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Date Posted: 11:01:15 10/19/06 Thu
Author: Anonymous
Subject: Re: punchant pro v 6 manual.pdf
In reply to: 's message, "Re: Wilcom 7 and other garment/embroidery software to trade" on 16:25:00 12/06/04 Mon

>>Professional Punching
>>APS ETHOS SERiES 3.21 (Virtuoso)
>>APS ETHOS SERiES 3.5 (Virtuoso)
>>Barudan Punchant (Professional_ 6.0 REV J
>>(Help/program language in 6 languages + Manual PDF in
>>Barudan Punchant 6 Patch (For All 5 Levels)
>>Barudan Punchant 7.0 Level 5
>>(161 fonts to Barudan Punchant/Wilcom ES
>>Designer/Tajima DGML)
>>BES-100 v 2.0 (Crack 100%)
>>BES-100 v 2.1 (Help/program language in six languages)
>>(Crack 100%)
>>BES-100E v 2.13 (Help/program language in six
>>languages) (Crack 100%)
>>Bits and Volts 2000 v 7.11
>>EOS 2.0 (Creator Professional) (with 140 fonts)
>>September 2001 Updated Cracked
>>EOS 2.0 (Creator Professional) (with 140 fonts)
>>October 2002 Updated Cracked (Dont work on XP)
>>EOS 2.0 + Barudan TES 2.0 (both Creator Professional)
>>(with 140 fonts) October 2002 Updated Cracked (Dont
>>work on XP)
>>GIS Winbase 97 v.2 (cracked)
>>GiS BasePac '21 v 4.01/4.03 cracked
>>GIS Basepac '21 v4.05 (all modular)
>>Melco EDS IV v2 Level EZ without lettering
>>Melco EDS IV v2 SP5 Level Summit without lettering
>>Melco EDS IV v2. v3 Summit with lettering emulated
>>Pulse (Maestro) 8.1 Rev K Cracked (FULL CD)
>>Pulse (Maestro) 9.1 Rev A Cracked (FULL CD)
>>Pulse (Maestro) 9.1 Rev G Cracked (Emulated) (FULL CD)
>>Pulse (Maestro) 9.1 Rev J Update Cracked (UPGRADE
>>Pulse (Maestro) 9.1 Rev M Update Cracked (Emulated)
>>Pulse (Maestro) 9.1 Rev Q Update Cracked
>>RichPeace Design Pro 2000 V3.28 (crack dont work well)
>>S.L.P. 2000 v2.1 Punching System (Korean)
>>Sierra 6.11 Embroidery Office Design 6.11 (FULL CD)
>>Tajima DG/ML (Level 5) 6.0H (only installed) (program
>>language in english/spanish)
>>Tajima DG/ML (Level 5) 6.0T (Program + Manuals +
>>languages + help)
>>Tajima DG/ML (Level 5) 7.0F (Program + Manuals +
>>languages + help)
>>Tajima DG/ML by Pulse (Maestro) 9.1 Rev N Update
>>Cracked (UPGRADE ONLY)
>>Wilcom (ES-65 Designer) v5.5 (+ Help+Manuais+Languages
>>in Portuguese/Spanish/English)
>>Wilcom (ES-65 Designer) v6.1D (punching) (Full CD with
>>all languages, manuals and Help avaliable)
>>Wilcom (ES-65 Designer) v6.1D Dongle Dump & Emulator
>>Wilcom (ES-65 Designer) v.7.0 (with All
>>languages/help/manuals avaliable)
>>Wilcom (ES-65 Designer) v.7.1F (with english/japanese
>>languages/help/manuals) Cracked
>>Wings 2.5 (Commander III)
>>Wings 3.0 (Commander III) (english/spanish) Cracked
>>(+fix to make it work on XP)
>>Wings 3.0 20 font pack and Wings Super Fonts 6.1
>>Wings 3.0 27 fonts update
>>Wings 2000 v4 + Manuals (english, french, German,
>>Spanish, Italian)
>>Home Punching & Edit
>>Babylock Designer's Gallery 1.1 + HoopWorks 1.02
>>Babylock Designer's Gallery 2.01
>>Bernina Artista v3
>>Brother PE-Design 2.0 (windows 3.11) (uncracked)
>>Brother PE-Design 3.0
>>Brother PE-Design 4.0
>>Brother PE-Design 5.0 Upgrade
>>Deco Wizard 2.0 with 2.5 Upgrade
>>Digistitch Stitch 2000 ME Cracked (Level
>>Data - Master Plus)
>>DreamVision Version 1.00 (DreamVision Art and
>>DreamVision Layout)
>>Janome 2000 Digitilizer
>>Janome 10000 Customizer
>>Husqvarna Viking Professional 5 (installed and cracked
>>Husqvarna Viking 5 Mega Hoop Upgrade (FULL CD)
>>Husqvarna Viking Professional 6.1 (VIP 1.0)
>>Husqvarna Viking QuickFont Plus 6.0 (VIP 1.0)(turn TTF
>>into Viking Fonts/Stitchs)
>>Pfaff PCD Designer 2 for Windows 3.1
>>Punto 4.7 (english + Italian + Spanish) and 5.0
>>(Italian) (Designer) (Dont work on XP)
>>Punto 5.0 Cracked
>>Stitch Shop Pro 1.0
>>Stitch Shop Pro 2.0 R7 Cracked
>>Thred 1.037
>>Origins 1.7 Build 8540 Working (autopunhing not
>>Origins 1.7 Build 9009 Working (100% working)
>>Autoditizing 4
>>Intellistich 1.7
>>Origins Tutorials (HTML)
>>Getting Started with Origins (Video Tutorial)
>>Great Notions Click and Stitch 3.1 Working
>>Training CD
>>Artista Designer's College (for Bernina Artista v2)
>>Wilcom PET Digitizing Essencials for Wilcom 5.2 and
>>5.5 (but worth to Wilcom 6.x too)
>>Wilcom PET Lettering Essencials for Wilcom 5.2 and 5.5
>>(but worth to Wilcom 6.x too)
>>Wilcom PET Editing Essencials for Wilcom 5.2 and 5.5
>>(but worth to Wilcom 6.x too)
>>Wilcom PET Essencials for Wilcom 6.0
>>Wilcom PET Essencials for Wilcom 7.0
>>Pulse Video Training CD
>>Compucon Training CD
>>PAD System 3.7 (3D Sample, AutoMarker, Pattern, Plot,
>>Exercise Files in all languages. More manual in PDF
>>PAD System 4.0 (full CD with manual and tutorial)
>>Optitex 8.01
>>Proknit Cracked
>>EDView Professional 1.0 (for Viewing and printing) (In
>>English or Portuguese)
>>Sierra Collection PrintOut/3D Simulator (Printing
>>catalogs of designs) (very simple)
>>Barudan Punchant Show 6.0M
>>Compucon Stitch & Sew
>>Compucon Autosampler
>>Compucon Album 9.1 (to make catalogs)
>>Compucon Realistic 9.1 (Simulation)
>>Lettering Pro 2.9 + SmartSizerGold 2.4 (Cracked/No
>>Nags)(Monogram/Hoop Util/Converter)
>>Wilcom EMBroidery True Sizer 6.1 (Convert-Basic Edit)
>>Wilcom EMBroidery True Sizer 7.0F (Convert-Basic Edit)
>>Wilcom EMBroidery True Sizer 8.0J (Convert-Basic Edit)
>>OESD Sizing Magician 2.0 (open .ART files, resizing)
>>Melco Sizer 2.0 Cracked (No SN or CD Required)
>>(Convert-Basic Edit) (In at least 5 Languages)
>>Melco Letera Demo Cracked (with 81 Fonts) (Lettering)
>>Melco ENS Cracked
>>MonoGram Wizard 1.0 (Monograms)
>>Embird Plus 7.2 + Sfumato 2.04 + 15 Fonts
>>(Convert-Basic Edit)
>>Embird Plus 8.0
>>Embird Plus 8.0 Full Suite
>>Buzz Edit Standart 1.10
>>Buzz Catalog Tools 3.21 (Convert-Basic Edit-Catalog) +
>>Buzz Edit Light 1.15
>>Echidna Easy Sizer v2 (Convert-Basic Edit)
>>SHOW (View)
>>SmartSizer 1.2b (Convert CND to DST - Hoop Util)
>>(Cracked - NO Nagscreen) (In English or Portuguese)
>>BORDA 2.0H for windows 3.1 (16 bits)
>>Borda 2.0r (90% cracked, cant print multiple designs
>>per page or save configuration) (basic edit, hoop
>>Borda Gerente 3.1 Demo Cracked (Control of embroidery
>>GN Magellan 3. 2. 5.13 & Lettering Pro
>>(Lettering/Basic Edit)
>>Pre-Design (design tool)
>>PCStitch 6.42
>>Easy Cross Stitch
>>Turbo Cross 1.0 Demo Cracked
>>Pattern Maker ME
>>DOS, Oldies, Unknow
>>PG1 (antecessor of Pulse Signature, run in DOS, great
>>for slow computers without windows to make monograms
>>since allow use fonts from Pulse)
>>EDS 3.5 Cracked (for Windows 3.1? Edit-Punching)
>>Bordador (Spanish) (viewing-very basic edit)
>>Source Code
>>Two programs made in delphi (with source code) wich
>>read and display a tajima file (DST), for programmers
>>who want to start develop a tool, manager etc and dont
>>know nothing about that type of file and a text
>>explain DST format)
>>Pfaff KSM Especification
>>Melco EXP Especification
>>PCS Especification
>>PES Especification
>>DST Especification
>>Catalogs & Books
>>Beauty Catalogs (Italian Collection) (4065 Designs in
>>Brother Designs (? Designs)
>>Club Stitchilize Stock CD (2000+ Designs in DST and
>>Compucon Embroidery Anthology 1.1 FULL CD (6106
>>Designs + Catalog with image)
>>Compucon Embroidery Anthology 1 & 2 (9636 Designs in
>>DST) + Catalog in PDF
>>Dakota 97 (11729 Designs in CND),
>>Dakota 99 (14996 Designs in DST),
>>Dakota 2001
>>Dakota 2002 (DST) & (CND) & (HUS)
>>Dakota 2003 (HUS-PES)
>>DakotaBook 2002 (only for print)
>>Digitape Design Collection 2000 (6700 designs in
>>EXP/CND)(1A to 1041F)
>>Digitape Design Collection 2000 Electronic Catalog
>>(for Viewing/Printing/Searching)
>>Disney Collection 2001 (961 Designs in DST)
>>Easy Catalogs (Italian Collection)
>>Embroipedia (2000 designs)
>>Great Notions 1 (5228 Designs in DST) & 2 (7079
>>Designs in CND)
>>Great Notions 2000 (CD cracked) (or Crack Only)
>>Great Notions 2001 (CD cracked) (or Crack Only)
>>Great Notions 2002 (CD cracked) (or Crack Only)
>>Great Notions 2003 (CD cracked) (or Crack Only)
>>Gunold Design Collection (6019 Designs in DST)
>>Husqvarna Designs Collection (13000 Designs in HUS)
>>Italy 1500 (1568 Designs in DST)
>>Italy 5000 (1935 Designs in DST)
>>Italy (New) Italy 1 + Italy 2 + Some New Designs
>>(7500+ designs)
>>OESD 2002 (14.000 designs in DST, and other
>>OESDBook 2002 (only for print)
>>Panto Stock Design Deluxe (4000 Designs)
>>Pfaff Collection (3114 Designs)
>>Pulse Premium Catalog (1000 designs in DST)
>>Singer Design Collection 1 (6000+ Designs in DST)
>>Singer Design Collection 2 (incomplete) (? Designs)
>>Trademarks (1282 Designs in DST) (included in Pulse
>>9.1 A or G)
>>Unsorted Catalog (20000 designs in DST)
>>Cracks without Program
>>Barudan Punchant 5.5
>>SuperEDS 98 v5.1
>>Windaisy 4.2 Crack
>>Programs without Crack
>>GiS BasePac '98 v 3.06 (upgrade to 3.07)
>>Janome Digitilizer 10000
>>Melco Design Shop 4.01
>>Magicstitch 1.2 8310
>>Magicstitch 1.2 8546
>>Magicstitch 1.2 8704
>>Origins Embroidery Software 1.6
>>Sierra Embroidery Office Designer 6.72
>>Proel Prowin 3.0G (full CD)
>>Tajima DG50 v5.5i
>>Pulse Signature 7.6
>>Tajima DGML by Pulse Version X (alpha version)
>>Wings XP 1.5
>>Windaisy 4.6
>>Wilcom 8
>>Programs/designs/Stuff i wish have
>>Pulse X Cracked or Crack
>>Pulse X Training CD
>>Barudan Punchant PDF Manual in Others languages than
>>Tajima DG50 v5.5i (a working crack) crack only
>>Barudan TES 2.0 CRACK Only (to older version to work
>>on XP)(with instructions)
>>Wings XP (crack only),
>>Gis Basepak 3 CRACK ONLY
>>Wilcom PET 7 (less essentials), PET 8 and Other Good
>>Training CDs.
>>Any other good professional/home punching program
>>Others COMPLETE Catalogs/stock designs i dont have
>>Wilcom 7.1F CD with all languages and manuals and
>>other stuff avaliable
>>Wilcom 8 CD with all languages and manuals and other
>>stuff avaliable

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