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Subject: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 17:24:36 06/08/13 Sat

I caught my brother Andrew naked when he was 16. It was a day when I had come out of the office early and he thought he was safe alone in the house. Well I never made much noise entering the house and I had my suspicions my brother was going in my room when I was out. I heard him upstairs creeping about so I just tip toed upstairs to see what he was up to...and there he was stark naked! He was fishing around the airing cupboard so I assumed looking for a towel, and me just a few feet away admiring a very nice bare bottom. I was tempted to announce myself and watch his embarrassment and shock but I held my tongue and kept silent. I watched as he headed for my room and saw his pink bum disapear around my door and what was he carrying? a pair of my favourite jeans! The little swine was masturbating with my jeans stretched out on the bed, my bed.
I was so angry but I realised that this was an opportunity as I saw for the first time in years his penis. It was larger than I remembered it of course and now was surrounded by light tufts of golden pubic hair, and as he laid on his back holding my jeans up to his face, I could see his right hand manipulating his dick. It was getting hard fast and in seconds was fully erect. Although still angry and quite disgusted with him my wicked side took over as I took spiteful pleasure watching him working his hard penis knowing how humiliating this was going to be for him when I finally let my presence be known. Then it occurred to me that if I was patient a little while longer I might see something really intense. I was 24, a working woman with a decent job, had had several boyfriends and had wanked them all. In other words I knew the score. I had always enjoyed seeing cum shoot out of a penis - the money shot as it's called in porn films, and now I was going to watch my brother shoot his load, and indeed he did..all over his belly - a great big thick puddle of spunk. Oh how I relished declaring my presence to Andrew, and the sheer panic and horror as I stood there watching him scramble to hide his slimy dripping penis and his exposure from my view. I barked at him "It's too late! I have seen it! I have been standing here in the door watching you"
I ordered him to his room and to clean himself up in the bathroom and get dressed. Then I had the great delight of telling him what I had seen...in detail! This was done by me in the utmost seriousness by the way, and boy Andrew as humiliated and deflated as it's possible to be.
I then explained that as soon as our mum and dad got in they were going to hear the whole story from me. Our other sister Joanne had by now arrived home from college and Andrew was nearly in tears as she learned from me the sordid details of what I had discovered our little brother doing in my room.
He was desperate not for me to tell our parents and I said that the only way out for him was if I punished him myself. He agreed straight away but then he panicked when I said I intended to smack him across my knees on his bare bottom like a little boy. He was desperate now and in tears as I reminded him that his semen was on my bed covers which I would be showing to our parents when they arrived in just over an hour. He agreed through tears with his voice shaking, and Joanne kept an eye on him as I went off to change from my office clothes into a t-shirt and corduroy jeans. Joanne held him by the wrists and I had the pleasure of denuding Andrew from the waist down. I got the greatest thrill from downing his underpants in front of Joanne, exposing his penis to her. She and Andrew had had plenty of fights over the years and this was the sweetest revenge she could have had. My sister had a look of pure spiteful pleasure on her face mixed with a hard stare as I made our brother do some very slow twirls so Joanne could see everything..his bare bottom and dick simultaneously as I guided him around at my own pace nice and slowly with my hands gently above his bare hips as Andrew's tears trickled down his cheeks. Then it was on with the bottom smacking or spanking as Americans say. Joanne pinned him down by his shoulders over my lap on our settee and Andrew squirmed in sheer embarrassment as I smoothed my right hand over his bare bum. Then the smacking started and he began to sob almost at once just I believe from shock and embarrassment. I did give him a good proper smacking though very hard and built up the speed until he was yelling the place down. Then he got up and guess what..he had another erection, and this time Joanne saw it. I told Andrew to stay standing as I went to the kitchen briefly, which he did in front of Joanne with a full erect penis exposed to her. I returned with a washing up glove (seriously) and started to wank Andrew's five and a half incher with Joanne watching on. In less than thirty seconds he spunked a second load that day. In less than two hours I had twice seen cum shooting from Andrew's dick and Joanne had seen it once as well.
Our parents knew none of what went on that day.

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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 08:00:22 07/14/13 Sun

I was spanked by different persons , this means parents, grandfather, older sister, and an uncle.They had the right to spank me, when I was in their hosehold.
Sometimes my parents delegated my spanking to my two years younger sister, in spite of the fact that they were present and could have given it to me themselves. I was really embarrassed, when my parents said: " Ahh......, Cindy , could you be so kind as to give your brother his spanking this evening? Yes ,we know, you find it embarrassing to be spanked by Cindy, but embarrassment is part of the punishment, and Cindy needs to stay in practice, you know!"
Cindy looked at me and smirked, and I became red in the face. I knew she enjoyed to spank me. All the time then she brought up the topic (" should I use the strap on him, or hand only?") etc.and looked at me.
When she finally punished me , she talked to me all the time, prior to, during and after the spanking, enjoying my embarrassment (" maybe I should give you some more swats, to make sure you learn your lesson, what is your opinion about that? or "your bottom literally asks for a spanking, so round and chubby!while she jiggled my bum cheeks with one hand.
On the other hand she did not hit too hard, she always said. "I wont be so severe, but I need to make your bottom red, to prove to dad that I did my job, you know!"
I prefered to get my spankings from dad. They hurt more,but frankly speaking, I had much less shame.

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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 23:24:21 07/14/13 Sun

I was spanked at home up to the week or so before I went off to a military college. Mom did it despite the fact that her arthritis weakened her strength, but when she said to unbuckle my belt and unzip the fly I almost automatically began to obey.
I remember glancing at my sister and my cousin who were watching and I began to beg off, but mom was adamant about it so I let the dungarees drop off. Mom reached over and pulled the jockey undies down which caused my thingy to sort of pop out.
My sister is a little more than a year younger but had been Mommey's Little Helper for three or four years and had seen me naked many times as Mom often had told her to run the bath or supervise the showers for my younger brother and me.
A few times I had not wanted mom to find out something and chose to let Kathy spank me in my bedroom. That was better than mom getting upset and calling her younger sister to cross through the backyards and spank me in the kitchen in front of everyone. Aunt Ronnie was younger and stronger and I think she enjoyed both the power of the spanking as well as the opportunity to humiliate me while I was forced to stand there completely exposed in front of her and whoever else was there at the time.
But That last time was different. I was being compelled to remove my clothing in front of the girls whereas at other times it was something that I chose to do.The tears that were impossible to hold back also added to my humiliation.
That was the last time, but I remembered it for quite a while and several years later when I think it had slipped away Kathy reminded me one weekend while I was visiting her and her husband. He wasn't home but his sisters were also visiting and Kathy decided to demonstrate how she had been in charge of so many details when we were teens and mom was unable to climb the stairs to the second floor where our rooms were.

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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 10:09:24 07/15/13 Mon

My mother was also the disciplinarian in my home growing up. And she was very strict and severe, making me take my clothes off entirely much of the time and bend over the sofa arm in the living room. She used a thin, leather belt on my butt until I was 12 or 13 and man did that thing sting. It was more like a whip than a belt, and it was round rather than flat. Then she came down with premature arthritis and was in pain herself when she whipped me, so she had my older sister do it while she looked on and scolded me as I was crying and pleading. I got spanked like this until I went away to college and although it did not happen all that often when I was 16 and 17 it did happen and it was mighty embarrassing as well as painful then. But there was no avoiding my sister and her belt if mother said to do it.
This was back in the late 60s and early 70s, and I was very glad to get out of that house but it was usual in many familes.

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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 11:28:28 07/15/13 Mon

In the "good old time" older girls were often given the task of disciplining younger siblings including corporal punishments. It served two purposes, it freed parents up to perform other tasks and impressed on the juniors that, in loco parentis, (in place of a parent,) the oldest sibling was the boss.

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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

Good older sister...
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Date Posted: 08:22:05 07/16/13 Tue


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[> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

Good older brother too....
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Date Posted: 08:24:08 07/16/13 Tue


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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 22:38:55 07/17/13 Wed

My sister used to spank me bare bottom when she was in charge. She was four years older, so when we were alone, she was always in charge. She didn't spank me for everything, but for bad things I got it OTK. The worst spankings were when I urinated in my pants, which I did sometimes till my 12, because I hated using public bathrooms. Sometimes she would spank our little sister bare bottom, but not too often.

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Date Posted: 09:57:19 07/19/13 Fri

If sister has responsibility for younger siblings, she ought to have right to punish them according to family tradition.

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[> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 09:40:00 08/08/13 Thu

It's acceptable for little boys only

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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 12:23:39 07/21/13 Sun

Growing up the family baby sitter was usually a cousin who was four or five years older and she had done so from the days when I was in diapers so for years I never thought about being unclothed in front of her, bathed by her or spanked by her. But by age ten or eleven I became more concerned with modesty and that was when she would stay over on a weekend and sometimes have a girlfriend keep her company.
When that happened I knew I would sooner or later wind up completely exposed in front of both of them, usually for a spanking and seldom allowed to cover up until bedtime.
When Ren's family moved too far away to be the convenient baby sitter, mom favored putting my sister in charge despite her being about a year younger and my sister lost no time in using her authority.
It was no use in complaining, as, if I did mom would usually decide to add to the spanking and sometimes right in front of everyone have my sister take my drawers down and pull me over her lap. Mom had become ill and really unable to give the painful spankings that she had been able to do previously.
So when Kathy called me to the kitchen or living room while mom was out, I knew right away what was going to happen.
She would be sitting on the sofa usually with her friends alongside her and I'd be told to remove my slacks. I'd protest and she'd ask if I would prefer her to tell mom when she got home.
I'd hem and haw and sort of beg for privacy, but to no avail and soon I'd unbuckle and let the pants fall to the floor.
Then Kathy would have me step closer and she would explain to her friend, or a few times, friends, that boys needed discipline as she tugged on my undies and pulled them down so that my privates were soon exposed. Her friends would watch and giggle, especially if I had a stiffie and I'd have to stand there while Kathy continued her explanation.
Then she would grab my arm and lead me to the chair and pull me over her lap for the spanking. I'd try not to squirm about and allow my legs to spread apart and also hold back tears, but I knew that the spanking would continue until I lost control and tears started to flow.
Then, of course, I'd have to apologize for what I'd done or been accused of doing. And Kathy would ask her girlfriend if she thought my behind was red enough which meant turning about and bending all the way over so they could examine my heiney. Often they would discuss my penis and how boys are different as some of her friends didn't have bothers and certainly not older brothers that they could punish at whim.
Now here's the funny thing, for some strange reason I seemed to get some excited pleasure out of being humiliated and exposed by my sister and my protestations were really a sham..

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Date Posted: 16:32:28 07/21/13 Sun

Until what age did your sister spank and see you bare ass naked? Did mom still spank you when you turned 14 and 15?

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[> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 10:39:13 07/23/13 Tue

Whoever posted that under the name Eddie is a thief who copied it from a post I made some time ago. He even used my Cousin Ren's name with the accent and mentioned my sister by name.
Good grief, I know my recollections are interesting but they need not be copied as if they are your own.

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[> [> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 10:46:42 07/23/13 Tue

And here is where the no-life-of-his-own sneak took it from;

where it was posted at 19:28:26 on 05/10/13 Fri

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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 06:43:34 07/23/13 Tue

I was watching a ball game on TV when my kid sister called over the railing, Hey Ron, come up here. Let me show you what I found.

I was annoyed at being interrupted but I had to respond. Ever since mom gave Helga permission to spank me, Ive tried to be on my best behavior.

It all started when my friend Jorge and I got busted by the cops for smoking some weed. It wasnt a big deal; I mean the state just passed a law making it sort of legal. Well, I guess there were a couple of technicalities. You could have it. You just couldnt sell it, buy it or smoke it. You could magically come into possession of it and as long as you keep it as a collectable item, it was OK unless you are16 years old. Jorge and I were still under age.

At least I can say this about the cops. They were cool about it. They did a check on the computer and found out that Jorge and I were clean; that is, we didnt have any other things on our record. So instead of arresting us and charging us, they took us home to let our parents deal with it.

And my parents most definitely did deal with it. They took my license and my car keys and my cell phone and my computer was moved to the kitchen where I could use it only to do homework, and my TV was impounded. I was sent into electronic exile.

That wasnt the worst of it. Mom and dad were livid that I had disgraced and humiliated the family. For one thing, mom was running for city council and if word of this got out, it would ruin her chances.

I heard my dad say words that I had not heard in a half dozen years, Son, bring me the chair.

No dad. You cant do that, Im too old!

Old enough to do the crime; old enough to do the time. Now get that chair in here now.

As a child I was made to prepare for my spanking ritualistically. I had to bring the implements of my spanking: namely The Chair and a hairbrush or slipper to the living room, and then get undressed. This hadnt happened for a long time. Even Helga hadnt been spanked in a while although she never got more naked than her panties.

I brought the chair from the hallway into the living room. The living room was the place for a public execution. It was the most public place in the house, but at least it was not visible from the street.

Dad had undone his belt. This was going to be painful.

No dad, I said again.

Drop those pants, was his reply.

You cant do that. Im a big boy. Helga will see.

Youre a big boy, alright, mom put in, too big for those britches youre wearing. Its only appropriate that you lose them.

At least send Helga away. I dont want her to see me.

Shes staying, dad said, She has to see what the consequences of this kind of activity are.

But shell see my .

Helga actually laughed, I know what boys look like. I studied Sex Ed in school. Sheesh, stop being such a little boy! This statement had me concerned since the last time Helga saw me naked I was a little boy. She was just a toddler then.

I got my pants down and pulled down my underwear as fast as I could and got over my fathers lap. I wanted to hide my shame as much as possible and get the ordeal over as quickly as possible.

I soon forgot about the shame as my fathers belt bit into my flesh. I had always thought that spankings were painful things but they were mostly more humiliation than pain. That was then. This was now. I guess mom and dad held back in the past, but not this time. Apparently the intensity of the spanking was proportionate to the seriousness of the offense. Being almost arrested is a very serious offense.

Dad wasnt at it very long. I probably only got about a dozen swipes with the belt, but each one of them felt like I was being branded.

It was over quickly but painfully and dad barked, Get up.

I put my hands to my behind and pulled them away quickly. I could not bear even to touch the spots dad had spanked. I then realized that Helga was gawking at me. I covered my front with my hands.

Turn around, mom ordered, Show Helga what happens to children who disobey the law in this house.

I was actually relieved to face away from my family. I could not bear to look at their faces.

You know the drill, mom said, In the corner. Ill tell you when you can come out.

I stood there hands on my head, bare ass to the room. Dad put the chair away. Mom went into the kitchen to prepare dinner, Helga stayed behind. I couldnt see her there but I could sense her presence.

Mom finally released me to get dressed and ordered me to go upstairs and clean up and come down for dinner. As I pulled up my underpants, it hurt. I managed to get them on my butt but it felt uncomfortable. I tried my pants but the material was too stiff and pressed against my rear end and chaffed. It was a too painful trip up the steps.

I stopped off at the bathroom and grabbed some ointment. I stripped in my room and looked at my backside in the mirror, but that only confirmed what I knew I could already distinctly feel exactly where every welt was.

I applied the ointment carefully to my bruised and battered buttocks. I found a soft-cotton T-shirt and folded it carefully and placed it against my butt and held this in place with boxer shorts. It almost looked like I was wearing diapers. I decided to forego the pants.

Dinner was a quiet affair and after Helga and I cleaned it up, mom dropped the other bomb on me. She announced the conditions of my punishment but also said, Who knows what youve gotten into. We cant trust you. So one of the first things we are going to do is search your room to see if you have any more. So if you have any, it would be in your best interest to hand it over.

All of us went upstairs. I immediately went into the closet, took the shoebox off the top shelf and handed it to mom. She took it to the bathroom. I could hear the toilet flush. I worked hard for the money to buy it and now it was down the drain.

I was hoping that handing over the last of my stash would be the end of it. However, mom soon instigated a detailed search of my room. Both she and dad and even Helga were checking everything even undoing the bed.

So it was inevitable that they also found my other stash my pornography. Now I am not talking Playboy. I am talking about some pretty perverted stuff here. Mom said, Id have your father spank you again if you werent so sore. We will have to take some more severe measures I can see.

After ransacking my room, they left with orders that I was to put it back in order and to stay in it.

Later, I was called down to the living room for a family conference. Helga was already there.

Ron, mom began, youve proven yourself too unreliable to be left to your own devices. We cant have you doing these kind of things and looking at filth. Youll never grow up to be a responsible adult.

So you are going to have to be closely supervised. Now neither your father nor I can take off work so we can stay home and watch you, so we have decided to hire someone to do it.

My mind went racing. Who do they know well enough to babysit me? Old Mrs. Horton next door? I hope so, shes half blind and brain-addled. I could easily fool her and get away with things.

What mom said next was totally unexpected, So Helga will be your watcher.

The news was so shocking, that it didnt immediately register. Helga who? I thought. Then it occurred that my sisters name is Helga.

You cant mean her, I protested, pointing at my sister. Shes only 12. Im older than her. She cant tell me what to do.

Shes a lot more responsible than you are, dad argued.

Mom continued, She will keep an eye on you and report everything you do wrong to us. She has the right to inspect your room at any time with no notice. She has the right to tell you when you can go out, and when you must come back. She has the right to approve who comes over to visit you

And she has the right to discipline you. If you get out of hand, she has the right to spank you.

She cant do that. Shes just a kid!

Think of it this way. You can let her spank you, or she can let one of us do it. I assure you, it will be worse if we do it. So far, all we have authorized her to do is hand spank you. Now if the offense is serious enough, we can still add to it, but we think that immediate correction is more effective.

I was beaten in more ways than one. On the bare? I asked.

If she thinks its necessary, yes.

Somehow I got the impression that she would always think it necessary.

So this kind of brings me to where I am now. At first Helga was eager to exercise her new found power over me and would call me for a spanking for the most minor of misdemeanors, but after a while, she settled down and I was actually able to get through whole days without going over her lap.

It also helped that I was getting better at covering my tracks and finding places to hide my treasures. The obvious place to hide a dirty magazine is in a drawer or between mattress and box springs. Those were two of the first places Helga would go when she conducted her random inspections of my room. Sometimes I was there when she walked in; sometimes she did them while I was away; other times I was in the house and could hear her in there.

However, I was confident that she would never find the slots that I had taped to the back of the headboard on my bed. They were nothing more than cardboard and duct tape construction but each of them could hold several magazines.

So when she called me to come up and see what she had found, I figured it was nothing worse than a misplaced piece of dirty laundry. In addition to inspecting for contraband, she was also in charge of inspecting my room for cleanliness and neatness as well. I even needed her permission as to what posters I could put up on the walls: sports figures were OK, sexy female rock singers were not.

When I got to my room I found her with her head stuck out the door and the door partially closed so I couldnt see in. She waited until I got right up to my room and then opened it fully.

My heart sank. There on the bed, spread out on display was my complete magazine collection.

She folded her arms and tapped one foot. Well, what have you got to say?

I I , was all I managed to babble.

You know mom and dad dont like this stuff. Didnt you learn your lesson? What do you think theyll do for a second offense?

The memories of pain past came back. My rear end clinched up at the thought of another spanking like the one I got only a month or two ago.

Please dont tell. Ill do anything!

You know that I will have to spank you for this, dont you?

I nodded my head and held it down in shame as I mumbled a yes.

And since this is a particularly special crime, it will have to be a particularly special spanking.

I nodded again, still focusing on the floor between us.

Ill make you a deal. I wont tell mom and dad, but you have to keep what we do absolutely to yourself or I will show them the magazines and youll be in deep trouble then.

OK, was all I managed to say.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Mom and dad will be out. Well do it in the morning. For the moment, you are restricted to your room until mom and dad come home.

Helga took the magazines and left. A thought occurred to me that if I could find where she hid them, I could take them back, destroy the evidence and weaken her case with our parents. The problem was, I did not have the right the search her room, so if I did it, it would have to be when absolutely nobody was home and that didnt occur often. Besides, Helgas a smart girl, she probably could hide them anywhere and would most likely not restrict hiding them to her room.

My thoughts then turned to what was going to be so special about this spanking. Heretofore, Helga had been restricted to hand spanking me. Was she going to use something else? I knew all the implements she had at her disposal: her hairbrush, dads belt, her slip on sneakers, even the ping pong paddle from the playroom downstairs.

I could hear her around various parts of the house chatting away on her phone. I decided to put the game on the little TV in my room to get my mind off my fate.

That evening at dinner mom asked her how my behavior was during the day. Helga responded, Well I did an inspection of his room Here she went silent. This was it. She was going to tell. My stomach knotted. The second hand on the wall clock may have moved twice, but it seemed to have taken an hour for each movement.

She continued, and I found. Again silence.

some minor infractions and I had him fix them on the spot. I didnt even think it was worth a spanking.

I started to breathe again. Helga had kept her promise. I felt like jumping up, hugging her and kissing her, but that would have been totally out of character for me.

Helga smiled at me and gave me a wink. It was game on, and I wondered what her next move was going to be. I could only wait until tomorrow morning.

Saturday was a busy day in our house. Mom would meet up with her friends, go shopping, have lunch, do some more shopping and otherwise blow about 5 or 6 hours of the day. Dad did a thing called golf.

This meant that us kids had the run of the house except that for the last 8 weeks, Helga was in charge of the running. I have to admit she was pretty lenient with me. After a morning room inspection, I was normally allowed to go out with my friends as long as I was back by the time she specified.

But not today; today I was restricted to my room with a stern warning not to come out until Helga called me.

After a while, I could hear some commotion downstairs. I thought I heard voices. Was that it? Was she having a party and because she had the magazines as blackmail, I was not able to tell on her? I would be lucky to get off so easily.

Anyway I brooded in my room for about 45 minutes. Suddenly, Helga opened the door. She came in and closed the door behind her. She had a scarf in her hand.

Take you shirt off and put your hands in front of you, she ordered. I did and she very effectively bound my wrists with some tie wraps. I was beginning to get apprehensive, but I wanted to get this special spanking over with, so I did not disobey.

Next she blindfolded me with the scarf. I could feel the silkiness around my head and it was quite comfortable. It was also quite effective; I couldnt see a thing.

Come with me, she said as she led me by my arm. I could sense where I was even without seeing.

Careful now, she said as she turned me around and stopped me. Theres a step down. Trust me and take it slowly.

I put my foot out and let it down. Helga did a terrific job leading me. As I got about half way down, I could hear mutters and even some giggling. There were people there: at least several of them.

Last step, Helga announced. I felt both feet on the solid floor.

She led me into what I was sure was the living room and turned me around. It was quiet; I could hear people moving around I could even hear some of them breathing. I could tell that I was facing them.

Hands behind your head, Helga ordered. In spite of the wrist ties, I was able to do this easily.

Then I felt my sisters hands as they went for my belt and undid it. The snap and zipper came next. Finally she hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled my pants down.

Ever since mom said that she could spank me in the bare, Helga had never passed up the opportunity to do so. However, normally I was the one who took my clothes off. This time I was being stripped against my will.

I could have put up a fight, but it was useless. I was blindfolded, my hands were tied, and there were more than one of her. How many more, I did not know.

As the pants got past my knees there was some tittering and giggling in the audience.

Soon Helga was back steadying my shoulders with her hands. Step out of them, she commanded. I could feel someone else tugging at the legs of my pants.

That someone else also lowered my underpants much to the delight of the crowd. As soon as my privates were exposed, there were gasps, giggles and some hushed whispering.

I was left to stand there like that for a while. Then someone I couldnt tell who, but whoever it was, was shorter than Helga led me a couple of steps and turned me about 90 degrees. I could feel this persons long hair and got the faint scent of a perfumed soap as she (as I guessed) got close to me to move my hands back in front of me.

She led me by these hands about two more steps and I could hear Helgas voice come from in front of me. Bend over, she said.

I then felt two sets of hands on me as I was obviously being positioned over her lap. It was an all too familiar pose for me and I was soon in perfect position.

Helga didnt start spanking immediately. She had a speech to make.

Girls, I invited you over here today to have you watch me spank my brother who has been a naughty boy. You all saw the magazines he was reading. Doesnt it make you mad that boys look at women that way?

I heard a couple muffled um-hums from the crowd.

Ive been spanking my brother for a couple of months now, and it has been effective as a means of behavior modification. Some of you may have noticed that he is now more courteous. However, spanking alone has not been effective enough as you can see.

I think he was actually getting used to being naked over the lap of his little sister, so I decided to up the stakes. Public humiliation is the key. I would have like to have taken him to the mall and done it there, but thats not practical.

Besides, theres no value in doing it in front of people he doesnt know.

I am glad you could all make it to witness my brother getting what he deserves. I hope he learns his lesson this time. If he doesnt, then maybe the next time Ill invite each and every one of you to spank him.

I could hear a buzz from the crowd.

So without further ado spanking my older brother!

I could feel her body shift as she raised her arm. Down it came and hit me squarely on my left buttocks. It hurt! She hit me a lot harder than she normally did. I dont know if she was trying to impress her audience or if she was as charged up on adrenaline as I was.

Spank after spank she delivered. I started to jerk with each one of them. After a while I started yelping with each one of them. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.

I dont know how long she kept spanking me. It seemed like a long time. This was an elaborate set up and I am sure that she didnt want to disappoint the crowd. To have that many people show up. (How many, I wondered) for a 60-second spanking would have been anticlimactic.

I was crying and sobbing uncontrollably by the time she stopped.

There was a moment of silence and then from a corner of the room, I heard a clap. This was soon followed by other claps and from the sound of scraping chairs the movement of the sound, I could tell that Helga had earned a standing ovation.

As the applause died down, Helgas assistant judging by her height, a different girl this time helped me up and led me to the corner. Hands on head, I heard Helga tell me from behind.

I stood there with my back to the room. I could hear the milling around and hushed whispers. Apparently the crowd was gathering around congratulating Helga.

Fell free to have a feel. Helga said as she now stood next to me. At this she ran her fingertips over my hot and tender ass.

Soon the other girls did the same. It didnt occur to me to count how many times my ass was touched, but my estimates was well into the 20s. There is no way the room could have held that many people. I guess some girls went back for seconds.

Eventually I could sense that the room was emptying. I could hear the back door open and indistinct voices outside.

I stood there in silence until I head Helga come back in. She turned me around and snipped the ties around my wrists. You can take the blindfold off.

I did and saw several chairs positioned in the living room: all facing the spanking chair.

Help me get this place cleaned up, Helga ordered.

As we were returning the furniture to where it belonged, she explained it to me.

I am sure that by this afternoon I will have pictures and videos of me spanking you. A couple of the girls took pictures. In fact, I think they all did. If you dont want them to get out, youll behave yourself from now on and you wont mention this to anyone else.

All the girls that were here today are girls that you know. Some of them you see almost every day. They know who you are. You dont know who they are. They have all been sworn to secrecy. This will be a secret among just us girls. That is, unless you do something stupid.

Now think about it. From now on whenever you go out and you see a girl, youll have to think, Did she see me get spanked? Youll have to wonder, Why is she smiling? She might just be amused at seeing you with your clothes on.

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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 08:54:04 07/27/13 Sat

I was the only girl with 3 brothers, 2 older by 1 & 2 yrs. Mom was single and worked. Being the girl I cleaned and fixed meals and sort of ran the house so the boy saw me as the boss because I was responsible for everything.
If they got rowdy I shouted and settled them down with an occasional swat on the bottom to hurry them along. I spanked my younger brother by 1yr but not my older brothers until one day when they got in a fight and kicked a hole in the wall. They knew they were in trouble because I was screaming mad. I grabbed my brother 1yr old than me by the ear and pull him over my knee. He was kicking while I was spanking him and his shorts scooted down so I pulled them down further to stop his kicking. Then I finished up on his bare bottom and stood him in a corner. My oldest brother saw what a good job I'd done handling Seth and was so scared he stood obediently while I dropped his shorts and had him step out of them. As he laid over my knee I pulled off his T-shirt and spanked him completely naked. After corner time I finished undressing Seth while I lectured them. Then I gave them all bathes and put them to bed early. It was the first time I bathed my older brothers. After that I would spank or bathe to keep control. My older brother is 19 now and he still obeys me.

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[> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 09:45:49 07/28/13 Sun

Wow, you can really take on responsibility. I would not want to disobey a girl like you!

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[> [> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 20:28:00 07/28/13 Sun

Johnny! I had to keep discipline with 3 boys and I did it!

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[> [> [> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 15:07:35 07/29/13 Mon

Obviously, your spankings really taught them a lesson, and they paid close attention during the lectures. Awesome.

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[> [> [> [> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 11:03:26 07/30/13 Tue

johnny, it wasn't so easy had responsibility for 3 boys and I had to give them adequate lessons. Of course, they were very embarrassed but I did my job.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 12:48:15 07/30/13 Tue

That's what my sitter used to say when she dropped my pajamas or pants right on the spot for lessons, "it's my job". And I knew that it was. But as you said, I was very embarrassed that people had to see all of me.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 07:16:18 07/31/13 Wed

Mom tells shame is part of punishment and, if our boys are embarrassed during spanking or corner time, it increases effect of punishment. Believe me, Johnny, it isn't easy to be charge for 3 big boys and have my own authority for them but I try.

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[> [> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

Master Mike
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Date Posted: 08:04:21 08/10/13 Sat

I would! Becky, I haven't been spanked in too long!



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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

Mom teach daughter
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Date Posted: 08:45:09 08/01/13 Thu


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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

A sister's practice spanking
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Date Posted: 09:07:45 08/01/13 Thu

Ed was in serious trouble. Since there was no corporal punishment at Eds school, he had only received detention and a lecture from the Principal as punishment for his cruel prank. But that didnt stop the Principal from calling Eds mother. And that, of course, ensured that Ed would get spanked after all.

On his way home, Ed had plenty of time to contemplate all this. The prank, an opportunistic playground romp that featured a found water bucket and two drenched girls, had seemed brilliantly conceived at the time. Now, after facing his Principal and having time to contemplate the fallout from his hasty action, it was feeling increasingly stupid.


At home, Ed faced his mothers wrath, her lecture, and finally her judgement.

It could have gone better for Ed. His mother might have decided to simply spank him rather than switch him. Unfortunately for Ed, she had decided on the switch. But things could still be worse, so he had to tread carefully! His mother could always make him wait bare bottom in the corner until his father came home. In that case, he could expect the belt!

So Ed complained only softly when his mother sent him out to the willow tree in the front yard clad only in his pajamas. That tree was famous in the neighborhood because neighborhood parents knew that it grew the very best switches. So it wasnt unusual for some tearful child to knock on the door to ask permission to cut branches from the tree. Usually they wanted to be left alone, but sometimes Ed or Mary (Eds older sister), had to fetch the familys pruning sheers to help the poor kid select and cut the instrument of their own soon-to-be correction.

But today, it was Ed selecting switches for himself. For the umteenth time, Ed wished that tree was in the back yard rather than the front. Since his mother had made him don pajamas, everyone could see what he was doing, and could easily guess why he was doing it. Even worse, Mary had been sent out to supervise the selection.

Perhaps unusually for teen siblings, Ed and Mary were close friends and rarely fought. Still, Mary took this job seriously. She didnt tease her brother, but she did make sure that he selected good switches; switches that would make his bare bottom blaze! Helpfully, Mary even climbed up into the tree to weigh down a branch so that her brother could reach some particularly promising specimens.

The family rules for switch selection were fairly specific. No part of the switch could be thinner than the miscreants little finger, and the switch must be long enough to reach from the tip of the fingers to the elbow. The genius of that specification was that the switch would always be perfectly sized for the intended recipient. Further, Ed knew to gather four switches. His mother would select the best two and discard the others.

This activity attracted some of the neighbor kids. Before the poor boy was done, he had several helpers standing around the tree giving suggestions. Red-faced, Ed selected and cut his switches as quickly as possible. After gaining his sisters approval for his selections, he quickly retreated back into the house with Mary following.

There, Eds mother discarded the largest switch, and another that was a bit crooked. She handed the other two switches back to Ed for further preparation.

Knowing that his punishment was inevitable, Ed opened the kitchens junk drawer, replaced the pruning sheers, and found a paring knife. Then he sat at the kitchen table to strip the bark from his switches and to shave away any protrusions. This left them thin, slick and whippy. Different from the traditional English school cane, these would impart an intense sting but no deep flesh trauma, leaving only thin welts. Unfortunately for Ed, six of the best wouldnt do with the switch. His mother would cover Eds bare buttocks and upper legs with those stingy little welts.

Mother picked up the switches and tested them. They whistled through the air. One switch would likely be sufficient for the job. The other was simply a spare.

Mother looked at her miscreant son purposely, You know what to do.

Ed did know what to do. Right there in the kitchen, and with a nervous sigh, he stripped off his pajamas and underpants.

This might sound like a highly degrading and embarrassing procedure, but you need to understand Eds family. Ed and Mary had been brought up to be comfortable with the sight of each others bodies. Although they had separate bedrooms, they shared the upstairs bath and daily saw each other in undies, or even wearing much less. Spankings, though relatively rare, had always been a bare-bottom event in this family. So it was the actual spanking that Ed dreaded, not undressing for it.

Before his punishment started, Ed had one choice to make, Should we start right out with the switch or do you want your bottom prepared first?

The answer was easy for Ed. A warmup spanking hurts, but he had discovered the hard way that a switching on an unprepared bottom is infinitely worse! Ill take the warmup spanking please Mom.

As always, she warned him, Its the same switching either way.

I know Mom, but Ill take the spanking.

Then both Ed and Mary got a surprise from their mother, and it was a particularly unpleasant surprise for Ed, Im glad you said that Ed. Your sister needs to learn how.

Mary looked truly startled, Huh? she said, quickly echoed by her brothers shrill WHAT?

In a tone that told both kids that they really had no choice in the matter, Mother explained. Mary will be a mother eventually, but first she will start babysitting. She must never spank a child without a parents permission, but some parents will want her to know how. This is a perfect chance for her to learn. Mary will just do the warmup spanking. The switching will be my job

Relieved that she wouldnt be required to switch her brother and realizing that any argument might make things worse for Ed, Mary wisely nodded her agreement; but to her brother, her eyes told a story of reluctance.

Ed opened his mouth to protest, but then thought better of it. First, no such protest was liable to be helpful once his mother had made up her mind. Second, it occurred to him that his sister might go easier on him than his mother would. So Ed decided to meekly obey.

Following her usual pre-spanking routine, Mother sent Ed to the bathroom with instructions to do whatever he can and to return quickly.

When Ed returned to the kitchen, he found his sister sitting in a chair that had been moved away from the dining table. Reluctantly, and with the first tears glistening in his eyes, Ed went to his sister. Its OK he whispered as he kissed her on the cheek. Then he put himself across her lap and adjusted himself into position for his warmup spanking.

Its odd how the mind works at times like this. Marys first thought was that she was happy to be wearing long pants. Otherwise, Eds male parts would now be dangling between her bare thighs. Somehow the thin cloth of those pants provided an important psychological barrier.

Ed had other thoughts. First, he was hopeful that a spanking from his sister wouldnt hurt as much as one from his mother. Second, was an imperative that he not lose his cool. When his mother punished either him or his sister, there was no shame in crying or begging for respite. But this was his sister! Especially since this was just to be a warmup spanking, he desperately hoped to take it quietly. Later, when his mother whipped him with the switch, it would be OK for him to let it out, but he didnt want his sister to break his reserve.

As you would expect under the circumstances, Mary started out tentatively. She slapped the palm of her hand against her brothers bare nates, but had little effect. Eds hopes unreasonably soared. But then he heard his mothers voice coaching Mary and urging her on to greater efforts. Ed knew what that would mean, but still he didnt blame Mary. He knew his mother was the puppeteer. Besides, he had earned this punishment fair and square.

Obediently, Mary increased the force and speed of her spanks, and immediately felt her brother squirm in response. This made her realize that this was something that she could really do. Emboldened, she spanked a bit harder, ignoring the sting in her palm. Ed groaned and kicked involuntarily as he struggled for control.

Mary had seen her brother spanked enough times to know what was supposed to happen. His bottom was changing color nicely, but she was puzzled at his muted reaction. Usually he was louder and his movements much more vigorous. Again Mary increased her efforts. Now his movements became more urgent, and he failed to choke back his sobs.

It was when mother coached Mary to spank the hitherto untouched back of Eds upper legs that he totally lost control. His mild sobbing turned to outright bawling, which morphed to piteous begging, which devolved to frantic shrieking, and twisting.

Finally Mother deemed Eds bottom properly prepared for his real punishment. She told Mary it was OK to stop. As poor Ed bawled across his sisters lap, Mother complimented Mary on her work. See? It isnt that hard. Just a little more practice and youll be ready to do it on your own.

While allowing Mary to process that thought, she urged Ed to his feet. The boy obviously wanted to dance and rub his livid bottom, but Mother thought it kinder to start his punishment while his nerve ends were still in overload. Firmly but not harshly, she took the naked boy by the arm, propelled him to the dinette table, and bent him over it.


Mother had kept a careful poker face throughout this entire incident. When the Principal had explained the nature of Eds mischief to her, it had been all she could do to keep from laughing. Even now, she could clearly see the humor in the situation. She was secretly pleased that her son had the imagination and spirit to engage in the occasional prank. Unfortunately, she couldnt ignore her sons behavior.

The results of Eds prank had been two wet gym outfits, two drenched hairdos, two outraged teen girls, and a disrupted PE class. This was hardly the end of the world! Still, she realized the need to keep order in school, and saw it as her parental duty to support the schools staff by properly disciplining her son for his unacceptable behavior. So she had met her son with a serious face, lectured him on the need to not disrupt school activities, and was about to stripe his bottom and legs with that wicked switch.

Still, she didnt plan to deliver a truly severe switching. It would be just enough to make the boy truly sorry, but also enough so that everybody in tomorrows gym class could see that Ed had truly been punished. So she used her left hand to firmly hold Ed down on the table while her right hand used a switch to paint a cris-cross pattern of welts across her boys bottom while he bucked and shrieked. Sooner than normal, she switched her attention to the boys upper legs, the part that would show under his gym shorts. Ed sobbed piteously as his mother put several welts right where the girls in tomorrows gym class wouldnt be able to miss them.

Then she stopped.

She had done the minimum possible. Tomorrow it would be clear to anyone in his gym class that he had truly been punished for his prank. Mothers duty was done. All she had to do now was to comfort her son and to contact the gym teacher to ensure that Ed didnt try to beg off from dressing for tomorrows gym class.


Mary had watched her brothers switching with understandable interest. She realized that her bother had earned his punishment fair and square but felt slightly guilty for her part in it. She didnt feel guilty for long though. She had thought up a way for her brother to get even with her, at least theoretically.

It was more that a week before Mary drummed up enough nerve to approach her mother. She caught her mother alone in the kitchen one afternoon, steeled herself and asked, Can we talk mommy?

Those words are guaranteed to catch any mothers attention. She quickly wiped her hands and sat down, half expecting to hear bad news.

Mary stammered and blushed. She had rehearsed this in her head, but now it felt silly and trite to actually say the words. Mommy, at what age will you and daddy stop spanking us?

She thought before she answered. She really didnt have a clue where this conversation was headed. Well I could give you a long answer, but the short answer is we will spank you two as long as you need to be spanked. There is no certain age.

That was the answer that Mary expected, So its reasonable to expect that I havent had my last spanking yet?

Mother was a bit taken aback, but the answer was obvious, Naturally thats up to you. As long as you obey your father and I, there is no reason for you to ever be spanked again. But still, since you asked, at your age its very likely that your bottom hasnt seen its last spanking.

Thats what I thought youd say, Mary mused. Then her face reddened as she prepared to spit out what was really on her mind,I feel a little guilty about having practiced on Eds bottom. Im planning to try to never get spanked again, but if it should happen, errr...

Finally she dropped her bombshell, I think its only fair that Ed gets the same deal you gave me. Hell be a father someday, and fathers need to know how to spank. Marys stomach turned flips as she waited for the answer.

Be careful what you wish for young lady. she replied. Your brother is no weakling. Are you sure thats what you want?

Marry nodded her agreement.

With a bit of relief in her voice that the conversation hadnt led to something more serious, mother said decisively, Then thats how itll be. Lets hope it doesnt happen anytime soon though. Ill leave it up to you to decide if you wish to tell him in advance.

Mary managed a tight smile. Unbidden, that old saying popped into her head. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

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[> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 09:57:08 08/20/13 Tue

Im 18 and i was recently asked to punish my 15 year old brother because Mom cant get him to stop talking back. She suggested spanking and humiliating him but she hasnt spanked since he was a toddler. I finally decided to start punishing him last night. She told me to make him feel very babyish so i decided to use the on his back, legs up position. Once i got him stripped which took a while because he was fighting, he was crying his eyes out and still wouldnt cooperate so i had to pull him around upstairs into his room by his "boy parts", i think that hurt him and was humiliating for him, while pulling him by those parts he was really resisting a lot so i got the belt and spanked his anus several times. He was crying very loudly after at 15. What a baby. Once in his room , it took him another 15 mins just to get him on his back, i had to restrain his hands behind his back with duct tape to make it harder for him to struggle. Once he was finally on his back i gave him 25 hard swats on each cheek and each thigh, he was still crying but he started being quiet and stopped resisting after that. I then spanked his anus again a few times. Since Mom told me to make him feel babyish, im sure that was babyish enough but i decided to get him some diapers to be put in after each spanking to make him feel more humiliated. That was the first time and he was restrained and kept in that diaper all of last night. Hes been begging for it to stop. I kinda enjoyed spanking and seeing him exposed like that. is that wrong? But he's going to get all of this for a few nights each weak and after that hopefully he will have learned to stop talking back to Mom. I think i have done a good job and im pleased with it, i just hope it works.

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[> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

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Date Posted: 10:11:05 08/21/13 Wed

" .... Hes been begging for it to stop. I kinda enjoyed spanking and seeing him exposed like that. is that wrong? ...."
Right or wrong is a matter of how you feel about it.
It isn't that unusual to feel pleasure at having control over someone and from your description your brother deserved a punishment.
My mom developed Arthritis and some form of Rheumatism that made spanking a growing boy as painful for her as it was for me. My sister Kathy is a year or so younger but kept being asked to do more and more household chores.
When I was almost fifteen Mom took me over her lap after pulling my pants and drawers off right in the kitchen and began to use some spatula thing on my bare heiney. The spanks were humiliating and if it weren't for Kathy and my cousin standing her watching, laughable, as mom didn't have the strength in her arms.
I guess I was teary eyed at the embarrassment of them both seeing me exposed like that when mom lectured me, but the spanks hardly hurt and mom realized that pretty quickly.
She stopped, I guess her hands and arms hurt, and let me back up. Then she told Kathy that she would finish the spanking.
Both girls giggled at that idea and I must have said something nasty and refused to co-operate.
Mom then said, "Lie over your sisters lap or I'll send you over to Aunt Ronnie to finish the spanking."
Aunt Ronnie was mom's younger sister and someone who spanked us as well as my cousins on occasion and did so with a vengeance. If she got mad my heiney would not just be reddened, but there would be some "Black and blue" marks that lasted almost a week. And while my mom never really seemed to look much at my genitals when I was naked, my aunt not only looked, she would examine my penis to see if I had been masturbating, knowing full well I later realized, that virtually all boys and many girls masturbate regularly. So when I denied it, she knew I was lying and would add to my humiliation by rechecking me later, making me undress again a few hours later, usually in front of one of the other moms in the neighborhood. Holding my shaft in her hand she would direct their attention to any redness and ask them if they thought I had jerked off.
If I told the truth and admitted it, or if her boys were caught in the same quandary, she would take lipstick and color the mushroom head of the penis and insist that I, or we, remain naked with our bright red or pink penis tip exposed all day.
I eventually discovered that the best thing to do was to act sincere, admit that I had played with myself a few days previously and sob that I was trying to stop. Sometimes I got off with just a warning after the spanking.
So I certainly didn't want my mom to send me out across the backyards, probably still with only a shirt on, to my aunt for a real spanking.
I guess I haltingly lay across Kathy's lap, feeling the soft skin of her bare thighs and let her adjust me so my heiney was exposed completely.
I remember trying as manfully as possible to not burst out bawling but eventually I lost control and the tears began to flow freely.
About half way through my cousin Patty, who is between us in age had Kath stop for a minute as she could see my testes were forced backward and might be struck with he spatula. One of them touched me there and set things so that only the cheeks were being hit. I remember being too weak from bawling aloud to resist further
After the spanking Mom sent me up stairs to get washed up telling Kathy, and I guess Patty to give me bath, despite that they were both younger than me.
And from then on my sister usually did the spanking and more or less took charge as Mommy's helper, especially after mom passed away when I was about nineteen..

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[> [> Subject: Re: Sisters Spanking Brothers

Elly (to Daniel)
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Date Posted: 09:34:31 08/22/13 Thu

Were you spanked by sister after your 19 too? Did you accept her right to punish you? Was it useful for you, your development and behavior?

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