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Miss USA State Pageant Dates for 2018 State Titles

Nov 17-18, 2017
Miss/Teen Arizona USA
Miss/Teen Georgia USA
Miss/Teen South Carolina USA

Nov 18-19, 2017
Miss/Teen Miss Massachusetts USA

Nov 19, 2017
Miss/Teen Hawaii USA

Nov 25-26, 2017
Miss/Teen Delaware USA
Miss/Teen Kansas USA
Miss/Teen Maine USA
Miss/Teen Minnesota USA
Miss Texas Teen USA

Dec 2-3, 2017
Miss/Teen California USA
Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA

Dec 14-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Florida USA

Dec 16, 2017
Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA

Dec 16-17, 2017
Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA

Jan 5-6, 2018
Miss/Teen Connecticut USA
Miss Texas USA
Miss/Teen Utah USA

Jan 6-7, 2018
Miss/Teen Nebraska USA
Miss/Teen Nevada USA

Jan 13-14, 2018
Miss/Teen New York USA

Jan 26-28, 2018
Miss/Teen New Mexico USA

Kentucky USA

Subject: North Carolina pictures are up

Oh hey
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Date Posted: 21:38:49 09/13/17 Wed


Only 24 contestants but there's 5 I can see easily placing at Miss USA! It'll be impossible for the judges to mess this up!

Miller keys
Evans (morgan)

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Subject: Who is your most favorite 2nd runner-up since the inception of Miss Universe?

Miss Universe
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Date Posted: 23:51:39 09/12/17 Tue

Minorka Mercado for me. Hands down.

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Subject: Can someone post the Miss/Teen Alaska USA headshots for the Road To?

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Date Posted: 10:13:31 09/30/17 Sat

Read that the pics are at the USB FB page.

Also, I don't want to be rude and repetitive but for the life of me I can never find the group on FB. I've used multiple keywords like USB and pageant but nada.

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Subject: Miss Universe Iceland 2017:
Arna Yr Jónsdóttir

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Date Posted: 02:40:53 09/26/17 Tue

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Subject: Iris in Perú:

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Date Posted: 20:04:21 09/24/17 Sun

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Subject: Miss NC USA 2018 is Caelynn Miller-Keyes!!

:( wish it would have been Vesce, but congrats to CMK
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Date Posted: 22:03:23 09/30/17 Sat

1RU- Morgan Evans
2RU- Lindsey Baker
3RU- Kelly Glendenning
4RU- Victoria Vesce

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Subject: Idaho 2018

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Date Posted: 20:51:54 09/30/17 Sat

4RU: Marie
3RU: Delaney
2RU: Alyssa
1RU: Sierra
Miss Idaho USA: TEA!

4th Runner Up: Alexa
3rd: Tessa
2nd: Natalie
1st RU: Tess
Miss Idaho Teen USA 2018: Jacy Uhler!

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Subject: The Road To Miss USA is open for all pageants this weekend!!

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Date Posted: 13:39:34 09/30/17 Sat

North Carolina
South Dakota
and Alaska!!!1
Head over to the board to make your selections!!!

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Subject: Miss Teen USA rankings

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Date Posted: 18:41:33 09/20/17 Wed

We might as well rank our teens too. If these were the top 15 how would you rank them?

2003 - Tami Farrell (Oregon)
2004 - Shelley Hennig (Louisiana)
2005 - Allie LaForce (Ohio)
2006 - Katie Blair (Montana)
2007 - Hilary Cruz (Colorado)
2008 - Stevi Perry (Arkansas)
2009 - Stormi Henley (Tennessee)
2010 - Kami Crawford (Maryland)
2011 - Danielle Doty (Texas)
2012 - Logan West (Connecticut)
2013 - Cassidy Wolf (California)
2014 - K. Lee Graham (South Carolina)
2015 - Katherine Haik (Louisiana)
2016 - Karlie Hay (Texas)
2017 - Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff (Missouri)

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Subject: Miss Universe how many hours will the pageant telecast be?

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Date Posted: 06:42:17 09/29/17 Fri

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Subject: Friday Night. Name the year opening MISS USA.

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Date Posted: 00:24:48 09/30/17 Sat

upload my images

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Subject: we watch pageants because..

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Date Posted: 04:23:29 09/26/17 Tue

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Subject: The Road to Miss USA is open for Idaho, Michigan and North Carolina!

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Date Posted: 11:24:37 09/29/17 Fri

All pageant finals are on Saturday! Don't forget to vote! Michigan hasn't posted pictures on the website but you can find the pictures on facebook!

Thanks and good luck!!!

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Subject: Thoughts on Miss Globe United States

fan, not a troll
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Date Posted: 23:18:02 09/24/17 Sun

Anyone watch Miss Globe United States? I thought it was pretty well put together. I have no idea about the history of ownership but Kyle did a decent job. The competition was entertaining and the prize package was national titleholder worthy. The winner Christina was the former 2013 Miss Maryland America and 2015 Miss Maryland USA - will make an awesome contestant on the international circuit.

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Subject: isnt michigan up yet? why not

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Date Posted: 20:25:05 09/28/17 Thu

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Subject: When promotions mattered. And you anticipated huge excitement just by watching these clips days before the actual event.

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Date Posted: 21:49:51 09/15/17 Fri

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Subject: Ranking the Past 10 Miss USAs

Old timer
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Date Posted: 20:14:49 09/19/17 Tue

The other post about Miss Americas inspired me. Here is my countdown to my top favorites of the past decade.

10. Rima Fakih
9. Kristen Dalton
8. Deshauna Barber
7. Olivia Jordan
6. Alyssa Campanella
5. Kara McCullough
4. Erin Brady
3. Olivia Culpo
2. Crystle Stewart
1. Nia Sanchez

(If I were going to include Nana Meriwether I would put her between Erin and Kara.)

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Subject: where is miss universe being held this year?

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Date Posted: 18:10:45 09/26/17 Tue

Where is Miss Universe being held and what date this year?

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Subject: Kill me CANADA BOY!

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Date Posted: 23:26:20 09/26/17 Tue

HawtPlusSeksi, I want to pour boiling water on a dead camel. Then I want you to throw a blender at my face. I wish to be dead in your shadow

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Inquisitive Mind
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Date Posted: 21:31:45 09/23/17 Sat

Each time an East Asian woman has won Miss Universe since 1988, a total of 4 Asian delegates (including the winner) made it into the semifinals in those respective years.

Winner: Thailand
1st RU: Korea
3rd RU: Japan
4th RU: Hong Kong

Winner: Japan
3rd RU: Korea
Top 10: India
Top 15: Thailand

Winner: Philippines
Top 10: Japan
Top 10: Thailand
Top 15: Indonesia

Coincidence or purposeful pattern?

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Subject: Miss Universe Canada 2017 review of favorites.

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Date Posted: 16:43:36 09/13/17 Wed

The competition will take place on the 7th of October in Toronto. The finale will be webcast for free, I'll provide a link on that day. Currently 68 contestants from 5 provinces are listed to compete, but the final list always drops a bit at the end. We have 7 girls that previously competed in Miss Universe Canada, 2 from Miss Earth Canada, 1 from Miss World Canada, 2 from Miss Grand Intl, 1 from Miss Supranational, 1 from Miss International, 1 from Binibining Pilipinas, 1 from Mutya ng Pilipinas and numerous others from smaller pageants such as Miss Teenage Canada, Miss Teen Canada, Miss Canada, Miss Northern Ontario, Miss Calgary, Miss Okanagan, etc. This is also a preliminary to Miss International, a 1st (and if unable) a 2nd runner-up will go there.

Miss Universe Canada loves experience and 17 of my top 20 predicted finalists have pageant experience. They love girls that are easy to work with and that do not need a lot of help. Inner and outer beauty is usually not the biggest consideration in this pageant. Let's take a look at the 20 girls that I predict to make semi-finals.

Top 5 favorites:
Lauren HOWE - This Torontonian epitomizes urban chic. She was 2nd runner up in 2014. I have a hint she would have done excellent under Trump, but I am wondering if sending a WASPy blonde is a good startegy nowadays...
Kathryn KOHUT - Along with Howe, this girl is one of the top 2 main favorites to win. A 2nd runner-up in 2015, she is also Miss Grand Intl 2nd-runner-up in 2014. She failed to place at Miss International 2015. Both favs are loved by the organization.
Vanessa CHAUCHAN - The org. loves girls that come back, she is one of the girls that is the most followed on facebook out of 68 finalists. She placed in top 20 last year. She is moving up and could even take it all.
Gabriela CLESCA VALLEJO - Attention, possible spoiler that could go all the way and win! This girl is half-Congolese-half-Dominican and Spanish is her first language. Our national director is Hispanic as well. She made top 20 at Miss Supranational and won Miss Congeniality in there!
Lelly FIGUEROA - This girl won Miss Latina Belleza Canada 2016 and is 5'10". She would be perfect for Operation Smile in Nicaragua where Canadian winners go every year. Our director Denis Davila will likely adore her!
Top 10 favorites:
Justine FELIZARTA - This pageant veteran made top 15 at Binibining Filipinas 2015. Only one of the two Filipinas in the competiition, she could also get that semi-final spot by People's Choice vote.
Katherine HIGHGATE - This girl competed in 2013 and did not make it to top 20. But Denis rewards girls who come back and she has a very trendy urban look and interesting profile.
Chanelle PREDAROVICH - Chanelle is a former Miss West Indian Canada. Brainy and experienced in pageants.
Harleen MALHANS - This is the third winner of an ethnic pageant in Canada that is likely to make waves in MUC 2017. Harleen won Miss India Canada back in 2013.
Sasha LOMBARDI - This gorgeous Italian Canadian was a non-finalist last year. Denis will likely reward her with a semi-final position as she is young and could come back a few times in the future.
Top 20 favorites:
Kaylee SHALLOW - This experienced pageant contestant competed with Kathryn Kohut at Miss Grand Intl in 2014 represneting Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, she also competed at Miss Earth Canada.
Katherine JARZECKI - This is the 6th contestant with past experience at Miss Universe Canada. She has an interesting story as she is an engineer.
Mina KHATRIA - Mina compted in 2012 and 2014 and is the 7th and contestant with MUC experience. This time, not many BC contestants are favorites to make the cut, so the regional consideration could help get into that top 20.
Zorica BRUIC - The only preliminary for Miss Universe Canada is Miss Western Ontario Universe where 6 out of 13 contestants advanced to national final. Denis will reward the regional director with at least one semi-final spot. None of the 6 girls have pageant experience but Zorica is 6' feet tall and has the best resumé out of them.
Kaylee SHEPPARD - Kaylee is the only former Miss World Canada contestant and has that brainy vibe that should work well here.
Rachel SEMIRA - Rachel is a former Mutya ng Pilipinas and Miss Earth Canada contestant. She or Justine Felizarta are the favorites to get the People's choice top 20 spot. Plus, for marketing purposes putting Filipino girls in the semis is always a good thing for the org.
Chelsey PITFIELD - There is always one small town girl in top 20 and Chelsey is the most likely out of them to make a cut. She has experience in minor pageants such as Miss Teen Canada.
Natasha SMITH - Natasha was Miss Teen BC in 2014 and is in the top 3 on facebook with the most likes. She should benefit from a weaker BC contingent this year.
Diana LAI - This is THE BOMBSHELL of the year. A girl born in Ukraine of half-Asian origin. Tall at 5'10" with a great resumé. But I need to remind you that some other bombshells were ignored by Denis Davila and Beauties in Canada in the favs. Favorites Celina Toenz (2009) and Joanie Roy (2014), who were both 6 feet did not even make top 20.
Andy RAHI - Along with Lai and Bruic (if you do not consider Miss Western Ontario a few days ago), she is the only girl in my top 20 prediction without pageant experience. For regional purposes there needs to be one girl from Quebec. She is in top 3 with most likes out of all 68 and Quebec semi-finalists tend to be girls with immigrant background rather than francophone Québécoises.
Top 20 on the bubble/alternatives:
These five girls are the most likely to take one of the top 5 spots from the 20 girls I discussed.
Amanda CASAVANT, Cara CASTELLI, Jessica BAILEY, Nadia LAVOIE, Stephanie AJODHAR.

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Subject: Germany & Spain is picking their their reps. for Miss Universe today,

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Date Posted: 11:58:04 09/24/17 Sun

Anyone following this, who's are the favorites?

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Subject: Update on Miss Universe 2017:

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Date Posted: 07:56:50 09/23/17 Sat

Hector Joaquin Blog, on FB is reporting Miss Universe 2017 to return to Las Vegas on Nov. 26, 2017. And as you know by now, Nepal will debut at Miss Universe according to Global Beauties.

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Subject: MISSOURI Miss & Teen 2018 updates!

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Date Posted: 21:36:00 09/24/17 Sun

Teen Top 16:
Danielle Stanfield, 2nd RU
Jordan Lenz
Destiny Drake
Stevie Bisch, 1st RU
Melissa Gomes
Tylar Shockley, 4th RU
Kassandra Sears
Tonya Ramadoss
Chloe Bartlett, Miss MO TUSA!!
Bailey Jennatout
Olivia Beilman
Abilene Lortz, 3rd RU
Kasey Jo Helms
Bailey Julian
Faith Oliver
Sophie Reiss

Miss Top 16
Miriah Ludtke, 1st RU
CJ Thomas
Lydia Allen
Ashley Thakur
Sydney Long
Tori Kruse, Miss MO USA!!
Shenna Woods, 2nd RU
Tyler Prugh
Francesca Mirabella
Katie Moeller
Jasmine Mensah
Sydney Benson, 4th RU
Alison Kear
MarSeanna Young
Ashleigh Bedwell, 3rd RU
Samantha Beilman

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