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Subject: short trousers and discipline

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Date Posted: 00:04:50 08/09/15 Sun

Alex 55, I'm sure boys donned in short trousers made recalcitrant young teenagers easier to control. Any boy wearing shorts was far more demure and docile and less likely to draw attention to himself, unlike his long trousered counter parts. Of course this ploy worked and my parents realised it was most effective.
Of course the other benefits to parents were quite obvious, any boy wearing shorts with smooth legs was very aesthetically pleasing but the shorts had to be well fitted and snug.
This classis look certainly appealed to my parents but I found it absolutely demoralizing.
Subject: Have you witnessed this?

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Date Posted: 06:09:15 09/10/15 Thu

Subject: my father's girlfriend

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Date Posted: 01:07:38 08/29/15 Sat

Hi,I'm Mark. 13 old.
my father's girlfriend lived with us in our home. my father loved her.
my father's girlfriend strict with me. she spanking me with her a belt on my bare buttocks.
sometime forced me stand naked in corner.
why she do this ?
Subject: Favorite spanking

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Date Posted: 14:15:18 08/16/15 Sun

What is the favorite spanking you have given? Who did you spank? Why? How did you do it? Was it bare? did you use an implement?
Subject: Age to start?

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Date Posted: 04:41:42 08/17/15 Mon

I am taking care of my young niece and nephew, and am wondering if they are old enough to have them strip before their spanking. They are 6.
Subject: Re: How to ask for spanking

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Date Posted: 06:46:28 08/07/15 Fri

>Hi I'm Josh and I'm 12 and 1/2. I found some forums
>about spanking because I'm little curious about
>spanking, my parents never spank me(except when I was
>totally small) but most of my friends are spanked, One
>friend told me about how he is spanked, for me it's
>sounds as a good alternative for grounding and little
>exciting so I asked parents to spank me yesterday but
>they hesitated and told me it is no needed (I told
>them I was rude and need punishement, the best
>spanking, even I show my bottom to them and waited
>while but nothing was happen).
>I'm not really bad person, but I'm curious how does
>bare bottom spanking feels like. I tried make it by
>myself but it is not working and I'm so embarrassed to
>ask my friend or another people to spank me. How
>should I talk with my parents ? Any advice?
>They do not listen arguments like "my friends have
>spanking" or "some parents think it is good
>punishment" .
>Pleas take me seriously Josh.

I had my spanking some time ago. I beg and ask my friend and it was done.
Subject: Re: Short trousers and discipline

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Date Posted: 00:22:49 05/19/15 Tue

>I was always brought up with the idea that I was still
>a young boy and not get above my station. With this
>is mind my mother kept me in very brief short trousers
>all the time. I wore grey flannel shorts to school
>until I was 16 followed by corduroy shorts in the 6th
>form. At home I had a huge variety of shorts the
>mainstay was my short alls. My shorts were all very
>short only just covering my buttocks. They were also
>very snug.
>My mother was also strict in other ways. She very
>much believed in bare bottom spankings at home and
>sometimes in public. I also had my legs smacked on
>numerous occasions.
Cuthbert, I can certainly relate to this.Growing up in the 60s it was not unusual for boys up the age of 16 to have to wear shorts. My mother was also very strict and kept me in shorts until 16. And just like your mother, mine believed in giving frequent bare bottom spanking, often very publicly. I had my short pulled down quite a few times whilst out with her and had my bare bottom spanked and with the promise of more when she got me home.
Parents who did not spank back then were seen a weak.
Thankfully I did not have to go naked at home after a spanking but I did have to put my pyjamas on. I really hated that as often my friends would callround and see me in them and know I had been spanked again
please get in touch if you want to chat
Subject: Strict discipline

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Date Posted: 12:06:46 05/08/15 Fri

I remember coming home from school age 16 in my School uniform. Dark navy blazer, white shirt, tie, long grey socks with blue stripes around the top, black lace up shoes and neat grey flannel shorts. My school shorts were beautifully fitting tailored to be taut over my buttocks. I also wore them very short. They barely covered my buttocks. I was one of those older boys made in the strictest possible manner to wear the briefest of shorts all the time.

I remember because I had a mediocre school report. I knew that my mother would be disappointed in me. This meant a very sore bare bottom and upper thighs. She said I am very disappointed in you. You will buck your ideas up and to help you in that a very red bottom is required. She told me to take off my blazer. I then had to put my hands on my head. She undid my shorts, took them down, and made me fold them neatly and put them on the table. Mummy than took down my underwear. She had lined up on the table my discipline strap and my whippy nursery cane.

I went over her lap and she smacked every inch of my bottom and the backs of my thighs with her hand. The strap was then picked up my mother then strapped my thighs and bare bottom. At this stage, my thighs and buttocks were bright red. I then had 30 minutes of corner time. Then my mother called me back. I had to bend over the arm of the sofa. My sore buttocks had a comprehensive thrashing with the nursery cane. It was agony and my worst ever discipline. I then had a further 30 minutes of bare bottom corner time before being allowed to put on some very tight little shortalls over my sore bottom.
Subject: Spanking While At The Beach?

Kara to Sophie
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Date Posted: 04:20:29 08/06/15 Thu

Since its finally started to warm up around here ive been taking my boys (10 and 13) to the beach often. Does anyone find it appopiate to spank their kids while at the beach if they act up and cant behave? I'm not going to ruin the day by having to drag one of the kids all the way to the locker room to give them a spanking. What do you do or do you wait until they get home? My older boy was picking on his little brother yesterday. Obviously i cant bare him in front of others in an environment like that so i just gave him a few hard spanks over his Speedo briefs. Behaved for the rest of the day so didnt see a reason to give him a proper spanking later
Subject: Please help me with this-How common is it of older women to like puberty aged boys ?

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Date Posted: 03:38:43 07/28/15 Tue

I know it's not possible to put a finger on it and say .But any ideas ? The problem is women don't admit it.I don't think it makes her abnormal at all.By puberty aged i mean around 10-13/14,Please gimme some ideas . There are very few forums on the net where you can ask questions regarding this topic because in most cases they ban you. There are countless men who find 12 year old girls attractive and that's perfectly normal so I'm sure there are many women who find boys around at the age sexually appealing but we live in a society where a woman can talk about her fantasies of having sex with dogs, cheating, lesbians and every other taboo yet if a 35 year old lady says she finds a naked preteen boy hot then she is considered abnormal or something is terribly wrong with her or she's evil. It's also not true that if a woman is attracted to young boys then she cannot be attracted to adult men. I wish to hear from both Males and females about this and to give me some feedback. For example you may be a woman ho is not attracted two boys that age but you'd think from the perspective of a female that maybe it's not that uncommon. I would also like to hear from guys (not from guys who are interested in Boys but from those who can give me some opinions on what they think). I have read about female sexual desires and fantasies for many years and it seems you guys are very similar to us. If you're a woman who likes young boys then please give your age and what age boys you like. My preference is to hear from women who like puberty aged around 11 to 13 or a little less.
Subject: What turns you on the most about punishing a boy?

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Date Posted: 03:16:35 05/19/15 Tue

As a mother ,stepmother,,aunt,teacher,,any older lady ,what sexually arouses you the most about punishing a boy?

Share your story .If you don't have one do you have such a fantasy ?

Please give you your age
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