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Sept 1-3, 2017
Miss Texas USA

Sept 3-4, 2017
Miss/Teen Illinois USA

Sept 9-10, 2017
Miss/Teen Montana USA
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Miss/Teen Wisconsin USA

Sept 16-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Miss Wyoming USA

Sept 23-24, 2017
Miss/Teen Missouri USA

Sept 29-30
Miss/Teen Idaho USA
Miss/Teen Michigan USA
Miss/Teen North Carolina USA

Sept 30, 2017
Miss/Teen Alaska USA USA

Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2017
Miss/Teen South Dakota USA

Oct 7-8, 2017
Miss/Teen Iowa USA
Miss/Teen Oregon USA
Miss/Teen West Virginia USA

Oct 13-14, 2017
Miss/Teen Tennessee USA

Oct 14-15,2017
Miss/Teen New Jersey USA
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Oct 20-21, 2017
Miss/Teen Louisiana USA

Oct 21-22, 2017
Miss/Teen Miss Indiana USA
Miss/Teen Virginia USA

Oct 27-28, 2017
Miss/Teen Mississippi USA

Oct 28-29, 2017
Miss/Teen Arkansas USA
Miss/Teen Colorado USA
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Miss/Teen New Hampshire USA

Nov 3-4, 2017
Miss/Teen Alabama USA

Nov 4-5, 2017
Miss/Teen North Dakota USA
Miss/Teen Washington USA

Nov 11-12, 2017
Miss/Teen Ohio USA
Miss/Teen Vermont USA

Nov 17-18, 2017
Miss/Teen Georgia USA
Miss/Teen South Carolina USA

Nov 18-19, 2017
Miss/Teen Miss Massachusetts USA
Miss/Teen Nevada USA

Nov 19, 2017
Miss/Teen Hawaii USA

Nov 25-26, 2017
Miss/Teen Delaware USA
Miss/Teen Kansas USA
Miss/Teen Minnesota USA
Miss Texas Teen USA

Dec 2-3, 2017
Miss/Teen California USA
Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA

Dec 14-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Florida USA

Dec 16, 2017
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA

Dec 16-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Jan 6-7, 2018
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA

Arizona USA
Connecticut USA
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Maine USA
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New York USA
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Subject: Miss Philippines 2017 is Rachel Peters. Seeing Paulina Vega anyone?

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Date Posted: 13:59:18 04/30/17 Sun

Last edited by author: Sun April 30, 2017 19:33:23   Edited 2 times.
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Subject: Who won Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic at Miss USA 2017?

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Date Posted: 11:27:46 05/15/17 Mon

It's a shame they can't announce the award recipients during the live telecast.

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Subject: MISS UNIVERSE 2017 FRONTRUNNERS - Last Two Standing

Future Roommates na sila!
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Date Posted: 23:47:09 05/14/17 Sun

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Subject: Will they cancel each other out at Universe?

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Date Posted: 22:45:45 05/14/17 Sun

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Subject: Iris won without a sad back story. Last year, people says Deshauna won because she has an impressive resume. Still, Iris won. What did she shared in her life? She had a cooking lesson with a Michelin chef. Other was, as a dentistry student, she wanna help children about the importance of dental health care. Rachel comes from a rich family. Her dad is involved in bringing foreign acts to the Philippines. And Rachel is helping with their business. Rachel can also share the beauty of the place like Caramoan. She can say more about being a half Brit, who studied in Australia, but maintains having a Filipino heart despite of the fact that her parents now reside in Thailand. Rachel can also venture into different causes. Its too early to judge Rachel. I think, its not really important if you have a sad story like Kenya, weight issue like Canada, or even being in the military like USA.

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Date Posted: 22:04:35 05/16/17 Tue

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Subject: DC did not deserve to win

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Date Posted: 22:56:18 05/15/17 Mon

There I said it.

I am all about MERITS. And even if I put aside how disastrous the show was, DC still wasn't the best girl to perform last night.

New Jersey had amazing answers for both rounds of Q&As. And I was left asking what else NJ could have done in order to win? Pre-pageant, I had NJ around 5th-7th place, so I'm definitely not some sort fan. But I felt like taking the final 2 rounds into account, she was deserving to win.

I was so sure that NJ had won that I was floored that DC was declared Miss USA. Frankly, DC's 1st answer was horrible. What compassion or empathy is there to say healthcare is a privilege? And that if you want healthcare, you better have a job. Isn't compassion/empathy what we want in a Miss USA?

DC's 2nd answer was just so-so. And although she's decent looking, she's definitely not near the most beautiful. So beauty isn't the excuse for her win.

Which boils down to my belief and suspicion that she was pushed by IMG to win. Like Deshauna's "I'm in the military," Kara was heavily featured and touted as a nuclear scientist working for the government and as the smartest girl ever to compete.

I love diversity and we need minorities to be represented, but why can't we have deserving diverse women as winners??? Hawaii last year would have made a great Asian winner. And NJ would have been another deserving Asian winner this year.

Instead, we get heavy-handed manipulation for a certain girl to win. Whatever IMG's narrative is that year, that's the winner we get. This year, it's about diversity and being the smarty-pants that ever smarty-panted. 50% black women in the top 10 is over-representation and taking affirmative action to the extreme. And this is coming from someone who believes AA should still exist in college.

So IMG, stop rigging the pageant!!! Let it be. Let the competition happen...fairly! You will get a great winner regardless.

/rants over

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Subject: Change in 2017

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Date Posted: 13:19:12 05/15/17 Mon

I spent the last few hours reflecting on the horrendous responses in social media that last nights pageant generated. I tried desperately to avoid responding to all the racial hostility projected in social media. Once my day starting being disrupted I knew that I needed to respond for my own sanity and peace of mind.

The critiques about how this pageant was organized and produced have been reprehensible and appalling. As a 48 year old African American man who has worked in this industry since 1988. It saddens me that I'm living in an era of this much hate in a country that prides itself on celebrating racial diversity. Some of the responses over the course of the last few hours have been mind blowing.

I haven't seen women of color subjected to this blatant disrespect since 2002, when four of the top five finalist were women of color. Black women worth, competence and beauty has been challenged by European standards for years.

It's outrageous to assume that the five African, and one Indian American women had any extra advantage to achieving there success in this pageant than anyone else. As a black man, I'm mad as hell that in 2017, I have to defend the intellect, poise and beauty of black women to white people.

My wife is white and I'm the Father of two biracial children that is rooted in the African American community. I'm not immune to racism all I have to do is walk into a restaurant with my family and feel that we don't belong. Everyone already know about my friendship with Carole and Kenya. Therefore I want eject Carole who was a preliminary judge into this post.

Social media and the election of Donald Trump as President has put us in dangerous territories as a Country. I never would have ever thought that a damn beauty pageant could bring out the worse in people.

Every African American contestant in that pageant was worthy and just like any other contestant vying for the Miss USA title was judged on their own contributions and merits toward achieving their objectives.

When I started reading the commentaries of whether or not they deserved their successful placements it infuriated me. It reminded me of a book that I had read in undergrad talking about white privilege and the hostility that's generated from cultural change.

I believe a lot of the hostility that was subjected toward the Obama's was driven by race and not policy. The racist trolls on line and Donald Trump racist dog whistle politics has been so transparent and dangerous. Change is hard and mainstream America has had to embrace it in a rapidly changing demographic and global driven American society. The norm and status quo has been changing by leaps and bounds and many people aren't comfortable with it.

We've watched our perception of beauty vary in this century. Many institutions have had to adapt to the transition and its been unbearable for many. Pop culture, politics, educational institutions, and businesses are modifying to meet the demand for change in the market place. Economics is more powerful that maintaining the status quo. In order for any organization to survive in this changing climate business as usual will not remain the same.

I had written on this message board months ago that the IMG Organization was moving into the 21st century. They want a well educated brand ambassador, that's racially sensitive and culturally aware women to reflect this imposed image. Donald Trump never made any money off these pageants during his run. The high profile sponsors left, viewership was down because of the advancement of technology and other viewership choices. The brand was badly damaged because of his focus on himself instead of promoting the ideas of the pageant. Donald Trump destroyed this pageant long before the IMG organization acquired it. The new owners are trying to reinvent the organization and define a women of substance first and foremost.

For the first time in two years I didn't have to cringe during the interview portion of the competition because the finalist were beautiful but lacked substance. It was embarrassing to watch many of these women answer questions lacking the intellect, knowledge and sophistication necessary to convey a well thought out response.

Beauty can be bought and paid for the Venezuela organization mastered it for years. It isn't going to fly with IMG. I don't care how beautiful you are. If you can't cut it in a private interview that counts for 60% of the preliminary scoring you will be left clapping mad at your plastic surgeon.

Every women in that top 10 last night was a great speaker. The placements were driven by substance and not beauty. The organization and judges knew exactly what they wanted, and the semi finalist reflected their agenda regardless of race. The IMG organization is not Mr. Trump and the 20 century concept has left the building. The market place is global and change has come to America. I want congradulate Miss USA 2017, a well educated Scientist with a degree in Chemistry that was born in Italy and speak various languages. Her impact during her journey as Miss USA will be indelible. Thank you Kara and Deshauna because you've represented women of color well and my biracial daughter can be proud of the two of you as role models.

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