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United States of Beauty Board/USB Bubble Board

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Sept 1-3, 2017
Miss Texas USA

Sept 3-4, 2017
Miss/Teen Illinois USA

Sept 9-10, 2017
Miss/Teen Montana USA
Miss/Teen Rhode Island USA
Miss/Teen Wisconsin USA

Sept 16-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Miss Wyoming USA

Sept 23-24, 2017
Miss/Teen Missouri USA

Sept 29-30
Miss/Teen Idaho USA
Miss/Teen Michigan USA
Miss/Teen North Carolina USA

Sept 30, 2017
Miss/Teen Alaska USA USA

Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2017
Miss/Teen South Dakota USA

Oct 7-8, 2017
Miss/Teen Iowa USA
Miss/Teen Oregon USA
Miss/Teen West Virginia USA

Oct 13-14, 2017
Miss/Teen Tennessee USA

Oct 14-15,2017
Miss/Teen New Jersey USA
Miss USA State Pageant Dates for 2018 State Titles

Oct 20-21, 2017
Miss/Teen Louisiana USA

Oct 21-22, 2017
Miss/Teen Miss Indiana USA
Miss/Teen Virginia USA

Oct 27-28, 2017
Miss/Teen Mississippi USA

Oct 28-29, 2017
Miss/Teen Arkansas USA
Miss/Teen Colorado USA
Miss/Teen Maryland USA
Miss/Teen New Hampshire USA

Nov 3-4, 2017
Miss/Teen Alabama USA

Nov 4-5, 2017
Miss/Teen North Dakota USA
Miss/Teen Washington USA

Nov 11-12, 2017
Miss/Teen Ohio USA
Miss/Teen Vermont USA

Nov 17-18, 2017
Miss/Teen Georgia USA
Miss/Teen South Carolina USA

Nov 18-19, 2017
Miss/Teen Miss Massachusetts USA
Miss/Teen Nevada USA

Nov 19, 2017
Miss/Teen Hawaii USA

Nov 25-26, 2017
Miss/Teen Delaware USA
Miss/Teen Kansas USA
Miss/Teen Minnesota USA
Miss Texas Teen USA

Dec 2-3, 2017
Miss/Teen California USA
Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA

Dec 14-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Florida USA

Dec 16, 2017
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA

Dec 16-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Jan 6-7, 2018
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA

Arizona USA
Connecticut USA
Kentucky USA
Maine USA
New Mexico USA
New York USA
Utah USA

OFFICIAL Sponsor of the Mr. USB contest

Subject: 1. Overall Package Tennessee & Illinois 2. Facial Beauty New Mexico 3. Best Body Nebraska 4. Evening Gown Louisiana 5. Stage Presence is a tie between Georgia Nevada New Mexico Illinois Nebraska New York 6. Evening Gown New York 7. Swimsuit Nebraksa 8. Modeling Illinois 9. Official Head Shot Alabama & Pennsylvania 10. Glamshot North Carolina 11. Snapchat New Mexico Montana Nebraska 11. Consistent Styling Tennessee New York New Mexico New Hampshire DC Florida Texas Mass

My Favorite Picks
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Date Posted: 19:45:43 05/22/17 Mon

1. Overall Package - Tennessee & Illinois tie
2. Facial Beauty - New Mexico
3. Best Body - Nebraska
4. Best Evening Gown - Louisiana
5. Best Stage Presence - Georgia Nevada New Mexico Illinois Nebraska New York
6. Best Evening Gown Presentation - New York
7. Best Swimsuit Presentation - Nebraska
8. Best Modeling - lllinois
9. Best Official Headshot - Alabama & Pennsylvania
10. Best Glamshot - North Carolina
11. Best Snapchat Takeover Day - New Mexico Montana Nebraska
12. Most Consistent Styling Throughout the Week - Tennessee New York New Mexico New Hampshire DC Mass Texas Florida
13. Best Interview Outfit - Indiana
14. Best Up Close & Personal Video - DC Massachusetts
15. Looks the same in candids as in professional shots - Tennessee Nebraska Alabama DC Arkansas New Hampshire New York New Mexico Wisconsin Oregon Washington California Massachusetts North Carolina Montana Illinois Hawaii Louisiana Texas Florida Delaware Rhode Island

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Subject: This is something I've been confused about for a while.

Megan Smith
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Date Posted: 10:00:28 05/22/17 Mon

IMG represents Bella and Gigi Hadid and other top models. Wouldn't it make more sense to now turn Miss USA into a glamazon era? They work with high fashion models everyday! It doesn't make much sense to me that they get control and now we are moving to a girl next door period where education and stories matter. If it a in retaliation to Trump, I guess I just don't get that. This is a beauty pageant after all. Can anyone explain why they chose to go in this direction?

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Subject: Should states change their scoring criteria to 60% for interview?

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Date Posted: 15:37:08 05/21/17 Sun

What are your thoughts?

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Subject: Home towns

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Date Posted: 06:08:17 05/22/17 Mon

NY did not have a home town Video

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Subject: Here's the word....from a word

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Date Posted: 16:03:21 05/22/17 Mon

March 6, 2009 I saw a word on this board that took me eight years to understand and now that I do this is how I interpret the life it has.

Twenty selected USB Voy Forum and USB Facebook posters will be chosen to participate in this.

Twenty people will put their turd inside a plastic easter egg (color does not matter but no special designs just solid colors) The eggs will then be placed into a basket for one special woman.

The special woman will have the option to be Little Red Riding Hood, Alice (From Wonderland not the f^cking Brady Bunch) or Dorothy.

The special selected lady (I am hoping it is Crystle Stewart) goes hopping in a forest with her basket of turd filled eggs. She is wearing sunglasses on and she will meet this shirtless muscular man covered in baby oil and he will take her to a well.

She will then begin opening each egg and releasing each turd into the water of the well. After she releases each one she must grab the man's buttocks and squeeze it. After each turd has been released, the woman will beg the man to shit in the well as well. He will ignore her and jump in the well instead for he has always wanted a shitty experience.

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Subject: There were many things that disappointed me however #1 was WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FAN VOTE?????? In the orientation meeting on Saturday morning, the girls were told both TOP 10 & TOP 5 would include a fan vote. How much time did each girl WASTE on asking fans to vote on 4 platforms. I repeat "FOUR" platforms and they never once announced a fan vote winner. Were you just trying to get America to hashtag your name with nothing in return. Each community gets behind their girl for 5 days straight by voting, downloading applications, sharing and then you do absolutely nothing with the turnout. How will Americans trust you next year since it seems to be a tradition each year with the voting. No one will waste their time. At least announce the top winners on your social media pages. And it doesn't appear to be a mistake because the live show continues to ask viewers to continue voting during each event. Why? What was the purpose?

Beyond Frustrated
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Date Posted: 18:19:12 05/21/17 Sun

What does everyone else think about this?

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Subject: Just curious. Way past my prime so not shouting out this idea for my own sake. Just talking out loud.

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Date Posted: 22:38:47 05/20/17 Sat

I would love to see the Miss USA/Universe age limit be 20-29 years old. And let Miss Teen USA be 15-19 years old. What do you all think? After all, I doubt any 19 year olds will win especially since they're not old enough yet to have a good story m, and as the past 5 Miss USAs have been 24+. So raising the limit by another year, AGAIN, probably wouldn't hurt.

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Subject: with all the issues this year what should happen?

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Date Posted: 19:11:09 05/21/17 Sun

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Subject: My analysis

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Date Posted: 12:26:01 05/21/17 Sun

Miss USA is now the Miss America Pageant. I pegged Kara as the winner the moment I saw her on stage. She was beautiful with wonderful stage presence. The problem was everything else associated with the pageant:

1) IMG all over the judging panel.
2) The emphasis on "a story" over beauty.
3) Girls who worked for so many years to be on the Miss USA stage. Then the score book is changed and they no longer qualify. AKA beauty is not important but having a great story will get you far.
4) Such beautiful, beautiful girls standing behind the Top 10. I still do not think my mouth has come off the floor from the shock. Where was Utah? The biggest robbery in Miss USA history, in my opinion.
5) IMG...do not walk..but run away and sell this pageant. The ratings have fallen and will continue to fall with your vision for the pageant.
6) IMG needs to stop looking at Miss World for ideas. The Miss USA pageant is copying Miss World. Miss World does not show competition and places emphasis on "the story."

We know that someone from IMG reads this board. The question is will they listen to the fans and make appropriate changes? I have a feeling they think they know what is best. I just wish they would listen to the fans, as the fans are what keep the pageant alive.

Just a few suggestions:

1) Keep the two hour format.
2) Girls that try for years to make the Miss USA stage deserve longer than a two second introduction.
3) Let each contestant shine in her own moment during the swimsuit and evening gown competition. The way you are currently showing the girls is rushed and seems like you are saying, "hey, there was a swimsuit competition, but lets get it done and over with."
4) Scores...scores...scores Show those scores and prove to us that you are not so transparent.
5) Make beauty with brains a priority. Intelligence is important but so is beauty.

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Date Posted: 12:47:44 05/20/17 Sat

I have been a life-long fan of over 50 years but I'll be damned if I will be an apologist for this group. First of all the judging panels were populated with IMG people. This is so wrong. That and the fact that the organization itself helps determine the semi-finalists by their own admission just as Trump did. The prize package is a mystery to most. We know there is a salary for the winner but nobody seems to know the amount. It was quite obvious they were going ethnic. I would love an ethnic winner but when you eliminate beauties like Utah, Pennsylvania, and Texas we know that beauty is taking a back door. Look for the swimsuit being eliminated down the road. The ratings suck, and when they eliminate the swimsuit look for America's Junior Miss Pageant for older girls. ENOUGH ALREADY!

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Subject: Looks like Miss Universe hopefulls are all trying cash in the new changes with IMG. Here's an article on a contestant that is competing at Miss Great Britain Universe.

I think we're going to see a lot more of these in the future.
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Date Posted: 02:52:12 05/21/17 Sun


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Subject: I for one have had enough of the hoopla from last weekend.

South Star
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Date Posted: 14:06:08 05/20/17 Sat

At the end of the day I hope IMG takes from this that having a very obvious agenda is NOT OK and is very alienating and will do irreparable DAMAGE.
Our society is so unforgiving and once you lose them you LOSE them.

With that said I'm looking forward to the pageant season coming up. Although traditionally I don't think we're going to kick off with the season with Florida first.

But I'm looking forward to seeing Alejandra Gonzalez (I'm finally on the train) in TX Nicolette Jennings In FL Alexa Zellers Tori Kruse In MO Victoria Vesce in NC Olivia Davis in TN Kimberly Andres in Nevada Carolina Urrera in CA Antonia Gore & Kathleen Masek in MD Rachel North in LA Shannon Geraghty in NYKarina ramierz in NJ Barron Rae in AL Bryce Armstrong in DC Julianne Chu in HI (PLEASEEE) Albreuna Gonzaque in OK Sara Cardona TN
I dont know if all these girls are coming back but I will be thrilled to see them compete again.

Im also prepared to see a lot of "newbies" win.

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Subject: Pageant Predictions - The Results Are IN!

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Date Posted: 17:33:12 05/20/17 Sat

The top 10 scorers in our 2017 Miss USA predictions competition, each earning at least 25 points, are: Alcon, Arianafan, Athalia, DCPageantDude, Duration & Convexity, Freud, GMan, Gonzo, MSgal, and NC GAL. To see who won, view the current standings in the Predictor of the Year competition, see the full results, and read the analysis of participants' predictions, visit the URL below!


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Subject: The State Pageant Crowings for 2017 Miss USA Contestants

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Date Posted: 16:16:00 05/20/17 Sat


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Subject: Let's talk about the judges. And these tweets/comments that say it all!

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Date Posted: 16:23:56 05/18/17 Thu

Preliminary judges
Halima Aden -- Miss Minnesota USA 2016 semi-finalist, IMG model
Carole Gist -- Miss USA 1990
Vanessa Gringer -- Senior Director, IMG Business Development
Brook Lee -- Miss USA 1997, Miss Universe 1997
Nick Light -- Senior Vice President of Artist Development, Sony Music
Nancy Lublin -- Founder & CEO of Crisis Text Line
Maura McGreevy -- IMG Corporate Communications

Telecast judges
Halima Aden -- Miss Minnesota USA 2016 semi-finalist, IMG model
Carson Kressley -- TV personality and stylist
Brook Lee -- Miss USA 1997, Miss Universe 1997
Nancy Lublin -- Founder & CEO of Crisis Text Line
Jeannie Mai -- The Real co-host, stylist
Janet Mock -- Transgender rights activist, writer/editor


Confidence, humor, kindness. Fuck the heels, boobs, and makeup. Nothing more beautiful than those inner qualities.
- Nancy Lublin


A black woman scientist took the @missusa [crown] tonight. Congratulations Kara McCullough! #missusa2017
- Janet Mock


Whatís going to make you such a good judge for these girls competing?

I just want to have a good sense of who [each contestant] is as a person ó does she understand herself, is she proud to share her story with us, and is she able to express herself freely?
I just wanted to hear their stories. When itís your story, you canít get it wrong! Thatís what I was looking for.
- Halima Aden, for Cosmopolitan



My pointers:
1) Who are these people?!? Every year, they're scraping the bottom of the Z-list celebrity barrel for judges. Where are the people who understand the industry, entertainment, sports/competition, modeling, public speaking, etc.?
2) 3 IMG employees on the Preliminary panel (out of 7)
3) Whatever happened to 'separate panel of judges'? Half of the telecast judges (3 out of 6) already judged the prelim
4) These tweets and comments are very telling of what the emphasis of the pageant is now

What are yours?

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Subject: Minnesota was in my top 15 but did you ever wonder if they put her in the top 3 because of all the backlash about having Halima Aden judge despite the fact that they competing against her?

Just A Thought
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Date Posted: 23:49:50 05/19/17 Fri

It crossed my mind. She was pretty but there were also another 15 beautiful blondes this year. We all thought the winner would be a blonde this year. Very competitive.

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Date Posted: 05:35:33 05/18/17 Thu

- American Idol style fan vote allowed viewers at home to bump up their preferred delegate and low ball the others in all rounds until the Final Question (MUO fully knew who the majority of these fans were going to be and lo and behold their delegate won).
- Mexico was given a Top 10 political placement
- Steve Harvey announced wrong winner in what was an obviously deliberate act to garner media attention.

MISS USA 2016:
- DC's military experience was shoved down our throats and she was handed her pre-selected Top 5 question on a silver platter despite the lying hosts stating all questions were randomly chosen (yet no fishbowl was used).
- Meanwhile, Hawaii was asked a polarizing political question about Trump vs. Clinton which garnered loud boos from the audience.
- Female empowerment theme kicked off here.
- Crystal clear that finalists now require a unique and memorable story in order to do well in the pageant.
- Cheap attempts made to milk Steve Harvey's mistake from MU 2015.

- Canada purposefully gained weight in order to preach about fat acceptance and was awarded a Top 9 spot over other women who worked hard on their bodies all year.
- Ashley Graham's presence as pointless commentator is now understood.
- Philippines (host delegate) was posed the easiest pre-selected question in the Top 6 in an attempt to help her get into Top 3 but she screwed up her answer.
- Alternatively, Kenya was asked a pre-selected Trump question, which put an end to her chances.
- Very little to no mention of Filipino culture or history during the telecast.
- Finalists came out in pairs and trios, which limited their airtime (watch the judges not knowing where to look during SS and EG).
- Final Question meant nothing because France's translator botched her answer and I doubt the judges understood French to comprehend what France actually said.
- Cheap attempts made to milk Steve Harvey's mistake from MU 2015.

MISS USA 2017:
- Interviews counted for a high percentage (60%?) of the prelim score
- Top 10 instead of Top 15
- Race was automatically brought up in the opening sequence (Michael Jackon's "Black or White")
- Stories and speaking skills outweighed physical beauty
- DC's nuclear scientist background was shoved down our throats from the beginning
- Lu Sierra heinously declared DC "the smartest girl in the pageant" despite the fact DC wasn't the smartest or the most eloquent on the mic.
- Finalists came out in pairs and trios, which limited their airtime
- Hijabi Minnesota USA contestant is hired to judge a pageant in which the woman who beat her for the state title is competing
- On stage question rounds seemed to be insignificant since New Jersey bested the rest on the mic but didn't win.
- Abysmal ratings
- New Miss USA on damage control about her stance on healthcare -- is now leaning more to the left with her clarification.

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Subject: D.C. wasn't my favorite but she's Miss USA and that's A~Ok. What bothered me most about the pageant was the intro. Just seems disrespectful to all of these great ladies that only the semifinalists and finalists apparently have names.

Deshard in SF
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Date Posted: 08:45:01 05/19/17 Fri

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Subject: Do you think most contestants in Miss USA 2018 will be non-white?

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Date Posted: 02:26:23 05/15/17 Mon

In non-white, I would also include Hispanic of any race for statistical purposes.

I would say YES! The pageant is going that way. I can easily see 26 or more girls being non-white.

The direction IMG is taking is more diversity. Look at 2016/2017 Miss USA, 2016 Miss niverse. IMG has typical, liberal policies on race, which leads to more diversity. At times, it may be at a cost of a stronger Caucasian delegate. Missouri being included, despite the fact she is *only* a flight attendant is an example. At times, these policies may enable a racial minority contestant to stand an equal chance in more conservative states.

I see various states crowning many strong non-white AND/OR Hispanic girls next season. Many of them deserve the crown Prutha Patel - RI, Miso Jang - Idaho, Katherine Puryear - NC, Gen Saechao - WA, Julianne Chu - HI, Tianna Tuamoheloa - NV, Annie Jean-Baptiste - Maine, Degi Purev - IL, Laura Ezqueda - MI, India Simone - OH, Andreia Gibau - NY, Kaelyn Perez - FL, Chioma Ikpe - NJ, Nneamaka Isolokwu - AK, Albreuna Gonzaque - OK, Barron Rae Williams - AL, Jonťt Nichelle - CT, Bilikisu Adeyemi - DC, Brenda Smith-Lezama - GA, Rosie Nguyen - OR, Andrea Shen - PA, Kaymiesha Vital - Mass., Delesia Watson - VA., Muna Ali - MS,
Carmelle Jean-Francois - DE, Antonia Gore - MD and we are already at 26, without even talking about Texas or California.

I predict the record f African Americans from 2000 will be broken and we will see around 14-16 Black girls.
I can also see many brainy Asian delegates, both East Asian, and Indian. I believe IMG will want an East Asian/Indian or Pacific Islander winner in 2018.

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Subject: How Many USA's Can You Name???

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Date Posted: 16:49:36 05/17/17 Wed

Imagine if IMG took over the pageant years ago. How many Miss USA who won under the old leadership would have not won!

My picks are 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010,2013

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Subject: It's just not fun anymore

Old timer
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Date Posted: 07:38:34 05/19/17 Fri

Now that some time has gone by, and we've all argued about the new direction the pageant has taken, I feel like I can sum up my thoughts by just saying that it's not fun anymore (and that has certainly been reflected in the post-pageant discussion on this board).

Watching Miss USA 2017, I felt like I was constantly being lectured: women are strong, they should feel empowered, they can do anything, we are diverse, etc. But I already know this and believe this!

I've been a fan since the 1970s and I can't think of a time when I felt less excited about the pageant in general. Call me shallow, but I just want to watch gorgeous women with great bodies who know how to move on stage.

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Subject: Current Miss WA USA was proposed to at first pitch of Mariners game: http://www.seattletimes.com/sports/mariners/boyfriend-proposes-to-miss-washington-after-he-catches-her-pitch-at-mariners-game/

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Date Posted: 14:30:00 05/19/17 Fri

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Date Posted: 02:54:25 05/19/17 Fri

Let me first say no one, and mean no one from the parent company should ever judge and event they are producing. I don't care if it's been done before. It just smells.

Look at all the reps. from IMG on the preliminary and finals panel. Could it be any more obvious? That and the fact that IMG and/or Miss Universe Org. have a say in the outcome. They even state so when announcing finalist.

It's wrong, and this pageant in particular is heavily leaning for being fixed.

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