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Subject: Re: Observations on discipline by spanking

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Date Posted: 13:18:30 10/28/13 Mon
In reply to: Cheryl 's message, "Observations on discipline by spanking" on 05:27:40 10/28/13 Mon

Hi April

Thank you, I'll pass on your regards. May I ask if you still spank your boys, and do you still get a healthy bawl from their lungs or have they outgrown that?

Yes, that wisdom is very true, and I've seen my friend's boys with red bottoms more times than I can remember, and I still do. My friend knows when her sons are crying properly and can usually get them to this stage by halfway through their spankings. Her 13-year-old can bawl quite nicely but her 17-year-old is in another league once his bottom starts to color - even laid over his mother's lap you can see his chest hitch, then a deep gasp of air and off he goes. He can make more noise than both his little brothers together. That boy has very healthy lungs indeed..

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[> [> Subject: Re: Observations on discipline by spanking

April to Cheryl
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Date Posted: 14:06:56 10/28/13 Mon

Yes, I spank my lads still, when they deserve punishment despite of their age. Of course, it happens more rarely than when boys were younger, however, at least 1-2 times monthly they are over my lap on the "spanking pillow" with bare bottom up getting spanking. I never hesistate to punish them if their behavior requests correction and use both part of punishment - pain and shame. Boys always get naked down ways except socks. I use our old wooden hairbrush. Both lads try don't cry during first smacks (of course, they consider "macho" themselves!!!), then moane, but then openly cry and bawl. They don't know how many smacks I will give and I don't count myself because I evaluate color of bottom but boys get 25-30 smacks usually. After, I give them minute for "spanking dance", when they still crying jump and rub red bottoms by hands, wipe boys' tears and snots by wet towel - I prepare it before spanking - then boy ough to tell why he was punished, apologize, and I hug and kiss him. It's my spanking tradition, although, sometimes, something changes.
Cheryl, are children of your friend embarrassed your presence or it isn't important for them?

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[> [> [> Subject: Re: Observations on discipline by spanking

Douglas to Cheryl and April
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Date Posted: 14:42:19 10/28/13 Mon

Growing up in the 70's, spankings were a common occurence in our house until I was 18 but especially from about age 12-15 on. I was spanked sometimes by my mom and dad together but most spankings were given either by mother alone or by my mother with the help of the next door neighbor lady.Of course, spankings (with a leather belt) were very painful. But more than that, they were extremely embarrassing for me. I was always stripped completely naked every time and just getting me undressed was at least half the battle for my mother. Some kids obediently go to their room bet ready and wait for their spanking. I was just the opposite. Every spanking was spectacle. I had to be marched, bawling, crying and begging, to my room where I would struggle and resist mom's attempts to undress me. This was the reason my mother often asked the neighbor lady to assist her. But I was a small child even as a teenager and in the end my struggling served no purpose other than making my mother even madder. Once I was naked, mom and the neighbor would wrestle me into position face down over the edge of my bed. The neighbor lady had the job of holding my wrists together and keeping me in place while mom whipped my rearend and legs with the folded belt. I still did everything I could to turn over or get free. If I did manage to turn over the spanking stopped momentarily while they got me face down again or sometimes the spanking was continued face up with my legs lifted in the air.There were a number of times when I was able to break free and make a run for it. This was basically a bad idea but during a spanking I was just thinking about getting away. Running didn't end the spanking, it only meant it would be continued in another part of the house or sometimes out in the yard. Running also resulted in me being seen naked. Having the neigbor lady see me nude was bad, but at the same time she was like another mom to me and I was kind of used to it. I never wanted anyone to even know I was still getting spanked as a teenager and so someone actually witnessing it was really embarrassing. The worst was when kids, esp. girls close to my age saw it happening. My mother usually didn't intend to spank me in front of others but if someone happened to be present then that was just "too bad" for me.It was these spankings that really stand out in my mind. When I was 11 two girls (10 and 14) and their parents who were visiting saw megetting it...there were two times when the neighbor lady's daughter (5 years older than me) saw....once two Jehovah's Witnesses girls came to our front screen door while I was being spanked in the living room...and the most embarrassing time was when I was 16 and two girls from our school (14 and 15) and their mother saw me getting whipped.

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[> [> [> Subject: Re: Observations on discipline by spanking

Cheryl to April
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Date Posted: 16:43:31 10/28/13 Mon

Hi April

No, the boys have no problem with my presence - or not one they've ever indicated, anyway. They've all known me since they were born and I do spend time with them, I'm their usual babysitter for example. My friend works short hours to be there for the boys when they come home from school, but if one of them is ill or has a doctors/dentists appointment and she can't come home then I step in to help. I've never spanked the boys - it's never necessary as the threat of a hot bottom from Mom when she comes home always makes them behave - but am around for probably half their spankings. The 13-year-old is the best behaved and usually manages between 2 weeks to a month between his bottom being warmed. The 10-year-old and 17-year-old usually only manage a week or two between spankings, the smallest boy being over-energetic by nature and the biggest boy being naturally mischievous.

Like yourself, my friend doesn't count strokes, but it's probably a similar number. She has her three grades of red bottom (light, bright, dark) and spanks to that color. Needless to say the 17-year-old probably has a red bottom the most out of the boys, as he gets spanked as frequently as his 10-year-old brother but normally somewhat harder. My friend doesn't use a spanking pillow, just puts the boys straight over her lap. The 13-year-old tends to keep fairly still anyway while the 10-year-old is small enough to be held still. The 17-year-old is more difficult and frequently my friend has to lock both his legs with one of hers. She will dry their eyes after a spanking, but the hug and kiss will normally wait for bedtime, along with some cooling lotion for hot bottoms if needed.

I'm pleased that you still spank your boys at 18 and 19 as it suggests my friend can still keep her boys in line for a bit longer. I've often heard directed at my friend "How on earth do you keep three boys in check like that?", and then those people meet the boys and are even more surprised. With their matching clothes and haircuts they look like bigger or smaller versions of each other, which is so cute. People seem even more surprised to find them polite, respectful of adults and good-natured. My friend is often complimented on her "gorgeous, well-behaved boys", and - when they're out of earshot - smile and explain that one (or two or three) is currently sporting a bright red bottom under his jeans. Some people are surprised even by this, but the effectiveness is there to see...

PS; Ah, the spanking dance...yes, all three boys do that, it's so cute, isn't it? Once again the boys' characters shine through - the 10-year-old hops up and down clutching his bottom and crying while the 13-year-old quietly jogs around sniffling. Once again the 17-year-old wins the prize! - having filled the house with his powerful lungs bawling throughout his spanking, he bounces around the room like a ball, clutching his bright red bottom and yelping and crying more than his little brothers!

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[> [> [> [> Subject: Re: Observations on discipline by spanking

April to Cheryl
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Date Posted: 17:50:20 10/28/13 Mon

Hi, Cheryl,
our families have many similar. My boys are older, they are big and masculine lads, however, sometimes their behavior and acts are such stupid and foolish that punishment is necessary. Boys are boys even in 18 and 19. I consider before they leave parent's home their behinds aren't immune from punishment. Kids know it and have to accept. We have discipline in home and I'm boss. In our home I have all rights and don't hesistate to use them. My kids, as all teen boys, don't like checking their hygiene but I do it regularly enough and, alas, happens unpleasant surprises. Boys are boys even in their age. Punishments are part of raising. I think your 17-year-old will be in spankable age some time yet too as my lads.

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[> [> [> Subject: Re: Observations on discipline by spanking

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Date Posted: 15:01:00 10/29/13 Tue

I didn't understand this till I was much older, but one day as my sister finished spanking one of her daughters and was about to deal with her son, she explained to me that she determined when to stop by the sound of the crying. She said that mom had shown her, using my heiney as the example, By then mom's illness had caused her to have either my sister, who was actually a little younger than me, or an aunt who lived close by to do the actual spankings, as her arthritis made it impossible to grip the family clothes brush firmly.
I didn't recall then what I had done or if it was something I had done wrong, but Kathy had called me into the living room and said to remove my pants and shirt for a spanking. I began to balk and ask why, but mom was in the kitchen with some friend having coffee and she called out to me that I'd Damm well" better behave or my sore behind would be worse.
Kathy said that she recalled reaching out to unbuckle my belt and unzip the fly, something she seemed to like to do.
Down they fell to my ankles and she had me step out of them, off came the shirt, and all I had on was a pair of jockey shorts and my socks. By then I was about fifteen and Kathy had done the family spankings for about a year or so, and she had asked mom if she had been spanking me or our younger brother too much as she was afraid of hurting us.
Kathy said that mom told her to listen carefully to the tone of the crying as the long wooden handled clothes brush was being applied to our behinds. They would change and false crying was very different in timbre from genuine bawling.
The watery sobbing that sometimes had started as the drawers came down were often insincere. The first series of crying sounds were also able to be mimicked by a boy who thought he was clever. But eventually at some point he (In this case me) would lose control and the sound would become stronger and deeper. The body would quiver noticeably and the hind cheeks would release from the way they were usually clenched at first and I, or my brother, would let the legs loose as we would no longer care if our "Privates" could be seen by the spanker. Or anyone else, for that matter.
"So" she said,"I decided to pull your panties down slowly and listen to the sounds as I began the spanking ritual."
I said, correcting her, "They were jockeys." Kathy often teased me about things like that.
"On you they might just as well be panties, you always kept old ones that were two sizes too small and almost threadbare enough that we could see your thingy through them. And you liked them like that, right ?" Smiling with the sly look as she seemed to be about to remind me that she had caught me once or twice trying on some of her favorite undies.
"So I slid your panties down slowly and listened to you trying to not sound like a baby."
I'm not sure if I recalled that exact afternoon, but I do remember the way she did that, pausing at just the right point so that my thingy would pop out and bounce once it was freed of the elastic. It seemed to me that she always took her time making me stand there all exposed for longer than necessary and telling me what mom had told her to tell me about my behavior. Despite my determination to hold on, standing there completely exposed to whoever was in the room or even in the kitchen, especially if it was my cousin Patty, or one of their girlfriends, it was always difficult to not get teary eyed.
Once I was over her lap she would adjust my legs so that my heiney was at the apex between my body hanging on one side and my legs drooping off on the other, even reaching down between the cheeks so my "were against her often bare legs.
That was the point when her soft hands and fingers, probing around between my hind cheeks and stroking my inner thighs created a naughty feeling that competed with the dread of the on coming strokes for control of my body.
Kathy continued, "I was careful to start slowly and increase how hard I spanked you, still listening and after a while there it was, your hind cheeks were suitably reddened, your body had a tremor, you relaxed the partly clenched cheeks and your legs really flailed out wide as you didn't care what I saw, again. And sure enough the sound of your bawling changed and I knew that you were at the right point," laughing.
"I only went a few more smacks on each cheek and then I stopped".
I guess she had just used the same system on her 13 year old daughter but I had watched, unaware of this plan, possibly distracted by her maturing pubescent body although I had noticed her flailing legs spreading out just before that spanking her stopped.
I guess I smiled a bit and Kathy said "That was the afternoon that mom called you into the kitchen after a few minutes of standing near the wall, to show Mrs Wentworth your red behind and she made you stand there explaining why you had failed the History quiz and not admitted it when you had been first asked".
I guess I did remember because Mrs W lived a couple of houses down the street and often came with a group of women to play Canasta with mom. She was a lot older and several times after that she caught me doing something in the open field near her house and gave me a choice,accept a spanking from her or she would explain to my mom what she had seen.
My sister then said that I should sit there and pay attention to how she handled her oldest boy,Roger, as she went through the steps of her family spanking ritual.
They were about as described and sure enough his crying and body did change at some point after which he made almost no attempt to control or hide his bawling aloud.
What struck me then was that all those years when I was spanked in front of everyone I tried so hard to keep that macho control, not crying and not letting anyone see how much it hurt, I could have gotten off a lot easier by just surrendering to the emotions sooner as Mom, or later Kathy, would have stopped sooner.
She capped the thought when she said, "There were times when I felt bad for you, Danny, and worried at how sore I had to make your behind to get you to that point so I could stop. But mom often watched, or listened from her bed room. Do you not recall that many times I came up to your room and applied that menthol ointment to your heiney and thighs after things calmed down. I felt terrible for you.!!!"
That I did remember, as she did come and sit on my bedside and soothe my wounded psyche, applying some cooling salve with her soft hands, even telling me several times not to fight it so much. But I never connected that then with the idea that I'd get fewer spanks.

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