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Uranium ...........new bull or new bullshit -- BUFFORD, 11:39:14 12/18/17 Mon [1]


First Energy has been trying to sell their handful of N plants or shut them down this year so far...........No buyers. Of the dozens of N plants I have been to in earlier years the spent fuel pits were loaded and always expanding.

The French signed a 20 year uranium deal about 5 years ago and reprocess stuff daily



the drilling on the Utica shale belt (OH PA W. Va)
never stopped. I run into the I-70 caravans of Texas drillers returning home for every holiday and it only gets larger with the annoying "wide loads" of drilling and compressor equipment moving in to the area.

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MGTI looks like its about to fly -- APOLLO, 11:36:16 12/18/17 Mon [1]


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Posted this last week @ Philbond & have bought a smattering of these -- APOLLO, 11:34:51 12/18/17 Mon [1]

Looks to me like infrastructure has to catch up with price & so some of these should fly

For those of you who were around to long enough to remember the Kitco Dirty Dozen -- APOLLO, 17:48:51 12/12/17 Tue [1]

Here's my BLockchain Eleven

Dec 12


3:59PM EST

4:00PM EST

4:16PM EST

3:59PM EST

3:59PM EST

3:48PM EST

3:59PM EST

3:59PM EST


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Trump thinks he will be exonerated (LOL) -- mackcheed, 11:34:18 12/18/17 Mon [1]

Anyone want to make a friendly wager LOL :)

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bitcoin stocks -- mugwump, 11:10:10 12/18/17 Mon [1]

bought btcs and first bitcoin

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kirkland drill results -- mugwump, 06:03:19 12/18/17 Mon [1]


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Trumps doing fine. -- APOLLO, 00:59:17 12/18/17 Mon [1]

Hillary was corrupt. She belongs in jail. Lock her up with all the liberal cabal at the Doj/FBI. Wish Trump would clean house - Sessions, Meuller & co, top officials in the intelligent agencies. Just fire them all. Swamp critters be gone

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mackcheed - I was merely expanding on your remark -- morbius, 20:51:38 12/17/17 Sun [1]

What made you think I was talking about you?

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now for settling this like men.... -- mackcheed, 20:19:31 12/17/17 Sun [1]

Anyone of you interested? will go anywhere will you? Post your address. I am calling you a coward.

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Miniminder I am not whining you are whining about the -- mackcheed, 20:16:55 12/17/17 Sun [1]

the impeachment.

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not being caught with your head up your ass Moribus??? -- mackcheed, 20:14:10 12/17/17 Sun [1]

Monitor I believe this is an infraction on the guidelines of of this site. Please do something about this provocation.

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mackcheed - and part of the game of posting on the Internet -- morbius, 20:05:52 12/17/17 Sun [1]

is not being caught with your head up your ass - at least if you want to be taken seriously.

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Mackheed whining about the election -- Miniminer, 19:53:49 12/17/17 Sun [1]

Move on. Trump is president. Your criminal Clinton is not. Thank you president trump.

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leibovit had murphy on his arizona show -- BUFFORD, 16:30:41 12/17/17 Sun [1]


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part of the game of being President and or ruler is not -- mackcheed, 16:15:10 12/17/17 Sun [1]

being caught with your organ in your hand. Being one step against the people who want to discredit you. There are no victims just idiots who don't know a pawn from a rook.

Does anybody around here think that the current idiot in chief understands the difference between a pawn and a rook???

Check mate.

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the fbi lies -- mugwump, 03:39:58 12/17/17 Sun [1]

Kallstrom said he believes there is a "Fifth Column conspiracy" within the FBI designed to "destroy President Donald Trump" - and the agency may have committed a "serious felony" in doing so. In an interview last Sunday with radio host John Catsimatidis on 970 AM in New York, Kallstrom said:

“Ninety-nine percent of the people in the FBI are doing a fantastic job... It’s a small cabal of people running the FBI, the James Comey sycophants.”

“I’m coming more and more to the conclusion that this is a conspiratorial cabal among the fifth column to basically take away the presidency of the United States,” Kallstrom said, adding “This whole thing with Russia is just a farce. If we find out that that phony [Russian dossier] was brought to the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in the form of an affidavit for a judge’s authority, and if we find out that the people signing that affidavit in the bureau knew that that was phony information, that is a serious serious felony.”


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ars on bitcoin -- BUFFORD, 22:00:14 12/16/17 Sat [1]


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Martin Armstrong on bit coin & gold -- BUFFORD, 20:05:09 12/16/17 Sat [1]

Ross lark...THis week in money


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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 19:07:55 12/15/17 Fri [1]

if it's due solely to the repatriation issue, during the
jobs creation act back in 2005 when the USD went from 80 to
92 it not have a negative impact on POG - also during the
housing bubble? but that was then this is now - so who knows
Wall Street is currently giddy over the tax bill


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CC... -- Frustrated, 16:39:28 12/15/17 Fri [1]

12/15/15 commercials net short 8K @1046 low

current report:
silver - almost as many short specs as long specs - weak

Last edited by author: Fri December 15, 2017 16:41:15   Edited 2 times.

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COT Report - APOLLO -- CoralCalcium, 15:53:16 12/15/17 Fri [1]


Commercials covered over 107 million more ounces of silver last week. Now only net short 124 million ounces - Plus the last 3 days probably took us below 100 million ounces. GOLD ALSO had drastic short covering. We "MAY" get a head fake down BUT, we are going higher - MUCH HIGHER!!!!!

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Get ready for a USD Ramp - have to wonder why this is happening -- APOLLO, 15:03:05 12/15/17 Fri [1]



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Frustrated. I like what they are doing -- APOLLO, 23:49:04 12/14/17 Thu [1]

But sold it a couple weeks ago. No idea how to price it. We need a Q of consolidation to evaluate it

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Vendetta - VDTAF - BUFFORD -- CoralCalcium, 22:28:50 12/14/17 Thu [1]

So, over the first 9 months of 2017, Solitario Zinc has sold 3,480,000 shares of Vendetta Mining so that they can exercise twice as many shares of Vendetta Warrants, at I believe either 5 or 10 cents per share. That is one of the weights that has been on Vendetta. I think they are finished selling and it could very well move up, along with Solitario in the very near term IMO.

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charges of harassment against Bill Clinton -- mackcheed, 19:31:04 12/14/17 Thu [1]

Clinton was impeached and was exposed for what he was. I had a business partner who was the largest bond trader in Arkansas(Stevens). He told me that the Clinton"s were not only morally bankrupt but had people killed in Arkansas.

He would only tell me the inside on these reptiles on the weekend from his phone. He thought that these people were part of a wider Satanic ritual. He was actually frightened. This was back in 1992.

99% percent of the population buy into partisan politics thinking that one side is better than the other. It's just one big illusion.

But the Clinton argument does not seem relevant as they are not running things now. One psychopath at a time hey?

I am an True American who can trace my ancestry to John Adams on one side and the original first peoples "Cherokee"on the other and stand both amazed and embarrassed of the leaders we have had over the last 50 years.

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Roy Moore -- knapper, 17:10:32 12/14/17 Thu [1]

No doubt, Moore is an ass.

The MSM portrays voters who still voted for Moore as troglydytes who think his behavior towards minors is "OK".

This is untrue. Alabama voters know what is at stake here...SCOTUS appointments and slowing down democrat agendas...and they went to the polls holding their collective noses tightly, making the extremely difficult moral choice between an asshole versus what they think is good for the country longterm.

As is usual, MSM lies.

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mackcheed -- ROAN, 16:45:11 12/14/17 Thu [1]

And where are all the charges of harassment against Bill Clinton. Oh right the dems control the media.

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I agree with you Trump is a bum but he is still is our President -- mackcheed, 16:19:03 12/14/17 Thu [1]

and we should give him the respect he is due. But this Russia thing and the collusion and the 17 sexual harassment charges just seem to stick with him.

It sounds like chaos will soon visit our door which should make Gold go up to the moon...

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Canasil proposed spinout approved -- CoralCalcium, 15:49:30 12/14/17 Thu [1]


Must buy very soon to get one free share of new company for every 2 shares you buy of Canasil. New company should be worth as much or more as Canasil.

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Orefinder's 5 year chart -- CoralCalcium, 10:27:29 12/14/17 Thu [1]


Trading at 7 cents US, and with only 58 million shares and a 5 million market cap, this stocks offers the potential to rise sharply if gold gets it's act together soon IMO. DYODD

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. -- Frustrated, 09:27:19 12/14/17 Thu [1]

When lead was removed from gasoline, platinum was eliminated from the catalyst because palladium then could replace all platinum-based activity. Today's catalytic converters still contain some rhodium because, as Lambert said, there is no acceptable substitute for rhodium when it comes to NOx reduction.

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Plat... -- Frustrated, 09:21:06 12/14/17 Thu [1]

if Gold were following Platinum it would be in deep shit...
Plat hit near it's 2008 & 2004 lows


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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 08:41:52 12/14/17 Thu [1]

SBGL - taking on more than it can chew? way down in premarket

South Africa's Sibanye Doubles Down on Platinum With Lonmin Buy

JOHANNESBURG-- Sibanye Gold Ltd.(SBGLF) said Thursday it had agreed to buy London-listed miner Lonmin PLC(LNMIF) for GBP285 million ($380.6 million), the latest in string of deals that have reshaped the South African company into the world's No. 2 platinum producer.

The acquisition marks a vote of confidence in the long-term prospects for platinum, most commonly used in the auto industry to reduce engine emissions. Since hitting an all-time high above $2,250 an ounce in 2008, platinum prices have fallen 60%, forcing South Africa's biggest producers to cut jobs, sell assets and raise capital.

Sibanye has since been snapping aging platinum mines, allowing it to diversify beyond gold. Almost a year ago exactly, it announced the acquisition of U.S. palladium and platinum miner Stillwater Mining Co. for $2.2 billion.

In September 2015, it agreed to pay at least 4.5 billion South African rand ($288.5 million) for an old, labor- intensive mine owned by Anglo American Platinum Ltd., a majority-owned unit of Anglo American PLC, in South Africa's platinum mining capital of Rustenburg. Less than a month later, it offered $294 million for nearby mines owned by Australia'sAquarius Platinum Ltd.

Sibanye--which means "we are one" in Nelson Mandela's native Xhosa language--has a long and storied history in the South African mining industry. It was spun off in 2013 with three aging mines from Gold Fields Ltd., a company founded by colonial pioneer Cecil John Rhodes. Chief Executive Neal Froneman turned around the company's gold operations by reducing inefficiencies, partly by cutting jobs and restructuring management.

Lonmin (LNMIF) shares jumped 20% in early trading Thursday, while Sibanye shares were down 2.1%.

Lonmin (LNMIF) never quite recovered after dozens of its miners and several police officers died in a wildcat strike at its Marikana mine in August 2012. A wage battle between South African platinum companies and miners' unions that led to a five-month strike in 2014 also hit Lonmin(LNMIF) hard. In November 2015, Lonmin(LNMIF) had its third rights issue in six years.

As well as becoming the world's No. 2 in platinum production, behind Anglo Platinum, the deal would also make Sibanye the global No. 2 palladium producer behind Russia's Norilsk Nickel, according to the company.

Sibanye said the Lonmin(LNMIF) purchase would create savings at its mines in the Rustenburg area. The Sibanye board estimates total pretax synergies of about 1.5 billion rand by 2021.

The purchase would also give Sibanye a full-metal processing plant with smelting capabilities.

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pure gold increases resource -- mugwump, 07:21:00 12/14/17 Thu [1]


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Fred Hickey said he's being called the "N" word -- BUFFORD, 16:39:17 12/13/17 Wed [1]


fred hickeyþ @htsfhickey · Dec 12

I find it a bit ironic to be called a "nocoiner" when I own lots of real, tangible coins (wealth for thousands of years), yet the participants in the greatest mania of all time don't own a single coin, just a lot of hot nothin. At least the Tulip Bulb maniacs owned tulips

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Pilbara DeGrey - Structural deposits - Conglomerate yet to come. -- The-Vet, 14:54:55 12/13/17 Wed [1]

Sprott Capital - US Roadshow Investor Presentation
De Grey Mining Limited (“De Grey”) is pleased to release its Updated Investor Presentation titled “1.2Moz Structural Resources and Growing! Conglomerate Gold Upside”.

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FED minutes come out when ? -- Norwester, 13:55:31 12/13/17 Wed [1]

...er...minutes, that is ....

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Teranga news was expected -- kuston, 11:20:52 12/13/17 Wed [1]

Wire: Bloomberg News (BN) Date: Nov 23 2017 0:36:33
Teranga Gold Is Said to Be Favored Bidder for Ivorian Mine (1)

By Baudelaire Mieu
(Bloomberg) -- Teranga Gold Corp. is the preferred bidder
to form a venture to develop the Afema gold deposit in
southeastern Ivory Coast, according to three people familiar
with the matter.
The West African nation’s mining ministry requested that
closely held Sodim, which owns the Afema deposit, find a partner
with better capital resources and experience to help with the
development and operation of the asset, said the people, who
asked not to be identified because they’re not authorized to
speak publicly about the matter.
Sodim and Toronto-based Teranga are in talks to finalize a
deal before year-end, the people said.
A spokeswoman for Teranga declined to comment when
contacted by email. Francois Mockey, a spokesman for the mines
ministry, didn’t answer calls seeking comment.
Ivory Coast is one of sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest
expanding economies, with growth averaging more than 9 percent
since 2012. The nation hosts gold miners and explorers such as
Randgold Resources Ltd., Endeavour Mining Corp. and Newcrest
Mining Ltd.
Teranga operates gold mines in Senegal and is exploring
further deposits in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, according to
its website. Sodim acquired Afema in March from Taurus Gold
Ltd., which previously estimated the resource at about 1.9
million ounces.

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Yesterday appears to have been a ST bottom - maybe more. -- APOLLO, 10:59:11 12/13/17 Wed [1]

USD should get sold on Rate Hike news @2

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khalkos options off property to chalice -- mugwump, 08:42:01 12/13/17 Wed [1]


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Atlantic Gold - full steam ahead -- CoralCalcium, 08:20:21 12/13/17 Wed [1]

Mill Operating at Design Throughput Capacity
Commercial Production Targeted for Q1 2018
December 13, 2017
Vancouver, British Columbia – Atlantic Gold Corporation (TSX-V: AGB) ("Atlantic" or the "Company") is pleased to report progress on ramp up at its Moose River Consolidated Mine, Nova Scotia, Canada. (MRC)
The overall commissioning process to date has revealed no significant issues and full plant ramp up to design capacity has been achieved.
Minor commissioning issues have had temporary impacts on overall plant availability since start-up including:
Excessive vibration in the secondary crushing units
Intensive Leach Reactor (ILR) efficiencies and de-sliming
Elution circuit efficiencies and temperature optimization
Deficiencies in process control logic programming and operating protocols
With modifications executed in these various areas, plant availability has steadily ramped up with 18 consecutive days at or higher than design throughput to date since commencement of operations utilizing low to medium grade feed to the mill.
All essential modifications have now been completed by our operations team and contractors dedicated to plant commissioning. 
The mill is currently operating at full capacity with operating costs meeting expectations and recoveries at 92-94%. Gold shipments are occurring on a regular basis.
Ore production remains on plan and below budget on a unit cost basis (per tonne) with more than 1.2 M tonnes exposed in the pit with less than a 1:1 waste to ore strip ratio expected in the production schedule for 2018.
Commercial production remains on target for Q1 2018. The company expects to provide full production guidance for 2018 in January.
On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Steven Dean
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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teranga jv - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 08:10:52 12/13/17 Wed [1]

IMO they overpaid. That's a lot of money for 1.26 gpt gold.

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teranga jv -- mugwump, 06:37:51 12/13/17 Wed [1]


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Oh please. Moore was a bum -- APOLLO, 00:14:11 12/13/17 Wed [1]

Trump beat Hillary by 30 points in Alabama. The two are not even remotely connected.

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Novo Resources -- kuston, 23:45:59 12/12/17 Tue [1]

If Novo's bulk sample returns multiple ounces per ton it will blast off leaving everyone behind. This pull back is like buying Palladium at $30 after it's pull back years ago

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Pilbara I'm in -- kuston, 23:39:53 12/12/17 Tue [1]

Never thought I'd be buying into the Pilbara but today I took a position in Novo. Also added to my Kirkland position, now the largest position I have.

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wow the people of Alabama just sent a message to the -- mackcheed, 23:02:56 12/12/17 Tue [1]

Donald. Now we have to ask ourselves is this going to make gold go up?

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she's back -- BUFFORD, 22:31:57 12/12/17 Tue [1]


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bubbles shows up -- mugwump, 20:06:40 12/12/17 Tue [1]


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the MSM AND DELIBERATE, CALCULATED LIES -- mugwump, 18:22:59 12/12/17 Tue [1]

Furthermore, recent history is achingly clear in informing us that these are not “honest mistakes,” because this never happened to Barack Obama. We never saw anything even close to this unrelenting assumption of the worst when it came to Bill Ayers’s pal.

Whether it was the IRS abuses against conservatives, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the Veterans Administration death list, the Solyndra subsidies, the DOJ refusing to prosecute the Black Panthers, the wiretapping of Trump’s campaign, Hillary’s secret email account, spying on journalists, Bowe Bergdahl, or the EPA polluting the Colorado River — the media did everything in their power to make it comes up heads for their Precious Barry.

Everything the media could do to downplay Barry’s scandals, to give him the widest benefit of the doubt, to dismiss and move on, was done, even by a CNN staffer during a consequential presidential debate.

For Obama the media always made it come up heads.

For Trump, it is always tails.

If you believe in science, math, and history, the only conclusion you can come to is that these not honest mistakes; rather, these are deliberate and calculated lies told by deliberate and calculating liars.

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sen warren calls sen gillibrand a slut -- mugwump, 18:13:17 12/12/17 Tue [1]


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yea, putting in an invere H&S - pop tomorrow & then sell it back ahead of the FOMC release -- APOLLO, 14:01:43 12/12/17 Tue [1]


Then we'll see. But we could be seeing a bottom right here

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Freds buying miners this am -- BUFFORD, 13:39:01 12/12/17 Tue [1]

larry P said he was going to take a position just below 1241 this am..........because of his fib numbers 78% retracemtment


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hl buying more dolly varden -- mugwump, 12:22:20 12/12/17 Tue [1]


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GG - new 52 week low -- APOLLO, 10:17:41 12/12/17 Tue [1]


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Just sold my DUST -- APOLLO, 09:36:15 12/12/17 Tue [1]

wait for the FOMC & buy against the first move.

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There goes $1240 -- APOLLO, 09:30:32 12/12/17 Tue [1]


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leagold drill results -- mugwump, 08:28:03 12/12/17 Tue [1]


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eastmain drill results -- mugwump, 06:34:35 12/12/17 Tue [1]


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january relief for goldbugs -- mugwump, 06:32:18 12/12/17 Tue [1]


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premier drill results -- mugwump, 06:10:11 12/12/17 Tue [1]


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so is garibaldi a buy? -- mugwump, 18:41:34 12/11/17 Mon [1]



Last edited by author: Mon December 11, 2017 19:04:49   Edited 1 time.

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how much money can novo make from a 20,000 ton bulk sample -- mugwump, 18:35:50 12/11/17 Mon [1]



Last edited by author: Mon December 11, 2017 18:38:14   Edited 1 time.

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USD looks like it wants to pop in advance of the DEC rate hike -- APOLLO, 17:10:44 12/11/17 Mon [1]

so look for gold to be pressured again tomorrow - but, the Silvers are catching a bid & this is a "Tell" - wee rally after the FOMC??

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Painful -- CoralCalcium, 14:57:43 12/11/17 Mon [1]

As painful as this deterioration is, it is probably the best thing that could happen right now, as long as it doesn't collapse. The COT is getting closer to a bottom, and in a week or two it should be washed out and ready to reverse. IMO.

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Silver stocks getting a bit perky -- Zeus, 14:05:12 12/11/17 Mon [1]

Gold stocks not following suit. Darn.

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Bitcoin rises amid CBOE Debut -- Zeus, 13:50:01 12/11/17 Mon [1]

TOKYO (Reuters) - The dollar was steady in early Asian trade on Monday, underpinned by expectations of higher U.S. interest rates, while bitcoin seized the spotlight as futures of the cryptocurrency began trading.
U.S. employment data on Friday showed a bigger rise in jobs than expected in November, but the dollar's gains were capped by disappointing wage data that analysts said could weigh on the pace of interest rate hikes next year.
Bitcoin was up 1.2 percent at $14,819.05 on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange.
The first bitcoin futures 0#XBT:> began trading at 6 p.m. (2300 GMT) on CBOE Global Markets Inc's CBOE.O CBOE Futures Exchange. The futures are cash-settled contracts based on the auction price of bitcoin in U.S. dollars on the Gemini Exchange, which is owned and operated by virtual currency entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.
The most-traded futures contract opened at $15,460, then leapt to a high of $16,660 and last stood at $15,860.

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gary like the ca$h -- BUFFORD, 12:32:34 12/11/17 Mon [1]


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kirkland sells stawell mine -- mugwump, 10:26:50 12/11/17 Mon [1]

it was on care and maintenance
another good move

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Muslims want to turn NYC into a hell-hole -- APOLLO, 09:33:00 12/11/17 Mon [1]

ISIS-Inspired Muslim Suspect In Custody After NYC Pipe Bomb Terrorist Attack: Live Feed

An ISIS-inspired Bangladeshi national set off an homemade explosive device at the Port Authority Bus Terminal subway station Monday morning, law enforcement sources said. The suspected bomber – a 27-year-old who lived in Brooklyn...

Last edited by author: Mon December 11, 2017 10:21:02   Edited 1 time.

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pure gold ramp extension, bulk sample, etc -- mugwump, 07:01:06 12/11/17 Mon [1]


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want free shares? -- mugwump, 06:37:28 12/11/17 Mon [1]

buy columbus

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moslims turn brussels into a hell hole -- mugwump, 06:32:49 12/11/17 Mon [1]


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muslims and violence -- mugwump, 06:25:39 12/11/17 Mon [1]


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And therein lies the problem. Topped $18,000 tonight. Halted -- APOLLO, 22:54:54 12/10/17 Sun [1]


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artemis acquisitions -- mugwump, 20:08:39 12/10/17 Sun [1]


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"Ring of Fire" was the Pilbara back then -- BUFFORD, 14:23:49 12/10/17 Sun [1]

Ian Telfer of Silver Wheaton fame decided to change
Vengold into a tech company. One of the companies (shooting gallery)in the new tech outfit
had been sold to ten different people.


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we'll see if history repeats itself...CH 5 did a bang up job -- BUFFORD, 14:10:14 12/10/17 Sun [1]

on this 8 part series, Eight Days that made Rome.

Scipio made Hannibal cough up 250 tons of silver for war reparations. Skippy didn't want any Tuckee Coin


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Tuckee Coin -- BUFFORD, 11:53:54 12/10/17 Sun [1]

that's the one I'm waiting for...........

This BC shit sure reminds me of the Itemus & Metricom days........

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ross clark on pms.............rick rule, -- BUFFORD, 11:51:46 12/10/17 Sun [1]

he must have missed CBJ's 40% production cut in uranium


Last edited by author: Sun December 10, 2017 11:52:29   Edited 1 time.

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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss -- APOLLO, 23:03:08 12/09/17 Sat [1]


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Looks like its got a date with that gap @ $1100ish -- APOLLO, 16:37:40 12/09/17 Sat [1]


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Said it a couple days ago - they always show first -- APOLLO, 13:15:08 12/09/17 Sat [1]

& So if there is a chance to bottom here -- APOLLO, 10:16:39 12/08/17 Fri [1]

Would look for the Silvers to "show" first & I see HL is up roughly 5% - so who knows

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leibovit had ray merriman on talking about au bottom -- BUFFORD, 11:50:56 12/09/17 Sat [1]



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greg weldon on fsn -- BUFFORD, 10:27:24 12/09/17 Sat [1]


"Greg Weldon of Weldon Financial joins us on the show today. In his experience from watching the dollar and bonds, Greg has built up his intuition on when it’s time to get into gold. Specifically, in how real interest rates are compressing so that in the long-term this is good for gold. However, the stock market is at risk when reality settles. Also, investors should take into consideration that consumer credit has been up for three consecutive years in a row. With that in mind, Gregg is guessing that 2018 could be the year for commodities"

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The-Vet -- Frustrated, 01:44:46 12/09/17 Sat [1]

margin, margin, margin - FORCED selling on the part of the
specs...wash, rinse, repeat...

the only time I remember the commercials having to cover in
an uprising market was a long, long time ago when the price went
way up in the OVERSEAS markets...300 to something
like 350...and also during the trump election results...

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Monday Dec 11 norm winski -- BUFFORD, 23:16:10 12/08/17 Fri [1]

said his astro calendar number is the highest its ever been since keeping track in the early 80's. 22 mins in


what I want to know??? at $3800 bitcoin will the red cross make their emergency supply of Tucks available to coin holders

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COT's - The-Vet -- CoralCalcium, 22:50:28 12/08/17 Fri [1]

That is the most amazing thing there is. Instead of a short squeeze, they make it work in reverse. Brilliant isn't it? We already know that their whole purpose behind this manipulation is to prevent the price from going up; and not really needing to make a profit. My guess is that the categories of commercials and technical funds is a fraud, with severe overlap. So what they are really doing is buying and selling among THEMSELVES, for the most part. Their printed money has 100% control of the market. It's just a big paper sham. Rinse, repeat; rinse repeat.

Last edited by author: Fri December 08, 2017 22:52:26   Edited 1 time.

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Frustrated, heavy covering by the commercials -- The-Vet, 18:41:28 12/08/17 Fri [1]

How do they do this and still have the price drop? There has to be a very distressed counter party selling into the market to allow the commercials to cover in a rapidly dropping market without even the slightest sign of a decent bounce..

Last edited by author: Fri December 08, 2017 18:43:17   Edited 1 time.

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COT - Frustrated -- CoralCalcium, 16:22:29 12/08/17 Fri [1]

WOW is right. I have never seen a 133 million ounce reduction in silver shorts in one week in all my life. And you can add on 3 more days since the cutoff with more short covering. These guys should be tarred and feathered for what they get away with. Silver Commercials now net short 233 million ounces through Tuesday and probably around 200 million ounces through today. A couple more weeks of rope -a -dope and we should be off to the races in January as usual. I never have enough cash in December to back up the truck, but if I live long enough I will someday get it right.

[ Edit | View ]

COT report...WOW -- Frustrated, 15:30:39 12/08/17 Fri [1]

heavy covering by the commercials...


Last edited by author: Fri December 08, 2017 15:52:17   Edited 1 time.

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CC —You're right. I did the same -- lonestar, 13:59:32 12/08/17 Fri [1]

[ Edit | View ]

Kairos - MPJFF -- CoralCalcium, 12:46:26 12/08/17 Fri [1]

Right down the drain. Shouldn't have bought it.

[ Edit | View ]

Core Gold - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 12:40:56 12/08/17 Fri [1]

Probably all true. However IKN came out with a report a couple years ago when Core (Dynasty) was 10 cents, and they said they are definitely going under. They were wrong and the stock ran to over 40 cents. Unfortunately I am stuck in it and don't want to take the tax loss on it this year, and am waiting for a better year to take the loss. Hopefully there will be one.

[ Edit | View ]

Charlie Browns/Goldbugs. -- knapper, -- mackcheed, 12:35:53 12/08/17 Fri [1]

On balance You are right there is no "They".

It just feels like it.

I refuse to buy the pennies as I have a dismal record of making any money on them.

i do buy gold bullion because it gives me the illusion of financial security.

[ Edit | View ]

core gold- avoid like the plague -- mugwump, 11:25:45 12/08/17 Fri [1]

Core Gold (CGLD.v): Avoid like the plague
Like a bad penny, it turns up again. Once called Dynasty Metals and Mining (ex-DMM.to), the Ecuador gold producer is now named Core Gold (CGLD.v) and is under new management, headed up by one Keith Piggott (last seen turning Goldgroup Mining’s (GGA.to) share price from dollars to pennies after ruining the Caballo Blanco project in Veracruz). Last week we got two piece of news from CGLD, the first being very flashy trenching results on Thursday from its ‘Linderos’ exploration project (21) including 21m of 18.51 g/t gold. This was enough to pop the stock on Friday morning, but once the close came CGLD gave us its second piece of news (22), that it was taking out a U$15m debt facility as well as selling another 4.33m shares at 30c a shot. Talk about not hanging around! Talk about coincidental timing!

I was also impressed with what CGLD plans to do with the $15m loan it expects to close at the end of 1q18 (nearly four months? Rather weird). After earmarking U$4.5m to pay off its current due loan to Vertex (accruing at a 16% interest rate and half of it already two months past due date) plus another $0.5m for fees, it plans to spend $4m upgrading its production facility (even though the real plant bottleneck is the fact it can’t get its rock out the ground quick enough) and another $6m on “Corporate development initiatives and general working capital including exploration”, a happy catch-all for “whatever we like, stop asking questions”. So let’s see how an extra $15m in debt (at a 12% interest rate) would fit into its current balance shee


[ Edit | View ]

core gold- avoid like the plague -- mugwump, 11:23:52 12/08/17 Fri [1]

Core Gold (CGLD.v): Avoid like the plague
Like a bad penny, it turns up again. Once called Dynasty Metals and Mining (ex-DMM.to), the Ecuador gold producer is now named Core Gold (CGLD.v) and is under new management, headed up by one Keith Piggott (last seen turning Goldgroup Mining’s (GGA.to) share price from dollars to pennies after ruining the Caballo Blanco project in Veracruz). Last week we got two piece of news from CGLD, the first being very flashy trenching results on Thursday from its ‘Linderos’ exploration project (21) including 21m of 18.51 g/t gold. This was enough to pop the stock on Friday morning, but once the close came CGLD gave us its second piece of news (22), that it was taking out a U$15m debt facility as well as selling another 4.33m shares at 30c a shot. Talk about not hanging around! Talk about coincidental timing!

I was also impressed with what CGLD plans to do with the $15m loan it expects to close at the end of 1q18 (nearly four months? Rather weird). After earmarking U$4.5m to pay off its current due loan to Vertex (accruing at a 16% interest rate and half of it already two months past due date) plus another $0.5m for fees, it plans to spend $4m upgrading its production facility (even though the real plant bottleneck is the fact it can’t get its rock out the ground quick enough) and another $6m on “Corporate development initiatives and general working capital including exploration”, a happy catch-all for “whatever we like, stop asking questions”. So let’s see how an extra $15m in debt (at a 12% interest rate) would fit into its current balance shee

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keith barron on novo -- mugwump, 11:21:01 12/08/17 Fri [1]

t may never be possible to get a JORC compliant reserve number on this beastie but it doesn’t matter. Quinton will demonstrate, by going back to first principles through his bulk sampling programme (i.e. by doing it) that this will be the lowest cost gold mining in the entire industry….not through a geo-fantasy PEA abstraction. He will also demonstrate that he has years and years of gold-bearing conglomerate to chomp through. Unless he starts to get a bunch of duds in the bulk sampling the success already of the fossickers over some 8 km strike length tells me that this will be huge. How far and how rich down-dip? God knows…but it will be years before anyone needs to test that (unless of course you are pushed by one of those pesky investment bankers). Let me make a prediction. The Novo Discovery will be the lowest cost gold mine in the industry, by a massive margin. Maybe sub $100/oz! That’s what should be attracting people’s attention.

I can tell you that if this play were anywhere in Africa, Asia or South America, there would be 100,000 plus artisanals on top of it using sledge hammers, pneumatic drills, or pluggers and dynamite to get at the nuggets…and bugger the grade numbers.

It is there, it’s going to be mined by someone, and the ultimate grade and origins for the time being are just White Noise.

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Zeus - yea at least -- APOLLO, 11:18:51 12/08/17 Fri [1]

its going back down in front of the FOMC & we'll see what kind of hit that is before we get too excited

[ Edit | View ]

CryptoKitties ! -- Zeus, 10:47:02 12/08/17 Fri [1]

Good Grief --- what next ?


Apollo :-
HL needs a another good day to convince me its turned.
I'm waiting for Mon.

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norm winksi the astro guy said he didn't want -- BUFFORD, 10:29:31 12/08/17 Fri [1]

to see gold rally until Monday...Larry Persavento still sticking with his 1240 then rally.
Monday according to Norm is the BIG day astro wise.

winksi ....half way in


Last edited by author: Fri December 08, 2017 10:34:31   Edited 1 time.

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& So if there is a chance to bottom here -- APOLLO, 10:16:39 12/08/17 Fri [1]

Would look for the Silvers to "show" first & I see HL is up roughly 5% - so who knows

[ Edit | View ]

Would like to see a decent bounce here to short into the FOMC -- APOLLO, 09:33:53 12/08/17 Fri [1]

FOMC mark a bottom? In 2015 we bottomed on about the 22nd of DEC & then caught a run. Not sure this is analogous, but for the sake of "Hope" ??

[ Edit | View ]

Emp numbers... -- Frustrated, 08:36:23 12/08/17 Fri [1]

jobs +228K
wages +2.5% annualized
4.1% unemp
62% participation rate

U6 7.9% to 8%

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apmex will accept bitcoins -- mugwump, 06:54:51 12/08/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

terror arrests in UK -- mugwump, 06:44:16 12/08/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

gonna buy more artemis today -- mugwump, 06:36:30 12/08/17 Fri [1]

i think it has bottomed out

[ Edit | View ]

the pilbara paradigm shift -- mugwump, 06:00:27 12/08/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

...as liberty and privacy -- morbius, 04:06:03 12/08/17 Fri [1]

join gold as barbaric relics.

[ Edit | View ]

andy hecth saying it sure looks like 1204 -- BUFFORD, 00:27:47 12/08/17 Fri [1]

is on the way.

[ Edit | View ]

don't know which harry shows up -- BUFFORD, 00:13:50 12/08/17 Fri [1]

could be the brain dented one


[ Edit | View ]

Another Novo article, predicts sub $100 costs -- kuston, 00:07:57 12/08/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

knapper - 'They' -- morbius, 19:43:33 12/07/17 Thu [1]

'They' are the government and the banking system (but I repeat myself). 'They' hate any freedom and privacy that you still possess and would like to remove it with TCUYA.

[ Edit | View ]

"they" more like "them" from the movie.... -- AZAU, 19:41:28 12/07/17 Thu [1]

Knocking down Gold and PM's is absolutely required by the PTB, to thwart the BRICS shift to gold-oil exchange.
Bitcoin is also intended to suck as much money from gold as possible for the same reason. Economic warfare.

but, as we know, and the petro dollar fails, there will be war.

Last edited by author: Thu December 07, 2017 19:43:21   Edited 1 time.

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They love doing this to Charlie Browns/Goldbugs. -- knapper, 17:59:57 12/07/17 Thu [1]


Who's "they?"

The PMs ain't doing squat because no one wants them. There's no need for them. Other assets are in favor and the PMs ain't....been that way for 50 straight months.

There is no "they" except in the minds of those who feel they are not in control and need someone to blame when things do not go their way. It's mental laziness.

A puzzlement: If "they" are in control and you're not, why do you continue your participation?

Look, if things are not going in your favor...and haven't been for a long time...it's time for you to reevaluate the reasons you are doing those things in the first place.

Playing the victim is not pretty.

Question: If there is a "they" that is so powerful, then where are "they" when the PMs go way up?

[ Edit | View ]

Lucy pulled the football away again -- mackcheed, 17:00:12 12/07/17 Thu [1]

They love doing this to Charlie Browns/Goldbugs.

[ Edit | View ]

Anybody got a 1999 gold chart when the INET & Tech were on fire -- APOLLO, 14:52:49 12/07/17 Thu [1]

kind of feels like that. BitCoin has sucked the life out of this stuff & until it crashes, this is a waist of time - other than to short

[ Edit | View ]

Whoa, thought $1250 would at least put up a fight -- APOLLO, 14:31:52 12/07/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Trying to hang on to $1250 - its not going to hold though -- APOLLO, 14:09:13 12/07/17 Thu [1]


You have to start thinking $1200ish as a potential bottom

[ Edit | View ]

btc hope -- kuston, 11:31:02 12/07/17 Thu [1]

Wouldn't surprise me one bit if the PPT was the founder of BTC.

[ Edit | View ]

bitcoin and the crypto's were a boomerang from the 2008 bankster crisis -- AZAU, 11:15:44 12/07/17 Thu [1]

The crypto's were introduced as an alternative to the fiat banking system; the 2008 crisis taught the crypto-conjurers an important lesson: You can print all the fiat you need if it gives hope to the prollies. HOPE and HOPIUM are the true coin of the realm, and so crypto's and fiat are just a projection, or reflection of the hope based system.

[ Edit | View ]

You think about it - BitCoin is perfect in a world where being "Fake" is the norm -- APOLLO, 10:37:21 12/07/17 Thu [1]

News? Whatever, everything is fake & so why not a currency with nothing to back it?

Banks Issue Last Minute Warning About Risks Of Bitcoin Futures, Ask Regulator For Review

With only days to go, the big banks have suddenly got cold feet about trading Bitcoin futures and we don't blame them. Somebody is going to get hurt and the banks think it could be them

[ Edit | View ]

BC open party talk this am from Chicago -- BUFFORD, 10:31:43 12/07/17 Thu [1]

sink or swim guys on Obrien's channel.

Whether you like him or not, Andy Hecth has been trading commodities for 40 years and when he says being you cannot take delivery on bitcoin that they must think there is safety concern........ its worth paying attention too.

Last edited by author: Thu December 07, 2017 10:33:23   Edited 1 time.

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Tether -- kuston, 10:27:02 12/07/17 Thu [1]

Now go look at the tether market cap vs BTC price chart, you don't need to know any TA to see what is driving the BTC market but the author was kind enough to calculate the a linear regression relationship for us, R=.9655.

[ Edit | View ]

Tether -- kuston, 10:17:57 12/07/17 Thu [1]

Tether is very creative, instead of trading BTC/$ or BTC/ETH pairs straight up like the futures markets, this exchange created a middle currency they peg to the $. So now you trade BTC/TET then TET/$ or TET/ETH. Guess who controls the supply of the middle currency, tether? The exchange! So far they have created 845 million tethers or dollars. Which can be used to buy BTC or ETH. Since the volume of cash out is so low, they never have test the peg.

Now think of what drives a market? For anything to go up it needs fuel, new $. This exchange has added almost a billion dollars of new fuel to the BTC market. And they created it out of thin air! They can do this forever or until people start cashing out in mass. It's like having your own PPT.

[ Edit | View ]

Pretty ugly, but not unexpected -- APOLLO, 09:26:37 12/07/17 Thu [1]

Well, based on those charts - $16 Silver is a done deal -- APOLLO, 12:10:37 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Gold? If that $1258-$1262 area breaks & I think it will, $1250's next - if that breaks, I think close to $1200 is not out of the question between here & the FOMC. Cryptos have drained the life out of this stuff & I suspect they are the reason we got no follow-through on the early 2016 rally

[ Edit | View ]

Libyan slave trade -- CoralCalcium, 07:26:39 12/07/17 Thu [1]


Thanks Obama. Great job.

[ Edit | View ]

CC- Bitcoin might be approaching $14K... but our .20 cents is tangible -- lonestar, 01:53:27 12/07/17 Thu [1]

[ Edit | View ]

GOLD up 20 cents after hours -- CoralCalcium, 19:33:12 12/06/17 Wed [1]

That's big news here. Of course in the last hour Bitcoin went up $700, and $2,400 for the day so far. We're catching up fast!

[ Edit | View ]

Thanks Kuston - just read it -- APOLLO, 18:29:14 12/06/17 Wed [1]

Not sure I totally get the Tether thing - this is moving very rapidly & has the potential to take everything else down.

[ Edit | View ]

BTC > $14,000 - total freakin insanity -- APOLLO, 18:26:31 12/06/17 Wed [1]

Technology - it should be bet on every time.

[ Edit | View ]

Mary Jane -- Carmack, 17:35:42 12/06/17 Wed [1]

EMH close




[ Edit | View ]

Bitcoin up 13.3% today -- CoralCalcium, 17:09:00 12/06/17 Wed [1]

So up more than the price of gold itself; and this isn't the first time it did that. It's up over $1,700 today. Total and complete insanity. $13,300.

Last edited by author: Wed December 06, 2017 17:11:06   Edited 1 time.

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BTC / tether -- kuston, 16:48:42 12/06/17 Wed [1]

Apollo did you read the seeking alpha article about tether volume? It explains BTC rise perfectly.


[ Edit | View ]

Trump Impeachment dead! -- kuston, 16:45:41 12/06/17 Wed [1]


364-58 seems there are few house members still living la-la land

[ Edit | View ]

& Yet BTC is at $13K -- APOLLO, 16:02:56 12/06/17 Wed [1]

Largest Crypto-Mining Exchange Confirms It Was Hacked, Over $50 Million In Bitcoin Stolen

"Unfortunately, there has been a security breach involving NiceHash website... our payment system was compromised and the contents of the NiceHash Bitcoin wallet have been stolen"

[ Edit | View ]

Wow - - Muslim community is going to howl!! -- APOLLO, 13:41:10 12/06/17 Wed [1]

President Trump: "It Is Time To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel's Capital"

Amid threats, promises, and outrage across most of the middle-east, President Trump will announce this afternoon that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but will sign a waiver delaying the relocation of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to there for 6 months. Trump's decision to unilaterally recognize Jerusalem upends decades of American policy in the Middle East and risks inflaming violence in an already-tense region...

[ Edit | View ]

DUST hovering around that $30 mark - don't think its going much higher today -- APOLLO, 13:33:49 12/06/17 Wed [1]

bump down on DUST tomorrow & then we'll see

[ Edit | View ]

Solitario - XPL -- CoralCalcium, 12:08:18 12/06/17 Wed [1]

Been buying it all morning between .552 and .558 cents US

[ Edit | View ]

Sold DUST on the open - my target was $30 -- APOLLO, 09:48:13 12/06/17 Wed [1]

Watching. Looking for a bump tomorrow & then down in front of the FOMC, so will probably re-buy DUST on the bump

-- APOLLO, 09:30:28 12/05/17 Tue [1]

Well, based on those charts - $16 Silver is a done deal -- APOLLO, 12:10:37 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Gold? If that $1258-$1262 area breaks & I think it will, $1250's next - if that breaks, I think close to $1200 is not out of the question between here & the FOMC. Cryptos have drained the life out of this stuff & I suspect they are the reason we got no follow-through on the early 2016 rally

Last edited by author: Wed December 06, 2017 09:49:08   Edited 1 time.

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wow markets going down as predicted on the other voy -- mackcheed, 09:08:15 12/06/17 Wed [1]

Is this it? Good Morning everyone its great to be living in interesting times....

[ Edit | View ]

andy hecht ..........on no dleivery option for bitcoin -- BUFFORD, 20:47:59 12/05/17 Tue [1]

14 mins in. andy sez BIGGG MI$TAKE that there is no Bitcoin Warehouse


important level to watch according to andy 1260.5

andy and tommy hashing out commodities 1 hr in


Last edited by author: Tue December 05, 2017 21:12:50   Edited 2 times.

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sbb gets the green lite -- mugwump, 18:41:24 12/05/17 Tue [1]

@tommy Sabina’s Back River gold project gets govt of Canada Green light today as minister accepts NIRB recommendation. All qualifications met for Project Certificate in Q4. “Sabina May now proceed to the regulatory phase of project development” which focuses on water rights and other finalities. Sabina, and potential acquirers, now have a high degree of confidence in project permitting. Good news for shareholders and territory of #Nunavut http://www.nirb.ca/app/dms/script/dms_download.php?fileid=314462&applicationid=124149 $SBB

[ Edit | View ]

Sparton Resources - SPNRF -- CoralCalcium, 16:03:59 12/05/17 Tue [1]

Is acting really well. There is definitely a "bid" under this stock. If you own it, my advice is HOLD.

[ Edit | View ]

Globex small private placement -- CoralCalcium, 15:31:33 12/05/17 Tue [1]

With the stock selling at 40 cents Canadian, they were able to sell 846,000 shares at 65 cents Canadian. That is what you like to see. Especially with previous options expiring worthless, and the share count actually going DOWN after the PP.

[ Edit | View ]

BUFFORD -- Zeus, 11:35:42 12/05/17 Tue [1]

Yes, that Triangle was definitely a sell point, and if people
missed that, then sell when it crossed below the 50 ma.
Well holding on after that was just brain-dead. I am yet to
buy any, but it is around the 30 week ma, so a nibble here is
not out of the question.

BUT :-
Probably a little too ballsy right now with PM sentiment in
the toilet, and probably further to drop (gold/silver)

Thanks for the feedback.


[ Edit | View ]

Zeus................I took a look at my deleted -- BUFFORD, 11:26:07 12/05/17 Tue [1]

emails from people trying to get me to buy Novo when it was around 3.50...........the same people that send me rambus charts. I asked them why they didn't sell that triangle breakdown around the 6.80s. Only one person replied and told me they thought the T-day volume was too low and that it was just a holiday thing. If TA is your sword I don't understand why you wouldn't have used it that day.

Sprott has to come in and support it around 3.50 otherwise he'll have to go into seclusion.

Here is what went wrong.........when I was listening to that silver DR radio show in early October with Sprott the host said here's Eric Sprott in Australia with his beautifull girlfriend. Anybody that brings "wimen" or "ftards" on probably their most important business trip of their lifetime is asking for a disaster.

Last edited by author: Tue December 05, 2017 11:31:23   Edited 1 time.

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I guess if this economy is going to the moon -- BUFFORD, 11:03:46 12/05/17 Tue [1]

they'll need zinc.............


I've been looking at Osisko's zinc play since summer and I'll probably take a position this month.


That other Osisko , OR has a nice zinc royalty on that Orion package they just purchased .... under ten bucks and I may add more. I was looking at OR's diamond royalty stream where they get 10% of the diamonds for $50 a carat.


Last edited by author: Tue December 05, 2017 11:05:58   Edited 1 time.

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Novo -- Zeus, 10:57:26 12/05/17 Tue [1]

WoW --- huge drop-off.
NVO.V lost more than half its SP, top was 8.83 in October.
Low 3.99 today !

Might nibble at some --- any other opinions?

[ Edit | View ]

"I'm sorry you got a warning" But it was you were asking for -- mackcheed, 10:47:19 12/05/17 Tue [1]

a moderator??? A moderator has to take into consideration all points of a particular issue and judge fairly. If you go back I did not start any conflict with skinny.

In your case with me as you recall you made snide remarks regarding grammar. I am like the Donald and am by nature a "counter puncher". I will try to do better.

Now just because you do not agree with a persons political, religious, philosophical views it gives you no right to snipe or make snide remarks at another poster.

Now you can't have it both ways.

I do agree with you and hope Skinny would reconsider and stay here at the gulch also. Peace Out.

[ Edit | View ]

larry persavento saying he still needed a 1240 low -- BUFFORD, 10:38:19 12/05/17 Tue [1]

and then it looks good for rally.

Bill Merrimen was on his show yesterday and said his weekly gold bottom comes around Dec 14-15

[ Edit | View ]

This along with the flatenning Yield Curve spells economic trouble dead aheaed -- APOLLO, 10:34:55 12/05/17 Tue [1]

Dr.Copper Plunges To 3-Month Lows As 'Global Growth' Narrative Stumbles

Remember in October, as copper soared incessantly, signaling that the global 'synchronized' recovery was well under way and everything was awesome... well it's not anymore!

[ Edit | View ]

Any thoughts of "Bull Markets" in this stuff is folly for now -- APOLLO, 10:14:34 12/05/17 Tue [1]

this stuff is getting whacked - not good

[ Edit | View ]

Skinee -- CoralCalcium, 10:12:34 12/05/17 Tue [1]

Don't withdraw. If his comments were noted on here months ago he would be gone now. I'm sorry you got a warning but shrug it off. This is one of the only civil forums and you should stay. It has slowly grown, and if metals ever come back in favor this forum will rock again. We just need some event to come out of left field to awaken the gold market.

[ Edit | View ]

I will take my warning like a man and accept judgement -- mackcheed, 10:10:19 12/05/17 Tue [1]

I should of ignored Skinny incitement and trolling but if you go back it all started with Ben who made a personal snide comment about a statement I made regarding right wing conservatives.

I am not a fan of what Trump has done to our country and concede that Hillary would of made it worse. The general thread around here is 90 percent Trump loyalist. (The only thing i am loyal to is America and the Constitution not any one man or party)

Regardless this fiasco should make for some very interesting gold action.

[ Edit | View ]

Coral Calcium -- Skinee, 10:00:49 12/05/17 Tue [1]

The same individual has destroyed another forum and has been on here several times doing the same thing with different individual. Anyway I got a first notice for saying practically nothing.
I can only assume the moderator does not want me and is looking for a excuse so to save him the trouble I will withdraw from the forum. I was surprised Macheed has never got a warning long before now.

[ Edit | View ]

x -- APOLLO, 09:30:28 12/05/17 Tue [1]

Well, based on those charts - $16 Silver is a done deal -- APOLLO, 12:10:37 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Gold? If that $1258-$1262 area breaks & I think it will, $1250's next - if that breaks, I think close to $1200 is not out of the question between here & the FOMC. Cryptos have drained the life out of this stuff & I suspect they are the reason we got no follow-through on the early 2016 rally

McCain Also just announced he'll sign the tax-bill - he's been Trump's political Black Swan & if it passes, the SM's got more to run & this stuff goes nowhere - except maybe lower

[ Edit | View ]

the war on gold intensifies -- mugwump, 08:09:46 12/05/17 Tue [1]


the MSM propagandist states such things as: 2017 has seen, according to his one time Goldman Sachs source, a “dramatic crash in [physical gold coin] demand,” that interest in gold coins is linked to “political conservatism, or anarcho-libertarianism” and “end of the world right wing sentiments,” that gold has been implicated in a “conspiracy to commit money laundering,” that gold is “financed by people in the narcotics trade,” that it comes from “illegal mines and drug dealers in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador,” that “the federal authorities assume the NTR Metals [case] represented only a fraction of illegally sourced and financed gold,” that therefore the US attorney is broadly investigating the gold industry, that gold is “produced by exploited workers,” that “crude [gold] extraction techniques create serious and lasting environmental damage,” that gold plays an important part in “tax evasion,” that it is related to American gun sales, which the author abhors; that “drug dealers [use] gold imports as a way of laundering their proceeds,” and that “they came to realize that illegal gold [is] an intrinsically better business” than drug dealing; to name but a few of the aspersions cast against gold in the short article. As we can see, when it comes to their smear jobs, the MSM flings at the wall all the mud it can fit in its hands, hoping that some of it might stick.

As is always the case with the MSM’s consistently negative, biased and dishonest reporting on gold, no mention was made in the article of the Deep State financial elite’s criminal gold price manipulation fraud that has been perpetrated non-stop for nearly forty years and that has resulted in a massive, $1,000,000,000,000.00+ theft from its victims. This is because the MSM is the Deep State’s in-house public relations agency, whose job is to whitewash the elitists’ crimes, no matter how egregious they are.

Last edited by author: Tue December 05, 2017 08:13:42   Edited 1 time.

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strategic metals update -- mugwump, 08:04:04 12/05/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

plexiglass is racist -- mugwump, 06:10:21 12/05/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

bonterra drill results -- mugwump, 06:04:53 12/05/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

tax cuts increase govt revenue -- mugwump, 06:02:33 12/05/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Novo not for me -- kuston, 00:36:07 12/05/17 Tue [1]

No BUFFORD I'm not buying Novo, I have enough in-the-ground reserves stocks to last 2 lifetimes. I want production and Novo is a very very long ways from that. I also have a big % in Kirkland so I have exposure. But I was thinking if Novo started mining it might become a nice stream for KL without having to put up more $ in a buyout. Then I read that this was normal procedure for Wit 1.0, I've never heard that before. Just wondering

[ Edit | View ]

Ha Ha -- APOLLO, 00:30:32 12/05/17 Tue [1]

Immigration- Supreme Court says Trump wins - again
Tax Reform- oops, Trump wins
Healthcare- Trump even killed the individual mandate without passing a HC Bill - Trump wins.

[ Edit | View ]

The point is which you are incapable of understanding -- mackcheed, 23:26:46 12/04/17 Mon [1]

is that the Victim of Trumpism can be anyone. Fascism is about being in the political in crowd.

Coral you are not in the loop and you will one day thank me for pointing this out. But then......

[ Edit | View ]

"I would shut your fucking mouth asshole" - Moniitor??? -- CoralCalcium, 22:17:21 12/04/17 Mon [1]

I was also cursed out by this same individual earlier this year. My only question is, "do we or don't we have a monitor???

[ Edit | View ]

fraudulent bitcoin ICO -- BUFFORD, 22:12:58 12/04/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Canadians have no right to speak on american politics -- mackcheed, 22:07:27 12/04/17 Mon [1]

you know i am not sure why they let Canadians come to this country. Are you a citizen skinny? I think it is time I start looking up your immigration status. My cousin works for the immigration department I might have to follow up on this...

This is trump style government. I think I would shut your fucking mouth asshole. You have no rights here...

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columbus allegiant spinoff okayed -- mugwump, 19:30:51 12/04/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

WAF - DYODD -- AZAU, 19:26:27 12/04/17 Mon [1]


Last edited by author: Mon December 04, 2017 19:46:25   Edited 1 time.

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kuston......I don't know about Wits 1.0 -- BUFFORD, 18:05:28 12/04/17 Mon [1]

I would not buy Novo without some kind of resource and if it was an old resource I may even want the old holes retested.

if Osisko can put a 400,000 meter drill program in gear surely novo could do it

[ Edit | View ]

We have seen this before. -- Zeus (--- on alert ---), 17:30:41 12/04/17 Mon [1]

PM weakness, followed by SM weakness.
NDX & RUT are soft, probably leading the way south.
Could get a mild bounce in next day or so, and it could
be the proverbial dead cat.

[ Edit | View ]

CDE says - fugitaboutit -- APOLLO, 15:48:36 12/04/17 Mon [1]

off 49 cents - ouch. Never like to see the Silvers do this & it means there is a "spankin" about to happen

[ Edit | View ]

small mind has returned and small hands -- mackcheed, 14:16:19 12/04/17 Mon [1]

Welcome back Skinny Boy

[ Edit | View ]

Just mine it -- kuston, 13:19:02 12/04/17 Mon [1]

BUFFORD are you referring to Novo? I'm not familiar with GORO but I have read Wits 1.0 didn't prove resources they mined it. Do know if this is true?

[ Edit | View ]

Aurora Cannabis sued -- CoralCalcium, 12:57:02 12/04/17 Mon [1]


Don't think it means much at all. Petty

Last edited by author: Mon December 04, 2017 12:59:29   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

reading many of the newsletter GOOwrongs -- BUFFORD, 11:57:55 12/04/17 Mon [1]

saying to "just start mining it" over the last several weeks is a fresh reminder of the $30 GORO days. Most of the jr gold article writers are not even geologists and people believe their bullshit like they discovered the biggest mine in the world.
GORO had Hochschild geologists, Touqeville Gold Fund geologists, Paplava's paid geologist and their own geologists saying "just start mining it" without a resource because that 220K oz a year is there for the taking. GORO was Touqeville's largest position for a time and they would like you to forget about their past.

Silverado gold nugget bobby chapmans fav


Last edited by author: Mon December 04, 2017 12:05:53   Edited 2 times.

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The little boy with the small mind has returned -- Skinee, 10:47:04 12/04/17 Mon [1]

[ Edit | View ]

understand -- mackcheed -- mackcheed, 09:54:17 12/04/17 Mon [1]

@Ben turn off the 700 club and take your medication and stop worrying as President Ryan will keep sending your social security checks.

[ Edit | View ]

Not sure this is a good thing -- APOLLO, 09:46:00 12/04/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

edr drill results -- mugwump, 07:47:26 12/04/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

alio drill results -- mugwump, 07:43:09 12/04/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

B2 commercial production at fekola -- mugwump, 06:25:19 12/04/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

allan barry on artemis/novo -- mugwump, 06:24:04 12/04/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

I do not understand -- mackcheed -- Ben, 02:03:44 12/04/17 Mon [1]

THAT is about right

[ Edit | View ]

DCN.ax - well performing pre-production plus expansion potential.. -- The-Vet, 21:56:26 12/03/17 Sun [1]

DACIAN GOLD One of my favorite new Aussie gold miners. These guys are top performers.
Well valued @ $2.60 AUD but worth looking at as a potential mid sized gold producer with drills still turning. Fully funded to production and they have cash in the bank for more local exploration.
I have a moderate position.

Last edited by author: Sun December 03, 2017 22:00:57   Edited 2 times.

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GDX Friday. -- Zeus, 20:18:56 12/03/17 Sun [1]

The Good news --- closed above support
The Bad news --- got to Resistance zone and fell away --- badly

What can I say ?
I defer to Ma Anand Sheela (5 seconds):


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picked off ANOTHER forum -- Zeus, 18:11:06 12/03/17 Sun [1]

The NEAR Future
IAN: Is this Gordon's Pizza?
GOOGLE: No sir, it's Google Pizza.
IAN: I must have dialed a wrong number. Sorry.
GOOGLE: No sir, Google bought Gordon’s Pizza last month.
IAN: OK. I would like to order a pizza.
GOOGLE: Do you want your usual, sir?
IAN: My usual? You know me?
GOOGLE: According to our IAN ID data sheet, the last 12 times you called you ordered an extra-large pizza with three cheeses, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and meatballs on a thick crust.
IAN: OK! That’s what I want …
GOOGLE: May I suggest that this time you order a pizza with ricotta, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes and olives on a whole wheat gluten free thin crust?
IAN: What? I detest vegetables.
GOOGLE: Your cholesterol is not good, sir.
IAN: How the hell do you know?
GOOGLE: Well, we cross-referenced your home phone number with your medical records. We have the result of your blood tests for the last 7 years.
IAN: Okay, but I do not want your rotten vegetable pizza! I already take medication for my cholesterol.
GOOGLE: Excuse me sir, but you have not taken your medication regularly. According to our database, you only purchased a box of 30 cholesterol tablets once, at Drug RX Network, 4 months ago.
IAN: I bought more from another drugstore.
GOOGLE: That doesn’t show on your credit card statement.
IAN: I paid in cash.
GOOGLE: But you did not withdraw enough cash according to your bank statement.
IAN: I have other sources of cash.
GOOGLE: That doesn’t show on your last tax return unless you bought them using an undeclared income source, which is against the law.
GOOGLE: I'm sorry, sir, we use such information only with the sole intention of helping you.
IAN: Enough already! I'm sick to death of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Whats App andall the others. I'm going to an island without internet, cable TV, where there is no cell phone service and no one to watch me or spy on me.
GOOGLE: I understand sir, but you need to renew your passport first. It expired 6 weeks ago…

Last edited by author: Sun December 03, 2017 18:11:37   Edited 1 time.

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Venezuela to Launch Cryptocurrency ??? -- Zeus, 17:36:17 12/03/17 Sun [1]

Lnk to story, Venezuela cryptocurrency --- could just be hot air.

"Venezuela to Launch Cryptocurrency to Fight 'Blockade': Maduro"


I doubt their ability to pull it off --- although China or Russia may
give them a leg up.

If Venezuela does get a crypto, it'll boost GRZ.V price considerably.
Rumour has it that Ven Govt has paid GRZ's monthly payments
recently into a holding account with a Ven bank, as the money
is trapped within Venezuela by US/Can sancions for 3 months

Chart of GRZ.v:

Last edited by author: Sun December 03, 2017 17:39:53   Edited 1 time.

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Dynamic Yield Curve Toy from stockcharts -- Zeus, 12:47:23 12/03/17 Sun [1]

no idea whether it's visible fro no-members:

set the trail length, and press Animate.

[ Edit | View ]

Yield Curve Flattening -- Zeus, 12:45:06 12/03/17 Sun [1]

No matter which theory of flattening you subscribe to, the world’s biggest bond market is sending a signal that traders
can’t ignore. The longer the trend continues, the more likely its effects could spread to bank earnings and the real
economy, while at the same time it would limit the Fed’s ability to respond when these risks emerge.

To get a sense of just how dramatic this trend has been, here’s a look at a handful of curve measures now versus the
start of 2017. In trading Monday, they were all close to the flattest levels in a decade.

From two years to 10 years: 72 basis points, down from 125
From two years to 30 years: 119 basis points, down from 187
From five years to 10 years: 33 basis points, down from 52
From five years to 30 years: 80 basis points, down from 114

Everyone has their favorite theory for why this is happening and what it means for the economy and the markets, and all
of them likely play a part so here’s a breakdown of each one:


[ Edit | View ]

Ned Schmidt fsn 49 mins in -- BUFFORD, 12:08:35 12/03/17 Sun [1]

BC steals silver investors
gold 2018 1350
USD 2018 weak


Last edited by author: Sun December 03, 2017 13:38:06   Edited 1 time.

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first majestic aisc 15.73 -- BUFFORD, 16:50:24 12/02/17 Sat [1]

Fuel prices going up in mexico

Last edited by author: Sat December 02, 2017 19:11:09   Edited 1 time.

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kaisers new babe....he sez -- BUFFORD, 15:57:19 12/02/17 Sat [1]

Getty oil never followed up on one of those gold in hills finds..... in the black hills.............South Dakota 1982

I'm sure they'll be kicking themselves in the ass for
missing it.

very likely to start out with good results....where have I heard that before?


it must be nice knowing when to dump it with the $peaker seat

[ Edit | View ]

IOTAcoin -- kuston, 15:44:11 12/02/17 Sat [1]

Disclaimer I believe all the crypto's, based on block chain Distributed Ledger System DLS, only value is from the network effect, so anyone who owns them should be doing everything possible to get people into them. I should of seen this valuation solely based on the success of fake news. But I didn't. I focused on the technology attributes which to me prevent these cryptos from ever becoming anything outside of a fringe hobby.

So now there is a new DLS technology in town, Directed Acyclic Graph. DAG. One is private, hashgraph. The other is public and has a coin, IOTA. I'm familiar with the pros/cons of both, but question I'm wondering is why haven't all the early adopters of Bitcoin haven't switched to IOTA yet. It seems to me to be no brainer, everything bitcoin promised and can't deliver DAGs can. So, anyone here that bought Bitcoin under $1000? $10? ? Would you please share why you have/ have not switched into IOTA?

[ Edit | View ]

Orefinders - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 11:12:15 12/02/17 Sat [1]

I took a fairly decent position a few months back and have no intention of selling anytime soon.

[ Edit | View ]

korelin line up -- BUFFORD, 10:51:36 12/02/17 Sat [1]


Segment 1: We kick off the show with Doc sharing some of the charts he likes in the PM sector.
•Segment 2: A new guest Peter Pham, Managing Director of One Road Research, shares the central premise he uses when investing in Asia. •Click here to visit the One Road Research site and read more about Peter.

•Segment 3: Adrian Day ties together the moves we have seen this year in US equities, the US Dollar, and gold.
•Segment 4: We wrap up the first hour with Peter Boockvar and his comments on what to expect for 2018.
•Segment 5: We open KER Politics with Kimberly Wehle Esq discussing the constitutionality of governmental actions.
•Segment 6: We continue our discuss about constitutionality fake news and other political topics.
•Segment 7: We discuss the anxiety caused by political actions with Dr John Huber.
•Segment 8: Big Al and Chris Temple discuss what appears to be yesterday’s non event with General Flynn

[ Edit | View ]

I do not understand how countless commentators -- mackcheed, 10:26:53 12/02/17 Sat [1]

on the right defend this piece of shit.


The sophomoric attempt to prolong this national disgrace is disturbing. The grasping of straws to protect this psychopathic clown is a tragedy. We should get on to the next President which will be Paul Ryan.

God Save this once Great Republic.

[ Edit | View ]

orefinders acquisitions -- mugwump, 09:27:29 12/02/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Trumps gonna hang em out to dry. Unbelievable!! -- APOLLO, 23:49:38 12/01/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

gzz ? holding company -- BUFFORD, 21:42:33 12/01/17 Fri [1]



mzz has announced completion of its private placement so I expect that the option agreement with gzz will proceed .This is the vehicle by which gzz will accomplish exploration of its properties without diluting its share base .It is basically becoming a holding company with a wide variety of small mining assets primarily in Quebec .Lots of irons in the fire . "

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#vLF2FV7zBlRlSQdp.99

Last edited by author: Sat December 02, 2017 10:48:45   Edited 3 times.

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dec astros -- BUFFORD, 21:39:36 12/01/17 Fri [1]


Last edited by author: Fri December 01, 2017 21:40:08   Edited 1 time.

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Um I think we are seeing the end unwinding ????? -- mackcheed, 21:16:17 12/01/17 Fri [1]

Um I wish I would of knew something about this like last march...

[ Edit | View ]

Washington DC -- kuston, 16:27:11 12/01/17 Fri [1]

I'm sitting in MSP airport waiting to fly home after spending the last 36 hrs in DC. It is remarkable how much MSP has changed and DC hasn't.

[ Edit | View ]

This drama is being unwound -- APOLLO, 13:36:29 12/01/17 Fri [1]

market sees it as less of a risk - find out in days to come

[ Edit | View ]

CC—CGLDF—34% is maybe OK, but still not what is to be expected. -- lonestar, 13:27:11 12/01/17 Fri [1]

These little ones have a lot of catching up to do. anyway, thanks for the reco. Have been holding it for quite some time

[ Edit | View ]

Robert Mueller just penetrated the White House gates with Michael Flynn’s guilty plea -- Frustrated, 12:02:35 12/01/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

I-rates -- Frustrated, 11:48:29 12/01/17 Fri [1]

10 yr -3.56%
30 yr -3.53%

[ Edit | View ]

Trump responds through counsel -- APOLLO, 11:48:21 12/01/17 Fri [1]

At the same time, Trump attorney Ty Cobb countered as follows, via Reuters:

Statement from Ty Cobb:
"Today, Michael Flynn, a former National Security Advisor at the White House for 25 days during the Trump Administration, and a former Obama administration official, entered a guilty plea to a single count of making a false statement to the FBI.
"The false statements involved mirror the false statements to White House officials which resulted in his resignation in February of this year. Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than Mr. Flynn. The conclusion of this phase of the Special Counsel's work demonstrates again that the Special Counsel is moving with all deliberate speed and clears the way for a prompt and reasonable conclusion."

[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO -- Frustrated, 11:46:28 12/01/17 Fri [1]

thanks ...that makes sense...the stock market is coming off
it's lows - I'm guessing based on what I just posted, BUT
I-rates haven't...as yet

[ Edit | View ]

Frustrated - if the US is politically mired in an Impeachment -- APOLLO, 11:43:30 12/01/17 Fri [1]

Equities crater & money flows into Treasuries

But I am reading the "known" testimony/facts & not sure there's much here - we'll see. If its during the transition period - not sure they can make much of it other than Flynn lied. Reaching out to foreign entities in transition periods is hardly new

Last edited by author: Fri December 01, 2017 11:45:30   Edited 1 time.

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. -- Frustrated, 11:42:06 12/01/17 Fri [1]


The White House declined to immediately comment, though White House allies tried to put a positive spin on the news.

One person familiar with the mood in the West Wing insisted top White House officials were breathing a sigh of relief.

"People in the building are very happy," the source said. "This doesn't lead back to Trump in any way, shape or form." The source noted that Flynn is being charged for making false statements, but not for any improper actions during the campaign.

"This is a further indication that there's nothing there," the source said. "This is a win for the White House."

A source with knowledge of the legal team's thinking tells CNN the Flynn plea "is not going to be a problem" for the President, though it could be a problem for people who worked with Flynn. The source said legal exposure for others would depend on what they might have said to the special counsel.


[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO -- Frustrated, 11:36:17 12/01/17 Fri [1]

why would that have such a big impact on interest rates?

[ Edit | View ]

No, it was Flynn's statement -- APOLLO, 11:25:24 12/01/17 Fri [1]

That he's testifying against Trump - Trump told him to talk to Russians blah blah blah

[ Edit | View ]

is this what cause the change... -- Frustrated, 11:19:22 12/01/17 Fri [1]

• Lawmakers are now mulling options that would result in a tax increase down the road, including a possible increase in the corporate tax rate and the revival of the alternative minimum tax on wealthy individuals and some companies.


[ Edit | View ]

x -- APOLLO, 11:19:13 12/01/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

i-rates dropping... -- Frustrated, 11:16:24 12/01/17 Fri [1]

down over 3%

[ Edit | View ]

So did the tax reform bill not... -- Frustrated, 11:14:05 12/01/17 Fri [1]

get passed?

[ Edit | View ]

Lovely looking ST chart - NOT!! -- APOLLO, 10:18:43 12/01/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

. -- Frustrated, 09:44:50 12/01/17 Fri [1]

TORONTO, Dec. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- McEwen Mining Inc.(MUX) (“McEwen”) is pleased to announce a strategic financing to accelerate exploration at our newly acquired properties near Timmins, Ontario.

“This significant commitment to exploration in 2018 is founded on our conviction that excellent exploration potential exist on our properties in the Timmins region,” said Rob McEwen, Chairman and Chief Owner.

The financing consists of a US$10,000,000 (Cdn$12,880,000) bought deal private placement offering (the “Offering”) of 4,000,000 flow-through common shares (within the meaning of subsection 66(15) of the Income Tax Act (Canada)) priced at US$2.50 (Cdn$3.22) per flow-through common share (the “Offering Price”) led by Cantor Fitzgerald Canada Corporation as sole bookrunner and including BMO Capital Markets, H.C. Wainwright & Co., LLC and GMP Securities L.P. (the “Underwriters”). The Offering Price represents a premium of 24.4% over the closing price of McEwen common shares on the NYSE as of November 30, 2017. The Offering is expected to close on or before December 19, 2017 (the “Closing”) and is subject to customary closing conditions, including approval from the TSX and NYSE.

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Frustrated USD chart says higher - for the USD -- APOLLO, 08:48:02 12/01/17 Fri [1]

Gold lower

[ Edit | View ]

- -- faloffal, 19:54:17 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Lunden Mining

75 million shares traded Today...

Down 1.44, 16%

Interesting numbers

[ Edit | View ]

- -- faloffal, 19:44:54 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Spy Gld ratio..


Last edited by author: Thu November 30, 2017 19:57:58   Edited 2 times.

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Core Gold high grade drill results - formerly Dynasty Metals and Mining -- CoralCalcium, 19:01:30 11/30/17 Thu [1]



If the gold market was halfway decent, these results would cause an explosion tomorrow. However, it may be a nonevent.

[ Edit | View ]

USD... -- Frustrated, 17:35:13 11/30/17 Thu [1]

one would certainly think it should be doing much better than it is...

USD Weekly

[ Edit | View ]

. -- Carmack, 17:11:53 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Good day for most of the Canadian Mary Janes





[ Edit | View ]

The bullish case for gold - this stuff waffles -- APOLLO, 15:29:40 11/30/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

_ -- faloffal, 15:11:17 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Goldbuggerer lives

Last edited by author: Thu November 30, 2017 15:12:41   Edited 1 time.

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bot kairos -- lonestar, 14:35:18 11/30/17 Thu [1]

[ Edit | View ]

DOW +314 thanks to McCain -- APOLLO, 14:24:25 11/30/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

GDX -- Zeus, 13:46:32 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Resistance 22.90 - 23.10
But there is "some level" of Support 22.30-22.40
If support holds, well & good.
If it doesn't hold, it'll really hit the fan.
Noted that GDX has been pretty solid so far today
despite PoG taking yet another hit.

[ Edit | View ]

And the winner is...... -- APOLLO, 13:34:52 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Well, this now at a crisis level -- APOLLO, 14:33:45 11/26/17 Sun [1]

Either Govs and CBs are screwed or the buyers of Bitcoin are going to wake up and find their investment sorely compromised. Place your bet

Crypto Carnage Continues As The Fed Warns Digital Currencies Could "Pose Serious Financial Stability Issues"


Last edited by author: Thu November 30, 2017 14:09:00   Edited 2 times.

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Well, based on those charts - $16 Silver is a done deal -- APOLLO, 12:10:37 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Gold? If that $1258-$1262 area breaks & I think it will, $1250's next - if that breaks, I think close to $1200 is not out of the question between here & the FOMC. Cryptos have drained the life out of this stuff & I suspect they are the reason we got no follow-through on the early 2016 rally

McCain Also just announced he'll sign the tax-bill - he's been Trump's political Black Swan & if it passes, the SM's got more to run & this stuff goes nowhere - except maybe lower

Last edited by author: Thu November 30, 2017 12:13:32   Edited 1 time.

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APOLLO... -- Frustrated, 11:54:30 11/30/17 Thu [1]

as low is at wants?

... support "should" be around that 1260-1268 area -- 200 day MA 1267

gold long-term downtrend line

silver short-term - can't even get stay above it's 200 day MA

Last edited by author: Thu November 30, 2017 12:06:31   Edited 2 times.

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PM charts are broken ST - how low can it go?? Frustrated?? -- APOLLO, 11:49:52 11/30/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Well, the Crypto thing is burning again -- APOLLO, 10:41:25 11/30/17 Thu [1]

BC back down around 9,000 - freakin rodeo. Pull up a chair - Newbee roast happening now.

[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO -- Frustrated, 10:01:40 11/30/17 Thu [1]

no, I'm not suggesting anything...just noting ...

[ Edit | View ]

Frustrated - OK, & so are you suggesting this should be bought? -- APOLLO, 09:51:48 11/30/17 Thu [1]

I would look for a wee bounce from here to Tuesday, but other than that, don't see any space for a rally ahead of the UER & FOMC - FOMC raises rates & marks ST bottom

Sold DUST on the open - flat right now

[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO -- Frustrated, 09:40:10 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Monday was Options x on gold...today is first day notice
futures - last day to roll over contracts...

[ Edit | View ]

novo artemis update -- mugwump, 09:32:15 11/30/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Pretty ugly right here, but not surprised -- APOLLO, 08:57:28 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Crash into the FED?

[ Edit | View ]

wallbridge pp -- mugwump, 07:48:58 11/30/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

marathon increases gold resource -- mugwump, 07:46:40 11/30/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

marlin update -- mugwump, 07:10:51 11/30/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

orefinders acquisitions -- mugwump, 06:26:30 11/30/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

bitcoin -- Ben, 01:14:35 11/30/17 Thu [1]

CharleyZ -- Ben, 01:06:14 11/30/17 Thu [1]

Bitcoin -- CharleyZ, 15:14:37 11/29/17 Wed [1]

Just had a price swing from 8600 to 10,500 in 30 minutes.

$1900.00, folks. Wow.

I said it before and will say it again

these running corrections of 10% or more is showing ALL that

Bitcoin market is like any other market but just on steroids.
The Dow should give a 10% correction but does not act like a normal market
the bitcoin market does in 3 months what the dow does in 2 to 4 years.
the corrections that are normal are called crashes but actually healthier than the Dow or SnP action

we have had 3-4 corrections in the last month of more than 10%.
if these continue then we are looking at bitcoin 40,000 before Dow 40,000

Last edited by author: Thu November 30, 2017 01:15:34   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

Gold Reserve Inc -- Ben, 01:13:31 11/30/17 Thu [1]

I like this company but pulled back from buying.Dipped my toe in and sold and am neutrl but bullish on this company

It is heading to its low but do not think it will get there before the gols bull starts

buying below 3 dollars

[ Edit | View ]

gary......porno for silverbugs -- BUFFORD, 21:51:16 11/29/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Bitcoin flash crash -- APOLLO, 20:00:32 11/29/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

New Drilling results at all of Calidus’ Pilbara Prospects -- The-Vet, 16:45:07 11/29/17 Wed [1]

Calidus Resources Limited (ASX:CAI) (‘Calidus’ or the Company’) is pleased to announce significant diamond drilling results from Klondyke, Copenhagen, Coronation and Fieldings Gully confirm the presence of high grade gold at all of the Company’s prospects located in the Pilbara of Western Australia, with Calidus to commence an accelerated drilling program imminently.

Last edited by author: Wed November 29, 2017 16:45:36   Edited 1 time.

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Philbonds bullish silver chart/wet-up is "Kaput" @ $16.50 -- APOLLO, 13:26:17 11/29/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

well, CC. like my wife told me, whenever the boys were fixing to -- lonestar, 13:16:25 11/29/17 Wed [1]

go to college, "You are looking at the most expensive time of your life, so suck it up and quit complaining. I promise you, it will soon come to an end."
She was right, now i have kicked back and all is copacetic.
After this horrifically expensive, emotionally taxing, hair-pulling and totally enervating interlude, where you continually question its value, all will be copacetic for you too.
But then, you have already been through this…
But see, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The only question is: what is the tunnel's length.
Actually. i really feel for you.

[ Edit | View ]

Gold looks pretty sick & if GLD comes down to 120.33 -- APOLLO, 12:59:56 11/29/17 Wed [1]


& of course, Hi-ooooohhhh nooo Silver - never lets us down. Its a Crypto World until it isn't.

Last edited by author: Wed November 29, 2017 13:07:37   Edited 1 time.

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6 Billion Notional sold -- APOLLO, 12:57:06 11/29/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

. -- Carmack, 10:45:21 11/29/17 Wed [1]

North American Cannabis Operations Expanding at a Swift Pace to Meet Rising Consumer Demand

Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 8:45 AM ET

MarketNewsUpdates.com News Commentary

PALM BEACH, Florida, November 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --
As the cannabis, legal marijuana and hemp industry continues to mature and consumer demand in turn rapidly rises, leaders are staying ahead of the curve through the expansion of grow operations in order to boost supply ahead of rising demand. Companies are investing millions into state-of-the-art grow facilities to enhance cultivation methods in terms of volume, as well as quality. The legalization movement in across North America is continually bearing fruit for 'Cannabis stocks' which have significantly outperformed other major indexes of recent and is fueling speculative investment opportunities based on anticipated expansion of new legal markets globally. Notable cannabis names in the headlines this week include: Future Farm Technologies Inc. (OTC: FFRMF) (CSE: FFT), Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd.'s (CSE: GLH) (OTC: GLDFF), Namaste Technologies Inc. (CSE: N) (OTC: NXTTF), Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc.'s (TSX-V: EMH) (OTC: EMHTF), MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM) (OTC: MYMMF)

[ Edit | View ]

Bubbles for Fama- The chance of a Bitcoin crash is greater than 80% -- Gspot, 10:21:14 11/29/17 Wed [1]

An interesting article by Hulbert. The study was done over a trailing two year period between 1926-2014. Any rise of at least 100% over a trailing two-year period had a 50-50 chance of a crash.

The study found that a sharp price increase of an industry portfolio does not, on average, predict unusually low returns going forward; but sharp price increases predict a substantially heightened probability of a crash.

Applying this to the XAU, the XAU had a two-year trailing price rise of nearly 130% at its peak beginning Jan. 2016 and ending Aug. 2016 which was followed by a 56% crash ending Dec. 2016. Following the crash, the XAU has had sideways movement with unusually low returns. Although the study could not be relied upon to predict the low returns they have occurred.

In January, the XAU two year trailing earnings of the study expire. Not sure why the authors chose a two year period but maybe the opportunity for a new rise is coming soon.

In any case, I will use this data going forward. The 130% rise in 2016, according to the study would have put the chances of a crash at near 75%.




[ Edit | View ]

Yakin Yanet - part of the problem here -- APOLLO, 10:15:29 11/29/17 Wed [1]

FED Congressional Report now

[ Edit | View ]

Arch Crawford on Larry P's show -- mackcheed, 10:06:22 11/29/17 Wed [1]

yes the markets are manipulated but this is no excuse for astrologers to throw in the towel. Yes there is a new paradigm and it is complicated as hell as the bots have taken over.

The old standard say that the markets will crash soon as we are in a mars/uranus crash signature with mercury going retrograde sunday. We will see next week if the crash occurs.This looks and feels like a set up for something major.

[ Edit | View ]

As long as the returns in Crypto continue like this - Gold is toast -- APOLLO, 09:39:19 11/29/17 Wed [1]

Bearish from here to the FED - maybe a bump starting tomorrow, but we are going lower before any move starts

Now that I've said that, it can run....

[ Edit | View ]

.EMH -- Carmack, 09:38:21 11/29/17 Wed [1]

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. Acquires Shares of Vanc Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 7:00 AM ET

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. Acquires Shares of Vanc Pharmaceuticals Inc.
VICTORIA, British Columbia, Nov. 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. (TSX-V:EMH) (OTCQX:EMHTF) ("Emerald" or the "Company") announces that it acquired today 1,666,6667 units (the "Units") of Vanc Pharmaceuticals Inc. ("Vanc") of Suite 810 - 789 West Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 1H2 at a price of $0.15 per Unit pursuant to a private placement offering (the "Transaction"). Each Unit consists of one common share of Vanc (a "Share") and one common share purchase warrant. Each whole warrant entitles the holder thereof to purchase one additional Share for a period of 60 months at an exercise price of $0.20.
Immediately before the Transaction, the Company had ownership of nil Shares. Following the Transaction, the Company held ownership of 1,666,667 Shares representing approximately 6.51% of the issued and outstanding Shares. The Company also holds 1,666,667 share purchase warrants for the purchase of an additional 1,666,667 Shares. Assuming the exercise of the warrants, the Company would own a total of 3,333,334 Shares, or approximately 12.23% of Vanc's then issued and outstanding share capital assuming no other Shares are issued.
Emerald acquired the Units for investment purposes. The Company may sell its Shares either on the open market or through private dispositions in the future depending on market conditions, reformulation of plans and/or other relevant factors.

[ Edit | View ]

Bitcoin - $11,380 -- CoralCalcium, 09:15:34 11/29/17 Wed [1]

Since yesterday it has gone up MORE than the price of gold itself. Bizzaro World. Up $400 in 10 minutes.

Last edited by author: Wed November 29, 2017 09:16:28   Edited 1 time.

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I'd be delighted to pay a million tax next year. -- Zeus, 08:49:04 11/29/17 Wed [1]

Need to have some extraordinary profits first.

[ Edit | View ]

SOMETHING'S going up -- CoralCalcium, 08:45:38 11/29/17 Wed [1]

Well it only went up $1,000 a coin since yesterday. That's not too much is it? There are other thing's going up also. My taxes went up. My college costs are doubling next year, as another kid goes to college. These are bright spots I guess.

[ Edit | View ]

very frustrating. -- Zeus, 08:42:20 11/29/17 Wed [1]

just when you think the PMs are heading up, they go completely limp.


[ Edit | View ]

Gold & Silver are hopeless. -- Zeus, 08:35:03 11/29/17 Wed [1]

Can we have a bitcoin minichart at the page-top ?
Just so we've got SOMETHING that's going UP.

[ Edit | View ]

angry geologist on garibaldi -- mugwump, 06:59:49 11/29/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Powell -- Zeus, 01:58:35 11/29/17 Wed [1]

Looked pretty cool, calm & collected during the Senate Committee Roast.

Courtesy of NYTimes :-

[ Edit | View ]

BUFFORD -- Frustrated, 20:32:01 11/28/17 Tue [1]

what are you missing ...NOTHING...

for those that you can find financials on, most all look
like that...

fundamentals have no meaning anymore...at least for now...

everything in the metals market is trading on technicals, and
just how far the MM's can push them down.

so many of the gold stocks trading at less than 1x book value...

[ Edit | View ]

CC - De Grey has picked up a little -- The-Vet, 20:18:21 11/28/17 Tue [1]

with a positive report of gold signs at another earn in site near their excellent Blue Moon prospect. DEG (up 11%) and DEGO (up 23%) are still good buying IMO but Calidus (CAI.ax down 2.5%) looks the cheapest now. CAI got beaten down with the rest of the Pilbara bunch but it isn't reporting any conglomerate gold (they do have conglomerate on their property) and was never riding on that pony. They have hard JORC figures on a more conventional structure and a lot of drilling to report yet. Disclosure - I own a swag of both DEGO and CAI and added to DEGO yesterday and CAI today.

DEG PR link here...

Last edited by author: Tue November 28, 2017 22:22:39   Edited 4 times.

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Dead cat bounce -- kuston, 20:06:22 11/28/17 Tue [1]

CC that's my thoughts also, this is a dead cat bounce. I'm only in KL, can't decide what number it would take to get me interested in NOVO? Probably much lower then anyone interested in it would believe possible.

[ Edit | View ]

CC......tommy obrien was talking about one o those bitcoin -- BUFFORD, 19:31:31 11/28/17 Tue [1]

Stocks yesterday, said they had a market cap of around $125 million and a $130k of revenue.........what am I missing?

Last edited by author: Tue November 28, 2017 19:36:19   Edited 2 times.

[ Edit | View ]

Novo - BUFFORD -- CoralCalcium, 18:44:51 11/28/17 Tue [1]

Could be a dead cat bounce on the way to $3. Artemis and De Grey are still in the toilet.

[ Edit | View ]

I didn't think support would come in for Sprott's baby -- BUFFORD, 17:35:55 11/28/17 Tue [1]

this soon but I would imagine the phones were ringing off the hook this week saying WTF.


[ Edit | View ]

Why Venezuela has not yet collapsed -- CoralCalcium, 13:04:36 11/28/17 Tue [1]


Vulture investors, mostly from Russia.

[ Edit | View ]

Rambus's latest -- Frustrated, 12:13:11 11/28/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Silver - just can't hold water -- APOLLO, 12:04:20 11/28/17 Tue [1]

Philbond says charts say Gold to $1330. Not sure I'd make that bet here. Maybe after the FED

[ Edit | View ]

Bitcoin $9,900 -- CoralCalcium, 11:03:36 11/28/17 Tue [1]

10K is in the bag later today. Maybe not much later.

[ Edit | View ]

Dark Net episode "My Money" on bitcoin -- BUFFORD, 10:50:29 11/28/17 Tue [1]

5 mins in ...............it looks like mine 24 mins computer room that I was talking about


Last edited by author: Tue November 28, 2017 10:56:16   Edited 2 times.

[ Edit | View ]

Neither will I -- Zeus, 10:31:44 11/28/17 Tue [1]

but now I understand why.

[ Edit | View ]

How Bitcoin works - Zeus -- CoralCalcium, 10:27:20 11/28/17 Tue [1]

Yeah, that was easy. At least now I know I will never ever get involved with Bitcoin.

Last edited by author: Tue November 28, 2017 10:27:50   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

How Bitcoin works -- Zeus, 10:13:50 11/28/17 Tue [1]

5 minute video explanation:-

[ Edit | View ]

Yea sorry Frustrated. I'm a week ahead -- APOLLO, 09:46:13 11/28/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Bradley ....Arch Crawford on Larry P's show this am -- BUFFORD, 09:42:36 11/28/17 Tue [1]

said he has NOT been following the bradley the last few months because the markets are too manipulated.........replay link 35 mins in Persavento nov 28.......


Last edited by author: Tue November 28, 2017 09:43:31   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO...you're a week off -- Frustrated, 09:19:05 11/28/17 Tue [1]

FOMC the 12th

Unemp rept 8th

Last edited by author: Tue November 28, 2017 09:20:22   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

Yea, we CryptoMegedon -- APOLLO, 09:11:50 11/28/17 Tue [1]

That would get this stuff moving - UER Friday and FOMC next week. Not going anywhere before we get through that

Last edited by author: Tue November 28, 2017 09:19:05   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

Global crypto currency crackdown -- CoralCalcium, 08:59:59 11/28/17 Tue [1]


New companies just popping up in minutes all over the world. Impossible to regulate or control them. Fraud will be rampant. When this ends it will be ugly. Buyer beware IMO.

[ Edit | View ]

Next Bradley turn date for POG(USD) 12/3/17 -- Gspot, 08:23:07 11/28/17 Tue [1]

Long-term power date 12/6/17.



[ Edit | View ]

jag drill results -- mugwump, 06:05:07 11/28/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

The Vet -- Zeus, tried to post over at the GRZ site -- The-Vet, 20:54:42 11/27/17 Mon [1]

Try registering a user name from the link below. You can post without registering but if someone else has registered the same name you will be blocked. Only reported spam sites are actually blocked at the present time.

[ Edit | View ]

flash from past .......mo got me on thi$ one bigtime -- BUFFORD, 20:41:49 11/27/17 Mon [1]


Last edited by author: Mon November 27, 2017 20:42:37   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

Transocean - RIG -- CoralCalcium, 19:24:37 11/27/17 Mon [1]

$9.87 - Been dead money for 5 years. With oil sneaking up and the chance for a spike with Mideast troubles, do you think this could come to life relatively soon?


[ Edit | View ]

. -- Carmack, 19:22:43 11/27/17 Mon [1]

Canadian Mary Janes ! Take your pick -- Emerald Health- (EMH),
Delta 9 - (NINE), MYM Nutraceuticals -(MYM) , Aurora Cannabis- (ACB), ABCann global - (ABCN) .

Some of them have doubled and even tripled like CannTrust -(TRST) since Sept ! Bought in Sept for $3.60 - traded today over $8 .00 !!

[ Edit | View ]

doug casey talking bc this week in money -- BUFFORD, 17:18:55 11/27/17 Mon [1]


I watched that showtime bitcoin show earlier that was on a couple of months ago called Darknet My Money season 2 e3
They showed a bit coin mine in the China mountains. The CPU room looked like a disaster waiting to happen. The miner mentioned they were dependent on hydro power and that it is very dependent the water level.

That big chiner dam is target 1 if the bombs start flying....I'm sure they got their insurance if you can't get to your bc account for 10 years

Last edited by author: Tue November 28, 2017 10:44:09   Edited 3 times.

[ Edit | View ]

VIX - SHORT - UVXY -- CoralCalcium, 16:54:42 11/27/17 Mon [1]

At some point, this is going to double in a day or two. Timing is a bitch though.


[ Edit | View ]

Pilbara --- DYODD -- Zeus, 16:26:06 11/27/17 Mon [1]

A reasonable article by bubbles:


As it currently stands, I believe he's on the right track;
after some more trenching to finde a FEW good places
to start, get mining with small scale plants!


[ Edit | View ]

The Vet -- Zeus, 16:15:32 11/27/17 Mon [1]

BTW, tried to post over at the GRZ site a week ago, but blocked.
Can you please have a word with site owner ? TIA

[ Edit | View ]

The Vet @ GRZ.V -- Zeus, 16:12:46 11/27/17 Mon [1]

I bought some GRZ an hour ago, as SP seems to be levelling out today.
Only a toe in the water, however, as another down-leg is very possible.

[ Edit | View ]

CC Gold Reserve -- The-Vet, 15:55:35 11/27/17 Mon [1]

Payments of $29.5 million a month are being paid but they are in a trust account in Venezuela apparently stuck there due to the sanctions. This is a real blow to those who were expecting a large dividend soon as it can't be paid until funds can be transferred. The $350 m bond security is also not able to be traded due to sanctions, but that will probably be sorted out.

If a way to transfer the money held in trust in Vz to another country (currently $88 million) I expect the price will recover quickly. Nobody seems to want to trust Venezuela even to hold money in the banks. The expected PEA also hasn't been released this month as originally promised. It will come eventually but until the money is sorted out it probably won't affect the share price much.

Last edited by author: Mon November 27, 2017 15:57:54   Edited 2 times.

[ Edit | View ]

COT Report - delayed from last Friday -- CoralCalcium, 15:51:24 11/27/17 Mon [1]

Silver was a non event. We are still short 400 million ounces. Gold got even WORSE. We may be setting up for a big drop. I did say "may", because they can delay this as long as they please. "They" being JP Morgan and friends, of course. American criminals.

[ Edit | View ]

Gold Reserve - The - Vet -- CoralCalcium, 12:01:50 11/27/17 Mon [1]

$3.02. A buy? Is some of their money tied up between countries? Is the US Venezuela boycott a big problem for them?

Last edited by author: Mon November 27, 2017 12:31:12   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

Bitcoin - Frustrated -- CoralCalcium, 11:55:22 11/27/17 Mon [1]


Apparently, almost 4 million Bitcoins have been lost forever. How do you invest in this and have ANY confidence at all on what is going on behind the scenes???

[ Edit | View ]

So, Bitcoin is suppose to have a limited supply... -- Frustrated, 11:45:22 11/27/17 Mon [1]

of 21 million coins...

BUT, now there is BTC/BTG/BCH...at 21 million + 21 million + 21 million...

cleaver how that works ...isn't it...

are they going to limit the number of derivatives of Bitcoin to 21 million?

Last edited by author: Mon November 27, 2017 11:54:55   Edited 1 time.

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