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almadex sells property -- mugwump, 09:41:51 05/24/17 Wed [1]


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globex news -- mugwump, 09:35:11 05/24/17 Wed [1]


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Oil under $20 - kapex -- CoralCalcium, 09:10:02 05/24/17 Wed [1]

The oil under $20 prediction, plus the Dent sub $400 gold prediction go hand in hand with the commodities crash that they are both predicting. There are always pundits on both sides of the aisle. Dent has been saying this for how long? 10 years? 15 years? I guess he will be proven right at some point, but it seems that a stopped clock has had a better track record than Dent, at least as far as timing is concerned.

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NW: Oil -- kapex, 09:00:06 05/24/17 Wed [1]

Wolanchuk thinks oil is going back down to under 20

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marlin gold drill results -- mugwump, 08:39:23 05/24/17 Wed [1]


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Globex - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 08:39:10 05/24/17 Wed [1]

It settled back yesterday to close to unchanged. Last week I posted that it is acting like it is going to spike up very soon to new highs. I still think that. I don't know specifically, but I am guessing that we are on the doorstep of the Nyrstar announcement that will add 2-3 million in yearly revenue to Globex's bottom line, which alone is enough to support the current stock price without the 140 other properties which they own free and clear. The only thing that can hurt this stock at this point is a commodities crash, which would hurt everything out there.

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coral re: globex -- mugwump, 08:29:53 05/24/17 Wed [1]

it was real hot yesterday
anything going on?

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Tahoe trouble -- CoralCalcium, 08:09:39 05/24/17 Wed [1]

Tahoe has had trouble from locals for a long time. This is the reason I haven't invested in it, even though they have great properties. There are enough things to worry about with mining companies other than the locals rising up to destroy your company.

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millrock/vista deal -- mugwump, 07:53:44 05/24/17 Wed [1]


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anti mining group tries to give tahoe trouble -- mugwump, 07:52:12 05/24/17 Wed [1]


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giustra and leagold -- mugwump, 07:29:03 05/24/17 Wed [1]


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yukon gets hot -- mugwump, 07:08:51 05/24/17 Wed [1]


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first mining- more drilling, more acquisitions -- mugwump, 07:05:35 05/24/17 Wed [1]


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lastly.... -- nogtans, 03:32:59 05/24/17 Wed [1]

a bit of advice that you all know, on this forum of despondency.You are goldbugs after all!
decentralize your wealth , get your wealth off the paper system , out of the banks, even off the stock exchange
Buy physical gold , a bit of rural land with good water supply, and for good measure--a punt on btc is cheap...at the moment

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ransomware -- nogtans, 03:28:03 05/24/17 Wed [1]

this was just a trial run , the real thing(s) will be a different animal
Install your avast or whatever , even get the premium edition and pay for it
Johnny Phucker in grade 7 is going to struggle to get into your system
Somebody said that the average hackers quite like the antivirus software , it increases your internet interface and gves them more back doors to attack
The good hackers you dont have to worry about , they dont waste their time on you

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arming Saudi Arabia to the teeth with US weapons -- nogtans, 02:48:29 05/24/17 Wed [1]

Hope the Saudis read the fine print of the weapons deal , the contract hidden from their sight
(we can shut down the weapon systems or disable the aircraft via a back door , sitting in an office in the pentagon if you dont obey our wishes)

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So what is Bitcoin? @The-Vet -- nogtans, 02:42:56 05/24/17 Wed [1]

somewhere there is a comparison between the three--fiat , gold and btc
golds biggest problems are
not usable , not transferable with ease esp across borders, phucked by bad publicity ie paper gold , paper mines , paper share issues ....which in the end is fiat issue all over again .... that it is backed by the printing press and manipulated by miners and banks .A rigged market paper gold and gold shares
golds biggest use , if you have it in a drain pipe buried in your back yard , is that it is a store of value (hopefully) for your grandchildren. Usable? Barely.Safe ? Surely--if somebody does not clobber you over the head or you kick the bucket without telling your heirs where you buried your bone
each will find his own best reasons
I will mention mine , briefly
a cheapish(currently) punt on the demise of fiat money , gold options , the rigged mining mafia companies ,
ease of transfer of wealth cross borders without paying some bankster cunning stunt money , and the state knowing about it
and who knows, perhaps in the future the road of physical gold and btc will join in some way or other without intermediaries
protection of wealth from greedy governements that use "war on cash" , inflation ,taxes , fiat printing press to attain total control .Currently we are working in one gigantic factory , use credit cards , no cash , electronic central bank accounts .And the directors of this factory? Just look at the advisors of the token presidents of the G7 or whatever and the executives of big banks google , amazon and the rich 500(the ones we see on forbes and the ones we dont even know about ).(alternatively once the war on btc starts--like it surely will-- , if you can i.d. them , those are your bosses)
A punt on global/local shutdown of big banks( by a banks own design or by some obscure hacker , whatever) for ransomware
Lastly a punt on the general disgust of the human populace with all the above , revenge of the small man so to speak

My decision was easy :
I will not take up the Sibanye share issue offer
At least with btc I run my own risks

Last edited by author: Wed May 24, 2017 03:34:12   Edited 1 time.

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skeptics within the banking community about the new gold pool -- mugwump, 01:50:06 05/24/17 Wed [1]

Manly reports that the deputy governor of the Bank of England was skeptical of trying to duplicate the effort of the London Gold Pool of the 1960s and instead believed that the U.S. government should raise official convertibility of the dollar to $700 per ounce. Manly explains: "This was based on a calculation of U.S. overseas dollar liabilities tallied in a separate document. A similar calculation today would put the U.S. dollar gold price in the many thousands."

Manly also cites evidence, already called to your attention by GATA, that the Bank for International Settlements was actually running a second gold pool again by 1983 precisely for the purpose of appeasing OPEC -- just what the famous "Another" postings at USAGold.com in 1997 and 1998 maintained:


This conspiring against gold by central bankers is especially significant because it occurred long after they had officially demonetized gold and had no formal reason in policy to be intervening in the gold market. That is, the conspiring took place in the same circumstances that prevail today.

GATA hopes that Manly's research, which it has underwritten, will encourage participants in the monetary metals industry to face reality -- to recognize that the monetary metals markets do not operate normally and that there is enormous proof that, as market analyst and geopolitical strategist James Rickards said on CNBC many years ago: "When you own gold you're fighting every central bank in the world."

Except, of course, the monetary metals industry and most of its analysts aren't fighting at all but playing dead.

Part 2 of Manly's report is headlined "New Gold Pool at the BIS Basle: Part 2 -- Pool vs. Gold for Oil" and it's posted at Bullion Star here:


CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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paper vs reality -- mugwump, 01:42:19 05/24/17 Wed [1]

Governments and central banks currently have a very effective way of manipulating the gold price and this is the main reason why gold, so far, has not risen like Bitcoin. But in due course this will all change. If we look at the gold paper market, the amount of paper trading is astounding. In 2016, $10 trillion of paper gold was traded in four exchanges with Comex in New York accounting for 76% of that. $10 trillion is more than all the gold ever produced in history, which totals $7 trillion. But the paper gold traded on the futures exchanges is totally dwarfed by the amount traded by the LBMA banks in London. In 2016, the total estimated gold traded in London is estimated at $64 trillion. Of that, less than 1% is physical. Adding the LBMA and Futures Exchanges gold trading we get to an astounding $74 trillion annually. Thus, the world trades more paper gold than goods and services — since global GDP is $70 trillion. And the gold traded is over 600x the amount of gold mined every year. Even more incredible is that the paper gold traded in 2016 was 10x all the gold ever produced in history.


Last edited by author: Wed May 24, 2017 01:43:12   Edited 1 time.

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just heard ffrom the Trump admin:- -- Zeus, 21:50:54 05/23/17 Tue [1]

thinking of cutting the strategic petroleum reserve, from about 688 mmbbls by half --- but the kickers are
* it requires congressional approval.
* it's spread over 10 years, so it's only 0.1 mmbpd (a pee wee amount)

But it does make some sense nationally, as the US is near self-sufficiency.

The White House is proposing to sell half of the US's huge oil stockpile
Stephen Eisenhammer, Reuters

(Reuters) - Oil prices fell on Tuesday, weighed down by U.S. President Donald Trump's plan to sell off half the country's huge oil stockpile, threatening a future glut even as OPEC and its allies look set to extend output cuts in a bid to tighten the market.

Brent crude ended a run of four days of consecutive gains to trade 21 cents lower at $53.66 per barrel at 1142 GMT. U.S. light crude was down 19 cents at $50.94.

The White House plan to sell off half of the nation's 688 million-barrel oil stockpile from 2018 to 2027 aims to raise $16.5 billion and help balance the budget.

The budget, to be delivered to Congress on Tuesday, is only a proposal and may not take effect in its current form.

"Congress needs to agree to this which is rather uncertain," said Carsten Fritsch, commodity analyst at Commerzbank. "But of course, it could weigh on the back end of the forecast."

A release of U.S. strategic reserves could jolt an already imbalanced oil market and undermine attempts by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and other producers, including Russia, to end a persistent supply glut.

OPEC, led by Saudi Arabia, and other participating producers meet on May 25 and are expected to extend a pledge to cut output by 1.8 million barrels per day (bpd), possibly until March 2018. The cuts were initially agreed to last six months until the end of June.

Kuwaiti Oil Minister Essam al-Marzouq said on Tuesday not all OPEC countries and its allies supported a nine-month extension and producers would discuss this week whether to extend output cuts by a six or nine months.

Other delegates told Reuters they predicted a smooth meeting with a nine-month extension likely to be agreed.

Oystein Berentsen, managing director for oil trading company Strong Petroleum in Singapore, said the White House proposal was a surprise, but that over a 10-year period the sales would only average around 95,000 bpd.

"It's not huge, but it won't help Saudi efforts," he said.

Releasing reserves would add supplies to already high and rising U.S. production.

Goldman Sachs has already warned of "risks for a renewed surplus later next year if OPEC and Russia's production rises to their expanding capacity and shale grows at an unbridled rate."

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Roan?? do you think Fipke and company -- BUFFORD, 21:41:40 05/23/17 Tue [1]

could put enough cash together to buy the DeBeers leftovers ... like the diamond mill. A mill would only m ake Fipkes U2 diamond pipe worth more.

It looks like Dundee, front street & Fipke own 75% of the metelex shares now


Last edited by author: Tue May 23, 2017 21:44:26   Edited 1 time.

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The-Vet .. yes. -- Zeus, 21:19:47 05/23/17 Tue [1]

that's exactly why this supply comment was in there:-

"Short of a major supply issue that causes a shut-in of a LOT
of capacity, then higher oil prices are not going to happen"


[edit] --- qualify "a LOT":-
5 mmbpd --- maybe enough for a big price rise
10mmbpd --- huge effect on price

Last edited by author: Tue May 23, 2017 21:22:53   Edited 2 times.

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kirkland kicking ass -- mugwump, 21:14:37 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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Oil Industry. -- Zeus -- The-Vet, 21:11:09 05/23/17 Tue [1]

Good insight, but arming Saudi Arabia to the teeth with US weapons and then stirring up Iran might change that equation. If both swing producers start throwing stuff at each other across the gulf then Iraq's oil also becomes difficult to get to market as a result.

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sandstorm picks up free shares -- mugwump, 21:09:35 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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Oil Industry. -- Zeus, 20:58:49 05/23/17 Tue [1]

The oil game has totally changed in the last decade.

Before that, Russia & OPEC (mainly Sauds and to a lesser
extent Iran/Iraq) were classed as the "Swing producers".
i.e. nations with not only a large production base, but they also
have sufficient SPARE capacity to reduce/expand supply at will.

Since then Nth Merka (Canaduh + US Shale) has also increased
its capabilities.

So now we a have a situation where the Sauds + Russia have
partially lost that pivotal "swing producer" role, and the
Nth Merkan producers also occupy that swing role with them.

If Sauds or Russkies cut supply and oil price increase, the
Nth Merkans can step up supply.

If the Sauds or Russkies INCREASE supply, price drops, then
some of the Nth Merkans shut-in supply as it becomes less
economic or even loss-making to continue. But the Nth Merkan
marginal producers are reducing their costs of supply, such
that they can keep production at lower oil prices than just
5-10 years ago.

That means that it will take sustained & significantly lower
oil prices to drive the marginal producers to shut-in.

Short of a major supply issue that causes a shut-in of a
LOT of capacity, then higher oil prices are not going to happen.

So --- Expect $55-60 to cap the upside for now.

And that's without factoring in demand side effects:
* ageing western populations, losing their daily jobs
* new workplaces remote from HQ / ability to work from home.
* increased efficiences in engine tech
* loss of market share of traditional vehicles to driverless ones
* coupled with better synchronised traffic control measures
* advent of other non-traditional fuels

Granted, emerging nations are growing their need for oil,
but is it enough to absorb the surplus? IMHO, I doubt it.

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Fiat money? -- The-Vet, 20:55:44 05/23/17 Tue [1]

Definition of Fiat Money:
Fiat money is currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, but it is not backed by a physical commodity.

Gold can be defined as commodity money; Not backed by any government but it is backed by a commodity perceived to be valuable. (note that paper gold is not commodity money - it is just another ponzi scheme but governments do control it)

So what is Bitcoin? It is not backed by any government or any physical commodity. Like a ponzi scheme its value is maintained by the greater fool concept that later buyers will always pay more than you paid when you bought.

Last edited by author: Tue May 23, 2017 20:56:34   Edited 1 time.

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Skinee...getting back on a topic you seem to have good insights into... -- Norwester, 19:14:35 05/23/17 Tue [1]

.....how do you feel about this opinion ?
.."OPEC attempted to get shale oil producers to join their cuts. But that is illegal in the U.S. and didn't work. So OPEC apparently tried to persuade oil traders to conspire to push prices higher.

OPEC is still trying to win over big hedge funds, but the group "is finding that falling oil prices are making that a tough sell." I think OPEC blew it. If they wanted to prove their cutbacks as quickly as possible, they should have cut exports to the U.S. (although another buyer might resell it to U.S. refiners). If they had delivered for the hedge funds, it could have been a powerful alliance, privately telling them what they are going to do, and when (though I'm not sure about the legality of it).

"It's one thing to talk about cuts. It's another thing to see them," said Gary Ross, head of global oil at PIRA Energy, a forecasting unit of S&P Global Platts. I wrote recently that I would like to see some proof of these cuts beyond reporting by secondary sources who obtain the information from the national oil companies.

Ed Morse is still touting OPEC's message. He says oil will go to $60 by year-end and global supplies will be rebalanced. With the OPEC official stating they are targeting the shorts, we may get some surprise in this week’s OPEC meeting communique designed to push prices higher."
....this was posted at INO.com by their energy staff....

WHATTA YOU THINK? Will crude prices start back up again?


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Pyrite on sitcom bitcoins in ret account -- Miro, 18:36:31 05/23/17 Tue [1]

You are kidding, right? I would rather buy tulips, after all they still look nice after tulips market crash.

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Hey Skinee..... -- Pyrite, 17:09:39 05/23/17 Tue [1]

I go by your advice a whole lot.
What do you think of Bitcoin for a retirement acct?

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remember this post from mar 4 joe12pack / armstrong -- BUFFORD, 15:38:24 05/23/17 Tue [1]

we'll see between now and June 19


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Well they are at it again -- SilverFox, 15:00:22 05/23/17 Tue [1]

Didn't benefit yesterday but getting hit for another red day on the portfolio.. They will not allow the shares to gain traction. Dead in the water. Gold needs to move up hard to get these puppies humming again.

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Skinee- PPT -- SilverFox, 14:58:50 05/23/17 Tue [1]

The truth hurts... Ouch.. Fed owned by the Banksters , for the Bansters on behalf of the Bansters.... That is why they have been allowed to get away with criminal activity for so long... Once the gold is gone we will see the truth.

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Skinee -- Frustrated, 14:05:58 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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You guys are changing the subject trying to cover your ass -- Skinee, 13:43:42 05/23/17 Tue [1]

It was posted earlier about who was in control of the shorts, the goldbugs said JP Morgan for the Federal Reserve which is complete bullshit.
That is where it all started and the goldbugs as usual are packed full of bullshit from idiots and idiot websites who sell gold and precious metals.
You guys will continue to post bullshit until you get your info from decent sites.
JP Morgan has fuck all to do with the FED

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Skiinee you have been told for years about a recovery.. -- SilverFox, 13:29:29 05/23/17 Tue [1]

What recovery. True unemployment rates are near 23 percent. Look at many down town areas with all the closed stores. Yes what recovery but it is in print and stated many times by the Government statistics and the Fed.... Which no one owns... What bunk.

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Skinee- PPT -- SilverFox, 13:26:28 05/23/17 Tue [1]

Sometimes you need to read between the lines... To find the truth. There are two sides to every story..

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Nobody Owns the Federal Reserve -- Skinee, 13:24:37 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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The top banks in the US -- SilverFox, 13:17:43 05/23/17 Tue [1]

They own the reserve not the government. Why would a government give away the right to issue money at zero cost to themselves ???? Look up Nov 1910. Something called Jekyll Island.. Oh yes "The meeting at Jekyll Island"But the bill was passed on Dec 24th 1913 when most members were away on holiday... Seems strange I think!!

Last edited by author: Tue May 23, 2017 13:23:24   Edited 4 times.

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Who Owns The Federal Reserve, plus other stuff goldbugs should learn -- Skinee, 13:14:56 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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Who Owns The Federal -- Skinee, 13:13:02 05/23/17 Tue [1]

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Skinee- PPT -- SilverFox, 11:53:56 05/23/17 Tue [1]

Has the blessing of the Federal Reserve. Which is owned by the largest banks in the USA. Therefore they have the blessing of the US Government. Manipulation is real and happening everyday now.... Eventually when the physical is drained so will be the manipulation in this sector. He who has the gold makes the rules. The west is squandering away the future because these psychopaths do not care about the people who are getting burned because of their policies.. The common man who is being entertained by bread and circus. Same as the Roman times

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globex up 10% -- mugwump, 11:37:19 05/23/17 Tue [1]

no news

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Banro - BAA -- CoralCalcium, 11:20:52 05/23/17 Tue [1]

1-10 reverse split effective this Friday. I don't own it

Last edited by author: Tue May 23, 2017 11:22:09   Edited 1 time.

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Manipulation - kapex - skinee -- CoralCalcium, 10:41:38 05/23/17 Tue [1]

Skinee - I don't know what you are laughing about discussing these matters with your coffee friends, but Kapex is 100% correct IMO.

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skinee -- kapex, 09:40:55 05/23/17 Tue [1]

For gold too.
and for the stock market and
the bond market.

The FED (which is owned by goldman, jpm, and a few others) is basically printing money and intervening in ALL the markets.

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viscount drill results -- mugwump, 09:14:06 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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idm drill results -- mugwump, 09:08:27 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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sbb drill program -- mugwump, 08:06:18 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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trump to sell half of US oil reserves -- mugwump, 07:30:44 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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asanko mine expansion -- mugwump, 07:25:09 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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integra drill results -- mugwump, 07:22:39 05/23/17 Tue [1]


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Kapex -- Skinee, 06:27:33 05/23/17 Tue [1]

So JP Morgan is acting for the Fed in controlling the shorts.
That is a good one
That will be the big laugh at the coffee shop this morning

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Read this and you will know that "they" can do what "they" want -- mackcheed, 17:58:21 05/22/17 Mon [1]

Recognizing the goals of enhancing the integrity, efficiency, orderliness, and competitiveness of our Nation's financial markets and maintaining investor confidence, the Working Group shall identify and consider:

Double Speak"maintaining investor confidence" um that's what Bernie Madoff was doing...

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GDXJ -- kuston, 16:55:08 05/22/17 Mon [1]

GDXJ changes the mix of their portfolio everyday, when I started tracking it I took a snapshot and calculated the # of shares needed to be moved from the %. Now I only track the # of shares, because I only care about the tickers that are being sold, the 57. Kirkland probably is over 5% today, its one of the few that hasn't been sold.

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GDX. -- Zeus, 16:15:31 05/22/17 Mon [1]

Still holding GDX, but sense a softening tomorrow.
So, bot some DUST to make my GDX position neutral for the moment.
S/T strategy, only for 1-2-3 days.

Last edited by author: Mon May 22, 2017 16:16:26   Edited 1 time.

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skinee -- kapex, 16:01:38 05/22/17 Mon [1]

That's Easy....they are acting on behalf of the FED and....

Executive Order 12631--Working Group on Financial Markets


Source: The provisions of Executive Order 12631 of Mar. 18, 1988, appear at 53 FR 9421, 3 CFR, 1988 Comp., p. 559, unless otherwise noted. ... (a) There is hereby established a Working Group on Financial Markets (Working Group). ... (b) The Secretary of the Treasury, or his designee, shall ...


This is why the lawsuit brought against ABX (your favorite right?...LOL) was thrown out because they were acting on behalf of the govt/FED....(which is the govt)

jpm is the main one for facilitation of whatever the working group on the financial markets wants.

Even You should be able to understand that.
At least JC "Thinks" you are capable of understanding......I have my doubts.


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Coral Calcim -- Skinee, 15:21:26 05/22/17 Mon [1]

o, the article says that JP Morgan HAD BEEN protecting ALL silver shorts.

Either way..it is still bullshit
I wish that dumb bastard would just explain how one company can control ( or protect...whatever that means all the shorts.
How did that one company come into possession of all the shorts to control them or protect them.

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kuston -- Frustrated, 14:47:56 05/22/17 Mon [1]

so it isn't the 5.05% they "say" it is?

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Kirkland -- kuston, 14:45:37 05/22/17 Mon [1]

I downloaded the GDXJ portfolio and calculated it.


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GDXJ -- kuston, 14:44:44 05/22/17 Mon [1]

CC, I guess my gut feel on this is if you are looking to add positions in any of the tickers I listed I wouldn't wait. The GDXJ shares might never hit the open market. I would think that could be the trigger for a major bull move in those stocks.


[ Edit | View ]

Kuston -- Frustrated, 14:44:28 05/22/17 Mon [1]

where do you get this number?

In Kirkland Lake Gold case, they currently are 4.12% of the portfolio

[ Edit | View ]

GDXJ -- kuston, 14:38:45 05/22/17 Mon [1]

Sorry Frustrated, I wasn't clear. They need to sell those shares to reach the new balancing.

[ Edit | View ]

GDXJ -- kuston, 14:36:23 05/22/17 Mon [1]

We can make an educated guess at the new balancing of GDXJ based on the % of the index they announced they will be using. I've taken each position in the portfolio and projected the new position based on this.

In Kirkland Lake Gold case, they currently are 4.12% of the portfolio, the new portfolio they are targeted to be 2.12%. Which means without going thru all the math, they need to sell 15,593,942 shares to get there.

In Teranga's case, they currently are 0.82% of the GDXJ portfolio. In the new portfolio they are 0.33%. They need to sell 6,333,034 shares.

This isn't exact, the size of the portfolio could change in the next month which would change the # of shares but I think the % are pretty stable from what I've read.

Last edited by author: Mon May 22, 2017 14:37:13   Edited 1 time.

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GDXJ - kuston -- CoralCalcium, 14:16:06 05/22/17 Mon [1]

I have been thinking about this quite often also. There is nothing better than the ability to take advantage of GDXJ just dumping shares mindlessly. As you said though, there are many things that could be going on behind the scenes that tend to distort what is really going on. I, for one, was looking to "attempt" to grab a major position in Teranga. GDXJ has been adding? with the need to sell over 6 million shares? What sense does that make? Also, if they have been adding, then how come Teranga has been making new lows? Short sellers? Another factor that gets hidden until it is too late to capitalize on it. I think it's just about making an educated guess. When Teranga has a couple consecutive days on the downside, with high volume, it "might" be the time to get in. No guarantees of course, but it is just a somewhat educated guess.

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Kuston -- Frustrated, 14:14:23 05/22/17 Mon [1]

GDXJ owns 15,593,942 shares?

better take another look...I see 26,876,931 unless you are
using a different source...


I don't think "any of us" know how that rebalancing is
going to play out in the end...

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GDXJ and Kirkland Lake -- kuston, 14:00:47 05/22/17 Mon [1]

I've been tracking the daily positions in GDXJ, I really am confused why they are adding to positions that are targeted for major distribution. There are 57 stocks targeted for distribution. In the past 2 weeks, 8 have been added to, 15 stay the same and 34 have been reduced.

But this is about Kirkland one of the tickers that hasn't changed in the past 2 weeks. GDXJ owns 15,593,942 shares. Last week Kirkland started a buyback program of 10% of their float or 15,186,571 shares. Reading the language of the buyback, it says: "the Company may purchase on a daily basis, other than block purchase exemptions, are 294,727 Common Shares." "block purchase exemptions" that's funny language to put in I think. They can purchase almost 300k a day or a "block purchase".

I've been wondering about how GDXJ is going to rebalance this huge portfolio, everyone thinks they will disrupt the market. Maybe not, what if is there are backroom deals for "block purchases" being done right now. Kirkland could take the whole block by them self. How many other companies are $ rich or has a major investor that could step up? We've seen large block purchases of Teranga in the past year, insiders have been buying it for months. Teranga is also one of the tickers that GDXJ has been adding to even though they need to sell 6.33 million shares.

I don't follow many of these stocks, I don't know who are the players in each of them. Maybe the collective wisdom here could figure this out. Here the tickets that GDXJ has been adding to their position:

Gold Standard Ventures Corp GSV US
China Gold International Resources Corp CGG CN
Westgold Resources Ltd WGX AU
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd WDO CN
Beadell Resources Ltd BDR AU
Premier Gold Mines Ltd PG CN
Teranga Gold Corp TGZ CN
First Mining Finance Corp FF CN
Silvercorp Metals Inc SVM CN

Here the tickers that haven't changed:
B2gold Corp BTG US
Centerra Gold Inc CG CN
Continental Gold Inc CNL CN
Iamgold Corp IAG US
Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd KL CN
Klondex Mines Ltd KLDX US
Mcewen Mining Inc MUX US
Munsun Capital Group Ltd 1194 HK
Patagonia Gold Plc PGD LN
Pretium Resources Inc PVG US
Real Gold Mining Ltd 246 HK
Saracen Mineral Holdings Ltd SAR AU
Silver Standard Resources Inc SSRI US
Sulliden Mining Capital Inc SMC CN

How many of these have active buy back programs? Do any of these have an insider that has been buying in the past few months?

Last edited by author: Mon May 22, 2017 14:02:10   Edited 1 time.

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Thnx Mugs -- APOLLO, 13:25:06 05/22/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

lonestar -- CoralCalcium, 13:10:41 05/22/17 Mon [1]

Thanks. it's making it's way around the forums. I don't expect to see it on TV anytime soon though. Comey may have started out with good intentions, but that never lasts very long in this country.

[ Edit | View ]

CC--your 12:21 is excellent -- lonestar, 12:57:47 05/22/17 Mon [1]

[ Edit | View ]

forgot to post---picked up some more BONXF last Fri. at .344 -- lonestar, 12:25:58 05/22/17 Mon [1]

[ Edit | View ]

Comey is a slimeball -- CoralCalcium, 12:21:27 05/22/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

iamgold latest news- nothing spectacular -- mugwump, 12:12:06 05/22/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Bitcoin - $2,180 -- CoralCalcium, 12:00:01 05/22/17 Mon [1]

Well something may be headed to 10K, but I'm pretty sure it's not gold.

[ Edit | View ]

Butler - Skinee -- CoralCalcium, 11:25:51 05/22/17 Mon [1]

No, the article says that JP Morgan HAD BEEN protecting ALL silver shorts. However now he believes that they are only going to protect themselves, and that silver is going to skyrocket as the other banks, mostly overseas, are going to get crushed. So far that hasn't played out, as silver shorts dropped by 60 million ounces last week and silver is STILL around 17 bucks.

[ Edit | View ]

Mugs - any news on IAG - its acting like a big announcment is out or coming? -- APOLLO, 11:23:15 05/22/17 Mon [1]

thnx - they're probably about to buy someone

[ Edit | View ]

From that article -- CharleyZ, 10:49:08 05/22/17 Mon [1]

"So it seems to me that JP is still protecting ALL silver shorts, and the commercials have the ability to cover all or most of their short position without moving up the price of silver to any large degree."

That's a big jump. Makes no sense to me.

[ Edit | View ]

Coral Calcium -- Skinee, 10:29:40 05/22/17 Mon [1]

So Butler is saying JP Morgan is protecting ALL silver shorts.
Now there is a piece of Bullshit I never heard before

[ Edit | View ]

From the Daily Pfennig -- Pyrite, 09:03:45 05/22/17 Mon [1]

The Gold price is on the move, folks. Gold rose $8.80 on Friday, to close at $1,255.60, and is up a couple of bucks in the early morning trading today. Well, the Central Banks of Russia, China and Saudi Arabia continue to add to their Gold reserves. Last Friday, it was the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) that disclosed that they had added 200, 000 troy ounces of physical Gold to their reserves bringing them to 54.2 Million troy ounces, or 1,685.8 metric tonnes of the shiny metal. Russia is quickly becoming a "player" in this Gold accumulation period. That's important, because, IF, the financial system should collapse under the weight of all this debt that everyone has accumulated, I see the Gold holding countries of the world come together, and he who has the Gold, makes the rules, right? Of course that's just how I see it happening should the financial system collapse.. I could end up being wrong about the scenario, but, when the bad folks all get together at night, you know
they all call Big Gold boss.

[ Edit | View ]

Butler - Expecting the unexpected - May 12th -- CoralCalcium, 07:51:42 05/22/17 Mon [1]


Already only one week later, this article seems to only have been wishful thinking once again. The premise is that JP Morgan is positioned for a positive spike in silver, while foreign banks are going to get killed. The short interest on the 12th was 350 million ounces. However, one week later on at 19th, the short interest dropped by 60 million ounces more, and silver barely budged. So it seems to me that JP is still protecting ALL silver shorts, and the commercials have the ability to cover all or most of their short position without moving up the price of silver to any large degree. We'll see how this week unfolds, as well as seeing what the COT on silver is this coming Friday.

[ Edit | View ]

europe is committing suicide -- mugwump, 06:00:54 05/22/17 Mon [1]

Europe is committing suicide,’ Murray writes. ‘Or at least its leaders have decided to commit suicide… As a result, by the end of the lifespans of most people currently alive, Europe will not be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home.’

The causes, he thinks, are twofold. First, our political leaders have knowingly colluded in the ‘mass movement of peoples into Europe’, filling ‘cold and rainy northern towns’ with ‘people dressed for the foothills of Pakistan or the sandstorms of Arabia’.

Second, he believes Europe’s intellectual and cultural elites, including those in Britain, have ‘lost faith in its beliefs, traditions, and legitimacy’. Crippled with guilt, obsessed with atoning for the sins of empire, they have lost sight of the historic Christian values that their people expect them to defend.

As a result of their deluded utopianism, Murray thinks, Europe is ceasing to be Europe. Indeed, he believes that European culture as generations have understood it — the culture of Michelangelo and Mozart, Shakespeare, and Goethe, Dickens and Wagner — is doomed


Last edited by author: Mon May 22, 2017 06:01:39   Edited 1 time.

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Carmack -- Skinee, 06:00:11 05/22/17 Mon [1]

Absolutely, record short covering should mean a record breakout in price.
There is more bullshit published about precious metals than Donald Trump.

[ Edit | View ]

CharlieZ -- Skinee, 05:57:27 05/22/17 Mon [1]

That is a great idea,paper cash is not meant to be kept in storage doing nothing, it is to be invested in things that make more paper money, with more paper money you can even buy more gold.
So Charlie, make smart investments, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

[ Edit | View ]

klondex power point presentation -- mugwump, 05:48:02 05/22/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

china has over 11,000 tonnes of gold -- mugwump, 03:55:03 05/22/17 Mon [1]

China has been carefully concealing its appetite for gold so that it can continue to accumulate it in large quantities without prematurely impacting its price. This has led putatively authoritative sources like the World Gold Council and GFMS, a division of Reuters, to dramatically underestimate China’s gold activities. Since 2013, China has been accumulating gold at a clip of more than 2,000 tonnes a year. That translates into 11,000 tonnes by the end of 2017 – and doesn’t even take into account that monetary gold can be imported into China in any quantity without being reported. In fact, China could easily be buying monetary gold from foreign miners directly, perhaps even paying a small premium. A particular mine would be just a bit more profitable than expected, and no one would be the wiser.

And so it goes. Whether you are talking about North Korea, the amassing of gold, or a new monetary system, China’s leaders are unrivaled experts at keeping things close to their chest as they bide their time.

So how let’s look at a more accurate picture. For starters, China’s in-ground gold reserves are estimated at about 2,000 tonnes. Last year China mined approximately 23 percent of its reserves, or 455 tonnes, an extraordinary number that made China, for the eighth year in a row, the world’s largest gold producer. And when I say extraordinary, I mean it: It’s the largest percentage of reserves of any metal or commodity mined by any country in history. Last year, all other gold-producing countries together mined less than 5 percent of their reserves.


Last edited by author: Mon May 22, 2017 03:56:56   Edited 1 time.

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skineeee -- CharleyZ, 21:15:19 05/21/17 Sun [1]

I had a big fist full of those dollars you think so highly of. I took the action that dollars were made for. I went to the local petrol station and spennum all.

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Gold options breaking out of the doldrums -- Skinee, 19:30:51 05/21/17 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

carmack re: akg -- mugwump, 17:25:46 05/21/17 Sun [1]

i don't recommend it

[ Edit | View ]

If there has been record short covering on AG -- Carmack, 17:20:19 05/21/17 Sun [1]

then where is the record impact on the price ?

[ Edit | View ]

Got AKG -- Carmack, 17:17:59 05/21/17 Sun [1]

Shrunk to $2.97 TSX last week ! Bought but then sold shortly after at $4.11 not that long ago !
Only asking Mugs but you still recommending this piggy ?

Last edited by author: Sun May 21, 2017 17:18:22   Edited 1 time.

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got kirkland? -- mugwump, 15:52:03 05/21/17 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

CME investigative team -- Skinee, 15:30:40 05/21/17 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

CME silver clearing -- Skinee, 15:19:08 05/21/17 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

record short covering spree continues -- mugwump, 08:30:02 05/21/17 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

nyrstar update -- mugwump, 08:24:08 05/21/17 Sun [1]

reinforce our strong safety culture and improve our visible safety leadership across the Company;
deliver the commissioning and optimised ramp-up of the Port Pirie Redevelopment in-line with the revised budget and schedule announced in February 2017;
extract maximum value from the mining portfolio by concluding the sale of the Latin American mines and optimising the North American mines, including the restart of the Middle Tennessee and Myra Falls mines, to sell for value or continue to operate for strong free cashflow if suitable offers are not received;

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andy hoffman -- mugwump, 08:04:23 05/21/17 Sun [1]

Meanwhile, both political (no matter where you live) and geopolitical risk have measurably increased; and oh yeah, it was confirmed that both gold and silver passed peak production levels in 2015, with no possibility of a material rebound for the foreseeable future. This, as above-ground, available-for-sale inventories have continued to dwindle – like COMEX registered silver, which has plunged to just 33 million ounces, worth a mere $550 million; from 71 million ounces in early 2015, and the 86 million-ounce-peak, just before the 2008 financial crisis.

In other words, not only is silver’s supply/demand balance more bullish than at any time in the post-War era – certainly, since the abandonment of the gold standard in 1971 (let alone, given its exploding industrial “use cases”); but the monetary reasons to own silver have, unquestionably, never been more urgent.

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Harvard Economist Warns of $700. Gold by 2018 -- Skinee, 16:11:45 05/20/17 Sat [1]

Another website publishing bullshit to enrich themselves, usually it is buy gold not sell it.


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12 lessons about money and investing -- mugwump, 11:43:15 05/20/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Valuing gold independent of fiat currencies -- Dabchyk, 10:00:01 05/20/17 Sat [1]

Dabchick Gold Index figures [London trade. ( Basis : Jan 1982 = 100 )] for the past week:-

High–289.4 Low–284.4 Close-286.6

for the week ending 19 May 2017

To see the updated charts of the index, go here


NB The index is a ratio of the change in the Real Value of Gold relative to what it was in January 1982. The calculation has incorporated the real value of the USD's trade-weighted index (the real effective, or inflation-adjusted, $TWI). My gold index thereby shows the real changes in gold's value regardless of fiat currencies. That is to say, regardless of the unreal, nominal, price-raising effects which governments cause to the fiat price of anything by the debasement of their fiat currencies. In my index, these nominal (unreal) effects of government fiat currencies are eliminated.

[ Edit | View ]

Dollar slides but stocks rise? -- AZAU, 08:49:43 05/20/17 Sat [1]

The banksters can't have their cake and eat it too.
Trump is flummoxing the banksters and will break their cartel in the end:


[ Edit | View ]

korelin weekend segments -- BUFFORD, 08:46:42 05/20/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

GZZ...it was McEwen that nixed the original plan -- BUFFORD, 08:34:43 05/20/17 Sat [1]

from honest Thom

"Abitibi Royalties is our No. 1 roy-co at Malartic in Quebec. When Brett locks into another “stream,” silver, gold, copper — please anything but maryjane fields — Brett Heath’s Metalla could show the 10-x to 30-x growth that Abitibi has these past 30 months. Brett is in his mid-30s and hails from Canada, lives in Orange County, California. Golden Valley Mines is the back-door into Abitibi. GZZ owns about half of RZZ (Abitibi) and with Glenn Mullan, controls perhaps 54 percent of GZZ’s voting rights. Oh I forgot to mention, thanks to one of our TCR Network members for the tag on this: KZZ (the zed with the nickel in the name — Nunavik Nickel) now will become the receptacle of the majority of GZZ’s claims, prospects and projects across Quebec and Ontario. The plan was for VZZ to be the recipient but a major VZZ (Uranium Valley Mines) shareholder, Rob McEwen, I am told, ix-nayed the idea. I own all five zeds — Glenn Mullan’s things."

[ Edit | View ]

hamilton -- mugwump, 07:45:23 05/20/17 Sat [1]

Make no mistake, the junior gold miners' stock prices today are truly fundamentally absurd. The sharp selloff between mid-April and early May was based purely on excessively-bearish sentiment, high fear levels that aren't sustainable. Sooner or later investors will realize the folly of fleeing this sector and flood back in with a vengeance. That will catapult these irrationally-beaten-down junior gold miners far higher.

Given GDXJ's serious problems, leading to diverting far too much of its capital into larger gold miners that definitely aren't juniors, you won't find sufficient junior-gold exposure in this troubled ETF. Instead traders should prudently deploy capital in the better individual junior gold miners' stocks with superior fundamentals. Their upside is vast, and would trounce GDXJ's even if that ETF was still working properly.


Last edited by author: Sat May 20, 2017 07:47:10   Edited 1 time.

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silver is 66% cheaper than it was 37 years ago -- mugwump, 07:33:32 05/20/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

gwen and john kaiser- finding ten baggers -- mugwump, 07:28:36 05/20/17 Sat [1]


[ Edit | View ]

strategic stock holdings -- mugwump, 07:26:31 05/20/17 Sat [1]


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From today's Pfennig -- Pyrite -- The-Vet, 20:56:41 05/19/17 Fri [1]

"243,000 tonnes of Gold is 76 times global mine supply"
Gold is just another fiat currency that can be printed at will! the fact that there happens to be a metal of the same name seems to be just an unrelated coincidence for COMEX traders.

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chinese chariot back in the day -- BUFFORD, 20:01:15 05/19/17 Fri [1]


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China to open it's own commodity exchanges to bring prices down -- Skinee, 19:40:28 05/19/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

COT Report - Silver -- CoralCalcium, 15:36:03 05/19/17 Fri [1]

Another GREAT report. With silver higher this week I thought we might have seen additional shorts added, BUT, the Commercials covered ANOTHER 60 million ounces last week and are now only net short 286 million ounces, down from the high of over 560 million ounces. Cut in HALF from the top approximately. Gold COT report is also getting very bullish. Something BIG seems to be coming down the horizon because the commercials are now covering at a pace like I have never ever seen.

[ Edit | View ]

Silver Fox -- Skinee, 14:02:20 05/19/17 Fri [1]

Gold is not up, it is down $2.50, it is the change in the American dollar bringing gold up, that is why the miners are not up, they mine and sell gold not dollars.

[ Edit | View ]

What is happening with the PM shares -- SilverFox, 13:33:22 05/19/17 Fri [1]

Gold up over 6 dollars and my portfolio is in the red again. No matter if gold is up the shares stink. When gold moves down they move down fast. Seems no one wants them. Congratulations to the Banksters for screwing up another sector. When will they pay for their crimes??? Now you have allowed the East to buy all the physical gold and silver. Yes you still control the paper but for how long??

Last edited by author: Fri May 19, 2017 13:39:50   Edited 1 time.

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SBGL...apparently have to figure in the rights -- Frustrated, 13:31:18 05/19/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

something wrong with that release?? -- Frustrated, 13:26:47 05/19/17 Fri [1]

11.28 ZAR =

0.851935 USD

[ Edit | View ]

SBGL -- Frustrated, 13:22:20 05/19/17 Fri [1]

down 32% today?


12:56 PM EDT, 05/19/2017 (MT Newswires) -- Sibanye Gold(SBGL) was inching 0.6% higher recently, after tumbling to the lowest level since November 2015. Shares continued to reel after the company said on Thursday in a regulatory filing it will tap shareholders for funds at a discount of 60% in a $1 billion rights issue.

Sibanye will use the rights issue to repay a portion of a $2.65 billion loan facility it used to acquire Stillwater.

Sibayne said it will offer new shares at 11.28 rand each, a discount of 60 percent to its closing price on May 17.

Last edited by author: Fri May 19, 2017 13:23:43   Edited 1 time.

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Globex "bids" keep coming -- CoralCalcium, 13:03:22 05/19/17 Fri [1]

Don't hold me to it, but I think we are VERY close to major news ( Nyrstar? ), and a big run up in the stock in the very near future.

[ Edit | View ]

Zinc -- CoralCalcium, 12:56:12 05/19/17 Fri [1]

Up over 5 cents per pound today. Glad to see it.

[ Edit | View ]

From today's Pfennig -- Pyrite, 09:14:54 05/19/17 Fri [1]

Gold gave back $14 of its $24 gain on Wednesday. UGH! You know it had to be a wild and crazy day for Gold, as 329,000 contracts were traded! You may recall me going bananas over trade volume in the 200,000 contracts region? Well, imagine me seeing 329,000 contracts traded in Gold yesterday! Dear reader Bob sent me snippet of a blog he reads where the Gold researcher

points out that in 2016 the ratio of paper trades to physical trades in Gold was 233:1..

Gold traded in 2016 had an all-time record of 243,000 tonnes of Gold, or $9.8 Trillion worth. That sounds great right? Well, no. it isn't because that includes the paper trades. 243,000 tonnes of Gold is 76 times global mine supply!

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strategic to distribute free shares on may 31st -- mugwump, 09:13:37 05/19/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

silver remonetization on the horizon?? -- mugwump, 08:00:21 05/19/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

osisko owns 33% of bgm -- mugwump, 02:03:14 05/19/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

kgc/aem each own 19% of white gold corp -- mugwump, 01:54:48 05/19/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

continental gets nem money -- mugwump, 16:42:21 05/18/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

out of the DUST trade. -- Zeus, 11:30:40 05/18/17 Thu [1]

[ Edit | View ]

?duppy or any other herbologist out there -- BUFFORD, 11:19:47 05/18/17 Thu [1]

do you have any favorite brand of cbd capsules out there that you would recommend for a old person with sarcoid lung issues?

the medical alternative is prednisone (p for poison)and they would rather avoid because of their age.

I see many brands out there but its seems like a trial and error thing unless you know more about it from someone who uses them. There seems to be a big difference in the milligrams of hemp oil in the different brands.


je rogan cbd clip


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brazil........................aint going help -- BUFFORD, 11:01:41 05/18/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Brazilian SM halted. -- Zeus, 10:05:54 05/18/17 Thu [1]

Brazil Stock Market Halted After Plunging 10%: What Happens Next

With Brazilian Bovespa futures already halted for trading earlier after crashing 10% at the open..

Just before the circuit breaker was triggered, state controlled companies Cemig, Banco do Brasil
and Petrobras fell 42%, 25% and 19%, respectively according to BBG. Banks Itau and Bradesco
fell 18% and 19%, respectively, and JBS fell 15% as the Brazilian bloodbath continued.


[ Edit | View ]

Gold off today -- SilverFox, 10:04:19 05/18/17 Thu [1]

PM shares take a dive. Stinks

[ Edit | View ]

GDX / DUST -- Zeus, 09:45:00 05/18/17 Thu [1]

Bot DUST at open, just sold remaining GDX.

[ Edit | View ]

bgm drill results -- mugwump, 08:21:27 05/18/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

arizona drill results -- mugwump, 07:19:57 05/18/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

silver sales surge -- mugwump, 07:16:34 05/18/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Wow Mugwump -- Skinee, 07:09:23 05/18/17 Thu [1]

What a post to back up short selling on gold, it is written by Ted Butler, now what in hell would you expect, has he ever had anything new to say, same old shit for years and years.
Butler and you and any goldbug can go on the Security Exchange Commission website and learn a hell of a lot more about short selling and naked shorts than you know now.
If you are positive that naked shorts are rigging the gold market there is a place to file a complaint.
I would imagine Butler and you have not done it for a reason.
I was told yesterday in a phone call that a knowledgeable goldbug is none existent, I have to agree with it.

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got nighthawk? -- mugwump, 07:02:04 05/18/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

gold squeeze?? -- mugwump, 02:09:43 05/18/17 Thu [1]

James Turk: “It’s a consequence of delta hedging. When the price starts rising, options writers have to buy gold in order to remain delta neutral. Given the size of the short position that is out there, the gold price will be like a rocket launching and picking up speed as it gains altitude. If this is in fact the tipping point, who knows what will happen to the price of gold? We’re a long way from knowing if this will unfold. Having said that, this is exactly the kind of action you would expect to see in the early stages of a short squeeze…


Last edited by author: Thu May 18, 2017 02:11:43   Edited 1 time.

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chinese gold demand is excellent -- mugwump, 02:03:36 05/18/17 Thu [1]

Year-to-date, which now includes the first four months of 2017, SGE gold withdrawals have reached 727 tonnes, which annualized equals 2181 tonnes, and would make 2017 the 3rd highest SGE vault withdrawal year on record, and only slightly behind the 2197 tonnes of registered withdrawals from the Exchange’s vaults in 2013. And since SGE gold withdrawals are a suitable proxy for wholesale Chinese gold demand, it would point to 2017 shaping up to be one of the strongest years ever for physical gold demand in the Chinese gold market.


Last edited by author: Thu May 18, 2017 02:04:55   Edited 1 time.

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ha ha- come on skinee- CFTC refusal to stop naked shorting is old news!! -- mugwump, 01:56:20 05/18/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

almaden 43-101 -- mugwump, 01:51:16 05/18/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

the Dow can actually go Down? - and VIX just might go up! -- The-Vet, 21:59:09 05/17/17 Wed [1]

For the past few months I have been running a low cost play on a market crash using options on VXX and TZA. The concept that I am using involves selling a short dated ATM PUT and using the premium to buy a same expiry OTM CALL, for a small credit.

For example last week for TZA I sold a $18 strike PUT for $1.17 and bought a $19 strike CALL for $0.45. Both expire June 16 and I have a credit of $0.72. If, by that date the call is OTM it expires worthless and the PUT can be closed or rolled and a new later strike CALL to match opened.

By adjusting the CALL and PUT strike prices I have been able to continue to roll or replace the position at either no cost or small credit for about 6 months. If a significant market crash occurs I will exercise the call and let it run hopefully for a decent profit. If not it has cost almost nothing (or even a credit) for the insurance. I am running a similar position on VXX with the CALL and PUT strike both at $16.50.

These are really just a synthetic long or risk reversal option positions which are intended just to break even as each OTM CALL expires worthless, but which could pay out handsomely on a real crash. Just an experiment on my part but today they really shone with VXX up $2.58 and TZA up $1.35.

I could just buy VXX and TZA outright but using the short term options allows me to continually adjust the strike prices and not have the decay inherent in these ETFs eat away at the position.

Last edited by author: Thu May 18, 2017 02:06:41   Edited 2 times.

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Silver ....PoS...demonstrates how JP Morgan has cornered the silver market... -- AZAU, 21:10:42 05/17/17 Wed [1]

That's illegal, isn't it?

[ Edit | View ]

The deeper these guys dip, the higher gold goes.. -- AZAU, 18:59:36 05/17/17 Wed [1]

What, you mean the Dow can actually go Down?


Last edited by author: Wed May 17, 2017 21:47:17   Edited 3 times.

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PMs --- excellent post by The-Vet. -- Zeus, 16:36:03 05/17/17 Wed [1]

Gold-Futures Shorting Attacks -- The-Vet, 22:03:48 05/13/17 Sat [1]

Vet said " No genuine hedger would hit the market at the most
illiquid time with massive sell orders. It's manipulation pure
and simple but clearly it is either tolerated or encouraged by
higher powers."

100% on the money.



[ Edit | View ]

GDX. -- Zeus, 16:35:04 05/17/17 Wed [1]

Sold 3/4 of my position --- could get some more upside, but
happy to take profits here. I don't mind being early in the
get-out-of-town trade --- profits are good, losses are v.bad.

PS:- Sold EWZ (the Brazilian) yesterday at the peak.

[ Edit | View ]

skinny ... -- Frustrated, 16:26:55 05/17/17 Wed [1]

is there still a fails to deliver list for stocks??


pssst...the answer is YES - do a little research there

Last edited by author: Wed May 17, 2017 16:27:56   Edited 1 time.

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da Cobra -- APOLLO, 16:24:23 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

tommy o saying one more day and a close over 1286 -- BUFFORD, 16:15:40 05/17/17 Wed [1]

and its 1338

do these gold etfs really buy shares?

[ Edit | View ]

Well Mugwump -- Skinee, 16:05:50 05/17/17 Wed [1]

Now how did I know you guys would know more about the Security Exchange commission, and all the inner workings than they do.

[ Edit | View ]

Civil war -- kuston, 15:58:07 05/17/17 Wed [1]

"What surprises me is that they are shaking up the domestic political situation using anti-Russian slogans. Either they don't understand the damage they're doing to their own country, in which case they are simply stupid, or they understand everything, in which case they are dangerous and corrupt."

"Anyway, this is a US matter, and we don't want and don't plan to interfere," the Russian president said.


[ Edit | View ]

tomorrow must be hammer time -- BUFFORD, 15:55:03 05/17/17 Wed [1]

even osisko down

[ Edit | View ]

Silver = broke-back Cobra -- APOLLO, 15:38:39 05/17/17 Wed [1]

Thnx to Pie-Rite

[ Edit | View ]

Silver UNCHANGED -- CoralCalcium, 15:28:50 05/17/17 Wed [1]


Let's give the banks a standing ovation for the perfect market rigging operation today

[ Edit | View ]

XAU high today thus far -- Frustrated, 14:41:52 05/17/17 Wed [1]

88.01, the 200 day MA 88.01

[ Edit | View ]

Once again might end up in the red after gold being up 3 days -- SilverFox, 14:27:33 05/17/17 Wed [1]

My portfolio is once again moving down after a slow start with over 23 gold today. Now up 0.4 percent and moving quickly towards the red again... No one is buying this gold move.... After being taken to the wood shed so many times people are not willing to buy the shares. Why buy them because the Banksters will only short them down like they have done over a million times already... We are in a very rigged game... On profits in the future on shares I will be buying physical... I no longer like what I see..

[ Edit | View ]

Ah, but SILVER has the POTENTIAL -- Pyrite, 14:12:36 05/17/17 Wed [1]

The manipulation is so obvious that investors are just afraid to jump in after being set up a thousand times before.

[ Edit | View ]

Energold Drilling- EGDFF -- CoralCalcium, 14:03:34 05/17/17 Wed [1]

Quietly moving up today with a decent "bid" for a thin issue. Sometimes this thing flies. Worth keeping an eye on IMO.

[ Edit | View ]

Gold up big.........BUT -- CoralCalcium, 13:54:55 05/17/17 Wed [1]

Look how they have their foot on silver's neck. It can't budge with the all day rigging. Many of the leading stocks are trading around the unchanged mark also. GG, CDE, WPM doing nothing. It just doesn't smell right. The manipulation is so obvious that investors are just afraid to jump in after being set up a thousand times before. Silver is the key to a REAL move in everything, and at least for now, the big banks are saying NYET.

[ Edit | View ]

Smart Money (not mine) loved the Donald and bet heavy -- mackcheed, 13:45:15 05/17/17 Wed [1]

on tax cuts or at least him not being able to do much of anything. It turns out they were right.

[ Edit | View ]

Just got an email. -- Pyrite, 13:26:54 05/17/17 Wed [1]

I happened to notice an email I ..just...got from Heritage
Offering MS64 $20 LIBERTY coins. @ 1505
They had 75 for sale.
I mentioned it to Cindy and....poof...
they lasted about 8-9 minutes.

[ Edit | View ]

I actually like Trump - the "Running in the Streets" he causes on the US Left -- APOLLO, 13:24:42 05/17/17 Wed [1]

is the kind of stuff popcorn was made for. Watching Cartoon News Network (CNN) embalm themselves day in & out is hilarious - pull up a chair & I like mine with lots of butter & salt. I THINK WE SHOULD AMEND THE CONSTITUTION SO HE CAN STAY IN 12 YEARS!!!!!!

Last edited by author: Wed May 17, 2017 13:25:06   Edited 1 time.

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if bank bail-ins are ushered in .. -- mackcheed, 12:12:56 05/17/17 Wed [1]

Um....... The common man and women pays for everything in one way or another. Why would this time be any different?

[ Edit | View ]

mackcheed...my real concern... -- Frustrated, 12:08:47 05/17/17 Wed [1]

of Trump is...if bank bail-ins are ushered in ...

[ Edit | View ]

much a given with anyone who had a brain. -- mackcheed, 12:02:32 05/17/17 Wed [1]

ah frustrated you should be careful with that one. I was lambasted at a dinner party for sarcastically saying "That Donald Trump was Amazing" (his favorite term).

Spades are Spades.

Personally I was rooting for him the Donald to succeed but as it turns out ala Get me Roger Stone (Netflex Documentary) the American People/Evangelicals/ underemployed white people were all sold a bill of goods.

Pence 46th President.

[ Edit | View ]

mackcheed -- Frustrated, 11:39:15 05/17/17 Wed [1]

This was the first year I ever voted...I voted for Johnson
because I was told if he got 5% of the popular vote he would
be entitled to Fed funds in the next election, only thing
worth voting for.

Prediction? I thought it was pretty much a given with
anyone who had a brain.

[ Edit | View ]

is the Donald really any worse than the Hillary? -- mackcheed, 11:32:32 05/17/17 Wed [1]

GOD NO ! My business partner from Little Rock a highly respected bond trader warned me about the Clinton's when he WAS Governor !!!

In fact some may remember about my Monica Lewinsky call in 1998 and that I thought Bill Clinton was mentally ill and was headed for Impeachment.

Mike Sheller accused me of talking to dead people over it because he did not see the same thing in the USA chart as I did.

Every once in a while a broken clock Right? Or possible there is something more to this. Trust me I would of rather of been right about the Feb 27 2017 call.

I have checked and re-checked my work and I would of done the same thing with regards to the feb 27 call (only with less money).

I digress but this Donald thing that Phil Bond asked me about was and is spot on. And I have never backed off it as evidenced by my posts.

[ Edit | View ]

Frustrated - ie: Is the Donald worse than Hillary -- CoralCalcium, 11:14:34 05/17/17 Wed [1]

Two thumbs up. He is not behind the curtain, and may never be.

[ Edit | View ]

mackcheed -- Frustrated, 11:02:20 05/17/17 Wed [1]

is the Donald really any worse than the Hillary would have
been, doubt it...it was destined to be a disaster regardless
of who was let in...

it's the not the Pres everyone has to worry about, it's
those behind the curtain pulling all the strings

Last edited by author: Wed May 17, 2017 11:03:22   Edited 1 time.

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Did anyone save the Trump call I made with Phil Bond in Feb? -- mackcheed, 10:52:23 05/17/17 Wed [1]

osted: 20:12:28 04/04/17 Tue
Author: mackcheed
Subject: wrong about Feb 27 crash but the call on the Donald

seems to be unfolding the way I called it. I truly wish I was wrong about the latter. For my detractors the beating I took on that feb. 27 call should make you happy..

This Donald thing is going to be a disaster. Not good..

[ Edit | View ]

got rox?? -- mugwump, 10:46:01 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Scientific Metals - SCTFF -- CoralCalcium, 10:42:21 05/17/17 Wed [1]

So why would someone pay 85 cents Canadian today when they can buy it, with no restrictions on the open market at 70 cents now? I guess they didn't figure it would crash in the last 5 days.

BRIEF-Scientific Metals announces private placement
7:38 AM ET, 05/17/2017 - Reuters

May 17 (Reuters) - Scientific Metals Corp

* Scientific Metals announces private placement
So why would someone buy into the private placement at 85 cents Canadian, when they can buy as much as they want, with no restrictions at 70 cents today? I guess they didn't count on it crashing the last 5 days?

* Scientific Metals - proposes to complete a non brokered private placement of units at price of $0.85 per unit for gross proceeds of $1.7 million

* Scientific metals - intends to use net proceeds of private placement for phase 1 exploration program at its flagship Iron Creek cobalt property in Idaho Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:

Last edited by author: Wed May 17, 2017 10:44:10   Edited 1 time.

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follow up to trade of the day -- mugwump, 10:39:08 05/17/17 Wed [1]

@Goldfinger $ABX call buyer isn't done yet. Large trader pays ~$3 million for 12,000 January 2019 $20 strike $ABX calls (~16% out of the money).

[ Edit | View ]

trade of the day -- mugwump, 10:36:39 05/17/17 Wed [1]

@Goldfinger TRADE OF THE MORNING: Large call option buyer pays ~$1.3 million for ~16,000 $ABX January 2019 $30 strike call options. This strike is more than 70% out of the money and it's very unusual to see $1 million+ options trade in LEAPs (options with long time horizons). Someone is very bullish on Barrick and most likely the $gold mining sector long term

[ Edit | View ]

I screwed up the march dow cow crash but the Donald -- mackcheed, 10:31:44 05/17/17 Wed [1]

call is spot on. The dollar and dow cow are caving.I got my ass kicked in last march. I am not playing the markets because it is just to easy to be wrong on any leveraged trades.

Besides I would rather build long term wealth.

Psst this will not be pretty.

[ Edit | View ]

Then again drivers exceeding posted speed limits CAN be charged -- Carmack, 10:09:40 05/17/17 Wed [1]

BUT they have to catch them first !

[ Edit | View ]

skinny...if it's illegal, why is this "can" rather than will -- Frustrated, 09:59:24 05/17/17 Wed [1]

Participants in naked illegal short selling activities "can" be charged with a crime based on the SEC regulations

most aren't

[ Edit | View ]

skinee re: naked shorting- yeah it's illegal but -- mugwump, 09:51:53 05/17/17 Wed [1]

the CFTC doesn't do anything about commercial shorting becasue commercial shorters have the blessing of the US govt!!

[ Edit | View ]

Naked shorting education -- Skinee, 09:47:11 05/17/17 Wed [1]

The practice of naked short selling was banned within the United States in 2008 after the financial crisis of 2007/2008, as such activities contributed to the downward economic trend by allowing manipulators a chance to force stock prices down without regard for normal stock supply/demand patterns. The ban applies to naked shorting only and not to other short-selling activities.

In 2007, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) amended Regulation SHO to further limit possibilities for naked shorting by removing loopholes that existed for some broker/dealers. Regulation SHO requires lists to be published that track stocks with unusually high trends in "fail to deliver" shares. Some analysts point to the fact that naked shorting, albeit inadvertently, may help markets stay in balance by allowing the negative sentiment to be reflected in certain stocks' prices.

Participants in naked illegal short selling activities can be charged with a crime based on the SEC regulations. In 2014, two Florida State University professors were charged with participating in the illegal practice that resulted in approximately $400,000 in revenue. Ultimately, the accused agreed to a settlement with the SEC in the amount of $670,000.

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The dollar is down today -- Skinee, 09:38:07 05/17/17 Wed [1]

The big Gold reset must be underway.
Dollar headed to oblivion

[ Edit | View ]

skinee it's easy -- mugwump, 09:31:49 05/17/17 Wed [1]

commercials = fat ass bankers = naked shorters

[ Edit | View ]

Why are fat ass Bankers the only ones with short positions -- Skinee, 09:27:02 05/17/17 Wed [1]

Always amazed me

[ Edit | View ]

fat ass bankers start to scream -- mugwump, 09:24:08 05/17/17 Wed [1]

cause gold is now up seventeen

[ Edit | View ]

irving resources acquisition -- mugwump, 09:21:49 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

golden arrow featured in northern miner -- mugwump, 09:19:24 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

silver range stakes 5 new targets -- mugwump, 09:17:18 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

bgm files technical report -- mugwump, 09:15:08 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

ha ha skinee -- mugwump, 09:11:51 05/17/17 Wed [1]

the fat ass bankers are just covering their massive short positions

[ Edit | View ]

Fat ass bankers manipulating gold up today -- Skinee, 09:04:24 05/17/17 Wed [1]

that makes buying gold more expensive, we have to put a end to that type of manipulation.

[ Edit | View ]

did you sell in may and go away?? -- mugwump, 08:51:54 05/17/17 Wed [1]

ha ha- too bad!!

[ Edit | View ]

trek update -- mugwump, 08:45:15 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

altius record royalty income -- mugwump, 08:42:26 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

gold- heavy volume buying spike -- mugwump, 08:39:14 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

we're in heaven -- mugwump, 08:09:42 05/17/17 Wed [1]

gold up eleven

[ Edit | View ]

k92 drill results -- mugwump, 08:00:11 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

sandstorm valuation -- mugwump, 07:13:39 05/17/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

nicely upday for gold so far....what's the occasion? -- AZAU, 06:24:33 05/17/17 Wed [1]

ah, yes, must be something wrong in the stock market?

let's see if this helps the gold stocks...

[ Edit | View ]

Bunker Hill -- APOLLO, 19:45:36 05/16/17 Tue [1]

Spent a summer in Coeur D'Alene ID - my brother was CFO of Bunker Hill Mining Company - went down the shaft, was just a kid. Too funny. Back then, the stream that ran by the mine was grey-colored LOL - nobody cared.

[ Edit | View ]

Well Mugwump -- Skinee, 17:58:23 05/16/17 Tue [1]

I do know that the dollar is the goldbug hero.
Dollar decline today added $8.50 to the price of gold.
Gold itself was down $2.20.
Gold price today plus $6.30 for a total of $1236.70 just because of the dollar causing the gain.
It is all the fat ass bankers fault, the market is rigged, all the gold is going to China to never return.
The big reset may here tomorrow buy gold the dollar is going to zero

[ Edit | View ]

liberty silver to acquire bunker hill mine -- mugwump, 17:43:21 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

okay skinee- now i get it -- mugwump, 16:36:17 05/16/17 Tue [1]

gold is down to $1236
gee thanks

[ Edit | View ]

Silver Fox -- Skinee, 16:05:58 05/16/17 Tue [1]

Gold has actually been down the last two days not up, the declining American dollar is supporting the gold price.
Must be the fat ass bankers making the dollar go down.

[ Edit | View ]

the facts about the Basle gold pool -- mugwump, 15:38:55 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

andy hoffman -- mugwump, 14:42:29 05/16/17 Tue [1]

And of course, cap them – again, via prototypical “Cartel Herald” algorithm – at the “2:15 AM” EST open of the ultra-thin London “pre-market” paper trading session, for the 839th time in the past 958 trading days; particularly when, for the second straight day, gold threatens to re-capture its 200-week moving average of $1,239/oz.

Which I assure you, will eventually be re-taken – particularly in light of last weeks, I kid you not, largest-ever hedge fund dumping of paper gold. Yet again, after having been suckered by the “commercials” (i.e. Cartel) – who as I write, are aggressively covering their shorts. Oh, and did I mention that nearly 5% of all COMEX-registered gold was withdrawn yesterday? Or that Chinese physical silver premiums, care of the past month’s blatant COMEX paper raids, have surged to $1.30/oz? Or that, joining Peru and Mexico before it, the world’s fourth largest silver producer, Chile, announced that first quarter silver production plunged 26% year-over-year?

Yes, my friends, “unprecedented catastrophe” is the best way I can describe what’s coming; ostensibly, entirely due to the handiwork of a few hundred Central bankers over the past four decades – since they all sat silently when Richard Nixon abandoned the gold standard, commencing history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme. Which sadly, is collapsing as we speak, more rapidly with each passing day.


Last edited by author: Tue May 16, 2017 14:53:47   Edited 1 time.

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individual NR's don't mean much -- mugwump, 13:19:15 05/16/17 Tue [1]

without a NR, i can't post it
it looks like globex is doing nothing when in fact, they're moving
re: nystar- the last i heard they were reopening the mine

Last edited by author: Tue May 16, 2017 13:20:17   Edited 1 time.

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Khalkos-Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 13:11:47 05/16/17 Tue [1]

Not sure. Individually, all of these releases don't mean much. I think the real catalyst will be Nyrstar resuming production. I don't now what is taking so long with that one. I hope my patience will be rewarded before the zinc price drops below $1.10 per pound and their royalty drops from 1.4% to 1%.

[ Edit | View ]

Second day gold up and my portfolio in the red -- SilverFox, 12:44:21 05/16/17 Tue [1]

Two days in a row of seeing red on my portfolio.. Ouch!!!

[ Edit | View ]

hey coral- what is this nonsense? -- mugwump, 12:26:44 05/16/17 Tue [1]

globex options off a property to khalkos and no press release
is that CEO asleep or what??

[ Edit | View ]

metalla acquires more royalties -- mugwump, 11:15:17 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

why the owner of 49% of abitibi is priced at 21 centavos@mugwamp -- BUFFORD, 10:34:38 05/16/17 Tue [1]

the biggest problem with GLVMF as far as I can tell is that any US investor like me who has their Schwab GLVMF shares in the "street name" leaves those shares available for the Houdini 100 toss shares at the bid by any of the Canadian brokers that Schwab uses . They are willing to take the risk that there will be shares available if you would decide to sell. Is it illegal ......sure but like McEwen sez its better to concentrate on your biz plan.

It will work out in the long run for golden valley shareholders but if I can't get any more for what I want to pay then I'll just keep buying more RZZ.

I like Ian Balls business plan............if there is a financial benefit to McEwen & Mullen for combining both companies it will happen. I'm guessing, but I'd bet Mullen has told more Canadian brokers to fuck themselves than any mining ceo out there........ever.

[ Edit | View ]

sarama...i don't invest in hitchhikers...thanks anyway -- AZAU, 10:24:21 05/16/17 Tue [1]

Savary is doing a lot of work...someone has to, to develop a deposit. jmvho.

[ Edit | View ]

it kinda looks like acacia and teranga are going to be fighting over -- mugwump, 10:22:34 05/16/17 Tue [1]

who gets sarama
semafo of course, is an outside possibility
but hey who knows
edv is lurking in the region too

Last edited by author: Tue May 16, 2017 10:24:24   Edited 1 time.

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Az mining....definitely not a silver play...perhaps zinc? -- AZAU, 10:22:18 05/16/17 Tue [1]

EPA and environmentalists might have something to say about this play....haven't heard anything, but will look into the AZ ruminations if any.

[ Edit | View ]

azau -- mugwump, 10:18:18 05/16/17 Tue [1]

savary has a jv with sarama but sarama has a LOT MORE
i'm surprised you haven't bought it

[ Edit | View ]

sarama...looks like the ol' "neighborhood" play to moi... -- AZAU, 10:13:32 05/16/17 Tue [1]

but I do hold SCA, as a matter of disclosure.

[ Edit | View ]

why sarama's new acquisition is pivotal -- mugwump, 10:08:28 05/16/17 Tue [1]

There are now FOUR, 100% owned properties surrounding #GoldenHill for $TGZ ( #Bondi + the #ThreeBee properties announced in this NR).
- It's very clear that IF further discoveries are made at #GoldenHill, $TGZ is going to have to 'do something' with $SWA (ie. strategic investment, takeout, etc.)
- $SWA has A LOT of opportunity for further exploration potential here. Unfortunately, rainy season is coming soon. But I think this solidies the combination of #consolidation / #exploration as value drivers for the company
- $SCA (Savary) has nothing to do with all of these new properties. #Karankasso is very important to both companies...but this further emphasizes how strategic #Bondi was in the first place, with this #ThreeBee announcements
- And as part of the #ThreeBee, #Botoro (the new one) is especially key, as it's adjacent to #SouthHounde, the #1 property for $SWA that $ACA.L is earning-into at the moment. This further emphasizes the possibility of a bidding war between $ACA.L and $TGZ (let alone other players, because $SMF is in this mix and perhaps purposefully not included in the map), if ANY major further #exploration is achieved.

BOTTOM LINE: I think announcements have been slower than expected for $SWA. But this is a BIG one, and I look forward to progress in this area. (*Disclosure - I am a very biased shareholder of $SWA & $TGZ, with a small position in $SCA as well) ~AUfrica #index


Last edited by author: Tue May 16, 2017 10:12:03   Edited 1 time.

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arizona mining picks up $110 million -- mugwump, 09:36:38 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

sarama acquisition -- mugwump, 09:33:28 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

khalkos completes acquisition of property from globex -- mugwump, 09:16:18 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

The-Vet -- Frustrated, 08:21:11 05/16/17 Tue [1]

thanks much!

[ Edit | View ]

k92 production -- mugwump, 07:43:43 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

it's really annoying that these miners keep changing their names -- mugwump, 07:21:03 05/16/17 Tue [1]

it doesn't change their crummy results

[ Edit | View ]

newcastle gold drill results -- mugwump, 07:19:55 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

liberty gold ( pilot gold) drill results -- mugwump, 07:19:00 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

eastmain drill results -- mugwump, 07:17:17 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

probe drill results -- mugwump, 07:13:48 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

timmins prefeasibility -- mugwump, 07:11:41 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

bonterra drill results -- mugwump, 07:10:28 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

red eagle qtr -- mugwump, 07:07:12 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Bufford...Barrick -- Skinee, 06:38:28 05/16/17 Tue [1]

Yes that is probably true, I held a large position in Barrick off and on for years, just holding 4000 shares now. I used to go to the annual meetings but have not gone in some time. The trouble with Barrick is they just kept issuing shares to finance, and now they have too many diluting the price. As far as I am concerned they could do a 2 for one and still have plenty for liquidity.

[ Edit | View ]

golden arrow 43-101 -- mugwump, 03:57:15 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

roxgold $23 million CASH flow -- mugwump, 03:53:50 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

iamgold drill results -- mugwump, 03:34:44 05/16/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Frus - unhappy cats -- The-Vet, 02:04:06 05/16/17 Tue [1]

If the cat can be handled by the owner then most can be restrained by wrapping the cat. You need a strong fabric (or even a large towel will suffice) and the cat is placed diagonally so it can be wrapped tightly with only the head showing. In a very hard to handle cat it can be done in a swift single motion by rolling the cat to keep all the legs inside the wrap. Many hard to handle cats become more docile when wrapped and they rarely struggle or attempt to escape if firmly wrapped. It's a good way to restrain cats to give it pills as well. If necessary the cat can be sedated by injection once it is restrained in this way.


This series misses out one essential step. The towel must be folded at the head side so that the edge is under the chin and covers the front paws to avoid the cat crawling forward out of the wrap. Once that is done simply fold over the side and back and roll the towel, cat and all into a neat package with only the head out.

Last edited by author: Tue May 16, 2017 02:12:45   Edited 1 time.

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GDXJ holdings -- kuston, 21:35:28 05/15/17 Mon [1]

Riddle me this gold bugs -
GDXJ ADDED to their holdings projected # sold/# sold)

Silvercorp Metals(12,512,808/-41,941)
China Gold International(17,708,148/-185,300)
Premier Gold Mines(11,398,517/-162,856)
Wesdome Gold Mines(8,384,822/-232,000)
Westgold Resources(14,100,313/-217,844)
Terranga Gold(7,104,491/-92,267)
Beadell Resources(76,134,031/-169,624)

[ Edit | View ]

The-Vet -- Frustrated, 21:04:43 05/15/17 Mon [1]

ok...can you tell me this

what does a vet typically do with a "very aggressive" cat
when trying to perform a general physical exam...

[ Edit | View ]

bufford- the letter from ian ball is nice and all but -- mugwump, 20:49:35 05/15/17 Mon [1]

that doesn't explain why the owner of 49% of abitibi is priced at 21 centavos

[ Edit | View ]

this Ian Ball got it right by staying away from -- BUFFORD, 20:38:48 05/15/17 Mon [1]

From Canadian brokers for $$$$$$$

It is also important not to confuse patience with inactivity and being patient doesn’t bother us. As pointed out by Warren Buffett, “I would rather be certain of a good result than hopeful of a great one”. During Berkshire Hathaway’s first ten years of existence it made only two meaningful acquisitions. Franco-Nevada made one. American Barrick and Goldcorp, after their respective discoveries were made, didn’t make a sizable acquisition for at least seven years (For full disclosure, Goldcorp did go through a restructuring in order to simplify the company’s ownership of assets).

Most acquisitions in the mining sector are value decreasing (and that’s putting it gently) for the unsuspecting shareowners of the purchasing company. Most banker meetings I have attended include a “pitch book”, which typically shows production/cash flow/resources all increasing and costs declining! What could be better? Rarely do they present a section on “Risks” or what might happen to the share price of the acquirer post announcement (this is referred to as the “settle” price). If a banker cannot state with confidence that the share price will increase for both buyer and seller, why do the deal? To paraphrase Seymour Schulich, the co-founder of Franco-Nevada, if you’re at a poker game and you can’t figure out within 30 minutes who the patsy is, you’re the patsy.

[ Edit | View ]

this Ian Ball got it right by staying away from -- BUFFORD, 20:36:59 05/15/17 Mon [1]


Last edited by author: Mon May 15, 2017 20:44:32   Edited 1 time.

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An interesting future producer Dacian Gold... -- The-Vet, 20:36:40 05/15/17 Mon [1]

DCN on the ASX. Dacian Gold is fully funded to production in a year and they commenced digging today. They are going underground from the old Westralia mine which still has most of the infrastructure intact. No rush to buy but with an AISC of under $800 US an ounce and estimated production of 186,000 ounces annually for at least 8 years they should make money. There are also a lot more brownfield projects nearby that they are exploring. The system is known as the Mt Morgans project in Western Australia not to be confused with Mt Morgan in Queensland.

Last edited by author: Mon May 15, 2017 20:37:53   Edited 1 time.

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this Ian Ball got it right by staying away from -- BUFFORD, 20:33:41 05/15/17 Mon [1]


Last edited by author: Mon May 15, 2017 20:34:14   Edited 1 time.

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Skinee....from Ian Balls letter to shareholders -- BUFFORD, 20:30:01 05/15/17 Mon [1]

I want to leave you with some M&A (merger and acquisitions) thoughts that were shared by Peter Munk, founder of Barrick, at that company’s Annual General Meeting a year before he stepped down as Chairman. His words left a considerable impression on me. Mr. Munk outlined how in the early 1990’s Barrick (then known as American Barrick) owned the best mine in the western hemisphere (if not the world) in Goldstrike, which is located in Nevada’s Carlin Trend. Barrick was riding high, producing 2 million ounces annually from that one property. However, Barrick then went out and acquired Lac Minerals. This was followed by the acquisition of Arequipa Resources, Sutton Resources, Homestake Mining, Placer Dome and finally Equinox Minerals. The company spent billions building new mines in the Dominican Republic and the high Andes during this time, among other locations. Mr. Munk concluded by saying that if only he had placed his feet on his desk in 1990 and done nothing for the next 25 years, Barrick’s share price would be higher today (you can argue much higher).

[ Edit | View ]

Frus - Sorry but -- The-Vet, 20:27:19 05/15/17 Mon [1]

I haven't practiced for a long time.. When I started a standard consultation was $2.00 ....

[ Edit | View ]

lundin gold working on fructa del norte project -- mugwump, 19:45:02 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

banro still losing dough -- mugwump, 19:37:48 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

The-Vet -- Frustrated, 19:07:18 05/15/17 Mon [1]

I know it varies widely by vet clinic, but do you have an
average cost range for a cat for:

Chem panel

and what would be a cost to sedate an aggressive cat to
be able to examine them?

asking for a friend of mine

[ Edit | View ]

reading over the Trumplestiltskin it says in 2020 -- BUFFORD, 18:48:08 05/15/17 Mon [1]

medicare will end as it is today (meaning paying 80%)

sez in 2020 planned medicare cuts will be $890 billion

if its true that 10000 workers a day will retire until the end of the next decade someone is going to be getting a good fuckaroo

[ Edit | View ]

tommy o silver cathes a bid -- BUFFORD, 18:39:11 05/15/17 Mon [1]

55 mins starts after the close


[ Edit | View ]

can you spell free?? -- mugwump, 17:00:25 05/15/17 Mon [1]

free shares- thanks

[ Edit | View ]

Carmack - yea, have at it Mr Moderator -- APOLLO, 16:21:37 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Bannerman Resources -- CoralCalcium, 16:12:50 05/15/17 Mon [1]

Bought Bannerman. .0327 cents US. (Uranium in Australia)

[ Edit | View ]

is bonterra next? -- mugwump, 16:07:48 05/15/17 Mon [1]

up 15%

[ Edit | View ]

Apollo -- Carmack, 13:06:10 05/15/17 Mon [1]

Tsk -You say "pound sand" ! That's not very nice and sounds a lot like incitement to moi. Maybe u deserve to have your name put on the warning list Mr Apollo !

[ Edit | View ]

andy hoffman -- mugwump, 12:38:48 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Carmack - see how little I post on this site - pound sand, I have nothing to do with your problem -- APOLLO, 12:32:48 05/15/17 Mon [1]

Have never been, nor will I ever be, a moderator

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globex up 5.9% -- mugwump, 10:59:17 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Apollo -- Carmack, 10:55:36 05/15/17 Mon [1]

Check the date ! U can remove my name from the S-list now !

[ Edit | View ]

rye patch up 10% -- mugwump, 10:52:51 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

red eagle up 9% -- mugwump, 10:47:05 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Gold up PM shares not doing anything -- SilverFox, 10:23:12 05/15/17 Mon [1]

Once again we had a nice open and pop up in the share prices of the producers. Yet again as the morning continues if they cannot take the paper price of gold and silver down they work on the shares. So we cannot win no matter what happens. Very rigged game here and yet we play..

[ Edit | View ]

Finally moving -- APOLLO, 10:16:23 05/15/17 Mon [1]

Teranga Gold Corp
TSE: TGZ - May 15, 10:00 AM EDT
3.86CAD0.20 (5.46%)

[ Edit | View ]

Integra up 50% -- ROAN, 10:12:12 05/15/17 Mon [1]

All good. EGO down though. To be expected. Re Globex all good.

[ Edit | View ]

Globex acquires Normetmar zinc deposit -- CoralCalcium, 09:39:39 05/15/17 Mon [1]


Here's the announcement I said was coming out at 9:30

Last edited by author: Mon May 15, 2017 09:40:16   Edited 1 time.

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ha ha coral- globex is making money on this deal -- mugwump, 09:25:37 05/15/17 Mon [1]

they can now become a holder of ego shares or CASH out

[ Edit | View ]

ha ha yahoo now offering advice on gold miners -- mugwump, 09:24:13 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Globex press release -- CoralCalcium, 09:22:18 05/15/17 Mon [1]

The good news is that Globex will be releasing a press release in 10 minutes, at 9:30. The bad news is that Integra has not been concentrating on drilling the portion of their property that they optioned from Globex. Hopefully that will change when EGO takes over, as they will have deeper pockets to drill the entire property. It is not a large area, so I don't think it will be consequential IMO.

[ Edit | View ]

evrim options property to antofagasta -- mugwump, 09:17:20 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

disparity between paper and physical is $14 -- mugwump, 09:12:05 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

new gold to buy parlanes property for $2.5 million -- mugwump, 09:08:07 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

rye patch sells royalty for $5 million- ha ha ha -- mugwump, 09:02:36 05/15/17 Mon [1]

CDE shoulda bought it years ago
what a bunch of fools

[ Edit | View ]

gold up $7 on a monday?? -- mugwump, 08:59:20 05/15/17 Mon [1]

rare really rare- something is definitely going on

[ Edit | View ]

well skinee predicted this big gold reset -- mugwump, 08:49:16 05/15/17 Mon [1]

nice going skinee

[ Edit | View ]

marlin gold drill results -- mugwump, 08:41:56 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

wow!! globex news is huge -- mugwump, 08:40:44 05/15/17 Mon [1]

thanks coral

[ Edit | View ]

Globex - Donald Property -- CoralCalcium, 08:29:29 05/15/17 Mon [1]

Globex also sold their Donald property to Integra in 2012 They received $175,000. PLUS they got 250,000 shares of Integra stock, AND will receive a 3% GROSS royalty on the property.


[ Edit | View ]

Integra - Globex -- CoralCalcium, 08:22:49 05/15/17 Mon [1]


Integra has an option on one of Globex's properties in Quebec. It is for a 1% GROSS royalty. Globex also owns another property inside Integra's Lamaque district which is entirely surrounded by Integras's Lamaque property.

[ Edit | View ]

salazar drill results -- mugwump, 08:05:01 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

abitibi royalties annual letter- gzz owns 49% -- mugwump, 07:59:49 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

silver mine supply crumbles -- mugwump, 07:49:17 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

newmont/goldstrike yukon deal update -- mugwump, 07:47:48 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

is first mining undervalued? -- mugwump, 07:45:20 05/15/17 Mon [1]

well duh...

[ Edit | View ]

kirkland lake to buy 10% of its shares -- mugwump, 07:08:53 05/15/17 Mon [1]

way undervalued

[ Edit | View ]

commercials covering shorts like hell!! -- mugwump, 07:06:38 05/15/17 Mon [1]

can you spell rally??

[ Edit | View ]

of course with integra gone -- mugwump, 06:59:33 05/15/17 Mon [1]

that puts the spotlite on other juniors like sabina, sandspring,pure gold, continental etc

[ Edit | View ]

roan re: integra -- mugwump, 06:56:23 05/15/17 Mon [1]

well the play would be to sell integra and buy ego since integra is gonna go up and ego is gonna go down today

i did that with the mariana/sandstorm deal too

Last edited by author: Mon May 15, 2017 06:57:52   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

Mugs EGO Integra -- ROAN, 06:45:23 05/15/17 Mon [1]

I own them both so do I win? I did not see that one coming. Did not think EGO was shopping at home. Another one bites the dust.

[ Edit | View ]

northern vertex update -- mugwump, 06:38:11 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

ego to buy integra -- mugwump, 03:07:11 05/15/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Well Bugs -- Skinee, 16:53:57 05/14/17 Sun [1]

Don;t tell me you don't believe the info I posted, tell the world gold council that is operated by the most prominent gold miners in the world like Barrick and Newmont etc.
Personally I believe them long before the bullshit doom and gloom end of the world sites you guys post from.

The big reset in gold is near, the dollar is worthless, buy gold now.....

[ Edit | View ]

elon is trippy according to mueller -- BUFFORD, 16:18:43 05/14/17 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Greg Weldon likes gold here 18 mins in -- BUFFORD, 13:56:50 05/14/17 Sun [1]


Last edited by author: Sun May 14, 2017 16:19:26   Edited 1 time.

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dineez battery play slipping away -- BUFFORD, 13:55:33 05/14/17 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Gold demand down 18% -- Skinee, -- Pyrite, 13:02:40 05/14/17 Sun [1]

"from last year’s .....EXCEPTIONAL...... high"

Guess you missed that part.

But.... no you didn't.

[ Edit | View ]

JPM 600 million ounces -- CoralCalcium, -- Ben, 12:17:00 05/14/17 Sun [1]

that is my assumption.The circus goes on.Banks job to maintain stable prices. a range of pricing like anything else will be sought after .

Above 900 and below 1700 with maybe a bit of overshoot on either end

crypto currencies are making it easier for Govt to keep a lid on gold price as money looking for an alternative to govt currencies are Now at least partially going to cryptos and not gold and silver

[ Edit | View ]

JPM 600 million ounces -- CoralCalcium, 11:55:49 05/14/17 Sun [1]

Of course they are working with the government. They are one and the same. The silver is being accumulated for the sole purpose of making it easier to control the price of silver, and never allowing it to go up in any meaningful way. At least that's the way I see it. I just don't see how silver can ever break loose, unless the COMEX goes down, and I just don't see that happening either.

[ Edit | View ]

how does Ted Butler know that -- BUFFORD, 10:27:18 05/14/17 Sun [1]

those JPM 600 million silver ozs doesn't belong the govee ?

Last edited by author: Sun May 14, 2017 11:10:56   Edited 1 time.

[ Edit | View ]

pure gold article -- mugwump, 08:58:09 05/14/17 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

hi skinee -- mugwump, 07:36:49 05/14/17 Sun [1]

the figures in your link are incorrect
china imported over 1300 tonnes all by itself

[ Edit | View ]

Gold demand down 18% -- Skinee, 07:07:02 05/14/17 Sun [1]


[ Edit | View ]

egon von greyerz -- mugwump, 03:54:47 05/14/17 Sun [1]

China started accumulating gold seriously in 2008, during the Great Financial Crisis. They knew what was coming and they knew that the Western financial system would not survive the massive money printing that the West had embarked on in their futile attempts to save the system. The Chinese also know that the 2006-9 crisis was just a rehearsal. This is why they have increased their gold holdings substantially since then.

Of the Silk Road countries, only India and Turkey had substantial holdings at the beginning of the crisis in 2006 of just below 2,000 tonnes in total. China started buying gold on a bigger scale in 2008. Since then China has accumulated a substantial 15,000 tonnes. The total purchases of the four Silk Road countries, China, India, Russia and Turkey since 2005 has been 27,400 tonnes. This means that 4 countries have in the last 12 years absorbed all the gold mine production in the world. These countries totally understand the uncontrollable risks in the global financial system and they also know that gold is the best protection against these risks.

Investors should follow the wisdom of the East and continue to accumulate gold and silver at the current very advantageous prices. There is no doubt in my mind that in the next few years, gold and silver will be multiples of today’s price.

Egon von Greyerz

[ Edit | View ]

The Vet. -- Zeus, 01:53:25 05/14/17 Sun [1]

U said " No genuine hedger would hit the market at the most
illiquid time with massive sell orders. It's manipulation pure
and simple but clearly it is either tolerated or encouraged by
higher powers."

As usual, you, sir, are 100% correct.

Written with a cogent understanding of the faxts, and in a
clear and precise manner.

Everyone should bookmark your response!

Especially the skinny one.


[ Edit | View ]

Gold-Futures Shorting Attacks -- The-Vet, 22:03:48 05/13/17 Sat [1]

What Adam Hamilton seems to avoid is any mention of position limits which are strictly enforced for most commodities but are only applied in the PM futures to the non commercials and speculators. The argument that is put forward is that the commercials are hedging and therefore should be exempt from the position limit rules applied to the rest of the market participants is clearly false. No genuine hedger would hit the market at the most illiquid time with massive sell orders. It's manipulation pure and simple but clearly it is either tolerated or encouraged by higher powers.
Even if there was a buyer with the funds available to take on one of these attacks it is clear he would run into a position limit infringement simply by buying a small portion of the short positions offered.

Last edited by author: Sat May 13, 2017 22:09:57   Edited 2 times.

[ Edit | View ]

leibovit said in order for a bitcoin to be worth more than gold -- BUFFORD, 16:38:45 05/13/17 Sat [1]

each bit coin would have to be valued at $347,000.

sez only $39 billion in total shit coinage vs $6.7 trillion in gold according to WGC


Last edited by author: Sun May 14, 2017 10:31:42   Edited 2 times.

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