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Subject: short trousers and discipline

Eric (happy)
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Date Posted: 10:08:08 11/02/16 Wed

I have today 61 years old. My mother gave me a severe education during the sixteen in France.
She appreciated english education in the colleges by means of the corporal punishments : cane, tawse... and she considered it regrettable that the french establishments did not use the same methods.
No cane in France but this role was held by the "french martinet" with thin straps of leather (5 to 10 quite square). It rocked my education.
For my mother, a good schoolboy must carried in short trousers always smooth bare legs. And myself carried short pants up to 16 years for the college and also at home.She thought that recalled me that i was not adult but teenager still subjected to his aurotithy and theseone of my masters.
At home, it reigned a studious atmosphere impressed of respect and obedience. I was to make before all my duties and to learn my lessons. The "french martinet" hung well in sight with the living room and expected me. I was constantly in short trousers and my bare legs were always ready for a correction.
My mother shingled me with the "french martinet" the naked thighs for any insufficient schoolwork and misdeamour.
She showed themselves very demanding my behaviour, my language and cheked very close my schoolwork. If she was disapointly, she said me : "give me the martinet and bend you hands over the knees". After i said :"thank mum'". It could serve several times per week.
Satursday was a bad day ; we had a weekly report with our notes. I was to present it to my mother and each insufficient note involved the application of the "french martinet. Sunday, for the mass, i had a blazer with very short grey flannel breeches and one could sometimes see the traces of the martinet on my bare legs. I was a litle ashamed but my mother said that was part of the punishment.
I always submissively accepted to be carried in short pants and the corrections of my mother because i knew deserved them. They helped me well to obey without discussing to improve my behaviour and especially to get excellent schoolresults.
I do not regret this education, even it was hard and painful, but i know that i needed it.
Subject: Invitiation to a new forum

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Date Posted: 15:50:37 12/05/16 Mon

I'd like to invite members to a new forum I created. It's another spanking forum but you may discuss other family topics as well.

Trolls are not welcome. Please do not use a fake/troll user name. If you don't want to use your real name that's fine but use a proper name.

This is the link:

Subject: Spanking my boys

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Date Posted: 15:39:47 12/11/16 Sun

I have 2 boys ages 13 & 10 and i love spanking their beautiful round asses. Oh they have the most spankable asses. We all strip naked then I put them over my lap for long hard slaps with my hand then I use a wood paddle to finish. They are usually crying & wiggling before I am finished. I especially like it when my 13 year old grinds and rubs his gorgeous cock on my thigh while i spank. He quite often ejaculates all over my leg which I don't mind at all. That is such a sweet bonding time. Do others have the same joy?
Subject: short trousers and discipline

eric plouvier (happy)
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Date Posted: 03:19:38 12/10/16 Sat

Hello Cuthbert,
In France, we did nothave a uniform of class. however at 16 years, if i could go to school in trousers, the rest of time, i always was to be in short trousers. My thighs where then naked to the 3/4 and one solid french martinet expected me the living room to rectify behavior and work. One could some times see the brands of the french martinet on my thighs. That could appear huliating as than lasten since 11 years age, i had been accustomed there.
Subject: Moms and the Belt

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Date Posted: 10:39:15 11/25/16 Fri

I'm a 64 yo man. I was spanked as a boy between the ages of 12 and 15 or 16. This was 50 years ago (gasp) when spanking was more accepted. I have posted some of this on another forum as well. I had my older sister walk in on one of my spankings and I also had to endure a Walk of Shame another time. Back in this era parents used the belt to discipline. I was wondering if any spanking moms still use the belt today. My spankings were done otk and bare bottom, by hand and paddle. I would enjoy hearing some feedback from modern spanking moms on any of these topics.

Your direct emails are always welcome and appreciated. I would very much enjoy chatting with any of you anytime.
Subject: Spanksgiving Memory

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Date Posted: 14:48:41 11/24/16 Thu

With today being Thanksgiving, it brought back a memory of one of my worst and most embarrassing spankings as a teenager. I was 15 or 16 living with my aunt who decided that my behavior was not up to her standards and made it her mission to straighten me out. Her method of straightening me out was long hard hairbrush spankings on my bare bottom and corner time after still naked. My aunt also had no compunction about spanking whenever and in front of whomever she saw fit.

On this particular Thanksgiving morning, everyone else was out having fun and staying away from my aunt who was a bear when it came to people being underfoot while she was in holiday cooking mode. I was not as lucky as I had been ordered to get my room cleaned before everyone got there. Unfortunately, for me my aunt’s 9 am deadline came and I had not done a thing. My aunt came in looked and said 10 am you are getting your spanking and unless you want to spend all day bare in the corner, I suggest you clean this room now. I knew she was serious and started cleaning figuring maybe that she would forget. About 20 minutes later, I heard the phone ring and my aunt yelled for me to get it.

It was a girl she worked with was about 22 or 23, named Wendy that I had a crush on. Wendy asked to speak to my aunt. I heard my aunt tell her to come on over and said 10 am was fine. I freaked out. My aunt had some strict rules regarding witnesses to spankings. If you did something to someone, someone came in on a spanking while it was happening or if someone was there when a spanking had been announced that spanking happened right in front of them.
I begged my aunt to spank me right away or not to spank me at all and she refused telling me to get back to cleaning.

About 5 minutes before 10am the doorbell rang and I was instructed to answer it. It was Wendy and I was very red-faced knowing what was about to happen. My aunt yelled out from the kitchen and told me to take Wendy to the living room and that she would be there in a moment. Wendy took a seat on the couch and I sat down on the chair staring at her, as she was so cute.

My aunt walked in with the hairbrush and pulled a straight back chair out from the desk. She told me to stand up, face Wendy, and tell her what was going on. I had to tell Wendy that I was going to be punished for disobeying and that the punishment would be a spanking on my bare bottom. Wendy snickered when I said that. My aunt then ordered me to ask Wendy if she would please watch and if she didn't want to she could wait in the kitchen. Wendy’s reply made me sink through the floor as she said oh no bad little boys need bare bottom spankings please spank him, it won’t be the first little boy I have seen spanked.

My aunt looked at me told me to face Wendy and strip to my underpants. Once I was down to them I was instructed to put my hands on my head and look at Wendy with my eyes open and not turn away. My aunt then unceremoniously yanked my underpants down and had me step out of them. For the next 5 minutes or so she lectured me about my behavior and what was going to happen. Wendy watched the whole thing without ever looking away. My aunt then had me bend over the chair and she proceeded to spank my bottom and thighs long and hard. She would not count and would stop only when I was limp and crying uncontrollably.

When it was over, I was moved to the corner to show my red bare bottom for 15 minutes. After that I had to turn around and face the room for another 15 minutes. I was horribly embarrassed as Wendy was still sitting there staring at me. My aunt had me apologize to her and to Wendy then I was allowed to get dressed. I was very quiet and embarrassed after that. Wendy never did let me live it down. She would often come over to the house or when I was at my aunts workplace bring up that spanking or the others, she saw.
Subject: My new stemom

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Date Posted: 07:12:44 11/18/16 Fri

I'm 15 years old and think my stepmom spanking me is unfair. my dad went out of town for an extended business trip last month and left me with my stepmom. he is very strict and whenever I get in trouble he whips me with the belt. before he left he told my stepmom that if I got into trouble that she could punish me how she sees fit. I told him that was unfair because she isn't my real mom and shouldn't have the right to punish me however she wanted. plus they have only been married for just over a year and shes only 27. he said just stay out of trouble and I wouldn't have to worry about it. the other night she had to work late and I invited 2 girls from down the street to come over and watch movies. I know I wasn't supposed to have anybody over when there were no adults around but I figured I wouldn't get caught.
my stepmom came home earlier than she said and caught us with the beer and cigs. she said I would be getting a butt whipping. I told he she couldn't spank me because I was 15 and a guy and she wasn't my real mom. then she threatened to call my dad so I gave in.
my stepmom got the a belt and told me pull my jeans down in front of girls. I was so embarrassed. I had bend over the coffee table and got 20 licks. I knew the girls would tell everybody at school.
my stepmom says embarrassment is part of punishment.
Subject: Re: Cane too harsh?

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Date Posted: 12:56:47 11/24/16 Thu

Dear Miss Maria,
Do you think you could spank me hard enough and long enough to really get my balls jumping?
Subject: spanking my nephew

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Date Posted: 06:04:14 11/17/16 Thu

Daniel here from Texas. I'm an uncle with a 12 year old nephew. he lives with me and m wife. my wife use spank and other punishments to discipline him. he gets spanking regularly from my wife. but he still naughty boy.
Subject: A new question thread

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Date Posted: 02:44:57 11/18/16 Fri

Hi everyone just thought I'd let you know that there is a another forum where you can have all kinds of discussions including the very taboo ones. There's no need for registration or anything. To write a comment or to start your own thread all you have to do is match the letters with the captcha. It's still quite empty so we need more people there

This is the link

Subject: Over Mommy's Knee For A Soundly Spanked Bare Bottom

Donald J.
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Date Posted: 12:09:48 10/15/16 Sat

In case you didn't know it, rampant naughtiness is threatening to corrupt our children's lives and entrap them in endless instances of vandalism, thievery, rudeness to their elders, and deliberate neglect of their studies. It's horrible, so horrible. And the only proven way to deal with this terrible blight on our society is to take down every wayward child's pants and put them over the lap of maternal authority for a good, sound spanking, paddling, and/or strapping on their bare bottom.

It's an undeniable fact that mothers make the best spankers. Don't ask me why, but they just do. They take that naughty bare bottom on their lap, and they spank the living daylights out of it. They spank it so soundly, you'd think you were looking at two scoops of strawberry ice cream. Really, I'm not kidding. Such a well-spanked bottom. That's exactly what the naughty child needs.
Subject: daughter gets the paddle for a sassy attitude

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Date Posted: 18:47:18 11/03/16 Thu

so how many of you have had to spank your son or daughters today. how and why :)
Subject: Books on spanking

Laura Jane
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Date Posted: 14:29:42 11/09/16 Wed

I am an old woman, but young at heart, who is a firm believer in spanking for discipline of naughty youngsters. I was brought up (40s, 50s) with spankings, and I gave spankings to my kids. And I think that it is to bad that it is not used as it should any more. I would like to know if anyone here on this forum remember or read those wonderful little books about spanking from a small company in Boston called Sting. The books were published in early fifties, and I got hold of a few of those books when I studied in Boston in the late sixties. I don´t have any of those books any more, but would love to read them again. I remember they were very interested indeed! They had pecil drawings of home type spankings, that were very "charming" - if ever a spanking can be charming.
Subject: Spank And The World Spanks With You

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Date Posted: 07:46:46 11/11/16 Fri

My mommy never gave me the spankings I needed when I was growing up, so I sometimes like to pull down my pants and paddle my bare bottom. I've got a wooden brush that I use, and I switch hands so that I can spank as much of my big, jiggly, naughty backside as possible. I spank and spank and spank and spank, and then I spank some more.

I like to take pictures of my spank-reddened bottom and save them to my computer. I know a couple of girls who enjoy seeing them. Naughty boys like me need lots of spanking on the bare bottom. Shame on us!
Subject: my girlfriend

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Date Posted: 05:55:29 11/11/16 Fri

my girlfriend lives with me and my son. my son 11 -yrs-. she was strict with him "SHE USED SPANKING WITH WOODEN SPOON ON HIS BARE BUTTOCKS".
I told her to stop but she refused. I love her .
Subject: Nudity

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Date Posted: 01:07:31 10/30/16 Sun

"I don't tend to be fully nude, but i have started removing all but my bra and panties for dealing out punishment.
I feel this keeps the subject's attention better, and it does keep my clothes clean when sticky "messes" occur."

My experience in spanking my son while wearing a bra and panties is that it gets him distracted and makes him easier to handle.

I'm thinking I should try this with my boys and girls
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