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kldx sampling today some posts on SH unhappy campers -- BUFFORD, 23:40:48 03/20/18 Tue [1]

I did it this way as some browsers like (my android tablet)don't like the stockhosue sec cert.
RE:Sharks keeping it 10% discount

For those of you still totally lost in the analysis, HL did the deal at $ 1.44 USD 03/16 close price, which was the price KLDX was at in August 2013!!!!

They have added since then 2 mines and boosted production to 189 K for 2017. Regardless if it was a net loss for the year, they did the deal at

ROCK BOTTOM price so yes any longterm shareholder would be disgusted. 2018 would have generated cash flow and increased cash on hand

without any need to issue equity. Had they done the deal at $ 2.50 USD for a 40 % premium to $ 3.50 USD would be a different story. KLDX could

have easily gotten back to $ 2.50 USD on its own over this year especially if gold stays over $ 1300 USD for this year. Then the BoD should have

talked about making a deal. This was all about "saving face" quickly rather than doing what they should have done and SACK MANAGEMENT. Deal

was done at close of $ 1.44 USD Friday afternoon. This is highway robbery for long-term holders of this equity. I hope HL trades far DOWN and I will

re-buy for the arbitrage. JIN

Loonee wrote:
Cash option is $2.47 usd per share, which equates to $3.21 CAD at 1.30 fx. 90% of 3.21 = 2.89 CAD. Sharks can sit and accumulate from impatient

for 10% gain end of next qtr. Also discounting the benefit of newly listed KDX Canada shares. If the CAD $ continues to weaken and HL share price

rises with analyst upgrades or gold strength, combo cash and share option becomes more attractive. Really, if you are even a short term investor,

this is a buy. Who knows, other firms could come in with a more attractive offer?


Two more issues: I. If due diligence was in the works since December per HL's press release, why not run the 15000 mined oz. through Midas Mill to

at least make over 200 K GOEs for the year to come close to guidance? Why hold off?? If you're selling to a 3rd party, who cares if recovery is only

75 % if you're going to be acquired? At least you'd hit 200 K GOEs for the year. II. Why release the garbage resource statement February 6th?

Honestly, there are more questions than answers and looking back, the timing of these press releases heavily discounted the SP unfairly, so really

this massive 55 % premium is artificial since it was off the completely suppressed corporate value of KLDX. This to say the least is suspicious. JIN

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#cMtDW6IlyhWuRUT0.99

RE:Sharks keeping it 10% discount

Yes, other firms can use the extensive DD done by Hecla and jump in fairly quickly. All they need to do is express their intent... and Hecla's offer is

held up 10 days to 2 weeks.

I think a further 15 % bump is possible, Hecla will then need to counter with a further 10 % increase above that. Fair value is around US$3.50 but

that would also include Canada.

The offer price even at this high premium grossly under values these 3 Nevda properties. Potential bidders include GFI, SSRM, KL, IAG, AEM, and

even asset depleted EGO.

March 20, 2018 - 12:08 PM 68 Reads
Post# 27746937


Yes, looks like the Board probably failed to do a thorough shop around but provided Hecla a sweetheart deal while they were negotiating by issuing

these negative releases which were actually not necessary. Where is the promised Q4 2017 Hatter Graben resource, what about Midas mine ?
They could have easily avoided the FC resource 20 % hit to SP.

That is really where the lawyers have a case.
Forget this garbage..I think KL is getting a BO offer

I don't have any hard data...call it a hunch but they did reject an offer last year, are THE best miner on the planet now, the stock is cheap and I've

tried to contact them 5 times now only to be met with silence.

Given that the majors are running out of resource and the plum that KL is....do the math

You can't go wrong owning this and if there is an offer coming it will have to be substantial

Tony has experience selling other miners that he ran

Connect the dots...there might be some substance to this

RE:RE:Where does Paul Huet go ???

Hi Banned/passionate, Who did you call at KL and didn't answer 5 times? Mark Utting?? Usually they answer at KL. Not sure if there would be a BO

since Jennifer Wagner just converted her options and sold off hundreds of thousands worth of shares probably just profit taking early last week.

Agreed best miner in the world and wait until Q1 production comes out. This is going back past $ 21 in a flash. Thx.

banned45times wrote: Hell is fine with me

Deal Makers manipulated the share price down.

Sleazy tactics to lower the purchase price for Hecla, and grant Klondex BOD and management cheap options.

In the past 4mo

-Negative Grade reconcilliation announced at True North. Mine downgraded to care and maintenance
-20% downgrade of FC resources. A press release to announce mine depletion, incredible !
-Huet has the "flu" and Q4 results are pushed out a month. Then to add insult to injury the call is incredibly downbeat. They make a "special tax"

payment that results in big loss for the quarter. Miss on guidance and provide no actionable steps to solve the Hollister recovery problem.

There is a possibility they may start announcing good news after the transaction is approved but who wants to trust investment capital with a

bunch of thugs? KDX and HL have strategically carved out the flesh and bone marrow of shareholders to fatten their pockets. It would be naive to

assume you will not be treated to more abuse in the future.

I agree KL is without exception the best of the best, but lets keep the discussion focused on KDX .

Last edited by author: Tue March 20, 2018 23:42:27   Edited 1 time.

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Hecla - Klondex shareholders aren't going to like this -- APOLLO, 18:13:27 03/20/18 Tue [1]


Enviro's gone Wild - this really is a stretch. Baker was an executive at Pegasus, so Hecla is responsible for employing him?? Whoa

Last edited by author: Tue March 20, 2018 18:19:14   Edited 1 time.

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Regarding PM shares -- SilverFox, 17:52:56 03/20/18 Tue [1]

They have been rough now for several years. Therefore another few days of a down draft will not greatly impact them. They have been unloved for so long that we might see some upside by bottom pickers.... We keep hearing about the yuan convertible to gold for oil deal for months and yet it has not happened... The Bankster's are loving it because they can trade paper gold for dollars and have been getting away with this scam for years.

Last edited by author: Tue March 20, 2018 17:53:55   Edited 1 time.

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Bought some JNUG into the close for a wee bump in the morning -- APOLLO, 16:44:04 03/20/18 Tue [1]

but looking at gold's chart - from here to end of March could be pretty rough

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Seven Stars Cloud Group - SSC -- CoralCalcium, 14:58:25 03/20/18 Tue [1]

Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. (SSC)
Lifshitz & Miller announces investigation into possible securities law violations in connection with the announcement that SSC would slash its previously-issued full-year 2017 guidance by more than half.
If you are a Seven Stars investor, and would like additional information about our investigation, please complete the Information Request Form or contact Joshua Lifshitz, Esq. by telephone at (516)493-9780 or e-mail at info@jlclasslaw.com.

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Frustrated - yes, just saying, based on today's price -- APOLLO, 14:44:51 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 14:08:15 03/20/18 Tue [1]

isn't that jumping the gun just a wee bit? The vote doesn't
even happen until June.

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bought labrador iron ore royalty -- mugwump, 14:00:55 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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@KLDX. Problem is, everyone is electing cash -- APOLLO, 12:58:05 03/20/18 Tue [1]

So your getting the combo deal

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I'm around... -- Frustrated, 11:14:22 03/20/18 Tue [1]

more time watching the tape, less time posting...

well, so far today, they weren't buying the HL all share
smack down...
3.25 x .6272 = 2.038 US

today's low this far 2.18 US

3.25 x .4136 + .8411 = 2.185

but the day is early...

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Or.... -- knapper, 11:10:18 03/20/18 Tue [1]

where's frus. That's the place.

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Whoa....am I in the right place? -- knapper, 11:09:53 03/20/18 Tue [1]

Wha' happened?

How do I tell if I've clicked the right button to the right forum? Yes, I need to get rid of one of the sites...procrastination...but now how do I figure out the difference given the new additions?

Oh, I know. Look for RIP, Carmack, KidD, tamryn, and a few others. That's NOT it. Delete that link.

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mugwump - yes the status of the transfers of cash is still murky -- The-Vet, 10:52:29 03/20/18 Tue [1]

The latest release did say that they had managed to transfer another $30 million to GRZ's NA banks so we can only assume that the balance and all payments subsequent to November are still in GRZ's Vz trust account. They initially got $99 million into NA prior to the US and Canadian sanctions and had an additional $88 million in trust as at November. Since then there should have been another 4 payments of $29.5 million into the trust account.
That works out to $176.5 million in trust in Vz and $129 million already delivered into NA banks. The fact that they have managed to get at least $30 million out despite sanctions demonstrates that it is possible. The current market cap is less than cash in the bank if we can assume that the money in trust will eventually be able to be transferred.

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thomson shows up -- mugwump, 10:14:04 03/20/18 Tue [1]

Most gold investors are not focused enough on buying their favourite gold stocks in the current $21 buy zone for GDX. Instead they are trying to guess when a big parabolic price rise will occur. That type of price action starts at the end of an inflationary period, not the beginning of it. I will say that I’m particularly excited to see the chairman of Barrick (John Thornton) step into the open market and buy more than 300,000 Barrick shares. He obviously sees the current time as one for major gold stock accumulation and I’ll dare to suggest gold bugs around the world need to follow that lead!



Mar 20, 2018
Stewart Thomson
Graceland Updates
website: www.gracelandupdates.com

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the vet re: gold reserve -- mugwump, 10:05:41 03/20/18 Tue [1]

it talks about the mine but doesn't talk about getting paid by venezuela

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facebook shares plunge -- mugwump, 10:01:54 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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mugs - GRZ did release an update yesterday -- The-Vet, 10:00:45 03/20/18 Tue [1]


Last edited by author: Tue March 20, 2018 10:01:15   Edited 1 time.

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wolfden drill results -- mugwump, 09:39:40 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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B2 earn in agreement -- mugwump, 09:36:52 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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B2 responds to erroneous Mali reports -- mugwump, 09:33:52 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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novo update -- mugwump, 09:30:29 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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obama eviscerated the american republic -- mugwump, 06:25:25 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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time for the mueller witch hunt to end -- mugwump, 05:09:09 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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crude oil climbing -- mugwump, 05:03:36 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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millrock partner reports new resource -- mugwump, 04:53:59 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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feminist hypocrisy and Sharia law -- mugwump, 04:50:12 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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bought altius -- mugwump, 04:44:24 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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will rml get paid? -- mugwump, 04:34:08 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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gold reserve- no updates since november -- mugwump, 04:26:35 03/20/18 Tue [1]

what's up??

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obama director- facebook was on our side -- mugwump, 04:14:37 03/20/18 Tue [1]


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Frustrated and others -- Raja, 03:18:06 03/20/18 Tue [1]

I did a bad job in posting that link. Although it is OK, but I had this one in mind:


Try it with the clips and then please post results.

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Interesting. Zeus says he's opening a new site -- APOLLO, 00:54:30 03/20/18 Tue [1]

& a Kitco reunion unfolds - go figure

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Ben... -- Frustrated, 00:15:47 03/20/18 Tue [1]

"DINOSAUR you are not"...

YES I AM and don't have a problem with it...was out this weekend partying ...watching a 30's something (she was drunk as a skunk) dancing with a 60's-70's something with the 30's something saying what is it with the the phones...(it was the 60's-70's something on the cell phone)

people can't even put their cell phones down when going to the bathroom in a restaurant... I find it sickening. Can't enjoy an outdoor concert without looking at their cell phones, can't enjoy the beach without looking at their cell phones...

I would rather be flying the brand NEW 16 ft delta kite any day or if we get 16 mph wind gust it will be flying me.

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waterton doesn't sound like a mining CEOs best friend -- BUFFORD, 00:07:06 03/20/18 Tue [1]

thats some high interest rates.....its strange that an android tablet won't let me view this link without a buzzberg subscription



Investor claims officers let private-equity firm take control

Borrowing came at interest rates as high as 1,057 percent

A shareholder of Gryphon Gold Corp. sued some of its former officers and directors alleging that they drove the company into bankruptcy through a series of illegal high-interest loans from Waterton Global Resource Management Inc.

The suit, filed by G.R. Dawson Holdings Ltd. on March 3 in a Nevada state court, claims the directors and officers allowed Waterton to take control of Gryphon’s primary asset, a gold mine in Hawthorne, Nevada. It alleges that the people agreed to loans at usurious rates of as much as 1,057 percent, in breach of the Canadian criminal code, according to the filing.

The complaint alleges that Waterton, a Toronto-based private equity firm, while not named as a defendant in the suit, uses a business model that places “friendlies” on company boards and management that encourages using it as the only source of capital. It alleges that former Gryphon Chief Executive Officer James O’Neil came from a company that was heavily indebted to Waterton, Jipangu International Inc., and returned to that company after “the course of the debtor’s destruction was fully set in place.”

“There is no evidence that the Gryphon board did anything except intentionally allow Waterton to create agreements that Gryphon had no chance of performing and would inevitably lead to Gryphon’s loss of all value,” the complaint says. Gryphon Gold filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2013 in Reno, Nevada.

Waterton officials, including Isser Elishis, managing partner and chief investment officer, couldn’t be reached for comment. A request for comment submitted to Jipangu Inc. for the company and O’Neil received a reply that Jipangu International was no longer its subsidiary and that the company has “no information or comments" on the suit.

Funding Trends

Prospecting and small-cap mining companies have turned to private equity and hedge funds in recent years for financing as their industry has faced headwinds from lower prices. Waterton, an active player in private equity and mining, has two funds that raised more than $1.7 billion in 2014 and 2016 for investments, according to its website.

Private-equity firms often acts a “lender of last resort” in distressed financial situations by providing loans that banks would be unwilling or unable to make.

The suit alleges that during the bankruptcy proceeding, Waterton caused the mine to underperform in order to inhibit Gryphon from having a “successful reorganization.” Before resigning, the directors and officers failed to protect the interests of Gryphon shareholders, according to court filings.

Disputes about company valuations frequently arise in bankruptcy proceedings, Robin Schwill, a partner in Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP’s restructuring practice, who has worked on mining cases, but isn’t involved in the suit. Disagreements about whether a rate of interest is criminally high are common because there is no straightforward way of calculating it to include fees, timelines and other factors, he said.

“That will always give rise to potential arguments,” he said.

The suit alleges that as of October 2015 Waterton has caused $450 million of losses to shareholders of mining companies since it began providing debt financing in Canada in 2009. Gryphon Gold has been damaged by the loss of its entire interest in the Nevada mine, damage worth at least $50 million dollars and “perhaps hundreds of million of dollars,” according to court papers.

The plaintiff is seeking a judgement for breach of fiduciary duty with damages proven in excess of $10,000, and for punitive damages, according to the filing.

The case is G.R. Dawson Holdings Ltd. v. James O’Neil, CV17-00461, Second Judicial District Court for the State of Nevada, Washoe County.

You might like:
Uber Halts Autonomous Car Tests After Fatal Crash in Arizona
Apple Is Secretly Developing Its Own Screens for the First Time
Stocks Slump as Facebook Hits Tech; Bonds Recover: Markets Wrap
From a $126 Million Bonus to Jail: The Fall of a Star Trader
Facebook Plunges as Pressure Mounts on Zuckerberg Over Data"

Last edited by author: Tue March 20, 2018 00:35:04   Edited 2 times.

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KitcoTodd - yes Traff was a character -- APOLLO, 23:22:25 03/19/18 Mon [1]

between his boat & mannerisms (I think he called Frustrated darling - LOL). Funny guy

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Hambone... -- Frustrated, 22:42:01 03/19/18 Mon [1]

noone (kitco) better than Hammy with the balance sheet...he is missed.

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Raja... -- Frustrated, 22:40:59 03/19/18 Mon [1]

well that was the easy way...sent it off to someone I know
has high BP - but doubt they will use it...you can lead a
horse to water....

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Having been one of four 'moderators' (for a short while) here..... -- Norwester, 22:26:53 03/19/18 Mon [1]

...I can certainly understand the responsibilities it places on one, especially if a 'certain atmosphere' of acceptable (by the vast majority) information is desired...When the posts by certain individuals rose to the level of disruption, direct insults of other posters, pornographic references to belittle other posters, and general disdain for any civility for the majority, WE acted to 'clean up' the mess....None of us ever took a 'first offense' action nor blocked a poster without first having repeatedly cautioned him/her to clean-up their acts....When those cautions were ignored in favor of said violators rather seeing their venom and accusations in print, we had no choice but to act....Others will have seen it differently but they weren't getting emails from a vast majority of posters on the Forum who were ALSO fed-up with the nastiness and mud-slinging, far beyond a few good-natured insults -- way beyond in the case of two specifically denigrating posters who felt they could do as they damned well pleased.....

Your current moderator has done a Spartan's job of clearly establishing his guidelines and expectations, laying-out the consequences for those who could not follow the 'rules', and for taking the actions he promised he'd take when/if a poster chose to start belittling another or was unjustly harassed for holding a differing point of view.....

Frankly, I'd prefer to see those posters who do have information to contribute in a civil manner who are currently unable to sign-up here somehow given an opening to do so, if they felt they wanted to....

The VOY folks are horribly indifferent at times to requests for help, but will eventually respond if one rattles their doors long enough....it's worth trying, Mr. Moderator....


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Welcome back Kitcotodd -- Zeus, 22:19:40 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Gee the ol' names are coming out of the woodwork !

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Frustrated and others -- Raja, 22:19:18 03/19/18 Mon [1]

This is the link to reduce high BP:


Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 22:31:22   Edited 1 time.

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Hambone decided he'd had enough. -- Zeus, 22:17:21 03/19/18 Mon [1]

He quit posting many months ago.

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ahhh Edlo Traff --- -- Zeus, 22:15:43 03/19/18 Mon [1]

he spelt his "nick" backwards --- Olde FFart !
He was great guy, posted from Austin, Tx
Excellent sense of humor, with his homespun wisdom.

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 22:18:44   Edited 1 time.

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Ha ha good old TRAFF -- Kitcotodd, 21:56:33 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Thank you Apollo. Traff was far more interesting than me.

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Big question is -- APOLLO, 21:54:58 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Where's Hambone

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Apollo - my boat? -- Kitcotodd, 21:54:23 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Are you saying as a goldbug I am fortunate not to be underwater?

Good to post again. Hi Frustrated. How are you? Glad I am around as well.

Klondex bought out for 50+% premium and there's not a sniff of takeover excitement. Am I missing something or isn't that a little pathetic as a group?

Someone posted March is the worst month for gold. Let's hope.

Where's Hambone? He saved me with his NMKTF and LSG recommendations. HAMBONE could spot stocks.

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Right Frustrated. Traff was your buddy -- APOLLO, 21:54:19 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Remember now

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Uber self-driving car kills pedestrian in first fatal autonomous crash -- Frustrated, 21:15:48 03/19/18 Mon [1]


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BUFFORD -- Frustrated, 21:04:22 03/19/18 Mon [1]

are you familiar with Waterton ...who are they
...I did see in the SEC filings a HUGE amount of options afforded them..

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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 21:02:50 03/19/18 Mon [1]

the boat guy was TRAFF...not Todd...

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Zeus. Would prefer you stay -- APOLLO, 20:57:57 03/19/18 Mon [1]

To each his own

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Whoa Todd - you posting from your boat? -- APOLLO, 20:57:06 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Blast from the past

[ Edit | View ]

BUFFORD -- Frustrated, 20:47:19 03/19/18 Mon [1]

I take it you saw this:

KLONDEX MINES INVESTOR ALERT BY THE FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL OF LOUISIANA: Kahn Swick & Foti, LLC Investigates Adequacy of Price and Process in Proposed Sale of Klondex Mines Ltd.

PS the direct link you posted didn't work for me, but
tis OK because I posted those Waterton numbers before
seeing your post...

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 20:49:37   Edited 1 time.

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Kitcotodd -- Frustrated, 20:44:41 03/19/18 Mon [1]

YES, it has been a long time...nice to see you ...and to
know that you are still around...

[ Edit | View ]

sh poster bittersweet -- BUFFORD, 20:34:10 03/19/18 Mon [1]

he got a point on that waterton ......I'm sure FU Bailey will file a class action lawsuit in the US. If HL raises their offer another buck I'll pass on the lawsuit


"SH poster bittersweet

A good opportunity to exit your postion.
What we know:
-Hecla is a GARBAGE company (yes SSR would have been 10x better)
-Just like Klondex management, Klondex Canada is cr@p.
-Shareholders thrown under the bus. Im sure managment gave themselves a bunch of cheap options. And Waterton is the big winner. I don't even see how they can take such a massive position right before the takeout and not charged with insider trading or have other legal charges. Disgusting. And they trade in the US too. Will keep an eye on this.
-There are other good junior miners out there with more reputable management so good opportunity for folks to move to green pastures"

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#88BsQ9d07eHEO1xX.99

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 20:46:07   Edited 1 time.

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Apollo - I respect your choice to stay -- Zeus, 20:23:35 03/19/18 Mon [1]

The door is always open for you and others here.
Hope some of you look in to see it at some stage.

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 20:33:25   Edited 1 time.

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Hi everyone -- Kitcotodd, 19:29:54 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Test. Haven't posted for moons. Easy login.

If anyone is having trouble logging in perhaps it is browser related.

Let's go GOLD

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Kuston. I have no ego in terms of who listens/doesn't -- APOLLO, 19:20:51 03/19/18 Mon [1]

This has been peaceful - unlike most of our other experiences together Frustrated's here, I know where to find Philbond Appreciate other participation. I'm confused about the uproar - seems it leads back to where we've been

[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO -- kuston, 18:53:18 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Why are you staying here? Why do you even post here?

Reaching a bigger audience with your message, participating in a meaningful discussion or being exposed to new ideas are usually the reasons anyone posts. By staying here without the audience I'd assume you have different objectives? In that case, I'm sure there will be a spot for you if you change your mind.

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BRANDON/VOY...if you are out there... -- Frustrated, 18:27:11 03/19/18 Mon [1]

isn't there some way you could get the posters that want to post here access...

[ Edit | View ]

kuston -- Frustrated, 18:24:51 03/19/18 Mon [1]

just edited my previous post...I had the site blocked after I stopped posting there...

[ Edit | View ]

I'm staying here -- APOLLO, 18:24:06 03/19/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

inprivate Explore at Quicktopic -- kuston, 18:22:22 03/19/18 Mon [1]

I have never used IE before today so I'm sure there is no cookie on this computer. I was able to log in and enter my password in an InPrivate window.

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 18:23:00   Edited 1 time.

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Gold Reserve (GRZ.T) (GDRZF) -- The-Vet, 18:03:05 03/19/18 Mon [1]

PEA released..

Two stage mine build envisioned AISC $483 an ounce
Payback 4 years - 45 year mine life..
Estimated Average Annual Gold Production
(Years 3-18) 1.229 million Ounces
Estimated Average Annual Copper Production
(Years 3-18) 77 million Lbs.


Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 18:14:09   Edited 1 time.

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kuston... -- Frustrated, 17:51:01 03/19/18 Mon [1]

nevermind...I think I had quicktopics blocked in my privacy list after I stopped posting there...

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 18:23:07   Edited 2 times.

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Cambridge Analytica doco -- Iainmac, 17:48:36 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Worth a watch


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inprivate Explore at Quicktopic -- kuston, 17:40:52 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Frustrated, I'm currently logged into Quicktopic.com using an Inprivate Explorer browser. yes you can browse this way.

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Zeus -- Frustrated, 17:28:14 03/19/18 Mon [1]

as I recall - I could be wrong, but in order to post at
quick topics you can't use InPrivate in IE...is that just
on the log-in?

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Frustrated -- Zeus, 17:24:30 03/19/18 Mon [1]

"go to the other site and take the 10 most frequent posters
and see what percent of the posts they represent...I think
you might be surprised..."

I still haven't received any response from Voy, which is
disappointing, but as pyrite said, that seems to be their
modus operandi.

The initial idea for a new site is to create a list of
invited posters, which will be all those VOY posters
without warnings.

Also about 5-6 from Wile's site. That's it.

There is NO intention to let the trolls get a hold of any
new site. Trolls will quickly be shown the door.

There may also be a posting limit of "x" posts per day, so
we don't get swamped. Perhaps "x" = 15/20 ? Most of us
only post 3-6 times a day, so that does not limit current

Suggest that those who want to see it in action first
continue to post here until new site has a track record.

We aim to replicate this site, and allow a few extra's in.
AND keep a very tight rein on trolls --- End of story.


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APOLLO...JUNE -- Frustrated, 17:19:26 03/19/18 Mon [1]

...that's a long time to remain short HL...

It is anticipated that the special meeting of Klondex shareholders to consider the Transaction will be held in June 2018.

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Raja... -- Frustrated, 17:13:01 03/19/18 Mon [1]

left click your mouse at the top of the text in your file, hold the shift key down and left click at the bottom of the file...and
the entire text in the file should be highlighted...

or if the file is alone try CTRL A to highlight all the text in the file

once highlighted, right click and choose copy...

go here:


left click in the box where it says enter text then right click and select paste (the translation should appear on the other side)

once translated go through the same procedure with the translated text to where you want to post the translation

PS there is a limit of how much you can translate via Google at one time.

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 17:25:12   Edited 1 time.

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Frustrated -- Raja, 16:58:07 03/19/18 Mon [1]

I have just received a video that tells how to control your BP without drugs. It is in Hindi but there is English subtitle on it. It seems incredible to me. I would like folks to try who have high BP and then post the results of their experience. There will not be any harm in this trick, or yoga method.
The problem is this: I have it on the desk top. But I don't know how to post it here. HELP! Tia

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Frustrated - hard to tell how they play this -- APOLLO, 16:44:24 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Right now, short HL & Long KLDX seems the easy trade

[ Edit | View ]

KLDX.... -- Frustrated, 16:42:28 03/19/18 Mon [1]

not sure what the overlap in shares owned is...but that was mighty insightful on their purchase timing...

from SC 13G/A's first they show up is 1/22/2018

Waterton Mining Parallel Fund Offshore Master, LP

Waterton Nevada Splitter, LLC
1/22/18 7,600,000

Waterton Precious Metals Fund II Cayman, LP
1/22/18 11,632,007
3/5/2018 13,107,754

Waterton Global Resource Management, LP
1/22/18 11,632,007
3/5/2018 18,604,814

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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 15:46:55 03/19/18 Mon [1]

$3.34 HL x .4136 shares = $1.381 + .8411 = 2.223 + .23 = 2.45

so can they keep HL down?

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Frustrated - yes, you can get caught in a combo deal -- APOLLO, 15:38:10 03/19/18 Mon [1]

& given the cash trade is now about $0.40 higher - real possibility

[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO -- Frustrated, 15:37:16 03/19/18 Mon [1]

ok, that was the rub:

US$0.8411 in cash and 0.4136 Hecla shares if all elect cash or shares ...

[ Edit | View ]

Yes, just the common - but fully diluted -- APOLLO, 15:25:51 03/19/18 Mon [1]

So any option holders, Conv pref or conv debt - have not gone over their balance sheet - that's next, would participate based on conversion

[ Edit | View ]

. -- Frustrated, 15:20:15 03/19/18 Mon [1]

As of March 9, 2018, there were 179,614,947 common shares, 4,033,138 options, 10,001,242 warrants, 1,390,342 RSUs, 507,633 PSUs outstanding, and 195,547,302 common shares outstanding on a fully diluted basis.

45,000,000/195,547,302 = .23

Klondex is pleased to be forming Klondex Canada. Certain members of Klondex’s board and management team will continue on at Klondex Canada. Hecla will subscribe for US$7.0 million of common shares of New Klondex in exchange for a 13.46% equity interest, based on a pre-investment Klondex Canada valuation of US$45 million. Klondex Canada intends to make an application to list its shares on the TSX-V.

7/.1346 = $52M???

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 15:29:19   Edited 3 times.

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Frustrated - looks like given a cap of HL shares allocated to the transaction -- APOLLO, 15:19:47 03/19/18 Mon [1]

If everyone wants shares, it defaults to a combo deal & visa versa

[ Edit | View ]

From KLDX web-site -- APOLLO, 15:18:24 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Terms of the Transaction
Klondex shareholders may elect to receive either US$2.47 in cash (Cash Alternative) or 0.6272 of a Hecla share (Share Alternative), each full Hecla share being currently valued at US$3.94, subject in each case to pro-ration based on a maximum cash consideration of US$157.4 million and a maximum number of Hecla shares issued of 77.4 million.If all Klondex shareholders elect either the Cash Alternative or the Share Alternative, each Klondex shareholder would be entitled to receive US$0.8411 in cash and 0.4136 Hecla shares. Klondex shareholders may also elect to receive US$0.8411 in cash and 0.4136 of a Hecla share and Klondex shareholders who fail to make an election will automatically receive US$0.8411 in cash and 0.4136 of a Hecla share. Klondex shareholders will also receive shares of a newly formed company (Klondex Canada) which will hold Klondex’s Canadian assets, including the True North and Bison Gold Resources


[ Edit | View ]

. -- Frustrated, 15:15:12 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Klondex is pleased to be forming Klondex Canada. Certain members of Klondex’s board and management team will continue on at Klondex Canada. Hecla will subscribe for US$7.0 million of common shares of New Klondex in exchange for a 13.46% equity interest, based on a pre-investment Klondex Canada valuation of US$45 million. Klondex Canada intends to make an application to list its shares on the TSX-V.

Klondex shareholders may elect to receive either US$2.47 in cash (Cash Alternative) or 0.6272 of a Hecla share (Share Alternative), each full Hecla share being currently valued at US$3.94, subject in each case to pro-ration based on a maximum cash consideration of US$157.4 million and a maximum number of Hecla shares issued of 77.4 million. If all Klondex shareholders elect either the Cash Alternative or the Share Alternative, each Klondex shareholder would be entitled to receive US$0.8411 in cash and 0.4136 Hecla shares. Klondex shareholders may also elect to receive US$0.8411 in cash and 0.4136 of a Hecla share and Klondex shareholders who fail to make an election will automatically receive US$0.8411 in cash and 0.4136 of a Hecla share. Klondex shareholders will also receive shares of a newly formed company (Klondex Canada) which will hold Klondex’s Canadian assets, including the True North and Bison Gold Resources properties.

APOLLO - maybe HL plans to use it as leverage in the stike, either play ball or we will spend our time and efforts for now on the KLDX assets...

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 15:19:53   Edited 2 times.

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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 15:10:04 03/19/18 Mon [1]

will have to read up some more myself...saw this posted, again not my work:

BTW, from what I understand, you can sell your shares at market and take your cash or hold and receive .6272 sh/HL per sh/KLDX. $$ value same based upon prices quoted. The other option on the table is $0.8411 cash/sh KLDX and .4136 sh/HL per sh/KLDX plus x# shares of the spin off. Again $$ value the same at prices quoted. Depends on the shareholder vote. Some will vote immediately buy selling their shares and taking the money. Some will sell a portion and hold for the cash and share swap for the remainder. All up to you. There could very well be a premium to the price for the cash option. I am sure HECLA will want to buy as many shares outright as possible which would limit a lot of paperwork. The overriding question would be attainment of shares and the value thereof, in the spin off of Klondex Canadian. Again these are my opinions only and I am in no way saying what to do.

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Frustrated - right, you are better off taking the $2.47 in cash -- APOLLO, 15:07:10 03/19/18 Mon [1]

.6272 X 3.36= $2.08. So if you get the residual shares either way, you would elect to take the cash offer of $2.47. Unless, HL has some surprise ala Lucky Friday settlement, that's going to push its shares higher - right?

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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 15:03:17 03/19/18 Mon [1]

2.47/3.85 = .642%

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Got to read it Frustrated - its an acquisition, so doubt HL gets reidual KLDX shares -- APOLLO, 14:57:51 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Just KLDX shareholders of record before the approvals are done - some date designated after as part of the vote??

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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 14:55:01 03/19/18 Mon [1]

from the way I read it ...KLDX retains the Canadian assets
and they will be spun out to shareholders of KLDX (which
means that in essence HL gets some of them as well?

...I read somewhere True North had "All in costs per oz sold" of $1767 - but didn't verify that.

the break-up fee is 21M - for BOTH sides...

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Would say buying KLDX here is "No Brainer" -- APOLLO, 14:47:01 03/19/18 Mon [1]

you can either elect $2.47 in cash - plus get Canadian shares?? Or take HL @ .6272% + CND Shares in the residual co?? The stock is trading at $2.21 - need to read carefully & make sure that either scenario gets you CND shares. So, the questions is, does HL have something up its sleeve that they believe will drive their shares higher before the election deadline for KLDX shareholders - lots of reading to do.

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 14:51:20   Edited 2 times.

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KLDX -- Frustrated, 14:18:57 03/19/18 Mon [1]

...if the Lucky Friday mine were to come back on-line, that
could make things interesting ...then would it be a cash
settlement or a share settlement?

yeah, I know it's a big IF...

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Ooohhh Frustrated gots her claws into a Sugar Daddy -- APOLLO, 14:18:28 03/19/18 Mon [1]

but I hope that's not Pie-Rite - Silvers goin down!!!

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KLondex -- kuston, 13:40:45 03/19/18 Mon [1]

As good as the news sounds for Klondex, I'm still under water on it. I don't think holding the Canadian version is worth anything. I'm selling and moving the $ to Novo.

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B2 vs Mali -- kuston, 13:37:57 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Seems to be a problem in Mali for B2Gold:


It seems like once these issues hit the press they never turn out well for the company.

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Klondex... -- Frustrated, 13:36:51 03/19/18 Mon [1]

... is True North worth much of anything? How much higher
does POG have to be in order to not consider care and maintenance?

The mine will be placed on care and maintenance status after the developed areas are mined to review strategic options and to provide optionality at higher metal prices. The Company will continue to process tailings, as contained in its reserve estimate, through the mill for the foreseeable future in order to maximize cash flow and offset expected care and maintenance costs. Going forward, Klondex projects annual site free cash flow of $2 to $4 million at current metal price levels assuming a processing rate of approximately 1,400 tpd from tailings grading 0.035 Au/opt (1.20 Au/gpt) from April through October, weather dependent. The average tailings grade processed in 2017 was approximately 0.05 Au/opt (1.71 Au/gpt). Additional information regarding True North and Ogama-Rockland will be discussed at the Company’s February 7, 2018 Investor Day in Toronto.

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alright stop that...I'm not suppose to entertained here....Frus -- Pyrite, 13:27:39 03/19/18 Mon [1]

My day is incomplete if I can't corrupt someone.

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Pyrite -- Frustrated, 13:23:18 03/19/18 Mon [1]

alright stop that...I'm not suppose to entertained here.

[ Edit | View ]

I saw the pictures of you out partying...Frus -- Pyrite, 13:21:35 03/19/18 Mon [1]

[ Edit | View ]

What you could be doing is screwing up your own posts -- Pyrite, 13:16:11 03/19/18 Mon [1]

and doubling your pleasure.

Sheezizzz..... Where's the assisted care forum?

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Pyrite -- Frustrated, 13:16:08 03/19/18 Mon [1]

I saw the pictures of you out partying...

[ Edit | View ]

Frustrated.... what a sorry method. -- Pyrite, 13:14:39 03/19/18 Mon [1]

...all I have to do is open my door, walk outside and
enjoy all life has to offer away from computers and phones,
that's where I chose to find my entertainment...

Sad....just ...SAD!!!

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Frustrated.... what a sorry method. -- Pyrite, 13:13:51 03/19/18 Mon [1]

[ Edit | View ]

knapper... -- Frustrated, 12:21:23 03/19/18 Mon [1]

some over there have a very warped sense of what entertainment
entails - and a really sad life if that is where they need
to find it...and little mister delete my posts I'm leaving
for the umpteenth time played right along the whole time and
then is surprised at the outcome...he really is a fake

...all I have to do is open my door, walk outside and
enjoy all life has to offer away from computers and phones,
that's where I chose to find my entertainment...
something most of our new generation will sadly never grasp.

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Frustrated - got it re XAU -- APOLLO, 12:05:24 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Neither chart is pretty right here, but who knows what these guys are going to do - they might see a ton of shorting for the back side of March & decide to ramp it.

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 12:12:28   Edited 1 time.

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Re: This site and the other site. -- knapper, 11:56:55 03/19/18 Mon [1]

This site is like the one I joined long ago...a good one that stays on topic.

The other site is a mess.

It's simple, really. This site prefers to stay away from white trash. The other site enjoys chaos and low-class, does not understand why others wish to avoid chaos and low-class, and wishes to insert their chaos and low-class onto others.

That's how they get their jollies.

I'm proud of the fact I have been able to separate myself from the trash of the world. I'm insulated and will resist anyone who forces themselves upon me. I suspect all others here are the same. Good on you.

Keep out the trash. They crap in their own nest and everyone elses' and relish doing so. It's who they are.

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 11:57:42   Edited 1 time.

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Everybody reading Zero Hedge or something?? What caused the spike??? -- APOLLO, 11:45:36 03/19/18 Mon [1]


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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 11:44:25 03/19/18 Mon [1]

If you watch the charts both the XAU and the HUI tell the
same story...the XAU has a greater chart history ...the HUI
is a flawed index as there is a problem on how they "set"
the open/close...don't recall what is but I'm sure someone
else can chime in...

For me I will continue to use the XAU as those open/close
numbers have meaning...as well as the longer historical

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Gold was about to crater & then did this - is Trump firing Mueller or something?? -- APOLLO, 11:40:04 03/19/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Frustrated - Agree -- APOLLO, 11:38:55 03/19/18 Mon [1]

I have always been a little perplexed at your attention to the XAU for that reason - we've discussed it before - FCX distorts that index. HUI is better?

[ Edit | View ]

KLDX -- Frustrated, 11:37:03 03/19/18 Mon [1]

if it manages to hit 2.42 today ...I'll hand mine over to
the shorts...

[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO -- Frustrated, 11:31:10 03/19/18 Mon [1]

...try to find another metals stock trading at 3.36 times book.
FCX has always traded as a SM stock rather than a metals
stock ...so it's not surprising...if the SM comes down, it
comes down. It shouldn't be included in the XAU in the
first place.

but it doesn't necessarily mean the juniors have to come down much further...

one day at a time as always.

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hecla down 11% -- mugwump, 11:26:06 03/19/18 Mon [1]

a reasonable buy
bought it

[ Edit | View ]

Frustrated - looks like $17.16 in a blink, but really, I see it all the way down to $14.86 -- APOLLO, 11:16:58 03/19/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO -- Frustrated, 11:12:48 03/19/18 Mon [1]

if FCX comes crashing down ...that would probably have a pretty big impact on the XAU...it's why the XAU is outperforming the HUI on this last down...

[ Edit | View ]

Frustrated's XAU Chart - pretty ugly -- APOLLO, 11:04:08 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Would say a retest of 71.63 is on the dockit

[ Edit | View ]

XAU -- Frustrated, 11:01:09 03/19/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

KLDX -- Frustrated, 10:48:26 03/19/18 Mon [1]

BUFFORD...don't know the short position on the Canadian side,
but on the US...last numbers

Short Interest
13,105,500 7.43% of float...

shorts were trying to push it all the way down to a long-term
trendline at $C1.50 or so

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 10:51:49   Edited 1 time.

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Frustrated - yep -- APOLLO, 10:38:58 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Have a feeling they looked at this & knew that the downside of their price was Hollister - so the deal works just based on Hollister & whatever else they get is icing. I do like what HL continues to do - they stay inside the US & Canada - to a lesser extent. They get the whole "Country Risk" thing & their stock should trade at a premium versus someone like CDE who has huge risk with Morales/Bolivia

I've made a lot of money on HL over the years - always picking it off at times like this & I suppose I'll buy some - maybe tomorrow - we'll see. Right now, been riding DUST & plan to sell it tomorrow.

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 10:44:21   Edited 1 time.

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kldx someone on stockhouse mentioned 18 mil -- BUFFORD, 10:38:40 03/19/18 Mon [1]

shares were short.......

one time Larry E mentioned Helca and said their in ground ag is only valued at $1 an oz.

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Dines ...xplosion in metals coming -- BUFFORD, 10:27:54 03/19/18 Mon [1]

where have I heard that B4

16 mins in
ross clark at the start


[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO... -- Frustrated, 10:25:46 03/19/18 Mon [1]

yeah, I forgot about HL's part many moons ago in Hollister,
full circle...

[ Edit | View ]

HL - interesting. I need to look at these assetss -- APOLLO, 09:59:07 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Obviously, Hollister is a mine they know better than anyone. Will watch what the arbs do over the next several days, but it will probably be a buy in here soon

[ Edit | View ]

Zeus is a good poster - but I like it here -- APOLLO, 09:52:11 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Not sure why some are having problems getting in - would rather focus on fixing what's wrong here - think as soon as go to the other portal, we will have the dregs of the old group right on top of us & there goes tranquility. My two cents

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metalla jacks up dividend by 50% -- mugwump, 09:31:45 03/19/18 Mon [1]

yeah now i'm gonna get 0.0015 cents
wow!! i'm rich!!

[ Edit | View ]

Zeus -- Frustrated, 09:23:18 03/19/18 Mon [1]

so there's what about 10 regulars posting here...all posting
about the same amount of posts each...

go to the other site and take the 10 most frequent posters
and see what percent of the posts they represent...I think
you might be surprised...

PS - you have to exclude mug since he posts both places

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 09:23:59   Edited 1 time.

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dalradian has $138 million in CASH -- mugwump, 07:45:48 03/19/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

beadell takes out golden harp -- mugwump, 07:42:48 03/19/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

rupert acquisition -- mugwump, 07:36:14 03/19/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

de grey conglomerate gold- the pilbara heats up -- mugwump, 07:31:43 03/19/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

too bad i sold klondex -- mugwump, 07:27:04 03/19/18 Mon [1]

but i had no choice- they were doing terrible and hecla's gonna have problems with the mines unless they close true north

[ Edit | View ]

alio gold/rye patch merger -- mugwump, 07:25:31 03/19/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

trump's gata get tough with north korea -- mugwump, 07:23:16 03/19/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

, -- Frustrated, 07:12:42 03/19/18 Mon [1]

Klondex Shares Surge 68% Pre-Bell on $462 Mln Takeover Deal with Hecla Mining

04:40 AM EDT, 03/19/2018 (MT Newswires) -- Shares of Klondex Mines(KLDX) rose more than 68% in Monday's pre-market session after the company agreed to be acquired by Hecla Mining Company(HL) for $462 million.

Klondex (KLDX) is a high-grade Nevada underground gold producer with its Fire Creek, Midas and Hollister mines.

Under the terms of the deal, Hecla will acquire Klondex for $2.47 per share in cash or shares of Hecla common stock, which represents a 72% premium from the stock's previous close. The deal does not include Klondex's Canadian assets, which will be spun out to its existing shareholders.

The deal is expected to close in Q2, subject to customary closing conditions.

[ Edit | View ]

Philbara DeGrey -- kuston, 02:54:54 03/19/18 Mon [1]

As I understand the press release, DeGrey found the same type type of gold as Novo did 130km away. It's in the same age rock and same shape. Lots of pictures in the PDF. The importance is this find supports Novo's claim this is a basin size resource, like the Wits. Instead of a vein of gold this is a sheet, 100+ km long and at least 6 meters deep. In some places they have measured 30 meters deep. Artimus is drilling some crazy deep hole (800 m?) to determine depth.

Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 03:10:59   Edited 1 time.

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Pilbara at the ASX Close -- Zeus, 02:05:54 03/19/18 Mon [1]

As The_Vet says, these stocks are making ther next move:
Artemis +10% ARV.ax / ARTTF in US
Calidus 0% CAI.ax
De Grey +23% DEG.ax
De Grey Options +37% DEGO.ax
Kairos +8% kAI.ax
Pioneer +4% PIO.ax

As the Climate cools in West Australia, the stock prices are warming up.


Last edited by author: Mon March 19, 2018 02:25:37   Edited 1 time.

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Pilbara DeGrey - Conglomerate gold everywhere they dig. -- The-Vet, 00:01:23 03/19/18 Mon [1]

DeGrey DEG.AX Up 15% tonight on the ASX
DEGO (10 cent warrants) up 30%

Conglomerate Gold Update
Widespread visible gold and nuggets


[ Edit | View ]

Charles Schwab - BUFFORD -- CoralCalcium, 22:38:47 03/18/18 Sun [1]

I had a problem with all the changes too. Then they sent out a survey about all the changes. I wrote back that I want the original site back BEFORE all of your stupid changes. Then they actually did it. No more BS, and things are back to normal. Just complain, and they will revert the site back to it's former self.

[ Edit | View ]

From Philbond -$1260 is doable -- APOLLO, 22:30:15 03/18/18 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Chuck Schwab makes me get a code to log in if I clear -- BUFFORD, 21:57:39 03/18/18 Sun [1]

Cookies in IE. They never use to do that until 2 weeks ago.

If you ever go to that silver doctors site u have clear cookies after that stop.

Last edited by author: Sun March 18, 2018 22:01:48   Edited 1 time.

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Clif High ....latest interview -- Frustrated, 21:49:12 03/18/18 Sun [1]

energy always in arears ...rather than requiring a someone own a specific crypto to get their energy service ...why don't they simply do what cable/internet companies do ...have you being billed one monty in advance? As such are you ever in arears? If you can't pay in advance ...you are cut off?...if you can't afford the crypto...can you afford to pay a month in advance?

[ Edit | View ]

Ben and Philbond... -- Frustrated, 20:39:17 03/18/18 Sun [1]

when 3.8% of Bitcoin addresses own a WHOPPING 96% of ALL Bitcoin, how could one not consider it to be manipulated? The question EVERYONE in that space should be asking is WHO are these 3.8%.

One of Philbond's lastest posts...

There's no question that blockchain technology's here to stay, but most folks in this space aren't focused on that, rather, WE are focused on PROFIT. This begs the question, how does one VALUE any given crypto, & Clif was clear about valuations, reminding folks that almost ALL crypto's currently have NO revenue to speak of.

I can't find the post I made to Philbond quite sometime ago when he was still posting here...but it went something like this:

Philbond - as you recall when you talked about blockchain I said I didn't deny that that it would be the wave of the future. All I had to do is look at who was taking out patents on blockchain technology. But I also said that blockchain technology didn't have to inclued bitcoin. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. (since then, so I guess I'm at least not a BRAIN-DEAD dinosaur.)

being a dino - I have to be able to wrap my head around some type of valuation - not something I'm fed by all those talking their book...so far I've only been able to do that with those companies who have gone public and are reporting their financials for all to see.

I've also had a big revelation in the past year so that that financials have almost no meaning during a hugely sustained up-turn or mania

[ Edit | View ]

Pyrite... -- Frustrated, 20:05:01 03/18/18 Sun [1]

I can't be that I am only one that is having no problems with Voy login...I'm using InPrivate with IE...I log-in every day "once" and as long as that that browser window is open I never have to log-in again during the day. If I don't use InPrivate I never have to "re-log-in but I monitor cookies such that I only have few to deal with and when not using InPrivate cookies come rushing in...I often wonder if it's a waste of my time...but continue to use InPrivate.

but I realize that IE has a very low market share these days so may are probably using some other browser.

Last edited by author: Sun March 18, 2018 20:06:04   Edited 1 time.

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Zeus -- ROAN, 16:45:36 03/18/18 Sun [1]

Go for it. Thanks.

[ Edit | View ]

Pootie gets 6 more years -- Zeus, 16:30:42 03/18/18 Sun [1]

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin won re-election by a wide margin Sunday, according to a state-run exit poll, strengthening his hand amid an escalating confrontation with the West. After 18 years in power, Putin will start a new six-year term at a time of sharply deteriorating relations with Western adversaries, who accuse him of military adventurism in Ukraine and Syria and hostile attacks ranging from election meddling to attempted assassinations.

Putin’s foreign policy, coupled with efforts to rebuild the Russian military, have been part of an effort by the 65-year-old former KGB officer to boost his country’s standing on the world stage — a campaign that has helped make him extremely popular with his people.

An exit poll from state-run pollster VTsIOM showed Mr. Putin with 73.9% of the vote, dominating a field otherwise made up mostly of weak and little-known figures. By comparison, he scored 63.6% in 2012, two years before his seizure of Crimea from Ukraine sent his approval ratings soaring. The result was in little doubt, given that the Kremlin has steadily tightened its grip over the main levers of power in Russia, including media and law enforcement — both of which the government uses to promote the president and sideline opponents. His most prominent critic, Alexei Navalny, was barred from running in the campaign.


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Gold Apr Fut's @ 1314 -- Zeus, 16:26:01 03/18/18 Sun [1]

S/T bearish, weakish supp ~ 1308
M/T - L/T --- Res @ the low 1330's / Supp @ 1300 / high 1290's

[ Edit | View ]

kuston -- Zeus, 15:43:49 03/18/18 Sun [1]

Sent u a mssg.
(Suggest you delete your email off forum)

[ Edit | View ]

Zues -- kuston, 15:26:28 03/18/18 Sun [1]

Hey Zeus can you email me, I'll help. At golf course,

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"jes scannin' thru" --- rotflmao -- Zeus, 15:22:23 03/18/18 Sun [1]

Thanks pyrite - I miss your sence of humor here !
From the other site:-

85512 Pyrite
{from KD}
Jes scannin' thru...oftentimes my clever and incisive
observations are essential to preventing the forum
cascading into a knavish/oafish culture.

Could you repost that? I was picking my nose and couldn't
see over my knuckle.


Last edited by author: Sun March 18, 2018 15:26:09   Edited 1 time.

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New Site ? -- Zeus, 15:15:18 03/18/18 Sun [1]

Frustrated, Apollo, Vet, mugwump, kuston, Gspot, Pyrite & others:-

Many Thanks for your messages. Already emailed voy using as many
email addy's as I can find, and will give them a few more days to
respond. They've already had a week.

If no response, I'll post a link to a new Quicktopic site with rules
that will mirror those already here at 216669. Then it's simply up
to all to decide where to post.

Since no-one wants to moderate, I'll do it initially, unless one of you
puts up their hand. I'll probably just stick to the rules we already
have at 216669, but please suggest modifications. So far they seem to
have largely worked out OK. I will pay the $49 fee for a "Pro" site.

The choice is of course always yours whether you join or not. I hope
you do, we can continue to post on-topic as we do here. If you don't
like it, we can always return here.

But we can also reunite with some old friends and gain some good
people from the other site, AND avoid the trashy part of that place.

If there is no support for the new site, then I'll shut it down. No
point operating it for 2-3 people. But I know there are some great
people at the other place that would like to join us, but cannot,
because of Voy's poor communications and inability to help & give
people access.


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ether downski -- BUFFORD, 15:10:16 03/18/18 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Thanks BUFFORD -- Pyrite, 12:04:37 03/18/18 Sun [1]

That's the case here, too.

Hadn't thought of the change of computer.

[ Edit | View ]

Japanese old folk................turning to crime -- BUFFORD, 11:37:32 03/18/18 Sun [1]


Pyrite......if I post from a tablet and switch to another pc I always have to log in again.

[ Edit | View ]

Well, this site has something new. -- Pyrite, 11:31:53 03/18/18 Sun [1]

...EVERY....time I go go post, I need a new login.
That is ridiculous.
Voy has shown itself to be non user friendly right from the start.
Had Kitco not gone "threaded" Voy would never exist.

They were unresponsive when I ran this place and, apparently, nothing has changed.

Making registration difficult SHOULD be a death knell to a forum.

HOWEVER.... I fail to see the merit of yet ANOTHER forum.

Every time we fractionalize, we get lesser participation.

I still haven't figured out how so many find it so difficult to use the scroll wheel and ...ignore.... (yes, pay no mind to) the posts that ..somehow... HAMPER them in their daily lives.

My take is that those who can't scroll are also "control" wannabes and want to dictate who can say what and when.

Some want to dictate the theme but ..WHOA... there's never a rush to volunteer to moderate.

And that makes sense. Bleeve me, it makes SENSE to not want that job.

The old harp about "trading hours" was purely comic.

There's no LAG from off topic posts. If you're gonna trade, trade.

I don't think any brokerages are linked to Voy or Quicktopic.

Silliness seems to erupt every time metals take a shit.

Personally, I find the crap on Quicktopic ...entertaining. But then I'm not a trader.

Here's a list of the top FIFTY commodity analysis sites.


Look fun? Nope.

But for those making their bread from trading, what's fun anyhow?

Cut to chase: More sites=more bitching



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took a look at Hathaway's gold fund holdings -- BUFFORD, 10:56:21 03/18/18 Sun [1]

from the end of q4......other than newcrest I don't see much Aussie xposure


Last edited by author: Sun March 18, 2018 11:00:23   Edited 2 times.

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I see those aden girls are buying -- BUFFORD, 10:29:31 03/18/18 Sun [1]

mainstream stocks like amazon.........

[ Edit | View ]

blockchain article from ag dr -- BUFFORD, 10:19:17 03/18/18 Sun [1]


I see a name in this article from the past tech toilet bowl. Don Tapscott ........... old tech guru from Itemus (old Vengold when miners back in the day wanted to be tech companies). I guess Don forgot to tell the author how Itemus purchased a movie company that made the movie "Slingblade" where the assets had been sold to 10 different buyers. At one time Itemus owned technology for video like the youtube trailors you see today that vaporized in the bankruptcy.

[ Edit | View ]

Any new site -- Pyrite, 09:30:02 03/18/18 Sun [1]

Would have to be populated before all the goldbugs die off.

[ Edit | View ]

This voy site- Zeus -- Gspot, 06:46:45 03/18/18 Sun [1]

It has been peaceful here but if new folks can't gain admission I would be willing to move. There are some on topic folks still left at the Colony that I wish were here. Philbonds site as well. I rarely check Phil's site though since it turned crypto.

I don't have time to post frequently. Wish I had more time to contribute.


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Aden forecast -- Gspot, 06:17:15 03/18/18 Sun [1]

From 3-15-18


[ Edit | View ]

zinc price peak? -- BUFFORD, 15:05:46 03/17/18 Sat [1]


"But going back even further, the zinc price bullish rally started in 2016. Since then, zinc prices have increased around 120%, from $1,471/mt to current levels.

During this bullish rally, zinc prices reached a more than 10-year high, which signaled strength in the rally.

Source: MetalMiner analysis of FastMarkets

Some analysts believe this recent short-term downtrend serves as a possible peak for zinc prices. In other words, zinc prices may have already peaked and have started a new downtrend.

The alarms sounded on the London Metal Exchange when 78,950 tons of metal were delivered into LME stocks.

Before we speculate as to where zinc prices are going, let’s examine some of the indicators.

LME Stocks vs. Trading Volume

Traders commonly react to stocks changes, which is reflected directly in zinc prices. When a big delivery of any metal — in this case, zinc — reaches the LME stock, traders interpret this signal as a lack of tightness in the metal supply and demand equation.

In other words, traders think that the deficit is lower and sell their positions for the metal.

However, LME stock levels typically serve as a very short-term price driver (for days or weeks, not months). Rather, MetalMiner believes trading volumes better reflect the metal price trend. Zinc trading volume still supports the long-term uptrend, even if prices have so far trended lower this month.

Global Zinc Market

According to the International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG), 2017 left behind a deficit of 495 kt for refined zinc metal. Zinc mine output increased by 33.7% in India, while the increase in Peru was driven by higher output in the Antamina mine.

World output refined zinc production remained flat when compared to 2016, with increases in India around 30.4% versus a decrease in Canada, China, Peru and the Republic of Korea.

Despite the increases in zinc production, zinc demand increased by 2.6%, driven by zinc appetite in Australia, Brazil, China and Japan.

U.S. demand increased by just 0.6%, while European demand fell 0.5%.

Chinese Zinc Market

As for other industrial metals, Chinese numbers are commonly used as an indicator for the global metal industry. During the November 2017 to January 2018 period, China’s official zinc trade figures show 291,000 tons of refined zinc entering the country. This figure is the largest since 2009, when metallic trade flows were massive.

Shanghai Futures Exchange (ShFE) zinc stocks have recovered from a 2017 drop of 84,000 tons. Since the beginning of 2018, zinc stocks have rebounded by 46,000 tons, reaching the highest level since May 2017 (114,887 tons).

Brazilian Zinc

Brazilian mine Nexa Resources forecasts a deficit for zinc in 2018, with demand outpacing supply.

The deficit may continue due to the inability of Chinese small mines to renew permits under current environmental policies. Therefore, Chinese production may not be able to meet the annual demand growth of around 2-2.5% (based on previous growth).

What This Means for Industrial Buyers

MetalMiner sees the current pullback in zinc prices as short-term in nature as opposed to a price trend correction.

Therefore, while base metals and zinc remain in a current bull market, buying organizations may want to take advantage of lower prices and learn the exact time to commit to some zinc volume.

MetalMiner’s Annual Outlook provides 2018 buying strategies for carbon steel

To understand how to adapt buying strategies to your specific needs on a monthly basis, take a free trial of our Monthly Outlook now."

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puplava guest ralph bullis on peak gold...30 mins in -- BUFFORD, 13:42:46 03/17/18 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

korelin weekend line up.....interview with novo -- BUFFORD, 09:59:53 03/17/18 Sat [1]


Segment 1: We kick off the show with Jesse Felder, Founder of the Felder Report and a recent article he posted on silver. There are a number of reasons he is very optimistic.
•Segment 2: Quinton Hennign, President and CEO of Novo Resources joins me to update us all on Novo Resources. We discuss the balance between exploration and potential for test mining. •Click here to listen to the full interview with Quinton and I.

•Segment 3: Joe Mazumdar, from Exploration Insights take a look at the metals sector and the financing discrepancy we have seen this year.
•Segment 4: Byron King – Other resources that are catching the attention of investors.
•Segment 5 & 6: We begin KER Politics with Harlan Ullman.
•Segment 7: Politics and Markets with Jeff Pontius.
•Segment 8: We talk about the role of doctors in the medical industry compared to that of the Federal Government and insurance companies with Dr. Elena George.

Last edited by author: Sat March 17, 2018 10:02:56   Edited 2 times.

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something's wrong with asanko reporting -- mugwump -- ROAN, 07:14:15 03/17/18 Sat [1]

Mugs: I miss what is wrong with Asanko from the explanation. I am not a shareholder. It sounds to me like there could be some timing differences in their gold inventory. They could have had bullion receivable in the previous quarter that flushed thru in current quarter for example. Also with low grade stockpile, that is a gimmick allowed by accounting rules that allows a massaging opportunity. Many miners do it.
Are these guys good guys or snakes, I do not know. For that matter what do I know, I am only a gold miner.

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Tim Wood talking his 9 year gold cycle............... -- BUFFORD, 16:53:16 03/16/18 Fri [1]


Not yet

Last edited by author: Fri March 16, 2018 20:39:53   Edited 1 time.

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Craig Hulet from mar 15 ...he must read this board -- BUFFORD, 16:51:36 03/16/18 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Larry P's guest this am Norm Winski sez -- BUFFORD, 16:45:42 03/16/18 Fri [1]

the new moon on March 17 ...........his astro forecast is showing green for gold

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Wouldn't call today much of a bump -- APOLLO, 16:33:25 03/16/18 Fri [1]

But at least PMs didn't drop. Suspect though the drop reignites Monday afternoon

[ Edit | View ]

. -- Frustrated, 16:09:06 03/16/18 Fri [1]

Quadruple witching third Friday March

[ Edit | View ]

Zeus -- Frustrated, 13:07:20 03/16/18 Fri [1]

... why not try emailing Brandon if you are
having problems...these are the last addy's I had for him


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illegal alien killer wants to sue federal govt -- mugwump, 11:54:38 03/16/18 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

New site -- kuston, 10:53:01 03/16/18 Fri [1]

I'm willing to move to a new site, new posters would be a good thing. And there are a lot of good posters on Willie's site that I miss. The problem in my mind is there are people who's only point of posting is to ruin the site. They use multiple names and carry on conversations with themselves. They attack quality posters just to drive them away. In my mind, they should be castrated not given time outs or warnings. I've moved on to other sites because these trolls are allowed to continue.

[ Edit | View ]

So like I said, $1300 will be challenged before Wednesday's annoucement -- APOLLO, 10:24:14 03/16/18 Fri [1]

Probably see it by Tuesday

[ Edit | View ]

Zeus- not sure why you get kicked off -- APOLLO, 09:27:35 03/16/18 Fri [1]

Who's the moderator? Frankly, this has been the most peaceful site we've had. I'm fine with it. But if your getting kicked off we should try to fix

Last edited by author: Fri March 16, 2018 09:35:45   Edited 1 time.

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obama's civilian army -- mugwump, 08:07:33 03/16/18 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

zeus -- mugwump, 04:00:09 03/16/18 Fri [1]

well you could check out ceo.ca

[ Edit | View ]

This voy site. -- Zeus, 03:39:04 03/16/18 Fri [1]

Kicks me off every other week.

And we can't get new posters.

Wonder whether we set up a new site @ quicktopic?

Perhaps it'd be half-way between what we have now, with
somewhat less moderation to attract new posters. There are
plenty of good people at WileE's quicktopic site expressing
concern at the level of dross infecting that place.
eg --- from the likes of theme-investor, oilboiler, and
others at WileE's who are fed up with the trolls.

If someone here can go administrator, I'd be in favor. We
probably ought to establish some ground rules, so please
put your views forward.

If no support for this idea, then we continue here as normal.

Comments please - Frustrated, Apollo, Coral Calcium, mugwump,
Roan, kuston, buffford, The Vet, Raja, G-Spot, winston,
and anyone else who posts here.


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something's wrong with asanko reporting -- mugwump, 03:38:18 03/16/18 Fri [1]

stay away from this one

[ Edit | View ]

holy cow!! -- mugwump, 03:33:58 03/16/18 Fri [1]

why isn't the special counsel investigating this?

[ Edit | View ]

brio qtr and year end -- mugwump, 03:29:42 03/16/18 Fri [1]

it's gonna get taken out by leagold
bought brio as a cheap entree for leagold shares

[ Edit | View ]

B2's going for @$3 -- mugwump, 03:26:55 03/16/18 Fri [1]

edv's going for $24
randgold's going for $80
can you spell disparity?

[ Edit | View ]

B2 to concentrate on organic growth and paying off debt -- mugwump, 03:16:35 03/16/18 Fri [1]

will have $500 million CASH flow annually
output will pass edv next year

Last edited by author: Fri March 16, 2018 03:17:22   Edited 1 time.

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more requests for 2nd special counsel -- mugwump, 02:55:46 03/16/18 Fri [1]


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Gold Fut's -- Zeus, 02:05:19 03/16/18 Fri [1]

Support @ 1313 (weakish), 1304, 1294, 1289.

[ Edit | View ]

Might get a wee bump in here -- APOLLO, 01:14:07 03/16/18 Fri [1]

But it's going down late Monday/Tuesday

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Where's the Special Prosecutor for this????? -- APOLLO, 19:32:39 03/15/18 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

not the first time the fla bridge builder has been in trouble -- mugwump, 17:48:38 03/15/18 Thu [1]

FIGG was fined in 2012 after a 90-ton section of a bridge it was building in Virginia crashed onto railroad tracks below, causing several minor injuries to workers. The citation, from the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, said FIGG did not do the proper inspections of the girder that failed and had not obtained written consent from its manufacturer before modifying it, according to a story in The Virginian-Pilot.

Court documents show that MCM, or Munilla Construction Management, was accused of substandard work in a lawsuit filed earlier this month. The suit said a worker at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, where the company is working on an expansion, fell and injured himself when a makeshift bridge MCM built collapsed under the worker’s weight.

The suit charged the company with employing “incompetent, inexperienced, unskilled or careless employees” at the job site.

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dumped ego-bought B2 -- mugwump, 17:41:05 03/15/18 Thu [1]

it's working out

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school walkout unconstittional -- mugwump, 16:17:47 03/15/18 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Ben...all IMO...don't trust but verify... -- Frustrated, 14:08:30 03/15/18 Thu [1]

Clif didn't say that he wasn't using his own reports in that latest interview because of legal issues...if you listen carefully he said that the linguistics have changed as the internet has evolved and that he no longer believes that he can interpret "time" as he "believed" he could do earlier...he made the specific comment "not anymore"...to the interviewer.

The interviewer pointed out that the range of error was already quite large in the dates Clif "believed" he was able to predict in prior reports - kudos to the interviewer.

and Phil is wrong that there wasn't anything to learn from that interview...it clearly shows that Clif only "believed" earlier that there was any predictive ability relative to time...and as Phil noted, he was likely capitalizing upon other peoples belief that there was something behind the timing of his predictions...

again, kudos to the interviewer for opening peoples eyes...

as far as market manipulation ...watch the total volume numbers in the futures data ...they have been minuscule...but when 87% of ALL bitcoins in distribution are held buy LESS than 1% of bitcoin addresses...and 96% are held by LESS than 4% of all bitcoin addresses maybe you should be looking inward relative to manipulation...

don't you find it concerning that a "decentralized currency" is held in such a large quantity by so few participants?

...the early adopters ...the real HODL's ...make the Comex players simply bit players at best

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Trump needs to fire Sessions first -- APOLLO, 12:57:03 03/15/18 Thu [1]

Then bring Rudy Gulliani in to fire the entire 7th floor @ the FBI

[ Edit | View ]

Sessions needs to get off his ass -- mugwump, 11:37:08 03/15/18 Thu [1]

is he gonna fire McCabe or not?

[ Edit | View ]

Starting this far in front of the FOMC -- APOLLO, 10:43:47 03/15/18 Thu [1]

It's got no chance of holding $1318. You need to start worrying about $1300. DUSTee road ahead

[ Edit | View ]

and once again, i gata question osisko gold royalties idea -- mugwump, 10:40:58 03/15/18 Thu [1]

to waste money on the Victoria gold project
and yes, I dumped osisko as well

[ Edit | View ]

ikn delivers more bad news to victoria -- mugwump, 10:39:44 03/15/18 Thu [1]

(yeah, I'm glad I sold)
Oh the poor dear, has no trouble about spouting BS, pumping stocks in public forums using false information and potentially leading thousands of naive sheep up the proverbial garden path, but doesn't like his thin skin being pierced. Well Peter, it's true I'm an arrogant piece of crap but it's also true that I'm not nasty and horrible to just anyone. I save that for people who deserve it, such as you because you may think you've fixed your BS anal ysis now but it still wildly overestimates the NPV of Victoria Gold (VIT.v). This is one reason I asked you whether you actually know what NPV stands for.

You are seriously telling us that the Eagle project will be built for CAD$370m? They've just raised CAD$505m, didn't you see that? Well in fact you did and somebody else pointed it out to you in the comments section, but lo and behold that fact didn't fit your prejudices so you were moronic enough to defend your position with "Well they might not spend all that cash on the capex"! Dude, have you ever met a mining company CEO in your life?

A few facts for you, Peter:

1) VIT raised C$505m to build Eagle because they need C$505m to build Eagle. Period.

2) That C$370m (U$288m) number you seem to be fond of is a work of fiction, made up by JDS and published in cahoots with VIT. It's fraudulent. One of these days JDS is going to get slapped with a lawsuit and go bankrupt after losing the case, because they do this shifty move all the time and you're simply a fool if you haven't noticed it yet

3) As they've already spent C$38.4m on Capex at Eagle in 2017, you're staring down the barrel of a C$543m capex project here. And even that may turn out to be generous, because I'm not including the $20m contingency bridge loan they've set up or their treasury position.

4) And here's how I framed that fact to subscribers of The IKN Weekly last Sunday evening in IKN460: "That’s an overrun of C$173m, or a whopping 46.75%. And as according to JDS every 5% extra spent on capex means C$27m less on the NPV, the subtraction is C$252.45m".

5) Got that, Peter? Y'see, the problem is that you cannot simply ignore a capex overrun. You can try of course, you can even publish about it (either due to dumbass ignorance or nefarious reasons, I'm going to assume the best of you and say you're the former) but don't start whining when your gross errors and miscalculations are brought in front of your eyes.

6) So let me help you with the next correction you need to make to your utter work of fiction. You're claiming a U$370m NPV for VIT.v at U$1.3k/oz gold. You're going to need to subtract around U$197m from that now. And that means your NPV per share is down to 22c. And you're looking really stupid now.

Have a nice day, Peter.

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Larry P this am as long as gold stays above 1318 -- BUFFORD, 09:37:02 03/15/18 Thu [1]

its got a chance

[ Edit | View ]

kuston -- mugwump, 09:25:17 03/15/18 Thu [1]

ya gata do what you gata do

[ Edit | View ]

secret sweetheart deals for biden/kerry families -- mugwump, 09:24:44 03/15/18 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

B2 -- kuston, 09:22:45 03/15/18 Thu [1]

Mugs you know where B2's mines are right? I won't invest there.

[ Edit | View ]

illegals dominating construction jobs in california -- mugwump, 09:04:32 03/15/18 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

sbb adds project manager -- mugwump, 08:16:50 03/15/18 Thu [1]

impressive qualifications

[ Edit | View ]

asanko qtr and year end -- mugwump, 08:13:19 03/15/18 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

parents wake up -- mugwump, 08:10:15 03/15/18 Thu [1]

sue over illegal student walkout

[ Edit | View ]

throwing in the towel on ego -- mugwump, 08:06:55 03/15/18 Thu [1]

buying more B2 gold

[ Edit | View ]

endemic food stamp fraud -- mugwump, 07:58:56 03/15/18 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

B2 WOW!! -- mugwump, 06:06:58 03/15/18 Thu [1]

aisc of $754
147 million CASH after opening fekola
will produce over 900,000 gold this year!!

Last edited by author: Thu March 15, 2018 06:08:37   Edited 1 time.

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Ya, all the redistribution Marxist Govs love Global Climate scare -- APOLLO, 22:58:14 03/14/18 Wed [1]

Gives them the Carbon Tax as another way to steal $$. If SA isn't the quintessential example of the whole Clinate nonsense (Red went Green), your blind as a bat. They've already shown their Marxist colors by stealing the land and now they come w/this to redistribute corporately

Last edited by author: Wed March 14, 2018 22:58:37   Edited 1 time.

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kuston -- Frustrated, 21:33:24 03/14/18 Wed [1]

yeah, I'm waiting to see what happens with tether...the fact that it still retains an increasing market cap during both rises and declines like the one Bitcoin has had, has to raise just about EVERYONE's eyebrows...or at least it should

so what would the price of Bitcoin be without the entrance of tether...inquiring minds wanna know

Last edited by author: Wed March 14, 2018 22:39:31   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

Nano? -- kuston, 21:17:14 03/14/18 Wed [1]

Interesting, thanks for heads up. I'll investigate. Bitcoin won't die because of the ignorant fanatics that back it and the scam Tethers but it has seen it's glory days

[ Edit | View ]

. -- Frustrated, 21:06:04 03/14/18 Wed [1]

Big energy users oppose SA's proposed carbon tax law

JOHANNESBURG - Big energy users including Sibanye-Stillwater and ArcelorMittal’s local unit on Wednesday opposed plans by South Africa to enact long-delayed carbon tax laws in 2019, arguing the levies are unaffordable and should be scrapped or delayed.

The carbon tax has already been postponed at least three times since first being mooted in 2010, after mining companies, steel firms and state-owned power utility Eskom said it would erode profits and push up electricity prices.


[ Edit | View ]

kuston -- Frustrated, 20:23:32 03/14/18 Wed [1]

Just wanted to share..

RaiBlock – used to be XRB – Now it’s NANO...

(don't ask me what it means ...just pulled the how does it work part)

Many compare Raiblocks to IOTA. XRB uses a targeted acyclic chart algorithm. IOTA uses it in its Tangle system, while RaiBlocks uses its own block lattice technology instead.

Block-lattice operates similarly to a regular blockchain, however, it has several significant differences. Each account registered in the XRB protocol has its own blockchain, called account-chain. Only owners can modify their accounts. Thanks to this, each account-chain updates asynchronously in relation to other accounts in block-lattice. This eliminates the need to rely on the whole network.

...does all this new technology make Bitcoin a dino -- sure looks like it on the surface

[ Edit | View ]

klondex qtr and annual -- mugwump, 19:57:02 03/14/18 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Well shoot, Larry says buy USD sell Gold. Don watch what they say -- APOLLO, 17:34:53 03/14/18 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

a Birthday message -- Zeus, 16:17:42 03/14/18 Wed [1]

"You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake."

[ Edit | View ]

Cryptos -- kuston, 16:09:53 03/14/18 Wed [1]

yes the Hashgraph is the king, but they have publicly stated they are not going into the public market. They are focused on VISA. Private networks. IOTA is going after the public DLS, they currently do not have a working network at that size but it is being built. There is nothing in architecture that would lead anyone to think it won't perform. I'm not familiar with that crypto you mentioned.

I'm not here to promote or discuss cryptos, I have zero investment in them. But the future in this space is very clear from a technical standpoint. Just wanted to share.

Last edited by author: Wed March 14, 2018 16:12:47   Edited 2 times.

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. -- Frustrated, 13:49:27 03/14/18 Wed [1]

REUTERS 1:44 PM ET 3/14/2018
By Lucia Mutikani

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. retail sales fell for a third straight month in February as households cut back on purchases of motor vehicles and other big-ticket items, prompting analysts to downgrade their first-quarter economic growth forecasts.

Despite signs of cooling in consumer spending, inflation pressures are steadily building, which should allow the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates next week. Other data on Wednesday showed underlying producer prices rose solidly in February, driven by strong gains in the cost of services such as hotel accommodation, airline fares and hospital inpatient care.

The sustained decline in retail sales is surprising as consumer confidence is at a more than 17-year high in the wake of a $15 trillion income tax cut package and a labor market that continues to churn out jobs. Economists said consumers boosted spending in the fourth quarter in anticipation of the lower taxes.

"Looking at consumer fundamentals there appears to be nothing sinister going on among America's households," said Ellen Zentner, chief economist at Morgan Stanley in New York. "We posit that the anticipation of the widely publicized tax cuts pulled forward spending into the fourth quarter of 2017."

[ Edit | View ]

kuston... -- Frustrated, 11:27:52 03/14/18 Wed [1]

haven't done any research on this but saw posted somewhere:

Tangle 1500 trans per second (hasn't come near that number in practice)
Hashgraph 250,000 per second

both clearly exceed the capabilities of the dino blockchain

problem with Hashgraph - it's not open source???

and then there is RaiBlocks - unlimited number?

that space is changing so fast...

Last edited by author: Wed March 14, 2018 11:36:17   Edited 1 time.

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Cryptos -- kuston, 10:07:04 03/14/18 Wed [1]

I don't know if there are any Crypto investors left or not. If anyone is interested they might enjoy reading this. https://technode.com/2018/03/14/taipei-iota/

It's been pretty clear to any db architect which one will left standing for months. Now that the tech-eval are finish you can watch where the money goes. It's only a matter of time.

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Rusoro wins US court ruling -- CoralCalcium, 10:02:12 03/14/18 Wed [1]


Stock up around 40% to 8.5 cents per share. Rusoro has the green light to begin seizing Venezuelan assets to recover the 1.3 BILLION it is owed. That is close to $2.00 per share and the stock trades at 8 cents. Of course they probably have lots of debts to pay, but there still seems to be a sufficient cushion to make the stock a steal if they can seize sufficient assets. It hit 10 cents, now sellers moving in. It may be a "sell" on the news, at least short term. Back down to 8 cents.

Last edited by author: Wed March 14, 2018 10:07:45   Edited 1 time.

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brio qtr and year end -- mugwump, 04:12:37 03/14/18 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Politics -- Zeus (This admin makes another mistake), 18:54:54 03/13/18 Tue [1]

Tillerson was very solid and provided stability.
Trump continues to surround himself with Yes-Men.
That's never good ---- never.
Now all he can hear is his own echo.

[ Edit | View ]

trump visits border wall -- mugwump, 18:16:15 03/13/18 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

obama's dumb decisions make trump look like a genius -- mugwump, 17:43:33 03/13/18 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

CC -- ROAN, 16:12:58 03/13/18 Tue [1]

I doubt EDV will take them over, they had a good look at both properties of Teranga in the past.

[ Edit | View ]

Teranga Gold - TGCDF -- CoralCalcium, 15:20:34 03/13/18 Tue [1]

Acting better than most. Now $3.20 per share. I wonder if Endeavour or anyone else is going to take them out?

[ Edit | View ]

Gold is up USD is down and PM shares are ........ -- APOLLO, 13:36:43 03/13/18 Tue [1]

Every bump from here to Next Tuesfay S/B shorted and I am & will. Tight stops, but that ledge gold has been crawling along re the six month chart, is going to fail. Timing is good for a swoon - 2/nd half of March is seasonally challenged. Doesn't mean we can't have a good year, just not a good week or so in late March

[ Edit | View ]

Check your assumptions -- kuston, 12:54:22 03/13/18 Tue [1]

Mugs, i follow some very good traders who are expecting the dollar to start a big bull market. Currencies are a tough nut to figure out, i don't like basing decisions on them.

[ Edit | View ]

coral about the long term picture and us -- mugwump, 11:35:26 03/13/18 Tue [1]

yeah- we've been skunked big time
finally i'm seeing that and am investing in insurance stocks cause i don't trust the stock market either
american financial, wr berkley, cincinati financial etc
boring names like that

[ Edit | View ]

why i sold victoria gold and osisko gold royalties -- mugwump, 11:32:33 03/13/18 Tue [1]

Victoria Gold will also sell a 5% NSR royalty on the future production from the Eagle mine. The royalty will be sold for C$98 million (~$75 million) to Osisko Gold Royalties.

...and then write this just a few lines later?

"At a gold price of $1,300/toz, the after-tax NPV(5%) was estimated at $442 million (C$567 million) and the IRR at 32%. However, after the 2017 tax rate reduction, it increased approximately to $460 million. As 5% of the gold production will be sold to Osisko Gold Royalties in the form of NSR, the NPV attributable to Victoria Gold's shareholders should be around $437 million."

Riddle me that again, Sinking Alpha mining expert Peter Arendas (who pretends to be a PhD)? You are telling me that:

1) You recognize Sean Roosen is prepared to pay U$75m for an NSR.
2) That NSR reduces NPV of a project as pertains to VIT.v by U$23m.

So Sean Roosen has turned into a source of philanthropic charity money for needy and deserving junior mining companies, is that right? I will therefore continue with questions:

Do you understand what "NPV" stands for?
Do you know where to apply an NSR reduction on a financial model?
Are you seriously this stupid about financials?
If you are this stupid, why are you trying to fob yourself off as an expert?

And let's not even start on how the capex blowout changes the NPV (hint; by a lot). If it weren't for the fact that there are people who are going to take your complete dumbassery at face value and invest in VIT.v on the back of your words, this would be funny.

[ Edit | View ]

"the big picture" -- CoralCalcium, 11:13:38 03/13/18 Tue [1]

Unfortunately, looking at the big picture has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the meantime. The more cash we raise during interim peaks gives us that much more buying power when thing gets washed out. I don't think Radomski will be negative the metals forever, and I think he at least should be watched for market signals and changes in direction.

[ Edit | View ]

coral- let's look at the big picture -- mugwump, 11:07:50 03/13/18 Tue [1]

the dollar is weak for a reason
the reason is congress has just passed another high spending budget
we're gonna lose a trillion dollars/year FOREVER!!
can you spell PRINT?
anybody not holding real assets is DOOMED!!
will there be a debt jubilee?
ha ha- the banks will collapse
a virtual societal collapse is now on the horizon
got gold? got silver?
forget radomski and the chartist fools

[ Edit | View ]

osisko downgrade post from SH -- BUFFORD, 11:03:48 03/13/18 Tue [1]

RE:RE:RE:RE:PT downgrade - national bank


Windfall geological model. We attended a presentation on the geological model of Windfall Lake and exploration implications on OSK’s 3,300 km2 Urban Barry/Quevillon property. The talk was hosted by OSK and featured Dr. Ruben Padilla, a geologist with 25 years’ experience and several exploration discoveries, notably at La Escondida, Colosa and Gramalote.

Geology predictability improving. The system is described as ‘intrusive-related’, but it is not a porphyry, or Archean shear-zone hosted deposit and a clear analogue has yet to be found. The emerging geologic model contemplates a 1 km thick intrusive, originating in the NE, tilted ~35 and with mineralized “fingers” extending in Lynx, Z27-Wolf-Caribou and Underdog controlled by dikes, gabbro volcanics or the bank fault (Fig. 1). Positively, OSK expects to find more ‘fingers’, and use of dikes and sericitic alteration to guide drilling is yielding encouraging results at the Lynx North target, a potential Lynx replica.

Insights on the upcoming resource update and PEA. What we learned: (1) ~end of Feb. cut-off for assays in resource. This is positive because a sizable ~120k m of drilling was released in Jan/Feb with high grade intercepts. (2) OSK hinted the resource grade may compare with the Eagle Hill estimate of 7.97 g/t (Nov. 2014), though bulk sampling during ramp development to validate, with first sample expected in June. (3) Recovery of 96% cited in the Eagle Hill PEA (April 2015) is reasonable. (4) No hints as to the size of the resource, and with this we defer to OSK’s previous (and only messaging) that it has a footprint for a 3mln oz deposit (NBF est. initial 3.5-4.0mln oz).

Shares oversold. Considering OSK’s market cap of $536 mln, if we subtract $184.5 mln in cash, securities or in-the-money options (as at end of Q4/17), $100 mln for Garrison and $150 mln for Marban & Osbourne-Bell we get a residual of $101 mln for Windfall lake. This represents US$26/oz for a 3mln oz deposit, vs. a peer resource average of US$107/oz (Fig. 3).

Maintaining OP rating, lowering target to $5.50 (was $6.00). Target based on 1.0x C$5.43 (was C$5.88) NAVPS, lowered after updating financing assumptions to reflect market prices.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#QwPU20lv5DIHbsy5.99

me......if the resource comes in @3 mil gold oz price may go up a little..........over 4 mil oz back to old highs.

Probably less than a hundred gold stock traders left .....most of the other trades are anything with a Canadian stock symbol in street name is fair game for the cubicle to cubicle trade of Canadian broker 100 share trades with no legal consequences.

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"so much for Radomski" - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 10:56:11 03/13/18 Tue [1]

He said there could be a couple minor quick moves up before they pull the plug and smash gold down. So it's a little too early to count this guy out. There is nothing more than I would like than he be wrong. I can see gold lower, but silver which he also feels will get creamed very soon looks washed out to me, but we'll soon see I guess.

[ Edit | View ]

GLD back down to 123.50 & yep, we get a pretty nasty down-draft -- APOLLO, 10:34:20 03/13/18 Tue [1]


So would not fade that trader who said we are sitting on an intermediate top

It will go to 123.50 in front of the FOMC

[ Edit | View ]

it looks like trump shut down Craig Hulet......the easy way -- BUFFORD, 10:33:20 03/13/18 Tue [1]

I always wondered how long Trump would put up with Hulet's verbal pounding for the last several years. On Hulet's last show he mentioned that US Bank pulled the plug his business bank credit card accounts for his newsletter / book business and some kind of knife biz for no reason..... at least thats what he said.

Trump could easily have someone call a bank or banks and tell them to screw this guy..........that's one conspiracy I have no problem believing.


[ Edit | View ]

wow- they're jacking the dollar up -- mugwump, 10:30:21 03/13/18 Tue [1]

pog is doomed

[ Edit | View ]

UHG - this stuff is going nowhere until the FOMC is over -- APOLLO, 10:20:15 03/13/18 Tue [1]

week from tomorrow - could be rocky until then

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globex news -- mugwump, 09:36:10 03/13/18 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

novo reports full exercise of warrants -- mugwump, 09:34:39 03/13/18 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

dollar sinking -- mugwump, 09:31:27 03/13/18 Tue [1]

gold should be higher

Last edited by author: Tue March 13, 2018 09:31:46   Edited 1 time.

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mueller = Captain Queeg -- mugwump, 09:23:27 03/13/18 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

you can always count on trump -- mugwump, 09:17:04 03/13/18 Tue [1]

to do something
trump fires more cabinet members in 1.1 year
than obama did in 8 years-lol

Last edited by author: Tue March 13, 2018 09:20:28   Edited 2 times.

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ha ha- trump fires tillerson -- mugwump, 09:14:34 03/13/18 Tue [1]

is sessions next?


Last edited by author: Tue March 13, 2018 09:16:11   Edited 1 time.

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gold spikes up -- mugwump, 08:48:40 03/13/18 Tue [1]

so much for radomski

[ Edit | View ]

teuton, tudor, american creek upcoming drill programs -- mugwump, 08:37:42 03/13/18 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

ICE chief slams pelosi, feinstein and brown for hiding criminals -- mugwump, 08:30:10 03/13/18 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

sbb poised to move ahead with actual mine development -- mugwump, 08:14:52 03/13/18 Tue [1]

yes, it's a takeover candidate

[ Edit | View ]

don't buy pretium -- mugwump, 08:04:59 03/13/18 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

edv annual report -- mugwump, 07:46:09 03/13/18 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

this is great news for sandstorm -- mugwump, 07:45:10 03/13/18 Tue [1]

Houndé's successful commissioning lifted group production by 38% compared with Q3-2017 to 204koz and decreased group AISC by 13% to $785/oz

[ Edit | View ]

meanwhile- vanadium stocks are flying -- mugwump, 07:39:06 03/13/18 Tue [1]

ssie #Vanadium stocks saw more action overnight $KRC.ax +29% compounding recent gains. $AVL.ax +21% and this time $TMT.ax playing catchup +25%. $IRC.ax still not moving, -4%. Agree @fb TMT has the room to run and I should take some profits on KRC after a spectacular few months but I don’t want to be out. They have been the leader and as I read more on their website and hotcopper I think their large land package may have more to reveal beyond Vanadium.

Of the Canadian Vanadium stocks I am seeing $CCC trending well, with promo at GIL.
Even with recent news $PCY and $SRI don’t seem to be getting much attention yet, nor $VRB or $

[ Edit | View ]

look at the pallid advance in the dow -- mugwump, 07:20:33 03/13/18 Tue [1]

obviously ppt induced

[ Edit | View ]

major top in gold?? -- mugwump, 07:17:58 03/13/18 Tue [1]

gold's depressed
that radamski guy is full of shit

[ Edit | View ]

cholera's coming to california -- mugwump, 07:17:10 03/13/18 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

P. Radomski - Silver and gold and dollar chartist -- CoralCalcium, 21:29:26 03/12/18 Mon [1]

Summing up, a major top in gold, silver and mining stocks is probably in, and based on the way silver and gold stocks performed on Friday, it seems that the big decline is just around the corner. We already saw the key short-term signs: silver’s outperformance and miners’ underperformance on Tuesday, and the fact that they were repeated on Friday makes the bearish outlook even more bearish, especially that our last week’s upside targets for gold and silver were already reached.

( This guy has been spot on, but I SURE hope he is wrong about a big upcoming drop in the metals. )

[ Edit | View ]

trump's border wall will pay for itself -- mugwump, 20:53:49 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

is it racist to call that idiot maxine waters stupid? -- mugwump, 19:44:18 03/12/18 Mon [1]

ha ha- of course not

[ Edit | View ]

ego shakes up management -- mugwump, 19:15:18 03/12/18 Mon [1]

well, it had to do something
looks like they're getting rid of dead wood

[ Edit | View ]

coral re: abcourt -- mugwump, 19:09:19 03/12/18 Mon [1]

which would i rather have
abcourt with its one property or
ely with its 70 properties, 40 of which are optioned out
it's no contest

[ Edit | View ]

caza gold finally gets taken out -- mugwump, 19:04:39 03/12/18 Mon [1]

good- i want the miserable beast off my stock listings

[ Edit | View ]

suppose to subscribe to be able see this...but -- Frustrated, 18:59:08 03/12/18 Mon [1]

(SBGL related)

Battle to keep Lonmin platinum deal alive hinges on the rand


[ Edit | View ]

CC -- ROAN, 17:29:24 03/12/18 Mon [1]

A lot of paper out there.

[ Edit | View ]

CC -- ROAN, 17:25:45 03/12/18 Mon [1]

Abcourt is reporting in Canadian dollars.

[ Edit | View ]

off topic -- Zeus (Jordan Peterson now internationally famous), 17:06:54 03/12/18 Mon [1]

outshone only by the likes of justeen beeber & katy pierrry
Here's the original video of his debate with Cathy Newman


[ Edit | View ]

Abcourt Mines - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 16:24:49 03/12/18 Mon [1]

That's funny. I thought the report was pretty clear. Yes, they made almost 800K for the quarter in Canadian dollars, and they have over 3.3 million in cash, Canadian dollars. Their "all in" costs are $1202 in US dollars which isn't too bad. How many producers are out there making money, with CASH trading under 6 cents US. I don't know many.

[ Edit | View ]

So, is this finally the catalyst??? Frustrated mentioned last week -- APOLLO, 15:33:32 03/12/18 Mon [1]

February Budget Deficit Surges As Interest On US Debt Hits All Time High

The interest on U.S. debt was $28.4Bn in February, up 10.6% from last February and the most for any February on record

[ Edit | View ]

coral re: abcourt -- mugwump, 15:32:39 03/12/18 Mon [1]

the report is confusing
i think the profit and CASH are actually in canadian dollars
but i'm really not too sure about anything in the report

[ Edit | View ]

Cantor Fitzgerald likes sabina -- mugwump, 15:27:13 03/12/18 Mon [1]

Cantor Fitzgerald (Matt O’Keefe) launched coverage on Sabina today with a $3.40 12 month price target. They’re looking forward to: “i) completion of project financing, ii) ongoing exploration results and iii) achieving development/construction milestones.”

[ Edit | View ]

Abcourt Mines -- CoralCalcium, 15:13:40 03/12/18 Mon [1]

Yes, a gold producer in Quebec, who just made a 3rd quarter profit of $784,748, and is trading around 6 cents US. Some day people will look back and shake their heads how cheap some of these stocks were. I hope I am still alive.

Last edited by author: Mon March 12, 2018 15:15:33   Edited 2 times.

[ Edit | View ]

CPI tomorrow -- APOLLO, 13:47:59 03/12/18 Mon [1]

will be a driver - too hot = four not three rate hikes & the USD rallies

[ Edit | View ]

no problem Mugs -- kuston, 12:15:20 03/12/18 Mon [1]

I've been following CEO.CA/nvo since someone (Maybe you) posted it here. This one poster @ll who claims to be a professional TA trader is straight out of the GenY loony bin. There is some really good info over there.

[ Edit | View ]

kuston -- mugwump, 11:37:32 03/12/18 Mon [1]

thanks for the novo info

[ Edit | View ]

bought ely gold royalties -- mugwump, 11:36:49 03/12/18 Mon [1]

still less than 10 cents/share

[ Edit | View ]

Novo added to GDXJ -- kuston, 11:02:04 03/12/18 Mon [1]

Mugs, Novo was added to the GDXJ on friday. Expected to generate buying between 2-4 million shares for the tracking funds.

[ Edit | View ]

"There's gold in them thar..............Weiss indicators -- CoralCalcium, 10:25:11 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

the hedgeless horseman shows up -- mugwump, 10:24:21 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

novo bucking market trend -- mugwump, 10:10:52 03/12/18 Mon [1]

i think that someone knows something about the latest
bulk samples and is buying like hell

more comments

Last edited by author: Mon March 12, 2018 10:16:42   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

ely gold royalties sells another project to goro -- mugwump, 09:52:17 03/12/18 Mon [1]

goro has purchased 3 properties from ely
yeah- i bought ely stock

[ Edit | View ]

james dines shows up -- mugwump, 09:25:40 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

anybody buy the pilbara gold rush manifesto yet? -- mugwump, 08:45:38 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

31,000 restaurants accept bitcoin cash -- mugwump, 08:23:14 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

red lake using IBM's cognitive tech -- mugwump, 08:05:28 03/12/18 Mon [1]

for mining evaluation

Canepari said eventually the Watson technology could be used to incorporate data from other Goldcorp sites and attempt to find patterns across multiple mines. “What’s successful in Red Lake could be successful in another mine in Ontario that we hadn’t been thinking about,” he said. He also suggested the technology could eventually be used when considering potential acquisitions.

“I believe that’s where things are headed,” Canepari said. “I think it’s inevitable, with the amount of data you have to understand in such a short period of time for acquiring a new mine. This could give you some insights that could impact the value of those properties.”

Last edited by author: Mon March 12, 2018 08:08:31   Edited 1 time.

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rubicon doing work it should have done -- mugwump, 07:51:26 03/12/18 Mon [1]

before rushing into mining

[ Edit | View ]

artemis hits gold -- mugwump, 07:43:21 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

carter praises meeting with north korea -- mugwump, 07:39:21 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

strict california gun laws not working -- mugwump, 07:31:55 03/12/18 Mon [1]

3 shot at vets home

[ Edit | View ]

workers thank trump for getting jobs back -- mugwump, 07:25:54 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

more shit from the DEMS -- mugwump, 07:17:16 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

sessions wakes up -- mugwump, 07:14:18 03/12/18 Mon [1]

goes after activist judges

[ Edit | View ]

teranga receives commitment for $165 million -- mugwump, 06:45:30 03/12/18 Mon [1]

to complete 2nd gold mine

[ Edit | View ]

stock futures up -- mugwump, 06:40:37 03/12/18 Mon [1]

bitcoin up
gold down

[ Edit | View ]

gun owners are being blamed for the failure of liberals -- mugwump, 06:34:17 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

radicals destroying california -- mugwump, 06:27:56 03/12/18 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

limbo -- mugwump, 04:54:42 -- Zeus, 16:57:08 03/11/18 Sun [1]

Haa --- so it IS near timbuctoo !

[ Edit | View ]

limbo -- mugwump, 04:54:42 03/11/18 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Times attempts to rehab sharpton -- mugwump, 04:53:34 03/11/18 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Limbo -- Zeus, 03:19:02 03/11/18 Sun [1]

is that near Tim Buck too?

[ Edit | View ]

the gold stocks are in limbo -- mugwump, 12:57:59 03/10/18 Sat [1]

probably won't do much this year
maybe buy berkshire

[ Edit | View ]

obama and farrakhan together -- mugwump, 08:57:41 03/10/18 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

bob hoye -- BUFFORD, 21:33:12 03/09/18 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

That Sailor was pardoned today by Trump -- APOLLO, 20:49:23 03/09/18 Fri [1]


Last edited by author: Fri March 09, 2018 22:57:57   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

USD - short term inverse H&S -- APOLLO, 15:40:16 03/09/18 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

sailor committed minor offense-got worse deal than hillary -- mugwump, 15:18:43 03/09/18 Fri [1]


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