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Smythe - You might want to take a look at this... -- morbius, 20:25:46 06/25/17 Sun [1]


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three cheap gold stocks- motley fool -- mugwump, 15:41:08 06/25/17 Sun [1]


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Avi metals bottom -- BUFFORD, 11:35:51 06/25/17 Sun [1]


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roan- here's woodyer's quote -- mugwump, 09:36:04 06/25/17 Sun [1]

We gained a lot of valuable knowledge with Endeavour. One of the things we learned is that you have to move quickly. We cannot afford to run an inefficient business. Whatever we’re doing, we have to bring our costs down in order to maintain our competitiveness. We had a $20 million overhead when we had two mines with Endeavour, and when we got to five mines, we had that same $20 million overhead. I’m not going to get to more than 20 people at the corporate level with Leagold.

In terms of acquisitions, we won’t be buying anything that’s too technically complicated. We’ll avoid low-grade, big earth-moving exercises.

When you take over a situation, you’ve got to assess what you’re going to be doing over the next period of time with a focus on longer-term development. You need to be very clear on how you’re going to manage the business; it’s about being decisive early-on in terms of how you’re going to do that and what needs to change.

So, those are the things you learn. Move quickly. Move decisively. Make sure you know what you’re doing in the first place. If it’s tough on people who’ve had a different approach and style—then they’ve got to move on.


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Mugwump -- ROAN, 09:01:21 06/25/17 Sun [1]

Re Woodyer and EDV administration staff. I think that is a fairy tale. I know he had lots more admin staff. Not that it matters as the people were/are important however it is a lot more than 20. Add a third digit!

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test -- Permabear1, 23:30:53 06/24/17 Sat [1]


I have to log back into everything after running Spybot scans. Sorry bout that.

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Australian miners ready to deliver... -- The-Vet, 21:32:14 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Emmerson Resources Limited (ASX:ERM) Production Commences at the Edna Beryl Gold Mine
Look at the grade:

- Final approvals granted by the NT Government for the commencement of production at the Edna Beryl Gold Mine
- First 600t of development ore averages ~ 40g/t gold
- First new mine in the NT for over a decade and potential to be one of the highest grade gold mines in Australia
- Drilling continues to expand the Edna Beryl mineralisation
- Further high grade gold projects within Emmerson's extensive tenement holdings currently undergoing permitting and approval


This is really about Evolution Mining Limited (ASX:EVN) who are funding this with farm-in agreements.
Emmerson holds 3,000 km2 of ground in the TCMF, owns the only gold mill in the region and is in the process of monetising a pipeline of small high-grade exploration targets via a Tribute Agreement with a specialised small mines company. The first of these small mines will be at Edna Beryl, with production to commence in 2017.

Exploration in the TCMF is funded via a Farm-in agreement with Evolution Mining Limited (ASX:EVN), where Evolution is sole funding exploration expenditure of $15 million by 31 December 2017 to earn a 65% interest (Stage 1 Farm-in). Evolution can then sole fund a further $10 million over two years to earn an additional 10% (Stage 2 Farm-in). Emmerson is the operator and manager during the Stage 1 Farm-in.

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kuston re: leagold -- mugwump, 17:10:00 06/24/17 Sat [1]

6 people in management from endeavour
forget the board
they just okay whatever giustra and woodyer want

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kuston re: leagold -- mugwump, 17:06:57 06/24/17 Sat [1]

giustra and woodyer run the show just like they did with endeavour

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Leagold - Board of Directors -- kuston, 17:01:39 06/24/17 Sat [1]

2 miners, a 4-star general, a Premier of British Columbia, an Economic Minister of Venezeula and CFO of Goldcorp. Seems like ABX redux to me.

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Leagold - Board of Directors -- kuston, 16:59:14 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Russell Ball, Director, is the Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Development of Goldcorp Inc. He joined Goldcorp in May 2013 as Executive Vice President of Capital Management and in December 2014 was appointed Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Capital Projects. Prior to joining Goldcorp, Mr. Ball served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Newmont Mining Corporation. Over his 19 years with Newmont, Mr. Ball worked in audit, finance, treasury and investor relations before joining the executive team as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to Newmont, Russell was a manager in the finance and audit groups with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Durban, South Africa. He qualified as both a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of South Africa and a Certified Public Accountant in Colorado.

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Leagold - Board of Directors -- kuston, 16:59:03 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Miguel Rodriguez, Director, has extensive experience in the private, public and academic sectors. He was the Economic Minister and Chief of the Economic Cabinet of the Republic of Venezuela from 1989 to 1992. He was the President of the Central Bank of Venezuela, and was a Governor to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank. Subsequently he was Senior Advisor to the World Bank. He was also a Professor of Economics at IESA in Caracas until 2008. Mr. Rodriguez was a director of Endeavour Mining from September 2013 until July 2016.

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Leagold - Board of Directors -- kuston, 16:58:51 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Gordon Campbell was a Canadian diplomat and politician. From 2011 to 2016, he was the Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. He was the 34th Premier of British Columbia from 2001 to 2011 and was the leader of the Official Opposition in British Columbia from 1994 to 2001. From 1986 to 1993, he was Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia.Prior to serving in politics, Gordon Campbell was a real estate developer, and a CUSO teacher in Nigeria.

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Leagold - Board of Directors -- kuston, 16:58:31 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Gen. Wesley Clark, Director, is a retired 4-star U.S. Army General. General Clark spent 34 years in the U.S. Army and held several Commands including Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO and, earlier in his career, Commander, U.S. Southern Command, which covers activities in South America and Central America. Currently, General Clark heads a strategic advisory and consulting firm.

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Leagold - Board of Directors -- kuston, 16:58:19 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Neil Woodyer, CEO and Director, has extensive history in the mining sector creating growth strategies, implementing financing plans and leading management teams. In 1988, Mr. Woodyer was a founder of Endeavour Financial, a successful mining merchant banking and advisory business. In 2009, Mr. Woodyer, then Endeavour’s CEO, and Mr. Giustra devised Endeavour’s gold growth strategy and in 2010, Mr. Woodyer led the transition of a financial company (Endeavour Financial) into a mine operations and development company (Endeavour Mining). Endeavour Mining successfully grew into one of the largest gold producers in West Africa through a series of acquisitions, successful expansion and optimization projects, and new mine construction. Mr. Woodyer left Endeavour Mining in June 2016.

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Leagold - Board of Directors -- kuston, 16:57:59 06/24/17 Sat [1]


Frank Giustra, Non-executive Chairman and Director, is a successful company financier with a track record of building natural resource companies. Mr. Giustra has had an active role in the launch and growth of several major natural resource companies, many with operations in Latin America. Mr. Giustra is CEO of Fiore Financial, a private firm managing a broad portfolio of equity investments. Mr. Giustra was a director of Endeavour Mining from September 2013 until July 2016, Chairman of Endeavour Financial from 2001 until 2007, former CEO of Yorkton Securities.

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...all countries abandoned it for good reason. -- morbius, 16:57:03 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Yep. For the same reason we would all abandon it if we could print money on our laser printer and have (force) other people to accept it as payment for 'all debts public and private'.

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from McEwens weet -- BUFFORD, 16:47:00 06/24/17 Sat [1]

must be a lot of HOz there to become capital


Last edited by author: Sat June 24, 2017 16:47:28   Edited 1 time.

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gold standard -- mugwump, 16:35:03 06/24/17 Sat [1]

the gold standard was in place in the 19th century
the USA's greatest period of growth was the 19th century!!abandoning the gold standard in 1933 was catastrophic and the US economy did not recover during the 1930's.
the US only recovered in the 1940's because it was undamaged by the WAR and was the supplier of weapons to the allies( including USSR)

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kuston re: leagold -- mugwump, 16:29:01 06/24/17 Sat [1]

it's not abx again its edv again!!

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Pyrite -- Skinee, 16:16:39 06/24/17 Sat [1]

There is no beauty to the gold standard at all, first off the USA had to abandon it to get out of the great depression. As you say it holds the dollar constant that is the problem also. money has to be created to satisfy a rising population.
If the USA had of stayed on the gold backed currency it would have been a disaster, all countries abandoned it for good reason.

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Leagold -- kuston, 15:54:28 06/24/17 Sat [1]

It's a very interesting company for me Mugs, I keep looking at the board of directors and can't help but think this is ABX again. Don't know if that is good or bad but it doesn't happen often

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kuston re: leagold -- mugwump, 15:35:01 06/24/17 Sat [1]

the thing that always sticks in my mind is this
woodyer stated that he had 20 people in administration at endeavour when they had ONE mine and still had the same amount when they had TWO mines
shareholders gata like that

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A new party -- kuston, 15:29:06 06/24/17 Sat [1]


A case for the Democrat base to form a new party

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Mugs posts/responses -- kuston, 15:08:09 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Those are just 2 recent examples of many over the years. I have to admit I don't understand the ebb and flow the posts here anymore but it's still worth the time to participate for me.

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Mugs posts/responses -- kuston, 15:03:17 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Mugs your first post on GDXJ rebalancing generated 2 months of follow ups. You also brought to my attention LeaGold which I expect will generate many discussions in the future

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kitcotodd -- mugwump, 13:23:53 06/24/17 Sat [1]

i'll post 1000 times and get ZERO response
my million dollar/oz posting got LOTS of responses

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The biggest problem with a gold standard is the fixed rate -- Skinee, -- Pyrite, 11:58:38 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Skinee, you happen to have explained the BEAUTY of gold backing of currency.

Stable value with no room for UNPRODUCTIVE debt.

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Wouldn't that be a backed currency? -- Pyrite, 11:56:27 06/24/17 Sat [1]

No. That would be heaven.

Shoot, I have a list of grudges to settle once I can buy entire cities.

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Mugwump -- Kitcotodd, 11:47:44 06/24/17 Sat [1]

That's not a valid answer.

It's your theory that on some unknown day the US dollar will have hyperinflation, vs fact (setting gold at 1 million per ounce would create hyperinflation immediately). Every person who had a gold coin or two would instantly become a millionaire and someone who had 10 would have many millions to suddenly spend.

The US government could fix the price every year starting now at $2000 - $3000 an ounce and it would be purchasing more gold than selling.

Wouldn't that be a backed currency?

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Frank barbarra ............Keth Baron gold -- BUFFORD, 11:36:49 06/24/17 Sat [1]


Keith sez many of PM share buyers from 10 years ago are no longer interested and that its going to take new millennial PM share buyers to get them moving.

We are shit out of luck if Keith things millenials are interested in PM shares. I recall that Keith was Paplavas geo who gave him the green light on GORO. So much for that 200K ounce a year production back then. Hochild and Touqeville geoligists also missed that 200k ounce production for the record.

Last edited by author: Sat June 24, 2017 12:24:00   Edited 1 time.

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Leibovit .................pot stock guest -- BUFFORD, 11:33:11 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Leibovit cryptp currenices


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Korelin.....rye patch seg 5 & 6 -- BUFFORD, 11:31:30 06/24/17 Sat [1]


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kitcotodd -- mugwump, 11:29:45 06/24/17 Sat [1]

the USA is gonna get hyperinflation ANYWAY,
they might as well get some gold in the process
remember germany 1923
a one oz coin would buy a whole block of realestate

Last edited by author: Sat June 24, 2017 11:30:47   Edited 1 time.

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skinee the USA claims that it has 261 million ozs of gold -- mugwump, 11:27:51 06/24/17 Sat [1]

at a million dollars/oz that's 261 trillion dollars

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is abx a buy? -- mugwump, 11:20:29 06/24/17 Sat [1]


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Dilbert -- Carmack, 11:13:59 06/24/17 Sat [1]

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Posted 10 May
Carmack - First Warning 10 April.
Carmack - Second Warning 12 April, due to continued incitement. Suspended for 1 month. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

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Valuing gold independent of fiat currencies -- Dabchyk, 10:00:00 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Dabchick Gold Index figures [London trade. ( Basis : Jan 1982 = 100 )] for the past week:-

High–285.7 Low–283.7 Close-283.7

for the week ending 23 June 2017

To see the updated charts of the index, go here


NB The index is a ratio of the change in the Real Value of Gold relative to what it was in January 1982. The
calculation has incorporated the real value of the USD's trade-weighted index (the real effective, or
inflation-adjusted, $TWI). My gold index thereby shows the real changes in gold's value regardless of fiat
currencies. That is to say, regardless of the unreal, nominal, price-raising effects which governments cause
to the fiat price of anything by the debasement of their fiat currencies. In my index, these nominal
(unreal) effects of government fiat currencies are eliminated.

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The biggest problem with a gold standard is the fixed rate -- Skinee, 09:46:25 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Gold is set a fixed price in relation to the dollar and never changes in value, and the value of the currency it backs is constant.

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MUGS -- Kitcotodd, 08:38:02 06/24/17 Sat [1]

The problem with your theory of gold backing at 1 million per ounce is it would create hyperinflation and likely destroy the dollar. Who wouldn't exchange their gold for 1 million? Imagine the number of dollars that will suddenly be added in circulation.

At 1 million there would be no buyers, just sellers. I don't think US dollar backing would even require a 1-1 exchange. There is intrinsic value to the dollar for reasons Skinee mentions. If the US government set the gold price at a point where it could evenly exchange gold for dollars with the same number of buyers and sellers wouldn't that be a backed currency?

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Mugwump...Do the math -- Skinee, 07:35:24 06/24/17 Sat [1]

1000 million = 1 billion
1000 billion = 1 trillion
20 trillion = 20000 billion

The USA owns 4,582 tons which is 147.3 million ounces
that works out to approx $180 billion at $1250. per ounce

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SilverFox -- Raja, 04:05:25 06/24/17 Sat [1]

I recall visiting Fort Knox around the early part of 1990's on a business trip. I was driven by a civilian who worked there. We passed the road just in front of Ft.Knox. Its door was less than 100 yards from the street. There wasn't a single soldier present. The facility was within a rather short distance from the entrance of the Fort Knox Army base.
I did not ask but I wondered as to why there wasn't anyone looking after it? May be because it was on the Army base? I still wonder if there was any gold there...

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altius acquisition -- mugwump, 03:18:20 06/24/17 Sat [1]


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silverfox re: US gold -- mugwump, 02:55:37 06/24/17 Sat [1]

it's probably leased out but still in USA
USA could cancel leases and start a world wide run on gold
also, if USA pays $1 million/oz, gold miners would ship ALL their gold here

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hamilton -- mugwump, 02:53:02 06/24/17 Sat [1]

Gold, and therefore silver and their miners’ stocks, are actually looking very bullish this year. Gold’s new bull market ignited by that first Fed rate hike of this cycle in December 2015 remains very much alive and well. Gold rallied strongly out of the first three Fed rate hikes of this cycle, and as I outlined last week it’s very likely to rally out of the recent fourth. Unfortunately the doldrums have delayed this post-hike surge.

But it’s still coming after this usual seasonal lull passes. Investors worldwide are radically underinvested in gold after the extreme Trumphoria stock-market surge since the election. Gold is a unique asset that tends to move counter to stock markets, making it the ultimate portfolio diversifier. Thus gold investment demand wanes when stock markets are near record highs, then surges when they inevitably roll over again.

With today’s massive Fed-goosed stock bull the second-longest and nearly-third-largest ever seen in US history, a day of reckoning is nearing. Sooner or later this extreme bull will yield to a major correction-grade selloff or more likely the long-overdue subsequent bear. As stock markets inevitably weaken, gold will catch a major bid as investment capital floods back in to attempt to diversify today’s stock-heavy portfolios.

Smart investors, including billionaire hedge-fund managers, have been accumulating gold positions in anticipation of this coming huge demand surge. As the summer doldrums pass in the coming weeks and gold starts grinding higher again, gold investment buying will pick up whether or not stock markets have started to weaken. The usual Asian harvest buying will start in late July regardless of what’s going on here.

Gold and especially its miners’ stocks remain deeply undervalued today, with powerful mean reversions higher ready to continue after their summer-doldrums pauses. The coming big seasonal gold rallies after this typically-weak spell can be played with major ETFs like GDX. But the individual stocks of elite gold miners with superior fundamentals will really outperform their sector, offering amazing upside potential.

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Most likely a parabolic move. -- Pyrite, 22:03:21 06/23/17 Fri [1]

1256 to 1267 over a month

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Mugwump -- SilverFox, 21:19:26 06/23/17 Fri [1]

I personally fear the US has no gold in Fort Knox. When was the last time the gold belonging to the US was audited. Why is it taking so long to return Germany's gold??? Physical gold in the west is drying up and that is when the fireworks in price appriciation with take place. Most likely a parabolic move... But your theory holds promise. Lets hope they still have the gold they claim..

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COT Report - Silver -- CoralCalcium, 15:52:01 06/23/17 Fri [1]

Massive improvement as the Commercial NET SHORT position dropped by 65 million ounces. It is now down to 294 million ounces from the peak of around 560 million ounces a month or two ago. Certainly more room to drop, however we might see a bounce next week as this number of short covering is historic.

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skinee- do the math -- mugwump, 14:29:45 06/23/17 Fri [1]

the USA has 200 million ozs of gold
if the USA backs the dollar with gold and announces a price of $ one million/oz
that's $200 trillion dollars which would comfortably back the currency

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Mugwump -- Skinee, 14:18:06 06/23/17 Fri [1]

If a currency was backed by gold it sure as hell would not be much of a backing. When you are talking trillions of dollars in currency there is just not enough gold to do it. The gold that is out there is divided up among several countries. and then there are the loonie bugs who claim the USA has no gold.
A good portion of my life goldbugs have been on the same bullshit bandwagon and they will still be on it 50 years from now claiming the same things will happen.
More currencies have been destroyed by socialism than anything, Venezuela being the latest example.

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Rising Wedge that will break-down, or Inverse H&S Table-top -- APOLLO, 13:43:59 06/23/17 Fri [1]


Well, given the time of year, I would say its a wedge that will break-down in the near-term. Depending how badly it breaks down, it may wind up being a little bit of both eventually

Last edited by author: Fri June 23, 2017 13:44:15   Edited 1 time.

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sbb press release -- mugwump, 13:12:43 06/23/17 Fri [1]


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coral- yeah it's a joke -- mugwump, 12:56:52 06/23/17 Fri [1]

but it isn't funny

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Globex sells a million shares - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 12:45:20 06/23/17 Fri [1]

Forget that. They sold it at 71 cents Canadian and now it's 47 cents Canadian. All the selling is through the CIBC house, so I guess when their shares are finished selling, we will reverse sharply. Is that a joke or what?

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globex sells a million shares so its stock goes down 8%? -- mugwump, 12:38:37 06/23/17 Fri [1]


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solving the dollar problem -- mugwump, 11:44:51 06/23/17 Fri [1]

it's simplicity itself
a- declare the dollar fully backed by gold
b- declare the price of gold to be $1 million/oz
c- problem solved
see how easy that was??

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Skinee-- Just tired of the manipulation -- SilverFox, 11:15:42 06/23/17 Fri [1]

What can I say... I for one do not see the US dollar or the west do all that well given all the creation of cyber dollars created since 2009...

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skinee re: yuan -- mugwump, 10:55:12 06/23/17 Fri [1]

will china back the yuan with gold?
I dunno but whatever currency gets backed by gold, it will be the new reserve currency

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Mugwump -- Skinee, 10:51:47 06/23/17 Fri [1]

The same thing goes for the American dollar, if things start to look bad investors will convert to euros or whatever.
As a Canadian I put more faith in the american dollar than any other currency.

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skinee re: bitcoins -- mugwump, 10:35:10 06/23/17 Fri [1]

when the dollar crashes bitcoins will be valued in yuan

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/Richard -- Carmack, 10:27:11 06/23/17 Fri [1]

Posted 10 May
Carmack - First Warning 10 April.
Carmack - Second Warning 12 April, due to continued incitement. Suspended for 1 month.

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POG -- Gspot, 10:25:33 06/23/17 Fri [1]

A good start to the day. Need to see a bit more though. A close above 1259 would increase the odds this is the start of a major move higher.



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Well mugwump -- Skinee, 10:19:28 06/23/17 Fri [1]

If the American dollar crashes as the goldbugs predict, what will your Bitcoins be worth, they are valued in dollars?

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. -- Carmack, 10:04:45 06/23/17 Fri [1]

Posted 10 May
Carmack - First Warning 10 April.
Carmack - Second Warning 12 April, due to continued incitement. Suspended for 1 month.

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continental is breaking out -- mugwump, 09:57:04 06/23/17 Fri [1]


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skinee -- mugwump, 09:28:51 06/23/17 Fri [1]

I'm happy when my gold stocks go up in bitcoins...

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I notice Silver Fox gets really upset -- Skinee, 09:18:39 06/23/17 Fri [1]

when gold goes down and his gold stocks tank.
Now isn't that proof he is after dollars?
It sure is...same thing goes for the rest of you also.

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skinee -- mugwump, 08:44:16 06/23/17 Fri [1]

very amusing

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Goldbugs should be pleased -- Skinee, 07:50:37 06/23/17 Fri [1]

The price of gold is up nicely this morning in Dollar terms.
The nasty banksters are making you feel good for a while.

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. -- Frustrated, 21:58:21 06/22/17 Thu [1]

PHLX Oil Service Sector (^OSX)
Dec 2016 183, now 127 down 30.6%

Fidelity Select Energy Service Mutual Fund
over the same period fund down 21.8%

XAU same time frame 82 ...to 82

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American dollar is king, and proven to be superior to gold -- Skinee, -- Pyrite, 21:48:25 06/22/17 Thu [1]

No, skinee, you're WRONG!

YOU are our king. We worship you and the dollar.
Always have. Always will.

Thanks for participating.

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OXI -- CoralCalcium, 20:47:12 06/22/17 Thu [1]

Actually, I did average down. I added 50K shares at 6 cents. What a genius. I broke a "cardinal rule" among the experts; "never average down" on "losers". I'm not sure if they were talking about me, or the stock - or both.

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Vegas are far better IMO -- Carmack, 20:37:52 06/22/17 Thu [1]

Don't forget to factor in all those savings in air fares, hotels and hookers ! lol

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CC don't miss your beeg chance to average down ! -- Carmack, 20:35:28 06/22/17 Thu [1]

100 % past few days !

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Not that many days past full moon -- Carmack, 20:33:02 06/22/17 Thu [1]

so just look up ! lol

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OXI- Zeus -- CoralCalcium, 20:32:36 06/22/17 Thu [1]

Your chances in Vegas are far better IMO. I paid $1.00 for it. It's up to 1.5 cents.

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Carmack. -- Zeus, 20:03:08 06/22/17 Thu [1]

Can u post a chart of OXI?
and what info do you have about it?

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OXI up 71% at one point -- Carmack, 19:02:07 06/22/17 Thu [1]

closed +36 %

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some things never change -- AuWolf, 17:25:08 06/22/17 Thu [1]


(Au sux)

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Check out the oxicoins :) -- Carmack, 13:43:29 06/22/17 Thu [1]




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silvercrest drill results -- mugwump, 10:55:53 06/22/17 Thu [1]


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thanks roan -- mugwump, 10:39:41 06/22/17 Thu [1]

orezone up 12%

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brixton acquisition -- mugwump, 10:14:39 06/22/17 Thu [1]


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globex picks up CASH -- mugwump, 10:13:02 06/22/17 Thu [1]


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Frus -- Gspot, 09:46:23 06/22/17 Thu [1]

Yep. So far today is a good start. Looks like the pennant is just about out of room.

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Gspot -- Frustrated, 09:25:56 06/22/17 Thu [1]

thanks...wouldn't have seen that until later today...I guess
he's saying it is time to put up or shut up...

PS forward looking options data at this point doesn't look
real supportive...and he does have that caveat

Last edited by author: Thu June 22, 2017 09:29:21   Edited 1 time.

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Zinc -- CoralCalcium, 09:19:16 06/22/17 Thu [1]

On a major tear UP once again. Topped $1.22 earlier. Was sub $1.10 only a week or so ago.

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Frus -- Gspot, 09:12:26 06/22/17 Thu [1]

Avi Gilbert has a more recent update since the article published 6/14.

He no longer expects to see GLD=116 in this new article published 6/21. GLD "should" stay over 118.




At this point in time, the micro count suggests that we can see one more lower low before this pullback completes. As you can see from the attached GLD chart, the market has struck the point where the c-wave down is equal to .764 the size of the a-wave down, which coincides with the .500 retrace region of the prior rally. However, the common target is an a=c relationship, which points down towards the 118 region, which also coincides with the .618 retracement of the prior rally, which still can be seen in a 5th wave lower. But, this suggests that GLD “should” stay over the 118 region, and then rally over its recent highs in the 123 region. Once we see acceleration through 131, we should be on our way to our ideal target of 138-145, with 145 as my preferred target, before another consolidation takes hold.

In the GDX, as long as this pullback does not break below the low struck in May – 20.89 – then we have a strong set up to rally up to the 28 region quite quickly, on our way to the August high, and beyond. And, as we move up to the 28 region, I am going to suggests stops be set at just below 24, which should not be seen again if we are indeed in the heart of a 3rd wave.

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Mugs -- ROAN, 09:06:35 06/22/17 Thu [1]

Those Orezone results are good. Might lead to a takeover bid. Pure speculation on my part, no inside info.

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orezone drill results -- mugwump, 08:57:15 06/22/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

radius acquires option -- mugwump, 08:48:46 06/22/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

goro drill results -- mugwump, 08:45:38 06/22/17 Thu [1]


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Skinee your comment regarding the American Dollar is King -- SilverFox, 08:14:33 06/22/17 Thu [1]

What a major joke.. Given the fact the debt in the US is the largest and they will have to inflate or die.... NO economic recovery to speak of. Manufacturing taken off shore for over 20 years... From what I have seen in my travels nothing can be further from the reality of your statement. The American dollar is going to be replaced in the next few years.... Why if this were fact do they run a PPT??? Why are the jobless numbers mostly fake? Why has there been no recovery since 2008? etc, etc, etc.... Skinee stop drinking the Central Bank Kool ade please

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silver range stakes project near sbb -- mugwump, 08:11:40 06/22/17 Thu [1]


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American dollar is king, and proven to be superior to gold -- Skinee, 06:59:20 06/22/17 Thu [1]

even goldbugs get excited and worry about the price of gold in American Dollars
Gold always compared by goldbugs in dollar terms, up or down in value making the dollar king.

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Finally Skinee it is sinking in that Spot gold is rigged -- SilverFox, 06:47:19 06/22/17 Thu [1]

Classic action so far this morning approx. 7 am. Gold reached 1255 over night and before the markets open in North America they are attempting a takedown in price to below 1250. Remember expiration time for the paper gold and silver contracts today..... Skinny it is finally sinking in.. Congrats!!!!!

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BUFFORD...from that article... -- Frustrated, 06:15:53 06/22/17 Thu [1]

So where could the HUI actually end up? This is where Rambus and I diverge in our views. His charts are extremely compelling and he is also right…anything can happen no matter how shocking. But I am sticking with my original forecast that the HUI will complete its measured move to 135ish and that will be our bottom. It may even come as early as this fall.

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Spot gold price is rigged -- Skinee, 06:08:06 06/22/17 Thu [1]

in comparison to gold price.
Nasty banksters playing a game the goldbugs haven't caught yet.
One scam after another, those banksters are really smart. With all the payoffs they will go unhindered for decades.

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disparity between paper silver and the real thing is now $1.34 -- mugwump, 05:58:43 06/22/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

andy hoffman -- mugwump, 05:55:03 06/22/17 Thu [1]


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Gold. -- Zeus, 02:43:57 06/22/17 Thu [1]

Back above $1250 on USD softness.
Let's see if it's sticky enough to hold that level overnight.

Last edited by author: Thu June 22, 2017 02:44:10   Edited 1 time.

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Mugwump/Skinny buy signal -- Ben, 22:08:28 06/21/17 Wed [1]

Ok It took him a few months but he finally got around to why he came around to posting again

as before his rants against gold looking back will be a contrary indicator

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link for that 135 hui ...plunger writes for rambus -- BUFFORD, 21:35:52 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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jasper....gas price; be careful wishing for lower petrol prices, since -- AZAU, 20:22:39 06/21/17 Wed [1]

politicians immediately jump in and raise the fuel tax, which is permanent, so it guarantees inflation.

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anti gold propaganda flares up -- mugwump, 18:45:40 06/21/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

gas at the pump moved up 20cents today around here -- Jasper, 18:39:43 06/21/17 Wed [1]

was hoping for a break below $2.

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Oil Price. -- Zeus, 18:27:17 06/21/17 Wed [1]

Bob Pisani.
Oil took another tumble midday Wednesday, below $43 a barrel, and regardless of the reason we are finally starting to see analysts on the Street throw in the towel and begin to take down 2017 earnings estimates.

The problem is simple: many analysts and strategists are still forecasting average oil prices of $60 this year. It is now abundantly clear that is not going to happen. So it's about time estimates started coming down. Today a raft of companies dropped ratings on oil companies:

Macquarie downgraded Chevron, Royal Dutch, Repsol, and British Petroleum;
Morgan Stanley downgraded Marathon Oil;
Seaport downgraded a pile of oilfield services stocks, including Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Nabors, Diamond Offshore, and Rowan, along with many exploration & production names like Concho, Devon, Apache, and Marathon Oil.
The big issue is, when will supply come in line with demand? More specifically, when will the U.S. shale producers blink?
The prices at which companies break-even on oil production varies greatly. Guys in the Permian basin can certainly make money at $45. Below that, the air gets more rarefied. Below $40, a lot of these guys are not going to make money.

Will this finally be the event that causes the shale producers to cut production? Maybe, but don't bet on it, at least not yet. One thing that has amazed me about the shale guys: If they have the money, they're going to spend it. They are not particularly good stewards of capital.

Piper Jaffray said they see no signs of a shutdown yet: "Overall, the mood from our E&P contacts was somewhat more reassuring, although not uniform, while our oil service contacts are nervous, though none have experienced any pullback in activity and none have been notified of potential equipment releases."

Stifel notes that we can expect significant reduction in the rig count (currently 747 rigs) once oil gets to $40 and below: at $40 a barrel, they estimate the industry would need to reduce rig counts by 200 to balance cash flows.

Seems like below $40 might be the magic shake-out level.


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pitchblack pays sulliden $41 million for an option on a gold project -- mugwump, 18:15:28 06/21/17 Wed [1]

sulliden only paid $300,000 for the option
is pitchblack just stupid or what?

Last edited by author: Wed June 21, 2017 18:19:53   Edited 1 time.

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klondex drill results -- mugwump, 18:09:51 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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altius income up 40% -- mugwump, 17:58:47 06/21/17 Wed [1]

takes NON CASH writedown of $72 million on coal royalies that don't expire until 2030
talk about conservative accounting!!

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USD will make new high this summer -- mackcheed, 17:56:15 06/21/17 Wed [1]

you heard it here....

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powerhouse kirkland pays off debentures with part of the CASH on hand -- mugwump, 17:45:38 06/21/17 Wed [1]


Tony Makuch, President and CEO stated, "We are pleased that our strong balance sheet and solid operating and financial performance are enabling us to repay the Debentures from cash without any dilution to our shareholders. Through internally generated cash flow, we have increased our cash and bullion by over $90 million to date in 2017, which has provided more than enough funds to repay the Debentures. The reduction in debt and interest expense resulting from repaying the Debentures comes at the same time that we have initiated a normal course issuer bid to repurchase shares and have introduced a quarterly dividend of CAD$0.01 per share (CAD$0.04 per share per annum), with our first dividend payment to be made on July 14, 2017 to shareholders of record on June 30, 2017."

Last edited by author: Wed June 21, 2017 17:48:29   Edited 1 time.

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Apollo/Richard -- Carmack, 17:35:27 06/21/17 Wed [1]

Posted 10 May
Carmack - First Warning 10 April.
Carmack - Second Warning 12 April, due to continued incitement. Suspended for 1 month.

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the old mines vs the new mines -- mugwump, 12:56:58 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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9 habits to stop now -- mugwump, 12:46:15 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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first mining graduates -- mugwump, 12:28:22 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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frank giustra -- mugwump, 12:24:50 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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Rambus' chart is a set up for the usual late-July swoon -- APOLLO -- Gspot, 12:05:57 06/21/17 Wed [1]

The Rambus chart Frus posted is dated May 26. The POG H&S has been invalidated since then. The POG made a higher high on 6/6. It may be considered a double top. This doesn't change the support line though.


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Rambus' chart is a set up for the usual late-July swoon -- APOLLO, 11:39:28 06/21/17 Wed [1]

H&S will break down after the 4th - might even break-down in front of the UE Report first week in July. All we are playing for here is a bounce in front of more down

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new yukon gold play -- mugwump, 11:23:40 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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GDXJ -- kuston, 10:16:25 06/21/17 Wed [1]

Did anyone buy any of the GDXJ stocks since the rebalancing? I bought First Mining and Kirkland Lake. Both new positions for me.

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Solstice -- Gspot, 10:00:21 06/21/17 Wed [1]

Happy summer solstice... a Bradley turn date.



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Frus -- Gspot, 09:54:31 06/21/17 Wed [1]

Thanks. Holding the $1217 level seems rather critical.


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POG Seasonals -- Gspot, 09:52:12 06/21/17 Wed [1]

Seem to have been useless in predicting tops/bottoms during this bear market. The tops and bottoms have alternated though.
Summer 2013- bottom ($1179.40), summer 2014- top ($1346.80), summer 2015- bottom ($1072.30), summer 2016- top ($1377.50).


If the alternation continues we are due for a summer bottom.


Last edited by author: Wed June 21, 2017 10:33:00   Edited 1 time.

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Gspot... -- Frustrated, 09:48:45 06/21/17 Wed [1]

older one...May 31 Bearish rising wedge


[ Edit | View ]

Zinc is flying once again -- CoralCalcium, 09:47:56 06/21/17 Wed [1]


After dipping below $1.10 per pound last week, we have rebounded to over $1.18. Hope it holds.

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Frus -- Gspot, 09:33:03 06/21/17 Wed [1]

His most recent article that I have found seems to be neutral. However, we are are at a time where the market should declare itself. The last chart discusses POG.



Last edited by author: Wed June 21, 2017 09:33:39   Edited 1 time.

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russia adds gold reserves -- mugwump, 09:30:55 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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BUFFORD...Gspot... -- Frustrated, 09:21:09 06/21/17 Wed [1]

any idea where Rambus is on the issue...I think he is watching
that trendline off the Jan, Mar and May lows...which comes
in around the 1220's

apparently where Avi is getting his 116 as well - same
time frame on the trendline

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Orosur Mining update -- CoralCalcium, 09:15:53 06/21/17 Wed [1]


Produced over 35K ounces for the year, within guidance, cash cost $800-$900 per ounce. 4th quarter production increased to 10,748 ounces. They have 3.3 million in CASH. Just getting started in Colombia which will eventually add dramatically to production.

Last edited by author: Wed June 21, 2017 09:19:23   Edited 1 time.

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redstar drill results -- mugwump, 09:09:50 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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ouch.......looking at rambus partner Plungers HUI -- BUFFORD -- Gspot, 09:00:00 06/21/17 Wed [1]

Yep. His opinion HUI=136 as a measured move is very bearish. However, the move he describes also seems somewhat dependent upon liquidity problems during a crashing equity market he has modeled for this fall. Here's the article.


On the bullish side, Avi Gilbert (posted by Frus) states GLD needs to hold the 116 level. If it holds this will be the final pullback before a move higher to the GLD 138 level.



Last edited by author: Wed June 21, 2017 09:09:41   Edited 1 time.

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bgm drill results -- mugwump, 08:53:47 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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african gold group acquisition -- mugwump, 08:30:02 06/21/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

skinee sez sell all gold -- mugwump, 08:16:38 06/21/17 Wed [1]

wonder why

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wesdome drill results -- mugwump, 08:13:31 06/21/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

WAR games continue -- mugwump, 08:02:57 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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We are doomed -- Skinee, 07:46:51 06/21/17 Wed [1]

The banksters control the shorts,they are talking gold to zero, only a fool would invest in a controlled product.
Sell now, last chance, don't get caught short by the shorts

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gg sells project to orla -- mugwump, 07:46:15 06/21/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

jaguar acquisition -- mugwump, 07:43:16 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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ouch.......looking at rambus partner Plungers HUI -- BUFFORD, 07:21:48 06/21/17 Wed [1]

target of 135 before move later this year this am

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ouch.......looking at rambus partner Plungers HUI -- BUFFORD, 07:21:03 06/21/17 Wed [1]

target of 135 before year end

Last edited by author: Wed June 21, 2017 07:22:24   Edited 1 time.

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santa cruz consolidates properties -- mugwump, 05:32:28 06/21/17 Wed [1]


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the power of volcanoes summer that never got hot -- BUFFORD, 19:18:08 06/20/17 Tue [1]


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Did someone say Oxicoin ? -- Carmack, 17:16:06 06/20/17 Tue [1]


Last edited by author: Tue June 20, 2017 17:16:33   Edited 1 time.

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Coral -- Carmack, 16:47:29 06/20/17 Tue [1]

Word is that OXI is going bit coin ! At least you'll be coming along for the ride !

[ Edit | View ]

OXIHF -- CoralCalcium, 16:36:22 06/20/17 Tue [1]

Yeah that was Siempre 33's hot stock pick at a dollar. Now I'm only down .985 cents.

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OXIHF -- Carmack, 16:07:39 06/20/17 Tue [1]




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gary..................gdxj bounce -- BUFFORD, 15:56:25 06/20/17 Tue [1]


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got marlin? -- mugwump, 13:37:21 06/20/17 Tue [1]

it's hot

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? -- Carmack, 12:38:29 06/20/17 Tue [1]


Posted 10 May
Carmack - First Warning 10 April.
Carmack - Second Warning 12 April, due to continued incitement. Suspended for 1 month

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Just dumped some JNUG I bought this morning -- APOLLO, 12:32:32 06/20/17 Tue [1]

Made some lunch money - don't like that the silvers are holding back - looks like this is still trending down ST. Bounce will come though - nothing re Econ news of significance for the next 10 trading days & so we should bounce in here somewhere. Then we get the July EU Report week first week in July

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successful miner premier now has $147 million in CASH -- mugwump, 12:05:37 06/20/17 Tue [1]

WAY undervalued

[ Edit | View ]

solitario owns 9% of vendetta -- mugwump, 11:39:57 06/20/17 Tue [1]

purchased LAST year for a song

[ Edit | View ]

GDXJ adds -- kuston, 11:30:20 06/20/17 Tue [1]

Taking the theory 1 step further, how where they able to buy up millions of shares of these new stocks without moving the price? IE: Oceanagold - 32,238,436 shares? They have 615M outstanding shares. That's about 5%. Who sold 5% at these prices?

[ Edit | View ]

KGC -- kuston, 11:09:38 06/20/17 Tue [1]

That's some nice thinking Frustrated, would you assume the floor is right around $4 then? I still don't get why KGC the 5th largest gild miner is in a junior index? Same with GFI.

I think GDXJ is still going to be playing with the percentages, I don't think Kirkland should be 6%. There are some others that just seem strange to me.

[ Edit | View ]

Skinee -- SilverFox, 10:32:59 06/20/17 Tue [1]

The Fed along with the Banksters have major short paper gold and silver positions. They try and hammer gold and silver down using paper and cancel as many contacts as they can... So that they can do the same rinse and wash cycle next month when options expire again.... The Western Central Banks want to suppress gold.... That way their currencies are perceived to be strong.... So the result is the US dollar looks stronger....

[ Edit | View ]

globex news -- mugwump, 10:31:54 06/20/17 Tue [1]

Nyrstar is currently reactivating the Middle Tennessee mining and milling operations. It was reported in Nyrstar's first quarter report that "the Middle Tennessee mine is re-starting ahead of its previously communicated schedule with mill processing operations to be commenced in Q2 2017 and full capacity of 50 Kt per annum of zinc in concentrate to be reached by November 2017." Globex expects to begin receiving royalty payments before year end.

more news

Last edited by author: Tue June 20, 2017 10:33:09   Edited 1 time.

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Skinee -- SilverFox, 10:29:06 06/20/17 Tue [1]

The reason gold is down so far this week and last has to do with the squaring of paper gold contracts... Minimally with the US dollar action...

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Pretty weak right here, but setting up for a wee bounce as -- APOLLO, 10:13:06 06/20/17 Tue [1]

but not sure it lasts long. USD's gona bounce

[ Edit | View ]

kuston...GDXJ....KGC -- Frustrated, 09:37:16 06/20/17 Tue [1]

my guess is that funds were only willing to make deals at
certain prices...they wanted a sub $4 on KGC...some very
BIG put positions sub-4 on the last options expiry that
didn't trigger.

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American dollar -- Skinee, 09:27:55 06/20/17 Tue [1]

kicking crap out of gold this morning.

[ Edit | View ]

klondike gold drill results -- mugwump, 09:19:40 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

radisson drill results -- mugwump, 09:05:40 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

iamgold has a billion in CASH -- mugwump, 08:52:59 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

JNUG will be the best for bounce, when a bounce comes -- APOLLO, 08:51:54 06/20/17 Tue [1]

no question. But we are now in the Summer doldrums for gold - usually a wee bounce around 4th of July & then nothing to do until last week of July/first week of August.

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is yamana a short? -- mugwump, 08:01:20 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

andy hoffman -- mugwump, 07:56:04 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

guy with machete takes on 5 armed robbers -- mugwump, 07:45:11 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

map shows major insurers pulling out of obamacare -- mugwump, 07:40:38 06/20/17 Tue [1]

just let it rot

[ Edit | View ]

disparity between papersilver and physical is $1.32 -- mugwump, 07:37:01 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

thanks roan -- mugwump, 07:35:43 06/20/17 Tue [1]

sarama looks okay

[ Edit | View ]

pershing surface samples -- mugwump, 07:35:18 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

gdxj holdings -- mugwump, 07:32:34 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Sarama - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium -- ROAN, 07:29:49 06/20/17 Tue [1]

Since the January 2016 attack in Ouagadougou, things have been quiet. there are still sporadic attacks and gun fights on the north east border of Burkina Faso near where it meets Mali and Niger. That triangle is still causing problems for the good guys, Ie. UN & French troops. Sarama properties are a long way from this area. The closest operating gold mine would be Essakane.

[ Edit | View ]

aem gold robbery? -- mugwump, 07:27:32 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

india gold and silver imports up again -- mugwump, 07:23:30 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

grz up 14% -- mugwump, 07:21:34 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

northern vertex update -- mugwump, 07:17:44 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

galene proposed acquisition -- mugwump, 07:16:46 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

first mining drill programs -- mugwump, 07:14:28 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

endeavour silver sustainablitly report -- mugwump, 07:13:45 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

semafo gets CASH and mining convention -- mugwump, 07:11:44 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

RNC achieves commercial gold production -- mugwump, 07:09:45 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

new additions to gdxj -- mugwump, 07:05:02 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

redstar gold massive volume -- mugwump, 06:57:31 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

CC...terrorism....B.F. those are mainstream op eds and fear mongering... -- AZAU, 06:39:52 06/20/17 Tue [1]

please provide more credible references. I do not trust the mainstream media, for obvious reasons....they are propagandists. Actual events and evidence point to Britain and France as much more dangerous than B.F.

Last edited by author: Tue June 20, 2017 06:55:02   Edited 1 time.

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arizona mining drill results -- mugwump, 06:36:10 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

pure gold update -- mugwump, 03:59:00 06/20/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

JNUG -- Raja, 01:11:33 06/20/17 Tue [1]

Since it has dropped the most, and it is like a mutual fund for low-priced gold stocks, does it not make it the most desirable for future investments?

[ Edit | View ]

Atlantic Gold - Carmack -- CoralCalcium, 23:05:35 06/19/17 Mon [1]

Atlantic has presold their first 230,000 or so ounces at around $1,260-$1,280 US per ounce.

[ Edit | View ]

Terrorists- AZAU -- CoralCalcium, 23:00:46 06/19/17 Mon [1]


http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/burkina-faso-living-risk-terror-reality-48052404 (June 15, 2017)

That other major event was last year, and I posted it by accident. There are major terrorist roots in Burkina Faso, and that cannot be denied.DYODD

Last edited by author: Mon June 19, 2017 23:13:30   Edited 2 times.

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GDXJ -- kuston, 22:24:52 06/19/17 Mon [1]

I hadn't even thought of looking but I don't see Kinross on the list. It was to be a large position also. 5.7%

[ Edit | View ]

Atlantic gold in new Moose River mine -- Carmack, 22:19:21 06/19/17 Mon [1]

With advanced crushing and processing techniques are projecting 86,000 ounces of gold this year !
Do the math on that !

[ Edit | View ]

Hey Richard -- Carmack, 22:14:05 06/19/17 Mon [1]

Posted 10 May
Carmack - First Warning 10 April.
Carmack - Second Warning 12 April, due to continued incitement. Suspended for 1 month

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Terrorists? Burkina Faso incident was a year and a half ago. -- AZAU, 21:41:54 06/19/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Sarama - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 20:41:50 06/19/17 Mon [1]


Thanks for the results. Very positive. I'm thinking the stock has dropped as a result of the terrorist activity lately in Burkina Faso.

[ Edit | View ]

almadex drill results -- mugwump, 20:05:35 06/19/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

QUIZ-- so, which stock that was suppose to be added to GDXJ -- Frustrated, 19:32:39 06/19/17 Mon [1]

didn't show up on the list??? ...today
...all the others did
...that should be and easy one for kuston

[ Edit | View ]

USD on an inverse H&S - its going higher -- APOLLO, 19:02:19 06/19/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

JNUG out on its lows -- APOLLO, 18:41:11 06/19/17 Mon [1]

Until the Jrs turn, nothing to do here

[ Edit | View ]

here ya go coral -- mugwump, 16:38:44 06/19/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Sarama drill results - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 16:02:40 06/19/17 Mon [1]

Your link is to the K92 drill results again, not Sarama.

[ Edit | View ]

x -- APOLLO, 15:45:43 06/19/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

JNUG has completely washed out the 2016 gains -- APOLLO, 15:30:49 06/19/17 Mon [1]

chart's nothing to get excited about even though its down 600% from last summer

[ Edit | View ]

mad aquisition -- mugwump, 14:42:41 06/19/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

sarama drill results -- mugwump, 14:41:07 06/19/17 Mon [1]

not bad!!

[ Edit | View ]

k92 drill results -- mugwump, 14:35:20 06/19/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

holmezee been pumping kldx quite a bit recently -- BUFFORD, 14:02:02 06/19/17 Mon [1]


it must be working

[ Edit | View ]

A bearish take -- Gspot, 12:22:32 -- Zeus, 12:37:36 06/19/17 Mon [1]

Thanks, was worth the look.
I like the magnifying glass as cursor hovers over charts.

[ Edit | View ]

A bearish take -- Gspot, 12:22:32 06/19/17 Mon [1]

short term and interesting comparison.



Last edited by author: Mon June 19, 2017 12:27:24   Edited 1 time.

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golden arrow really undervalued -- mugwump, 11:31:36 06/19/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

metalla takes over CDE royalties -- mugwump, 11:28:11 06/19/17 Mon [1]

blockbuster deal

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sbb recent drill results really meaningful -- mugwump, 10:11:44 06/19/17 Mon [1]

@tommy “Any operator would tell you how important having a “jewellery box” is to a mine,” Paradigm’s Don Maclean on Sabina Gold and Silver $SBB’s recent “impactful” drill success at the Umwelt Vault with a Speculative Buy rating and $2.50 12-month target price. Maclean sees back-of-the-envelope potential for 0.3Moz grading 16 gpT within the volume of the four drill holes reported May 23. With modest extrapolation, MacLean says Umwelt Vault could be ~0.5Moz. With further drilling success in August, it could grow substantially more. Grade here much higher than the 6.3 gpT resource. “Accessing Vault’s high grade at the beginning of production boosts our project NPV by 30% and our NAV/sh by 25%”, a huge contribution for such a modest drilling program. Contact your Paradigm rep for a copy for the report.


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wallbridge drill results -- mugwump, 10:08:17 06/19/17 Mon [1]


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great panther drill results -- mugwump, 08:59:52 06/19/17 Mon [1]


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we're on the brink of WAR with russia and gold down $4?? -- mugwump, 08:57:48 06/19/17 Mon [1]

fat ass bankers worried

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russia halts cooperation with US in syria -- mugwump, 08:49:39 06/19/17 Mon [1]

will intercept any aircraft in its zone

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the GDXJ mess -- mugwump, 08:28:41 06/19/17 Mon [1]


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metamec drill results -- mugwump, 08:08:11 06/19/17 Mon [1]


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mueller out to get trump -- mugwump, 08:03:10 06/19/17 Mon [1]

In sum, as each week passed following Mr. Mueller’s May 17 appointment, the man has behaved less like an independent counsel and more like the designated agent for America’s Trump-despising Washington-New York would-be rulers -- like someone who knows he is charged with providing a colorable legal predicate for a long-ago decision by America’s elites to destroy the President and prevent him from serving out the term he was accorded by America’s electorate and Constitution.

As of, today, Monday June 19, 2017, here is where matters stand for the President of the United States:

Though constitutionally and decisively elected to office, President Trump must carry out his duties -- that include sole responsibility for protecting the American homeland in a world where North Korea fires missiles every month and Islamic fanatics commit atrocities on a near daily basis -- while a former FBI Director, unrestrained by budget, personnel, duration of authority, or substantive area of inquiry, deliberately harasses, hounds, and distracts him and his appointed officials while attempting to find something -- after last week, apparently anything -- that could be twisted into a warrant for the President’s impeachment and removal from office.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/06/muellers_real_mandate.html#ixzz4kRsN4dax
Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

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tanzania wants to extract more loot from the miners -- mugwump, 07:56:46 06/19/17 Mon [1]


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disparity between papersilver and physical is $1.20 -- mugwump, 07:50:13 06/19/17 Mon [1]


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will govts smash the cryptos? -- mugwump, 07:39:17 06/19/17 Mon [1]

But sadly, the final stages of the current cycle will involve severe hardship for most people in the world. There are of course ways for the people who have assets to alleviate the suffering. Cryptocurrencies seems to be the speculative craze that many use to avoid the system. The rise in many of these currencies has been spectacular and it could very well continue to a much bigger bubble. Personally, I have always stated the cryptocurrencies have nothing to do wealth preservation. It is electronic money with no underlying asset. The more successful these currencies become, the more governments will control or regulate them. The new US Money Laundering Act, which I have discussed above, is one way for governments to make cryptos illegal. Another risk is that the production of cryptocurrencies can increase dramatically, just like with other fiat money. I also understand that the liquidity is extremely thin when there is a bit of selling pressure. This is what eventually could make these currencies worthless just like the tulip bulbs in the 17th century. It will be impossible to get out at any price.

It is interesting to observe how central banks always fail in their attempt to manage or rather manipulate the economic cycle. The financial system was bankrupt and almost went under in 2006-9. Since 2006, interest rates worldwide have come down to virtually zero or negative in most countries. At the same time, the major central banks have printed over $11 trillion since


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torex drill results -- mugwump, 07:30:38 06/19/17 Mon [1]


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harvey and the EFP's -- mugwump, 07:24:55 06/19/17 Mon [1]

Harvey Organ: [00:04:39] The debt ceiling will trigger for sure. I think it’s time for that. But the debt ceiling has about six months of money when they stated that they reached their debt ceiling at 20 trillion in March. They have this pension money and all of the money and things like that. It’s about six hundred and sixty billion. If you take March to six months during the first two weeks of September and there’s no way the Republicans (the Tea Party) are going to agree to Trump’s big tax cuts and or tax and huge expenses. It’s just not going to happen. Nothing’s going to happen. They’re going to realize, wait a minute, the US is in default and will probably have the same crisis that occurred two years ago when the markets tanked. So that’s probably the case. In answer to your question, September will be the latest. I think that there’s real problems. I’m seeing a lot of scarcity in silver on the markets which is interesting. And I’m seeing a lot of problems with silver at the COMEX.

Not necessarily gold although gold is a little backward in London, not backward in New York. My thinking is backwards in both places and so you guys are our experts in the silver market. This is a good thing your clients are going to be starting to clamor for some silver product pretty rapidly there. There’s an obscure contract that the COMEX if they think long has a contract and somehow in an emergency they can’t deliver. The CFTC allows a product called the EFP or exchange for product. And these are issued to a long and it is a private deal between the long and the bank. And the deal gives them a future contract wherever that is and some paper money. We found out that the dominant deliveries are not from the COMEX but these future papers are forwards from London. In other words they are giving these future contracts and then of course they take delivery.

And that certainly explains why I was having so much difficulty in understanding of how in gold, open interest obliterated as we enter it into first day notice. I couldn’t believe it because the spread between the two months, forward the front month and the next active month was tiny. And yet everybody left. That didn’t make sense why? And then James Turk and also Johnson both basically found out the use of these EFPs. So that would certainly explain. And to this day EFP’s are given on gold contract like there’s no tomorrow. But what’s fascinating in the last three months EFP paper has not been issued or asked for. Borrowers who are long a silver contract says I am not taking a forward. I want me real metal today. Which is interesting because that’s your definition of backwardation. They don’t want to fool around in paper, they want the real stuff and that is why I guess we’re seeing scarcity in solar. It’s been manifested in both London and in the COMEX. So that’s what I’m seeing and I’m certainly trying to work with the CFTC officials and we’re having a huge disagreement. I’m very angry at this because I asked them, I said “if you think it’s so good go write a paper on this why you think it’s OK.”


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seminal interview -- mugwump, 07:17:18 06/19/17 Mon [1]

Eric Duban: [00:12:48] Andrew made a rather cryptic comment to Eric King over at King World News about that 26 days from now the markets are going to see some fireworks. Do you believe that he’s talking about the insurgent phase between exchange for physical transactions and gold?

Harvey Organ: [00:13:04] That is correct. Andrew is going to talk about this issue. By the way, it’s July 8th. I think it’s July 8th. That’s the day that supposedly when all of these contracts have been written, and maybe one sovereign has been taking all these and going to settle them. That would be exciting. We don’t know yet. But it’s interesting… Andrew’s a trader. He’s an LBMA trader. If there’s anybody that knows it’s him. He knows. I’ll put my money on him anytime. He knows.

Eric Duban: [00:13:55] Well, it’s certainly shaping up for an interesting summer in the political fracas in the United States and the partisanship will make that debt negotiation almost impossible to be anything productive, which means, political confidence within the United States is going to take a punch in the face, at the exact wrong time it comes to our stock market being is highly valued as it is and our economy rolling over. I don’t see how we get out of this without seeing a significant equity correction, and that in turn will be great for assets like gold and silver. which is why they’re trying to keep a lid on silver and gold now.

Harvey Organ: [00:14:35] Right. Which is why they’re trying to keep a lid on silver and gold now. The other thing Andrew said was that in gold, the sovereigns we’re basically taking anything below $1260. He was thinking anything around $1255, from $1250 to $1260 and the sovereigns were in. And my guess is the sovereigns would be China or Russia. I think they’ve had enough.

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state will have the Oregon option -- mackcheed, 23:03:44 06/18/17 Sun [1]

Fuck them I am going to live until 130 and drain every last penny from their sorry asses..

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mackcheed........before its over every state will have the Oregon -- BUFFORD, 20:23:56 06/18/17 Sun [1]

xpress option for those old enough who want a quick exit.

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In the meantime, the DEMs continue to implode - what's their message?? -- APOLLO, 20:00:04 06/18/17 Sun [1]


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Trump is going to be fine -- APOLLO, 19:56:42 06/18/17 Sun [1]

he will slip this noose that the Democrats sprang on him too early - THE RUSSIANS DID IT - NOT!!! & be a lot stronger as a result - with then some experience in how the Deep State operates. He will then dismantle the Deep State that tried to lynch him & if that's all he does he will have done a lot. On top of that, he has quietly undone all the abusive Executive Orders put in place by Bam-Bam-The-Welfare Man. You can judge the true success of Trump by the noise on the Left & its louder than its ever been - nothing is more delightful than to hear these clowns howl 24/7.

Nobody is going to fix the coming train-wreck - but Trump will delay what Obama set on a fast-track so enjoy it while you can.

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I paid the maximum and now they say it is welfare. -- mackcheed, 18:29:47 06/18/17 Sun [1]

You can't make this shit up. Both my wife and I want the medical benefits that Congress has.

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mackcheed...........well you better make a shitload of money. -- BUFFORD, 17:52:23 06/18/17 Sun [1]

on gold stocks between now and 2020 because medicare as it is today will no longer exist.
Plus there is 90 billion in medicare cuts before 2020.

I posted here after oshitcare repeal weeks ago about the above.

????what do u think the cutoff amount should before one pays for his own way??????how much annual income???

Cause it's going to happen

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US shoots down syrian plane -- mugwump, 17:14:18 06/18/17 Sun [1]


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All of us geezers who are on social security and medicare -- mackcheed, 16:54:48 06/18/17 Sun [1]

are about to lose it under the Donald. They will soon begin to Means test it for all. if you own a home or some gold coins and gold stocks it will reduce your share of the pie.

This is B.S. I am pissed because i have worked my ass off my entire life and have a few things houses and some gold and it will eventually work against me.

i can't believe that more people around here won't acknowledge what is happening???

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I was for the Donald and hoped he was able to make changes. -- mackcheed, 16:48:04 06/18/17 Sun [1]

(i watch Alex Jones to) But this is all unraveling. He "The Donald" has turned out to be a complete fraud.

The "art of the deal" he never wrote it. He was handed a fortune and has been afforded opportunities that none of us have ever had.

I will take my busted strait against his B.S. any day of the week.

He is not a friend of the common man or women he is just another opportunistic jerk with no talent. He does not read his own memos. He is a retard and the only thing he had going for him is Roger Stone and that his name was not Hillary Clinton.

He has embarrassed all of those that supported him.

It is a mess and will only get worse.

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kodi boxes ? fire hazard -- BUFFORD, 15:05:23 06/18/17 Sun [1]


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You heard it here first Pence will be President -- mackcheed, 11:31:33 06/18/17 Sun [1]


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this week in $$ Rasta Clark ................ -- BUFFORD, 11:08:24 06/18/17 Sun [1]

Ed Steer on metals maniputlation


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42% of American eligible voters True but not voting is a vote -- mackcheed, 10:36:14 06/18/17 Sun [1]

This in itself is an indictment of a failed system. They have gamed the system for 99% that it does not matter who or what you vote for.

Apocalypse Now

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gg partners with juniors -- mugwump, 09:34:29 06/18/17 Sun [1]


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Wow the Russians did help the Donald into office -- mackcheed -- The-Vet, 07:08:51 06/18/17 Sun [1]

If true, then at least the Russians care about who got elected. 42% of American eligible voters didn't care enough to even turn up to vote!

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petrodollar system in big trouble -- mugwump, 06:49:21 06/18/17 Sun [1]


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Cat got your tongue ? -- mackcheed, 20:58:03 06/17/17 Sat [1]

The truth is a lazer. There is no question that the Donald used you and now will piss on your grave. You feel foolish and once again know how how irrelevant you have become.

Like I told you the "Donald" was a fraud and LUCY puled the football away from Charlie Brown.

There is nothing you can say because you know I am right.


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Wow the Russians did help the Donald into office -- mackcheed, 19:42:06 06/17/17 Sat [1]

The new details, buttressed by a classified National Security Agency document recently disclosed by the Intercept, show the scope of alleged hacking that federal investigators are scrutinizing as they look into whether Trump campaign officials may have colluded in the efforts. But they also paint a worrisome picture for future elections: The newest portrayal of potentially deep vulnerabilities in the U.S.’s patchwork of voting technologies comes less than a week after former FBI Director James Comey warned Congress that Moscow isn’t done meddling.

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By who, the Deep State criminals -- mackcheed, 19:39:35 06/17/17 Sat [1]

Mueller is a honorable law enforcement official. But it is evident that the Donald who simply has lost his mind and gave the sword through twitter and his psychopathic ego the sword to kill him.

It is is a tragedy that he was elected. But for most he was the only choice.

Fair and Balanced right? And how did I figure out that all of this was going to happen in June? I must be a god or talk to god right??

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will grz get its payments from Venezuela? -- AZAU, -- Carmack, 19:15:16 06/17/17 Sat [1]

Any cash that bubbles up gets summarily sent to numbered accounts around the world by the organized criminal enterprise that has itself disguised as the government of Venezuela !
So not a chance in hell !!!!!

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mackcheed -- morbius, 18:23:34 06/17/17 Sat [1]

As far as Hillary she was simply a train wreck but would HAVE played the game better if she could HAVE got elected. She should HAVE sucked up to Putin and sold the American People out like the Donald.

I thank God when I think of what could of [sic] been.

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Accused of? -- CoralCalcium, 17:40:23 06/17/17 Sat [1]

By who, the Deep State criminals? Don't make me laugh. If there was ANY kind of justice in this country both Clintons plus Obama would be in jail, and not living the life of Riley.

Last edited by author: Sat June 17, 2017 17:41:35   Edited 1 time.

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I guess I could point out that the Donald Has obstructed -- mackcheed, 15:52:38 06/17/17 Sat [1]

justice but then he has just been accused as of yet. That is a fair and honest statement with out a personal attack. You use the word "Clueless" ????

How many clues do you need ???

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People basing "poll results" as their argument -- CoralCalcium, 15:42:53 06/17/17 Sat [1]

Are totally and completely CLUELESS. Seriously.

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4709007 -- Zeus, 15:33:56 06/17/17 Sat [1]


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Kuston rather then show your ignorance with insults because -- mackcheed, 15:33:15 06/17/17 Sat [1]

you have nothing to say in defense of your foolishness provide me some info where I am wrong. Why don't you mention my Mar 27 call which was wrong. Or perhaps you could post where I called the actual month of the "Donalds" demise.

As far as Liberal ??? Give me a break I can't stand the MSM and D.C. Establishment. But there is nobody with an IQ over 80 that does not realize that Roger Stone used the mental weakness of the lower white middle class to get this psychopath elected.

I voted for Reagen which gave us more debt and could not stand the Bushes NWO. Obama or Barry is just more of the same. Argue the truth not propaganda.

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Troll -- kuston, 15:15:36 06/17/17 Sat [1]

Ben he's just trolling, ignore him and hopefully he'll stay away or stay at the Lost Colony with the other trolls. His political commentary is no better then his investment advice.

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Machheed -- Ben, 15:06:20 06/17/17 Sat [1]

"The latest new survey shows a sharp drop in support /TRUMP"

Are those the same surveys that showed Hillary ahead by 8 to 10 points and Trump could not win

Really now

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korelin weekend gold gurooz -- BUFFORD, 13:55:04 06/17/17 Sat [1]


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Leibovit.................sat show guest Weingarten -- BUFFORD, 13:41:03 06/17/17 Sat [1]

sez won't know for another week is going to hold


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The actual numbers disagree with your "opinion" -- mackcheed, 13:31:28 06/17/17 Sat [1]

As far as Hillary she was simply a train wreck but would of played the game better if she could of got elected. She should of sucked up to Putin and sold the American People out like the Donald.

I hate to say it I told you so...

The low class whites are are leaving him in droves and "feeling Foolish" for falling for this liar as Just 35 percent of Americans say the approve of the job the president is doing, while a staggering 64 percent say they disapprove, according to poll released on Friday conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

The latest new survey shows a sharp drop in support overall for the president, whose approval rating fell 7 percentage points in the last month to hit one of his lowest points yet.

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feel foolish voting for Trump - Mackcheed -- CoralCalcium, 12:17:38 06/17/17 Sat [1]

I personally don't think there is 1 person in a thousand that feels foolish. You would have to kill me first for me to vote for Hillary. Wrong forum

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I know some of you feel foollish voting for the Trumpster -- mackcheed, 11:16:11 06/17/17 Sat [1]

a reality game show host with a dubious past. But the alternatives were not a bed of roses. This is not funny to see this tragic historical accident happen in real time.

I have been a member of the Alt right since 1980 when I started buying gold and prepared for the collapse of the free world.

I secretly have been rooting for the image of this clown in the hope that he would fill the shoes of a leader.

Every since i was asked to look at this chart of the Buffoon in Charge I have had an very sick feeling as I have posted.

It is going to get worse.... He is just the willing dupe who bullshitted himself into the Presidency and is in a nightmare scenario. He was the great White Hope.

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iamgold drill results -- mugwump, 11:01:39 06/17/17 Sat [1]


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Valuing gold independent of fiat currencies -- Dabchyk, 10:03:45 06/17/17 Sat [1]

Dabchick Gold Index figures [London trade. ( Basis : Jan 1982 = 100 )] for the past week:-

High–288.5 Low–285.2 Close-285.2

for the week ending 16 June 2017

To see the updated charts of the index, go here


NB The index is a ratio of the change in the Real Value of Gold relative to what it was in January 1982. The

calculation has incorporated the real value of the USD's trade-weighted index (the real effective, or
inflation-adjusted, $TWI). My gold index thereby shows the real changes in gold's value regardless of fiat currencies. That is to say, regardless of the unreal, nominal, price-raising effects which governments cause
to the fiat price of anything by the debasement of their fiat currencies. In my index, these nominal
(unreal) effects of government fiat currencies are eliminated.

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death knell for venezuela? -- mugwump, 09:14:55 06/17/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

chances are slim to none - AZAU -- CoralCalcium, 09:06:59 06/17/17 Sat [1]

Really? They just paid them 40 million dollars, so what are you talking about. I'm guessing the 2 year payout might take longer, but they will get MANY millions PLUS their property back. I also would think Rusoro, backed by the Russians, will get a similar deal. The Russians are way too smart and powerful to walk away from their gold with nothing.

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orezone ready to rebound -- mugwump, 08:59:02 06/17/17 Sat [1]


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will grz get its payments from Venezuela? -- AZAU, 08:39:28 06/17/17 Sat [1]

Chances are slim to none.

Look for their collapse very soon, and theft of all assets held or obligated by that current regime.

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asanko busts loose -- mugwump, 08:35:19 06/17/17 Sat [1]


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bubbles likes red eagle -- mugwump, 08:05:15 06/17/17 Sat [1]


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organ/duban -- mugwump, 07:46:52 06/17/17 Sat [1]

Harvey Organ: [00:21:41] I’m not too sure. As far as the problem with gold, is when they find out that the US gold is gone, then that becomes treasonable. When the United States Citizen finds out that, “Wait a minute, it’s not there in Fort Knox? You’re guarding, you have guards, and you’re guarding an empty vault?”

Eric Duban: [00:22:01] Yeah that or just having 10 claims on every single ounce, which is the majority of actually of what’s going on. So that kind of scenario, to be perfectly blunt, gets resolved by wars when you have the counter-party with title to something doesn’t get their gold, and there are 10 other countries, or individual institutions or whatever. By the multi-hypothecation of these ounces that have been sold into the marketplace where the regulators look the other way because half the time they don’t even know what the hell’s going on. And any other time they assume, “Well yeah, It’s just a lease arrangement.” Then the party that receives the paper is going to be selling that paper back, or to be able to be bought back. In other words, the gold doesn’t have to move, but that’s a fiction. When you have 10 people, or 10 institutions or governments with a claim on the same ounce, that’s a recipe for disaster, and that’s what’s going on with the Fort Knox Depository as well as the New York Fed, above and beyond the physical that has been removed, more likely, certainly, the New York Fed physical, the vaulting system within the New York Fed, has been what has been tapped to execute physical dumps into the marketplace when that’s been needed to.

Harvey Organ: [00:23:24] They do it through what they call “Site Swaps”. It’s done through the BIS.

Eric Duban: [00:23:29] Right.

Harvey Organ: [00:23:32] And they have been very active in the last two months in this stuff. I think it was James Turk. When he starts seeing that he says, “We are near the end”. When we start seeing real activity in these site swaps, they’re trying desperately to keep a lid on the price. It’s what happens is when China, and by the way, China sovereign is not taking delivery. China that takes gold going in there is for its citizens. Alasdair MacLeod basically said that China really got its 15,000 to 20,000 tons of gold from 1985 to 2002. They were finished by then. They were they were accumulating already when nobody was apt to notice. And now, China really wants its citizens now to have gold, and they have been very active in allowing that, and that’s probably where, and we’re certainly seeing probably, 1600, 1700 tons of gold net entering into the Shanghai. Into the Shanghai Gold Exchange each year.

Eric Duban: [00:24:35] The Chinese government is accumulating gold still, but Alasdair MacLeod’s point about upwards of 20,000 metric tons being as big as what China may have been able to hoard since the mid-80s is true too. I mean no one knows the exact numbers.

Harvey Organ: [00:24:52] Nobody knows.


Last edited by author: Sat June 17, 2017 07:53:28   Edited 1 time.

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pento- market crash by year end -- mugwump, 07:18:15 06/17/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

harvey organ and the boyz show up -- mugwump, 07:16:50 06/17/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

inverted yield curve just around the corner -- mugwump, 07:09:59 06/17/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

marc faber -- mugwump, 07:08:33 06/17/17 Sat [1]

economic collapse on july 1st

[ Edit | View ]

will grz get all its money before venezuela collapses? -- mugwump, 06:56:53 06/17/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

fed rate hikes good for gold -- mugwump, 06:52:33 06/17/17 Sat [1]

See the pattern here friends? Gold yields nothing, so everyone assumes it can’t fare well with higher prevailing interest rates. Thus the gold-futures speculators who dominate short-term price action thanks to their extreme leverage wax super-bearish leading into any expected Fed rate hike, and sell aggressively. The resulting gold drops spread that bearishness like a virus, infecting everyone else into believing that fiction.

Then the Fed indeed hikes, and the irrational gold-futures selling sometimes continues on momentum for another day or two. But it doesn’t take long for the speculators to realize gold isn’t collapsing on that Fed rate hike. And their collective bets became so bearish that they have far too many shorts and far too few longs. So big mean-reversion gold-futures buying soon erupts in the immediate wake of Fed rate hikes.

Fed-rate-hike cycles have been very bullish for gold historically for the past half-century or so. The first three Fed rate hikes of this current 12th cycle have proven very bullish for gold, igniting a major new bull, sparking its second major upleg, and driving a sharp rally within its uptrend. So why on earth is anyone the least-bit worried about the Fed’s fourth rate hike this week? It too should fuel big gold-futures buying.


Last edited by author: Sat June 17, 2017 06:53:28   Edited 1 time.

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wow!! argonaut traded 22 million shares today -- mugwump, 06:44:04 06/17/17 Sat [1]

way too cheap

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new gold buys property -- mugwump, 00:55:39 06/17/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

CC -- Frustrated, 16:27:43 06/16/17 Fri [1]

I'm guessing those had to be some kind of pre-arranged agreements with various funds...

will likely show up in the SC 13G filings

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AUY is not on the sell list -- kuston, 16:25:32 06/16/17 Fri [1]

AUY isn't on the sell list

[ Edit | View ]

that Win 7 looking shakey these days after watching -- BUFFORD, 16:20:54 06/16/17 Fri [1]

this BBC cyber attack special that infected Win 7 machines and crippled Britain's NHS healthcare system

Bitcoin ransom comes into play about 32mins in
YOU KNOW this will be the Xcuse for govs to shut it down


[ Edit | View ]

AUY- Frus -- CoralCalcium, 16:19:36 06/16/17 Fri [1]

And you can be sure that someone on the inside was selling all day because they knew this order was coming in later in the day. "Honest markets", an oxymoron.

[ Edit | View ]

EOD... -- Frustrated, 16:11:30 06/16/17 Fri [1]

an order for 39.5 Million shares of AUY 2 minutes after the
close...volume leader for the day...70 million

an order for 37 Million shares of GFI at a price of 3.42
with a time stamp of 9:30 am...that went through at the close

[ Edit | View ]

GDXJ -- kuston, 16:03:03 06/16/17 Fri [1]

This sure was a bust, no sell offs on anything I see.

[ Edit | View ]

COT Report -- CoralCalcium, 15:55:53 06/16/17 Fri [1]

Slight improvement in both metals, but nothing to get excited about. We are still short 360 million ounces of silver, so the price should remain on a tight leash. I just wish the day would come when I could watch these scumbags hauled off to jail on live TV on a tight leash also.

[ Edit | View ]

Dull market -- Gspot, 15:32:52 06/16/17 Fri [1]

Never sell a dull market. Hope the saying also applies to the POG.

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gold is down $3.90 -- Skinee, 15:30:45 06/16/17 Fri [1]

but it shows it is up 70 cents.
It is the American dollar doing it
Nothing to do with banksters and shorts

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nuemeyer's AG gave me my biggest pounding this week -- BUFFORD, 15:29:41 06/16/17 Fri [1]

I thought brexjwas adding first majestic shares

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Venezuela agrees to pay Gold Reserve over 1 BILLION -- CoralCalcium, 14:39:55 06/16/17 Fri [1]


They just paid them 40 million, and have agreed to pay the rest in payments over the next two years. This is HUGE news for them as well as Rusoro, as I'm sure a similarly structured deal will be made with Rusoro. If Rusoro gets only 2 payments, that is already more than their market cap. This thing "could" run big time, but I'm not recommending it here even though I own it.

Last edited by author: Fri June 16, 2017 14:43:58   Edited 2 times.

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gold hype?? -- mugwump, 12:43:19 06/16/17 Fri [1]

ha ha forget about it
only two people posting today

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sarama- no news -- mugwump, 12:23:56 06/16/17 Fri [1]


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Sarama Resources - SRMMF -- CoralCalcium, 11:37:11 06/16/17 Fri [1]

New yearly LOW. High volume. Any news? My only guess would be bad drill results, but idk.

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gowest acquires 50% of redstone mill -- mugwump, 08:06:34 06/16/17 Fri [1]


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tanzania wants to extract more loot from the miners -- mugwump, 08:03:22 06/16/17 Fri [1]


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gold confiscation in the USA -- mugwump, 07:59:26 06/16/17 Fri [1]


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sprott owns 19% of jaguar -- mugwump, 07:54:49 06/16/17 Fri [1]


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interview with ceo of asanko -- mugwump, 06:55:03 06/16/17 Fri [1]


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powell -- mugwump, 04:55:35 06/16/17 Fri [1]

There’s strain in the gold market. Recent increases in gold withdrawl from the COMEX suggests a shortage of physical metal, Chris Powell says.

In the past year, revelations such as the Deutsche Bank lawsuit made the truth of gold and silver price manipulation practically undeniable. But the mainstream remains relatively silent on the topic.
If gold and silver were not manipulated, they could be moving higher as dramatically as cryptocurrencies, Powell says.

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capstone sells project -- mugwump, 04:15:24 06/16/17 Fri [1]


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GDXJ -- kuston, 02:17:45 06/16/17 Fri [1]

Tomorrow is the big day! I've been tracking the daily changes since 5/11 here is an interesting number to me. Of the list to sell stocks, 57 of them, there are 8 that have not changed. Centerra, Kirkland, Klondex, Mcewen, Patagonia, Real Gold, Silver Standard, and Sulliden Mining. I'm guessing there are back room deals for made for these stocks and we'll not see the shares hit the market.

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Now The Trump is down as I reported back a few months ago -- mackcheed, 01:09:27 06/16/17 Fri [1]

How did I do that ??

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