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Miss USA State Pageant Dates for 2018 State Titles

Dec 14-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Florida USA

Dec 16, 2017
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA

Dec 16-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Jan 5-6, 2018
Miss/Teen Connecticut USA
Miss Texas USA
Miss/Teen Utah USA

Jan 6-7, 2018
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA
Miss/Teen Nevada USA

Jan 13-14, 2018
Miss/Teen New York USA

Jan 26-28, 2018
Miss/Teen Kentucky USA
Miss/Teen New Mexico USA

Subject: Iraq

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Date Posted: 21:02:06 11/25/17 Sat

I am confused. I am watching the Miss Universe prelims and Iraq isn't competing. But she listed as a contestant on the Miss Universe website. Is it a hoax or did she withdraw?

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Subject: A Miss Universe judge is in trouble for following only certain contestants on social media. Article is top story rn on TMZ. http://m.tmz.com/#!article/2017/11/26/miss-universe-judge-latina-contestants-social-media/

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Date Posted: 15:39:07 11/26/17 Sun

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Subject: Will miss universe be shown online

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Date Posted: 17:25:21 11/26/17 Sun

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Subject: My final picks....what do you think?

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Date Posted: 17:30:44 11/26/17 Sun

1. USA
2. Venezuela
3. Curacao
4. Peru (really wanted Honduras in this spot but she lacks stage presence; more beautiful than Peru)

1. France
2. Iceland
3. Russia (not sure if grouped with Europe or Asia)
4. Spain

1. Angola
2. Philippines
3. Cambodia
4. Thailand

Wildcard and Fan Vote*
1. Canada
2. Tanzania
3. South Africa (way overrated, but everyone is gushing over her)
4. Indonesia*

Top 5
2nd RU: Angola
1st RU: Philippines
Miss Universe: Thailand

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Subject: My top 16 after prelims

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Date Posted: 13:27:13 11/26/17 Sun

From Europe

1. SPAIN - She is such a darkhorse. I think one of the most overlooked contestants this year.
3. RUSSIA* - I loved her in the swimsuit round. I wasn't that crazy about her evening gown, but she still delivered a good presentation.
4. ICELAND - Ditto Russia

From North and South America (So many delivered great performances. This was so tough)

4. PERU*

From Asia/Africa/Middle East/Oceania (ditto North/South America)


Wildcard spots

1. SOUTH AFRICA - I am really hoping she changes her evening gown. She has the face of the pageant for sure. I was a little disappointed in her prelim performances.

2. GUAM - Not many people have mentioned Guam. But she really captivated me. I loved her evening gown, and it is one of my favorites.

3. USA - I think Kara did everything right to get into the top 16. I had no room to include her in my top 4 from her region.


HONORABLE MENTION - Austria, Venezuela, Vietnam, Panama, France, Germany, India, Slovak Republic.

* Top 5

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Subject: any news regarding texas teen

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Date Posted: 16:23:56 11/26/17 Sun

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Date Posted: 17:04:05 11/26/17 Sun

NIGERIA – Stephanie Agbasi. Africa is a tough continent to pick this year, with so many stellar contenders and it had to share allocated slots with the already fierce Asian contingent. Though I think slots are more secured for Tanzania, Angola, and most especially South Africa, she could still be a possible upset pick for the Top 16.

NORWAY – Kaja Kojan. She has an elegant white gown, but she’s a tad too plain to make an impression.

PANAMA – Laura de Sanctis. The “P” group is always known as a powerhouse group, especially in this pageant, and this year it’s no exception. Though I find her introduction video a bit jarring with a shift from upbeat pride for her country and downbeat vulnerability as she relayed her struggles with attaining confidence, perhaps things are fine-tuned better for the judges’ interview and she can pull off a sleeper surprise.

PARAGUAY – Ariela Machado. Se reminds me of actress Camila Mendes, star of the CW series Riverdale, an edgy dramatic take on those beloved characters from Archie comics. She can be an upset possibility for the Top 16.

PERU – Prissila Howard. She was one of the front-runners in last year’s Miss Grand International, but it seems she isn’t Nawat’s type that much that she was shut out of the Top Five. I was rooting for her to gain vindication from that injustice, but then there are these murmurings about her conduct, to the point that there were rumors of suspension or as far as disqualification. But none of that seems to materialize. Many pageant fans and pundits are still bullish on her prospects, and it’s still a possibility on my book, but I think making the Top 16 would already be achievement enough for her.

PHILIPPINES – Rachel Peters. She is channeling a sleeker version of 2011 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup and it’s working very well in her favor so far. I think she made an indelible stamp in the swimsuit round, showcasing a lean, sleek figure, and her communication skills should bode well for her showing in interview. While I know most rabid Filipino fans are aiming for a 4th Miss Universe win, I’m rooting for her to achieve one elusive goal–a 2nd runner-up finish, to complete our roster of finishes.

POLAND – Katarzyna Włodarek. This blonde has surprisingly good communication skills judging from her introduction video. She also seems to perform consistently well in the Preliminary Competition so she could be one of those possibilities for a Top 16 slot for Europe.

PORTUGAL – Matilde Lima. She’s good looking and generally performed solidly during the Preliminary Competition. She could be viewed as a worthwhile contender.

PUERTO RICO – Danna Hernandez. Yes, she has a compelling tale to tell as her island was ravaged by Hurricane Maria, and she is expectedly polished in all aspects. But I still can’t quite get over her plain face, even as much as I sympathize with her plight, I’m not rooting for her to make the final cut.

ROMANIA – Ioana Mihalache. She’s one of the best looking contenders fielded by this country in any pageant. The fact that she’s a model is expected. But I find her swimsuit-with-Dracula-cape tacky and I have a feeling she’s not strong in the interview department.

RUSSIA – Ksenia Alexandrova. Many are regarding her as one of the shoo-ins for the Top 16. I can agree as this brunette babe seems to tick almost all the boxes.

SAINT LUCIA – Louise Victor. She is not a conventional beauty but she has a strong, dignified carriage about her that I appreciate.

SINGAPORE – Manuela Bruntraeger. Okay, this Miss Earth 2016 veteran is a good speaker, but other than that she seems to be holding up the rear in this batch of delegates.

SLOVAK REPUBLIC – Vanessa Bottánová. She resembles Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer, and almost has that glamorous charisma. If Donald Trump is still running this enterprise, he would probably be begging to hand her his famous Trump Ticket. But with the system now in place, her interview skills may be a hindrance for her advancing.

SLOVENIA – Emina Ekić. This redhead (or is it strawberry blonde) has a human interest angle as she is the daughter of Bosnian parents who had to take refuge in this country because of all those wars going on in the 1990s, and how she is bullied and not that welcomed in her adopted land when she was younger. She seems to be a solid contender–not a classical beauty but attractive enough.

SOUTH AFRICA – Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. Many pageant fans and pundits, including myself, feel she’s the one who ig going to win it all. But I’m fretful as highly touted favorites from her country like Odette Scrooby (1982), Cindy Nel (2003) and Melinda Bam (2012) had the misfortune of being subject to circumstances that prevented them from delivering on their status as the ones to beat. There had been criticism about her coloring her hair a lighter shade, and that green velvet gown she wore during the Preliminary Competition, which many observers deemed too “hoochie” with that heaving exposed cleavage. But her beauty is still too undeniable and she oozes mesmerizing charm in her introduction video, so I’m rooting for a victory for her.

SPAIN – Sofia del Prado. Though facially she resembles comedienne Sarah Silverman, she has serious pageant pedigree as she was the 2015 winner of the well-regarded Reina Hispanoamericana*3. She made a great impression her, making her a strong Top 16 possibility.

*3 Which we FIlipino fans became aware of recently thanks to Wynwin Marquez’s victory.

SRI LANKA – Christina Peiris. I actually like her a lot, and she looks like an underdog worth rooting for. I find her facial features exotically striking and stunning, she has a polished stage presence, and she has an advocacy with a personal story as several family members passed away from cancer. She could be one of those possible upset sleeper surprises in the Top 16.

SWEDEN – Frida Fornander. Just like ICELAND, this Miss Earth 2014 alumna is playing the Siera Bearchell card as her introduction video relayed the story how she’s rejected by modeling agencies for being heftier than their standards. Unlike ICELAND, we do see a bit of the heft, and in many ways her heft went to all the right places. Can she pull it off, or will the judges and public accord the European slots for other contenders?

TANZANIA – Lilian Ericaah Maraule. She is the prime candidate for becoming this year’s equivalent of Mary Esther Were (from neighboring Kenya), as she possesses SDE in spades, on top of a human interest story of her struggle to get the support so she can take the trip to this pageant (and that she only has USD 80 pocket money to get by for her entire stay). She excites me so much that I have a feeling that not only she can equal Flaviana Matata‘s 6th place showing 10 years ago, but may even advance further.

THAILAND – Maria Poonlertlarp. This half-Swede (her father’s surname is Ehren) is highly touted by many pageant fans and pundits as one of the front-runners, including myself. But there has been buzz that her catwalk was disappointing, but I have a feeling any objects about her catwalk would be overcome by her strong interview skills, so it’s still likely she’ll make the cut, even if some detractors are proclaiming she’s the prime candidate for the Ruth Ocumarez Award (I will never, ever change that name to the El Tocuyo award as many pageant netizens are clamoring).

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – Yvonne Clarke. Making it here is an achievement in itself, considering that friction she had with her national director, who wanted to dethrone her. Wonder if having Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam in both the Preliminary and Final judging panel would help sway votes her way?

TURKEY – Pinar Tartan. I may not find this six-footer as pretty as other favorites out there, but I like her a lot, as her introduction video reveals a reflective, thoughtful lady. She’s an underdog worth rooting for.

UKRAINE – Yana Krasnikova. Buzz is heavier on RUSSIA and to a lesser extent POLAND, but her multilingual background may be an ace she can play to upset the perceived favorites out there.

URUGUAY – Marisol Acosta. If CHILE is like Pia Wurtzbach with excess Botox, this lady is like an unpolished, less-trained version of Pia.

U S A – Kara McCullough. No one should discount this powerhouse host country, of course. She is a highly regarded favorite who drew some flak over her evening gown selection and styling, but it seems that is going to be discounted as she is a strong communicator and has strong stage presence. There are also criticisms raised over her atomic-themed national costume, but it should be noted she is working for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, so we should give her the benefit of the doubt and read her choice as a tribute for the govenrment agency she works for instead of an ill-timed reference in light of current political events.

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – Esonica Veira. A veteran of Miss World 2011 (Top 15), Miss Supranational 2013 (4th runner-up) and Miss Earth 2014 (unplaced), her final foray into international pageantry is filled with challenges as she doesn’t seem to be regarded as a standout in this batch. Still she has the qualities to win over te judges and pull off a possible upset.

VENEZUELA – Keysi Sayago. Many pageant fans and pundits are touting that this established pageant powerhouse would make a big comeback and make the Top 16 after that upset elimination last year. She does tick most of the boxes, and the question is now if she can go as far as Top Five.
VIETNAM – Loan Nguyen. Yes, she made the Top 25 in Miss World 2014 and the Top 20 in Miss Grand International 2016, but I’m not bullish on her duplicating those feats, as I don’t think she has what it takes to unseat the ladies from the SEAT. We have to hand it to her that she’s a worthwhile contender, though.

ZAMBIA – Isabel Chikoti. She is one of the shortest contenders of this year’s batch at 5’5″, and it shows with her body proportions as her neck is relatively short. Still we have to compliment her for her pretty face and radiant smile.

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Date Posted: 16:45:32 11/26/17 Sun

JAMAICA – Davina Bennett. Besides making a standout impression with her Afro hairdo, she has an appealingly pretty face and that special quality we saw with Haiti’s Raquel Pelisier and Kenya’s Mary Esther Were last year–Spontaneous Dignified Eloquence or SDE. If you ask me she’s a shoo-in for the Top 16, and she might achieve the heights of Kimberly Mais (1991 5th placer) or even Yendi Phillips (2010 1st runner-up).*2 Yes, the last two Vegas editions didn’t yield good results for this country, but this time lady luck seems to be pointing in their favor again.

*2 Why didn’t I include 2014 4th runner-up Kaci Fennell? Because I’m strictly referencing editions when this pageant was held in Las Vegas.

JAPAN – Momoko Abe. If you ask me, this lady deserves to win Best National Costume this year. Sure there are others who have more elaborate costumes, including one who literally carried a whole stage, but this lady delivered the drama by initially appearing in a black samurai warrior mini-dress which then transforms into a checkerboard Pop-art one-shoulder kimono. She can also be in contention for one of the Top 16 slots but I have a feeling she’ll be crowded out by the SEAT ladies.

KAZAKHSTAN – Kamilla Asylova. See GUAM. The second member of the P.A.T.I.S. crew.

KOREA – Sewhee Cho. She could be one of the upset sleeper possibilities for the Top 16 who could shake off the iron grip of the SEAT ladies. She is receiving buzz for her strong performance in the preliminary competition and her introduction video showcases a plucky entrepreneur, which could pique the preliminary judging panel’s interest.

LAOS – Souphaphone Somvichith. This country has made an auspicious debut in the pageant scene this year. It has already made a splash with a Top 20 showing in Miss Grand International and a Top Eight finish at Miss International. However in the bigger pageants of World and this one, it’s unlikely they’ll shake off the stranglehold of the SEAT, though we have to give compliments to this lady as she’s a worthwhile contender.

LEBANON – Jana Sader. Like ISRAEL, she’s a pretty brunette who looked great in a one-piece swimsuit. She’s a more-than-worthwhile contender. I hope her government wouldn’t give her flak for a photo featuring her standing beside ISRAEL (who was also flanked by EGYPT).

MALAYSIA – Samantha James. Here is another frustrating year for this country–fielding a Top 16-worthy contender, but most likely to be blocked out by the powerhouse SEAT.

MALTA – Tiffany Pisani. She is first known for winning Britain’s Next Top Model seven years ago, and that pedigree seems to promise that she’ll bring forth her country’s breakthrough in this pageant. However, buzz about her died somewhat with her blah blue off-the-rack evening gown. I realized she also possesses this deep, almost masculine voice. Only Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall and primo diva Cher could cast an allure with that type of voice, and unfortunately this lady doesn’t have the element of intrigue that these two ladies possessed.

MAURITIUS – Angie Callychurn. She made a splash at last year’s Miss Supranational as she made the Top 25, and she could conceivably deliver a breakthrough for her country in this pageant as physically she has the statuesque 5’11” height and lean-and-trim figure. She seems to have an interesting human interest angle where it took a break-up for her to emerge out of her shell and that pageants helped her become empowered. See, feminist pageant detractors, pageants can empower women!

MEXICO – Denisse Franco. This country always placed whenever this pageant was held in Las Vegas, and this lady has strong qualities to continue in that tradition. I’m not expecting her to do as well as winners Lupita Jones and Ximena Navarette, but the Top Five is within reach.

MYANMAR – Zun Thansin. She’s attractive but not conventionally pretty. To her credit she’s polished and stood out with her humongous costume (it literally has its own stage!). Also kudos for her black velvet gown with porcelain-style golden embroidery.

NAMIBIA – Suné January. She has a very interesting name and a clear-cut advocacy–it’s emblazoned on her national costume, you know. Other than that, meet the third member of the P.A.T.I.S. crew.

NEPAL – Nagma Shrestha. This country made its debut in this pageant with this seasoned veteran, who made the Top EIght at Miss Earth five years ago. Experience served her well as she is in contention for those wildcard slots with her strong overall performance.

NETHERLANDS – Nicky Opheij. To make Tiffani Pisani’s win in a Top Model competition less special, here is the winner of the seventh cycle (2014) of Holland’s Next Top Model. I’m not into her features but I can respect that there might be others who might dig them and put her to the Top 16. She mentioned in her introduction video that she loves to make people laugh and would one day want to become a comedian–though she has a nice goofy side, I don’t quite see a funny side yet.

NEW ZEALAND – Harlem-Cruz Atarangi Ihaia. I have a feeling the “Cruz” portion of her name indicates that not only is she a proud Maori, but she might have Filipino blood in her too. She has a nice hourglass shape, but I don’t think she made significant impact.

NICARAGUA – Berenice Quesada. She is a veteran of three lesser pageants, and she placed high in all of them, placing in the Top Seven or Top Five at the very least. Of course this pageant is a whole new arena and her previous successes are no guarantee she’ll make the cut. But she seems to be performing well enough and could be one of those possible upset sleeper surprises.

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Subject: Tonight's semifinalists list revealed!

Old timer
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Date Posted: 10:18:05 11/26/17 Sun

Some things change at Miss Universe, but one thing remains the same: my sister's gynecologist's uncle is a cameraman at FOX and he was given a list of the semifinalists in the order they will be called. I could totally get in trouble for sharing this, but here it is:

South Africa
Puerto Rico

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Subject: Global Beauties final leaderboard

Old timer
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Date Posted: 14:40:42 11/26/17 Sun

Global Beauties has a pretty good record for predicting the outcome of Miss Universe. Their final leaderboard is...

1. South Africa
2. Thailand
3. Indonesia
4. Peru
5. Venezuela

Check the rest of the Top 16 here:

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Subject: So who is gonna get the Ruthie?

Old timer
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Date Posted: 21:35:31 11/24/17 Fri

What with the new format, it's really hard to predict, but I'm going to guess maybe France.

What do you think?

(For those who don't know, the Ruthie is the award for the contestant who is most universally expected to do well but who ends up missing the semifinals altogether.)

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Subject: My Plea to the Mods of this board

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Date Posted: 14:02:04 11/26/17 Sun

While you can't control a voy shutdown please make sure someone is monitoring the board to make sure a message archive message doesn't ruin it for those of us not on Facebook. Thanks

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Subject: Mock Miss Universe 2017

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Date Posted: 23:37:06 11/25/17 Sat

Mock Miss Universe 2017 full results

Last edited by author: Sat November 25, 2017 23:39:04   Edited 1 time.
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Subject: Local coverage in Minnesota ref Miss MN USA pageant: http://kstp.com/news/minnesota-woman-first-with-down-syndrome-to-compete-in-miss-usa-state-pageant/4682219/

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Date Posted: 12:03:42 11/26/17 Sun

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Subject: Radar Online "Steve Harvey skipping rehearsal for Miss Universe"

David R.
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Date Posted: 14:26:12 11/22/17 Wed

Despite epic flub, Steve Harvey is not attending rehearsal for Miss Universe pageant

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Subject: Miss USA Preliminary Gown

Your $0.02
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Date Posted: 12:04:34 11/23/17 Thu

I'd like to hear some analysis and deconstruction on Kara's preliminary gown selection. Thoughts, reactions, and feedback.

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Subject: MISS UNIVERSE 2017: AT THE HOMESTRETCH (PART 2) by Joseph Vitug.

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Date Posted: 03:06:48 11/26/17 Sun

CAYMAN ISLANDS – Anika Conolly. She is surprisingly an underrated gem, very good looking and a thoughtful, serious speaker. Her figure may be thick for most pageant standards, but she can easily play the Siera Bearchell card and if she wins over the preliminary judging panel, can secure her slot in the Top 16.

CHILE – Natividad Leiva. In many photos here, this Miss Earth 2015 Top Eight finalist resembles Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. However, when I watch her introduction video, it feels as those features are frozen (by Botox, perhaps?), and that could hurt her even if otherwise she’s a strong contender in every aspect.

CHINA – Roxette Qiu. She has a chic, modern, hip vibe about her. Though WME/IMG have a strong modeling arm and she could easily make it in their roster, I don’t know if “modeling” would impress the judges as much as more lofty backgrounds.

COLOMBIA – Laura Gonzalez. She’s a traditional Latina stunner and she ticks all the boxes, so it is almost assured she will make the cut. Not sure if she’ll make the Top Three but it is still a conceivable scenario.

COSTA RICA – Elena Correa. She’s an experienced pageant veteran, being part of Mutya Datul‘s batch in Miss Supranational 2013 and saw action in a bunch of lesser pageants. But she is not likely to make significant impact in this pageant as her features are a tad plain compared to the major standouts out there.

CROATIA – Shanaelle Petty. She’s not your typical Croatian, as her father is actually African American. So you get that well-vaunted fluency in American English (and that outgoing communication style). She could be a possibility for the Top 16 as a result.

CURACAO – Nashaira Balentien. She’s good looking, but I don’t see her making as much as an impact as her two well-regarded predecessors, Kanisha Sluis (Top 10 2015) and Chanelle de Lau (who may have missed the cut at the last Miss Universe but eventually made a bigger splash at Miss International as she placed 1st runner-up there). Still, she’s a polished, worthwhile contender, and I do appreciate the effort of her channeling that immortal legend from 1997, Verna Vasquez. I’m baffled at why her national costume is a wedding cake? I think the only justification for selecting that motif is if Curacao is trying to wean its business-center image and wanted to be promoted as a honeymoon destination.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Michaela Habáňová. She’s attractive but not that polished, and looks like she’s overshadowed by her sister country (more on her later).

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Carmen Muñoz. Interestingly most Dominican representatives to beauty pageants hover closer to six feet but this lady is one of the shorter exceptions, with an official height of 5’9″ (but probably about 5’7″ in actuality based on how she is shorter than Curacao and Czech Republic who are also reported at that height). She is solid, but I don’t really think she has enough charisma to make significant impact to make the Top 16.

ECUADOR – Daniela Cepeda. She has a Latina “Snow White” vibe with her jet black hair contrasting her fair alabaster complexion. Her facial features have this slight angularity that I can’t quite classify her as classically pretty, but she is good looking and very solid in all aspects.

EGYPT – Farah Sedky. She makes me think that she can be Salma Hayek‘s gawkier relative. She’s actually one of the stronger representatives fielded by her country in this pageant. She is unlikely to have an inside track to the top 16, but she is a worthwhile contender.

EL SALVADOR – Alisson Abarca. She’s a good looking, worthwhile contender. But she’s unlikely to cause a sensation the way her Miss World counterpart, Fatima Cuellar, did recently.

ETHIOPIA – Akinahom Zergaw. She’s one of the good looking Africans in this year’s batch, and she possesses this slender model’s frame. But I don’t know if that would be enough to make as big a splash as the likes of Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, or Tanzania?

FINLAND – Michaela Söderholm. She has that striking “Snow White” beauty with a luminous white complexion contrasted with jet black locks. She has a strong command of English (with an English accent to boot), so she could be one of the Europeans most-likely.

FRANCE – Alicia Aylies. She witnessed the coronation of her predecessor, Iris Mittenaere, as Miss Universe earlier this year. She’s hyped to deliver a back-to-back victory for her country. Could she deliver? As the days wore on, I’m not that confident about her prospects going as far as the Top Five the way Iris and Flora Coquerel did before that. Her sash does have power and she’s solid during the preliminary competition, but not in the “wow” levels that Flora and Iris delivered. I was also disappointed with her introduction video, as it seems her background and goals are relatively shallow–but then again, I underestimated Iris’s interview ability so perhaps she still impressed the judges when it counted.

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Subject: MISS UNIVERSE 2017: AT THE HOMESTRETCH (PART 3) by Joseph Vitug.

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Date Posted: 05:35:18 11/26/17 Sun

GEORGIA – Marita Gogodze. She stands out with her very short bob. She also has a resemblance to Blade Runner actress Sean Young. Her prospects for advancing to the Top 16 would depend on whether you prefer to remember Sean in her early-to-mid-1980s prime and overlook her antics in her latter years, or if your regard for her is informed precisely by all the things she did after her peak era. I have a feeling most would view the latter.

GERMANY – Sophia Koch. She is arguably one of the strongest delegates fielded by this country in recent years. Many pageant fans and pundits are thinking she could make the final cut. It is indeed possible she can do it, especially with all those slots opened for Europeans.

GHANA – Ruth Quashie. Oh my, I forgot all about her–she is another quality African representative to this pageant who seems to be a total package. But will there be room for her in the Top 16?

GREAT BRITAIN – Anna Burdzy. Though we’ve seen prettier, more charismatic ladies representing this country but this lady looks like the one who will follow in Amy Willerton’s footsteps back in 2013 and make the Top 16. She made a great sensation with her striped evening gown and she’s reportedly one of the strongest interviews around.

GUAM – Myana Welch. Generally solid. First member of this year’s P.A.T.I.S. crew.

GUATEMALA – Isel Suñiga. Here is another acolyte of Siera Bearchell, working her heftier curves in the hope of making an impression to make the final cut.

GUYANA – Rafieya Husain. She may not be conventionally pretty, but she is one of this country’s strongest prospects to make the final cut to date. It’s savvy of her to use her Miss World 2014 BWAP project (which was one of the five winners, by the way) as part of her background, and it does make a great human interest story that could serve her very well in the judges’ interviews. She also made a good impression onstage so she could conceivably turn into this year’s Raquel Pelisier (that now-beloved Miss Universe 1st runner-up from Haiti who won numerous fans with her mixture of glamour, intelligence, wit, and heart). Speaking of Raquel…

HAITI – Cassandra Chéry. She is an ebony looker, but from her introduction video she doesn’t seem to possess Raquel’s depth.

HONDURAS – April Tobie. It has been 62 years since Pastora Pagan placed in the semifinals for this country. There are a bunch of fans hyping that this might finally become Pastora’s successor. She does have the attractive exotic looks, the shapely figure, and the height (6′ flat) to make a major splash, and she seems a strong communicator, so it is indeed very possible.

ICELAND – Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir. This isn’t her first time competing in an international pageant in Las Vegas. Last year’s Miss Grand International was held in this city and she made headlines for quitting this pageant because she was put off by pageant owner Nawat Itsaragrisil’s blunt feedback. She’s now using that experience as her advocacy, hoping to parlay that to become Siera Bearchell‘s successor. Interestingly though, I found her frame lean and trim, not quite the hefty and curvy frame needed to make the Siera Bearchell argument that convincing. She’s more a conventionally polished overall worthwhile contender than a “diversity” candidate in my book.

INDIA – Shraddha Shashidhar. She is a Top 16-worthy contender, and there are fans and pundits betting on her to succeed where many recent worthy contenders have failed. I’m not quite in her bandwagon, though, as I’m still betting on the SEAT ladies and you know one other slot is reserved for one of the big favorites for the crown. Perhaps a wildcard could be ready for her?

INDONESIA – Bunga Jelitha. This country enjoyed a streak of quarterfinal finishes since 2013, and I’m bullish that this lady can continue that streak. Now, the question would be if this lady could be the one who will be able to advance to the next round. She has the statuesque frame of her predecessor and a likable struggle-to-provide-for-family story. Let’s see how everything would go during the finals.

IRAQ – Sarah Idan. Considering the news headlines this country received over the past decade, it’s nice to see this country return to this pageant after joining for its first and only time prior to this 45 years ago. She’s an attractive, solid contender, but not in serious contention for the Top 16–her mere presence is achievement enough. She did made headlines when her preliminary competition swimsuit caused a major ruckus at home, with her family receiving death threats–she should’ve followed the lead of her peers from that region (Egypt, Israel, and Lebanon) and sported a one-piece instead. It is reported that because of the furor, it was requested that her preliminary competition swimsuit photos be removed from all media. I’ll honor that request for her and her family’s safety’s sake.

IRELAND – Cailin Áine Ní Toibin. This blonde is notable for her Gaelic pride, proud of the fact she’s of the few who know how to speak the national language, Irish Gaelic, and it also shows how proud she is presenting her name, which the latter parts are a bit surprising to pronounce for most English speakers (it’s pronounced kay-lin ah-nyeh ni toe-bin). At least her name is not Caoimhe (which is either pronounced kee-vuh or kwee-vuh).

ISRAEL – Adar Gadelsman. It’s possible she can ride on the goodwill Miss Universe 2004 contestant Gal Gadot brought by being the star of the blockbuster smash hit Wonder Woman into a Top 16 finish. Her costume was inspired by that superhero, albeit with the blue-and-white motif of her national flag (plus Star of David shield) instead of Wonder Woman’s red-white-and-blue star-spangled costume. She did made a great impression in her one-piece swimsuit, projecting a sexy lean-and-trim figure that impressed some pageant fans and pundits enough to rate her as one of the best in this year’s swimsuit round. The question would now be, did she deliver a great interview in front of the preliminary panel of judges? This country is not known to be strong in the interview department.

ITALY – Maria Polverino. She’s a model who did make a great impression and seems to be thoughtful with her world peace sentiments in her introduction video.

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Subject: Does anyone know why the Miss U. org is lying that we could watch the prelims and the national competitions LIVE today...

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Date Posted: 21:01:52 11/25/17 Sat

... when both were held on Monday.

On the MU website, the MU org. claims that these were/are held today...

Tune in to the MISS UNIVERSE® Preliminary Competition streaming LIVE from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 25, 2017 at 11AM ET.
Tune in to the MISS UNIVERSE® National Costume Show, streaming LIVE from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 25, 2017 at 9PM ET.

Is it because of security threads + death threads towards Miss Iraq?

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Subject: MISS UNIVERSE 2017: AT THE HOMESTRETCH (PART 1) by Joseph Vitug.

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Date Posted: 01:56:23 11/26/17 Sun


ALBANIA – Blerta Leka. This blonde is attractive and solid, but doesn’t really make much of an impact.

ANGOLA – Lauriela Martins. She surprisingly has a good command of English based on her introduction video, and she seems to have a depth of character. She could conceivably secure one of the Top 16 slots, most likely as a wildcard (as slots are mostly reserved for the Southeast Asians and the big favorite to win).

ARGENTINA – Stefania Incandela. She’s trim and polished, and performed at a top-notch level. But enough to make the Top 16? It’s possible, but there are more ladies held in higher regard than her.

ARUBA – Alina Mansur. She’s polished, but her key obstacle is her rather plain face.

AUSTRALIA – Olivia Rogers. This blonde has great interview skills besides a polished presence. However will there be enough spots for her considering the highly buzzed favorites from the current Southeast Asian Triumvirate or SEAT (Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand), plus dealing with the big favorite for the crown and other awesome Africans?

AUSTRIA – Celine Shrenk. She may be not that buzzed about but she’s good looking and likable. She could be a worthwhile underdog sleeper possibility for the Top 16.

BAHAMAS – Yasmine Cooke. Her best quality is her communication skills, but would that be enough to overlook her very angular facial features?

BARBADOS – Lesley Chapman-Andrews. She’s one of many ladies letting their wild frizz go. Sometimes that is a welcome thing, but on many occasions like in this case, it’s a tad distracting.

BELGIUM – Liesbeth Claus. Though two Nordic blondes are playing the Siera Bearchell card to gain attention, it is this lady who fits that bill better than those two as she is obviously on the hefty side. She’s good looking and her hefty frame still qualifies as trim and fit enough, but the key here is if she made a strong enough impression in interview (I’m not certain about that).

BOLIVIA – Gleisy Noguer Hassen. Here is one brunette who possesses a massive mane of unruly frizz. Her frizzy hair does garner attention, but does it flatter her overall? She does have a trim figure and worked her nude sequined sheath gown well, but I think her hair (and her relatively plain face) were a distraction from her otherwise solid preliminary competition performance.

BRAZIL – Monalysa Alcantara. No one can deny Brazil is a strong sash in this pageant, but for me this lady is a letdown from her similarly colored predecessor Raissa Santana. I’m not that bullish about her prospects for advancing but well, that sash is undeniable.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS – Khephra Sylvester. She is decent looking, but her off-the-rack yellow gown and her thick figure is not really doing her any favors, so like several predecessors from her country she’s likely to figure in the bottom of this batch.

BULGARIA – Nikoleta Todorova. She has a pretty face (albeit with a strong jaw) and she is one of those who can play the Siera Bearchell card. But we know most ladies from this country don’t fare well in interviews, and this lady is likely to be no exception.

CAMBODIA – Sotheary By. She delivered a polished debut for her country and she makes a positive impression. But as we all know, the SEAT is just too formidable for her to make inroads, that the most we can give is a salute for her country participating for the first time.

CANADA – Lauren Howe. This blonde actually ticks all the boxes, even if she is not necessarily a buzzed about favorite. But she reportedly is a strong interview, and with interview now holding a strong weight she can make serious inroads into the finals.

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Subject: A lot of you so called pageant fans needs to grow up. I believe this has to be the worst year for pageant fans of a certain country belittle and bash the countries who are stronger than theirs. I believe the biggest rivalry this year is Thailand vs Philippines.... did you all see the distasteful and NASTY comments from their fans bickering back and forth with each other on the Miss Universe Preliminary competition on FB today?! All I can say is wow! Everyone needs to grow up. The more hype the worser of "your girl's" chance. Be kind.

Have respect
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Date Posted: 21:26:15 11/25/17 Sat

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Subject: Miss Colombia, Miss Mexico and Miss Venezuela

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Date Posted: 00:29:22 11/25/17 Sat

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Date Posted: 20:12:45 11/23/17 Thu

Selection will be as follows:

4 delegates from the Americas chosen by the prelim judges: 60% based on Interview and 40% based on Monday's prelim.

4 delegates from Europe, same as above.

4 delegates from Africa/Middle East/Asia/Oceania, same as above.

The 4 remaining spots to complete Top 16 are: 3 assigned by Prelim Judges/MUO and 1 for the winner of the popular vote. The last 4 spots can he filled by girls of any region.

After that, Top 10, 5 and 3 selection continues as usual.

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Date Posted: 16:06:43 11/25/17 Sat

• USA - She proved her bashers wrong, she came prepared and she slayed!
• JAMAICA – An accomplished woman at 21. She’s the Executive director of her own modeling agency and she’s in the process of building a sign language app.
• MEXICO – The strongest latina in my book. At first I thought she wouldn’t deliver but as the days progressed she keeps impressing me!
• PUERTO RICO – Wow she was ravishing like hurricane Irma. Seriously, she blew me away!

• PHILIPPINES – Exquisite, refined, elegance personified. She’s the real deal!
• INDIA – Another surprise! Her gown is one of my faves, and that face? It’s like an angel!
• SOUTH AFRICA – She should change that gown and hair asap! Other than that still the face of the pageant.
• INDONESIA – She has a sob story in her official video intro. She is statuesque and her presence is hard to ignore!

• ICELAND – The Most beautiful blonde I’ve ever seen in years! Her message about Body positivity is truly empowering.
• SPAIN – Oh my she’s giving me Gabriela Isler elegance! She’s smoldering.
• GREAT BRITAIN – One of those who have that wow factor, but her gown is not really my cup of tea. I hope she has a spare Almodal gown for the finals.
• RUSSIA – Had she competed in the Trump era, this beauty would have been a force to reckon with. Her beauty is hard to ignore!

• THAILAND (Fan Vote) – Her gown is classic and very resplendent! Thailand is hungry for their third Miss Universe. Is she the one?
• IRAQ – Brave, talented and Ambitious! She also served in the military both in Iraq and the US. Plus her swimsuit controversy reminds me of Artika Sari Devi (Indonesia 2005) who also received death threats but paved way for Indonesian beauties in succeeding years!
• SWEDEN – A motivational speaker and she is a woman of charity. Her prelim performance also impressed me. She was calm, graceful and confident!! Way to go Frida!
• EGYPT – She impressed me in her video about not conforming to the norm. Everbody is indeed unique and this lady is bubbly and vivacious! I love her energy during the prelims plus her evening gown was one of my favorites. And don’t forget she was crowned by Iris, there’s gotta be at least one country that places in the finals where the reigning Miss Universe visits.

1. TANZANIA – Empowering story. Let’s see if she goes far!
2. GERMANY – What a beautiful face! Her alabaster skin tone is flawless and she gave a solid performance too!
3. VENEZUELA – I’m still on the fence here with Keysi. She gave a solid performance too but I just don’t see that burning desire from her. If she makes it to the finals I’m sure she has a different gown and please no ponytail Keysi!
4. ANGOLA – She’s giving me Micaela Reis, but a tamed one lol! No one is hyping this goddess! I believe she is a stellar candidate from her country since Leila Lopes!

1. JAMAICA (Davina Bennett)
2. USA (Kara Mcculough)
3. PHILIPPINES (Rachel Peters)
4. THAILAND (Maria Ehren Poonlertlarp)
5. ICELAND (Arna Yr Jonsdottir)
6. MEXICO (Denise Franco)
7. SOUTH AFRICA (Demi Leigh Nel Peters)
8. SPAIN (Sofia Del Prado)
9. VENEZUELA (Keysi Sayago)
10. INDIA (Shraddha Shashidhar)
11. PUERTO RICO (Danna Hernandez)
12. INDONESIA (Bunga Jelitha)
13. GREAT BRITAIN (Ana Burdzy)
14. SWEDEN (Frida Fornander)
15. IRAQ (Sarah Idan)
16. EGYPT (Farah Sedky)
17. RUSSIA (Kseniya Alexandrova)
18. ANGOLA (Lauriela Martins)
19. GERMANY (Sophia Koch)
20. TANZANIA (Lilian Ericaah)

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Subject: Pageant Predictions

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Date Posted: 19:50:08 11/25/17 Sat

Hey all does Monkayman still run that Pageant Predictions contest? I can't seem to find where to submit Miss Universe predictions.

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Subject: MISS UNIVERSE 2017: AT THE HOMESTRETCH (PROLOGUE) written by Joseph Vitug.

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Date Posted: 19:49:01 11/25/17 Sat

Attracting a record 92 delegates for the Miss Universe pageant should have been major cause for celebration, as finally this pageant breached the 90-delegate barrier. There are also country debuts of Cambodia, Laos, and Nepal to chew on, along with the return of Iraq after a 45-year absence.

However, as the events are underway, the mood was deflated by a couple of factors:

The events seem to be simply confined to activities within the vicinity of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. There’s not even a tour to Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon or other nearby environs.
They decided to stage the National Costume and Preliminary Competition at the Mezzanine, which is basically like a hallway in-between the function rooms and ballrooms in the complex. It led to serious poor lighting issues and a threadbare stage. They used to stage these events pretty close to the finals on the same stage as the finals, like four days before the finals in recent editions, and the argument that they only were able to secure the Axis Theater venue only around that time is no excuse–they could’ve staged the Preliminary and National Costume at the Axis Theater during the first day they secured the venue.

Then, there is the introduction of a new Top 16 semifinal format that is based on regional allocation. As it is now fully disclosed, there will be three finalists selected from each of these three regions: 1) Americas (North, Central, South American & the Caribbean), 2) Europe, and 3) Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Then the ongoing popular vote turns out will generate three winners, one each from the aforementioned regions. Then they allocated four wildcard slots for other ladies regardless of region. This format divided pageant netizens–some welcomed it as it is proper to have a more equitable representation. But others argue that merit should always prevail, and if a region is relatively weak (for instance, Europe has been struggling to secure slots in this pageant for almost three decades) that’s their fault. Where do I stand on this? Let me point out that Miss World had toyed with this format in the 1980s and in the mid-2000s, but ditched it since then…

So the pageant activities seem to be a letdown thus far. How about the 92 delegates? How do they hold up against the ultra-competitive stellar batches of 2015 and 2016? As is customary I’ll evaluate them individually, so join with me in this journey as we review them…

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Date Posted: 18:01:35 11/25/17 Sat

MISS UNIVERSE EVE. Good Luck to the 92 women who showed up in Las Vegas this year. Even though the coverage was lackluster, I am still hoping for glamour, excitement and entertainment - regardless of all negativity. Minus Pitbull, this would make a great opening for the annual pageant tomorrow. Have fun evetyone.

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Subject: Last Time Making the Cut

Basketball Fan
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Date Posted: 21:37:38 11/23/17 Thu

Limited to countries participating at Miss Universe 2017

2016: France, Haiti, Colombia, Philippines, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Panama, Peru
2015: Australia, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Japan, Venezuela, Belgium, South Africa
2014: Ukraine, Netherlands, Jamaica, Argentina, Spain, India, Italy
2013: Ecuador, Great Britain, China, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico
2012: Russia, Croatia, Poland, Turkey
2011: Angola, Portugal
2010: Albania, Guatemala, Ireland, Czech Republic
2009: Iceland, Sweden
2008: Vietnam
2007: Korea, Tanzania, Slovenia
2006: Paraguay, Bolivia, Trinidad and Tobago, Ethiopia
2005: Israel, Norway
2004: Chile
2003: Namibia
2002: Germany
2001: Nigeria
1999: Ghana
1996: Aruba, Finland, El Salvador
1994: Slovak Republic
1992: New Zealand
1987: Singapore
1985: Uruguay
1982: Guam
1977: Austria
1973: Lebanon
1971: U.S. Virgin Islands
1970: Malaysia
1955: Sri Lanka, Honduras
Never: Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Cayman Islands, Egypt, Georgia, Guyana, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mauritius, Myanmar, Romania, Saint Lucia, Zambia
First Time Participating: Cambodia, Laos, Nepal

Longest Active Streaks of Making the Cut
7 years: Philippines
6 years: USA, Brazil
4 years: Indonesia
3 years: France, Colombia
2 years: Thailand, Mexico

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Subject: The Road to Miss USA is now open for Delaware

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Date Posted: 23:00:24 11/24/17 Fri

go and post your picks!

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Subject: Can someone post a swimsuit and gown pic of Miss Iceland? She's my crush this year!

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Date Posted: 23:31:14 11/21/17 Tue

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Subject: Miss Kansas USA Orientation Headshots and Evening Gown pics up! http://misskansasusa.com/contestants_ksusa.html

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Date Posted: 14:21:35 11/25/17 Sat


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Subject: Would you put this past IMG and MUO? Personally, I'm not buying what they're selling.

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Date Posted: 18:46:48 11/22/17 Wed


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Subject: Mock Miss Universe 2017 Mock sibling pairings for non Mock Top 16

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Date Posted: 11:48:22 11/25/17 Sat

Mock sibling list for non Mock Miss Universe Top 16

Albania -- WilliamNYC
Angola -- cammie and NovR
Argentina -- Alessa
Aruba -- BeachDude
Austria -- Sifiso
Bahamas -- ADL
Barbados -- MadeYaLo0k
Belgium -- HIM
Bolivia -- Canadian Fan
Brazil -- greyfelino

BR Virgin Islands -- DigiBeauti
Bulgaria -- JadeHarris
Cambodia -- IVIS I GUERRA and Reg
Cayman Islands -- Ian sebastin and PGMomma
Chile -- kyboi and TikiJava
China -- yrralh
Costa Rica -- raffyob and tony__usb
Croatia -- Milleka and pageant pearl
Curacao -- RickyD and Saucy
Czech Republic -- HiJake

Dominican Republic -- Samuel
Ecuador -- jojo and kitten lover
Egypt -- Athalia and QueenE
El Salvador -- BPVANBC
Ethiopia -- Aduke and gAgA_x
Finland -- mujudge
Georgia -- Aloha Joe and Riverboy
Ghana -- Ciao500
Great Britain -- Aiden*
Guam -- David from Ireland and DocRoc57

Guatemala -- Jessica
Guyana -- Harley
Haiti -- Ilpageantdiva
Honduras -- MoNkayMaN
India -- carlosQZ
Iraq -- floozie and rebel79
Ireland -- Marcum74
Israel -- MefromCali and NEQueen
Italy -- Catherine Cates-NYC and vegas
Jamaica -- Gilbert

Japan -- ETB_CA
Kazakhstan -- Anthony Masters Muse
Korea -- Bamaman and PDXSEA
Laos -- Texas freak
Lebanon -- Dulce1203 and jayp2010
Malaysia -- dencarna85 and John James
Malta -- Val Ewing
Mauritius -- AnnieA
Myanmar -- annec and ngsam191
Namibia -- salso

Nepal -- Aria
Netherlands -- Mulkenator
New Zealand -- inoshishi
Nicaragua -- Alpats12
Nigeria -- MidWestChic
Norway -- TRTW
Panama -- Calfan
Paraguay -- Suebee
Poland -- Dorothy
Portugal -- Wolfe Saxton

Puerto Rico -- hbq and miss.europe
Romania -- Bocalee and Katty
Singapore -- hardkori
Slovak Republic -- Goldenboy
Slovenia -- dan_nz
Spain -- Judge Wanda
St Lucia -- Nanook
Sweden -- BeenThereDoneThat and Version 2.O
Tanzania -- pageantlex and Suckr4silvergowns
Trinidad and Tobago -- Stephanie Anne Grindewalt and Tarheel

Turkey -- IHP
Ukraine -- littlelamb3

Uruguay -- Freud
US Virgin Islands -- ICEMAN
Vietnam -- Eddief401 and Wes Brandon
Zambia -- MissNadia

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Subject: Why South Africa may not win Miss Universe - only a Theory

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Date Posted: 21:25:15 11/24/17 Fri

Many die-hard Miss Universe fans kinda believe that Esther Swan and Lu-Sierra have a strong influence and actually pulls the strings on who's elected Miss Universe. I hope I'm wrong, I just have a hard time believing that two of most most powerful African-American Women in the Miss Universe Organization would elect a White South African. Miss SA is certainly beautiful but I'm not sure that's what IMG is looking for. Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters beauty is a throwback to another era. I think Miss Universe will crown Peru as the New Miss Universe on Sunday.

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Subject: Miss Tanzania

David R
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Date Posted: 13:54:56 11/22/17 Wed

There's a video on YouTube, alledgedly Miss Tanzania went to the Miss Universe pageant with only $80.00, how is that possible I thought directors assusmed the cost of sending contestants to MU.

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Subject: KANSAS professional photos are up, y'all!

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Date Posted: 23:24:19 11/24/17 Fri

Miss Close-ups:
Miss EG's:

Teen Close-ups:
Teen EG's:

Goddammit, I love me some Vanbros! All other states, please take note...

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Subject: My top 16

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Date Posted: 18:36:55 11/24/17 Fri

Miss Universe 2017 top 15 are....

From Europe...AUSTRIA
From Asia/Africa/Oceania...VIETNAM
From North and South America...PERU
Second from Europe....GREAT BRITAIN
Second from Asia/Africa/Oceania...AUSTRALIA
Second from North and South America...CANADA
Third from Europe...RUSSIA
Third from Asia/Africa/Oceania...PHILIPPINES
Third from North and South America...JAMAICA
Fourth from Europe...FRANCE
Fourth from Asia/Africa/Oceania...INDONESIA
Fourth from North and South America...VENEZUELA
Wild card number 1... MEXICO
Wild card number 2...CURACAO
Wild card number 3...IRELAND
The final spot is...THAILAND

The contestants just missing my top 16

Sri Lanka, Belgium, Germany, Colombia, USA

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Subject: Global Beauties latest leaderboard

Old timer
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Date Posted: 13:32:43 11/23/17 Thu

It's always interesting to see what Global Beauties thinks. Their current leaderboard has this top 5:

1. South Africa
2. USA
3. Thailand
4. Russia
5. Indonesia

You can see the rest here:

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Subject: Some more stats. Let's see how many times each country participated and placed in the past (2017 countries only).

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Date Posted: 06:56:20 11/24/17 Fri

Every year when I open my notepad to update these stats, I get surprised by something. This time, two things struck me.
I am shocked Aruba has only 2 placements... and also the fact that France only has 19 surprised me. Also, I was pretty surprised that Costa Rica only missed three editions.
What surprises you the most in these stats?

Placements (out of 66, participation for 2017 included)

USA 60 / 65
Venezuela 41 / 64
Brazil 35 / 63
Colombia 33 / 60
Sweden 29 / 63
India 22 / 54
Philippines 21 / 64
South Africa 21 / 43
Germany 21 / 66
Puerto Rico 20 / 63
Israel 20 / 65
Great Britain 20 / 57 (incl. 19 pl. as England)
Japan 19 / 64
France 19 / 66
Mexico 19 / 60
Finland 18 / 62
Peru 18 / 64
Australia 18 / 54
Spain 17 / 58
Canada 17 / 66
Norway 17 / 59
Italy 15 / 64
Argentina 15 / 59
Netherlands 13 / 57 (incl. Holland)
Chile 13 / 54
Belgium 10 / 63
Panama 9 / 50
Dominican Republic 9 / 55
Thailand 9 / 53
Russia 9 / 26 (incl. 1 pl. as USSR, incl. CIS)
Austria 8 / 43
Czech Republic 8 / 28 (incl. 2 as Czechoslovakia)
Korea 8 / 63
Ireland 8 / 54
Trinidad and Tobago 8 / 44
Ukraine 6 / 22
Jamaica 6 / 48 (incl. Kingston, Jamaica)
Uruguay 6 / 63
Iceland 5 / 33
Curaçao 5 / 50
Poland 5 / 34
Indonesia 5 / 22
New Zealand 5 / 53
El Salvador 4 / 45
Paraguay 4 / 55
Costa Rica 4 / 63
Angola 4 / 20
Haiti 3 / 14
Ecuador 3 / 60
China 3 / 16
Albania 3 / 14
Guatemala 3 / 48
Turkey 3 / 58
Nicaragua 3 / 38
Bolivia 3 / 59
Lebanon 3 / 40
Guam 2 / 41
Aruba 2 / 50
Singapore 2 / 55
Croatia 2 / 21
Namibia 2 / 23
Sri Lanka 1 / 44
Nigeria 1 / 30
Ghana 1 / 18
Turks & Caicos 1 / 29
Tanzania 1 / 11
Portugal 1 / 36
US Virgin Islands 1 / 39
Malaysia 1 / 55
Vietnam 1 / 10
Honduras 1 / 46
Slovenia 1 / 15
Ethiopia 1 / 8
Slovak Republic 1 / 23
Bahamas 0 / 53
Barbados 0 / 15
British Virgin Islands 0 / 33
Bulgaria 0 / 23
Cambodia n/a / 1
Cayman Islands 0 / 28
Egypt 0 / 25
Georgia 0 / 13
Guyana 0 / 22
Iraq 0 / 2
Kazakhstan 0 / 9
Laos n/a / 1
Malta 0 / 36
Mauritius 0 / 30
Myanmar 0 / 8
Nepal n/a / 1
Romania 0 / 15
Saint Lucia 0 / 7
Zambia 0 / 9

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Subject: Final Format -- Individual or Group

Ian Sebastin
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Date Posted: 21:40:51 11/24/17 Fri

I have not been happy with the overall coverage. Also, I thought the preliminaries were a disaster. However, from videos on Youtube which show the girls practicing on the main stage, it looks like each girl will get her own airtime instead of coming out in groups of three. That is some positive news.

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Subject: If Kara Wins on Sunday

Basketball Fan
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Date Posted: 22:31:26 11/23/17 Thu

If Kara wins Miss Universe on Sunday, how does everyone feel about Chhavi Verg taking over as Miss USA? Chhavi would be the first Miss USA of South Asian heritage.

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