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Miss USA 2015/Miss Teen USA 2015 State Pageant Dates

Nov 22-23, 2014
Miss/Teen Arizona USA
Miss/Teen Hawaii USA
Miss/Teen Massachusetts USA
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA
Miss/Teen Nevada USA
Miss/Teen North Dakota USA
Miss/Teen Vermont USA

Nov 29-30, 2014
Miss/Teen Delaware USA
Miss/Teen Kansas USA
Miss/Teen Maine USA
Miss/Teen Minnesota USA
Miss/Teen Oregon USA
Miss Texas Teen USA
Miss/Teen Virginia USA
Dec 5-6, 2014
Miss/Teen Alaska USA
Miss/Teen Utah USA

Dec 6-7, 2014
Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA

Dec 20-21, 2014
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Jan 2-4, 2015
Miss/Teen New Mexico USA

Jan 10-11, 2015
Miss/Teen California USA
Miss/Teen Kentucky USA

Jan 17-18, 2015
Miss/Teen New Hampshire USA
Miss/Teen New York USA

Subject: NEVADA!!

Nevada Fan
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Date Posted: 22:20:52 11/23/14 Sun

Who's watching???

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Date Posted: 19:41:00 11/23/14 Sun

1RU Brooke Souza • Kaneohe
2RU Danielle Whitten • Diamond Head
3RU Jacqueline Kapu • Makena
4RU Kealani Tanizaki Hudson • Kapolei

Miss is later tonight (6pm Honolulu time)

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Subject: Miss Hawaii USA, Updates?

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Date Posted: 00:12:36 11/24/14 Mon

The pageant should have started an hour ago, I checked on twitter and found nothing, anybody have updates?

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Subject: Miss Teen USA crossovers

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Date Posted: 00:00:22 11/24/14 Mon

Five former teens have been crowned so far in hopes of becoming Miss USA 2015.

Interestingly, I think we have another year where there's kinda like a overload of runner ups at the pageant. Brooke (GA) and Julia (NC) will compete against each other, just like runner ups competing in 2013 and 2014.

Usually, we don't see runner ups returning that often. Why is it happening so often now?

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Subject: Race/Gender

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Date Posted: 18:33:38 11/19/14 Wed

Often times we always wonder who is behind the handle. Are they male, female, Guatemalan, Chinese. I think it would be a good idea rot tell everyone their race and gender. I will go first

Biracial (white and latin), Female

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Subject: Nevada?

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Date Posted: 20:29:12 11/23/14 Sun

Is it supposed to be webcast? and if it is what is the address?

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Subject: My Miss USA 2015 State Pageants (11/23) FINAL PREDICTIONS (part 1)

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Date Posted: 12:00:21 11/23/14 Sun

Hello Everyone, today, 7 new contestants will be crowned for Miss USA 2015, new frontrunners will emerge and who knows, maybe Miss USA 2015 will be crowned today. Today, I'm doing something different. I only chose a Top 5 for each state then a few girls who are "bubbling up". I could not fit all 7 states into one post and I'm not going to do a review on what each states batch is like this week. So lets get started with my picks for today beginning with MA, NE & VT in this post


Winner - Olea Nickitina

Olea is gorgeous, I do not know what her heritage is however, she has beauty that Ukraine likes to send to Miss Universe. She is a natural breath of fresh air and if she wins, she would bring something completely different to Miss USA which I’m excited to see.

1st Runner Up - Polikseni Manxhari

I had a difficult time choosing between Olea and Polikseni, but I chose Olea because Polikseni is only 4’10. She’s gorgeous but she is extremely short and could easily be outshone at the pageant for her height.

2nd Runner Up - Cara Lemire

Cara seems to be the heavy favorite for the crown this year. She is absolutely gorgeous and I would be very happy if she wins. She reminds me of Courtney Pizzimenti 2nd Runner Up at Teen USA 2010.

3rd Runner Up - Gina Lewis

This is Gina’s last year and if she wins, don’t be surprised! She has an infectious smile which will set her apart from everyone else.

4th Runner Up - Anne Ransom

Anne seems to be another heavy favorite for the crown. She’s stunning but can come off a bit cold and plastic, otherwise she’s good to go.

Bubbling Up - Sally Meehan, Alessandra Marandola & Jessica Strohm


Winner - Miss River City USA, Nicole Golyer

Nikki has competed in Texas several times and I think she will be the most prepared. I’m generally not a fan of “state-hoppers” but I think she will show up most ready to fight. Nice gown choice, btw!

1st Runner Up - Miss Lancaster County USA, Sarah Marie Warner

Sarah is stunning and also looks ready for the battle. In a not so strong batch, if she’s good on stage, she’ll easily sail to the Top 5!

2nd Runner Up - Miss Grand Island USA, Hoang-Kim Cung

Hoang-Kim is a stunning Asian beauty who would be a very refreshing rep from a state like Nebraska. I don’t know if she’ll win but based on the photos, she definitely looks prepared for the fight.

3rd Runner Up - Miss Southwest Lincoln USA, Madison Novak

Madison was previously Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2011 which will give her an advantage over the other girls. I’ve never been a huge fan of her, but I’m sure she’ll do well and maybe even win.

4th Runner Up - Miss West Millard USA, Talia Jacik

Talia is persistent, she has been competing for a while and I’m sure she will win the crown someday. Maybe it will be this year, but she just isn’t the best choice.

Bubbling Up - Franque Thompson


Winner - Marissa Barkey

Marissa has competed once before in New Jersey and once before in Illinois placing both times! The reason she is now in Vermont is an impressive one, she’s studying at Harvard which proves that she has substance as well. She is also a professional model and with her experience, the crown shouldn’t be far from reach for her. My only concern is that Pageant Assosciates has made some very strange choices this year and I hope they get their act together for their last two states (Vermont & Pennsylvania)

1st Runner Up - Briana Terwilliger

Briana is stunning, based on beauty alone, she is my favorite. She seems to be the general favorite of the public and I think she could do well.

2nd Runner Up - Ashley Audette

Ashley has a stunning face and has experience in Miss Vermont USA. If I’m correct, she also has residency in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and next year, if she wants a shot at Miss USA, she should compete in one of those states if she doesn’t win this yearsince Vermont has a very weak sash.

3rd Runner Up - Taylor Hough

Taylor is young and beautiful. If I’m correct, this is her 1st time in the miss division and I think she could be in the Top 5! It will be interesting to see how she does.

4th Runner Up - Jackie Croft

Jackie has competed in the USA system before and several other times in MAO and I think she could win this year! I think her beauty is more of an MAO type, but I won’t be surprised if she’s going to represent Vermont at Miss USA this year.

Bubbling Up - Neely Fortune

Thank you everyone for reading and later today, stay tuned for my picks in the other 4 state (AZ, HI NV, & ND)

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Subject: Nebraska pictures are up.

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Date Posted: 13:14:37 11/22/14 Sat



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Subject: Nebraska Results Anyone?

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Date Posted: 20:46:29 11/23/14 Sun

The pageant started 45 minutes ago!

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Subject: Miss Universe Italy 2014

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Date Posted: 21:43:57 11/22/14 Sat

Valentina Bonariva was chosen this evening and will represent Italy in MU 2014 in Miami.

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Subject: Any word on what is happening in Vermont?

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Date Posted: 14:49:51 11/23/14 Sun

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Subject: She is ogled

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Date Posted: 20:01:13 11/23/14 Sun

Zulema beldi ,she is ogled

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Subject: How I would like to see the MUO format their pageants.

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Date Posted: 13:50:04 11/23/14 Sun

The contestants will introduce themselves while they show them modeling in swimsuits and evening gowns. It will be similar to the early 1990s when they had the two windows showing their prelim scores. At this point no scores from the prelims will be shown.

The top 16 are then announced. As each semi-finalist is announced her prelim scores for all three competitions will be shown, then averaged for an average score.

Top 16 - Compete in swimsuit

The top 12 are announced. No scores were shown during the swimsuit competition to not ruin the suspense. Now that the top 12 are announced, the swimsuit scores are revealed in the anchor booth.

The top 12 compete in evening gowns. Again, no scores will be shown.

The top 8 are announced. Then the evening gown scores are revealed.

Top 8 - Fishbowl questions

The top 8 will have all three scores (swimsuit, gown, questions) added and averaged. The top 5 will be selected.

As the top 5 come forward, her average score from the three competitions will be shown. Then the scores are all erased and they all start back at zero.

Top 5 - Same final question and final look.

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Subject: My Miss USA 2015 State Pageants (11/23) FINAL PREDICTIONS (part 2)

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Date Posted: 12:35:52 11/23/14 Sun

Hello Everyone, today, 7 new contestants will be crowned for Miss USA 2015, new frontrunners will emerge and who knows, maybe Miss USA 2015 will be crowned today. Today, I'm doing something different. I only chose a Top 5 for each state then a few girls who are "bubbling up". I could not fit all 7 states into one post and I'm not going to do a review on what each states batch is like this week. I already posted my picks for MA, VT & NE on another topic, but on this one, here are my picks for the other 4 states: AZ, HI, NV & ND so lets get started!


Winner - Miss McCormick Ranch USA, Alexis Mouer

I have no idea how to describe Alexis’s beauty, she leaves me speechless. She’s truly a beautiful woman who could give Arizona a back to back placement.

1st Runner Up - Miss Southern Arizona USA, Alexa Jones

Alexa is the safest choice for the crown, and she has come along way since Miss Teen USA! She looks much better as a Miss and she has an unconventional beauty that could work in her favor. I also love the story about her Dad.

2nd Runner Up - Miss Phoenix USA, Nicole Smith

Although Nicole can be a bit evil looking, she’s a stunning blonde and I know her time is coming soon. Who knows, maybe it’s this year!

3rd Runner Up - Miss Fountain Hills USA, Lexe Richardson

Lexe was 1st runner up in Teen last year and previously Miss Teen United States. I don’t think she will win, but I think she could come close to the crown!

4th Runner Up - Miss Greater Tuscon USA, Brittany Ariel Mazur

Brittany was 2nd runner up last year and I don’t know why she isn’t getting as much attention this year. She’s one of the most experienced contestants and I expect her to put up a good fight.

Bubbling Up - Emelina Adams, Brittany Simmons, & Carissa Ferguson


Winner - Miss Hawaii Kai USA, Ashlee Kozuma

Ashlee is stunning, she was previously Miss T.E.E.N United States. She has a hot body along with a sweet face, she’s the type of beauty that Trump will love. After Moani’s unfair exclusion last year, Hawaii needs redemption and Ashlee is the perfect girl to redeem Hawaii after being robbed last year.

1st Runner Up - Miss Valley Isle USA, Marissa Petsas

Marissa is a pageant veteran at Miss Hawaii USA which will work as a huge advantage to her. She may not have the best face but she knows exactly what she’s doing which will work in her favor.

2nd Runner Up - Miss Kailua USA, Ashley Jardine

Ashley was supposed to compete a few years ago but dropped out and I’m thrilled that she’s back. Her body is hot and I love her beach beauty. Her look is very laid back which I really appreciate. I’m excited to see how she does.

3rd Runner Up - Miss Downtown Honolulu USA, Lia Jamerson

Lia is the lone ebony contestant this year which makes her standout. Her headshot does her no justice but she’s actually quite a pretty girl. She’ll easily standout with her skin color and she would be a very interesting choice from Hawaii.

4th Runner Up - Miss Manoa USA, Emma Wo

Emma was previously Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2008. She is not facially the best but she is incredibly striking and has a beauty that could never get lost in a crowd. I don’t know about her chances at Miss USA, but she has a good chance at winning here.

Bubbling Up - Guinevere Davenport & Katrina Aguirre


Winner - Miss Henderson USA, Mariah Armknecht

Mariah is incredibly striking! She would be a great follow up after winning Miss USA last year! She has a unique face that could never get lost in the crowd. All she needs help with is styling and she’s ready to go.

1st Runner Up - Miss Lovelock USA, Susan Romanishin

Susan is a stunning blonde who won an international pageant a few weeks ago. The reason she’s not my winner is that I don’t want another California state hopper to win, but if Shanna wants to crown one, Susan’s the one to crown!

2nd Runner Up - Miss Las Vegas USA, Kimberly Andres

Kimberly has been competing for a while now and she’s amazing on stage. This is one of Nevada’s weaker years and her stage presence should get her far!

3rd Runner Up - Miss Clark County USA, Jessica Davis

Jessica has also been competing for a while now and I wouldn’t be surprised if this stunning blonde won! She looks better than ever and the only reason she’s not my winner is that I want someone new to win this year.

4th Runner Up - Miss Chateau USA, Brittany McGowan

Like I said before, I’m not a huge fan of California state hoppers winning Nevada. Winning is a huge possibility for Brittany and I expect her to be in at least Top 5! She looks like the mother from How I Met Your Mother. She also isn’t the best facially, which took away some point for me.

Bubbling Up - Tianna Tuamoheloa, Zoe Baron, Stephanie Cook, Kristen Brzensinski & Shayna Laughman

North Dakota

Winner - Molly Ketterling

Molly is the obvious choice here, she is quite a pretty girl and the fact that she’s been 1st runner up in Teen and Miss says she’s ready! I don’t think she’d place at Miss USA and she’s definitely no Audra Mari, but she’s the safest choice for the crown.

1st Runner Up - Erica Lemna

I am not familiar with Erica but she looks like a pretty girl based on her headshot and she’s experienced. She looks like Chrissy Zamora in her headshot.

2nd Runner Up - Kate Wilson

I also know that Kate is experienced which will help her a lot in such a weak batch, she’s cute and I expect to see her as a runner up.

3rd Runner Up - Grace Sproule

Grace is also experienced and should do well, she looks pageant ready, I’m just not a huge fan of the shape of her face although I know that has no impact on the judging. I think she’ll do well.

4th Runner Up - Maiya Gerde

In a very weak batch, Maiya is an easy standout. No doubt, she’d get eaten alive at Miss USA, but I won’t be surprised if she does well.

Bubbling Up - None

Thank you everyone for reading and next week is a big week as well, 7 new queens will also be crowned next week, so stay tuned for my picks!

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Subject: Summer Priester, what happened?

HawtPlusSeksi (nsi)
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Date Posted: 07:34:20 11/23/14 Sun

Anyone who was at the pageant? Were there major styling issues again like last year? Hopefully she's only 20, but this gurl has Miss Universe written all over year. I hope she could get some guidance.

And Georgia. I am sorry but I simply do not understand the winner nor the first runner-up. Yes, they are lovely and would have been among the front runners in Miss Galaxy or Miss United States...but at this level and with SO MANY beautiful models competing, it is nothing short of mind boggling that they did so well.

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