'm most excited to see compete at the International level! I really think she can win.

Last edited by author: Sun October 19, 2014 00:12:37   Edited 1 time.
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