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July 11-12, 2014
Miss Florida USA

Aug 29-31, 2014
Miss Texas USA

Aug 30-Sept 1, 2014
Miss/Teen Illinois USA

Sept 6-7, 2014
Miss/Teen Montana USA
Miss/Teen Wisconsin USA

Sept 13-14, 2014
Miss/Teen Rhode Island USA

Sept 20-21, 2014
Miss/Teen Wyoming USA

Sept 26-27, 2014
Miss/Teen Idaho USA
Miss/Teen Michigan USA

Oct 3-4, 2014
Miss/Teen Arkansas USA
Miss/Teen Tennessee USA

Oct 4-5, 2014
Miss/Teen South Dakota USA

Miss USA 2015/Miss Teen USA 2015
State Pageant Dates

Oct 10-11, 2014
Miss/Teen North Carolina USA

Oct 11-12, 2014
Miss/Teen Iowa USA

Oct 18-19, 2014
Teen Florida Teen USA
Miss/Teen New Jersey USA
Miss/Teen Washington USA
Miss/Teen West Virginia USA

Oct 24-25, 2014
Miss/Teen Louisiana USA

Oct 25-26, 2014
Miss/Teen Colorado USA

Oct 31 -Nov 1, 2014
Miss/Teen Mississippi USA

Nov 1-2, 2014
Miss/Teen Indiana USA
Miss/Teen Maryland USA

Nov 8-9, 2014
Miss/Teen Missouri USA
Miss/Teen Ohio USA

Nov 14-15, 2014
Miss/Teen Alabama USA

Nov 15-16, 2014
Miss/Teen Connecticut USA

Nov 21-22, 2014
Miss/Teen Georgia USA
Miss/Teen South Carolina USA

Nov 22-23, 2014
Miss/Teen Arizona USA
Miss/Teen Hawaii USA
Miss/Teen Massachusetts USA
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA
Miss/Teen Nevada USA
Miss/Teen North Dakota USA
Miss/Teen Vermont USA

Nov 29-30, 2014
Miss/Teen Delaware USA
Miss/Teen Kansas USA
Miss/Teen Maine USA
Miss/Teen Minnesota USA
Miss/Teen New Mexico USA
Miss/Teen Oregon USA
Miss Texas Teen USA
Miss/Teen Virginia USA

Dec 5-6, 2014
Miss/Teen Utah USA

Dec 6-7, 2014
Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA

Dec 20-21, 2014
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Jan 10-11, 2015
Miss/Teen California USA

Jan 17-18, 2015
Miss/Teen New Hampshire USA
Miss/Teen New York USA

To be determined/verified
Alaska USA
Kentucky USA

Subject: I will be competing for my first time in a USA state pageant soon. Suggestions for interview wear and swimsuit shoes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

1st timer
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Date Posted: 12:42:53 08/22/14 Fri

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Subject: "Fantasy Miss USA" - the last 30 years

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Date Posted: 15:21:58 08/21/14 Thu

To tide things over until the state season fully gets underway I thought I’d introduce a “fantasy pageant” of 100 of the most memorable Top 10 contestants in the Miss USA pageant over the last 30 years (1985-2014). I hope you find it worthwhile.

Similar to the contest which was set up a month or two back (but unfortunately disappeared) I’m setting up my contestants in batches of 10. I will be asking you to select your Top 5 from each group and we will whittle the numbers down to a “Fabulous 50”

To guard against “age bias” my initial groupings will have the contestants bracketed together in similar decades. I urge you to watch old youtube clips to familiarize yourself with contestants that you have forgotten or have never encountered.

Group 1

Laura Harring, Brenda Denton, Christy Fichtner, Halle Berry, Sophia Bowen, Tamara Walker, Kelly Holub, Courtney Gibbs, Elizabeth Primm, Diana Magana

Group 2

Jill Scheffert, Christina Faust, Carole Gist, Gretchen Polhemus, Audra Wallace, Kym Digman, Charita Moses, Gina Tolleson, Brenda Leithleiter, Shannon Marketic

Group 3

Candace Brown, Angela Hines, Kelly Hu, Kimmarie Johnson, Chelsi Smith, Shanna Moakler, Ali Landry, Danielle Boatwright, Becca Lee, Tiffany Tenfelde

Group 4

Brook Lee, Nicole O’Brien, Angelia Savage, Kasi Kelly, Holly Roehl, Larissa Meek, Holly Mills, Morgan Tandy High, Angelique Breaux, Lynette Cole

Group 5

Jina Mitchell, Tiffany Meyer, Liane Angus, Tiffany Fallon, Shauna Gambill, Kelly Lloyd, Michelle Arnette, Brandi Sherwood, Beth Hood, Susie Castillo

Group 6

Shandi Finnessey, Jennifer Murphy, Jessica Rafalowski, Ashley Puleo, Tara Conner, Cristen Duren, Danielle Lacourse, Chanel Wise, Magen Ellis, Candace Allen

Group 7

Rachel Smith, Amanda Pennekamp, Stephanie Culberson, Candace Crawford, Lacie Lybrand, Tamiko Nash, Lauren Barnette, Helen Salas, Kristen Johnson, Lindsey Hill

Group 8

Crystle Stewart, Tiffany Andrade, Ashley Durham, Kristen Motil, Lindsey Jo Harrington, Tiana Griggs, Angela Byrd, Mary Margaret McCord, Brooke Daniels, Nia Sanchez

Group 9

Morgan Woolard, Jazz Wilkins, Alyssa Campanella, Stephanie Smith, Madeline Mitchell, Brittany Booker, Tucker Perry, Cassandra Kunze, Ana Rodriguez, Olivia Culpo

Group 10

Nana Meriwether, Jessica Hartman, Alicia-Monique Blanco, Jade Kelsall, Erin Brady, Breanne Ponder, Marissa Powell, Audra Mari, Nicole Johnson, Brittany Guidry

Please enter your selections below. I’ll tally up once we reach a critical mass over the next few days

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Subject: Miss Universe 2014 in Switzerland?

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Date Posted: 16:21:45 08/21/14 Thu

This article states Universe 2014 will be in Switzerland. Is there even a Swiss franchise holder? Are they even participating? Is this anywhere near true? Cool if so...but doubt it...

Miss Higuey wins Miss Universe Dominican Republic

Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2014 - elnuevodiario.com.do

Zoom Picture

Santo Domingo.- Kimberly Castillo, representing the eastern city of Higuey (La Altagracia province) was crowned Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2014 last night at the Carlos Piantini Hall of the Eduardo Brito National Theater.

The Dominican beauty will represent the country at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant which will take place in Switzerland. Castillo, 25, was crowned by her predecessor, Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2013, Yaritza Reyes.

The runners-up were Aletxa Mueses from Santiago, Dhío Moreno from the Dominican expatriate community in Mexico, María del Mar López from the National District and Analíz de la Cruz from Punta Cana

The event was broadcast by Telesistema Channel 11.

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Subject: Nick Jonas' next song is titled "Jealous". Guess who appears in the music video, 1st 2 guesses don't count.

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Date Posted: 15:33:41 08/23/14 Sat

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Subject: Miss Texas USA 2001 Crowning Moment

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Date Posted: 02:04:18 08/23/14 Sat

In honor of Miss Texas USA being just a week away (go Tahnae!), I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite titleholders to ever come out of that state-and she showed why you never give up on your dream.

I didn't get Kandace Krueger when she won TX, or even when she won Miss USA (I was still in shock over Larissa Meek blowing her final question and thinking that cost her the crown), trying to figure out how GA made it to the top 3 (not a fan, sorry), and I was crushed for DC, because I thought Liane was just a sweetheart. It's funny that, for the second time in two years, the state who was 1st RUP went on to win the following year.

Over time, however, Kandace has become one of my all time favorite Miss USAs ever. Even all these years later, I still think she could run circles around some of the girls who win their state titles now, and even some Miss USAs. This was her fifth attempt at Miss TX USA, having not placed the previous four years she competed. Not giving up, she not only finally placed and won at state, but went all the way to 2nd RUP at Miss Universe.

Some notes on the top 5:

Mandy Jeffreys-how my heart breaks to think this was as close as she ever got to punching her ticket for Miss USA. I still can't believe that all those years of TX teens competing, and only one ever managed to make it back to Miss USA during this era. And of course, this top 5 boasted 2 future Miss TX USAs-Kasi Kelly, who won the following year, and Stephanie Guerrero, who won in 2004. Kelli Pickel, the 4th RUP, had been competing several years in both the teen and miss division.

I wish Heather had kept her hair long for Miss USA. I thought that made such a difference. Her sister Valerie competed several times for the TX USA title, and I thought she was a stunner. Too bad she never won.

Lastly, remember the days when the TX USA production won Emmys and could rival one of the national pageant telecasts?

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Subject: K Lee & Christina

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Date Posted: 15:28:42 08/19/14 Tue

Reunited with happy tears! @missteenusa finally is reunited with Miss South Carolina USA @christinazapolski for the first time since her crowning! #sisters #rpmfamily

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Subject: Breaking News! Patricia Yurena - MU's 2013 1st RU has come out of the closet.

She's lesbian.
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Date Posted: 21:47:19 08/19/14 Tue


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Subject: Looking ahead to the state pageants...

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Date Posted: 02:03:18 08/21/14 Thu

Here are some familiar names I pulled out of GoFundMe who may well be back for 2015 (although not 100% - e.g. Melissa Gee had a page up for Miss Montana USA but doesn't seem to be on the contestant list). Most of these girls have been runners-up previously or have competed enough times for me to recognise their names :) If you don't recognise a name look them up in my state results (sorry I don't have time to cross-check this entire list right now!) http://www.pageantupdate.info/stateresults.htm

Tiffany Martin (AZ TUSA 07)

Kayla DelSanto

Brittany Kelemen (VT TUSA 09)

Chelsea Boone

Jodie Juris (Teen) - sister of Stacie!
Gina Melchiorri (hopefully you've already read her interview!)

Alissa Morrison, Jenny Valliere

Vicki Wiggins, Rachel Smith

Whitney Moss
Kelsey Lawson (LA TUSA 06)

Kathleen Masek

Jeni Dixon (MO TUSA 08)
Kelsey Stokes

North Carolina
Julia Dalton

Kayla Bowker

Julia Pauline

Rhode Island
Jessica Zapata

Nicol Powell, Dani Braun, Gentry Everill, Narine Ishhanov

Laura Jordan

Demetra Coyer

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Subject: K Lee Love :D

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Date Posted: 23:46:32 08/21/14 Thu

A few homecoming photos... (FYI from what I've heard she's going to take her last couple of classes online & graduate early)

And her photo is up at the MUO office!

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Subject: Miss Universe Singapore 2014

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Date Posted: 00:06:09 08/23/14 Sat

Miss Singapore for Miss Universe is Rathi Menon. Congratulations!

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Subject: Top 25 Pageant Girls to Follow on Social Media

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Date Posted: 18:50:31 08/22/14 Fri

Who are the Top Pageant Girls to Follow on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? Here thePageantGuy.com's Top 25 list:
Do you know someone that should be on this list for next month?
Let me know!

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Subject: I hate it when I get emails like this from friends:

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Date Posted: 11:02:10 08/22/14 Fri


Have you seen this?

"Florida pageant mom fed daughter tapeworms to make her lose weight"



Ugh, I wish I never told anyone I like pageants. They seem to trawl the webs only to find articles they can send to me for a laugh. Can I pass on the grief to the board?

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 21 (UPI) -- A pageant mom in Florida is the subject of an upcoming episode of Untold Stories of the E.R. after forcing her daughter to ingest tapeworms in order to slim down for competition.
Upon checking into the emergency room with severe stomach pains, nurse Maricar Cabral-Osorio thought the teen was pregnant. But an ultrasound showed no fetus -- although there was an inexplicable growth in her intestines.

Recounted and reenacted for Discovery Fit & Health's anything-but-subtle medical scare docudrama, the unfortunate teenage contestant's condition became clear upon a fateful trip to the bathroom.

"It was a toilet bowl full of tapeworms," Cabral-Osorio recalled.

"It was so gross and she had pooped all these tapeworms. There were a couple that were very long and wiggling around trying to get out of the toilet bowl."
Having passed the parasites, the teen was then assumed to be fine. But one question remained -- how did she get the tapeworms in the first place?

After an apparent fight between the mother and daughter, it became clear the mother bought a pill of tapeworm eggs in Mexico and forced her daughter to take it to lose weight for an upcoming pagent.

"We were wondering how did she get those tapeworms, and then you saw the mom turn white," Cabral-Osorio said.

"The mom was apologizing to the girl. It's like 'I'm so sorry. You know, I did it just to make you a little skinnier. You needed some help before we went on to the pageant."
It is unclear when the incident occurred or if criminal charges were brought against the mother.


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Subject: Tegan Martin: Australia

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Date Posted: 08:26:28 08/21/14 Thu

Whoever said Australia was a disappointment... Seriously?

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Subject: Ice bucket challenge

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Date Posted: 18:31:46 08/20/14 Wed

OK OK we have to have a thread on this! Who's been challenged? Who have you challenged? This thing is going seriously viral! I knew I couldn't escape indefinitely but I wasn't expecting to be challenged by reigning Miss Texas USA Lauren Guzman... thanks Lauren! :O Unfortunately you won't be seeing a drenched Carly because it's winter here ... but I did put a donation through :D

Whilst initially I was sceptical about this and I think the issue of donating vs awareness is a good one, you can't deny they've received a serious boost to their fundraising :)

Post your videos if you've done it! I know a couple of my fellow mods have :)

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Subject: Opinions on two piece gowns for competition?

for Miss Division
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Date Posted: 00:05:17 08/20/14 Wed

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Subject: I like Erika Pinto. But as some of you have mentioned Osmel isn't fond of black beauties so who knows what'll happen. But I'd love to see her on the Miss Universe stage.

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Date Posted: 19:13:22 08/10/14 Sun

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Subject: Miss Dominican Republic 2014

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Date Posted: 08:25:07 08/18/14 Mon

Kimberly Castillo (26 yrs, 6'0") from Higuey, has just won the 2014 Miss Dominican Republic pageant in Santo Domingo.

Here's the crowning video:

Kimberly has an international title under her belt - she was crowned Miss Italia nel Mundo in 2010.

I like her, although in the end, I would have ultimately chosen the 2nd RU, Dhio Moreno. I think Kimberly will make the Top 10 at Miss Universe, but won't advance further. The ladies here seemed thrilled she won!

Some side notes:
1. Yaritza Reyes, my sentimental pick at Miss Universe last year, still looks gorgeous.

2. I seriously don't understand how Aletxa Mueses (the 1st RU) made it that far. Someone please explain this to me. Did she blow the judges away at interview?

3. Thathiana Diaz (NY Teen USA 2010 and Top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2010) made the Top 10. Great job, Thathiana!

Added bonus, from YouTube, the swimsuit competition featuring the Top 15:

Best of luck to Kimberly at Miss Universe 2014!

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Subject: Back road anthem video features some Vanbros girls and TN

They look great
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Date Posted: 12:05:30 08/21/14 Thu

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Subject: W.O.W

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Date Posted: 01:33:47 08/18/14 Mon

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Date Posted: 22:38:22 08/19/14 Tue

Nia and Gabriela look like sisters!

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Subject: Guru board is starting Mock Miss America this year. Not an original idea - They give credit to USB. It could be fun! Here is the link.

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Date Posted: 13:21:53 08/20/14 Wed


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Subject: Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2014

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Date Posted: 16:38:51 08/17/14 Sun

Winning tonight, moments ago, is Avianti Marianne, Miss Sri Lanka Universe 2014....heading to Miss Universe 2014....wherever it may be... perhaps on a space station at this point....

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Subject: Congrats Crystle and Max!

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Date Posted: 19:57:36 08/09/14 Sat

Serious question... are we sure this isn't a movie??!!! STUNNING!

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Subject: Is That Nia Sanchez?

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Date Posted: 16:00:27 08/18/14 Mon

Is that Nia Sanchez on How I Met Your Mother?

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Subject: Alaska 2015

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Date Posted: 11:56:50 08/19/14 Tue

miss Alaska usa 2015 is dec.5-6

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