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Sept 16-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Miss Wyoming USA

Sept 23-24, 2017
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Miss/Teen Idaho USA
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Miss/Teen North Carolina USA

Sept 30, 2017
Miss/Teen Alaska USA USA

Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2017
Miss/Teen South Dakota USA

Oct 7-8, 2017
Miss/Teen Iowa USA
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Oct 13-14, 2017
Miss/Teen Tennessee USA

Oct 14-15,2017
Miss/Teen New Jersey USA
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Oct 20-21, 2017
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Miss/Teen Hawaii USA

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Miss Texas Teen USA

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Miss/Teen California USA
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Miss/Teen Florida USA

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Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA

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Miss/Teen Nebraska USA

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Subject: Miss Universe suing the make of the Crowns

Maybe this is why Teen USA used the old crown this year
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Date Posted: 21:52:55 05/18/17 Thu

Hadn't seen this elsewhere on the board. Here is a link to the article: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-missuniverse-lawsuit-idUSKCN18C2JY

and: http://www.thefashionlaw.com/home/miss-universe-co-slaps-crown-maker-with-trademark-suit

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Subject: How long does it take for the snapchats to be available on a computer

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Date Posted: 18:40:32 05/18/17 Thu

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Subject: WME/IMG Political and Social Agenda

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Date Posted: 03:38:57 05/18/17 Thu


Earlier this year WME-IMG, the owners of Miss Universe, formed a national political action committee to combat the policies put in place by TRUMP in his first weeks in office, specifically the Muslim Travel Ban. IMG stated the company’s greatest asset is THE DIVERSITY OF OUR BACKGROUNDS AND BELIEFS. PLEASE KNOW THAT WE WILL DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO SUPPORT AND PROTECT THIS DIVERSITY NOW AND IN THE MONTHS AND YEARS AHEAD." Does this plan for diversity include rigging their recently purchased pageant to ensure that they have the most diverse top 10 in Miss USA pageant history? Or does WME/IMG's new, hypocritical love for diversity provide COVER for their own notorious lack of diversity in Hollywood, including cover for prior racially charged lawsuits against Ari Emanuel himself? Last year's OSCAR SCANDAL UNCOVERED RACISM with Powerhouse Agents such as WME/IMG. The outcome of this year's Miss USA Pageant seems to be a CYA on the part of WME/IMG and an effort to start diversifying their smaller organizations such as Miss Universe.

Interestingly, it all seemed to backfire when the predetermined winner of this year's pageant gives a highly conservative view of on the rights to universal healthcare, as well as feminism!! I'm guessing they nearly choked on their rhinestones when they heard the answer to her final question! Perhaps they should have vetted the political views of this young, gorgeous black girl from the new home of Trump before deciding to give her the crown!! No surprise, less than 24 hours with handlers and she's back on track with the lefties!! Stay true to yourself Kára! Don't be used by this political machine with a social agenda. People, check the facts yourself research WME/IMG and the word Diversity! This is no longer an innocent beauty pageant that we all love as a fun hobby. This is now a plan by a billion dollar corporation to use our daughters for their own political, social and money making agendas. DO NOT GIVE YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS TO THIS UNETHICAL COMPANY that owns almost all of Hollywood, as well as Fashion Week, the UFC and PBR! Let's educate our pageant community about this company. Voice your disagreement by finding another pageant. It all makes sense now.

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Subject: Kara on TMZ talking about her healthcare stance.

Why is this still news?
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Date Posted: 18:48:01 05/16/17 Tue


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Subject: I am disappointed to see this "new direction" that everyone is talking about IMG going in. To me the turnout seemed to be more of a Miss America pageant where the top placers are unpredictable. Miss USA has always picked a "Beautiful Face" and normally you can predict the top 10. This year not so much. And why all the videos. Thats all we saw. Barely saw the top 10 and all the videos were of the same girls over and over again.

Not a fan anymore
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Date Posted: 00:30:48 05/18/17 Thu

Is anyone else as frustrated
We didnt need to see their up close & personal video on TV. They had already been posted all over Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Show America what they've always liked. Evening Gown, Swimsuit, and Real Introductions on each state. I thought the opening production number was great this year but if I want to watch the Michael Jackson show, then I'll buy tickets to the show. I came to watch Miss USA to watch the girls compete. Not the pole dancer. Seriously. These girls spend so much money on their evening gowns & preparation and then they are not even showcased. All we see are videos of different things and I would much rather watch the videos on social media and watch the more of the girls model. And did we really need to have 3 questions at top 10, top 5 & top 3 plus their video story. It was way too much. Bring back the glamour. That is what will get your ratings back. This is frustrating and there is such a huge difference in quality between Trump & IMG. Beauty pageants are beauty pageants and that is what we want.

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Subject: Esther Swan and Lu Sierra are now the driving force behind WME/IMG

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Date Posted: 07:40:38 05/18/17 Thu

Last Summer when the Miss Universe org. switched owners from Donald Trump to IMG, they issued a statement about developing a new strategy and going forward in a new direction. This is unofficial this is just me thinking, I think at some point IMG may have been impressed by the powerful duo of Esther Swan and Lu Sierra, and expanded their roles in creating a new image for MU hence we now see more diversity. This year's MU I remember I was stunned to see Miss Kenya make top 15 under new leadership.

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pageant pearl
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Date Posted: 14:01:19 05/18/17 Thu

YOU have an obligation to continue to select the most beautiful girl in your state. Don't be discouraged by what appears to be a takeover by IMG to revamp something that has been around for over 6 decades and doesn't need fine tuning. Miss USA was always about selecting the most beautiful. She, of course, would have to be articulate but that would not be the #1 priority in this beauty contest.

Here are some suggestions:

1. A better judges panel made up of a former Miss USA, TV or Movie actor/Actress, Top Notch Modeling Agency Owner, Top NOtch Photographer, Sports Icon.

2. Interview Last!

3. A simple scoring system. 33 1/3% Swimsuit 33 1/3 % Gown, and 33 1/3% Interview.

4.Ask the same question for the top 5.

If State Directors continue to send beauties to the Miss USA Pageant, IMG will have no choice.

There is no clearer message to IMG than the piss poor ratings they have experienced.

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Subject: Finally back from Vegas, and I've had time to process everything that went down this past weekend. I've put together a few thoughts on contestants, production, the direction of IMG, etc... Sorry if this ends up being long, but I have alot on my mind.

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Date Posted: 11:49:34 05/17/17 Wed

What a fantastic time I had in Las Vegas meeting up with old friends I've met over the years, and meeting new ones at every corner. To those of you who have never been, I encourage you to go. It really makes being a pageant follower 100x more enjoyable when you immerse yourself into pageant weekend.

Now on to business... I liked when Shanna Moakler came up with two lists of top 10 predictions the night before finals. Its what everyone in Vegas was doing after the Director's meeting with IMG. Its not my place to say what was said in this meeting, but it was apparent after speaking with several directors that IMG has forever changed the face of the Miss Universe Organization.

A few comments regarding IMG, and the Miss USA production:
- As a loyal pageant follower, I'm okay with their decision to modernize the system. I think a little bit of brains wont hurt anyone. But its a tough sell when trying to diminish the swimsuit competition, or the idea that beauty is not as significant anymore. There has to be a healthy middle ground.
- THE JUDGING PANEL - While I think each judge had their own merits, I think it was a horrible judging panel as a group. IMG's emphasis on diversity was pretty evident here. But in my opinion, I don't think the current Minnesota contestant had any business judging this year. I don't think you should ever judge the girl who beat you that same pageant season! Carson was great. And I'd be fine with him judging every year. Where was the straight male judge? No straight guy? So much for diversity.
- While we are on the topic of diversity... We get it IMG, you are showcasing diversity. But the cramming it down our throats was too much. When you have to present it the way they did, it just comes off as too contrived and forced to be genuine. I totally could have done without the segment where they had contestants at a round table discussion talking about immigration policy. (biggest eye roll of my life).
- I loved the opening number. It was the best I've ever seen. Fantastic from start to finish. I just wish they could have kept the format where the contestants introduce themselves. Give them a little more air time.
- The entertainment was phenomenal. Pitbull was perfect, really got the crowd on their feet. And while I'm not really a country fan, Brett E. did a good job singing the evening gown song.
- BRING BACK THE TOP 15! I cant help but feel that having a top 15, and allowing a few more contestants to make the cut, would have squashed a lot of the criticism regarding the Top 10. Seriously, they could have done it, and they should absolutely bring back a top 15 next year.

Now, down to the actual competition:
- Understanding the direction IMG is going, and estimating who the prelim judging panel was interested in, I wasn't surprised by the top 10. I don't think any of them were horrible selections (although I'm still scratching my head over Missouri). But the confusion in the crowd was that sooooo many great contestants (favorites and frontrunners) were left behind clapping. I know that happens every year, but it was too "in your face" this year.
- I did like the top 10 competing in both swimsuit and gown. But my goodness, give them more than a 7 second runway walk. Stage time for presentations have been getting smaller and smaller every year. There is not doubt in my mind this is part of the ratings problem. No competition, too much fluff. Bring back the girls!
- Two onstage questions. Really? I think one question is more than enough.

And now to the contestants. A brief rundown of what I can remember:
MISS USA (D.C.) - I truly do not understand all of the hate towards this girl. She was not my pre-pageant pick, but as soon as she walked out in opening number, I knew she was our winner. She had amazing stage presence, tons of confidence. And she really nailed every phase of competition. Regarding the onstage question... Some of you need to realize this is a pageant, not a political rally. I really don't care where their opinions fall on the political spectrum on any topic thrown at them. As long as they are able to back it up and be solid communicators all year, that's all that matters. If you disagree with anything she said, take it up with your local legislators.
1st RUNNER UP - NEW JERSEY - New Jersey was good. I think she clearly benefited from the message of diversity. Any other year there is no way she would have advanced after the swimsuit phase of competition, where I thought she had one of the worst walks in the pageant. But she was good in evening gown. I figured she would be in Top 3, and when she was I ranked her 1ru, which is where she landed. Congrats to her.
2nd RUNNER UP - MINNESOTA - Pretty blonde. But I cant help but think her inclusion in the Top 3 was to round out the message of diversity. She seemed very pageant-patty every time she spoke, whereas the others seemed composed and natural. I really didn't care for her pants evening gown. And I guess it didn't hurt her chances that a Minnesota competitor was beaming at her with a huge smile as a judge. I understood her in top 10, not top 3.
TOP 5 - SOUTH CAROLINA - SC grew on me throughout the pageant. Seemed really composed and very prepared. But what I liked most about her was how genuine and sweet she really came off. Not forced, just very naturally positive. I thought the gown was great on her. Once she was in top 10, I had her in top 5. Once she made top 5, I actually had her making the top 3. Good job SC.
TOP 5 - ILLINOIS - I think she's pretty. But I didn't understand her inclusion in the top 10. I thought there were better candidates for that spot. I found her dress too similar to Deshauna's from last year. And her short stature was really evident in swimsuit. I would not have had her in top 10, or top 5. But good for her. I hate conspiracy theories, but someone also pointed out to me her work as an actress on a FOX series could have also had a hand in her final placement. Seems plausible.
TOP 10 - NEW YORK - I was up and down with New York. But she was deserving of her final placement. Her gown was probably my favorite in the Top 10. Didn't like her hairstyle though. And she looked awesome in swimsuit.
TOP 10 - CALIFORNIA - I loved everything about California, and had her in my Top 5. She was a great cross-section with what we pageant followers love about pageants, and the direction IMG seems to be going. I was surprised she did not make the Top 5. Gown was polarizing. I heard many loving it, some not so much. I like it.
TOP 10 - TENNESSEE - For as much hype as she received before the pageant, she fell flat for me in prelims. Nice figure in swimsuit, good presentation skills. But truthfully her gown was too neutral and made her blend into the background. She is pretty, but it just didn't translate for me when she was on stage. Good top 10 pick, but I did not have her making top 5.
TOP 10 - ALASKA - She did nice in prelim swimsuit. Evening gown Dracula wife look had me a little confused until it was explained. I admit, I was surprised to see her in Top 10. But she wasn't a bad pick. Maybe could have made top 5 without her confusion in swimsuit finals?
TOP 10 - MISSOURI - I don't understand her inclusion in the top 10. Not because she was bad. She did good enough in everything I guess. But I could have picked 20 contestants left clapping who I would have put in her place, even with the new IMG direction in mind. Having said that, I liked her gown. She looked good in it. And the story of her being the first black Miss Missouri USA was nice. It may have carried her into the Top 10.

ALABAMA - Great gown. I liked her more than I thought I would. I thought she had a shot at making a top 15, but a top 10 would be tough.
ARIZONA - Nice figure. I liked her gown. Seemed very stiff though.
ARKANSAS - For as much as I liked Arkansas before the pageant, she really faded into the background in Las Vegas.
COLORADO - Had some momentum early on in Las Vegas. Had one of my favorite interview outfits. Her gown was safe. Would have liked to see her push the limits with her figure in gown. Another one who could have benefited from having a Top 15.
CONNECTICUT - Being kind of low on my list after her snapchat takeover, I was pleasantly surprised with CT. I didn't have her making the cut, but she did better than I thought she would.
DELAWARE - I was so thrown off by her social media posts right before going to Vegas, about how one year ago she was suicidal, now she is on her way to Miss USA. That's fine and all, but it just seemed way too much. Trying too hard to have a story. Beyond that, I really liked her. Tall and pretty. I wish her hair would have been a little longer. She had a nice gown. Thought she would get a little more love after prelims than she did.
FLORIDA - I hate to be negative. But I would have sent several other delegates from Florida who I know could have killed this competition. The whole Florida controversy sucks, and should have never happened. But I just think Florida wasn't as competitive as some of the other top notch contestants.
GEORGIA - After all the hype, prelims put Georgia in a new category. I figured she was not going to make the cut. She was just too curvy in my opinion. HOWEVER, watching her in dress rehearsal (she made the top 2), she is so beautiful. I could have looked at her all day. I don't think her gown did her any favors whatsoever. Her styling seemed off.
HAWAII - One of my favorite pleasant surprises of the pageant. For getting little attention pre-Vegas, she came to compete. Very strong in all phases of competition. And I loved her gown.
IDAHO - Good job.
INDIANA - Good job.
IOWA - Another pleasant surprise. Had a lot of people talking after prelims.
KANSAS - After prelims, she was in my top 10/15. Great gown presentation. And her height made her look fantastic. I thought she would make the top 10.
KENTUCKY - Good job.
LOUISIANA - In the old days of Trump, I think Louisiana would have been a lock for top 10, maybe top 5. She was one of my favorites after prelims. I loved her gown. And she had tremendous stage presentation in both rounds of stage competition. I was worried that she would come across too "TEEN" but she did not. Good job Louisiana!
MAINE - Good job.
MARYLAND - Loved her, except for the over the top faces she was making in prelims. They were distracting, and she did not need the distraction. Could have easily made it. Wasn't totally surprised she didn't. But she was in my Top 10.
MASSACHUSETTS - I really loved her in prelims (from my computer). I definitely would have put her in my top 10. But seeing her in dress rehearsal (she made top 2), she really read very young to me. But like I said, I liked her.
MICHIGAN - Very intriguing. I've liked her since she won her state title. Really came across as an exotic eastern European in prelims, which I favor. May not have had enough punch to make the top 10, but I thought she did great!
MISSISSIPPI - One of my pre-pageant favorites. I think Mississippi may have been too blonde, too pretty, and actually too normal to advance. Another one who could have seen success in the Trump era.
MONTANA - One of my favorite gowns of the competition.
NEBRASKA - Everyone loved her after prelims, but I couldn't get her snapchat takeover out of my head, which was one of my least favorites. Pretty girl (resembles Marissa Powell).
NEVADA - Strong presentation skills in both swimsuit and gown. Another one who may have fallen victim to being too pretty and too blonde to make the cut. Could have been Miss USA if she would have made it a few years ago. And I really wish we could have seen her finals night gown in competition.
NEW HAMPSHIRE - Great gown. Good job.
NEW MEXICO - Good job.
NORTH CAROLINA - Would have been Top 5 if she competed a few years ago. Gorgeous face. Not a huge fan of her evening gown though. I thought she looked like an Academy Award. Bottom line, I think she fell victim to IMG's new direction...
NORTH DAKOTA - Good job.
OHIO - I ended up liking her much better than I thought I would. She was much prettier than I expected her to be. Her gown was polarizing with the pink cape part. But it kept me looking. Overall good job.
OKLAHOMA - One of the most underrated faces of the pageant. This girl was stunning when I saw her up close. Her gown was a miss. Most people didn't favor it. I wasn't as bothered by it, as it was different from the rest of the pack.
OREGON - I liked her from her snapchat, but she did not come as prepared for this event as I would have liked.
PENNSYLVANIA - Natural beauty. Seemed a little timid compared to some of the others.
RHODE ISLAND - Pretty. I thought she could have made the cut.
SOUTH DAKOTA - Nice job.
TEXAS - Could have made the cut. Probably should have made the cut. Did everything right.
UTAH - Best face of the competition. Was not a fan of the styling. Put this girl in a simple, white, sheet dress (Oxana) with a ponytail... Could have been an entirely different finish for her. I thought her gown was pretty for a red carpet on J Lo. But it was too much for this event. Made her look very broad and boxy. Her walk seemed a little uncomfortable. But she is the first contestant I've ever liked wearing a one piece in swimsuit. Something tells me we haven't seen the last of her.
VERMONT - Good job.
VIRGINIA - Could have pulled out an upset if she made the top 10. Was a very pleasant surprise in prelims. Would have made the top 15 a few years ago under Trump.
WASHINGTON - Lots of people liked her. Good job.
WEST VIRGINIA - Started getting lots of hype in the last few weeks. I never really had her in my top group of girls. But she looked nice in prelims. Good job.
WISCONSIN - Seemingly a great personality, and looked like she was having the time of her life.
WYOMING - Came on stronger than I expected her to. Pleasant surprise.

Final thoughts - We have entered a whole new world of pageantry from the Miss Universe Organization. I'm okay with women of accomplishment, but I hate the notion of a "story" will get you far. I want to know, what have you done as a result of that story. I hate a crutch. Also, I pray IMG understands the importance of beauty to their brand. Otherwise they are nothing more than a hybrid of Miss America and Miss World. And Miss America pays their contestants. Sooooo.......

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Subject: Given the changes in the pageant if you had been a competitor are you rethinking that decision

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Date Posted: 09:43:47 05/18/17 Thu

I am not competing but given the expense, time I would think " Why bother? There are other things I can do.

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