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Subject: Keeping your son(any other boy ) bottomless at home,in backyard or in public

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Date Posted: 09:13:25 07/17/14 Thu

any woman or moms enjoy doing this or atleast have this fantasy ?

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Subject: Moms(or any other women) using very naughty techniques to punish or humiliate son(other boys)

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Date Posted: 04:07:16 07/04/14 Fri

Any woman here love to punish young boys because it sexually turns them on so they use the 'excuse'or 'reason
of punishment.And they use very naughty techniques to humiliate or punish him.for example say a
woman that likes to give her stepson involuntary erections in public places infront of other women and girls by touching him a bit here and there when no one is looking and the
other techniques like keeping him naked at home(not allowing him to wear clothes) when other females
are visiting like her friends and knowing that they are secretly enjoying the boy's nudity.below
are some extreme;y naughty techniques and i would like to know if any woman has used or would consider
using? you can be a mom ,stepmom,aunt,babysitter,family friend or any other woman in authority.please
confess that you get turned on by doing what you do

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Subject: Re: Erect Penis During Punishment

Taj Amir Dixon
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Date Posted: 23:22:51 07/15/14 Tue

>>>>I love my cousin's dick

Taj Amir Dixon

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Subject: Re: Punishing Boys

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Date Posted: 23:52:09 06/12/14 Thu

My dad use to use a cane on my bare bum while I was naked. had to bend over and touch toes or bend over a chair in the middle of the lounge room. Never got it in front of anyone except mum and my older brother. Older brother use to get it the same way. Both canned until we were 21.

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Subject: Who Should Do The Honors?

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Date Posted: 09:08:33 04/21/14 Mon

I believe it should always be left to the mother to take down her naughty boy's pants for a bare bottom spanking. She was more than likely the person who taught him to dress himself, so who better to profoundly humble him by reclaiming that authority and baring his saucy backside for a good, sound spanking across her knee?

i might also add that a well-spanked bottom should resemble nothing so much as two adjacent scoops of strawberry ice cream.

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Subject: Punishing boys other than your son

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Date Posted: 22:43:43 06/24/14 Tue

women who get turned on by punishing boys other than their own son like stepson ,nephew,friend's son,neighbour boy etc.
how do you punish him? spanking ,naked time, etc?

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Subject: Re: Erect Penis During Punishment

Joedie (rediclious)
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Date Posted: 06:30:32 06/01/14 Sun

>>I shall always remember my stepbrother with his erect
>>penis exposed when he was caned on the bare bottom at
>>home in the 80's. It was excruciatingly embarrassing
>>for him when he had his underpants pulled down by his
>>mother and was forced to show everything in our living
>>room. It used to make my week when he was going to be
>>disciplined. I adored his embarrassment and seeing him
>>stripped by his mother knowing I was going to see
>>I know many will have experienced this phenomenon so
>>let us discuss the matter here, including your
>>personal experience and recollections.
>I spanked my 15 year old son often because he was self
>willed boy. But nothing seemed to change. Then I heard
>from a family friend that about diaper position
>spanking boys.
>I said to Mickey on spanking night. All clothes off
>except undies. He laughed and said why? I always get
>spanked on my pants, what't new now?
>Fianlly he did what I asked then I took off his
>undies, more screaming. At that stage my other sons 10
>and 12 nd 2 friends came in followed by my 13 year old
>daughter. They all laughed when they saw Mickey
>without a stitch. I told Mickey to lay down on his
>back. For 10 minutes I tried to get him into the right
>position, with legs close to his head. He really
>foaght me, only when I told him he would get double
>the spanking did he agree. When his legs were close to
>his chin, I forced them even higher, he was now really
>stretched to the limit and grunting with discomfort. I
>made him hold his legs up by hooking arms under his
>knees. The boy was now suitably exposed. All the kids
>watching him laughed and whispered excitedly. Then I
>was rewarded by his bottom stretching so wide that his
>anus gaped open.
>And I spanked him at first gently there was another
>reward as his penis slowly reared up in stiffness.
>The kids became now totally absorbed and my 13 yer old
>daughter stood up for a closer look. Suddenly there
>was the real bonus, his penis head came free from the
>forskin, a violent eruption and Mickey spewed his boy
>seed everywhere. He scremed and the other children
>screamed with delight. This made him a much better kid!

~~~~~ honestly.. does no one think of the affect this could have on a child? its fun for the parents not discipline for the child. its not good. a spanking is OK.. forced in such a position and then forced to do it nude? .. forced masturbation? is this stuff even legal had to read it for myself. shame on all of you! i turned out to be an amazing human being. and was never disciplined in such way. these websites are giving pedophiles something to read!! your children stories are getting people off. love to see how many kids are damaged. you guys need help!!!! im sorry.. but majority of people would not approve this!

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Subject: punish stepdaughter

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Date Posted: 01:13:38 06/19/14 Thu

my stepdaughter 14 old she is naughty girl when I want to punish her I asking he to pulled her pants down and bend over the bed then I spanking her with a belt . I want another way to punish my stepdaughter.

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Subject: Re: strict petticoat discipline

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Date Posted: 08:08:04 06/22/14 Sun

>>I sometimes wished my mom, or someone we knew would have punished my older brother this way, so he'd understand respect, and be more understanding of things!

Growing up, he teased and picked on me, calling me faggot and gay and such (I wore my sisters panties and things, mostly discreetly - I thought)! When he and others found out, I was humiliated and teased more, instead of them understanding me.

It would have been nice, just once to see my brother humiliated! Then he would have known how I felt.

I used this form of discipline on my son 20 years ago
>>and it worked wonders. I transformed him from being a
>>rude, disobedient 17 year old rebel into a polite,
>>respectful child.
>>I kept him dressed as a little girl around the house
>>for six months although he was allowed boy's clothes
>>for school and going out. I had several very pretty
>>little girl style dresses especially made for him with
>>the frilliest undies which he wore with white ankle
>>socks with ribbon bows and patent leather strap girl's
>>shoes. I also put ribbon bows in his hair which was
>>kept short so that visitors could see he was a boy
>>dressed as a girl.

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Subject: my girlfriend

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Date Posted: 23:35:37 06/17/14 Tue

my girlfriend want to use suppository to punish my son . what can I do with her.

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Subject: Moms who keep their sons naked at home

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Date Posted: 23:40:13 04/28/14 Mon

this is for women who love to keep their son(s) naked at home cos it turns her on but she also uses the reason of punishment.while she disciples him by keeping him naked by not allowing him to wear clothes she also gets a tremendous sexual thrill by having him nude especially infront of other women and girls.doest have to be just mom-son it can be stepmom-stepson,aunt-nephew or any other woman-boy
I wish to hear from female perspective

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Subject: naughty pervert hubby

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Date Posted: 04:58:06 05/30/14 Fri

I need to punish my husband. My sister caught him trying to spy on her in the shower, and now we would like to punish and humiliate him, exposing his panties and his little penis and balls in front of our 2 younger sisters, 2 brothers, and our mom.
My sister has told me that he MUST have his private parts punished as well! My sister has asked for him to be tied in the frog-leg position so that he cannot hide his sex, and so all can see his exposed privates while they are being punished.

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Subject: Naughty nephew

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Date Posted: 04:31:37 06/06/14 Fri

Recently, I have started catching my nephew trying to spy on his sisters. He is 10 and they are both 13. I've caught him outside peeking in on them, with his pants and undies around his ankles, and his hand between his legs. I have also caught both my nephew and a niece trying to see pictures of mens private parts on the computer. I am wondering how it would be best to punish them?

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Subject: The Perfect Remedy For Naughtiness

Marie McDougall
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Date Posted: 08:40:25 04/24/14 Thu

Naughty teenage girls and boys need to be put across the knee of adult authority with their pants pulled down and their impudent bottoms laid bare and perfectly placed for the combined application of palm, paddle and strap. All of their squirming and crying and promising to be good will do nothing to spare their bottoms the punishment their disobedience brought about. Shame on them!

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Subject: information a bout robin leigh pagria

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Date Posted: 06:30:01 05/31/14 Sat

I want information a bout robin pagoria

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Subject: Hot Pepper Punishment

Steve B
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Date Posted: 19:42:43 05/28/14 Wed

I just thought I'd share a punishment my mom used to use on me, specifically for masturbation. She would take a hot chili pepper, slice it open and wrap it around my erect penis. The burning started almost instantly and was intense for at least an hour and was still sore for a day. I hated it at the time, but it definitely taught me a lesson.

YIM: steve6245

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Subject: my maid help me

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Date Posted: 04:27:22 05/24/14 Sat

can I ask my maid to help me to punish my stepson and how.

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Subject: nephew and nieces

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Date Posted: 14:05:07 05/22/14 Thu

Recently, I have started catching my nephew trying to spy on his sisters. He is 10 and they are both 13. I've caught him outside peeking in on them, with his pants and undies around his ankles, and his hand between his legs. I have also caught both my nephew and a niece trying to see pictures of mens private parts on the computer. I am wondering how it would be best to punish them?

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Subject: circumcision

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Date Posted: 23:44:33 05/20/14 Tue

I want circumcision my stepdaughter to discipline her ...please help.

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Subject: In Praise Of Spanking

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Date Posted: 09:07:52 04/30/14 Wed

I am a devout believer in good old-fashioned, over-the-knee, bare bottom spankings for naughty children of all ages. Whether with palm, paddle, brush, slipper or strap, the naughty bottom on my lap will be soundly spanked until a hot, stinging, rosy red blush covers every quivering inch of those shamefully barenaked seat cushions.

I have two teenage boys, and I regularly pull down their pants and spank their bare bottoms across my knee. Their spankings are always measured and methodical. We get settled into position on the couch in the family room, and no matter how much pleading for mercy and promising to be good I hear, I spank until I know I've got a truly sore and sorry young man lying limp across my knee.

The teenage boy with an I'm-the-boss-of-me attitude will definitely sing a different song when his mother takes down his pants and puts him over her lap for a good, sound, bare bottom spanking. I swear I can hear Mother Nature cheering me on with every smack I deliver.

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Subject: Re: Fast Email Extractor 7.5 Registration Key

mpire (please reply)
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Date Posted: 23:54:22 05/16/14 Fri

please can i have the registration key for fast email extractor 7.5

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Subject: If anyone's gotten or given any spankings/punishments lately

Sue (UK)
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Date Posted: 09:18:05 04/07/14 Mon

The only way to defend this board from the nuisance advert-spammers is to keep using it - attack is the best form of defence - and keep reminding the moderator to wipe these spam adverts away.
It's been about a week and a half since the last "incident" at our house.

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Subject: Re: strict petticoat discipline

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Date Posted: 12:25:25 05/09/14 Fri

>I have an 18 year old who I have begun to discipline
>in this manner. I tried to email you as I feel you
>could teach me a lot, but it was returned. So I am
>including my mail. If you would be so kind to help
>me, I would be quite grateful.
I have some great methods and my project now works as a girl in my bridal shop. I can give you ideas that work if you wish?

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Subject: Re: Fast Email Extractor 7.5 Registration Key

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Date Posted: 10:32:05 04/24/14 Thu

Please i need email extractor 7.5 registration key

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Subject: naughty husband

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Date Posted: 05:57:17 04/19/14 Sat

I would like a doctor to describe in as much detail as possible how they would conduct an intense, thorough exam of my husband's privates. This would include a very, very thorough sexual function exam (to include stimulation of the nipples, testicles and bottom), and sexual stamina testing. I would like to know how sexual function is assessed and the Dr will "work out" the genital area for the stamina testing. If possible, he should squirt at least 3 times for this. I would also like to know, because my husband misbehaves, if the Dr or nurse would be able to humiliate my husband and punish his private parts? He is made to wear ladies bikini panties and bras, and has a little penis! I enjoy seeing the Dr firmly grip, stretch and manipulate his flaccid penis. Please let me know if it would help to see a good view of his genitals for assessment, I can make him expose and display his private parts, and provide pictures!
Also, please let me know if you need to know more about misbehavior in order to determine punishment.

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Subject: New! Missionary_pal_book_pdf.zip

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Date Posted: 15:29:57 03/25/14 Tue

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Subject: Efeitos Sonoros Brilho

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Date Posted: 15:28:42 03/25/14 Tue

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Subject: Tec 22 Conversion Download Zip

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Date Posted: 14:52:57 03/25/14 Tue

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Subject: Principles Of Multimedia By Ranjan Parekh

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Date Posted: 14:51:42 03/25/14 Tue

>>> Principles Of Multimedia By Ranjan Parekh <<<

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Subject: Isteri Diperkosa Perompak | Checked

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Date Posted: 14:51:42 03/25/14 Tue

Isteri Diperkosa Perompak | Checked > http://tinyurl.com/pzuxzzf

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