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andy sez in todays commodity rap up that gold -- BUFFORD, 20:21:47 03/28/17 Tue [1]

has to clear 1265 quick


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based on the options data I posted... -- Frustrated, 19:28:38 03/28/17 Tue [1]

a good chunk of the calls at the $1225 strike were put on
in January at $21.30 ...it's never as simple as looking at the
current contract price...another $10 drop would make
"those calls" equal to about what they were put on at...

PS don't ask me why, ask WileE, but the key first day
notice date is always the Futures first day notice, last
day to roll things over...(Friday)

some of the POG equities are trading where they were at $1218 (or less)

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Market -- Ben, 19:20:49 03/28/17 Tue [1]

still sitting on the side lines.. more risk to downside IMO

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Norwester - you could be right -- APOLLO, 17:42:39 03/28/17 Tue [1]

but if you look at the option numbers Frustrated posted last night, would thing at a minimum they will fight to hold $1250ish until after Thursday

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Hard to believe that the 'boyz' won't try to at least achieve.... -- Norwester, 17:13:14 03/28/17 Tue [1]

.....a .618 Fib target around $1280. in that they're relatively close at this point....But, maybe today's high around $1263. will prove to be somewhat of a 'double top' on the charts and we'll head south from here ??? I dunno...seems they usually make it to a target area FIRST before sucking in more players ahead of a big drop....Lots of folks are sitting there with BUY orders at $1265. and $1266. and so forth....maybe they get "picked up" on a move up to $1280. before an equally quick collapse ????


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santa cruz sells property to first majestic -- mugwump, 16:50:25 03/28/17 Tue [1]

pays off some debts

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They didn't exactly get their pound of flesh -- APOLLO, 16:16:21 03/28/17 Tue [1]

think they're done?? place your bets. First day notice is Thursday

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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 15:27:52 03/28/17 Tue [1]

March is typically a low B/D number ...April and May high numbers...

but I haven't really seen the B/D number factor in much relative to the
final number reported

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Frustrated - what does the B/D model look like for March? -- APOLLO, 15:18:55 03/28/17 Tue [1]

my recollection was that this was the worst month for UE adjustments

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kirkland jacks up resources -- mugwump, 15:05:07 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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Uh oh - next leg down comin up -- APOLLO, 14:52:32 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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Yea, GG's lookin like a real leader today -- APOLLO, 14:46:35 03/28/17 Tue [1]

Not! Ever See Chevy Chase XMas Vacation when he greases the sled??

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Scotland to get 2nd Independence Referendum -- Zeus, 14:36:17 03/28/17 Tue [1]

from ZH --- GBP and Euro down -0.9% & -0.6% respectively.

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GG -- Frustrated, 14:28:20 03/28/17 Tue [1]

next down 14.80

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USD on a tear. -- Zeus, 14:14:06 03/28/17 Tue [1]

Darn Dollar --- up 0.5% today.
Really got a kick along since last look, prior was 0.24%

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It all worked in their favor - highest Consumer Confidence in 20 years this morning -- APOLLO, 14:10:39 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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roxgold to toronto stock exchange -- mugwump, 14:05:07 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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Gold -- CoralCalcium, 14:02:33 03/28/17 Tue [1]

Maybe they are gunning for sub $1,250 so the $1,250 strike "calls" that were $7.10 yesterday and even higher this morning, expire worthless. Just another routine con job by the unsupervised crooks.

Last edited by author: Tue March 28, 2017 14:04:14   Edited 1 time.

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Yea, you knew this was coming -- APOLLO, 14:01:42 03/28/17 Tue [1]

they absolutely drilled the shares out of the gate & now having their way with the Sheeple

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GLD. -- Zeus, 13:57:16 03/28/17 Tue [1]

Bumped up against the 200 SMA twice --- late Feb, again yesterday.

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timberrrrrr -- APOLLO, 13:56:24 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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GDX. -- Zeus, 13:49:44 03/28/17 Tue [1]

GDX flag --- and wedged firmly between 20ema and 50sma

Note the flag's volume on UP days is more than DOWN days.
imho, it's probably a low-risk buy here, with a Stop below
the recent low. Don't want to see 22.50 - 22.45 busted.

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Frustrated - or, as the thing doesn't go down -- APOLLO, 13:46:42 03/28/17 Tue [1]

then they really scramble to cover.

That's why I say, today is a buy

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FWIW --- finviz now has BTC charts & quotes -- Zeus, 13:39:24 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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I have had no problems buying cheap OTM nearby calls, -- The-Vet, 13:06:20 03/28/17 Tue [1]

so there is nobody expecting a quick reversal in the PM stocks. I have a "pot boiler" trade scheme where I sell nearby ATM covered calls in liquid stock options on the spikes and then cover quickly (or in the next few days) by buying them back on the dips at about half that I sold them for. A very low risk trade as long as you don't get silly and sell the calls naked.

Last edited by author: Tue March 28, 2017 13:07:58   Edited 1 time.

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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 12:06:00 03/28/17 Tue [1]

thing is ...as the metal goes down they "may" cover their shorts
on the gold stocks...

that's why gold stocks lead or lag POG...and can be difficult
to trade based on POG...

da boys rule...until they don't

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So, if they get this rockin - this could become a pretty serious sell-off -- APOLLO, 11:58:49 03/28/17 Tue [1]

Hmm - by this, I mean the metal

Last edited by author: Tue March 28, 2017 11:59:06   Edited 1 time.

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Frustrated - yep. that's the one -- APOLLO, 11:57:03 03/28/17 Tue [1]

has to be their target. If they get some momo down, the Specs will scatter

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Hathaway isn't any smarter than anybody here.... -- BUFFORD, 11:56:58 03/28/17 Tue [1]

pre 1900 gold peak Hathaway's largest gold stock position in his Touqethrill gold fund was GORO. Hathaway's geologist must have given him the green lite to take an over sized position as there was never any resource to support 200k to 225K gold oz production at the time ...only drill results.
Hathaway or his geologist had to see Hoch's on site geologist reports supporting the same kind of production numbers.
Jim Puplava mentioned on one of his shows that his paid geologist had visited the GORO property. (it may been Keith Baron but I'm not a 100% sure)

so you had 3 geologists who visited the the GORO mine site and said the gravy was there to support the production numbers that were being yacked about in that time frame.

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APOLLO... -- Frustrated, 11:41:47 03/28/17 Tue [1]

the one at 116.25?

PS that was the "day" IAG went from 3.36 to 3.92

Last edited by author: Tue March 28, 2017 11:45:13   Edited 1 time.

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worlds largest containership -- Skinee, 11:38:04 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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There is a GLD Gap that is pretty pronounced -- APOLLO, 11:37:51 03/28/17 Tue [1]

was left a couple weeks ago - my guess is they are gunning for that

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Share price Outer Limits -- Gspot, 11:37:12 03/28/17 Tue [1]

It takes a day like today to remind me that sometimes the share prices are completely irrelevant to the POG. They control the vertical and the horizontal.


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APOLLO... -- Frustrated, 11:29:15 03/28/17 Tue [1]

I'm buying...and selling...and buying...etc

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Frustrated - yea I saw it -- APOLLO, 11:25:11 03/28/17 Tue [1]

If we get the seasonal run & we have traveled familiar patterns since Nov. this should be bought

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XRA.... -- Frustrated, 11:14:41 03/28/17 Tue [1]

/.12 currently puts GG at 14.91

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raja- premier had a great earnings report -- mugwump, 11:13:08 03/28/17 Tue [1]

other than that, i don't recommend you buy anything

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mugwump -- Raja, 10:42:44 03/28/17 Tue [1]

Most likely, by the end of the day I will have some proceeds from these sales. Any other stock (current remaining holding or a new one) would you recommend for investing these proceeds in the next week or two? Or should I just hold on to the cash for a while? Thanks again.

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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 10:38:10 03/28/17 Tue [1]

I take it you saw the numbers I posted for options...da boys
never play nice when money is at stake...

PS the question is, does the pressure continue up to 1st day notice?

Last edited by author: Tue March 28, 2017 11:01:52   Edited 1 time.

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Very clear attempt to take the metal down this morning -- APOLLO, 10:27:30 03/28/17 Tue [1]

by beating on the shares

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raja- well kiska is being taken out by aurico -- mugwump, 10:18:28 03/28/17 Tue [1]

i would sell battle mountain, gran columbia and silver bull
also southern silver just to clean things up

Last edited by author: Tue March 28, 2017 10:19:12   Edited 1 time.

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GG - uhg -- APOLLO, 10:15:48 03/28/17 Tue [1]

Dog sled city

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Mugwump -- Skinee, 10:10:37 03/28/17 Tue [1]

I was just reading up on Sabina and they does not have final approvals yet, more to come in May. Anyway as usual with many startups it is at the mercy of a government, the concerns over wildlife (caribou) and fuel supply could hinder operations further. If the government indicates any unwillingness the stock could come down quicker than a whores pants.


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mugwump -- Raja, 10:08:02 03/28/17 Tue [1]

I need some suggestions. Usually, you have been my primary source of ideas. At the present time, I have the following:
Battle mountain gold; Southern silver corp.; Gran Columbia gold; Orosur mining; Silver Bull resources; Roxgold Inc.; Colorado Resources; Silvercorp metals; Kiska Metals; Gold Standard Ventures; Argonaut Metals; IDM Mining; Sabina gold & silver; Great Panther Silver; American Silver corp.; B2Gold; Sandstorm Gold; First Majestic Silver; Teranga gold; JNUG; GSS; NUGT; EXK; Alexco Resources; Kinross Gold; Excellon Resources; Jaguar Miming; Caledonis Mining; Impact Silver Corp.; Globex; Puregold Mining; Sarama Resources.

What I wish to do is to sell some of them and invest in others; and/or sell some and replace with better ones. I simply don't want to stay invested in THAT many companies for the simplest of reasons: too many to follow at my age.

If you had to reduce the number of companies you have invested in, which ones would you get rid of; which ones you would replace them with? You get my drift. Thanks for being there for us all.

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Any dips today should be bought -- APOLLO, 09:39:52 03/28/17 Tue [1]

Always looking for a little more IAG

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bgm drill results -- mugwump, 09:14:22 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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skinee exeter has been a takeover candidate for a few years -- mugwump, 09:05:55 03/28/17 Tue [1]

now, i'll hold onto the gg shares
buy some sbb- it's going next
that's sabina gold and silver

Last edited by author: Tue March 28, 2017 09:06:56   Edited 1 time.

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redstar to start drilling -- mugwump, 09:04:21 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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Mugwump -- Skinee, 09:01:05 03/28/17 Tue [1]

I see Goldcorp is buying Exeter Resources, I never heard of Exeter.

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come on skinee -- mugwump, 08:44:51 03/28/17 Tue [1]

the dollar will hold on to 1% of its current valuation
don't be so pessimistic- lol!!

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well, you can kiss xra goodbye -- mugwump, 08:43:40 03/28/17 Tue [1]

i suspect that sbb is next

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majors FINALLY get off their asses -- mugwump, 08:38:36 03/28/17 Tue [1]

joint venture between gg/abx

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The big gold reset is coming -- Skinee, 08:38:22 03/28/17 Tue [1]

the American dollar is going to be worthless.
There...nobody posted that for a while and it was overdue.

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holy cow- bonanza grades at windfall -- mugwump, 08:34:30 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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wow!! gg to acquire xra -- mugwump, 08:31:07 03/28/17 Tue [1]

67% premium
yeah baby

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wesdome has been a consistent winner -- mugwump, 07:55:16 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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gold is 13% undervalued right now -- mugwump, 07:30:05 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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gmv drill results -- mugwump, 07:19:09 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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galway drill results -- mugwump, 07:17:22 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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disparity between paper and physical is $13 -- mugwump, 07:15:50 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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gold up 8% in china yoy -- mugwump, 07:09:42 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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james turk -- mugwump, 06:46:29 03/28/17 Tue [1]

Central banks only have one objective. They want their currencies to look good relative to gold. Unfortunately, central banks no longer follow time-tested prudent central banking practices to manage a sound currency – as was the case during the classical gold standard era. Instead, they try to make their currencies look good by capping the gold price. Central banks recognize, as most of the world recognizes, that the gold price is the barometer that measures how well, or as has now been the case for decades, how poorly central banks are doing in preserving the purchasing power of the currency they issue.

So here is how investors can take advantage of the central bank con, Eric. Forget about what happens in the paper markets. Focus instead on physical gold, and in this regard, 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for gold, and the same thing can be said for silver as well. But the really great news is this: Because of the central bank con, the prices of both gold and silver are still remarkably undervalued. So all you have to do as an investor is to accumulate as much physical gold and silver as you can before the prices radically explode to the upside.”…


Last edited by author: Tue March 28, 2017 06:47:05   Edited 1 time.

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jeffrey christian- the gold bottom is in -- mugwump, 06:42:27 03/28/17 Tue [1]


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Wouldn't one think that both of these sites could get the price of crude correct ? -- Carmack, 22:45:33 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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only partially awake (not feeling well) so someone may want to verify... -- Frustrated, 19:52:32 03/27/17 Mon [1]

April Options - just a taste...
@the $1200 strike call OI 3745, settle $37.46 -- put IO 7412., settle $0.10
@the $1225 strike call OI 8390, settle $30.70 -- put IO 6062., settle $0.10
@the $1250 strike call OI 7166, settle $7.10 -- put IO 1930., settle $1.40

Last edited by author: Mon March 27, 2017 19:54:15   Edited 1 time.

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the bizness grils in Eureka County wil lbe getting -- BUFFORD, 19:51:50 03/27/17 Mon [1]

their teeth fixed with McEwen's new 120 mining jobs in Nevada ..............no more charity work


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disparity between paper and physical is $18 -- mugwump, 19:25:04 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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aem picks up $220 million -- mugwump, 19:15:23 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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osisko gets ok to bulk sample windfall -- mugwump, 19:13:44 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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Bix Weir video -- CoralCalcium, 18:29:33 03/27/17 Mon [1]

If anyone missed the video posted earlier today by Philbond007, go back and watch it. Probably the most informative and educational video about silver's history that you will ever watch. It would be my guess that JP Morgan has accumulated 600-700 million ounces over the past few years to not only protect themselves, but to use it to continue the rigging of the silver market as long as possible. Not my hope obviously, but my guess.

Last edited by author: Mon March 27, 2017 18:32:53   Edited 1 time.

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Never knew we made a gimongous magnet out of silver, thanks -- Jasper, 17:46:14 03/27/17 Mon [1]

Lot of silver, hope it is mostly gone.

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Wonder what Disney thinks of this - he used to trade gold based on the Rand -- APOLLO, 17:01:16 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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CC Yep -- ROAN, 16:53:48 03/27/17 Mon [1]

needed some cash for a real estate transaction.

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Get by Yellen tomorrow & this stuff feels like its about to pop higher -- APOLLO, 15:15:21 03/27/17 Mon [1]

bought some more IAG on the mid-day pull back & some NUGT - fingers crossed.

Silvers are leading

Last edited by author: Mon March 27, 2017 15:28:15   Edited 2 times.

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Silver is the key -- CoralCalcium, 14:59:38 03/27/17 Mon [1]

I like that silver has outperformed gold today on a 2-1 ratio. In a true bull market it should outperform between 2-1 and 4-1 IMO. With the giant short position, I'm not sure if this rise can continue, but once in a while everyone gets fooled. I sure hope this is that "once in a while".

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Frustrated -- CoralCalcium, 14:26:21 03/27/17 Mon [1]

Oh, you're right. I was thinking 31 grams in an ounce instead of 16 ounces in a pound. Duh. $288 x 178 = $51,264

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CC -- Frustrated, 14:08:19 03/27/17 Mon [1]

81kg = 178.574 lbs = so about half that amount?

Last edited by author: Mon March 27, 2017 14:09:36   Edited 1 time.

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Ag ROAN -- CoralCalcium, 13:57:45 03/27/17 Mon [1]

That's a $100,000 transaction if my math is correct.

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Ag -- ROAN, 13:46:03 03/27/17 Mon [1]

feel a bit light headed just sold 81 kg of silver. Good profit. Now it can go down again.

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"why hide your name" - BUFFORD -- CoralCalcium, 13:45:47 03/27/17 Mon [1]

That may be part of the instructions given to the investment firm by RZZ regarding their share buybacks. They may not want to "show their hand". The 800 share block is the only one showing both sides. Who knows what the motives of these guys are anyway unless you're on the inside. I am VERY comfortable having accumulated GZZ last week all the way down to 24+ cents US per share. Heck I'm almost even now.

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yellen speaking again tomorrow -- APOLLO, 13:25:12 03/27/17 Mon [1]

not much happening here - lots of other FED speak this week

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Bix Weir video - Philbond007 -- -- Frustrated, 12:23:13 03/27/17 Mon [1]

yes, very interesting video...and research...

Last edited by author: Mon March 27, 2017 12:37:15   Edited 1 time.

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benton options off property that they just staked -- mugwump, 12:14:31 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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CC...looking a rzz ...all the trades are -- BUFFORD, 12:08:29 03/27/17 Mon [1]

less than 200 shares and 80% of them have anonymous on them ........typical cubicle to cubicle trading by Canadian brokers ...........why hide your name

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Golden Valley Mining - GLVMF -- CoralCalcium, 11:35:29 03/27/17 Mon [1]

Well that resolute seller last week seems to have sold out. Bargains are gone. Now you will have to pay up if you want in, although it is still cheap IMO.

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Bix Weir video - Philbond007 -- CoralCalcium, 11:28:12 03/27/17 Mon [1]

Wow. Great video.

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USD -- philbond007, 11:03:06 03/27/17 Mon [1]

Flirting w/support:

image hosting for websites

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egon von greyerz -- mugwump, 10:33:05 03/27/17 Mon [1]

Since this ominous day in August 1971, the United States has been in a state of continuous decline with escalating debts and a collapsing currency, with a standard of living that is no longer based on productivity but on credit. Let me just show the most obvious proof of this, proof that no one ever considers and which is the clearest evidence that the US is bankrupt. Since 1970, the US has had a trade deficit every year except for in 1972 and 1974. That led to a cumulative deficit of $2 trillion over 20 years, up to 1999. But then things exploded. Between 1999 and 2017 the cumulative trade deficit was $12 trillion.

Very few people realize what $12 trillion really means. So let us go back to gold. In an honest world with honest money, debts are settled with real money. And real money means that it is not just printed at a whim, instead that money represents the value of goods and services. Let’s say that the US people work for one month and produce $1.5 trillion worth of goods and services. If the government, at the same time, presses a button in a millisecond to produce the same amount of money, that money is of course worthless since the government has not delivered any goods or real services. And this is why the US and the rest of the world is living on borrowed time.

So let’s consider the consequences with a sound money system where debts are settled with real money. The trade deficit started to escalate in 1999, which was also the point when gold bottomed at $250. The $12 trillion trade deficit between 1999 and today is a lot easier to understand if it is measured in gold. Because until 1971, it would have had to be settled in gold. The average gold price since 1999 is $819 per ounce. $12 trillion at $819 per oz comes to 453,000 tonnes of gold.


Last edited by author: Mon March 27, 2017 10:34:25   Edited 1 time.

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Silver: Bix Weir most excellent video -- philbond007, 10:32:47 03/27/17 Mon [1]

Must listen for silver bugs, w/excellent data on where the silver came from for manipulation:




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it's REALLY unusual for POG to be up on a monday -- mugwump, 10:21:32 03/27/17 Mon [1]

are the fat ass bankers running low on ammo??

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PM shares cannot catch traction -- SilverFox, 10:19:03 03/27/17 Mon [1]

My portfolio has not benefited at all so far from this gold run. My shares are around the price of gold at 1180 and most are way off from the last time gold was in the 1250 area. Todays action also stinks and it looks as if the PPT is now working on taking gold and silver down.. With options expiry tomorrow we wait and see.

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disparity between paper and physical is $16 -- mugwump, 10:18:34 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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is sbb gonna get taken out? -- mugwump, 10:17:36 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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no surprise- bought more premier -- mugwump, 10:12:13 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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Silver -- philbond007, 09:57:18 03/27/17 Mon [1]

Gonna be interesting to see what happens here. Looks like $18.50-ish level has major resistance, & there doesn't appear to be any resistance till the $18.40 level:


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POG options expiry... -- Frustrated, 09:52:01 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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Metals flying -- CoralCalcium, 09:46:03 03/27/17 Mon [1]

But the metal stocks seem to be still sleeping. That figures

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Michagan pays for 4 Muslim wives -- CoralCalcium, 09:30:34 03/27/17 Mon [1]

Isn't that special. Get up, go to work all day so you can pay for others to live free off your sweat.


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Seasonals right on time -- APOLLO, 09:26:10 03/27/17 Mon [1]

& now we have the USD Anti-Trump trade kicking in too

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monarques drill results -- mugwump, 09:20:35 03/27/17 Mon [1]


[ Edit | View ]

dolly varden geophysical survey -- mugwump, 09:17:51 03/27/17 Mon [1]


Last edited by author: Mon March 27, 2017 09:19:00   Edited 1 time.

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American dollar getting a whomping this morning -- Skinee, 09:15:10 03/27/17 Mon [1]

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POG -- Frustrated, 08:54:02 03/27/17 Mon [1]

Key Monthly at 1263-1265,

Feb high ...spot 1263.89

200 day MA spot 1259

Last edited by author: Mon March 27, 2017 08:56:44   Edited 1 time.

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osisko earn in agreement with abx -- mugwump, 08:07:43 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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victoria awards engineering contracts -- mugwump, 08:05:27 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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edr 43-101 -- mugwump, 07:29:39 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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pure gold discovery -- mugwump, 07:28:35 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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disparity between paper and physical $11 -- mugwump, 03:58:30 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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entree gold spinoff -- mugwump, 03:44:58 03/27/17 Mon [1]


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yeah roan -- mugwump, 03:44:20 03/27/17 Mon [1]

i'll email you tomorrow re: dave d

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test -- Ben, 23:22:11 03/26/17 Sun [1]

[ Edit | View ]

Bufford -- ROAN, 21:43:59 03/26/17 Sun [1]

The story posted about Glen. I know about that and would say the story has been twisted a lot since it happened. Just a personal opinion.

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Mugs -- ROAN, 21:11:18 03/26/17 Sun [1]

Do you have a contact for DaveD? Remember him?

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Frustrated -- Raja -- Frustrated, 20:38:52 03/26/17 Sun [1]

no idea...have only made CS

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Harry Boxer doesn't think jnug is ready yet -- BUFFORD, 17:11:45 03/26/17 Sun [1]

18 mins for the gold & silver chatter on Leibovits show


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Pyrite............on .what if they put a big tax on any kind of gold -- BUFFORD, 17:02:42 03/26/17 Sun [1]

sales............then you'll have to check your own prostrate like Dr DeAN oDELL use to do on his radio show.

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OT.... but healthcare related. -- Pyrite, 13:30:38 03/26/17 Sun [1]

Wouldn't one think that at least SOME of the folks who are so worried about Trumbamacare costs would sock away some ...
.....GOLD ???

Huh? Wun'cha think that?

Nossah, ah ain't gots NO munny, hunny.
Gimme my Medicaid

An make it quick.

I got a ticket to Canada waiting.

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to be clear about premier -- mugwump, 12:21:39 03/26/17 Sun [1]

yeah i have a small holding but i'm gonna buy MORE next week
and if klondex goes down more, I'll buy MORE of that too

Last edited by author: Sun March 26, 2017 12:22:45   Edited 1 time.

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Glen Mullen NM article.............even he has been -- BUFFORD, 12:14:56 03/26/17 Sun [1]

screwed before.

"GM: I moved to Val-d’Or the day after graduation and started working as a prospector. I never had a classic job, I always worked as a prospector because I just liked being independent and staking claims, trying to interest someone in them, using those basic geology skills and trying to evolve different land packages into transactions that would result in exploration and testing my ideas, and so on.

After a few years there was a brokerage firm — at that time it was called Yorkton Securities — that kept coming around in 1994 and 1995, and telling me that I should take my business-staking claims public. They liked that I was retaining royalties and shares in most transactions, including advances on royalty payments. They said I should sell the business plan and take it public, but I didn’t want to do that at all.
Glenn Mullan on a prospecting and sampling trip in Quebec’s James Bay region in 2007. Courtesy of Glenn Mullan.
Glenn Mullan on a prospecting and sampling trip in Quebec’s James Bay region in 2007. Courtesy of Glenn Mullan.

TNM: Why not?

GM: I had no shareholders, no stakeholders, only one or two partners and I loved the private business. It was fun and it was lucrative, and I answered to pretty much no one.

TNM: What changed your mind?

GM: Something called Bre-X happened. And I remember the date: March 25, 1997. It was the date the market imploded (and my youngest daughter was born). There were stark lessons for lots of us. I wasn’t working in Busang, Indonesia or in the Philippines. But I watched the market implode and only Yorkton was still calling me, telling me to take the business public. And because most of our clients were disappearing or dissipating all of a sudden, we thought going public wouldn’t be such a bad thing. So we did, and that’s when Canadian Royalties Inc. was created.

TNM: The public company was set up in 1999 and developed a nickel-copper-PGE mine in northern Quebec called the Canadian Royalties mine. What happened then?

GM: We ended up losing that company to a Chinese company called Jilin Jien Nickel Corp. in a hostile takeover. We had spent $352 million on the project, including mine infrastructure, earthworks and roads. But we put it on care and maintenance during the global financial crisis and that was when Jilin launched its hostile bid. They then spent another $2 billion on the mine build and put it into production. It has 300 employees and a full operating mill. It operates next to what used to be Falconbridge’s Raglan Division.

TNM: That must have been hard to take.

GM: The lesson learned was not to lose another one, and that’s why Golden Valley Mines looked at its holdings and said, “if it’s that easy to lose a project, we should spin out the Malartic project into Abitibi Royalties.” That’s why Golden Valley controls Abitibi Royalties: to make sure there is no hostile transaction and that any transaction takes place through the front door, and not the backdoor. Because in 2011 or 2012, Osisko Mining had released batches of spectacular results and they were close to achieving full commercial production, and they already had piles of promising results for the zones on the property then owned by Golden Valley. We thought there was a chance of it becoming a hostile takeover, and set up Abitibi Royalties — that’s why so few shareholders control it."


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CC......Roan's a smart trader and he posted a few -- BUFFORD, 12:02:24 03/26/17 Sun [1]

months ago about his dislike about Glen Mullen and GZZ management yet I still bought GZZ because I think its 49% of RZZ shares (RZZ less than 11 million total shares)is going to pay off. If there was a pump it was in late Jan of this year about AEM releasing a big Odessey resource number in February. It didn't happen because AEM said more drilling had to be done.

The only time I can remember McEwen getting screwed on his mining investments was when he hired a women geologist to run US Gold............she wanted to run the geology from her home in Montana to raise her fxxktards when all of US Golds properties were in Nevada where a geologist was needed. McEwen dumped her ass and hired an x Newmont geologist.

I don't think there is a Canadian JR or mid cap out there where there isn't some kind of insider shit going on. Silvercorp was pumping out some shit and they got caught yet people here still buy it. I had 200 mag silver calls options that were in the money earlier this decade and the IR guy was telling everyone the (fresnillo)drill results were in and signed off and would be released. The CEO sat on the drill results until the day after option expiry and then released them. Funny how the Canadian brokers drove the price down the last couple of days until they were out of the money. I think the CEO had an ass pimple that week and couldn't release them. I'd buy Frizz but would never buy either one of them again.

Last edited by author: Sun March 26, 2017 17:13:42   Edited 1 time.

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Premier Gold Mines -- Kip, 11:20:23 03/26/17 Sun [1]

. .

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hi coral- i agree with your comments -- mugwump, 10:31:06 03/26/17 Sun [1]

and have lots of shares in the companies you've mentioned
another one which really impressed me this week is premier
they just started ming last qtr and announced NET INCOME of $20 million which is better than some of the MAJORS!!
they also have $89 million in CASH

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RZZ....GZZ - BUFFORD -- CoralCalcium, 08:33:46 03/26/17 Sun [1]

Thanks for the update. ROAN scared me a little, calling it a pump and dump; especially after my just completing a sizable investment in GZZ. This company is probably safer than almost every other company I own, and I am very comfortable holding it. Project generators have a much higher success rate then explorers and most producers IMO. GZZ and GMX are at the top of my list, along with OMI, although OMI, not a project generator, is a small producer at this point with a sub $1,000 an ounce "all in" cost of gold production. In addition to their current production, they are just starting up what should be an excellent project in Colombia that they got for a song. They are also debt free and trading at 18 cents US!!!

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divergences = black swans? -- Jasper, 07:07:40 03/26/17 Sun [1]

Last edited by author: Sun March 26, 2017 07:08:08   Edited 1 time.

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JS Kim shows up -- mugwump, 04:40:12 03/26/17 Sun [1]

Number one, Central Bankers that are not on board with the Western banking cartel that do not have a vested interest in seeing the US dollar remain an internationally accepted currency, who reside in all the BRICS nations, now have the benefit of 9-years of white papers and documented evidence of how the BOE, BIS and US Federal Reserve spot gold and spot silver price suppression scheme works, not to mention the admissions of Deutsche Bankers regarding their participation in these schemes. Thus, with knowledge will come a different way of handling the acquisition of physical gold and silver during subsequent global economic turmoil.

Secondly, while the People’s Bank of China and the Central Bank of Russia likely welcome price smashes, when they happen, as another opportunity to buy low, I’m fairly certain that all of the BRICS nations will use such situations to buy as much physical PMs as possible and even to acquire more PM mines, which will subsequently place upward pressure on spot prices shortly thereafter. And perhaps more importantly, should the US market correct significantly and a deeper sell-off appear to be on the horizon at some point in the near future, I don’t think that the retail investor is going to be fooled again for a second straight time after the travesty of the 2008 market crash. Even if the percent of the retail market that does not succumb to banker propaganda against gold and silver, and has learned valuable lessons from the 2008 economic crisis is small, even a small percent of this market moving money into PM assets will successfully create a divergence between the prices of PMs and US stocks. So to make a long-story short, I expect divergences in price behavior between US stock prices and the prices of PM assets, including the best gold and silver mining stocks, to occur later this year.


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Zeus -- Raja, 01:50:37 03/26/17 Sun [1]

I did. The one it show uses chemicals, sodium chloride and calcium citrate. This solution is not meant for human consumption; at least I do not recall anyone suggesting this a decade or so ago. I am trying now simply distilled water with nothing in it, until Frustrated (I asked kapex because he was always in contact with the guru who first introduced us all to it; but he replied back that he has no clue) could tell me differently.

Last edited by author: Sun March 26, 2017 08:46:12   Edited 1 time.

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Raja. -- Zeus, 01:05:59 03/26/17 Sun [1]

Rather than waiting for someone else, why don't you just use
Google to search for it?

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CC.............RZZ GZZ... you have to remember -- BUFFORD, 22:28:06 03/25/17 Sat [1]

Canadian brokers don't make any PP money on RZZ or GZZ so they'll play the Houdini 100 share selling or cubicle to cubicle trades with anonymous to make some lunch money.

I've seen many ??? sub 100 share trades on RZZ with anonymous many times.
McEwen back $topped his x ceo Ian Ball and that's how RZZ ended up with the AEM and AUY share payout.

As long as McEwen is involved with RZZ and they keep buying their RZZ shares back I'm staying with my GZZ position and will keep adding to GZZ. I'm sure McEwen knows everything about Glen Mullen and their 49% of the RZZ shares.


and don't forget McEwen knew years ahead of anyone on dumping his Rubicon position

Last edited by author: Sat March 25, 2017 22:29:59   Edited 1 time.

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test -- Permabear1, 19:47:40 03/25/17 Sat [1]


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Valuing gold independent of fiat currencies -- Dabchyk, 10:15:53 03/25/17 Sat [1]

Dabchick Gold Index figures [London trade. ( Basis : Jan 1982 = 100 )] for the past week:-

High–289.3 Low–286.0 Close-287.7
for the week ending 24 Mar 2017

To see the updated charts of the index, go here


NB The index is a ratio of the change in the Real Value of Gold relative to what it was in January 1982. The

calculation has incorporated the real value of the USD's trade-weighted index (the real effective, or

inflation-adjusted, $TWI). My gold index thereby shows the real changes in gold's value regardless of fiat

currencies. That is to say, regardless of the unreal, nominal, price-raising effects which governments cause

to the fiat price of anything by the debasement of their fiat currencies. In my index, these nominal

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disparity between paper and physical is $13 -- mugwump, 08:35:26 03/25/17 Sat [1]


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premier had $27 million NET INCOME in 4th qtr-WOW!! -- mugwump, 06:47:57 03/25/17 Sat [1]


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Frustrated -- Raja, 06:37:43 03/25/17 Sat [1]

Do you recall how to make colloidal gold? Please post the details. I remember the water has to be distilled, one would need 2 gold coins, a way to produced direct current (just like that for colloidal silver). There is something missing that I do not remember. Does the water has to be very hot? Surely, there is no chemical need to be added, is there? When I tried to make it like CS, it has taken more than 2 full days at room temperature; but I still don't see enough density (meaning a solid line as seen by a laser beam).
There is something missing here. Tia.

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gary Christenson shows up -- mugwump, 06:34:57 03/25/17 Sat [1]

Instead of playing a guaranteed to fail game of Russian roulette with your financial security, consider a return to the basics:

Use real money – gold and silver – for your savings.
Gold has no counter-party risk. Silver has no counter-party risk. Most or all “paper” and debt based assets depend upon counter-parties.
Minimize debt and reduce your “debt footprint.”
Reconsider your investments in bonds, stocks, ever-increasing debt, devaluing currency units, minimal interest paid on savings, counter-party risk and trust in your friendly central bankers.


Be cautious when playing Central Banker Russian Roulette with your savings and retirement funds. The stock market crash of 1987, the LTCM crash of 1998, the NASDAQ crash of 2000, and the global financial crisis of 2008 warned us about counter-party risk, excess debt and trusting Wall Street.

Trust gold and silver more, and use fewer paper investments.

Read: “Banks” from Peak Prosperity

Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor

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Maguire shows up -- mugwump, 06:22:58 03/25/17 Sat [1]


The real price of physical gold is unknown, but under the radar is being established outside of the LOCO London legacy system. And as this liquidity continues to flow out of the paper markets, the fair value becomes even more bifurcated and inaccurate until we reach a tipping point where the physically derived cobasis will jump hundreds of dollars higher as a price reset is forced. This will rock the gold market and shock the world. Only at this point will we see who wants to carry or de-carry gold in size at a true physically-driven supply/demand price.”

Last edited by author: Sat March 25, 2017 06:24:16   Edited 1 time.

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ray Dalio's hottest investment theme -- mugwump, 06:14:00 03/25/17 Sat [1]


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time to buy klondex?? well duh.. -- mugwump, 06:03:45 03/25/17 Sat [1]


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Ugly openning Monday morning -- APOLLO, 01:05:53 03/25/17 Sat [1]


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silver stocks -- mugwump, 21:17:36 03/24/17 Fri [1]

So all things considered, the silver miners fared really well operationally considering silver’s big plunge last quarter. Though their mining costs jumped due to lower silver production, they remained relatively low even compared to low prevailing silver prices. And higher gold production fed stronger operating cash flows than the sharply-lower silver prices alone implied were coming. The elite silver miners are doing fine!

But they remain really undervalued after their extreme Q4 selloff. Silver’s mean reversion higher out of that crazy post-election Trumphoria anomaly is already well underway. Back in Q3’16 before that, silver averaged $19.55 which was 14% higher than Q4’s levels. If silver merely returns to there, silver-mining profits will surge 37% higher. The battered silver stocks are very attractive with their big upside leverage to silver.

Once undervalued silver starts seriously powering higher with gold again, capital will flood back into the silver stocks catapulting their prices far higher. The silver miners’ operating profitability greatly improves during silver bulls, so their huge silver-stock upside is totally justified fundamentally. The anomalous post-election silver-stock plunge and its aftermath is a fantastic buy-low opportunity on irrational bearish psychology.


Last edited by author: Fri March 24, 2017 21:18:15   Edited 1 time.

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alistair shows up -- mugwump, 21:04:53 03/24/17 Fri [1]

Alasdair Macleod Joins Us From London to Warn Things Are Getting Critical in the Gold Market:

“It Would Have Taken Out ALL OF THE BANKS”
The London Analyst Reveals A MAJOR Operation Will Be Needed to Stop the Next Bank Run on Gold, & Explains Why THIS Is What’s Driving the Price of Gold:

Gold & Silver Rally: This Has A Good Feeling Behind It
This Rally In Gold and Silver Could Go A Long Way
Will Eurozone Demand For Gold EXPLODE As the Italian Banking Crisis Nears Climax?
Macleod Takes Us Back to Cyprus: He Explains the Last Time We Had A MAJOR Operation to Stop A Bank Run On Gold: It Would Have Taken Out ALL of the Bullion Banks!
It’s Going to Be A Bit More Difficult To Stop the Next Bank Run On Gold
We’re Getting to the Stage Where We Want the Financial Crisis to Begin
The US Dollar Is Going to be VERY VERY WEAK, It’s Going Down, and Down, and Down – Implication Is Gold and Silver Will Go Up, And Up, And Up!

Physical Silver Update:

Sales of US Mint Silver Coins QUADRUPLED this week to 795,000 coins from just 220,000 Silver Eagles one week ago, bringing monthly ASE sales to 1.295 million coins, and year to date Silver Eagle sales to 7,637,500 coins as demand increased across the industry as silver prices recovered from the drubbing received at the hands of the bullion banks ahead of the latest Fed Rate Hike.

Premiums on 90% silver bags stabilized this week after jumping last week, as the .50 jump in silver spot prices freed up additional silver bag inventory.


Last edited by author: Fri March 24, 2017 21:06:23   Edited 1 time.

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7 bullion banks are dead men walking -- mugwump, 20:45:02 03/24/17 Fri [1]

this directly relates to the comex silver shorts!!

For the sake of brevity, let me quickly conclude that because the crooks and scoundrels at JPMorgan saw the need and wisdom to accumulate the many hundreds of millions of ounces of physical silver that they did acquire over the past six years, JPMorgan must be removed from any calculation of loss due to higher silver prices. The problem is that none of the crooks and scoundrels at the seven remaining big commercial shorts can be removed from such calculations because none bought actual silver. As such, I can’t help but think of these 7 big COMEX shorts as dead men walking – their financial fates sealed and with only the timing to be determined.

There are several forces that seal the fate of the seven big COMEX silver shorts. One, the unquestioned and documented buildup of core long positions, not about to be resolved by lower prices. Two, JPMorgan exiting the dead man fold, by virtue of snatching up every available ounce of actual silver for six years. Three, the growing awareness of the big seven’s predicament, including lawsuits hitting closer to home. Incredibly, these are self-reinforcing factors. For example, sensing the fate of the doomed 7 could and should have encouraged ever larger managed money core long positions.

Further, we know that the 7 big COMEX silver shorts are mostly foreign banks, speculating their butts off on the short side of silver and are not, repeat not, legitimately hedging in any way, just taking the other side of a speculative derivatives bet. Because there is no legitimate basis for why a Bank of Nova Scotia, for instance, would maintain a massive short position in COMEX silver, then, by definition, the basis for being short must be illegitimate. There is no way anyone could construct a legitimate economic motive behind the 7 big shorts’ massive and concentrated short position in COMEX silver; otherwise I would have heard it long ago. And not for a moment am I exempting JPMorgan in the legitimacy department, just in the 7 dead men’s fate.

Last edited by author: Fri March 24, 2017 20:48:31   Edited 1 time.

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thank you all here for your gifts of insight -- Jasper, 18:49:41 03/24/17 Fri [1]

Last edited by author: Fri March 24, 2017 18:50:23   Edited 1 time.

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COT Report -- CoralCalcium, 17:13:14 03/24/17 Fri [1]

Silver improved by 21 million ounces, however the Commercials are still net short by 468 million ounces, which is huge. Gold actually deteriorated a little this week but is still decent. Probably more of the same nonsense continuing unless something comes out of left field.

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Recovery? -- Zeus, 14:17:43 03/24/17 Fri [1]

Well, after the heavy fall Tues, & 2 hours before today's
close, Dow/SPX/NDX/RUT all looking tired at present.
Pass the smelling salts.


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Globex - 3rd release today goes on deaf ears -- CoralCalcium, 13:47:58 03/24/17 Fri [1]


Please find below news regarding the Johan-Beetz Feldspar Project.

2017-03-23 21:12 ET - Market Summary

Stockwatch Business Reporter

Jay Richardson's suspended capital pool shell, Walmer Capital Corp. (WAL), has submitted a filing statement for its qualifying transaction, which is the acquisition of the Johan Beetz feldspar property in Southern Quebec. (Feldspar is a component of ceramics and glass. Johan Beetz was a Belgian man, after whom the town of Johan Beetz was named.) The seller is Jack Stoch's Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. (GMX: $0.53). Walmer Capital, which has 11.11 million shares issued, will issue two million shares and pay $100,000 to Globex. Walmer's 11.11 million shares include 7.11 million shares sold at five cents in December. It raised $355,500 from that private placement. It also raised another $512,500 in a private placement of 10.25 million subscription receipts at five cents; the subscription receipts will convert into resulting issuer shares on closing of the QT.

A technical report for the Johan Beetz project recommends a $450,000 exploration program for the first year. This work would include a 60-hole drill program. Following the two private placements, Walmer now has money to spend on this exploration work. The shell has received conditional exchange approval for its QT, and it expects to close the deal by month-end. It plans to change its name to EnerSpar Corp. If EnerSpar manages to turn the project into a producing mine, then Globex will receive a 2.5-per-cent gross royalty.

EnerSpar's board will comprise Mr. Richardson and his three fellow shell directors: Peter Andrews, Peter Bloch and John Arnold. Mr. Richardson is an accountant and a first-time shell-maker. In the early 1990s, he was a partner at KPMG LLP in London, where he led KPMG's European corporate recovery practice for insolvent companies. Since then, Mr. Richardson has been calling himself a "company doctor." One of his earlier patients was Plaintree Systems Inc., a Toronto Stock Exchange tech issuer, which had sunk to 25 cents from $21 in the four years to 1999. Mr. Richardson settled Plaintree's debts and arranged a merger with a private tech firm, after which Plaintree's stock recovered to $2. It did relatively well for about a year before falling again. Mr. Richardson's more recent patients include a TSX-listed nickel producer, Liberty Mines Inc., which had fallen to 20 cents from $4.80 in the three years to 2010. Mr. Richardson discharged Liberty from his care after seven months, by which time the stock had slipped further to 13 cents. Mr. Richardson also looked after a TSX-V mining junior, Darnley Bay Resources Ltd. (DBL: $0.385), from July, 2011, to November, 2012, during which time the stock halved to 10 cents. (It has since rolled back 1 for 5.) Mr. Richardson, who at one time was inclined to remind readers of his famous familial antecedence, no longer does that. These days, he is a senior adviser at Sinclair Range Inc., a turnaround advisory firm in Toronto. He is also the chief financial officer and a director of Nevada gold explorer Waseco Resources Inc. (WRI: $0.055). He will be the chairman and chief executive officer of EnerSpar, with one million shares or 4.21 per cent on closing of the QT.

Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.
86, 14e Rue, Rouyn-Noranda QC J9X 2J1 CANADA
Tel.: 819.797.5242, Fax: 819.797

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charley re: phillippines -- mugwump, 13:17:17 03/24/17 Fri [1]

you gata remember that if the Chinese take over the mines, that gold will go to CHINA and will never be available for the fat ass bankers to dump

[ Edit | View ]

Charley -- ROAN, 13:16:40 03/24/17 Fri [1]

I agree 100% on your assessment, leave it to the Chinese. Forget imperialism. Too much needs to be done to fix USA.

[ Edit | View ]

Countries to Avoid -- ROAN, 13:15:38 03/24/17 Fri [1]

Add Algeria, Libya, Nigeria to the list. Nordgold is trying to be successful right now however I would add French Guiana to the list as well. All above talking from experience.

[ Edit | View ]

Coral, my prediction -- CharleyZ, 12:56:05 03/24/17 Fri [1]

on the Philippines.... Western miners will leave and or be coerced out. China will fill the gap with expertise and community benefits, and will be welcomed. The Phils are leaning toward China in political respects already, and I think it's a sure thing that mining will follow. Nothing can be done to change the trend. The U.S. military will be kicked out, as the Phils president does not want the U.S.'s support. Lots of money in "aid" over the decades, paid by U.S. taxpayers, will prove to be money wasted. The Phils are within China's sphere of influence, far away from North America. I think it's best to stop the hemorrhaging, tuck the tail, and vamoose.

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and Venezuela with GRZ.V -- Zeus, 12:54:18 03/24/17 Fri [1]

The list gets longer.

[ Edit | View ]

Add Indonesia to that list -- CoralCalcium, 12:36:25 03/24/17 Fri [1]

Well add the Philippines to that list also. They are busting the chops of many companies over "environmental issues". Total BS. They're probably looking for hefty bribes and are going to end up with everyone leaving. Just another stupid country.

[ Edit | View ]

yeah zeus re: indonesia -- mugwump, 12:34:48 03/24/17 Fri [1]

looks like they're trying to steal grasburg from fcx
maybe K92 is going to have trouble too

Last edited by author: Fri March 24, 2017 12:36:09   Edited 1 time.

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Countries for miners to avoid. -- Zeus, 12:27:06 03/24/17 Fri [1]

so lets see.. -- mugwump, 09:59:21 03/24/17 Fri [1]

Tanzania, Zimbabwe and south Africa currently countries for miners to avoid
looks like they're shooting themselves in the foot


Add Indonesia to that list --- FCX is having similar trouble
with the govt re shipping concentrate. Govt's chasing the
companies to "promote" the addition of smelting facilities
to capture the refining $$$ upgrade onshore.

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Globex -- ROAN, 12:15:00 03/24/17 Fri [1]

I think it is very significant that OSK is surrounding Globex up there. I am shareholder of both. Also bought Semafo Kinross and Detour today. Too cheap to pass up.

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minco gold investment -- mugwump, 11:34:01 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

jayant - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 11:12:30 03/24/17 Fri [1]

It's interesting that Natan Resources is listed first. Globex has a huge interest in this company. Natan seems very speculative to me since they have a lot to lose if their exploring does not go well. Globex has nothing to lose and everything to gain if they succeed. Globex has barely traded in the last few weeks. I guess in this weak market that is considered good.

[ Edit | View ]

jayant bhandari likes globex -- mugwump, 10:59:40 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

yeah coral re: globex claims -- mugwump, 10:17:46 03/24/17 Fri [1]

that area is now RED HOT as osisko completely surrounds globex claim area

[ Edit | View ]

Globex re-evaluating project -- CoralCalcium, 10:05:56 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

so lets see.. -- mugwump, 09:59:21 03/24/17 Fri [1]

Tanzania, Zimbabwe and south Africa currently countries for miners to avoid
looks like they're shooting themselves in the foot

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yeah roan re: acacia -- mugwump, 09:56:57 03/24/17 Fri [1]

that's probably why edv cancelled merger talks

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PM stocks are pathetic right here -- APOLLO, 09:54:44 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Acacia -- ROAN, 09:41:25 03/24/17 Fri [1]

Acacia Mining (ACA.L) said it was incurring an average daily loss of more than $1 M in revenue at its 2 mines in Tanzania due to a local government directive banning exports of Au and Cu concentrate from the country. o Tanzania's energy and minerals ministry announced a ban earlier this month on sending Cu concentrate or mineral sand for processing abroad, putting 30 % of ACA's revenue at risk. o ACA said its mines continue to operate as normal currently but added that it will reassess how long it can continue to produce as normal if the ban remains in place. ACA, majority owned by Barrick Gold (ABX.T), has 3 Au mines in Tanzania that also produce Cu.

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hi coral re: golden valley -- mugwump, 09:14:15 03/24/17 Fri [1]

still a buy
stock is too cheap

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seabridge Iskut project -- mugwump, 09:02:38 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Golden Valley - GLVMF -- CoralCalcium, 09:02:24 03/24/17 Fri [1]


Poor performance by AEM and AUY certainly have not helped GZZ's performance, but Motley Fool thinks both stocks are trading at a great value, and that can only help GZZ's performance. GZZ owns 49% of Abitibi, which owns 3.5 million shares of AUY and half a million shares of AEM.

Last edited by author: Fri March 24, 2017 09:03:44   Edited 2 times.

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western copper 2016 results -- mugwump, 08:59:53 03/24/17 Fri [1]


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gg invests in triumph gold -- mugwump, 08:57:23 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

aurico to use block cave method at Kemess -- mugwump, 08:54:29 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

is minco gonna get taken out? -- mugwump, 08:52:04 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

semafo an excellent producer drops for no reason -- mugwump, 08:27:58 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

test -- Dabchyk, 07:57:40 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

HPQ silicon/golden hope MOU -- mugwump, 07:39:16 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

pog target $10,000 -- mugwump, 07:22:08 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

sandstorm has 155 royalties and $30 million CASH -- mugwump, 06:06:42 03/24/17 Fri [1]

Nolan Watson and team added another 22 to impressive list of 155 nsr-royalties...."The collection of royalties that we have acquired so far in 2017 have added exploration potential in stable jurisdictions, increasing the optionality in our portfolio which is now up to 155 streams and royalties," said Sandstorm President and CEO. Watson added, "We have over $30 million in cash and $110 million available on our revolving line of credit and we are working diligently to continue deploying our capital into accretive acquisitions that will add value to shareholders."

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disparity between paper and physical $11 -- mugwump, 05:56:17 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

premier record income and CASH flow -- mugwump, 05:55:11 03/24/17 Fri [1]


[ Edit | View ]

klondex record revenue and CASH flows -- mugwump, 05:53:18 03/24/17 Fri [1]


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Myth of Premetheus -- nogtans, 03:46:52 03/24/17 Fri [1]

if ye gods take away knowledge....


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Exponential Age The New Industrial Revolution @ Mr Zeus -- nogtans, 03:45:31 03/24/17 Fri [1]

very interesting read

should be read in conjunction with "the black swan" or whatever the book is called

I have been thinking that the human design of computers/software is limited by the way our brain is designed , a bit of fuzzy thinking , a lot of algorithm-type planning and the background of alphanumeric memory and language skills. By implication we are limited by our own design flaws , wont progress beyond a certain level without help , without "THE" black swan event: another form of intellect and for us it is AI. Your "computer" designed by an ultimately more intelligent entity will likely be something that cannot be visualized or imagined
by us
Come to think of it: there is one major flaw in the design of the human being: knowledge is not transmittable from one generation to the next .We are quite fancy machines , can repair ourselves (eg wounds , infections) most of the time Logically for such a fancy machine one would have expected at least that the knowledge of the uses of fire , the design of a wheel as examples --be transmitted genetically from father to son---but it is not. Wipe out the planet and let twins be raised by wolves: they will start from scratch , pre-language , pre-fire , pre -wheel
One can perhaps ask the next question: is evolution so flawed that such a simple matter(transmission of knowledge by genetic code)could not be fixed? Or is it "omission by design"---that the purpose of life is to design a system to preserve inter-generational knowledge and that humans are slowly edging towards that realm where the mind can be duplicated/copied into an AI machine and the AI can translocate consciousness to wherever in the universe it wants to

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a fascinating read ! -- Zeus -- Frustrated, 23:21:00 03/23/17 Thu [1]

I found it quite interesting...thanks for posting

Last edited by author: Thu March 23, 2017 23:21:25   Edited 1 time.

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hi coral re: golden valley -- mugwump, 23:08:24 03/23/17 Thu [1]

it's too cheap
i wouldn't sell here

[ Edit | View ]

Golden Valley -- CoralCalcium, 22:52:24 03/23/17 Thu [1]

Well it doesn't look too bad to me. Abitibi is an extremely well run, growing company, with increasing royalties each year. They own 3.5 million shares of Yamana and half a million shares of Agnico Eagle. GZZ owns 49% of the company valued at around 50 million. GZZ's market cap is down to 37 million, which to me, is a steal. Just this one investment is worth 13 million dollars MORE than their current market cap. I looked at the last 5 years of trading, and it doesn't seem like a pump and dump to me. Usually with a pump and dump, the criminals get out near the top, not the bottom. 6 months ago it was 38 cents, and now it's 24 cents. Why would they be selling now? It looks to me that a large investor is just selling blatantly just to get out. When the selling is done, which looks like it could be very soon, the stock should rebound sharply IMO. We'll see.

Last edited by author: Thu March 23, 2017 23:07:37   Edited 1 time.

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singularity university... -- AZAU, 18:55:41 03/23/17 Thu [1] -- Frustrated, 22:52:04 03/23/17 Thu [1]

kinda like your comments on global warming...

[ Edit | View ]

Coral Golden Valley -- ROAN, 21:01:59 03/23/17 Thu [1]

You never asked. I have had business dealings with them.

[ Edit | View ]

faloffal @NatGas -- philbond007, 19:54:21 03/23/17 Thu [1]

Looks like timing is right, you've got the breakout, & now the pullback, currently testing neckline, if it holds & the price manages to take out $3.17, then GAP FILL's fair game.

Note: I prefer to see a neckline that's AGAINST the trend, so I'm interpreting this breakout as weak.

image url

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singularity university... -- AZAU, 18:55:41 03/23/17 Thu [1]

As soon as I seen the name Kurzweil, I quickly hit the scroll or delete button. One of the truly nuisance dopes of all time.

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wow!! sandstorm picks up 22 royalties this qtr -- mugwump, 16:22:33 03/23/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Kinisha -- faloffal, 16:15:14 03/23/17 Thu [1]

is a new employee

her lips are outstanding, she is wearing a purple mauve outfit.

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good advice Mr.Thor -- faloffal, 16:08:56 03/23/17 Thu [1]

( i call you Thor, as in Thorsday, the day of Zeus, or Jupiter)

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We should turn up here into next week - tomorrow is a big "tell" -- APOLLO, 16:07:41 03/23/17 Thu [1]

but GLD has those gaps - very troubling & they usually fill.
NUGT has a potentially annoying H&S ST in formation as well - tight stops either way

[ Edit | View ]

Mr Bond -- faloffal, 16:04:35 03/23/17 Thu [1]

whats your technical read on NatGas?

This stuff is totally off the radar on the Cdn West Coast, narry a whisper in the last BC budget leading up to the May provincial elections.

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faloffal. -- Zeus, 15:58:57 03/23/17 Thu [1]

You should cogitate on that thought overnight.

[ Edit | View ]

Zeus -- faloffal, 15:52:34 03/23/17 Thu [1]

how do we trade this info?

[ Edit | View ]

Golden Valley - ROAN -- CoralCalcium, 15:50:35 03/23/17 Thu [1]

Thanks, but I wish you had told me a little earlier.

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somone posted this over at WileE's site -- a fascinating read ! -- Zeus, 15:47:44 03/23/17 Thu [1]

Welcome to the Exponential Age The New Industrial Revolution

he New Industrial Revolution

Singularity University is a Silicon Valley think tank that offers educational programs and a business incubator. It was founded in 2008 at the NASA Research Park in California and is supported by NASA and Google. According to its website, Singularity University focuses on scientific progress and “exponential” technologies. As technologies continue to advance, they accelerate the progression of seemingly unrelated technologies, exploding what is possible at a pace that’s difficult to fathom. This helps redefine what is possible today, and in our rapidly approaching tomorrow.

One of the founders of Singularity University is Ray Kurzweil, one of the world’s leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a thirty-year track record of accurate predictions. Kurzweil was selected as one of the top entrepreneurs by Inc. magazine, which describe him as the “rightful heir to Thomas Edison.” Bill Gates says; “Ray Kurzweil is the best person I know at predicting the future of artificial intelligence.” The other founder is Dr. Peter Diamandis, the SU Executive Chairman who attended MIT where he received his degrees in molecular genetics and aerospace engineering, as well as Harvard Medical School where he received his M.D.

The Exponential Conference Series takes Singularity University’s unique vantage point and focuses it upon the exponentially accelerating technologies that are impacting industry such as Finance, Medicine, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, and food. This goes beyond just the effect of Moore’s Law. The next generation of business leadership needs to be able to navigate these progressive changes and disruptive events faster and more effectively than any time in the past. The creative destruction of capitalism goes up by powers of ten when it goes exponential. Udo Gollub from Berlin, Germany recently attended the Singularity University Summit and wrote some observations. Note that these are all extrapolations of exponential technology trends by Singularity University. Nothing here is definitive and everything is in flux. This paper is just to motivate and stimulate thinking and uses some of the key points from the Summit.

In 1888 George Eastman founded Kodak. In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt. What happened to Kodak will happen in a lot of industries in the next 10 years – and most people don’t see it coming. Did you think in 1998 that 3 years later you would never take pictures on paper film again? Yet digital cameras were invented in 1975. The first ones had poor quality of only 10,000 pixels, but the technology followed Moore’s law. So as with all exponential technologies, it was a disappointment for a long time, before the technology advanced enough to gain mainstream acceptance in only a few short years. It will now happen with artificial intelligence, healthcare, transportation, energy, education, 3D printing, agriculture and jobs. Welcome to the New Industrial Revolution. Welcome to the Exponential Age.

Information technology grows in an exponential manner. It’s not linear, although our intuition is. When we hunted the savanna millennia ago, we made linear predictions where that animal would be and where to throw our spears. That worked fine back then, and linear thinking became hardwired in our brains. However, the pace of exponential growth better describes the path of information technologies. The difference between the two rates of growth becomes HUGE after a short while.

If you take 10 steps linearly — one, two, three, four, five — you get to 10. If you take 10 steps exponentially — two, four, eight, sixteen — you get to a 1024. If human steps are about one yard, 1024 is about half a mile. If you take 30 steps linearly, you have gone 30 yards. If you take 30 steps exponentially, you hit a billion, which would reach the moon and back! (1 yard steps X 1B = 568,181 miles. Distance to moon is 250,364 miles.) It makes a huge difference, and that describes what is happening in information technology.


1. The FUTURE is approaching faster than one can handle!
In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt. What happened to Kodak will happen in a lot of industries in the next 5-10 years and, most people won't see it coming.
Did you think in 1998 that 3 years later you would never take pictures on film again? Yet digital cameras were invented in 1975. The first ones only had 10,000 pixels, but followed Moore’s law. So as with all exponential technologies, it was a disappointment for a time, before it became way superior and became mainstream in only a few short years. It will now happen again (but much faster) with Artificial Intelligence, health, autonomous and electric cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture and jobs. Unless you are protected by law requiring that a human do the work or are working for the government, you may be affected.
Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Welcome to the Exponential Age.
2. Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years.
3. Uber is just a software tool, they don't own any cars, and are now the biggest taxi company in the world.
4. Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don't own any properties.
5. Artificial Intelligence: Computers become exponentially better in understanding the world this year, a computer beat the best Go-player in the world, 10 years earlier than expected.
6. In the US, young lawyers already don't get general jobs. Because of IBM's Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for more or less basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans. So if you study law, stop immediately. There will be 90% less generalized lawyers in the future, only expert specialists will remain. So become an expert specialist in some field.
6A. Watson (IBM's super computer) already helps Doctors diagnosing cancer, its 4 times more accurate than human Doctors.
7. Facebook now has a pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than humans. In 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans.
8. Autonomous cars: In 2018 the first self-driving cars will appear for the public. Around 2020, the complete industry will start to be disrupted. You don't want to own a car anymore. You will call a car with your phone, it will show up at your location and drive you to your destination. You will not need to park it, you only pay for the driven distance and can be productive while driving. The very young children of today will never get a driver's license and will never own a car.
8A. It will change the cities, because we will need 90-95% less cars for that. We can transform former parking spaces into parks. 1.2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide. We now have one accident every 60,000 mi, with autonomous driving that will drop to 1 accident in 6 million mi (10 million km). That will save a million lives world-wide each year.
8B. Most car companies will doubtless become bankrupt. Traditional car companies try the evolutionary approach and just build a better car, while tech companies (Tesla, Apple, and Google) will do the revolutionary approach and build a computer on wheels.
8C. Many engineers from Volkswagen and Audi are completely terrified of Tesla.
9. Insurance companies will have massive trouble because, without accidents, the insurance will become 100x cheaper. Their car insurance business model will disappear.
10. Real estate will change. Because if you can work while you commute, people will move further away to live in a more beautiful neighborhood.
11. Electric cars will become mainstream about 2020. Cities will be less noisy because all new cars will run on electricity.
12. Electricity will become incredibly cheap and clean: Solar production has been on an exponential curve for 30 years, but you can now see the burgeoning impact.
13. Last year, more solar energy was installed worldwide than fossil. Energy companies are desperately trying to limit access to the grid to prevent competition from home solar installations, but that simply cannot continue - technology will take care of that strategy.
14. With cheap electricity comes cheap and abundant water. Desalination of salt water now only needs 2kWh per cubic yard (@ 0.25 cents). We don't have scarce water in most places, we only have scarce drinking water. Imagine what will be possible if anyone can have as much clean water as he wants, for nearly no cost.
15. Health: The Tricorder X price will be announced this year. There are companies who will build a medical device (called the "Tricorder" from Star Trek) that works with your phone, which takes your retina scan, your blood sample and you breathe into it.
16. It then analyses 54 bio-markers that will identify nearly any disease. It will be cheap, so in a few years everyone on this planet will have access to world class medical analysis, nearly for free. Goodbye, self-serving medical practitioners and establishments.
17. 3D printing: The price of the cheapest 3D printer came down from $18,000 to $400 within 10 years. 3D printing prints (makes) 3 dimensional objects by depositing layer after layer of plastic or whatever. In the same 10 years, it became 100 times faster. All major shoe companies have already started 3D printing shoes.
18. Some spare airplane parts are already 3D printed in remote airports. The space station now has a printer that eliminates the need for the large amount of spare parts they used to have in the past.
19. At the end of this year, new smart phones will have 3D scanning possibilities. You can then 3D scan your feet and print your perfect shoe at home.
19A. In China, they already 3D printed and built a complete 6-storey office building. By 2027, 10% of everything that's being produced will be 3D printed.
20. Business opportunities: If you think of a niche you want to go in, first ask yourself: "In the future, do I think we will have that?" and if the answer is yes, how can you make that happen sooner?
20A. If it doesn't work with your phone, forget the idea. Any idea designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st century.
20B. Work: 70-80% of jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. There will be a lot of new jobs, but it is not clear if there will be enough new jobs in such a short time. This will require a rethink on wealth distribution.
21. Agriculture: There will be a $100 agricultural robot in the future. Farmers in 3rd world countries can then become managers of their field instead of working all day on their fields.
22. Aeroponics will need much less water. The first Petri dish produced veal, is now available and will be cheaper than cow produced veal in 2018. Right now, 30% of all agricultural surfaces is used for cows. Imagine if we don't need that space anymore.
23. There are several startups who will bring insect protein to the market shortly. It contains more protein than meat. It will be labeled
as "alternative protein source" (because most people still reject the idea of eating insects).
24. There is an app called "moodies" which can already tell in which mood you’re in. By 2020 there will be apps that can tell by your facial expressions, if you are lying. Imagine a political debate where it's being displayed when they’re telling the truth and when they’re not - it will ultimately compel all politicians to be truthful (a truly unique & novel occurrence).
25. By 2025, what a university student learns in the first year of a three year degree – will be irrelevant and redundant by the time the third year is completed.


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Jasper -- faloffal, 15:43:33 03/23/17 Thu [1]


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well, I got out of those short trades. -- Zeus, 15:41:53 03/23/17 Thu [1]

for a little more than lunch money.

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--- -- Zeus, 15:39:41 03/23/17 Thu [1]


Last edited by author: Thu March 23, 2017 15:48:27   Edited 1 time.

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Coral Golden Valley -- ROAN, 15:25:01 03/23/17 Thu [1]

This stock has been a pump and dump by insiders for 10 years. I am not invested.

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Fail at the 200 DMA - looking for $1233 -- APOLLO, 15:00:13 03/23/17 Thu [1]


Last edited by author: Thu March 23, 2017 15:41:28   Edited 1 time.

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Hey Skinneee -- Carmack, 13:50:44 03/23/17 Thu [1]

Where you been ? Off on another cruise ??

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Lots of trades on NUGT today - great trading day -- APOLLO, 13:15:43 03/23/17 Thu [1]

bought a decent chunk of IAG for a hold to early April

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Golden Valley Mines - GLVMF -- CoralCalcium, 12:45:09 03/23/17 Thu [1]

Added at .2667 US. It keeps dropping. What's up BUFFORD?
And more at .2628. Somebody has stock to sell!

Last edited by author: Thu March 23, 2017 13:21:13   Edited 1 time.

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khalkos buys back royalties -- mugwump, 11:04:35 03/23/17 Thu [1]


Last edited by author: Thu March 23, 2017 11:05:07   Edited 1 time.

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Thanks Philbond & Frustrated -- APOLLO, 11:00:51 03/23/17 Thu [1]

I've been buying this morning, for at least a bounce out of this. Silver is staying strong, so as long as it does & they want to open the commode - I'm on it. We'll see

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JNUG -- philbond007, 10:58:47 03/23/17 Thu [1]

I'm up for a trade around the $6 level, if it happens:

good image hosting site

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Gold -- philbond007, 10:55:53 03/23/17 Thu [1]

Well, excitement faded a bit, however, I like the symmetry, & if it plays out, maybe $10-ish lower. Let's see what happens:

good image hosting site

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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 10:54:27 03/23/17 Thu [1]

could be sideways in to options -x...or if gold stocks are
lucky, there could be some short covering in the equities
on a further fall in POG...

[ Edit | View ]

With the exception of SLW, which has been Schizophrenic lately -- APOLLO, 10:49:20 03/23/17 Thu [1]

the silvers are saying "Nyet" to this pull back

[ Edit | View ]

Frustrated - yea, Spring is in the air -- APOLLO, 10:22:57 03/23/17 Thu [1]

so, this stuff looks putrid - trying to see if Yellen walked back something

[ Edit | View ]

APOLLO -- Frustrated, 10:18:45 03/23/17 Thu [1]

with rising rates...get em (homes) while you can?

[ Edit | View ]

Home Sales - huge beat -- APOLLO, 10:10:50 03/23/17 Thu [1]

6.1% versus consensus of around 1.5%

Last edited by author: Thu March 23, 2017 10:16:38   Edited 1 time.

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Frustrated - if you want to trade it - sure -- APOLLO, 10:05:39 03/23/17 Thu [1]

Not many here equipped to do that.

Ultimately, eveything is day X day, but we should - after filling some gaps, move higher

Last edited by author: Thu March 23, 2017 10:06:44   Edited 1 time.

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windfall stock review -- mugwump, 09:58:22 03/23/17 Thu [1]


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APOLLO -- Frustrated, 09:49:04 03/23/17 Thu [1]

So POG expiry isn't a concern?

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skinee- there is no necessity for an outside physical market in any commodities -- mugwump, 09:24:55 03/23/17 Thu [1]

other than gold/silver because the bankers are not manipulating the prices of other commodities
need proof??
well here ya go

Last edited by author: Thu March 23, 2017 09:29:58   Edited 1 time.

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So far, gold's not too affected by Yellen's yackin -- APOLLO, 09:24:02 03/23/17 Thu [1]

from here to the first week of April, should be good for PM Stocks - hopefully, your long & strong

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without the speculators the markets would not have enough liquidity for markets to operate properly -- Jasper, 09:13:11 03/23/17 Thu [1]

truth or fiction

[ Edit | View ]

Mugwump -- Skinee, 09:11:39 03/23/17 Thu [1]

All commodities from coffee to pork bellies to wheat are traded in paper markets by actual buyers and sellers of the product and the speculators, without the speculators the markets would not have enough liquidity for the markets to operate properly. Many contracts are bought on both sides to lock a price in.
The only time I hear about all this market caving in bullshit is from the goldbug community, I never see it on other markets.

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calibre/centerra drill results -- mugwump, 09:07:18 03/23/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

millrock acquires Willoboughby data -- mugwump, 09:06:00 03/23/17 Thu [1]


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Skinnee -- ROAN, 08:56:25 03/23/17 Thu [1]

Where I notice the difference in physical and paper gold is when you try to buy a few ounces of physical. There was always a markup as that is how dealers make their money however lately the gap has been much wider and I suspect it is tracking the difference and then we pay markup on top.

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salazar drill results -- mugwump, 08:40:54 03/23/17 Thu [1]


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goro drill results -- mugwump, 08:04:40 03/23/17 Thu [1]


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nevsun jaxks up resource at Bisha -- mugwump, 07:56:58 03/23/17 Thu [1]


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skinee- th ohysical price of gold and the paper price have had -- mugwump, 07:51:44 03/23/17 Thu [1]

a disparity for some time now because of the voracious appetite of the Chinese for real physical gold. the Chinese are not interested in the fake paper contracts of the comex which are not backed by real physical gold

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excellon to increase production and cut costs -- mugwump, 07:49:18 03/23/17 Thu [1]


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Mugwump..disparity between paper and gold -- Skinee, 06:29:29 03/23/17 Thu [1]

It is actually a disparity between two markets, one is closed and one is open, one is priced in dollars the other yuan.
The price of gold and the value of the Yuan change in minutes. The disparity other than that can be natural trading.
Some people will do and say anything to suck in buyers for their product, like gold and bitcoin which they make commissions on.

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disparity between paper and physical $11 -- mugwump, 05:59:34 03/23/17 Thu [1]


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secova triples its size at windfall -- mugwump, 05:52:35 03/23/17 Thu [1]


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got nighthawk, klondex or sbb? -- mugwump, 05:47:53 03/23/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

mariana update -- mugwump, 05:20:39 03/23/17 Thu [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Posters. -- Zeus, 21:10:16 03/22/17 Wed [1]

rather than attacking the messenger, how about refuting the
contents of the post with your "logic & wit"?

That way, it promotes discussion, rather than stifling it.
IOW, it creates a better forum.

Thank You one and all.

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Mugwamp on China etc.l. -- Miro, 19:56:34 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Maybe you should move to China and be happy forever.

This nonsense makes no sense ..

Last edited by author: Wed March 22, 2017 19:58:59   Edited 1 time.

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centerra updated technical report for mt milligan -- mugwump, 17:41:39 03/22/17 Wed [1]


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first mining updated resource calculation -- mugwump, 17:40:21 03/22/17 Wed [1]


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should i just sell everything and put it all into franco nevada?? -- mugwump, 17:35:43 03/22/17 Wed [1]

jesus- look at this annual report
464,383 GEOs sold – a new record and a 29.0% increase year-over-year
$610.2 million in revenue — a new record and a 37.6% increase year-over-year
$489.1 million of Adjusted EBITDA2 or $2.79 per share
$122.2 million of net income, or $0.70 per share
$164.4 million of Adjusted Net Income3 or $0.94 per share
$157.8 million of cash and DRIP dividends paid
$253.0 million in cash and cash equivalents at year end and no debt

Last edited by author: Wed March 22, 2017 17:37:50   Edited 1 time.

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anyway, the chinamen who supposedly hate the junk -- mugwump, 17:34:10 03/22/17 Wed [1]

are now paying $1259
uh huh

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ha ha coral -- mugwump, 17:32:31 03/22/17 Wed [1]

i shoulda checked but got busy

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lexam ready to get sucked up by mux -- mugwump, 17:31:39 03/22/17 Wed [1]

i'll just go with the flow and take the additional mux shares

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5 financial myths? Let's see if it works for me? -- CoralCalcium, 16:27:18 03/22/17 Wed [1]


Mugs - yours was missing the part on the right.

Last edited by author: Wed March 22, 2017 16:28:45   Edited 1 time.

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forget these 5 financial myths -- mugwump, 15:59:09 03/22/17 Wed [1]


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EDV jacks up Ity ownership -- mugwump, 15:40:21 03/22/17 Wed [1]


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x -- APOLLO, 15:31:32 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Mar 22, 2017 2:54 PM
London Terrorism Suspect Named As Hate Preacher Abu Izzadeen

Press reports are circulating that the terrorist responsible for the attack on Westminster Bridge in London, has been named as Abu Izzadeen, born Trevor Brooks from Clapton in Hackney, an infamous UK-born hate-preacher amd Islamic extremist who had been convicted for raising funds for terrorism

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another day, another muslim terrorist -- mugwump, 15:08:51 03/22/17 Wed [1]


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hey coral re: vendetta -- mugwump, 14:22:56 03/22/17 Wed [1]

you're welcome

[ Edit | View ]

"Eric Coffin shows up"- Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 14:00:36 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Bought Vendetta .1727 cents US. Not sure my timing is the best, but I like it. Thanks

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just whip up some more of those work visas -- BUFFORD, 13:51:34 03/22/17 Wed [1]


Last edited by author: Wed March 22, 2017 13:52:00   Edited 1 time.

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alex merk via gary t...gold usd -- BUFFORD, 13:42:24 03/22/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

McEwen moving forward on gold bar project -- BUFFORD, 13:38:25 03/22/17 Wed [1]

open for public input


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eric coffin shows up -- mugwump, 13:08:51 03/22/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

abx wins big suit against pakistan -- mugwump, 13:02:06 03/22/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

Gold stocks be smellen Yellen - tomorrow @ 8:30AM -- APOLLO, 12:17:54 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Gold, not so much

[ Edit | View ]

ROAN -- CoralCalcium, 12:17:29 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Thanks. I always value your opinion.

[ Edit | View ]

Coral -- ROAN, 11:45:53 03/22/17 Wed [1]

I looked at K92 for you. Good deposit. Lousy country. Must be real for Barrick to invest and build they are anal! Did Barrick just unload during one of their Mgmt changes? Could be. Or it could have ended up too small for their hurdle rate. I know some of the players. Vancouver blue bloods in the industry there. My concern is they seem to be sub contracting out all mining and operations. It is my experience that it is the sub contractors who make all the money in a case like this. Not a shareholder and not planning to be one in short term. JMVHO.

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Atlantic Gold - SPVEF -- CoralCalcium, 10:51:36 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Sold more at 85 cents US. Could be up as a result of a short squeeze I'm reading, but who knows for sure?

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UVXY -- philbond007, 10:24:22 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Sporting a possible bullish H&S reversal w/PO ~$22-ish, if it materializes, this suggests further market weakness:

image upload

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telemerase -- Jasper, 10:21:28 03/22/17 Wed [1]

My God, live forever or almost.

how insufferable can we become.

[ Edit | View ]

SPY's -- philbond007, 10:07:39 03/22/17 Wed [1]

If 233.13 goes, I'd say a BEAR flag's in play with 229.50-ish as a PO, on the 10min chart.

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Gold -- philbond007, 10:05:07 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Looks like $1,255 should be hit soon based on bullish H&S on the 5min chart, & maybe it backs off there, creating another right shoulder on the hourly chart.

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coral re: k92 -- mugwump, 09:28:40 03/22/17 Wed [1]

maybe they're just stupid

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K92 - KNTNF -- CoralCalcium, 09:19:01 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Something doesn't sit right with me with this company. I know they supposedly got this former Barrick property for a song, but they seem very dishonest. Now they do this large financing at the bottom of the market, even giving 2 million shares and a full warrants for "various" finder's fees. I'm sure if gold rockets higher, this will tag along, but I would sleep a lot better with more trustworthy management than K92. Just my thoughts. I could be wrong.

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Gold -- philbond007, 09:07:09 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Another possible flag breakout in the works:

best image hosting website

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k92 picks up $10 million -- mugwump, 09:01:44 03/22/17 Wed [1]


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telomeres- BUFFORD -- CoralCalcium, 08:59:07 03/22/17 Wed [1]

Thanks. A little late for me, but whatever. I had never even heard the term "telomere" before, but the rationale makes sense.

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tweak your telomeres -- BUFFORD, 08:27:34 03/22/17 Wed [1]


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meanwhile-osisko hits again!! -- mugwump, 08:25:29 03/22/17 Wed [1]


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thanks roan -- mugwump, 08:24:51 03/22/17 Wed [1]

so it looks like nothing's happening for a while

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Mugs EDV -- ROAN, 08:09:38 03/22/17 Wed [1]

I think EDV have big exploration budget round Karma in Burkina and Ity in Ivory Coast. Those are the short term targets. Once they get Hounde running they might look to expand resources in that area.

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Integra - Mugwump -- CoralCalcium, 07:50:17 03/22/17 Wed [1]


Globex received $175,000 cash and 250,000 shares of Integra when they sold them part of that property in Quebec in 2012. Globex will also receive a 3% GROSS royalty on every ounce of gold produced from that property that they sold them.

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fortuna updates project -- mugwump, 06:04:56 03/22/17 Wed [1]


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integra increases resource -- mugwump, 06:03:38 03/22/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

disparity between paper and physical $12 -- mugwump, 05:45:46 03/22/17 Wed [1]


[ Edit | View ]

ok Roan thanks -- mugwump, 02:37:33 03/22/17 Wed [1]

so now you gata wonder what EDV is gonna do next
orezone, sarama, savary are all still available

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EDV Mugs -- ROAN, 22:31:52 03/21/17 Tue [1]

The break up of discussions is likely due to the egos of the two CEO's they both want to win and cannot see a win win situation if they are not in charge.

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tommy seems to think usd in the shitter 2nite -- BUFFORD, 19:48:13 03/21/17 Tue [1]

pms to the moon tomorrow.............he filled in for andy Hecht 2day the last hour had some interesting callers in the second half jnug gdx


Last edited by author: Tue March 21, 2017 19:48:39   Edited 1 time.

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and coming up next --- in non-US news:- -- Zeus, 18:05:07 03/21/17 Tue [1]

* UK inflation higher than expected (rate rise coming).
* and the Brit Pound has been rallying for 6-7 days.
* Brexit button push by PM Theresa May next week.
* French election debate, largely a fizzer, most candidates simply uttered their well known election briefs.

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Sherlock bought CDE @ $7.91 at the close --- -- Zeus, 17:41:42 03/21/17 Tue [1]

You're one tough nut, sherlock.

Yeah, I did look at CDE but their price performance is weak,
relative to other PM stocks. Besides, I'm expecting a soft
day for PM stocks tomorrow --- imho.

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premier looking good -- mugwump, 17:15:36 03/21/17 Tue [1]

they had a big resource upgrade today


Last edited by author: Tue March 21, 2017 17:16:18   Edited 1 time.

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almaden bounces off lows -- mugwump, 17:13:44 03/21/17 Tue [1]


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slw year end revenue and name change -- mugwump, 17:12:22 03/21/17 Tue [1]


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it's like shootin' fish in a barrel. -- Zeus, 16:10:59 03/21/17 Tue [1]

Short XLF & RUT

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edv/acadia -- kuston, 15:03:06 03/21/17 Tue [1]

That's big news Mugs

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edv ends talks with acacia -- mugwump, 13:53:03 03/21/17 Tue [1]


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Golden Valley - GLVMF -- CoralCalcium, 13:34:14 03/21/17 Tue [1]

Added 10K @ .2816 cents US to lower my cost to around 30 cents US.

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UVXY: ultra VIX etf -- philbond007, 11:32:06 03/21/17 Tue [1]

Might be some opportunity on pullbacks for savvy traders:

image upload no size limit

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JNUG: 10min chart -- philbond007, 11:26:29 03/21/17 Tue [1]

Sporting a POTENTIAL bullish H&S on the 10min, if it materializes, the breakout would likely result in ANOTHER bullish H&S breakout on the HOURLY:

photo host

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UUP: long dollar fund -- philbond007, 11:21:04 03/21/17 Tue [1]

Looks like it needs to hold $25.50 in a HUGE way:

upload images free

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Atlantic Gold -- CoralCalcium, 10:56:34 03/21/17 Tue [1]

New high

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yellen has nothing to do with anything...other than your mind. -- AZAU, 10:27:59 03/21/17 Tue [1]

it's mostly gibberish.

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SPY's -- philbond007, 10:26:06 03/21/17 Tue [1]

Currently testing uptrend, looks like weakness is in order:


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THanks for the charts Philbond -- APOLLO, 10:17:05 03/21/17 Tue [1]

We need to get through Yellen on Thursday & then it should start to run

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anyone have any news on this one? -- AZAU, 10:10:43 03/21/17 Tue [1]


project generator...dyodd.

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JNUG -- philbond007, 10:00:17 03/21/17 Tue [1]

Shaping up nice:


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Apollo @ $1,235 -- philbond007, 09:51:29 03/21/17 Tue [1]

I'm officially getting excited, blue lines are parallel:


[ Edit | View ]

Through $1235 - that's a ST breakout -- APOLLO, 09:25:11 03/21/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

bgm drill results -- mugwump, 08:31:06 03/21/17 Tue [1]


[ Edit | View ]

sbb annual results -- mugwump, 08:28:37 03/21/17 Tue [1]


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